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V^Ti a MU. .V- 2^279.
T> ?wi. rlouily and moler.
I ? inorriiu . fuir.
* ?
I ? I M ? I ' n\r C*V YT ,n ( l,f of Np,,r V?rk.4?m*T < M, anil Hobo??
I llll I; ll.>li I Ij.> 1 H ?4KW riKRr TWO ( INT?
Laird Sells Fifth Avenue Prop?
erty Adjoining Home, but
Gets Right Buyer, at Loss
of $375,000.
Now He's Assured of Living in
Exclusive Block, Where
Every One Will Have
Plenty of Light
and Air.
Andrew Carnegie baa sold the plot,
Ml by 1 *"?'?' '' ' '> ?: theaat
(orner ci' :'|v "'' r:,ln ?V*BU<
to a we" know:' man who will erect on
ihis large sit.' a house fot bli own or
cupanry. With thbi paie he baa now
di?poseci ol moal ? f tbf properties
? hirh he bomhi n is;,s ??!' ? few yeara
later to prote.t 1 ? ind also the
Mgh cktaa residential character of the
Mr. Carnegie bai been careful In bit
ffari-h for congenial neighbor?, and
M atalaina why it baa taken him
fifteen yeara ' ? Bnd i au tabla buyer
for the propertj to which he will trans?
fer title In a few ^
This aeerch for g gbbora
bu cost Mr. Carnegie many thouaanda
of dollars For Instance, the
which ht- has just sold had been offered
it about $800,000 II la said that the
y fc ss than
that figure. Experta agree that a con
?nstive eetJ alue in the
iast fifte.ii yean $300,000, which
mm at ? per cent would return a
yearly Income of $25,000. Fifteen
?Was $26,000 i $375,(100, which is one
way of flgurli - art Mr.
Onagta t.. Und a person who could af?
ford to build on the pi a and who
mbH i"- agti eable to neigh
Iba Carnei plea the en- :
tire block >>: thi eaat aide of Fifth ava?
il 90th to 91al s r. ft. At the
time he made that pui 1898
?in? bouse
for his own me the
owner of the greater part of the block .
Iront just nortl . and also of mail
?I Ha north - de of 91st street just ;
eut of thf avenue He also bought
?me old dwelling houses in the n
fis home lite
The n nd '.' Elast
91st meat t ? ed of In 1902 foi
improvement with duelling houses and
?n those plots now ar<- two big dwell?
ings, one n i ipied by Mr. and Mrs
James A Burden and the o the*1 bj Mr.
end Mr.?. .', Il- Hammond.
Ea>h bosse I - i frontage of over 87
feet. They wen .t agree
men that th< westei ? .id al
Bsya bave iti ght cons
by a strip of 1 ? ring.
Mr. Carnegi.. M s| pei rs, r
the reser.a-.
some years ... :ot of about 50
bstaHalnlni ? ? premises Nu. 7 Hast
?1st street without any restrl
cher than thai I - to be
?flush ei y m lodern dwelling
Bouse site.
General Lloyd 8. Bt is the
kj-er In thai ti - loi H< how -
>*ar, saver gol ? th< property, as
? 11? penden s was filed soon after the
?'?.is of th>- sa ? ? were mad?
'he notice serving to remind the iron?
master that he had overlooked one of
'v* most Import ml clauses in th.'
?*eds relating to the sale of the Ham?
mond and Burden i ropertli a
Mr. Cirnr-R... ton no time to
"at he won:d i oulder whatevei <\
Muw hi? oversight had involved, ll. r
*n A. Sherman was the broker in
"?? sale. Genen Bt ? soon after
**rd found another suitable site. Mr.
c?m?gle now reserves the light and
** ?trip.
This Mornings News.
r local Page
?ar Ea-Poiio, |ns, ... ...teii . i
j ?Hoelon [i . n. 1
J?*?I!*r Held ? ? BmuMi.r. 1
"???Ji *<? ? ? : .,!. 1
R>?tem" find? ;? Can't Kloul Law. , a
*ct,rd? ?f i oui inspoc on .2
**y*ru Prai.?, Whitman's Summing
lD . ?
*j . m
?"j* Mayor's Arrest Expactad Soon. 3
?*K*r f'!i,'^"> German? .3
JJ4'^ Aeain Atucka Newspapers_ 6
":d Monuments to Herald Peace... 7
J2*h,m w?0" '?? . 7
*">? Bolda Ip l-acMPi,^,?. 7
g? Wans New Theatre. 7
isZ!?wAki N'ew"' ?'s llomt.8
IsW? D1 ' ; '?bt? Vainly. ?
jy7*^?rn> ? mists. ?
"'? Refuse Bond Issues.13
?S. "*'' ll ''? 'Kt PUjm .18
njy W*lfs Sing ''Marseillaise"..Ig
^*ln Hofemani to BeUr?.18
pr;ror.0jit Test 0f Land Bill.... 3
pistai:,., Bills I'rged. 3
hj?rd0r ' n Out. S
^?uir"'t Stands; Income Tax l'p. 5
? ' ?Lop OH Tammany Heads... 5
?UU. . 'U";",v Ex,ra ?"'-rest. S
Kafer, T* ,r' s>'r?f??*. 18
"??ambling Uw. Orders Bulsei 18
TV*** Bill Itor...^ ...
?Hjj* Bdl Defeated In KnKland ... 4
*Ww Vlolent? Continue?. 4
CUt-l',. ll,ox '" ,;" l" Court.
** lnre?t a. ate
?east y .
r"1 1<? Wom,n
?>tsd v. . 10 Knd ]l
:??thPr .*
Swn, .1
',ft?ncui . .?
nl Esut-.la and
Governor Expected to Sign Suf?
frage Referendum.
Madison, Wia, May ft The Assem?
bly concurred to-night In the Glenn
woman suffrage bill, ?hit h provide?
for a referendum on Ihe issu?' In 1014,
ami it now rocs to the Governor.
Although ii" personal!) in i pposed
to equal suffrage, the< Governor is
expected to aign lh? MU.
Enough of Body to Identify
Slayer Wins Blease Reward.
Columbia, s ('. May ft Governor
Blease offered ? reward of S?OU t.
for i he bod of i<?. hard Ausl In, .1
negro, who shot and killed two white
m- n and mortally wounded h third
near Hampton on Wednesday.
The Governor, In .i proclamation,
flea thai the reward will be paid
for the body, "just to there Is enough
of it to be re? ognixed '
A prl< s of f2 "'|MI Is now on \
Rochelle Park Pantries Robbed
by Band of Former Pets.
The wealths residents of Ro '?? lie
Park, N' w t. hsv< become
mi d <i\ ? r the d< i" ? of s
band of wild cats thai Is making raids
on pantries and songsbirds of the park
The cats attack those who 1 hase them
Moal of the robins and thrushes and
the squirrels have been killed and ?
by iii?- est*. Among the 'nts an cslu
able Angoras and Persians
Carnegie Award Goes to Res?
cued Instead of Rescuer.
B] ipktoTI
lie, !'? nn., Ma] ft Thro .?h a
misunderstanding, William .1 \n
of Erie, was the reclplenl of 1 b
medal and .*I.<nhi for a heroic act in
which he played .1 part, ahile Mih<.n
A. Rt ? d. who n v -1 hurs and an?
other mon. r ?-? ?i % ? <i no re ognltion.
I' n Jam In .1 \ etrone while bathing
mmei ? m< es
bausted and railed for help. Arthurs
responded, but before he reached
Vetrone m also becsm< exhs isted.
w ho w< til t'i the 1 est ic of both
men, msnaged 1 m i>oth ashore.
The Carnegie Hero Pond coma
? ? s took ; ht mal '? r UP, and b)
miscban' ? erlo ? 1 ?? and ga 1 e
Arthurs the rewards Efforts are
being made to have Reed recel e the
r> ? ognltion.
Man Fell Asleep in Yonkers,
Awoke in River at 12UJth St.
Wh< tlM r Rob) rt Tlndale at.
floate.i from Yonkers to |38th stl
and the Harlem Rivei 1 ? ? ? aas
picked out of the water, is what pus
tied the police, who at first intended to
\.;>tk> Tin'ale with attempted su
after they had brougl : him to lh< Har
|< in Hospital ? ;u:y yesterdi iffer
iuK from aubmeraion. 11 ? ?\% !.?? man
. K' d to ' a h : - ? :.- - ng bath h?
said he did not know. All he could
member he said \ ,ts that he bad
alttlng on a atringpieci In Fonkers and
th<- next thing he knew he a
Hark m Hospital,
He, howi 'i sue? eeded In making
the ?>o:i' s belloe he hi lally
fallen Into it.? a 'ter .1 was released
from the hospital last nipht none'the
S or*-- ol h I wat. ry 11 |p to
N.w York City.
Tive-Year-Old Girl Thus Ex?
plains Theft of Handbag.
Annie Brosnoh flw .ears old. of No.
?jo?; Broom* ? aas taken to the
? hi di? it's ?-'" ? night < hargi d
with stealing a handbag containing 80
cents from Misa Mamie Belbel, cashier
in a millinery store ;<t No, 327 Grai 1
street M'ss Belbal told the police v1' 1
Brsl not!? ed a ? ? ."> o'ekx k last
evening when the little ??ri was i ri tie
e< t of opening ;i handbag carried by ?
?roman customer. Mis* Bsibsl scolded
the child and Told her to go home.
Annie left the store and at 7 o'clock,
ft hen Iflss Belbel I us going home, ghe
found her own handbag had dis;,|j
peared. Bhe Imm?diate!) suspected the
tiny giri. and S'snl 0 ll 00 the -tieet to
look for h?r. At the corner of Grand
ir.d Clinton streets she san Annie
im?; ob th< < ornar, and accused
her of having; taken the handbag.
The child readily admitted the charge
and said si?.- wanted to buy candy.
Bhe said she had thrown the handbag
away. MUM Bsibsl took Annie to the
Dolancs] strssl station and from there
she w;is ^?nt to the Children's Society.
? ?
Chicago Man Finds Red Headed
Office Boy Best.
i Chicago? May ft? Eugene Moran, a
I Chicago lawyer, has basa convtnosd
by ex|p> l HSBH '? that the lest office ho\ .1
?ire those witli ?, rod "that.h" the
Ibrightsr the better- of the t.\pe of
Tor- hy." mad? famous in th-- Sun
i.i' magasine of Tin- New-Torn Trib?
une. Mr. MofBfl a/ants an BfBOi boy
just now, and in his advartlssroanl for
one he Btinulate?. that the applicant
muiit have red hau.
"i have always basa keen for the
red hatred osBce boj s," said Mr.
Moran. "Up to the age of agotes?
? ?(ine i nod than livelier, mor?- adao
I table, more willing They are good
natured. The] nave bsttsr digestions
They are more alert Oui m Denver;
?here I lived before I came here. I
had no boya in my office except red
haired onea" I
Patrolman. Breaking Into Tene?
ment House Room of Dead
Man. Fatally Injured by
! -
Five Ambulances Rush to Trans?
fer Women and Others
Burned and Bruised to
Hospital?Police Put
Out Fire.
T ? lighting of a mati h In the hall?
\v ? o? .1 tensmenl house at No. -"?">
Msdiaon stn el last night auaed an < *?
ploalon of gas, wht? h res lit? d in the
? of sixteen pi i sons or,, probably
fatally, end the shaking of houses i"r
M'" K- aro m.i Th.- explosion followed
the dlsH ovei \ of the sui< |de b) gsi '?:
Samuel Gordon, a lodger m th.- house,
and ti,. striking of ,i ||g t I., lomi i" r
son m the crowd wl Ich surged around
the door of the dead man's room a/hen
il W .IS 1.1 < ? K ?? ,1 clow II.
Patrolman w IIXl im i i imminga,
who broke In the dooi ..f Gordon ? |
room, recch ed the full foro ol l he ex- i
pl< ? on. !..? whs taken to ?lowerneut j
Hospital, wh. re h was found burns I
sboul the head, fa? s and bod] would I
probably prove fatal. The othei
jured were persons living In the tone
menl ho is? and ti os adjoining, who.
oui oi in losttj. a.npanisd Cum
minga lo ??:? d< .i of < lordon's room.
l"i\ e ambulan? > - from Gouv? rneur
Hospital ? ei ?? r. m lin d t,, take the In
lured Ihert f"i ti, .-,?:,
in addition to ? !umm i ? In?
jured .<!?.? Rom B in< Ider, twent) - ?
'in' ?? rears old v ?_?..;. Madison
burned about the i mai neck,
i.- .o, and banda: Martin I No.
:_?<>?; Mad son itreet, fac< m k and
aim- bui ii- 'I. II' ? man 1:
X". .".t? Easi Broadwa; ht ad and
hand- rned i '?? ? P \
."'? dadlson street
. and hands; William
No. ?9U? Mad i ? . md
l.o .? b ? aed. Louis K ? \.> '.'<?."?
Mad son street d hands
burned; Samuel Margolis, So 127H
Webst? r avei and
burned. Sylvia Js No ?>W Mad
l?vent? en m inths old,
burned ?i.i. .i th? .m m- ud hai la;
':? .. n Sehnarti N< -'"?? Ml MM
.'. ? i..,
Km i v. No, - )?"> Madison head
and bodj burned; Mai Schneider,
No '_'<?". Madison atreel >od ??'-.
Badle Phillips, No -"?'. Madison sti i
handa and fa? ? Ifary Jacobs
No, '.'<?! '' itreet !..,n> i and
arm i i ned Herman La i i No _'*?'.
? li st?t . | n of !!:?? I Igllt
i? k and ' ns, and >>.. ha? Kai
No. 1W1 M.i ) ? ''the
rigbl aide of fa< e.
Ga?. Odor S-nce Monday.
The ? i ; losion ??? i ui r<
fvenlng Tengnta ? ?' the house, win. h
? ' ? mpl <:ti' o
of th? - ??? en
\ ? .ui (nun the ' 'onsolldsti , ? ; ? i
?h il, inn rould not fin I
Snort I) aftei ; last nigl ' th
odoi ' .??..?
final!" t i .-i. ed '.. ' : ?? ota ? ' i ?? Ion's
room Gordon, a/ho was forty-elghl
years old, b papei ?'.?'? i formerl em?
by the Ann can Bai k Pi? I ?
oui ? ' emploi menl bad
i,. 11, deal.nt nd ?? olord,
il? i man i.e\ Insoi pat ? hii at?
t. n ft
Patrolman Cumn ? a ho was ob
his heal In the i eigl boi I.i. was
, : and act ompanied bj s i i owd,
to the man's room Befara
bn aklng dos n the door, s hich whs
locked, he turned oui the gas in the
hall, according to but statement after
the a? i Id? ? I
While hi? back a*as turned tome one
behind him atruck s match, which Ig?
nited th.' gas pouring from Gordon's
mom Cummlngs aas hi..wo .or" i
the r.n and had his coal burn d from
bia ba? k wind..?? throughout the
house aere bio* n "nt. and Its <?. i
! ants and thoae In the atreet s ere
thrown Into a psni? The shock of the
, . ploalon ? aa fell al the Madison street
?tatlon, two blocks s i
Small Blaze Put Out.
Patrolman Gsorge Milter, who wsi
on the pomt of entering the building,
was blown a distance of ten feet. On
recovering he sent a ?all to the Madl
ton street station. Fire Company 13
and the ambulances from Gouvsrnsur
Hospital wsfi also aumwonstl. Cap?
tain Michael Martin of the ?lie com?
pany turned off the gas in th.- house
and he and h?u men asatsted la putting;
out a small Maze .vhi< h followed IBS)
An Inspet ti"ti Of ??onions room,
Which was on the fourth floor, front.
?bowed him on his bed With I gSS tune
tied in his mouth by cords and wound
around his faca and head, He ?.,.
peared to have been dead for twenty
four hours
Federal Plant Expert Refuses
$10,000 Rockefeller Job.
Washington, lai i; r'r- Brurh. f.
Smith, plant pathologist in th.* Da?!
portaient o- ggrteoltura, h?? declined
? viiimui place with the RockttfsOer
Institution for Mad* al Rassan h t.. ra?
?an ni;. , i HjOOO a yar with the gol ?
< minent.
I>r. Sinlth'a in^Ktigations of plant
?limases in their relation to man and
I beast ha\e won him distinction.
The ?our ex inspectors found guilty
of conspiracy. Top to bottom: Den?
nis Sweeney, James F. Thompsoa.
John J. Mnrtha and James E.
Hus ey.
Buzzing Scares Motorman?
Thirteen Passengers Hurt.
i i| ' ? ? ? | . rtl in? i
Philadelphia. May ?!. A l>i>: bumble
bes so scaled a w. Bchlater s motor?
man of h Wayne avenue rar, th.s after
noon that lie deserted hi? post and the,
car ran wild, coining into collision with
two a tgona a no i susing h pa?i.' among
tin- passengers, thirteen "f whom were
Injured in the wrex k.
Bchlater said he tu i tt i. d to i bass
the !,??? awa; The BsOrC he waved hiS
arms the nardei the bee buaaod. ETlnal?
If the bUSSing BO got "ti hi- neiveS
that ha jumped from the car, forget -
tlng lo turn off th" p..w.r.
Cat Goes After Birds and Catches
Tartars Instead.
LOS Angeles, Ma> ? '. Treed by a
great flock of angry lit'le sparrow?, a
badly friKhtened .at was rescind to?
day by anVers or the Humane Boctetjr.
Three (lavs BgO the . ;rt climbed the
tree, praeumabl) In th.- hope of rutch
hSg a SpaUTOW. Th.- B|MUTOWS CAUgbl
the eat.
Ever) time tabby tried to have tlie
birds fought it back with their stare.
Leaks, an.' th.- r.y. uer.s had to heat off
the spiteful sparrow* I. ?ore they could
reach the cat.
Customs Men Find $15,000
Worth Concealed Under
Armpit of Louis Baum
cjold, on Steamer.
New York M;tn Held ?is
Smuggler. Without Bail,
Says Trinkets Are His
Personal Property, Pur?
chased Here.
Bautngold of So -'"? Weal
lilt., itreet, .< lewelr) manufa? (urer.
was arrested yesterdaj afternoon on
th< North German Lloyd Line pier, in
Hoboken, and bold for examination
tin? morning <>'i a i barge of smuggling,
it |i said ? ' failed ta de< lara diamond!
and j. well ralu< d si 115.000 wbi< h
were found m in.? possession bj ?.?
? i nmenl sgents
tdvtces from secret sgents of ths
Treasur) Departmenl In Europe caused
hmac Wilson and Thomas fork, of ths
N'i w Tork CUStOn Mouse, Mild two spe?
cial aR.-nt s of ths Treasui i Departmenl
Ht Washington t.. g., down the hay
I yeaterda) afternoon to meet ths
igtaamer Kronprinseasln Cecilia on her
arrival al Quarantine, Baumgold,
whose description bad been cabled
from abroad, was eagH) found and
kept under close surveillance during
the trip to the pi.-r. He displayed con?
siderable nervousness, both aboard the
steamer Hnd on the pier, during the ea?
animation of his baggage,
Bautngold was accompanied by Ralph
Elbaum and Mrs Edith EClbaum, of
Berlin, In whose company be had . on
Btantly been on the trip across the
ocean, in his declaration Baumgold
made no mention of any Jewelry, lie
travelled with a trunk and a valise, of
which a minute inspection by the cue*
loma ofnclaJa failed to disclose any?
thing dutiable and undeclared. The
i baggage of the Btbaums was ?is., sub?
jected to h rigid Inspection, but it, too,
disclosed nothing.
Manner Leads to Search.
When Hnumgold mads his declara?
tion he was asked if there whs not
something he had overlooked. He
Wavered an Instant and seemed about
to add to the |lMt of hin belonging?, but
recovered hi? ecanposore and replied in
the negativ* Convinced Usai be was
I withholding something, cuatosna officers
, took him to a stateroom on the st.-unn r
and searched his clothing. The pock?
ttl were free from anything which I
might Involve him with the govern*I
( aathsSSf o? third p?f*> feutb ?*!??? '
Celerity in Returning
Verdict Bitter Sur?
prise to Police
Heads Indicted
forSipp Con?
Counsel for Convicted Men
Plan Immediate Appeal Al?
ter Prisoners Are Sent
Away for First of
Series of Graft
The members of the pjry took no
ballots, and it seemed to be their
unanimous opinion as soon as thev
retired that the fcur former inspec?
tors were guilt;-, according to Juror
12. John W. Irvine, a travelling
??aleeman. of No. 522 West 187t.i
street. Mr. Irvine and Juror S,
Clayton R. Olena. a public account?
ant, of No. 112 West 184th street,
arrived home together.
They spoke of the agreement that
''ad been reached not to talk abojt
the deliberatio-s. but Mr, Irvine
said he thought he could be per?
mitted to say that they took no bai?
lots, and that when it was found
t'-ere was a unjn>moiis opinion that
the rmtn were guilty, there seemed
to be no further u?e for dehbsration
Mr. O'ena cor-obcrated this.
Bx-Policc Inspectors Sweeney. Hussey. Murtha and Thompson
were found guilty last night of conspiring to pervert and obstruct
justice by keeping George A. Sipp and his son, Howard, out of the
jurisdiction of the court. The jury was out only thirty-eight minutes
The four convicted men tried to conceal their emotions, but their
hands twitched, their jaws worked convulsively and their breast?;
heaved when Philip A. Mossman. foreman of the jury, in re-non?e
to the formal question of Clerk Penny, said:
"We find all the defendants guilty as charged in the indictment."
Justice Seabury thanked the jury and discharged them. One
of the jurors, as spokesman for his fellows, said all had agreed not
to talk about what had happened in the jury room, excepting to sav
that all were of one mind?that they believed the four inspectors
guilty?from the moment they entered the jury room.
The fact that none of the jurors sent out for dinner after the
case was placed in their hands, although it was then 7:25. showed
they intended to reach a verdict quickly.
District Attorney Whitman declined to comment on the verdi t.
saying, with a pleased smile:
"The verdict speaks for itself."
But while District Attorney Whitman refused to make any com?
ment, his associates in the District Attorney's office said the greatest
blow ever struck at the "System" was delivered when the jury found
Sweeney, Hussey. Murtha and Thompson guilty.
One of these men pointed out that, while it was generally be?
lieved that the criminal alliance between the police and the under?
world was broken by the conviction of Lieutenant Becker for the
murder of Rosenthal, subsequent events showed it to be virile as ever.
"Now the 'System' is truly tottering." said one of Mr. Whit?
man's assistants. "Perhaps it may fall at any moment, and when it
does it will not be a question of one little lieutenant or four big in?
spectors. There are bigger men who'll fall with it."
Francis L. Wellman, one of the counsel of the defence, retrained
I from making any comment also, except to say:
"We had an absolutely fair trial."
Sweeney alone of the four convicted police chiefs would discuss
the verdict. He said:
"We did not expect this."
George Gordon Battle, speaking for himself and on behalf of his
: anaiaeiaia counsel, said an appeal would be at once taken.
After the verdict the Jurors wer
taken OUt B side entran.e by i'aptau
i Lynch and members of his .out l BSjWV
and taken in a motor bus to the Mur
ray EMI Hotel, where they have beet
Staying under guard situe the trial be
1 gan, for dinner.
Few had expei ted the Jury to remait
out iotiKer than an hour The ga?era
belief was that a verdict would b*
reached in forty-five minutes, Tas
[crowds that hud tilled the corridors all
day long and packed the court had
|0M out for a bite to eat when the
Jury left .he courtroom, after Justice
Sea bury ended his charge. Few of tho
spectators h. d returned when word
? spread around that the Jury had agreed
u|M)ti a verdict.
Hussey Looks at Time.
a court officer wa? tkepatched to tta
Tombs to bring the prisoners over, It
was V?m; o', lock when the four defend?
ants were brought in, and within two
or three minute? Justice Seabury bad
COON In, the array of lawyers for both!
.aidas had takea their places and Philip
a. Moaaman, fortm.in o? the jury. t.?.i
raapondad to ths clerk's foraaal qu?*<
tion. "Guilty as chargad."
After the foreman had anno meed th
verdict Hsaasty took out ins natch and
?almly look?4?! at th?' time. Th?.
rioted man fara their padlgresa in
claar, steady rascas John Cavanaugn,
th?- court esBear who re pasted th- an?
?wan of the prisoners, callad foi
th?- de: of th?1 court, wan a school'???
friend of Thompson's. Wht-n <a\a
natigh came to Thompson his voice
hrok?- for a moment bUl furth? r ili.n
that there was no sign of r<? ognitlon
between th?4 Basil
After their pedigrees hail baea taken
Justice Baabur] rasnandsd 'he prlao ?
? rs to th?- Tomb? until Friday, ?shin,
'Ui [notion ?if Mr. W. liman, th? eo if<
rul?d that any motion the defencd
would care to make ? oiild bl made.
jiihthe ?eaaaary'i charas was r?Kard
ed by all aa fair and Impartial. It ?in
a careful rezum? of the avtdeitca nu
I'oih aides, with the usual definitions

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