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of th.- law ( ov si Ing the offi n a i hi
In the indictment.
Names the Accomplices.
It || of paramount importance to
these d?fendants,*' said Justlo Ben
l iry at the outset, "because tiieir rep*
? ?..us .'uni liberty are at stak?; ?Mid
of paramount Im] ? ?< the
... | | ?! nits have
< nt< ? ato a criminal ? onei ;t acy to
? m and obstruct Justice they
t to be punished f<r th< i . i un ."
The court th> n ? I Jury that
(ieorgi a Bipp and hi-- ?-on. Howard
the I W o We ? ."id
Edward Jackson Sewell, were acc*?m
! a- Patrolman Bugone
r. Pos an1 ' ' :?!?? ? Th< mi ? W. Walsh
He !.," ;s' .1 to chai ;?? of the
. ? bei wil
In ' ndlng hli . I S< abury
noi ? ? lng the police for a
the so-,,..?i, ,i |, - -1< m.' I >??
not be pr? judi? ed ? ? d< fend
? ms beau.-, tie;, occupy high posl
..;. and in
? m no s;, m pa thy tor them be
of I m."
. ??
for de motions to
? n ont or an?
u? Bui in o iinii--; ev< rj ? -?
> '? minuti -, t ti?
ed Dli ' ? : Whl man,
? t d< fen .
i min
. Ing
??Ii ? ne?if the Po
; ? , ? ommai
?el to prev. tit i IS
t ? ? from bin . means i
lO I ? . ? ? ?
;.nd i..v. worth h -s
thing W ' ask yo Ind all four d??
ih. \ are guilty; we ask thai tx
?a\. b, en proven K"iit>."
Bribery Charges Next.
The i?iatrii I am.., rgan the peo
- summing up with the calling of
< ourt at the b< ginning oi the al i> moon
session, the hast two addreasea to the
Jury tot tb? having
flnlshed as s midday recesa was tab
ham S. Gilbert, speaking for
M lirtba, i" gan, and when lit sat ?
John B. Stanch!'.. Id pleaded not only
for his ch.nt, Thompson, but summed
up on behalf of all four men
The next move aft ? the four prison
- ;ire sentenced on the conspira, y
'harge, the maximum penalty of which
is only one year and $5,000 fine, is to
prepare fot their trials on the bribery
indictments, more seriOUS chargea, in?
volving an extreme sent, tue of fifteen
| ears.
Mr. Whitmans present plans are to
try Sergeant Pater J Duffy, who is
-. ! to have sen Bweeney's chief coi
le. tor, urst. and I" put Sweeney at)
trial next. The order in Which the
other Inspectors will i><> tried has not
yet been d?tennined upon Bentei
on the four convicted police heads will
probabl; be pronounced in the course
pf a v\. i k.
One Patrolman Badly Hurt and
Others Have Close Shaves
Many Are Arrested.
The strike of th" barbers which had
taken as a lobe In Brooklyn took i
filous turn last night when fifteen ar?
resta were made during riots In Browns?
ville and Hast New fork. Police charged
a mob of several thousand strikers and
their sympathizers who marched six
. reasl through the Ftr'ets, and as a re?
fill? one pobeensan Is h) the hospital with
t> fracture of the skull and a badly la'-ei -
ft d f.r ?
Trouble i?;-an early yesterday after?
noon when several thousand men
sjtarched through Liberty avenue. Chest
ri :t and Pulton streets, throwing stones
rnd datlaaca at barbers doing business
along the line of march Nine arrests
v ??? made toward evening before this
? 'ed.
? V l,i' t i Ight a ninb of
men and boys ringing socialistic
aor;ga marche?] through Brownsville. As
i proceeded their ranks were aug?
mented bj hundredi of children who
Kurie.) potatoes and other vegetables at
Mrber shops. Their elders threw stones
"t'ome out and <oln us, you scabs:" the
i shouted :u barbera who were doing
tusntess. If the invitation was not
Obeyed S Shower of stones and vegetables
follow..), i hewing more uncontrollable,
the Tiiob marched through Pttktn avenue
ti Bbeppard and Liberty avenues, and
then back to the BrOWnSVttlC MCtlOn
Wrecking windows and emptying barbet
The reserves front several police ata
tions were ordered out Fifteen men from
the Liberty avenue station, under Cap?
tain Owen Boonsy, were charged upon
several times by the mob, which they
met with drawn stubs. Six men were
?mated fee disorderly conduct.
Patroiman Osear .iones was struck by
a stone, which bounced from his hea.l
into s window of Charles Ifsrgtotta'a
barber shop. No. aagj Pltktn avenue,
joins was taken t<> the Bradford Street
ital In a serious condition Several
BSSa who were sting shaved rushed oui
with their faces covered with lather and
were met with a shower of vegetables.
At Arion Hall the barbers held a meet?
ing last night and at a late hour had
come to no agreement as to what they
would c:o to-day.
Do You Want a
rGood Complexion?
\TOV can have oae if yoa take
X c**e of yourself.
Overeating and sluggiah. cir?
culation clog the bowels and af?
fect tb? skin. NatUre has pro?
vided on ideal laxative which pu?
rifi?e yonr blood, cleansea your
intestines and reUeves constipa?
tion.?the real cause of pimples,
etc. Get a bottle of
today st aay ?rug ?tors,
take || glass on arising or
a? any time on an empty
stomach, and you'll
*ee the difference in
your complex?
Whose evidence contributed mosl materitlly to th? con iction o?
the four ex-inspector?.
Lawyers Agree That District Attorney's Sum?
ming Up Removed All Doubt of Police
Heads' Guilt.
Many lawyers in the courtroom at t
winding up of the trial of the four Inapt
tors-said If there ara? any douht In t
minds id" any juror at the end of t
case a- to the sutil ol any of the <t
fendants, particularly Murtha, it was i
m ived i ?-. : ii summing up of District A
torne) Whitman.
All win? beard t!..- - minip up agre?
that it i >Uld :?<?? In v !>? n BIOI ? ?1 II ? I
, m? re eloquent, or more convincing.- .n
did lash all four ??
d nsnlring to k< < p the t?
ii ladlcUoo oi the court, and foi t..
grafUni generally, lot be excori?t?
them for what he called a baseleai ?
t;'k or. the character of the elder Si?i
Thai attach i n the man who mors Un
an) one alas was responsible for tt
bringing ol lbs four Inspect? rs to the bi
of Justlci was concslred, the Dlstiici A
torn? j declared, solely for the purpose i
silencing iiirn, and he eloquenUy review?
the whole hlatorj <-f Blpp, whose mor
character, be Insisted with all the pow?
I at his eauimand. ???k cleared of the p
lice made chargea by the grand |ury, ai
1 WHH ?is good ,is that of any man's in ti
co irtroom
\ Nor did i,?- neglect to defend the otht
I witnesses attacksd by the dsfsnce, pat
tlcularly Patrolman Fox. Who,
was un angel comparad with an\ ol ii
prisoner? at the hnr.
Thanka the Jurymen.
I The I ?isstri^t Attorney bepan by pn
saatlnf the thanks of the state lor tfa
|jury's devotion to duty, aid then d?
? clarad the essential facts uf the people'
.?ase had lut hen contradicted Ol ds
j Mr Whitman then eulogised the lawyer
I tfir ti,?- defence, whom be daacflbad a
llBBdera of the bar In New York City am
1 rrominent throughout the Dotted Btatea
"But, notwlthetan?31ng their esparlanes
their skill, their oratory, which has pe?
haps never been squalled, certainly u--\>
exasllad In this eonii r?>on,. the bitten;
brutal lact Hands out now as clearly a
when the people rested their ins. th?
prisoners at the bar are guilty. Orator;
ami eloquence cannot obscure that
He than referred to the attack mad?
upon some of his witnesses, aaytng:
"Yuu <annot get good BMn 10 SSBOCtSU
with grafter . rou cannot get saints u
ta with blackmallera; you ?annoi
get men in respectai le business to bin
police Inapsetora or buy police protection."
He then turned to the character wit
Desees called !?>? the defence and asked
the jurors If they ,\er bSSld Of any man
holding S similar position to those m
trial Whoas r< putation was not good while
they remained la oAcs
1 "Mr. Battle said It was unusual to see
such men on trial." continued Mr. Whit?
man. "Thanh Qod, it lei"
Mr. Whitman went on to say that <le
eptta batter known and mon witness
! railed <>n behalf ol s presiden! Of a trust
company (referring to Joseph H. Belch?
i man), be was convicted. And then he
in? ntlOB d in similar vein other piom
Inent mea convicted stnc<i be bagan nia
term of office, mentioned, though not by
name. Charles n Hyde, ax-dty Cham*
t>eriain. and Ueutenant Chartes Becker.
And In this repaid he Mild.
?j.'ven a IttUs lieutenant of police may
bave a goad reputation, hut that does
not prevent Mm from being convicted of
murder with a Um- of good character ?it
a bo are tailing the truth."
Shatters Police Alible.
T."'-n he pi pleaded to shatter the aJfbiS
uffer?-d by the Batanee for '1'hompson
an?l Bwaansy. Thompson's alibi, he said,
was largely eoroboratlve of ?attain
Walsh's testimony Hi made the most
of th?- point broUKht out on the croas*
assaatnatlaa of Walsh by the defence
that Walsh bad visitad Thompson while
the latter was allk in St. Vim.?it's Hos?
pital, where he paid him his monthly
[share of the graft lie shswsd thai
nwssaaj'i ahhi aM not bagta anttl twen?
ty-four hours after the (?msplracy had
been hatclnd.
The District Attorney then surprised
the ?lef?!ice by drawing attention to UM
fa? t that an the evening of December 19,
sehen the state apalead ad Bwasasy ?^
at the Grand Central subway stattoa talk?
ing with Hussey, woo i* alleged to have
given to nun his shan- i f the siK-u e fund
then, UlS testimony of SWei sy*l Wife, sis
daughter, hia sister ?nd his BMCS placed
him hut five blo?ka away, at 4 7th atreet.
i raar Lexington svenue, In the home of his
Mr- < 'ronin
ese were 1 limslesl kind of alibis
ever Introduced," ??? Dietrict At
t. n ? but thi las vers did the best
they could with ??? i taw like this,"
I'atroimm Eugene Pox, be declared,
was the i;,.y ,>f the whole situation, and
be asked the lorors II ihej did not sup?
pose the Pi ... nmlssloner and Sec?
ond Deputy Poii..mml aioner Dough
did UOl r.l." a ? ? . .
testli. '?'? I at In
? tor Tiionu ? to in m w hen be
wss being ? ? I Polh Heads;
t-i ?
"Do not won '. ? ssid Thompson
s stiff uppet Up, Everything will be all
' ?ontlnulng, Mi Wl Itmaa mid:
"What made Thompson say that? ?fhy,
because ? !? ep doe n li I besrl he kn \
then, as you knou now, thai everything
no) all tight but everything i I
Wrong \nd if Po? had kept a Stil
Ing a ould hi ?? I sen all
? ighl "
1 Exposes Sipp Case.
ib th. i, > how? ii how th< all u Its
st Qeoige A Sipp had not bei n ok*
? i bj Inspector Bwseney until tie
sfter Sipp repeated bis charges at
Police Hesdquartei sccustng Bwes ?
of grafting, although, the chargea eon
? m the afltdat?t we' old
ii. described the affidavit? ss fala , and
11 ire iiithv sfltdaviu from ;<
tlltby SOUTCt
lie then pointed out th.it evidence
showed that Ifurths sdmltted h< hsd eon
ti d ills share to the Pos fund of
"Why did they ssnd tins %:<;,< to loa?
Because they were sorrj for him? Ne
Hut because they all bad I.u taking
graft money for years and were afraid of
what he knee
it. reverted again to Hipp, declaring thai
his testimony had not been proved Ufl
true in one Iota, speaking of Bipc/i
arrest Without Ids knowledge Of the ,ilh
davit, he said
"There is such a thing as law
and Qod knows I have had B pretty
hard time to demonstrate || at times,
hut the ?pientlon as to who would rule In
this communlt] the police or the law
? was settled in Bipp'a case, at least when
the grand Jury cleared him of th
charg. s."
As he cams to a close the District At
torne) declared that, If be could, le
won,| give immunity to Walsh, who, in
i the opinion of many, did mora than snj
lone els..' to put tin- convicted Inapectora
w lele thev arc tO-da) .
Mayor Spurns Reporter Who
Ask Him About Inspectors.
Mayor (Jnyiior. as he was leaving the
dining room of the Aldi ne Club, In the
Fifth Avenue Building, la-t night, S/l
asked this ojusstJon:
I "Have yon any Statement to make, Mr.
Mayor, about the conviction of the f"ur
?aptains aft'T the Jmy had bSSU out
thirty-eight minute-'''
"Got away from RM , j,,,, loafer"' Cried
the chief executive of the ,|ty to the re?
porter, and then, turning to Commission! r
Waldo, at his elbow, I- remarked:
"This scoundrel has been hounding DM
ull the evening.'
As a tualt-r of fad, the reporter in
?pjestion had not before sppsoacihsd the
Mayor, Anotbai reporter, while the after
(Imner Spsablng at the dinner given for !
th.- Mayor at the Aldine Club by the <Yn- I
tral Mercantile Association wan in prog- .
resS, had sent a note M t),,. Mayor ask?
ing him to comment on the conviction.
The Mayor t.a.i Immediately niasHtcl the
note in his hand and lung it on the tl.roi.
Commi-sloner Waldo, after the Mayor's
repulse, was asked if he eared to make
an> statement relating to th? conviction.
He replied:
?This Is no place for an Interview. 1
have nothing to gg* "
Attleboro. Mars. Ma> 6 -John Dia?
mond, a piuduce dealer sf Attleboro
Palls, wa< killed and his brother; William
I Mamoiid. was injured today in a head
en collision between then automobile
an.t u . a/ owned ami driven by William
r..,|ie. (>,? Providence, tbe approach of
which had been hidden by a truck.
Four Bio Inspectors Bagged
Not Merely "One Littie
From Day of RosenthaTs Slay?
ing District Attorney Has
Been Nemesis of Police
Vice Graft Ring:.
With the com ktlon of ins f< ur In
ipectora last night, District Attorney
W'liitin.Hi drove home to the highest
sanklng oficiala of the Pollo I ? ? irl
ment the fad a hlch he laid a| the <!? 01
of Lit utenani Itai Becker on I
nighl of < tctober -1 ! ??'. yeai
t\ en the hlth? : t.. im In? Ible "8 it? m
cannot su? Rout the la w.
In thai fact, whl h Mr. Whitman ? ? I
has stood o it above everything else
with him, is to be found the motive,
the driving power which has carried M
i tfstri? ' Attoroej through th ten
m? nths' dally battle \.hieb he in?
since the moi ning of Jul) 111,
1912, a hen Herman Ros? ithsl a/ai
n urdt red In ' ofl ol thi Hotel Metro
Vice, law-breaking graft a id murdei
have t ngaged Whitman In ?<
??us Hk- ' '?ii ? i lia Id
all, he said, he holds that the brasen
it? dance <>r inn by the : ollee, a in> are
supposad to uphold It, worka more 1er?
damage In the ex impie a hlch the
underworld copies than anj single
crime Involved in th.- asposurc of the
. "fjj st?-in."
With thai aa his motlv? Whitman
i has driven the kuif?? ol exposure and
conviction slowly upa ird from patrol
men to Inspectora. He began the work
which culminated lael nighl within
half sn hour after the momenl s ? n
Herman Rosenthal was shol down In
front of the M< tropole
in a was Whitman bad begun thai
work ?ven before the murdsr,
examination of Rosenthal, the pro?
?pet live witness before the grand Jury,
reell) laid the foundaUon tor the
tm s a hi ih th? i Hatricl Al torn? t
baa lince been able to build up against
the "System."
Graft and Murder Linked.
With inn convict! di -.r Becker, Octo?
Wr j?. 1912, ??mi thai of the ?our gun?
men, I is month iat?'r, be
d the mur It r pro ecuUon
cleared his de? ka for the m?>re dill
tight to ? he "Systam'i " irai
methods, Hoa cloael] the murd r and
grsfi Investigation? were linked, how?
ei er, waj demon? n.<\- d by I ? ? fa? t
[thai en the summet nights between
Jul: ll snd i ?? tob? r i w hitman Inter?
d i re than one bundi sd i
abose evidence, Inadnslaalblc In
murder trials, furnished the ground?
?ik for the graft Inquiry that fol?
i i m one of th? m voluntary ? II -
ness? e to sea I be DI trlci I
torn? ..i hla home, because, 11 !v?^ most
? i tl? ?mo brought real Information,
he was afraid t.. rx seen going to the
pro? cutor i offta . w hitman k'ot a atoi
? ?i s bartender, who had formerly owned
iloon, but had been driven oal of
business and than oui ?-f ? Job in the
Mb Inspection District because be had
Incurred the enmltj ol s?o.m\ ami
That man. a B< B ?tnli; led to call
' pon Whitman, confi aaad with t?
thai he did not bava the ner\.- t,,
? i?? Bly charge the polios with the '
graft they had levied upon hin
!:? antbal'a fate gg ? prospective ?
Dem was HU] fresh in the minds
those who had had graft dealings wi
th.- police?but he promised to DTOdt
a man who had been "milked by t
police and then double croaaccV' aa
expressed it, "and was eOte enough
He brought forward George A. Sii
an I Judging that the most startli
' id.nv t.. the "Systi m" could be d< II
. in that way, WhWmun tun.
Blpp ov.r to th- Curran eldermai
committee, where his story COUld
told first in the Open, i'''.''' '" lb*" '
' ,..| the Closed doors Of a grand ju
i oom.
Tilo-- who taVS followed til-' -a
?In? ? .md appreciated tin1 dramatic i
? which Blpp has shown, combl
ing that knowledge with tin- fact tfc
Whitman has ahown himself t., be
'.? ? n j idge of . baracter, believe ti
i tttorne] deliberately ga
Sl| p that opportunity to talk in publ
first t.. -Miren up th- prospectiva wi
?O there Would be Ilo . hall' e Of
t on hie 1 art.
Sipp Gave the Basis.
in any even) Blpp 'id appear befo'
the a Id) i manic committee, aim .
U i his sordid storj m emod t>> i
d with til" sensation he was run!
i mm i:. But kner, . hlef couna
I to tic Curian committee, drew froi
him e.'. pot - Ibis detail that coui
I ,i ; ,.-h a basis for fUtUl
Utlon of tic men named by 1.;
i il.m lem hotelki eper, ami when Bip
left thai witness chair Whitman's re;
'battle againsl t i power of th.- "Syi
1 egan in earnest,
The Districl Attoi n< ? starjed th. a t
;.. ? ,i ? y... inSl l'ait ollna
i- \. bui ? lommlssioner Waldo steppt
in ahead with an arrest "f Pox, whld
! had no c\ ara1 le - vid'ia | to support il
Through Sweeni Hussey, Murtbs am
'Thompson, with Bweessoy as the .hie
i factor, th" wires were laid for a plot t
I ? Blpp out oi th.- way, ami Uta
scheme, which would nave temporarily
?d Whitman's plans, v. as batel;
Sweeney began a (lank attack i>:
m.ans of the "framed-up" affidavit
attacking Blpp'i character, ami Mayot
Oaynor ord. red Sivp's arrest on th.
? i the alleged evidence obtainei
,-; ? ? ? ? v in in t wo women of th
undei world,
it was here the "System" o\ er iti :?? ?? ?
for Whitman, taking th-> polli ?
activity against Sipp at its tace value
! put the cage before th? grand jury,
which immediately threw out the police
ggalnai I be |..-. :;,.-, per as a
"frame-up" whl h bore traces of con
?plracy. Meanwhile Fos was dts*
. I.arg. d in I ib' inuse the
Polies Department bad no legal eel
i ;?? i ? ? :it. but Whitman had
reached Blpp and convinced him that
if he wo id come forward and tell the
il h he would be protected from police
i itlon.
Before that, however, Patrolman
llartlgan had m on inn fate?
Iful errand from Bw< to Walab to
Pox, Olth the balan. .? of the .?l.'jm
,bribe, which ill.- "System had figured
' would be enough t" k< ep Sip i out <>f
tic itate ami aw a, from the witness
chair in th. i'o\ caso
sipp returned, after putting himself
in th?- hand- ..i th.- District Attor?
ney, and m ."pite of ;i in.tous attempt
, i di let i.v. - from Pole ? Headquar?
to ;;. i him >ut of \\ hitman's
bands, be teal fon th.- grand
Jury, and ths indictment againal Poa
a aa i i n< d. In this case, i .v al 1er
carrying out a bluff until a jury was
actually seiet ted to try him, tin. a up
his banda, pleaded guilty, and himself
went before the grand Jury with his
si Idem s against Walsh
"System's" Economy Fatal.
Between the time of hla arrest and
his ?hading. how. ver, the police
"ring" got busy again and bold out '.
flnani lal Indui ? menta to ?
Hussey Often Promoted and Reduced; Swee?
ney and Murtha Had Good Records;
Thompson Faced Charges Before.
James E. Hussey.
Former inspector James B Hui
a cbe? kered art sr in tin- Poll? >? I >. part
ment - In? ?? he first rose to the rank <>f
captain. When General Blngham became
Cummlsalonei Hussey was a captain
m took a fan? y to him, and in ?
short whin- promoted htm to Inspectoi
Mayor Qaynor mads Mr. Cropsey bead of
?lie Pouce Department, and it was nut
long before th.- new Commissioner got out
lis axa Hussey was at the time in com?
mand of th? 1th Inspection District, which
Included Harlem. Cropeey eent him t<>
command the bheepehead Ba) station ai
; captain, it aras bad enough to make a
captain of him. bat sending him down to
a aecUoti where there was lltUc mere tima
.1 memory of the old racing days was con?
sidered to be "rubbing it In"
Hussey joined the fon,- on October t '>.
Iflf ? ?i,, Matea If, 1194, he was made
a sergeant. Ha spent abnoet ten years
In that grad< and became a captain on
October B, Itff, jn January, ioo". he
was promoted to inspector. On April 11
of the same year be arai reduced to the
grade of captain, but the same ,i.i
became an Inspector, where be remained
until Kovember ". IMS, srhea ba was
sgaln reduced to s captalney, Not long
?fterward he was made an luapeilei
again, ? ?vit on atarch 3, ttllf he was anas
more r. du< ed
Dennis F. Sweeney.
Dennis l\ Sw. eney entend the Pellas
Department as a patrolman aa Kovembei
17, IBH, |i, . ,-, ame a roundsman In Igjg,
sergeant In MM, and was mads a eapts i
by ? tomndfsBoner Qreene m May,
He eras promoted to i>. baspaatar of the
bth Inspection District by Cominl-stoii-:
McAdoO on June MX IS".'?
While in command of the Leonard street
station be boastsd that riot a poolroow
? r den of vice could be found In his ptv
clrrt. He was transferred from th
Leonard str?et station to the West atrthl
street static? :o deaa up th. district
after Captain NaJIy lia?! been reasoved j
in,- < on,m,?- i.me; Indicated that Captain
Ineansy sssds goad la the We I stach
str?-?t station,
?""hatees of ?\^l?-ct of duty and caadu? I
unbecoming "N OSBCSr Bran preferred
against Sweeney by <"oinmissloner Brag
bam on Mai 'h II 1MB <^>n tiie former
? ??' he ?ii- aaked to ????plain why the
I'ort Oeorge Hotel, at Amsterdam ava?
nt ' and i'dth st r? ???(. had no Ucease for
. concerts or the sale of DjQUOr. The
i barg? were said to be te?ehnleal and not
< i Imlaal.
WhSB fweeney Was captain at the Leon?
ard str?-. t station he handled the Nan
Pattersoa eat e.
James F. Thompson.
James K Thompson has bren in the
department for twenty-eta reara, He
w. - appointed to the force on October i.
IBM, .nid promoted m sergi ant alter nine
yesera* duty. Two years later he was made
.1 lieutenant and plBWd In a district
I while he remained seven years. October
U, IBM, ho was promoted to a cap?
April 19. 1!*>7. he was detailed as an
inspector, atid on May 6 of the same year
CommtsetOMT Maker placed him In com?
mand of the '".th Inspection District as an
acting Inspector. He remained In chargS
of that district until Bsptember '."'. \w.
ii.? was then placed on trial bacanas
ot th.- dlaorderly condition of his district
and was reducid to captain. From Jim?-.
I'.'ll. until January 1, this year, he was
In command of the Mth Precinct.
Thompson was born October 25, 18CI. tie
Irres at No, j- Charlea street, Manhattan.
John J. Murtha.
officials at Pottce Headquarters last
Bight r. fused to glVS out any information
te?ardtiiK th,- racord Sf John J. Murtha I
In the d?p,n tm. nt. They would not even j
?ay whea be was appolntad an laspeetor,
Iheagh it Is known he held that ottlc
In tMi and was then In command of the
?th InapeeUoa District, which Includes
Harlem, were OSOTgS A. Blpp had his
In describing himself lust nifrht to the
clerk of the court, .Murtha said he was
rtfty-tWC \.;,rs old. and was born In Nrw
York. His parents he said, were born
la Ii eland, and were dea.I. H<- said bs
lived al No Bal Baal KM street. Breoktyn.
Begardteg his kavhata, bs ssJd thai he had
been a mod- rute drinker. He de'laicl
he had never befoi?! been convicted of a
? rime.
July 16. 1912?Herman Rosenthal murdered.
October 24, 1912?Charles Becker, lieutenant of policy
murder: sentence death.
November 19, 1912?"Dago Frank" Cirofici, "Whitey" Lew*
"Gyp" the Blood and "Lefty" Louie, gangmen; murder; sentence,
February 5. 1913?Eugene F. Fox, patrolman; graft; await.
ing sentence.
February 24, 1913?Thomas W. Walsh, captain of police;
graft; awaiting sentence.
March 15, 1913?John J. Hartigan, patrolman; perjury; 8en.
tence, from two to three years.
March 27, 1913?Edward J. Newell, lawyer; tampering with
a witness ; awaiting sentence.
April 18, 1913?Thomas P. Robinson, patrolman; graft; sen?
tence, from six to ten years.
May 6, 1913?Dennis Sweeney, James E. Hussey, James F.
Thompson, John J. Murtha, inspectors of police; conspiracy;
Kim, on condition that he would "take
medicine" and "keep hla mouth
Kox decided tad to ko to prison to
gave the big grafters behind him, and
I on the basis of big evidence Wall h was
i indicted, and pleaded gttllty on Feh
ruary 21
It was ns R Slrecl result of the evi
? dence that accumulated on the b?ais of
Blpp'a exposures that Edward 1. New?
el), the lawyer who was concerned In
the at'? mi t to k< <i>' Blpp out of the
state, was Indicted. Mewell pleaded
| guilty on March 27, and ?fiar obtain*
Ing the blanket Indictment for con?
spiracy agalnal the four Inapectora, the
charge upon which the "big four" were
[adjudged guilty laal night, Mr. Whit?
man turned aside t>. another graft In?
quiry which had developed side by side
I with the Blpp-Foa-Walsb disclosures.
The otlnr bad. Which also Involved
I SweeSjey, was developed from the evi- ?
; leni.f I.iile;! Tancredl, a Harlem
restaurant keeper, who swore to ha?,
im.,' paid graft to Patrolman Thomu
F, Robinson, Sweeney's wardraa*
Robinson was convicted April is.
Thirteen graft indictments and en
indictment under section L'440 of tbc
p. nal law for tampering wltb a wit.
news still stand against Bweeasy, ssj
^raft Indictments are still awaitiar
trial against each of ths other bah
Inspectora who were convicted witi
Be ? eney vest. rday.
TOOK $200; MISSED $2.000.
Thieves entered the u ond floor of Va
l", Bast Houston street early >e?trrta?
and alter breaking open ? iaf? ? flonUm
to Samuel Ershowsky made off with Jss
and asoney amoui ting t., u? b
their hasty departure thei left t?M?i
jimmies and drills and d 1 not touch?
box which En '?> 8WSB isily cod
talned his wife's Jewelry, valued at B.W.
il., had as key i '? ten, he ma.
Mid-Summer Styles
Fashions suitable for Garden Parties, Beach
Wear, Promenade, Country Club and Travel
?also elegant apparel for Formal Functions.
Rare designs "kfttlfki otrr" exclusively for private use.
Dance Frocks and Gowns? In soft Sal? Crepe?,
Chiffons, Shadow I^ccs and New MetaJiic Tissue?.
Sport and Motor Coats?In Novelty "tuffed" Eponge,
CiWiois Cloth. Vicuna, Summer Velour and Fabric Corduroy?.
Draped Wraps ?Handsome Chiffon lined styles, in Gold
and Silver Brocades and Soft Figured Silks.
Morning and Outing Frocks?in Honeycomb Rasa?
Plain and Novelty kpeaSJS, Linen, Marquisette and NX ash Crepe.
Tailleur Costumes?of Rasa: import?! Sal and Ost Textur?*
in Modish "Draped" and "Fancy Cut" Modell.
Hats?New " Cage Veil " Motor Hats, Panamas
for Seashore Wear, Shirred Lace and Dresden
Chiffon effects ? also shaded Chiffo:i Scarfs,
Maline Ruchings and Ostrich Boas.
BlOUSeS-Entirely New Styles o[ Finest of Ling-lie matr.uN. Nrtj. Lac?,
Wasaabk Silk? and Chiffons.
fifth flwnue, 461ft $i 47th $tr?t$
PEARL Necklaces in
all ran?,e of prices,
matched and graded
by a member of the firm
? the present stock of
Oriental Pearls was bought
in Europe previous to
the recent advance.
McGibbon & Co.
Lace Curtain Cleaning Department
Lace Window Curtains and Panels of every descrip?
tion, cleaned and refinished by experts under our own
supervision at moderate prices. No charge for Storage
during Summer months.
Draperies, Portieres and Rugs Cleaned and Stored*
3 West 37th St.
Juat OH Fifth Avenue

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