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official Circles Trust Higher Tri*
bunal Will Settle the Land
Bill Row.
representative Britten Desires
to Have Treaties Judicially
Declared Supreme.
irrest The Trisas? Bureau.]
Mbtagtoo. Ma] ' ?? ,-hl!"ia'
laoanfe Ambassador, is preparing a
', m?iV?.t-st again?! 'he anti-alien land
fTnaa-ed b) the California Legislature
5"\iw of the utterances ol the Cau
!" *V . . . -?? itertali ad
Jjr ,.. mbass) that Governor
Lmson ai? withhold h.s signature.
J'?Tetarv Brvan la due here on Tburs
M forenoon, and soon afterward it Is
Sasadthai he will receive the protest
" Ambassador Chinda spsclncslly
Misting out wherein the Japanese go*.
SSS ? vVebb-Blcodgood
! 'violates the treat> of 1911. So
L. been received at the Whits lb
Z Departrr.cnl of BUt? from Mr. Bryan
. i.ft Sacramento, and the oues
. beinir held in abeyance pending
hi, rerort to PresMsn! W!
-Tie State Departmenl WSJ advised to
?n that the Japanese government would
nvrard George W. OuthrtS. former Mayor
(,f rNtabargti pei - na grata as i nited
fi?tes Ambassador to Tokio, so that his
nomination will probably be sent to the
|gsas bv the Prsskk nt to-morrow, as the
urgency of rilline; the post has been
rr.ssed on th? a.h:. nlstration I l
reas interest- foi ?everal weeks I
to 'he expected developments in the pro
ter against the California I. glslatlojl there
2 additional reason for prompt at
So definite policy I u yel been outlined
rv President Wilson to m-et the Japanese
|N|Ht Whether > '" ariH *>* 88t
tler In the court? or will be arbitrated
under the provisions of the arbitration
,rwtv with Japan is con.le tura!, although
the prevail.ns belief Is that the contre
?r?vwill be carried to the United Btatei
t?rreme Court. The construction Of a
treaty I* a proper subje t for arbitration
under the arbitration treaty, but Presi
OBt Wilson is anxious to SSt?S the
?t?te rights" aspect of the dispute and
megahaa that this is possible only by
action In the ec
Tre California anti-alien land bill was
not discussed at the regular session of the
.'atr.net to-day
h Une wttB sentiment f?r recourse to
savsiata rase don i rporing an imme
gas? Jsdleial lest of the validity of the
California anti-alien land law. which was
Introduced in the HOUM to-day by Repre
1 Britten, an Illinois Repubil an.
who challenged the right of ?aiifornia to
Hblallnn which he deemed in vio
llllon Of IStStlag treaties. The COU Its,
???erts Mr. Britten, have held a treaty to
m the surr^n-.e law of the land." and
: tripe the California law off the
?tatute books.
The Britten resolution recites that the
aiifornia '.aw Is a "direct centrad
?<aty ratified between the Inited
Inas government and Japan two years
it<> and continues:
\ed. that th? committee on Ju?
ki and it Is hereby requested to
present to the Ho.;?* of Repr?sentatif o<
? resolution directing the Department of
r They net six per cent ?n New
York State?every tax prepaid
ei.ee pt the inheritance tax
which, of course, cannot be an
r Payable in gold at maturity.
r Safe, conservative, non-fluc?
tuating. Investigate.
r Ask for Booklet 6.
?Met* oter $17,000.000
-of every standard make,
and in sizes and construction
to ?uit every requirement.
The linings r.f tilc>P refrig
craters arc of k'l<itc. metal, of
vitrified steel, assuring abso
!,?c Sanitation an.] Kfficien
rv- and the perfect circuit
?'on of dry, cold air makes
?Weconom) of i< e and ideal
Summer Necessaries:
Hanmocks, I ouch Him?
**?? Porch Chair?, etc., of
?'fry variety Tec ( ream
Jfceiers, Water Kilter? and
bv Tors? complete Men's Stores I
"*? Furm.hinga, Hat. and Shoe?
Athletic Underwear
?t great saving?
.SO. Nain?(.',U at 2?r
?JlVe Madraa at ?St
gtuSg Pure I m. n 9?e
High-Class Shirts
A|l With ...ft I rru.-li ruff?.
Bonom? pleated 0r plain.
$2.00 Negligees at $1.19
??* ?Irlperl \|?.l, ,. gf.|g
?SBVJ fure Ml', ?1,19
Office Coats 50c
Finer Coat?,$l, $1.50 &. up
$2.00 Pajamas at $1.35
Blue, White, Lavender.
General Bell Would Have People on Record
Once and for All as Favorable or
Harsh Toward Japanese.
rKv T'lrR'arh to Th? Tribun? i
Shu Pranclaco, Ma) I. Aaaerting that
the leaaing clauac In the alien land bill
now awaiting ths signatura of Oovernoi
.lohnson. hiis made the a< t unsatisfa? tot>
to th? Japanese as ?ell as to Califor?
niens, Genera] Theodors A Hen. formel
Pemortntk- candidats for Governor, ha.?
id a atatenanl ursine the applica?
tion "i" ? referendum He also suggest:
lh? USS of the Initiative to test puhli?'
sentiment on two substitute meBSU M
on" for tlr1 treatment of all aliens alik^
and the other to rescind the leasing
clause in the present art
'Th?- Johnson administration ha?1 made
a bad mess of the anti-alien land bill."
- I ;. ; < : ;il Hell's statement.
?ill \.i ;?. which has psssd both bouaea,
will do more harm lhan good n Bee?
tion : it confirms the Japanese In all
the rights that they have ttndei the
treaty of April f.. 1111, and then enla:c l
dOubtS bj pel milling them to 'lease
lands In this state for agricultural pur?
poses for a tei m pot sxceodlng thres
"Section 1 "T tie bill reads as follows
Ml aliena other than those mentioned
m Section i "f tins art may acquire,
? SB, enjoy and transfer real pi opal Ijf
or any interest therein In this state In
the manner and to the extent and for th?
purposes prescribed bj an) treaty no*?
existing between the government of the
? n or country of which such alien Is
a citlsen or subject, and not otherwise,
and ma.v in addition th?-reto lease land?
,n this a ta te for agricultural
for a term not exc.-edirig three years'
"Under the treat) the Japanese ma:
own 01 lease ?nd OCCUpy 'bOUMS an I
land for residential and commer?
cial purposes. These rights are not only
ratified by senate hin No. |, hut the fm
thrr privilege of leasing agricultural
land for a term not exceeding three
years, without ?ny restrictions on te?
?erais, la given them This makes it a
race problem, pure and simple
"Senate bill .'>. therefore, if not an in- |
i Mtation to tii" Japanese <<> conic hers if
Settle upon our lands, at bast g\\,
inn.lied assent t.? th.ir Immigration Inte
| California. BeaMea, if Japan Insist? 11
glees h.-r provocation, if not Justification,
i foi the abrogation of the gentlemen's
[agreement against Immigration that ?c
1 com panted the treaty of Ml.
"Govei nor Johnson, nol und
the elementary principles involved, on laai
Thursday permitted a small group of land
lowneri who want to bas, th.ir "and to
'Japanese to talk him Into the leasing
clause of the bin. thereb) rendering 'he
'association more barn I good in Its
| general effects The mlnoiit) In both
hous. ? ag? sed i- ' trike out thl I? ?
clause, but the administration programme
area lammed through bj it:.' rnsjorit)
'When the majority saa thai an Inef?
fective bill was to be forced upon ihem
| the) stood for th?- Curtln-Shearei r?solu
Itlon to refer th? subject to the national
administration for Imm?diat? action, but
providing that if the dealred n
not aecured through dlplomatl< channels
the Governor should conven? the i>
j lature In extraordin?r? session to handle
?the question as the Legislature might see
HI This propos tloi ? d? i Un? d,
ths resull that the administration at s ,c
ramento has given the peopl? .1 Lea I ?
is satisfactory to nobod)
"if w. ai e to ?-trike direct t th? rom
of the evil, there 1- ? bit
open Through the aid ol th? ml ?
v? .? aho ild pi opose la 0 lawa roi th? :?? -
1 pie to vote on at the general election In
\ , tnbei It! t. 01 at a
which the Governor Is author.?
? genial alien land law applicable
to all aliena the m h? 1 1 m? 11
to Bei without ti
"in addition, Sensti go lo
a ref? r? ndum rot? at th? ctlo
This vv:!l give th? 1. I? Ihn e m< ??
t<> 1 ho? -? fi u.
1 nia < ."1 on? and f?
an nil? n 'und bill thai wl
miindv of ? ma ??
state and th- Attorney ?Genera] to tg
such steps as are necessary toward
.indicia; test of the California law w
a view to Its annulment '
it win be Impossible for the Rr.tt
resolution to receles promp consideran?
because of the fact that the n
now constituted has no committee
ludlclary. The standing committees
the House will not be named for a mon
or more and until that time the Britt
resolution will lie dormant
Phoenix, Arts., May ?> Japanese rr:
dents of Phoen I d< Ided at a mass mer
ing Last night to Call together all ti
Japanese in this s(Ht,. for n meeting <
May 18 to protest against antl-allea lai
legislation In Arlsoaa, There g
not many Japanese land owners In th
state, but a number Of ' hin. se have pu
chaaed land recently.
The Arlxona aw alow s ?
to cltlxenship five ycais In which to ,)i
pose Of title to lands they hold. Th" ?,
n do?? pot app'y to mining earn
or lands necease rj foi <? operation <
nitres and smelters
1/vs Angeles, na] i a ?hei ff posi
of three d< ? t" ' Bd? ? ho "III" <\
? vegetable raisers at Newmar
earlv tins moi nlng
Japan? s? repoi t?Nl that t hr*
marked men forced thei a' pistol pon
te ??fand against the va' a ol theli
while a search of the |. t'dmg and tn?
es a*as made
That Is, Not as Newspaper Foil
Look on the Word.
Kansas City, Mo., Ha) I William ?
Bryan spent twent) minutes he,e t<
night Hs taikfl about the weather -?n
?he bicai ? aliforala climate, bul on th
Japanese question hs remained siien*.
? fo vo'j think the Japanese qui'Stloi
will he BUI before the people of ?VI
fcrntS at ? referendum election?" to wa
".?'?Me Department business VOtl know,
?lulled the Secretary, and he launch??
t- to other subjects.
Bui feell he ?aid. a/? the t. an
pulled out. "the situation is not gerloui
la fhe way you newspaper folk alwayi
look en the word. I think" And th,
train was g'ine before the sentence Wfcl
The Secretar) said be thought Presl
dent Wilson would not ?all a gpectal Caul
n't meting to dlSCUgg his report,
Tokio Mayor Sees That Solu
tion of Land Problem.
San Krane1S'-o. Ap'il K The Tokio r<y.
respondent of "Th" Japanese New
World,' "f Ihll City, In a -able message
to the taper to-da> Mid thai the protcal
of the Japanese government against the
alien land law In < alifoinla would h<
baaed on the eontentlon that By its
term? the Japani.se were ptaced In a
position Inferior to that grantc) to <iti
aens of European nations in California.
and that the spirit of the "most favored
nation" clause of the Japanese treaty
with the mited state-? was, therefore,
viola ted
The mr?saRe added that theie II sun a
strong; let ling In Japan that the difficulty
eaa be solved hv Bagotiattoas between
ths two gosernraents Baron Bakatanl,
Ms m of Tokio, is quoted as having saw
"Tie right of naturalisation and a n< w
treaty with the I'nlte.j States specifically
relating to land ownership will solve the
whole question.''
Banker's Alleged Story About
Importer Causes Suit.
PTedertca. ('ring. ? mi,her Importer at
No Ml Waal Street, filed g suit in the
Supreme Court yesterday against Richard
<",. Thorp a tanker and broker at No. 4?
Wall street, for $10,000 for alleged slander.
The alleged slander uttered by Thorp
was: "Prlnj? was kicked out of a house
Wberg b? was playing cards for money,
BSOaaeg he was ?aught winning SB cheat?
ing. He was kicked out, an I thev won't
let him < ome hack."
I'iing s;dd Thorp had spread the slamler
in New York and New Jersey. He de
elared in his complaint: "| have been
much damaged by the -ircuiation of thli
report b.v Mr, Thorp. It Is false and en?
tirely defamatory. The sum I ask In dam
agea-|10,000-wlll not begin to repair the
I damage dons my good name,"
Outstripped Us in Currency Re?
form. Says Reynolds.
Gathering at Briarchff Manor
Passes Resolution Appealing
to President and Congress.
The executiv? ? American
Bank? rs' A ? I I
most tu essfu
? - spring n . ? the Brli
l.o.ipe. Briar? llff M
About two hund? i d ?? ind fi lend?
sttended 1 .1 Dat
1 ice 1 e co incll pi ? 1 d< d
Tb< ? . ?? , o > '
\ Pugslej ? > ild? m of th?
State Bank? I
ce-pr? ? ition
snd president of
Bank, and 1. A Wilson, of 1:1 R
lOkla ich
tertain? aril ecltatloi
Mr. Rej nolds, ? ho ms I?
sddrt is deplored l hi la? k of ?
itiK reform during the last feu ream and
MtM Ihe ? ommerclsl ?? I | ?
tr | had be. n rn.1 lea n< gl< led
tii.it lin? M?, ?rrt m 1 ided th< 1 01 h ? 1 1
tnf.net,ir-, commission, bul leclsred I
practical benefit i" th? rountrj 1 1 ??
lull ..f ?1 w..r' id . He
the Gei mam had done mm h b? it- ?
hfinitintr .iti'i eint.ii \ reform than thl
. ountrj The Ch 1 mam put
and pollUci aftei s .1 1 1 ?< ,? .1 ..
-tt mi il !.. i.e tin 11 ? >
? Dangerou polltti .' ? ? ,,,,? popu?
lar ? lamor " he d< ? "?? in
? nd< te li ' ? and d> mandlng .1 moi ?
equal distribution of stealth en eau Ing
our legislators un? ons? lou to tempoi Ise
and procrastinate The dallj pre? feet
lires st si ? ni' 1.but r < latlt ? to Ihe Itus
tion. and no legislative bod) thlnl of
adjourning until it has abridged ????
tbe rights of tho ' poss? sed ..f capital
While class distinction? would nevei li?
so 'lose]-.- drawn In 111 s??? country ..- In
others, h would.be Impossible to . 1 ml
nate entirely iticb dlstlm lions, hi h -
m ru -i. ' m? m snd tub nt ? iii .i. mand
recognition and will win success," he
said; "Individual effort, ability ;,i?i in?
dustry will classify them elves, regard
1. of those ?bo leek lo pia.-, nii upon
the MOM plane."
reSterdsy'l session uns taken up with
thf presentation of reports bj officers snd
committees Those to report were the ;? ? 1
ministration committee, general secretary,
treasurer, general counsel, manag? 1 <>f th?
protective department snd the committees
on v' ' lions, ti u^t . ompank -, sei Ing -
batik? clearing houses and American in
st itntr- of Banking
Tbe treasurer*! "port ihOWtSd there was
? 1 ash batanes on band of |i7,otl i"
The Secretar! In hh report said the pres?
ent membership was l.'t.t;;;. nn in
??reane over a \ear ago. slthough during
tiie yiar the Association losl 11 I mem
bera Of these nv wire line tn failures
?uspensiona Hn.i auch causea and Itl I
delinquency In living up to the m
StiOn'l rules.
The report of lie . urteney committee
showed that the committee favored tbn
banking ami currency plan that h.is been
proposed for passage b? Congress, a
resoiutton was than passed to urge upon
Presldeni Wilson and Congrega that
there w'at fieeessit\ for prompt banking
and currency legislation
The report of the Profc ctlve th pai t
msnl Committee ibowed thai from Bsp
tomber, hat, t?. May. IMI there bad been
im arrests ;?n<i thai the departmenl bad
been incisas fui m obtaining conviction?
in 121 Cases The repot t SUM dlSClOSSd
tbe fad that during the same period
there bad been twenty elcht burglaries,
a number of attempted burglaiiss and
hold-up? Of members of the association.
and also about slghty-thres burglaries
and boM-Ops of non-members
Moving pletuies were taken of the mem-*
bers of the council and their gUSSta
The picture Bweblnea wsra -? ? up at rarl
oua poli i?, and limns yards of pictures
?were ground out whenever, fitting subjects
presented ihetnsolvea_
Ilhaea. N. V., Mav ? A ffSJ?M tire late
to-day wiped out 'he planing mill an?!
lumber >ard of Fred MkbiaMajb and
burnsd three hou?e? and two barns.
; Police Believe Lack of Funds
and Enmity of Gangsters
Will Force Him Into Open.
Patrolman Heaney To Be
Buried To-day with Police
Hocors ? Teare's Fu?
neral To-morrow.
The aillingBM m "f U lloa gang tei
"?ids of fncMo BhlllitOni, known to
them more familiar!) as "the Paper Bos
Kid." to assist the i-oii. e ;n arresting
hint fo; the murder of Patrolmen William
Heanej and ?harlev T, are and John
RilSO ..ft Hull doubt in the mind "f
? '? ; - !'? lie? ''omission? i Doughert)
II .it .-'i : ;,., ? wouM '?? hi ?
? ted w irh-,n [he nest fort) -eight ho irs
All da ? ? i- ?!.! ?. reporta from n* si b)
towi s were b? ig r? Hv?r>d -it Police Mead
quarters which showed the vigilance of
police In the irro indll .? territory and
ihelr willingness t<> ^?? ^?st in the capture
of ' e gunman
': i rag i ?!? tc rtlvei in Hs? kenssch found
i, an-wei |ng the dl I ? IptlOfl of i n.
It -; man and iteteetlvs i:.? Cs
i lining do? n :i e. ??> |n
?? . N I . a ' nt to |o,,k him o\, r
The man proved hut Identlt) i- Atanaso
i of No it Btanton street, and he
w..- allowed to go
Suspected Man an Irishman.
it was reported during the aftei nooi
that i man ^iv Ins l hs name Harr)
Ich Bhllitonl was known
also, ?? rd I h? I.<>? -t h Une i teamshlp
? m hound for Brasil Tu- !'?
w .?ti i church Institut? i lome i<<r m ?
men. ,,i \., || Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn,
I had shipped ?? man gamed
Thon - , fireman, bul li?
an Irishman Tins man had been llvll
.m Home for rls reen pi loi t"
? im? i
fon oner Doughert ol ?ned
? that ait- : killing H?
and Rli - ? ran to hut
home st N ? : street and r?
plac? d hla hloo irt and undei -
? I cl thing ' ? im ? mak -
in?; . ? ' I ,1
?. ? ? uTtert bul
th? ' lothli g ws I. H
u - ? - ? . i - ??
? itied man- lea ol
. - r pi lut rep-...!,i t|..n
. - I'rlh
: ? it.. -
i sent out on Monds
, i rathei than
i .
? . -. . i Comrn alon? r ,
Doughert lurot. In I
I he ring? print
prti ? a w<
Sura He Will Turn Up Soon.
of the i
their unwllllngneaa to help
him the i f the belief that
m , ? irenl foi
ftnam : lane? It la
had i ttle moo, % on tl ght
and hlS home is r. Ing w. ?
f Pal Haw will
witn his depul ? ? Dqugla M K
K I nllon. will attend the high
In st Then sa'i ? 'hun h
terling Pta , Brook
hn Tne bod) will be aarorted to th?
church from Heaney's home, Ne .it
twel ml-1
? ? . ?i , . .... . ?
to v\ hi? h H? '''"t.
All patrolmen of the ist Inspection I>is
? not ?? " ltd the funeral,
m KInali rol I
Mulberr) ^t?? ? t station The pop,,, band
of lift pi? ?. s 11 I? ad the a teg
' . . ? . ? ' '. m< tei \
The funeral of > 'hat I? - Pear? will he I
i. id to mot roa and i ilml ir pr<
w ill (?? carrt? t out Vi mg? m? nt
both funeral? were miob h\ father 1'tao
i Bulllvai of Bt A an Roman i ? I
oil? ' hureii. w ho i ?? pollc? chaplain
The fun? ral of John RlSSO, Who l m It
d< i s a - due. tu n sponsible for :ne
d< iti. of th? two patiolmen, a i h '?!
d afternoon 11 ora his home, v,
<! spring street \ a lut.111 ed i offln
containing the bod) was carried b? iv,
of iiis friends through the Italian section
before it was placed In i white loarse
drawn bv six White hoi-es, In Which It
w.i t.ik.n to Calvary Cemetery- Thera
?op RIOTS than foitv COSChCS Sil Of
which were used for doral offerings.
Sicilian Shot Down by B.?Tck
Hand, Detectives Believe.
Within s half i Moca of two poU? im n,
one OH livd P"sl an Italian B/hO I
thought to be Antonio BcannavliKt, about
fort) rears old, of No, ioh Balnbrldg?
street, I'.'?ton Ohio waa shot and killed
wb.n in front of No Et] Baal MBth
street The assailant mads bis eacapi
although the two polleemen were an lbs
SpOl B few minutes aft. I the man was
killed Tin- stain man was well di
and had ?IT'? in hills and a moiiev oid?'l
for $l<"' made out 10 Ins wife oi mother
n Palermo, Bldl)
Wnetb.i Bcannavlno was i marked
m.m i? eaum of Infoi matlon bs m.?v hi ??
given to ths authorities about Black
Hand gangs m New 1 atk is a qusatton.
Detectives s, s ?' motlsa for ths crime in
this theory, HOB long hS bad been ill
I his ?itv or who h? really was had not
been established at .? late hour last night
Hit While Factions Battle in
Brownsville Streets.
A battle between gangsters in th?
Itrsetl "f Mrownsvtlle vesterday resulted
In the Injury of .I? ariette Wagn.r. a
s, hoolgir!, of No. 609 Sutter street, who
was passing, and of Jacob Karensky.
kM ?rn as "Preenr." twenty years old.
Of No KM Powell street The girl re?
ceived a bullet in the right leg Kannskv
?I,,, || .,, ttSBd of having flr?'d the shot.
H suffering from knife wounds In his
\. cording to thi kx al poll? ?? ibi shoot?
l?g is the result of dlBBenSlOn between
two factions ol the ganmters One is
suid t. be led bv -Kid" Fogey, who an?
nounce?] his Intention to ?piit the gang,
and ths other is made up of those VM
b.ai resentment against Kogey for his
(nntlnned from fir?! p?|e.
ment authorities. So was the lining of
In- garments.
It waa not until his last garment had
??ti removed that the inspectors came
Upon the jewelry. A small chamois
I skin bag hung, just beneath his arm?
pit, from a cord placed about his ne.-k.
The contenta Of the bag. when poured
OB a tablS in the stateroom, proved to
be several unset diamonds, a gold dia?
mond studded bracelet and several dia?
mond rings Appraisers set a value of
M.'i.ikk? upon th- ;,rti. b s
At the HODOken police station, where
Baumgold was arraigned before Re?
corder llcOovern, he declared that th?
?jewelry was his personal property and
i had be.n tak<n Horn this COUntT) When
! h<- sail. .1 for abroad recently.
Says He Took It from Here.
' I am not a smuggler," he stated Vt?
I dementi' . "To hear them talk <>ne
i might think I had attempted to swin?
dle the governm-nt oil of a million dol
The prop.it p/aa mine before i
left the United States, ami i .an prove
The re. Ml.let 'aid be would give him
an opportunity t.. do so in the morn
mi; and held him aithout bail for ap*
pearance before United states t'ommia
aloner Btanton Baumgold's ire was
aroused .?' 'he thought of spending ihe
night in the Hoboken Jail, and he
pleaded to be allowed to go free ori
bail. H> was a member of the firm of
Baumgold Brothers, whos? jewelry
msnufactor) was in ?Iran?! street, he
said, and could furnish any amount to
insure his freedom overnight. The
court i? mslned ol 'urate.
Baumgold ?aid he had nc^<r hern .r
? i previouslj ?.n any charge what
soevei lb iras married, he add. d,
and h "I I In ' ?? i litldr? n.
Professor Brenton Gets Abso?
lute Divorce from Poet Wife.
11 tsTI ine.l
Hartford, ''"tin . Ma 8. Judge
Marcus H Holcomb, of the superior
Court, swarded aa abaoluts divorce
this afternoon to th- Rev Cranston
Brenton, professor of English litera?
ture at Trinity Coll?ge ami prominent
m tie Episcopal Church. Professor
?ii ..i-, obtains the custody of
his seven-year-old boy Jonathan) who
i- non with his grandmother. Mrs.
min Bi? nton ??<' Jamal? a. i.ong
Though Mrs Brenton brought the
original action, ?he refused to p-e-s
ber si.it when the trial began and the!
s U granted on Professor Kten.
t'.ti s countei complaint, in which he
? ? i Frederick Ernest Holmen, of
Rockhsnd, Me ss correspondent.
It bis b<. n persistently state,) Mr?.
Brenton wa c to be freed from
her h ?be might marry Hoi
ni.ni. to w h o in ^he dednated her
???m ? i'!?? Norsemen," an acrostic in
II ? poetical Inl odu tlon reading "To
i. ?i bfy Lova."
The Bren torn aert married .lune 19,
1801, and llv?ed in Vernon street, this
city, near Trinltj College Mrs. Bren
ion BUed : ' ? ' ll November.
charging her husband with desertion
gild Inl Oil rabie | ruelt ?
Dissolution Inquiry Centres
There at Present.
i in .it-" stay I Investigation bj the
government b? lo srhether the standard
? mi L'ompanj has obeyed th.- dissolution
order ??< December -'. Ifll, is centring
?t present In this City, II was made known
t>. d.iv ?uivei g Pace special assistant
to the Attorney Oenersl, la here srorklng
on the ? . ?
"Oui agents ail over the country hive
b ? n Inquiring Into th? atetui ot Standard
i ei affair- since last October," Mr Pagan
?aid "We are not prepared to say
?rhether or not the company la violating
the decree which ordered it to dissolve m
--l\ month? If so, however, criminal eon
i t pi.dings a ill be start) d at once,
probabl3 In Ihe District Court in St.
Louis, srher? tbe decree was entered
Public Service Commission Re?
scinds 34th Street Order.
The Public Bervlce Commission rester
d?v rescinded the order laying <uit a
rapid transit route through "Ith street
either tor a SUbWSy or a moving plat
f,,i m t.ast summer, on seceunl of th?
protest of property owners, the route
w.i'- Withdrawn from the Hoard of 1.sti?
ll IS tl
In Some 'Hinter-; t/SStSI lav it ?as said
that the withdrawal of the route was a
flCtor) fOt tbe New fork ?'entrai Inter?
nes over th>'-.e of t he Pennsylvania Pftil
l oad
. balrm.ui McCall ?aid questions ot
railroad Interest-, did not enter into the
de? lalon of the commission. The route
h. explained. K'SS abandoned solely be
cause It would have been n?.vssarv to
put the Broadway-ftth street line and
the McAdoo tub... down so low that the
g\ sde wmbl be prohibit!' e
Won Prize for Doing Most to
Help Poor Little Doggies.
Have you leen that fine new ?-ollar
?nay llentz is wearing" |,ook for her In
the nark anv morning. Suzy I? the phll
antbiopb- little dog who make? It her
business to ooilsei pannlea for other bttls
doga who don t have auch nies home? as
?be has little ?logs who are sick, or
wbos.- masters have gone away and left
them lo starve
Th.- mon. v ?Juay collecta is added lo the
funds of the Dog Brigade of the Women's
League for An?mala
"Sport" Swan Sffsrsd the fine new ?ol?
lar last pear M a prize to the dog which
collected the most money Suzy won
with $116. Her mistress, Miss Helen
Hentz, Is very fond of Buzv. The an?
nual report of the league, just Issued.
??hows thai nearly five hundred members
or the Dogs' Brigade collected ic.oto ta
In the last rear.
The activities of the league have in
. luded bi tures before settlements and
clubs on the humane, treatment of anl
mais Inspection of bird ?hops and live
poiiliiv markets and the providing of
sand boxes and emergen? y chain shoes
for the use of hor?e? on ley pavements
Th? committee on horses also placed
i printed notices In cabs ??king- paaaen
| gers to see that the horses were blank?
eted during ?ait? I
S. Altaian $c (to.
Complete Outfits for Graduation,
Commencement and Class-day
are ready in simple and elaborate styles
and all the favored materials, included
are Misses' and Giras' Imported and
American-made Lingerie Dresses, hand
embroidered and trimmed with dainty
laces; Misses' Dresses of Crepe de Chine,
Meteor, Charmeuse and soft Silks;
French and American-made Lingerie;
White Gloves, Shoes and Hosiery; and
a!! the minor accessories of costume.
Novelties for Graduation Souvenirs.
The Stationery Department
is efficiently equipped for the engraving
to order of Wedding ?Invitations and
Announcements, Commencement invi?
tations, At Home, Visiting, Professional
and Business Cards, etc. Monogram
Dies, Coats of Arms, Book P.ates and
Address Dies for Yachts, Country Houses
and C?ubs given special attention.
Imported and American-made Stationery
in the new styles and tints.
Bridge Cards and Score Pads. Tally
and Place Cards.
-fiflh AtTftu?, 34tlj mt?t 35tft ?fmfa, >Trai Cork.
^?^^^^^^^^^^^^*-*-^*1*?^^^**?' ??? ??? H
Br=IF^r=^tor=ar=.?Jr?=J MS ^eiEillMilE; t
The tone of the KNABE PIANO is a
delight to the musical ear. It is the
result of 76 years of continuous effort
on the part of three generations of
skilled artisans and an intimate re?
lationship with the best musical
thought of Europe and America during
that entire period.
Liberal Allowance for Piano* Taken in Exchange
Knabe Bldg., 5th Aye., at 39th St.
(?ReviUon fr?res
*??>.??? "'S
Furs Stored With Us Are Safe
Proper care of fun means more tlian simply placing
them in a cold room and keeping moth from developing.
burs should be thoroughly cleaned by competent fur?
riera bet?re they arc placed in storage. Our Itortge aer
\ice otters skilled inspection and handling, reliable in?
surance, prompt collections and deliveries?all at rates
a>ked elsewhere for ordinary storage.
Repairs ordered when furs are placed in storage are exe?
cuted at the minimum expense.
Call 3761 Gree'ey
19 West 34th Street, New York

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