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Na 24,280. T"""? ^.r?^^nr. NjSW-Yj>HK. THURSDAY MAY s, Uli:,. ?Ki PACUX
m ?
In City of New York. ?JeSBSf fit. and Hoboken.
Hilles Sends Out Call for Na?
tional Executive Committee
to Meet in Washington
Late This Month.
Members Want to Take Steps
to Put Partv More Closely in
Touch with Progressive
Ideas as Advocated
bv The Tribune.
patries D Hilles, rh lim u ? ' lh<
BepuM; cai v Committee,
f.rdav ?ent ?' meeting
-<? <ke es< mmittee of that J
to 1 - " ? N' 'v v? l,l;'ri1
H'.t?! In Waal'" rl ': Saturda*? ? M
.... .. ?n bj the
P I '
lb ihe pro? ?
Bpeatedl) urted
?hit th.? part; i act al onct in
cnanlzatW'n aa would meet Ihe situa?
? . con
. ,h, rged the
I ' mven
,,-t and noi
l ?
Chairman H the Ural
loarard 1
t tl
Te D'icuii SDecis! Convention.
?id in
raaslder whstev i?r j re; i
id 1 th? flr?t
???mu' ?
?y ? rasstlaf
I 8Sas!dera nf ?
- ?
-iven- '
? tut .- ...
? '?"
sari) th.?
ta? el
.?: r the tariff
"V t'r.r
.'-??? aie
Si e t he p?
]'" '-? ' ?'l'a
? Hsmp
'*w" '? ' Indiana:'
Jj*aaa A. Ms M, . .., ,
. " *?? - . Thomas
*?*?' ' - ' ? asourl; Ba
'.' '* ' ? ngton; N*a ?
Wim, m T^nneasee; Charlea R .
T'?r-*n. of m ean r.,lV ri ?*>?,,
'"A" *-r" Rs ? E willlama of
rii'*rr ;; ?Ii ? n '?? Mr Hilles. '
,' 'r** ,; > ? . is ircr, and .
? R Ra n? :. ..- wUry
rj?ri ?!Wn' Ml *?* *-"? M' ?
"?rich ar- outspoken for a conven
?J^?"?*4 ?n third i?K,. foljr1h rr,llimn
ft? Morning's News.
mat, y --ocal.. Paga
' ??' Triali \?
'???' -s - ..s.,,, v |;e|IKjon. . 1 |
*">* ? ' ?1. Hun. i
??'???l'ilr-n Uaz.es T.ger. 3
Wu'ilT" ' ' ' '"*? *
? reel Publie i-,, r i
""?M Attacks M gan-i Religion.'.
t..rK rs of <ft Elude Children. 3
??*'?'-Dine, si 3
'?lidmanr, Institute Mere.7
?fi"0*?*- '? ?red. 7
ArchMR*ror,*'i T" ' iyer. S|
f.y ,fc rK< ^ "?' Commemorate rea?-e 9
| w Head ... Paterson . 16 1
ST?? '" '""'- I'aterson Mob 16 I
?tac. in Uttm ' Lovt" '?"*??''? 16'
"' Out Dl? tOI - "ffi. r.lg?
??skal v **?***
Tir? ' ?;'"'' '","'1 u" Collecto. 1 !
Chaa , * Primai Rill I oei 3
JT* inten,!. Land Bill Proteat 4,
B??ii. 8?PPresscd . 6 1
Citas?. ?? AM*'k*'1 ?"'I Hefended e
n **** Near Collapaa. ?|
?Wra*,,.,. Bfimh ,n R, r.?ijli I
'??trier . 8 I
Jobbing . ? I
Bgfcr tVo'men!.'!."!. f1
"***l?ty . 8 '
?!'u?ry ;;.?
?Porti . 9
Naetei"an* V.' " ;.10 and n
?"??ate ??"? la *"" l3
. 1* and 15
?Nations Legislation Nearly
Halted by Hungry Infant.
Washington, Ma T. A > hlld crying
in th" Senate gallery, In ?? i - aep?
;? r h t?? -i from thos< reserved for Proal?
?lent Wilson "til' b* an aisla, threat
. nr,-i to break up business In the upper
nous? ahortl; ifti noon to?tla
Su. b ,-i dlsturbanri Is not uaual mi
Hi*? Senate fhamber, and Senators i
a startled l".?k when thej heard
it. Ti.? Infant was finall; pacified with
? ti. of milk, a hlch it proceeded to
i iiji.v wiiii Senators discussed thr?
Bundr* ' n ?i bill,
Free Three Month? to Provide
for Family.
M as, i?".-, a, M ly 7 r.nri
Lindsey. an aviator, flying under tna
? of Bar] ?Yarmouth, who ht been
meed t?. itt> Imprlsonmenl tot
tacking ? little girl Bt Colfax. los i,
? .1 ? r.. months In which t"
rt-.-' r his family
r Tht ' a Bupri mi ? 'oui i postp I
Ing "i th< ? ? ? da) until
fall, with tin consent of Attorney Gen
. ra] Coason upon th< rpresentation ol
- sttorn? '. thai be bad set ? i al
? Ion . ontracts, ihe pr. ol
which would K" '?" ala taunllj d u ig
' nprisonmant
But Officials Study the Map and
Laugh Is "On Them."
i ??. i
H ashlngton Ifay 7 ' Pit asa bav?
Petrel ut Panama <'li bj May IO,"
'.- ti? to day from 1
::.tv v. ?a hn i- Inapt ? i in? the
? l< ? .n ihe South. Th? a I?
- :rv of the n ? Franklin D.
. .?j " her ?'ftii-i.ii w. i??
. '
-?ii ih'ii ? ? a her s
-?? i of th. Ha Peti i
cd with tl
it fina - rred to Mr. Roe
.n lb. ti m< "ih< i Pan*
i ? i i peri
ne on the coast
? i to ?
Burned Bov Will Get 2 8 Square
Inches from Father's Friend.
.,' so 170
Sill I? N .1
I ?
m. h" of -?v n thai ' ? ? ? ? -
of 4 I I, ? . ? I
?? mmlng i
? \ . i ."i? i ; v ?
Th? ind Mr.
I . ror
i . , Katlow an?
? i m and off?
Hi and
M > ? ? ? i al
? : i i ' '. ?
w h?. * ease ii
Linglcy Wrote Letter Just Be
fore Execution.
Ala laa! set of Big Bill'
Lingl. | w in .in .i m ; in? .), .?t n h ou
i the murdi i of
1 ? ?. k Burns ittempt to ob
a M ?-f Ralph Rosso, vv bo la
? ban tin eara foi hi Ip
?tiR "Big Bill" In ;? robbei ? Dlsti I? '
Attorns: Whitman, to whom the lettei
ind h la assistsnt.aW. if.
i. Kdwarda, an Im i atigatlni lb.
statt menta In tha k 11
Thi lettei was dat< d "Ma ?"?. at 1
.. ? loi k .n ' lie morning. ' At ?*>. Is that
morning "Big Bill" was pr"
nounced dead 11 if letter la wniten m
;i formal, Impersonal v.,n. u. refers
.?ni caauall; tu hit Impending death.
R? so, ho saya, ?.?s tmt one of lh< two ?
men who ani"i him In Hi?- hold-up ?.f
? < i 'i i.. . ;? .i |ew4 if p. dlai
I?i Lucca Identified Roa o ss the man
v. in. had Mai kja< k- d him, and i
woman who knew Rosso well said she
? him in' i 'i Lu.. :i and re. ognlsed
linn -v ht n ' ""'k ..ft a mask
Physician Injected It to Guard
Against Lockjaw.
I ? Mere, N\ .i M . ? 7 Dr w ii:
tain .1 Burd Burgeon herr for the
Pennsylvania Railroad Injected aome
? rum into in? IihikI jrest.
da: lo guard sgslnst lie had
Injured th. hand n*hile working about
Ins aUtOfnobile, and f*? t f ?J thr? dirt
and grima might carrj the garnui Into
his Mood. Thr doctor v< a.? to ij>-riir:
oub in bis uRe r,f ihr 4.,rum thai ha
alrnoei died from it
Mr-. Burd found him up. mis. my.' in
th? garage, His body ?a.* ,,,|(j and
his pnisr* bsrel; perceptible Bho called
up the'Hotel Belviders, where the
Count] Madli a] So? ktty was in -sag.
.-:. n BevtBral phy-rktsni responded
and soon restored Dr. Burd i<. con*
s. iou?nr>.-fi }U jv noiA re?-o\erin**.
- ? ?--_
Bretton Wood? Hotela, ?Thlt? ?ft! N It
The Ml FieSaam rh? \|t Wsshlncton
ns? ?ffl' <?.'.' I ! 5th A> Trl Mad -?? ? , ,
Ex-Methodist Pastor Assails
Sincerity of Religious Pro?
fessions in Testament
of Financier.
Inez Milholland, Presiding at
East Side Debate, Takes
Sharp Issue with Former
Clergyman in De?
fence of Church.
Pref i' lng hie remark v'th the con
tentlon thai there n-as something m??r
Important th m .i urn, ? speciall'
?'htm Ihe rtemal iruth and th.- Ufa
blood "? i.... and nomeri a ere m - tak?
Rouch \\ lute ay - Methodist mil
" laltatn, read Iht
mble ?!" .1 !'?. rponl Morga i ??? III
tdien? a n W rbster Hall, Third
?i?- . nd i Ith ireel last night, .-?"-I
11 ? ir laughter at hia Insinuations
gaI ' ? ? 11 ;
H<. ? ; ' 111.-, 11 ? 1 ? . I I ? -
in?/. Milholland. chairman ?>i them? I
a ha though of hia on n faith, ?? h? n
.?in?, lu? ing Di I Weele? Hill pi
? I. nl of lb? tnti : national Pi a ?? Koi urn
' ' ? Bo? lalisl ni"- ?
ment, a Ith a horn Mr. Whin
debate, : aid sha ? ? i ? <i I " Hill a ould
iu?t take his ? i? from 'he foi
"i maj noi be here to crli - ?aid
Miss Mill oil ind, "bul l'i ? ' ? is rcf-,
and I'm going lo .
la no n'"' i hitting the i" It "
Socialism for Violencs.
Mi w hite ? .n ralgnmi nl ',f Mi
Morgan rau ??tt? i< ?i In an attemi I l?
i " in . ?!'. thai
ism .i - dcatrucl o gioi 11
vt ligion ' ' fled in i he i" t ton uf
the in? m gum? m
? - ' ? ng to 8
. ; . ? viole i
earth th? ?
? ?I Which Mr MOTgat , -niier.
Mr w i I) ri anawi
? ??' Dt Hill thai i"' nee ?
i.i ? d v loi? n? ?
?\\ lu-n | '"i ' t n? ired ua f"t i ;
? didn't
? ? ? ? i ' . Btrong eaoui
ng to fir? mort than I
buildings, kill m< re th.ir:
, . | i -
a iih tin
? ? -m * ? ..
L I a bout the In ?
. ? ra la
eaklni ? ? i d about lb? graft
"ir ? - i do th* in? k there
Is n- ? we would not ?
..?.?n we d? n t go in for j
I ? :. - ? i us? r. n ??,,?? ? rln?
- ? enough. !' d
mi. . Id bio* the clasi r? pre.
sent on* < ? I I I ?ia
nit our hacks lo bu th? : i
mil' '
Social>ats Cheer White.
? 'hi ? r ifter ? het i gr< eted Ml W bite's
,.?',. rm ?h'.IV Uli; t.?,I I ll<
otnph slot* of i he audit i i for -?n
hour and a half the socialist hurled
larcaam al Dr. Hill un' h ari
n.? n'a, mr I?M; all the polnti mad?
???i om nl arlth ? ilngle d? cl u .-iiion
that bo? lallata wem In mor? for r* i*
: n.ni f..i ? n? toi ?. The i Ime had
gone by, he declared, when lung power
, ou Id lake Ihe plan ? of brain powi i I
Th? rea eon thai ihe Church was losing
its h"id "ii Hi- masa? aras '"? ?
th' people were becoming i"" lntel!i-|
gent t" i.? carried awaj anj longer b?
mere vocabl'
i " nri rose i?? the <? ? aalon, boa -
. . i and ' am? bach al I he Bo? ial I
champion with a i athing wil i" whl h
even his adverse audience paid Ita re?
To Ml ?Vhlte'i ;i - umptl ti
thai he held a brief for capitalism, hi
Opposed Hi" ?tal m'n' thai for the
? .n ? h?- hHd i" < ti pastoi of i he j.i e i
, nun h m i h' city, hoi one m< mix r In
whoa? congregation owned more than
.v].?i?hi \v?.i ih ?if prop? n. His thi me ?
ws lhai ?rong should bs punished. |
wherevei found, whether In thi ranksI
..i organised laboi or amid capitalists.!
William i '. Ha s ood sddr? ssed ihe
audience si the termination "f the de?
bate, and John Reed, th? ' poel ob?
er," who went to Pateraon recently
to v*.?<t, ii the sink' and ended up in
i he lock-up, gave an account ??f hh ex
perlence Joseph J, Ettor, who waa ac?
quitted of murdoi after the Lawrence
strike, was prosont, fresh from th?
Draper Mills strike al Hopodale, Maas,
Haywood Attacks Church.
Haywood received ?lie respecta of Dr,
Hin in in-? opening argument, when
th? clergyman Bald ih.?t he, al least.
i.,"I th?.trag? "f hi' ' on* l< tlon -.
"Haywood Is not ?* pussy-footed politl
? ,il so? Islist," was th?- v. gy Ik pul it. '
The doctor backed ur> his srgum? nl
thai SO) lalism would d< troj in?
Church, nid sute b) recalling the ban?
ner under which the "deluded follow*
era nf wiiiiam i>. rlaywood*' marched
in Law r? n? f .
"Artae, slaros of th' world! No Ood,
im master."
Reverting to this lb* Induatrial
Workers of the World leader .?-.?jri i .
hoped lo see the fiav dawn -\lien ,.'|
the worker?, Of the world w'.i||r| mnr. h
under BUCh 8 banner. Ihr Church bad
hetraved the laboring man, he h< I I,
find hi? onlv hope now lay m BOt laU nn.
Relentless Prosecution of Con?
victed Inspectors Only Can
Blaze Trail to Police Head
i quarters, Thinks Whitman.
?Hussey, Murtha, Thompson and
Sweeney Make Way for Four
Lieutenants?Duffy Next
to Face a Jury -Still
Hope for Confession.
Sweeney, K?sset Murtha and
i Thompson, cont I? t?**d of i onsplracj on
; 'I'ik.'?lav night, \v?r- dropped from Ihe
Poll? ?? I '? p; rtm. nt . Bt< ril.n !.- ? *om?
i tni.?-.-i<in. r Waldo \ . ? i lion ??' thi ell
fhsrtei authorises thi Commlsslonei in
? lu: ?lis. -t Mon t.. dismiss "fin ? ra eon
? i' t?.) of a mlsdi meaner
Thi f->m former lnsp?*ctora remained
m th- Tombs, when tlrey will he k? i?t
uniii after lh< d?cision .-n the appllca?
"? - foi i . ' i ? ni. st. of i. aeonabU
Thej will be aentenced t<>
morroe thi ma \ Imum i- nalt ? bt ng
on? ? ? ;?r m the i" int. m ton on Bis? k*
well's-1 land and a fine of $000 Th?
appll. .iti'in t..i ....i Hfl? at? of rt taon
able doubt will1 be m id. to morrow,
and argumt nta will be heai ?i probabl
? n Monda*
i H -ht. t Attot n- ? \\ hitman
that h. WOUld ' ? i iMK' d 1"l
aom. tim. m thi a nil m un.i stilwcll
lh< tu ii befori J i
snd ih. ..th t ;.. fort Ihe grand Jur;
S? r/<r?.m p< t. i ,i. Duff . one of
Be ? ? nej i h. n hmi n, ??. ho i
n .1 real t itati and
apartment houses will be the next po?
? off ? i to b< : - d oi a graft charge,
Hi?, cae. It was a I est? rda oro ild
proba ' ? "in- up .?m Ing Ihe t.;ai a et k
in June before Juatl. ? ? loff In tho i '? mi
i Branch of 1 ? ?-.si
Sweeney to Follow Duffy.
Although d?finit, h.t
ipon, n is proba ble t it 8a ?
? ii on "H" of the ihirt. -,i. Rieft
Indi. ira. nta n< a* ?tai | gainai him
will ? that ol Duff] . Thi Dlstri? I
( ? ? ? ?? ? :- ? v.., ii| be imi.in t..
? "ti vi 1th .? possible hft- ??!.
.n lenten i In Sing Su,?, when Rob
I neon Ms wardmen ha.- airead besa
-ni i't'd OB Hit? ?Hm?- 'ha???? ;?nd h.v<
\- > n m m- need ?'< from ais to len
Im pi Isontneni
Priendi ..f the convicted Inapectora
if Whitman
tri- d I" I. ml .in -?' th? foui m- n I"
il ' ? ? tioi after bav?
n- .1 .< erdlcl of guilt .-n
ih*? nn idem? anot i hai | ? ou Id sat <?r
.-f t -1 " ,!..m Tha f? ellng In th-* Dis?
tri. ? ' I h-'W. 11 li ih.il
? ? . j . ? lation if
Sa ? ent ih . ?! k ? > lion ed to - neaps
v?.ith .. con letton ni.:, h cannot bring
him mort than oat aai sentent e,
while in. a irtSman R< bin son, Io in
? . Ix ysara
i '?- ? attori ?i hitman ht
. il one more -;? i> high? r
,i ih> inquli- Into |..
in ?? lake, and thai ii!' 'ii he
iak<n "ni thro gh relentI? prose?
t. of ih' foui i. is ti rsnking officers
non involved Whitman h-.- i masa of
Inform?t!? n tending lo "trova I hai
? ? ' Inapt*? tor wh.lit ?? d k< a ft aras
r..i. i-i ;.. "split" an even percentage ?if
hi? hi." kmaii mom '?? nil police hi ad?
Thr- t>ank sccounta "r tha foui con?
ted napectora hat i apparently
pi.. ed t ii api i ' with "hi adquai i. rs,"
.-.mi it w,i- aid ? ' aterda) that thla
th? chief factoi n bi Inglng lha
,. i .? i- .1 m- n t.. i ?ir united decision
that none >?! them would take ih<- wit*
:. , ni in bla "w n i?> fen? a Had
sn .ti" "f th. m testified Whitman
w,* -, prepared io Buhjscl him t" a
t lamination whl? h undoubt?
would have laid bare lha ? bolo truc?
tura <'f tho poll' a "8? atom "
As matt? i stand tha Disti i-1 Attor?
n.???? la ?-till hoping that Murtha will
pai t . ompan ?*. Itli the other tinr.- a
hopo baaed largely on ih< fr,?nu talk
which Murtha held "-'th him i.efur.'
ti,. trial. ih< f.'ui m? ii are quartered
n, pair in Ihe Tomba, Sweeney occu?
pies Cell 101 with Murtha. while Hua?
snd Thomp on occupy ?vil 100,
lust a? rosa I ho i orrMar,
Murtha Confession Expectad.
Robinson the r?nvlctad patrolman, la
"ii the yante i "irid'ir and Within Opaek?
m; dlatance of h's former aupertor
Sweeney. It la ctMiBM?Bred doubtful
whether Murtha vvjii ..ike any movs
toe ard ? ontt tskm w hii" i h*- preat nt
?v:?trin of i"dsTn>)? ?r"* fo,,r ptoilce orn?
eara t.'gethf!' is contlnueti, hut In i-je**
,,f ins prevloua vlsrlf to whitman Mur<
tha la ' aunted upon ?"? ? ntualrj as the j
man mooi likely to polni ran thi trail |
,.r (traft int?. Pol ' HeadOjuertera
Abraham 8, Ollbsrt, Murtha's attor?
ney, rldl? nUs the Idea ?>f Murtha . on
fesslng aaying his ? o? nt has aothlng
tn ei.nf. :-.-. !!<? outlined the Ktniind?
, n which the avopll? atlo? ?"' o ?ertiri
,ai? ..r raagtMMble douhl would he
-nado Tho chaff polnl Io that Jvmttts
Beaburj. In his charge to the ?jury,
nriin^rt as at ' ?>mpli?,*s In th?* ?. onsplra-\v
ra. h man WBO testified befOTO the
grand i'iry.
Mils was the ground o>i which the
tawyera for ail four laas*pa**rtori moved
t.. dismi.s the indl'tnients before the
trial Juatka Seabnr.v dOOjlad thrir
rnotiona, bUl the came irRum-ni. in
eaSO the ?ertifVate of reasonable doubt
Is denirrl. ?rill be ? arried to ih? ApfMl'
(anllBued ob fifth nif?, third relurna.
Named by President Wilson as Collector of the Port of
New York.
Under Impression That 'Ponie:
Will Run in This County.
i... . i not Bulxei la pla mg no fa ? ??i
He sent n letter yesterda
Sheriff "f N* ? forh Count: almilar i
the on" he sent !" the ih riffs < - m
otht r ? o intles, ad> lalng him tha
in.rs. rai im; a III shortly be n n? w?
.. ? oui couati and ordi ring I h
Bh? i Iff to take all ne? < saarj n ? -
and 11 ' enforce thi law,
The Bht i "f and ' peact officer
,,r n? w Yolk Count) is ready, at th
drop '?' ih" flag i" < nforcs tin- tan -i
lating t?i gambling on racetracks bu
iker m iii- measapga te Bheri
, j jiiua la II ?"'? oo ra< ? m ??. k
in the county and n- ..'i have beoi
.-in,;, vv, 111 th? |. res, m congested cond?
ition, II i* liki'lv thai th- tiunl-'e ' n?\ e
will i mi here eacepl ? Hi whe
?? ana. bed t" a < 'hgiabl I
? .ir
. ??i
Vietor Decision Expected t<
Make Bank's Good Will
if .? ri?. Islon s rit ?"n v ssterda ?
But rogat? Powlei i ?? queation o ei
? :i. . t?te of Q? .-r ^ Kredi
. .m i.. made appll u bl< to I he retal
of .i. Pierponi Morgan, 'tu- g""?i wll
of I he I'.ink- - s iii ni will nol '??
and ih< sppraiaal "f his estate by th
state trensfei tas appra
grr atl\ aimpllfl? d.
Mr. \ let? WU a meml?er of tha ' "in
mission and Importing firm of Fi I
? I I? k \ It '"i A A? hell ?. Id' ?I ;??! OH
Januar* 20 1010. Th- firm La mi old
on? gnd ih" ??""?I vv II is ,i v nlual?!
asset, The State Controller Insisted on
taxing Hi'- Interest <?f Mi ?*let?M in
th? cold will m the firm from v.hi? h
vier, ih" exet utoi - appealed.
hu i ? ut?? Fon i- r found that th"
partnership agreement ??: the memher.
?.f th.- r i r ni provided thai tin- good will
of ih?- . ompan: waa to bet ome i h?
property of the surviving partners on
thi ?i?.?th of n partner, Therefore the
Surrogate ruled, thi- executors of th??
esiale had ti" ini'Tesl m the good Will
and Hi" fst.ii' . finid nol be taxed on r
The \;,lue of til" good Wll! I' |U e-ilit
?d in Mr. Morgan' Int? r? il in hia
?banking firm and ihe value i" ih- tirm
??r hi- persoi.slltj ate expected lo be
the mosl difficult features in the an u
of appraising in ; estate, The dots its
of ih?- partnership agreement ??i tht
Morgan firm are nol known, bul If ii
I'lovirlrs for the passing of Ihe good
win to ihe surviving partners i? will
moan Ihe loss of man] thousands of
dollars b? the -t?te under the ?1 Ision
of BurrogaU Fowler,
It was said last night that ihe term
of ttie- Morgan partnership sgroemeni
are not likely to become known until
the appraiser makes formal demands
for them.
" ? .
Jersey Episcopalians Fix $ 1.2 0 0
as Married Ministers' Salary.
Atlantic City, May 7. - a minimum
nage for tir- clergy in now the cry la
the Protestant Kpis? opal Ohiir?-ri. The
annual convention of the New Jersey
DtocOM adopted to da- a ? gnon provid?
ing that married ministers in n?w
parishes reirive an annual salary of
$1.200 and unmarried ones 11,000,
This is the first time an Epfs, opal
dloresan ?onventlon has gone on reeord
as favoring a minimum standard of
pa\ for ihr ministn. it is said that
tO-day's ai-tion is the beginning of a
higher salary movement throughout the
? hur? h
if ^?-?u -cent s tonte, try angostura
B!TTER5--n'Mhlng better?Ad^t.
Horse Throws Goldie Griffith
Into Box Filled with Guests
at Wild West Show.
Jokes of Friends About Horse?
back Marriage Make Young
Woman Nervous, and She
Frightens Pony by Shots.
Grlfl .1 ' ..wg 11 ?a .ih !he
W ?thon si Madison Square
Garden, ? . ? mai
'on horsel k to-morrow nigh* at th?3
Iperforman? fell fi last
I nigh at the o| ? sing of the .,, t n
rt sh? figures ai an to
I Bel lev ue Hospital Buffering from Inter?
ries i 'i .-< bad I) lac? it?
i in" uin had i ? under thi
I I >r. . evening ai
resu ght on
i by :. girls ol tl ?hoe playing
pi m tica I ...?,.-> on her tho
. oming mai i igt
i Harr; Smith f? la m - -
j Griffith'! fia - ? to het aid ind
with several othei cowbo i carried har
to the dressing room,
The Rill had Iden hei horse
b round the ring I i pace,
tii itiK het i. ..iver in the air. Ju
h- r hors? ps Bed on? of i entra n< ? a,
w hid) h "I r? en temporal II lost d dur?
ing tii- i Iding a-1 i he an mal reai .-d
sad - i ashed Into th throe m>;
' he ciri Into an si i ?a i"1 ?
Emergency Doctor Forgotten.
Por a momenl no .?nr- resllxetl just
what had happened, 'rinn the . i les of
alaran from persona In the box at?
tracted ishers, a*ho ran foi a police?
man, who sent r<? t an ambulance.
The> forgot the emergency hoapitai
doctor in the dregslng room
Smith, who waa, to wed ihe young
woman to-morrow, aas inconsolable
w hen in- I? srned of i^i
. ondttlon. He bb d ih'sv had m< I In
Philadelphia fout a*eeka ago and "it
was lote at t'n.-.i sight had
plann? d i" ?;.> i" I ht CU* Hall for th. il
marriage license to-day In companj
with tho R? - Robert R< In, i haplain "f i
the Brooklyn Cltj Ml alon, a-ho is ml
charge "f th* religious scitlcea at tho
Thr Riri told her friends yeate/tla
that ah? s/aa happy In the iii"u*iit of
being the wife ol i chlvalroua man. i
snd U became a .ink-- with the crowd I
-"chlvalroua cowboy" until she be?
came distracted, and earl) m the even-1
inK asked the doctor to sive her medl-j
..ii attention lie thought that she !
wa? Worrying over I'm marriage, andi
unconsciously added to her nervous? I
asking about the llceno
just bef.-r.- th. p ?rforma u- ? started I
the eh! fninted. atvl it vas thought at |
h si tha' aha would be unable t" ?r?. on
with her part. She insisted, however,
ami when the signal ?-?as gi? en for her
1.1 go out With the other COWgtrtB she
was m ihe had. hlghl] ex? ited. firing
h^r revolver from sh'-er ne**v?**usneM
more Uni? s than Is ?ailed for in her
Shots Frighten Hora?.
It Is th"unht that het horse bOJCaBM
ex.'ite.l when he heard the .?hots ?.lose
to his ears, and as ha passed the ob?
stru? l'on reared and ihr. w the young
woman. ? .
At BallavuO latO last night the ?In. .
tor said th sriri was resting easily, hut
he would not know until to-day Just
how aenousl* she had been injured
President Stuns Tammany by
Nominating His Own Choice
for the Best Federal
Office in New York.
Senator Indorses Appointment
and Washington Politicians
Think It Means He Will Here -
after Be Independent of
Murphy's Organization.
Ih? THI UBS Ilur-a-i I
Washington, lia) 7 President Wil?
son settled th" controvera over th*?
Icollectorshlp of tn< Port "f Ne'v York
: to-day, ami incidentally stunned lbs
organisation men in ins party, by send?
ing to the Senate th?- nomination of
John PuiTO) MltChel, president of th<5
Board of Aldermen of New fork I I
i for thai post,
Mr. Mltchel has been the President's
personal choies for thi place fron Um
?first, although h^ showod a wiUlngneoa
[to yield ins personal preference until
'he found that the Secretary of the
Tres . : rh? Democrat?? Benator
from New Fork were unable or un
willing t.in- loan agreement. Then
ii. decided to name hia own candidato,
i The Pi i Bid? nl a ? nl to the ? 'apttoi to?
day and told Benatora Root and 0*Oor?
'man <?r his Intention, s eking I they
had an; serioua obje? ti"ii to offei III
Root had none and Mr. O'Qornrtan at.
loasl made U cleai thai h< would nol
'oppose Mi. Ifitchel'a ? otitirmati'in.
Aa recently as last night Becretaxj*
IfcAdoo told friend- ho did not know
who would be named, bul that hi
quit! certain no nomination would !"
? m to-daj s. nator < ?'?Ooi man
aald last sight that, while lie did not
know who would be named, ht
convinced the selection made
from the aoven names submitted by
him, and h" believed the . boa i la
between Mesara, ?'hur. hill and Purdy
and Judgi ' Hi addt d that ! a
had declined to submit any addl
After tin- Presiden! had nformed
the Ken V'.:k Senator of his purpooi
to reject all ?>f the seven names aub
I milted by him and to name '?is own
'man. Senator OTtornan Intimated
Mr. Ifitchel waa hia -_
[ai a com| ?r..: sal
j he was gratlfled that Mr. McAd
ti.an. Mi Polk had i I*
\ ?., - h- said i i isant a
ia i".?d conflict," adding: "The nation
i ami the cause of good government
oughl '?? i" ? ongral .'at? d on th? sp
pointmi m.
To the '?'? guiai part men m ? ?on
greas the appointmenl cam? a.-? a dis
Unc? surprise, and t.? the Tammany
m? n as a most una ? to?me one.
Sends in the Nomination.
As - ? : ::< I 'r< sidcnl .??'.; :u a
? spitol he 01 I? i ed Mr.
Mit? hi I's nomination - ni lo Lh< -
ate, and thi n da tated the following
egi 'tn to th? non
? I am a Ith gn al pit tsur? Bei ding
the s- net? s our nomination
tor of I e Port of Ken fork. I sin?
trust that you ?ill serve r ?
| interest by accepting the appoint?
m? in."
It is < \i" i ted thai Mi Mit? del aiii
. cept the appolntm? m aa II waa re?
ported i" the White Hotiat a month
go thai be had de lai i ?! he a ss n
i andida te f??t the Democrat!? nomina.
'? lion "i Ifa ? ?>! of N-iv York, th?
; aibillt' of auch a d? Biro o
being regarded as the onlj bai lo lus
a? <?? plan? e of th? < "'!? ? toi ship
it waa stated In The Tribune on
April 13 thai Mi Mit? hi i or s ' d
horse ' would be.? m dnted as Collectoi
Mr. Polh subs? ojui ntlj spi es -
the i\r\iw horse Th? stab moni
based on Information from a toui
!.. Pi? ildenl Wilson, who I
ih" outset, a.- announced '*? The Trib?
um on March I- ha favorod Mr.
Mitchol over all othei candidates, .?i
,^ii ..m of deft i? ik - to Sen >' ?'
O'Qorman and Secretar) McAdoo be
? thi m ' he opporl unit) Join! Ij to
seiet t b suitable ? andidat?
\\ hon the Pr? denl in Ii cd si tho
? apitol
York wa i oseted with him for upward
of a quarter "i an hour a much longer
iime than waa required for the Pn
dent's consultation with nay of ihp
other Benatora on the question ol sp
polntmonts IVhen, some time liter,
the nomination of Mr. Mltchel va?
in. Mr. O'Oormnn was 'he flrsl to rx
press his aatl fa? lion
O'Gormsn Takes Credit.
Sonator O'Gorman mad? I obvious
i> his e?pression of approval thai he
took i" himself credit Itn being tbs
grst to suggi it the appointment of Mr.
Mltchel, and that he (?id so without
consulting ihe wlahos of Secrotarj M -
Adoo. Mi O'Oormaaproudlj Intlmatod
thai although < ir< unistam cs might
point t.i the fad that Mitchol ?as the
personal choleo of ihe Piesident and
had been under consideration ?im? a
few days after the inauguration, h?
had none the less. WOfl hip. tilt S ith the
President and Secretary M'-Adoo
No effort was made by Senator
O'Qorman to minimize the fact thai
the Mltchel app'iintmetit might be in?
terpreted a? g final and '?pen break
?a ith Tammativ. Mr. Mltchel'S auM
Tammany record is such thai he can?
not be regarded I?: the organization
other than af a pcHUoal enemj, and

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