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lAXIII.N0 24,294. /^-?SAST^?*--'' NEW-YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 22, L913. ?16 PAGES.
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!)!>!/ ?1? iX%2 1/ / 'L'YT 1" ( *'y td N?*w V?rk. ftm Tltr and Hob?HieB.
Hammers Hard at Murphy and
Barnes and Swings Also at
Senator White in Schen
ectady County.
Tells Two Big and Enthusiastic
Audiences That Politicians Are
"Doing the Cuttlefish Act"
to Beat State-Wide Pri?
mary Measure.
L--.li '? te Thu Tribun?? '
lehenectady, N. v.. May 21.?Da?
Bouncing by name Murphy, of Tam?
many Hall, and William Harri?-.?. Jr.,
Repu il ite chairman, for haxing
ordered th? defeat of the Sulzer direct
primar; MI] in the regular session of
Un ?Legislature, the (tovern-or sppealed
10 two large SUdlenoos here to-night
to tot ? glalators to vote f??r his
meas'.' al the extra aession. He did
rM i.' it '?Governor Bulger's bill." a.??
all the rrintcd ?.opits sent out l?y his
rommit'ce xxere- labelled. He ailed it
"the people's bill."
Whether the ?ioxernor was joking
tboul tiger ?or threatening to de?
-? nator White, of this count). xx h?.
. nst the bill, he seemed to
ha?- the approbation of hll audiem.es.
Th* first, in the Van Curiar < ipera
H"'..? thoroughly repreaenta?
Uve i erlni of business and rT??f* .s
mcr, x?orkej*s in the factories
and >t .?lents of Union College.
the Governor reached tho the?
a'r? the <i'"-is a?! bean closed |,y the
; -?Neral hundred persons
waited i'-itsul?3 to cheer?him.
Th" se. rind meeting, in the Mohawk
Theatre, was a Kurt of overflow affair.
it ha 1 a different type of audience, in
? labor unionists and ?Social?
ists were in the majority. It was
?jquall*. enthusiastic, Benator White,
whom the Governor, in effect, read out
Of the D?mocratie parly, did not at?
tend t ;ther meeting.
"I tried to get into the Van ?'urler.
but couldn't." 'he Senator Mid "1 am
' 0 'hange- my vote."
"Lei the Governor get after the ?gen?
itor if ho wants to," spoke up a friend
who was standing xvith White. "We'll
Ihoxv him a few things whi? h will rnak?
him careful how he ??mes into this
to'inty again."
Tart Talk of Boaaea.
Th? Goxernor was particularly tart
in his refen-nces to bosses. Including
the one xx ho permitted the Syracuse
i ? n to nominate him last fail.
"Th? ptntleman from Near York."
s . z>r. "some time? ;tgo in my
ppot h on county autonomy i told t?>
stay in his own bailiwick. I know the
tiger a'.?! a good place for it is m the
(age "
Republicana under the orders
of Mr- Barnea an?i ?the Democrat! un?Jer
the orders of Mr. Murphy caucused
t" boat the direct primary bill the
MIL Did you ever hear of
su'h a thine'7 The" xxere sn afraid
it nviT'.' pass th.it ?they caucused t?<
kill it. Sow, I think I knoxx something
about legislative procedure?, but that
Bight 1 'A'nt bom?? and looked up the
precedn 's. ;mri i found it iras ?the fir t
tirr.r In th?- history of parliamentary
?fovernment that txxr parties had cau
t a measure "
"8orne of the? pe>llti<ians are doing
the cut;'? noxx making the
muddy," xxas another r.f the?
Governoi i tari utu-rancee. "Not so they
curl get sway, you understand, but bo
they can gel something BO they can
beat this bill again, and bent me."
Governor Sulzor declared th? bosses
were threatening all sorts of dire
things X'hioh they xxould do to him.
"I h.-iv?- no fear of the ?ner??tmgl of po?
l?tica! ci iise.rjuenc. s of my campaign to
let thi rule!" he exclaimed.
Tie ?, vernofa ?treatment of Senator
(ontinufd on ?frond pare, fourth column.
This Morning's News.
Mayor Vetoes Publie Welfare Bill.... 1
* Btllwell'a Trial Begun. 1
?rriedmann ?Loses Fourth Patient. l
Son liaya Father, wounds ?Brother... a
Griffin Iienriunces Sulzer Campaign ? . . 8
,v!r<? ?Rev?ala Why Pastor Resigned., a
"Strife- Among Balssr Hosts. *
l-'usiox. * it 11 Is Sounded. ?*
"Desth" Plol Charged In I'ivon-e ?Suit. B
Bernhardt f.ueet of SufTraKists. 8
Two Women Win ?.i?ld Medals. 8
"T?a ,?.,.. ?n Hreeti-A-ich Village. 7
Denti Oeta Out Of Purgatory. 7
IP \ ?'.-int ?Raaeue Fo?rl.Il
CHj Bol ?is S.,1.1 at Par.13
fchwab Aims to Rival Trust.-*
f?h?r1''-,?? I>??fen>e Weakens.M
-on .Jail Bulges xxith Strikers.. 18
Uayn'ir May Veto Moving Picture Law.lt
fiulzer Hammers Party Posses. 1
TolnoroH Hanker liea?) . I
Tek!.. Weicomee Wilson's ?Reply. 3
btslela galla In Plying Boat. 4
banns I ?rides Armor Plate Bids- 4
to epeiatian le Currency ?Slogan. ?*?
bamocrati Plan Tariff Trick. 4
Ta.ri ?,., 'planting" Innamite. 8
Paaabyt?] lana In ? 'ouncll. 7
rtej t?, lUrrp HottM Se.ietary. ?*
frCoaneli ?Flnda Pope Recovered. 3
K<llte,rlal . 8
Society . 7
?b.tuary . 7
?*>l"?rt? .S and S
Shipping .10
**r|nx ?nd Navy.10
?""?athir .10
W*. for Women.-I
^'naneiai ,-nd Markets_11, 18 and 13
***> F.......14 and is
Vote to Grant 69-Hour Week
and Close Sundays.
Six committees representing all ths
h"sa barber.? In New York and Brook?
lyn met last night at No. f,4 Second
avenue, and. after a session whJ? h last?
ed until early this morning, derided to
BCCSdt to the demands of the striking
journeyman barbers, with the excep?
tion of a four-hour difference in a
working week and recognition of the
union. This means than all ?hops will
be ? l.ise.l on Sundays.
Th.? barbers. before the strike.
worked ninety-two hours n week. They
asked f?>r sixty-five hours. The bOSg
?liarbers agreed on sixty-nine hours fof
g weeks work.
he;rreshoff wont
build a defender
Famous Yacht Designer Declines
to Enter Competition for
Craft to Meet Lipton's.
Bristol, It. I . Ma\ 21. ' Nat" Her?
ri Bhoff, li.siRn-r and builder .?f the
successful defenders ?>f the America's
Cup for the last twenty ?.ears, has de
?lined tentatively to enter a compet?*
tiOfl for tin? design .,f the 1.M4 de
fcii'j' r.
Mr. Herreshoffs derision is san] to
been expressed to Harold s. Van
?lerbilt. Oliver Isehn. Jr.. and Am?.s
Johnston, of New fork, when they
were here recently.
Directly after a conference with the
Bris'.-d builder the Sent York >a?-lits
man went '?> B"st??n to confer with B.
B. Crownlnshield, who designed the In?
dependence, an i.nsii. ?essf ii candidato
for cup defender in the last trial
Mr. Vsnderblll and his two rompan
ions are said to have plans for raising
.??a m nil i by popular Bubscrlption for the
construction of the new defender, and
It is understood that three or f'.ur
- beats w'.ii be designed f<-r the
honor of meeting Sir Thomas I.ipton s
challenger next \ rar.
While Mr. HeiTeshOlT <i:?l not care
to co into pattii-uia-s regmrdlns his
unwillingness to build one -?f the BSV
enty-flve-foot racers, it was said that
hs won'?! b? ope of th?? first to plan a
fhall?-?nger to CTOSS the water si
s.r Thomas prove successful next >enr
Treasurer Hubbard of Mission?
ary Society Found in Vault,
lle'iry Wright Hfil.l.anl. of No. 37
Madison aveti'i... IrSSSUrer of the
Nnierlcan Missionary Assc iation, with
headquarters st No. :?.7 Fourth uve
nue, was found dead early last evening
in a vault of the Safe Depoglt Com?
pany, at No. 149 Broadway. l>r. Crane,
of the House of P.elief. who had b-aen
summoned by Patrolman McUinis. of
the Oreenwlch street pollca station,
sairl Mr. Hubbard's death waa due
prohahlv 1?. hrart dlBCBBS
It was shortly before .". o'clock that
John Mitchell, conn?ect4*d with the Safe
DepMll Company, saw Mr Hubbard
going into the \ault. At ?losing time.
failing to get a response to repeated
knoi ks. Mitchell informed the super?
intendent, who obtained a pass key,
and. in company with the policeman.
entered the vault.
They found Mr. Hubbard sitting back
in a ?hair. Hi appeared as tf asleep.
? in a table before him wer?- a number
of stocks and bonds which he waa evi?
dently preparing to put away in the
vault when he was Stricken.
Abandoned by J. Hood Wright
Surgeon, Is Charge.
The removal of a man in the last
stapes of tuberculosis fr??m his home.
In West 90th street, to a pier nt th?
foot of Kast 120th street, where he was
left on a lifter on wlil< h he died shortly
afterward, unattende?! by ambulant
surgeons or nurses, was the ?subject of
a report width ?'??mmlssioner Michael
J. brummond of the ?'harltles Depart?
ment forwarded yesterday to Coroner
Hellensttin, urging a searching investi?
Mrs. Lila Bogantz. a nurse on th?*
Charities Department boat, called the
matter to the Commissioner's notice.
She said that the man was taken to
the pier in a J. H.?o<l Wright ambu
lan? S. The nurse aald she found ths
I atient lying face downward and dying.
She said she asked a surgeon Of an?
other J. Hood Wright ambulance what
ought to be don?-, and why the man
had been brought t<> the pier in such
a condition, and that the surgeon re?
plied. "What have I got to do with it ?"
S"C?n after the man .had been car?
ried aboard the boat for transfer to
tin- Metropolitan Hospital he died.
Captain Mary Booth First Gives
Him Square Meal.
! Ily laola to Tha Tt bun?. 1
laondon. May 22.?A burglar caught
In the art had a happy experience
yesterday at Clapton.
It was '_' o'cl.ek In the morning and
Captain Mary Booth, daughter of <ien
eral Bramwell Booth, of the .Salva?
tion Army, was sleeping In a room
next t<> lhat in which the Intruder was
d.? ?.vt-red. Instead <-f calling In the
polne, she confronted the visitor and
talked ?seriously to him about his
learning that he waa driven to
crime by hunger. Captain Booth
promptly took the burglar to the
kitchen and set before him a good
situare meal. When the meal was fln
i?hed she knelt down and prayed with
him and inalsted on the man praying
for himself. Then he promised to turn
over a new leaf, and with u counter
promise to be his friend, the captain
haw her guest off the premises.
For that tired feeling; in the 8prtn* IJJ
ANOOSTUBA BITTERS, a famoua tonic,
Young Millionaire's Last Utter-1
anee is "If This Be Dying,
None Needs Fear
Its Terror."
Wife Breaks Down When B.
Sanders Walker Can No
Longer Recognize Her?
Banker Friends Gather
Outside Macon Home.
? m To|??<rirh to The T?. ibj?i? 1
M.I-..n. <;.'i. Ifnj sj (Thursday).?-"??
Bandera W'.ilkrr, the ?poisoned hanker, !
? lif-rl at ! li < clock this morning, with- I
out refraining consciousness.
Mi" "n. Om , May 11. "If this he
dying, thrn none needs fear its terror, '
sairi B. Bandera Walker this afternoon,
just before he lapsr-d int.. coma Um
physicians say th? jnunir millionaire
banker, nrho waa sccldentally ?potaoned
a xxeck ago to-day, ran live at t*et
only throuph the risrht, an.I possibly
;t fexx hours to-morrow.
it is my conviction that Mr. ?Walker!
is r]\ Ing to-night," ?Mid "no of ||,<
tending phyelclar.S. "There has In n
no hopeful algn, nothing of alleviation
noted, and he kio.xs steadily xecaker
if lu- la lixinj? bj daylight, I xxiii be
?urprised '
Until h?- became unions- oua to-day
1 for tlv first time Mi W .??k?r had
?teadfastly assured the ph; il< lani hs
waa determined to live, when he
[ final!) leaiize.l that it xx a - hOPOleSS hs
dlspla) ed n markable < on
Not Unpleasant to Die.
Observing that his physicians w. re
very m ri.??;* m conferring in a eornar
of the I'c] chamber, the young hanker
hegged hs nurse to ten him x?hat ? ?
'?? ?laying, When the rc<|u<cst ? -
turne?! asirl?-? the stricken man t? "?
r:ize.1 it meant th?- last, an?i remarked
that death had no terror, adding: "The
sensation is not ns unpleaeanl as acn
erHiiy ?pictured "
Mr. Walker b<?,?'ii? Semi-Con?
at noon, ami at 2 30 lapsed iu*" ' ""?
plate ?stupor, reinslnlng so ail afternoon
and evening. His \?if??. xxhu has da)
by day been in attendantes at hla bed
side f"f r ?weak, broke down ?ii'n bis
dulled eyes did hoi recognize Ik- To
night sin- is under the ears of jh>-?
? :an?.
Th" millionaire tanker and re-.,
MtatC nan xx ns xxeakcr than on an?.
prevloua day, jrel he aas conoclous a'l
morning an?i talker) nuil his aife Ne
others xx et ? In the lick mom d irinR
th<- day except thr.se whose services
xcrre required then At - o'clock Dr
Max Jackson snd ?Dr C C Harrold Is?
Isued a bulletin, asylng thai the tern?
?perature xxas normal, pulae 121), and
respiration ."??? At a late hour to-nlghl
the temp?rature remained normal As
compar? ?l with yeaterday'a report, the
puis?- ?.?as 8 degraaa lower and th?- r? ?
i?irati??n two ?pointa ?below thai <?: ??
"There Is no ?hops nnu." was the
general txpression of those who h.id
been in communication with the ?t
tendlng ?physicians, ?Ons "f the doctora
tren stated thai 'he snd w.is only a
question of a few hours.
Crowds Outside House.
?Outside the nx? of Mr Walker, the
birthplace of Sidney Lanier, Macona
famous poet, crowds of prominent siti
sens, banker friends of the dying man.
gathered before darkness and kept ui>
theif xigil "H evening, eagerly waiting
for each fragment of news from the
sickroom. Bui Uis ?physicians gavs
them no enc .rag? nv-iit. Mr. Walker
was ?iradually grOWlnS weaker, they
were Informed from time t?. tun
Cause of His Embarrassment at
Covent Garden Explained.
I n>- Cable "-? Th# Tiibssa i
London, May 21.? Caruso's son, Mimi,
eight ?ears oh!, heard his father sing
for the first time at Covent ??arden on
Monday n?Kht. The boy, who Is going
to school here, ?t in a box wearing a
Tuxedo suit, with a lace rollar. After
the performance he wir:t to hl?
father's dressing room.
"Father's is the best \oice I exir
heard," said the boy after the opera.
The presence of his, son made the
singer very nervous. Caruso threw a
kiss to the boy when he first came on
the stage, and for two minute? after?
ward he was so nervous that It seemed
he might be unable to continue.
Ex-Head of Princeton Semi?
nary Admits Son's Conversion.
Princeton. N. J . May 21.?Paul Pat
tun, son of the Rex. Dr. Francis 1?.
Patton. who recently resigned as presi?
dent of Princeton Theological Semi?
nary, has entered the Roman Catholic.
?Church, and it xxas suggested today
that ?Dr. Patton's resignation xxas due
to his son's conversion. This was de?
nied by Dr. Patton.
Paul Patton is an engineer on Eng?
lish goxernment xxork In Bermuda. It
waB there he be? ame Catholl?-. He Is
now In New York. Dr. Patton would
not discuss hla son'e change of faith.
but admitted that it had occurred
about a year ago
A (ren?>ra! chanse will be mad?* In the
time tablea of the Pennsylvania Railroad
on May 25.? AdvL
Opens with Night Session After
Day Spent in Selecting Jury
to Try Senator on
Bribery Charge.
Accused Bronx Legislator Is
Calm and Dry-Eyed as Prose?
cutor Outlines Story of Al?
leged "Shakedown" of
Bond Engraver.
Senat..r Stephen J. Stilwel], indicted
under Section I SSI "f the renal law.
tacad a Jurv In the Supreme CoUli he
fore justice Beebury y?sstsrdsy? anJ
beard attain ths .T?'us,itii.ns anJ
charges ma?le h?. G*0-*ge H K.ndall
that hs had attempted to sell his rota
and influence as chairman of the Codefl
< 'onimlttee.
\?i perfer\id oratory, no appeal t j
the emotions. BUCll .'is ? liara? lerised th
? ase when I? was pre.?.?nte?I to the
Senate, which "whitewashed" Btllwell,
waa noticeable lasi night. Instesd th>
Bronx Benator heard Asslstan? i?istri<*t
Attorns)' ?'harl.? < . N..tt. jr. lay the
whole star* before ths Jury dispassion?
ately and calmly, and then he a-atched
his accuser, Kendall, proceed In much
the same mann.r t? tell ?j Story Which
Justified Ni tt'fl opening
The t\?eifih Juroi wss sccepted al I
o'clock laal evening, and Justice ?Sea
bury, deciding that the *urj should ne
kepi In ? ust??ly. atfn"uri' e.l that as the
Could do it?thing else with their time,
and as it would help to g<-t through the
!-?? more speedily, night sessions
would be held a-henever ?srltnesBM were
Trace? Kenc'aH Bill Hittory.
Mr. N?.it, in h.s opening, went over
? a? h detail of the story, as It
was t.'st;fied t?i In th? Senate laqillr .
H- trscsd the ,<,:ir?-* ??f tlie bill I y
Which Kendall hoped t., end discrimi?
nation as to tBgravsrs by ths Stock
Ei hange, fr?.m it? . ?inception in ICeti
- talk with ??o\crnor Bulser, to Its
stormy csreer ?n the Codas commi'tc
of lbs Senate, of whfh stH-Ae.li t.s
chairman, and then ha turned to a
. ? rt?nl.-r.?tlon of Kendall, the principal
w ?tors? for the Btatl
"Kendall aa? not settaated by any
' Of I'W-isr," s.if.J Mr. N??tt, "he
woo slmp'y dstttrmlnod that he would
n??t be 'shaken down' for what lie be?
lieved WBS a good Mil that ought to
paaa Th??rs Is no question h*re ,,( th..
merit of the i,nt. if it ua? a ??""d bill
mone* should not ha\e been demand>sd
f??r it.? pasBSgs; if it orna b bad bill
then It was doubl?. WOTSC to alio?*,- it to
K" through and l*ecoms ?.iw becauas of
a rni'ii? y ? OBSldl rStiOfl "
it was a sinii !<? question "f whether
members of the [a?**gte|ature can sell
th? ir M.tes or Influence with impunity,
Mr. Not! -raid, and h. h?.|.e.| the jury
would ? niisider the matter ironi that
stand] olnl only,
pi ? iavratoi to Kratairg testimony
?Mr. N??lt put on Sidney I Kom., do? u
nient ? 1? rk "f th" Senate, an?l OeOrgS
K. Van Namee, clerk ??f th.? Assembly.
By thilr t?- timony and tin c<on<*CSSlons
from the -JafenCS th.it went with tt the
r? ' ?>r?l was put Into BVMeiKS thst th.'
bill prohibiting the Block Ex? hangs
from ?Hs'rlmlnatlng as to engravers ??f
Btocb an?l bond c? rt Iflca tes was Intro
duced in the Benste by Btllwell, and re?
ff rreii to his 'oinmittee on February 27,
n-ported on March "_'7 and int rodUCSd
In the Assembly on Mai*ch '-'*?.
it developed, bosrever, that the Dig.
tn?t Att'irn?-' '.? oltbe has been unabl.?
t.. drui tix? . lerh of th?? Senats <'.??i..s
Committee, Jiihn I'opp, wanted as a
witiuss in conne? tion with the discus?
sion ??f the bill in Senator Stllwell's
? ommittie.
?*Wa have been unable to find Mr.
I'npp," Mr. Nott Informed the court.
"although ",|r pro?tag set ?sis have
ti.-ned his movements fn>m Albany to
New York."
Boss said, after he left the witness
Stand, that l'opp"s term as clerk of the
?"odes ?'oinmittee expired on May .'I, but
that he had been seen In Albany since
that date.
It was almost 1?) o'eloch last night
when, with the technical records all In.
Kendall, the chief witness against Stll
well, took the stand. The president of
tlie New York Bank Note Company
Was plainly nervous, and he spoke at
first in auch low tones that his voice
larried acarcrl,- the lengih of the Jury
Kendall Tails His Story.
He recited rapidly the story of his
long flffht against discrimination ?>n
sto.k and bond engraving by the Eg?
change, bringing the narrative quick?
ly to the time when he called upon
Governor Sulzer. Fehruarj 1.'!. Act?
Ing on the ad\i?e of the ?;ovcrnor. he
said, he went from the executive
chamber directly to the codes com
nitltee room to ?ce Senator SUlwell.
"I ?,ai?l to Senator SUlwell that the
Governor had aent me to him." ?ai?!
Kendall, and I t?*?ld him I ?1 like to
explain to him i.bout the engraving
monopoly resulting from the attitude
of the New York Sto.k Kxchange. I
told him the profits of that monopoly
were $?>.00'*i a day, and that because ef
the monopoly, dcuble prices were
charged, ??ur concern, I explained to
him. represented a value of about
three-quarltra of a million dollars, and
while he explaine.l that it was not cus?
tomary for a Senate committee to take
1 f onttiiufd on t?eoBd paff, third rolur-ia.
Sketch mailc in court yestefd?v.
il wxT'.rt IAMBI i' irCLBLLAKD,
Who is Btilwell'a lawyer In th* case.
Senegal, with 120 Aboard, ii
Distress at Smyrna.
Marseilles, May 22 a private mes
sajrc received sa-s that the Un?
g;,l of the i "ompatrnl?? ?lea M'ssape
Maritimes, atruck a mine ?* sh.
xx,?s leaving ?Smyrna and xxas blowt
\o eonflrmatlon of this dlapatchhai
jet reached 11"* company'a office?.
I/nn?lon. Max ?22. \ Smyrna dis.
patch t., "Ths l>all: Mail" toi i thai
tuifs have i7"ti" to th?1 sasistancs o
th? ?Senegal In ths hops of aavlng life
The ?Senegal lefl Marseilles las
Thursday xvlth abOUl sixty ?paSSSttgsn
aboard snd ? en w of sixty.
Iron and Steel Men Won't Take
Part in Fair.
Dusseldorf, Rhenish Prussia, May 21,
- The Northwest Group of the s???'ie?\
of German iron and Bteel Manufact?
ur?-rs to-night voted emphatically ti
reject "participation In the ?San Fran?
cisco . xi Mltton."
? .i
Return to Cleveland Assessor
$2,905 Less Than in 1912.
[Bj Ttlesrapk le i Im THSxwm.1
Cleveland, May ?.1. John D. Kueke
f??ller is poorer by 12,906 than he was
this time last year, a.vnrdlng to the re?
port of John T. FIshsTi Clevsland
lb IghtS assessor.
The rl'hest man In the world re?
turned ?4.-S."? In personal property last
year, his farm superintendent Including
grain in the returns. Mr. Rockefeller
did not like the idea, saying that as
ths Rraln WSJ to be used on the place
It should n?'t he taxed? Mo grain was
returned this yea -.
Mr. Rockefeller says he has nine
bones worth ???"'?"? each, ten head of cat?
tle worth ff-lll euch and furniture worth
Commission Reduces Charges
on New York-Brooklyn Calls.
Albany, May '21.?For the purpose of
conducting a general Inquiry Into tele?
phone ratea and tolls for greater New
York the Public Servie? ?'ommission
will hold a public hearing at No. 1
Madison avenue. New York, on May 2".
At that time. according to an an?
nouncement by the commission, the
question as to the general readjust?
ment of toll rate? ?n greater New York
will be taken up for investigation with
u view to early disposition.
The commission to-day ordered re?
duced from 1<? cents to ."i cents the toll
rate to the lower portions of Manhat?
tan Borough from Hay Ridge, U?tth
Beach, Midwood, Coney Island and
Canarsie, ami from !"? cents to 10 cents
the rate to upper Manhattan and The
Bronx from the aame localities.
mm GEMS FAI 10
?Gloversville Grocer Is Fourth
Patient to Die After Fried?
mann Treatment.
Victim Had Such Faith He Re?
fused to See Doctor-Massa?
chusetts Probing Death
of Syrian Boy.
Another Friedmann patient died yes?
terday. Word came from Gloversville,
near Albany, of the death of Morri?
?Rosenthal, n procer, just flxe xxi-ek?
after he received an Injection of turtle
Kerrns at the hands of I>r. Frle.lrlcn
?Frans ?Frtodmann. Mis death is th*1
Second within about a week and the
fourth reported sin?? the turtle genii
dis,??,?. crer began treating patienta
early In March,
Roacnthal xx.ts one of the ?many pa?
tients xx ho rushed from xarlous parta
of the country to ?Provldencst when
?Dr. Prlsdmann xva-?- invited to th.it
statQ bx- its Governor to treat patients
f??r pax-, a privilege which had been de?
nied to him by the medical authorities
here, (?ox.-rnor Sulzer Is said to hav??
been Interested in Rosontha!, who was
treated by ?Dr. Krledmann at his re?
quest, It is said.
Rosenthal xxas enthusiastic over ?the
treatment he hail received at Provi?
dern?, and f'T the first three weeks
showed much apparent Improvement.
His faith xva.s so irreat in the turtle
tferms that when he beiran to feel worse
he refused at first to send for a phy?
sician. Me declined rapidly, according
to his j hysician. 1 >r W. J. Peddle.
When Kareken Yagjian. a young
Syrian patient of Friedmann, died !n
Worcester a WOSh ago, the Massachu?
setts Board of Health ordered a rigid
Inxesttgation. There xxas some specu?
lation among physicians here last
nifrht as to whether Governor Sulz? r,
in view of his Interest In Rosenthal,
would ask the New York board to take
similar action.
A curious situation confronts the
Mew York County Medical Society,
which has opposed the commercialism
of the turtle germ remedy. One of
the Friedmann Institute doctors, Julian
J. Meyer, applied prior to April 21 for
admission to the society, and his ap?
plication was favorably acted upon by
the Comltla Minora. This was beforo
Pr. Meyer's relatif ns with the Elsner
Friedmann treatment were known. Pr.
Meyer's name Is printed on notices sent
out to members yesterday, and Is to be
voted on Monday night, but It la aald
that an objection to the presentation of
any name would r? suit In Its resub
mtssion to the ("omit?a Minora.
Members of the county aoclety were
more than surprised yesterday to find
that all of the other physicians of
the Friedmann Institute were members
of the society. They are J. I?eaycraft
Hein, Harry Flnkelsteln. John S. Wa?
terman and J. W. Shelpert.
"1 can hardly believe It possible."
said an officer of the society. "Thla
la certainly a matter for the Board of
Inder Pennsylvania Railroad schedule
effective May 2,> a number of additional
trains between New York and Long
Branch and Aabury Tark will be operated.
Failure to Include Excise Law
Enforcement First Objec?
tion Found by the
Says Measure Is Unnecessary,
as He Alone Has Eliminated
Almost All Graft?Fears
That It May Be
Major Gaynor yesterday vetoed tne
bill creating a department of pub?O
welfare, to consist of seven commis?
sioners. In his message he gave theso
four reasons for the veto:
The fltizens' committee that investi?
gated the suojeet recommended taking
the enforcement of the law against
gambling houses, houses of prostitu?
tion and In regard to excise out of the
hands of the regular police force. The
bill, however, did not place the en?
forcement of the excise law in the
special department, in spite of the fa-t
that in times past that had been the
source of most of the police graft.
The board of sex-en commissioners,
remoxahle by the Mayor only after <i
trial for cause, would result in ineffi?
ciency and discord.
The bill re-enacted what the Ma-or
considers dangerous se?ti..ns of the
charter, and which he had caused to
become dead letters?thoss which maka
it the duty of the police to maintain
order in gambling houses and houses of
ill fame and i apOWOT them to enter any
p?a.?? arlthout a xx arrant on the sus?
picion of a householder that it may
be a house of such character.
He Haa Cut Out Graft.
Finally the Mayor said the bill Is un?
necessary, as he has eliminated m???1!
Of the graft from the Police Depart?
ment, and it would unnecessarily !,m
millate the police to have their povx, rs
The Mayor in his message said:
"1 feei constrained not to accept ?his
bill on behalf of the city. I ah.?. 11 ?ztCttt
the reasons in nunr-rital order.
'1. Th5 design <f the committee uf
em.nent citizen?- who examined into
the matter wa?- to ,-ik* axvax from lha
Police Department the administration
of the liquor tax law, the laws against
gambling and the laws concerning >??
male irostltutlon. and place the same
In a separate department. It his t.c-??n
the case here and in the cities through?
out this country that the keepers 0?
liquor piaras, n" gamMing places und
houses of ?prostitution pay ?poiitielansi
and to some extent polies officials, to
secure a lenient administration of the
i law in thsir tom .
'The sxpOSUTS of this condition from
time t<> time has had a had effect ?ill
the police? forcp here as a whole, al?
though its membership Is BO**S of a
j very high <>rd? r, and there is no better
l police force In the xx??rl?l. That exea
.a few BMUherS of the police force ?g.
tort graft, <?r are tempted t?> take it,
creates a distrust of the whole fores
by thogp who SXS affc-ted by clamor,
instead of thinking for themselves. It
was therefore thought best by the sr?i?1
committee to take the administr?t.? n
of the law resecting thes#> thing-i
away from the police force, and 1? I i
It, untempted and undisturbed, to pot?
form that which has always been it*
chief di tx - namely, to preserve out?
ward onler ami d?^cency. and prevent,
detect f nd arrest for the ordinary
Fears a Graft Rex-ival.
"Rut this bill does not carry out thl.i
plan. It leaves the enforcement of tho
liquor tax law with the police force.
Instead of bringing it Into the prop-isel
new department, although th*? major
part of the corruption money paid to
police officials an?l politicians in th?
l?ast has come from that source. It
was stated on the hearing before mo
that the enforcement of this law was
left with the police for the reason that
I have established and carried out a
plan which has done away with sucii
corruption under It. While that la
true, such corruption may very easily
be rexlved hereafter. We have also
during the last few years done axxay
with most of the corruption from th?
other two sources. That might be al?
leged as a reason also for not turning
the administration of the laws In re?
spect of them over to a separate Osp
partment. If this thing Is to be dorn?
at all it should be completely done.
That Is what the report of the commit?
tee of citizens called for. This bill la
not In accordance with what the com?
mittee asked of the Legislature.
"2. This bill provides for a Department
of Public Welfare, to consist of a board of
seven commissioners, removable by the
Mayor only for cause after a trial. Thia
la contrary to the present scheme or con?
stitution of government In this city. The
board of seven members would probably
result in discord and Inefficiency. Our
privent system of single head? of depart?
ments to he appointed and removed by the
Mayor at pleasure was brought In for
grave cause. I know of no reason to
abandon It. Tt has worked well and haa
ne?, er been^abused.
"The Idea seem?? to be to divide the re?
sponsibility for the enforcement of these
laws That weakness Is to be deprecated.
It la much better to centre the reeponal
hlllty, and experience haa proved that the
place to centre It Is In the Mayor. The
people of this great city ought to be able
to elect a Mayor In whom they would have
full confidence and who would nelthei
shrink from nor shirk any reaponalblllty.

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