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I think the Mayor o?* this city ?an always
re?t BSBSISlI that hi? fellow cm-ens wBl
treat bllB with JoM ? <?. howe\??r malevo?
lent the alta.-l?? '?f pettv ?....Ittieiiins or
?,.arii|.t ri-"[>le. or ???.M ???. ? r l??ii'l. ?-enveles?
or corrupt ??Itmor asfsinst blm may b?*,
Seas Danger Ahaad.
""*. Thf- BIS two \eiy ?SngST*M*S ?-a
tlon? In our <-lty Charter. The K'ssibihties
if o|i|.r?-i-M'iii. extortion and Ma'kmnll
under them by thov who enfor? e the
laws ate without limit. The sections I
r? fer t<? BIS Ko Hi and lit. The former
makes it the ?duty of the poliCS and em?
powers th? m at all times of the day and
niteht t?) visit certain place.? mentioned, la
rludlng "all hSUB'B of ill fame or prostitu?
tion and 1*041 SCO wh>n- ? on:m??n )?r "St it'ltes
r-anrt ,-irnI all gambling ho?-?s' and 're
?. all unlawful and ?????orderly eondii't
or pra? tices therein ?
'?Cnder this se< ti?n the pop., had long
elHlmed the right of vU-itation to thSSS
pl.ir.-s and t?? enter them by fOTCC with?
out warrant In?lee?l, literallv' rea?l. IAS
se? tion empower? the jioll? ' to prSBI
arder In Buch i.ia.-es. That weaM
tlcally aniount to h? o sun? them and pat?
ting th?m in charg? of the noiiee to Kerf
??nier tn inetn. The other section ---name?
ly. N". " 1 | empowers the j.nli. <-? to entei
any hou?.- in the rity under a mere 're?
port' to them of two householders that
they believe such house to be a house of
111 fame or a gambling house. N?> oath L?
mqulBtd. This ?S ?outrai v tO the pio
- f.?'ir?d In the bill of rifjht?
<?r ? onstitntion of every state in this I'uloti
an 1 <?f the United Btates, that entrance
? ' iiout'-s and searches gitd seizure?,
therein csimol !?? made except os s war?
rant t-stied by a msgistrsts en the o.it?.
?f wHnsBsss befme him ?-bowing probable
This BOCtlOn of the .hinter Wholly
9imgSl**ds this great constitutional BBfS
?fuard. which Is common to evcrv civilized
gevsrnasenl >n the world, l'or that reason
l ? .?:?1
"No better ?testes for ths pmctlcs of
cffleiai extortion and blackmail could be
devised than that affotrded by these two
se? tions They have beea dead letters
since I have been Mayor I have tor
Udden any house t?> D4 satered or any
search or arrest le bs made undsf them.
it is .,i?a.-. - gat b ws faut from
S magistrate to ?Me: a boos?) when nec
If no svMeacs can be found to
lay i.efore a magistrsts on oath, ihat la
itself shows that the house should not
BB 'Merer: In years gone by tlie ? ??
lia-.e rnads uss of tases two motion? of
the charter to sssert the right of ? -
entry an?: visitation and Inspection ol
houses at wW In that way they ??,< li?
able to collect an?- amount of money they
SSW fit, and in fact high officials of th?
1'oltce Department, one aftSi another,
?ear f.fter year, retite.l niillftiaii e?
Thbl is all a matter of h'stor>
Legislature Is Blamed.
j.rerie. ??-sor appointed a
eommlssloa to i*oaasiler pollea matters, j
Ti. ss t?o dangerous section? of the
:? ilnted out to that eom
togethsr with th? extortion
had Ions teen practised Under
ThS result va? that th< snui torn?
n recommended their repeal to the
.utvre But they were not rspsslsd,
And now, WhCB 1 ha?l BUPpOSSd it was
well known ti-.at tbees two sections of the
charter had h-en ma?.e Bead tetters, and
were no longer in use. the Legislature
solemnly re-enacts them both in tlie bid
i iw before inc. Cnder no cite .;r.*i;:net I
??ould I be induce.l to sii?n thla bill S tn
th??s.? two Be tions in it AYe have iar
more to feat in thi.? country from the
gradual encroachment of arbitrar'.- pow?-?
than from all the xi^eB of liquor drink?
ing, prostitution an?i KamhlintT ?-ombined.
it must never be forgotten that the ex
?ici?-e of arbitran- power brines in its
wake sooner <?r Uur all of the vices,
snd eapeclally the detestable
official oppression, extortion and biack
n.r.V '
The Mayor elaborated his fourth rea
lon. that there It no ?xla-eney calling fo:
?he bill, by ?repeatlllg what h? has said
many times about the excellence of the
PaMes Pepartmant and that the , .invtc*
tlons of policemen ware due to the fact
that he had enforce! the law agSjl
IBegsl iresorts, ? susing their owb -
? ome foiward and give srtdSBOS against
the police
??t? u ? ?a, ?r?.*
Men's Tan Oxfords
IrOw Cut Shoes with com?
fort, character and class.
Coward Oxfords are cocl,
pliant and good looking.
Made on special last and up?
per patterns, which give a
smart, trim effect to the foot.
2-64-274 Greenwich St., N. Y.
Mm war.arx ?trkio
Mall Order? Tilled I 5ent1 lor Catalogua
< ',*fab'?Jar.erJ 1851)
Storage Warehouses
Motor Vans
230, U2. 234. 236 West 47th .St.
Fhona S?! I4r?aii!. N.tr F?ri>ad*aty
Entire charge taken of re?
movals in Town or Country.
Our Motor Vans has? been
carefully ? ?instructed for the
tran?portation of fragile furni?
i'liiii?. f.l????i?re. Ornament? and
Rink* pt< k<d Bader "ur Gu?ranle?.
Fu'iif'ijra ?,.\ Worin of Art
bo*4?<l. pacUari ?ml ShtSpod to all
[pan. of lh. woriri
Send for Entint?te. I
Longshoreman. Crazed with
Drink, Deals Death Blow
to Aged Parent
with Knife.
Mrs. John Mann, the Wife and
Mother, KnocksDownMurder
ous Son as He Is About to
Escape?Fight Starts
at Supper Table.
The ?Mshi of a powerful, broad?
chested young man wrestling In *
de.nth grip xxith in-: xx hite-halred, feeble
lather in the dinlny; ro??ni of thefr home,
xvhile the HS7ed Sflfs of the old man
and another "-on looked on In horror,
?r.i ;? p.-.r.ic among the tenant! in
the four ?tory tenement house at N??.
411 W?est ":uh street, last night.
The unequal battle a*as only ende?1
when the younger man drew :i I lasp
knife und drove its long blade into hit
father's sbdomen, giving a deatb
around. The oth< r ?son then ?sprang
on the man with the knife and wrestled
for the mastery, only to he laid Ion
With I Jagged gs lh on th?> right arm
froni the murderous knife.
The man x\ ho is i,,.?.'.) up, charged
with killing his father and feloniously
assaulting his brother, Is Harry Mann,
a 'longshoreman, twenty-three year?
old. John Mann, his father, was asv?
' i I - old, end bed not been
working for the lost thret yean being
?orted by his two sons Winfleld,
the younger brother, is twenty-one
years old, at d is a packet by trade.
Mar)', the wife and mother, is sixty
slgbl yeara old.
Among the persons who live In ths
tenement h?.ii-e. the Man family hax?
slwaya been known as quiet. wr\\ be?
h.-i\c,i p?ople, >.n friendly ternis with
ail their neighbors. Occasional!
xxas whispered about that Harr?,
mort- liquor than x\?s good foi him
? .1.1.: last - othing unusual
bad happened as s result ?.f I
About v 30 " lo< h. ?? bile John
Mann, his xxife and Winfleld were
seated ;it the supper table in their
??round floor hi aitmsnl. I beavj treed
wag heard in the hallway, and Harr
lurched In. Hit face was flushed with
drink and the muscles in hin thick-sel
neck stood out prominently.
The longshoreman latin? h?d it''" a
totrent of abusive language as ?soon'
as he crossed the threshold of hi-?
home and stood in the centre of the
loom, an ugly leer on bis lips.
Drew Knife on Father.
John Mann finally arose from the
table and asked hi.? son t" leave, push?
ing him gen;]." toward the do..'- si hi
did so. His father's sctton apparent?
ly aroused th?- s ?-?-ping ?1? mou In I
Harry's drink-.-ra/erj brain, and with
an oath he diexv the longshoreman's
knife from his pocket and ?snapped
open the blade
Feebly ihe old man tried t,, pri
his ?powerful son from using th*- knife.
but St length his strength gave out,
and the blade ripped into his bod!
John Mann sank to the floor altb a
groan, and. as Han turned toward
the door, Winfleld picked up ? plats
and threw n at hi? brother's head.
In anotiier moment the broth?.ra were
locked lu each other's arms-, and al?
though Winfield is ??the and sinewed
like an athlete he was no mat' h for
the 'longshoreman, who soon overpow?
ered him and gashed him in the right
When Winfield fell to the floor M.-s.
Mann picked UP a poker and stru.-k
Harry repeatedly on iho head with It,
finally knocking him down. Just si he
Scrambled to his feet and made for tie
door Patrolman Hlanch, of the West
oTth street station, a? companled by
Sydney Lush, ran into the Hat and
grabbed the crazed man.
After a desperate fight they succeed?
ed In wresting the knife from him and
throwing him to the floor. Dr. Waters,
of the New York Hospital, was called
and said John Mann had ?lied shortly
after being Vtahbed. Winfleld s wound
was bound up and he was taken to the
station house with his broth? r. whers
he was held as a material witness,
Harry Mann is locked up on ? harg? s
of homicide and felonious assault.
Protest Against Nicaragua's
Granting U. S. Canal Right.
flan Salxador, May B. A formal protest
was made to-day by prominent N't? a
r-aguans and Hondurena resident here t<?
the American Minister. William Hdmko,
against the action of the Nfearaguaa gov?
ernment in granting to ihe ?United States
the right to build a canal across Nica?
ragua A"d establish a naval station. It 1?.
contended that such a SOMOSslOfl would
jeopardize the sovereignty of th?) ? "entrai
American states
The aetlon of Nicaragua is a>?> ad
veraely criticised by the M SrajpspSfS of
San Salvador.
A protest against the action <?f Nic?
aragua regarding the establishment of p
naval hase on the Gulf Of l*UHSefU has
already heen made to the Salvadorean
I'ongrers hy Deputies ano ?itiz n.-.
Rows Out and Saves Man Who
Leaped Into Water.
While awaiting the airix?) of the
Charltlee Department beat at the foot of
Kast L'oth street la?.- yssterdaj after?
nOOn a man who hud Spptlod for a'lmi
?ion to one of the ?Blackwetl'a Inland in?
stitutions Jumped Into the Kast River.
John Mechan. Commissioner Drum?
mond's secretar?-, tri?d to prevent th.
leap, hut the man ?was too ajulck.
There was much ex<-ltement on the
pier until the mana body shot to the
surface and he began to sxcini tOWsrd
the middle of the river.
l?r. CometOCk, of ?Bellevue Hospital,
and Stephen i'lim, an embulatuee driver,
sprang into a boat and soon reached the
man. He was taken to the hoKpltal un?
conscious, and his name could not oe
learn? d last night
( onlliiiird from flr?t pus*.
up any matter ??xcepl when it xxas In
the form of pending legislation, he sal ?
there would be S llH-etillg of the oui I
committee FVbniary i!'. and that ire
could come up iii'u snd explain the
matter to the committee."
Not! bad emphasized in hla ?opening
ths point that Stilxxell. on Kendall.?
first call Pebrunrj 13, had ?giren the
engraver a legislative pamphlet ?-.in
I talnlng a ii??t of the membera of the
?Senate snd Assembly ami ?>f ail the
? ommltteee, and he lntcrrupt?sd ?Ken?
?Jail's si. ry at this point to emphasize
further this part of the state's case.
"Did he gix e you anything on that
? . - asion'."' he asked Kendall.
"Tee? a pamphlet containing the
names of the members of th.- Legis?
lature and of the make?up of |hs dif?
ferent committees."
"Did im direct your attention to any
parti? ular pait ?.f this pamphlet?"
"He turned dOWU a pngn a* th?* I
Committee designation," Ken?dal1 an?
swered .'?ii'i then, rather hesitatingly,
"it xxas th.? Senate or the Assembly
<.'p<i(?s Commltte? "
Tin? point which the state aimed la
emphasize partlcularl) to the jury ?h?
that .h March 24, ?ii'-n stii\?e!i >-,i ?
Kendall in New York, thej had talked
of ihe membership of tin- Codss com?
According t?? Kendall'a testimony
'it was ?il that occasion that Stllwsll
iii'?-t ftatly broached the ? i "f
mono?, to ?.-- used to bribe ?Ihe bill
through, ;"??! said
? i need *.,"" apiece for fou .. ? mber?
of in.? commit',? >
Kendall -aid that he affected t-. c<m?
alder that, and then esked:
"Well, how about th?" Assembly
? od< - ? "--Tiiiii?ti? ?
Teleqraphed "Number- Fifteen."
Stilwell, Kendall teetlfled, told him
.- ould i ?ok into that \x hen h i?
turned to Albany, and that he S
telegraph him a number, which -.?. >u I
i.?- the number <?f hundreds of .?oiiai
needed for the Assembly Codes Cow
mittee. Subsequently, Kendall teetMed
Stilwell did telegraph him ths numbei
?fifteen." xvhich he accepted us mt ?
L 11,600 would ?be needed to >-? I
hill reported favorably bj ih? v ? m
Uly Codiaa Committee.
After Kendall had threatened St I?
x? ell that if he did not t? i"i t ti.?
..'it of f'o'ies ami SSS thai it *t ? .
.gii the Assembl; also h? s
telegraph to even member "f the Bet
..-.t a messags telling of bii demand
for a bribe. Kendall teetlfled, be i?
-. ed a letter from th?- Benatoi nblchj
c lalmi i- an att? mi t? ?1
i? tter." in that letti r snixc. n ? roti
"I And th? re .-?? ?? only thlrt? ? r. m< m
\ -? a. . i . - not fifteen, as
i ;? legi sphi .1 > ou I
Mr. Nott uroxe in on th- , ??
through Kendalls '? is ? that
banknote engraver had ? ed r ' - -i ? -
the ?Senator a book giving no' on y th-j
numbi r of a ol txssera
< 'odes, b ,t the name of < member, ;
long before th? teli gram and ,
the alibi ? "? ?? ?and lhat then
t ? ; . ;..|? !:?, |H -?.?111
it, i!. defei ? :?"? ted to offer,
?| be ?telegram and thi let I i wen
off-1 ? ?i in evidei waa a!.?-? in?
check ;<-r |2S0 which, k. ndall t? atifled,
)??--..?,?.!.?? th let m 'h- i.iii
I drafting ? ireau t?. xxh?.tn Stilwell in
trodu ? d him m the propei man ???
dree .?? bii
,\t the end ol ? ?. .-. i..,
tor Stilwell ?told Mr. Nott hs would
haxc John Popp, th. commltte? clerk,
on hand ;?>-d.? He admitted Popp
had lived in his house, hut said he had
riot been I hers for ?some -
Kendall, whose st? mu? h
more than sketched out last night? will
be ths fust and probably tin- only \xit
nesa to-day? n.s direct examination
will take up ?probably snother hour.
snd it Is believed ins cross examina?
Uon will ix? a long ?I'.k-ai. The state's
case re?ts slmost entirely on his <xi
<]ti. .. and it la expected I he >? f< m ?
will attack him ?savagely in an effort
to tear it down.
The work of selecting ths Jury took
up a long and full court day from 10:30
o'clock in the morning until ?! in the
evening. Bixty-three talesmen of th.
special panel were examined, snd when
the twelfth juror xxas ?accepted bj l?"t!i
sides ?there t ?re ]usl txxo ?talesmen left
Albany, N v . May ':\ Franklin Ken?
nedy, i'<:.?.t, Attorney ?General, haa i? .
sent p> New York by Attorney General
Cermod] t" ssslst instri.-t Attorney
whitman in the trial of Senator s n
well. Mr. Carmody said lo-nlghl his In?
tention xc.-i?! i ha- Mi. Kennedy was t.. be
at tin- service of ihe District Attorney tn
..i-.. i,?- n ? ??d blm '?ii Kennedy is fa?
miliar x?,nil tn.? stiixxeii case,
London Editor Says It Would
Scorn Treaty with Japan.
.lohn Gonnlngs, genersl manager of th..
?'rntrai News Bjrndleats "f ?London, who
arrived her? yesterday bj ?the White Star
liner Olympic, declared the British ?people
uri'il'l never take laSUS with th? United
Ptates should luis country besoms ta?
xolxe?! m war xvlth Japan. 11. BSM the
white rac?- x\ ?is brand to protect Itself
against domination by the yellow, re?
gardless of trestle?!
"1 realise," ?added the '-?iit..r, "thai
?Great Britain has a treaty with Japan a
treaty that binds her to stand by Japan
in the event of her being the victim Of
unwarranted attach ??:? aux- other nation.
This treaty xxas mads i". the govern?
nient, hut it Is not now and neVtt xva?<
approved by the English people.
"There are not Ihre hundred men of
intelligence In Great Britain Whs ap?
prove of that treaty. Thsis is ?sol m
pSngland to-daj a maa with the full Hood
of th?? Caucasian m ins veins snd i?*
gsi Is himself a- a British subject --. bo
would tak?. arms SgSlllSl tie- United
States in a xxsr with Japan if thSTS xx^r.?
fifty treaties. The ISSUS <?f race amalna
niatlon never entered Into that treaty.
"We feel in Knuland much as they do
In Australia, but that colony la more ad
ranesd than the hems government in
AUStrallS the pseple Intend that th.lr land
shall i?.- solely for ths white race, xxiur-h
does not include Asiatics, in Australia
thev ?all the Japanese 'the Padflc I'land
blacks.' "
? ?ntlnuail from llr*t paqe.
\\ Int.. vas uuite differ'Tt from tin?
pleading with Senator Uurtaugli to
vote f?.r th?' hill in F.lmira lust Bight.
He t*90h a Club lo White *it.<| bSBt 1 ?ii.i
or? th? h? ad "ith it
"I have tunny friends in this ??My. and
I kiniH it," .?nid the ? ;,.\.?rti.?r. and
waited for 11 ? ? - cheering t?. BUlaStde,
Btroking his i hin
"If il weren't f?.r that, Mr. Wluto
would be in the Benate to-day."
Theo Mr. tiuiztr branched ?>ff that
siii.j.i't for n moment to declare that
when hs was la Co-ngrsss the national
legislators had bo la*oaaas but the peo?
ple. Much to hiv amazement, he ?anl.
he found the l'?*isl.it..r:- :ii All.any wen?
In th?- I.a Lit of taking ord? is in.in their
i.i.-se.?. Bveo of taking then over ths
u 1? eh?.m-. Then he resumed:
i don't know whether Senator whit?
is lier?, mu? 1 ?Joiit ?arc. If he isn't,
in- ought lu he. I know without an.?
i"??iv telling in?, from what i have seen
?n tie streets here und ai this rneet
Ing. that Hu? ovarwhebnlog sentlmant !
,n tins county i?7 !?r tiic pe.ipii- i.i nial-.?' j
nominations not th' bo -
if 1 ? .?nie hers ??. year from Beat
tali, and 1? ?1 all I'm going to tell al??"Jt
White, if i" docs not ?.?.??- light, l
know he win never a?*-1 in the Benate
again. Daniel Webster said a rapre
asntati* e of th. !?? ople should repi ?
thern. ami if he couldn't vol? e the senti
m? in? ? f ins constituents hs should re?
sign. Very fes in ??in- daj resign;
.?ii this clamor for
ihr recall. Von and i know that if ???e
had the r< all ??' t? r a hat White <li?i ia
t ii, s. ii.it. h< 'i be at home nos.'?
Th.- ?;...?tn.?!- pleaded with th?.? audi?
ence, as a favor to him. t-, appoint a
committee to wall on their leglalatora
and urg? lh? m lo vote foi ?pie's
bill "
Pleads fo'- a Committee.
? i knos U g -1' - ta? '?? tot : iGov-1
ernoi aftei a fi ? munths In ?91? ? tu j
ko around ??? iking is |?eop!e fo a f.i?|
asid h? ' bul i mu?? do II if I'm :
f.. make g.I, and i m going to meks
_.1 I "hO '-?? thll ' "fllllliU'e tO I'lettd
M !'h ?? "ut- r? pr. ?? ntstl* eg to ??? tru?-.
to he horn il lo h?. ?? up to ti- Ii prt n
, ? i pot foi th- !
. ? . if th? i ? pr?sentai i- ? spurn '
pleadii a.: tell tbi m m bat ) ou
n ill do ? b? n Lif lion Dai ? ? m? -
aro .n.i \ man w ho v. Ishes t" ??:?' ?
? : re fears the
!<? opli ??? " ???? than l ? ? i i
n th ? United Btati
if thai i ? . .:? ??* Ith tin- i'nited Btat? ?
-.- ill happen to th- - apol? j
? ?t.- ..f ths Blab
Ths ?. . .-??-'I f ? .
? ?? ia n. one ?n Sea fork, ?a.?
m Buffalo ? o \ii'.m- ,"" ?.?- ho ,
thought ti.?.. represented more '.??!
(loin thii thai "t all th? ?? ..'.? rs ??: b?
i , ?'? '? ? I ?
lldat? ' all j
.. : mi . . ? half
i.?mi? 'i "\\ ell, it took ? ?
in- ??it ' Him I
audit, i laugh? f -
Ths ?.-.?n- nos went
mi : . hi ????-?
, omli ? ?? tell j ??i I m un?
i take -tu und ??? adi anl .
.?f thi m. Sos. i Und no fault ? Ith
the booat !??' ? sn!Ing t" hold on to
great pon ? t ths s got but I ?lo
fault s ?th r?u for I? ttlng th? m .
do ?t an; tongar."*
i om th? trips bi id tskei ths
?... .i n?oi .i--' ?..i ? ?i. '
thst bII the | foi tat?
t primar) bill, "es epi
and there, ? :
papei i i onti oll? d
nter? ?
Declares Five Assemblymen
Won lor Primary Bill.
.. . .
Mi . : '...?: '.?.; B ;l/.. ? de
' . to-nlghl ? ? . i ? ? Bull of I
dire? t primary si uni ??,?? sklng, I i
. . t?i-?.',-? \ 1 1. dgBS !l "'ii ' ? I
tuen a ho ? otsd sgalni t hi * the
regu that I so ltd - ote for
It Bt 11" ' '.it.i SSI ?ion. 'I'll.--- :i|i fjgi
? in s litlng, i ? sskl He added
tiiat hs had rscsiv?sd other pledges trorn
Aaked if . ? hsd received similar pledges
!r? in Bei ?'" ? hs iloiia.-?-?; the question by
g "Bullli lent unto the ? .?? is the
p.ioiiiu ss thereof "
'riie Qovernor refui ?i several times to
Ki\e the n.-inie of one legtslstoi n be hsd
Chang? ?1 Ills attit D'il
it was dtBclared si the Capitol to-day by
persons close to the Executive t'. | L>
p, iio.isoti i,..-nil' m?point, ?i PuMte 8er
rtce ?'..luir., iloner ..n rec4*oim?sndati?M of
W i i ni--- at Ici of Brie i lounty, hsd
i.?.n told by the ?Soveritor hs could not
hold in- joi. unless ti?.' tCrie County legte?
lator.? B re \? hipped Into Hue f?ir the .Sul
eer bill, Mods.m is said to he niii.-h at
lachet) t?, the IU.HI ?i \-..,,r the fob pays
After the Bulser meetings la ?Buffalo Wits
patii'k va!d he ?li?l n??t think linv man
?im roted against ths ??.?\ ernoi 's bfJI
would change at the ? mi i s? aston.
The Qovernor gsve ?.'it to-nlghl s letter
I from ex-Mayor Seth Lets in which he
sac s:
'"I'poii n Heetien I have determined to
support you in your Mvocacy of your
dlred primary Mil. I should very much
pr?ter the us if it refined the state ron
x'nthin, as I h iy ? already written to you;
?but, taking in?- Issue |USl as it stands, I
have concluded that >?"i deserve the sup
[ port of all ir?n who xcish to put an end
to what has b? en sailed the Invisible gov
srnment ' if. after the rsingsIgn, you
tin,I that \.?u can ?get all ..f your bill ex?
cept the aboUtlon "f the stat.? convention,
1 ?Sope that you Will b* Willing tO accept
thai rather man allow the other m?rito
nous parts of your measure to fall to the
Mr BvartS Once said to me that poli?
ties was navigation, and not an exact
science: and, therefore, precisely ss I am
yielding my Judgment as to ?an important
detail, in v.i w of the exigences ??f the
situation, so i hope if you can n*-t ?eery
thing else except the stat- convention,
that In the end you also win yield to th?
? Ktgenclea >?f the situation in that regard?
i think, as I wrote t<- you the other ?luv,
thai If the state-wide primary Is mam?
tslncd for the United States Senators, vu
. ,.. . istify tins ?concession as to the stat.?
..III. ITS."
Democratic Leadership Real
Object of the Governor's
Move, Declares Senator,
j Bharp criticism of rarioua ?provisions of
the proposed state-wide ?primaries Mil
snd the direct sccusatleo that it is "only
s stalking ?Horst to give plausible excuse
I to brasil the leedershlp of the Democrstlc
patty." were features of sn open letter
?,i (Joxernot Bulser which ?State Senator
x ? >n? ?' Origin, of the _-M TUstrlet,
K'.n-r. out lael nlgl I
Tl.nmunicatton, beaidea making
frequi nl snd ? lustlc refer? ni ?? to the
?;? rnoi i "arrogan! attempt to usurp
li gtaiatlve functions." takes up in detail
tin? plan to Res?gnate parti ?candidates
hx petition, the abolition of th< emblema
on ballots, the ?reduction to i per c. nt of
? ,- i. imber r.f party voters required on a
istlng it tit ion. an?l t i sbolitlon of
the ? ta te ?ronvention Tue letter says In
?Th? main, underlying purpose of ths
ii. ?it for dli eci i rim., tries tt tog
rank and Ills their proper share In
the govemmeni snd ?sontrol of their
pert fou "iii observe that this ?funda?
mental Ides contemplates, sa a condition
pro ? dent, ths existen ? of ?parties
it? diBSign is not t?> ?iiminate or destroy,
but ? i-.-i strengthen t . m. Tl ??
chief objection t.. your hill is that it
in ?ihe horse by kill?
' it bill provides In
? ? ?? pan . . ? witi be
? ? ? Ight :?. des?gnete i andi
?. , iires thiit sxen perty
ndldatea ?!? ik'nat?-?! b] ??? I -
tion Thl - - ... .?,. be
rgenlaetion favors
? ! late it ?an doubtless ob?
tain slgnaturei for a nomination petition.
"Tout Innovation ?imply throws an Irrt
tatini ? bsti uctlon Int thi part ma
entail | ? ? pen? snd loss of
it changing '??? result In any
wh>. Instead of purifying and ennobling
? tends ??ni I bi on them into
? edit
? ation la the abolition
emblems on the ballot in?c-?t pti- '
ItCS are b> no means agree?! ?
... i ? ? i - ,. of this ? tixiiK? The
part] emblem servea thi double purpose I
? i pi lael?
latea sn ! ??' tl i ?am.?
time enables the \oter t., register his
. h?.:?, expeditious! Instesd of being ?tern?
. nself la s Uurk . leetlea
? ill tudi sf i sndldatss
win.-, ?? so notion et
; . :-,ill.- Kurthei me ?. the party
? thS Illiterate xotel to tt?
: ? ? ?
?? ?Jut .- th?
oters required on a I
to 1 per cent 'i'h's
that a mdidate for ^Herman nwy
ten K ? an?lldate for I
? ? !.-.. \ot? r ? Hid ?i ? andtdate
ie voten rhe effect
nnovatlofi will ?be to ?aacourage
fact I III he lost
fht of a the ambitious Indh Idual xx h?i
get a fe? ames on ?< petition
-??..-in will project
?.. the polltli .?1 flehl ??s a un
for ?.tn. ..
next Innovation is the abolition
of thi -' ' tion Ths a>i\ocates of
martes are n?"'' by say means
! .i to the wisdom of this change
"ThS tirs' Fren' ?ef..Mr? that is red? ?I
? ? adoption of the election district a
This xc ill Immi diet I i erred the
sf the long ballot, against winch so
much complaint has ?bet n mads. It win |
restore tn the tank ai.i Ms their
light to participai.- in pa ' organisation.
If your own st.it. ai< i,t Is true, you
sn not fiRiiting for a principle but for a
particular Mil. This Is an al surd posi?
tion for you to assume, and you i nnnot
honestb hope lo defend it long nR?itns'.
the sober common sense snd keen dis
crimination of our intelligent American
clUsenshlp. "t coures, they win sooner
... later discern thsl your hill is only ?
talking horse t?, gtve you a pleuslbts ex
. , to ?grasp the leadership of the Demo?
. i ? ? |l pa rtj "
The American group ?.f the Bod?tt4 des
a .. hit.-.-tes i UplAimfs par le ?Souvenu
ment, composed sf American architects
who heve received the l*Vencb govern?
ment diploma st the ?Scok des Bsaux?
X ' Will pres-nt a niedal to Hornuah
i'i? itdent McAnenj si s dinn.-i to he
?given Tuesday In his honor at the I'nl
verstty ?'inb. The medal has ?been sward?
ed in recognition of his w,,rk ,.i ths
creation ??f ? civic centre, to limit th.?
height of buildings, widen streets ami!
Improve architectural standards in city
$55 to s75 Motor Coats, $35
Knglish I weeds and iScotch Mixtures in
the smartest o? newly favored styles.
$65 Afternoon Wraps, $35
I iandsome models of Bftxlie Crepe in black and
(dsliionable jliadcs willi beautiful duff on linings.
$45 to $75 Tailored Suits, $28
$45 to $65 Ostrich Trimmed Hats, $15
$22 & $25 Lace and Net Blouses, $12.50
fifth Avenue, m\) * 47fb Streets
Animal Chews Up $75 in
and Scatters Silver.
! Hy TVIerfrapli ?o The 1 rlbuna. |
Wheeling. W. Va.. May II. -
Howard Wilkinson. representing i
laire express company, was olosli
business with ? brewing rompan
clny, a stmy dog ran int?> the
pick???] up his purse. enntaining 1
hills and $40 in silver, and di
down the stroe.t.
A long chase by a CTOWd fois,
and the dog was llnnlly rounded
a ?lump of woods lust outside tin*
?Whin the purs?? OfPS recovered it
? ?pen and the silver had dlsappe
I .M.i.st Of th.? billa hid been chewe?
, voml rerojcnition.
The scraps of the bills wen- Satt
i together and will be sent to the Ti
l ury In Washington In the hop?* th
part of the money may be recoven
Man Who Refused to Sell
Little Hotel Down and Ou
John Molin, the sturdy old No
in,in who refuser] to be forced on
In?: little hotel ;,t I'o.a i:ti?'?? Hills
joh:i i). ?Roekefsller, and arho raft
rspeatad Incrstaasd offers f? >r his p
from a?<?'iits of RockefetltW |)acauaa
w if.? ?srantad to remain in the oi.i pi
is now down ami out and will retutn
the sei, his first love, for g living.
wife and one child are itsad and
>*oungi Bt child, Edith, four and g i
years of age. la at the sin Her of
< IhUdrsn'S >Btoiet) In Yonkers. and \
be placed in a home within a \? ??? ?ft
Malin Brat att?**a>**ted attention wi
it hei-fiine known that agsnts
Rockefeller h4'l made hun offers
his place. Melni TOtoBOi la Ball, de?p
the increases In tin? offers. Final
however, a mortgage on thu little ph
was i.it.'.-ios? o anij the place n
bo-iRht 1?; B Bian ITaSaaad Ni? li?las, w
immediately resold it t<> the rta kef?
1er agents.
With th" t.?.? doliari r>?natning In
the w-reck of nig- home Meiin -novad
Klmsfor... where his wif. and on? i hi
died. Meltn broke down th. n. end an*
mon? v. a*lf? -iii*l child ti?'tie ?-.i\?- hit
seif over to despair, lately living In o
room with his remaining child, -Mit
?Quit Work and Homes in Ne
River Coal Field.
Charleston, W. V's . May 9 The three
ered strike of miner.? employe?! in tt
I N?-?? Ki\.r ?nal fields of W'e-t Virgin!:
OO'iirraii to-day.
One thousand miases? many with the
{familias, ha?.?** null their imm-s and t?
night are Hiring la t?nt*? furnished by th
I l nH?-d Mine Worker- of Am
e- ? ? ?
Defendant Admits He Has Botl
Wife and Fiancee.
! ThsrS w,.ti ;i ,ir.,irtt:. .-!in:.i\ in t!i?
| Suprem? Court ytstsrds) n the suit o
I Mrs. Julia i.. Smith for i.V.???? ?lamagsi
Iagainst) Julss ? Hiuiatoiii. ..i. Importai
| of pho:??Ki a|ilil?' dlniS, for il,- death ol
her husband, who aas k.i'ei hy an auto?
moMIs h? nsd by Brulato
The ?'lit ami thf i Ircijttittan??as of th?*
de.iti? ol Mr Smith w?-ra commonplace
snough, and lbs suit aas s.ttied for
u.j>.< Hut tin- prassne? In ths ear at the
UmS oi thg a- ?i?l?-iit of Miss l??,rH Qth?
? '?'.?; student ,.t the Metropolita..
?? ? i .*? BOOl Sddtd th. i;it??i. .-t Bl
aas not in tii? . ar ? hen Smith ?.is
killed. Illas Qiltson t>*?stlSed th.it the snd
dafsndaal we... ce??,i fiianda and ?Hall
?ach other Shs asid sh< had narar met
Mr?. Brulatoui
Brulatour tSStldsd thai hS had n,,t lived
u;th hi? srifs for two years w i-,. n ?
sal for Urs Smith got through aith
Bru 1st our snnounc? d with f telti k
swvtr h.?.? made Insinuation?, and I want
t" straighten ih.-?e matter? M.vy ,;,
*?_\ '* ' ??. Than he explained h?
rxpeeteo , divor?a betweei _n??\
himself and ?is soon as that took place he
' ??l"i to in-rt? Miss i.fiisoii 1
Another Woman Alleged to Have
Disrupted Household of the
Rev. Henry A. Buell.
Spouse of Washington, N. ?J
j Clergyman Became Suspicious
of Scene in Hallway and Ex
pe ted Her Former Friend.
nreshtafften, v i. May :i -The nsos?
pe.-teri resignation on Hey i of t : ? i>, v.
Henry A, Buell, ipastoe <?f the ?pint Bap?
tist Church? xxas explslned to-dai \*m?
?Buell. the pastor's \xife, made a detalles
statement. In which she tells or another
woman. Mrs, Buell announces sh?.- v,,,,
sr,i< .i divorce. Ths story t??id by her is
of su.-h a eharaeter that the pastor may
he forced from th?? ministry.
Mr. ?Buell is fiff-?.t..- reara o ?? mi ,?
i graduate or tl s Crosier Theologl. - ?
h ir r.. fore r*omtng t?? tVsshinstos hr>
was past..r of the RI '?m?,i.<i Baptist
?Church, Philadelphia, and late? w;,s ?n
charge ,,f the Lower Dublin Baptist
?Church, at Bustleton, Penn, il?- ?gin?,
here November It, lOll. When he resign??!
two ureeks sgo he maule no explsnattofc.
Mm Buell, who is still st the i n p.
age, stat??'? that her married life of nliu?.
teen .'ears xxas happy until S few mon-hs
a?n. Then there casse soother "oman
Into the clergyman's life, accoidtnf tr>
Un ?Buell. The latt?r Shewed fio hesi?
tation in naming ti,?- woman, *i ? *
r?silient .if a Suburb O? Phi ? |s|
i? ths daughter of s clergymen ?%S de?
senlie.I by Mr- Hi-11. sh?- is thirty xear?
Old and rather unattra? I i ?
highly educated, snd 'o*~ .? reputaties ai
.. 1??? l irer.
\i 11 Buell says she I t this ?rem?
an t'-?" end a half y.irs ak-.i si s nil?.
slonary meeting In Philadelphia Tii?
vxomen become friends, and - ? .
tertelned by the ?Buella tftei they
moved tu Washington th?> aroma
tlnued her vi.-aitM aid extended them ..x??r
several xxe#.k?= LSSl sum?.- ? i -a?.
?here for six weeks ;lt r)Me tune n?r imt
ere was on Januar)
melned until Febi uai y H i m ?
abe whs expelled from the parsonage by
Mr-? Buell.
Describing ihe ere n ta ? Mi?.
?Buell is
Mr. Buell snd the aroman ??.re in
?-a? i-, other's rampent . gres) ?ml Thaxr
spu ?.' .i gxt si ?i?"-?: . linn
ftudy, exf-usir.if; thenSM VOS < ?JTOBed
'hat th ?. | ,??vi religious
matter.? The evening <;f ??Vbr ?
eanie up>.n nix hUSbend an?! Mita -
in the tttUwey of th. gs They
were In ths set of kissing, ur i thought
After telling of th.? exp ? ? sf t M
woman fr.?m ths Buel I BM Mrs. Buell
?*My husband and i ?cerne et s
standing utter that, snd resolved to sep.
arate. This led t?i hi? sudden csigna
tieti two weeks .?>,?. Our pon i Moadsy
of this week was very aystemal die
cried a? hi left me? Of COU rae, I ?.hail
never h.i-.- anything furthei l Is s II
i haw letters In m
the past,.; received ?from Miss . wMsh
are of the ?moot endi si Ing
??hall use them In ?H-- rci
?Me sent him candy klssss Bonn of tiieao
c.indi?-> sh?- als.? ?jenl "'?-. tellll I I thSl
thO] i ?presented k?s?.
Once i opened a letter from thi
Study Which he had read- I
t., hum _ in this be I herss
\l ..x? n pi e.-ui IS t..i .
Mr?. Bui i! says her huaba now at
the Imme of his sister, Mi i 0? rgs M
Miller, at ' 'heetmount, ?tVlllo?
PhllSdelphlS Frtnr t?? ? I the min?
is tr?.' he was a ir ? snd I s ms*/
se that profession igs shhsegk
Mi ?? Hueii seys h?* husbs i m
Idea of n-tf,i g B posttl-.' I '' " vx*:'??<*r
? - ??apartment atore ihi ?aya Mi
Buell d?parti d n Ithout leaving ? ' '?""
her immediate **? anl -
S. Alt man Se (Un?
have ready a pleasing se?ec?ion o?
Graduation, Commencement and
Class-day Dresses
in simple or elaborate styles, adapted to
the requirements of Hisses or Qiris.
Abo new assortments o? White Qloves
in Silk or Kid, White Shoes and Sup?
pers, White Silk Hosiery and all other
accessories of dress.
Jewelry Novelties for Graduation Gifts.
Women's Bathing Suits
in the newest styles and materials, are
being shown in an attractive assort?
ment, representing the most advanced
ideas of the leading designers. Also
Bathing Caps, Bloomers, Beach Wraps,
Bathing Corsets and Shoes, Hosiery, etc.
Furs, ?Rugs, Draperies and Lace
Curtains received for Storage.
?OTty Awti?, 3411) iut_ 35?_j sWixttU, -too ?ur*.

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