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York. JrnwT (Mr ????' Hob?k??.
i two com.
State of "High Fever" Testified
to by Eight Court Physi?
cians?Inflammation of
Lungs Develops.
Dynasty Would Be in Danger if
Mikado Died Now, as Heir
Apparent to the Throne
Is Only Twelve
Years Old.
'?; ,v 23 The following state?
ment was mad? by Count Watanabe,
Minisvr of the Household, this niurn
? omiit.un of Emperor
rty ?s asleep. Conditions
have n<>t 'hanged since yesterday and
?re DOl serioua Tlie bulletin issued
i.\ th< attending physicians apprised
: the real condition of the
btpei patient His majesty has
been In g'?>d health simo ascending the
throne, despite the report that he suf?
fered from weakness of the lungs, and
lebas it tended to affairs <>f
av > m Thp Tribune. 1
Tokio, May 22.?The Mikado is grava?
is HI. After a restless night, during
?hi'h the Empress and four physicians
wete onstantly at his bedside.
? high fever developed There is se?
rious anxh ty In officiai quarters, as
his In - ?- erj weak and
his lungs are badly Inflamed and eon?
seel d
The Emperor Toshlhlto has never
been very robust, although he has in?
terested himself In physical exercise,
as well as having become one of th?e
most learned men in the empire. Dur?
ing his childlvod he had Several serious
illnesses. <>ne of which caused chronic
The issuing of the bulletin admitting
the gravity of the case and the fact
that his majesty'a cold has developed
Inflammation of the lungs was a great
shock to the people of Japan. Eight
court physicians are la consultation
tnd tach signed the public notification.
Old Quarrels Not Dead.
Sh"uld the Mikado die at the pr?sent
political juncture the dynasty Itself
would he in danger. The Crown
Prince. Hlrohlto, is a boy of twelve,
and !t la feared that old quarrels be?
tween the leading families would be re
\i\ed ?luring a long regency,
Apart from the California discus?
sions, in connection with which ins
??Jeatys voie?- has been constantly
rataed for patience and peace, severs]
very difficult domestic questions are
pressing f"r solution. Appeals hav<
been made by demagogues for an im
BMdlste extension of the franchise to
the gnat number of adult males with- j
?? under the present system.
OsSServatlve leaders fear that this
l] i greatly weaken the sta
? parliament and lead to a dis
lon of financial scon
emits w Ich are vital in order to re?
pay the debts incurred during the war
with R
Pr< ? nsl necessary taxation
and i umeroua industrial disputes also
all ? te 1 andllng. And,
s all these political cotnpll-1
ration* ?_? .n.. continuous unrest <>f the,
Illiterate and the gradual weakening
at reap? I for 'he sacred person of the
Mikn- sons anil others
at lea s fatal termination of
the Emperor's Illness would be doubly
r Japan
The Latest Bulletin.
Tv ' Km per or caught B cold on May
llj but i; was announced that it was
?BJmportant and that his majesty
Would ven resume hii activities,
To-j | ? bulletin is as follows
"The Emperor, who has been suffer?
ing from a slight cold, developed to-day
ktflsnunatlon of the lungs. Ws do not
This Mornings News.
". Qulsses Witness. l
Printer? to Ask Page's Withdrawal... 1
Foreign Jur roi paterson Agitators.. i
'?i-" Pacts" Challenged. i
Rank y0||a Thugs. 3
Lemuel i; Qa|gg Turns Prophet. 2
WUsn*, Letter to Jail H. W. A Page.. 4
'?"ire Und> rwriters Criticise Law. ?
br, Blot Advocates Sex Truth.10:
Titanic Survivor Met Cupid on Pier..l?)
Csaferen? e fails to End Poultry strike 10 j
Plan Nation-wide War on Cancer....li|
Dickinson forgets In steel case.16
keAnenj Urges Municipal lee Plant. 16
Par!? Avenue pian Approved.Ia
Chatham Club. Gunmen's Kesort, Goes 16
??law Wins Emerson, it is Said. a
?a*>sror's Illness Worries Wilson...-. 3
J*r>an Disappointed at 17. S Reply. ... 1
n?grier ,,. p>njans Dead. 4
"**? Friction with Japan Is Tariff.... 5
kssaMlcana In Congress Uniting.. ? 5
"*HkfiH Answer Senator Thomas. 5
'"-. MrMui ri.-y Lost m Swamp. B
Southern Presb) terians to Stay.10
Vattarlans Show Temper.10
T*'l? ot Lawren? a Dynamite Plot.16
Kmperr.r ,,f ,fnl);,n m. 1
*?etle Kxplorei T Ms of Buffering.... a
'?Stlvitiei In Merlin. 3
?ahorlal . S
Society _ . 7
f,Wtuary . . 7
5**" ???...... '.....'.'.'..'.'.'.. . 8 and ?
"n|Pl)lng . S
***th?r . ...... ...'.'.'.'.',',. .',,... S
???l for Women.10
??acial Hri-I Markets.18. 13 and 14
ll*?l Eatate.14 and 15
Ar"ry and Navy.1*
Consider his condition justifies
anxiety, but his temp?rature is
Washington, May It? Presiden
?<>n late to-day -iiblod the Ki
of Japan as follow?:
"Reporta rocotvtd through
agencies are current t<> the effec
jrour majesty in indisposed. I
heard these reports with sorr<>\
with great COnOOrn. Should they
to be true, I desire to offer to
majesty for myself and for the g(
ment and people of the United I
?M assurance of mv lineare symi
and to express the ardent hop?
your illness may prove to he of
duration and your recovery rapi
Three Coast Artillery Priv
Dead at Fort Moultrie
CTmrleeton, .\in\ 2:. Prlvatee
tar, Dalton and Christian, of the 1
States const Artillery, wer,, unie,
nine eoldlera seriously wounded
o'clock to-iiiRht when the breech
of a 4 : inch gun in Port Ifoultrh
blown out Baxter and Christian
Instantly killed. Captain Guy
Hsnna was injure,)
The men were at mcht practice
the sccldeni occurred,
Some ,,;? the Wound, d BOldlCH
believed to l?. fatally injured, bu
location ?f the fort, acroaa the
from Charleston makes it dlfllcu
get details.
Cullum Muffs Boy, but Cla
an Assist on Hard Catch
The fielding average -f Patrol
Cullum, of the Greenwich etreel
tion. dropped yesterday to .ihn?. ,
Kugura, six yean old. who lives on
fifth floor , f No. ,".i iIreenai< h si
was trying t" see how far he could
out of the window of his home yei
day afternoon, when outraged frs
took ;, hand In the pro? eedings .1
I'atroimnn Cullum was on the o
side of the street, hut h,- Judged
falling boy perfectly and was set
a catch. He juggled the youngster
an instant and then dropped him.
HoRarty from the Volunteer JP-sp
found John had escaped with a
cuts about the head. In explaining
error the policeman blamed the r;
which, he said, made the boy difrh
to handle Cullum has put in a ell
for an assist.
Barnard Girl's Odd Costui
Causes Turmoil on Heights
An oddly costumed Barnard und
graduate threw Msrningaide Hall
Into a turmoil yesterday afterno
Shortly after luncheon time there
sued from Barnard's 1 lolstered hi
in 190th stieet a girl in a blSCh I
with a slit Rown and a flying pa
that scraped up the dust five op
iSei behind. She wot,- the my*
symbols of Thet.i Kappa Alpha
flaring: orange and on her head repoi
a Hesalan hat. She carried ? *?m
i?-,1 parasol and waved a yellow a
red flag.
she went down Broedwaj t<, 1 !<
street, followed by an excited croe
and then turned east to the Columl
library. Henry Meiers, the guard]
of Columbia.- peace and quiet, turn
her back, just as a policeman fn
the West 125th street station eai
along in hurry.
CaUghl between two ti I > -, '??'- Bfl
p.ltd maid was m a quandary, bul wh
the 1 lolumbla pr? tor chsasd away 1
crowd the policemen guarded the gl
and finally sent her to |pr t.o
Brooks Hail.
Attacked by Two Men an
Beaten Into Unconsciousness
Detectives from Headquartera si
squads of policemen worked until la
last iilghl m the New Fork Zoolog?a
Pa>k In The Bronx and the wood?
rountrj near by in a vain effort to fin
tracea of the two men who beat an
101,0, ,i Mrs Bmma H. Bettman, of Ha
28d atreet and Cropaey avenue. Bat
Beach, aa ahe was walking in the par
about dusk last evening.
The alarm went out from the Rron
Park station, to which she dragged her
self and told her story Immediate!
after the atta<k She was walkln
neiyr the bridge over the Pronx Rivet
ehq said, when two men leaped out o
the bushes and made toward her. Sh
tried to fight them off with an urn
brolla, bul they snatched this ineffeel
ive weapon from her hands SSH
knocked her unconscious with a blot
on the head When she recovered hi
s. rises she found the men had robb,-,
her of a ?*-'? silver mesh bag and .
small amount Of money.
I.ast night's attack, according to Her?
man W. Merkle. is the second whirl
Ima o. currad in the park within a
Week. A few da.VS BgO, Ml Me! ?O'
says, another young woman was held
Up and lobbed in the sum.- loi alit,,
which 1 rarely visited by policemen.
jt l? sa.u the indifference of the Police
Department has caused the New York
Zoologies] Society to employ private
detSCtlvea to patrol the grounds ami
protect visitors.
? a
Reported Entrance Into Baltimore
Viewed with Much Interest.
I Mv Teh graph tr> The TllbSM I
Baltimore, May tt.?In the r?organisa
tion of the bankln* firm of Midd.-ndorf.
Williams K Co.. t<> take place sbout June
!, When the present firm will dissolve, It
is said the new firm will consist of H.
Lancaster Williams. Frank A .Mun-ry
a?d t OaHaad liaalsy, <>f Wsauvlll*
Local bankara regard with bitereat the
?ntrance of Mr. Munaey In the local bans
it.h held a? an active partner ui a yn
vate banking house. I
1R? 1.11 HEADS
Jersey Supreme Court Justice
Grants Plea of Counsel for
Agitators Indicted in
Paterson Strike.
Strikers Reported as Weaken?
ing and Many Weavers Ready
to Return to Work?Trials
of Leaders Will Begin
Monday Morning.
I Rv Telearaph lo Tha Tl il.uno. l
Pateraon, N .1. May it. What is re?
garded hen aa a great \ Ictorj for t!i ?
Industrial Workers of the World lead
era under Indictment m connection with
'? ' 'in disturbances in the silk mill
strike waa announced ?to-night, when
Justfc . j.unes u ifinturn, of the Su?
preme ??oui!, granted the a; ph. ation
"f Henrj Marelll, chief counsel for tin
Industrial Workers ->f the World lead?
ers, for a foreign jury to try the i?
maining Indictments
Not since 1883, just thirty years ago,
lias an application ior a foreign Jun
grant? <i In Paterson. I in th.it pre
vious occasion, Isaac Dalsell, who shot
,md killed a boy i,,r trespsssing on in;
property, was acquitted bj a Jurj
brought from Bei g? n ? lounty.
Marelll appeared before Justice Min?
ium, in Hoboken It m night end made
application for th( foreign Jury, as
ni Elisabeth Gurley Plynn, Carlo
Tresca and William D. Haywood, his
i lienta, would be unable t<> obts
fair tnai in Psssalc County, on,..
the ad\ erse s? n timen t against the
striker ?
Prosecutor Dunn opposed the appli?
cation, saying su, h action would plac?
a Btlgma <"i the cltlsena >?: Pa
i 'ounty.
Just | e M in turn i ommunt? ? >'< I his
decision to Mat. Hi this evening, and
said !::?? tn-\ pan? ! i f seventy cltl
would he drawn from Hudson fount;
They nrlll be on hand hi re Monday
morning, ?-hen the first case i t" be
called i- :- supposed that Mi-? Flynn
a ill be me m -i to face the |urj. bul
Dunn said to-night he had not decided
\ et S hlCh "lie of ihe lead? Is a ill be
tried mat
Weavers Ara Weakening.
About 1,000 silk weavers are 'a k al
v "i k. a, cording to ? oasen stive i I
mates mad- t< >da Workers from the
Kmptre silk Compan) and tie Doherty
& Wadsworth company. <rg
est plants In tl ntry, no in. ,
and agreed t" go ba< k to work if their
shop .-, tun '
? i - In .-iv of the target broad silk plants
to |oin 11" m
' If llo or.,ken n aill be ad
mitted onl) wren the police trj to lend
their protection to the workesj in three
or ftnir of the Isrger mills, pa t si
i ? rien? <? has shoa n thej i annol i "i"
with the plcketera then beca s the
? Isn't ''if enough.' said Pa -
Quintan, 11.nvl? led Industrial
Workers of the World agitator, to day
?'ounty Counsel I '?? V'oe, chalrmai
Mayor Andrea McBrlde'a "investiga?
tion committee." said to day that stub?
bornness on the part of the man ifsct
rera in refusing t.> meet with their
workers had pfaotlcally blocked the
a. rk "f the commission.
Indlgnsnt Italian strikers invaded in?
dustrial workers c f the World hi ad
quarters m Hep.tin Hall to-day. bit?
terly denouncing the congestion at the
count) jail They i- poi t. d foui >.i
prison? is in one cell, with no discrimi?
nation as lo pnson re. orda 'i he
tive committee presented resolutions to
the county authorities to-nlghl de?
manding on Investigation <.f Jail con
ditions Sheriff Radcllffe said to-night
111.- tail was never in a mot.- sanitary
condition thin at*present
Treaca Freed on Bail.
Carlo Trasca, the Italian strike agi?
t?t? 'r, pleaded guilt) to-day to an in?
dictment charging "unlawful essem
bly." He furnished (2,000 balL HIS
trial before Judge Klennert in Quarter
ana was set f'>r June 2.
The police received a message ? f sym?
pathy to-day from the police of l.aw
rence, Mass. "We know her,, what II
means to have Haywood, Bttorand the
rest In your midst," it said.
Recorder Carroll, who has imposed
maximum sentences on Industrial
Workers <>f the World ptcketers, re?
leased to-day three boya ?aught "rod
handed" stealing rolls and milk I.otilen
from Kast Side houses. The Hecor.lt r
said that ?hile he had Buffered .similar
losses himself, he could not make tin
"youngsters" suffer because tiny arare
The strikers' meeting m Hal.don this
afternoon wsa broken up by a down?
pour of rain. About three hundred re?
mained under umbrellas to hear the
last of the speakers. Quintan ?as
among them.
"I've told all the facts of your strike
and of my trial to SOHM millionaire
laaryara in Nan Vork and they tall me
the only anarchists in PaterSOfl are tli.i
the ??.Ine, the K.-. order and the i'otin
tv Prosecutor," he said. The strikers
Th.- strikers mi New Y..rk ntal vi.noty
In the hilk milK Who aie looked on aa a
branch of the striking aUh arorkei
Pateraon, llateaed t" ;? eharactetistle
N?,, h bj w. l'. Haywood at the Labor
Temple, Mtk itret t. osai ieeond avenue.
Haywood denounced the sUtementl that
the strike was likely t-. peter - at soon as
false. Ib- denle.1 that the atnk.rs had
planned to wreck tra?na and egal)
attacked the persons whom he .-aid were
i. nonslMc f..r the charges He glSO critl
dsed the newbpap?yh. I
Sketched in court yesterday by a Tribune artist.
Chanties Commissioner Drun
mond Says Inmates Are Yet
Used There as Nurses.
Borough President, in State
ment to The Tribune, Main?
tains That Care of Feeble
and Helpless Is Efficient.
i ? dent M< tneny has set
? 'H' o.' ' ' to The Tribune d<
ie feel b .,tni helpless at the <'it
i ai 10 ? ..;.,! . on Btaten Island, at
for bj iraimd nurses and pal
helpers. This statement, which a/a
made in an^vv.i to ,i >!nn piiMishe
ex< lusivelj in The Tribune on Tu< idaj
ibmllI'-d to ? iiarit a ? < 'ommls
sloner Drummond, who. in anothc
statement, r> pin- t" it at length, tab
i Ith Mt Mi tneny, ami th
i 'omml 'i i ? iterati d Ihe i hargi
made m The Tribune thai many sic
and f> - ble at Hie City Farm Colon) at
? ?? cared lor b) unpaid ii| ip. in
mat? - i henuw i ? ?
condil ion. i 'ommli sloner I ?rum
mond i hai-?? a, is dur t<> the fai I tha
p..igh President McAnenyJa office i
holding up an appropriation of aonn
y i.? m h ? asked foe bv the Charltlea Da
pai tm. ni. if I.Id obtain thli
money, llr. Drummond va vs. hewoult
be ? n.ibb ii to hire paid help to kui
propel rare to the alch and feeble a
the Farm Colony,
Commissioner Drummond goes fur
Mi, i. and aaya thai he has now lest
paid help ai the Farm CokM? than il
the aprins of 1012, a/hen the tiran,
jntv of Richmond County Sled a pra
.?-entmint .e-kiiii; for more paid help al
the Farm Colon) This preeentmeni
followed the killing of an aged paral;
ti,- at the I'.itin ''oiony by three othei
Inmates unpaid helpera who formed ?
grudge agsinsl tha paralytic, ami
which was reported exclusive!] In The
Tribune al the time
And alter KivitiK facts and figures,
slow m?,' thai ids statements were cor?
red Commlsaionei Drummond aaya:
"The practical ami moral effect of
the Richmond County Grand Jury's
findlnga baa ion? atnee ceased, and the
Farm Colony to-day is la worse con?
dltlon for help than it was then."
Mr. McAneny's Statement.
Borough Praaldeal McAneny'a state?
m,-ut m f'iii follewa:
"Since i undertook, as chairman of the
Board of i.M?mate ? committee, the study
of the Departmenta of Health, CharlUee
and Hospitals, it baa beea nay aim to
make recommendation* Fokin? towani a
bettei boualng of the se k and infirm, and
this has bean true in th" eaaa of the city
I ':n Colony, as well as Hlackwell's Isl
ami. BeUevoe and allied Hospitals and
the other institutions in tiie city's charge
"When, la I'1'-. B r.ipast was made for
additional sratctaraea, trained nurses and
iio-pitai helpers al the Cttj farm Col?
eny as a raeolt of ttie mraaUgattoa
brought about by the death of i as al the
inmates. I perSoifuUly apfSJOfSd Of the
aavenuc bond issue granting to tiie Farm
Colony .di the help thai the Departaaaol
of CharttJaa i?sundered van nsceaaary for
th, proper 'are of the inaaataa, Beer atnee
thai time the feeble and aetpesaa inmate*
iiiiv,- beaa eared for la the infirmary by
trained nurses and paid helpers. I have
not at any time made a recommendation
I Continued on fourth pmgr. third rolaras. (
Secretary of Allied Trades
Council Will Send Protest
to President Wilson.
New Ambassador to England Is
Declared Bitter Opponent of
Unions at Meeting
of Council.
P< b r r Brad: >? crel u of < he Al?
? ? d Printing Trades < "oun< II, an?
need last night, during a meeting
of the council, thai be would semi a
request to President Wilson, asking
him to cancel the appointment of ?Fal?
ter Hin? s Pat? s Ambaaaador to the
Court of Si James's on the ground
thai Ami.a--s.oioi Page aras an enemy
lof organised laboi Mr Brady, In ex?
plaining the attitud" of the council,
said :
"Ambaaaador Page has i.n verj bit?
ter m ins disp!.iv of non-unionism,
Much confusion hsa been brought
about and man* mialesdlng statements
circulated becauae of the action of an
i outlaw organisation sending s protest
[ to the London Trades Council asking
thai body to proteal agalnal Ambas?
sador Page, This out la at organisation
i has he, n mlataken for the Allied Print?
in Trades Council, and we are doing
? what we i an tO rectify this error.
"The stand taken by Ambassador
Paga the unions believe, a> ta as an in?
spiration to other employers to take ?i
; almilsr stand of antagonism to trades
unions. Reoently a committee of the
pressmen went to see Page, nnd he
ahowed himself si the Interview as a
I bitter opponent of organised labor
"We opposa Page as an individual be
cauee of lus antsgonlam to unions, bud
this do,s not mean thai are are taking
a stand one way or the other politically
with reference to tha Wilson admin?
istration. VYe are not committing our?
' selves either as tin- friends or the an?
I enlea Of the Wilson administration"
! Edward f. Cssaady, organiser of
Typographical Union No ??. who is a
delegate to the Allied Printing Trades
{Council, said that his union would op
| pose Page and ask for the cancellation
Of hin appointment lie said that an
official statement of the position of his
union would probably be made to-day.
Corresponding Secretary Hohn of the
Central Federated Union announced
last night thai be had written to the
American Federation of Labor, asking
them to request President Wilson to
cancel tha appointment of Ambassador
Burleson Names Committee to
Investigate Here.
[Ptear, Th? Trinan?, p,iir??.ii 1
Washington. May B A committee was
apamlnted to-day bj r?senmeles Oanaral
Murleson to Investigate and report on th
adv isahilliv of installing mall servir? In
Hie aobwayn of New fork City and
Brooklyn and the Hudson tunnels be
iweea New imk, Jersey City ?mi Ho?
The committee, which consists of
.Joseph Stewart, se. and assistant post
mast, r general; Edward Morgan, post?
master Of New York, and Klljah M. Nor
rl?. superintendent railways mall service,
at New Vork. will begin Its work at once
and make a report with suitable recom?
mendations to the Postmaster General at
the earliest practicable date.
English Militants Turn Atten?
tion to the Aristocracy.
London, Ma) :" Militant outrages,
it is said, are now being committed in
the resldencea of the ariatocracy in the ?
West Knd. At s.v. ral of the recent
social functions in that section pictures
and tapestries bave been eut.
Hostesses are alarmed and are em
ploying detectives to protect their
Sulzer Will Insist on Laws
Being Enforced.
Albany, May i"J> -Governor Suizer
said to-day he had Dot received the ap?
peal sent him from BlnghaSBtOB ask?
ing that Sunday baseball be stopped
In this state.
"This matter." said the Governor, is
a guestkm of home rule. I shail insist
upon the local authorities enforcing the
| F. G. Curtis Has His Pocket
Picked in Italy.
Rome, May '-"-'. i-'. Gardiner Curt?a
..f Maeaachuectta assistant curator of
the Boaton Museum, while travelling
between Florence and Bologna recent?
ly was i' ibbed of hla pocketbook, i on*
talning bonds to the amount of 916,000
ahd banknotes amounting to sum??
Mr Curt?a made the a?cqualntance <>f
.1 fellow traveller, with win.m he con?
? d during pan ..f the Journey. He
neiiev.-s that hla chance acquaintance
picked his i">. ket.
Gasolene Aids Police Captain in
Arresting Henri St. Ives.
Mlneols, Long island Ma] M Henri
?st. i\es. who acquired International
i fame sa g Marat hoi; runner a few years
:\K'i, and later took to aviation as a
means of gathering the coin of the re?
public, sailed about In the clouds
ai..ce the Hempetead Plains aviation
linhi to-day while Captain Appleby of
the local police force stood below in the
rain, waving g warrant for his arrest.
After Bt Ivss had soared abovs Ap
pleby'a head for more than an hour, the
gaaolene in his monoplane gave oui
and he was forced t?adescend Appleby
then arrested him and Justice Ftuhler
gent the aviator to the county Jail in
default of $3'>rt bail
1'eter McLaughlin, known as the
?father of aviation" and keeper ..r the
Aviators' Inn, where St. Ives has beer,
living for the lasi six months got mil
the warrant. McLaughlin said trV
aviator had not pud his bill since Jan?
uary 1, and had told him he did Dot
intend to pay il.
When ?'apta in Appleby arrived at the
aviation Held St. Iv.s took to the
clouds, fori?etlng that everything that
goes up must eoBM down
Policeman Brings Him Into
Court with Handcuffs On.
Justice Mayo, his attendants and
person about the Children's Court were
?mazed yesterday when I'atrolmun
John Taggart. of the Kast 1<Hth street
station, entered, handcuffed to a fif?
teen-year-old boy.
On Wednesday, the court learned.
Horace Hichland. of No. 68 Kast l<x!th
street, tel?.phoned for the polite to take
his son to the rooms <.f the ?'hlhlren's
S i? iety. Tagfcart, who went out on
the case, found Ulchland's son Herald
raving about, breaking up furniture
and acting otherwise like a maniac.
When the patrolman seized him. he
fought so viciously that it was neces?
sary to call a patrol wagon, and up >n
their arrival at the society heaihpnr
ters It was decided to ?end the hoy
to BaUaVUS Hospital for observation.
Mr. Hichland says that his son is in?
corrigible and a user of morphine mid
alcohol. Justice Mayo sent the boy to
the Jewish Protectory, at Hawthorne,
N. X.
Former Senate Revision Clerk,
First Witness for Defence,
Denies Defendant Took
Kendall's Money.
Jurors Sharply Cross-Examine
Complainant's Business Asso?
ciate on His Notes of
'Phone Talk About
The prosecution's ,-ase against Senator
Stephen J. Stilwell, under indjetment on
the charge of attempting to sell his
vote ami Influence to George H. Ken?
dall, president of the (few York Hank
Note Company, was completed shortly
after 8 o'clock last night.
Justice Beabury directed the defence
to proceed immediately, after dV nying
the formal motions for dismissal, and
after Robert M. Moore, ,,f csSMSei for
the aCCUSSd Senator, delivered the dO
fendsnt'a opening, Bamuei Lewis, jr..
r.-visi.in clerk Of the Senate, who draft?
ed Kendall's bill, took the stand
Kendall's testimony, which took Up all
of the morning and part of the after?
noon session yesterday, was practically
a repetition of the story he told before
the Senate investigating committee at
All any. His rrosaj a lamination til?t not
shake htm la any material point.
Apart from Lewta'a testimony in the
evening session, the chief interest af
the jury appeared to he centred
around tiie question of the ability of
OeorgC A. Field, Kendall's associate
and corroborating witness, to lak<?
down *?<V4 words of an overheard tele?
phone i onv er.-atlon which lasted Just
?thirteen minutes. Field's cross-cxam
| (nation on this line was practically
handled by the Jurorn alone. There
was scarcely a man of the twelve who
did not question Field OH this phase of
[ the case, and when be left the stand
one of the Jurors ask<u the court ?o
I let the jury take Fiel,,'s f riginal SOtCS,
which were put in evidence for further
< uuninatioa.
Lewis Tells His Story.
Lewis, In tilling his Btory, on dir?, t
! examination, of the talk thai led up to
payment <>f the F2SO, said:
"Kendall said to me; 'I told Senator
?Stilwell I'll pay you |3SO for drafting
j the bill ' At about the sam- time I
heard Btltwell BSy to Mr Fp Ids "1' ?
money goe.j ? , Lewie, He did the
, work. 1 want no part of h ' Kendall
said io ase: i suppose you prefer th
money in cash? i said: -i have ni
preference in th" matter Send me ?
Chech and I'll send you a receipt. This
is a perfectly open and above board
legitimste business transaction.' K<n
dall then said I am glad to know that
everything \* r?guler ami proper.' I
said: 'You can have no other sort of
dealings with me. sir ' "
In answer to another of Mr Ifoore'S
queatlona Leerla said:
lll.r Stilw ?II I!>\ ? I p. .IV ei! elle
cent of it. I offered it to him and li?
li, une Indignant He said I ought to
have the money as I ilid the work."
Aaaietanl Diatrld Attorney Nott bo?
gan it's croea-examlnatlon by ai
Lewie if h" had not been found guilty
of contemi t of court for falling t"
turn OVOI <N"" to a woman client, but
?this ouestjon srsa not permitted Ht
was then ask-d il lie 'liad ti"t signal
I the name <>f Qeorge Gordon Bettle to
I another check received from a client
! named Murtha. win? ordered him to -e
tain Mt. Battle lor him. He eeld no.
hut admitted in- had been held b> -i
magistrate in the , ase
Ml. N'ott asked the witness if he ,)i,l
not tell Mr Kendall in Senator Stil
well'n pr?seme that lie had given Sen
! ator Btilwell a portion of the fSBb. The
witness said he could not say.
Admits He Said Yss.
"Didn't you say yea to that when
asked that question before the Senat
on March '-"??'' shouted Mr. Nott.
"Yes.'' said the witness after much
"Didn't you say that jnu kept at
least half'.'"
"And didn't some .ne ask rOU then
if you hadn't given it all to Stilwell
Btid didn't you nay you bad?"
"I did not."
The witness stuck to this last an?
swer, although confronted with :he
minutes, which contradicted his pres?
ent testimony.
"And do you know wh> Senator -til
well drafted an amendment to this
bill after It passed the first reading n
the Senate''" asked Mr. Nott.
' Yes. He wanted to please Mr. Ken?
dall and, through him. Governor Bui?
?ar. He knew Governor Suizer ,n<
Interested in the hill."
When both sides finished with Lewis,
a recess was taken until 11 o'clock this
Kendall's direct examination took up
the first hour of the morning session.
Senstors at $500 Apises.
The ehM witness against stilwell
held the Jury closely as he related his
veision of his talk with the Senator at
which the subject of money to "groase"
the bill through was first openly
broached. ,
"Let's get down to business." wer?;
Stilwell's words to him. Kendall said.
"It'll take |r?lN) apiece for four Senators
to get the bill reported favorably by
the Codes Committee."
Kendall swore he had told Stilwell h?
would take the matter under considera?
; tion, and then questioned him about

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