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Xt\f$gfk ??ribuiu*.
OwTi.d and puMtshed dally by Th? Tribune Atasoclatlon,
a Na? York corpormtlon: Ottdsn M. Re?d. President ??
Ham 1 In, Becreta .Iarn.?s M Barratt, 1 eaaurer. Addresa.
TTlkun* Bulldlnal. N . 188 Nassau ??r?t, N???? Tork.
S'-BP'R:- n I ?By Mall. Postar? Pal**, ou's'dr et
.ir". >rk.
inday, 1 mo 8 "'> Dnllr only. 8 months $3 00
Dailv and Sunday, ? m ? ? only 1 ?-?ar . S00
Dally a I year 8..V Sunday only. S month? 1 -.'.
Dally only. 1 mor, .ay only. 1 year
Dai: y \nd si Daily ? xY ,
One mnTh S - month . .8 "5
18 SO one year . . 8.50
tf.x month?. 8.07 Ona month.... *<?
On? year. 8.14 One fer S *
: B8j On? month 88
? ??.- . 12.2ft.One year. B.BS
it- ? Bl th? Post-*" ? i "-V York aa Second ClaM Mall
The Anti-Barnes Movement Is an Ex?
ercise of the Right of Self-Defence.
lents made by Assemblyman Hinuvm.
ai A sny, und ?'?iionei Abraham ??ruber. of thi>
?f retaining Mr. Bai
man bsiTS the unusual merit of working both way*
The>e two advoca*???? of l ' I enou-rh alone"
policy say that Mr
roijnty la?-t fall than any of fa lid in their
counts nber thus pots Ouscams "Tafl
jrot stout 30 ??" votes to Uoossrelt'e -t.?oo in Albany
County: of the <*rit. ? ?ulil drive hi:.
his pr who ha?? ?quailed hi- -?
*? If Albany County had now Its original ex?
tent an.i comprised ::.?<' of the upper part of the
?tate this ar_*".::i?.p,r ? tlPpfSBShS. But un
dep szistinc ? ".r.iiTu-Mn.-s the fact that Mr. !
valiantly hei.i the party organization togetber in his
own moderate slied bailiwirk does not appeal very
Strongly to Republicans in the sixty-one other WOB
I which his leadership failed slimally to gat*
the organization Intact. What Is needed to-day is
S policy calculated not merely to hold Albany County
In line but to regain the tens of thousands of votes
estrar . -??ar in other parts of the state in
?srhlch fldelity to the ma.-hlne is not quite so hi.
?flpveli.peii as It is in Albany
The state committee should have at Its head a !
man Qualified to act as a missionary to those w,
faith grew **oiii last year He rausrt be a man who
?ran appro? 'late the causes of their disaffection and
thoroughly understand th??lr point or" view. He
: 'i-iliatory. patianl and | ik<- >.f
fence EaTCa Mr Ilinmnn nr ?.ruber is
their e f fancy ran never have pl.t
,.rtM< H| b . >1<4 tdeal statesman for such a
M -' ..-ans In N>-v York an?l (
?rountit^s ar<* especially desirous of a .-nan??? In state
leadership, for the obvious reason that it Is her?*
that the w were ?ruffered If Mr
Barn?' ill the mon?
faltar? h?-re. Much the same situa
fion exists In Prie Bad ? r larger upstate .-.?un
:'!.- Republican lead<sn do nor want t.. cet r'<i
Of Mr. Rar- ,? rh?-y cherish any per
fceiin*: against blm. The** are - - tine in Jus
tiflable so'
No Jobs for the Vo ek-ss'
en who are preparing to bos Urs Ooas*
' appointing them to places
in the F'ir<? Prevention Bureau when he has ap
?> nn'ii ranking below them in the
? 8 ?rsjrj lnterestin_*
It will command all the more attention bed
thsjj are excluded because
"f "Tammany Hall polities" and the history of this
? ni from the ?'inning.
missioner JoluiNon and Major ??aynor never
SBSt thai a "usations that the origina] provisional ap
p..int:;i.?n*- to this bureau were parcelled out among
sssS 'i ' [NMltkal patronage. They
*''r* -hi - mitii-al appointee?* carried
?n?-*lr eu irts. after holding
lunger than the law allowed, in an effort to hanr* on
to them. Obvii.iLsiy. such jobs, even when appoint?
ments must be made from a civil service list, would
not be given to women by any shrewd politician
men cannot do the work r**
quired do tur go far In the fa<*e of the fact that
a?-"*eral women found places eSJ the civil service
lists with good ratings and the further faet that
much <*npttal was ma?le out of the efficiency of three
?aromen tried out as provisional appointees. The
Tire Commissioner may have perfectly good answers
tr> the women's contentions. If not. he's got himself
Into ? peck of trouble. The women may not have
*hSstas yet, but it is manife?*t they won't be deprived
of Job? bocause thay haven't.
What Protection the Birds Seed.
In tho practical business of meeting the sa
?Cons of the American people in the federal proti?.
f_on of all migratory birds Dr. T. H. Palmer, of the
Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture, now
lias the centre of the stage. It is for him and his
|?advlserfl to draft a series of reguiatlona for the *n
Drcement of the McLean law Will he give the birds
l?the full measure of protection that the American peo
lple as a mass sincerely desire and expect, or will he
Iglve them what he thinks the "sportsmen" will ap
Iprove? There is a wide difference between the two.
For nv?;.".- a.le?juate protection for game
Ihas been refused ?piite generally throughout the
llangth and breadth of this land because lawmakers
IXmre been told over und over that "the sportsmen
Iwon't stand for it." I'nfortunately the term
r'sportsmen" has been made to embrace a great
I many killers of birds and game who are not Worthy
lof being railed by that name and never were. Our
Jlawmakers have been carefully trained to believe
?that the men who kill are the sole dictators of the
late <>f the game birds and many others. Nine
Americans out of every ten to-day hare In th?lr
|r???*ad8 a well defined state of mind which pu
??onceden that the sportsmen, gunners and "game
hogs" actually own all the game birds and mav die
ite their fate.
But every tenth man has learned differently, and
the day of reckoning has arrived. Ninety five per
i-ent of the birds, game and not game, belong to the
?people who don't shoot and never kill When. v. r
they decide that there shall be no bird shooting any
?srhero in the I'nited States for five years that ?le
cisi?n will prevail. The real sportsmen will con.-ur.
ha gunners will object. The game birds ?lo not he
long to the gunners any more than to the bs
nr tha stationary engineers. The question of -vhat
tho gunners will agree to in the line of real < ..tuer
?stlon is now a matter of academic interest only.
Through their greed and selfishness in shoorln*;
up to the "bag limit" and beyond the heedless
sportsmen, the gunners and "game-hngs" ,,f ?nH
land have brought our once bountiful supply of le?
gitimate gama to an alarmingly low point They
bmro ahown ub that the way to brln?. hack the birds
U t_ ?axop killing them. If this spells "prohfbitlon. '
as some of the lt?llM'S sJready doclare, then prohibi?
tion let It Ni for our bird fsnns must snd shall N?
?a ved
The American people hope that the Serrsfnry et
Agriculture will not base his forftv-oming "tegnla*
rions for the McLean law au what rhe ?runners will
' -fand f??r." The? sole question is. What do the btfd?
A Case for the Superlative.
?0 a ."st of kindly enthusiasm the Hi.
?an said: "("-aynor Is rertaln I y th**
???mpetent man we base ever hud in th??
? -i chair." Llks many otilar complimenta this
one tails at ?feast half th?* truth.
Honor is certainly th? most compel
?writer, bearttoheart adrice glrer, haif-soied-wiiiie
alt philosopher and general r*enaor of morals.
niann-Ts and "White Way'' Mvolltv that N?w fort
tnown Bines Peter Btnyreeant Be hi
haaa th*? moat Indefatigable experimenter <>f his |
.?un or any .,tii?-r time 11 -.erutns wherewith t"
ilata u "run-iui."" presa
Outside city Hall Mr. Gaynor has t.n ?
mir greatest ?Mayors. If ho could onlv have been
as unsparing ?.f foibles within the citadel "f govern
me?nt as he? has been to flu* lapses of the "rnzba.;
? and the tango tea trottera! But ??enius is !
always likely to keep i fc ' us in the cloael
It may be also a mark of his superlative greatness
that to the rbtaes of his ?>wn adminlstrstloo he has
been the kindest and to it- fanlts the blind? I
all The Mayors by whom Manhattan has been mied.
Race Problems Elsewhere.
Japaa Is Mid to (M thai her Dation
attached in what she regar : lerlmt
o against her ?people In Califot
v?'t curre - - thai Immigr?t?* n at
Japanese Into Canada is real I ? four hundred a
year, and th.*' South Africa lag 8 partieu- .
larly drastic law for the exclusion of h 11 Asiatlos, I
denying all right o? appeal to the ?- from
the tleciaioa of the Immigration offloen
Ami (Ta?ada and South Africa are Important m??m- i
bers of the ?jre.it empira whi?-h ?Srsl of all powers of1
the urhita race entered into alliance with Japaa
Hats Ulf to New York's Juries.
i ritJCfl h?'r?-a!.<?utH of the
will have t?? am?'n?i the old-fashioned bill of parti?-u
lars in or,.- Wherever else bis
put for the law's d?laya, uncertalnti?"*
pointments, an alibi must he aceepted nowada] -
the jury system T! - had fl Bplendld
.-?ration, and its w ire making law
breakers sit up and take :.
done before within the recollection of the oldeet in- ?
The reason fur this Is pis C tlsen
? ?
Judicial administration, and when be ?reta OB a Jury
he is anxious to do wha! be can to restora a fair
balance between the Lass
nity He l?.oks at the be lin<i ? them and Is |
not overawed by bsir-apllttlng techa ? There.
Bat comal I in the verdl'-ts
giren recently in notable cases in ?
which has gone far I
acacy and Impartlalii f of item
Technicalities contlnne to br? ? I
times stii! nuil.? the good irork of hiriee But the
*rlgor of the STerage mind o
room ha? Btruck terror to those who had bocease a*
CnatOBed to the ?dea that justi.e was too Inert and
lea den-foot e?i to be ingeroBJS
Even these gentleineg are ibont rt
their hats to a Sew Tort jury.
Discrediting the Gulf Stream.
speak dlarespectfnlly of t: -, f..r whlcb no?
body who ever "crossed the line" In thoaa daja
?lame the tamooa reriewer. But hen?
Kanaan, Arctic hero and ? - rjapby, '
in sober earnest discrediting the Golf Stream.
The Gull Stream, be talla u -1 the Gull,
D at all. That is to ? vvann '
water which saves northwestern Europa from free-/
imr up is n??t at al! the pettj tuppeai
driblet whi?h trtchtas thrnugb the Btraita of Flexion.
Juet what it Is or where u comes from ha ta aol
yet quite snre, but he thinks if probable that
depth of SX) fathoms or thereabouts there Is a warm
curent flowing northward, the whole Atlaa iC
broad which, Whan it gets to the latitude where it
is Beaded, b< ly fr<>m below to make the
British [ales and S.andinavla habitable.
Maybe It is so In that caae it Is hardiy worth
while for Representative Calder tu bother any more
with his Hfheme for eontrolllnc the f the
Gulf Stream, and for the relief of Kurope it may be ,
observed th.it any Yankee trl?-k to put that oonti- .
fient into a hole by damming (he ?Herida Btraita
would be entirely futile, wherefore whatever hap?
pens, we shall not advocate that would
The "Good Old Stuff."
! the jargons whi?ii man in a spirit
ness has ptNtdnead, tT is jrnirntilm* thai ramea In
for the worse berating ?Bright yoong mai
writer?, who muid not fake their type
hand without tapping out the purest |argoa of the
? wittily sbOttl their favorite JOttT
I anlese The chotrtM ?girls wh? slwayi leave tin?
i burning hotel in "s.-ant attire." 'he leading dtisen
i who goes "under th*> knife," the prose-ui. r I
the poo?- defendant, the tenenient
In the flame. *he "probe of the
peanut trust?ea.h of these faithful old -
plods along t<? s .'horns . f j.-ers
i.ften be hard to .-.ay Matthew Aruohl ones found
himself talking so ronsfantly of 'Vultur?-" that ?i?'
.lsk'il his Mendl to warn him when 1 ?
I word. ?Unce then the jargon of "r-ulture" ha?? be
' .-?une one of the loveliest in current use. "! don't
| know anything nb??ut art. but I know what 1 Ilk?? "
m of Mr ???-iett Dtugsss'a original bromides
\ And it still stands as the blatoric example of culture
IJrobabiy Boast e ta the real test of jar?
gon. Word?, are lampoaod to atpcfsal Id* ??- But
! when Mod by la/y ?-r unintelligent or OTOrwOffkad
! minds they - refl fl minimum Of Idea and a
?maximum of habit The greut man with a .
! personality and fresh. vigorous i'leals to agprt -
I use and abuse words to his heart's ????nf.ent ? an?l the
wonis live and thrive. The thousand?? of little
minds that follow pick up the stereotyped phras??s
and?a new jargon is l?orn.
Is there any game or trade or profession that has
not Its jargon'.- When the villain says "F..i:t??T
again!" or the heroine remarks that "We ?r.? dis?
covered!" th?\v are uttering the purest of m?*l?>
dramatlc jargon Ami how the ?/allery Lavas* I
[old, old stuff! Those anonymous but (tlfted authors
who write of summer resorts they have never seen
have an equally rigid Jargon of their own. The
"nerve-weary city dwellers" appear upon the pa .?
to be quickly restored by the "ever-changing pano?
rama" of "Nature's wonderland," the ?iescription Si
which I ? ISk that the hardiest knight of the
pen might won shrink from."
A de. IdMUs ITS and intelllgpnt London Sfl
"The Nation." givo-i an excellent illustration of fhi??
gran?! tie manner in ?iiscus.-ung thN who.?
subje? t. The writer had begun his "leader" with
;-emenr "The rum..- be true." The
great editor clearly could not let su-h a bald and
literal -tatcnient into his columns. So he elab. ???
the following: 'The rumor would appear to he fully
But even this lacked the last ton. h
of authority And with a fini! bur-t of language
the great pen ; roduced this final version "We in
enabled f.. afflnn that the rumor Is replete with
in*"?.' Could gWgeaMlsnssjS in editorial yOttt
?> go further"
set that as long as human minds ar?>
1ous and gfren t? habits there wl'l always
ST fhr the writer. It Is I
for the reader The good old ??tuff always gets
every hand In rhe house. So whv worry about the
ind difficult and unfamiliar?
luruest thing for trnme statesmen la learn
is when to resign.
The . ?sight to join hands with Mr
BUlwell in nsklng a writ of error and seeking a
Thomas W, I.ewson is going to hunt a strange
alarmed B H*? might
Is on It.
Tho Impolite diners who loft the room when Sor
retar? : ? : i ? ggA . ;
have The answer to
talking" la not loose v-aiking.
a ? ;. B repor re ire damn tunny" and
thumped him in ? ;?'. Al?
though we referred to Jeanne d'Arc in a frolvsnme.
Offhaa ' spunky girl and
than DO ...? Btje more '
.?ordia' - eg ? \g \%
?lid that is
"g the
? : se. uro in th?
sitlon and . ? -mnity |
Exsinpla BrotlMr .->;-ast?an -
artists ilnt. dressing him \
I him with sar- ,
.?ally indifferent onl. i | | an if at. u
up saints wore r.o B ..in golf.
But : ? \ ?
tars II ?
and as **? -
:nd it
is ta Implv
bv WOT :
K on 'ho ???
f. P. A ., and.
here cot ...
ana a ?
' fa BSJ ? ' i an- '
. ?
? ? .
?? in "The
tlonal Eating
?? at?
o or . ; 'h of the
F-fff ' i '? or they go. v
grand] ?red hlMren, -
. . .
BBSi ?f
thing . muht be
rung down at intervals of fiftoon m':- a
* . a
maxims, but are unalterably . this H??
who pulletii up 1 ers befon .d she
who powdereth her nose in public, who shall
V?..? would i
ng up trousers from mot
sunset Boeh i we ird **iilgar
' " N . the pull- i
?ng up from motives of foresight Wa bfl
what happens If wo netrlc t th it prscsnti
annoys us to walk about with o ;r tn
H? h . ????? h i rude .?1 Is
m the powder mill Except : ? kin
I we :
the following no rabia of aatiqu
? it?"
? ? ?
We bear thai the kna. k of
. Rin< B Chap In the fa.e a: - ng exactly
how mu>h he can do or b-arn or steal, *
i..en reduced to an ? ACS ' btdUdtng
Old bumbug H SSSJ "H th the nose.;
wt4 kn. ? BSJ, "'live BBS ? m.m with
i - '
Brau bssjrs but ?light re?!
semblance to .'-1 forUBST
? B? Sad cri-w so. f.iko I-.
? ???o a? tho ago of nine, or
the third stair from the ?
m at an even earlier dato.
r tudgS a m..-. nos?. A/tor ears of
. ar. ful rssssreb amonit the nose-??, we ha\ ?s found ,
no man who retains tho no?? nature bS?
B him. Happy mortal' Though ;
US h? still has his milk MSS t) !.. H
Old man '?sing an effort to
' N worth of Un! ,n Harlem th I
to be hi? father ?? farm. We should diagnose his trouble
aj? caput pudd'nttis. -Houston Dally Post.
\ Now Yorker SllUug **'ith . onuiderahie h?it tB
Tho New-York Tl - that ?'ol.l-fa.??htono<l women
In New York wore decent.'" Well, are decent women In
Now York old-fashioned'*?Louisville Courier-Journal.
Though tho champion buoy was found In a Now York
slum, we shall refuse to advo-ate the general dis?
semination of su.h districts?Chicago I ?ally NsBJS
A st. .-rage passenger recently arrived In New York
with |',.?.."?n in h|g sock Th.? psHOB "System" was SB
-.v'?iu- .,n thsl th? new. om.T Is said
t.. base cot rut of t?!.? m?-t-o? nits with his rull Ir.- i I -
?;io\eland r!..:n !>. nlor.
MURPHY Tige, he's got to be respectable, but er?adjustable
orurn for
A Florida Republican Presents His
To th?* Ed M me
?i ?Mel
1 a ? ths Fifteenth
a but
If Mr Chan?'..
h.iv.> bllcan ticket, r-.
? ?
. rrlng the
nagiu rsn
? Re
r- In
- .
t.i ths ......
from ahita m-n th
i hum.-, n. v -r r.'Kistf r
or pH- their noil tnx ?o tn*
?'??uit is a great BSWSpapsr r?>port
of bow ? tad th? F.-pub
lir.ir, tWO"
ir i ?sinosr i ? tita
B8WS| " til it is soma!
or ths it < i of ta
tor 1 isban ths
t,. their msnagnmrnt it the gosanuraent
if the iiagnisa Isft out sl
?-.invention sad ths voter? kn-w that
Bs aauliai rasssd by
nsgro ilslsgalaa ami otticiai*
sroold Boon bs ??rara tsabntagly ItopuMteaa,
to the ?treat ?at^sfHctlon of ths D??mo
eratlc as well poMlcan |
of this state JAJOBI E JACKWM
I... f, Fla I :3!3
The Argument of the Casualty Com-.
panies for It Is Stated.
Sir TOW ? ?-?-.-:
waa no ?JOS td that
; i ; I y the casualty tlttngSnll
tears" OSSB of the I*0la9 '" "?
peneatt?)n bill But in ordar "hut the pub
\ ty know ? . of their
I 100 in fairness
to Itss this a lit: .-rht?
Th- inlea do not seek any
is advantage orar ot da of
lasaraaea wn-tn-r tbay be salf-taoar?
mutual in.'-urani-e or -tata tnsur- '
They only aak. and I think may
rlghtfhlly eessaad, to bs gOowsd to -
in the field In SSjMgstttlea with I
other three forms. Th.-ir dlaappolntll
? not that the Foley bill
i ae*""raataga ?wst sthsrs, bu
ise tney f-.ir ? ?ompulyory state m
-. ?hi h would wipe them out si?
Bass alnes ths ?ssssad tir?? sross for
anaplorassf i.ibiuty Inaoraaos <-a.iua.tv
ooaapeati s have af nsesssltji b--en the
"lawyers for the dsfsara, ' sad um anah
hive had to use the common law t0 pro?
tect their pollrjtioldara nn?l fh.>ms??lve??
And bear In mind, these poll.?? holders :ir'
the emplo-i-ri not the emploies. It I?
only natural. fh?-refore. to !o?)k for a blt
toraaas ..f faallni from labor argon
ti.ins toward eotnpaalaa.
Hu? dtora i* a vast dIftVr?.n?-?? b.?tw????r?
.sualty company defending the
?s of ita pollcyholder ander tha
! present common law of negligence and
? operating under the mandater? of a
..mpulsory ? BBPassUdSS lS*S The laws
Now Jersey and Has
: ? la dollars and
.....ti shall be
. sots anil when it shall be paid. It is
? ? will
i aal ire They have
B these two it,v I
It has be?-:, argued tnat as the work
' max. der these
. : have the right to say
? ? ? ~ ruetodlan of tha fund
t which ha Is to be paid. Quite so.
far that he be properly iecured in
lot so in saying how
j his emplo elf against
-ayment. To compel an employer to
a eeeurit) Is aas thing To dictate
to him how he shall insure la quite an?
. - -lato insu; ? - ? is -ong.
Moreover. 1? Le : ^.prac?
ticable. It makes everv careful employer
Insure the risks of his ?ess careful corn
rs and ieaves the arrangement of
his premium rate to a state board more
or less i influence *-f politics.
.Now r?BCat atS] -X). 1313.
A Referendum on the Question of Re?
ducing It Is Urged.
To ?he EdltO* it Th. |
? .ou not
. dfeli.ii?- !'..
but aleo because I have been for a ?treat
n.anv yeas - ..eiy interested In the
the u..rk.: . : par
i.-ly of ebladrsn, both in the
OlltsOII of ihlld Li \il of
? !!n--s .if Interest lead mo to bellave
:n the fusion which I hope will be
effeslad In the mu:..
: ir'les rwtt*
Ing ? . . ? ' ' - ? . | ..rn
ment may see the nece??slty of including
not ' ' itlo-i ef t.:,- bad gov
ernn: ! has been
a rsproacb OB this and n.aay other of our
municipal!' - the setting forth of
sltlve programme of relief for It
Lbsr 0f our citizen?! win..
either winning their bread by hard and
not S n reason.
often, of alohasoa, feeblenes.-, accident
It within their own
. ontroi an ? Ige of s*snt To this
oieuonders . rpaid
i ??? | lastly within i. i
of WS asure that looks to lower
(table rout is of im
? . rare srbi h has been
;ig before the I>?gtslat ire tot eeSBSUl
. BBS looblng to a readjustment of the
. ?i.'.-e of taxation on bui.dings and
.alues. ai.d which contains a pi
ton ' ?'?- BSatter should be aub
tnltted to the people of the city for | raf.
erer.dum vote, ought. I think, to be fa
? i In the platform of any fusion move?
ment. It only submits the question to
the people If they believe that the runts
an tie lowered. They are the ones to be
allowed to vote upon it. Those who have
r -arefuliy studied the question be?
hexe that It Is of Bsj-terSBt ?o manufact?
urers, to the v.ixt majority of property
..??.nera. with whom the building or Im?
provement is of more value than the bare
value of the 1st; to all persona who rent
buildings either for business or tor resi?
lience purposes, to all laboring people and
t?J the owners of small homes, whereas
those who would be affected by it in an
increase would only be the holders of
property either vacant or under-dcval
oped, and possibly some of the owner? at
rapers not fully tenanted
it ia not ?astMsaatry to isesss the provis?
ion?, of the a. t. apart from the proposi?
tion 'hat the passage of M be submitted to
I ths ; ?
!'-w??re<l during n period of Bvs
ths rat f the tas
provoment? s OB
tax or. ISS That ?S
? ? .. - . -iie rats
.-?on on the b aiding
half the rare of tha
. : -
ths bulldinp
the total an rould ba BB
'mproverr.- I
ba lacr i
I trust tha- I '?'
"acts s
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methods of submission, ar.c
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adays la BBors voadorful, i .
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of a French dandv who bnd 1
i-orii \.-w fork, where he l-.a 1 f'?'
months lUSUOClni Uta people of U I
? of ?hrsas ' MM *' MB
/?tartling happenings was a dinner In Nsa*
torn to ?hi? h two hundred persons had
'he hero. BCOOrdlSMg to his story, had IB
rsapead to twsatr>t?rs toasi* li
igsra, ahsra he was the gnasB ot ths
leader of N-v fork aodety, he was <*om
SSOsd to sbak?? han?.'? with ?o many peo?
ple that his right arm became ?lmaMed
"!'or Pans society.? saya the writer, "he
brought the 'turkey trott'?with three t'fl
ami for hi? frl-nds ?<*?'*<"?? American
oysters "
Blobbs i d? i l sas s s i a asBBBB
and song- ?hould be grouped t-?.?th-r
Slobba It --.i?is to ma the? Bh>?uld
Hlohh? ?v. m se ?? ?A me improve? with

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