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il am happy
festive Spirit Still Reigns in
' Berlin?King George and
Consort Stay Over.
wjtion So Christens Kaiser's
Daughter- -Political Results
of Festivities May
Be Notable.
: ine.l
4,5 To morrow the I a;.i
. W1n i 'i to resume the normal
.rfiroi ' ' it to
' v ,),, tesl ? spirit still reigned.
than during the
which ushered In the
wperi8l wedding. The Kaiser and his
Ht the Bondsy s.r
roynl ,,f the Merlin
? ind Qui en liars
ice at th?' English
' and liis bride remained
?thin the hunting lodge of Hubertus
I few miles north of the city.
sassjl tr'i s brief hour in the after
asa when tl drove out alone. No
sSjbsjs*! ? made to ; n the
In the principal
?till flaunted their gay ?
^crowds were oui t.. lake h lust
nek at 'h?- brave show of patrio;
?tatlcn For the most part, how
subdued content reigned -
at the wedding poseed
4?? without any Incident to mar the
Berl.n Breathes Again.
back in his own domin?
?jo?. His army of secret police nt
??id*d him In his bombproof train.
?jssgB | . get the anxious duty
the life of the unes*)
' Of all the Russia?. .]!? 1*1
:?h von Ja cow. P*OS*SlgH Bt < :?
H?rr Henniger. chief of the Berlin )>o
jef, and ever; police officer who helped
form the cordon of safety around ;iV
Rjiiian monarch breathe freely on1'*
Tp? lendemain' ?aftermath of the
redding? offers ample opportunity for
?uiet and useful meditation, for **.hich
Of gr?a? state CSTS*
It is pen? rail;- recognized here thai
? . Hobensoll? rn prince?*?
h prince has really welded
?jew the elements of the empire The
?"'versal jubilation has demonstrated
:r,t personal love of all ??ermaris for
h of th? gn Every
itrman family has participated in the
EHba as if the marriage ha-i been
is affair of their own r?elativas This
.uversa! family interest was not laa
ai the Schioss
?id princes?the
? n gna In ataros, a,
and the English King, as the
? . i visit
?id ? .ii.,!.;. ./e the ?mr>ort*in< e of
I. >n
On the Political Side.
to th? WS :
'?.?Br George, and the coolnsss with
first rocsived 1?- now,
i th? ? ? of I If departure, giving
fact to warmth and inatlnted re
?> import
?aet Is attached to the imperial visits
B to an held with
am ellor. in the press
?*.-am. ng non-offlclal on-, r\ers it Is,
gutter different.
?nts that ha\e come
**}. fone within the last six days, the
?BBTSjdeutsche AllgOtnslne Zeitung"
The simultaneous presence of the
?-bg of England and th?- Czar and
SSb friend intercourse with the
??-*??*r, | he motive was not
racter, are avstr*
"???**? Interpreted as being another
"<o?vrkati<- s:Kn that Europe can ex
>**t ? further Improvement and grad
?-1 clearing up of the situation in tho
?"?s* East, and ihat all the great
Wire -.' trlve as one to have
-s* Preliminaries of peace signed at
?? asrl)
tetd that the powers will
?"-S*eouplian ? with the H .?uest of the
"?""ion . . of ambassadors that
sassy and tin adle? come to an im
-Mavta sgr? ? ment "
wsth the exception of the English
^'reigns and their suits, all the royal
***???? Bei mpsnlsd the Kaiser
???oKaivtr, i,, ?ne chapel royal this
???soi i.uy drove direct to
to the English church,
drovi to the Oftl
"*** Clul ho was entertained
''''-'''?I. " ? ers of the 1st Dra
?****? Guat.; of whlcb he Is colonel.
New Name for Princess.
Vi? tona Louise
2 ?"he Ka,.?- - h daughter and Prim S
I****1? bride be known henceforth.
Sunbeam" for ever
if our house,' said
**??? William on Saturday, as he of
^ the toast of th bride to the
*^?1 "ne?- gathered In the schioss.
* eunati ne of the royal hoyae."
? th?. i;. |,? Dryander in hi^
?"?Wsge sermon Kerlin and ??er
*j*>" ha\e taken up the "mot."
.net?1' Bunbeam,'' press and people
"??- young wife now honeymoon
* in tin. hunting lodge'of Hnbertus
and bridegroom will pass s
J*k '" ?his prett? ri ti " will
?* lVl l the Duke of Cum?
i Gmunden Aftei
/** ftey g,, to Until? now. the Saxon
?__? 'own ol Prince Err? I
^*<lron of Zelthen Huaaara. Their
"? ?-'onalst} ol just two people, the
? Sdju ? ,., |*.i.inner von
?___**" lieutsnsnt In the
no the Haron's
? former minis
r.Cour'' V-n Pod?
? -hysnder's address is extensive
J****-1 to da? it wsa very patsr
"??J soinrwhat poet).
*??: the grac? of God,"
Where Prince and Princesa Ernesi of Cumberland, who were mar?
ried in Berlin on Saturday, are nom spending their honeymcion.
i.l, "has broken for you Al
While t'oth parent couplas join the
h..mis in you a?? repr?sent?t iv es of vu
Old '.\nasties, closely interwoven wit
the liistorv of (?ermany. th*> entii
Kat'.i"rl:ii',| is Jubilating, seeing in yo
a pledge given by <"o<l for the welfnt
ol th? empire Ths festiva Jubilatin
Is mingled with the prayers <?f all II
?people vviio carrj theli wishes befoi
; < lod'a thron?
Ha apohs of ?possible tr?ala and aoi
rowa to come, saying You. nix
gracious princess, ha.e experienced
tl? of thla your nfp has ?boon fall i
. sunshine "
It is thought that hi? words, em ph.'
'sized by slow, solemn ?\,
i "You to each ??t 1 >?
; until death," contained a ?veiled pr<
tfsi sgalnal ihe wave of dlvorc?
'.." lie s.i id, "3 ou will not be ?.<=
calved; Qod'a promis.? will not fail >??>
| If you hold sacred His plnflgs "
Former Nannie Langhorne Can
eels All Social Engagements.
I ' able to Th? Trlbans
?London, ?May tJ?'. Mr.?. Wald< ?
i who before lor marriage was Ilia
Nannie Uanghornc) has been ordered :
complete rest by her d??ctors and ha
been ?-.bilged to camel all her engage
m< nta
Home Rule Bill Down for Re
newed Discussion.
! By . rabie in Th? Ti it-ur f
London, May 2?'?. -After ?having beei
Ion a holiday Bines May S the Mous** ol
Commons reassembles to-morr.m ami?
many Signs Ol popular Imllffereni e t
Its proceed Inga Noai Monday Is th?
i ?iat?- provisionally fixed for ths -
readini; of the Home Knie hill, ton th?
date may be changed to suit genera
? onvenlence.
London Papers Tribute tc
Ambassador's Personality.
B ? labia ta Ths Tribun?
LondOB, May 261?An editorial r
The ?Dally ?Chronicle," welcoming ih<
Amerleaa Ambassador, sa;, s Mr. P.ij,-.
represents a progressiv? nftUon, -.vhir
has just installed a progressive >,?,.
er?!. M.- I,rings into our midst th?
I the spirii which guldea both
that cation and that governm?-!
; higher spirit >?f a er.-.at Itepubll? ! ?
only is this count!*) honored by hi
? ing sent here, bul we shall assured!)
profit by ih? presOBce among i? ,.i
such a richly lifted personality He
Omefl too, at an interesting time, ?.n
I the eve of the celebration of one hun?
dred years <<f peace hpfween his nation
and OUTS
''In the period during which he will
| hold office he will he able to no nui? h
I to further that preat humanitarian
cause, that complement Of progress
which both nations have so much al
heart, and which has no more sin. era
I anrl thorough a supporter than th? new
ambassador himself th* cause of
world peace, we extend t?? Mr. Page
la hearty welcome to ht** new sphe.-e,
j with the hope that In it he Will find
pleasure and auccasa."
Bloodiest Day of Tripoli War,
Says General.
, CMasso, Switzerland May'.'5 ThS Strict
esnsorsbip which the Itsllsn govsrnmenl
has imposed on ail new? relating to the
state of affai-s in Tripoli, and pa: til ularly
with lagard to tha ?bfeat of ths Italian
force? at Sldl derbe, OB Btaj 11 bas made
It difficult to obtain exact information
on the recent rsvarsss in thai territory.
It hu been learned, however, that ibe
disaster at ?Hoi 'latt.i afl ? ?veil
laid plan of the ?rahfl
An Italian WSrkmsn name.) y
Who had bsen tak?n prisoner b.v tl.e
Arabs, was allowed to escape ?after being
carefully ppmed with fstse Inforn
wbi -h be earrlsd ts ? ?? >?< ral I las
Inhtead Of Watting to Mil
of. o-operation with General Tassonl, aho
was or. bis way from Bengnasl srlth ;?
?trong force, fJenarsl Qanbrstti, on the
BtrsBgth Of MachlSVSlU'a report that the
number Of lbs ?neiny wbi ?mail decided
to atta'*k aloii? Accordingly he divided
? iVO men into three columns, which
WSrS supported b.v four guns and a bat
terj of boaitssrs ittat Ihs Brsi flush
of victory, the lUlian ?-.?.Idlers wan
Ing, when suddenly ea?h column ?a? ?et
upon from front and rear ami CU| off
from the others. Al thS ?-"'ne UntS tbSJ
tel to a heavy shell tire.
Ths Italian? showed admirable COuragS
mjBi eaiaranee. loma "f ib?^ osmpanlse
losi aii their seatosrs Oaa advaaea 4?
ta. htnetit lObt thlitv-stx out of fort- man,
tad it ??as ?BOOB apparent that retnat
alone would ?ave the attaching forces
from annihilation. ?'olonel Magdalena
I was shot, and as he lay dyins O*n
[ report praising his men and recommend
? ing for promotion his major, who. al
though twice wounded, look command
Clsaeral fJswbrettl, on has ?-"turn to
DStma? *?i\<\ "H was the hicdiest day <?f
the whole Turco-Italian ami
Tho Italian loess? ire sstlmated at
Baronet Takes Them on the
Erin to See the Victory.
i Cable to The 1 ? -.- t
London, Mai 25. The Ban Francisco
? ni. un., rs of the Columl Is Park
Club nos touting 'h* world, wer. to
daj the guests of Sir Thomas Upton,
who took them on train 10
Bouthampton and then around the late
??I Wighl on his st. am yacht Erin, vis?
iting Nelson's ilsgshlp, the Victory, and
returning to London by special train.
Luncheon and tes were Bervsd on the
Erin snd dinner at the Southwestern
Hotel, Bouthsmpton. Helping entertain
the boya "ere Harry Lauder and shir
). j Kellogg, ib" Ami rl an a? trass,
whose Asne?, Alfred Da Courvllls, will
be the boat of the boys Li-morrow
night at the London Hippodrome
whore Miss Ksllogg Is one of the stars.
Tells of Exploring Glacier 63
Miles in Extent at Altitude
Unknown in America.
London, May u?;. Dr. W. H <W?ork
man and Mrs. Fanny Hillock Work?
man, the American ? \plorer??. have
Just arrived In London, after their ?11c
Mon to the Himalayas.
Mr . w. 1 ? iterdsj told .? n
iti* e of The (ru. Nsws" about
ii>i iateat trlumjh, tho exploration of
the stachen or Rose Qlscier the larg?
est and long, st iti Asia.
Eor ?-:\ we.-ks Mrs. Workman -Mid
her part) campad al 1 height of IT""
?? ? ? .limbed to a height of '.'I.'?""
?il.... e the ass svsL "1 me hun?
dred COOli? s w - 1 Mrs.
Workman said, "to i arrj the 1 arapb? 1 -
nails Of the expedition t.. the 1
16,000 feet up, from which we started.
The point hi which we struck the
gla? b r was as high as If? ? 1 ?
und we had s? Dl the O lOk tO
oui bate, twenty-five mtles away.
"We were constantly fsced with
dim. uliles The co? food
while others deserted us il our base.
and It requin .1 a groa)
mlnation t.. go on. The glaciei which
we explored Is sixty-three mile, wldi
and bas bran
it baa the ??;
..f : great sea 1 ft? |
the name of BlSChen, which means
1. the vslleyi below it
massas of wild roses grow ..n huge
\ 1 a* ? - ? Ig h ei ' : I ?
?. of the worst glaciers e ever si
: lored Tv I?. 1 had nan ? ?
in.m falling mto 1 crsvasse snd
once from an avalanche The native?
who accompanied the expedition
provided with mountaineering ? ? 11 r 11 --.
but the had difficult* In walking In
th? m and would "it' n take them oil
.and walk . ri the snos with their bare
1.. t
At 11?,'i"i te' 1 Ml s W .?' .,11,. ;
Buffered from los temperatures, the
thermotnetei being sometimes as low
BS /ero Mrs Workman--' personal
eejui] mem ' as ot th? stmplesl kind
I'm .limbing she sore light garments
mad? ol ii'-' ce, 1 hoi 1 akii 1 and b< .??? ??
<ui the giachsn Glacier, -u an altitude
.,( 31,000 tot ? :?. I ltd '-I : ?'? "I liiiiin
Ehei than tb.- hlgh?Mt polnl on
the North American i .. it'.m nt '
tude "f Mount McKlnle) betng onlj >
little more than ."'.. I i- Bt
Definite Cession ol Island to
Britain Reported.
London, May M Tu.ke- has d?8fll
? tha Island ol 1 ' > pi 11 t' ? Irest Brit?
ain, a ...1.I11 ^ to th? lonatantlnoph ?
? > d. m ..- 'ii. 1 lall] Expfi 1 - " b ?i"
claims to ? ? ed a formal atate*
men! to rii*?t effect n..m the bo?, m
form?.; 0
Tio est kw of the i?i.me 's Bald to have
i.een due to ? la'.s?-* |t> the Anglo . urklsb
. ntente
'i 1.. .-mi .1 of 1 \\ pi . 1 nglo
Turkish eonvantlosi satins from UTS, ha
administered since mat date as a
Britta! prote?fterste bj 1 Brltlfh IhkIi
French Protest Made Against
3 Years'' Army Service.
pans slay B Twenty thosssad socisl?
,sl, ,.,:,. ? rolutlonarlea al i..
rloufl .'?loops ait. iiii.fi a iiie.-tiii?, al P ?
st ii.r.ai.?. on the noithoast of Paris,]
? g? the t..? till'ation.s. to-.lay in BTO :
gainst tine, years am
Eight) orators, including m Jaur?s, 11 .?? 1
; ?.-.i leader, hsrangued tb? ?<
from wagons L ? 1 of I
police patrolled the 1 ?
w.i. n it calls 1 upon to In ? is the
?nesting was very orderl>.
Kree admlfaslM 10 the \mrri an Mta-MttfJI pt
Ktsato ' eitlsn^'.
Isik M'-' ? - .
? th? Spotki-is "'lut- mtnau,*?is,
\',, 238 Wr?: '.".. ?tre?H 7 I 'ii
Dinner ,,, ,,,. llofM ' Ball?! lOSeetaUSB, .?
' . . p. lrl . i
, ., II ,11. -?.' 1: ? '
? Si." J. Ill
Royal Bridal Couple Now a
? ibs Bn stf ' ? .
Hub? tnsst aber? ? | I
Ingnstus of i'i nasa I? k snd hi
?be only dsugbtei st tl ?
who were marri" irdaj St Bel
Im nie lo spend the lirst portion ..
? : . noon, is known laOflg ti,
mernbera ?.f the >Xmpsror*a tnwttt at?
. . i [one* ' toon Lodge." Tl?
married bi othen ol the hi M? esv i
?? . Brat fottnighl foBowti
... at Hubei tossto* k, *?" hsra th
,.i Its? Is all that tha vimn^ i ?? -
sired it i- not a ch?teau, .?s some per
tons ?erjii to Imagine, but a r*i?r. over
i:..ivvr. two-stoil? ,1 chalet, ?urroundeil b
a number ?.' smaller wooden dwelllni
? .if picturesque design, in the mfds
it i xtent an?
Ini with gams
it h the favorite .>f ail the Kaiser
shoot ? ..)..? i ?dges I ) iesson "i It
nlty to the capital, and ahansva
he feels in need of complets reel o
? -i he Invariably retires ?.. Huber
k Formerly it required ? ? drive o
at l?a--t three hours from the station oi
th? main line to reach the lodge B I
BOm? reara ano the Kinpernr ? auso-I ;
email privat? railroad to be construct*
from lb. trunk line to n small BtStlOl
within a few hundred yarda of the so
. ,.|i?.| lagdschlosa AS no train nitis oi
n i- piivste Hue except by the Emperor'i
. ordeis, snd the fore ?1 is atrlct
|j preserved bj ? Igllant gsmekeepers m
unsuthorlssd person can obtain a
th? lod| t, ? hlch Is thus i ompletel) cu
off from |he OUter world, save Lv W re
ii Is of the solitude of tts?
place that during the early stmrrs of th?
insanity of PYedsrlCh William I \' o
^ he ??as taken b? his attendant
to RubsrtUSBtOek, In the hope that th.
entire absence of all ex?-ltenient and th?
freedonn from any disturbing elemen
WOUld avert the p-Mr^n g Of 1 ill
Thi Emperoi aometlmea apenda an en
lire forftltght st Hubertusstock, and II
las frSQUSntly been SSasrtsd t hat h?
take?, ?advantage of the complete ?
from public observation wht?h he thi-r
?.. maht aecrel trips abroad II
was hi? SbSSOea h' this place for :i
period of ten ?lav.? when the C/.h' wa;
at Part ?" ao aro that led I?
the verv cm ui itantlal atoi shout hu
bavins, been la tha Prench Mpltal in th?
ror several u - dot
Rnasian Bmpt ror*a Btay on th?
banks ol thi Seine; rumors which whea
communtcsted to wuiiam ovsi II
phone mum ?i blm t.. ?^. n.i t?. I
ai ths great BYencb miutary station ??i
Challona ? telegram from Hubsrtusstock
not. as USUal, In, cipher, but In ordlnsri
laneuare. which BTSfl PttMISbed In the
Kreuch an?l ? ??
Greit Heath a Feature.
f the W.I . Il.li I ak' Hut th"
: ? . . , ? . . .
in at? d I - heath In a
? month
,,f \..\. sr becomes
.,f man) thousands of stags i b?
?..i ts .-i ' i?-i inaii>. fron \ atria
? :, from i< . ?ala, ihla being rsn?
? ? pn.Mill.I'. t.. 0M
i of ths tsi
. ? It would b?' feas
SlmOSl lt"in the Adriatic
t.. u?. Halo,. ?ring
? glades.
..?je of sla?:
Bchorfhaids h?a been taking pia. ? ??. er
autumn foi centuries In ia< t mention
thereof bas been found in documenta
Bad yeais ol?l The
estraoi dlnai
and hi. th? acen? of numerous ?mgi?
?ombai the desl betwst i
lading louici
;th if tu i"i m a ii .?,? smphltheatrt-, and
asti h th? duel althoul mah?
d.' to Intel i?-i s
rt ..f theoriea hsve i.een put foi
aard ? uti regard to thsannual concourse
of stags on toe s? icifi.aid? Veteran
foreatei erlenos however, innist
than ?
great .ii.imal . ? >t, k i ?
s hl? ii in? various iaUer< .1 u lb?
loi a big p.ila'. ? 1 t.. dl ' id- 111.iio is al
f.-. tin? tue pollo iii..i I? adarshlp
various ? lana Pai fsfc hi .1 ?
Igbl n 1 ? v id.-m mat
something .?1 the kind thai bring-?
-:..., sad ii...1 mates from ths remote
forests . f ?'alii, la, on lha Austro i
frontlei from thi \aat Ucbtenstsis mm*
W to the south "f Vienna, from
gei m 01 Uni pi op? 1 ? ?? "f Kti
1 ei. m Huni aging to An hdahs
k, ai: th? -va, t?. ths leborfh uu>
li i.as bi, n n msttsi ?.f forest ethi? s
and ol the las ? >( th? ? base from tlnae
iiiiiii. m ?rial t.? abstain tiom disturbing
ini snn'tsl ? oiiviviuio si atsga .?s 11 a
??ailed, and w|,i|. 11 last! not a ?Ingle
-.. b? besrd In the foreeta around
?. ?i fact, Novi n.b, r tus
on tin., account i??-? mu? u epecios ?d close
... no .,ii<- Interest.?! in spoil
alahlng to ?to anything that oould m the
'.. mi d- ? i?- Interfere alth thli
a? I know, altogether unl'ju? custom In
the snimal nortd. Tha mesOngs, bowsv?
bars 1 ??? n arltassssd bj Um ISmperoi ant
h few i bos? n t*ompanlons, whs warm ltd
thsmash ? ? n u.?- bran? hsa ol tret bei
ilering on the ?teborffhalds, and William
is never ilred of expatiating on the mag?
?nos of the spectacle prMssitsd
Antarctic Explorer to Wed.
PhUlp tar? kleburpt, ??, bosn imp? nd
Ing man Um to Miss (Had).?? Murray, of
?Vhttten Park, Hounslow, ha.*, been sa
t,ounce). 1 th? .ni' member "f Sir Era? -
flhackleten'a Issi \n"ai.-ti- axpsdltlon
whs ?raftered sny Injury, having lost
of his big toes through frostbite. \
:.? t of I be Dart) and
Hhaukl? . ' . 1 1 e w.?
in spits Of hi?, youth, the chlsf survsyoi
oi th? sxpedttlon, doing moat important
work Ha Spent his twsnty*Arst birth
?lay, that la l" My, be attained hi in.
jortty, ahile ? hj-;.k?-'? in the thst ssosnt
11 .oi, ol ?fount Brabas, the .
Antinti' volcano His fondaesa for
travel and exploiation comes to him by
? ItanOS, ? '* btS father was ?yell known
foi hi- Interest In geogiaphicai expiora
Sir Ralph Anstruther Here.
mi Blr Kaipu Anstruthsr, who alth
Lad] tnstruthsr Ib paylag AmerlM a
VlSlt, represents tlic lUBlOT hraii.-h ol ....
of toe greatest soosm of Scotland the
bead ?i win'n has for seven ceaturh 1 1
more slways laiik.d although not B PSST,
as am.mg tin principal baroaa ol tha
North- 111 Kiog'.oni Sir Rslph'a baron, i
dstes fioiu l'-ji, whereas th?- two bsroast
Nr ft iiiiam Anstruthsr, ths
b.ad of the house, wi a beatewsd In nts
lively. Bot these baronct
vint for littic in S?-otland. wher.- thai
clu. Ham of thS <*la". haa alwavs bOSC
known either M "Tha l?ord i?f An
sti ither1 "?? m "Thaj AnOtrnthat
The actual ehleftahi Wkt tVlndham Aa*
atruther, t?i.th baronet of ins line, is only
?l?v.n ..us Old ano ?possesses the here?!
Exjperts Now ?n Europe Studying A-gricultural Condi?
tions Form Four Sub-committees to
Cover Subject Exhaustively
Roine Ma- 'i v " ?'? ' ??? '
Und important tank the BOluttOO if which
?rill 11 of tk? ?-?? it? -'. Intere l to the j
Ainen.-i.il farmer, has hi ltd rtSkSB
b* the American Comoussli n "ii Agrleult?
nrsl Orgsnlsstloi , i 'o-opers! n si d i'<?rai,
. ? edHs i ?s itod* Ins . the systesss of
? ?rl in various countrlss In Europa
ring th? ? Bge fr"i" "" ''"'' *? !
Btstee th" rsemberi of tin commleeloa
de? .ier| te depsn frota ,: ** origlnsl hiten?
ti--n uf men ?> Inveotlgstl
of European rural credits as It was con
i., ros a ?.ii.i-?-i a
r.-.i agaim-t th.. uaefulncss of the ?
. | s? ,,i i ,. v?,ork was there- j
fore enlarged to embraci the whole sub
ol i..i-..ppiati'.e effort es n totaches
Iture si .1 niral life, thus ineludlng
i ne oriirlnal idea, but m?kln* M ver
mweh brosder and conaequently of m0"1
vaine to the Anierlcan farmer
The member*- divided theBSSSlvaS into
four s.ih-eomm1il?'s. dewUng with
i t Onsncs, pro.iiii'ii.in. distribu?
tion ami organisation ol agricultura an..
oountry life.
The tirst aub-conunlttee has started an
investigation Into all the fonns of hank
Ins snd credit affecting the agriculturist,
ther co-operative or non co-operative.
but H ?s paying eopects! attention to the
former, sa It is desirad to dta ? m?nate in
the North ?xmerlcan continent some prac?
ti ?I principle of self help. All the hank- j
?mpanytng the
ion are on this lub-eomn
it is tho ight tiiey win iin.i t s Itall in and
Germas v-' Interesting
Th.? eacood sub-commlttss la as?*stad
mainly to pt-SCttes! farming, alad. IS In?
quiring Into the EutrODSSn associations
formed for the purpose of increasing the
fertility of th" ??11 or the quality of
.rop? and livestock The member? ?re
[devoting sttsntlon t? th* susesssful
tSStlng BSSO? lation?- of IVnmark and other
The thiid ButveommlttM la gathering In
formaUon M to organizations of fat n ' ' *
f... ban.long the mark.ting of prod.ce
and buying farmers' implement?, with
ih? oi je, r ot llmlnating un?lue pnifHs
nta?le b.v inid'lleo'en or large combinations
"f dealers,
The fourth sun-committee'* work is of
a mor.? theoretical nature. It deal? with
th?- Objects ano rules of organizations
SlmtlUJ at the betterment of rural life.
touching on ?be nature of the schools, the
conditions of family Ufe. and the methods
employed In organizing and maintaining
farmers' union? It Is studying, In the
firs? place, the travelling government
commlsslona Of Italy, which work for ths
1 ensfll Of the rural population, but is
- investigating semi-official ami volun?
tary organization^
The work of the commission really
fall- Into thj*e? main channels: first, ob
Bsrvatlon in Europe of what bas been
don?, .?.?'?ond, observation in th? ?British
[ales (chiefly In Ireland, of th- way in
which it in being done, and, third, and
perhapa HUN! important, the working out
. ., , heme by which the results of this
observation may bs ?sods applicable to
the widely differing conditions of ths
vallons Am?, icio BtStSS and of the prov
Incea of Canada
Dr Htitterflcld. of Massachusetts, has
been nominated president of ths ?omrals
alon Colon? I Hnrvis Jordan, "f tieorgla.
tary, snd ut Oman?, ot Washington.
managing director AU "f them are mem
bers Of the federal commission appointed
by Prsstdent Wilson, which Is accompany?
ing and .o-operatlng with th- American
itary dignities of Msstsr of th? Royal
Household of the kiiu-- of Bootland and of
.....n.i < arver la the sovereign. Both of
B oftiees were bOBtOWOd by ?*?'?"?
.lame? \'l In 1 :,?.', upon his particular fa
\onte. Sir James Anstruth-i
German Police Officer Makes
Stinging Arraignment.
I By Cabl? le Tl ? irtaoa?
Berlin, May Si a stlnsjing crltlclem
,,f \. nsnsgstnsnt, kh
r< pr. ? - tit. .1 b Blng Bing prison, is
contained m an article printed In to
. ? p.. rlinei Tageblatt " from tb
of the Dresden police commis*
Han u. n..n Las! yiar Hi
Helndl made a tup through the United
nsthoda and
mai agi mi ni
In ?he course of thla inapt? Mon he
maie a visit to Sing Sing. The re?
flections from this visit form the l.ur
dsn of ins contribution lo th? i |
t.iait." He proi win? ? - ' ? itsnlng
Judgment on MSW "\ ? ? k i rls.-n man
agi nier,!, ??.hi. h he pr.?! to i ?
bj das? i iptions of conditions as he
! n 1 them.
Children Trampled On When
Mob Upsets Suffragette Rally.
London Ha Viciorii Park. In th? j
? of Londoi ? scene of ?
mists and
? ;?;? i !.. hold a dmnon?
tlon in au| i ? so) king
worn, i ! .? !? ? ? platl
ted, Hii.i f de-ro
? .i ,.
truck on ? hi. i. . Psnkhurst
and ota? i militan) lufl
. ? ' I : I?
Mo it. .1
vd awa)
Women an.i men fainted li the .'nishi
... trs mpled u| on Man} '
of the ?.'iii-ii hd.i their clothing nea
..ff There were Innumerable free!
and th? ambulance ? orps ?as
? '. With th?ir . olors. I
the stau.lar.i bearers sesrtni ied Ub?
api ?n . btss ?? es - ..' mon
i ? mob tore Un decoi atlona
from the plutforms an.i .arii.il awa) the
? irenlra
On S.U. ' .' tmptOd tO
bios up Whestley Hail Park, si i>on
? ..-.(??i owned i" sii ?TsTllllam Coske,
Tl ? |1. b waj i \n un
? \| i,, led .mi' and auffraget!
i .?mi. : .i st.m. a ?
Japanese Emperors Condition
Continues to Improve.
Tokio. Maj M I hi (*Ondltton Of Km
?/oahlhlto eras so favombi. Sunday
that i ? rss. red In au."., s state
ofHclal T?.ill.'irs l??-u.d by the at
tandil ? ..ns will probsbl) he
i.iTi.le i, ii, -. lea of th? -i ..I Imp?o? a
? ', r, ni.' Indi?
. ated normal .Iltioni flu t?mpora?
ture v h~ ts.1t, pulas ? - r. iplratlon B
s, asi ington, Mir Qrstll cation ?as
? i ressed In olhclal drok ??? to-day
over ni?? ..f n ?? marked lm.remeni m
th" condition of th? Japanese Bmperor.
Orave anxiety bad beei fell al the Jap?
an.i In otti.-isii . li eh i g? n
? latee! i ep? its fr 'm the
peror - bod We li dlcated i bs< i i
stesdll) gaining strength end mi-:h' b
it a i n in a fe? W? BkS
iii. ?. ?.- bo developments to-.lav,
? a! ?ii" embaas, oi ,? the Btate ?
r*spsrtmenl In regsrd to the ntigotiatiooa
the California land ItMtlelstton The
Depe?rtmeni i- a?aitir.K the n. xi
?on! from TOklO With ?nier, st
Three Thousand Persons in Panama
Sign Petition to President Wilson.
Panama Mai s petition hem ing ;
three thousand signatun baa been
to Pi aoldenl x i leetlng the i a '
??l .1. I'rank Houston,
of Kentucky-, a Panama Canal employe.)
who was sentenced recentlj toten ?cars'j
Imprisonment foi the killing of Harr*
Btern at Oatun on i*. bruat*) I on aosoun
arising out of I .it i. spoodl I
that hail pSSSOd hetween Stern ami M ?
The raoling m the msttei bss been ac?
centuated bj th? fa. t thai ? from
Waahtagton to dskt, the trial, on the
ground t int th? Canal Zona .< t provides
for trial bj jut? Bl ill Sd lOO late.
George Keimer Held at Ha"
on Fraud Charges.
By ' abts te T?o? Tttbaae I
l'aria. Ma* -'?"' The French police
awaiting Instructions for the cxtn
tion to th- United states of Oee
Keimer uh?. la Bald to be wanted
I ra Indies,
Keimer, under the alias of Humes
arrived at Havre by the ateamshlp ?
. ago on Thursday. Hs waa al ones
r>'st?-d upon a telegraphic request fl
ths American police authorltl?ni
Venezuelan"plot bar?
President Was to Have Be
Assassinated May 25.
W ilh instad CumcaO, Ma; 8 The I
covery of S Plol against the life of Pi"'
dent Juan VlCMte fjomefl has led I"
arrest ot eighty persona alleged to
ImpllcaU ?< 'diris to the latfst
formation from Caracas, the intent
v\hs to kill th?- Piesblent to-day at
boras races al Para?so a suburb
It.ne ? s of a revolutiona
m Venesuels aie currant, but the ne?
- slid ' - ' ''.;??? ns are , Button
- on of the situ?t;
Balkan Allies Will Not Seek
Change Terms.
don M.iv -?". '?'b- allies Inform
i.?man Nlaaml Pacha at s Joint m-eti
f.f the Balkan and ottoman peace del
gates y< terdsy that they bad no intenti
in? foi further modiflcsttona of t
I ? put forward
This announcement la regarded as an :i
p..ilant step In the direction of ;
the Ottomans anttdpatod that if si
modulation i ? - - iggested it w?.u
leave tie dooi open f"r further deman
on the pat t of the allies
The strained relations botasen the B?
kau allies sh'.w little improvement.
dispatch t" The Tim?-? from Athei
??i>a that the 'luck fleet while passli
Kavs i upon by the Bulgaria
shore batteries The danger of h w?
n the allies ?llstracts attention f<
the moment from the peace segotiatloi
?vim Turks]
A Constsntlnople dlspatcta to "Tl
saya thai Italj and fi*t*rmanj ai
ad no longei to opposs the .essio
Of practical ) a., the aBgSan Islands I
Ore? ?
Sir Cecil Spring-Rice Will Se
Naval Bill Killed.
B tl? -i spin - ? . bs rrlbuas '
Ottsws Ont., Ma] 2?> sir Cecil Sprint
Pice, British Ambassador to th.? Units
-? i is making bis first official visi
to ??itavva He is the guest Of Sir Charte
rick, chief luatlee of ?he guprsm
Court, snd is b.ing entertained at din
Der lO-nlghl h> Mr Rogers. Minister o
Publia Werkt
s tO the anil., ?
visit bees us? be will witness th.- klUlni
of ths Borden naval inii in th?- Senat.
to-morron .md Tuende] The bin glva
I . t.. Bnslsnd for the pur. has- ...
three Dreadnoughts Ths lenats has i
Liberal majority, whleh has datenninoc
bo '?. amend ths bill as io kin it.
The government is conatssring the ap
polntment of a commercial reprssentatim
to be attached to the British BmbassS
in Washington The Premier and thf
SmbaSSador favor tins important step
Pius X Makes Short Address in
Resonant Voice.
Roms, Mai '?'?". The Pope received this
morning In audience in ?'onsistorial Hall
two i". sons Including twsntj
or more Americans The Pontiff up
peered to he III excellent health and en
terad the hall With B Arm step In de?
livering a short sddrsSS hi?? voice nan
resonant He thanked bis hearers for
t!;.:?- visit an?l exnressed the wish that
for tbiv ,?. i ,,? nlia' plot) '??id would
bh aa tbem beneflcentl].
In the SftSmoon the Pope received in
SUdlence B grant number of Viennese
pilgrims, who were accompanied \\ the
Austrian AmhSSSSdOT This rsCeptiOH
took place also in ? 'on s is i orla I Hall, i'
thOUgh u bad been arranged to have the
pilgrima gsthsi In the eourl of lad De
? o
?.?hent. Belgium, Mav 30. Hire to da
destroyed the Inda??Chlno pavilion and
two restauranty at the International in?
dustrial Bahlbition. With difficulty the
Bitmes aen prevented from apraading to
the nrighborini British an?! Beaua Arto
-.. tions No ?" a was Injured I
Widow of John S. Lyle to Spend
$10,000 at Happy Land.
Harkensack, X I, May M.? Mr. I BUS
Gertrude Lvle, of Tonally ?ho came Into
possession of an estate of several million
dollar* through the death of hsf husband,
Jobs I Lyla, Once a partner In Lord <*k
Taylor. New York, hat? BSntrsetsd for a
memorial hell towev at Happy Land in
memorv of her hnsbsnd
Mr. I.vie founded and s'.pport??d Harp?
Land, wham buadieela ?if Triheme Press
Air children have bess entertained, and
?as deeplv Isterested In the ?elfare of
the children. The tower, with ehlm??-.
will cost |l(.?>-?o
Oscar Tarnagno, * retired rubber irtv
Porter and brokei. died Saturday at his
home, No U Holton Road, ln?ood
He was one of the leading- hu?inet? men
In the rubber field two generations a*T"
Mi Tamasjno wse horn at Mo. IM Fulton
t, Manhattan, ?n Igfa and ?pen?,
practically all his life In Htm York. He
?as graduated from St lohs'S '''.He??
In ISM and ?as the oldest li.lng gradu?t?
Of tiie college. Me established himself sa
a broker and importer of crude rubber
.-..tin after leavinu OOlleOjS ana oonttased
the business until I?*!?:. He leave?? three
daughters-Mrs Thomas K. H'>sr<?s of
riushinn, LaSBgj Island: Miss Annie T
rn-iKi.o and Miss ?liace Timagno. of New
York -and tWO sons -^Jonn Tamairrn and
David Tamagno. of New York
Hv TMegrasS to The Trlbase ]
Plsinfleld, Conn. May SI Mrs Amy
M\on. itlnsty-flva ?/ears old, the oidesn
woman in sjummlt ft ' died vesterday.
she hsd passed ail hei ufe in gummit
and WSS prominent In Baptist as I
a? in temperance and mission wo-k
fBy Tel?araph to Tha Trlhuns.l
Newport. May 2S ?< able advices IS*
! her? by relatives of COUntOSO
D'Oitno.?., of Paris, say that the viscount
Is slowly recovering from an attack of
typhoid fever.
Carlton M Hol?n and Marlon P
Humphrey, I'. B. N. snd An.Ire?* Rohe.
eon. R. U. Ponanclt and r? B. Hunting?
ton are registered at the <^as1no
A A. Sa*-ks. of PrO?sMon<*sB, "as ?a
visitor I,ere t??Se
ftetslnal.i ?.'. Vamlerbllt was a lUltchSO
host si sand] Point Fat m yestSa-dsy
The ?t.,i,n yacht Naraia. ?ith Mr and
Mrs Pembroke Jone?. J*Jr and Mrs John
Russell Pope and Pembroke Jones. 1?
stopped here, to-day eij route from Bris?
tol to New York Trie Narada towed
from Hristol Mr. Jones'? new flftv-footer.
the ?'arollna, wht'h was officially put In
. ommlsslon by Mrs Pope
Mrs William H Parsons, of New
Tot% Is arriving on gat Ml da J
Mr. snd Mrs. S H Hrownell. of New
York, have rented the Hunter house. In
Washington street, for the summer
Mr and Mrs. K Rollins Morse of New
York, have arrived at Villa Kosa.
Mr and Mrs. San uel Mortis, |T . are
guests of Mrs. Joseph F Stone
Mr. and Mrs Walter Metc;iif. ,,f MOW
York, are guests of Mr and Mrs *'
Ism R Hunter.
Mrs Thomas H. Howard and fsmlly
have returned to N?w York
' Rv Te'es-THl'- te I '
LSSVOS, May I The S.-.-retarv of Com?
merce, wmiam '" Kedtlski, bas
an Invitation to address the n?rkslrr?
T'nlverslty Club In Pittsfleld on June |
Mis? Julia W. Rediield. II? slsier. na*
been elected secretary of 'he Ptttsfleld
Anti Tuberculosis Association
Mr and Mr? Richard R. Ro.vker. o'
Mew Y< rk. have arrived at the Outlook
CksWMga, for the season
Arriving to-day at the Red I.lon Inn,
BtOCkbrldga weie Mr. and Mrs V?lT*V>n
Brown, Mr. and Mr- v. a Marble,
Charles 0. Curtis and JudsOfl H. Wool,
Of New York, and Mr and Mrs Pi ?
R Hart and Mr and Mrs P M Mr II
I'rltzl Scheff. in answer to a :? ttOT from
Mayor Qaynor indorsing he: ?rar against
ti!,'...aid advertising, but expreaalng the
f-'.ir that she would forK-u him as goon as
he .;<*nsed to be Mayor, has sent him a
life pass. In her reply the <v '
Bttace time changas all things, permit me
to he a philosopher with > on aid
suggest th.at you also have a esre not t.
formet Kiitzl Scheff. '
William HsmmsratSln announce? tnai
w hen his roof garden opens on Monda
night the orchestra and balcony Wfll he
llluiniiiat.il onlv by soft white and
amber light*. He thinks the ii.im .,
Is only fair to the osmpiesioag of the
women in the audten? ?
V. /.legfeld, 1' , has completed the .
for the Mil series of The ZlegfeM Fol
,ie? Among those wh.. win appear hi
Jose Collins BtSShSth Brice. Rose Holly
Nai M. Wills, I.eon rirnl. .Mat'in Brown
and Krank Tlnney
Blanche Ring closed her run In When
Claudia Sn-il.?-" at the Illinois Theatre
Chicago, on Saturday Bight The :
ran for fifty nights. MlM King |
the summer at her home in Mamut one? k.
N ! In September sh.? ?Ill bsglBj B I ?
of ihe countr?. Including 8 Sam fork
etiKiigenient, In the comsdy, HSF '
will be under th? .lire.tlon of PtrSSSTtck
Arrongetnanta hsv? been made foi an
extra matinee of "lolsntha at the Co?
lino Th? ..tie to rala? moi ? ?"?ii
gulltvan Sen Tort Publie
I ibrarj Fund The parformence will ?ak*
salace "n Thuraday afternoon. June I
Abbott Lewis i. X1 M..I-"* WUUa
Andrew? Mai M
Knapp. Julia tl _
iBBOTT ' ?? Ms -'" raar
1..?is Low? v'' "; I ft the lut*
(?ra.e > un i'i.???ii Abbott, et Ne 141 Wetx
liNDREWS .\t Btaattord Cene Friday. M?
t ISIS, Man M *?c ? "' ?|"-'i?' I7 An
?lri-w- ral will sa
ut her 1st? r-si'- Uroad s? Mon
.1a?.. at 1! > ? ' Itfse*** ?WaMltsB an
... ?ii . ?' tram fl" RI Neu T? ? K
omit n<****o**i
KNAPP " ' . Il .
beloysjtt ?Mfc of t.?iah S Kiiii|>p and dauRh.
Mr of ti.? late larri and Jjllu 1! Apiir.
Funeral services s.' her lata resldeaoe, No
111 Weet UN a . H naaedai May T.. at
M Ml ItlHIi;?At SM River
on -'.. n i. M.. i Wllltem
M. Murtrie. bel? I , ? f H.lrti l
M. Murtrle and fallier of Douftea I M
Murtrte In ? u s*unera| s?-.
al No :<it Rlveratde i?n\>- to .iny ai i: aoeo.
Interment st Uaslilns;?nn I> .'.
BANOBR- Kaarj laymreoc* sanjer aa>.d 18.
s.?.?..mi vu ..f \lr .iii.l Mi- William c?, .?
??anK?r. sudden!) at cilftonforve, \'.. **\i?*-*ral
?ira, ?? . liurch. Br.-x.k
h n Mein1'??, on Tuesday moralag, Ma :;.
Ht 1" ?'? h? K
IHK \\???>i?l \-\ N (KMI.IF.RV
1 , i SU Bjr Harlsmi Train ?ne by TrolUv
OSSSa -'.. Steal .':?. I si n, \
Main Ol il' !. No, ci Naseau ?ire.t
i l'i'i.w n OFP1CB No i .-.i Broad r
aiM American Dlstriri Telegraph Odie?
H ?Ri RM "I" I? K N.. C7 Raal i '--h
Mieri \. ?!-? \\ . m IJ'. h ttreii im) ?4,0
'.'10 ?JV'esl lUO'h strest

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