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Baseball ** Lawn Tennis S Boxing <? Polo S Golf
Comment ? Games im Other Sports
Comment and Gossip
On Sports of the Day
McGraw Pays Mighty High
Price to Bolster Giants.
Yale and Princeton Nines to
Clash in First Game of
Series This Week.
By Herbert.
as J McQraa Is *rtai i I ? way?
of ! It tone and
time again in making trades and In
handling his men ? ? t ?>n
a aound m th.
that few mai - '?? to Interest
m on- that be is aillil
? baps, he
t?i bring about ?"inp particular end t"
?* hi.h h? i* worklna may again
I In trading Josh p.
- Fromme, a pitcher, on
l'i Ids ' ' be frank. I like it not.
Ion, or thai of any
r no
moment to the Ses de il
has been mad' fore, may
turn out for the beet In any
for mu? b adve? se i ritl?
eism. that M
? 1er than si Wl ..t he
want?, and la |
? lilt) to ?-'? I It suits.
Ii la plain that the manager of the
??iants Bas Ing s??me
pitchlng staff.
? ? or. in fact at any tin.
only more or rultfl
or decllnll - ? any
M i Iraw, it to get
Fromme for Ames and Devore, which
would have 'en a trade ov?r which no
es Ames has ever ben uncertain, while
olutely n?'e.i??d, with
?ieorge Burns doing so well in the out?
? le the most ot it. Ha
aolutely refuaed to talk business ?
Hemy ?'roh. a m??-t promising and
aas ii
lo?s Of I! .lr-,,1 look
:>!od. For the SSk? t
' n. who in the last live
ha? rarely won .in be has!
leal for Clnclnnstl, McOraw save up the]
only utility Infl? d< i ha?l left, now- '
that Shafer has been moved to II ?? out
A, the lit! n of
baseball has some definite plan In view
?at mlgM ito a
is handicap He is hardly th.- one!
t.? break up a combination,
lent, that Is working smoothly and j
constant! boot It Is
siMe that he bas an.ober trade In mind. I
or that Sink may ? from Mo
he "fin-"
with the
that Fromme may turn i I
th.? sacrifice of so ? ma?
Frank Chance las reason to f, ? I en?
courased He carried the Yai ?
the Western circuit with his pitching
staff ?hot to p|? si.fak. and
the gam
The team won three names out ?.f four
In, I" ; three in Cleveland,
? two out ?.f four in
- tralfhl gam? - wei s
It to the I'bicago v.
wite the Tsnkeea did ev< han
tor the Western trip
. ?
The ?? a ,,f
hard games with thi
and N.
outlet - > gloomy as .; was,
and the lop of the SS I in DOl SO
far away as to be discouraging.
The National LeagUS pennant ra< e is
Son that every
team hut visit?.1 the Polo Qrounds It is
the ?
se. Every club looks hsi
and Ju?t a ?lub has been hard
t?i beat Tb>- wesker '.am.- have bees
stransthened In ... case
Racing BBS not come into its OS
Filday. when tl : ?Belmont Park
are thrown ..pen to
f..r the ?Irai t;? ? ?? aprlng ???
but .. ?
made. It will be interesting to s
? ? ts after so In?
? - in anything
la?-k of participation, and s i
ment must be bull! up before the ? Id
glories of the ? sspected to
r?turn. ?ven If BUCh B thing
under the conditions Whll h HUM obtain
concsrnlng betting, lime thing is sure.
foundation laid
and the It "f SaUopIng thor?
BS strong'..
as it did five o: | ?ace those
who enjoy the sport realize that public
Iwoh making M not absolutely sei
ibat the) l'an g" to th.- track and
even a ka an oral wager without h
nee or poli. ? Ip. It la hoped
that this revival of auch an exhilarating
? than an
experiment, and, that racing will not
snd die a I o>v dl a"h for the
Iaik of support
Track and field athletic history is sure
to be made in the stadium at ?'ambridgc
on Friday and ?Saturday, when what
e the most remarkal s -? I
of Intel aames evei h*'!?i win be
run off. Record.-, are ?ike ) !?? fall if con?
ditions ai.- favorable, while the competi?
tion ;? i -??- t.. i.e of the keenest. The
comprehensive revisa and forecast pub
llshed m The Tnbune vest.?id.i> leaves
little to be said. The amazing s
which one of my assistants has had In
ssl four years in picking winners
leads to I - Judgment.
Under it,- i mees it would be sl?
lOOSt , ? IOUS on my part to en?
IS an opinion, and vet be brings I'enn
ie logethei
point apart, to bs exsct thai I
.no rev? ri ? der, Thi re la ??
n, too. I have a feeling that Relier,
the Cornell aprlnter, who Is un?.?aten this
mprovlng with <-vei y
race, will win one "f the dash? s snd 'f
? to ie the ease Cornell's
chance of winning the meet and capturing
ted trophy is particu?
larly bright. Everything else a.-i.ie. h
asrs Of track
' ir or five bsesbal] games will be
h which Will have a dis?
tinct bearing on the final ranking of the
? ? teams Y.r.c alii face Williams on
laj and Pit-" ston "n Bat ,i?i ly; Hai ?
v .n ?j d against i >ai tmouth
on Wedm and against the sl ;
un on i'i Ida). w bile '? I
Brown alii cross bats on Wednesday.
At this wilting, as has been tl.
weeks, it is hard to see boa Tale
and Brown can be kept out of th?
two i Tele
lias one of the i-r? at?
,t New Havi !? and one of tha
whi.ii ever played on ? ... >?;? diamond.
The vv Innli g of i renteen straight gam? s
and the losa of only one to a o
tins v.... speaks for Itaelf Oils and
Broa n ?are wonderful pitch? is.
? i i.p. The
? l fa-t and bard hitting; but 11
, .. Captain Blossom .s a natural
brilliant pia>er. He
? lie happy faculty of i m i -; ????t the
rom t1 ?? sdvlce "f the
coa? ? ? ? knowing when i" ? >
his ;, ? ? I hO? M ' ?? !'?' ?
-.it. t.. Inai. ? ?. and t.i
make them i espeel I gment. Y* Ith
smn and su? ii a li
non ??! t.. t.c pro id ?
? ? many i?
? and I am
toM by those who know that the
pla) - rs are not going I th? Williame
or into tlie import ml ? ? wltn
Princeton an.'. Hai rard s Ith s
? ,!l/e that th.- 'I
are alwaya hard to beat, and with i
..id ecorea t" rattle on th.- ?diamond the)
will take the field for thi game
agali Ne? Haven oi
? their hard?--! It w II ? issi ).
:d hitting lot at
?v Ing st> sdy im
n l'n- laat two or tl
although bad I) beaten b) Harvard "-i
Saturds). Their chief s ? ?
no t? Hing what win
tiapp. u und . .: ..f in- > !
with ids hand, Iva
i,.?, mi anything bul good condlUon Two
and "Bust? r
r.;?.? n would be hard '" find.
Brown tesm I onl) iwo
layed, but
both "f t to Vale. Which
any chance "i the nine from
? Blue
I this year The .-?-? ond game of I
? ? . ?
men at 11 ? they I
I <ome a handtcao of foui runs -.?.r?d by
I I'i own m the Ural - nina
? between
I la: v ai o oomed - in shutting
? ton J.v a score of ! to 0 on
\\ i ? -i r
... .? n,, m.- t he ? eg?
??.lew lid
Idlng the Tigers lo
and striking oui fifteen men
Ysli pen I hell <? ?? ? s
am? kind ol baseball
against the Blue th? if that ali?
tant -? i les w ill i.c v. mil? .i
us if. n far
from formidable thii year, gave Yale an
- . rda but this par?
? Yale team Just i?-.eis in e\ua
me 11ew ?.
it to all ap
? - Cha) les E.
same ..|?i wizard ii was
I he !'? d and Wh in away
in m Ha? v ard on Sat urday.
it ?- 'ime Dart tndrea from
Um n. .'. England Interco eglate Athletic
Association The <>rcei tia.-k team, in*
? non of Hai i y Htllraan, is
lar too su ong foi
D W K H ib? Mai i ard shares the
>easlv victories at base?
ball with Tun Keef? I teen straight.
s mai k .s not so spt? I
ng marked the last game
of the SOCCSr football season contested
by the Brooklyn Football flub and the
Newark i ooti.aii club yeaterday on the
croun?is of the West Hudsona sl llarri
N. J 't S'Sa the fuel tame of the
Nation.ii Football League's ssries, ani
resulted In fa? or of the Brooklyns by the
d')??- BCOrS Of 6 goals to 4
Keg. D. 8 Pat Off.
America's Finsst Ry:
iu^mJ handmade
Baseball Race
in Two Leagues
KAnOXAl ir.M.l ! ?.AMI*? TO-IUY.
Nr? i i.rk at BeeSSa
I'hlliiilelpliia at llronkhn.
st. I.oui? at ( In. ?K?.
?in. ii.n.iii at PMlaassgk.
( larlaaall. i. PMlakasgs? 8
( III. UK". Si St. I.Otll?. -.
- c ?
_l?l 9 ?? ? -?
- . S 11
1 ' - i
- E ? ? I
: - - ? : ? . j E ! I
?-_-_*.;,.= ois?.
I'll Ilia . .". ? 8 1 I ? 3 13-1. ?'?0
Bklyn I ? :i :' s o 6 :t 19 13 891
?t. I ..in. .' ii ?I V 3 4 1' B II lfi .8-8
Nr? York '.' I 0? 8 1 "> - I-% It -? ? 1 ~
? bicaao ..: n y s i ?l"8i si's imi.-ii
I'ltt.b'Kh . I .: I~1,~S? 0 4 1? IS .':..
Boston . I t t I 0 4 ? I II I . ?u
(Inc'nati . 0 I ! 2 2 I 2 ? 10 >.*. .'?8?
?... josl : 13 lfi 14 17 11? 17 IS
\mkkk \\ LKAOVE OAMBS t?)-i>\y
Huston til Vf? \ ork.
Detroit lit St, I nul.
? li i< lie o ut < I. > >l in.I
\\ ii-hlneti.n at riiihidrliihla.
RSCSrLTS OF ?.?.Mis . isimpAY.
? i>.\.-Lind, Sj ? Ills laa-a?. I.
Detroit, I, St. I oui?, i
lletrolt. B| M I "ill?, fi.
IMBR14 \\ ii:\?,i g si INDINO.
2t I
s ?
" ?= ? - ?
S? O'Ba ff
< l.irlaiiil
\1 H??h'toii
< III. ne.. .
S| 1.1,114.
\.... .orU I 1
(.?. teal ft It
I 1 -
I ?
1 I
8 I
1 7
: s
7 4
.( t ? :i I
U 2.1
I -I
2 s |
Factor in Victory of Indians
Over Baltimore Nine.
IM I.Kn 11IIIN M II \?,l K
?, IM KB r?? DAY.
Neirwrk Ht Hull lui,.rr.
,ler4r> ? its .st I'r.n idrm-e.
I ..f.inlii at Munir. ,1
Ko. Iir-trr at H.irTalo
RBat'LTS ??I i.XMl-s n*TIKli\l.
??'?TWO***, .'. Hull Imorr. I.
Jera?] t'Hy, ".-. Preside nee.
|.|r.uito s?. Montrrtil
?I WMIV?, III I 1 \*.|?4
?. I . I'? ST. I
Beffelo li? I : .?i:i rrot VSfee 18 IS
Ve.wirk .'?? || .MS li.tiini.? II I:.
llnltiiiinre 17 I? JJI8 M<.iilr.-iil I ; 111
I(iirhe.|er..l7 l?i ,.M.-> .1er? fit 7.11 IS
. ralnl.
? ? .
Tii?v Newark Indi . ?? over
Do** Sunday crowd I
terda iftei efeatlng 1
In -i | Itch? ??* battU of Z 1
tro the
? - and the) did excellent ?soi k
Hi Meyers t!
Won the K.itne I
B s:i . ?
trips to the plat? te M pie ?n
the fourth Inning that drove li
the i ?
in the ninth Inning .-. faal do ? ?
by Newark < ui Bhort lora rally
after it- ........ - . ? ? ,- .1 one m.iti OVOT
the pinta
The S"'..i e follOS ?
abrh po as
ill i te Mai
W Zlm n. If 3 I 1 .
Myira, rf 183 1 10
? It.
?kit. hlaon.p IBS 1
H Al.TIM? "M
.i a
? '
4 0 0 1 0 "
i .
3 11 II"
loo i no
i ,, n n i n
it ..
., ,,
Mil ? 18
n n o i?S
. i i
?-n rifi < hita dagnlei ' Zimmerman Stolen
\\ /inn. ? ?
mee hila
? ? M | -
'it II
N i
.,,... flat ? ?
4. Baltimore, fl Tu
- ? ?ran
I.. ? ? :
. ?i
Doescher Baffles Providence in
Well-Played Game.
i. seraph te 1 h. 'I ri? un. ]
ri. -vu], i,.. Ma ? -? InsMUty to hit
Do?eScbei aafel) ?an the main rauee of
? defeat that Providence suffered st the
hand?. .if Larry Bchlafly'i bind ol J?
the flret m. wliiK of the t< sn ?
in this ''ll> 'I bl SCOI ?? w .. - . In I
The BCOrC follows
ahrh [.o a ? a i I. pose
Vaughn, m ISI - " i. l'lato-, if a .i'? III
?, li t ?. i n |l Powell, .f.. 4 ii n a " o
I I ?) ? .. 0 Shi .:, tb . ? 'i 1 I :? i
"., a, '.'10 i ii 'i M< Int] rs if 4 I "
if 4 .i j i o >. i: . .i,?i..?. n, 3 'i
Perry, et . 4 o i 4 10 Bauman ?- :? I ?) I I .)
I' irte?, 3:, 4 n ? I IS M. l <-i HI..II.3'. ? * I 14 1
Blail . ?SB 3 I.nal ??. ? II : i. ft
,i , i u l ?
: .
... . ;|\ .1 II
.1 II
.1 i ii n n ., :
i . ?.
lata. - blafly, Two-bass hits?I'ur
lo E IVli ii..?? S't'i k
I iv Hal!^>. ; scher, 1 Ha?. ,..i
<>rr Hail.). :i oft Dooecber, .*i Wild
. ? . - ..?. hi i nit t.. i?, tier Bj
(Schtefl) . I n ??' I ,??.srs lei
. 'in . i I .ii ,,n baa< s? Pi i
lime ..f Bam? | ,.. i ?i ?
an i M.i. .i. b 's...
Pirates Blanked in Battle Be?
tween Benton and Adams.
Cincinnati, May tl Cincinnati defeat?
?i Pittsburgh here to-day by a score ..f
i t.. n la a iiKht pltchera' battle between
Benton and A.Ian:.?-, the former having a
?hade ?he beat of it.
The lone run Ol the K?me came In the
fourth Innin?. Batea, Rrst man up fur
the I'.eds. tripled t.. deep left and Mine I
BOOB after oil Ht-srhei .?? ?niik' BaCliflcC I'
to Hoffman. The Piratea thraatenad in
?-e\eial Inninga, but Benton ?as able to
nop all Impending batting rallie.?
The scure follOWl
sl.rh po s. b poas
Bates, rf.. 3 I i 1 88 Certj If 181
' "" II ffm.it: . f . 4 0 0 4 10
Maraani lb 111 11 ?ft \'i x. Sb 3 an no
klmeida I
Be< ksr, i f
H.rajh'r ?? 3 0 ft
Tinker, s?
Oroh, -'1.
rrterke. e
Benton, p
181 ', |l 'A aun. i _
lot 3 of Miller, n .
I 0 U INt.n. rf
i *> Bjrrns, 3
0 Klmor : o o 5 18
i '. A ama, p ..881188
ZSlKclley, c .
H.ii.lru. p.
ft ft n
i | | ?
i o ft :
300 0
4 ft l n ? ft
4 ft 0 100
?0 1 0 10
Totals. ,.M18*Ma88| Tet?is. ...SS88M7I
?\ loi out Mi bj batted he I
?daclnnatl 8 <? S 1 a S S S n?1
I'lMhl.tiruh . n o il o ii n o (i i, ,i
ru.il,??? hit Carey. Tnrce-ta??* hit
Hits .iff \.Lti,4 :, in 7 innings, off
Hamdsia, n-??hinsr in 1 li-nin? SacriS ? Bl
l.i.iir.1. pte] Huffman ... Miller
'??i .... m?. ? Ptttsbureti ? i ?in.-'upHti. *j
Fir?, ?.ase on tal!??--< >fT li. ntun, 1 Stru k out
I ten ?. 4, bj Benin .y i -apirse Hi?
.t; and 1-. nn. Time, 1 ??.
McLoughlin Changes His I
Tactics^ with Success
Plays Back Court Game and
Wins All His Matches.
California Lawn Tennis Player
Puts in a Strenuous Day
of Practice.
Maintaining a position a' lb?- ba? k of
the court. Maurice B McLoughlin, the
national lawn tennis Champion, tin-t vvitb
unexpected auccees In both alnalea and
doubles yesterday in practice matches on
tii- turf ?.f the Country Club of West
cheater. In the moi ir-.
fsshlonable gallery, McLoughlin paired
Theodora Rooaevell P< I ind the
two acorad f?>ur swiftly played
against Raymond i' Little snd Harold
ii. Hsckett the men nominated for the
Davis Cup team, iv the score of I t I
In th? afternoon M ' I > niKhlin
t....k on Pi II at singles, sinning I
straight seta .?t ?. i ?> i. ?v?4.
The great play? r from I ' i ? ?.
plained bis method of playing the eOIM
petitions by asylng that be felt that hi
chief weakness lay in back court arorl
snd thai ins ground atroksa nesdsd plent;
?f exercise Ha has I.n eompsting si
asphalt throughout ths winter, and a
that mu? fa..- girea the bail a high bount
ha was swars that ba needed a lot n
work so as to pick the ball up surel)
close t?. tii.- msund.
The Australians, In the estimation "l
M? Lougblin, nie gura to stroke the ba!
for low- bounds. He said that be wo |M
continue to play ?!.? back c.urt ?game,
IgSinsI H Norrls Williams, als?? ?.I
tin- Amsrienn team, in their special naatcn
in Boston to moi rOW,
Kven m Ibe vapid rallies McLoughlin
never crossed the midcourt line yester
ii.i-. He devoted blmaelf at all times t.?
driving both fioni bis fore band snd back
band His ateadlnssa wna remarkable,
and it contributed to his defeat "f Pell,
whon ed, as the lattei ? ame In
t.. the m-'
in the doubles the smashing <>f Mc?
Loughlln from deep court w.?s unusuall)
B.i He favored the alleys, planting the
ball at the i.-.'t oi either Little ot Hackett
w eg rai ?? a-. ura? i, Uttle's v.. ?
the point winning stroke on h s side of
th.- i ? ? - tnd Hackett were
.it titile.-?.
Keene and Captain Miller
in Fast and Furious Practic
at Meadow Brook.
and furl? th? Mes
Uro..k four contributed two minor a
to the practice on the held of
John B. PI st Westbu
Inland, -. ? lei Isj in a Mltlon I
win.i ..n automoMle
II, whli h, fortun ?
sf th? i ???
Keene. who played N
"tiui'k In ' - ?
Bed from his
ball 111 the thll'l 1 ?
y.. ? fron" * ? ?
le. M.,: ?? U .1. rbui v .
.ah? II. makin?
- ? ? Keen? ras ? 11 r.-?
In Its | > -, ?. ere ?
and the gan
Um?- from
. **.
. ?..:?. ?? i? M-..!- r, d. a
tVestmlnstei s i
the aeventh period, He was
? ? ? ? ? ? a Ins l
. ?
m bis se '
?i ?? : ain and bs i lo be s
' ?
i ? ? finish
..ut t . t ft
was t?Hought thst
OS? n sd I? d to the list
ted that th?
the elgh)
H.,tr\ P mon ai
. up He had th? m in ti
? ttional formation Al No
: fVsterbury led ? itack with tl
No 2. Mont? Waterbui Tl - N'? ?". wi
Tb.- lin? ?up of ti ?
i at tagi
1'ci V
The play Ini of th? oppoalns f?*ur w-i
almoel .
Meado v n.kl The) woi bed ?
"?, followed the ball well, end ;
the nsi ro
?i snj n sf ?? . goals to ?? Mai
. at back w ? blmsei
snd be frequent.ked l ?? whlrisrin
? of Mill.urn In ..n.- of the period
soi rode Llane, a Tessa i ? ?
Paul Hilh- v s..;.| In FrSDCS for MM SS
then when It dlsplnyed wonderfully ?.
the polo tii id be bo ight it bai k fot I I ?
i now iii.' propert) of Itevei
- ?
Altogether the Mesdow Brook fou
? tlonal foi m Th? b woi
was sharp and ?lean snd ? is frequentl
applauded by the Engilah playera, vh
wat. bed tl s match from the sl
Profit by Errors of White Soj
and Win in a Walk.
Chicano, Ma) -'I Hard 1.11 r I n ?f by tb.
i i combined with poo
fielding by the white Box, nave a vinor?
to the visitors in a lop-slde.i K;im. her?
to-.lav by B SCOTS Of I m 1.
Mitchell, although shak) once or twice
was effective m..Kt of the time, vvhll?
none of the three Chicago I'M1 hern rout?
prevent Cleveland tilts whan the) mi ml
RuSSell, who began the game for Chi
cago, aras knoeksd senaeless by a pit.-he.!
ball in ths atsth inning, snd althougli
. ere.l after a tune was unable 1*1
finish out tbS game.
Tile score follows
?? ? ? ' .... ?< f ,. i ? i i.? ? ?
.lohn?t n lb BI S : . " M..tn? If IBS I II
("piiian. ?? 4 2 ? ? 3 fl Hi-mi-i M IBS I It
Olaofl 3i. 4 2 1 i I " I?.?- 1. 3t. 4 0 0 0 0 1
Turner ID 4 11:.' B|<~ollln?, if I 1 1 4 C 11
la ka n 't '? 1 I ? " " Kournli i it. 1 n o ?, ? "
Rvaa ? " :. ? ? i ? o to\A*r, th.... 1BI 4 : "
fJraaey, if * n I i IB Polle, rf..... |B1 t to
lY.VeH?, ' r?? n J !" Hath 2h ... ? 0 1 f> ? 0
Mitchell, p 3 0 0 1 141 Schalk, c. ..ion ? no
iRnaMli, p. loo 6 2 1
Hem. p.BBB I 11
I *l??r.ne. 10| o 00
[smith, p.... BBS 1 J0
Total?. .40 8 15 ~7 II B| Total?.M ?
?Mattel for BSaS in the ?ever,'h
Cleveland . ... O O 0 1 O I 4 0 2 ??
(*hi.?Ko ,. a o o o*i o o o a?i
Two tn?e hit?-I'hapii.n; la ?"SOU, COlllaS
HI - ''f Ruasen, 1 in B tantas*; off Bern,
4 in I irnniK. Bmllh, I In -.' Innir.?.? s;, rlflr?
hit? /,ei,i?r. Oteoa ?acrtace n\ iio.iie.
str,i?n i.ase? -ttath. Jackaoo Doable ptaj ?
Turner, ?'liapiiian ?nd John?t?n lint.? ?,.i
Lall? .?f: MltctMll, I off Hmltn. -J. Hit by
pltch?i H\ Mm hell iKu??eil? ?Xract i
Mitchell. 3; ??? R law 1 2 I'?-?-.I I,a|i
Ub Time. tlOft, I ??pires Innern and
i . rgueoa,
Cleveland, ,1. Kt. I.oul*. 1
> ? i?
New ?lawn. 2. Ilartf?r?l. I
I'ridgeport. I: Holyoke, n
Uaterburv. 4. Springfield, 0.
B??ehall To-dar, .', M F' M N Y Anwl
ca.ii? v?. ijudou. l'yio Ground?. Alm. juc.
Beats Condon in Singles?
Bacjcjs and Voshell Also Win
at Lawn Tennis.
Mer'ill Hall 'allured the RronT
law n t? ? f and
.up m sti,ni;bt sets yeaterda) on the
? ;? .if..ni l'ai k i.aw n Tennis
??) id in ib. final of ? m? nt Hail,
th.- f,i m. r Ne? te ch implon.
i- ' "ondon. a v eteran of
New Vork University, by the score of t I,
' ?
The doubl? s tub s d? I after
!? r.-icri k C 1 - ind s Howard V*o
sheil defi l : ?Paul k. M? Arthur
M. I/?V ll.:. ".. M..m:ll . l'air.
? . t. ?? ;, .: t The ord? ? of
teat waa L bond,
Voshell, Mead and >3aggi The swiftly
:' Mead and Lo? Ibond
softer Bagas and
... , | . ? . ? .
leys, . esecil
tion b. his dl iv ing
? ? ?! s . I, ;
at drlvlni ?> ? ? sa In
tie at - tb?
He only
In the I * ' rid th.- fourth In ttie third
eld I th? ba k ? f tha i oui t,
.- 'ondon as the latter "am" up to
a hi : ? return. A. J. Ostsnd -
? of both th? ?
The point
? ? lame* i
1 7 I 10 4 8 J 2 1 -7 ?
I I I :. ?? I ? ?'.
.? :: 3 ? 1 3 0?11 1
!, , . " i i . i < t ?
Condon .. ?? ?? ?'? - "il" '.1 .'!
folio? -
??.;:?. ?1
I ... loi ? I ?
H. C. f k I ?at ?
? . . ? v ? i J ?V ??- 1
Howard v - ? ? ? ? o
i, i
M? ? I
1? B?1, i?4
Chance Trades Lelivelt and
Stump for Peckinpaugh.
Prank I. ? ' s I IS made the first of
i to be a asrles of trades
i.id up the Yankees snd make them
.m cont? mi. i s foi nest ) esr s ;
'I HOI thla W ill.am Stump, th ?
utility Infielder, and lack Lelivelt, ibe
b.u<i hitting m ider, have been
ii ided to the ' i---eland Na
toi Kogei Peckinpaugh, an Infielder ?fj
, h experience, who i- expected to be
of much lervlte In bolstering up the m
Ttie men w ill j..:n
theli respect! a teams to moi i on
Reinforcing the Innei battlements has I
b? i n the one K' ? al problem foi < 'I
t.. solve salde ru.m his faltering pit
Ing stall To begin erlth ins own legs
went bad and fu wns forced to retire,
snd Hal i baae, who s ?pli .-.i toa ai d
guarding second base, proved t?> *.?? s
llarttell, a ho started th*
season aa third baseman, fell down with
ii dull I bud snd slni ?? i 'laud., i itri Irk
bad ths ml r<? j t m? to be spiked m the ;
band life waa one darned aetback sftsr
an..11 .
While Peckinpaugh mai bs lual the
man Deeded to lift the fankees oui of
the rui the 'fans'' ,i.i tt.pinion
?int ? 'lev. til th- better ol the
?bai. it i? we;i known thai Birming?
ham, managet of the Naps has asked
foi waivers on Peckinpaugh several
times and wns sbout t.. ship him back
to Toledo, ll?- im s lair Infielder, rating
entb in t m- shortstops, with an s i er?
no- of '..'I for slxtv-nitie games, but he
tl.-ver set the league "II lile HS a hitter
and clouted ?rnlv '.'1 ! last l SSI,
st imp ai.in.mpsres fsvorsby with
the i'i'-'i'iand man '1'iue, ib.- fanke?
n..i ,-. wonderful Infielder, and his record
lasl rssr showed that he msde fourteen
.?m.is ni III chanc,.-; m twenty-eight
He batid .'i'i Lelivelt t?'ok
pa 11 in ibii t v ,\ games fielding IB]
..inking fifteenth in the outfielder a
wiiiie he wns sixth In the batting i si
?.?.s. with Mg fourteen pointa behind
La lois it is believed that the Kaps
will use Lelivelt chiefly sa a pinch hit?
Arthur M ?'riffln, chairman Of the tour?
nament committee, announced ysstsrday
that It had been decided to hold ths an- i
mini open meeting of the Engtew.I
Kiei.l Club, ?d Englewood, N J., m
usual. Ii had prsvtousl) been announce?!
that the meeting would take the form "f
an Invitation lawn tennis tournament
The competitions will begin Tueaday,
-June 10, and continue to the end of the
week As the women's national chain
plonshlp Is scheduled for tii- same week
the usual competitions for women will Im
omitted this yesr
___^^??ja? PHotS ?r.d term?
mtm \ le ?un i'.. i'?i'?
m^^^^^B^ by flipeil Me
rhan'.. >
The Brunswick?Balke?Collcader Co.
tk-2i Hen J.'d Sl.. ncsr 11???. >?w ?urk.
Sprints on Home Stretch and
Wins Half-Mile Race.
Big Crowd Sees Keen Contests
at the Annual Games of
the Postal Clerks.
James K. Meredith, of the I 'ni ver-lty
of Pennsylvania, who won tbe ?O'-tnette
run in Stockholm last year and srent on
ItSbllsh a new World's i?o?d f..r the
half mile, captured th- half-mile special
race, Which was a feature "f tbe annual
tra.k and Ibid gmmt s "f tbe New York
PootoAce Clerks' Assoclstlon, held at
? Park, Long [aland City, ?? st.'rday.
Meredith kept behind th< psoesaskers
mtll ths lina! lOtVysrd stretch eras
:. ici ed, When he sprinte.! If on
the wini?s of the wind. t<> take the
and win by Be/SB ] a' tU
Homer Baker, th.? junior half-mile met?
ropolitan champion of the New fork
Athletic ?lui., faltered ill the Btretcfa and
was pasaed b) Meredith, t<> finish meoond.
Tom Halpln, of the Boaton Athletic Ae>
.?ion. captured the third position,
? ?? behind Bsker, with ;
Ca Id well, .. clubmate, fourth, and Abel u
Kiviat. the national mile champion of
the Irish-Am.Ti.an Athlet!? Club, fifth.
Melvln W Bheppard end Myles McHugh,
..f th.- Pastlmi Atl ? ? made up
? . . | ol -',?'. hut faii- I ' ?
fight, M Hugh
Int* after corerlng a ? half.
Mannes Kolehmslnen toed the s'.rat.'ii
nd a Held ..f twenty-flre corn
tors ?n the ' P tnn,
l .? ;..4i'. .1 at the ?tart, and was [<
. ? i honors John
.1 m Samara, <<r the Irieh-Amerlcan
: ad an all "
? ?;... pina b)
Kolehmainen made a wonderful effort
t., i. . ? ' i'iar
tit m.].. T..m Barden, another I
li i han runner, was third, eighty yt
behli I. ilnen was timed f t I
distance In n mln
.? ? h was five and Ono-flfth -?
hind the world i mark, held by <??
Ron hair Had Kolehmainen taken the
, i ?? 01 ?? ??? i loiuri] In the > srli -'
n.. would Lave, beyond a doubt, chalked
? w mark for the distance.
i'... i, ?!,. - ?. ; b th? - eesful
, ? ':.;,t.-d by t. . -i .flbdals. as
more than three hundred athletee were
entered, wbit-h Included i ibera
? R, iton athl? tic taao latlon and
! of ?-'.me
tv4.i\e thousand p
d. ep around the
James n Dun an, of tl ?? Bradhurat
Field who won th? Hi - ".row.
Olympic style, si i Mat1 M<**3rsth, of the
Irish-American Athletic Club, who |
hammer - feet I li
? than two feet behli I
| the proml
R, B. GUI the one-mile metr?poli
fan and national walking ehampion of the
? Idin iv ..um. a i i steh
In Hi.- on?' and a half mil? ?. run.
? ? ? ? ince eras too steep, and he
inpla ad Pli at pla ? ? went to Ted
Neuendorf r, of the N'en Tork Athien.*
. ?. who had a I start, with K
F. Uearn, a clubmste, aascond
W'iilam M.'.inlx. of Coll gs who
h..;.!.? the quarter mile chsmpionehlp of
msde tu k itsrta In the final
pulled i.im down to a two-yard hand! a;.
He wa-? pocki ? ' .1 time?
I In third place
The aummari? i follow :
Nit'. ? : F.
' ?? ur.N. second '
.?-n. rldan \. > ? (184 yai
?nil.. n,n o.- " ?.?
- His-h
Scl eel ihlrd. Tin ? ? > ?
....... >..-.,?
?tic I^aaruci?Won by A. Lockweod .'?i
t...in \ \ llH
?'? A . ." ? || J Un ir. i. Knights
Intbouy (13 ysi la), tt.u.i Time,
i Uli B
i ' elf mils ?alk fhandl. ipl u'.-n
..\ r. i N. ? . -. r'. a . ' .'.'
K. F. K.arn Ne? V,.rk A <"" .4.'. BBB*
B 1-8
..?? ...?:.
Hoboken Turners 114 yards P H ? ?? ban Pae
A .' (13 yarda), second
i s. 0:33
! .. ...ird run iha
\\ ? -. Ism P. O
second: W McLaughlin, r.-it-rson, K. J ?is
thud Time, B:38 : S
'.'. .,n by
? owksr, Olsn. do ? i ::.
J Murphy, Km ?r.- i it) v.
? Kenn? s City Wheel?
?... third Time, IB :?;
l.iHMi v.,ri rui by J P.p.?,
I if, j
\ ?, (IS yar If) si I
e A. C (40 yards) thud
13 ? :,
-? ? te ?. il il
employes) Won tu I? M
? i mu! il F tat Ion "'s
rin*, Ti.
Time 4 '
il.ilf mil? rim W on b) I K
?r \. a
Vwu a . ' second r H il-? n, M. ston v ' a
? n.i. i. |
AS. 1 It Klvlst, !i \ l ? fifth
1 Ml ? '
mile r .n (handicap) Wen by John .r
mei lean \
K?*4< hm l'm n, Iris \ in A ? ?'
I Ton Barden, trlsh \n:??ri,-ari
a .' .1?-. yar Is) third rim.. ? ? .::
n rowing the dlsrus ...
end h m ?,.."i.i. w An bj l m ss H
Flsld . I il. taereti h), srith -.'47 ?,.,..
18 m i sa; i. '. han i ion
f.-^t 7 In,-hp?!. K Mull.r. trlsh V
241 fesl
1 II '? ? ? II In. bee; left han,!, !.. -, ?
n. leb ? \ in A i*. ?go
HI reel 2 Inches Ihlrd (rlchl hand. 114 feet'
? ! I".: ?.. t 2 II
Hiinnln? hop. stet> and lump Woe M V
' ?stlme v r il?. Inrhee) with )7
f...- '.' Im bee; 1 Let v. Olem as k. C
?ith 4.1 feet 4'? Inches, ?. rond H t
N '" n tl A C IB reet), with '4.'! feel TV
Throwing sliteen-pound hammer ihaadsoaal
Won hi M.ttt m .?tilth. Itish-Ameiiran \ C
(scratch) ?oh IM reel I Inches Pal man
Irlsh-Amerl. in ? 1 .?m, -s- ,,,?,
I in. bes, s.-on.i. K r Sherman, uns
IM f..;.. s/lth ni feel II lachee thli
Columb is, I; Mllwsukee, 1.
Kans.ii <\t\, IS; Louis? Ule P
Minne.polls. I Indianapolis 0
St. Paul. I; Toledo. 0.
announce thetr removal from Brotdivay
and b2nd Street, Ne<w York, to
Iwav, 51 si St. & 7th Ave., N. Y.
ivhere the business <wtll be conducted by
Healey & Company
CfiAssis. limousines, Undaulets. touring
And other cars. Also complete stock of
sp*re pdris. Genenl repair business
is heretofore.
Blow to Jaw Killed Fighter
Autopsy Reveals.
Pelky and Others Concerned in
Fatal Calgary Fight Liable
Under Law.
''algary. Alberts, M -. ,:,_,, .
neck caused the death resteidgy ,
Luther M.' m M
Arthur ,v': ? rtaonum
' ' ? ?n autoc!
conducted bv Dr M< tiler al ths reauM?
of < 'oroner ' oste
The Phjrsl? ' thai d?ath ?>
doubtodly bad to? ? ttl? .. . "
cated neck snd that -
to bs sound k clol | 0n ^
brain aided in convincing the P|
thst death ? ?
the heart.
Jab to Jaw Fatal Blow.
Shortly after the contest begSS Vestir?
da M ? ?harp jab te th?
law, which M nt r. qotekty n
-? d any pain
?snd h.- . ?,.?, (or haJi
;l ,nln ?' ass tot.
lowed by Pelky s ? .,, thp heart
iget tha
? atlon of
la the fan
Which I ilowl) ar.d
did not sink.- |
'..-right, and
after ' ' M be?a
seil ijjt
nishl ? The ph;.
b ?? MM
i raptaras of
the splnsl ? or.I SI rage of th?
i '? ' ? ? Idenee will b? Pro
.it the formal Inquest to-morrov.
Others May Be Involved,
Th<* < : --.,- to-ni|ht
that all pr I |sl under ths
IS a?*?'.--.?
I be placei
? Tommy ' romotsr; Ed
1 ?Smith -. ar.d BU7
- Mc arty. lhw\
?fl tlm?.
a 1 ? ? frenfa Ma
I authoi Itlea It wa? hell
that It was under t.i?
jurisdiction of the :? :-? snd
ittendaf ths
contest, none, bowevei I that?.
was UlOgaL
The ot Pslkey will not bo fir
??no-igh radi ?. tried st ?fas a>
? w alttlng, ' '? all com?
up in October ?.?- I 11
Select yeuf necessities early -or
Decoration Day bi : t! - week-end
h lidayi Dont wait id* the ruia
at the last minute.
1 .? rsrM
111 n**
?'?' loton
kin ?- ' ',<:
< VI.?IV li\?.??
. . < Ht? ??CB
SHOI *? - \l*?S*!L
t .-.. |S ;.... 16.00. I I'"""
I EV r/.-i/;//-v -
Th* "?Sc rot it and
I lir ?? r 1 '
' I? \th : 11 ?;?.??-? r ? r?
_ _ ??????
I24-128 NASSAU *T 5 : : - FTH A\
Tribune reader? believe in The Trib?
une. Is anvtn.ni* m ie essen?
tial in the Used Car Held?
Tribune If? tor Wants ?ire ?cell Ml
by an audience of treat
purcliasin?; cauaaty.
I.O ?.?It M \M \S \1 rOMOBltS?
. ???*
,p..vti and vv.. .ir range :
s ; RA CH ?.ROI ? ">? ***
mNvka?*-SKLLERS \l rOMOBILl <" ,
11,111 l?r.?ii?lwu>. I'I net : ??? ?
PACKARD ''-?i? f"1 Mrs laU ?- ^?jSt
4a- ,? *..?., Idoal ro .1 ? ,
?bi? pri LOMl Al'RK l'A' KAI
[NO CO ?-?". W?
Haya?), Tel , colun *?-* ~z
RENAULT i.vM.Mi.rr. 20
overhauled an,I ; ' "... ' pj
? b) lbs moetl OARJ
\\ -..-i .*4th ?t. .
\\M\ HIRE 1 ? ? ?
w.?k or month. i-Maonabl? UM ?"oiumtt??
Packard Cars For Hirt
l?l? IMi ii?l:i MOBI l ??
Telephone 3650 Bryant
Hess Bios. Auto Re ting Servid
?it M r:sT 43iti? -r.
Mint iea?.?nabie and uP-t.? ?late tarin*
m the nt>. _?
Pope Hartford
1911 7-Passenger, 50 H. P.
1911 Undaulet, 50 H. P*
MAJtl hkfkk
Pope Motor Car Co.
for Th? Tribun? r?.?i\?d at th? ,? p'?j.
??(Tire. Ne, I1S4 Broadway, r>?-tw*en 3oii *?,
?lih ?ta., until u o cluck p. in. i

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