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Variety of Competitions Listed
for This Week.
?frivers to Try His Hand for
Honors Over Links in
Ramapo Hills.
t oompetltlone aie nn the
,,? far tn<- goifei? ..f 'he dis>;rk't this
._ sitb lbs :.?--' fhree days devoted
,n, tinual invitation tournament of the
Sub. After the New ?forh
?"soasase! ''''i{ (,uhs ?-????-??-?y tourioms
isjsjBir' I ' ?n ? ?? ? '?- the worn?
a*ssti*ees ?1 i; ver ?S?d iron ?ill hold
a temii match to-morrow at
... ' I and Thurs
tw? : - tournament
,'.'them at bunwo
-?aturda: It will be
... Ken ?' *? ' champion, was the wla?
_s m Um Klrhby to
nan P.
er champion, ?*
_sas by K rkby In th ? - ? test a
fso see mpetltors a 111 app? er, how
iii i. Travera, who seems
habit of winning the
in the
v? u be Mas
, ,i .- OUth, who
tor the
UmUt c '? ' " '?" '"?''
s ?? ho probabl) ?*?. ill in
I i ich II Thon-.
..i the Metro
- Lee, of the
...and Ixuils Livingston, of ??Vesl
Iamateui cham?
tournament a thing
Golf Club ??il!
I ?? ial In?
? -
' ghteei
? Held and
- ? ? ? -
Satui 'a? the
' '
Lively Brushes on Speedway at
Pleasure Drivers' Matinee.
loses \1 M
?fi of ?
r?? rat
latlon "i? f..? - ?
??Island ? ?- v Hunt's
fut Ma
in s ?; ?
?Sf '
1 1
? Drum I?
> :'
' ?
- .
? i g i.l W M
? ? m .i V. Hunl
- -
' ' ?
? ? It?
, ?.-....
.- - A
stNaesB, b i iK. R<
rtaa i OtH, :
IV ' \L
-??:,- I. V. Hunl
...... i W la
: | 1 es. 1 ". v
ta blnsen?
Uau|ht ? William O Nelil
'lime. 1:06
l.v ,
*tr.tr y . g (K. J. LB PlSOS).
.- .. i
--!?? ? -? ? v- m (William o * i
_M I
???' . tracker)
Ms. Ur*t
? I:1X 1:11
?V Wiiune h , .?p.. Allen, jr.| 2
P_ ?-* Kuhlman- . . 1
' '? .1
liase z ?. i S8?S.
i i
2 3
1 1
2 2
J?pan, France and Holland in
Clashes on Courts.
*mr> ' ' *-rs of Japan Prssee
?N Heiiand added i f an later
?ttior,?! conteal to the Manhattan .ham
PoDihip to '?lament yeeterds:
' "' S'en V'.rk i.awn TennlaI
J*k ?*" . '?val The Japanese
j[**- sad ? the cup stnslee
?Mssrhoff defeated T Nakayama, one
*-tha ?tars of the Nippon I
*? The Jepaness fai *d to pul at? mu.h
?**-*<! to bit driven a? his American op
jBMat h **, Robinson defeated P I??
Ph.lie the Frenchman, alao in two
*??*. at S : g?i.
, K van Kerk, the Hsllsadsr, fsred
?"?tter in the Handicap ?ingles W ?
^r"\of r defeated A C. Hssey
H_j * re of ? 4, ?v?i Van
*a* stiong and h"night off hi
****8l sell from
Tfl* tummai. fo
-? ?*''.'" n?n?Plonship ?ingles lArsl reun??
4- Y, S."*" ? ??I.
?blnson d.teate.; !' De .-?
8?1 L H Bianjera Isftsisl \ S
-i, *?3; <; Biini
laup "" ''f- ?" ? \ ' sfeeted
*? ?Ja1"" -uyama. 8-8 *_-/, p??.]
f-*it ??*?>?"?"? Edward a Qutathss by Se
SssSTsJs*11! !r"'"' ???r'rnsnn dsfeatrd King
.????I- '
H IV. Robinson d?f?at?(1 II
^?ajhiwP,,,lni' ??" '"r?' round)- H w -.-si.
Sf? ,V' ?.*''?<"? I N -. Ls?y rlus 18,
r Ran?,' ? Brennan, puis It, <l?-i>at?-d V
*f?3s ?i t,lu> b,lf ?*"- *-*?? :~* *- 2- ?-' N
f*? tiiif'in Lf Vl ^-t**'* Phall?
"???I M a ' H"lan.| R?\ riii.iid, plus
**-. a ;''?"?" ' Bleesineer. scratch, 8-0.
sas?. w ? "? p!,J'- boit II defeated J i
?''??l 'il a?. ''" i1 r~ -?? r- f A ?'hill.
**?:. *!? ?."'"' v' ' Mahnkeo scratch.
*?t?4 r ''?', '" Btsveneon, scratch, d?
**?: t ii nW|','*-r" Boyd, plus half ao. S-l,
v-*t It i?_li0*rr**- clu? '?* ' '? HIM.
V-VM ii ; " ? i "?? ?
r r?)V :,? ??"* ?? nij? 3". ?? ?
v frt-T-'
* i.
Tsrsons. plis
r A Mult, plus li. defsaf I
?a^'""? plus half M, ?_4 t~- '
I *?Bobina , " "*"' ",U- I*? -
?^ ?H J? '?-,*?'?'. ' W Ko?. s*rat h,
?-ft-'ltl"^ *r ' " '? ' r '? '?'?'-', '?-U*1
L-'-'.rr ?_^ f" " " ''?"? Morl i?1
?***aia? ?*_??,'
tewsrt snd l?sUmbl?r
a___ . ? - -ir?i" inn ??su
^-wn-end snd fhllds. S-l. 8-J
One Hail, One Orchestra, One Supper and
One Rabbi Do Threefold Service at
Marriage of Turkish Jews.
a stria ? tlon of how in.
cost of living is modifying >. d cuatoma
furnished at s -n-ddnig on the lower
' I vcnlni when three
roupies were nia'rierl at on? ceremony.
ball on? orchestre, one auppsi and
one rabbi did i'hr three
ll were al. T ll
ish .lew?
S affair stai t- d in the mid) ?
aftei I th S I ill in '.ran
? , m \.. 73 tillen street The
- sal In a ci mi beneath a ?;???
I women guests occupied benches ai
? o.?jirf? thi - -'ii"?' I.' .
- ths ?hild'. ..?:? of independent
in? el over the fluor
ths fe? ? trotters Ths
for the most rait, stood arojnd
hats on and list? nsd t" it imp
ios ..|i political and rellgiOUS topvs
; thSt "'il Um? t>. tino
! !w.. n dan? ? to "h? ? ,i i;; ;i must?.
?*.| ??n th?- ksnnon. the ud, the ??
When the reltgloua ceremony, th?- ?lanc
I hitI 'the screml mi
i was sll
. a fir horn- t?. Ko M Ri* il
?? sa bis bride, Samuel \?ti"in i<
j turned n-ttl Benvernita \'a
' rom t" So 171 Eldridga Btreet, ano S -
ivaya departed with the formel
? i it j
that the feBtlTltl? ? wo
t th? ulOUS tvnie? during
: Hi. .-nur.- we? k
Rabbi .io ? : t rsTS ? ?nit".i the
mente, Indi ding 1 praj cr.
the msrrisg?
01 UM' t he took the flrit sip from I
tins? of wine, which was thru paased to
the first till hsd hi?
hat on. and next to his bride's mother,
and lastly tn the bride Th? ring
? ipon produced, snd, h v Ing
lund snd apparently found sat
placed ?oi
tt.e bride's linger, Of course, there had
to be thi tumb ?
wine w:.s a laic. | did not ha-e l.
to alloa s ?? : ? opsrl)
?n .1 t.. moisten their ii| -
'I'ii? ....... of the f>M?nt touched a.: the
the occasion
were all tl - ne Tui kish
? "m the pllaf, composed of rice
and chicken snd tinted with all th? hues
of th? . ' ' a to ib ' 1 klel rsnd)
\fi??r the feast then w.?*- in.u?- dreamy
Turkish danclns uni
isfleil thnt ttiei. ? n. nt
? .?a.
hundred guests attended th??
? ? am? fron
sid< n ? tanci lost o( them
meml? rs of the M? km llaim
of Life, s Je** Ish socl? tj a hi?
transi ted th? ind is
?f .??.hteen Turkish s? I trt.
\ spok? ? man I laid 'hat
th.-v were the < ? rs who
wer? ? ."i Spain moi s thsi
liuiuil ? <i vc.iis ,,3.. and have held I
and '.Hii
? ? intea.
Moat of th? women a ? da
.-ver thiir ihoulderi t" which the;. ..
ill?- rather Turkisl
Makes Timely Hit and Tigers
Twice Defeat Browns.
Loul Ma - - ? 1 ?. ? ? both
ft? moon, Th? Hi
f 7 to 4,
: to ?'?.
In l
i ha
ciKhtii innings In ; ? th? win?
ning run came in the eighth inn; -
: h<- su i Johnson
ol the V mer lean Lesgui
? . i. the
The Sl ore.? lollr.w
at? i-h roar
i x i,t | ., 3?,..
! frawf d.rf 4 1 ?*? 1 ? v William? : 1 ?? 1
K nd? -ui.il- ' ' 0 ' . ?> w alls
M - .
i i
- ? ? , . ||<
? ne
ii nil ?
- ninth innin?
n .. i n ?i *-, .. | .. ; |
Loul? '? " " i " - " '? i * i
un* on
? ?
? ?
n ?in sto ?m r.1??-?, vitt ?
. I
? uieit,
." Le? eienr .'.. ?i 111*01 . I
; w in?- . i., i n,
? illy.
?. t. a vmi:
ato I ?
r ? 10
I VIM, .i' ? 1 ? ?
i 101 Pratt ? i o
i: I sos gto? an, ii ? s ii ai
? . ?.
'Manas?. ?' * 0 n S ft 01 *\ allace. M ?". n 1 ft I ?
. i : n lin Hexender, r jo l z ! "
? . , SStS
?Compton i ft ft ft ''ft
i r, | | | *
1 ft 1 ft 0 I)
retail ss ? ll ' ??.?,?;
?Ra't?<1 f$r A.j?'ln in th? ?ev?-?1, inmne
? ? ?.,:??- in ??* seventh inning.
in th? ??-venth Innlns
I | f'.r F",n? in ?'.? nin'h innlns
s a s s a s a i
... : i i i n i i
? ba?? hit??rawfor'i Thie? baa?
Vsech, ?.'<'? Mom? run?Jet
| Mil??'iff L*k?- 10 In ? ! I Inning?. ?.IT Sam
? : * nntnss err Hamilton : in
? ??\fn innliif? oil BtoB*, 4 In twn ii
I Sacrifice hit?Johnetnn; rt??n?ie*ij. i
, p base?Moi
I Left on ha????si Louli Detr? I Be??
on belle?riff Leki Ott Hh
liten, l. id- -8) Haicii'.on iVes
Btea? 2. bv Ham
non I b> Zamloc-I I Tims tUS umpires
? ell] Sml Ht 'h 1 r.in*l
Promising Two-Year-Olds ir.
Elimination Trials.
Kiftv l-n-w,, ror]f Wii.
race sl tha Piping Itock "spring mooting
for pui .. ?
mut?e, consisting of i noroas Hltcbooch
Harry Payne Whitney, Jossph E Dsrii
and Paul r> ("ravath, Bupsrlntsndsd the
diaw!n-r for the Mr st .. -.- .'?i elimina
lion trial?, which will take plaie on the
flret day of the race me lint, on .l.nie .
It IS experte?! that fully f"i?> Ol
w-ailinKs h1 lotto] ?rill go l<> tb.- poat.
! au tiie available loeksya have i.n en?
gaged. The list of subscribers f..i tin*
la..- includss not onlj most of ths
known ;a. ihk men such aa Hi Payne
Whitney, August ?Selmont i srence n
laacka) loseph E. i?avi? H. k Knapp,
??'rank It Hitchcock, Thomas HltChCOCk
ai'i PYederick Johnson, hui n
dents "f Ui< ?Piping Rock neiKhhorhooil
w h?. hi? new to m. mt .
in. " sss sro c. K. G.
Blllliigi ' met i? s? luff, w R cot,
,iav i" ?.u.s.?-. Herbert L >?rett
.tohn t Pratt, it la the hoi?? of i, .
gsnlBSTB Of lili" BUeTQSllpUsn *P?*CS t hat it
r':vc inaiiv ..f the rsoMsnta Of th.
neishboi lifxi'l then )ir?l BUOOeSSfUl ex?
perience and lead to th- establishment ?-f
Sl new ?table?.
Moet of the t wo.? eai-old? aie n?>-v
trainins at l'elniont l\uk tbei
have airead-- bOSH laced at PlmliOO. and
Others Will Basks their maiden effort? at
Belmont Park. Just before the Piping
HorU meetlns moil ?if the l.i.i'jrnld
will he moved to the fa-m of lleibeit L
l-'iat? which adjoin?, where a new exei
ciee track of Mix furionc? har Jnet been
The onlv ra??e foi winch entries ar
closed is the Whitney Memorial Handicap
?Steeplechase, established to Man. Payne
w bltney in mesnery ot hi? father, fei
Which twenty-eight BBtSifS have i,een rs>
ce l ved.
Wrestler Injured as Lemarin
Throws Him from Ring.
? th* Poliah ?? ie.? - i inn. from .?
Cher Ii
se I
la opponei ? inn.
here les!
?' : prove tats 'it- bis
Pol? howevei .ill be out of th?
I ring. /In -.?k.. . .
eye In the fsl th? men
' ned to th.- i Ins Ii ' ' ??. - 1 id t->
all time at d h.-i?. a the
1 lie I || had Con
' - :
When hoBtillUes besan asa i th?
? ? . . .
* ?
! th? . ontest w.i - m
so to I ten
snd f?
/i..\!<zko whs t.. have m? -? Lu?
i '.. h. 1 ich in
Near York ty nest ? *rhi
Wins "Newark Thousand" by
Inches at Velodrome Track
th? dlstln ? ?
rank L Ktamer, the
\n-. 11? an rhsmplon the
i "Newai k 1 boussnd' I om
r, with Alfred Or? tus
n. third, si
led I the wh if. also
I captured a thre?
with Kramer .???. ond end Joe ;
Tni re ?sere c imer and
G rend vewai k Tl ? ?
mil? event, ae they sere the iurvl\o el
the elimination he-t.< which had taken
nda started i nith
<;..uiiet second and Kramer third Kramer
had to i io> from Die rear, BOd he waited
until the homeetreteh sss ? to make
: hi? flfcht. Me ?ind Qoull?**t both ;
' tjrenda soins to ti"1 ta
about -ix In? i lei Q
i fron' u he? I w l.?n th" \ tit ? r th?
! line
! The sun rasrtee foUos
' ' N.v.?rk thoussn'i ' I *????
-, ? ?. ? . ? . ,i I.
h- , '
If .
Half nil" i.ani. ?p (protSSSlenSI)- '
1 <;.org?- \VI1< ? ?' * Ernest Je
rat< third.
? Krebe,
i .v. ??. ?
Left us, Pro
-,? ? Vort ? ' Tim? ? "? ? I
Two-1 sndl .... in- U on h)
**?'ilha? r*iraa sr-is,
- ?
., > n o? ral '? '?
til Rork' 111? . sal r? i^.ng Island.
TlriM i i? *-.'
ir\r-t Ohrt,
... -4 t,.,. iid M
.?i '???. .m h- Ohrl Distar i 1*4 n ?
Thr> - by A
\uMraltn Frank '.
I > ? . ? ? Hrooklyn.
? Ufred
Ormiis lustrait* Bftl Tlass 8:11 I
Pound Out Enough Runs to De?
feat Cardinals Easily.
??in. uso. Mai -f. The Cubi batted
sieiie h.ml in part "f one innlai here
to.de: and defested the Cardinals by \
Burk relieved Bteele, I .<. i?
hii opportunel] Pierce ol Chli-aero had
little dhflculty holding ihe .lot! |af?
The >, ore folje
CHIC 100 - 01 IS
;.? s ? ahrh i
M, . - If.. 21 8 i ? i i i, ? n
Mit hsll.rf M 1 , rf. 401 1 88
; )h I] i ? ? M'. ? re? lb. ?82 1 1 8
.i.ii'" Konetchy. ir> I ? i lo i s
? ii i i? > ?akes, . ( 4 ? ft i on
I I I 1 21 ?Vhlttsd. ss ?ft?
v 41 1 4 ?? ? Mel ?un. -? 4 0 j
F'l? r- ? p i ft ft ft .'ft '..?^ p ft ft '? ft ft ft
. (
-rvtsi? Hi 111 tl 18 ' I"-* - T SI 188
rh|r,go SSS .' I 8 ? ?'
Bi Leula i S . . ' I
Trrn haar hit Hueslni -?? >
Archer. Konetcby. Cathers H? ? rua ?fi?
lil?? orr Pteel?s, ? alnas; Hurk I
T . . innlnus. Sscnt|. .? h Stolen
base? '?' t> era, Zimmermen i>?ubie
iiuggin? to Koiii-i'ii? lo IfcLssaa; I
>. selei in Brldvell i.m r?e he ees K :
ca? I h. ?. Bin Steel? '-'
Du-k. 8 l'iei ?* 2 il" ;. pilche?
isnnsni Mtrurk ? Ky Bui
i . 8. S lid i ltd Pi? -. Iirn* 1 .'??
I nifites- Klsm ati'i Orth
Charges Sunday Law Violation
at Critical Moment in Ninth
Inning at Lenox Oval.
Subp?na to Court Shocks
Players in Knickers and 1.500
Spectators at Hotly Contest?
ed Championship Event.
ttei hitched up her tort The
pitchsr nervously adjusted a sid- comb
? ? .j the Fiada snd the
of the New York P*emale Qlanta
were plav it u. an exhibition Kam.' a' I ?
Oval, M.'.th street ;it'd LonOS SV<
Wok- W h : ? for till II '
which were red snd the Reds wore ail m
i lack, topp? '1 bj Srr, n .
Nrttiiiali ' w.,s the ninth Inning "f
hampionshlp event. Th<? score 'u?
?i ;.i- ??? ..f the Blues an ' I hi '
t.'kinir their last turn Ht bat. 1
t tinners a i i,i.?>? balls
on tii?' batti ? ; ? mented bj two i
strikt \ long ringla would win. A |
bass on baila would w Ida Schnall
hundred ap< ? '.?t'.i?1
wen thless
Ids nev? >ind. fot Detective
Mahone* . ?.-' insp? toi 1 II is * Btalf,
walk. ? ? die of the die
moid ,it;.i did s.'.in. Winding up on hi?
own account
? 11,aii: ? mil, ' *flid the Ii
lective and ?tier Helen ?Senker, of the
l... ; - owed ner t? BJnmatSfl tl ?
i ...r-n.i w m, h Mshone 1 had
"i eppesr In the Hsrlen
.,. ', Klon *?u
made unanimous
If the N?w 1 ork Pemaie ?liant? had
? 'it with s|?*rt '
Ids ?Schnsll niiKhl have delivered that
follOWOd in ths fctetep?.
of H -?? i Helen /.?.nk. i. third
walk? 'I t ?T.ctih the
. rowd In I ninth, and to ea? h
?? a aeon
? ? ? ? . ?[.e^taio:
? n save hmi n
? ??? .? .i me al a beam? d and fw
h nu ? Sont
!.. ? ..tu i IbUl
? ??
'vaitH until the
? ff. red t" him, snd
? Ii. n !.?? Stopped th'1 ?ame .,|l.-anng a
the Sunds
trgsd for ta?eball
i ? ??' ??fahooey erected a
Even ths umj-ir* ki-k?i
- ;? : sr "f th? R??d?.
and r'.entlfully. .".ira
sr told Mahonay he ???
nld thin?: ' hut the d?t?
? id Ma flrhnall nev er
? dual
In s Its sud !?*n endln? the
-? ? ree Ji snn? I
h'ehi"- ' 'h orlte of the crowd
? did SI m Tw Ice
: SS Msai hers in trv
nera at n? ti ?
ass another fa? I
All j
i we klrts
Major Murphy to Testify it)
Woman's Behalf.
rhs defenet
' of Henrj C M?rriam
Hg*2 i as ne
? ' ?m F'arl?
M ? ? . .
- ..!. to
? ? s an ? ?. w h?. ? n
vhlle the st? smship
Cleveland wa? h. re The me
Mi i rtam ? ont sue
nn si Iva Infsinoua lia Irreparable
Injual ? i dons an innocent worn.
Mr. Ke?
.. . i
?Till?." said Mr. Heeve? I? ?he key
In ha ? ant is Mrs Merrism'a be
i.ut merel) tha' now. w g M ii
? area 'it? knoa a t.. ,?, ?nd
view of I ? lion that t e ?rill take
the . ? fra Men am ? i.ehaif. n?.t
US in ?
Answers Bride of a Day's Suit
by Telling of Wedding
While Drugged.
I ' Information thai Mr?
ight s ? lainst
d '?? man A l lushes, ir.
sskii . ? ise the defl
lone I her s da .. "ti i their mar
rl(i)*.-. on April .'f>. is s ippleinent?-I hy an
it made bj the husband w
was filed in to?? Supreme ? "urt in oppo
-.- i?, the request ?.f Mrs Hushes, for
Itt a a Imonj sad MOB ronnssl fee
The court baa swardsd t?? her j?> a a
alim?n hi..i ||.tinsel ft??
iccordlni to Hughes, he nevei prnm
lain tiff snd n?- ai had
an) Intention <?! doing o, being engaged
to Mil Bell? I >ufl ? sl th<* time be be
. khi. ii,? husband of ni-, present wife.
I Mil i "if bad lak? n
?,. ,i ib i me ?.. wed But M a
? i some subtle Influent e ovei
him, "hypnol. ??iher." sai?) Hunt?.?-.
lei the Influen? s of
n,..n when he married '.?'i Hughes
" davit thai it was ai the
,.-! of tha plaintiff that he Indulged
m the UM I id ?ti mu?,i n ?
iiu.' - nflda* It ?--. i ?? that bs ?
mel the plalntlfl through a flirtation and
tnal he n?-v.i regarded her as a fit per?
son to bfl lux Wife. The ??a; after his
marriage? Hoghss ?a>?, feeim? remorse
??ver his action, he left his wife und has
not asen hei sines, advsrtlslng In the
newepapers In Brooklyn where the;
ed, that he would not he (??
I debts Bhe ? <>ntra?-te?l In
in? name
In opposlna the application of Mis
Hushea foi alimony, Hughes, who is s
.. , f,.i the American l.xpre??
ijompsn eald he rscelves onl* ti*" a
month sslat and that when he ha* paid
all Ins expenses he ha? left nnlv || ,
His wife, he eald. had an Income
fi oui .?locks snd bonds
? ? e
Faitimof. Ma- ?S??(taring a baasball
*aine here |p dsj *- hstted hall atrink
the ?houl?ler ?f a vpunK ?pe'-tat"r.
bsunssd or? ,r<i struck bM tsoasta, lobs
P?"eakicwiE, in the temp's. InstSJ
kill.ni him
Some of the Season's New Vegetables Are
Improved by Being Cooked in Paper
Bags, Others Are Not.
"Msn; of the new rsaTstsblea of this
?"ason ail! have their flavor greatly Im
proved h\ being . ook> .1 In psper baps.
but ti.e hau ?li'.uld be tes,er\ed for only
tllOSa vegetables which have deli, ate
ndors and flavors that ?t is we!i to re?
tain." Is the dirtuin issued by a prominent
uulinary authority.
"The young carrots which aie new com?
Ins ,n,r) Baarket from a distance may be
n a paper bai-' M h change from
hoiiinir.'' ?he sa>s. "but before putting
th< rti IntO the cno]<;.'ig bag BCrSpe Htid
Clean them, ruh with butter and dredge
lightly with DSPpei end BSlt If they ar?>
km.ill and young, they ?aill have a
Barest, nutt) flavor that 1? ?luite forelsjn
to then ?? ? ? ?
?at.-:- .'..i ota that are old enough to
ha\'e acquired I ? at all should
not be C00k?*d In this ??.?> They should
be boiled 01 Wut?, ?hat w!l to some ex
, ? 0 :' su. h raiikiK? >
"Yotina: tft? hi alv> deltclOUa when
.....k..| 111 n pain:' on.'k?iis* ''Hg. If the
?! and if the) ate g. -
Of Ulf 10 Lake None of tve r .
and flavor are ?o?t as in boiling.
"Tomntois. too. a? most housekeepers
ShO liai'" experimente.', with t :ese paper
hags Know, are delteloua ertien eook?
this ?ray. To 1.11 appae are!
like boiled tomato? ? ? ept that the] re
tain their shaps perfectly, but thei -?re;
I like
, ? ,? BUI the? a;? without!
the dried Skin of th? tomato that ha
he?n exposed 10 the direct b?at of th
oven. If carefully sealed ip In the ba
and placed on a grid shelf their Juice
will not escape
' Th. new potatoes that are coming Int.
B BTki : .an al?o he cooked in a pape
hag. They will nut Lave that hard, dr*
I crust thai potatoes baked by exposure tl
the dhreel best of the oven have. Tin
^k:n sill he ?o tend? r after <o?k\ve it
:;? bag thai It can be nulled off easih
with the lianH Some people will not like
tiiein. Itosrever, es much a-s the potatoes
baked in the ordinal*) '
"nutty' a fla\or. They
? ? i much ?ike sit ame.! pota tosa
'The Virtues ..f tl,..- paper cooking ha*:
ha-e l.een celebrated m story If not in
s. ng, hut the vlcee i ' the i tpar bag have
?? been exponed ?o ?.lew
"There are same vectables which ar? not
welcome when eook?Mi within Its confines.
KohiraM. cabbsge onions turnips, Brus?
sels sprout? and all vegStSblSS erhloh have
rank i .i-es esnnol I.Bed in a paper
hag These are better shefl COOked* In
? 11 ; ! t will (ji-.w out tl '-- biicoe, and
even thej ild be blanched fro?
w hile cooking
' The hag. becau?e tt always retains all
ea will retain the tank elements In
the fulness of their sttength. Home of
? |? tablee upon .-.Hiking in the PSPOT
uave been found to be positively un?
ie "
Hr Wonders Continually That "Harper's Household
Handbook," Which Is So Practical, Is Also
Deliffhtfullv Written and a Pleasure to Read.
John He..- n had *vee'
? the affairs of ?he -lav a
? i back for theli
lethei ? ? library artist
John Htrnrj *??*i?-i luddei
i... realli dm a hat an in
- ... . House
Handbook t stays In the back
of o i ili s.. , ,, aly Im
? ? '..iW to mend.
'ah'". ".
and an brief
? ? he took ip ' e
henk and Opened
Choice of Paper.
" 'Meie dogmatisin !s worse tr?
Rut. 'n a k> I . BSSai ? ' *>lue in
all Its ton??. ? ., gia
that yellow s th light
? ? k flnleh,
? ? ?, ' for
- ? and
meai ? i-.?1 ahadee is
I a 'mi tis are ex- !
relier?! ''en a glaring ' ?? ?
whit? enamcller! papers with the
? .
? c- i - e the tit:.-?- ? a--k- I
. (rounds for o.d prints ?nd etchings. sn?l.
ino-t important thai only plain paper?
will hear having ung upon
them, ualsss, Indeed, the rau?-rn 1? ?o
itdlstlnguishabts Redmom
ghl to he light and cheerful,
not sturiio.' A plain Rioiind with
? border, deep or ?hallow, make? a ?wall
that ?loe? war with furnishings A
tea cut-out border match?
ing ? i t"ii? I? a very excellent
S f'.r bedrooms It Rive? the CO OT
I Is more ?anitary and
mor?? secure egal net invasion'
"Isn'l 'ta- isuri i ha1.? a practica!
? Ingly written
Is," answered Owen "1 be?
came onite h 'Handbook' mieslonary to
th<? ?uffrage meeting be? SUM f
to'd t .- womSH to USB their Ttlbune
>ns and g?t tha hon;? at or
? I if? . n ; think t I !" a?kel .John.
"Indeed I do. after a few- of mv anec
answered Owi n
rre??nt thi? roipon with twe other?
?.d 3*. r?nt? ?t the ofT*?-? of Th? New
vo-u Tribune, ?a th? *rr,unf1 fl(-nr, ?nd
receive "Harper? Menee held Handbook."
ha sd hi vsebable sletk nv m?i: ?i
? .-,-j.
Justice Sanders, of B'rith Abra
ham. Also Cheered.
Lively Contest at Election o
Officers Expected Because of
Defalcation of Counsel.
The h d ar of B'rith Abra
ham bej-an ' seventh eonventio
resterds it rsi Hsll with \.:<
deiejfsii i pieseat
?4 ente? i psgss ?f the rspori of th
(.-rand maate . i ?rtJee Loon Bsn? *. n
th?? San ?fork Munleli
tak? n 'ip with nu expianat.'in >jf the A!
heit h Jswsi ?wer affait Jsworowo
?as counsel for the order, snd on th
chsrge that he had appropriated funds o
ition ?? a? senten? ? .1 io serv
no! more than three nur less tnnn twi
B ? r i ame to me ? it!; I
Btstement ii . dttod bat Ini
0 In hi ? snd Justio
i "1 demanded thla money of him
He asked for tl il in whl.h to in?- th?
? | him h reasonable op
portuntty. and, Anally, when I saw the
there ?sa I '
tutlon, hut thai he waa likely t.. eav?
the luriadlctlon of our courts, i causer
his arrest upon 'he charte of forgery an.
? mbexsli men
".mi our negotls>Uona were mad? wit h
the knowledge end coneenl of th* Dlstrlel
Attorn? ' n ?-t't? of >?'v months
Unas liven, no! one single dotlai In real
?none] ?a?- either olfersd or delivered le
tu? bj Mr Jaworower ..i bis friend? b!
.m? time up to snd after in?* sentence.
\ special committee reported Jaworower* s
shortage amounted to 818.7*008
This nil mat there la
to be -.1 d In tl :- unfortunate Jaworower
? ?\. ? |.l that some membt rs Of the
v ho, 111 then ..llXl. t | til ?id\ ,111. e
themselves to high honora la our im?tt
tution, ssw fit to take advantage of ?bis
.islon b\ ehsrgini the grsnd master
M III. Il- | Is.
The afternoon session dleclosed thai
. opposition t.> the re election of
Bandera a- grand maaitei He is
serving his fourth term and was renonil
aated, but bia name was greeted with
,i? many ''twas*1 and lus,es as
with cheers Morn?. Rosenberg, of Near
York, was put in nominatlaa to eppoee
Tee asms of Jacob flcheea alae wa.?
'-booed, ' snd Bolomon B< hsllneky, of this
??it?, was pat UP to oppose him as grand
secretary The opposition to Bsnders and
Bclioen. it aras sain;. gTSS) "Ut of th?
Jaworower atf.ilr The election Of offi?
cers will tak? pla'-e to-morrow.
Jushee Sanders, in his report, sad that
the order ha.?. SIS lo.!(t??s. with a mSITlhSf
ship of IIS.IIS, BStBg an increase of M
lodges and 13.1?? BSBSabsra In aWS-'U The
oint capital BB said, of all the Msse
Dscember n, itU, was* ji.u:,n:., tue
!odses hsd paid out In ?.Irk benefit?*,
HS3,tS] donations to mtmbei? in distress,
gaXtaX and funeral expenses of ML?a*
Daily Bill of Fare.
rineapr',? ?re? Bfl
tte, graham remB, colYee
HEON? ciub sandwtenaB <*f vea!,
maple cookies, tea.
DIN NCR.- Broiled weakftsh, with
ma.tie d'hotsl butter, creamed macaroni,
StSWSd lettuce, lemon pie, coffee.
Hfiv? ready thin s;:< es of val cut from
tii?? remain? of Sunday'a roast. SautA
them In butter for two or thre? minutes
I lace the slices "n thin piece? of toast
? * aeason lightly arith ?.?it ?nd p?ppcr
each s rr.sp let?
..??? with a spoonful of mayonnaise
A curled rrl-p of bacon, If deMred may
.???? ompany each aandwieh.
BTKWBD LBTTUC1 ~t-w-ed lettuce.
properly m isoned, makes a ??iront?
vegetable ol dinner during the ?prlng and
?ummer lee only the large gieeil leaves,
rssorving the delicate heart k ives for a
-.ila'1 Covei them wltli h'>lllng water
saltci and boll them for BfUSS
or until the) are done Then
lift theni ?nit and drain them 'hop them
B little and put them luto-a small ?auce
p.m Season well with pepper and ?alt
A?ld a ?mall piece of butter and a little
flou mu > ing ail carefully togothi
also a ?itgiit molstenins of broth <.r
water enough lo form vvith th?' butter
an?l flour a slight COStlng SVST the l?d
tuce a f? w dropa of lemon Jules or
vinegar will five Best Then take up
sftsi a moment's cooking and ?crv? hot
Five-Cent Messages from Manhattan
to Coney Island After June 1.
Tha telephone tolls to Cnncv Island
Will be reduced on .lune 1 in COBtPllsnCS
with the order of the Public Service
i ommiaaion, laaued on Ma> 22 The tei
sphone compan) win raise i?o objection.
The rale will bS rsdUCSd from tSH
centa to live cents' from Zone i Man
hattan. to the localities of Baj Ridge,
Bath Beach Mtdwood, Coney island and
Ca?arais The rate to those m
from upper Manhattan and The I
Including Mslross and Tremoni. Will le
lowi-i?"! from ' i esnta to II cent?
Those Who Want Ballot Also Are
Invited to Debate.
The New York Slat" Association ?Op?
posed t<> Woman Suffrage will hold a
noontime meeting to-day in it? downtown
.? . m ? Sl No ;;:? Hroa/lwa?. Kverett P,
Wheeler WtU preside Amottf the ?peak
et? will be Mit.? I.ucy J Trice an?! Miss
?;?.w ??
Many downtown business men have ex?
pressed a desire to attend the meeting.
SOCordlng to ?he otgan"?7.atio.- >.!",. er?, and
a group of ColUmbiS ItOdsatS have ?in
I lh.it they w-lll h?> on hand an?i
tliat the) expect to take part in the ,1*,
uv-ii'li The BOffnglSta bave not been
invited i" ??tend, but If in? of them ap?
pear and otter to partiell ate. It nrsi ?aid
yestordsy, ths ' ami?'' promise to give
thctn a lively debate.
The Woman
About Town
had be? n limOBBlUgi her flve-year-oli
daugfr to ?ouiit. They had reached I.?"**).
It ?e?-mc?J a wonderful amount. Then the
ISSSOn turned to foolish talk that motheis
love to chatter with their little i ??
"How much doe? mv little daughter love
BBS tO-da] "" Now-, similes and nc?tAi?hors
to the child wer? unknown, bttt the a,:i
*vv?-r ?iie gave WOUld have done ?redit ??)
many far wiser. Putting two soft little
?arma around the mothers n?"k and
gravely looking into her eyes, she ?r
Iswersd: 'I love you, mother, where the
era stop.'*
th? .a' .- away the a I? ?? win play.
never art a cnanc? any oiler Um? That s
whj the two guis decided -when thsif
mother had tieen persuaded to riati New
ark to do some SSpsHmontlng, lor tiu;
wer? never allowed to do anything :
Interesting than prepare vegeta : les. Kiln
a hand at ?-hoc..late layer ?ake.
using eight ?-ggs. a WholS '.-ike o;
swsstened choootate, a wi-,oic bottls of
vanilla, ever eo many pound? Of i ? -, ?
an.I -we can't heym to tell ti-? .
Betty's foiie ?ras chk?h_- p. *.j r Mscuil
They probably arould bavs bean an right
if siie iKidn't forgotten t.ie salt and
oaklti". powder .Naturally, tlity didn t
raise the least lit To Improve ?h* taste
she dipped '?m in Halted wa??r and let
them bake a !llt> longer. Striving to
- . ., good inteatlooa, we d?
tet mined to eat the stuff if it choked us
having bton invited to 1 ?nche"ti lor th*?
oeoaalOB. l'Or ths bsUancs of th? month
w a ve (jot to ?He on p*esln.
WHICH IS Hi;.\r,THlF.R"'-Over In
Brooklyn, thev ?a- one'a social status is
?letermlneil l.v the size of one? back
ard Kar b? It from us to contradict mv
thing- that s sal'l ?oout that good borough
aero?? tii? water Having a good sUtvl
back yard In these hlgh-ost-of-llving
times Is reason enough to he puffed up.
dear knows! In one of these yards sev?
eral children were digging ati.i making
mud pies. The next door people thought
it an awful way to bring up children, for
theirs wer? always kept in white ano
Weren't allowed t?-> p.ay In the dirt for
fear of g?*tms The other day, when they
enviously watohlng the "mud pie"
youiigst.-r?. orie of the latter put h',? hand
??-?v?en the fence picket? and held out
two URly. creepy worm?, faying "Here
Is some germ?, Lola. It you play with
'em mavbe you'll get used to >m and
they won't hurt you " Poor I?ola fled.
VJBRT ONK SMAI.l. HnY?-Votes for
women found no favor In the eyes of one
?mall hoy ll? believed that "Men's work
was for men and wimmln? for wimmln."
He waa trotting a.ong ruth street, snd
had asked for candy, when th? Woman's
Suffrage party stronghijld was not!? ?d
Keinemoeriug that she ha?t read of ?aV?
? aniiv ?ales, hla motbar thought that
that might be trie piac-i. It was A hlg
a h"X Of fudge a |.?imant and a
button that made a snapping |
"vvn"?i by the bov, ati'I In* I
been chsngsd, too, but tn? mother ? 14
out a dollar.
Facial Defects
Man) a girl who?? beaut) is marred by
si.ght facial defect give? herself up to
despair or to the Arm convloi
nothing ?sill hep or relieve her afflict?..*,
generally proceeds to render ban
sttrsctdvs hv worrying or fre?- _
and marring her expression
If the cheek bones are too h:&- go B ?'
?train the hair ba? k from the fB ? I -
accentuate this defect Wear a broad
coiffure, with the hair fluffed out near
ton The bat should i
? of a background and frSSM
snd ths Boftly aravsd hair w-ui d?
tinct attention from the high eheek bon??
i'heek hopes thst aie set high In th? fa?*<
tive an 111 . -on, they ma-?-?
a woman look less gtiille and lesi fern'
nine and youthful.
There is no reason why the eyes shoul?!
not he the feature to attract attention,
and even If tht-y are not large or d?.-r>
the eyebrows ami oe'ashes can be made
to enhance tn-ir charm. On?? ?"annot
? hange the color or the conformation,
be surrounding tissue, which make?
much more difference to the looks than ts
generally believed, car. be modified by the
Individual greatly to the benefit of the
eyea themselves and to their appearance
occupation? carry with them the
handicap of eye strain. In all w-ork re?
quiring the use of the eye?, whether with
extra exertlOO or got care should alw-ays
be taken to protect the eyes themselves
from glare and ho to arrange that the
? light -hall fall dir.?-? B I ?>
work without shadow?. To prsrsnt and
? . inflammatory condition of the
sssary to use some Bal i
astringent. The most generally ueeful
eve wash which should be always on t'?-?
wsshstand, Is made of ten grains of bori ?
a. ,1 to an ounce of camphor water- not
BSphOl l' -e tills I01I011. diluted.
In an eyseup Sait and water give-, ,.
good eye wash for the cup and can be
us. d sevural times a du>. An SgOOUsnt
ointmont to bs used upon the eyelashes ti
the following.
Red VSSSttne .2 ounces
Tincture ol ami.andes. '.?ounce
< ?il of !,i vende- .U drop?
Oil of roseman.-? drops
Mia thoroughly and apply to the? asakss
With S tiny toothbrush. Be careful not t'?
... t tii.* Into the eyes, as the oils will In?
Haine tuco If ths ??>??brows and las
H'e colori?es us? the following ?tain,
winch is sntlrely haimless.
? ;i?m si ah?.- . . i dram
Ink . '.i dram
i ti .? ? ., i i ouneea
Powder lbs mk snd gum snd urit ?
small quantities of l
?muh powdt . .. ?
i, r uf me rose h.iui la II it
should be applied with a tin]
'i hei ?? .?P- ?-"i
happ) way Of ?aeiKin?: This, unfoltu*
. i that ts very often *
\\ hen the musclsfl begli.| I
..i the tact soei. the akin bo? ?
.....is. ami everj feature i? puiieo oui ot
shape, v sagging face glree a wotna ? i
??id. haggard appearance. ??.n?! after ths
muscles have dropped it ts v.Mv difficult
t.. mise them. Tue most aatiafacl
m. ans of relieving this condition are with
imbined use of a skin food, ma-Mai;?*
The suction cup looka like ? small hair
. topped by ? rubber bulb To use
lip plant it firmly on the middle ?if
Hi.? chui. press th? bulb and the edges of
.lass will attach thenisel\e. to tha
skin. Now work the ?notion cup upward
and outward, covering as much surfaow as
you .an. Alwa>? clean the cup thorough?
ly after using. ?? common eau?? of hol?
low, sagging cheeks ih b,t<) t?elh. \"o
woman who make? s protones of go? i
|.?..ks can afford to bave a tooth missing
from her mouth. Another cause of ?ag
giiig muscles around the lower part of
the face is the habit of breathing through
the mouth. Ruy a chin strap at any house
dealing in surgical instruments, or tie tap
yom chin with a soft ?.Ilk handkerchief sa
if for a toothache This win fores the
?aw* together and breathing through the
nose will become a habit Thi? will reduce
the double chin, resulting from this causa

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