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:\>to flork ?tribunr.
H i -i>W MAI
(jtvnt.l ?nd pub:i?h?<1 daily by The Tribun? Association,
o \tw Ravld president. Coa?
)f?nilli, Barr.tt. 'i esanirei Addr???.
.DK, -No IF.? Na???u ?!r*?-!. N.? York.
| Mail. Po?t?t-? Paid, out.lde of
pally si ? '.. D.-illv nnly. ? month? >' PS
?S? ""V
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Oae month *? month.V?5
On? yee*
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1ST One n nth. ;'"
ir. SU One : ?si ? ' '
- M i ? ? month. .JS
On. yoot. li'.'?S.?ne year. S.B8
a? Sew ve-k ?? gseesd Claas Mall
Bushwhacking the President.
s .',!,.. ratlc leaders In Cons"i*eea seem
bent on making life mtoeral ildent Wilson.
1 hi-.\ are accepting h iblp on Ihe tarin |
qtiestlon not su much biMause they relish it as
tbej fa'iir to break with him on I I?"?- j
?m.' which bas the support of the great mass
Bul ?-n utii?T laaiiei tbej ai*e willing
to annoy and embarrass hin.
The join! n which Senator Overmen js j
said to be ready to Introduce, suspending for four
order of October
15, 1912, would, il pass-ed, rompe! Mr Wilson either
to rebuke I rati? majority in Cons*ress in ?
vet" ? - ?r t>> abandon convictions which l.**
has held and expressed for h lifetime. M
covered the fourth oasters In the itatei
south of th? ?'!? a ml west nf the Miasissippi
-sifled service, and Democratic
politicians fr.'in tho - want to haee the
order suspended 'uutii most of Umso <>;ti ??- pan be
filled by Democrats appointed on the
?mil ami ?arty servi.e
ocratlc House in the last Oone*rosa lm-keti
to ?rote for ? rraspenslon of the Tafl
order. It wai known that Mr. Taft would reto any
act *"? ??? ipolla system in appointmenti i"
fourth class pot- Il should ?a* lusl a?? weh
known that .Mr. Wilson will ?reto sucb an act. Vet
the spoilsmen In Ooi tn determined t" pi* ???
a quarrel with blm on thai Question.
Ton^- showed Itself exceedingly Incon*
fdderate of the President's romfort when it sad?
dled on the 'sundry civil appropriation bill the
which tries t.. suspend the Sherman antl
tros! law so far aa eomblnatlona of laborera and
?aTrJ<,ulturiil produces*! aro concerned. The I'resi
dent cannot approve auch discriminatory . lass 1? nil
lation without g ? ?training his conscience and
bis reputation Yet ii?.> bushwhackera
will not spare him They want to forro him out in
th?- open and compel blm, if possible, to <!" things
which they believe will offend the Western and
rn offlceaeekeri and the memhera of two
large classes of producers aeeking apecial ?
ti'.ii from i lei the Sherman law.
That is unkind nnd unbrotherly. ?fet the bush
ketl may in the end put 1t in tl??? power of the
??nt to demonstrate his firmness?, his Independ?
ence and bis devotion to high Idee - bj r?stolng th?*
ble subterfuges which they are plani
thrust on hi? attention ,
Justice Cohalan's Duty.
tn owes it to tho public t.. demand
an toreetigation of th<* chargea made against him
by a fjontractor named Connolly and printed in "Thi
New York World." Mr. Cohalan's d??nial fails short
of belli:' all that is rolled for w hon so delicate B
thin*; n? the roputation of the bench is involved. Ho
may personally feel, and riphtly. too, that the
.hnreo.? rtgainsl him and his accuser aro both be
oeatb rontempt Bui his a)ndlclal position requirea
that the whole stoi*y ho made perf??jcUy plain, so
that the public* may see for itsolf that the BCcntttlOfl
Is false, if it is false
doiiia! mads by the jnstieo d'ies not do this.
Tt does nnt m???M tlio allegation that tho )taf*tiee
pharod in tho profits upon work dun. for the city
onolly and ?d.tainoil through pol?tica] influ
en<*e. The Justii ??'? explanation, that be accepted tiio
i admlasiog by ?"onnniiy that state?
ments he had previously ma?!?? wore unfounded,'1 la
Mtliriontly definite.
I','"tiin.'itp.y, there are aereral waya in which the
Justice can seek a \ indication of his reputation bj
on impartial tribunal, and tho i ncoui p?etenos.?, of his
reply to rho chanres hitherto loads to tho hope thai
he Is proparlnc to meet them with thorough]
pnceedlngi where any one who may nttaok the ehar
!>ct?r of a meinhor of the h??nr?h without warrant
may be aiatSe i" pay th?? penalty for bla offenoe.
Last Stages of the Hriedmann Kpisode.
-oqiiMt to the Health < omniissioner by Iir.
Joseph J OTonnoll. fhe Health Ofncer of tho l'on.
that Uie tsM of tin? Kriedmann tulmreiijoyis cure be
f?u*?: mtllng i further study of lis workings
voieos a distrust of that cure which has now'tMOOOM
peneral. Tho oriirinut.ir of tho turtle germ treatment
? r ?lid anythlag which inspired confidence In his
ohnrai-ter as a r*?Ctentist or a practitioner Influenced
? ? i or humanitarian motives, im the
contrary, ho ?lid mucb to pro?ra that he con<e?ve,i
himself to be iMgafed la a purely rommerctal enter?
Tho publie WS! QOl prepossessed tOWStrd Ml CUW
i ptanonalitj an?l attitude it boped against
hope that some great good for tho world might i*?'
nccompHsh??d throuph what It deemed a rather un?
worthy lnbtrtiment. That hop?? i?- now pretty effectu?
ally dashed. It looks as If the tattle porm ?nro
would cut in? np-ater tij-ure here than was out hy its
on-a-bnsln? ?nly inventor.
The "Insurgent" Lower Court.
A rift within th?> lut?? of the judicial estHHishmen'
of the Distri't of rolumbia threat?ms to give new
ggtapa and varl??tv to the pra<*fi?*?> ..f unsettling, re
settliiic and OftTO .??.'.mi lllMSOttlllH things thTOUgb
the prorcsi? of ics*al apnenla, The i>i<tri.-t Supr?me
Ooitit is annoyed at the Bwdltteationa of arattnee
v tie- histrici ?'..nit of ?ppaala In the rjom?
js'is. Morrison and Mitchell contempt c;is?-s and ha?
petitioned the Suprenu ? ourt of the Tnitod ituim
? o in and ?.\erruJ? the action .,r the .siiporinr
local trihiinal.
W'.ishiiitrton disp?tch(-s s.-i.v that ii i- Mri innovation
!,i tl <? history of jurisprndeino f..r a k.w.-r .-ourt to
mik directly for a reversal of the deci?i,,n of a next
hik'her courf. Vet on the principie that the loneor
urn of litinaiion nirn*. the creauder ?ill bo
the rpiality of ?hTfat???! "irnod out. why lbnaldn'1 tho
COUriS tln?iii?e!\es ?;ot into the khhh-': tygy loWSff
tribunals whosv feeling?, were hurt could then ?n?
?mr from an outside third part] whether the rbsstlse
ment administered lu the next higher reviewing bod]
?was rJeservedl] or ? i u?l? ?-? ? rv?>? i ? > Inflicted
If th?- losrer courts ink?* to "Miwurgeocy' of this
BOIi and employ eoijnse! t?? prSUSPl tlieir CSSCS, bard
time- will come again do more for the lawyers sod
life win h?> "??ne grand, Bweet song" shout ih** tern
I M "l in-tiee.
I he Jarrh**. Allies.
it i> n??t m nil Btirpriginf that in? ton bsi arisen
gmong the Balkan alii?- With ?th?? exception of
Montenegro snd ?Servia, which are o! one hi.I,
they have bated Mcb othei from time immemorial,
The T?rtara ol Bulgaria, the sia\s of Henris and
ii,?. Seo-Hellenes of Greece bare nothing in rom
mon, Dor bave the descendsnts of ?Roman ?penal
colonies In Rumania sympathy ?nith soy of them
Their ??ue bond of ?iiiiim was batrod of 'he common
opprt the Turk.
"When Greek i ? ? 11 ? ? ?? l Greek, then wag the tug ol
??ir." Su when the rarloua Balkan ?peoples were
united, there was trouble for Otbman. Km after
(be Greeks of "i?i bad thrashed the Persisns, they
quarrelled among themselves and broughl disaster
upon Hellas. ?So now. Baring beaten the Turk-, the
Balkan ?in?*-- find their own old animosities re
Lobsters in the West.
Aiiii-.iiii. .in?'iit Is made thsl ?Secretary iN'dtioid ha?;
approved a plan whereby the lobster of the Rastern
States la lo tie transplanted to the Pacific Coast snd
acclimatised and naturalised there This baa been
triofi before, bul hasn't worked The authority er?
peel the lohstei to prore more adaptable ander this
new plan and are looking confident Ij for sac?
the experiment, which the] Ibinl will confer h iprenl
iu??-?n on the ?renten United ?States.
The lobster ma] ?prove adgptahle, bul what of the
Pacific Coas! and adjacent territory! wiih the loh
ster goes the lobst? r palace, the gilded ball of revelry
which ha?. contributed t?i the ??''???ten?MS of thi
Bast. ? an the Went stand that4! it la i grays r<*
sponsibllity the forlorn: authorities sre assuming In
undertaking t?> jiiam In the bosom >.f the simple, as
rene, pastoral coaat c-t.?u-s thla plaything of the plu
tocrata if i- to he h?.|i?'?i the] have considered Iheii
??mirs?. long and thoroughly
The Suppression ?>f "Indoor Tropie's."'
Thor?' |g good sense cerj forciWj pul In th?
cuhtr Issued bj Dr. J. S ?S?ger, ??f the '
States Public Health and Marine Hosplts >?
We all \now thai fresh air an?! n moderate Indoor
hoat ar>' best for ns, But bow man; Amerieau* live
up t?? their know ledge*!
?What sensible person would send bis children to
the tropics t.. school?" is one query put by Dr,
Kau?:. *i .-i that is lust what you sre doing ?r lin*
schoolroom la k?-|it at 80 or 86 ?I?-lti.-?--? a by no
uncommon temperature. The same criticism
hold? for American bornes, too There Is no n.I
of emulating the raw discomfort of sn English
bouse Bui a temperature of 7?? degrees Ik ????
ly comfortable ami it avoids th?- debil I
of the extreme h??ni
AU this is still timely in a tsintrj spring \ i.?i Dr.
?Sager tro??? on to apply his good sense to summer
ns well. The variations of oulr American climate
hi? considera "wonderfully healthful " The bra? Ing
air of the fall is our i.?--t -? ?xson, of ? ourse But ??ni'
summer. h<- asserts, 'if apeni sanel* i I til the]
:ii?l of alcoholic beverages." runa full a clone ?
if we take our seasons "straight" ire get benefll
from them all. is his point
"Fresh air and the suppression or Indooi tropics
nro th?* two Items ramming up thla altogether ex?
cellent advke.
Fancy and Fact at Nicaragua.
it may be sn open question whether an Inter
oceanic canal ever will i.r should b* constructed at
Nicaragua. A dozen years ago thai route seemed bo
me decided advantages over that at Panama.
it Bull has the ad vu m ? ce ni' less distance between
our ?two cossts, bul it I? doubtful if that la sufficient
to counterbalance the fad that the Panama ?'.mai ?
now an accomplished fad
Km there can be do question as t.. the ownership,
possession snd inanagement of such n canal, if oxer
ll should be conetrocted it must i?*- "an American
canal, under American control." That is funda?
mental ami axiomatic
Salary Standardization,
it is a pertinent suggestion which eomea from the;
Burean ..f Municipal Research that the subject of
standardization of salaries of ?-it-, employes be made
on? ??f the Issues In the approaching municipal cam* ?
paign The presen! Board of lustlmate snd Appor-I
tlontnenl baa been working, under difficulties, for
many months t<? train material ?in which a compre?
hensive snd Just report and recommendations on th?*
subject ?'?nii'l i??* made in the course ?if thi- Investi?
gation discrepancies almost ludicrous have come to
light < ?f tWO men doing the same kiml of Work, ODS
receives -**-".-1'' ? yesr and the other $1.800; of two
others doing similar work one receives 12,400 a year, i
the s"?'-.im1 1800
?Complaisant legislatures have bad a in?'k of
"equalising*' salaries in certain department ,.f the'
??ii> ami ?"??iiiit.v government by (Making the lowest
equal to the highest Thai is one kind of salary
standardisation, it won'! i???tt?*r the public servie?
Dor lower the tax rate i he city's payroll i- around
$95,000.000 a year fndoubtedl] s..n.f the em-i
ployes receive fragas too -mail, ?um ss certainly as
man] of them receive ?rages entirely too arge for
til?- work the] ?I". The i.ew a?lmirilstrati?,n. whatever
us political complexion, sbonld make the tragas tit
the work and see that ??vcrybod.v ?works
The Magic of the Telephone.
.inst how modern is the essential and nblqtBltous
' telephone sou connecting i half million houses
! and offices in New York City there is a .asnal Une
, in "Pinafore" whi?-h serves to Indicate When the
kindly chorus is <-<>ii*i??iniu with Ralph Rackstran
on bis separation fr?.iu his Josephine it chants
i these h??ni- i?> (u.-tiir?' the ?terror of bis lot:
So connecta with hia dungeon cell.
The Une tails mi to-day. Bal "Pinafore" was
produced for the Ural time in 1878, and in is??; tin
Kell patents for the first pnctical telephone were
tagued. Thus when the words were written they
related to n new ami startling Invention thai was
the talk of the ?lay. and the C'lllx-rtian lim? was
really a gay, topical jest
It is a safe mi?'s-, however, thai very few of the
? who lanchad al "Pinafore" In the Wys fort
saw what the t?l?phone would really prove to i?o
The rears of the telephone -n*0 tew. Km already it
bas tiaii-fornie'l bib-Hie-?. "Method and so?*iiil inter?
course. The railroads, the 1'nst train?, th*' tSlSgiapfg,
erireksM, the automobile all helped t.. make the nine*
teeutb centurj s century ?>f accoir-ration
The telephone worked iraore real magic than all
the resi together. The discovery of astral bodies
would hardly have done mere to multiply human
effectiveness and enable as to snap onr fingen si
Wh i. --ate Senate m?"?-'t? aRain the least it
can do is to pas* a "We mourn our lose" r?solu?
Amertcsn militants are ronsid? rate, gnjrhow. Th<
ffrage bomb In this ??ountry vas placed in a
ii.I field entirely uninhabited.
Waldo hopea for tiV polite in new blood he ha*
? a be the removal of some of the old
Hi" "enem* Mr. whitman, will help a
little, i?'?..
Mil itrachan is a candidate te n?xl to
the bighes! ?.fflce under the Hoar.I of K.l .
Let's ha the person for whom a aul
lion s taken up in violation ol the I
of the Board of ECducation?
"Indigestion is the failure to I iqusrs meal
| to a n sch, ami if lometh ng i a
from "The Editoi 's Draw? rhei
r flag i-i ' "'
onlzed it. w.. ahall be firm, thougl i . We
shall off? i . Listsi. Ill
H ive you never srondi red t
Mud, ?gate ?mus thoes exceedlni
Round pig in a
? . ?
. del St ' ? ? lit] Of I ?urban
? r ? ?.,,!? of I \'tll
Anothei ei pis of how Mere englishman
- SWS] WOI the tenit^ ? iming!
However, H pe? ? ? ' "hough
?ranee, the buildings si D I
nl and II would ba
? ?
Which reminds i, Thi I thi !? riod is
inlan, turt? ? ? opinions, not
: and ihi*
run with her.
whom is
.set ?
. . i i
Ah. no' Anil don't you call us
l hit yuu In * l '
? ? ?
w ? ;. ?
Ht.d ?ul!,
. ?
lively novel am:
ne of us
! and \\c k I
... ...
Isid ' '
witty I |ian. Dr. T. T. M
k'? p bool
*. in
m? iv em? nl anu in? snd o ti
on the
to fie
... idder.
. cran*
dall i ?mil
l;. :.r* him a brill S! Ba
? i ?
? , . . , . \ . ? ? ? .
II Crandall:
nlng! Hs ' ? I ? - i
Peterkl ?? ?'? 1er the
v ? - ralgl gh to
stiii Mi ? i " ? i< candi
..???? ii the
youns ' Into a ii? : ? dlacourae. ,
? -|.. | ? ' .? ? Btsn m the
<?.... . ? o !?'ok' Do
tiaemei I ought tor* And
? a; i" aran? i on ths i lonmi ? ?
: ? . : . . "I glOTJ
? ? ?
The ?3|bson Mari on the 0 ?r ??: The 1-adl'--'
sll sbou! it inside. Thlrty?flv<a, and,
pull .: ba. helor. TI
1 . m work." ' ' a
.-. ; Mai garel ?Vnd so th?? put*.
pale Qlbson Man adhsrea to his cocoa colors
ragged 1 lh< tai
arsll! Ws bavs gazed ?ong at the Qlbson
Man on Ib< cover, l lors than ? ? er con
need that the ' to-vou bsnedlctlon I not]
one thai l" Iting Ktift ths ninth o
performant e 11 to a? ind sin osl hostile.
? ? do! think the ?ibson Man
should abandon hop? to him
i- tidopt a more nutritive diet, brush your hair.
?? ,i grim, heavy-vlllanoua frown, and ve<,
t ash sour fnom. R. L n
. "? id Repul
l th< Mslden district court hn? pro
? .(i?-'i h penalty for boya brought baton him f?.i throw-;
ine ?tr.p. s. He 1
i , . ?? ? ston? Btll ti d tired
of the ? - i. * ' ? I - ' ? tried 'ipon a
n to I sea "?"?? ?. ' ? i
f rout Ths Houston Da
a great man', "f the "forward lookini
ring to the tremsndoua dis?
at ?i-.- poatoffices from the |.?.int of observation.
. i. i
wb-n It thai fapan received Mi B
; i m ??bub It ?vas yent, the reft
of . ouras, I ? ? ,
i ru n ???
? un c Sli -? the
v< i is I ? ? largi st . burch la the a orld
it Portfu
that boss*, of Neig
Yorks SpSCtOrs ?111 not itVS ht-irafter in the
style to n-bi' h tb.v taavs bsesans ?wuss^oatsd. Topeka
Ths nerf*'t bahi?*? in ?M New York eontSSt b?..-r i"?i?*h
- n. mho'k. i, g|taste, ?torn, Mutt... BtMloirits, i'*i
I .-. snd "i ??? "!'l \m? i ?. an family
nani??? ?OS
Ma--"i fjsynoi BSyi he Boas not kn"?v a man who haa
added .m Inch to tilmas!! by waAttnt to m fJevarnos,
?MM ? . :n h M better than an Inch, laut if?Louiawlle
An Open
Forum for
To Destroy '.ho Famous Old Chapel
Would Be an "Outrage.*'
In Va
? ?
? -
ty th? ' ? -
!.. bave ? ? lisse il
?i- i il.ill. ?n i.
.?n Hall, in Phlladeli
i v. .mi ? truel ion ..f i
i of I
: I
I be perpeu I
?.. ?? tint |
til on wh ? to
?etween a
' I M \?'. PJMBURT, 3.1
. .' .. Ul
The California Law Is Discussed m
Cairn anil Sensible Fashion.
To tii.- Bditor of Tin- Tribuns
BU i i'?-?,' to state in j rabie
? ? ? | I my
? ? mm r, that
our Imperial i Ka m oie a
? mistake in un-. .'allfornla ti rubls
This is no! an InterneUonsJ ftosstioa' u
la ju-a si omeUtlna on? anting
.titles of Calif or rils i
soin.- ..i ths Is - 1111 k there and
" .1 bfJ Hi" COUrtS of that stats
I fear oui minlstei
not read ths treats ertth the United
Btat? i, i.oi- .i thsy know sxaetl) the
late rights In the matter.
lev? the best they can do now |g to
1st the thii ? are; and 'ins they
can do so th? mors aatheanawei ofPreai-f
? s*v*liaoo baa been very courteous and
full ol eordl illtj Bupposs the) In
on bavins saoUisr u.-.it-.. b) which
neither ?mericans .in be lanilownerg In
. noi Japan? -? in Uiig eountn " The
result should be a iua? for my country
?aIio now can buy land in many
another point wh.u is the use >.:
? i bare s*s are not
want.-.I. if not b> the whole CaUCat?aM
population, fraction ol it
?i -? lbs frai lion thai baa lbs rotas? we
? ? n lies without Mttllng la
California and He i-.-t of the West.
i have le???! .n lbs p?unmi these days
that in-.- ?" Jape uses abroad
and "i,i\ tt.t?? ,i. this r*onntry, and
SA m < "milloriii.i It is
?mu*- easy io nuil srorh and lam? for these
,. in stancbufia and in
Unerica las Brasilias go?
rnent Is now sttractlni ths Jsi*?*UMes ?m
migration Mr. Chlrlmoys hM?? airead>
brought there ihounuiids al ? oionist.?, pro*
i witii fres lands by th* r?o de Ja
iii'iro guven.uiuit. who pays their ims
Coniraiy t" what irnnv people believe
here. OUT i-iniKi?ttlon in bmall. hi? yon aee,
,ui.i tea can Bod ptonty ol plaesa for it
And I must add that It ha* been forced
down on the Pacific (oast l.y the agent.*
ol the steatimiup rcninaiiuw Now that
v.i. ,iri beginning to base transportation J
facilities to other countries, the flux te
tho United ?tales may disappear shortly.
IRIS Mr LaplnSS hn? pu>
.t m.,.?' Interestlni pamphlet about this
t : ?.. 111 *> r
11} pelai el i as aod I M el i
Japai tee, la tl ? not wanted oil
uie ; ist. and s >.- ? an wsU ,
'. I us cut I
?nii.ercul ratai
sited ?!**e.?- and
? dial .it" i U KAOADA
?/orb, M u -?' ?
Much Better than Rtsht and Left or
Port and Starboard. Says a Reader.
To tl l Th.- Trroui ?
tii ii .- thai Mi Daniela n*- -
? - r- ? : the N't? v.v. has ord?*l
? and ' ?tarb<vird shall b- aho1l?h??d
ihe term? tight and
shall he u?-o In future in the m vin? of
? t? helmsmen in the navy, would
not urge that gentleman to r^onn
bls decision and t.. substituts the
?sorda ... ,uid ' haw gg being words
with which h* Is probsbl) mach mora
fum?n?- and as mo..? In Uo??!>lnir with ths
general nslmne performance of the pre?
er.t administration
New York Mhv .'I Ifll
A Plea for the Civil Service Man Who
Likes It.
To th? I Th" Tribun?
Plr adverse criticism m editorials on;
the Grt?n-Wslker bills prompts me to ,
liege of ? our columns f r
a short statement abou! H *.;lls.
rbapter I.IM of the Kssj Tort charter
provides thst when an employs seems, or
if., ui to tin? administrativ-' offl
elal the employe shall be ?-ranted a
nK singly the dullest intellect can
:>..? of the spirit in win. h ?m a eusse
v\:ll lisien to the p.?'??oil who is .ir?
ai:.! a thl ouch poMti. .1!, eco
nomic or *-..?"ia; ressons, is oppossd to the
? ? This provision Is ,< tra
vestj on lustlca ranat?l<*?ra that
the OlSl itlfY is .'.idge. with unlimited dlS
u in the matter at Issue.
One of the (?riffln-\\ alker billa provide?
for a hearing at which the abused may
be represented b) eouassl and that the
???tr?ense*? shall h.- sworn ?nd minutes of
the proceeding? kept The other bill
provides for an eatsnalOB Ol ?he preferred
list from one to two war;- that is When
employes are t<> be laid off for in.-k of
work the) shall be placed on a prcfened
list for r<'appulntin.nl 1 n laving off the!
Inversa ordei of tbelr appointment la to
i..? . gg? utsd The Isst man hired la to
he the first to he laid off. This piocedure
n.' . idopted In bank-? and Insti?
tutions having a seniority ?-..stem
It has bssa Stataid that th.? bills aa now
before ins aseeUeney Qmrtngunt Masr
will entail endless litigation This Is not
tr i. Thl Qriflto-Walatar blllr*? Intend that
the sensed shall be given a liona fide
trial, and,?af course if the persosj Is ?ound
guilty .*? discharge will he granted. The
placa t.. stop the admission Into the civil
e of undesirable people of any kind i
ths point of entiance, there th? care
mum be of the most vigilant sort.
At the present ?lirn? tin? rivii ??.rvl??? re- I
.?uii .'incuts are \er\ rigid, th" compet??
ti'n for !h> positions ?rhleh ars open tori
people Of special or usual training is very
k.-.-n. and pei-hap* th.- best possible meth
od of obtaining public servants. It |g not
fair to those who have riuallfled bv many
>ears of preparauon for positions in the
v.i ?. many diversified branches of govern- j
ment to expect them to submit to humil?
iation at the hands, or at the Instigation,
of politicians and even fadlsts who, per?
haps, are elected to public ofTW and who
perpetrate their oftentimes immature
plans **-n the individuals and departments
working for continuity of service to the
The Police Department, with all its
i frailtie?. ha?. te of the aatf bn'.
'of the eltlasna Of Ns* Y'lk; th? Ara?
? sad n t".?
?ark? "f t!ie g;-' I f?M ? !!"?
??"?, isl
1 dare aav that the v . 8 MSM
i iiianv other fines are l be fssnd right
! :n tb? mldat of all "ha sodden tradition?
??n by - nurd Orok*.
peni) oonf? ? ? 11 s wssls p0'
? ?? i stss
the l?e\ow Investigation. Those tradition?
- ? Ing to ehake off through the ?staV
luhment of fan |?T8SS8S>
and If guest I ?? r*?ad Of th.'? or
[ that administr?t: * -.?.?und
? - of th?
: am
Vies? President Finan i " *a*
. dvtl Service Soclaty.
N. s >.-:.* Ma)
Where Can One Get Away from To?
bacco Smoke-'
To the Editor of "The Trtl
The New Tort Trtbune'i atts-lt
uron the nutaan?~e of dying - '"
Indirectly "l'on ? sassa?" T
in- Sir, ?ml the rovtea thereof r- m0
corre?por.?ienta 8 " at "?"P'*"
? ? ? ho M""
be. n trying for war? I DOS ?ear? to P??
even a Mag I llb:;|*
to inhH'e tot g< eo an ,i " ?* ft''' r*
erywhers, on i at Mm
which sdvertlse I -?>""'
erowded streets, fresh - "*'
sata, man ":'M*li
U' stations ? ! " :Ml,J
:h *'l"
- ?
and dining roos i ?
ths n.. ress si I " rtr!".*
plans where tl ??? esn n m*L\
;.I as un?"' I I
natural fieah nil lower? en?' kasMtM*
inakee bias BUSOSPtlbla to 4I8888Sj *?
: mint take the lead ?n?* Put A*
end to publie an." I. I
ri I m?> follow ??i. i ????.> i??-' ;
rtruetloas to inhals frsah sH ??*> *VB
night N'l-cun- Is a ?Uld pi0P.
Should not iiKi? th.i' Sir p. i?"""***- "" ?
leant by victim-? sf the aiaoklss ?*?*
\ .i? the queatlon Is, V, .at po*?1" ^
?top it? 1 am ?-onvinre.i mat or.iV MJ
last can ?OBI nearly put an ?' ' to V*
smoklns So other forre avails ****?
are on atr????trare. In aome hotels, la ?*
?ray stations and man) other p ? *
blbttinfl smoking, but aa< a rw se ******
tion to ttun ,, ,.
Iloa-ewr in tbe subways there I? ?
all) almost no smoking Why? B,'e? u,
there ia a sign Showing H ? ?* p*na'tL.
BB ?ike there Tha psaslt) BlgBB "?tiJ\
en nee to public expe< I
tlve M/h3 " Herauae the law ?i "B
them. Everywhere thai those *vl gtl.
signa asista ?houid ai!"? t* P*I**'JJ?^
smoking signa Then people co
??Ulm Joyfully "Ob. how m???
well, to feel full of health, to bs IP
an appetite h? Inhaling dellcloUB Sir ?
out a speck of niiussattng nicotina MB ?
\.w York. May ?t?. 191*
From Th?? Hou?',?n Pot' ?^
?In* ?I the rer-iiint!?? of ?ha !'",f $,-,
tha fartho?*cT?inf dtr?<*t primary I?1* ? ?.
York i? to have ?rill soi ass?**1 '"'?*' *' >;:1
lah the poiniral n?eaiin??a eurre!-' taBST*
n?-l ralaa th? ?tanrtard of publlS enV'?1-?
will nol st..p the yellow praaa frf,m ^,
rlalmlna New York a? tha wKk??!?' ^
In th? world ?Vijd th?ra will b,/9f>
damacoav and hvpncri?v ?ban trot ??
From Th? Philadelphia !n<*ulr?r ^,
A W?at?rn praarher aa-? ha weuld l*^
drink red lak thaa bear erobabiy ? ^
vatad i lotrscraey, but av?i-v one "**?\ ?jj
tut?, aa Ms woman said whaa ?hs xitttt

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