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you lAMH >? 21,.'.(i,i. --*?->? '??rij;,^ ,,. probahl. ?vrM- ^->Hg FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1913.-SIXTEEN PAGES.
1>I> ?/ 'I.*1 M\r / 'I?"* VT 'a City of New York. ?Jen-*T f If ??"i ? oboken.
I\ll Ci -UIll?* 1 ij.y 1 FXSKW MERK TWO CKNTV
With a Long List of Important
Selections, the President
??Drops In" to Con?
sult the Senators.
HcCombs, Gerard, Penfield,
Stovall, McAlpin, Willard,
page, Birch and Others
Likely To Be Named for
High Posts Abroad.
[Fren Tha Tt i ana Burea *
tgSahtngtoft, June ?. ?Presi.lon: WH?
IM dropped In at th?**- Capitol lat? th*.s
tfijpnoOT) to rut the finlshir.- I
- ?- of diplomatic appolntmt
?galchangea, and to inform p? tora
Il m ? ' na he h d mads t.? learn
?rhft?ier there mlpht be any objocl
aecni J was maint.ii-ed re
gti?'tie 'h" name? on the TV
M bul M la probable thai the follow?
?r.? noninatl? na of an rs and
r--'Ml !,r se?! to til? Senate
W, F McComl a, chairman of the na
?-a! (*rmmitt<-?. to he Ambai ? .
lattice James W ?Gerard, of New
Jon * ?3d ater to Spain
r Pel f Pennsylvania, to be
Atabaset '. - I 11
p. a BtoTslL *' ?_?orfla editor of
?The Ssvsnnsh Preaa," to be Minister
to ?"* ?
E. J Hale, of North Carolina, to be
.*' - -? . -a.
anjmrt -'-??? f Wii --.?ln. to !
?ba Minister t N -v ay.
to be
Char:?-* TV. McAlpln, secretary of
MacSton University, to be mln
to the Netl ? rl inds.
Joseph F.. Willard, of Virginia, to b?
- -
Pr. P. !.. Jefferson, of Colorado, to
b* Mb iter 1 - th American coun?
ty, ;r i? :.- Argentina.
Ot^ie? Possible Nominees.
The ?name of Henry Morgentha
Mwtioi I foi '.at Constan?
das| la, and 11 - that Th
?Util B Pags will ' ome in for an tm
t appointment, the Vlr?: *
ig i
?h?"* President t.->-'i. y,
Bel Thoniae Bir. h, of New .Irr
-1 !?"?*. ?d. Is - ?-.?..
Persia, with C, r.
of Mint. I J. E. Lamb,
if Indiana, who will probably be ? a
tor minister. .
There was some ttoubl th..* '
r .islon to
having mmended for
Iks higher post ?' Roana, in aten
?l that a bill vas fav ora
parti n the Senats to-day to raise th.?
?: t?? the >rr.io> of .-.n
? **d thai II will probably be
?hout much del iy, Jusi
Gerar ted to accept the ?
I m
i visit was the Pr?t
Ifth i ? e halla of < 'onj -
ind the door of th?
locked. Th?* Bel Ste had ad
? ? _?? ?-at-arm.-' ?
-.?,:?. I
have to get a ?J ;; || n? .*
for thla ?1 said 1
? i the sergeant -at-arms I
! lent a | - for th? key.
Sctrr'.v any .?f-natora wer?* in th-?
u Secretary'Tumulty aeni
call for about twenty of them,
?ame in quickly from tho
Sv.a'o r ffi, (. building.
When the Praaldenl gol through
"to ?he ?Senators he met th?*
Bewapaper men in the rorrldor and ex?
plained ?thai his visit had been
?' matlc appointments and
that no official li?t would he mad'* pub
H-* untti word was received frnm the
"?"arioua foreign governmenta as to th?;
lactptal f tl persons select
Th? I I left 1
,u&l> ;is he , nine. The at
nn elevator ft? him, but
?'? i??? ? thanked them and de?
"I (ctifss I'm ? ?good Democrat
?n ?a.'- v-e g-jid. with a lauKh
This Morning s News.
local Page
? in r.j.^n for Mayoralty. -
V? T. ' o" |*i.ri .,-,?. |0 pill-!!?-. 1
Coavletsd. i
''?"?sirai Wood? - ??? Bo. Uta a
Co-**alan i'ar.r.is Trip to 1 a? e ??harize. 2
q Waldo .June 17. . 2
Hiiiiajiimoners" Return.... 9
-al?ed. 3
?'*'" Chll\t*i b] < "It y Ire. 6
**?r.<*ar.i ???; ? ?? Big M.ion. 5
?"?ma M <er.:or*, Have f"la?-s Day... 7
*_-*?? la ' iht fee Pris Ipalshlp....M
**? -? Han Held *? Thiel io
gX? i- - ?School ?Parade 16
?J"*??:: 1 ties to Ta?-k i?
*** Held ? . - i: K I?.*-. . ? 19
??? Many I-iplomats. 1
? ' "?nd Chinda . 3
??* Higher Up" Lobbyists. *
i ".,Kl ' Tr''-**** r?v Taxa?.?.n . *
-'1'* Horn? Ral, L_w Defective. 4
*?<xl Caaa ?Qoaa to .tury jo-day. 5
...h Pawling Agalnal Bell. 3
^W?-!-- London. 7
"???al . . e
"^"Uly 7
r^.?rv. 7
fc? .'.'.'.'.'.'..'.[['.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.Pxr^ 9
. 10
I .11
*? and Markets.IS and 13
.14 and 15
??i Laui.
Secretary's Cousin Collapses as
She Was Picking Posies.
M?. Emile E. NeUaen, of Mount Ver?
non a cousin of Secretary of state
William J. Bryan, died yesterday. Bh?
WMatrlckeii with apoplexj in her gar?
uin "hi:? P-ucklm floweri to ?end t?
???? ?Secretary t?, decorate h la desk.
Mr.- Nelteen waa a w< ; known Bap
church worker. ?Sim wai forty,
vean old, and a daughter of th.*
?te David Bryan, who waa employed
m the preu department of "The Kan
V.rk Herald."
Corona Doctor Injured While
Oiling Running Engine.
Dr. William ? ami bell, of Corona ave
? Borough, has only
fingen ag th<
dent win? h took plact yeaterdaj when
teating i trig ne ot hia
I? in the ?garage In the rear ?>f his
The phyaii lan tried t.. oil the
? ? t waa rum
Hi la hand too cIom t.. i.no of
th?- cog?, and Inatantly two ?fingen on I
? Ighl hand wer ci ighl ai
: ished ?that at the Plui
? two ot hia ?
? I th? in.
Dr. Campbell, wl i m th.rt;.
f th? staff al
i ? ilng Hih Ital
James H. Flood Plans Costly
Cornice for Home.
Ban Frai ka o. J ?The Houi
of th? |
. for the i
! home whii h Jamea H F I, aoi if the
Ira?*, n
fr..?n the < i building
in th?* faahionabl? iuarti .*? of thia
? ?? ? ?? and V? : ?
marl ? atru? tur? will i?e set off by
rnice ?l
will g ot (Old, a? -
published <
Many Join Movement to Prevent
Marriage of Those Mentally
or Physically Unfit.
irons ?P*
? ? ? Fork thai
s ??? f them ' ? ? ?
marriage of pei ; inflt,
Th* K> \ Lt. A. 1. . .
meetinj the W? .-t End
and Iflfttl t Bund
? ?.?. II be
The Rev. Dr. N< ? .-'ht Hillia
in ths* fall In Plymouth ?Church, Bl
Ij n. at a hi h Mr 1
Tl.. Liberal ?
tar?an and
?11 I ?I*S. ?'
' this Mr
nan ? 'hur- h,
through II ? r. V im P M< r
r,:i, ' rith the othei
fore I , ral Convi ntlon
in th.? ? Ity In Oci
thia ? ?
of l? iding miniatei ighout the
Thirty-eight Will Cost Father
and Son $760.
_* Hai bor, N J . ?' lame
Warden \\illiani ?Loder, of thli city,
<? rruifinK I I ? ear Little
? to*dav aaw I
..-.. along t?'.- ihore R ? : I hii
laun?-!i Into ?'?
gull ??<*??*?? Into th?
-, ? ' ? rev?
- ?
The * 120. Th?
den ; th? Hammell an 1
? '
Quits Bench Because $7,000
Salary Is Too Small.
?Vajrilnpton. June Is?President W
s ?.?? lo-daj the resignation of Walter
-. . * e M
Judicial ?Circuit, r?.n-j?rlsinii th*- ??tatet of
. l N< i
Stfa ? Fudge
Noyes to-nli
? m] M- ? TI ? tniaxy of the "fl'-*
j .. is lm
education ?.f n:
? ? .- nt I
brim ih/total t?> an amount o
rat? to rr.v family'! : ?
State Failed to Prove Bank
Loss. Court Holds.
HnHnnatl J in? I Thro -
? PI? ??
i. ei
. . . i m ?lanatl Trurt ?Tom?
.? v Parrlsh N ? Kell
? direetora
?Adata ot tut -? ?- ' "? r,f
ii ? ? r?'
a note for I -? n?
th? hank t?. make s-ol
. ?f th<? Fnr.i A iohnaon 'hair
; my. whirh had heen OttaUroi out
,..,.,. ? ? ? Mat? ? nmliH r
jurtKe Caldwall held ti?e pnncutton
had n?>t shoun then had hem any lOM
to the hank The jur> r?tUTIMd a ver
iling of the jufige
AttomaV* for Iff Co? ami Other ?le?
fen?lant* if tf-.-.g t?. ?rr.-mse r
? j. tl a< then
, misapplication of nvi/*) of funds
o? the bank I
Hannah Silverman. Leader of
Paterson Malcontents. Sent
to Jail for Contempt and
Found Guilty of Rioting.
Exclamation at Judge's Ruling
in Another Case Leads to
Prison ? Sorry She
Can't Lead March
Peterson, N J.. June 5.?While her
counsel waa pleading for her acquittal
I in the Court of Quarter ?Sessions, wl
?waa on tria! ?? II fortj otbei
strikers on g charge ?f unlawful as?
sembly, Hannah ?Silverman, aeventeen
i old. was sentenced to day to
I went) day? in laii bj Recorder Carroll
for disorder!* conduct during the trial
lait night of Hair* Price, who a ai
charged with assaulting two women.
Exclamation? ?.f aympatb; for Prl ?
when the jiulK" made rutina ?h?
ght unfair wa? th.? cauae of I
multiplii at:..;-, of her ?in iblei Pi
a as found guilt; of ?assault u I at) i
ar.?i sentenced to three montha In Jail
?If? anwhil? ? er n th? Q tarter Bea
retun rrdici
? . . ? agi nil !.. r ind thlrtj ?ight
? : "f !,? r f? ? f? ndanta Th
ment. $~*h\ fine, or both
of th? th.rt j -elghl ? on*, li t?td In *
a? ilao,
' All her tro ib e Hannah < m brave .?
but ?ha' ? her ey? s
w . i s ? ? ?. i ? - ? ? ? ? not
? to mar. h to New Toi
( the strik? take
part In a d? .M idl>ton
Garden In th? ? et
The striA. ra **<???
of the .. ? ?
I ? rseCUtion" . | v lio.
ie of het
ii the
,-tnk' .
.. ?
Her sentet
H? " ? ght ed for a
?writ of cert
to ge- I thai
if or t f.. e, ?
1 er at !.!?? rt> for - ? ?letn ?n
Th? ?? ttee f?-'-?i.iv
'teen to
. ? . ...
tl'li I- -? let
The manufactu ? an?
be had
with t Ihe It
empl fer with their
U the Deiter A 1
iften ?*? ? m-t
. ?? ? ? ? ork "n T .
? ? , ? about tl
.\f . , ..ir night m?fel ?? I -
. ?
Miss Ki> nn made the prii ? ches
ind covered l
A petit ? ol a ei -
? . . . . . ? ? :
v -. iking for ?? fedt ? I -
r troubli? It
?? Paterson and N?
- ; romlnenl m labor le
... ? work The strike lead?era
check f?or $41 M had
raci leed ?from Helen k.
, riled by a ettei f ?ympatby for
their cause ^_
Lahor Leader Must Undergo
Serious Operation To-day
IVaehiagton, J no r> ?Samuel Qomp*
?r--. prealdenl ??f the American ?Peden
,ti"n <?f Labor, il m a ?critical condition
In th?- Episcopal Ey? Ear and Throat
Hospital and to-morrow morning will
undergo a aerio .-? operation f"r i
toldltla H< waa brought from Atlantic
<-it> on Tueedaj night following a r? -
I ?r Henry PolklnhOT*. w ho will | ?*
firm the operation, aald to-night that
the g.-ner.?! |?.'.;? li< al condition <>f the
labor leader waa - ? h ?that th.- opera?
t ;,?n ?a?. .; : ? :'?l BUTS?
ami bj Mr Qompera'? bedaid? ill
right, with l?verai membera of the hoa
; -taff.
Sees Statesmen Beat News?
paper Men in Contest.
Waahlngton, June '<< -An old fash?
ioned ?peeUng lue, condu tad bj the
National Praol ' lub of Washington.
ar.' 1 ?billed 'test between news
?m;er men an?l st.?tt-.?m-n " wa? won
to-night t?y Representative Prank BL
WIM? of ?'hi-., after fifteen Washlng
t,?n c? rresi ondents, seven senators an?l
Si ? u member! Of the House ha?l t ??. n
spelled down."
it ?as an evening of merriment, in
I'reeUlfnt Wilson. BecrsUUT
Bryan on? a h?.st <>f other officials
Da. id F. Houston. Se.-retary of Agri?
culture, ami l'.ng a schoolmaster, "<???
"the pronoua* er." anil dealt out the
most ?linVult WtSffth he had be?-n able t?.
find in th* dlCtkmarj The ranks <?f
ti.e tbtrt) i|???ii'-rs thlaned -i ti? kly, an.i
finally < n! BSMtOT l'?.ind? xt.-r. <?f
Washington. an?i Repr?sentativ? Wims
rt-malned. Th" ?Senator misspelled
"hydroeephal'is ' and Mr W.iiis won
the championsh.l'.
Reformed Church, Columbia
University and Rutgers College
to Receive $200.000 Each ;
Others Get Smaller Sums.
Trust Funds to Distant Rela?
tives and Residue Goes to
Three Cousins-- Bequests
to Her Twenty
one Servants.
Th?* Reformed Church in America,
R itgei - ' g* ? ! Columbia Univer?
wer?* Hi? principal beneficiaries
un?l?*r th? arlll ??f Mr.-. M.iry M. Pell,
flb-d ?n th?- Surrogates' ?'?"?it *. ester?
day. Bad <?f these Instltutlona will
receive 1200,(100 ereal in several
g< ' ' nds, which give them ?
large sh.ire of un estate valued a: -?
eral nui!; ?t*. dollars Mi !?? a ho
??..?- the artdow of John H P? IL di? i
May 28 ;,t No. Iftm Riverside I'm??
Thi : ? re sevei iller publl he?
quests m th?-- win of Mr?-. Pall, who ilso
? f .i? t- ?i bet twenl
amounts ranging from ?1200 ?? ?.".???>
?- ? ? : . . s ' h relatii es of n
* eraoti ?'? g) ? ? ?receive In
tr-.st fund "i beques ta of siivir-v
: gs, ? luna or f mil
in two ? <"i. ,1s Mr.-, i her
msnj doga t?. i-.-r cousin Msry E
Zabrifkle, ?saying: "1 wanl th?rn
to receive th? i : i a i hav.? I
t^- m snd this I ki
wish of my cousin, Marj i:. Zabriski?,
to whom th' wl ng."
To make this care tr*.":? M ;
?:*..it Hri'iget ? u r,
of hei * - ? ? -i
thoughtful and kind In lookii - fter
*?-"? ., month f??r
rk s :?-..?.
t of ?1*2,000.
Mrs. Pell s m
f reel i
able of her pi g ?
I the so ithwest
'. ?Shi em?
the Mel
executor ?si this
proi ? ?? . ta f??r her
t? ?t ' es. The --J-*
*.!..*- i:
t.'ie rhur-h. ? ?
r*? Stl i t1-.- r ? | '?ta.
TtH to I
I the V ' :
S .1 "? I
? I
for Rutgei . iid
? k.* * ? ? ear the turn?*
In m? mot ' ' ? n i ?
her 1
Th<* pr<", ? -* " : *
? ? at wa 1 in
1011! at 11.4.1.? ? '
it If there w.*:.
that it should 1" :
Hn."ni4- ti,?*' three Institutions, whk h ??
; ' ;
? ? ? . So 182 and No 1 **i I
1? i ?' - ? ?
? ? ? ,,?_-....'. f No
.'????? me to go I
eon and itightei nl I ich th<
? twenl one a h? n the ?.r?* t"
? ???,.-? ; ?>i
i"h.r Institutions mentioned were
the < hurt h for < 'olored P? opio, :a Par?
nmus. ti. .1 . bulll by Mra Pell'a in-other,
ttfoiii. ronslatory ??f the Reformed
?'hur-h. at Paramus, |>.%,?90n for cur
r? nt expenses; Fiv.- P?>ints Mission,
.-' -? ?n?i th.? Society for the Preven?
tion of Cruelty to I fMO.
Mrs phi left nothing ?to tha five
brothers ?nd ?Bisters of h-r husi?an?i,
m? in?? she hn?i already gl?ren th?m a
l.irK?* amounl of se? uritles snd mom y,
. -. iidus of i '? I ? - In a ?'i.ii
to Predi n- h /- Board, Matlld i B.
Blauvell and Everett L Zabrtskis,
? ? isins of Mrs P< I
Skirt Entangled with Lever,
She and Pilot Fall.
Tar's. J'in? T.. Th?-? Kr. n h airmtn,
? iguets Bernard, an?i ? i aasenger.
H,.s>- Ami ? wi re killed t
. r unuati il ? Ircumstan ? *.v h a
making a light st the Buc aerodrome.
When th. aeroplane was al s eonaii
. ?altitud? Mom AmlcePe skirt be?
came entangled In the lever connec?
tions. Instantly the pilot logt Control
an?! the ?machine plunged to th" e.irh
nn?l was shaft? ?red
The deaths re '.t<l?"l above rained to
?"l the number "f fatalities In the ar.r.ai*.
? ' a latton. and to M 'ho number of air
mes killed tl ? fa
Th?* death of Mm?* Air.',, ?1 ronatitutea
the sixth av:atl??n fatality t?*? a -???man
The last Woman killed v?..? Miss Harrl-t
Qtllmby, mho met her death at Atlantic;
Maaa, near Booten, on Juiv i. i?JH
Fletcher Boilermakers Say English
Foreman Insulted American Flag.
? >n<- h ?. r..i r^ 1 and Hfl ? ?-?? I <* B*
-1 hy the PlStcbef It"' "."."ika. at
ken ?trues yasti mea thej
rsftlSSd to work under a foreman Who,
they ?aid. had ?nsult??d the Amer'?-an lag
a moot] igo he left FiaiebaFa to arork
In ?anada. remarking that he ?aa an
t.- -? lahnaan nnd declaring that an Eng?
lish flag he araved ai"ft ?as ?the only fit
emblem for a man t" WOfh under
H<? r??t'irn<?<1 t?> Hohoker, this meek and
?v..s r?*inMat??l The men objselad, hut
up,,n betas told that tiwi metxM hav? in
work under their Knglish foreman
whether th?) ?iked II or nut, thf> quit.
He throw his hat ?n the ring yesterday a> candidate (or Mayor.
Pays 10 Cents to Check Copy
While Out Shopping.
n the n t Queen?
had dla rgi id pei?
.?-?tiers al ?South Ferry al noon I t
? woman went ti ? it el room
of the ferryhouse .-? n ? ? laid a coiiy of
The Ti ???:?>? on th
< o :nf? r
? paid th?
ting l i fOf
"1 have no i he k " repll? ?1 the woman,
? ' ? | *i to ' he' k sonieth.ng."
The r'iirk IS-Md ov?er till ?"inter to
?f/> w 'i.at ?baggage ihe might have ? tn
her, pa? ing no attenl
The Trih-ine she had laid ?before him.
"W h ? * ' ? *??
' The Tribune," she re
g the
? " !.??
.. - ? . a th a .- . li ' it w HI
v. They Mil 'em her?
f? i l ? ? * -
I don't care what it cost?."
patienl 'I want *
i t.ike the i ?at back to St. Qeorge ?vnd
til for it al " ?i .* .30, aft? r I p. t
tbroug ; , :ng."
Ttking the dime the woman
fore him, tl er band
? I nder it a
. . with Um
i hit latron.
Edam Missile Flies High but
Receives No Injuries.
A 1 ''??*> pla? I 1 <-?'! the fa ? |
g to the basement ( v- III
Washington street, ?n the h> art of the
fruit disfrt' t, - \, I? I? 1 ?hortly before 9
o'clock last tits-ht. wrecking the wood?
work ah.'ve the stairs and imaihlng th
I n the flr-t Ho -r. ?... upied by
Ja? i. r.-; man ,\ I !o ?and Garlich & * !o .
whol? ? ? . .
Bon?glorno Zgmmatur??, an importer
of olive ?di, macaroni and oth?er Italian
product!, ?occupied ti ? lemeni Th??
- ? raa evidently ?n attempt t.->
Injure him Patrolman Alchman, of
the Greenwich ?treet tatlon, had been
??landing en the opposite si.io ? t Wuah
ir,gt??ii street ten minute? before the
tii.ml) went off. an?l ?a? no ?onf ap
proacb the entran? e to the basement In
Although th<? damage amounted to
scarcely 1100, the explosion was not
without extraordinary features. A
twelV%-pound Edam cheese was Mown
up from the basement, landing lnta?-t
on lilt first floor. The nail.? driven
through the tiny silver name plate on
Patrolman Atchman'i night sti? k were
loosened by the .??-plosion, although the
club ?lid n?'t fall fr?-m hi? hand
Couple Brave Arabs for Seclu?
sion of Egypt.
? F' T? ?*arsgh * ' Tli< Tribun? '
B ?? n. June 5 -Returning fr?'m ope
of th? most novel boneymootti on re? -
i true spent In ?amping out in the
Eg pttan desert- ?Charlea A Tool, ?Haw
rorh iiuar.ager for a lo, al company, ar
r|\,-d with his i.rlde ?>n the iteamsftp
fan?.pie. of the White Star Line, thi?
Mi Tost married Miss ?Charlotte Mc?
Ginn, of New fork, last February,
sailing at OOCS ftof the Mediterranean.
? ?n the way they derided to tarry out
thfir Idea "f camping out for a time
amid the sands of Egypt They went
at Ohce to ?'air.? an?l ?engaged ?ameis
and, accompanied by a heavy guard i?j
Insure protection against Arabs, went
Into th?- interior, where tenta wen
i Itched
t per cm? \>t 6 gJass-aiuppcmd Ltoi?ea
Design Finally Accepted for
Monument to Editors.
Sl l. June I "The N'aked
Ti ith," th? il| f Professor Wil?
helm Wandschneider, ??f Germany, w-is'
: to-ntght by the dire
B h irs-Daenser
? n as the design for
the monument to be er. ted to the'
: ith" rsprest n'a a
nu'i?-* wmnaa seated with ..'.'.spread
nrms it uns ? rigim II] ?ao epted by a
'ommitt.e. Lut liter refused by the
after Kt ; 1a Bow h, the
eal contributor to th?* $.><V""0
????,?????1 to the d? sign. In the
mean time Professor Wandsrhneider
and his wife ha?l come fr?,m Merlin for
Couple. Each Asking Divorce,
Must Stay Married Always.
Irving N T : kins, a lawyer, of
Wh" n behalf of Mr- V ? ' I
s H who Hi-e.l h<~r h'ish-ind,
rge W Halstead, of ft'?' city, fur
, a d;- h ?' istl a Tompklns de?
ft Ii 1 ;i 'in.inimo*is af
flrmance by ti,.* Appellate ?Division.
When Mra Hsl lead, who was prom?
inent In i t Mi ??!<?- o, s i* l
der I ' ? p. h?* set up
count r rgei rustic? Tompklna re? I
fus? d to (?rant a divr? ?? to either.
judg? 8 v Bj mi In behalf of
Hals'- I ?New York atock
i roller, then carried the appeal to the
App. late Division, which now* sustalii3
th" riling of Judge Tompkins.
Mr snd Mra. Halstead under the >*>
cisi?n .ir? still h'isband and wife, and,
as Jti'lg?* Tompkins says, they have
been "tied fighter together by the
court decision than any minister eould
do." Neither ?an appeal, and besi?les
there Is no chance Tt starting another
Petition Sent to Wilson and
Congress?Martine Objects.
Washington. Janea.?A nstnrensenl to ln
rl?i.i- ir. the f*?nat-? Intreetlgatlon of the
Weal ? h -, la all . .Mon an In
condlt i g the atrlklng
t \-1| -v 0 k- s in Paters- ? N I , ap
i | ? re * -dai A ;eiit:on addressed
to Prettdent Wilson -'.n.i Coagreaa ass>
lag for an lnv.-t'.. .i* o- of conditions In
Paterson, was brought to Washington'by
Prederlck C Howe, director ?>f th.? Peo
I ln-t'tute. of KSW Y?.rk It ?as
: ?. r . s, N, ? Y ?rk men:
j Johi I lard I White, An.os
j R. i: Plnchot J- Howard Melish, John
I andrem, aecretary "f ths a me tiran
Association for I?abor Legislation, How?
?r?i H. Wooteton, profeaoov .>f so.-ioi"g-.
ge of the City of New York. ?Fred?
? r.? C. H?jv?e. .Hrector of the People'a In
[stltute. H. nr> M'i.sk.iw :tz. hea?l worker of
M?dis n H"U.-e. the Rev. John Hayn?-s
Holmes, ?Delos T WUros. J??hn A ?Pitch,
[editor, the department <?f Industry, "Th?
Sum lOB Hall. lawv, r. J Aail.n
|wall Hodge, ?ruste?, of the Peoples Inati
'tute. the R?-v Dr. .John P P-iers. trie
Rev. pr. Percy I '"r.'ii.t. ??wen R I.0V4
?J v general aaeretary, National Child
Labor Cmrrlsston. John ?'oilier and Pier?
? ? -n? e KelUy.
Senator Martin? of N'.-w Je.-n??\-, on? of
the membera ?>f t-.e ?-ul>-eommlttee
. barged with the West Virginia Inquiry,
i.:ed h? bell?-', ed the federal gOVCfW?
m?*nt <*ould do nothing In r. gard to in?
Paterson situation
?1 ertalnly, the Pateison matter will in
no way be connected with the West Vir?
ginia probe." ha "-aid. "In West Virginia
I the ?piestlon of su-pendlne" the conatit'i
1 tlonal guarantees and Imposing a milltarv
(government la involved, while in New
: Jersey th? entire matter has !??en handled
1 v the civil ...i.rts. under th? law. The
sinkers hav? their remedies under the
law. aid I believe a f..de ai investigation
c?ju1?J do no food''
Frankly Tells Citizens' Democ?
racy He Will Accept Nomina?
tion from Any Regular
Political Organization.
Party Leaders and Presumptive
Candidates Refuse to Discuss
District Attorney's State?
ment-Activity in Nomi?
nation Campaign.
District Attorney Whitman threw his
"hat In the ring" yesterday for the
Mayoralty nomination. He ?aid he
would accept a nomination for that
office from any regularly constituted
political organization.
This statement came out when the
Distri? t Attorney received the mem?
bers ?if Um executive committee of the
Citizens' Democracy at hia c.Ti?-e in the
Criminal Courts Building. They told
him they wanted to name him as their
? andidate for Mayor.
He replied he would welcome the sup?
port of any organization, and he would
be glad to ha.e them go ahead with
their plans to further his nomination
and election.
Speaking of the visit of the members
of the organization, which Is com; used
of independent Demo? rats, the District
Attorney later said:
"1 think It is pretty generally under?
stood that the nomination would be ac?
eptable to me."
Organized for Whitman.
?Lettki Wolfert. chairman of the com?
mittee, said the movement h? repre?
sented had been organized solely for
the District Attorney, and that tho
Citizens' Democracy had no present ln
tentlrn of naming any other candi?
dates. It would begin at < nee, k ? -
ever, to get the required four thousand
signatures to place the District Attor?
ney in nomination for the head of the
municipal ticket.
F?r s,-me weeks the organization has
had headquarters in the Qrand Union
Hotel, but Mr. WoUMI said additional
head'iuart'-rs would be opened In other
"We are mt? rested in putting at the
head of lha < ity government the right
man." said Mr. Wolfert. "We know*
the District Attorney is meh a man
and we want ?to assist In gJoetlaf him.
"The fuslonlsts are on the wr?^ng
tra* k. They are trying to do what no
? ther f .?ion body ever attem* t"d ?to do
before. They want to dictate the nomi?
nations absolutely. In the polltl al
Jorkeytng that will ensue Mr. Whit?
man might be passe?l over. That ia
what we inten?! to prevent We want
t?. se? that he l? properly placed bef> re
the people."
< ?th* r members of th?? committee
were Henry M. Harris. Jacob G.
Lazarus, Theodore I?tebold, Thomas F.
Thornton, Frank Donnelly. Isaao New?
man. Mosel Moirla, Arthir J. Noule
and Thomas F. Long.
Activity Now Expected.
Now that his hat is "In th? ring" it
is likely that the friends of the District
Attorney wiM beoOBM exceedingly a:
tlve to se. ire his nomination under
the most favorable auspi *s. Thor*
has been Just enough public opposi?
tion t?. him on the part of some mem?
bers of the fuetea committee to lead to
the possibility that he would not ?re?
ceive the indorsement of that body
?Many organization Republicans be?
lieve not only that as their party fur?
nishes the largest number of votes in
any fusion movement they should re?
ceive the place at the head of the
ti? ket, but also that this year th'?y
have got the itrougeat ?candidates Th^y
advocate running him on a straight
Republican ticket in <-aae the fuatontste
should not select him as their nominee.
In a three-cornere?l fight, however, it
was ea.d there Would be disadvantage?
and weaknesses in a candidacy baca. 1
solely by the minority party in the c.iy.
It will be remembered that four years
ago the candida* y of Mayor (?avnor
was br?)iight out first by a non-partisan
i itiz??ns' committee. It was then taken
up by a number of independent organ?
izations. Finally he was chosen ax th?
regular candklate of Tammany Hall.
This independent support made him In?
finitely stronger than he would have
been otherwise
Under Broader Auspices.
So it would be In Whitman s ? ase, hia
friends argue. If he should be named
fir?t by an lndt-pendtnt organlzatum
and then should be taken up by the Re?
publicans hi arottU be presented to
the public und' r somewhat hr??-ader
auspi.-ca than if he were simply the
Republican nominee That, of c?sur?e.
Is based on the possibility that th?
fusion committee will not name him.
Fn? nds of Whitman yesterday said
they believed he might win out handily
in the Progressive primaries if he
should be properly pla. ed In nomina?
tion Not one of the leaders Interested
In the coming ?ampalgn. nor any of the
men who have been mentioned as pos?
sible candidates on the city tickets tins
fall, would comment yesterday up<m the
frank announcement of the District At?
The Republican organization has not
\et come out for the District Attorney,
aa it ami felt th it It might embarrase
the fusion movement. However, th?
Manhattan Republican Club, the organ?
ization dub of the 23d Assembly Dts?

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