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Mother of Man Strangely Slain
Woman of Wealth and Title
from Ireland.
Police Without Clews and Hold
to Suicide Theory, Despite
Evidence of Myste?
rious Crime.
? is the opinion expres.s.-d
Dr. Edgar T. ?Raya, eoro
who p?srforined an au?
...Ayy OS t!l' ; Ody Of .los.-;,h Key,-s. Wbo
I to death In his room
? ?. Tburaday aft.-r
mn : ? Id It was not possible
ntibt on hinist-:r Btty stab
th rty of which punctured Um
IB half <b'7..-n penetrated the
heart, after almost severing tbe head
trom the body, as was the cas.- with
^?.?.?.s Any one of the Wounds ?
? ? cause death, the doctor s..Id.
? ? wounda, t "iii ?>f
Keves 'l wrists were so badly Blaal ;
?t weald have been a physical Imposai
MUty 1er him to us.? them. Tbe ?
ton of tlie lungs also showed that tho
itab thrusts were made after death.
Keye?. who WSJ thirty-five years old.
?me Bom a family of prominence In the
Murray Uli section, according to state
n?nts m ?fbl by persons who had
know him. l!:s mother was ?Lad] M?
?n?, wh<* came from Ireland many yean
?jo. She became the wife of William
K>vfi. Who ? fa fortune.
They rr.a.'.e their homo in Beat Mth street,
reit to st. Gabriel's Cburch. a deugh
t?r, Martvn. a Older than Joseph
Ktye*. the *' en, was a school
Mother Dead Two Years.
After tbe leeth of tbe father nnd
daughter Mr* Keyea and her non moved
t-, 9!d f ? ' re they livt-.l until Mrs.
Ktyes'e deetb, two yean ago. it w is
t.ien that young Keyes moved ba.k to the
old Balghborhood and made hla home at
the rooming house xvhere his body was
Mrs. Henry Carey, wl ? ?s a
physician at N i. _3 Eaal Mth -tr.-?*t. said
young K nherlted e
Manierai ?? eum of money from his
mother '.llar In I
kept to himself. The physician ?said he
bai BOt 9* ? :. him for nine years.
Mrs. Margaret ?".rttt-r. who llx? s In the
Third a-.- -?? told Of K< .*? ? B I
(;,e:.*r. Itlei Bhl sa 1 ! ? wo ! klsa the
lehistrade on I
the bous?, and also kls- *
st the street entrance.
In Keyess - ?found a number
of paper begs, i n whl? b skel i.?s ?>f wom
?r.'s fares ha : ? f that
the man was living on an Income is borne
- fact that rent
to Mict ael ".' lohy, the own.-r .?f the
two areekj idvan e with new b
though '. from a
Nothir.B ? t va] ic sraa f< *: i among th.- :
man's effects, with *
ihowlng a depoelt fl tha Law
Ters' Title :*c it ? 'ompany,
of No. i ' Bi i ???
r.ed in : ? :. and h dra ????n on. !
Women Heard Him Enter.
Little was known "f Keyee in the
neighborr.?-. *?d of his home His custom
?u to leave the ailv at ?i
o'clock each afternoon and return at 3
o clock In the mor*..
Mr-?. Am ?Smith a- : Mrs Oretter, who
?.id bun ?-ut-r at the usuel tun..
bSb) i?- tot in. A a tltlon i? ail
that s?par?tes the ?room occuj led by
-t of Mis Gretter.
While atlll holding to the belief that
8ui?*ide, Lieutenant
- ? .
g tO lind a
?**_ ?? t out of tbe I waj "t
Tuoby, the]
Pet'-r. as bo i ?T tWO b* fe
murder. M .rp:.*. haul trie man was
1'jund ly'.r.g on tbe Door outside ti ?
of Keyee'i room, and insisted be had
lone there to Bleep. Tuohy described the
*n?n as ?being < ?1 and f?-?-ble
The r, ; .. -fulmit th> y ar? without ClSWB
'orth while if a murder was committed.
a preliminary hearing on the death of
*'**?ph Keyea will be held thla morning
?** Coroner ?Meilenstein.
Director of Steel Corporation
Thought It Had Right to Do So.
With tr... presentation "f teetlmony al
?"t satlrely technical in ?.baratter
Perdval Roberta. Jr.. a director of the
'-'tilted State* ?steel Corporation, com
I.eted yesterday Bfternoon bis ?third and
*?* ?lay on ths witness stand f?>r the
???fence in the government's eult to dis
??"'??e the Steel Corporation
??uch of the cross-examination by Judge
Wcklrson wag devoted to efforts to show
?m Mr Roberta had knowledge "f tita
'an??* workings of pools In business allied
"-??h the steel trade, but the witness sal'l
t!>?t th? only association of this cliar
??? with nhU-h he had any <?>nnectlon
*u the gtcel b?-ano pooL In answer to
?.osti?n s? to whether ti ?? pool's agree?
""??nti ar(j operation? were secret, he said:
The ntxm<s ?,f th?i partleB were known.
* never looked on this pool aa In any
*-y liWsi, for we thought we had a
5*rfw-t right to make auch arrangements
\"4t'A ?aot conceal them in any manner."
??ojeo declared that be regarded it as
'??My proper for n,e st?el Corporation to
^lttrnHte the smaller mills to keep
;'*"e w:th the improvements In the Indue?
Amonj thou? present st the ?nornlng
^??on w?ri former Ambassador Robert
'?"?"?i aad Blbert H Oery. When the
?yintt are resumed on Monday Judge
"?T ?111 go on the stand for cross-ex
L J* Murphy Relieved at Own R-e
irje-gt?c. A. Place to Move Up.
'M?ln Lawrence J Murphy, in eonv
^ ?f tie Pr?pe? t j'ark station,
t?^kl>r'' w"" r',,r'r"1 ?*-? M* """ foflueet
~BJthe p,,),,e *,,?.,,,,?,,?.?, y?-Bterday. He
. ?ervfcd on Xn? toten since UU U'"
^t("harles A. l'la?e. of th? Alexander
?111 ? *,U,,"f|. first on the eligible list,
?* Promote^ t? the va'-ancy to-day.
;,ir(|C^ln Murphy, wbo Is In bis alxty
^ i-'ar, ?..:,? ;,,,.?,,, ,,,| ,,, ,n? grade of
?j, ?J*nt :,, -.4 an(j u> t(;tt |f ,,,.?,en?nt
*l? *.? *'"* "? "" ? captain in l?"?
ttxojtZ.? "?''"?maker before ?-nterlng th?i
Joseph Taylor Gets Year and
$ 1,000 Fine?Certain
He's Reformed.
The young man who as Joseph Young
was the daredevil leader of a gang of
automobile hohl?up men and as ?Joseph
TSjrlor was a college graduate and a.'
member of a respected family was sen-1
tenced to one year in the penitentiary !
yesterdaj and to pay a line of ?SUMO ?by
Judge 1'oster in General Sessions
g's pita of guilty of robbery In the .
at ond degree was withdrawn and ?an-1
other of guilty of assault substituted hi
order thsl he might be given a petilten-j
tisi y sentence,
Eleven members of his gans are now!
in Sine SitiK. largely as a result of the I
testimony Young gave, and it is believed
. that young was sent to the penitentiary
i that they might not be sbls t?> fulfil the1
threats they bad made against him. A
similar sentence ?as given t.? ?Ch?ries
?^.i.er. Young's lieutenant, who likewise
turned state's evidence
lu a ?euer written to Charlea F i<o?t
W'tk assistent district Attorney, Young
sat?! that his wife's "immediate future
was horribls to contemplate." Her fam?
ily had not offered to help her. he said,
I??..-ms. of I,er loyalty to him They had
I?" n married only a few months. She Is
now st work folding onvelopea for a
? low ntow n Arm.
Young says that bs believes himself
mote worthy of ?leniency than "Mrldgie"
Weber, ths Becker Informer, a? "my mo
Uves weie more prslSSWOfthy." "No man
in New York." said Young, s[.taking of
Weber, "is more responsible for the wide
Bpresd m:s USB of morphine and other
dt uns." With ths money thus obtained.
Young said, Weber was abls to employ
counsel, who "not b .good bargain for
Young himself Is a victim of morphine.
SJld at the time of his arrest took twenty
two grains B day. Since he has been In a
cell he has been "taperlti*- off" and has
taken none siti'-e Sunday He saya that
he has r? foi mcd.
Mr. Boetwtck, In ?calling Jodgs Foster's
attention t<? th.- ?services rendered by
Young, saM ?the! sines the conviction of
the twei' c w bo ?ne gathsred In with him
there had been no mow hold-ups by auto?
mobile bendita. "Moreover." Said Mr
Boat wick, "Toung Is the Hist nimln.il In
whose promises of reform i have felt
Won in Advance by Signing of
Bill for Mountain Road.
Governor Pats Assemblyman
Patrie and All but Has Him
Pledged by Constituents.
' ril .
?'atsklil. N. Y.. Juns t> The >
meeting he:.- I ? . . ??? pp Btidlen ??
of more than ?me thousand, a largs
number coming from Tannersvllle,
t In th.- Governor's favor
! as - id the bill fw .1
?tats !????? ? ? -tain that i
??pen that wellnlgh ,t,tr\
Tht ?Qovernoi reltei ?? i t.. night I ?
? his record provi tl
had for years bei lenl ad. o< ate
of genuine direct primaries As there
Wers only two kinds of taxes, direct and
indirt-p t. -,, there wers two kinds of pri?
maries, d-ireel ami Indln ?
onstltuted tie i,-.,? tlonnrj di ?
"i. the other the ?people's pro?
gressivs astern. There were no two ?
ah.mt it. one was ths kind th.- t -
liked, and ti.e other th.- kind th.- pi
want? ?!. Th?- ?, . ,.,) ).,. nn? f"t
th- ?' ti we he wanted the
? . ? Ths powi r t?. nom
-* is *? ? power t?> ? ,.titt.,:; jet the peopl?
not foi
"if you ??" power t.. nominate, ?? ?? i
In favor of direct ?ru?ar.,-'- ?-., .|
Qovet lulaei ? who ?'?" ? l
minats ..r.- ths
a \ ??! ?? from the gallei
? ' sville governi ?i the ? ??
" er."
"You remember 'Boas' Tweed .*-?
r fl '?? t went ? n ' thai ht
not w so ? '? ?? ti i 11..- ?? . long
whj ? i* ..-?-? the powei to
fl lali is the power to control
. - ? ? Into ..tt'e ?
? s,. need !? afraid of ti i ft pri?
maries if is
here by invitation of Qeorgs B Van \ a
? : of
nty. and 1 appn i BtS ti,.r
teay. other I seders are afraid ???
Isn't i am gral sd ( ? ? xaat m
: : lend. .1 Lewla l.it: ?
latfoi m. l formed a blah "i
?.f Patrli a n.?m -, Il dus
..... ; ?-??t along ?j-.
right until ?direct primai up
Then in- took O'.e view and i .. ? ?!
"Mr Patrie made a mistake it ia i
i t" en, divine to forgive, l forgive
I all I'atri?. Nothing would please me
n t'. havi .?id ?up-1
?JJOli "f Mi ?Patrie, Who :.- one ?.f the
? men In t:-?- ?Legisla! -i?- and thei a
fee of them i ''i y Ihres
taiu ?n this Assembly, but two can is ?
ii,.i r.itiis li "i" of ti,, n. i?Vhi a I
. ? was ? lovei noi ,1 1 for
two direct ?Timar' bills, both ol which
state conventions fou know
whether you want to nominate
., | . ?? t m- bosses nominate thsi
The Oovernor called for a Vlvs ?"'.?
rots on primaries, and sa"l ths response
made it evident thai Mr. Patrie was mis?
taken, ii- th/-n called for all In favor
of Mr Patrie voting f?r the direct pri?
man bill to aay "Aye." "It s unanimous,
Mr. ?Patrie." .*-aid the ?Oovernor.
On the way to the rally the Oovernor
was In a HllKht auto accident, but wa?
not much delayed.
County Committee Urges All to
Work for Sulzer Measure.
The County Committee "f ths Inde?
. peiiderice LsagOS passed a reooluUon last
night at a meeting in Arlington Hail. No
4?. i-^ist. Mil ?street. Indorelng Oovernor
Bulser*s direct prlmsry bill snd eating
on all memhera of the league t?. assist In
bavin? it passed at the ?p?-?i,i| BSOShM of
tn*- Legislatura
in presenting the resolution Byivestsr
Ma.one saiti the leaj-'u? was the plOMSr
patty in the tight for direct primaries
und it waa up to the league to ?do ?every?
thing in its power to see the bill enacted
into law.
Ooonty 'lialrman .lohn J. Hopper spoke
of the work done l?y the league In behalf
of the bill., and aald a mass meeting tin?
der the auspices of the. leiigie wtnild ?be
held on Friday evening. June IS, at ?the
Murray Hill Lyceum, at which prominent
spssksrs would explain the bill.
James A. Allen apoke of the coming
city campaign and presented a resolution,
which was unanimously adoptad, pro
vlding for the appointment of a 1-0111
mlttee of five to work for the sslecUOB ?>f
??(sndldatea In sympathy with the princi?
ples of th?* league.
Mr. Allen declared the Committee <>f 107
now at work aele? ting cati'lldates should
Settle on a declaration of prlnclphs
"The people want to know what sort of
government they can expect, as well aa
who the candidate Is," he aald, "and, it la
up to this commute?- t?> f?ame a dccLara
tton "f principles hefor? going into th.;
gSrSOaSSl of candidates."
A g'tieral revision of telephone toll I
rates Is provided In the new achedulea of
?rates just Bled by the New Votk Tele?
phons Company with the PobMc flstSllQ
Commission, 2d 1'iatrict, New York, arid
the Hoard of Utility Commlaaloners of
New Jeraey. The nets ratea bet orne ef?
fective July 1. it is estimated that they
will result in a saving to toll uaera of
more than \*M?i.f*i) a year. "Coincident
v.itt, the Introduction of ths new schedule
of rates," sa* a the ? otnpuiiy'a Statement,
?a new system of charging for overtime
on toil ? onnectloilB Will he Introduced.
it d? r ih?* ti? w s;,i.itm th.- chiurgc for
overtime will he graded according to the
actual number of miuutes of the connec?
Cleaners and Emplo)*es
Janitors' Department Were
Some of the Authors.
The btters alleged to have been wrltt
by teacbera In ti,<- publl schools of n<
fork, In x? iii.-ii the chief cbaract?trle
was Ignorance of how t?. ?ute th.- En
lish ?language, wen repudiated In p.i
rday by Superintendent Maxwell ai
his aids.
? ?i.- of the 1-etters given oui for public
tlon by ths i ommlttee on schoo
|| ? ,. - I. a: r I? 1 ' .--t.r-i .. ? l| u i : 11,
., t? ? ? :. ; .it b) Margan I D Ign ?
a ? leaner .-in; loyed in Public S -
li ?Zt..n aren ????. Qranl ?*lty, Bt ?t.
l. m. r., an. i ubllclty ag? ni ??f the ? 01
. wai a^k- ? y If a mlatel
bad not been made In lasaing Mra Dull
i lett? mini -. t? echar, i
: no mistake bad been n
.vas onl) x\ i., n Inqulrj wa
" ? of th? ?upen sor of lanlt?
svenue and treet, that tt i
covered Mi
<ni:.- ? ?? aald to be fro
re now said to ha ?
and In othei ti
?Ko. I ? : oro ish
l :? aid? nt Mit? i ' . f"i m? ?
bool commltti -
Mon from thai body y? it? rd ly r*
tne 111!
of cerl *? ii
lettere be subor.i
tee ' ? ? -? ho n.i
i ? ? i. .i. .,..??- ol ?< ? braneh "t it.?? n
q ilry.
Ardently Wooed Nurse Wif
Sues Prosperous Physician.
The romance ol le
the meeting at tl . ?? ..
. anuo i ? matroi -.-. ?.?. ?A.?.? in. tt,
ard.-nt court the wi
tor end th?
? ? an ? ?d on J
ling t?- ?pep?
- . ? 4 ?
xx hlch the nurs?. Mi -? Me !.. s Harri
: r
H:!*!!? 'i ? ? - e Sled
? Bttoi ne) f-" Mrs ?H
1 ?r llalli-, RC? Ordlng tO tl *
proap? i in, x?. t , *
former nui ? ? layi s will b.- compi ?i* ?
? ? i ? me ? ? r : a -? i . ap and linen >m
? ? ?? ri directa tne doctor to pr>i
ride '?.-r irith alim?n) Mra. Harris ask
for at least til*.', a month
? ? etlng of the do? lor end the nur?,
took place In Da* ? tnhtn IM O? i
ruery ?.???. IP?, thrii *.*? k piece
The . omple nt ? I ? ? ibai don? <
thi ; lain tiff.
'i i. ? ?goes on to ?.<-. I ..*?? dm
b.g their wedded iif>- the <]??? t? ?r allowe?
Mra. Harris J7T. monthly for the little In
- idi ntaiH in houses ? ??:ng, but the)
i.?- left ).< r has not even sent that much
Sl,e also complains tbat s.n ?? New V?-ar',
i. r husband i.i.- r< fused to speak t?. h?-r.
Husband Seeks Divorce, Blam?
ing Detective for Troubles.
Richard ?Battle, Jr secretary of th?
Lockwood Company, filed a suit for <i?.
vorce in the Supreme court yesterday
Mi? I l??r ? nee Bettln, naming
Ralph Browne " date? the. said t?> be in
the employ of th?- Plnkertoa Ag?n'v, a*
coioe pondent
Mr. und Mrs. Bettln were marrb-d In
1911 and Heed at Whlbstnne. Ixng Island,
xi here th?-v were well known In society.
?Battta sai?i that he lived happily with his
wife until she became aoojuainted with
?Browne at th.- home <>f a friend at
Beechuret, Long island.
The husband alleged that his wife Is
now living with tbe deteetrra at No. 220
West 20th Btraei,
Bettln leerned Of IMS alleged liaison
from an Investigation he mad?? after Mrs
Bettln told him that she was tired of sub?
urban life, and, M he said, "'and didn't
care for me any mere and was going
away to be alone."
Mattln waa ?lejui ssed when he learned
yesterday that his marital troubles were
to be given publicity? He said he wished
that It COUM be avoided, .lust about the
time that hla domeotlc troubl?e ?ame to a
bead his mother was strl? k?-n with pa
lalvsis. ?in?l She Is now In a critical con?1l
tion at bis home. "Kv.-rj-thing seema to
have come upon me at once," said Battta,
Philadelphian Arrested for Sending
Posted Card to the President.
Philadelphia. Jon.- 6 <"harK? .1 with
stndlng a postal card to iT?-sldent Wilson,
In whlcb he named th?- Thief K-xecutlve
that the "vilest creatures living" had ac?
quired rontrol ?if the government Wh&e
the I*r'sl.l?nt "xvas ?asleep at the swlt?*h."
and warning Mr Wilson t?> "wake up,"
Henry O. ?LAfferty ?sas srraatad by postal
inspectors hers to-day
Alter a hearing J,?-fore I'nlied Htates
i"oininlsslon?r ?"ralg. I?nffcrty waa held
without ball to await an examination Into
bis mental condition.^_
I ?By Telegraph to Th? Tribune.T
Scranton, IVnn , June tv - The Hull
Moose are disintegrating, ace.1,ling to
I'nlied Btat?s Senator PsnrOQS, who is
??n B vieil here Th?- Senator cxpr.- .--.?.I
the opinion that the lt.-pul.ll.-ans would
welcome the I'rogiesalvus back to Uta
?ol<L I
Husband of One Victim Adds
Mystery of Case That In?
volves 100 Persons.
I n% Telt-aranh IS Th?? Tribuno 1
Blsabeth, N. J., June fi?Insttad
?hating In Interest, the city'a "polsoi
pen" mystery is more sridely discus
to-nlghl throughout the city thin ah
Mis Nelson I.. I'ollard was arrested S
?Ordajr on the ?Complete! Of Mrs. Char
F*. Jones who charged her with send
the slanderous notes.
So harried bv telephone calls, perso
callers and photographers have the till
"r mor.? women mentioned hsfOHtS tl
?Several of them are on the verge of
nervous bteehdown, while a few have i
the dty. Mrs .lor:, s is grawly 111 n
?Cannot bS ?Men, Mrs. Thomas Jones. I
Mster-ln-iaw, is believed to be Bofferi
from nervous Strain, and MUSTS i
Her husband ndunl to the m-sttry
annoandng to-day, In a highly exrit
way. that he WOOld have a ?Statement
make on Mondav which would thtos 1 |
on the m.-, Coupled with this announ.
mint ?fines the news that probably 0
hundred persons will be Implicated bef?
It Is finally dlspossd O?, all of th?'tn pnM
in.nt In ths professional, socisl and bu
BeSS life of the city.
Persons well seqoslntsd ?ith ihoss i
ready mentioned iri the cas.- sgres tb
ihe "? ois.ri. .1 pan" work sras done
more than One pSrOOH, and tl,. theory
I advanced that a cUooe of women t
reoognlaed In lbs higher ?circles <?f Bill
both society Is responsible for tie tro
Me. it h aaserted thai it would be
physical arid mental Impossibility for ?>
person t.? keep in touch nith the mm
intents of so niany persons sod ?am t
familiar fscts of their dell] soi lal im?
cow se, such as tht wrttet "t wi Iters
these letters hat s shown.
Woman Clings to Him, but N<
in the Way Magistrate Meanl
m Ing s lecture "n brother!) i??\e.
which Bfaglatrats Appleton urg?
f thi i '?? ? man Luth?*, sn Church, i
No sei Went KM h str.-.-t. to cling togeth?
Mrs r..Isatx th Woln .: ..r No ??? \\ ?
tOth St',-et. M., nt IntO ' ' lOI "f ti
ildi court ?and saisi >i the Rev Hs
man V'onholten, pastor of ?
The peal
??? ornan ser? ,..
. i ment t?. i.??th.
? 'aptaln Becki i .? rid .? m .1 "f con
ran Into th.- coiridor snd !??
suaded Mrs Woltnar t,. leave I
hot an.i r, t .m t,? i in- ?
There the msgistrsts rebuked Mrs Wo
1 re] ??? i ? ei
strife a* : blckcrli -? Mrs TI
o nut!, agreed t?. f"t ^
? *.??? ?:?? i., ?r bis churr
The troobh sroes ?t ? ? ths api
? so peatoi ? ; ? : i .1
Half Of tht f"l?..*A, d ti
It Ml \ ??:.'
. ,?? ?; r.- bolting WOI ship
st Mo. T
Ninth avenue i .?-t - .? ? . ?? h u
'?).. wb
followed Ml l '??
barge . i ? .i
snd two bulletl
Magtel ret? v ; r ? ?
i ? . ? ? ? g the teetl
? ? ? ):? ?. ' ' V
g< i . ?. . ? ? ? that Mi i v sr bs
. . '? '
: ? '1 t!.
Justices Decide Medical Special
ist Can't Practice Law.
Mark I. Knapi
ilon as a s; ? ?? lallst In dl.?
f the stoi . ?
? ? ? . ? . the Api
?ion to t him i
Ths ?court denied bis petition t.
bs permitted to practies ?s a lawyer
? ?.??,:.? rm ? i *? ?? luetlcs
j thai as possessed II 1er an?
an attoi nej.'
?art mid , ' 'i ?
- ? the .? i'i" ? ant
i ?: Kna
'i. a ? r-1 !? j ? ? . ti..- otbs r in Janu
my ii- appealed te former Juatice ?Tuet
sn tritt snd to Wallace MscFsrlana mem
bera of tl..? conimtttee on Bdml
the 1 .sr a?SeOClettOn, and they told I Hi
that In one instan?-?? his ssatTiags I ?ol I
.i i;??n ?f tho court an?l thsl
in anothsr bis practice a* a ph>Hi< las i ad
militated against hlrn. I>r. Knanp pr??
duced several latiera from physicians t.
I,rove Ida standing In tho medical profes?
sion, one Of these being from Dr. William
<?s]er, of Oxford 1'nlverslty.
I?r. Knapp has appealed In court several
times as lawyer, but then he WSS his own
client, and each time lie lost his canea
whli b niso. Judge I.eventiitt t'.i.i him.
counted ?against?him in ins application to
he admitted tO the bar.
?me of thft suits bronchi by the ;-hy?l
f.nii In which he -mis his own attorney
was In 191". when he sued his father-in
law, Ad??iph Behleslnger, f..r iruo.ouo f..r
th?- allentatloa of thu affections of h?li
Any Firm Can Call Itself "Brit?
ish-American," Court Holds.
JtldgS Ward, In the federal District
Court, denied yesteiday a Motion by Uie
British ?American Tobacco Company, Lim?
ited, i??r an iniutiction ?reetralnlng th.
British-American ?Cigar stores ?Company
from uainn the ?seeds "Britlah-American."
Th? plaintiff is an Bngiish company, ami
the dgar atorea oompsny i^ Incorporated
In New Jersey and Canada
?Jodgc Ward stat??i that ti * magia
"llrltlsh-Amerlcan," beini? ?,*, o?i aphlcal,
cannot be appropriated as a liads in.ti.i.
and that the ooaosras are not competitors
for tho reas'iti that the plaintiff is a man?
ufacturer and th?- defendant Is a Jobber
and rt-taller.
Boilermakers Charged Foreman with
Disloy^ty to Stars and Stripes.
The 170 bollermakera SBSployod at the
Fletcher Iron Worka. In Hoboken, ?Ah?)
went >ut on strlan on Thursday beCattOS
?they claimed that their foreman ha-1 Iti
sult.'.l thS Stars and Stripes, agreed fga>
tarday to return to work this BBOmlng.
They now bsllOVS they SCtsd hastily and
that perhaps ?the foreman ?id not bo
?xrosaly Insult the flag aa they had been
led to believe.
Joaeph Fletcher, the foreman, who is
not related to the owner of the plant, was
before the boss yesterday, and he Isnlsd
that he had ever used Ihe language at?
tribute to him. Me said he was on \oyul
to the flag aa any of the men. The
strikers admitted they could furnish M
proof that the foreman waa disloyal to
the flag. I
Fiance Told Her He Was Victim
of Tuberculosis and Could
Not Wed.
Mother of ?Supposed "Dying"
Youth Denies He Ever Had
Any Symptoms of the
White Plague.
In the belief that her sweetheart had
fallen a victim to tuberculosis and at the
most could live only a few months more.
Edith Madsen, nineteen year? old, went
Into the uptown subway station at Third
avenue and ltSth street early yesterday
morning and swallowed two hi? hloride of
mercury tablets. Only the prompt action
of an ambulance surgeon saved her Ufe.
It was said at the Lincoln Hospital last
niiiht that she stood a fair chance of re?
Welting passengers saxv the girl fall nn
COneetO .s and notified the police, who s.-nt
for an ambulance. The surgeon, without
?raiting t?. pieos her in the ambulance,
use.i a stomach pump, and then ordered
hat taken t<> the boepttal.
a note In her ?handbag nave the girl's
address sa No 1004 Fob ?street, The Brona
xx ben the i ?>.i? ?? got t.. the bouaa *
fo ind that lllaa Madsen bad ?made
?preparations to take bei life Bhe had ?i? -
Btroyed letters aid papera of all aorta, I
and bad removed ?very mark of i?l-ntitl
catlon except her neme, which was found
In books and un photographs.
a fear hours after her arrival at ihe
hospital, however, the ?girl regained con?
?"?!" i-i. ? s a .i told tt,.- .1. tectlvea the
?tory ??i I ? i troubles. Bhe said that s ?n.
month-' a??? she met Frank l'r? n/el, of
No. - It h sir?-et. a young ms r
snce clerk it bed been .-? cese <?f i?>ve
at drei -iniit. and all had gons well until
last Bunde .?b!, when I rensel ???? ? ??
.u il,- F??x si:. ? ? ftddraae and to ?i I ?
be bad die ox--.I that h>- bad tub.-rcu
loeti ai -i m ist ;?.. ? ,,! once for the w i it
to try to regal ? ? alth. Hi reminded
her ti at marriage under euch conditions
waa Impossible, and ended the r.-?.tal <?f
aae xxi-n .. u....?!,? i? eve taking.
Mi-?. Uedsen endured her mlaery until
:. when mm- decided to
I k.- . - ? fi her room a little
i-> f.,r.? midnigl * ? i the bichloride
? t mercurj tebleta .,t.?i started aptown
l"..r f..ir that - I not be ab> t??
iba arent Into a caf?v
I o ight S | ' ? ? r ati'l when t ??
let ? .-? ti"t looking pieced a p..p.*r
tbe glass a* i ran ,? it into th>
--t'..-t arlth it Bhe carried the heer t<?
i ibway station, where sie dropped
two tableta bit?, the Blase an?i drank tbe
? stet of the k ri's Identity was
? i?.. ? ? aften.n. when ' >r
? ? of N,, 71 ?South ?Elliott
i [?peered at th?- hospiuu
? be xsHs her fatbei
He Mid that hi I lived in The ?Brona
until two ? months .?k,-?, v.,?.* <
Prense!, hs s-?''i had ?made fr>-ment calls
?at the I and '"'. several oecaatens
i,.,,i prolonged them until at last the doc
id told ?Edltb tl it .'. ?bet eel ?*r <
.?. i .. ,-..- at a propei I me ??f eight he
i neve to he requested to ceaae bis
\.4,?;, \ ,.,;-.. followed ?and resulted
in the ?girl's leering home and ukinx a
room a? the Fos stre?ft place ?Shortly
I >i Made? B removed to
I .. . .... , n nt his
last nlghl Mrs I lied at lbs
lit? i noon to In.pilre
.? th.- gli : -. condition, but told ail
-4 rs ... -t night that in r ??on waa not?t
trat Fransel Is far from
being ?the Htn-k.n youth ?M?as ?ladean be
lleved he was and tl ..t hla pathetic tt
wna Bornea I lure of an ?-xt" M
,,,, nt to test th? irength of th?- gul ??
? Is
m 4 i i,,,., i denied lest night that her
son ?bed tuberculosis or that he xxas en
gaged t?, the Bit*,
Policemen Break Into Burning
Factory and Man Elevators.
Half a dozen girls employed in the cloak
factory <?f I'ugan, Keubln A McKlroy.
on the twelfth Boor <>f the loft building
at No. 143 West -?'th street, were Just put?
ting ?m th.ir hats preparatory to going
home last evening xxiu-n a whiff of BBAOka
?hol int?? tin- room. \x lilch Is on the top
II.? Th.? Kirs Screamed and made f??r
th.- atalrweye Ons of them, with more
preeence <>f mind than the rest, thrust
her ?heed out of a window and s<*r?*amed
for hv^p
The elevator men bad gone home a half
houi before, and the girla could not reach
the sir..! except by the stairway While
they stood huddled In ib.- ssaoke?Slled
hallwa] Sergeant McAllllffe and Patrol?
man ??("oniior heerd their cries and
daahed int.. the hulldlng
The pollcemeo K?"t into the elevator
cars and made seven trips througg the
amoky elevator shafts before all were
i. ?CW d
Deput] Chief Koss and bis men had a
stiff IlKbt I?? fore tbe llames xvere eub
dlied by tbe use of the high pressure ser
vi?-.?. Th.- dentase was placed at about
$.1.1??). Tiu* .??use la not known.
Dr. Pease Says Prisoner Blew
Smoke in His Face in Car.
<>n compl?t?t of Dr. ?'bar?es (?. Pease,
of No loi West 72d street. Her
naid i'o.I??. a plano maker, of No.
".'SS St. NI?-bolas avenue was arrested on
a Third and Amsterdam avenue car at
tilth Street and -Seventh avenue last
night, ?barged xxith disorderly conduct in
smoking In front of the four seats allotted
for that privilege
Coy le, according to I >r. Peases story
to tbe polbe, was blowing clouds of smoke
from a cigar. The doitor was sitting In
a rear s.at and the smoke was blown Into
hi? face by the wind. II.? said he ask,-,I
COyle either to stop smoking or take one
of the four "smoking' seat-?.
i\i>1... l'r ?Peaee -aid, replied by telling
him profanely to mind his own business
and threatened to "punch him In the Jaw"
If he did not do so
CoylO was arraigned in the night court
befor.? Magistrats Marsh and two charge?
ma?l?' agalnsi hltn. disorderly oooduet
and violating a Corporation ordinance.
He denied smoklni? and using insulting
language t" I>r. Tease, but Magistrate
Marsh lined bim HO.
Sunday Tribune
-4rf Sports
Drama Fiction
Literature Finance
Here Are a Few of the Special
Articles in To-Morrow's Issue :
Mr. Roosevelt
Writes of a Tenement Law That Came to Grief
He ventures into a "hallowed home," consisting of one
room, where two families and a boarder live, eat and sleep.
"Hoch der Kaiser!"
Ile ?as once the terrible child of F.ttrope and frightened all the
grown-ups. Rut that *-a<. twenty-five year? ago, and this month
the War Lord will celebrate his peace jubilee.
The Mother Bird Is Killed;
The Nestlings Starve
?Fin? feathers for fine ladte??a magnificent picture of twenfie-h
century civilization. Read what Dr. Hnrnaday ?ays about the de?
struction of birds.
Have You a Mental Picture
of Yourself at Work?
!* - nol necessarily a ?.ad picture, and if yr.ii should have an rer?
whelming ?lesire to ?-re yourself actually engaged in labor, consult
the cyclcgtaph. which photographs the motions of industry.
'Rah! for the Schooner
Vi't the sehr."tier yotl arc thinking about?no, indeed It's in no
tvay connected with beer We ?inn of the valiant craft that is
putting the sloop's n??se out ?>f joint.
Which Is Your Specialty?
Fallen Horses or Excavations?
Pi?! yotl ever gaze sagely into the depth? ol an excavation, your
eye tagging on .\<>tir cheekbone,? ?Did yon ever shed rich, tatty
tears <.\.c- .? fallen horse'" Well, then, read the story: "New
Y'.rk. Jay Town of the Kast."
The Anglo-Japanese Race Question
'ire.,' Britain a- well An the t'tiited States ha-, its racial pro'
particularly in \uttralia and New Zealand, where anti-Japanese
feeling prevails despite the alliance between the two countries.
Harvard Reduces Business
to an Exact Science
She il tra?.-hing her student! not the r.'i'ine hut the craft of bust*
nesa, and incidental!} the is putting Icinki into some ancient com?
mercial idea*.
The Stamp Collectors' Exhibit
If value? "allure thee." drop in at the n.-xt Philatelic Exhibits n. in
Sem V'orlt I ity, where itanipa worth ?$8,000 apiece can be seen
Rather interesting t? a work-a-day world.
The fine new aerial ?03 HENRY KITCHELL WEBSTER is only
one of teveral striking features of
To-Morrow's Sunday Magazine
The Song That Richard Wrote Humor of the Bleacher?
By Paul West
The Waster
By Billy Evans
And Shorty McCabe tells a
story called
By James French Dorrance i "Taking the Gaff from Phoebe'
And a Double Tage Drawing by Walter Tittle.
OF THE ? -
Whys and Wherefores of Famous Women, (illustrated)
Being an account bv Mrs. Cora Sutton Castle, Ph. D., of a long and
careful study of the subject.
The Nurses' Settlement, (illustrated)
An interview with Lillian Wald.
Bathing Costumes, (illustrated)
The latest thin? in bathing suits, caps, sandals and other accessories.
The Annual Summer Resort Number
Containing the Moat Reliable Resort Information,
Will Be Issued To-Morrow
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