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Encamp in Heart of a New York
Sylvan Forest. Where Poem
Will Be Staged.
Instead She Scorns Her Noble
Red Man Swain and Would
Take Another Job if
Paid Enough.
_\,, ll and un
nj more nol even the Indiana
*, .a ?has Just <*?"
- up beyond Van Cort
i E Moot, who mai anea
? real pagan Iro
? by the standards of
when a
f she'd like
? i t.?- an a I
>'? '
? ?
- - mplna
: .*.? I ' .,
rest of 1 ....
. . f then rev? squaa
? 1 from I ? ? r-eeei ration
li | rrir month's
... the
i. ms
wert ' d*e.n
tentf . i denot
t not a
Whites May Visit Monday.
? Fla f'T
ag(.?= plejr on
s of t
t th? work
aas cry? N"t s bit of it
? of them pond
' *
hair and ?
' .
urai rathn, at th.*
? ?
i i i?,
have .
on to
A'most Ideal for the Play.
-, rring the 11
... ?
' ?
.... The sie?
I * '
?ys thero
? ?
? ho
' ? them wlthj
Others la this work they are of valu
only when they are perfectly natural."
Minnehahs will have to dlmembl
'"ward Hiawatha, for .?he d< ?
:- '?'??' ? es toward him.
Hlawaths ! n.. ,,w.r there In lei l
"?'? Indifferently "Me bo lovei
N... no."
Kdther Is she Interested m woms
"Woman raffiage? What? thatr ?h
'"? when it was mentioned.
The first p.-rformance of -Hiawatha
??'ill be atven neat Monday afternoon
n from the subwaj Vs
1 "ttlaiidt Perk station, to tin- groundi
? ' i" ? tearoom, In ? iihik?- >?f Mis
i \ Ivian, of the Ben Greet i ompany.
I Athletics To Be Feature at East
ern City Conference in July.
Encouragera? ut i> being given to youm
sromen to ipend their vt
?t the Kaetern Clt) Conference under th.
if tb \ tional Board of th.
foung Woraen'e Chri?Jtlan Aesorlattons <?
IB! tes of America to be ?held a
B) On lake Qeorge, New Y??rk
from July i t?> 11. The afternoons wll ?
i given up to aquatic si>orts, tennis, baaket
- el ?... * ? : ; dey sports, swimming
fu ing .-.tul welkins
Tht athletics a ?? be under the leadt rshli
of a trained Instructor ami the confer
ence itself will be led bj Mi?s Helen All<
? i Davta eaecutlve secreter) for tbe n
.nl of ?Pit m v. ?u k of the Nal
Rome of the teachore end l??cturen whs
, wi:i take part in the conference an* th?
Ret w Hilara i Hutchlns, professor u(
homiletlci ..t ?berlln (Ohio) College; Rev,
?. I K. No ire? Hi rtford Theological
Prol \ ? ? ?? < Kit id? n,
?: nlverell bar?es 1
K.h.ir.i i .ni?
el' N. a V"i k. Mi.-- Annie M
..*- tl ?? National Board, formerly
try of the Young Wo
? hr'-ilei \.letton, Miss Mar? ?
:.. the Rev. Samuel Hatten, of V \v
Tork; Past? Le s.-ur. of n-tp.n. Qei
man* ; the Rev Harris K. Kirk. Bait!
i'hina: Professor Kdinund I' .S'.p'T. for
* I , ,*' 110W profesen! ,,f inl-Sl.UlS
in Ohio i nlverelty, and the Right lit?
Breat, <'f Manila, R
? ' !? T e [ala vis
suffragists' in boycott
East Orange Women to Stay
Away from Jubilee.
i. Telesrepl I ? '. Ibum I
East Orange, N J, June 1?Ai gi
? ? action "f ti.mraltti
ng them I In the seml-cen?
? ads hi :> t..-morrow, tht i if?
?tS Of this Cltv decided to-da ; ,
?? ??? '..I?ration In honor ui th >
? f th? neat weeb
? ? Political Union, tl s
'.??ai?ue and the Or.inKe ?political
ei? the t* ? ?? euffi
that want?-! t>? marctl Th. ?'
plan- | Showing, Including a fl
until tii' . talked t?. Col rg< I'
?? ? ? ?rrar'i marshal, shout .? ;
,t tirmly he told th. m I
t raarcl
?civic bodlei w. <? to
? ?
Tl?. - . ' Idn'l *-??? t from the
on< i
. ? Me it fr* m thi s iffraslsts i olm
. ? end '
- ? Wouldn't tak>- ;nt
tt I . ? : ? ?
. ? ?? egists to daj ol
Man in Prison Crans; Commits Suicide
by Leaping Into Psiver.
?"??? "leen. ? - ??.
. ? . ? ? ? lay b j
er, BvBi
. - ,
term CH Me
i ? refuaefi to givi
? himself ami I
I,, , . Im to ?ii.- ??
: - - ner, he nt
Hi v ? the river
tenc? ? ? ? '
i,. , mo hl? r
>ed Into th? '
The Woman
in the Home
keenly alive to the comforts
of her family, appreciates
Price 25 Cents
On sale at any newsstand, or at the offices of
Zhc M (')lnl.r
?Ji*m?Mmt-i!r-fSl>-'r- ""
73 DEY STREET 12 WEST 31,1 ST.
We wanted to cot a Suburban Homr,
but not being acquainted with the surround?
ings of New York, we were in a quandary
which way to go. Howevrr. as I read The
iilobe every evening. I noticed vour adver
tisemenl about SUBURBAN NEW YORK.
"That's just what we're needing!" I ex?
claimed, so the next day my husband
brought me the book.
I was more than delighted with it, for
not only did it describe the various home
locations, but it gave so much information
about decorations, furniture, cooking, etc..
that especially appeal to the housewife that I
consider it a perfect "mine of information."
I heartily congratulate you on this ad?
dition to the library of the home.
Brilliant Pageant Brings In
?ans. Dutch. English and
Quakers Back.
Crowds on Roofs and Fire E
capes Enjoy Celebration
o? Settlement An?
Henr; street ? ? ' n ated m Ith
r.-,i lights laal nlghl the tw<
versai ol th? rounding "t the Surs?
s. 11 .m.-m. it was 01 m,?i i
marks ble spi rt icli a Sea . ei a Bt ?
?\>r see Thi pageant, In which form
r? nidi uts of i teni j sti eel csn ?
Indians, Dtneh burgomsstera ?i?'t rol
niel dam? s a ..s i.lui ed In the mldd
<iC the streel Ths i rowd ? i - so fi ??
thai :. ? ???? ? -its of police had to '
? ni <-.i se? ? i ni i n
Tha .i ocrai of Henr; ireel had tx
a? ata on theli ni.pi a, which wet
hung with bunting sad dowers Tt
roofa ?h? a ed an unbi oken Una of beei
. i- .iii. ctlon until dart
ness swallowed them up
""-Stage" Well Liqhted.
Thi ks which were devot?
t.. n,. - * ?. were hum ?
in the shad? of t
on? litt Ire? hlch la the pride of Henr
atreet the band was stationed A le?
had aeati on i ; ?? i illy cor
structi ' ' '
The :?'-?? ant Itsell wi i aborate an
beautiful The Indian ??lit.''-' and D il
mllkma li were n id? doubl) plcturesqu
by their beckground of teeming tern
m? nt houses and dark skinned foreigner!
? atoed.
Th? the ; Rge -
red the S las li
Irangers -a Ith slfl
? ?' nan ; un and > ?? ? ? Ivlng In re
turn bright trlnl et
(4-. tl ? : ? ? ? .
I th?
?nd thei
the chief ti ? ?
? .:' i
gramm? ? ? i trawbert
The 1 treel en ?not? :
..... | | . r ,( .
. ?
on the street I Dutcl
v , |
ng gli
? ? ? wer? - ? aresh In tha
brook. Lit i
bloomers and atria with tuelnl
Bfl ? : .ri tlio
while aii.I
trip ?
Younn Colonial? Dance.
inte dai
i . ? their Ma
lota II lowei
. ?
i . ?
She was that i ill I
nlty end i ?
and ? ? i
?? . ? , Ml :?
;. ? ' l?
The mill th
Quakers Come Ne?t.
The Qua i who att?
the first publ
?and pla) ed In Hi eel rlftj
-. the meeting pla* for I
lover* of "hefore the war." wh" m? t In
I and frock COStS to dance stately
iuadiill?ss ?and sing balkids ?on the etoops
? , was -? ml ' '?' of the
? ? t ,-r.i. 'i"ii.-r.- were folk ?iai.? > s .?:'
all the nations which ?contribute t?> th
life ,,f Kenrj street t??-?i ? The pro
?gramme ended with s btrthd-ay song t"
the Settlt ment.
Miss Lillian D Wald, foundst ?and bead
? >f the houee, mt In ?the eeal of honor
under the tree, she was pies d and
?touched, for tnie pasean! was the ?ift ..i
th.- Settlement claaeee t., t.. ?
The executive committee In charge ol
the celebration included Mis. M. Moi
? ?? , , ? Miss a.i.-.- Lea leohn, Miss
ii, i,, i., .?. leol ?? Mlee tllce i tannt tt and
Howard Bradatreel
"Middies" Receive Their Diplo?
mas and Promotion.
Annapolis Jui i ? The laet of the offl
functions ol ?Jum W ??? h al lbs
Sarg \, idem] wes held to-day, when
?the rraduates aftei being addn 'd by
itoi John Waltei Braith, ol Mai
dot t "i the Roard of \ latfore, and
?i.phu? Daniela Becretarj of tun Navy,
received their diplomas The young men
i win Immediate!) .nmleeloned as ?
| signe, and after s month'e leave ??t ah?
| tena will report fur duty aboard tho
to v?. i,, m thej bave been aaalgi sd
?Secretar) Daniels whi distributed the
di plomea urg?sd on the gradu ttes the
need ol clean living, sobriety snd tern
perence. The whole trend of I fe to?day,
? Id, wns agalnet e do ible itai dard oi
? murals, lie called on the mldehlpmen to
take the lead at one? I fnplns out
Mr Daniels paid I ?trllwte t?. "the men
behind the guna. ' "i ou will ? onus ind
lie Mid, 'n ii" ai e a< tit s snd
, body of
young me i . iltlon to
into-, ??rt every whit your
: ? ?
? ? . | ? rt unity a hlch
the country I ai git et
Alumni Dinner To Be a Feature
of Commencement.
n- Ti leei ipl *
B enertady, N Y.. Jun
?a? nt ?d tiil'pti
thle ? ??? ???'* ?.? Itb e
nicht wl) the
\ Rich?
i daj
: soon
Tie ? th a big
linner In thi
t?te an ???-,.
At l
? . 11 . . ? . ,. . . , *
?ill i.'im.i and nfen.ni grees
?Id In I
Graduating Class Shows Its
Skill in Saddle
st. 1 ?
: t n-1 .*, * ? i
: ' nd day ol
t the M
event* ? ere followed
? ?
this evi ?'?in?:.
inlon? '
celebrate Its juv. .
llenera . i ?
t ? ? . town. N. J
. ? . ? ...
the bat ? i
? '.
? ?? end
Brooklyn Amateur Actor in Se?
rious Condition at Naples.
K cable fron ? I en
BOU ?need thi ? ? ? ? I ;? ? .-nan
hoHpltal m Ih? t city of Oeorge P
well known In leedei In
: TI t
i. .?tt i M .,: i c ?t t? . min'i
i ?ei i- the r? . ? lions
? h ?and i?i u "ti" t died for
,.-.. foi ?!! extend? ?i trip
i ? took i a . Berlin, of the
North German Lloyd Uni and were four I
- .. ? el the ? " m,- man I
11 , ondltion rapldl] grea wi -, ind
a... n ihe '? touched at G
i lann? i to have him t.?ken ashoie,
l.at? i .t wi? 'i ? i.?. u t.ntlnui to Ms
p?lee, end tin re he wae pieced In ?? h
i Kai
Kor the last eicht eari Beebe k bee
done much emxteui drametlc work and
?bowed exceptional hi trt?onl? talenl He
u.? .. member ?>f st Peter*? I.utii? ran
? h in h, ;u y.ki?n. and took pai t m
awn) of it? ?nt. t lalnme t ?
Grand Opera To Be Heard, De?
spite Official Iconoclasm.
Mayor Oeynor*i contention that tarn
persons understand ?grand opera music is
not shared h>* Path ?Commleelonet ttover,
fudging b) the programmes prepared fee
the next four concerts on ths Mall In Oea
t r hi Park The Bret of ?theae w 111 h.- ?held
this ati? in????n. vi?, n Arnold Volpe and his
orchestra win bs beard Among ?thenum?
bers an- selections fp'iu "Ph?dre,.?Prat
late," "l.ohcni-iin" and "I'liillii'li."
Tin- ?Commlaskmer smiled when bs was
a?k."l if this wa* "simple DBUSil
TtMBorrow "Oberen," "l?hengrtn" snd
"Knust" win be represented The pre
gramme for Baturdaj ?seal Includes aum?
hem tn-tn "The Prophet," ' Mignon." **Ls
*i-,.-, a ' and "Luda 'ii Lammet moi i
?Opera mas1..- will be continued at the
concert "t. iunday, lune '?'?. when selec
Horn from "Rlensl" "Hansel und Oratel,"
?The I'r.iph.t" ariti "William Tell" srttl
be .ti ?the programma
Mont? lair, n. .i , .lune g Commen?
!n. nt oseraisee of the Montelslr Academy
mera bald this afternoon, ? class of dt
laen receiving diplomas The commet.
men! address eras wads by ?the Re? Dr
charles s Mille psator "f the ?first Con?
gregational ?Church, ?h?? ?spoke en Mas
terful Manhood" John C Ma?\l?iii. the
?head munter, presented the diplomas, and
th.- onze.? were presented hy OSM'fS H.
Mrs. A. M. Palmer Thinks a Woman Could
Manage on Judge Noyes's Salary
and Have Something Left.
Mra * M Palmer, presiden! of ?thej
Rainy Day C"lub, *?;?>? aha can't t*-u
whether Judge Walter r. Noyes, ??f the
United states District Court ?being ;i
? ?uKiit i?? ba abls t" support hla arlfe
.-nul tin.laughters on .1 aalarj of R.OOII
a year, bul thla ahe does know That ?'?
woman could support s husband and nee
children on thai .-?? rr?.?*irit pei annum and
do II elegantly.
Mrs. Palmei a gl ed a hug . . when
aaked to M.a.: her opinion ??f Judge
Noyes's resignation from the bench on
the pies tti.it hla m ,*? waa too small !'"
ins faml to Uva on.
"Humph!" she remarked, "I'd like 10
have .*? * henea al 17,400 .?< year. There are
:i good man) people wh ? woe 't Most of
ua have to get along on considerably u-ss
'?r course, 1 don't knoa what the ?J?*
da an ? Judge ?ir?.- Polltfc il position,
Isn't itv Well, that ?sometimes means sa
, ? : ses
"Men." pursued Mrs. Palmer, "do seem
to need monej Be] .? men smokes Hv.?
or ?six ..v.-nt dgara In a day that makes
some Inroad on hla Income. n>* f.-t-is
that hs must keep hi.*? ?-mi up with othei
men, and there '?<<? I 1 forth,
1 11 do yon h
, ?? il? think 17.01? ? ? ? ? ^'itlt
? family twlci
. ? r ..I '
? that Jud/gc Noysa hai i 1 ? homes
Nee fork si ?i one ut 1
i.? t him do with ?in' h" . ? ?* "y of
a d happy 1
? >-. I know ? hat ;s s?? '?"
that it Is the sxtravsgant demanda <>f
aromen thdl en to kill l
In the pursuil That,"
* ? ' at, "Is s loe d? ?
ght to ? ., ?'.- ?j to
hide ?behind It. A woman y
um..' allow? her to do, ? a ? ?squanders
h?*r i t Is beca
I live
? . :
Wit und bo?
Be with I
ions policy uf our national ?government,
h?. said? "From the Supreme Coui
judges down to the letter carriers nun
ni tbe publie servants ere Inadequate!
'It is | si.ami- thai tha t'nited Stale
doesn't give proj ? ilarlea te the bm
? ?ml* responsible ?positions, such n
Judge Noyes ?occupied ?aad was forcsd t?
. from. These are mea of gres
abilities; they give the beat years of thel
to the work Aft?*r tan year.-. "? a
"n ths bench H is herd for ,? maa l
up h y\actlce ?if his own; his
"Consider the Injustlcel Why. a ?-it*
magistrate In Neu York i.Ives 17,000 i
Supreme ?'<>urt i?isti?*.-s in ? i? i ?
Bcelve I ? ?Judges In the Ciy
Court have sn annual ?salary of SUM
and ?the Judges of the ?United Btstes Dis
tri't ?'.Hirt only get 17.000! i: la ?abenH
t?. expect a man to keep up the dignity
of sui h a position on that amount. A
I ludga can't bouse Ms family in a tbree
i i ?.?'ni Bet
"i if course," added Mr. Coulter, "the
cost of living is higher than it ought to
i possibly oui stenderda
lent. But thai la the fault of the
1 system."
' :
; ment ?>f ??? onomlcs at ?Joiunibla Dnlvsr
I l ?? ):n' depertmeni tied never
i fixed a standard of family expenditure.
"M.,st ,,f bb," h? observed, "v irrj
I a!"r4.' '?n considerably leas than |7,QM a
year But noceda and Ideals and demanda
fixed eatl
, mete Moel people want aa n
? can net, or, rather, moel of us want
The federal ludg
? ..tu.'.- Building declined I
N ? n< tlon In '??
oa the bench "or the emolument- of
b pi Ivati peered to
? i ved their
? i fron they had I i
.lea that i ody for not ps I %
Mrs. \ an Splurge Despaired of Her "Near Treasure," but
She Is Cutting Coupons Now to Buy a "Harper's
I lousehold Handbook" to Help Her
to Become Perfect.
B Waa (Ing her
fia aii?l th??
I *
? ? ? ..- Aha
to work, hut ah
. \
dd I gri
she sx?
how to t
erl (or SS
? m Her
it The
but, even
. * * .
a?!*, ert netl Ins Ilka that
i t don't ??? ?? ;.-?-^ .
book could ';?- p In thl -
?',??? (" t ha tal ;
up a Mttli - ?
?a nil lettering In v. inte, and the only ??tnei
on the cover the seal of the
little ? ? '.?timed
? w hy, It's i - ? :
? ? I Ike . regular
?Itidfed. it isn't" Mid Owen. "Ifa ?like
? hi r I ook * . a 'i : is tw,>
i and ses
n think of anything that Um*l
t your housei
lira Vas Bpl rge ? I the hook
carefully "Why, Gwendolyn, *
.1 m't I Just top at a I
i.om'k shop when I'm in t"?.? ,t." ?
"Yes, if you like." answ? . iwen. "but
It ?COSl ir that Wa) . and it COStS j
. ?> '*:-l 42
r.-nts if you have it sent h*
Mi .. ??*....? to save
her tin ? .
II \MllllMIK ? ??I I'??V
i ...,,. there
it I ' f The Ne?
y rh Ti bune, ??-i Ui<? ground fienr, and
? ? Horn .n
th. By nn:l 4'-'
Physical Culture
for Busy Womei
et of grs nt rol of I
boa) ai d In ? ultlvatlng beauty, ?>f wh*.
? ? omponenl part, it t? n> ?*?
to li\ ?? and move neturelly and \? i
' 11 - - dorn f I rat, there must
?n fi ??ru tension tei
tlnuslly ?pending vitaltt) and f
tor? i \mi uns condition is
,??. ?. pitfall for the woman who wl b
i.iii\:,t>- jouth and a lithe,
Bgure. When the nerve force la und
complet.r. r r ? .1 the ihm elemenl In s
, tlvi - ga nsd ami \ Itallty
i eins stoied awe) !?,i future uae \ ?
rule, thi women is a recklei
?pendthi ** --t strength, and makes m
? ei ?lia fis upon n.-r\ a
snpplns ll.elr strength and for?a uni
the) are brok? n down and the nerve cap
t?,i is , ghauited
'ri,.- ne? eesltj ??f bodll) actlvtt) i
!.. ed upon th? und. rl ripie ?
existence; th?- bod) la a working mi
chine. Whers there la a state of Inat
tlvtty tu?- results are dlsaaee, ?and Bnall
degeneration li ths bod) Is not exer
, ;>..,i n rusta out. 'I'll.* bua) wotna
...nil?.t und or take t?,. t.m.- i.? apem
two "i th"'* hour" a day in outdoor e \
,i, is.--, bul Bfteen minutes ?? ?lay or bal
an hour can always be spared from Lb
-....-: ,i routine, and tin- wonderful r?
suits win prove t?> i'?* tbe well same?
reward for any discomfort causad r,'
rising s little sorites' or taktag "ff th?
tiuii- from ?i pleeaentei teak
Bias a inn.- earlier it*, th.- mornlni
?,.,*.- pleht) "i fresh air in the MMta
?pend Bfteen minutes in doing a lev?
simple physical euitur?-- eserclsee, take r
bath and rub down with the followtni
mixture which i* claimed to i'?- a sura
cure for tbe "bluee" ami can also be ns *.i
the laat thing before retiring as a bun
..f wekefulnesei
?s,.;. salt . t "Ml- ?**?
Bplrlts ?'f camphor. 2 ?.un.-e*?
Spirit.-? ??!' ammonia. 2 OUItCftS
I'm a elcohol . 8 inin?'??
Water suAetsni to make a full Quart
Dissolve the m.it in the water, which
Should I"* hot, nii'l lei it stand until < ool.
l'our the spirits of camphor ami ammo?
nia itito th.- elcohol, ?add th,- salt water
ami Shake Well, then bottle for use Wet
tin- body with this, then ruh vlgorougly
nut 1 li1.? skin ?low s
Whether ?roe Indulge in the warm i?*u.?i
or tin- morning's cold plungs is purely a
Question "f individual taste an?! pleas?
I ?o n?'t Wear heavy clothing vvlien SX?
.i? Istng, n.? It Interfere* with the work
ami keel's the air from the body. in
? ntlon t,o
t to enel ted should sot I s
la ? laht .-f for s moment The follow?
1ns simple movements ma) bs recom?
Take a small bai ? " I
hroometlck will do, stand corractly, hold
? horl - 'ti* ii ;?" -;tion, palme
down snd the erme an the body
.. iible Now r.ii.-e the wend bs k?
the head, bringing it doe n to
?nil as close to the ha?*k ss
poMthle ltepe.it els times. Inhaling
eltb the I i movement snd ex?
? n n? th?? arme are brought to Brat
Hold the wand to the front and close
i to the i ??'d) In an oblique poettton, the
htghei ? the wand with the right
hand Keeping the .bod) flm, swine the
wand upwind ?is high ae possible; then
to the left.
Hold *.h< ' ? tlon step 01 er
the wand with rieh! fool keeping the
ereet and ralelng the kn??e es hlch
as pooelble Repeat wltb the left Thte
. [i riee alone will produce flexibility
and suppleneis of the llmba
Put the wend said? Stead flrmlv,
leaning back from the waist line aa far
ei poeelble erlthout straining Repeat
three times
i' mi forward from ths walet line
with.nit bendlns the kneee and endeavor
to touch the floor with the tips of the
Bitting ?.n s chair, leas forward and
slightly to the ri?ht until the abdomen
presaos the thiuh Repeat six tim.?s.
Th. h bend in ths same manner to the
left This exercise actO dtret?tly upon
the ellmlnattve organa
Btend elect, tie?, ths ruht le?, hiinsin?
the knee se rloee t<> the body ns i? pos?
sible by draw-in* tt up with the han.Is,
at the same time keeping the body erect,
i >o this three timee, lin leasing to nine.
Repeal with the left lag.
Daily Bill of Fare
I.UKAKKAST -i>>i?sh pineapple, minced
lamb on toast, cotton.
DINNER Broiled l.l.icktish with tnaltr?
d'hote! Lutter, green peas, remains salad.
strawberry les cream, soflSa
BUPPKR. Roquefort mndakiliea fruit
Haia?i. tea or ehoeolate
Ho.pief?.rt tin ese into shretls with a fork.
Add about half it? quantity of butter and
season it. If testred, ?With S little paprika.
Spread It over Wefeiilke slii'es of bread
nml place every tiv.i together BSadWtcb
fashion; or, a? is sometimes done, spread
the mixture over small silt e of toast.
The Woman
About Town
REAL DIPLOMACY, in tbe silk ?i?
pertinent a woi agita??
ihm. Ihe ?had bought ? nVceat ?remnant?
found she couldn't nae It and went? I
taken ba.-k Bhe uma In fear and treat?
bllng, aad feed) t" sel mu< h es? it?*?l if
the; wouldn't But tii?-y did. "You w,,n
?i.-i e by ws ex? aaked the
buyer. '?True, we ma) not !>?* able t?? sell
it again. f< i she'a I ad II i week, bul if
we dlda'l aha m ghl never come In th.?
Btore again. Bom ? ?xslly offei
i '.di. i you ses hoe pi? ased si ??
Bhe might glee ui a big order now.
women are queer, ?B? me dey i m going
to write a bOOk about ? B
A I'SKKI I. MYOPIA The g.1 ?Id
summer lime i- (??referred by many street
? "I of the ?lav - when
th? wintry winds blow. If you're ?-ver
out ' _ ? id keep you
open ) ou'll leei a the
ares > wHJ
be whispering i" his Mamie i:
always holds court oa the back seat, if
youth has departed and OU still remem
ber ths follies and joys Of It, why. ?
tbe Brsl glance you'll either shut ?
: ' *.!.'-i* way. And
because ?"*..- is bim<i 'tis often necesi
fee a good natured publl? to s t a little
neei Highted
a NEW PERIL A prominent an
was telling us that In the future ?hll.lien
will no more be seen upon !'??* streets of
MOW York, as all ?.?.is..- BWtll have p!a>'
ground ?roofs and l?ren wir he reie
?gati d there) right ami
all true, but i: ? - it' those
?to ?se) ghoul it. Tlan't well t" count
? the) re hatched. n? Il ?
is ii wise i" bank on v? ! at youngsters are
I ??? do, regardlsas of w?hat srown-ups
think Why, when that cvstem preval?a
tie chances are that ell m bin?? the (tarden
wall of the r?,of and jumping to the street
will b<* even more excitin?*; to the kid?lle*?i
: ,<lg'.ng automobiles!
News of the Markets
Nou that I rel between the ?l??
ments has fli and they
have dei Ided a n ?>f ?the year is
t" r.iiin f?,r a ? - ,.f thinK*
- *it'? their
routine. Meal ? iltry, v c??ta
of the Hah
pri?*. s ? v higher, but fruit pricea
? hank'es. The
iper, a:nonfc"
them huckleberries, kber?
nary sized plnt-a; ; '.?? sc.l.s at the same
as last a irtety
i th- smooth Cayenne" s*
??eiits. Tbeea average _ to 16 lnuh.
I. s-, are really no more ?x;?ensive
than th.- ?, according to tht
.- deltcleua,
Sea Food.
I :* '.
g .^0?
. laddock .lOj
. -
. - ?
M .
S? * M
Kr. ?h hdllhUt .. : :?- e.\ .. .. ?. . , ;.
' -er .ii : II .
?had .
tan , ?
Shad ?rae .
? eut
. .'
m im .
rongu.?. .: ?
Poultry and Game.
Pew Tair
* I roller? .tl Si
I . -
..- ?iuin?-* hens ...$:
1 r-?---n.? .|l ?
Jumbo s<?\jubs ,..,
Dairy Products.
Vkc- ','?? Butter
. .? i. print .......?M
.- ' ? ? M
; .M
. .. ? . - .
H.s-; (Ufa . -i *n?IUb ?Uiry ...
?Bunch tiaesm
j inley . ? ' ,: r"t8 .
. II .i.i? -
, turnip? ..
ChevTll .tO-"
Tarraiton _ " ? ?
? ? ?
. L, tl ?? i.
.i '
ToMat-v? .
? '? '- .
i, peck. I
re Y? loa nnlona .1>V
UoxA ?? '' "r ''?llt^rnl?
Ohra .IBc '?
... ?\ - -. r-v. * ? s ..
\? .... -?.-??
Banana* Huokleberrlee
rab?,. |,.-?rs | |
llun.'h. I l'ea?-hc? .
Rhubarb , , ? Bla? ki.?rr^? ..
Pineal pie? . I! I
Alligator pe.?? ? ? 3*"' ti "s
efi ult errlea .S*"
? -?
But Dr. Wiley Wears a New Hat
for Consolation.
Waahtngtoa Jane I .?Dr ?Herr?) W
Wiley, ,*x-.*lu.f chsaelst of the Depart?
in.-nt of -agriculture and "pure food"
Champion, hi minus a handful of hair ne
the re.-uit Of a w.iK". r made with a friend
at the Coemoe Club To prove his theory
that a proper ?tiet ?as essential for the
Welfare, sepedally "f yo'in* rhildren. Dr.
\\ lie) < Ited the case of his own baby,
who is not v?-t and year o'd.
*'l hnv.-n'l much hair to spare." ?aid
Dr. Wiley, "hut If my youngJSter can t
yank out a ?handful or two of it. just to
Illustrate his strength, I'll buy y?>u a new
The scoffer, who happened t?> he a <-'."se
friend of the Wiley family, accepted the
wager. The Wiley baby "made K?>od."
The denuded sp"t. on Dr. Wiley's pate
now Is cover?'.! by the hat the Unbeliever
was forced to huy.
Kl I,s AM? All. I I (?111 COYKKlMiS'
\\,- araah. repair roweev? Oriental rugi -
alan .IvelnK ?anv xhade? Moth proof, relay, etc.,
?tc Bvarj m??lern niethn,). ?.'* voars experience.
ll'Min < or 4?th Bt., S. V. I'hone 3S08 F!, y ant.
F.rle ,-or. 511? Si?.. Jersey I'll y, I'hone MOO.
StoraKe "iVarel??iii*e and Moving \ an?.

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