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invrljthf laig by Th? Tribe?a Anserlatlon. ]
\ol txXIII.N0-24.311
To-day, fair and ?ooler.
lo-morron, fair.
Paterson Silk Workers Portray
Episodes of Fifteen Weeks'
Labor War in Madison
Square Garden.
"Mills Alive. Workers Dead*'?
"Mills Dead, Workers Alive''
?Two Thrilling Scenes
That Bring Cheers and
Groans from Audience.
Th?? Ill raon silk
itr>. ' ' fhts a "'i
*>. ? apees
?taking, - * 1' -ig.i.n 1 USl
right et Madison Squar? In .t
\ | . ? ? I dramati? p igi anl
by the sink, rs them?
D wn to the rough woi k "i
g tin lines ;in?l
? n
r .
The Garden i* I with 15,
(i ?! ? i V'orkers
of the \. K rs. mosl of
them being Inside, while thousi
' v ? ?? I rned away from the ^
g ? mklsl of the sud ? i
ready to wae SI
Her? ? ? ? ' ? slm, i I
Bhould there
??-an?! a immand resp? ct, he i
The . - of l une near
beim tesl ' ? ' the
Up h F.i:* \\ il): 1? U? : I :i f'
the Bhi : nil it down, h
had II BU|
; USO t I:?- Ill" Illli.-rs (lui
not a;. ? I ni mi nta, they
??aid, bul *? ?t had nol I" ?
y strikers in po?
lice u* mi nded by "? 'hief
Bumsoi... hlef Bimeon
of the pageant, en?
titled 'The Mills Ali\? th? v
two l. feel wide, stn I
rome-like stai
for the shoe*, represented a Petei
ailk m iw with the
i? ? ? h the worki
gan their daily t
Then i : .?? the 0] m< n,
aema mi ?
i?fh*rs r].. .. ; .t ?del pc-opl?, 1.J?NI of
id rs . intly to
the arot of the loss?s
had n. 1 m lit. t
in the whir of the looms as the a I
blew and I
Sang the "Marseillaise."
But ti ' work did nut la loi R
'. ? rit of revolt
/ !? irst :* ' * ? ?'?me of the
rush? d ?" II?
I milis, al
r?l< atlon of fr? a?
dorn. T * <:.. ?i don n,
and th? ? ? ?- surging tones of th'*
the fink? rs marched
? silt nt
The Mills Dead- the VrVorkers AUvi
me of the
I I, perhaps, in the
'? B I the i ageant?
i ? v. orki .* al< rl
rfere v..-.:*, ?
picket m an ; tr< at the atrikei
P \ ba arorkers pre pee
knbai to anger. Fights betwei
; .?. ;>i inj strlk?
< pnt inn?*.! on fourth puce, third .?.I'lttin.
This Mornings Xews.
Stable... 1
.t 1
I*oxhHll K? ? ? Olo. 1
?' Busy. a
CWM? ;.- . J
?.- Rade" Brilllanl. 3
a-?, H? j 0 Alimony. 6
; ? ited. 6
ill Dowi .6
I . 7
. in 11 Minutes. 7
Allan h* Has Agenl Arreeted.....ll
i bn ? .ia
f-'urran Confident of Pletcry.-a
??????w a .12
Mitchei ?...,. port Collector.12
8torm Bn iki Up ?Queens Jubilee.12
"e'k Tin in ?Sells. 1
-, if Happiesl Am? i I
dice Raid. 2
? ? m ge "f Lobbying?. 2
?WOOd. 3
''?of P Burgeon Held for Cruelty... 4
. to Be? ape ISOa.OM Tux- 4
'"ourt Ruta Agalnal Mitchell. 4
r?c\? gara Pavors Health Marrlagi I
Biaestor ?Defends Cfreel IVealth. 6
? - Albany. e
ng for Mine Dixay. ??
: si Ledy Paget'a. 8
Osm Fiete f'.r Laureateehlp. 8
'n the ?London Theatres. a
8uffr?r' ? Society. 8
?fir Neil ?London n?.i-e Show. 8
**? ''? ? * of the Brltieh. 8
?*?M M? n . n Brltieh Bench. 8
Trench y,, ,, .liste. 9
^rrr.ari Pestivltlsa Begin. 9
("*i>* to i ighl Baa oa Aul . 9
H?a Davlson ?Dying. ?
??editorial .10
Misery .ll
?V>rtinK ?Section .Pnri 2
Arr**y and Part I.?3
^'?athet j-.,,, a .6
*l*lpplriK 1'art 3 . 6
?llkeeclal and Merkeu i':.rt s .10,11,12
Arrested for Speeding, but
Released in $50 Bail.
Trenton,' N. j.. June 7. The Trent
police, In conjunction with the fits
Motor Vehicle Department laid out
courae "n Brunswick avenue, the pri
Cipal thoroughfare to Uns <*ity fro
?Princeton, to-day tor tivp purpoae
timing and catching speeding aut
moblllata returning ?from the Trim
ton rale baaeball ?gam??, When the
vigilance ended al mirhtfaii they h.
nine men in their custody charged wii
S|'?? ding.
The moei prominent driver arre-.tr
"as R?eginald c Vanderbllt, of Ne
York. The police arrested only tho:
who w, r.' actually driving rar.?, ar
did n?'! molasl th.' otht r ?oct upanta ?
na? him ? a ho came ?from Ne
> "i k. Brookl) n and ?Philadelphia,
ah thoae arreated were r?'i? aaed :
: for th? ir appearance hi re Moi
day. The police ai:? go the driven wei
?peedlng ai a rate "f al least thin
nuits an I ?
his sneeze" was fatal
Bronx Man Bursts a Blood Ves
sel and Bleeds to Death.
? ' No ???''?' Ennl 1141
pH t" ??'Mih jeatel
?i ij aftei noon. Mr, s? hlegel we roa?
Ing in the dining r??"tn, and. feeling
i v. i,, cloat .i door HI
hlldn n, ? ho n ere ait ting ??
th?> atoop, heard him an?ese violentl
and then fall to the floor. They ran i
and found him unconscious He "a
when an ambulance surgeon ar
11*. ? ?! from Lebanon Hospital
The i * ? ; ?rted to the polli e th.i
Mr Bchlegfl'a aneealng had <A\??,-d
1 )?? moi ih ?;;?
Battle in Darkness After In
truders Had Robbed Them
and Repel Invaders.
me. ]
Mlllvlll?. N .! . .Inn.- 7. Th? gypar,
?? hi' h lerr? rised ton up in s?.<iti
for the ?;,vt peek, entered th?
town "f Woodbine yeeterday, and afte
obtaining come io??t were <!ri\ on on
by ?rltlsena armed with shotguns Th?
; toward Tu-kalio-r. bu
at midnight they returned through ?
ruso t?. regain th?*ir h?'rs?s. which the?
hnd permitted to encapa m the yardi
U ? realdentej While collecting theii
hornea they st<>.?' everything in sight
? . farming Implements, harness
-. ;.mi c\ en ' at? la ? ere found t,
i?e mlaaing this morning. The town fir?
alarm bell wsa rung t" ?ail the .-iti/.en?
i?? repel the looters,
The st'id.nt.? of the Woodbine Agr:
cultural Bchool responded i" the ?call
and with a large force of cltlseni
armed with revolver?, shotguns an?!
ed th<* ?gypsies A running
flghl to r. i at a in the da? kness
Numerous ahota were exchanged, and
shortly after midnight the gyps'.? s ? ? r<
expelled from Ihe town.
Charged with Conspiracy tc
Raise Wages in West Virginia.
Charleaton, W. Va., .lune 7. Presi?
dent John P, White ar,,l eighteen other
1 of the United Mm" Worken
rl?ea were Indicted :n the federal
court here to-day on a charge of violat?
ing the Sherman antitrust law.
slle?ged th?- d?fendante conapired
?.?.it!] ?the ?coal operatore ol Western
?vania. < ?bio, Indiana and
Illinois t?. raise wsgea In the Weal
Virginia ?coal Holds *o aa to prevent its
competition with the other four states
in th?- Weatorn market.
Court Allows Theodore Roberts,
Actor-Alimonist, Vacation.
Sbly the firs! ti.an to repnrd a
trip to t'...- dentlat as ? vacation win
be Theodore Roberta, an actor, who li
call ' n Dr. ?Prank E ieely, at Na
220 Weat 42d street, to-morrow. Rob?
erts will enjoy another distinction as
well, ?being the firnt man who had to
MCure <i ?court or?l?*r I,?fore be might
undergo the rigora <?f ?the ?denilet'i
Robarte is an Inmste ?of ?the Ludlow
atreet Jail, where be was confined on
ember 81. 1012, for failure to meet
his sllmonlal obligations it win i?e
quite a lark for him I.? he free again
to-morrow, even If it may bfl a painful
? ... i me of ?Sheriff Harburger s
trusted deputies will accompany him,
of courae, hut It Ih unlikely that Rob?
trts will attempt to make a ?lash for
liberty. He has only until the end of
ti ? month to serve before his term ex
plr? s.
Por ?tome weeks Roberts'?! leeth have
bothered him. and when I?r. S.ely was
CSlled in. h>- said the actor was suffer?
ing troin Itiggs di?ase. Immediate at?
tention was Doceseary, he declared, <>r
Roberts'! car.er would he ruined A
Court order was applied for and
Engine Company Mascot May
Lose Leg for Bravery.
Mique, the prize winning ?Dalmatian
hound, masCO? of Kngine i*ompan\ \
in K?st ?lst street, mls-ed responding
to an alarm of fire last night for IM
first time in over a year and a half,
i.nd it was all due to the house cat.
Puss was under the engine dozing
When an alarm sounded. Hhe waa
Sboul to he crushed umler the wheel!
When the dog grabbed her l?y the neck
and fl ?ragged her out of harm's way.
)!?? was not quick enough, however, and
?m<- of his hin?l leg! Ml crushed.
The dog was ghen to th'* company
by Alfred <i. Vanderldlt and has wo.i
many ribbons at the bench shuw at
Madison .Square Garden.
Foxhall Keene, Newly Appoint?
ed Captain, Breaks Collar?
bone in Practice at
Meadow Brook.
Committee Will Select Substi?
tute To-morrow?Followers
of Game Feel Gloomy
Over Outlook for Im?
pending Contests.
Koxhiiii F'. Keene. one of America*?
beat known poi,. players and ?gentleman
riders, broke his left collerbons In a
practice K?me nt the Meadow Brook
Club yeaterdaj morning,
This mishap la the worst of several
to tetar?! the offert to form .1 team to
defend the International < up. M ?
Ke.ne ?nix on Thursdaj was named to
succeed Harry Payne Whitnej ?as rap?
i.-iin "f the team win? h will taca <;n,?t
Brtteln'a four In th?* tust , lash on
Tuesday, and th.* blow ha* fairly
stunned close followers of the IpOli
Tie accident ?came ai tiie , i.,se ,,f the
fourth period, when the opponents to
ih.. American four Btoddard, Milburn
Kerne and SI even.s on led bj 4 gna
tO o I.arty WaKrhury had hit OUI Hi?
ball at the north end "i the big Meado?
Brook field, and K? ene. is h" had been
ra? Ing up to back It, had ridden ???.er
the i?,r.i?-r line and eras pulling up
pon?, ?seeing thai furth? i ? fl
n rleas,
i h? i?* is a alight slope aeras from the
field at thai end, and at a moment ??? h?n
the rider w,< ? ,.t . \| r, ting en; li
the p?.ny rro-aaed it' foreleea ty turn?
ing ami fr II In a heap TI ?
turiuii ? rtalf-eomereault, bul Ki
waa thrown , leer and lai d< I ? ?
rtghl shouhter Me tried to g< ?
? ould noi do ?... nrlthoul
Mr. Keene mes ? an led Into the i
house and Dr John Maim sumn
from W??othur> tl..
l.roken h?,ne net the || |red player r?*
paine?! his equanimity s
that he w , ,:?l n.?t He forsak? , I
Meadon Brook while there artsA ra
?-?.?in? on at Piping Rock Ha went
Jiping H?i?-k In an autom
In the rlubhouee during the ralnetonn.
"it is un unfortunete happi
Keen?- said t?. his sympathisers, I il
puts one "f the ? ban? es of ;
Mr. Keens broke th?- sun- rotlarbona
n'lin* \?.irs ?ik?> while f"\ buntini
Long isii.r. i. In the la ; i ? ; .?-?i of th?
Orel game Cor the Polo As o ;.?ii"n
rhamp'lonahip at ?Proapecl r.,-k.
Brooklyn, In 1805, h?* i.a?i a similar . -
cidenl after ?? ? olllaion b Ith J. B
w?"?i Kay, of Myopia, ?n which the
ponina and the men craahed together in
the turf. ?
Mr. K?< ?? prill nOl he at'le to | lay in
th?* Impending mat? h f"r the iiit?r*..t
tiynai cup egalnet the British playera.
H. L Herbert, H. P. IVhitm y and Ute
members of th?* Polo Aeeoclation < ?.m
mittee had a conference laal night at
the Piping Ho?*k ?Club, bul no
<.f a i ?lit > t- r t?> t.ik?- Mr, Keene'i ; i -
will be made until to-morrow, The
Waterburys umi Mr. Whitney are
available, but the individual to be se?
lected i.*? really ?secondary to tha rear?
rangemettt ?that mu?t be made. Tha
committee will Inka up th?? matter
again ?to-day.
"Larry" IVaterbury has been moot
often spoken of as the new man, but
the commute.men and poloists In gen?
eral nr?* all at aea. Tha mishap baa
com?- lik?* a boll from the blue, end lha
result is to completely upaet for tha
preeenl all plans regarding tha defeo .
of th?.- international cup.
W. A, Hazard. Fe retar-.- of th- PolO
Aaenrlatlnn. admitted when called over
the telephone ai bis home In Cedar*
hunt that the- outlook u.ts gloomy and
that a solution of tha unexpected prob?
lem bad not been i? a? hi d,
Speaking for th? players, Mr. Btod?
dard, of th?* American team, -.."?J -?t tike
Piping Ho.k ta.?-.-, thai the accideni 10
Mr. Keens was as deplorable as It war,
unexpected. n<* was confident that tha
icam would be ahiy augmentad from
th?* available material and thai ih>* up
would be well defended. H? compar? d
Iba loas of Mr. Kaena to ?that of th?;
chall?*ngera In loelng Mr. Buckmaatar
?riuLihtituics muat i?o ready when
Deeded." n.ii<i Mr. Btoddard, "and
America and Kng1**"*"1 are fortunate In
baring ?good man al call to step into
any gap that nnunisiaim-.s may in.ik.
in either team "
Mr. Buokmaater could nol play for
the ? up at Hurlingham In IfOt on ar
couni of a i?r??keii collarbone, ?and a
.similar accident at Lakewood, In the
??prinx of IMO. <ut short his visit t?.
this country with the Ranelagh party,
win? h Included ?Captain E. D Miller,
Lord Deciee, Captain Bellwood ami
Captain d?' Craapigny, all of whom
pia>?-d nt Lakewood throughout th?
April tournament <?f thai year.
it la Expected that there prill i.e ?
practica Kam?- te-morrow at Meadow
Brook liy the reorganize,] team.
The line-up at M?;i?l??w* Hr..ok yes?
terday aKain.it the International team
was* N" 1. C C Ramsey; No. '-'? J. M.
Walorhury. Jr. Ma I, L. Wat-rhur?.
and h.i.k, H. ?' Phlppa After the acci
,i,ni u L Aguaali played in Mr.
Keene'a place
There nas no ?scoring In the first
period. In the second Rumsey. I? Wa
terbury and Btoddard made a goal
ai in p. .1 M Wat? rbury mad?* the only
goal In the third in ?the fourth period
Btoddard made two and Mill.urn one
?ruai Dill*/ "of period was played after
Agassi? Joined In. He, Rumsej and L
Weterbury scored, leaving the Rumsey
team w inner- by I goala to 1 H? n? La
Montague was referee.
Who ?a non losl to the defending forces, on eve o? big match for international cup.
Gets Lost in Capitol While
Looking for "a Gentleman
Named Champ Clark."
Ex-President Plpys Golf with
Justiro Pitney ?and Mr.
Boardman and Calls on
Secretary Tumulty.
' I V
Wsihlngtoi* June 7 WlUlsm H.
Tsft, ? Itlsen, ??i? i three-day \ Isll t?i
Washl.ngton, declare! he \g u??' liapi l< ?i
nan In tha ?United Btatei happier than
if I.?* t.ad t?. ihouldi r the burden! of
the ?Presidency. H?? thoroughly en?
joyed himself to-day, roaming shout
th?- national ?capital with a iti,<rty
which he could not t.ik.? when he we!
i 'I,:? f 1 .X?K ?tue.
His most Interesting engagement to
? i.i. w.?s with th?* President and'Mrs,
w ill on. !?? foie he s.a donn to
luncheon ut th! White IP? ..??? !.?? went
to th.- executive offl ? ?. (resting th?*
(??n?*ai for?a end becoming scqusintsd
with th?* president i eecretsry, Joseph
P, Tumulty, He nuuli Inquirid about
a ist ut Supreme Court reports which
hi dw Isred hi needed at falo.
Mr Tsft went to the < .'?apltol before
? ailing .'i the White Houei and got
lost. Hie minion to the Capitol wsi in
hsvi i ?chat with Un Speaker of ihi
House, but after ?trolling sround for
a while hi ?tried to enter the private
office of Representative ?Underwood
Bpenker ?'lark's office ?as then pointed
out to him, ?and hi went there.
"I am looking for a g? nil? man named
?Chump ciark.'' laid the former Presi?
dent as lie Open* d the ?l"i?r
"WhjT, how an- >ou'" shouted the
Bpenker, Jumping from Ins ?hair ami
?linking iiHiids ? ordlally,
"i am the happiest man in th<* United
states," ?? lar? ?I Mr. 'i*aft
Mr. Taft ;iip?i Speaker Clark ire mem
ben "i ?the Lincoln Memorial ?Commis?
Mon. which mseti here ?on Monday, ami
It was on matten relating to the com?
mission's work that the two ?conferred
briefly. Mr. Taft also ?rlsltsd the offioe
I ?of ex-Senator Shelhy M ?Cullom, of Illi?
nois, resident member of th? ? ommis
Mnii. m company with Chief Justice
This afternoon Mr. Taft went to tho
?Chevy Chas?* golf links for a round
with William ,i Boardman ami Justio
Mahlou ?Pltaey, o? ?Um United Btatei
Buprsme t'ourt. This evening he was
honor gutst ut an informal dinner at
Mr. Boardman'i home. To-morrow he
expect! t?? attend church servioei in
the fonnoon and be the guest of Sen?
ator Newlsndi at thi latter*! ?country
place in the evening be will i?? th??
guest Of Mr and Mr a. I'ourdman at the
Country Club for dinner.
letln Ot Morris I'ark Ka? e Track Auction
bale on Page 7, part I.? Advt.
New Yorker Declines Post i
Ambassador to Turkey.
Waal Ington, June : Hi ary M?
seniliau, th?* New York lswver to ?h?
? U III OH off.?red the j out
> lor to Tll'-key, d< ?Mined t
IT? r * a |i ng < onfi renca with t
? ? ? ?to day.
V | 11 ? HOUSC Offk :
Mr M : ? uld dlieu ta his dc
llnatlon, but it ?.-??? understood that I
<I1?1 not feel Willing to UP hit 1 ra
? ? ?. **.. ? forte,
New Yorker Freed When Wii
Proves Judtfe Mistaken.
B. Telegraph * ? rtia i rlbuaa i
Philadelphia, June 7. J"hn Wela
a Long ifiand contractor, who ha
served .-? i si al months of a i eei i tai
on conviction as ,t th!? :', was ralea ?
from prison to day whan it wa
: that he was tha ? I? Urn of s lud
.1.il ?.tr.?r. Walsh's family is said I
Include several Important Judicial an
Judll 111 Officials Of .New Vor,
u hile hie soi ? Columbia student.
Walsh has had attacks of menti
aberration, and last January ha wai
dered Into this city ?and tried to ?find a
old ?friend, ?iior?,-.? Dougherty, il
went to tha addreoa ?Dough-arty ha
?given him. (?ut his friend ?lid not \l\
there und Walah was air? ited. Ha loi
tha court be had pot In tha wron
house, but tha Judge smiled and aal
ha bad often heard that ;
When put In Jail Walah wrote to hi
arlfe ?and aha cam?? ?to tins dtj an?
hunted day after day until sha fount
Dougherty at Eddyatone. Doughert!
admitted ha uaed to lira at the ml
drees where Walah was arreeted. Th
matter was then placed befora Jud*?,*-'
i'arr, who issued an order for th,
man's rah ase,
Father of Bride Refuses Terms
and Invitations Are Recalled.
I m Telegraph te The Tm.une i
Olaatonbury, t*onn., jun?* 7. Mr. am
Mrs. Bturgea P, Turner to-day recalled
invitations t<? tin? marriage of tbeti
daughter, leebella, to Leo A. Wood, ? i
Hartford, which was to tak.? plac-j
ti?\t Wedneaday. Tin- wadding hai
been poatponed Indefinitely, it is said
becauaa tha proapective bridegroom in?
sistid ?m a form of pre-nuptial con?
tra, t to which Turner objected.
Members of ?tha Turner family nnd
Wood met recently in the office Of a
Hartford attorney to discuss matters.
According to tha common understand
Inn Wood was to receive a large sum
of money nft.r th?- ceremony, but
wanted enother ctauaa ?In tha agree?
m? tit which did not meet with the ap?
proval of Mr. ami Mrs. Turner. In
any ?vent Wood, the report goes, an?
grily l?*ft th?- office and has not visitei
the Turner homo since.
The ceremony was tu barg been per?
formed by the Kev. Edward '?. Key
nolde, rector of tha Olaatonbury ?Epia?
?COpal Church. The family, It is said,
has attende?! th?* First ?Congregational
Church, and a report, which was not
verified to-night, was that th?? Rev, Sir,
Dletg, Hi?- pastor, had refused to offi?
The Turners nre said to be worth ap?
proximately $l,L'<a?,iMNi. Mrs. Turner
Inherited I l??rge estate by her father,
I who died over a decade ago.
Crops Beaten Down in Connec?
ticut and Many Towns
Arq in Darkness.
Ball Games and Other Sports
Stopped and Thousands
Drenched?Gale Drives
Humidity Away.
[fly T?itrar,h t.-> The THbUM ]
Hartford Conn, June 7.?Up to lato
to-night n?>t on? "oldest Inhabitant"
had tuen found who was willing to
stake his veracity against the opinion
that not f??r many, many years has
Northern nn?l Weitem Connecticut'
been Vleited with a w?irse summer'
?tortn than that of this afternoon.
Th.? Itorm was WOlSt in Hartford,'
New Milford and pla?ces about winsted, i
which is cut off by wire to-night. Th.?
telephone ?and telegraph service was
crippled by falling trees, and the Park- ?
rille section of Hartford Is In darkness, |
until 'he linemen, with the aid of the!
forestry and street departments, a?*
COtnplUh th- dangerom task of unrav?
elling live electric light wires from the
The wind blew a.? high as fifty miles
at times, ami in one uepartment store i
In Hartford ?98,000 ?liming?? was done
?li?n live plat?- glass windows were
shattered by ?rind and hall and the
????'ils in the windows ruined. Sup?
press? d excitement prevsltod at ail the
matinees When the lights went out
completely f??r a tima Hugi trees
were uprooted ami thrown about the
walks in Buslm.il l'ark, near the Cap
iiol. th.? first floor of which was Hooded.
Even in Oovernor ?B?aldwln'i offlce the
rain burst In while he w*as writing
vetoes. The ?lamage to crops cannot bo
estimated to-night because of the
meagre wire faculties.
Few Trees Left Standing.
The storm appear! to have followed
the Naugatuck River Valley, and after
reaching the Sound came back up
again with almost IQttal fury. It era!
reported to-night that it was easier to
count the trees that are still starKliig
in New Milford, Lltchflsld County/thsn
those which fell. In Hartford, a sixty
foot oak toppled over near the bridge
i at th?? railroad station and completely
Iblocked ih<? Park Hiver. It was much
darker than the darkest night, because
the heaven! were Inky black an.l tho
ordinary street lights were out.
All New York sweltered In an atmo?
sphere of almost unbearable humidity
between the hours of || noon and 3:30
i?, m. yeeterday, Horoei made their
Way slowly ShOUt the city's streets,
?tongUC! hanging from their mouths and
their sides whitened with lather. Per?
sons on the sidewalks ambled to and
fro, hats off arid limp handkerchiefs to
their foreheads. A halo of steam
sermo'l to rise from the city, and It
Continued on tilth page, third column.
"Bowery Statesman," Almost
Recovered from Long Illness,
Evades Friends and Em?
barks at Boston.
Representative Shows Little
Sign of Bad Health, and Ex?
pects to Return in Good
Shape to Take Up
Duties in Congress.
I Krem n gtntt Cetratg?ai?ai nt Th? TrtMni? 1
Poston, June 7.-For the grit time In
his long political career, "Big Tim"
Bulllvsn "double-crossed" his friends
and conotltusnte to-day. After con?
fiding his intention only t?-? three or
four of his most intimate allies, th*?
New York Representative sailed from
thil port to-day for IfngTfft^ on the
H?amburg-Americaa steamship Cincin?
nati. The pur pon of ihe MCTOCy main?
tained about the departure of the 'big
fellow,** as the lOWOT Kast Side of Man?
hattan knowi him, wni to save him
from the excitement of the "send-off"
that has always heretofore markfd hu
trips abroad.
Only a trace of nervousness remains
to show* that RepresentnUve lulllvnn is
not in his normal health. Every other
sign of the mental ailment with which
he was so lung atfli? ted has <ii-ap?
peared. B?ecause of tins nervousaesi
he was idvised to make his ssparture
as quietly as POSSibiS BO well was
the leerst kept that when the Cincin?
nati ?lipped from her pier the only
jH>isr.nH on h.m.l to |.??I him farewell
Were "Larry" Mulligan, his half
brother and owner of the St. Denn
Hotel in \eW York. Mrs. M lUlgM, hlg
wife, and Kmanuel BlumenstM,
BberlfTi counsel, a friend of * nig
Tim's" and one of the committee In
charge of his property.
The "Powers stat.sman" stood at tne
de. k rail, with his brother. Patrick H.
Sullivan, and I>r. Robert Foster K?
nedy, who aoeompnalei him sbnmd,
and smilingly aeknowi?dged the I
wells shouted and waved by those on
th? pier.
Hut It was all so difftrent from the
departure of "Pig Tim" In other y? I -.
The brass band was missing; S.-natof
"?'hristle" Sullhan. anoth.-r ,.f th--?
clan, was absent; so was the faithti!
Colonel "Mike" Padden; so Were the
hundreds of others who never m -
being <m hand to give their ch:? ft.iin a
Kept All Plant Secret.
Por several weeks since he felt well
enough to leave the sanatorium in
Yonkers. where he was committed on
aceount of his mental disorder. Repre?
sentative Sulli\an stayed at the home
of his brother, Patrick, in West
Chester. When all the arrangements
had been made for the sailing, "Pig
Tim." his brother. Patrick, and "Ivarry"
Mulligan, secretly started away from
West Chester In the R? presentative's
touring car last Thursday morning. Ry
easy stages they moMred to Boston,
arriving here last night.
The steamship accommodations had
been taken In the name of Patrick H.
Sullivan, but the rile requiring the
giving of the name of ea>*h'passenger
?made it necoeovy to publish that of
the Representative In the passenger
list, where it appeared as "Mr. Timothy
1). Sullivan," without the usual pr.-flx
of "Honorable."
If the Representative felt disappoint?
ed that the usual crowd of his old
cronies were not on han?l. he did n?it
Indicate It by WOTd 0* Bi ?ttOO, tOff he has
placed himself absolutely In the han?ls
of his physician and the nurse, who
sailed With him. and what they and
"Paddy" say is law* to the lawmaker.
He was keen for the start to-day, for
Dr. Kennedy hopes to build him up to
his old form during his six weeks' so?
journ tn Europa, moni of which will be
spent In motoring In England and Ira
As he stood on deck to-day the enly
notable difference In "Hlg Tim" from
that of old was the slight hoilowness
that has come Into his onetime i'ull
countenance and the thinner girth.
The bloom was still on th?* < heek.s of
the Representative, and by no means
would any one have taken him for a
sick man.
"All Right," Says Mulligan.
"He's all right," MM " Uirr>" M il
ligaa as he gave his half brother a
hard thump on the chest.
"Yes." agreed "Hlg Tun." '1 feel good,
and the rest on the other side will do
me a whole lot of good "
But the best test of the return of hie
mental faculties was had when Repre?
sentative Sullivan, In conversation with
? th? Tribune correspondent, recalled
the nam?s of l?verai persons who ?were
employed on The Trlhune twenty years
ago and more.
For publication "Hlg Tim" was un?
communicative, except to say that
when he returned he would have "coma
back," whl? h was Just a little Joke of
"big Tim's " If he !s well enough on hii
return his large progertj ? now in tn*
hands of a committee, will be restored
to lnm, and he will take his seat in
Congress next December.
The sailing of "Paddy" Sullivan with
the Representative may be considered
significant from a political point of
view in the ."?1 Assembly District In
New York, where "Paddy" has been
making a fight for the Tammany lead?
erahip Of the distri?t against the pres?
ent Incumbent. Senator John C. Flti

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