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peral,I "Big Tun - till ac
? epted as s di? turn in the political clr
? - of thai i ? ? n* - and am
Indication by him red hli
brothir f??r Hi ? , ? ship would
an important I" arinc In the tight. B ?'
',? hai i no su? h order ?*? '? I
?- il je. t has ii?,I I?? f n pul UP I" blm.
in fa-1. ?politics m an? foi hewed
lu th? e Reprea? ntetive.
"Paddy" Fightinq Fitzgerald.
Aa for "Paddy*' Sullivan, he said ?r
ing thai he ha?l n?,
intention of making ?political ca
impanying his broth? r
ai.r.l ? >ii ?the other ?bend, he wani ?i
it understood going away now
did n?t i.a an ih ?t abandoned
fight ?"i iSonaJor Fitsgerald, whl h
lo iplll m two
.,, retofoi ? ppori of ' Big
*< in the tonl ~anl BulU-t an, "1
?shall he baca In plentj ?,f time t" make
. ainpai-ii for ihe prim
? ? ? a.... |.... ?? until
>< i' I go I w ant t..
as ultgnlutely false the statt in? n1
? ihat I sought 'Tim's' -eat iti
he was sic'.;, and that
. ,-? .T I-" ? .;? I
? he nominal ion I em now- ti?:' I
? v. n thought ?'f auch a
thing, and the statement did me s
gr. at
The sailing of the Cincinnati was
? thing of a holidaj n? shipping cir?
m Boston. Th'- big steamship
of th.- Ham burg-A mer i
. an Line i?? !'.? v e this i "i"t. and I h ?
. n? w ?England seagoeri
? *i i?\ th? - tir, r Hat*
in ill?- flrsl an?: I ?
th?* ? 'm? 1 till ii , i ??m the new
Commonwealth Pier, in- largest in
Beaton, w hi< he ? ? ? tally built to
accommodate large liners.
Hui friends end relatives and
H wanted to see i be fire!
burg-American steamer out ?>f this
p.Tt . row (led the pier. I'??-? aus?- of '
; ' w condll ions and !;.?? ;:? : rush
of traffic ih?* hour <?f Bailing was
announced for 10 o'clock, although the
Innat] did not I an h?.?:i*
Some of th.. ; - ?rere f'r. <*arl
Beck, Mies n- len ! well, Ledy
'r- ' a nd Sir John si-.. ?
' Many of th? '
? tin cot e tip In l
h? ires i Up we*.
? ???-. ... ? o thought
trev luid not ?? ? ? ? ? -?f th?
I.matin llM]
a t
nn whl?
? . ?
sell the Ihe "H ?wery states?
man wronc
? t he would
: .- miiBic
: ? ' ??.- m
Brooklyn Republicans Say Sul
zer Measure Favors Boss Rule.
Tie Brooklyn Club
- - ... | Ass? mbly
New York <*I1
? ?' Governor
Mil. It i
?? \it h? Q - ? : ?other
iry re
, ? : Bulser Uli
; v.. d< sire to
.... ....
?atnitl.e t. | ?
for th- primary campaign than
nn.v svstein t! I
| time th?
t compels 1 :
..* pert of th'ir campaign ?thai of get
t ? I ? 1 ? in the ?lark.
? Identity of the
machine ?candidat? _) n actually gives
the i?? opl? : tunlty of s?
: |
? nt mu'*h law
"if t* ?
? i t" the peopl? "f the state a pri?
mary law th?. .hli' Indig
? trou i heve knowi ne b
Chauffeur, Accuser, Also Says
He Was Called Naughty Names
?... - ;?110
- . Long Is ?? o
win ho arraigned m th.. i-"?
?m Callahan, a
. hauffeur, of No W< ?si Mth str.et
M*dlng to Callahan, win. driv?
Indi i-? ndem taxi i eras hli ? ?l by
s ???.? -, well '.i ? --? o
- : et a ?,-'
t? i h ? t?,,.i
???. . H It this, < ">:!.,han
him over th? - tlmei with
- . k.
Cal ktroiman R
..? Jraffi? ? ted the bro
B s
fr?e- d to the tVaWorf-A?
:?: t?. I... .'
H : PI Opert) V a, ;? d ?it
v ??? ho security.
Employes of Macy ? Co. to Honor
Memory of Benefactor.
The su.? i> memorial tablet, the ?gift of
i: il M will
.: the i Ightb
rioor of the Macy B illdlng, Mth street end
Iws The tablet is of broi .-??? and
a work "f artistic beaut) it Ii dei .
sti nvi? en
w if.-. Mts l?a .- ere lost <?n
' Mtile.
lei of
?tore, will pr?s? emorlal in
behalf of the emi .lesae I
Btrs is ?? ' ' - tablet In behalf ol
< ?ne ?,f the grandchildren will
Just lc< < Ireenbaum
?rill Hp?;?k on t Mi ?Streue par?
larly w-ith to ils ? aritles
a'l'l f Of edtl ,t1"n
III s ? si? ak of th?
I.? nefa Ilona of Mr- St... i|
The exercises artll ?begin at I p n
Arthur Relners, sged seventeen, of Ko,
l'.'it Menhope ?street, ?Breoklyn, ? ?
? ; sd while swimming In Jemai? a Bej
yeaterds i With two com?
panions hi hired a I ?t foi s Aehlni
* ?? ?I ?,f Ashing and ?I?
?Hied on .? -Wim a f?-w minutes later
Arthur threw up his arms and his com
- wort unable to help him. The
police of H*rhot Sound C a few hour?
. rot " i bod . whl? h ? ??? i re.
moved to the police etatioa |a Vender?
?.<tx Pg *?.
Friends of Whitman. McAnen
and Mitchel Forming Bodies
to Boost Candidacies.
McCall Says Nothing Short c
Gun Placed at His Head Would
Make Him Accept Mur?
phy Nomination.
Prli nds of i ?istrii I Attorne* win
man. Borough Pivsideiit McAnenj in
John Purro* Mu? hi I, who liecame Co
lector o? ?the Pori yeeterday, sri i
getting up organlsatloni ot Indi
i ? i ?i? m voters to ? ome out for the
live > andidaries for the Ma) oi
aity nomination it wai predicted yet
ter da) b) a Masoned politician, who I
m a position to know eoroethlni sboti
what is going "ii. tliat this would I
the banner year for organisation
i "rmi d for the purpose of ?boosting car
dida< les. "From non on until the ?tin
tint the fusion committee announce
Its municipsl ticket these organization
will !" blossoming." h?* Mid.
District Attorney Whitman h?as
lead m tins respect over !..
Not only have th< Citin n t I >?
. :id the West Bid! B
Men's Association mmg Whitman ?bsr
? ? ? m end itsrte I to Ugli
for him, but i number of district oi
ganisatloni ?of the Republican end Pre
grcssive parties have i l emselvi
on record us favoring the District At
torney's nomination for M
The friends ??f Mayor Gsynoi
th? Independent organisation metho
of arousing ?sentiment for h.m fou
%ears ago. Thl result was that he Wl
taken as the csndidati of Tamman;
? fore the < Committee of < 'tie Hun
di. d had a cbsn? i to t onsld? r I
ously. Not oni> u?r? ti.? independen
or?gnnlsstioni potent in -
strength of the ftisyor, bul lome o
them also helped bin b; putt
r.amc on th" b lllot by pstitii I
Feeling for Whitman Strong.
while son v, bil mai * nthuil
asts profess t<> believe that it make
little difference whether the 1 ill
Iser head
to h.*n ? mmltti * him, ai
man t?, run agi ' ' ? '!'.unman*
? i h ri- of McAnet
Mitchel have f.jr some time ?been work
I ? , ? ? ? .....
As the i
ig to try to rei tly ant
? tely the prepon ? an o? oubli?
t?? make, II v. Ill he ?.:' thi utn
?portance f??r the frlei d litlereni
? andldatss to t?? ? ?>;h w Ith th?
Tl ? man gei
?lula? i?
ment of Norman Hapgood, ? b
of the fu mmiti
? ? ?. but thi
out and past??-] it in their hati. Mr
i< pgood Mid:
re ? ?m be no harm in s r
ganlsatlon, big or little, recommei I] 2
Mr. Whitman <?r Mr. McAneny or Mr
Vf itch? else, We sh ll
take full account of all 1
mendatlons, as we will of r< .
of Individuals Our dut
? p.? oniv the nines'- of candi?
. : popularity ?nd
strength with the ?people rlghl
the min ite before we maki
it is snti? ipsted thst ?before th
mittee ?? ? ? lions It will havi
!?? fore ;t an irnpr? ssive II I
favor of '-a? h man '. . ;
? the 1 andidates ha?- bach of h?:n
men w\\i, are rersed In practical poll
? ?j u may be laid thai the) are
sitting up nights just now com
te bring out 'he ?popularity <?f
the r ? sndldau s
Committee's Task Difficult.
The tank that confronts the commit?
tee on candidates ot th?- fusion ? onunit?
tee is tremendous Thai will h,i\e t?i
withstand pressure of all kinds on be
' half of th?- various candidates, it will
. it) ?to d'termine Just bow
much weight to give to thl vinous
manifeal ?ttoni of popular approval. If
they ma?.age to get through it all
without ageing appreciably It will bi
mote than their friends expect
Th?- committee baa airead) given up
all hope of namii . * before July
1. the first Ides They say now that it
will be nearer A i?guii 19, the first day
??n which designations may be made by
? gulsr parues, before they a . be
al'le to announce their selections.
In the menn time Tammany 1- n??t
letting ?any grass grow under If
It r.-aliz?-? it has g hard problem to
(See this fall, an-i ?Chsrlei P. Murphy
and hi! Sdvlien are casting around to
determine who would make the strong?
est c-andMate. The organisation is con?
fronted with the movement f'?r the re
noAinatlon of Mayor Qaynor, Al?
though it has n??t developed much
noise. It is more formidable than would
appear on the surface.
Those who are ?A<?rkir,K in the in.
fores: of th? MsyOT sa* that unless
GsynOT is designated to run for his
pr? mi ' ? Tib, ? sgsln, they will put his
name on the primary ballot M an In?
dependent candidate for th.- nomina?
tion. They profeai i" ?believe the Mayor
would wm in the Democratic primary.
?Chairman McCall ??f th?' Public Ser?
vice ?'ommiaeton, who has repeatedly
Mated h? w, nid not take the nomina?
tioii for Mayor, was even mor?, em?
phatic yeeterday, and put himself en?
tirely out of range of consideration.
He was asked If he would accept the
nomination on the Tammany ti'ket if
it were dffered to him an?l if it were
ad populsi ippsaL
' N . ' h? il?? Lu? ?I imph.itioally. "In
Non-Arrival of Divorce De
tree Prevents His Marrying
M*ss Whaley, as Planned.
The b? let? I mei rlege ol ?'? '? NnoAt
.:,?'. srho eloped with ?Floretts IVheley
1 six yeers ia;<>. ? perform?rd
lerdsj a.?-* expected Th? delay was ?i1"*
lo the non-errivsl of the dh i
which was uiatit??i .n ?Fridas to Mrs
Marlnda Clerke Cooke, in Hartford, Conn.
ArrengemenU had been mad* by W, 1
?Snnlson, ? nun ? - r Cookc, t?. ha\- l
decree forwarded so soon as it bed been
nigned by the court. Cooke hoped to
, ?i : Miss M i ? iteiday morning,
: w. m t?i c? t th. marriage license Ix
An ihlng bis half-day's work
painter before thsl office closed. H? wes
dlseppolnted thai th? matter lied lo be
iut off and returned to hls.Weehlngton
ii. ighti Hal t?. Join ins "wife" snd I ?
I WO h'\\ .
Cooke decided to bev? the ceremony
performed bj ? dril ??fn? ? r. He M
.-??- ? ? offl? let? ?
but after considering the unpleaaanl pua
.Ilcity win? h would t"* give* i" ? minister
Who did s?., h?* tlMUghl It advisable t?,
have a elvtl -arria-** The only concern
feit b] C* oke Is the fear that Mi?.-? whs
- will be sub)* ted m humiliation at the
hand- of a ? irions r*''''??r *'""" tn** 'l "''
'he ?"in Hall to Ret the lie. n
\s f.-. hi- ruturs plans, Co ?< ***1"1 ?hey
had none other than to "llvi for one an?
? u... ? our honeymoon these sis
.... ,.. edlng year will be
but one more added lo an i
..'.I OX hart
Cooki r< iterdey afternoon At his
-.-..,. mi Miss whale-., and In the fronl
room w.-i? the two boys, Paul and Ches
ter. playing wit* a neighbor's i MW shout
th< Ir "?v n age
MISS Whalev admltt'*'! the srrong that
was ?lone when she elop? ?I ?ti >? SIS SgO
with the Episcopalian mlnleter, bul sdd
,,i ? \\e wen aleo rieht, foi we love I
one an.-thcr trul>. We <|,, not wish to
,,.iiiin.i.- to defy th,- ccmventlonelitM ?, and
no time will be lo-t when .I*:'' ?and '? 09
chengc vowa Al i"? time have i regretted
what I have don?. n?ir hOVS I SOJ I
for the future I am mOTS Jubilent tO?ds
than i have lieen for th.- six yenrs, if thai
is possible."
order t?? ?inlet BUCtl talk OnCS and tof
all i win M) thai i would not accept
an su h nomination. Nothing short of
s gun placed at my head would make
me change my mind."
Agreement in Grogan Suit
Made Out of Court.
ttlta '? toTh? Tribun? I
Boston, June 7. The ?ase ?,f Mr*
Elisabeth W. Grogan of ?Cambridge,
Mess., auain.-t Professor and Mr .
Charles R. Eaetman has been ?settled
An agreement in tha
? was tiled to-da?, at th?- ?Beet Cam?
bridge ' "iirt.
Mrs i it "ttan sued to recover t?r?*?|i
erty from the Eaatmsns, which she
?aid en to her under iicr
father's will. Mrs. Eastman la her sis?
ter. Profeeeor Eastman was tried and
acquitted of killing Mrs? Orogan's !.ue?
band -orne \r,?r.- ?iK". He Is now a
professor si Ihs Carnegie Inatltute, ?n
? burgh, and w.< foi m< : ly "f lha
Harvai : : ? ty.
First Successful Indirect Trans?
fusion Recorded.
iraph 1 ? '
I ?< m tn,
blrtod from his mother's veins,
nn< .1 .u the ? n ipital,
? ? '
? . ?- .. extracted
fr? m Ihe arm ??f lh< : moth?
?:? ?i in a | ... m i
ut.-s before being Infu ? d Into the I
... : npli stion "f
? .
; '
I ? ',' . I.
? . i ?: I H Ki ?- pton, a
? .,r?*h ?m ? ftl
n thi
of Di lb at the H
Wigwam Spellbinders to argue
Against Sulzer This Week.
? F ?SV agi
In Tsmmai Hall will bi
? ?
i.ill of Govi ? vould do
will be ne large i Hi it I
It S nutnher of
. tthei luir?- In 11?? -' ?? Th- -??
... -,
the i ?-it? t.. men!
?? ill be ad ? ? ulsei
. ?
\. . . , . . i ? ? ? . ?
Kaat Side H ?
? ? '? - 'Irn
' the "i oi lo ill?? ' lommunll *
/? i ; ? has had .,
pi) of riamini red posten pi nted giving
argumenti In favoi ' Governor Bulxer*s
Th? o ei th??
borough thl '
$1,000 to Man. 96 if Alive, Not
Heard From in Years
*. hall brol - ? not been heard
! |
I ring, ?Is nine) ill ears ?' a si siade
irj of !' '??? In ti - still r.r
Simon ' " Died fi pr ?? ; r?la
Cohen died on Kein iar-- .~, leal
* f" ir ? ai age i ?iward < '?ih? n
wan living iu Petti? r?t lAxnt, Whltr-chap
el, Loud?.?,, or a' No If I.- i o:, ..,.,?
London H? res ?hen i?, in- tlxty-thlrd
I ear Ko w??*ii fi ,,i bei n re
calved ?since the! lime to thai of his half
brother Simons death i.' the money l*
'?? d by Mm It Is to revert to his
? hildrea or hi '.i? If he had an\
Columbia Police Disappointed in
Raid Planned to Nab South
Carolina Governor.
Strained Relations Between
Chief Executive and Force
Since the Pardon of the
Former's Chauffeur.
I I ''K-Arh l? Th? Tl ?
Columbia! B. C, June 7. - In retalla
tion <?n ?Governor <"ole I., nira-r. |i
oi ding t populsr Im lief, foi hi
lion In psrdonlng Hs?rrieon St
negro cheuffeur. after Neely was
vlcted by the Cot um bis police of at
: ng the gpeei limit, a s?.u..<l >?f ;
ike. led by ?Chief Csthcart, ?raided last
I ? the ? 'ommi n Isl Club a htch ?
?? ? . .
Civ. 1 raid fo low ? d ? tele| ?
g< p H< .??ei', irtei i that
? ;? ? ? ? HI? ? v ; ?. Ing pokei
i card game In
ind irreal men on
erg? I | ?. m Ing but G ernor
? f??iir.d in the
He was I In bed. Th<
lice ? art
they forl
n?.t ,ip;?. sring foi * \
? ?.i
tlir? ? * II- " I . ? ? ? ?
.... nvld
to the Ch ?' ' ? I froi
third tl ;
Ice of the clt ltorn? * > n
the m -, ? -n??r
? , ? ' .-:'., ?? I -, , .1-. ?|
ly to pa) of t
II? I . I hi appoint ? ?
' ? ? an? I
??u.uid appoint anoth? r for
ronvlctl? n
? ? between thi : ind I
? ;. \. ?greatly stralnid
to havi ; ? ? i * p . ?
ai po ntm< nt inn ng tl ? hen
f.,\iei to < at? h BI? ???' poker
Horkimer Republicans Want
New State Chairman.
i. ?? ''.? ?- 1 lune 7t Ri
the llcrl. puhll
ifternoon as) foi th?
?? it ? . .,
ir . .i Urmsn of the state comi
? ? opportunlt)
referred to ss s msn ol
lntelli?tren? ?? end ?potli I? .,i ae .
men H' <l '. w ho I ??.? , ? ndld
to ? ? party, bm l ? .'i??n*?
>ny It Is thi -i m of .hi i ommlttee ths)
. iflt of the part *
*i he ""'mlttee all im (solutions
., . . ? .
In ?? ? \\< ?publli an ?platform, i>m d<
?, tentl * "f i ' state eoni entlon
Nerves and Stomach Afflict Him in
P ? si u UteHdini
Wllllsm r Cody, "Buffalo ?Bill." ?>lio t,.
came ill he? ? rtei da) saM to?ds hi
condition war nai? He is belai cared
for at i h?* home of s ? ousln
"Buffalo BUI' took part In the perform
an?? of hi- show lore yeeterday after
? it aras iinai'l. t?? appear In th?
evening He II >ald to be ?"iff? ring f*-om
?nervous exhaustion and ?itomacfa trouble
Your Priceless Heirlooms
And Silverware exposed lo fir? and thefl it left in
your home ?luring the Summer absence '?in Im fnllv
protected b) telephoning Murray Hill S-888. Safety
guaranteed ir<,m four door. Hampers, trunks, boxes,
.lud men to pack tlicni it required
The Cold Storage Department
1- -'ill receiving furs, rags?, run.'.m- au?i trunks. Why
not send yours?
Household Furniture Storage.
Fin Proof Warehouse! and 1 Superior Servir?
at moderate ? osl
Safes for Valuable Papers
ma) be rented 11 low a- $5 per year.
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co.
I.'.l ?Iren. Oppo-lte ?.rand (nitral Terminal.
Megt c?ntrall> located, at a Pu h ?????? Kxpresa Station.
Not to Go Before Committee
Unless Townsend Makes His
Allegations Specific.
Republican Investigators Will
Not Urge Summoning Presi?
dent, Leaving Democrats
to Take Initiative.
Fr??n Th? Trlbur? T t ? j - ?. '
Washington, June 7. unless speciflr
hnrges ara made in connection with
the allegation ot Senator Townaed tiiat
?the ?President is usine patronage t??
lobh) the tariff bill through the nen?
nte, I't sident Wilson will probablj rs
main silent, but if neceMsry he will be
quick to appear i.cf.>r>> the investigat?
ing committee or to issue ? forms!
itsti ment
Senator Reed ?iti?l tii?. Presl?dent'isec
retsry, Joseph P. Tumulty, held a con?
terence to-ds) on the question of Presi?
dent Wilson appearing before the com?
mittee to answer the charge of ?Senator
Townsend, but it was decided that th.*
accuaationa were too general to wnr
ram n reply at this time. It was '
agreed that unless Senator Townaei
furnlahed specific instances who
"White House influence'' had been us?
to roer, e or Intim?dete Senator-? thci
eras nothing to deny.
Friends of the President emphati? all
assert that the charge by Senat?
Townsend is wholly without found.?
tton. Secretary Tumulty had nothin
to say on the subject, except that hut
dreda Of letters commending Pr?sider
Wilson on his stand on the lobby '.ues
tion had been received at the Whit
Republican members of the investi
?rating .ommlttce will not urge tha
President Wilson be summoned to tes
tify. They hold that it devolves ,,n Hi
Dem?crata, vvho are in a majority an?
?re conducting the Inquiry, to take t'l.
initiative and meet the allegations
Senator? (""timmins and Nelson are con?
tent to let their D?mocratie COHeagUei
handle the situation while they tool
?in with amusement.
Presiden! w;..-on is unde****tood to b*
"loaded" fur a session before the jri
vestlgatlng committee, and peraonalli
not at all unwilling to appear and I ell
what h< known. He has a maas if in?
forniation on the lobbv indugtrj wlii? ii
has been furnished to him sin? e the ?-i
\ estimation lir-gan. and it is not Unlikely
that it erlll eventually reach the com?
The list of witnesses for next sreok
was enlarged to-dav by the addition
?.f i*,. T?. Bowen, of Paris. Tex ?Circu?
lar letters slgn.'l by Howen as i hair
man Of the National Farmers' I'nion
Committee on the ?'reator Consumption
"f Cotton nrera furnlahed by Senators
Ranadell and K? rn. Th?*?e letters iirge-1
cotton farmers to "UN strong Ian
Wiadow VeartlM i'Uzi.? Veaetlas
Wilson's Outside Venetians
For Windows and Piazza.
A vetj srtlatle, preetl? .11 ?nd -. ,
combination of Blind nti?l Awnin? fir town
in! ronntry hoaaei ?jUti ? c n no*, clame to
? <lmlt ;l|r. \ ft ?XClUd? .?.;?! >?;??. provliln
msslmum lurnnur ??omfort tniiu?) ?nd Mr*
?vlceabl*. Pulli up out of KUfi t
Serti for "Vtatttea Pataleta? fl I '
Jas. ?. Wilson Mfg. Co.. I to I W. 29th St.,N. y.
A!?'? InsMc V? n?ttl ? - R?a ? ^ P ? ? ,
an?1 I'.oi'ing BtetA Shutter?, tl
guage" ?to their ?Senator! In favor ot
higher duth s on cotton < loth.
The forty-.-? venih annial ? ominen? ???
ni'-iif ??f the New York College of Dent?
Yi'v will be held in CsrOSgil Hall t?>
morrow ?evening at - o'clock, when m
>?ra<iuates will receive diplomas
N ?. r ? 11 a 11 B, Ream, the railroad dl*eet,,P
and flnan.-irr, of N". It* Seventh aven ;?.
it *,,- .??id last i.,i-;.t, \?as ?coavaUi r.?i
rspidiy. ami ?probably would be out in a
few days Mr Ream was taken ?suddenly
HI ?about ten .lays a??? and iind?trwent at,
operation three days later. Although 1*
in known he is In a ?hospital, the Identity
of the institution is a ?secret
''Everybody s Going to THE BIG STORE"'
Tomorrow, We Open the Second Week of Our Great
"City-and-Country" Sales
Even Bigger and Better Sales of Summer Goods Than Were
Offered During the First Week
to Seashore and Country Points
ia oer* e ... era th? meat Importanl ?points Is
??..*... , | 1? ns. and consider?
able new t?rrltorj Ii N'"-.' Brunswick, N. .'
Our Cut Flower Special
Beautiful Long-Stemmed
??* %\ 25 t?. $1 50 doi . our pri?
roe . i doi.
? MfUn PI
M \ I N
Our Greatest June Sale of
Used Pianos and Player-pianos
Will be Inaugurated Tomorrow Morning
Your best opportunity to buy a high-class instrument for a fraction of its real worth. Full
details of prices, terms, etc., printed in our special advertisement in today's World.
Every One Guaranteed?and We Challenge the Town to Match Our Values
Praci ill ill refrigerators we sell arc specially made
an unhesitai ?-.- tarantee them. These specially pi
tbl ice racl - thelvei and pip*?eai I
$': I.ift-Cover Style M mehr-, high; arhite enamel-lin SQ *Zi\
ber; i capacity about 60 lbs; al. A DU
$13 50 Apjrfmtn* House Style S2 inches
? *:i?*l lined pr.-v 1st Of
??it to lbs c,i *) rn
$16.25 Apartment Honn Style nrhlte en
, m ber 'i n? SIC
? .?;... ? sboul **?"? Ibi .,t **' 10
S18 81<le-Icor Style IS *
enamel-lined p o Isioi ?
1er**' " <v i *r
it 70 lbs.; et. * l*)
$30.50 Side I, -r Style 14 il - S tS
?nemel-ll ?i "j ~t\
ice ? spe? Itj ib mi - - l/.DU
Window Screens and Screen Doors
Adjustable Window Screens -?natural
be i ' ualih hla? i. wire
Bring exact measur? n i ni - s itti j ou, as we ?I" not ex
**< vvindo-M screens 01 screen doors or ?end them
i D
easy sliding; covered with
He it ht
Extending t?
s ? ?
Pi a
IT? (ht
I mlie.'?
Ivteprli't: tfl
? ? 17 . .
$1.3". to $1.75 Screen Doors - tyle, bul rvcrv ~-.-c 1- rep- j,
?- ? ? the thi ? ' on -?Ir. natural finish; 4-inch frames; 2 ..at?
mish covered -??th li!a? k wire cloth making .. ''e$1 1Q
inside or outride door: at. _?_V
Water Coolers
."-anir. with nrhite enamel lining.
2-eal . aa.80 i *al noo I]
1-gal ..... $3.35 * val . $6.**0 ||
Japanned oal on "lie oui lid g il
v.iiii.-. ? 1 ?ti 'ill, ,1 ??/alls
niel ei pi it,-,i fau< 11
" . $1.50 ?*. fal S3.C5
I-gal ... $1.85 ID-fal $4.35
>)___???s?Ef j
Woven Cotton Garden Hose exceptionally >tr,in*c. n*..ikin?r a **OOd, substan? J>??-*U
Hal high-pressure hose; outer covering ot woven cotton; inner hose $/l ?-_
of good quality rubber; 25 fI for $3; 50 ft. for... O
Also Special Sales of Paints, Varnishes. Oil and Gas Stoves, Ice Cream Freezers, etc.
_..?ii'.i'UMi. r l< i : !tn? \?ii" ' * ??-* ?
_L_f? __/? -L-?
J) (Embroidered
Doilies?Centerpieces?Tray Cloths?Scarfs k?Ta
Lowest Price?
Be^innine" tomorrow morning, a most unusual sale brought about by most un?
usual conditions. Instead of burdening you with the whys and wherefores of
this event, we will skip to that which interests you the most?the bargains.
"Dolllei Millies t?, "i,
i In? h ? i te; In whits
and ? olors.
Scarfs niii.le of <lamank. values to $1$
hi/.e 20x72; scalloped e?lKei?. each.
Dolllea values to ?$??;
'. in? ii sise. s hite and
Dolliee .lues to no.-.
it-Inch sise; white and
?"lorn. f r\
each IOC
DoiUee velues t?> lie;
1 ?? lu? h Hl.-.e; whits
and color.??. m r^
"Luncheon Set* |] pieces; ?callepsd e,l?e?. in ill
whlti si .i colorad eteee, consisting ?>f 24-lnc'n
centerpiece. '.? ?!"/ S-lncb dollies Htnl %-toa
10-lneh .lollies, nnlv about Sl"?i> ?els. $1 OC
values up to 14, a set. l.?_D
Centerpieces .?hies to
$i 26; 24-Inch - ?
scalloped ? lg< _*__
each. . *J*jC
Scarf? va I
10x3$; - slli
? .,-h.
DolUea values up to
i',iic. 1 2 - Inch - i
white only
Oval Sollies value to
ISc; aise t.\ i ??. at si
loped edRe,
. a? h.
Scarfs valu-* IM*:
?Ixe 20x t... .-? allopeJ
? l..
Oval Dollies value to
::."., fxi-lnch* seel
loped edgv.
Tray Clotlia slss
2',. H,all?,i?e,l
values t" ti SO oa
each. OiJC
Sear?e v a 1 ti e $-'.'?"
?xl .? 20x51 a.
se? h .
|1 15:
-.Main P*l,??r. MAIN H ill,lin?;
Please see our large advertisements in today's WORLD, AMERICAN and HERALD
for details of many other important sales for tomorrow.
Sixth Ave-mie
A City in Itself
10?to |0? Street*
Double *#*K^ Green Tradina Stamps Before 12 o'Clock?Single Stamps Thereafter

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