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^T'lAXm -V 24,328.
To-daj. fair. Tomorrow. pfWfcsM]
local thunder ?honrrv
* * *
1? I > f ^ If7 /\Vj; / 'PVT In ? lly of ?tv Vorlt.. Irruir City ?nd Honok?.
LY. 92 TO 54,
Governor's Primary Campaign
Won Him Only Nine Votes,
Five Being Previous
Open Insinuations During j
Rollcall - Cuvillier Terms
Executive "Judas of
Party*' ? Senate
Poll To-day.
Albarv. J .- 24 KtU I ? d<
am nta,
? i i tavern :
ins dil : Y ,,i!1 by a vot
m thoir hot
Of these
R publican, of
w? t??-. lion or
. ? J their
m the
; : imllton,
.. r ses?
tf-daj '
of Onec?a: P. .1 K?'ll'v, of
ind r<; ' ? locrata.
. .
ill tho
. for the
Pomt to Power Veto.
the ervi ? ? rder
the hydro
? ?. ? ? ? ?
lijhtin^ f which Samuel
B*-ar -
Cour-,: rj.i
the Tammany j
? : :.? r Bul?
: - the hydro-eioMri'' hill
: the promi?
.:ity legisla?
tes <. eardeley ?it the
ha? tin ;o >vill
In hia dil ?
: Tamman) m* o
I '
through i ? < no < lounty.
they de
* ernor'i ap
I - Prim? t 111 ??'!'
'??.""?::;.: M
? announced
the Oovei
id that
ort u In th< :- r ate to
enator Peckham
t the regu
? ?'?-night
(??linur.i ,,n fourth p;?K?*. fifth rnlumn.
This Morning's'Sews.
local. Pace
lng" Curran.. i
. l
msultina Hearst. ... 3
lull's ] Ina 5
shaft. Unhurt. 5
?4fi?r Put on Grill . ? inn. 6 ?
ror'a Ire. 6 '
. . . 6 :
?can 7
Ptatvi I
? II*-.. 16
With \\ !? U
? l'i-holdH .M. l:.-. no!.Is. 1
PKab Atiiri Deflei McRaynoldi , l
... Hill, ? to 54... 1
.... 8
ting Bulaer- 4
red. 4
Anti-Opium Bill. 4
? . foi Paii tei Organe.. ?
Inquiry? 7
|| BaquMi-3
Modernism at Vatii an. 3
n London.- ?
***' t( . 8
. 7
. 7
. S
. 9
"?.10 Hl.'i 11
'PMn* .14
I Market-._18, 13 and 14
*'-' EaUte.14
Four Animals Sweep Si
Clear?One is Drowned
Almer?a, Spain, June 24 Four
bulls broke looac to-day while
to the bullring.
oharpo,] furiously down the n,
?treeta, goring sll in their path,
man wax killed end many were in;
Throe o?r] mm were toi
Eventually throo of the hulls
- aught The fourth rushed Into tli
and waa drowned,
Glad That Stork Arrived at
Valet's Home.
.no i
? veland, June -4. Wearing a
pink eiik shirt, and smiling md
ing to greetings, John D Rockei
to-day arrlv< d for hla summ? r*a
? Mill, accompanied by
? r, h< r list? r, Miss
8] ? man. and a rrtinn?- of
H< hla tripa tl r<
awaiting the arrival of the
the hom< of hla valet, John H i
-Alr- happl
ovar " the babj
?? ? ? : .
' mobile Mi R
ted uii, H
a little more benl than when he
? : if |
A1 : i joined by
rd and , ther of 1 i f ? roi
Was Returning from First Vi
to Hoboken Since Shooting
Three Years Ago.
nor, i made I
'? loboken j eat< rday
- hot then
? .
n tun lum b<
< n the ?m ? i v aa on
! trol, whli h vas bound
? at the Battei ?
? wh.-n shl
The I
ti <>l k. < led over, I
. with ;i liK* <1? nt in I
fend? !
the party said I
? ginea of bot I
?? d prom pi I I ? Patrol wo
the botto
: : 11
I that 1 ? aptain of t
? ? COB -any, Was
rra.ilv to tl)? fed
? rs.
? n-n? In tl
w ith ' ner WaW
ppi '. ben the < m:
? ame i ' p ?
to th(-:i kr
, hlmaelf
n ?n in the party,
i ltd. u hen he r< turned to tl
? f the ln<
.nd'T <
to the boa I
? ued to Pi< r A.
Mary Mannering-WafUworth'
Auto Gets Her in Trouble.
? arrant wa
sworn ? ? ? for Mar Mai
vorth for a lolatlon of th<
mobile law. Thi
packing com] any. H< eg< 'hat tli
formel almos! n down hin
and his litt e soi her elec
tween a truck and a ati el
which they were aboul to board. Th<
torlsu l driva wjtnir
f a < ar.
Mr. i gnlzed Mr
th and later ? ailed hei
? orth, wh< ?? a lnf< rn ?
I ? i Mr. 1
wo iid ' ' mt
\\h< n Informed ' ha? the war?
rant had beei d and tl I
might be compelled to so to pnn<r
.in,? ?! ?. ?. hat !.<t hua
' lt."
_ >
Court Demanded Cash from
Julia French's Husband.
'?? Tta< Till
Boston. Juno 24.?"We don't take
? i?t of a :
"jack" Gersghty, husband of .' il i
told in court to-dajr, wh u
\?f off. i< >i a |10 check algned with his
wlfs'a nasa? in paymsnl of ? fln" for
ting tii" highway laws.
Oeraghty was summonsd into court
on ,: . . of allowing hla suti
bit? to remain unattended for more
than twenty minutes in Tsshlngton
? When Judge Bullivan Impo? d
, ,. rsghty offered ? < beck
for 110, signed "Julia Prench Osr?
.?? When told that cash was ?1?
waya Oeraghty assmed aur?
.. bul a court " ] tne
check and th< |8 Una araa paid
Baa i'i' go, ' aJ . Juna -' ? 'r'"' betrothal
of L'l I Irant, son of the !*'?? i
dent, and Mr* a. L Will?. "f Marshall?
town, Iowa, was announced to-day Th?
. aril] take place In >an ":.-c,
aboul the middle ol Julj Mrs w ill
thin old. while Mr. Granl haa
sixtieth ml lea tone
peemayhranla Railroad ae-ii """in te
Clilcaeo i^Hvr? Pennsylvania Station
13:04, HodMMi Terminal i- "" nn,,n to?
day, ani\w ''hlrago !:? '? ? P M "' '
roa Hall i say in New York, tiaif a
ASy in Chicago Through aleeplng (ar?
and OOSchae; all rteel.?Advt
Tammany Alderman, in Lette
Says Foye Was Indicted for
Perjury Because of Mis?
take in Identity.
Board Will Be Asked to Invest
gate Strange Silence Which
Almost Caused Policeman
To Be Sent to Prison
for Long Term.
Alderman John P. McCourt'i eilen
und? i' elr? umi tant ea whii b ?
' !.. tax nt ol | .,, ,,, .-,,, | . ,
v. ill !>?? Inquir? .1 Into ??!!'!? lall . it .1 t.
olutlon t<. be )?!? ?? .....
"f Ihe Board 1 : . on Tu? adi
? ! .-f I.I
fusion alderman >.-st. rda) when 1
1.. aril ti>.. story behind the dismiaaa] .
?.nt for ?. tins! Pi
?: Charles K. \
1 IH. nrj H ?'urra
nie poll? e h
? . "f lia\ 111K *|
? ?! him mi April I. 1012
lion t" ? . whl< it ?r?
to be 1 rougl ' .;. ;? .
sione. Hi ??
13, whi a Mr < 'un in proved I
, talk? ?! \ut
? lourta Bui
"Tip" in Anonymous Letter.
? moni
? ?
? 1 M :-. < ' irran r?
from ?m an. ?
t would be well t
Infoi m tl ?
. -
ni i- ret t 11 :
tima "f mil
the othei > ew
? I : ?
the :
? I ? ? ? ? ?
had bei
Curran's Proof Conclusive.
? ? 1 mn ?
Rubli h ?.it
. . 1 ...
? .? ? . ? ?
"Ni w York. Ma: IS. I0M
nt Dig
? ? ?
.- 1
lid III.it; I
<!? rmai
to on- the t A
4. 191?, In the Crimli Com
miRht !
Il .*
the more ] lhai h*- lid
"As I recall th< ti
me on?
? : h:m. a i OBI
be Alderman Cui 1 told him that
l< : man of thi dlstri? t
and thai he would like him lo
? ? loo hard "ti
? . - ? ploj . .1
???i m Bmlth'i
'Prevlou t.> April 4, 1012, Mr. <'on
n< rton waa arrested b) < <"?? ? ? Poye,
ng in m\ dlstl ' '
. ? till am the alder?
man. ' !onn? rton had Inform? .1 me
? ' ? ? ?? . and
.-.t-. r hat lng a d ei itlon a Ith Mr.
Connerton I cai to th?.
that he wea Innocent, 0 1 1 ;
Policeman Poye m the corridor, <\\
t,, be aur? \\' > '? Id? ti- ? he ha 1
rr*-< t.
Explains His Intention.
"I kn*-w Connerton for the lit twen?
ty yean as a person of good chara -
t.-r. and that 1 vas interacted m him
and was at the Criminal Courts Build?
ing "ti that daj in in.- behalf, and thai
I knew if i" waa convicted Innocently
it would be ??? h*rd hip on him in se?
curing end ki eplng ?? 1 01 Itlon m th ?
future t.p mai;, a Hi lng, a ta? t whii h
I wished t" avoid uni? aa the *??? 1 I?
convincing, and my obja? I In
:;...,kinK to Officer Poye was i" he
sure th.it be wai 1 Ighi before he t. li?
'In addition to t!,*> a: ? : in;
friends Inform ta.- 'hit there ta a close
:, ^. mblam 1 betwe? n Alderman ' ur
ron and myself, which leads me t?. be?
lieve that when Policeman Poy< stated
on th?- stand that Alderman Curran had
talked with him he was mistaken 1?
1,1 us?- of th-- doe? resemblance between
Idermen and m
"it is only lately 'hat i heve fell that
:,!? the poll? aman wai a \ a tim of
thi? mleapprehensJon because of th:
cloee resemblance of myaelf and the
?man, and i will ho pleased tohave
>ou make a thorough Investigation,
and if m I"ur Judgmenl there has been
;, mtstak? t a,|..1 win give pou?
1 Qjrs tla- l.*-n< tits of all th*> doubta
M i,, the mist.ik. n identity which he
i;:i,i peen laboring under. Tours very
tnliv. JOHN r. H'COURT."
Poy?, who wnj? on I-leutenant Beeft>
,.rs raiding equ*d when ho arrested
I onlinupfl on fourth pin*, third column. I
S. Osfjood Pell Rides to His
Home in Wheatly Hills in
New Aircraft.
Aviator Rises 1,100 Foot in
Flight Over City [gland?
Glenn Curtiss, the In?
ventor, a Spectator.
New 1 hroki r,
i oui i Loni ind
? ' ! I . . . 1 . ??
" retord tli iy. Mr.
1 ? . . the wl...
and th.
: ?
ra?l i ? ing Boa n
:? : ' ..::;,i Hub bj
1. A. \
On Moi
? ? for Governor at th? last eli Won,
.?il h ???.?? gh
t? ; ?.i i ? : of Mr.
t tl.nti '..lit.?
wat? h h?- in.'.', i . :? n th? nea ma?
? him ' e\ ?n ? < ntur< d to |
a trial lk:|> mir the -.-.
? I, Among them a aa Mil
Beating I? ol th?
opei a 'or, with iflated lift
itik j.o Itel ?trapped ?bout him, he i
ell ip t" th? pleaaanl ?-? n ai
of a iirst (light it \< aa 111> f m dur i?
tl"li toc hI 1' ! 1": Ml P?|| and w h- n
Vitas broughl the roa< hin? to p t m -.
p<.. .. ,.? 'i that be I a taken i" hla
< ountry homo at \\ beatley H
Long i land Bound, and Mr.
Vllaa < onaenti d
'i ha.a i "no- boon ? '.! -i I ul
wa; ' Mi ? Pell la ?aid to bav? told the
,i\ lator, ' bul I hla beau I hi m ail."
< in the return trip Vila? flew high,
und paxaed "?? ei i 'itj island at an altl?
tude of 1,100 feet n> for? res? hing Um
tore "tt ih*' i 'ounti I 'lub !.>? dipped i
graceful!] ??""! topped th?' ?rsvaa in i
iterlea o? neat splashss, rising ?-11 k i ? 11 >?
at the beach before i omlng to ? i
Another of Mr, Vllaa who
weni out ovai th? water with him yea
t? i da ? r as FTedei l< h F?. A. Peai aoi .
member of man New fork clubs,
Pearson has down with many of Bu?
rope'a most skilful air pilots, ana sat In
th? boal from which th? machins Is
di 11 en with the eai i of ? Hi ? nsi d, avia*
tor On thai trip Vilas soared several |
hund?? d feel sbov? tin; Bound
h. w.s preparing Is tak<- up other
friends, when ?ilcnn Curt?s, th.- i ri -
ventor of th? flying boat, appeared
II.. had niotortd up from Manhattan.
; nd brougbl Sfitti bin asvsral men who
were anxious U) tt-st Um nea <raft.
Th?- run was Betting whin ths last
lllghl had been mad.-, and nn ths rm
i ioy?a of the ',"1, ?asfsj placing ths ma?
chine In th? bangs* ? ?erlee or blast?
on an sutooT?btt? horn attracted their
attention toward the o?uhhnuse. A
ind la
?o Mi I'. ' casr?*i
. :
Fellow Workers Forced Com
pressed Air Down His Throat.
\ .; . .1 me 24 J
?I :n
here 1
?? ? .
? i h i braj
en, wer
it h.
Chinatown Character Left S200
to Which Brother Yields Claim
"Chuck" <
n Mas 1"
- . ? I .1 ? ;
M Look out lei
the Burro
n a ;. bt t t.. Pal rfc k < ;. * ?'Connor
which ?
\ . other, Phlll i
all i hum In favor of hi
Hutband Contends Tuberculosis
Justified His Desertion.
., and it la
?? thai i reai on such
as thai ? ?bow a La extn melj
Jusi Gerard a rote : he for? going
In a de li Ion an aiding IM) ? a
? . Mi Main.- Weinst? m m h? r
Mut f... lion fi .ni Louis Wein
who owi
i., i ground i"'" a ;eparatlon la that
her husband al and?n? d her nin?
montha after their marriage I
: ha had tuber ulosli W elnsteln ad?
mitted that this " for his
leaving Mrs. Weinstein, bul maintained
he had the right to da m> under the
r!r< llllKl.il .
Pennsylvania Bird Makes New
Record for "Homers."
?It-. :
J< mnette, Penn., June 24.?After
fort) eighl ?la's of wandering through
the bottesl part of the torrid and tern
perate z .nf-s Bunny Jim, a noted
racing pigeon belonging to Stephen
Krupe, of this city, "homed" from Rio
da Janeiro to-day.
This feat eetabllehea a re? ord In that
tio homing pigeon aver before homed"
from a point below the equator. On
one Continental and
American fenci?nts bava shipped hom
Ing pigeons to dlatsnt points In Afrii i
and South America, but no bird bora
tofora has h.-.-ii able to make its uav
through the equatorial roglona of ex?
treme heat. |
He Calls President Wilson's
Open Statement a "Ful?
some Certificate."
If Attorney General Can Favor
Some, Why Cannot He Also
Condemn Others,
He Asks.
8 ? - : :. L.
M \
? :: to the idm n and di -
olds both bj written utteranc? and
formal court a< lion to-d
' ? ? ghi Mi M ? ?? out a
formal atati
President d mv
cident is cl ?
eminent respectability of the
me i ut m ?
?? >if chara? tar to hla At
? i hangs the
facta ? General states
f ir ? ontli
the i m ga ? ? ? that
L ? di
of Mr Can net! the
father <t one of the defendants. Why,
then, did hs insist upon continu
igalnsl the defei
Dings, which had nothing to do with
the ? as>- of Caminetl I, a ho a as
ndlcted? Why was it w ?
for Mr. c imlnettl to be present
at the trial in?Ban Francisco, wben h
u . nut a witness, ami when his son
wa i represented '? i eminent
members of the Californie bar, one of
whom has aince been Indicted for eon?
icj to ?uborn perjui y in th? a im?
?'!':,? git fii for the i ontlnuan? e
of the trial of th? Western Fur! d??
fi nd o' i that the Attorns] Gen?
s ha h o? a sei n i and pi :
conference with these defendants and
their sttorne: . was fearful thai they
might be convicted and that possibly
ih. \ might i-- im.:.'
?if they will- Innocent they should
have Insisted upon being trted If th*?
Attorney Genersl can thus decbire m<-n
Innocent, in spit.- of overwhelming evi?
dence BUbmltted to two grand Jur;. -,
in- ,.ni sa easily declara men guilty
sgstnst whom there la no ?vldence.
Question of Influence,
"if the Attorney General I? to he eon
atituted i court for ?hf trial of facts
tho sooner th*? Constitution Is amended
the better. If rich and Influential de?
fendants, with powerful political influ?
ence, can gain ai i ess '" the ear of the
Attorney General and have their rase.?
throttled and fustic? boked 'hen U Is
Urns that ths American people should
know It
??The Attorney General had hefore
him my repeated warnings that po?
litical corruption ?ras at work; that
( onilnut-d on Bfi-ond pune, fourth rr.Jumn.
At the Same Time the President
Directs Immediate Prosecu?
tion of the "White
Slave" Trials.
Widely Known Pacific Coast
Lawyers To Be Engaged to
Push the Diggs-Cami
netti Matter to Quick
?Attorney General Lj.vs FuJl Facts
Before His Chief, Who Heartily
Indorses His Course, and Sec?
retary Wilson Tells Why
Delay Was Desired.
[From Th? Trlt.un* B>;
Washington, June 14.-^President Wil?
son accepted to-night the resignation
of John L, IfcNah, United States At
tornev for the Northern District of Cal?
ifornia, upheld the course of Attorney
Oeneral afcReynoIda and announced
that Imi pe would he taken
for the dlllgenl ; ?? of the
Digg ' ' unlnettl "white aleve" i
and the Western Fuel Company rase.
President Wilson and the Attorney
Oeneral will confer to-morrow un the
matter of aelecting ape? lal proaecntors
to preee the ???!*<?>. Three weil known
lawyers on the I ire under
consideration for appointment, and it
waa aeeerted that all three might be
named. They are Francis J. Heney.
afatth? ? J. Sullivan and Thomes B ? -
f San Mr. BuIUvan
?Ir. Heno-.- in the rr? tecutlon
of "Abe" Ruef and the s m Francisco
Board I Bu
Letten and re? ils in the Di?us
. the Western Fuel < '
panj rere cv.en out
h White I -night A full
. | 'he circumstances r,f the
POSt] ? the At?
torn- ' ;? eral and th" Secretary of
Labor ;s contained In the correappnd*
.-??:. t?ry Wilson explains that ha
. in the th-:
Of the Commissions '?.".oral
of ?i . a igra i -.. Mr. Camtnettt, father
|Sd white s'.a
? de?
part:.ont Attorn? M Rey
nolda aeta forth all the records in the
McReynolds's Course Approved.
The ; oaeiMfl I the
At! rno\ Oeneral, Who ordered the
ponemenl of (
? tary Wil?
son, etter from
? then bj his ? d>ordi
.,t the same time an-1
. inte that ? ?? no fur?
ther delay in bruising the cases to
The matter a*aa discussed at length
at the Cabinet I thla m< n
and a deflnltC .
Benaatlonal allegations o? Mi Nab
aas worked out. it was re "gnized.
that the adir.inist ration had been
placed In ?.:< embnjrraesing po-iti. n by
Mr. M? Sab'a : lent
Wilson dliect? i Mr etcReynolda and
w iison ' ?? i''l! ac?
ts of their pan in the two cassa,
President Wll a has no censure for
Mr. M< Res !??? as, and i u
? he approt "?? n under the
imatam ee. Neither is Be rotary
m criticised t"r his request for a
delay m the ]?: Of the DiggS
Camlnettl caae. The tenor of the cor?
respondence is that there has \<con a
raiaunderstandlng of the ein umetai
and that t'a-- adminlstrati? O is anxious
to make amenda
C lirman Clayton ol the Houae Com?
mittee on judiciary am . ? day
that the committee would h. hi a hear?
ing on Thursday on the Kahn r-soiu
tlon d< m indtng publicity uf the re. ords
,?f the Department ":' .Justice in the
gsn Prancleco "white aleve" cases end
the delayed action in the Western Fu*i
i ?. aspeni
Buch action by the Judiciary Cose
?,,;!,-. will .?institute an investigation
I of the executive branch ot the Dense i
cratlc government b) ? co-ordlnati
branch. Mr. Clayton denied rumor?
that oth*r Ho w. re opposed
to such an Investigation, or that .m
attempt had been mad,- to "pull off"
th.- committee from the proposed in?
Kahn Insists on Action.
Representative Kahn said to-day he
would app.-ar before the committee
and demand the production of the nies
of the Department of Justice II the
committee fails to Si t. Mr Kahn as?
serted, hi would call up his resolu?
tion In the House within six days, In
ac. ordani a with the rubs
The House tO <la\ referred to the
Rulen Committee the Rlnebaugh res?
olution directing en investigation of
the entire suhje t. It is not believed
the Kulcs Committee will act on this
resolution, as the Inquiry already
planned by the Judiciary Committee
will be sufficiently broad, and specific
instructions for an investigation are
roRarded as unnecessary. The adop?
tion of the Kahn resolutions calling

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