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y^?AMH \? 24,:,29,
l'or to-dnr. <IoiidT und wanner.
Tor tn-m?rr?>vv, vmrni. ?lili ?liower*.
m m ?"?llT/"1!'* sTtleTD ( 'L'YT InOtty of New Y?rk. Jersey rit 7 and Hobokee.
Union Pacific Head Names iM. Y.
Lawyer as Man Who Said
He Could Put Through
Dissolution Plan.
Others Approached, Witness
Declares, and False Reports
Circulated After "Con?
spiracy" to Force Laut
erbach's Employment
[Frr-m Thr Trlt*-.
. Waihingto**. June '2\?Judge Robert
S. Lovett, chairman of the executive.
board of the Union Pa?.ifu- and ?South- I
em Pacific railroads, told the l-?-nan
lobby ir.vc.-t'c-iting committee to-nLfhl j
the story <*f thr* alleged conaplrscy to i
induce him to employ a certain New
Tork iawycr to smootll the way in
?irsSBlturton for the spprovsl of the
dissolution ordered by th.? Supreme
Ed*??! . i.-i?terbach, of New York,
was mentioned by Judge Lo\ett is th*
liwyer who fouRht employment as
ojnttl In tl Isimlng to have
Influer, n t?. put thj
the di.*-* in. Mr Lsutsrbs? h.
said Judge Lovett, told Otto H. Kahn,
of the firm of Kuhn. Loe h & Co.. 1h.it
"the wheela wer? fresssd" for having
the rsettsr ?;;.i? os? d of.
A person purj-orting to be Ropre
UStative Riordan, of New York, called
up Jude>; Lovett end other ofldsla of
the railroad, it wsi Stated, urgir.?* the
employment of Lauterbaoh as < ounsel,
and representing the! If he. were em?
ployed the activities of the radical cle?
ment in Congress, which might put ob?
stacles In ll?t e :>' of th?* approval of
the dissolution plan, could' be turbed.
Mr Lovett. however, wsa csreful to
say that the names of other RsprssSTA
MHers ha vins; been used without
uuthority. he was of the bellsf that Mr.
Rlordan's name was used in the MUM
False Reports Circulated.
The "conspira'y t.. extort employ
Bent" having failed. Judge Iynett said
he believed that csrtsln false rep. rts
were circulated in the press to embar?
rass those who were neeking to bring
?bout the dissolution in accordance
with the Bupreme Court'a decree.
"I iir. decidedly of the belief,'' said
Judge Loeett "that the sole object of
the conspiracy was to force us to em?
ploy Mr Lauterbach."
Most of th" information which Judge I
Lovett gave the committee was. he ,
t*id. obtained from Otto H. Kahn and
oth-r- *> ?*r?* approached by the
fJleged conspirators. They will he sum
Boned. together with Mr. Leutorbech,
to testify when the committee resumes
it? investigation after July 4
"The dissolution decree against the
1'nir.n Pecjfl? uns handed down De
cemr.?r 2 of last year," said Jud?*:<
Lovett "Shortly afterward I was
called op i : ?;-.-. telepltons by psrsom
Purr4*.rtir.fr ? be ?"nngressmen. who, I
rd found out. were not. who
MSert-") that influence could be brou??*ht
toben.- In Washington to bring about
a sat If' iustment of the die?
f the proper counsel
were ?*?***: yed
said we would encounter diffi
coltles ir. Washington in carrying OUI
OW plan if we did not. What was
termed the radies] element in Congress
*ould put difficulties in our way.
"Som?*- time afterward." continued
Judge Lovett, "Otto, H. Kahn, of Kuhn,
Loeb A: Co., told me b? bed been ep?
pmacher] by Lauterbech and had been
told thai a movement was on fool in
waahir.gt?,n by whs! he (relied the rad?
ical element to obstruct ths dissolution
W>d make a specie! Inquiry into the
8n?nc|n** of the ''lunuru <fc Allot, and
CoBtinur?1 ?in fifth p??-', ?i??h ?*olutnn.
This Morning's. News.
Bar Report Accuses Cohslss. 1
?Hack;.-- Hurriedly Halls. 1
ferity for All In Mutter Will. 1
?anlihos Like Miss Arnold. 1
C0"">par Llttmen'e Chsrgee... 4
?IS Rapid Transit Slow, hut ?'oming 4
Rader ? jv,;,. , Alllea in I ?anser. 4
? ampiele t.. Merer. 4
'.' Alliance Would .loin fusion 6
'??ah ,\?r VacStiona tO Start Soon.... 7
Court to Reopen Fltshuffe Ceee.10
*" ? 'V?fk for Klaeless Bride.10
*Wnt "Oteb" In Marginal Road.11
Wucatior, Board ''-.iied Cowsrdly ? l*
g* Roche!la Honors Leisler.1?
"?eprorif Negro |)9rc.IS
J-'reck Engin? "Perfect." Say atsperte.M,
???dy-ird Telia of T ?' & I Deal.16
?**???'*tt N'ames Lauterbarh. 1
??delators to Try Cohelen ?ase. 9
*?n?*> Kill? Bulser Mills. 38 to 10.... 3
8uli?r Not Averse to ( 'omjiromlse . .. . 3
Wberty Bel) t0 ?;,, ,? panama Fair... 4
????Tair, Doath List May Exceed Id... 4
*Vnoth?r Out in McNeb <'ase. ?
J-'llaon Yields on Currency Bill. ?
'Uatio* Howard Ii-nounr? Idle Rieh. B
Caucus Adopts Ptaa Supar and Wool.. 6
?rht KllM In C. P. R Wreck. 1
watlon of V I Embsssjr in London 7
?Mltorltti . S
fcclety . . 7
Obituary . 7
-H-ort? ..g and 9
*???? for Women.10
??*?? and Navy.11
?ati.?r _ .11
Jn*nriHi and Market?.... 18, 13 and 14
"??I I -state .14 and 15
Declares He Hasn't Spoken
Riordan in Ten Years.
Pdxvard Lauterbach denied at 1
home last night that he had spoken
Representative i{i?T?i.in
"I know Mr. Riordan very sucht
and have never s? ? n or spoken to h
in ten reara,'' said Mr. Lauterbach.
nexer spoke to Judge Lev. it on !
BUbJecl of Union Pacific. The or
pors?.ns I bave talked to about it Wf
?tto H. Kahn, of Kuhn, Loeb i C
and Paul L). Ctavath, the latter havl
railed mo up about s fortnight a
saying soin? one had suggested thai
be retained.
"I did confer with Mr Kahn about
While talking to him on ?-tirer busin?
about txx?. weeks ag". I '
minded him <>f th.- fact that I h:
ralaed the ?.am.' pointa as t.? the lllegi
lly cf the ownership ..f the ?South?
i" a? Ifl? stock by the Union Pa? Iflc cot
pany some seven .?r eight r .-nr:; sa
when I begen s litigation on behalf
the ownera of 310.0UO shares of Bout!
orn Pacific stock xvh.> objected t.. ti
ownership by tin- Union Pacific Ral
road of the controlling st... k of tl
south? rn Pacific, and had applied f?.t
? ? ? ..trip, llipix tht-m to d? clan dit
' Th?- .-ontontion of Illegality was s'il
fequentiv sustained by tie Unltt
States Suprime ? -..irrt
"My firm xv.is .1!.-.. attorney f??r t!
government at the time r,f th.- reo*
ganlaatlon of th?' Union Pacific Ral
road, so the firm ha I I imlliarll
1 with the subject and discussed it n
cently with Mr Knhn."
Belgrade Dispatch Says Enem
"Broke and Fled."
Pe't-r .'!? June 25. The Pule ?r- 11
haxe been defeated at /.;.t.,-... An ..til
cial report 1 thai the Servians wen
? ' ti..11 only when heav) f- : ?
Bulan li ?
Aft? i- ,1. apt rati fighting I
panai. ? nd i',<.;. leaving b. hin
many dead and wounded and abandon
the positions they ha
in s- rvlan territory.
Th.- Pillear?an itt.i. k on lh< .
has created a dangerous state ot ex
cltement _here. The newspapei
lish special editions declaring in lar?
typ? War has begun." Th?' st: ? I
caf?s are filled xv-ith excited crowds
A ordlng to advlcea, twelve thoti
sand Bulgarian troops, with tix-r bun
dred bomb throwers, attacked the Ber
xian positions at Zletove ?Eventual!;
rvlana chargi d vv?th fix.
I si .ncr t!ie line, snd the Bui
garlans hurriedly retreated, Tl
blned l' sees exceeded ii\?- hundred met!
London, June > The Bl Petersburi
m i-.nderit of "The Times" learns th?
In th" event of ?a*- Rumania ?in tak.
the field in support of Bulgai In
\x'heth?--r t i outbreak
struct the projected Rasalan arWtratloi
h-. strengthening the war part" in Servi.
wiii t.e urn srhen Premier Pachlch, arltl
his reconstructed ministry, meel
Bkupshtlns m ? xtraord nary 1
The rumor gained eiirrenev in Helara.1<
to-day the! the Pachlch Cabinet ha?
Benin r< BOl confirmed
an?) it !s quite posslbli thai th? r?
the kTaetovo battle, of which no ?
been received from the Bulgarian
may be greetly exaggerated
Winthrope Goes Back to Leary
After 3 Months of a Final 'E.'
Daniel Bell Winthrope chenged his
name In the Supreme o>urt yesterday
for the second tim? within three
month?. Justice (.legen? h pave him
p<-rtTiiHsw.rr yesterday t?. resume the
niimt? of iianiei Ball Leary, which <"g
nomen he owned before bs bacante
Winthrope. He adopted Winthrope to
please hi? mother, and noxx- be baa gone
1 ack to the name <.f his father to please
)he latter and to pave him "pain and
humiliation,'' an he said in his petition
Lenry, as h?- Is again, la an Inatructor
..f inathematlcs an?! Bngllah. He Is
?married and Uvas at No. !?*'. Morning?
sid" Drive. '
Private Life of Bivalve To Be
Trenton, N. J . June IC?. -The new
Jersey oyster is to be plated under ob?
servation- not as the result of any-sus?
picion of Its mental statut?, but to ob?
tain information about the condltltms
?if water, atmosphere and bottom which
control its growth.
The first oyt?ter observation station in
this country Is to be established in this
state. Arrangements for it have been
?ompleted by Pr"f?-ss?.r Julius Nelson,
biolog?a! '.f the State At<ricultural Sta?
tion, and Charles H ?Bacon, of the Bu?
reau Of Shell Kisheri's
The station is to be in Bcullville. on
the v.anks <.f Great Kgg Harbor Ray,
in Atlantic County.
Hysterical Child, Ducked by
Mother, Dies.
Atlantic ?City, J'inf- -?"' - F'',r "f ',1'
arates brmught death to-day to two?
: ear-old Isaa? Praunstein, whose home
was at No. 2828 Boardwalk.
Isaac'? mother started t?. take him in
bathing with her in the shallow water
near the shore He became terrified at
the wave? and became hysterical.
HI? mother thought to revive him by
ducking him under a wave, but th?
?hock wan too much ?for him and he
failed to (?lin?* to.
His mother carried the child to the
beach, but h<- died In a ?fSW moments.
Altiui-iuerfiue, N. M . .Inn?- II ?Walter
\v ?Burrtdge, of Brooklyn, an artist, was
found dead In bed in a notel here ves
terday. He had come from Grand Canyon,
where he had been palntln*" pictures for
two months Death la attributed to
heart disease.
Three Children Reported on Im?
perator with Father?Wife
Says Che Doesn't Believe
They Are Gone.
Arrangements for Trip Made in
Secret?Mrs. Mackay Refers
Inquirer? to Her Lawyer?
Mystery in Her Visit to
Husband's Home.
Clarence H. Mackay, ; i 'the
Postal Telegraph-Cable Company, ind
many other corporations, s,ii?-d hur?
riedly yesterday for Europe on board
the Imperator He drove from hla
home at Spring Lake, N .! , In a fast
mobile an?i was accompanied, it Is
said, by bis thrc. children. J??hn Will?
lam Macka
? trine Duer Mackay. thirteen, and
Ellin i 'u? r Mackay. A maid
i--"- ? i :?? . also a ? re In the part;,
Mr. Mackay'a depertun i .thed
with secrecj of rooma eras
i.'.i for him, n was reported, and
by s ii i m* othi r than M ickay.
His name did n<>t appear on ft!'
sender list, and it was no! ?
known until the Imperator was p?
??ut through the Narrows t'uit he had
sailed j
There srere more than 3,0011 pen
r to - he nee v ? ?sel poinj
? ig ? on bei 11 .w :?. ? ini Ham?
btirit Man) "t the visitors erere
tered ab? n th? : ?? amshl] al II a m .
I hour and she was held until |
? ? the ;
':. m .
Thirty mm. I
gangplank v. uj hauled ashore Ivx..
young women, -? d, wen!
int.. th?- oflli a of Mr Boeder, thi
tei . f the Hamburg-Ami i
Line, to s? ? .. bout some i. lat?
Both womi n refused i
li?mes. 1 a told th?-ir luggi ???
. "uid not be taken aboard until I
Dm .i nana
Told to Say Nothing.
'It is all rlg'it. " ? ?
x? ..men "Wi v th a
party as - ? w.
have l?een told , ' noth?
ing about It to an rges
<>r the (xtra trunks ?rill . ? ,
by <>ur employer "
Finding the women obdurate, the i
whelmed with work, ordered
Kg to bo pul ? kept >.n
ntil < all'd for The ,-....
th?- in.iid and |
0T tac?; ?,n it, and f??r thai
not pul aboard until th? owners In?
quired about ?t it. arotneti called a
Sid an.] order?-.! th) trunks to !???
taken t>. <.n<- of the big sultei
? .n B de? k. ?.n the por! Bid?
Although '!?? Raml irg A ? i
Lin? ks an?! pa aengi r lists si
no record of Mr. Mackay'a booklni
was Bald aboul thirty persona
al oard thi ? ? ??t tii?- las! minuta
and trust. ?1 f?> luca to gel Btatei
when the slilp had put to s' ?? The
[mperatoi nodetions were not
all taken, however, and Mr Mackay
could eaall* have obtained roon - :r"in
the purser, If be had not booked la ad?
It was learned last night that the
head of the postal Telegraph-Cable
Company had no intention of sailing >.n
the Imperator until late Tuesday niKht.
Prevent Serving of Paper?.
Tw-.. detectives, 11 s said, sccompe?
nled th<- iiriat,'-i?r i ('"uni the st< in
m an effort t.. pre*, i a! the m i ? Ini oi
papers upon him Whether thej ac?
companled bun from his home or were
merely two of the ''i. "i twelve dete?
tivcs employed by the line to a
fur pickpocket? could BOl be 1? ,irn, ?'.
when reportera callad al lbs office
of Mr, Ma.kay yesterday they were
told by the doorkeeper that Mr
Mackay was no! In. He would i ..
nothing abOUl the European trip.
At Harbor Hill, the Macka) aummer
home, In Roelyn, ?Long Island, where
Mrs. Mackay ha been staying, s note
was 8?nt up t?, Mrs. Ma.kay Baking if
she bad instructed her law vers to serx -
any legal papers on Mr. Mackay yester?
day, and if she knew Lxaforehand of her
husband's sudden trip t>. ?Europe with
the ? blldren.
Mrs Mackaj sen! down s note in
reply, in which she ?lenlert having tako?i
any legal action against her husband.
She referred persons interested in her
affairs t?. Henry W. Taft, "f No. 40
Wall street, her attorney. She added
sho would not see the reporters, be?
cause she bad nothitiK to talk about.
Qoaalp ?n Roslvn last niKht was rife
over th?- probabilities of a ?Hxorce ac?
tion by Mrs Ma.kay and the departure
Of Mr Mackay and the children for
Europe. Bores persons professed ??
have known for several weeks that Mr.
Mackay contemplated the trip. Other
neighbors expressed entire surprise
over the turn of affairs.
"Csn't Believe It," She Say?.
When Harbor Hill was called on the
telephone yesterday Mrs. Mackay was
SO taken by surprise hy the report of
the sailing of ber hushr.nd and chil?
dren ?he COUld not answer for a mo?
ment. Then she said, h?r voice Indi?
cating her emotion
' Why, are you sure about that? I
can't believe it?Im astonished. I
don't want to enter into a controversy
Continued on third pa?-*, fl'th relama.
Mr. Mackay and hi- two little ?laughters and ?on are rciK.rt.cd to have sailed ?on the Imperator yesterday.
Karl Huttcr. Inventor. Who Shot
Himself. Left $147,000 to
Faithful Employes.
Sister Gets Property in Ger?
many and Children of Dead
Stepbrother Also Re?
ceive Large Sums.
Th- Sill of
Kerl Hutl ? indl
ite thet the teetel | ?if.?
?m m
l'.ng etendlnf el? h hi f-i
ii <? 1*. ?11 i*. ;x ipertmsi ? ? '
110 ?f rtf him?
embodied m " ? .-.
Mr. H utter
i ??
H ,0m. -.4
? ?? .-? itione,
? profltehle of ? bit h tese I
? poi
'i' .-;..... sad In
his will ted $1 ?7.:"???? smons
the ? t , ? estsl lieh?
H:.*? . bsrltsl
* - .utnglit aii'l
th?- *?????- ill tx ,.--.? la to i. -
Mr H itter erea 111 f.-r ? long time
. t. ? : ? ? : , ? ; ?
rommltted aulcide he *????*- :n a good
humor, a n?l eugg? ted to his i
?!? tnkf ;i tSSlh m Centre! F'ark.
when the D use returned to the epsrt
mf-nt ehe found h? i i h arg* in the hsth?
f'ib ?lead with a h?llet hole In his ;*?
He had t.:k?-n the ??: to [111 the i
tub with wnt.-r M the) ' ?? SrOUld die hv |
dr'.wnin** In eeee the bullet felled to I
perry oui I | ?
The public l.?-.| i?si5 in the will are
(termes Ho pite! end D peneery, one?
rjusrtei of reeldue; Cooper i'ni?*n. one?
qusrter "f reel i ; German-Amerlcen
| . ? .?> . <;<-rmen
Hoepltel, Brooklyn, lin.onO; "Marien
H'im." Brooklyn, i?'_'".,?,?<?. Qermen
i 'lit-, .*."..?*??>. .in.i the i lemelnde Wall -
The erorkmen employed by Mr. Hut?
tel '.?.tri receive the Isrejest beojusiti
aro Herman M I-:. Jsntier, .*.".."..? ?on.
Ernsst Krufger. 185,000 Krank C.
Beuermenn, $21,000 end Waiter Qerts,
15,000. Th?-- teetetor provided thel in
?if th?-*-?- boqu?ete ehsll Ispse, if the
benefician "."hall n>?t faithfully Bad
dlllgentlj devote bli time end esn
t>. the Interest >.f th. sa:.i buelneei un?
til ism? shall be liquMstsd."
A fund ?if 18,000 || to be distributed
(im'.riK pmpin.'.'fs ti??t slreedy mentioned
erho w?.rk in the Hutter fectory in La?
feyette itrsst on a specific ? ?k.-, whii.?
**_',?'?'?) more le t.. be dletrlbuted among,
other atnployt h.
Mi. Huttsr lesees 110,000 for dis?
tributlon smong employe*. <.t the Pros?
?if-rt llrewing Company, Of Phila?
delphie, whu bsve been employed th?*r?*
frir ?.n<> yeut prior to bli desth, erlth
the exception Of two emolo?, ?*?, to whom
li<* gives an option un ble interest in
the brewery,
To his nistiT. Mr?. Sophia Nink. the
testator gives all his property in ?,er
manv. ex? ?*pt certain mon.'* s owing to
him by Oscsr Hsubach, end nlso flOO.?
000 of his estate in this country. The
children of Mrs. Nink rr-; five one-half
r.f the reeldue and fl00,000.
Four ? hildren of a ?lead step-t.rother
divide 1180^000. Two step-nieces re
reive 9&6O0 each and an aunt $SwfMMk
Jacob Nink. brother-in-law, rSCStvSI
f-*2ft,000, and each of the two executors
.?.'?..?HXi besides their lawful ?ommls
e -
?\><- train t.. Ciaclanatl, i5' Lfoule, < ihicsso
and i???trolt Lesve Penn'a Station in 0|
a in . Hudson Terminal in a: in. Sl?*epln(
rara, parlor car and coaches. Penn a R. K.
_ A<\\ t.
Spreading Rails Believed To B(
Cause of Wreck of 8-Car
Winnipeg Express.
Ottaera, June cr, Two cara crowde
xvith Immigrants on their wav t,, th?
' ' >pp!e I Into tl.?- ? 'ttaw;i Rival
to-day when the Winnipeg Express a
the Canadian Pacific Ratlwa* srai
wrecked, owmg. It |g believe.!, t?
spreading mils Eight persons aren
killed and more than fifty injured
? ? dead hav e b> eu identified
as follows
XII l.'.K.S'NA. r?trl, k turn'-. Sv? ?
. Iirl-in1. paarrnicr te XX it.nu ? r
M?'< .T ?IIm Job?, twrlv? ?Tkn'v.
'.,n!. las'-n??-! to ??l?arv.
Ill '.?; j-jhn. thirtv. of cetmtj i'-rr> Ireland;
i .??.- . - .-no
m n i : a i. x xir? lane, fortj "f
.-..1 paaaenger ;o KdmontOS.
I'K.x? i:. John. twenty ?>n-, of ?Ha??.?* mmg.
??- ro K.lmnnti.n
Man) of the injured are in hOSplUtll
tO-nlght At least txvo of then ITS
sap? ' l? .1 to ?lie.
A large number of lbs passengers
were from the British lalse. They h id
landed recently and were for th.* most
part ?>n their way to settle in agricult?
ural dlatricta, The i olonlata o
? ? of eight passenger .ars ?.f th*
train. Two "f thi se aere the ones
that pluug'd into the river, eisht feet
deep at this point, and from them ...11
tin- d< ad tvara taken.
?Several of the dead showed n?? trace
of Injury, and evidently had been
drowned Two other utrs were thrown
over ?m tin- land side of ihe srnbank*
men! The train was going about
twenty-five miles an hour.
Believed To Be First in State
of Maryland.
Baltimore, June L'.?.-What is be?
lieved to be the first "eugenic wedding"
in Maryland took place in 0M fit
Paul's Protestant Episcopal i'hurih
here this evening, wh.*n Miss Mary
Buchanan Albert was married to Len?
nox BlTCkhaad. The contracting par?
ties belonir tO two of the most pniml
nent families In the ?t?te.
The guest? at the reception held at
the home of Mrs. Eugens Da Bullet,
the bride's aunt. x\ere informed that
the bride and bridegroom hud kp ?n
certificates of good health received
from their physicians to the Rev. Im-,
Hugh Rirckhead, who performed the
Automobile outings not complete with?
Pretty Daughter of John Mc?
Carthy Strangely Gone Two
Days, Leaving No Trace.
A .as?* Which re?, ailed th?* dtOSPpSST?
SIV >? "i Dorothy Arnold I fse years
ago, vas reported to the police last
: I when John H McCarthy, of
the Hotel Hargravs. No. iu Want T:d
stnet. SSked that an alarm be sent out
f?.r ble aleteen ?yesr-old daughter.
Helen, ?!??. h<* --..?ii? 1. had been mleol'lg
t?>.? deye. Although ?i rigid essrelt bee
been csrrled on bj privets detectlvee,
slmoei from th? hour the firi'e absence
?:i*; noted, no clew has developed be?
\ .1 the fsd thai ehe srae Issl seen
in ti ? neighborhood "f her h-.m?- be
? end 10 o'clock Tussdaj morn?
when ehe wae on an errand to a
neighboring store for her mother.
Mr. McCarthy ii ? nswapspsr broker
?nd formsrly wse the proprtstor of
'?The Pr?tei-Knlckerbo?iksr? Exprees" in
Mbsny, Mrs McCsi"thy le e sister of
the tete Blehop Frederick Booker, for
man.? > car*- connected with th<? ?Papal
I.?-g.iti..ii lu Washington.
abetal I e'etoefc Tuesdsy morning
Ifre MCCeithy s>nt her daughter tu ?
In Columbus avenu?-, near YYc-t
T-M street. Helen was expected to re?
turn directly to her home, as the h.ad
to go to a i rlvste w heoL She did not
return. After a long ?'ait. Mrs. McCar?
thy r...titic.i h?*r huebend
A search felled to disclose any facts
of the girl's whereabouts. Private
agencies were called upon, and a starch
uf hospitals and institutions was emu
pleted, without ouccooa
Tin* CSSe was reportSd to the police
yeSterdey and an alarm sent out. Mrs,
McCarthy, almost prostrated aa a re?
sult of her two days' worry and a long,
sleepless night, bust night said
"Helen had very few friends, and we
knew them all. I feel sure the child
has been lured away, perhops by an
older person, or else she was kid?
napp- '1 "
Th? description of the little girl, fur?
nished by her mother, shows her to be
live feet four inches in height, weigh?
ing about 12?) pounds, with the appear?
ance ?if a girl of fourteen, w ith her hair
worn down her back in two braids.
\Vti>-n she set out for the atore she were
a pink dress, with a black velvet belt,
and a blue straw hat, and black shots
and rtockings.
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Grievance Committee's Report
| Contributes Much Corrobora?
tive Evidence in Support
of Connolly Charges.
Cruikshank Testified He De?
stroyed All Papers Bearing
on Case at Request of
Supreme Court
Association Plans to Retain One
of Its Prominent Members to
Represent It Before Legisla?
tive Tribunal Chosen to
Investigate Matter.
On Governor Sulzer's recommen?
dation, the Legislature ordered yes?
terday that the ch.irnes against
Justice ?Daniel F. Cohalan. of the
Supreme Court, be investigated.
The Joint Judiciary committees
of th? Senate and A??eftxbly will
begin taking testimony June 30. and
when all evidence has been intro?
duced will submit their findings to
th? Legislatur? for it to determine
if impeachment is warranted.
The report of the Grievance Com?
mittee of the Bar Association inti?
mates that most, if not all, the
charge? of John A. Connolly were
corroborated. Forty-two specific ac?
cusations are presented.
The report was transmitted to the
Governor yesterday, and the action
of the Legislature promptly fol?
The report of the grievamc com?
mittee of the Par Association on )ts
investigation of the charges made
against Justice Daniel F Cohalan, of
the Supreme Court, by John .V Con?
nolly, which was given out last night
upon the return of Einar Chrystie. sec?
retary of the grievan. e committee,
iron Albany, where it had been eub
mltted to Governor Sulzer and pre?
sented to the Legislature by him. Is in
Bubetanco a streng ladictnteat earning!
the Juetlce, left for him to disprove
be/org a legislative tribunal, if he can.
The report constata of about five
thousand words, including forty-two
Bpectflc counts, based on the testimony
and documentary evidence taken by
the < oinniiU'.-c The cunts BumnariSS
the findings of the committee from t'.ie
evidence. The committee svtdantly
reaches the COACluston that sullicient
oorroburauve evidence was adduced to
support all ,?f Connolly's charges.
Furthermore, the report specifically
states that the statement issued by
tics Cohalan in ?lenial of the
charges, which he gave to the news
papers, xvas "misleading and untrue."
The committee brings two damaging
points to light in the case against
x'oha?4ir.. which had not been general'::?'
known heretofore. Referring to the
charge that ?dhalan entered into an
agreement, with the Victor Hiating
Company, Connolly's concern, by which
lie received 13.010, representing 55 per
cent of the Del profits of the company
on tit> contracts, obtained through Co
halan'a political Influence, prior to his
going on th?- bench, the report states
that ?.'.'halan insisted upon all the evi
den? ?? of the transaction being de
stroved before he paid buck the money,
xxhich he did in the face of a threat?
ened suit by the company later on.
Cruikshank Destroyed Evidence.
A. . ording t" th- reiKirt, Albert H.
Cruikshank, of No. 27 Cedar street,
xxh?. was Connolly's lawyer at the time
Cohalan paid back the f.'l,!V4<?, testified
before the committee that !.e did .e
stroy what he believed to be all the
ex idenee of that transaction at the re?
quest of Justue Cohalan.
The committee also finds that the
ex tdence presented before it shows that
Cohalan did promise t'onnolly that he
would give him (Connolly) his aid and
sasSstaaos m obtelning for him a po?
litical position in consideration of the
?4.IN8I note which Connolly gave Co?
halan in April. 11)11, and which Justice
Cohalan returned last month following
another threatened suit by Connolly.
Justice Cohalan emphatically denied
any promise ran vK lth the note in the
statement he issued after the Connolly
charges had been taken up by the Bar
Association. He contended that 'he
$4,1)00 note covered the fsXOt? of "legal
fees" which he had returned to Con?
The committee points out specific In?
stances where it assumes the evidence
shows that Mr. Cohalan used his politi
>nl influence with the Borough Presi?
dent of Manhattan and the Depart?
ment of Water Supply, ?as and Elec?
tricity to obtain cltv con'racts for the
Victor Heating Company, and in so
doing was ab'.e to have certain con?
tracts taken away from oiher reputable
concerns which had been accustomed
to do the work.
In one count the committee states
that Cohalan had been active In the

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