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Sulzer's Board Hears Charges
Made by Former National
Witness Declares Colonel Earth
man Told Him Officers Would
Refuse to Associate
with a Jew.
Uttman, of S Dehsib
i --.;. ant in
N - v.
v ' ed ' e
oerd of inquiry
ft? rnoon in
i ity Heli thel he wsi not pro
t?. higbei
. . Rarthman would not
call an election when the colonel kn<w
:> csndldste for
. i.-e h? wee a j- ?
ird l met th. -aid
Littman. "and he eeld the In
red, that l rxnild not be elect.-d and
that tin* ? he left oren as
long as i waa ;-. cendM
Uttman was the only witn?
? tenant Colonel
nan Bendell presided at the h. i -
itsnt G
Commander i,. M
v rutensnl
r, ?ommis
at of the National Qusrd.
we:- : member?, of the board of
i . of Mi*?- Mm?
mous, l.r ! the history of h:s
nOCtlon ?With the guard. First he he
l'.nged t<> Compeny F, tth Regiment, in
Near York ?it*. Lit becsuee of his te
morsl to Brooklyn he obtained a die
Charge and Joined Company B, 4Ttli
"I ioined at the invitation of CsptSin
told me that th?
method I took was the
.nd the red tape." said Mr Littman
"I Wi
compati}, whi.h had declined, ai
thei i
et cr?s, i wea edvenced until l held the
ant when .
d. i bed w hich
osuld . ? led."
i a vacancy In the of.
five the wltneea I
he was the only man mentioned for th?
place, and thel tOld by Captait
Tlffnny. then captain of th-- company, that
h< would - . Barthman in his he
"r-.pt.i:n TilYeny wea one of the reerutts*
I had obtained," eeld the wltneea "TI i
nth?*.- ha i -{one up to commieoloned of?
Ices bul Captain Tiffany was
?- f.-r in. When ted th'
racascy to Colonel Barthman the lain?.
asked it I was a Jew. and when Captain
Ttffanj ieid i wae the colonel -mid h?
? Ion."
olonel Barthmen told
been highly recommended
th? pOeltion. However, if I permit
? of \o-:r re 6 it
th? ii of
..ilute yon,
but I could not make them aoeOClOte With
tton would be nntensble t..
thet I w?.,ild have to ask ?
:r,. '
"At no time did any one raise th?
"f your military record for any other
on ex-ept that you were a Jew?" the
to whi'-h he enawered
-Sr ?
? Colon?! Bendell aeked th?
ade hy the
rommanding ofnrer when you r?
I theie?"
'No." wa* ? tneee'l answer.
on th?n eubmltted e doc .
j il II of the mem!-.
Llttmur'.- ? itating 1 t even h;;d
.-;n ?lection taken ?
.-. vnip.i f... | repudiatii -
? ?n dlacrim
.'.t- inet i - eue? of hie i ? :th.
? in?, member of tt*,r company, Corporal
statement sa\ ing
? h*- would item voted for Uttmai
?g. he 1 ated.
Stockholders to Meet Road's
Committee To-morrow.
Bod ? i a in important confer?
the affairs of the New York.
m Haven m Hartford Railroad
p Voik Ft ida?. aft*-i
r.c ?
The . IPn* by
t.-.- N? ?? Haven stockholders' commiu. <-.
of "
man. .?ml will be between tive membere
of that commit'te and >? committee from
f?ew deven Rs?rosd . ;.ent.
T..-morrow morning the egecutlve com?
mittee of the New Mavn Railroad Will
appoint l ? immittee which le to
repreeent It ,&aeocieted uith Mr. Meyer
Chert? \ Bton? B .-? ne V. u.
Thayer. i Kli Whltnc of New
from Rh'-de
I for the stockhoHeis' commit
,\ir Meyer to-dsj asid that it would
go to Net? V"ik t and infor?
mation from the r?.a.l without being for
or against ?
i. commltti -1. "1 belter? t..
and I want
? a> that the report thet
tamed the proxies of the Morgen int?
and the PennoylvSl ??<! interests
IB th? N?w HSV? ii. and that we era |
u. ,., ? Mellen is ab.-olutely
untrue. The Morgan and l'enns-lvania
lni. friendly to our com?
? ?
? ?.now that the] I
Stover Fails to Get Rid of
Dreamland Relic.
raik Ceenmleeionei Btsvsr la sf the
opinion tnat a tumbledown pier on ones
hands is much.llhe the hisTom elephant
Through tn? medium of the ?**'mking
Fund ?'ommission >esterday he tried to
have the remnant? of the old pier at
Dreamland turned over to the 1 >ock De?
ii,,.k ComenlM oner smith nld he mw
no reeeoa why Commleeloner Hto.er
nhould not'remose It. a? In the raise of
all the other rubbish left by the tire sev?
eral years .-?g?? He had no use for the
pier "?nd did not want to eat Into hi?
budget b) bung obliged tO t'ino\e the
In? umbra?.
park. The old Dreamland property has
leen puichaeed by the city tor a public
m m de
Seventeen Now Dead, Eighteen
Missing and Twenty Dying
in Hospitals.
Intense Heat Makes Search Im
possible?Starch and Flour
Dust Declared Deadly
as Dynamite.
Juna 8.?With sevent? n
knov. n to ? Ighteen li?
re |n hospital? for wlm?. -,
no hopv la entertained, the ultimate mtal
of th? if the fir?
that wreck? d th? s plai f the H ? I
Milllag end Uni
rceed fifty.
.\ - ? n to hos:
auccumbed t>. th? lr Injun?
Th.' poll?.. working a III ? -ifli
ciels m checking up the list of em]
reduced their astlinats of twi
missing t - ere In
the mill at the t nd i
the police feel eertaia th.. I ihed.
!'u> ? -tin ?pouring tons of "
on the smouldering ruin-, and it ?a
lii'vcd the) win have sufficient!]
off by morning to permit a
:i. A wrecking company has
ateel and concrete whan la piled .
\> ? t high and beneath wh
Of the ?net | tO
Ta ?
vattd portion, but the intense heat from
the debris makes It Impossible to n
Tbs f lies Dei artment to
tuted an investigation int.-, the
and will report Its ludlagi to the
trict Attornej, Ma rora h it ??
been queatloned and their atal?ntente atu
abmltted t-. the I itor.
Washington. Juna ?? ?"?ho time ha?
acerr ine m mills ;in-i ?
aa In coal m i n*??. ' ' aald Di Joseph \
Mol) - . f the Bureau ol M
t'.-.iay In discussing the dissstsr at But?
" i?:? ? ? i m
i.:, ?d In explosion? Of grain ar.d oth?-r
dusts and H is time that some action
was being taken that will prevent I
horren In future," he said. "The n
explosiona at various ?-lams inalu
- i?? that this is one of the basai
? the country, i do not
know what pre._ution? the o***_**rs aie
taking, but i sm satisfied they are It
roes added that no open fiaro?
I ?houid be carriid Into 8 null or
in? es. that
smoking should ?.ut bs permitted end
that employes should i- cautioned
arrylng n-.atvhe.M Starch and
duet, hi aald, was nearlji as <ian
geroua as dynamite
'? i ?
Demurrer May Delay Suit for
Possession of Viscera.
Baltimore, .lun? 21 A demurrer t?. the
ata ? Ion of the
-? of i.iu.ud Ox Painter, tin fertilis?
er manufai'turer. of .!.?? ksonvllle, lia .
who was drowned in th? Bt John'a Riv?r
was 'iffered In t, ? ?
Circuit Court here bj tin atti
l'alnt-i s heirs when the vase wa? Called
? began Coroner C. D.
?Xbhott, -f Jacksonville, testified that h
had been authorised to have ? post*
mortem examination ar,.| nn Inquest ' on?
?nsel for the Painter Interests coo
tended that the members of the famllv
? ntltled to the possession of the vital
oraei - ?if !';nnt?r- under pilings of courts
In different st.it? .. In matten Of BOffl what
?orillar Import )|. quoted court ru!
k . w in. ?i gara the w i ? i ? *-.s.
the persea aanei closely nffeet.-d. the prior
rights above anybody else.
The d?marrer may have th?- effect of
holding up foi many day? the receivership
United -?t?te* lideiitv sad Querant) Com?
of Baltimore, which issued an .
dint pallcj to I'aintu fur |J",""(?.
July 1. Hoped-for Date of Reali?
zation, Will Find Bridge
Loop Month Behind.
Steinway Tunnel Traffic at
Least a Month Off?Progress
Sure, However, in Each
Case, Says Commission.
"ft: ' ?
two . :
t),,. , . ? ? ?Uli?
tern Cha IcC
. ?
? . ? ?
i ? ?
the brldg?
- :
| III?.- -
to opera) ? 8
i from Ith street, L<
i ?nKton
! Fourth SV? ? ? ibwa
from Itth street
? ?
With w. . k uff. it
? ? ?
.-ti that
? -,v ill take .1 o ?i a ?
? ? Public <J
I ere eel
, jlpment
I, Traft!' In lh? -' tunnel
Is at least I .as for
. -
til th?
spring of next
led yea*
1 nuge |00|
I i.. ?.::
f.-r ' nl units of - .? ri s ' . ?? t', be
could i th?-m h Urn? '1 he
.tiid station.-- In lb? loop are ai*
I? ted. The signal ?.i
h.is nist i egun t
.o opea*
at l, at tu?; sarliest
The < ontrai i i"i the equlpmi m of th.
Stelnwi ? in ? - draan up, i. ?
i-, be i.-t. the commissioner ?ala
The d?
unforeseen difficulti? s In vesiinn the tit!?
t.. the tunm I In the ? ?' The contract
with the Interborough 'i.ii..i f.-r a trena
fir ..f the tunnel i" th?
Owing, however, t" th.- previous litiga?
tion between the Interbo
..I stale ..vit the Uta-, arid lu _r
accumulation of
- -
long and laborious operation, it is now
ein ".?; ..'i ? bed feet Th a >v
? . ? s for the fu. nmlssloi
?i a week i '
.ally tu the
Uut it will take fuur months to equip i
for operation between Lone* Island 'itv
and Lexington ax ? '..?i ? ti .-?-t Th?
? ' aqulppi 'i t" B ommodati
? u face can 11 om '.' ?> em, la to I rtppei
out. Careful surveys ?how that the tun
iic-i wiii accommodate rolling si
lar to that employed m the pre?
s . Bo .. third rail Is I
i?al trains run througi ;>.an la II
permit pasreuurers to transfer t.. -
vv ;i \ ut t he ? trend ? eut ral
The Fourth avenue i
upon Hi? .pletlon of II
with th?- Manhattan Bridge. The Hridg
Department, which has this In charge
cannot promise results before March, i?n
though November of this i
-? t not so long sgo Thi subwa?,
itself sh?mid h ?v.- been completed las
month, according to an estimate made I :
the Publie Hervite ?'omm!??i<>n In No?
vember. Itll. There la Still BOOM) Work t?
be done, however, on the ?Tulton stre,
and Ashlsnd Place ssctlons, bul I!
pletlon aill sntedata that of the hridg
? tlon, it la ;
The completion of the bridge 001
will make possible traffic between 71?t
street, Brooklyn, and the Manhstta
Hi Idgl !""i l! : able that i i ..nue.
)ion between tli<- ? 'miey Island '.
the Fourth axetue ?uhw.iv Sill not b
Completed f"r * year and a half. Tn
mge In plena of
? : -, ? d in
. mmleeton i ?
nelly the connection ?an to i le el
t"th etren i? ''??<'? t.. m.ik. ii
- ?
Diamond Merchants in Civil
Suit Charge Conversion
of $331 in Gems.
..... '. ;
i.,, was iobb? .1 on Me
? alue
... i
. ? who
T !
\\ i ' ! h?
? ..
? Jail
K. llth
? far
Mrs. W. P. McCormick Asks
? Court to Stop His Divorce Suit.
? ?? ? ' .i
Newark ? .
\\ i Hem P m
? : E if \I ?
t which he I
? \ Hi i orn .- K 'i he si -
Mi Cormlck ia ? ? ?
1 hi ?
M in M? ?
? filed In I
, .
Mn M ? mich filed h
.s rsrh ?.h the
Special Maalei
.. in hei fa
rniesi? her hue and can be prevented
fron ?? hi** mili, tl - rep?
Man Said to Have Blocked Pur
suit Held as Accomplice.
Charged ? l Ing the e< omi II ?? of a
?mon Wolf, a
tailor, llvtni ? ? ' ? i itreet, Manshttsn,
i.eid in j; mi u .? rtet lay 11
In tl " M tnhsttsn ave
? i ^
The ?"'.plaiiiant. Mis \t?.nt.- I'nant, of
a, w??nt ii-.-.i k.'tu.g ai
r and South M etreeta yeel
n nlng \s Hi?- ? rowd loetled her
Mi?. Durent felt B tug a' bar purs?,
which ?ontamed *>/.. She looked ai
and ass that the plchpochet ?a? i arom?
an. Her r-ct carra attrscted the attention
itrolman Bl ?
M . lu?-:,ni and other wtvmsfl sttempt?
...i to foll?n the pickpocket, who ran Into
. of a I moment houee, but
were held beck b; Wolf, who, the> asid.
bio bed the entrence te the
Phi women pichpochel ?-scaped
with Mri Dursnt'a puras Btspf sir?
Victim Ready to Thrash Crew,
Who Were Looking for His Body
Metuchen, .n.J. Speeding
down grede to da.*., the st. Loula espreai
n the pi ?.:.- Ivsnla Rntfomd,
-i int-. the teem ? ?' ir.ua. Dlsmond
The eiiBin--i ItOOped the
train ao auddenl) the peeeengere thought
il -SSa wrecked The ,,,>,,, and pa. ?
? bsck to gsthsr up i dsmond m
r email
ii- area coming to meet them ?m-i wm
such a lively torpee he hat t" be re
. .1 from wreaking vennrear.ee ,-,?
ti ? trsln erau for whftl he said srsa
?-? pa."
He had I ecu thrown Sixty feet Into a
HI Iv.r.-e?. es * iped. Th.
a rneei of iplintore
(t wee ennouneod y< terse* afternoon et
the OtBce Of .lohn Purroy Mltd'? :. | of.
Of the I'ort, that Bertram De N.
? |g a st.??lent of this eitv, had
i. n appointed Mcreterj to the Collectoi
Mi . i igei wea gredustod front Her?
Philadelphia's Mayor Says Fa?
mous Old Relic Will Be Sent
to Panama Exposition.
Philadelphia, June 28 Despite the
dire ; gli*t*i
and oth'i battled thflt rh<*
a h Ich pro s ir,?
United Btates 137
sen! to the Panam i?
i .4 -..i n at Baa Fran
in 1013
\ ?.- given
rg, In the
from pa?
ItialS, xx ho
th? ' on?
??f th? e---. .?*. ? ; a -? In th? bel aide,
w huh nu?. It to fail to i .
hefi : ? ' . ? I '? la resting
. Mall.
'ill. ? ? i was si on July
i 1776 wh< : the bell j es led forth I
..f Indi penden extend? ? on? -
. t .ad
Ai. ordlni
" Indepen
Hall, i extended te i
in. hi ? the h in*
l in. id? ni ? ? .v. sb
itlOQ in th s City in
Th? - ? vv. .1 by the ? rack is
aloni o known to metal?
lurn ? ? ?ling strain," whl h
offers < v." to the press?
i Mr
.i r Ian, will iff eel th? bell in time an?!
the continual ? . i . I
result ?.i id, tu' matter how
weil the h?u mi. be protected, will
aborten the time many fold when the
old rr-lic will fall to pieces, if, Indeed,
:? returns from th? I,.-mils Jourm ?
w holt
alai ming - aient ??f the Injury
. ised b) ?he crack -.v-i-1 firs! dlscov?
i ? B, a. ? ?verbridge, s metallurgy t
connected with the Franklin institute,
,,f Un :i ?? h?'. iftei a mil ute ?'?csm
Inat - go, .h clared thai
t ? .- bell w sa In no i ondit! ?n to stand
an* further handling, and should never
again i from Independ? n e
Mull f. i snj pui pot ?? iiIs cow luslon i
were sustained bj s. reral experts, who
Inspected the rolle.
Harburger's Granddaughter
Wins School Medal for English.
Blanche J Harburg* a to he a
I to her grandfather, Sheriff Juifis
Harburger, She la a little girl now, but
when aha growa up then is hope ehe xmii
be a? proflcienl i" the use of the English
langue i? ai the Sheriff.
Aa '?' hla profl? len? ? In Jugglti
and phrases and Inventing superlatlvea
? hit Harbui ?et outdoea
even the famous vvoik of Tod) Hamil?
ton .ii ii.? bSS! .lav s vv ;tn l!,u nun.
The Sheriff whs justlv proud t.? Irani
v.-st.r?!?' ni..t his firanddaughter, who i>
n student al Public School ?, ?t bTo W!
m street, bad tvon th.? local achool
board model tor- Bngllsh. He was pleased
beeauaa Blsnche is his granddaughter,
and also .-? causa Ma giaal axami ?? baa
taken to?,). The Sheriff la a atreng be*
n Hi. bei Itaga of mentality, as well
a. ..t ph. -i. ..i end financial h< Itagea
The graduation SXerclsSS WOfS held
reeterda* >' th? achool and the medal
was presented t.. Blanche? vvii?. i- n
?laughter of the bits i'avi.i Napoleon
11.11 bill cej
The Joseph i Oreen raedal for scholar.
slop, presented by Justice ?inen, of th
Cltj ' "nt wa. won b] Gladys Benesh.
Music Publisher Convicted on Rus?
sell's Complaint.
I Philip K ihn. a musl?
publisher, who was found Kulltv of ?rim
?nail) libelling Henry Husseii, ?lirector el
ton Opera House wa? a
t..-day m Imprisonment In the House ol
Cor rae tasa lar ont
The libel w?r -ohtalned in articles print
rd in "Musk." m win. h the personal and
i aera? lei ol ttusesU tva? at
net uni nana i
Casis Against Four Detectix
May Be Ready for June
Grand Jury.
Companions of Master Th;
See Member of Whitman'
Staff and Corroborate Con?
fession Made by Leader.
Dietrl t Attorn**, Whitman's tut w
-drawn tighter yeeterdsy around four i
?ice detectlvee win, ?,,,* Impllcsted In I
Of Kdoie Rader. the mas
Of the truck driver- "Pegln'O" I
.us against the policemen a
".?hook him down" were corrohorsted ta
?rllj by wltn? km i rtemlned by M.
rte B. Ifoekowlta Deputy AseieUni u
Itrtct Attorney, yeaterdsj Hie report a
probably be In th.? hsnda of Mr. wii
men to-nizht. In that csse the evidcri
the polie- and SthSfS win.
Red? t ha i ici i.-, .i -o i. get to i
grand jury. The recular July grsnd ju
?4 lii not ill until the flrel Monda; m J tl
it) Commleetoner Newbergei of t
? Departs* I ? Uled on laldor We
tetlng Dietrlct Attorn? *?. at C
' rtmlnsl Courts Muiidin?? yeeterdey mor
: I aaeursd thst ofldai of hii wi
ingn? i i., co-optrste with District Att
nee Whitman in running down the p??t
poire Kiaftcrs. The commlealoner wi
thst ir a '.'?id be w eoasry to coa
part- men) porta Of Kade; s story wi
! ?'
! Ut turn over the "s.-ueal bOOfcl
a: .i i ?? dtlaena complslnta to the l>!
in? t Attorneys investigator.?.
Rsiler entered upon hid palrr
.insurance rat?.* un merchandise !
? i .. >? gem up bj U aps ai
<?fllcials "f the North America
...ce Compsny. of No. I Libert
? ? thst loeeea ha.*.
been increeeing during the leal ?
at an alei n. ng i at? ll a
lid, I I OB KOO<l9 t<
est during th
During the lust yea? tt
lnLicato wan from l tu T'; per
? untie of the property atolen from on
rered b) the poll e," th
? ?
in] pr?vete deteetlrea t
protect no Icyholders"
Pormei Police Inepeetor
fiPrlen. acting for th. M< rch.tr.ts' Asso
dation brought H L Smith, ? ho?
BHi ade street, to th<
District Attorney*! oflke in th.* gfternooi
to i orroborste Redor"! eoeuestlon asams
d avenue detective in Brooklyn
Bmlth ha.*- heen a hes?ry Isoer by I
The alumni" of Rader? pel
ci:me. .. men, met In M ? M
a uz s? ornee In tl .
: Um working! of th-- rwhool. The)
, m ?ol ?
M..m .?:' i h? m were f of repente n
?m the verj-e or* l?,?.rs They told M
rita ... ; i arcefter I
honeet llv? I i
. hi? niei?*y by asklnj* him t.
get them ? ? ? on th? Lee?
r Frank Zerlll". ? '
with receiving stolen goo-la, wee aterted
>esterday befoi
R . der s.
and the lutter ha.? ?predicted t hnt if
?ont it-ted be win "ague ? Do?
tlfled thet 'hey had foun i
i In Zertllo ? h?k
? ? a h.'ii the
; into
.?x h i nit? They ? ?- i
1 with dull t? OIB, and
on t ?etbened surface were ad?
rtgneee crud? ??? pelnted
it develope I thel ? ?-??.-?:? at was
marked for "J. M. Oreen." in Meriden,
i fiar!.-.* T Boetertch \
District Attorney, telegrsphcd to
Merkten add <?*?. and ?a* told thit it
.r*d that no auch 1
as "J. M. Green" lived th? r
"Tins method," eeld Mr. Boetwlck, "wea
.,?.,1 ;,s n decoy when the privet?
teethes pot tOO hot "ii the tr;ii! .?'' the
-?. ' They WOUld BOHd the Roods ..ut
under the eo? er of darknes* end let them
lie unclSlmSd In OUtetde town.? and cities,
and when the danger was over I
? ! go to the cities and arrange for
the return of tue koo?s to Now l"< -
Tell Gaynor They Were Locked
Up Overnight in Brook?
lyn Station.
City Head Renews Attack on
Police as Result of Story_
Men Accused in Albert
Case To Be Tried.
two store Osftaa
yesterday to ni?ke complaints agaJnattZ
I them up overnight f -
tossing a rubber bai! . ," pa*
Their ? ? -ding to th,.-. ?to: y ?m
told the Mayor, xva? th4t ??
H) man Albert and his companies _?'
chad Halpern, ss a result .,. ltu^
ment by the police, l*U*-?**-je?l
lay, Lieutenant Charle? H. \\ui,
burn and Patrolman Harry J. Pari?. ,,?
Uta P ' -i ad Park ; ?
be placed on trial?
Washburn and Peru -My??.
terday before Deputy Commlssto
Ion. of Brooklyn, but t.- ?'as uken
Mr. Dillon announctog the i ,?.. esa
postponed for one week. No ?.^laiiation
of the delay waa i
to be ??n account of "orders imm acron
the rive. ."
The boy? who cailc-d on the Maj
were dressed In messenger -jrii
form, and b.ith B|
t? ? n. The law provides :
(teen sri
tion house, but shall bs taker, to -ft-,
rooms of the Children's Society if h?
gets into trouble
X " i want to k ?? ? -.ie two boy,
:u messenger uniforms," the Mayor bbH
ehen he ?a3 asked aho,jt them 1fe%
they were also |0 - M.t !n th?
Prospect Park poil?:*; Station. They t-;:
me six i..;-s were i'-*... ip :n th? ?a-f
? ell all night?a ?Itt!?- cell ..
' Their storv rs that i
.- rl'a rubber ?? was ro.i
It.a on the walk and fa
g'.r. whereupon - ; naraaf Mc
Mahon seised them both and took them
to th? station ho... ? B thing's make
me feel dis- i
"in the eaa tinea ye aahaega
their names and Sddrssaei were put h
'.va? situ ta '
homes at all Tl ? its a cell
with other boys an. .-re ?ii
night, it Is simply barbarous."
Th-' Mayor then repeated the remarks
he made on the eel Albert boy.
'that It wa? ., W.1-. to m ki ?? unifiais of
boya Tas tpti ? 7
?aid. had sine? retired from the I
The ar Headquartsn
Shaw that the captain of the Prospect
Park pre inci
".?hum ?
. from tl
Michael J, Murpl H ? ? <.'spuir.
M - aired a
leave of absenci
The arrests Of ':
C?ptala AI r
so that ?'ai thing to
do with the arr? sts
XX'ben ?'a??tain M
,i:cd for a .
ment, and Comm at once
made Hub?
The techl Karley
sad Wnshburn waa I they made an
when the
tl it a -
offender had :. ? an! of
I Wash*
burn wiii conten.i the aed h?*?
I ? _fi i
.-. who waa the pr?s
a.g? ? ? ?if former 1 ' Reck
?-. and re.-c: ?
acnln.-t him for tf.000 in
wm.-iw of v. .- insatfJ
try, He
wa? held In H.6M bail trata Bar?
th" Tomb; I fir 8r*
ralgnmen! to?a*rorr
The complaint BgalBSt Pllt!
fal.e'.v ? - *g*U>
Ing ?vf farter.
is a land of few caprices. All year the
flowers bloom and the sun shines; seldom
is the weather cold, seldom hot. Winter
and summer alike, it's an ideal resort; a
perfect paradise for all outdoor sports.
Special Tourist Fares
during the Summer to Pacific Coast points via
Southern Pacific
The great scenic highway between
New Orleans. Los Angeles, San Francisco
Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,
California and Oregon?the most picturesqua
part of the country.
Rock Ballast Roadbed, Electric Block
Signala. Oil Burning Locomotives.
For Literature. Rates. Information. Tickets
ond Reservations, address, phone or call
386 Broadw?,?
I ISA Broidwir
Cor ink
39 Broadway
N?4?r rvowlljig

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