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Department of Justice Sus?
pends Clayton Herrington as
Special Agent Without Pay.
-esident Recommends Heney(
.nd Others as Prosecutors
for the Diggs-Caminetti
and Fuel Co. Trials.
...... --? *>'?oii Her? i
? ni of th?* Department
'[r% .ni on Sun- ??
? c for th?? removal !
; M.1- !
{nation '
-, ?vas
Bruce Kl? f the Bun
tgtsmi? ,,f J,1!i" I
This tel ? ' " l, le to slve Her
..???"ram If the ? ?
?.?factory. n*'
reau of
?... helped Mi M? Nab t .
S At! ' .?- the ?
r.?m? c'
?Ivan, Thomi -
? it li?t |
rf th? 1 ...
. imental
? ?
M| General a nt will
f*r tart)
irsretenut ? < K
??lartd to-ia1
tion In <\. ? ?
him firm,
ins h:s
San Frai
rates Um
John I.
' ' -day In an
Knatlon as United
Attorney I accepted by
Prwldr-T ? -I retire cot
t ?Ion.? my
Mc.W ? . th?? cm:! t for
out re? r their
t nment."
Mr UcNab." Judge \ax\ Fleet said In
- leea than the
? ?
? ned of
r ..-??? .
I ?
Pr**Jd?- *
"iarr.e ,
??nt a " . ? ? Wilton last
II . ilty, let
?a order mi
Mr HetTlnstC lent th?
? Wilson:
"A* a itisei ' < 'allfornla I
?tot off
I n dls
****."<* . ,? an,i
?n rtoiatmr. of law. },?? tod the
??porra*.. -. f French ? ? Litotes In thla
???'*? .' i theae
. ? m. On
March M Beere!
? * I ment Isstf-sd to-nu?ht
Mr Herri? gi . ,id.
Tr.? ' is the
**?' ?ticJ dealt with the
*?** He d n ?Jee'iH by or?
#i*rln*? ' * trlsl of all the do?
i including th?-?- McKeynolda
Ci??i'*- McReyi I . rid retsln McNsb."
: M . June 26.?Frsnda
H''' ii In AH.n
<? Hl>
? ?*--< amlnettl and th?
!- whether h*?
tr- noaition of
? d? ?ed t<? him
.'?'"' Maury I I >lj***
Indi? ted by tl.
**mty jrar.d lurj la*I nlsht. ?
Hr. a
??.;" ,'' no wnti
'on ar.'J l>iia Norrle. T
? ni m San
r*ni - ?? county
n"i ?lm"''- v,r'- p?a? -"'I on **?
S'*/? ?' . lie until to
E t ?**? warrant foi their an? st
??V* >/?
'?ttperature's Best Trails Behind Tu?
rn Oppressive Agent by 6 Degrees.
. h* "? wa* only a little
?nan the humidity a
led an un
?Aith prostratl'iiif
?-?.ai!-, t.,?,?,?! tt-if tempera?
Ur*- ?Wch n . luis-i.eat,
"?** ai noon But at thiH time th?
ha?| de? i.-,-,,,.-') t.. M, and then
?fter rjtrj r?ot K? ^bov, ;??
^** ?atabliBhe* the hun or* for
** a*it4lU fll ,.(1 F*oitcsstsr H'arr and
""? ?aeintsnt | ? 11 the
*** l'< Continue <.v?r tl.?- ?'?-I? end.
^"?Th the) | u?-i hun I
"?t ?ases of heat r,r?..stration were re
*****- ?-y Uie policy jestc'da*-.
15,000 Men Called Out in Ne^
River Coal Field.
Charleston, W. Va . June :':..- An off
II f'-r B strike Of miners m tt
New i:iv?:- coal ti?ri.i wea icaued la!
to-nlghl from the local headquarters <
nlted Mine Workera ol Amerlo
Fifteen thousand men are emoloved i
that Held. y '
Tho strike order is effective July
? xpected to sti Ike to
In the Cal In ('r?. k field, whll
conditions In the Paint Creek dlstrl?
?re \ -am.
That's President's Comment oi
Making Poor Golf Stroke.
''?? - Tul uno |
Washington, June 25.?The Preal
' a!.I.y baa told xvhat Mr Wil
son says xxhen he makes a i"">r ^..1
stroke i; ?? s: 'Tut-tut!"
rl rum., t. rourti ?n years oh
has raddled for the Presiden! evi
ln< '1 th? Washington ('.?im
try Club, He thinks thi P
xxith more experience, xxm be a 're?u
i. Taylor says: "The leal I Im
thi Prei .?? ni i ame i" th" imks !i
Struck th. ball ?,n i ? , - .| t,, ,h
hung thi n I
? Rd, xvhile it xvlvrle.l around, an.
th? ; | ktl.'W vvha'
whi n such a thing happen
on ttv , - .:-. t? . ? ? ?,K,.,
??i n? opened ins lips t?
sax- something, i pricked up my ean
t.. hear what . ?
tut!' said th. !?;, ltd? : t The
Won't Tako Federal Money foi
South Carolina Militia.
? r nor Blease ol
? ?
?he \' -it, withe
? ?
'? I Mill :
of thi
Ign or?
tho S
iSltlOB su.
- . ? ?
lina tous i
.n his
with ?
ami i
Dg that then
' lovernor, i
It was i
. i
stall) .
any '
Attorney General and Railroad
Representatives Reach Ten?
tative Agreement on Plan.
? ?
' ?
? esta to-d
? me It ?
..... I at Bl
? -
the del ' , Ha
? - . ? itlon of tne pun.:?m, w.tn -???
the . "t Just!?
' tne
The pe?,eral i I I I I
? ? ? ? .
g ? ne-, sherss f..i about ? ?
- ? -in Pa? m. ? i bei '
road "ii the gi * thi
- , '? '
. oiitin? iitai lin? ? ? ovet point*
? Mr, Mi Bsynolds thai ? ? -
it id that the Union Pa
..f Belt!*
. . - t If the i
? ? oun! own? d I s
th?! roed a 111 bi ? pei ? - nt
Americans Excited Over Ex?
pected Battle Near Juarez.
IKrom Th? Trll.une Bureau ]
Washington, June -'? Dangei of a bat?
tie between the waning fectlons ?>f Max!?
, eai Juaiea hei ex? ited thi - Itlsena
I the i order on the Ameri? an rid?.
? being made le the Pn
dent foi proteel The rebela have be?
.. the federals are giving
,inl. feguarding American
.,f War went to the White
II,,... this afternoon 10 explain 10 the
?nl that tb?- -xui'-ii' sn force near
? ? ? '"? -
. t,, protect American live? and
? I t v .
All Mexican leaders have been warned
not t., permit 'hing int.. American terri?
tory, and It Is the intention of the ad
;,-?tion to bave tu? warnings heeded.
New Orleans, June -?? a carload of
wai munitions on its way from Hew
v.irk t.. the eamp of Vamustlano Car?
ransa, State leader in Northern Mexico, 1?
?T? psndlag decision by the Oe
partment of JaatlN as to whether to
allow It lr. pro? sod.
The ronslM-ment-i:? rapid fire guns.
, bandied ?ases of ammunition ?and
a quantity "f side arm?--wa? ?aid to be
Of a r?,ntrlbutlon from relative? of
the late Preatdenl Madero, but this is d??
ni. -I b) reprSSSntatiVSS of the Carranza
Ma-lee CHy, June *.?Reboto, hs well ss
government supporters and members of
all the polltioal partos in MeXlOO, are
Invit'd by a uroup of Unen standing high
In publie affair? to unite In the seleitlon
?,f a candlflate f?,r the Presldencv M th?
I!? public in a man!fe?to Issued here to?
Only Six Democratic Senators
Vote Against Basic Items
of the Tariff Bill. *
Leaders Believe That Not More
than Two of the Majority
Party Will Finally Op?
pose the Measure.
Washington, June H Free misar and
fr?r wool, bsrdc Items in the tVlleon
Underwood tariff Mil. ran the gsntlet
of the p? is la the Senate
? ' B? re? ni amend?
i idins foi rat? "n the
two r?ommoditlea were
overwhelming vote, an?! when the r-ues
| lion of ?] ? ? 'he t now in the
: tarif! ? -. : onlj ? ?
rded m opposed to them in each
The Benatoi ? VOtil fre<*
I sue..? it? ? Hltcl V. - -
llanda, Ransdell, Thornton, Bhafroth and
Benat *. ; , - lion to the free m...,>i
Newland*. k.it ? Bhafrol
and W
Tl- ? . ih?*
. m? pro teed bl B?*i
Thornt? n, pro*?
f th? . .
? . ii
Bensi I ifroth,
If i ent a pound ?
enue rate, at the end
The third, offered by
? t Thompson, almll
;t provtdlni -
? n-iiii tint?1
f? i ted
Iment. i
Walsh, a to the I
1 ?ill i rovtd? i ? --
? I
i"t ??
? ? tl.
i.. ? . ?... .... nterprei ?
? ? at lea..
? r.?n.
N o a t
. . . . .
I n ? ?
ai i
the wl
? i il? and iti
for a ly on flou
and rat. 81
11..1. Istoi
House Democrats in Caucus
Turn Down Budget Reiorm.
. I .-,.. j
\\.-. .
old ord? r of hand Ing app
of House 1
.rot? f to
. ' II ? ? '
ommlttee and
. :. Mr. 1 un. 1 wo? -I for thi l I
I -
1 ran?- organisai ?
. : for the m< I tl idgel
mitt? ?? ha? Ing ?>. ? salon? d th?
The ? ?' ? ' ?? ' ??' '
l?g || itlon abolishlnf the
? omi ? ? ' "f''' p*ti0
?ni?! dire? ted th? "? ?? to
1 the Newlanda c?as ton
enlng the acope of the Erdman acl t..
... on the 1
rallrot ?
Th?- deft at of 1 ' ? lutlon aur?
, j th? How Repr? tentative
. poi ted th? '..
... omns -?dation of the ? 1
ttee m..! made sn ho 11 '
1....., t, in d. f? nee ol ? mor?
plan of 1 ??' :
I the In? r?
. Mlitilir-F.
However, when Representative Hard
?rick, of Qaorgta moved that the budget
on be tabled, the Underwood reso?
lution wsa unceremoniously Bidotrsclrsd
it developed that members <>f the appro
printing committee! of Um House were
loath to turn over rlrtusl eontrol of each
nippt) Mil The ' port Mural" contln?
geni wsa et*poelallj opposed to auch cos?
. entratlon of authority.
The Commerce 1 ourt la to be abolished
*.-. M,..-m- legislation, carried Mtber on
.?m appropriation Mil or aa a asparat?
measure, and the Rulea Commlttsa La dl?
,r, tot i" rnska au? b I? gtSlsUon prti I?
lassd. wiiiie these formslltlei
progresa the Appropriations tfemmlttoe
will 1 sport as si -? i^proprlstton
to continue the oourl for alatj or ninety
days, aa th<- tribunal will be without
funda after July 1.
Says District Attorney Would
Make Good Mayor.
H. K'llton ?'uttlng. accompanied hv hll
wife, returne.l vesterda* from Southamp?
ton by the White Btar liner ??reunir, after
a visit of three months ?he greater pait
?.f which was ?pent motoring through
He said he had gone ni.road to rest and
-Mi ?.WSJ from politics He thought Mi
Whitman ??a?? a fOSd ??an to nominate
,u.,i would make h f*.?..i Mayor if Mortod
Among others on hoard were Mis? llattl?
Williams, the sctrsasi Hsrsld Lssrthsr,
Lord OfSJf de Ruthyn, H. F. Gunnlson
and Bowcn Sajideraon.
Will Not Oppose Gradual Re?
tirement of Existing Bank?
note Circulation.
Their Plea for Membership on
Reserve Board and In?
crease in Size Prob?
ably Futile.
? Th? Trrl... i ?Bun
Washington, June S -Presiden! Wilson
conferred to-night with the members of
th?- Senate i 'ommltti ? on Bankli ?
? '?irren.... and while !.-? d?finit?
ment w-a^- i sei I practical!) ear
talti that "tie fundamenta! change
administration currency bill w-ui be ? ,.?.
befon ;r pass? s through both Hour
< 'ongn
Those .hances contemplate thi gr.
retirement ..f tin- t m tins banknote elrcu?
1 ?ti.'ii an?! the refunding ??! ?
c m bonds There is no proepeel for an
Increased membership and bank repre*
- tion ..n tb?- Pederal Reaerve Board,
upon wiii'h representative bankers Insist?
1 ?-d at .? ..-?'.-. . to-day with th.- Pr?s
' and Ids ? ."se ii'lv!- -
Pollowing th? conference to-night,
i- ut W!!s..n Indi' ited I eould
ti"t m . ||] re
stonng the provisions i..r the retirement
of th? presen! national bank circulation
In this respect
to the bank- i S, but it w.,s Intim ll thai
? en vv., uni, . ntlm? ni ai to-nlgbl s
i f beak represente*
i :...--.. ;
Tir ? ? !:? ;? il II? .ii' ? mbeti of the -
? t ? ?, - ? ? itors '?'.'? k i
and Nelson, w.re present at the confer
-??!? ; that tliey
voiced t?,. ir opposilion to I ? ' re?
serve board, which might turn oui to be
? ? ?: ' !....! v , > ? s
ar? .?j pointed
? ? ? I 1 ; ? ; .
ibllcsm ? itood, sn
n?.t ? .? I ths I
th.- circu?s)
- hood of
: ?
Wilson Open to Conviction.
r ihe President
>.f v-tew* ?.?. it!.. eflnii i
mt fundament
? ? - ? ' -
? ? -
? ?
. . fter it
tig i ' ?
. . ? ? to
. ? . :
lltll ,
, ? I Die
... .
In ti.. \t
? - ? ? .
White 'i
If. 1 'of
' ?
in their b .'
understood to !? representative "f ai
in?nt in ti I 'n
Bank Representation Asked.
m . o-..? rve
.? i t a' ti,.- banking
int. i ? ata i then
on I- ? .. - 'he I oat'l ?
m i, : ? r
I by th? i i
datton of tr. regloi
f tl
tw. h.- i. gtonal reserve a as sub*
? ? . nam? i --t a pro? p- nv.- t. ?
? ? ..t from the h t of twel
? . i t might select I
if this change Is made In tu- bill bos
? ?!?. Iri pn rt th? w ..?>.
Ished bj Secretary Bryan, who su.
ceesfuil) . "in- ndi .1 that 11 ?
ol governn*
Tie- bank) i s a >?" favori d som a tu m?
?.f retin men! for the existing
circulation and th?- conversion >.f tb" -
y. i .. m i ..mi - upon w hi? h it i-, i?v bed
i r?:. s in? programmi la again chenged
ti,.- administration eurrencj bill win be
Introdui ed m the House to-moi roe bj
nan Oleas, of the Banking and
Currents) Committee Beaatoi Owen is
expected f" Offer It simultaneously In the
I - House cbtnnrittee bald no s?s?i?.n
to-dav, although its r?guler meeting ???''
h w? ?ine?.i., v. Committee members are
marking time bj packing fl-.ws 1,,-r.- end
? ils ?< i '??? -n M' ?? ui ?? pad
when Its formal consideratkm Is begun
the Insurgen) Democrats will ...me out
Int.. th? ..p.n a ith tie II Criti? isies.
East vs. West Ball Game a Conven?
tion Feature.
Th? fifth biennial convention "f the
Gamins Bts Kappa fr?terait) began ysa?
terday. and the XVal?lorf-A.-f?ina Hotel,
wliere th?- convention w lil continue fOI
the next three day?. Is .low.lr.i witi,
members from many parts of the United
Stat-s X - st. rdav .iftern'ton a large dele
gatkm went ?town to Brighton Pea h and
at. i aaw Lana Park.
There will be a trip bj beat la West
Point to ?lav. starting at I O'clock. Pol
low ins a baseball game, which will he
played list wees teases representing the
Ees! and the West on rrldav at Van
Cortlaadl Perk, a dinner will be Riven in
the AHtor ??aller v. Amona thOOS OH the
convention COmmittSS aie Ja. ob XX'alz,
?i Am?s Beato, Evsrhard I*. Mead?- anu
Robert H. Goffe. Jr.
Former Tammany Alderma
Says Organization Is Ready
to Join Fusion.
Trend to District Attorney a
Leader for Mayoralty Ticket
Grows ? Progressives
Rush Enrolment.
Mor? sentiment foi the nomlnstlon i
Dtatrii t Attorne) Whitman for Msyc
waa reported to the committee <>n ?*sn
i dldatea of the t>i--..;i commltt? a st I
Fifth Avenue Building '...st night J?
I aei ii i';1 nn, .. foimei Tammanj i Ii
I m-m. .'?' i :? hi ?.i ..f :i large delsgatlo
from tne Demo? I said tha
? ' i., memb? 11 of th
-?i ganlsatlon aho? ? ? ponder
I for Whitman
Mr. Flyni s organization is ,i i
: ?.. fight : tmmany Hall
It la the I
and work for th.- ele? I ? >n-pai tl
aan municipal ticket A<.c?jr?Jiiig to Mr
I"* mi. thej are organls? .1 m te i
sembly districts alrsady, and c\\>< -t t
have orsanlsatlona w. th? then wtthii
a short time
"We were not f..rm?*<l for the purr?s
nt booming Mr. \\ hum.m or ai
andldate, raid he, "but aotoly m th?- In
rernment \;'
their pr< f< rene f.-- th? n imlnatlon <<t Mr
. i i t.. a
. - r-t the . holes of th immittec
er, that he ? uld mata
a i!-??. | ' indld ?
The i i -i.h ws.
* o I i ? : with the fuslonlata Isa
i nstpOni d " meeting
S.ft Opinions To-day.
? of 1
.| up t.. ?! ?t
a move?
Attori tman,
i fort to ge)
f the list <
? :. when
. n the
n ..i the
the unit
. ?
m 4 per
, ?? ceding
lorial ?
to .t te - ?
not ei
? ?
M- ?
. i
r the 1
? i
'- .
? t?
Mayor Thinks He's Out of Race.
In aplts of the i ? ,.? a
Mu.?:- ? mmlttee. which some
ob tal i h algnatur? - < ? i ?.
? of Mayor < ? ? Mlon
hallol petition and that u Int? nd? i to
??| have not the slightest notion that
Ltion that
; th.?
nrutttsi, aa I do
if i c,..t one i would
hav? to conald? r i ? -i .?".
Although H.. M lo asi
thai ? -
? t? m? ni of ?' i
Ing i . ? I he had said he
?.?,.mi.i i i.h for ' gain '?< b
the !? ' Ihla I) Ins?" h?1 declared. "1
.m-, political organisation t.. nominate
me f..r Ma >'oi \ ? i hi ? is thst *?? Itbou!
m> u - But i suppose, all the
lj Ing will ?
Ample Provision Made for Ill?
ness at Gettysburg.
11"i..m-Tii.? 11 ibu? ? Bureas
Washington, Jun? I rhe visit to G?*t
irg m m u..k of almost (0,000 ?.?ter
? i the i m-.n .in.i Confeder?te armies
baa <aiiis.il inu.-h worh for tin- militar)
authoi Itles, *.? ho wore din i t.-.i bj i on?
to furnish shelter, fo...i and other
facilities for the care of the old soldiers.
it hau been s simple matter t.. provide
shelter and aubslstsnce, which have boon
under the charge ..f Major James E Nor?
moyle, who had general . har?*?* of th?*
luppliea Issued to the flood aufferers m
the Mlddl? IVeol esrlj this i ear.
Moi <? "f ?' il. il? m has i.? en the pr..
vlsion f..i th- care ?.f the rdck, it being
feared that am..nu so man'. ..hi men who
have travelled s long distance and will
ustaln ths exeitemenl ol the reunion In
what la apt to i. the hottest part of th??
summer their- win t... man) disabilities.
Provision ?'" the medical attendance has
Intrusted ?.. Colonel Arthur K. Brad?
ley, ?m?? "f il"- best known armv Mir
geona, who has been detailed from Chl
? iso aa the sonloi medical offlcei ..' Get?
tysburg. He has advised the surgeon
general that he requiraa at least ttfty
..in., i s of tlu medical corps, with a large
force of hospital corps men Many ol the
officers musi be drawn from the reserves,
ami srrsngementa to that end are now
being made b) the surgeon general. Ar?
rangements haw? been made for the ship
ment t.. Gettysburg .of field hospitals and
all th<- ambulsm ible First aid,
or ?-m? r?*enc\. ?.taiiotis will be distributed
over tht- battlefield.
QUR first title policy was
v-/ dated June 26, 1883.
During these thirty years
not one dollar of our title
earnings has been paid out
in dividends. They have all
been reserved as a guarantee
fund for the protection o? |
our clients.
Our dividends have been
paid solely from our interest
TiTlE guarantee
capital .... $5,000,0001
Surplus (all earned) 11,000.000]
I) 7b rVway. N. Y. 1 75 Remacn ?t., D'kJyn. I
350 Fulton St., .Jamaica. .
fonlinued from llrst p??e.
some nth r matters Mr. Lauterbach
represented thel he could be ..f service
an?! believed th?t th? Inquiry could he
Stopp. .1
Other Men Approached.
''Bubsetauentl] Maxwell Everts, for?
merly general counsel of the I'nion
ithern Pa< Ifle, come in
t.. ?see me and aald thai b.e h.a.I bean
called up !?? Rlordan, who urced him
employ L^uterbai h He was told
s no! employed
difficulties would be encountered.*'
.lu??.-.- Lovetl told the committee that
Peu D ath and Lewis ?'ass Led
: had been similarly aptiroaxhed,
but in ?m the offer of influence
wats rejected and Mr Lauterbech was
It i :t . otircernlag
the dissolution plan appear d In the
bulletin i- ii Dow, Jones ??i- Co.,
which alleged that the proposed trana
f stock between the Union Pacific
Pennsylvania was for the effect of
Rg th?- existing bank ?.?ntrol
...cr the railroads, that judge Lovett
Itlea of the
allegi e. This be fini by
giving out an Intervies In which he
? hat he and others
. .? n approached by persons offcr
ng to exert Influenci In Washington
m behalf uf the railroads. This biter?
i made the basis for a n solu?
tion widening ? of the l<
Ifosl of the testimony f,y Judge
. lirect, mu< h of ?t bi as
as with ( tto H.
I .? w s xvim
Lauterbech and other persons who bad
More light ?ill
? splracy when
I ar?i examined.
Mentioned Member? of Congress.
- I ' ? v to Ka!-.r-. Judge
? it a mol
in t: - '.. the proi
Ide for the
li iulry
and | ?
? 1 that h<*
Repi Henry, of Ti i i
ad m |< . li
Lovett ... thsl he had h
Mr. Henry for a and
ment that he had
with i red i
wei given to i Ledyard in con*
.r Judge i. >v ?
? give th? g i rom*
? ? ? i-, obtain them from Mr. !.. I
? was not
"Thi 'V I to Mr. Kahn
t .,t th.- wheels were greased' for
ttei : : rhat ex?
??\\ aald to' I
int that would bi ar h you
employed Mi Lauterbech?" .,.->k .. Sena?
tor xx ?
? ?\ ? ; thai far," aald ?
: vet l
Believes There Was a Conspiracy.
"I believe there was a consplrac) here,"
Lovett, "to tr) to forci us to
employ some one w< dldn'i wan! to sm?
snd thai ; ....
Ing various methods, w.-r>- about to ,
Into ti newspspi rs snd ci sets oppoi
In Co ? ' to the plen f? : dli solution
ti..,t wa.> about to 1 out."
Judge Lovi tt -.v.,s .. k- i ? i." bi
? : Mr l..i |?
r r .oh and the man who repree?
?? to be Repree? ntative Rlordan.
?? i I end ? ..tt? i ?.ii t .
tivi ? mmltti ?? i" Hi v? ?i. that there
? , another Individual In Nee York who
?vea thi moa! active ageni :n It, but 1
did not come m coated with line, nor did
any other on the ? secutive ..nun.
Mr. Lovett did ii"' sive th.s rnan'a name
and the committee did no! aah for It
Inspired Publications.
Judge i.ov'ii said the drat publlcetlon
which convinced him that effort- were
being mads to misrepresent the Harriman
reads In the dissolution i a --? a ia In a
financial news shoe! of high standing In
New \..rk Ha aald the character of the
article convinced him that ?' ayatematlc
effort vvas being made to inspire srti
thai vtoui.i arouse the deeired opposition
In Cong)
"You believed thai the aame parties
who were thus eiul?-.ix .?: mg to force the
employment you speak about bad cauaed
itorlee to be circulated for the pur
of arousing hostility towards you.''
asked Senator xx i
? I believed that, an I Mr. Kahn vvas verv
positiv,>iv of thai opinion," said Mr. Lov?
ett, "that this newspaper publication t..
which I referred was inspired bv the
same parties who WSTB seeking to fot. e
relations with us m this matter."
"YOU have not been approached bv
any Congressman or ex-i'ongrrssman. dl
re.-tlv or lndlreotlv V ' asked Senat' r
? ivei ]..
Not by gay t.'ongressnian or ex-?'on
gressman dlrectl) or Indirectly? ao fai as
?1 know. SXCSp! in thi .ase I have BSsn?
tlonsd," snswered the witties?.
Representative Rtordsn sud to-nl?;ht
that he knew nothing whatever of the in- I
?id. tit with Which his name was con?
nected, and thai be lia?! never talked to I
Judge Lovett on the telephone or other I
wise, or to Mr. Lauterbach. ?
Justice Howard Advocates the
Regulation of Wealth.
Tariff Tinkering and Direct Pri?
maries Described as "Hack?
neyed and Vapid Fads."
Troy. June 2,'>?Supreme Ourt Justice
W, O. Howard, of th?* Appellate Division.
In a speech before the Troy High School
alumni to-nlgh?, declare,] that the reg??
lation of wealth an'l the n-iUdinn* of a
navy were fat m.>re Important -Uli'" ts
for legislative action than "tinkering
with the tariff'' an.I 'the dire?t pri?
mary mania'' The latter two questions
he desrrihei-i as 'hackneyed and vapid
fsds ' He attacked the idle rich as
"drones of society' and said that vast
Inherited estates Bhosld be tajced to main?
tain the "e.iullibrium of wealth." and
that the "small farmer, and sr.iail h>.ii?.e
owner should he relieved from taxes."
"While Congrega wrestles with the
tariff. J?pan Is ?urve.? Ins; our islands in
the Pacific ?Vean," said Justice Howard.
"Some morning we will wake up to find
that every ship Is sunk and every fort is
captured In the Philippine Islands. Then
"'ongress will d, slsf from its chronic
hat it of the tariff and start to build a
"The sons of the rich?arrogant, inso?
lent, indolent. us?-less. without calling
or occupation or profession?these are
not only a BSJssnce to Btxtoty, but they
are p i -;rse and a menace to the Repub?
lic. They toll not. neither do they spin,
yet they eat the fat of the land. They
are the parsattsa of civilization, drawing
their nourishment not from the ?oil but
from the bodies of others. They are the
propagators of communism; they are tht
creators of hatred between the ?-lasses
and the masses.
Thousand Men to Support One.
"If takes a thousand men to support
every Idle millionaire. His house?, his
yachts. hla automobiles, his table,
his gasolene, his garden, his clothes,
his wines, his < IgSTS, his diamoi.'l*
hla furs, his racehorses, hlOj K<->if
links all these ar.- supplied to him by
slaves who labor only for their bread
These ?honed in BOdOty sap the BUbStSBOB
of the poor; each ?me wastes more than
a hundred families consume; by their eS>
travagance they augment the high east
<.f living; they eat the steaks and the
laboring man boils the bones.
\ condition Hk?-- this is unhealthy In
a republic. 1* cannot long he toi.
with safety. It .1> inands the serio ;
hut atstssmen
afraid of wealth.
"The tariff as a-. Issue tas become a
I oHtl kflUctsd with this
fJlBCiSBa tak.? no heed of previo;? failures,
..f i revio.s panics. ?Clinging tenaciously
t ? USiOn of MM tariff, they tinker
with while busiiit-ss trembles;
rsblla tue high
market basket.
their uttersi rear? majestic on the floor,
v ?. 1- in i rlvate they fear for the worst.
they ? * a Japan la j *>?
* f.-r arar.
Direct Primaries Useless.
'Th.? *???? .' **??<-* ir.differ
? ?:?' to dir. ?t ? rimarles. U i?it?.-rest.s only
The politician. It is tn.- .oadeii .;
Is of garni ers, I : ?> mstter what
form the primary law take- the poltt.
manipulate! it t tag?
living Will ?onunue h.gu
the Und remains uncultivated
.all farmer he
Proposes to Renew Negotia?
tions with United States.
Washington, .lun?- CotomMa is
I ?et
tlem? nt of - gainst the
Unit? it of the Pan?
nltte.1, .1
its te ss s I ? ?
? .11 bo*
? on? ?? Dets - pro
ide public until the
I'nlted States Minister, T a
Thompson, reaches p .
Th.- Colombian government has insist?
ed In
all the principal pointa m dispute bu*
pa ?tu? h a cou ? ? oaali ly In* oh ?
? -..-*.?? ? Panama the faltad
States has rejected It
Mu.h interest itta hea to the regona.?
srhich have been in progresa srlth
more i *- continuity since It04, -is it
Is recognli in'a di
"M? W ?. ??I ?#t*
A Man's Cool
Low Shoe
?light and porous;
on comfortableCow
ard last, with cus?
tom heeL
Sizes to insure a
satisfactory fitting
During July and August
ftore will Close Saturdays st 2 P. M,
264-274 Greenwich St., N. V.
? *.? Alt ?T?.SI,rN hTRtCT?
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