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Thoroughbred Racing S Polo ** College Baseball ?> Golf ** Dog Show .* Other Sports
w um m m
j-y to Escape Death or, in
"Any Case. Serious Injury
at Hunt Meeting.
I (Jets HoIIis Handicap
7:??e When Elnar Is Set
Back by the Stewards
for Fouling*.
: ?*r of
' , parx T? where
? '
? - - : : ? ott
" ?
si i .1 half,
8 took
. id did
I ? tue
? n in?
Lg k:?e ' ? - - mo?
mee docto
: ?AUS
|*_ feet, bal
? M other eng
?Jilti T?o s . Wind?
i from
I to ? >\- the
the Jour?
g tat track '
[t>rt?war'. ' to disqualify
!m ' t foul
:E!tar had air mount
iany of the
itand es I was
t-trfd r_d i . ? lv in the
: l most
:.--'-' -
?t and
hat lost little t
?sa] iewi '
pttaaersc with Johnnj second and
Kill third.
?on? ?- and
etti aat, second i
Ithe cours* Fifi ? the ?inish.
R T Wilson a Fl a, th
f?v>ru*. followed him. The latter.
?, beaten it tn<: tin
beuten, aft?-! bell nt for
faBet'a Byossei won the Turf ami
VK Hurdle. Plate, but the race was
gal ay a chapter.
Uk. tkree of the six starters :
?_"J Et?Jhald and Astute, whlOl
"f-don to fight oui the finish.
Stumbled and unseated his
aVatfere n white
Ml it the third E_tdbald ?ras the
?"?oto He crashed througl
rune a crop
' then had
. and aft?*r ?hak
a<g frijolee ram' awaj to a ?
hi Johns- .in got up !n the
? width of a
He tA-a- the :avr t.
vi and the victory was a?
ean a? th? finish waa
an ?. ?u: : betwe ;. o,?* T char
fSm arc ;r - r at one
'her in fact, Reyboora, seen
I impogt of 172 pound-,
ronger at the md and
in the last hun
*J* rtros a'- out of the dip
?it the pos*
S it took Fra. k Clarh a good M BalB
* to get them ofl In anything like f:?ir
I late \v?r? quickly Jumped to the
;u>- forced a ?a-t paos, With ?'ulvrt
* Sarautl a:.d the others trailing
?a th* paddock, however, the former
**? end ?u?t then Reybourn came with
J*8 to do hh'- ihert in a
-*? Uriah that landed him In front
' ttt action of a nod
?C Bar.dy, ?ith Fred Alper? up, capt?
mtfcaan'a i a, beat
iMn- Pavne Whitney - B<*4stsf"i***e sis
*Jtt8orioaf'et ... . retty late, in which
?t lb? last jump ha?l a distinct
J-'-'c or. th?- .-- m< j ). widener's
'?rt work*?] ... w;i-. tr, the front
*?*! the hr.me turn and came to the
?Wie t?un what lookefl |lk?. a er|Q.
**4vantaKM ,t down i?>- crashed so
J*8?? Sandy, a winner at the r?-emt
**"* M Brookline, came on without
J? ?r*pcsii
Alptra rode a clevei .a ?- and there
?U"-""- who thought i? ?ou!d have
I et hl? mount
( - ?- ?iiuuiii a
m ted rtixxi ,Jp
i f? Sa? g
. even If ?^1
??-the h ar ami pi_i_d
PUATE. foi ihr?e year-o:r,r an?!
?-? ?>ur?? nu le an?l a
?I?. ??, *""'' ,v"" cleverti No tin*
a?i ?w,nn'' I Mlgrelae-gtetsr
t?L?? ??
>w art . od?i? Km
tejL'.??? . i*.
? US....AIpers . 5 2'
iff....Howard .
1? ...'?liiert . U fell
8-5 Fell
^.?ASf. ,.,-p , , huntt.r,. l>urw , M
m___ ' ""'i * !i?if ?ten f-o^
L*T?e?, v' ' V 'nn"r' h "
?>t?fl(?'," N Owner. Al)?n
?? . ???Pis. Kin.
*ruu. Mr l-?wla t l"
> '.??>' -Mr App 1-ton. R-* ?*
S)?*-r' * *
??III?,, Mi .xp.rilmer 10 4
??.'??.. "' N" VVr"h' ' F'u
__!_?...,' ',H,; '?AI.LOWAY IIX'l'l
???jl 8*11?,?.?,,, ,,uu,.. $_?,.. Atvrtn foui
?SlW, "?"?"? h * 4. bv Star
5??\^' <:.*,l*r. Pred Johnson
Odd?. Kin
Tu? ker 1 I
i recaer 7-1
? Mr. Oatias.... 7
Ipen_ 7
I.e?l4 i)
. ?0
Bte, ha? ,r 'bi-ee-ye?r-ol?lB an?) upward;
S????. 0'J' ?'- furlough. Start fair
Ja,?111* N'. time Uk?n
ja?. wt if? k.% oaae. rm.
& ' . ?*'??-.. I??'en,?*?rt ... 30 1?
2? 1W -..I'avle? . 2
5*1 te..., lloffinan . 15
!_" Rai.-?. T ffltklsu? . ?0
?yiS??0?? H....K?irl? k ... !
?*....M?-Nalr . 88
?0?....?c<ah?r . 7-2
H8....TAoire . t
7*"!f!?1 fir foullnr SKkl? ?Boltad.
l.lnar. on left bettini : head in ihr I i
Fair Sprinkling of the
Smart Set Enjoy Racing
United Hunts Meeting Shades
Society with Poln.
Motor from Their Country
Places to Course?Striking
Costumes Are Numerous.
r>< pit? the Isteneea of the ?.eas?.,?.
so manv ;.. ,f ?.ei,.?.. .,.,.
from town, and with a counter atti't I
af ro:-i at the Meados Brook Club, there
?vas a fairly larga attendnn <-. M
Kj.enkinir. ;>t BelmoBt Psrh Termiii'il
terday afternoon for the Ural da
tn*o days' maetlns ol the United H
Rsctitg Asee? lotion
The Iconic; Island set in part,
largely reprseasted at the ?,-et ,,e
course, the majority arrlvirii* from ?
country plseea by motor after luncl I
ami just before tha Am ra-e ?-a-. atarted i
pome of ;he member?? of th*- Turf and j
FteTfi '*;iib had ' at the old Man?
lea manotea, acroee tt.?- ?ray from the.
tra**k, before the races
Well Known Persona Pr?tent.
Amona, those ??-?-n were Mr and .'-1 ??
Rohert i. Qerry, Mn Gerry's sister, Miss
?'aroi Hsrrtmsn; Mr? Tatnai a. B i
who had with her Misa Plora Whitney,
da .-'liter of Mi and Mrs Uairv Psyaa
Whitney; Mra Psyne Whitney, with her
children. Mi j i: Smith Hauban, who
?was srlth Mr-. ( l.-ircii e w. [??.Ian and |
Misa Delsn, >.f Phllsdelphlsi Miss Ad
Isldt Flint, dStlglltSI O? I?r and Mil
tin Flint, jr , who was with her ennsln.?.
W. Bryee Wind and .). Stuart Wing, jr .
Mrs Thomas Hitchcock, Miss H?-ien
Hitchcock. Thomas Hiti-iv-ock, ir . Mr.
and Mrs A Mutier l??incan. Mr and Mrs.
Richard P. ?'arman, Mr and Mrs Henry
W. Warner, Mi and Mrs s a Warner
p. i.t.-i7./.l, R Lawrence Smith. Louis
HntKht, who was with Mr and Ml*l
Blrdseya B LearM Mr ?nd Mis. Allan
Plnkerton, WkU h:i<\ as their Rufeta Mr.
and Mr* ?.arr?t B K i i > ; Jose?,,!?. K. I>av|s.
Henry k. Buch I IkMdy ?ron B<
Poshsll Keese, Cornells* k. O, BtUtagS
Harry I Pa?-e, Mr. and Mrs. Utn ?jatms.
Elliot C ? '.'V-'iin. Id, Mr and Mrs. Harry
K Viagut, Hoary iV. Run. Mrs, Henry
Bell J lesiie liarclay. MM? Muriel Win- J
throp, Misa Mi rts L Bird, Dr. Char* i
Harrows. Archer M. Thompson. John ?1
Follansbee and Mrs. K Ambrose Clark
Some of the Coatumea.
Among the ntrikinK costumes seen was
that of Miss < arol llarrlman, who was in
?lark blue i imted taffeta, tl-.e skirt of
which rest ml;? full and drawn in aroinvl
the ankl? She SON a small hat of blue
satin, trimmed with ? Ion?,' 'julll
Mrs Jame? a u\?rden w*s dressc? in I
Mua and pink figured foulard, and her hat
f Mash straw, trhnn.'d WitM bSWI of
blaeh satin ribbon.
Mrs. Psyne Whitney wore a ?*.<-'?*?? "?
n-TCCHAglSi for iour year-olds and upwind;
? $v?*> Atviji iwe mile* Btan r."?'
Wos es-iy N?. time tik-n Winner, b p,
4 t.-, lersiriinhsra flentsee <???n<?r. F w.
? B? ^ rr,
Hors? l?M lM| fids Fin.
VAK - ."I* . 1? ...Mr Alpers... M
nus .141 .. 'i Hii?n .
Hlmstim 13* ...Mur*,?hy . * *
Rolan?! r?r?1ee 14* .Clark . *? *
tvl K'.imd .14??. .Hooih . 10 ?j
Z?llU'>o?l .144. ..Turnlnirke .. 10
Kl H.rt .144... Palmer . ? Fell
?n?n o'j?
PI.ATF. for ha.-ks. '.urt-?. t? .'I Aliout one
n.lle sad a .'i.eiter H??rt ion.| U on I >*?
eri> ?a liras '?ken Winner, b a ?
Hr\n M*wr?The fci| inster f.wner. C K
Horfe N?. t .loeke?, Oddi Fin.
**?'l!llt*e . .??....Mr E T.irker J-i I?
FfiolllrihtS.!|T Mr rOTV,|jn .. ?J 2?
N'?**e?v .IM.... Mr. Alper?.... I I1?
Fred tesen.ML...Mr fteven?on ? *
White en' rolderrd mull ?
of pirh ....
:? d i m
I of tulle
? .
.hi? *? ?he a-Ai
... ...
Ml ??arret B Kip waa In a ?-trikir.
' ? : . ? . ! vv it!i
bal f pui pis : Iran till lined wltl
-. wore a I
? b . ombinsd arith whit
- black strsa
i ret!
which was
? i tetagth < "at <f old i-.-'
bat of eciu strsvx, trimmed wltl
pink i
Mi Henry %V. Wai
dark . ? bal ol
Mairv K Vincut
. ig green in.en. la.?;.- hit ft block
tin?*-, o\?r w hi'h was worn a p*
Mrs F. Ambrose Clark- m ?? of ?hite
ni .11 embroidered In dark blue, hat of
i i.? k ?trew, trimmed with pink
Mlsr- Muriel Wln'hiop CoStUBM r'f
.. ? .,:. with ? ... sash, viim
which she wore a large ha! of whits
ftr;.w trimmed arith tull?
Mis Birdssya B, Lewli Qowa of white
and ? red fuuiu d. large hit ?.f
black straw, trimmed with white wii ?
Mrs a Butte: ?Dun? in Whit? linen
skirt with bodice of whit.- embroidered
taffeta; '-mall hat of lilack Straw wii .
bla? k wings
M,, s X Warner I'.aM-iz/i ??own of
White mull, with sash of grpcn ?atln.
hat of white btraw. trimmed.with
pink flowers.
Miss Marie 1.. Hird COStUhM "f white
Pr?.p?, ,if. .'hlrie. small while sAraw hat,
trimmed with whit?- tulle. _i
L&diei' Stukrs Now ft Hnnflirr?
?--n Crird nt Bdmont P.irk.
I , . . * ? ?.. ,.
be the fesl ?
?x ?od..?
the old days the
4t W . 1?*;?-l ?
I ut this \ear It will he run sa a handle?!
B ?th ?he ? ?
|e nine i *?unds *
Plj Ing Fairs, or?
des, and mor
I . . -, .
tber i ? I out th
t.) ,. ? j 11 lech?
for fall ra
> ?? Harl -"1 Aim
and . liStlOfl
Havr. ?i?, ?-.race. Md . leptembei i t<
Mai ?? land Joesej
? lu??. Plm o Md N i" No
.slve and .1 SI
Jockey < in'. Mori ?
to Noeember l"?. Inel i
Walter H<-h.?iier, utility outfl? der ol th?
?a .is released Issi
nlghl to ',-- *? ashlnrlon 4luh al th?
was Mcured by
from the Detroit clul?
earlier in the season.
i ?. Rsd I ? bsSe purchased Malley, ?
pit'-her. from the hS'Simr****- elsbi and h?r
n ill i- 001 t Si "net
President ?'harl's W Hornera of the
?Cleveland Napa has called on "Rube''
Evans, th? I nsl ?outhers L-eague
left-hand pitch, r. vM?h New ? n .
t,, repon Immedietely. Besas has bo?m
the t.r..p?it*. .-i ?h. Clatreluni ?-luh tor
some time, ieit bSI bSSS allowed to re
i> New? irlesns
? ???
Everett B. a youngstei iried <>ut in
the outtieid by th'* rittst-ursh Piratea
tai\- ios, hsa been >cr,t to the
. -., Id club Of the Three 1 league
Th- Detroit Ttgera have sicned Klder, a
pitcher, fr..in Hi?- I'nlverslty of Minnesota
Drop Four-Oared Crew
Race at Poughkeepsie
Stewards to Substitute the
Junior 'Varsity Eights.
Rice Thinks New Fixture Will
Provide Greater Incentive
to Oarsmen. I
Morten 0? ?OgUO? chairman of the
board Of Itewardl Of tie Int.-collegiate
Bowing Association, atino inred yester
day. after a meeting of the stewards, i a!
?,,,,.,, forth the race tot foui oared crews
|a the annual roughk?epsie regatta
would re omitted and a two-mil- in
r varsity elght-oared crews be sub?
This plan was flrat brought up by the
Columbia and Pennsylvania stewards a
, | .,Ko. but found opposition from
in view of the accident? that befell the
fe?r?oared rrew? la practice on the
Poughkeepate course end the -moi si
ih(. rece itself, the r-tewardi I
elded that th-* four-oared race must go
The subi-tltutlon of the race for Junior
?varsitv eights originated with Jim Hloe
coach of Columbia, who believed that the
addition of the new race will provide u
greater ire ?iitlv?- to oarsni'-n to try for
tl,.- . | ,11! result in mute tuen
The action <>' the stee/ardi marks the
end for all t'.m? of the four-oared ?rev?
without cozswsins In this country at
leas! ?Harvard and Vale have had
eoaswalns m their cr?era for reara and
the Poughaaepata ?ifticiais thouxht at
? ? rowing ;!.?? lours with coxswains.
won th- Visitors' Cap, the onh trophy
??ver xvon at Jit-nicy ty an ?\merican
? i r w.
The four-oared rn.e writ? first included
.h tu?- programme ?.f th- Poughk?
i. c .i?, in - .*., ,4hen i ornetl .?"?! Penn*
nis ' M''! ? '1 crSWI Tin- next . ? ?
Columbia was in the race and it has been
an annual feature "? the regatta bin,,
Tin' iiiiilor eicht Mea prove?) more popu?
lar, however, end it was adopted
hour-oared ci.-w? without coaswaias
??'. used o- American .?iiieg?- oeramen
m th.- .lavs when rowing vas |?i |ts if.
faacj In this country, nie stvi?- ,.f rig
vv.a.? ...?icd dire? tlv from Hi.- English an 1
for reara most <.f the college races were
between four-Oared boat? i'olumbla s? nt
.. four-oered crew to Bnglaad in i*7* end
New Orleans, June 2.V?The propo?ed
twentv-rnund fiirht between Jack Hritton
and Charlie White, seheduled for July 4.
will be chnnaed to a ten-round bout, and
will be held at N>w Orleans Instead of
? li? . hange resulted from the announce?
ment of i.overnnr Hall that no twentx- I
round fight would be allowed In Louisi?
"I Pi? ??::.* Mi - I irol II ?rn
in.iti. Mrs. Robert L ?Gerry and
Lew Warm**
! . ' : PJ? 'ire - Mill AdelsidC
F)ii ?
1 Groat Neck Beats Cnoperstowi
by Single Goal Alter a
Stirring Fight.
I Two .. pl.iyei
?'.i-T-ent of the '?
In th? '
? ? . one ge i
.' i Ireal Noch Orssa
'. La ?he second con
, ? hi.-h ? in ad? -i Ma goals, t.*. ? ? ? \
I* theest lew In off th?
ocean lai? in the afternoon, but th?- pla.?
? ? men and pontea ?om?* ao fan
its, but tb
onlookers, who earlier bad been almosi
I pen ting for breath, sctualli sought oui
.ill the to . ? tre
romen ?-re ?raving polo costa an-"
n hats In th? thrilling finish, foi
. with a mil it? ? I 'he ocora the t'oop
? - deeplta their he*t ef?
? ? ? ? .: to Orest Ni ck, but
*. igoroua blockli ig and rl :
; the hit ?"!1 ku*;. atid the ball rolled
? nd as the jcn.- Bound? .i
i..u h team ? ",'<"'1 m lh<
Th? i a ware i the I i ?op?
erstown failinc ?.n three und ??reat \e?k
on .? . for the poeta Coopers?
? thr?-,.u-ii \ ..ii St.ides tally from
ley'a long ploy? counted th? only
of ttie third period Such Una s o Ing
i nee In attach and
def? i
It \\a? the way all the periods were
I played except the fifth, when three K"ai-<
h? :r scored, two bj Rumson i?>i Coopera
low n. and the utile; l.\ W'.-t'l. foi ??real
Neck. H< adlest on wan muilUed for a
foul hook InsJdsnta too, were three hit
bj Oreal Noch to on? for ? ?oopei *?
towo, to prov? bon active was iba |
u el t. ? fo-.i ernga of itevenssn lost him
?a half e:o.-tl in Iba s-v-mh A l.fted eh..?
for gosl b) Well* wouM have ni. i- t is
cancslled the penalt) ii the wind de?
flected th?- bail allghtly
Cooperetswn ahsved the '.omi? twice for
. im the eighth at r <>>\ Haul iueh
then helped to beei them at i ? pivotal
raomsnt, for Beadla ton'i backhanded
atroka hll u goal pool a .i i'
rebounded nxi: feel and dropped before
I Orare, who rode ??rr with th.- ball
i ?it-1, BssdlsstoB aent lbs aphsi t
nM a poet sgsln, bol Ulli tlow
hod n through, aa
pci ..H iied the i-..*: doers Bui Or ai
N"k fought ?h Bercely there ? .a
psora s.oilnr
The asrMsr K?me was nearly ?\> brll?
lianl si thai betwees the two n.st teams.
ah played thMr posltlsss well an i < ?aid
be relletl on. escopt that IMihv. In th*
Ing periods preferred to be a fr?-.
hitter ?ii Ma own eoesunl Ha rode bia
o\? n ponies, which arrived frota !;
M Tu
Tu?, /?.im s are on for thl> aftei'IISOn,
rma Of win?, h Wtlf si.iri the .*eml-m,a'.
rouad for thu tieatpeteed and Meadow
B.k cups.
The rnjannsry follows.
pos Playe? M ap P< i I lay? r h . as
j-^i i rtuthi.ei i-e i I?Howard Phipps
??Q A Hli?? M " '-' P ?Ira??. 3
I? J H Ttte-nsa I : '' H"*-er . 2
4-K A ?'link. ' ??P? H PrlSCe, ?r. s i
Total .?I TotSl .11
. joi-errtnTn Uaeeorile Owala earned, 9. by
nan.ii. ai>. i total. M Qrsei Seek ?-ssahep
?er?.-?;o?in ssmed. ; Urn peaaities i. t ..ai. ?
Individual Koais-1'iih'-.rne ? Tbemaa ?>.
Phlppe. 3, I ?w. 1: Orsc?, 1 renal?
r-n. e. i fn'rit iieferee? H II Hnlnit-a.
i.kkai KKCS . 'lorrtHsioMN
I'm Player H'cae Pea Playea ii car
1 \v R . ?no . . :i ? F S %on Sude... t
i ??,? Webb ... I .'-'<? Ramsey. 5
3-.I ?1 Milburn. Jr 4 I?c P Bsadleetea. I
4-H Hadden ? ? M Stevenson. 7
To??l.Ml Total .22
???eat Hcoh QeOS earned. S. by nandlcap. I;
1*?.? pennliy. '?? total ?'? I '"operan*., n ? (foalfl
eiiined. ? le?s p-mlt?. '?. ?"tal, 7'?j Indi
?liliji.1 ?nul??.?te? e*i?oti ? Wn Stile |? Rum
.?? | S'ekto. : Ksddan, i I'enniiits?gag
?en ?.?id \V?bb, tor fmile Rtferee??V Ainbroa?
Clark. '
Defeats Ccnnolly by Comfort?
able Margin Over the
Plainfield Links.
? Church Beats Pierson at Last
Hole and Leads Second
Division in Metropol?
itan Tourney.
Philip Van Gelder ?"arter. of Nassau,
won the metropolitan Junior Rolf cnam-1
ptoaship yesterday by defeating Ptuart j
D l ?mnolly. of P.o.-kland, the title
h-.lder, la the final match of the eham
aklp tournament over the link* of i
the Ptelnflsld Country Club, carter w,.n
by the comfortable margin of 4 up and
:? to pi
The Sinner ?.mply out-golfed and out- i
1 hie rival Carter was the longer;
.ut th- tee ?i pro i King aras sil
thai could i ?? desired Tune- and again
? ?ou!.i lav his shot to the greea close
t.. ti-.- , la a -ampie of his confl
,it He- eievent... where he
had ?? alx-fooi put t.. save the hoi??.
Connolly ha?i Degotlated ana of Bin
?listan? ?? t"it it n?-ve-, troubled the former
Interscholastii champion, for he ran it I
dewa as If this wat a i ommon occur-;
Carter won th?? hist hole through in
?lifferent putting by the nervous Connolly.
v ? i , ? ? .i h at the ,7.7->ard third
g.iv.- Carter a three there, one le?.? than
par, and au a result he drew further
.iv4.iv. ? it.?re mor?-, at the tdxth. he ' I
, m and won the bote, bul lost
.-.? \i when i 4 . u!..| ?bot brought'
his bal: Into a clump of tr>-'-*. I
? h again the only
hole ? ROB Two halves brought
them to thi turn. Carter being two up
<'ii the remaining six holes played
?'arter never needed more than par
f!K..r?? a\f\ Si the twelfth a BUPOTb ap?
proach left him a three-foot put for a
S, another Inatan i of where the new
? chaa | ?' under par. Connolly vis?
ited the r?iugh there, then overepproached
the Kre. :r He was at fault OBCS more
St 'he thirteentn. where M topped drtVS
made it s - r him t.. take four
to get to the green. Ml yards away.
Two halved hole? .-.ettled the mat. h in
' arter s faVOr
? -.'.'? lows:
I ! I I l I ! i ! -?;
I I 4 S s 4 S 4 4?3*
in a 4 I ||(...
. rn. I 4 .X | .X 4 - -
Two ?id? attractions were run off ye?
terdsv in addition to the semi-final and
final roun?-.? m ail di? isp n Th?*re ?U
... approaching and gutting ???mtest.
Which wa? won by Richard C Stiles, uf
tlie FerSSt Hill Kleid Club, with a f ore
Sf It There wa? a tie for second pi.? -a,
i Involvlnr* Il B Grter. Jr. of Suoti:' , i.
i and Kimball Afha, of Baltusrol. (irie.
winmng the play-off
The nummary follow?.
Chai ii'. inein . ?emi-r.nal re ?
- ???au, t ?at j im j.umini?.
I ,p ?nd i D
? I Rog?i Join ?. Canoe
i I > way
Final round?C?rt?r best ? nnnoiiy. 4 up
? ?n?1 .1 t?. play.
? ii?I n?.it .?.rr.i-flna: round .?Leonard
? field, h-at Normal
plej a i. i i -. -
?air, beat XX' T Badham.
Final round??htir.li heat Pier?nn. 1 up
Thud ?-igln iimil-flni! round. ? Alan^on
p . tl?i N? ?? Bi in?? lek, Seal H
k J US and 1 to ?
H It IGdinnn. A pa warn:?, beat )1
il?.* h I nao n Porc?! H and 3 to i ?
f'in?l : oun'i- Prei ? I ? .-r, 1"
! up and ? to t'!a>
- h elahl ' ?' re: t'.na' f\
? ? '?ao? Hr ? Bu?l Troa ??
: ?tes M
I leroff, : ??;?? r Moetctell ? II A K. XX ihoJgh
? ??r-ei.i 7 up an i
Ktnai r?"iid ("etteroB best E???r?, :) up
And ; ?o play.
i'if'ri eight (semi Sasl round) -John I'
t?r New I a - beat F x Ree.t. Jr.
uwel. l up; Keenvtti MctCensi?, piam
B?ld, ????' E'ir!? X'an Do-en. New Brun?
v? Ir V.. 1 up
Tina! renn?! ?M? tv-nii? h'.it Potter, 1 up
'?rot?. H'p. Net
Trank tf Dy?r Meetelalr ;?! f> ?.7
V !? F-?ir H N'?v rtr'HiiV? 1-. k ?I 17 ?-7
K t! ,- Suburban 7? IS M
Kimiii' v-1 Beltiwrel 13 IS 7..
T? 1 .? i Sem H-un.-vt :rk l.> I M
Ins 1*0 -l fS
Roger jonea Cese? Brook M I IB
K XV Butler, ir. Plainfield '.'8 1*. so
M f it ?reft I i pei Meat*
?tali M '? - '
Efgers, Ceeo? Brook SS IS si
j *, s Wykegyl M )) ?4
Beats Platts in Slashing Ten
Round Go at St. Nicholas.
BOBihg in lus best tnrm. Tommv Me?
lone. the Went Bide boy, outpointed
??us Plait". Bstf-Styted w? Iterwleght
champion of Europe, In a slashing tea*
round sou! at the Bi Klchotea a C
i.ist muht The battle wa.s bitter!) con*
leeted from --'an to finish, but MsJonej.
?lid in. ?rreetei pan ..' the (?reding an.i
landed th.? greater number "i .-lean
Ha?! Plaits bees more SggTI
' av? ?? ?ompllahed atore,
. s.,-n-?-.i content to bang bach aad
Ii Malime* back him around the ring.
ii pries - of the ases i ara ?
prung a ten "Young" Broarn vas slightly
outpointed by "Young*1 Dyson, ot Pro*,*!?
rilckey o itl osi .1 Mar
i-ci Thomas the lelf-styted rhanaplffB ?if
Prance, in ten rounds
Boys Warned Against Unfair
Tactics in the Ring.
Two differences between boxers and
clubs w. re put? hed up v ester.lay at the
weekly meeting of the State Athletic
? ..remission The Atlanilc I ?urden A C
complained I week ajso that Hie Zulu Kid
had failed to keep a contract \\ hen the
tesiimoii- was heard the boxer HKreed to
appear .?t UM ? I.?t? on ?ome future ?late.
Marty Browg als"? was charged with fal!
o sapear, bai this also waa s.-uie.i in
a similar manner,
The complaint against "Youns" Crosby
and ' Young" Klsher that they bad SSI !
unfair tactics at a recent'bout before the
Atlantic A. A . of Ruekaway, was inves?
tigated The bout was stopped. Doth
bo) - were cautioned against foul boslng
In future and the club wa.? Instructed to
pay th? money held up pending the action
of the commission
A ttoenss UBS granted the Sayvllle A.
?'.. of BayVllte, Long Island, at the re
.prert of I-'ather Heffernati, rector of th?
f'.ihollc Church of the village, who b?*
llevr? the ?port can be cleanly handled. '
Little Pets Seek Shady Cor?
ners of Benches, While
Owners Shed Wraps.
Champion Slumber and Orchard
Snowstorm Win at Long
Beach Kennel Club
T'nder a tent, which was spread *n-er the
lnciosure opposite the Hotel Nassau, the
Loni?r Beach Kennel Hub, with Trank
Dale in the van, held its opening dog
show yesu-rday.
Most of the large, kennels were repre?
sent- d. and the only fly in the syrup waa
tie heat, which sent the dogs panting into
the .?-hady corners of their benches and
nseesrrttStSd the shedding of various
Jaunty green and red polo coats. When
the tHinp.-r-?ttire reai-hed the boiling point,
howev.-r, pome one suggested taking away
?he canvas which shut off the ocean
breezes, and this prov? d a lifesaver
./ames Mortimer found before the day
was over that Judging "all other breede
and unclassified specials'' was by no
means ns easy as it sounded Mr. Morti?
mer had in his jurisdiction Rutilan wolf?
hound!, Scottish ?Jeerhounds, grey
Lounds. sporting spaniels, beagle.*, Old
English she.pdogs, Dalmatians, Samoy
adsa, Airedales, fox terriers, S?alyhama.
Iriih and Welsh terriers and a number
of the smaller breeda
Aa usual, the Judging of the unclassified
specials proved th- feature of the show.
K. H Fitch, president of the new club,
offeied a cup for the best dog or bitch.
This was w?.n by Mrs Tyler Morse's Old
English sheepil'K 'hampicn ?lumber.
Which ?.i.-? entered f"r specials only. ?*5ei>
ond choice fell on the French poodle Ur
'i.aid BnOWStOfin, lr?>m the Ke?i Brook
Kennels IllOWSUins won the Hotel Nas?
sau tr.'phy for the beet dog as well, Slum?
ber 'a BSS rnaklng her Ineligible to ? om
:?.r this.
John ?J bates a tup for the best sport
?r.t nog o? bitch went to K. B. ?'hases
KnKllsh setter (JhamplOO Lansdown?
Lena S?-<*c?nd ?-Jjpice eraa Alan North
rldge s Champion NOTOS! i'atrulan, x
bull terrier which is letter than ever in
aptta of his MX jresrs inri long cam
peisn PatrtctSB won as veil eveiythlng
m his o?n division, besides the Ferrin
the lot terrier in the show.
* Anna Sa mis s |1') gold piece,
which ?an offeied to the 'est toy, was
won l>\ .Mist? Manon Kenned] "*?ith her
wonderful Mack Pom l'arkti.?uk Hlaek
thorne in ihia competition Blackthome
-ed Mr.-? M .: ilarb.. .*? Pelun.-es-*
Bpaniel N>.na?a i'hun of Klham which
? .> Tlie tO th'.S U It '>'!''! e th?
.It;. BhOW In .ti*-wei to a cahle
ige whi" h r.-t 1 S?nd tne the le.?-*
i ou n,i\ ? t-.i |1,.' t'hun WOB
Mung at the specialty show when
in- ma.le nia American debut.
itt'a trophy, which "as plate valued
at 140. went to Mrs Tyler Mo?ses brace
Of Old I nglish Bheepdoga, \r:?n,lnta and
I Champion Slumber. The trophy tot the
? i td bj th? > \tiii.it-.r wa?. won by
the i-uii terrier Champion Serosa Fatn
? ru the treasurer s irupti.? tor
? i dog Champion
Slumber won the prue offered by Joseph
M? Uecnan for the best rough ...a te i
in cocker apanlela Mr Mortimer ?-ho.se
F.en I/HI.4S [.anadowne lx?t?utante for
? ? ? i h ??;, an-i the two Dointa wort 1 tat
what the Debutante needed lo complet?
.? onnhip. From n? w on ehe will
? ;i front of her pswie.
M ? |?r Morse aho?wed a leslyham
tern.-r ? ? b ?! Hie \.:--.;;1 H?- ?as a
but not l ? ?: en High to t-eai
Mrs Bsmuel tVlllet'e S-ar. vvhi.h w??n.
alti'O'jKii he eraa a little light in ".at
- a
Judge Ward Decides Against
Granting an Injunction.
l'nite.1 State? Uidue H. <_j\ ?.Vaid decided .,
yeater?ay that the Maryland State Fair
Corporation, which rs aa si i.rirei. was
? ? entitled t.- an injunction anatnst the
Jockey ?'lub. of which A.SffUSt Belmont is
ehalrmsn, t.> compsl the Iseusnce of a
??? for a race meet to be held in Octo?
ber of this year
In deciding the matter Indue Ward ?-aid
that the locke) ?Muh was not a eorpora
tlen for profit and that obviously it had
not refused u rMiurcttoo for the purpose of
injuring the complainsnt
1 IHfCt RACE Bellini th;ee year-old? fix
ligs, main i
\vt ' Same. 9F4
\y- Striker .l??
...a'?; . lit Perdmsl . Ml
"rlller . Wi Proa wtve Ml
ery . MB Hunch ..f Kevi.l?*t
. 1**J KallnWa .Ml
Laee lt*l
sK'i>M> RACE Handicap; tw?e-paaj?sMa
Ki?. an?, a half furlongs straight
Ul lljrpstla .Ill
115 Kxeciitnr . t*?t
Surpi ?mir . M - * '?' ? .I?**?
', ' -i ii I?>? ! te.?
? r.ir Hi Brake sue ?Sap ..i?
THIRD RACE tell tos; rSur?yeSr-eldB ?nd up
wai-l Osa an.l a half mile.
\V.,r Hom 114 !>..ni- OtSOO i?
jtm I'affre* l?M DslacerSeM l*-"?
Accord 101 ?> Km l-4>
BIS ol.I an.l upward. On I
. 131 Hi age .l***
117 Cadesq . f?
II? Klamm?. >*
.- nn? IW RallyelM ?
w.iithi on Plamma lo ludes a penalty of
.1- :?
M I'M RA * ? ?? leas four
.il uni upward \l ou? Uvo mile?
Timber I?" Exemplar 14J
Mi. i 1 -? .? it .-'. I? , f the Wind M
N'oeegsy . HJ|?iatemaa .1ST
Mo 1?-' I?roe? au . 117
BIXTH RACE PUUaa t??o vear? old Klv?
furloAga, ?.truKht
?lalsv . 113 The -Pint .1?
Ma;.?r . W l?l?r??riiy .1*
j)1 petla l?S ?? liter U!v.101
Run IM *.\ ...? || .106
? W
? \- pi* ntU'e allovan.e of Bra p^^n-l? elaln-.ed.
Publt? IchOOl S3, of Manhattan, earned
the right to pla.v for the elementary school
ill championship hy defeating Pu',1.
iooI 4J, of The Bronx, at McNulty
Field vesferdav by a score of 7 to 5.
The BOOM follows:
P | ?.1 MVNMATN f S ?' r?ROS"\
abr h po ae. liirttpot?
Fin hut.St? 4 ?*> 0 ; < 0 Ro?enh?rg,lf 4 00 : 0 0.
S. ?ttill?..-? 4?104O ci onnell. th S 1 0 0 10
fss'ettl.Sb ?i S ' 40 ?, iiiieui, r. aa III I 40
?M,p. rr.i.p (I 2 1 .'3 Htnun. .'b SOI ? i?
ROB'rMky.C 4.' l '.31 llnrn-ravelb 41 J 7 11
?.Ingo, lb S 0 " 11 J i* Mil.nn.if.-f 3 I 0 : 10
Rsee* if II 1 0 I el *JUm'd.rtrf 4?i 0 00
}<\*n. ft 40 0 ? ? 0 I'aiiii? , . 4 1 0 13 2 0
Maher. If : 0 0 1 0 1'Dillon, p 40*0 11
Total? . ?4 T 10 27 19 3 Total?.33 S ? *' 14 1
Manhattan iftli.. 0 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 i?1
The BtonM ?42i. ?i?lditi 0??
\j?f\ on bas?e Manhattan, V The D-ionx..}?.
Htnien baaaa O'Ceaaell .:- .- hneidtr i-'i. Me?
i..nuiiim. lan-'?. Bcattlllo, tiangenltti ft),
l'lpp.-n.. Reasnaky, 1.ing.. Maker Twe-haaa
hll t;. hnel?1er Thiee-ba?e hit??T3 *attl1lo. .?an
M'Tetn. I ipperr?. Stiu'k out Hv Dillon M.
by Dlpnerrn. 7 Kirnt la-e n beUI??Off Dillon,
?. off Pippurro. .. WIM pltrh -Hin; rro Hit
b. plteher?? u.-. nuion iDtpperre?; bv Dip.
perro iDUtom. l'tui?.re-OC; nmll rime? zjt

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