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V"- IAXMI..N"- 24^ Ta-J'>'rtl:ry*lnr;l^',fw,wi- NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1913.?14 PAGES.
i . 11 i . ? I ? ? _ X*" I H / 'l.'VT In t It j/ of New Vork. Jewey (Mr ?n? Hobek??.
II. 11 T- I'M* l !-<?> I I l-IUIIKKK TWO CENTS.
McLoughlin Beaten by Parke
in Five-Set Struggle, but
Williams Fights His
Way to Victory.
English Critic Says American
Champion May Have Lost
by an Error of
Judgment in the
Fourth Set.
m 111 RBI HT I 111 KM
I urn trnni?. rrllle of -'The Dally *???? ?n?l
I e ?<|er."
? 1
London - -in h wonderful
lawn tennis match, replete with thrills
and surpassing ii
the mnp-h m which anthony P. Wilding
defeated Maurice I". Mi Loughltn f'-r
nd championship, .1 ? '
Purke defeated the American chan
to-da: flret match of the T ?. * ?. is
?'up cha ? nd. The I
? . ? ?. 1 ?'-. 7 -.">.
Norria Williams, the nocond string
ef the American team, balanced mat?
ter?, ?however, by defeating ?'. P. I
in the either match after ?Jive hard
fought sets. The gcorc aras 8 ?'-. ?"? 8
1 ?' ; r?.
Parke was S worthy winner and M -
- r. and t.? tin
American'*-? credit ?be it Mid that 1 ?
with the air of I
nhtlooopher, cons ions that he ?had
plaved many worse games and won.
The only serious fault 1 have tt. And
I .'.:n ?aras hi.?? error ?>f
Judgment In the fourth set. With n
me eff?'rt he cauttered away in
this set until he l??d at ?"? men
To have won nt ?', >? would have let
him in to open th<? final set with his
terrific service, and similarly he ?ouid
have got in at s later si Parke
?aras obviously letting the ?-rt co and re
f for s tight ni I
light y Irishman. howl
turn e situation quicker than
?ighlin. and hy playing
? nth game of the ?* ?
?. thus opening th?- fifth eel with
Chance McLouc-hlin Missed.
i . ? goo of
?ml match a- Park? ?o<-'.< an eai?
I g lead bj? winning the flrat
.nd running on
.. im* a, Here nil s? ?
but Mcl-Oughlln, although ahow*
s ? _r r.a of wear than his p* r*
; ponent, fought on with 1
? eeni tenacity.
The American drew up to I?4 on
games, and even after being led at
t Lxed hbi physical recoure se to
Utmost to hum- a game. He ?put
geh into everything. A losing p ?
f-itlon was nothing to him, and he p* It -
?ray for the winner's portion with
' oournge of a lion. But with it sll
It was not quit?? Tin? real McLoughlin.
The magnificent, Irresistible vim which
had helped him to a straight set V?C
Parke in the championship.?
was seldom in evidfr.ee.
?ighlin did great things, but
with mor?*? effort than he had previous?
lv ?-.?splayed, and I wondered wh
? r not there was any truth in my eon?
OS 01 a few days ago that he had
gone a little stale, although he ? SB i?
l.etant to admit it
In Parke we ??aw ?? man who heAt
Norman I.. Brookes In Australia and
Anthony P, wilding at ICanchester, and
In no respect was It the Indecisive
Perke who formerly lost to Mcjyuigh
Mn. The letter's service possessed fOW
terrors this time for Parke. The e-jp
ding player alternated between
taking it ?lose In or well out according
to i's quality.
Service Not All Powerful.
In a few pames only had McLoUgh
first servbe Its paral<**__rig effect.
Ir, one game he scored three aces out?
tight ?arltl -?ii as Parivc played
' "i?tir,n?-?l on nlnlli pace, third ?oliiinn.
? . ??- . ?-TTTTT-Bt
This Morning's News.
LOCAL rage
Wileon Angry; Hla Arrival Tmored.. 1
Ho?ra il,-.,?K New Haven ... 1
Railroad Arbitration Assured. 3
I 'ti . en? y Bill. ... 4
Itepoead Bubwey * "outrait Opposed.. 5
i.'onoiiiv League Maj K?me Ticket.. 7
? <oy? Oain nt Fresh Air Farm. 7
Thre? Elopement... .13
<'nrn;-.al Delights Jersey Visitor?.... 14
irniy Fifth".14
Mutin* - ? - I'l??? ? n n. 1
Third I >. . ,_e. 1
a? Bt John's.... 1
Mediation In Mexico Held Useless... a
'?"ti'iv Owner Blames Foreman. a
.!/??[ a Munchauaen .. a
Mothall Oeta 1 wo Dayi ':- si. 4
'"?.o'-rats Wrangle Ovei Currencj 4
?"??'" Logic in tbe Tariff lull. 4
Te i ? i pool ? lute........ &
I? ?Cup Matche?.. l
? ting Renewed In Shanghai 3
K?w? fur \\..rneti. 8
?'bur- . . 5
. 6
?S?* let v. 7
"bltuary . 7
Thentrital . 7
? .g and S
MT_etlMi . 9
Shipping . s
Financial and Markets... 10, 11 and ia
Army and .ia
Est?t? .13
Europe Takes This Means of
Compelling Turkey to
Cease Fighting.
London, Jul* 26. a dispatch to TI
Dally Express" from Rome says the
powers have authorized Rusels t?. oc?
cupy Armenia In order t?. compel Tut ?
kej t?. withdraw behind the I
Mi die line, the ne? frontler i? twi n
Turkey and Bulgaria as fixed by thi
Treat? ol London.
Mrs. George F. Baker Stricken
at Luncheon Given Friends.
Tuxedo i'.irk. \. v., .lui* 29 Flor?
ence Thompoon Elaker, wife ?.f George
P Baker, the well known banker, who
i; chairman <?f ti*.? board ??i the First
National Bank of Sen v..rk, died sud
denly ?it her li<?n.?? here toda*.
Mrs Baker was entertaining several
hi r frit-mi?, m inn' h..>n a hen
Ki n. ;iti?i died u Ithln ? f? ? mln
- un h - .i by her bus
Baki r. Jr., and one
daughti r, Mr.?.. \v . ; i..,. w, of n? w
now at Newport.
Third Transfusion Starts Pa?
tient on the Road to Recovery.
LHghtb ? ? ? M dleton. of No Forl
w ai hlngl
Luke's 11- plant!
pernI ruer
.'? ftlend's blood by ?rnnsf,i
? ? ?-ml i? Sti rling T
Hvi In thi W
Ac< ordinfc to Mit Fathoi \
*V, MIddleton, lift> yean ? tjiy
ami treasurer ??f the Bi ? itruc
tlon, Mining and Smelting Com]
? ...
; Il a
dtgr?-?- by this, the thinl transfu
that it Is ?believed that ho is proba bl*
? ?ti the i i i? -
Girl. Wanted at Bedside of
Both, Chooses Mother.
.Mi.-- of Cam
Tran ??? and I ? irrived in Neu
York eetei thi Pabre Uni
ni t Bant Anne Chi?
: mother, Mrs, .1 Prank?
Iln, is serioualy ill.
?'? this month Mil
g< t< Hing of hei mol ?
?..I Immediate!] ael sal
Ami r?.?. Just
.'??ri meat ag< t n .?
w ir.-l? s^ t.? t!? ? Sent Am ed hei
thai er, *a hon thi eft at
Cannes, whlli experimenting with an
exploalvi in- had lnvent?*d
ba?lly Injured, i?< rh lly.
Mist Benni t? ?? ,\i
divorced, fh< I
the family' Quarrel and K;.<? divided hrr
equal!) ?between her parents It
intll the steam? r rei
thai Miss B?ni d When
!i? r | ? ad i" en i namlni d she
I tan
end took thi first tram West.
Woman of Whom Trace Had
Been Lost Reunited with Sister.
Mrs. John J. Ward, of Tarrytown, 13
? ntertalnlng h? Mr?-. Mollie
Valler, of Hartford. Conn., who bad
bean lost to th*? family for foil
Fort j ytnttt ag.? the fai . ? Ing
: ? Elmtra. The mother died, and the
fi?t)i?-r decided to send his daughter
Mollie, who WM then fifteen veers old
to'California with her un? Is and ? 0
For several years the sisters corre
spondod and thru tin- letters ceaaad
Mrs. Ward married Hnd rem?OVed to
Tarrytown. and never could obtain
of her stater.
Recently Mrs. ward's brother John,
al Endloott, Conn., i?--art"?i thai his
misting slater waa In Hartford, He
went there and U> ated hi 1 home. N?>
word w.m sent to Mrs Ward, but Mr??.
\aii?r came here with her niece, and
when Mrs Ward opened the door she
waa oven ome.
Married Man, 35, Takes Her
Away in an Auto.
[By T>l??Kr?.pr. u, T> >? TtrlbolM I
Beaford, Del.. July l.."..-Climbing n
ladder t.. a window, where ix.tis Lowe,
fourteen years oi.i. was waiting f?>r
him, at hat h?.rn? m Bucktown, late
last night, Lutbar T. Banning, thirty?
reara o?d. << wealths merchant ;?n?i
n mil fiad nan, asatated tha ?in to
descend and spirited ha? aw ?i \ In an
Th<- Kin'*? absence waa dlacoveerd
ami tin- Cambridge police ware n-.ti
(...-.1. They secured an automobile and
traced Banning to th<- railroad station
at Beaford, where it was learned that
h<- and the girl had boarded th?- mid
Inight expeeos t'<r N?sw fork.
Telegrami ware seni to various i?"ints
along tha Woe, but no trace could be
obtained of (be eloper*. !t is believed
iiif?> ifft tha train ?it soma ptnnl ba?
il here and Phlladelphla,
Bannlng*a wlf< and chlM were aaleep
;,i the time <<f th? e!opem**nl and knen
nothing of the aflilr until thin morn?
ing, Mrs Banningaaya thai she wll'
follow ev?ery mat ntne maalble to And bar
Feeling la running hifh Ir-ro ?aver the
affair. M la r??all??l tint Banning had
shown great Internal In tha gin. but
difference In tha agaa of tha coupk
uns s., marked that iitti? ?? t< nUon ?ma
paid t?, ti.o asaltar.
ERS. v .la.-s bj themeelvee. Bull? to
shoe til?* Hudson by daylight .'?ht.
Sixty Mutineers from Sing Sing
Submissively Eat Prison
Supper and Welcome
Chance to Sleep.
J Four Bullets Fired by Guards
and One Convict Wounded, It
Is Said Report Denied by
Official in Charge?Re?
volt Seems Quelled.
Aul.urn. N. v. July 23 Heralded si
the woral loi of crim?nala Bent to Au?
burn prison m nanny yeai con*
viets arrived her* t?- nlghl ????> tltut
ing th? tirst squad whose transfer
fr-'tn Sing Sing has ?been arranged b?
the state Sup. nut. nil. in of Prisons,
John B Rlley.
Ad i ' '? ?? in the : ?
oughl mora than 1.7???' i ? ?
.?.?us ?? - ? ? ? latj i-ri-'-ii
_ nd the ?poli?-* force 1 !, .r-i
inn?- making a g g. for t!..- art
'i'o Mn- surprise ol ih? oldtlme keep?
the ? ?'tu n t?- atepp* 'i --?i ib'- tram
qui* tlj atol m ith?.m shouting -
w . re f. w r? marks and t i
m hour?..- voices that Indicated thai
i be m- n bad pent lh< :r eneri
By some i ,
? i . : ? thai
the olTlcers had ?Tired several .hots Into
the convicta'
? :. was di ni- .1 vv 1th
-.;?'!??- .i , ?
win, was in . harga ol ih?
'There Is no truth In thai i ?.
? ni' n n ' re ord* r?
l.v most of the waj
hie than mal
here. Bh I '?'? h
m thai the. dldn t
? \en >h'"-t ..ff tlmr mout
.i reporter
r ? -
j ..'.i:: g i the 1 ft th*
Shower? of Notea.
I '. ? t ? r. ? t . .. I
? ? ? ' lisoi
? ? port un 11
Ion Th;
? .
' ?
' ' :! at th' -
In Syracuse i
? ?
t?.r a mil* All ?sffort * I - pei?
to silence 111 <-? i,
? ?n entering Auburn pi
in_ ?pair henil
Willi;*- P ? ho I? ?1 I hi
Th* mlsui
I the ord? ? ? . up ?hi
? ?
eral * IHci *
I hei ?.:?'?
th* i-.. s m. nt, -.v !.-1 ?
theli Bhacklei wir? stripp?-i from th?-ir
gnkl* t bl iltl
?' ? ed foi tii? m, on
I l: . I
Bj ra< use, Jul. On* ' t was
sb-.t in a ri"t aboard the "convict ?;?
Cial" as th?- train ?rfl pulling OUl Of I
the New v?.rk ?entrai yarda ?bis af?
ternoon Th? disorder followed th*
?1er of ?guards that the turn | top ; in-..
ing after leaving Syracuse, according
to the atatemenl of a New "? ?>rl< Cen?
tial ofRclaU in charge "f the train.
Th?- order waa derided, and '-'hen the
?guards attempted to entscce ll the nun
atta? bed them, The ?guards tried to
replace the a nit le irons on the men, and
during the fray that followed they were
forced to ???-? their ?guns. Four i hoi ?
wer?- fired oni int'ing one convict in
the ghoulder Two guar'ls were In?
juifti but not ?-? rlougly.
Aft.r B brief but short atruggle. In
which the Windows Of the train were
a?mashcd, the ?uar?i? regained control
of th?- convicts, who were securelj
.hackled, th'- ? haina whlcb had b'??n
discarded ? -* rin i on the trip being put
back Into use
Asks "Human Treatment."
ai the Alben, station snother con?
v i? t threw from i window s ri<?t? mi
v bl? i? wba * ribWed: "??i e t?? the m? "
..i Bing Smii the human ?reatm? nt v. ?
dee* r re "
?'Th?.??e m? n ut Sing Sing are staiv
ir.K'" another cnnvtcl sh< ?it? ?i as Um
tram puUod OUl
w itii six i) m' n, Including moei of ths
i ? nara. iers In SIiik Sing *?n?l tl.<
ringteadera of th? tv.??-?ia? revoll safely
entrained ?and on their way to Auburn,
an.i with four hundrad ?ethers, wh?. bave
be? n Involved iti the trouble, lok.il In
their ceUs ail day. man.? "f them ex
,1 i,? th? shrieking end i-tuntlliiK
they liad kept Up day and night, the
-. rat nn-?' aetcede) to t*omparatlva
quiet, SlthOUgh far from a normal cm
At i ...i?.' i :n the m?.mn k f-.rt'. guarda
were seni In pair* te ?lbs cells ?>f the
sixty rri'Hi drafted for Auburn with orders
to overpower the ??.nvirt?. tf they show ?ad
anv r-.st tan ? Btld sha.-kle them 'I o a
man. !.<>-.' SI ?r. they .sul.rnln. I dOcilel)
tn be manacled hand nn?1 foot. Fifteen
,? |n the lot were ?ha<kl???l to -?hlte
Who made no objection ?'I-allied In
pairs, tliev ?.er?' formt.) In two groups of
ililrtv ea?h. on* group being tak? n to the
bath house and thl ?.tin r bel,ind the death
Continued on ?eeond t?a?e, ?Iith column.
I _
?President of Northern P
Elected to Succeed Char
S. Mellen?Will Take
Office September 1.
' Stock Goes Up 2 I., Points
fore News Was Announcei
Single Power Over Sys
terns Lines To Be
Howard Elliott, preeidi nt i.f
Northern i'a> If!. .?.? stem
di nt snd a dir el
" ? n? w York, N. w Hi en ? Hai
Railroad ? ompanj. t., ta
S. j.t. mi.? r I,
HI election t.. suco - .1 > h.ni
Mellen. arh< . nation undei
.light 1} n?. er a wet h ago m
? ? organis?t!
Men Haven sj -t- m.
m supreme power hei
id? ?il of the rail, s
? ??? ;,. modifli -
Mr h.Hint 1 ?* ill ha? ? dir*
m an administrative and ?
1 tot rating details ?.f the
? n propertli i for a l h his pi
or e as r. t.. i
? h.iris, of ex? itivi h? ...I*? of i a? h i
ng und? r Mr
While thr m? M ofl
time thi offin ol prvi ld< ni ol thi
the ni.? ? on as the
a ill be -
? ? ird ol
until 1 ? ? ? * ' - '. .'.?i? i -' f
? ?
Ne?* Head Free from Preiud.csi
Mr Elliott, i.* * Irtue ol thi
!.. mad? f?.r him. ?? I-? o
? ..f tin? boat f thi
? i the i
lice f
. ?
man >>r n
i ?il. s ai
, I pel go
Ity a
? if t!
nt of I
? ? <w I
I will be n
. ?? t ret
I - ?
of n gi ' pats* >
: Informal
? >n."
Th? . ' ? ? eaaor to I
? talk? d of man In N
? whom tu.i
. ?
: I by a su f the <
f the board of <
II wai ? ? i?, ti ?I befori ha
thai Mr Rllloll would be the e
itlon of tti
th** Ne*a York St... k I '.%,
of the Nee Ha ei ro d to r!
Both In the maim? t in ? hi? h t
selection a as m id?
and m t hi * t.t. mi nta iaaui .1 after ti
? | n a ea apparent thai tl
Nan H.??. ti authorltli ?? ??? ? re tnakii
an ii|.|.? .'?I for ti i ? ;?' me? of M
i mot! ss ti . man a ho
straight?*? oui the l>egal and soc!
tangles ??! th? road
Open Door Policy for Public.
hi Mr Elliott'i slab m? '?' to tit w
i ipei men thai ins ?.in. ? would ha*
? an "i" ti door" for the public and i
Ihi Jovial attitude of J. P Morga
wen thi conciliatory wlahea notlceabl
The sub-committee, of win. h J. i
Morgan, Theodore N. Vail, Samuel Re?
v? ill,am Bklnner, Edward Ml!ligan an
Robert . Taft wen members, ttn
n)< t t.. decide formal!) on Mr EUloti
Then hts nami waa preaantad to th
board of dire? tors, and the election wt?
announced In lha middle of tha ;? f ter
? ?ver the signal are of Mi . all th?
Mil.-, ommltta? made tha following rac
ommendatlon of Mr. Blllotl
? Th.* nub ?committee appointed to i on
? Id? r and re ?..mm? nd h bu? i saor to th<
prealdent would suggeal thai this selee?
lion InTotves s largar question.
? The presiden! of the Nea fork, Nan
Haven .*- Hartford Railroad Company
la and has baan not only tha executive
head in tha general administration of
the sseoetated properttea. but also the
..[.?rating bead of each, and probably
much of tin* dintrust and dlaaatlsfac?
ion which ealata and m.'st of tha com?
plainte which have baan made uro ?in?
t?. the fo.-t that there have been no ?ii.?.
tlnct Unas bet wean tha functions at
general administration of tha whole
syatem and th? fnnotiona of operation
of sack ??-parat*- prop? 111
Bylsws to Bs Changed.
"We would therefore ?uggoist thai th<?
futur?* organization should correct this
.-in?) thai tin- titular hi*Hd of the Now
Havan systam should gtva hia Htt?-n
tion to UM geni.ral administration and
h up?*r vision of the associa ted prop?
erties, while thrrr shook! be a respon?
sible .,p.rating head for each separata
property ?Ah?, would be responsible for
efiii-unt sea ?Ice.
"Wo think that thi? ?*oul.l probably be
?ion?-' t-^f-t by cran tint tha position of
chitirmHn of the board far the New
Havan and foi ea?*h separata prapartg,
to b?** filled by one who would be chief
1 ?i'Uniirii ob third puf?, fourth rolumn.
Photographed on his arrival here from Mexico yesterday.
Arctic Explorers Decide to IV
the Relief Ship Erik In
stead of Waiting.
mi m
lion. I'ft I
? ?
: I
' hre-- ii,. i,,
? John's t?
to I'rik- M : M 11.LAN
I ?r. IMtii :
? .?n M-.-, um , II
H, Ii --I- ; .-f the
? ?n l -r. IIove;
?diil. u? ? m ..nd
It ne
N* both I ?r il ?
Dr. lien r
-I Ih? v w
M' M . ' dispal
I ?r. ? >? L. m. pari i not i
? ml th.- move
' l receh ? d at the museum ?m 'l"?i
?i'. .,:!:? !
r k ! ? had landed hl
l>r ? leborne "i think i
.s..rue mistake or < rr- ruling
Puzzled by Return.
"A ?contra
with Job Kr.-th.-is. m m .1 -h:
' tie In..na. for th* Erik t.. pi
... .1 ?it once i-- Battl? 11 irbor and ta
??n the I ?iana's ?arg" In \ |i a
I am at a loss t?-> understand why t
Dlans should gu all ti-,. ws - ?ba* k
St John's"
I >r Hove? ? ? ?planatlon w aa t t I
; ;. 11.1111 j_. of the Dlans
to Barge ?Point, Labrador, wl
struck Bui he, t.???. e m puss!? d i
the r? turn t?. st. John's, pai tlcular
a tu. i ?rlk w as ready on Tu* la i
start from st John's foi l'-.u n
"11 ma) !??-.' Pr HOV* -aid. "tha
despite ;h?. long trip south to St John
better time esn be ronde than by wall
ing for the Erik t.- arrive, owing t.i th
buk ?.f facilities f.-r handling -arg.. .
?Battle Harbor. Then, t?"-, time uilgti
he save.I bl not returning to Battl
h irbor . n the way back again. Ther
would be nothing to take them ther
agaUn, and by running straight up th
course might be materially shortene?
ami much time _av? ?I "
The lenk In the [Mana, thn a
an hour. |a r-ix feet a day. B -OTJ ?Ian
gerous Intake. The fac? thai th* i?. ??
was able to atari bach to Bl John':
however, ae cm cd to shoe that th*
pumps w?re keeping ?pace with it. Dr
Hove, said be bad told Mr. MacMUIati
? ither to bave t ti * ? Diana repaired In
St. John's or USO tbe Krik as In- sr.'
lit and seemed ?beet
Telia of th? Wreck.
in a i? u? r c oeli ? ?i | sot* rday fr ?m
Mr. .M.ic.Millaii by I>r\ Hove) the writer
tells for the tir.-t time smile of th?
events that led up to the wre.k, ?nd
thOOe thai followed. Th,s lett.-r was
a i follows:
"I'.attle Harbor. Julv is. ?:>i:;.
??.My dear Hove) : Ws have cartnlnl)
been up against it hat'il since w?- l.'ft
Sydney Sunday night. At about i
o'clock WedsMSdaj mortilag; In s thick
f.g, while coming ?through the straits,
w* ?truck ?ni Marge l'oint, about it-v.-ii
miles north Of Rad Bay and thirty?
dght miles south of Battle Harbor.
"Although going at slow .spe.-d a'?
w.nt on pretty hard, being so heavily
Continued on ?.??< ond pmge, third rolumn.
John D. Sargent Found. Si
Slain, in Cottage of Forme
New Yorker.
W Julj " For the tl
th hs ?>" to
of n. uni iron i.? ?ige. Beate*
his fa?*e alna
t Will
' , lie ]
. ? d
? ? on
?hop? : Robert I
id well kno
- g* nt li.nl lived
? ? : iill-.n. His ib ath n
the only p
to have a claim <"i the handso
h?te fron!
n ,- .?,-.,,. rrected hla beautiful hot
on s quart*
_nl land, b
' the ii.ai't of the Jackson Hol* i ounti
\t his im iti'iioii San.? nt Joined hl
and Ihe) occupied the pie e tog* Ui
. rs, until one day HamliUM
vas found floating In the lu)
I So ? md 1
bod) ? ae burl* d i?. Bide the lakj
a !??' .lorn? <i him '?'t' rwai
i ,,,,1 . . ? . a gt th* ban*
of h? ? husband a*era followed b) h
,it. t- ?he had tl. ?1 from the !?><i?;
liar death also was not Investigate
bul Barg* m took his de?pertura so*
? ard for California.
After .m ,il.s. n-.' of two y.'ai'.s Sa
gent returned with his second wife,an
th y occupied th?' Hnmtltc
ii?.iii?' until his wife lefl for Callfornl
? 11 il Visit.
?Letters I? ft b) Bargcnl were foun
addrea t d I ond * Ife and t
his mother, who u??'- m Neu Tork.
And Hundreds Angled All Nigh
on Allenhurst Beach.
Asian-, l'arlv. X. J . July 'J.'.. Th
?prediction of llahermen when a tifty
five-pound base was .aught here re
i.iit'iy that ..n.- burger would be tabei
before tii" end of the seaaon was ful.
?Ailed to-day, when ?Edward E. Davis
,,f point Pleasant, landed a baas on th.
Allenhurst behirh that weighed .?>
j ?pounds *? ?ounceu. it was said t?. be th.
biggeel strip?'?i bass ever taken by a
J surf angter along the Atlantic coast.
Fifteen minutes after Mr. Dnvls gol
his strike the big fish was ?ronquari d
and lay lifeless in the .surf. Th?-r?- w.-re
f. w anglers in th?' ?vicinity when Ifr.
Davis made his record catch, but the
n* ws Bpread qutcfclr. '?nd Hebln inen
pi th?T? .1 ?.n th.- beach by hundreds to
ply their rods all night.
The Davis tish was .'U)?*. inchea in
girth and ?30% Inches i..ng. it con?
latned s ?roe thai ?weighed ten peando
Bill Passed Requiring Health
Certificate Before Marriage.
Mad toon Wie., July K.?The wi.vonsi.
Legislstnre p?assed g btil to?day requiring
a - .'Hu?. ?it. of health fr.im both parties
t.- a nuptial agreement as a preliminary
t.? tl.e gratatlng of a marriage IK-en?.,..
BasmlnationS by physicians are required.
id.tii bouses .,:?,, poeaod s bin for the
st? rlluatilon of the feeble-minded, epi?
leptic and crimlaal Insans la .?t?te and
? ounly In-itltutlons.
-? a
_2_._S. yo" B" ,r> ,he ?'"?mtry. take AN.
COSTURA BITTERS, an exquisite tonle
Ambassador to Mexico, Miffed
by Silence of President and
State Department, Halts
Washington Trip.
Finally Decides to Go On to
Capital and Departs at
Midnight ? Talks Freely
and "Stands Pat" on His
Recognition of Huerta.
llrnr*. Lane Wilson, American Am
baaaador :<> Mexico, who was sum
moned t>. thia country by President
Wils.ui. .-irrlved here yesterday from
Vera Crua on board the Ward liner
Mexico, freatly annoyed with the Ftat?
!??, artmenl for falling to cooununlenta
with him i?!ative to his departure for
\*. ??.-lungton.
?? sent a wireless mes
i.. ti," Btate ?Department Thur.**
day aaying he expected to be I..
Washington Saturday morning, und
lie was plainly dieappofnted yeatarday
?/hen no recognition of his messag**
reached him.
Hi ,isk?-d anxiously for word from
t!?? Btate I ?rpartment whin the cus
toma ofRclala boarded the Mexico off
the Liberty, and was in?
form.-?I thut perhaps .? messag?* or
I r might be awaiting him on
th? pier.
.? when th?* veaael docked no offl
from ?Vaehlngton mot h:m, an?l no
communication from either President
Wilson <?r fr?.tn Mr. Brian's depart?
ment waa awaiting htm.
"I'll Stay Right Here."
Ambaeaadof Wilson, who had been
.???I In his talk as the Mexico cam??
I up the lay. Hung diplomacy to th?
win..- and sai.l he would stay right
j hi re in New York unless Mr. Bryan or
l'tesid? nt Wilson lefOglllaed his ar?
rival here by some sort of Instruc?
Asked if he contemplated catching an
afternoon train for Washington, the
ambassador sa
'No, sir: I shall stay right here In
Sem York unless 1 n-ar from Wash?
ington. I sent a message from the ship
on Thursday, and up to the present
time I have had no reply. Under the
? lr-*umstances I .?-hall remai- In New
Yi rk. for what assurances have I that
T will see th?* I'ri-sldexit when I nrrlv?
there? For nil I know he may he
aaray <?n the Mayflower."
The ambaaaador, who hua a manner?
lam of thrusting his head forward and
?ig at th?* person he addresses,
looked long at the reporters when he ?
said this, and exclaimed:
"Be aura and pot that down!"
Eh ?-pit.? hi? show of anger. Mr. Wilson
board?*?! a train for Wa.?hlngton at
Mr. Wilson was eating 1 IMcheoo when
the Ml xi'o was boarded. He did not
hurry with his meal, and when h?
ftniehed Btroiled out In the companion
way, where the re*x_rtcrs surrounded
Stands by Consular Message.
A cop> of the following telegram h?
Ian! to the American Consul General at
Monterey on February 21, 1913. was
?handed to him:
"'mi ar> raquea ted to inform all eon?
eular ofBcera under >o>ir jurisdiction by
U ?? graph aa foUpwa:
"'Provlalonal government installed
yaatarday, with General Huerta as
Prealdent Oeneral public approval in
this city, win. h is perfectly quiet. R_
aaaurlng reports coma from other
places. Pr- aidant Madero in a prisoner
awaiting tha dadaloa of congress in
his ? aee. Renata and House of Kepre
aentatlvaa In full aoeord with the near
" 'You ihOUld make this intelligence
public and IN Till: INTERB8TI OW
MEXICO urge general aubmlaaaoai and
adhealon to the near government, which
will be recognlaed by uii i?.reign g..\
? rnmi nta to-daj.' "
Aft. r rending 'he b'legram carefully
Mr. Wlis.'Ii MM lie BtOOd by the mes
aaga and had tan lad o*at that policy
rdnce the ov*irthrow <>f Madero.
Mr. Wilson was told that this tele
gram had been aevarely erttlclaad m
the United States, and was considered
by some persons as "meddling in Mex?
ican politics."
"I stand pal on that " said Mr Wil?
son, "and will repeat it again and
?gala if neet aaary?"
Holds Recognition Proper.
"is it not an innovation in diplomatic
administration0'' he was asked
' No, it is not," he replied. "It ha?
been the cuatom Of a hundred years for
Am? lican repreaantatlvaa to recognize
u ?le facto government. I stand pat on
all that I did in Mexico. That was the
uni] a. tion to take to maintain peace
and Ofder. By recognizing the Huerta
government we had somebody to hold
reeponalble for attacks on American
hf.- and property. The custom is as old
as the hills.
"Brigandage is Immunity in Mexico
and pays bette? than work. To a great
extent a Certain class has fe?v scruple?
in taking other persons' property. The
government is in control Just now of
aver) state, but there are two states, I
believe, where federal rule Is disputed.
"I have been blamed for a great deal,
but I stand llrm on everything. If I
had not intervened after the bombard?
ing of Mexico the city would have been
In llames, with great loss of life and de?
struction of property. I brought
Huerta and Diaz together. That waa

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