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th* Hung that prevented n terrible dis?
?tster "
Non-Committal on Intervention.
Asked if he favored American Interven?
tion, Mr Wilson replie.i -
I ?lid not ?ay so."
When told that Se?era Madero. ?arldOW
fif the President, conskicred him m
ri.-.hie tor ivT husband's overthrow
and death. Mr. Wilson said that thai
or talk was "snore pcdlttes and we
I loded ?ci.g ago ? II? said be did DOt wish
r? critklss or say anything <-*
The amr?a?sadoi was partiful'i U
should not be mis-iuot.d on what h? had
to say about niaiiitainuii-; the ; BPV
snunenl of M* >i o H? mai guoted aboard
th. ?hip B St H ll??' Huerta
__.Miiniviit laikd UM country I ?
would be overrun by a miliion briguno-i
and that cnaos would relga
"No," be said, "I ?lui not ?ay ex* tl)
that) although I suppose that is the way it
will be used in the I S What 1
thai i no self have art'-?) on th* ;
;>? that if the Huerta sdmlnlstratlon
not maintained th?. WOTSt kind of'
aiian by would -
Mi ?Wilson .aid ths situation In Mexico]
j.;t no? Bras bad. but not nearly as bad
as reports In this? country have painted it |
"The preoent sdn?ntstratlon is gaining
slowly but surely," be said, "and will
?eon have insoluto control over the couti
tr>. The economic condition?? in Mexico,
however, are very bao Indi
Huerta Query Ignored.
"It has been said. Mr Wil-on. that
tluerta'a ?lays of control are numbered,"
? ne of the crowd about the am
His reply to this was i\ thrusting for?
ward of hi.?- head and tepctitloii of the
word Huerta several times.
"It Is Huerta.'* he explained. gi\i;l|
Spanish pronunciation ol
.-. "You mi_rht as well fc?. i it right.
The h ia silent The name is pr->
BOUnced as If It were ?-pe.le-1 "Wer
There was no answer to the query In
r.i to the decline of the ?:
ne. The little lesson in .Spanish di
\r?t?-d the conversation tor the nv?metit.
-??puta!'.? man who arriud here a
. from Mexico Bald that General
nuise Is the coming mat: in Mexico
rind that he will soon b_ the President, ' a
"? 'ai ?? nnza : i aiiuiiita!" exclaimed the
.??r. "Carra?as is a chief of ban?
' Do yo'i say be is a bandit?"
' No, I do noi Bay he is a bandit- I
s a chief Of bandits."
"Persons Who lime c-rne here from
? ?o have said that ?'arrunza is loom?
ing up Strongly on the Presidential h"i I*
? Mexico, you must leiaember, ' said Mr,
ti, without ? v. n th? : of a
Smile, "Is th<- home of the natural horn
"The men win? said it were Americans,"
Interacted a reporter
"Very well." continued Mr. Wllsen; "I
make no exception Of nationalities.''
Mr. Wlleo a ssked if he considered
ng the
rament Hs replied:
"1 cannot answer that."
Tii?. smhsssednr doe? not look upon his
aummons to Washington as in an;
forecasting bis recall. Asked what his
plans for the future wert?, he said:
Why, I'm going back t" MeslCO SB
as i have fl-iishe.i talking ?rlth the
1 '????-ident. Of course, I'm Koinp ba? k :
The or lv reason I am here now- is that the j
? !?-nt wants me to explain the situ?
ation in Mexico and straighten s
things out. When everything has
thrashed out 1 intend to go right back to
In Mexico."
Walks Nervously About Hotel,
le Mr v not fully it
etrd h!? temper by reason of n<>t receiv?
ing more exi hell in??tructions from V.
inet"! . he priced the corridors of the
Waldorf-Astoria in th?? afternoon. an<!
talked freely to all ? ., gp,>ke to
"1 can only wait." he ???.id. He did not
F tC his room until " o'clock, but walked
Of ?m. door of th-? hotel and bock
throunh another, nearly always ?Ion?.
Ambassador Wilson late in the even?
ing told a Tribune reporter that It
his Intention to tiaari the midnight train
on the I'? nnsylvanla Railroad for Wash?
The ambassador spent the evening a? ,_
theatre, ren?w-ng ?his a-?iuaintance with
?Ameritan mus), al COmsdy.
As the Mexico was approaching the r?l"r
Mr Wilson mentioned the name of H .
naldo F. del Valle, a passenger, who, >,?
?aid. waa most entertaining, and a?lvis?-,t
that the ? ?<-e hl,.i. S??f,or del
Valle, whos, hOBOS is In I-os Ang.'h'g.
Jefi Washington for Mexico six weeks
ago. Hs was s? nt ther?, It was rumund,
by secretary Bryan to oboerve conditions
and report upon them to the Stat
Mr. del Valie expreesed regret that he
could say nothing of his trip to Mexico.
"I went there from Washington 10 ob?
serve things and make a report." he said,
"but It was an mtsotht lad trip, and I can?
not say to whom I am to report."
Governor Tells Her She May
Keep Children in State.
Skiagraph m The Mbeaal
Columtla. S. C., July 26. -Mrs Mary
W. Zachry, of Augusta, ?'.,?. who
Jumped Into ??n automobile with her
two children and hurried to the rail?
road station yesterday, on learning
that th?: Buperlor Court ?if Oorgia had
lasuMl an order awarding the children
to ihe custody of their father, Julian
J. Za< hry. appealed to Qovernor ?flags,
t?.-day t-- !?-* her tint! *>anctuary in
?South Carolina.
Mrs Zachry called at the f.overm.i s
office and begged him to let her keep
the children, (h.veinor Klease told her
he would n?>t ?end her bCMBh to Qsorgls
ani would refnos ?to grant a requisition
for her.
Trust Suit Impels Mrs. Kepple
man to Seek Divorce.
? I By T-Um
Philadelphia. July II .Mr? Lotea V. z
? ?man. of ? 'erriiantow n. has insti?
tuted an action in divorce Sgalnsl
husband. Alfred .1 Keppleman. the man?
ager of the . arhen-fabriken, of fclberfeld,
Tne action follows the beginning of p?o
BgS against th. so-called dye trust,
for at th?- time 11 ?.- suit Wi,?< brought It
was snsorted thai Keppleman was in?
volved with a i?r of th? con*
a ho had a? t--I ??- )ns seeretaiy. and
thai 'be two knee much <?f the affairs of
the alleged trust
Th- not been living
together foi aom* time Th?- luxurioua
in Oermantown Is oer-upied b?- the
wit?, while Keppleman has lived at the
Racquet Club. Keppleman, it is sai?l. has
mad?- several millions within the lest t<n
IN MEXICO usele:
Confidential Information in W
Department Indicates Scheir
Would Be Futile.
Bryan Will See Ambassador T
day, and His Visit Expect?
ed to Recuit in More or
Less "Fireworks."
Washington, July ._.?Tin- Becretarj
,r:i?..| .il Washington fr.>m i
w esl tin-- forenoon and had ;? '? ? m
- hat with the I'n si.lent.
t the crop.? in th.- -A ?
m eery good condition, but declined ??
lutcly t.. dii ( th.- pending V*
..; national Importan? ?, Im I idl
Mr. Bryan was Informed'this afterno
th.it Ambaaaador Henry Lane Wllaon h
arrived in Neu Y??rk. and he scut t
ciii'iomat a telegram eaylng he t
him any time to-morrow. ?'<
ntly. Ambaaaad? i Wllaon
0(1 h?To early tO-mOITOW.
l'rcsidetit W 'Ils.m la hum...' '? *'? I
amhassa-lor. nnd it i. believed that t
ambaaaador has many things a
? to trii the Prealdent PMt avei
have shown that relations betweci 11
dor Wilson Riid th** administr?t!
not entir.-i>? harmonious, an.I there
reaaon to believe that tbi ambaaaad
ha.?- little sympathy with the i
admlntelrallen In Its deallni wl
Mexico. It Is expected that he ? ta
?pportunlty of telling the Prealde
Hi-..! Mr. Bryan exactl- what he tblnl
not only of the Ifexli I n, bul
his relatlona with his own gort
it is ngreei her'? thai Mr. Wilson's t?-i
perament la auch thdt he win be ? ntiri
g to aaprai ir? he
undersi'od t.i feel, it is. In fact, p.n?
all predicted that there will be soi
'fireworks ' when the ambaaaador arrlvi
and It Is said In more than one quart
thai th.- chances are that Mr. Wllaon w
not return t?. Mexico City.
Questions for Ambassador.
Ambassador W !?? ..- ?,. -i ?
I ? Pr? -??:? nt t?> give his general Impre
.?ions on th? ? ith pal t,
pard to the 1
ditions in the vlclnltj of MexJ
He will I. M?k- ?I I Is oplnl?
whether Huerta can a I the re?
olutK"* .1 n hat :
??f th.
government Which will control all of Mi
I.-". In short the i win i
a.^k??I ii f ? i. Is any chai* i f tha 4
??_? tho revolution amona then
if till** is Impoa lbl<. thi n tl
ailmlnistratlon fleslres t?. know aomethln
llatSon und?
Am/rt-can auaplcea with ? vlea i
in? about a oonatltutlonal election.
\ _r??_t Hmoiint >.f .??til- >'
? n Ing ' ondltions In Mei
iro has reached Ihi War Depa
Whil? primaiil: ?>f a t- chnlcal .-.
tary < haracter, then
of ofBcera and others auffielen. Inform?
? a general character to conatttut
a pr? itj a1 ? urate sui
Think Mediation Useless.
the Information thus a< qulr? d, th
military authorltli -<i t., tha i on
? ? that any effort al pea el
? m. aleo i| chlmerli al, not ?
* iphomorical d t>> d<
feat and ? thai ?. pu*. 11?- ???
maintain ? neutral attltud? end t-> exhib?
only frlendllneaa toward Mexii . full) 1
? of th.' M< Klcan people i? ?
oountrj and Its cltliens with an unree
end Mtter hutr.'l This does no
apply to the 'intelligent ?lasses.'' wblc
in Mexico constitute barely 10 |
<?f the population, but it I- trw?- of tu
r? tnainlnf' M per cent
it is pointed ???.t i ? tl
eis and th? ir a;," i.ts that th
tl.iiH which will operate to
or w<>r_-. any attempt at frlendl* media
tion must inevitably rend? r eva
and ultlmat ? Itctal re
suits which nnfiht possibly follow su? I
contemplated mediation. (Smphaela i
laid r'!' the fact that Mexico is not ton
?with ?;vii war between two factiona, o
partlea, each Bghtlng for a principle, bu
ilnK from a conflict between tw<
factions whi.-h ar.- with?.ut principle, on?
? i of a certain unity which li
simply th?' outr-rowth ?.f its pon -
th? Other Utterly lacklntr Iti hum -,
with which it would be Impoaatbta to treai
in the Brat Inetaace, and which would b?
wholly Incapable of abiding by any pledgi
iti the aecond.
it is aeeerted by the military experti
th.it, even aaanmlni that the dream of thi
adminlatratlon or ? conatltutlonal electtoi
were pracUcaWe?and it la aeeerted tha
it would not be nnleaa ?very polling r?ia?<
were guarded by American aoldli i
la no leader on either side with euffloieni
influence to induce his quondam f"ll"w
ii,K to abide by the result?.
Under* these condition? the milita I? n
- which, ?.f course, mav bt
prejudiced-?favora no further d<
armed Intervention. The military authorl
. pit i late the difficulty which ?? III
attend auch a atep, bul th? an ? onvinoed
that nothing shorl ol Intervention and
prolonced military occupation can satiety
th?- natural demanda o? foreisn powen
for the protection of the llvee un?l prop
erty of their national.?? or bring anything;
resembling - ol the cbaoa which
a telearam to the Btate Department to
day reported the relief of Ton.i by fed?
eral forcee The rebels have been attack?
ing this important ?">int and have bad
high hope- of succees._
"London Times" Sees Risks in
U. S. Mexican Policy.
Tribual '
I...II.ion, jui> Jl.-?Commenting ?.i
torlally On th?- t-ituati?'ii in Mexico.
"The T
"WhUa Iba i owt ra have ao far left
the United Btatei t?. handle ?he aitua?
.,, bar oarn way, man) Important
;.,i, n and Europe in, aa well
M *,.,.,, icai ... ? affected ?? i ontln?
uance of the "Mexican unrest Boonor
..t later, unleaa matten tak? an unex?
edl] favorable turn, the Americana
will have to conaider whotber their at?
titude of neutrality and non-li toi
tion mar not ha paralated In until it
v ears aimoet the aapeel ol ahiinklng
frtm duty and raaponalblllty, until n
produces the very cr?ala II waa intended
t?. avert, and until it sa?irlflOM to .icru
] i, .,?? in? ..r\ ? \<i* opportunlt] f"r
tangible and productli a aen I ?
"Theaa are rlaka Inaeparabla from a
policy of watting on eventi Whethei
th?y would nol i>c raplaoad by greater
inks if th?- policy ware t?? h?- al
doned ?>r modified, and if the United
Btatea were to u<-sert Itself nioie .?,
? |.i?*?is? ly the problem that
it,- ildent Wllaon."
? ?attaesd fSSflB Hn>l pa???
loaded, and ?imply ?lay down hk.
old hors.-, gave a grunt, and dcclar? d
?vas ihrough
"We '?t ??in ?? launched our boats ami
tire?? over ?do* kload 61 coal to n
lleve b* r of weight, hoping sha would
come off on th?- high wat?
th?- morning. Bhe didn't budge, .-<> all
??av an?: all night and all th' I
? tepi landing proi trions ?uni ? quip- i
ment on th< t>-1 n, atsi iw thr* e
schooners, t?. be carried to Red Bay to
be !-?it Into s stoithot
"S.-iit telegrams p- ?port for ssa
? r- rday morning the mull
boat, Btells Mans rame don n. i
ber tip with supplies, knov Ing ai
moment the sea might Incraase sod j
thl ig t?.- loot Wh* nlws iur*
all oui own [troperty was safe, then we
began tl rowing <?ut coal to lighten her,
"On the high water hist nigbl
,-t- Ha Maria pulled us off. At on? i
started everything fr"in tin b*
working all night, and this morning ;-t
I ,.. lock the last ?package cam.- SDOOrd
I i ame up here on the St'Ha Marls- to
make arrangements for store room und
f? i reloading th?- Neptune which i h ?pe
.'.OU Will .??> ' ?'
.1. . ? i - lUSl ? ir-ti that the Dl
will be here to-morrow. Ice condition.?
:?r? ? lm| ' |" ' lOCi 1 !. ? ?? " ' h:i\ ??
??n? .?ear m twenty, .similar perhaps t?.
th. .???? v ?-. ; ? ?. , pttonal v _af_ of
and 1811, ?'hen th?' Northern bays
. omplet* i clear ol
"1 he hiiv .. .ir?- i??i w .11 mu? happ?
hop. till, and craxj to ?r?-t North. Will
i ? obably b?' hei ? ten da] i If w<
reload, iia?. plent) of tlnu then lo
get mt" i* ml- r quart*
'Sin ? ?
MA- '
Th* ng of the i oal as t?.itl In
the letter, mi 10 tons ol
the ?fuel w hi* h ? us taken "u at
on ih. Waj Norm
Orozco Declares He Will Exe?
cute Charles Biesel.
i ('?.'
i:i i i ? " ua, July 3 ' r ? asm
' -.ith, t ti.? i .
i?r th*
has ?1-". invest* ?'? m M- \.? 0
Bernsrd McDonald, an Englishman ?
? the s.?n l'at' |< e? Ml
.m. i Mill! ?
. i M< vi- ". ?re '
the Jail ' ' ' ? ' ? '
,t? i oth men snd I
automobile the
t.. -ht;. h\ W I M .... of 1 Ml si 1
v. ho r.-.i < '
wh?-- ? th*
l<-ni?i\ .,:!?? ? -i - ? :?? ?
.... ;
bring .tn< rican employee >?f the - o? t
aero ? ? rdei W hile I Santa 1
. w i- h \t ! ???<. . ?; ? ?11
w hat harge 1
? on?
i.v the fedei - s the tourini
; n.i th.' mon* v the men h ?
Joseph P. 1 '
? in Hart'lai?-.
Bl* s. . .
from m l'.iso t" v i-?? ? ? .,.
'a mine?. Mr Took*
on!'. Information i.i.??.i | oti in
t of Mei Ml t hat
conditions ? i li would be
several days, he added, befor* II would
report abmil Mi hoped
WSJ not ti n
Resigned Railroad Presidency
Owing to Political Interference,
i: N. Brown, nba - > signed ?
? ?f tii? Ml ?-i- an National I. I
w.,-..- esterd from Vera
?in/., m th?- Ward liner M ilco He said
ti? would confer v\ ? t r. th?- directors ol ? ?
company and the banking Interesta bank
in? th* roadi and on their decision would
depend whether his i
?i sin,, i- gned be* ?? p. m us liad
im?if. ;? . ? . : h with tii?- mats ?
ment and operation of the road?." he
: aid "This political Interfer? n* ?? ?
tir ? ?- and .i nth v ? ai , ?go, bul moi ?
lly during the ruis "f Madero and
iiu.-it.i it got s?. i,,?! i simply h
"if Mexican politit s |? uski ?., ??.? ?,'. th?
roads i ? .m ?7" ?! ? ad. The a? ? sptanca ?-t
my resignation, bowever, i_ in th* I
Of the directors "
Commission Formed to Inspect
East Side Buildings.
"Nn fador) on li I.., ?? Si<!, knows
wli.tt a tire ?lull is 'I m ; i-,im t.. v-r
practised it. Ti,.- f.- ??.,' .? ? ?n the Baal
Ude ai ?? llr? ti ?pi wh. ;.. .,- ,j , ,,).i'
oc'-ur ai. ?,i human
like ihe EHnghamtOn or th? Triangle
Thl? is the Btatemeni of Harry n
iitemi.-nt of tlic Kas'
Protective A'hoi lath.n, ?Im I gfl iii.mH
gated more than tht fa tori' ? on th?
Yesterda) at Mi Bohlacht'a ottce, No
1 Avenue H, th-:- S IS fOCWMd .. - Bisons'
I'll-t?.r; Commission, with Dr, C n
Parkhural .i? chaJiraan snd William s
Heim. t. Oeorge Qordon Bat? .. .v
Behai snd ?Samuel Ooldb* k a directora?
I The ' otnrnission will witit on OOV?
siiizi r aoon, ssking him to give them
aupxarrlston "t the faetory Inapecttoa ,,r
Hi?- Boot Bide ?;?>v,in-.r Kiii.er m h-.ti
?"-?-. prasideni of the Keel Bid? i?ro
tectlva Ari'i' iiiti.m ? ?i,.- hundred young
j men, BBeanbers <>f the fleonrlellnii, an
pledged to (serve a? volunteer factory in
i SpeCtOt?- without salary.
AH the rtty ofl), ials an?l many pt*___J
nent m? n Of Ptookhn an?! Slat, n [aland
have been Invited I?. attend the formal
opening t ? ? - ?t.?. ?-? <.f th? Bay Bldge-gtaten
leland Ferry. Th* new- tasryoooi John
BngtlS will leave the Hrooklyn sup g| |
p. m. ati'l at " p. m it will have the?,
lately nnlshed slip at St. George. St..i.-n
Duty of Dimmock to Look After
Safety of Employes, Says
State Inspector Asserts Peril- ,
ous Conditions Are Dupli?
cated in Hundreds of
Binghamton. S. ? . Jgly '-'? ?R< ? d B
nan preeldi nt, a? i eger ;
oa n. ,* of thi Bingham
m i elli n te i ?
land at tha Qarom i i Inqueol
here t.?-?i;i ? to explain hia reapooatbili*
ties reiati ? to the In oa Tueeday. when
thli i: -? Ighl ?a..tn. t. end two men loi :
... i : waived ? i? legal prlvil
and said i." wanted t?. beatify Hia ad?
mlasions and eUtemeate, aummed m?.
| I-'
Thai th? onl I ?* gained f"--"?
reading of II . Tin,unie (ire m Nev V'.rk
City waa to have ?toon opening outward
Thai be ; ad nevei com idi red the au?
tle sprlnkli :
tl hi ' oui t on? -t ilrway and one
th. .-? .n- adequate for ?ikm? girl em?
. n the foui th loor.
- . ?... fhl thi raat? a
????, r.-.i ili aha id oui
. . only t.. oily ws?te
? thoughl a matter of twenty
' ;
That hi had new r thought ?r having a
?. of a li
i ?
That he had nevei lawa a
proti ? . ? ?
? ?it "f.i!; r. apnnsibillty for
? . ? ? I
I 'itiuii... k." his ' '
?,? .'. t
? ? . ? were I
? oui
? ?
Puts Burden on Dimmock.
i ?I m mock ?
i - ?
' i
Kith I .11
.' ?
'?li a
' .....
? '
?. ?
, ?
i i
m di
? Tribun?
t.. .
.-.??? t that
he hal "thoua ' Ile
b nd 11 ii m ?
irhiel ' ,?i ? ?.
May Have Smouldered.
? of the women ??
? n loor, bul who ha et I
the l thai tha
the "plush ah? f of the
a earn i
? m??, the fsu t'.i v ,it i ,,'< loch .?n Tl
?h?- f| ? of heat COmlltg fr??m th
?a,iii n';.i i unnlng up beel
? nt (.he a ??? ?
to thi ' ter, a
notl? ? ?! the '"??'t Ihe apohe of II
t.. orne "i i" i fe loa n orki i ?. bul n.?
m. to ' oual)
? led that th'- < alia i bou ?-.i
the rai good -.i"! empty packing c?sea
and thai it ?as cuatomarj tc -?..! all the
i, li ?'??? f... i , ..f . Ilpplni . doa ;i .?
?.bute tO t*)iat pOTtlOO Of th.? buiMii,?
? ? i it waa bundlad In baga and tit Id
for th. ragman, who came on ?? a ? i
Parta ol four more bodlea were found
m the n ' . making a total oi
thiif, thr.-<? bodMM r. ? . -\. i ? 1 Tie nn
thorltiea !" en ? ? other aoven ? I?
were so thoroughly cremated thai -t
doubt (ni ' I them will i>
i '. pal ? Btate ?Tira Ma .I
i. ? ch left here for Alban* thia morning
? (?? make ?? r< i"??t to hia ? hi? f The r> ;-.? ?
. i.?.in-,. ... the ?Wagnei Btate Paotm *
Commission remained and .parated
I with the i?i??tii?t .ttornej In hia inquiry,
planned t?. i ?u ?? tut eting <.r the
Wagner coaunieaton, probabl) m 41
. .n . nexl waek, at which the ?? pre
tatlvea now here will repon "i"i re
I ommand certain nmondraenta t.? tha lawa,
i'.irii? .il.?i|j with reference to automatli
iklera and Iroproof Incloaed ?-? t ._.i i
V..I?, H
; Automatic Sprinkler Systems
! Necessary for Workers' Safety.
in it. current leuue "Safety Engineer?
lag" dlacuaaea at length the manara of
facto*** In and declai es Ita belief that
the Blnghamtoo diaaatar ?would nevar
ba\ a oo arred in?i the building
equipped with an automatic nprinkiet
Ba ? ?? the a i Itar;
Clothing factor) Irea happened waakl)
during li?!- 'ih. |.i.>i..rt> toaaaa amounl
e.l t?. fully B.WMM Thai the I "ar Is
. i.-.ii ..i ;, aeriooa death toil la due iu the
fortunate and earl) diacover) ol tha Ira
in the King Hiuit Uaint Companj ? fa
lor* In Newark, N i which burned on
March It, IfU. One hundred gtrl employea
eacaped aafely, though by ? narrow mar?
"Mut IM] ?_s a model ate > tar as .0111
. ..1..I with i:ni. During that year the fr.
quency ?of Irea waa nearly three each
week, and the 1 repart) loaa totalled near?
ly is,am,<m
?1 lothing tactorlaa are la the front
rank of ia|.i?ii> burning Induatii? - The
cau aa ef iba Irea <?re mainly due to de
facttva admlalatratlon and houaaheaplng
The in.:, deetro) entire buildings >>*r*iaua_
the buudmga Invariably are not <le_i_iied.
eonatructed ??;? equipped witll flavloaa to
quick!) Biraat lire in Its Incipient .tacen.
"ii tin? frequency of clothing (a?-tory
A Syracuse Referee Recom?
mends Decree for Show?
girl Married to Yale
Football Star.
my Til-greg- M The Trfbaae.1
Byrnciiee, S, v. July K ..1rs. "Lefty**
Klynn. th.- I'.-rmer showsir!. obtained a
preliminar, decree to-day in quiet divorce
proceedings sgalnst Maurice Men nett
Plynn, better known as "Lefty" I'lym.
i.i.iioii- is ? rale football iilayer and a
dson "f the lets John Moore, of ?rjyia
nt. brought several months a??o.
hars terlsed by ?absolute aecfecy.
Bdwaurd J. Cragg wai un* i ss referee,
but th? order appointing him was never
? ?
in th? sin? Mrs Plynn named as m.
respondent a New Vork chorus air
whose name the attorney, in the aetto
to make public. Private detective
testified concerning a visit to a New Y?.r
hotel which "Lefty" ?Plynn made with th
corespondent nnd another couple.
The first hearing in tl.e suit was bel?
?before Mr. Crsfg as referee at Mrs
Fly nn's a part merits, in the Onondrv-ra. ;
month ago. Since that time Mr. ?regt
has spi'iit three ?lay- In New York Cat]
listening tn more of the testimony Alto
gather, the taking of the ?-vidence occu
pled only about tour da>s. Only a forma:
defence is said to have been ottered.
"Lefty" l-lytiti is sai'l to be spending
! the summer In ?.'anuda, and is repOTtSd Ifl
intend returning to Yule ir. the fall.
m the Urn* of the inarrlags Flynn s
! bride, llena Leery, was described as the
! daughter of f*onielius Lcary, a Holyoke
(Ma I ? ha- k ?lrlver.
. .h'S'-i'ii \ !!>rin. "Letty" Kljnn'a
I father, is reported to have left for Syra
CUSS ? ? BtSI daj afternoon
fu es ni '/'i i ... than
hve years, tbli record pale-, b.fo.e ri
i- ..i ful Blngbamton ratastrophe.
rroiaiiiv tin- Blngbamton Hn 01 I
ta* ii Building tir" would hive bo*
stopped before ll bad spread ton r'?,: fro
the point of origin a s caiefuli) design*
and carefully Installed automati*
?lein had been Ml th? premise
Sich :-v steins have Operated in scores i
thousanda of '1res m bulldlnga as basar
" la as that Of th?; lilnghamtori ?..'lotlui
i actor.. and no !"-? of life bj tiie bi
occui red In a ? luipp* d nil
aprinklera, Btattatlcs <>f tires and Hi
.age propw ty losa t
; ?'?? i: clotl Ing fa* t*
?arithautomaticsprinklei lystemi x-.'<?;'
i ins am h? averag* "f $_?>."
? n clothing I't'i":, ;'ui._ _.? a w h?>
during 1
; Suggestions Might Have Averl
ed Disaster. S.ays Mr. Lebrun
? ieorg4 P Lebrun Mcretei y "f t lie L?,
Preeei ?tion ?
thar hsd tt
??"i i he adi Ice contain*
ibmitted t?? it b| h?-? .?
? ? liin_.i-.int'.
?- ?? would ? lilt* ha ?
,. .
"In r- ,- : Ml !?' '? ?
?nd t?
. to carrj --'?t tht
ai our :.
? ? t- d In the i ??
fgeal - ti'.ii f.
? >'id in-I istrt:
? ? ? ?a, and ?
.-?? w ?? . ton will CO
properly l h?ima
lift 'I h? ? ??"'?? i : I I
ty righl
? ouM be brought to th
Says It Would Strengthen th
Power of Party Bosses.
,i ii
i .? bill, deeign?
th* membership ll
. ? i. t te* snd to provld? for n_
r ' ' ? 'iRlh d?
? v . ,;.-f. .t?.
. ?
resse tht
i '.". making ? n bl] dial I I
tinII of r*
a ? r
In ?. ? ?
? ??..?<? "f the bill hefor
pipan nt It is a s- te tie- t,,
rite ?tat? ?ominitt. ??. bul to continue ti
outrai ??? ar th* ?-? m* bj :
?'??ly t.-nd t
. p of the 1 :
??:? atati aw
rt .?m no pol a would it promot?
. ttot tiva ' "iiti'-i of M
i.v the p.. ? '
? i ..v Isions -if th?- "housing 1..VV ' f"
: . i um u-. . ragulo
,.; th? Legli i.ti'ir.-, will - ??? be
. . it.'' ?iv.- until ? ?< toher i. under th?
amendment psssed ?t the es
? n and appi'?\.?l l.v ? ;.?-.
ernoi Hulser toda) Th? Executive t?>
Btocd I ii.-n.lin. rits P
th.- i.e.? ? ? i!??_ its o?psiation untl
Julv ! ! th-- Other modlf) In? It:
?'its with iiipi'i t to si?!?
Bill Would Have Assured Hin;
of State Chairmanship.
. :, .m Mm nss of th? Bepublicai
State Commltte. waa much diaappolntec
??-??I'll- to h.iiti tii.it Qovernoi Bulsai
to* ?! tl ? bill providing for the ?lec?
tion ?.f im? ? ? mitt* - ? in .-? ?? i ? t ? m
ber on th? beata of one member for sael
Assembl) ?iistti.t. each member to ban
votes in ?proportion to the ?rote east foi
th* party candidate for Qovemor In in
dlstrici Mi Barms h.i.i looked forward
to auch a law bringing la s head th.
movemeni th.n hai bi ? n itarl id lo n tin
him tram Ihe leedershlp of the _h
ii-.tn fltat* ?noil it would haw?
given him - ch indicate" hlmselt
bj s-. 'iiiin,- his re-elect ? state chair
man, as th.- voting basis WOUld have
pieced the balance .-f power in th? up
list riet a where the Manns strength
i ? ?
Mr. Barries srouM n??t comment on tins
phase of the matter lost night He did say,
however: "Governor Bulsei Bvetool ?s?-n
ator Brown's t'iii reveals thai Inconstancy
of thOUghl ?bleb baa come l" 1?. tin chief
chars iteristk ..f the . aeeutlva h
argues that although be recommends the
eetabllahrnenl of atete commltteea ae
cordlag te .eoembli districts, t.. ?<iv.
th.- membership thereof ?? ?..?te in accord?
anee nith i?nrt> strength in th-- district
would fa ?i.ii the 'grip "? the bot
"The m ?n wu?) is got ?pursued bj delu?
sions i.ini who bellsvss that tin- organisa?
tion "f b poiiti. ai party is * neeesslt)
even though peri-ape an ?vil?can hardl)
understand "bv an Assembly dlstrici In
which there are i)v*.- hundred voters of a
? p?. 11 v si,..ui.! have equal repreeentatlon
in th* i ?it it v councils with a district up
meen ting ten thousand votes
"To be sure ths i??nioci-.-ttic party in
tins suit- has never rooogntssd tha prln*
elple of part) strength in Its conventions,
but bee given equal reprasentntton t?.
ea* ii Aeeembly district. wImwm ths ite
publliiiii pai I v hi.s |.;i:?.-?l Un i epr??.?*enta
iii.n upon the strength of th.* Republican
vote in tbe various districts
"Th*- matter is not one of s i ions Im?
port; ill. thought and movement of tin?
rotors not controlled by the stats com?
mittees. 'I he ? aeeutlva veto is only In
teresth-l as an evidence of m?ntal <l??lu
I nntinned from Arm pa??*.
hr??.e where Un y received breakfast of
.' : ?ff?.?>?.
Some ir, Bad Temper.
w .,- ii addreaa* d tha two
groui near the death
hous.i ??! hia ?? -n sulkily, hut the
other, weir friendly. The Chief reason i
f? r au. n im?i temper as waa shown araa tha
? term meo ba?i been
Included it. the draft, Inatead ??f only see- j
- had i- en originall) an? I
ad. The n objoctad bat
the] had n? inca I write j
to tl ?here th-v were -coin*
.?n. man. who attempted to Interrupt
the warden waa knocked down by a
rand told to let the warden talk, j
The two aquada were inarched out
,ih uaIo. w h.-r.- about tWO
thouaand curioua rlllagera and ?? group
?? an waiting for them r<n
the roadwa f ?? eight of the cameraa
and curaca
from the prl o '? of them
Moopi i ,-? ?' picked ip atonee, which they
began to burl al th?* cant-era men Thin
... a.- the en ?a d, and the
? ??? red In all directions.
Ti.- i ' ?ok N apon the meal vea
? ..f the troubk
the photograpbera, usim* their
??lui : one of thi* In?
ania \V..r?l??n '".am > ?-.ild after
ward if I" ' OUld Und out who ?lid this he
! d? al ? Ith him, but n?.
Aft. r tin- lurrj the mat. ta ..f the
niied t<? tha ralli
Ah the) were led a pan
.1. in?.iiluni brok? l| In a ehorun of
t the keei adg for fear of a
general bi.-.tk, bUI BOtblng ?>f Ulla kind
I pod,
*?' '< n they boarded their tram, Ultag
\ the i- ir cai During the proceaa ef load?
in?; them two wlddoa ?, but
,.s n wholi the convicta obe* I
? ? tr,un pulled out they
? e ?mpanli ?l oa the
train by : -.- .?? t?*-? tivrt
iqra pa?
malntng al Blng Bin ? i t., work,
wi a kepi look? d up.
continued th.ir bowling until their
: voli ? ?f them ..sk? i
thi prtaon doctor to neat them for
One of the chanta on which
Ir throats ?nit araa "We
want ??..- ?ant Kennedy.** the
" arden
Two prtaon trial? w?-?.? i,,,|,| during trie
day i ? re of the ?
ixn v. ho w t last t n
it waa s;,i,i ti ..t Information araa ob?
tained which \u'.i u H.t to th- dlacovary
of the Incendiary. Warden C*1anc) held
al ? onfei rea i Ith thv nu n
prtrnil ? m un a cleat
If then waa no further trouble
Two Convicts Stabbed.
'i wo man, on? a agro i amad '"i esai
naaa named
Thompaon. were In the hoapltal as ? re
?uit of ?. fra tat of tha da] i? f??i.* They
me "f the strikers In
[the ah<M factory becauee they ah oared a
Idlapoettloa t?> j i. i.i t.. the guarda
! \ aearch of the prtaonera brought to
light a numbei ol k lutta, aawaand btlllea
th? > had made and hidden for tia*. in the
i v-. hi. h apparent!) had b<*?>ii
long planned Although this r.-solt
aeemed qu< Ik ?I. there ? nt ru
mora of dynamita plota and further out
breaka ??> felloe fomented, it was said
by outakte Infl - embarraaa the
Warden Clancy aald tha aest draft of
m. n for Auburn would be ablpped Toaa?
? eight men to be cboaaa by a
poll ot the guarda aa t.? who arara the
? i ardeat ? ta iractetra.
Was Hidden Between Ceiling and
Floor Above in Sing Sing Shop.
Kim tot pan harr the Blng ?ing convlei
who dleappcared from the prlaon laat
IBaturdai afternoon, .?".i foi ?bom ?i
contlnnoua leareh had been ma.ie atnee,
found shortly Infor?- sunset yester?
day hiiiitiK between the eatHng of the
knitting room aad the floor of th>? ?loth
Ing manufacturing room Ha had ?**o*b>
oaaled hlmaeU In this narrow spa'?*, ami
food and drink w?ara broughl t?? bin b)
feii..w prlaonei s
| Klght Keeper Wight waa Inepectlng the
{knitting ahop aftei Iba cleeang hour,
I about ?'. O'clO? k la t .?v .'inn*, v. h, n ha *?*
J ?i ladder leaning agalnat a cornee of the
room '?'bis ladder led to an opening in
the o.ilini; tti.i.l?' for tin? passa??? of I
shaft belt. Wight, lantern in hand, aa
cended the ladder and ftvt ?aboanbatrf.
Governor Suffering from "First
Page" Notoriety Mania,
Says His Associate.
Not Even Present Wednesday
Night ? Executive Insists
Legislature Has Finally
K- T.-'-?r-. t h ". TIM
Albany. July ... Lieutenant ??.?..r .
Glynn. In a Statt -ment on the fir-it puts
of hia newapaper, "The Tlmea-LlBon,**
???.i nil.- aftaraooa tUat Baron I
chaaaen, Benveauto Cellini and Cotaagl
Miera, tba world'a "gaoat artlattc tiara,''
had nothing on Oavarnor sui/.-i
"I'm.. himaell alone," aald Mr. <; \:n.
??the Oovernor haa appropriated the three
pedeetala for marl*? o?.cupi?*?<i by tale in
famoua trinity of truth dtatorten.**
Mr. Glynn reaented the ?talement at
Ulbuted to th? Qovamor that he h;"J
falsified the record? of the Senate so that
th<" Bhowed there wa.-? a Quorum preaeai
at the aeealon tVadneada** nlgl t, when.
not ordlng to the Governor, there matt
only seventeen prenant, It Is on thi? con-,
tention that the ?;?.\*ernor declared that
aaaaaoa illegal.
The Lieutenant Oovernor -?aid In th?
printed Btatement that he not or.iy did
not certify the record, blit was n?.t pres?
ent at the beasion Wednesday nl.iu. He
aaaerted tha Governor knew that, having
baan *-o tefbraaed by hie s.rrotary. Chest?
nut C. Platt
in ht- quencbleea thirst for Bet?rtet?,**
said Mr. t.lynn. "a little thin?? ltke the
truth do?', not prevent Governor Sulz?r
from aaylng anything ti'at win set htm
on the Ursl page of the newspapera. Ha
baa a mania for seeing his name In print.
He la Buffering from "first pagetta." His
vanity ?s exceeded oni\ by th>' peacock,
and ho mistakes the sound of h!a own
name for thunders of popular ap?la -
"Thrones of Mendacity."
???,.|i '. ? planai It llera! So ^y.
Benvenuto CeUInll Ooodby, Baron Han?
chauaenl Qktodby, Ananias! fou ar?.
| things of the past You haw
and y o iir fame.
feathera and you-* yellow .iacl.<*t Yoi
an tyr"s In the >_Htii" et falaehood com?
pared to William Hulzer. Like a ?-olossus
Of the world, he beotrtiea the tl. T'e
tbronaa ot mendau t- ? rou tonnet occu?
pied and .raves for ni"r.\ I ? ?.qual
t.. the Job. Another feat '-ik.. thla
Oovernor s ulaer will have Ana
\ en to a fraaale."
1 The Qovernor emphatically ?
? red that the I
j ha?l finally adjourn, d II- s.ild I..
bai n advised on the all *i" ' b) ? minent
lawyera, and it is es ? all
aoon get ???t a atatacaent glvl _ i
point . ??'it in- 11
? ?
night u.i- Ulog U i??? ? .?..? of I
of a Quorum, that the Legialal
no right '" ta - until A
and had
The Oovan i r waa n na
were many Inatancea In l
legtalativi ?.?s-ioii in which
- tua
This is d??n? b) unanlni" -
raised, as was the cas?* In ?a.-ii H
Wednaaday night The executive, h*>w>
by lei Scera
of no .-ff.-. t Ha ii.iinT.--i-- e I
Of ti'?' \a osl I
I that in abandoning us work II
sired t.. ????>r ti.e legality ?f the
sIkik?! v. st. i.lay and t..?d:*.y BOUM sho.?
m the courts a lack of a quorum.
Th?. Governor aald ti ? ? only
tj Barren present In the Assemblv
\\ i-.ii |hl - i. -n in the
Banati, an.i be has denounced .
and a ?rime thi '
-. I Ass.-::.i
thai ojuoruma were prenant ? i na
i had ti.?' namea ot ail who were praaant
and that there could be no question as to
the fact.?. He took the poaltton that th*
in.? qi reoeaa *a.i- a subterfu?.,.- and f^'t
deal thai t?,.- ? lourt of An '?:
ao rule.
if the Governor's contention be ;phel?l
the Frawley Investigating commttt?? will
he unable t.? report to tha praaant
lature. In such a ease Its plans f->r Im?
peachment proceedings, which are aald
to be annoying the t_;overn<>r In si'lte o*
bis deeJaratlona of Indifference, artll he
endanger ad. if they do not fail altogether?
Out of Work, He Tries to End
Life in Park.
The crack <?f a revolver, coming trotkl
the direction of the Botantoal Ger
?1? ns. lust night, attracted Patrolreaa
Ko.hnati. of th.* Utonx Park ????'.kv sta?
tion. He found a man In the direction
?>f the BOOnd, win? later described him?
self as K.iwani Minasiaa, an electri?
cian, tw.nty seven years ol?l. ?if No.
580 Wi'tulover ?ivetiiH*. rolling on the
ground and howling In palg
H.* told the policeman he had shot
himself in i Im foot, hut, be said
?shooting ha.i not i.n accidental Ha
had attempted t.? ? ??min ill
When ask... how be had Bbot hli
In th.? foot in attempting Bulctdc
man replied thai ha ?ltd not know.
r>r Kluker. of l-'ordham Hospital,
sal.l the wound was sgft Borloua and
that th.- patient would probably tit
able to appear in court to day t>? IB"
Bwer t.? tin. iharge of att- mpted Bub i?i<*
th?? poii? e lodged ayalnat hin? Mia?a?
I.is. who t.s a Turk, said that I
t?> New York three days ago ir?-m t'.-"
WtaA uni that he had been unable t>?
K' t work. He gave an the BUM "f his
beat tn.n.l I. 1?. Taslvian, ,,f No. 247
' ?il? ans street. Long Island rity.
Bell and Wing*
Versea of aweep and scope.? The .\eu'S, Pasadena, Ca?.
A savage virility.?Literary Guide, England.
Has an elegant atmosphere of its own.?-The Oregoman, Portland, Ore.
RicluiriS ami depth of feeling.?Times Union, Albany. X. Y.
Rema-kaMe gift of imaRcry.?Xorthem Whig, England.
Mo?.) vers?til?*?Xeivs, Denver, Col.
Extraordinarily vigorous.?San Francisco Argonaut.
0. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers, N. V. Price $2.50

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