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and in nnv plan for the restoration of
vom : . iuicra
must be tak. n into conalderntk?.
Mr. Bryan Irritable,
Mr. Bryan was aaked to-day if the
? ken any
toward * i'oj...sal ol
!..?d; it:.? nM i"- ?' ''? l'tal.U- to the
lti response t<? this
-ilon Mr I extreme
irritation and declared with vehemence
that it wi s ;. "highly hupt
tiun." adding that h<- should not be In
terroarated concerning important thinsrs
tli" administration was doins or might
have don*. He said with a display of
temper that the domes of the govern
-,. n out In l'uiie
' the mom? nt after action.
? 7. ; ment wa.* informed
to?day ?hat Ihe soldlen who were im?
plicit?. I In the sh | I Juarez, ?.f
riet B D ?on, the United Btates
bnmlgi iti ? Inspi ctor, , la? ed
und. i.y the Mexican f<
authoi ? "'' ? ? ? partment hai
learned thit Charles Bleael and Ber?
nard McDonald, wh been
bj :? In Chihuahua, would
be i> ?? ase L
in response to the demanda made by
Ihe Un - ornent, the
Huerta go ernment has adopted a
? dilatory attitude, it
? is certain th it thoa r?ea| on I
bl? f.?r the shooting of Dixon will be'
d. Huerta hMiis.it"
graphed his gem?a'
the : and M? i ?onald.
An ?.fti? ial statement from the depart?
ill'. !i* to-di .. i
:? nt h ii ? ? ? has exp|
him- much that
the American government ahould as?
cribe to the Influence of th<- Mexican
government any action which might
be construed as antagonistic to Amer
? leans during ? the ei
ecutive authority, and desires that th?
.at n?>
injustice or ? done i?>
Am? ri? ans w thin his cogni:
Quieter ?t Frontera.
Wheeling ha
parted from | ronl whither It went
to look after American in?
ter? il m? a?
? ?. in the
??f th? WI
at quiet Th?.
? ?
.a th?
?... !(?? said that it I
with the ev Id? I ..
d ?I not confli m
! thai this liad been
Aocordli g a
irtment the first train in from i.ar?.d?>
four months and ten days arrive?! in
Mont? - inday it . from
? ? . through I
remains open. T. itlonistl at
to del Caraen have heen defeated by
the federals under Colon?*! Mass, who has
now been ma?:
another ? hange in the
kft off'.te to-day. H< eded by Dr.
?Ja: ? ter of
remain In office until
it?e arrti '
nent Minister :
?v ??Belligerency" Up in Senate.
PI v-.e Bra! word In fa> evolu?
\y in to-day by
Elena! a Intro?
r'vr, ting 1 ?
dviae the .-?
wh?-ther or not th? : ? ?? >gnlsed.
Th?- upon the Prest?
'aiv ?-f state to lay before
ttie Senate "if not bicon -n the
? ?r. as th? .?
ma ?
The resolution in full Is as follows:
fee - with any
an?i treasuie :? ? tiie t.lea^
and their
:?v.- it
? the i omm I
? luested to
adv.? Sena! ether, In iheir
opinion, this nation she m ti e
heiligeren. \ of l
M?.\ o and a'.'v.r.i them th? proper in?
ternational status to Which they may be
"That 1 - ? tary of
BO! incompatible with the public
inter? to lay be?
ll information ;.
may OOfl i anU
of the |
..o "
Th?-? rea called u|
A joint Congress committee to investi
pat" the Mexican situation an?) ?
Bd a "(l<?fi?.:->- M?-.\.',ari policy" '
solution ini i .1h>
by Represntative Stephen - Dem?
i4 the
an : ? ise, which
shall be i ? ' :!v tn'o the
da now confronting I atrj an?i
c?\r- *he Preflddem expi I a? /Ice concern?
ing the a. non he should |
jt in no! beheved the resolution will
. ? ible oonsWi ration, the senti?
ment in th?' II?.une bein;,- I
Affairs Commit! available if the
Federal Irregulars Are Repair?
ing Railroad to Madera.
F.l Taso, Tex. July 29 ?An officiai re?
that Pascual Oroseo, wit?
eral irregular noops. had started west
from Chihuahua repairing the railroad to
Dark Tan Russia Calf Shoes
asls BaatJah in?i-. in?. r>r?,?<
r??r "look-," ??Miliif.? an?l ? o?
Oxfords and High Shoes
On flat-M)le Baalish 1h*i-. low. hroad li?e|
H??t f?.r "look-." riMlaeSfl ,,n.I ?oinfoit.
Sports & Outing Shoes
1-3 le** than ?porting good? ?tori-*
Rubber Sole Tan Oxfords. $3.49 & SJ.vS
White Canvas, Rubber Sol . $1.35
White Canvas, Heavy Rubber Sole. $1.6$
White Buckskin ilmpirted . $3.19
dolf Shoes, $3.9? and $4.98
Mariera so that the Americans there cot
be relieved.
rln C. Bryan, a seiret agent of t
United state* government left here I
?bill \a 1111
foi the Unlti 'i St.it-s i onsul, Mi rl
? -. at ?'hlhuahua City Th? ma
ippooa 'J t" i fer te B
americana luid In pria
in Chihuahua
Ortega i 'onstltutionaliat eoi
?z. t'.id Ami : lean nee
paper men who visited him to-day th
!.. ? n order d to elfs I s ?unctl
with Villa's main body at a i?
of Juera /. m Ith tl ? objet ' "i
. a -?a it on Juares.
'?rt.Ki >a\s hs i is 1,180 cavalry, ai
that reinfoi I fron 1 >a ma
Vllla'a main column 8,110. The combln
?? according to I
mate They are .- a i ? i to have several ffl
I m?. but no Held artll
8*11 Kimball, a telegrapher, arreet?
In i tarea a w.i.k sgo, ?as found In
? ?-day, having been rsleesed yest<
da*. .'. ' i authoritia i i ? poi ted.
Mexicans Experienced in Mar
ing Plea for Abdication.
Washington, July A?Thi devi
by th?' United State- of B poUC) t"wa
' maj 11 dels y i d to observe tl
? sffoi ts b. Ing made ! j l< 8
Ing Mexicana to bring shout sn unde
in ? the two warrli
Tii.' i,., t that some of the Mi ticani ;
ad in adjusting the diff?rences b
thi followers of Huerts and ca
ranas wen- Instruments! in i ?
II m touch with M? ?lean affaira
? that their efforts msj bt li
the resignation of II'.?
Whlli ' >? Mexl? ms, who avp tnkir
the plans, di
permit ol their names at th
time, they have pro.-eeded i" the point i
iniorminii Beeretsry Bryan what thi
In mind. No development? ^re c:
1 for at lea^t a fortnight.
if Presid? t Huerts should be wllllr
to abdicate, men acceptable to him, ?
' - .111- d.
Government Officials Seek Me
Aiding Mexican Rebels.
v.,i ihln-rton. July 29 Ini
dmlnlstration la quietly permittln
the M.
mmunltlon scrota thi
Ii nled > mphaticall) i
uf Justice officiais to-dsy. h wa
<'l that an) apparent inactivity
. i. k -,
? ?
to locate the "high?
Information resarding the case cited l
Th.- Tribune tbla mornlna was, I
? -l
Bit laski, chli .
m, !" pi?
Ing of a
partm? :
down si
into prosecutlona Wllham ?'. n>'
?-. las. di ' 1er? '\ to-dsy thst si
i ?se? ??' ? - - lj pushed.
it was hii e may b
? ?
tutionaiists in Washington and New jforji
Th? H' I sg< "ts hav? beei
i ?t is suspected that fund
? m mitions of s
en, if they do not actuall) ?
aupplli i s.iit i.. ;
Michigan's Governor Take:
Step to Settle Strike.
the La will hi
a.-k-.i officially lo-morrow
I five of thi ? .
five rei f 1 - - miners
L Abbey, n,
t?te 1 . : ' .-d t"
I niKht, after
? IS will i II. ?
? endinu a atril ?
die f"i ;i
The nee i "f the Qovernot
, lowed .i.. tweer
i he Slip? ri"! mini
I ? . . locatlona or
the northern end ..t the atrlk? i.<
initial arresta ol the strike resulted from
I .-i loi fight, m w h Ii
I a party of t<
that th?
' '.V. I > .
of Bupertor mine atriki
men from Atlantic w<
? ?
? alum? t aii'i
? f i 'all
met, was aca-ompllahed to-dsy
To-night ad?
dltlona about tb?
? i ? companlea
'Man Shot Near "Little White
\ House" May Be Murder Victim.
Olrt, N .i , Jul body ol
. rapher, lift)
rom Dsnbur;*, Conn., wa
ii bundri 'i fi ?-t
from th? "Little w bite Houi ?
mi r bom ? "i < lovernoi Fl<
Kotwithdtandtng a revolver with thrsa
smpty shells was found In ths inati's
hand, phi ij t hat he could not
have Inflicted I da himself. The
theor) of murder was borne oui al
ketbook turned
iiiHj.1. out and lyins a fee feet ae i
I'rom the local Of the WOUndf it la
believed that tin- man was shot In the
knee end band while fighting In a band
to hand ? end thai the bullst
wound In - the one that I i
Th. gt - ol
consid?r?t) a trampling.
in his room In
David W. Robinson wh- found an
... Qeorgs '? Hi
?.mu? House it had not been p ti
and was apparently an envelope In which
he had i ? thing Bt Bom? time
before depositing it in Borne pleca
mj keeping, Hi baa been mtaaing from
tin- boarding bo Bundayq
Th.- county authorities opened to-daj ??
? gatloi, Polio? lag .m ? \
? atioii of the body tO-nlgl ' COI "tier's
l'h' .-ii ?un Herrj Neafle, of Freehold, said
that ths man bad unquestionably met
death at the hands of a n ? h* the
gth -it ?lis i spoi t i 'i.m.ii. i aibet i w
Bennett will order <>n inctuest to*morrew
Uetertivea have air. sdy been sesigtied
to the i-a.i? Ai'o-dn,K t'i Proeacutor
.lohn S. Applegate. Jr., the county olficiala
axe conducting a searching Invaatlsajjee?'
Frawley Committee Hopes to
Show That Slips It Holds
Were for Campaign Use.
Governor's Holdings Put at
$100,000 in Unconfirmed Re?
ports?Hearings Will Start
To-day at Albany.
? ?. st.irr oerrfapejdsal ?>' The Trll
Albany, .Inly 9.?In spits ?.f Governor
Bulser'i efforts to preven! the Frawley
Investigating committee fr??m Inquiring
? la, the i emmlttee, which ?rill
?- hearings hers to-morrow, la?
lenda to rut on the Stand men who will
? v i ? concernlnf th? Governor's
1 ampalgn ? onti ?tuitions.
Prawle] ?mrl other members of
th? to Albany to
niglit, and it was understood the com?
mittee had information rtgarf'fg Ittlsar
"JSlgn Rifts which would greatly ?n?
teres! the Corrupt Practical t?saguc and
mlghi .??vtat.- possible Impeachment pro
< ??? -?i ?
Th? fight between Governor Bulser and
Tamman) Hall has reached the P"lnt
Ither giv? noi tak? n
While the ?i??' ? be? n ordering
i Jury Investigation* into alleged
? aft said to Involve sT0"<i Tam
man) organisation men. the Prawle)
rommlttee has had s corps of expert In
vestigators getting information ab.iut the
Bulser ? ampalgn ? nds
$2.500 Schiff Check.
The committee h?s in Its possession ?
cbach for CJ00, given by Jacob H, Behlff
to tl r f..i his campaign ia*t
fall ? ? nded that this check was
ii"t accounted 1 ? executiv
In his report on his i a pens?e to
the B ?f State TI ! '?>r
the signature of Mr Behlff, and >.n th? ,
f..r William Sulzer for
palgn tuiiii ' it waa deposited t..r
rnor Bulser, bul t.. the eco
I, ?t la contended Mr. Bchlfl
? enaed and vv,n (?r.ji.ai?!
called on t.. testify about this check.
When Informe/] about th? B? hlff checli
an?l ? ? ? ' not a? I Otint? '1
for it in bis ? lection ? .\; i loran
?lum, the Gov? rnor I
"It th? I ? I '?nittfe hs
et tl ? ?
I , S ho ha? heen clOSS '
er for i ears and took
? n Loth his e|erti??n an I dl
rid priman campaigns, wui i.. called us
?I vv ' ?
will probabl) take all d.T Govemoi
ntly a ? ad of th.
1 ?'I k,
.... ? ....
i! the Govemoi in tils various li
ling the Gov?
Swore to Only $7,500.
Mr. Suis?
election only about
-. disburse?
n from hi?
!>o? ket The COI "l| I 1,1?'
irs thai
ttihv spend I ?00
which It es peel I
for |
... ? ?..
II orted
? ? nor sul/.<-r had I !
t fall tx
and tl ...
I $100.000. When ?isU? ?I about this ? .
members of the committee would not die
thai formation of as
? inten ter ? be for!
? the coming h? ai Inga
i ? for any uni ? Bei
v .,,,, (,, morrow, I
? ne l-i ml. i : ? for I
.it?, win i.e placed <?t? the Bland to !
Of the information he I. I
Goven ampalgn fui -la.
i The committee aleo I d? It ?? Into
foi ihe Governor'a
impabro, .v hi?
. ? ? ? i ..?iiii.ittee con
thai '.one .,( || . inted
I for to the late ?is pre*
11 si k to learn
I If there is any evidence thai thin m
?i the int. ; r certain let
I lion. Whll to sub? |
? li!? il
! mana] eald thai
of t" o.i m? ? anted arc
nos ? ?ns
Keep? Up Battle.
? r demon?
noon ol his opposition
t.? the Frawley commute? and also of nil
. A of the ? .
? | .. -I ? |0 At
t,ji H?-.?, i ;. iod) f'.i opinions on
... of tin i . mralt?
? ? ? raordlnsry
on of the presen! I ? il
? .
?I-!,. Govemoi holds thai Ihe committee
?aa ? . ?!?? his a< t i
ition ereal
vraa i ? ' ' ? late I
At th?- astraordina n ?i reso
lution Introduced bj Beaatoi Thompson
provided In effect thai the Prawle) com?
mittee could ?its?? Inquir? Into the ?ft*
?;f tic- Chief tSxeeutlve The Governor
lak>.v thfl position thai th?? Thompson
resolution la sol valid, aa ha <n?i not
. mend it aad aa all mattet s acted
?o b) an , xtra SCSSlon ni'ist DS lei.jin
mended by the Govemoi He has eon?
tended the ?xtn eesalon ?>f the Let
latur? an and, because It pa sea d
hills las! Wed needs) nlghl when no
quorum wns preasni and declared ? re?
.. - mtll August it
"If the contention ?.f Governor Bui?
rer." said Senator Prawle) to-night is
righl thai thi aeselon last ?Vedneeda)
why on earth did be
I tt ?! at that time? If the Sc?
si."II *>aa io Illegal thai it had no iiei.t
- it ??? i talnl) had no
to adjourn it therefore f<.ii?.w.-. thai th?,
Legislatur? Is still In ssssion
Alleges Unanimou? Consent.
??Th?. Governor ?>f the State of \,.w
Torli is stai Ih ? lUUee to pre
v.i.t an liiv. stu.iti.ii into his OOOdUCt Hfl
?m prorogue th?
i ? ? a M.'h la pro? Id? ?i ssslnat by
i it? constitution Th?' result would
I hav- been the K?:n?- it all the members of
Benats an?? Assembl) wars piesent
last Weds s?iay night >nj mesnber could
'nave ob.ircte?! at anv tune and stopped the
I Whole im. . \s no one did this, It
Whitman's Phone Operator
Stays at Post During
Criminal Courts Flood.
Mis?, Ko?e McC.irthy. telephone oper
BtOr on the I'lstiiet Att->rn-\v'B ?witeh
board, sat huddled up in her raincoat
?: umbrella yesterday morning and
plugged awav si her rails while gallons
of water .ame down through the ?filing.
Ruga indictments, i uspidors and other
light appiirtfnan.es of a District Attor
nt rushing past en the tide,
but she hardly turned her head. She does
think that she recognised ths Indictments
against the "nian-with-a-Van-I >> k>>
beard ' the civilian-employe" and the
"man-hlgh^r-up'' In ths flotsam They
wa ? not to be found smong the srreckag?
I.it. i, how. \. ?
The grackl? had flown off tlve Stain*
Over of the .le-, aim', or smnething "f that
?ort. and as it is an hydraulic eh I
-? tii-1. eras a flood
Th. delugs srhleh drove Miss hTcCerthy
to the shelter of her raincoat and um?
brella came from the tank in the attic.
but simultaneously the eapa blew off the
Standpll.n th-- fourth floor and on the
third floor, und Immediately another tor
ifiit rushed down ths corridor past the
office of rn?tr|ct Attorney Whitman, c
the third floor. Because ths soutbeai
' orne,- of trie Criminal Courts Building
gradually sinking into the mud that sut
[ rounded the ohl CoBsCt Pottd there was
brisk current, which SVSntUally lodge
most of th? water and w r.-kaf-e in th
nfflce i.cupied by Francis B. S.iyre. Presl
dent Wilson's ?future Bon*in*laW, and Aaroi
J. t'olnnn. Assistant District Attorney?
Mi Ordnen ran np a signal of distress
and gallant lifesaving crews responde?
from the nearby station at Voege'a Point
ElBB ?'astle Rock and Alirens's H-nch
It was half an hour before the floor!
subsided. Long after that the water
which had lo.lg, d between the rafters
i I was Still trickling down upon
Miss McCarthy's umbrella, and finally
hobs a? en- . ait In the celling and pails put
beneath them.
Hereafter Miss Ma*?Carthy 1? going to
fetch h?r umbrella to work whether it
looks like rain or not, and If si
,i pair of rubbei boots dangling from
the switchboard he need ask no questions
The cleaners got busy and sw.pt up
what part of the flood had not trickled
down to stain the et.||lnKS of the floor be
|OW, rugs were spread out ha the basement
to dry, the usual sign "Clos. ,1 f..| He
pairs" was hung on the slevator, .-'nd it
was all over -till the trrackle, or what?
ever it was. (lies off again.
la proof positive to me, and should be to
ernor, that everything was done
b) unanimous consent and was perfectly
. dar "
11 I- the Int.ntlon of the Krawley com?
mittee to mak? a pr? liminarv report on
Governor's campaign contrlbutloni
when th I^egislatun reconvenes Auguat
11 and later t.ndUCi its investigation
Into mis.?n- and other mat!
George w Bl ?'..?vernor's prison
tlgatoi nd Jol n A. Henneaay, his
? asi i ? ? ?tul ua lei
[xrna .?nd ? . ?? tima To
use the word? of a Tammany man hSTS
to-niffht. Bloke's Investigstlon int?> th?
state priaona h.?s onl) acravtebad the sur?
? ? ne revelations i
p. cted
n S Carlisle, the State Commissioner I
of Highways, and i:?>vai K. Puller, secre-l
tarv of the Hlghwsys Department have
been subponied to tell why certain IiIkIi
? Both ? lounty lian t.'-. n
? any ? aplanatlon.
'.?niln.if.l from flr.l p?w
immed with .sweltering human?
it v. each trolle) car and electrl train
a n full quota, while the boats,
in?.i e popula ? he? auae of their cool
under their load? of ?
Hund? eraons want over to the
h re on the Por! Lee I
? ? to the en sl of the
Palisades, where every trifling bi
bles had ns in. eptlon. The .-?
o| th?- Hudson and the llar!? m rivera
line?! with persona <>t all ???
, i full bathing eoal
v. hlli -; ? ? "h'r
piss with a
I ?ir of lights or i ? I
with 'i went '?
? nteri i the vv .rid.
Thi re Is no r? lief in Immediate pr?~>?
pect, If l r for? caster Is 1 I ?
i. K-..1 . tl Uthful man T
to-morros ",l he fsir mal warmer!
Cleveland Mothers Forced Into
Streets to Save Infants.
I i?v TeVssfsph te I * Trfl uae.1
Cleveland, July CO-The heal ?rave,
which returned with Increased hum
afternoon the ti mp? t ?
ound the I ? i ind the ell
aweltered. There were numei
In i ' ? 'ions of iha ? Ity the
? ~T!n?? is Intense In th? M. v mark? t
district, where there is no eraai both
Iren and adults srera driven t?? des
? find a place to ileep "
n t..
IM ?lcci sea
The pavementfl and sidewalk? along
Orange ani Woodland avenues were Mack
with people until lone after i" o'clock
? ? alked the itreeti ? I i onnr?
babies In their arms lo Krt them out of
the intense heat of tin? tenement bou?es
and int.. th.-...; <-n air In the hope of sav
???1 lives.
'. ago, fuiy ?tl Tl i- waa ? ?
da; ol ti ?? Bummer In Chi? igo On top
. ; n.. Pad? ral Bullding, the ci
in the downtown district, I ?tm?
whs :?'. digraaa, bul In other sectlona it
was three or fe r drsi.-. i ....u.-r The
Ik-vi wave, however, was relieved by hi:
wp'.is and only a fen proetratloni w.i?
rapei t? d
FAILS; OWES $150,000
Politics, Newspaper and Stock
Farm Cause Loss of G. R.
Brewster's Fortune.
a petition in i enkruptey wa? nied ir,
the Federal District Court hen v???tsr
da> agalnat Qeorga R, Breweter, a New?.
burgh taw v sr.srho was formerly the tress?
urer Of the I Hin?..'rath BtStfl Committee
and larK'H Interested In "The NeWOUrg
Union" .it thi time it failed The peti
tton was sinned by fifty creditor? Brew?
I liabilities were placed at JLCO/v?
:??.?1 his aaset? at HMte It vas sal.l
1B.000 <?t the as?ete was in real eetate
A?r-cordlng t.. the petition, Brewater
transferred ins real ?state through a
mortgage of w.,?iy? to Pannl? Van Mes?
I trend Rsmadetl, who is a Joint executor
with him of the van Moatrand ?state.
The real estate Includes, It was said, his
large country home and hla town bonne
in New burgh.
Brewater la a aon of Bugen? A Brew?
ster, who waa .?ne of the leading attor?
of Orange County He aras in?
trusted with the care of main es
and Qeorga h Die water took up his
practice. He inherited much money and
property from his father. an?! Invested
larga romi in earryiag ??ut hts ideaa in
regard 10 horses
Me had a hackney stock farm. With
Cudham Gentleman, costing li'U-A at the
h.a.I ..f th- siinl The farm proved B
failure, ami the bots, s wer?- Bold limier
the bsmmer In New York recently for
about :?' |.?-r COM of their value. It ?a*
said His newspaper and political vent
ures also proved expensive.
"Economy and Efficiency" His
Mayoralty Platform.
Collector Says City"s Finances
Do Not Warrant Wide
Sorties in .Esthetics.
in answering s Query from ths V'.n
grssslvs leaders a? to his opinion of the
Proarreaslva municipal platform. .lohn
Purroy Mltchel, Collector of the Port
Incorporai..] In blfl reply last night what
amounts to hi? own platform If
he should be nominated
Ms r. Mr Mlti hi ! s mil
was "economy and efllclenc) " Hs
frowned upon COStl] fount tfOUfl
: ? lOUSa
rative park fet te, ai I some other im
provementa which bis rival, Berouffh
? 4 ? '?????> ' BS a'b ? . atsd.
? Home
luld ? : its
halter },;
rnment. R
ability of ' i" ? of
! svtded [or; i unldpel
10 unregu
prl\.. ti ''ii "[? th?
"f living can ? > bro ighl about
with a nee de*
the I devi out*
the II mUS reports."
In snawertns lb? 'piestlon as to whether
hs would !?? willing ti
t thai scribed to taem In the ;
L'nder I I of "EIBi len >y and
Ir. MU hel i .id
my and efllciency '
in ti ? ? "f municipal government
tires? frei I ont i> gi?
. e in the makli
snd count ?? utilisa*
less In ' .
ture I i .-i s? tual
tiei. postponing to bettei times snd s
. \|'f nd It urea for the
non at ! the pura asthel
? ?
"There ar? msny sdmlrable Improve
which a city of Infinite
.?? wIth m
arl) undertake, but
? 'a >. oi k In Its pi ' ' .".' lal
. on.? tlon i
I "U'.' ?
ct\lc cei ties. I
be In
then ' ondltlona
of municipal Batluenci give place
hoolheusea elimination of (rade op
. ration of tra?na on tl
I trsi i i ??:! del? -i"p
menta "
Reft ring t< the Police Department Mi
"Police control, crime prevention and
maintensnce o' public order and da*,
are problems primarily <>f sdmlnls
sthsr fian of l< lia atlon The
? ? itlve and the Poltci < 'oramli -p
have sie iys had at hand the means ol
effective control, or wore fie? to
to ?imply them R loeed
conditions aro the loeical results
faillir-- i-. . mploy ths means at hand and
sdopt In ? he Pol i ?> ; ??? 11 ?
.i.lmini tl athrs ;ra. u> ?
"Administrativa reorganisation from
within, f ,!1 use ot tl." Undings and the
rea-ommondations of the aldermanlc com?
mut?e "ii admlnlatratlvi conditions aid
Irement i system of < omplets sur*
rent report-, current aupervtaion and
It front without b) Independent means
win provide sa effective and successful
msthod "t polk ?? ? ?.tit i "l ?
Ths Collectoi st,n..i mat it waa of ths
?. -i Impoi tan? ? to i eorganlae ths
Mayor's ofTb ? In ordi r to make ii.e m
In i real ssnss ths general manager <>f
?o si compllsh this a compl? ts
i. -arg anlaattoa la net d< d, ss fuU
and vigorous ?if.- "f ths Commissioner of
a ' ounta i ?id.
1 No. 6.969 Will Go Back to Poor Step?
i.om Bo) No 8,9ft, win. s/es picked up
It Central Park a week ago Monday, e u
?till in the car.? of th- Children's B?det)
inst night although the myatery ef blfl
was BOlvetL HS WSS adopted b) Mis
rjeorgs Murphy, ?>f No. Ifl West lltb
stn .i. tin.. wee! ago, Mrs Murpb* - I
the bo) through an advsrtlssmsnt pub?
lished bj ths child's Btepmother, who was
left in straitened circumstances upon th?
.i. sth of th.- fatha r.
The little boy learned to call himself
fJeorgS Murphy, after his new foster
father, but the Murphy*, decided they
COttld not kei?p him and took him to the
home of his Hunt, Mrs. Wler. who ll\.
Manhattan avenue, near 1 1 ?it h StTSSt
Mrs Murph] left him at Mrs Wier'ta BOUSS
In Mrs ?Tier's so
A week later the boy's picture sntS
printed In the new ?pa pets, an.l was re.ot?.
ntSSd by persons who knew the Muipln
family and reported to the petloa Finally
the boy's stepmother was found, and she
promised to take him from the I'hildren's
society an?l pro?, hie for him In ths future j
Citizens' Executive Committee
Works at High Tension, but
Cannot Agree.
Whitman's Friends, However,
Are Sanguine?McAneny
Hopes to Force Issue
V To-morrow.
With the ?split report of the committee
on candidates before them, suggestingSll
three name?, of Whitman, McAneny and
lUtchel as possibilities to bead th.- fusion
tick-t for Mayor, members of the ex
eeutlve committee of the ClUsene* Ma?
il Committee were hopelassly dead?
locked yesterday on the ??>. ?- ?me
candidate in fact, it was una^?stood
that a material train In favor , ? r Mr
Mltchel among the executive commutes?
men had pUtced the tl ree pros, ?crive
candidate! on nearly an equal footing.
The supporters of norouKa President
McAnney in t,,.. nominating committee?,
wher?^ he bad a Blight majority over Dis?
tila Attorney Whitman, ?rere hopeful of
forcing fii- nun..' ;?t the head ..f tiie
fusion ticket to he recommended to the
commute?? of the whole, which meets to?
morrow nicht, but the developments yes?
terday seemed to frustrate their purpose.
McAneny I trsngth to Mltchel, it was
said, while th?; Whitman supporters stood
The real contest Is expect?.,) to Me be
t-vecn Whitman and Mitchel at the meet?
inir of the arbole committee to-morrow
niKbt Wbltman'a friends say h? m
'? ? beet rote setter of any of th?
rsndldatea suggested, and were panifiliie
yesterday that I;" would be th? ultlmnt??
Mltchel's appearance before the nom
Inatlng ?'ommittee yesterdsy, at his own
request, to be questioned* in regard to
-iri'lldncv. was said to bare lm
? d some of the eommitteemen as
uncslled for.
Committee at High Tension.
Tic-1 members of th" BB< l .'ive rommlt
t<..> were glum - when th?\
.lo'irnci last ni- ? ' I '? 1
of those th n Mltchel ?
stock had taken a Jump. ??'' his
supportera waa to the effe t that m
intl?Tamman) forcea t.. he reek?
?? ? ? ?^ion
.. ? ould n.- ' on
MU? bel. The I ' -
; for him, II I, while the |n?
lependenee 1 ?roe, with whatever weight
It mlKht ciirrv. could be sw ;riK into line
1 or Whit man.
it area ?
eommitteemen that I I been at n
of t)i" committee; Norman Ha
othe' morement, were in a
Mi vhat time the
final rej rt on the cb
??hi ted from t ?
mitt? a to-mort - I and h? n
?*Th? t looks now. It |
.i m "
le. tor Mltchel appeared before the
comn Ittee I S af?
ternoon. He came in answer to ?
t?, w hlch he htms-lf iug|
I In
"I | the commit!
w ;i?.i Borne :
imr the rumor that if elected Mayor I
I throw c a ? entra -'t
i \..." commit?
Parties Nam? Meetmq Dates.
Whatever candidate the iusioinsts
regular Ri bllcsn and
Itlona have arr-'
? i >??mo
? ? ? 'ommittee will me? * ??? Au*
itral Palace to
the ? indl
t In the i on
mber M for tho nomination for
Ma| and i'i? ildeni of the,
it U
?rdlng to .lohn N Harrington m -
Mayor Qaj ?. f and
..-lie'' w1l! hold | ,
.? Mo street, at
' ind a
plan i ilgn for the ? aomln I
of th?? Mayor mai
? ? ? ' si endenee
n would not support
? ? ! 1 n 1
the event r,f McAneny's nomination eithar
he (Hopper) or William R. Hearst snaaej
run for Majroff on an Independent tic^t
Mr. Hopper Is ?aid to hav*? written th?
committee. The Hopper letter was taken
to offer some explanation of the ?lump
from Mi Aneny to Mit-hel in the execstlv*,
eonunlttee yesterday.
Justice Seahury was also mentioned aa
an lndepenvlent candidate on the Pro?
gressive ticket In the event of McAneny'a
Court of Appeals Candidates
Will Be Left to Canvas?.
Albany. July ?3?Lawyers and Judges
throughout the state are to be canvassed
as to their choice of the "best quallf,?,]
and most available" candidate? f0r
Judges of the Court of Appeal-, to auc
Chief Judge tullen and AasaMsUa
Judge Oray. Thin plan was adopted at
a meeting to-day of the commute.. -**
twenty-one appointed by the State Bar
Association to recommend action to se?
cure fit candidates.
It was decided to enlarge the commit??*,
by tivo members from each Judicial dis?
trict. The full committee will recom?
mend a lt.^t of candidates, from which
the various political parties will he ask*d
to make their selection.
of the resolutions adopted rentes
that "It is the object of this commit?-?,
to further the movement to ?limin?t?
politics In the choice of Judge?" Th?
committee will meet here again August 12.
He Will Bring Question Before
People if Elected.
Representatives of the, Business Man'?
A-<oc|ation to Untas Industry and of the
Bodatty to Lower Rents and Reduce,
Taxes on Home* called on District At?
torney Whitman yesterday to ask what
be would do toward "untaxing" homes,
and lndus'r:es If he were elected Mavnr. .
They would like, to have, him. If elected. '
submit to a roferendum vote ths que?tlon
of gradually reducing the. tax rat?, on
bulldinga to one-half that on land.
Mr. Whitman told them that if he weiV
elected Mayor he would do all that hs
could to bring that question direotty b?
f.ce the people.
K. Vail Btehhtna was chairman of th?
committee of the Business M-n's AeSO
, and Frederick C. Letibusoher of
the second committee. About thirty
members of both organization? ?---*--.?
I anted them.
Sulzer Names Justice Borst to
Preside at Inquiry.
'".overnor Sulzer i"*slg
''ourt Justice Henry V.
Borst, of Amsterdam, to-day to prestas at
an extraordinary term of the Supreme
Court t-i convene at Hudson Falla "'
Inarton County, August y>. tot bivssttga*
to allegations of graft In the con
? on of the Crest Meede** prl
at ? 'omstock, mads by Osorg w B!~5ie,
that t leet
ted by Oov
? I nor Silver to ; -
? .-?.-? Into < ...
?s m
? .
? Carmel, and for
Claims Governor's Aid in Fight
Against Heffernan.
??-*. i
Albany, July 2? ? Ex-iv-na'or Ba-'
mew j. ? ici.in. of Brooklyn, to-day with
? ?.?' t':,.- Progi?salve Da?
"bib of the 7th Assembly
of which be is president, ca'.l-d on fJ?8V*
Bulser to get his aid In th* light
on William J. Heffernan, the r?guler
1er of the district. The?
former Senator Is said to h? lookl-isr ' -
stats petronege.
"DM tha Governor glv? you any en*
couracementT" he was asked.
"Yes; h.? told us to go ahead a:- ?
Progressive lines," replied Cron'.n, "ard
I want to say that we are going to f.gr't
that ?ray and take anything we. can g?*' '
? ich trouble dosrn ther-?'."'
? S?>. ?TS don't expect much tro'.M'.''
a-sM the former legislator slunlfleaat'.y, i
"but If they ?an pro-iucs gunm?n we|
In answer to the call of tha BhaStaSSS
Men'8 League the Jewellers' Whitman
? was formed yesterday at the Ho*
tel Aetor by thirty men In the wholesal?
lewelry trad.' Nathan B. Ross was rr?ide
chairman and Mel Kronberg secretary*
The leegUS will co-operate with the Whit
man organisation.
Irish Linen Manufacturers
?>tirin^ the remaining two days of our July sale we
offer Tint only the advertised reduction of 10rr on
?our ont ire steel of household linens, but many at?
tractive articles left fr<>m regular lines at much
greater reductii ns. These oddments include Table
Cloths, Napkins. Towels, and TowelingS and many
dainty pieces o( ornamental linens, many of them
priced ?below the cost of importation.
This js a most unusual oportunity to buy house?
hold linens of absolutely reliable quality at very low
373 Fifth Avenue, New York
Also of
Factories : ? Belfast and Waringitown. Ireland
Established 17o?

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