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Binghamton Junk Dealer Testi?
fies He Took Away Three
Tons of Raqs at a time.
Alleged Report on Building Sai:l
to Have Never Reached
State Fire Mar?
shal's Office.
N V.. Jul? ?-. Le
? the
' ? ?
[?even? bought the
s from the factory from time to
ra always rent?> fut him.
--??(I In ar
- i ?
'?roner Ralph Seymour,
? cutting? we-e atoreal
? the cellar, near the
to the elevator His
? ' ? n he took
etc., from the cellar.
he came
None of th? ei examlneal to-day
placed the origir of the Are
the stairway, men?
tioned ao many times 111
and ato-?es of the survivors, although all
erers questioned on thla point
James Eldredge, Assistant Fire ? ?
nf hi? inspection of the building
January 22, IP'S He made a ptrrsons
not a complete. Inspection going oi
the second floor He planned to go bark
and complete nil ? not
do to. He made the Inspection on the
ordora of Fire Chief Hogg in the regular
order of factory inspection. When he
caled. General Manager Reed R Freeman
called Sidney Plmmook. tl.e hero of the
flre, who los: h'.s life, and they went over
the fire regulations togethei He told
them that under ths new laws ?
tory should have a fire alarm svstem an'l
-rill at regular times He made S
rerort to gg. but not to the
S'.i,ti? F.re Marshal si l.e sail hla r<
was to be made to his Immediate superior
A controversy aross over thla
Deputy Fire Mar?
-?ees repori never hnd been re?
ceived at the office of the State Firs Mar?
shal Roeach said If It had som
I have been done to better condl
ln the hui
It Is ex; i final session of the
a ha sr, bul the
' r the de?
ment of other ?
a as opened
tents found In
. ? " .
on later, should
To Greet Suffragists at Hyatts
ville on Way to Capital.
-'?HU 1
Washington. .' - rTraglSts from
ai ?? ? the ' ?? v participate
S woman suffrage da
. ven In the national capital to-mor
ths constitutional
ge 1 the gentler
nstn tion will begin with a re
n of suffragists at Hysttsvlll?
a Suburb of VI There will be
.'ade of suffragists '.:. >s to
arded With petitions repres??
Senator Robert L ?"?wen, of Oklahoma,
Sri ;-?? ? ths petitions to the Ba
and will appear as the spokesman for the
f "raglsts on the floor of the Bel -te. In
the gal.erlea will be the "pilgrims."
To-morrow night there will be a banquet
of the suffragists at the Rrlghton H if?
About thirtv (|VS Re? resentatlves and a
number ft Senators havs accepted Invita?
tions to attend the feettvltlea
The reeaspUoa of the suffragists at Hy
SttSvOls will be attende] by a nunv
:t is announeed that among
those present will be Senators Thomas,
-st, Jones. 'Mapp and f'tiamberlaln.
Ir. order that there may he no ra
of the scenes that marked the big
f "-age parade of March 3 Superintendent
of P ?ter will provide a heavy
ea'-ort of mounted and bicyci*. poll-'emen
to accompany the women on their parade
to the
Finds Husband Dead After Hur?
rying Home from Outing.
Having a premonition of impending
? Schindel, whose hus
bar.d ran & grocery store at No. Ill Van
? stre*t. Brooklyn, postponed Tes?
terea* a trip with her three children to
Inland and returned home, a
? - aad In the hath
from a bullet fired b] himself II
the solicitation of Mr Bchtndal
that his a? Ife took the children for an
- had g->ne but a fewr blocks from
* - e strong i
' ret 'ound i er brother-Is
I 'ridel. In charge of the ?
? ad gon?? upstairs to r?
? 1 (if the heat
Dr. 1 rag Island
Sid It was a cat
rae h?
re ag
..ri Bruni ?
f?.r twenty years.
? ???,?i
Covering for Maimed Member
Cut from Doctor's Abdomen.
re, July i<< Wearing the skin
"f bis own shdomen upon his right
hind, Dr Frederick H Baetjar, of this
? ? known X
?ilry. Is r< * -om
* remarkable operation a? John?? H
th. four liriu-erK of
?hich ago foi
tlon eauea ays.
* Piece of ?kin '
? h t> i.in '
: hand bound tightly to
,.;.', laid over it
?a lulu the work of sees
! utid whole, m\e for
According to Referee. Banker's
Wife Deserves Decree.
against o? orge
? ai hei. i
? ' Graham, will I
?'t Mm. ?.la dUl
. - Mn H? refused to
I a t t h ?
?p? aklng for ? .
"Mr?. 1
the r?
is to have the entlr? custody of her t.w.>
children, and the sllmonj
? ' ?
?ni and i? V
''" P menl fa lump sun
monthl) allowance, An allowance It
? the two chlldr?
? i-li the ho ? ITecta.
to ?
We h ve a w?
Mrs Hey?
? ?
appll ?I for $7- ?
I allmoi
l the ., tart
\ r? bul ? alie had ha
M ? I !? -. Bailed ?
Punctures and "Antis" Delay
New York Leaders on Jour?
ney to Capita!.
? " - ? -me 1
Bal tl mon
lnr aouth; atorm cei I
? -t??rm
- du?-? to hit Bait Ii re t
t Ing tui -To?
morrow. In Myattsvllle, it la
from all
l arta of th?
on thi
\ . V?,
rter the gr?
? ?
and Mm
? ?
The on!'
Mary Ware Dennett, V
? r, -Mr* i ? ; ?ik
nd Ml
? ?
Mr? I?ennett and Mr? BJorkman
Caught in Cloudburst.
The Buft r.it-r-.sis were caught In the
? cloudburst yesterday, wbl
tl.elr magneto an?! r ..
j houn
trimming off tl
suftru? ?
Mr? lia -
an i.
ing in the :
lion to join th? antl-Buffn
it haj ton, N .' .
suffrage filer? ?topped t
j Jersey antl-auffraglate ? f.?r
Mr?. BlatcH Call? a Truce.
Mips Hendrickson shook In her
when ahn aaw the rar with It
purple and whltl
ever i ?? a bomb, but wlh h?-?
suffrage smile.
Idler? in war," she beamed upoi
| little "antl." "reuse bOBtllltlca on Bui
and Chrlstr:
annol wa anemles though we are,
? ? ? ? noon .'
The "antl" rh*?ked. Btai and
h. hind h?-r ba? k
"Well," she gasped, "I certainly a? :
ate roui attltud? Thoee othei n
here a few da y? hk
all sort* of names. If then wer? mora
women like you In stiff rag?- you'd get what
you want mu't; -
Then Mn B i,k
son ex^han^ed buttons ai
The antl-suffraKi.si followed Mis Blatch
out to her I ar
"l_jvant to '? ran," she ?aid,
"how much I ???:
Wish you would Join us "
Aft?-r thi? ?top th?
t?. Philadelphia m <i th? rout?
"Oaneral" Rosalia Jones and bei
? Iphte was ?
lock, Wilmington at I, but II
nearly midnight when they found th.-ir
Into Baltimore They Man lo-mor
Hyatt ' ? ? ? ' loch
Mrs. Henry Sanderson Starts
Action Against Husband.
Hem \ Bandet ? ?".""
of C. T>. 1 " Un" ' '
- dt?
?[?),,. . I.? . I. ! .
Bot a known y?
day, when
order permitting
? which hei
. . ted to do wlthli '
iIhu tenl wa? served, aa
requin d ? | lea
Mr. 1 ;': ? ' ''ri'"
?ii ? have two s...,s who ''
Id ichool rn Pomfret, Conn
Mi San.i? root I In th? Ol -
of the New Vink Bdlson Company and
olltan Bapn ""
Nee ITork
Tram poi tetlen i **?i ot th.- Fifth
Av. nu. Btage i Jompaay,
A i rtgr??m?n : th?
Hoea* smiihwblr i- redorad from M le 23S
In a r?ee of tl.li kind la t?. i <.n
vtaM coafreaa t?mt it oujr?it t" parferai a
.?iipji.iii??n up- n Itself
Zoological Difference Threatens
Split in The Bronx.
Refuses to Sign Petition Pre?
sented by Followers of
Teddy and Bronco.
A V ' ? fO
male auffragista up in Ths
? ?
It is all ab? ? ? The
their emhli
' all lik'- I ? ' last
'? ' . . is W. Mi'li ? ? ?
? ? . .
. deal bj la o
mem era of (
? ; to ti i ti i al I'
? .
l.i > Bronca*. AI
? ?
typical of en? and a III
? ? on t"
? ?
? i to thai ? ?
Of (leorge i; Holbui
? ? . .?-n.'st suf
' ?
'.. termed
... f the i
of h
Will Guard Lawns and Shrub?
bery in Public Parks.
known as the '
... rancla I
; ? Ipal
? orn*
n bj
Hing tii- a
' l ?
I : I ?
. ?' ... ; ?
? ssalst ? ? ? rrssi
Bail of $2,000 Each for Alleged
Sellers?To Try Women
?? ? I
? eel
N. J ' ?
? ?
eacl In 1600 I
Magistrat- HOUI led to hold the
-, or
Bases 1 ?tenta of
snty-l boxes sa Ised In ths raid
. .ne
f whit?
? ? 1st? st fash
? - ?
? .
? rt
? tel And
the 1 s twirl? er ha
: the
? 11*1 ? ' '
extra mely
?g Its
' ? ? ' It Will tie
? that
name of
What will you''
? ?
th? la groa any
there will havs I
I be le| In th?
. ? ,. . ..... | . . WIH
i ?? the
? ? walatroaal a? natlvs
a ' thai haw ?
sent i.wi foi the fall trade Ths Frei
aued tha maker of
3y ic l*asri? vif, 2<<T'*?? \ ?, ?), partnieiit of Agri' ullure \
* WKATHKH W'UKAI - .? '"" . f <:->
????' "SB*
?Ululai Ke??ir<l Bad I ?irr, .,-I
J u I > .'
and niii-ii? M
111 I! ? '
quita .
a ? ? ar i
: will
I . th?
i nuil
l north i"
1'i.rr. .,-1 fi.r ?>|i?-< lui I ???III ie??I or I .,-1
ern New \?>rk. fair 1,,-ilu? ; tomorrow, m.
witi,-?i aad aeebaMl ?asnees?, ?nah moderate
vurl.ililr ?ioil?
-..-? V..rk ?
.rrou u with
Pi i,ii?.\ i-. ..ni.?, f.iii ?
urrow, win?
? ?,,'lt lie;,-- -? Iri.ls
ti,. Dial riel of ? 'ol . Mai ?an?!
? ? , ? al?l>
i? with e?r??liiii?l shower? and
I t i rl e>
snd Bastara
I I ? ? .1.-? \ w, m?,r
? ? ?\ ith light ? ?. ?.rlal'l?
u Hull
* e.. tn ?1 I j? m 41 ? p m . . P.T
. if bureana taken >t 8 p. m. ycater
I |o a
Temp, i .iiiire. Bl
Tfl ?'leur
s| Cloudy
>- .loud]
?ton . II ?'lear
bacal ? m?? lui ite,-?,r?i. Th? foltewtag em
? ? gTaather Mure?u ?how?
the Um temperature f??r ttie last
?mi, ?Alth the ? ??r
1112 1*13
? (? p m. n 'i
'? |. m ... . 7?,
.... 7.1 ?ill p. m. 71 SO
i 12 m 7.; S1?12 p m. I? ?
j 4 |. 01
Hit ? llura yaatar&aj, 96 degree* i?i
in i. i ,u>-.! M i?i h n? ?. ?varas?
? -,??. for rorrespondlns ?lata las)
! 7i . ihlrty
I three ??ar? "l
Pair I" 4aj . t? "'nrrn?r nn
hablj ?diuwra, wtUi ?wdarata
varlabl? arlnda
ato? Ne? ? an 1 ? 'mirier.
lasat? wllaaa'a flan.-?* ?.'.mita that
, , man until he fell In love
?m, v..in.? uiis.,n'? daagbter, juat be?
lora lb? ?leettea Ah. Leve, tees bayer of
The Kcal Man's Size Kind Is Being Built Into the Fall Suits?
I leavy (?old Watch Chains Will Be
Draped Across Them.
her new suP'tnohile for building lier car
with a ?* that her I
I pro! area
? r..w modela Builders of llmoiia
? '
Brockholt Polltl \s o
? i ? ' si
Long la
I '..ni.- ? ? r
Dressmaking Pupils Couldi
Resist Putting 'Em ir
Their Model Creations.
The Manhattan Trade School for G
is nothing if not prograaalv?
H"s:il of Kducation tooll It Into the pul
school ayal ! sa v ?rk. !
skirts were much In evUlenre In the t>r
drssaes saosm yesterday at ti -
N" M K.ist M str.-et. In the anil'
exhlhltlon of the pupils' work, a
ers are th?? required attire at the BUmn
camp, near PsckskUl, which w:i
on July i i>y anil for the Man hat (
T'a.le School Club. Bktrts are taboo
that camp.
Julv Is the month when all ths glHa
? ? achool are sllowed to make cloth
fur themselves and their relativ?
Ins it'?- r.st .if the ' ?"o? fi
nlshea the material a- ? - produ?
In July the girls bring their own mat
rials end glare frea rein to theli I
choosing th? at)
Th? work nt Bve hundred pupils w?
shown yesterda > Th? ra srs ?
d taking the cours?e ai
a waiting list of WM hundred or mor
v\ orK n.'vr-r stops at th" Manhattan ira?.
Bchool, so win; . Inspected tt
finished goams, hats, lingerie, novsll
work atid plain '?????.in.; Kills ware toiltri
? ? I ,','..?
atra a ii t" hats or <i atltcba
on garments and tat-:' linen Tl
pupils it. tin- power i'
are trios.' who prop?se t" k" Into fa<
hut In ti ? n elementar
and advanced dressmaking on the lloui
h.'low .\. .? scons who were quail!
go Into smaller nh"ps. and some of th
dressea shoe n I I ly don.
, were hand mad'
Black eyed Rose Ah.les. aged flfteer
ahowsd a real Dolly \'ard?Mi design mud
| ernlaed. There w-ns a draped ov<
dowered crepe, and a draped sa-h of oi
blue, and a yoke of ?
opening coming far ?own la low t:.e wals
line I.
? . ind i
ilk."i dressmaking ever s::> -
for her dolll
"My niotii'r wag a reporter on a paper,
proudlj. "inn. ' with
"she ?) . and makes our clothei
? i v. aad i guasa i I
The material f"r t|-:
aours niaklnii
it a blu?- street dr-ss . ?<?
vear-oid Katherine Pfltser coel ?<? foi
material, and evei who saw- n
?hat it would CO?<J 1" In a shop
"Its the work that brings th:- .
the teacher explained. "If w?
', tttne Katherine spent on tl
the cost up t" mora than $1"
?? erefore si-.w Eva r) girl
??-. of the thne ai ? l
uni thus sh<? gets a clear under
I i.f i.> w ?
? ? . labor is than Inexperienced."
i m.- lovsl) little WhltS dress "f ..
took Its young :
hour days of har, woi si 12 91
It will be sold for 111
i'ii.- hour a weed i- given to gym
at the Manhattan Tl i an
hour and a half to academic training".
Enough art p-.es along with the regular
to enal.le the girls to design thel??
cwii dresses and emhroldery pattern?, hut
mostly hard practicality rules the school.
A p,rl who must learn In a year's BOU SB
how to earn her living has no time to
OH frills.
When aba haves the school and wants a
Jol. th? placement secretary la ready t?
h?!p her No Klrl goes from the Manhat?
tan Trade School to an unlnveatlgated
| or shoji Most of them earn pretty
p...?,i ?ragas The sample mounters, an all
the-year-roand trade, average lio a week.
One Klrl who went out from the straw
?ewtng ?lass In Februar" la n?w earning
111 In a nilll.nery establishment.
Cooking Is taught at the s?-hool now,
though it is not obligatory. But so many
tak? it that th? e is always a larga
clam to prepare luncheon, which manv of
liplla Luv Tor tl.e sum Of r.ine ?-cut?
they get a good hot meal Members of the
cooking '-lass, in caps and apmns. served
lemonade and cake of their own making
In v'sitors yesterday.
Miss Florence It Marshall is the prtncl?
Woman Does
Mosaic Work
Mow would fOU en Joy perching on th?
scaffolding high up In some tall cathedral,
putting In mosaic work on the celling n\ ,-r
bead? That Is what one woman
M ? ' ' , the only wom
worker In Knglantl and prob
ably In the arorld, ac-ordlrgr to "The Lon
Dailj Chronlcte." Misa Martin and
? inte have recentl) finished the
mosaic work In the ?'hapel of our I-ftdy
it Weetmlnater Cathedral, upon which
they have been working for alm?ist two
:-? ?oral girls from the art schools
?h?> beginning, hut thev
ally melt??l away, till only Miss
was left.
' "It is dell?-ate and fascinating work."
"but It demands soma sacrifice?
all womfn are riot prepare?! to
make For Instance, it does not tmprnv*
?of iinc'n hands The
aa rnakss than rouah. ?ni
th?- handling Of cement Is not pleasant to
And von must b? strong,
u hav.. to work In awkward p?-?st
tlons sometimes. If one has any tendency
: ? tter not take It tin.
It Is necessary to work on a high
sraffol?! and put ?n the mosaic over one's
OH the celling
"Nevertheless, I should like to ?ret a
few girls who have had some art training
and teach them the asarbsnlral rart of
i . i t?
then going tor On r^st of their
Daily Bill of Fare.
BREAKFA8T ? 'antaloupe. jellied
? ngtl ? rolls, coffee.
LUNCHE? ' ronl with cheese,
chill?-.! ' ' " ? ? re, tea.
DINNER Broiled bass with maltr?
iW?*v-\.v^(.luwil\^,'<...^v,,',,?,..,,',? U*A!i
At All
News Stand3
15 Cent3
?ARPER'S Biliar is ?
^ distinctive publication
for the woman who prides herself
on keeping in touch with the most
recent fashionable developments.
Its merit is best seen in the ex?
quisite quality of its make-up.
Beautiful paper, perfect typogra?
phy, and ail the infinite resources of
brush, pencil and camera make the
Bazar a veritable magazine de luxe.
But we must not leave the impres?
sion that it is only a beautiful maga?
zine. Harper's Bazar appeals frank?
ly to the women who must keep au
courant with the smart world.
Every detail of society's doings is
faithfully chronicled. No item of
Interest is overlooked.
Consider the August issue?where
could you find a more notable group
cf personages in any magazine?
?Frederick Townsend Martin, Mrs.
John Hays Hammond, Billis Burke,
Lillie Hamilton French, G. C. Har?
vey, Lady Duff Gordon, Elinor Glyn,
the Countess of Warwick, Robert W.
Chambers, Charlea Dana Gibson,
Gerald Mygatt- and many others
just as eminent.
Discriminating women cf t a o t e
and refinement everywhere regcrd
Harper's Bazar as "le dernier crl" in
tistinctive publications.

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