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-XrtoiloTk (Drtbunr.
Till RM1A?, JILY 81. it'll.
owned and i.nbllahed daily by The Tribun?, /.??nclatlon.
- K?a tork < - Ogd?i M
iTibaaa I ? ? ??"?u street. New xorn.
BUBgCRIPTl ' '? ?'1',,'u' of
I'allv an: s.:n?lay, 1 mo* .78 ' ? montha.??? ? "
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?>n? ni.?i.th . 1.02 One riviith. ????
. . 4 '
the Po?tofflce a'. New Tork ?? Facond Cl??a Mall
If the Citizens' Committee Is Looking
for the Weakest Candidate It
Will Choose Mr. Mitchel.
if tin- fusion manager? ?ire taking Mr. John E*urroy
M.ltcbel'a candidacy Mrtooslj they are being misled
i>y the claims of pol?tica] organisations which exist
in name only. With the support of thee? hollow
Sheila of parties, Mr. Mitchel is still the weakest of
ending three candidates l'or the mayoralty.
11.s record opon SUbways makes him weak. He
Izes this blmeelf. in his statement yesterday be
fell 1 t" gSSTjre the public that if lie were
elected Mayor he would not do anything to block
the carrying <>ut of the dual subway plans. The
people have to t?e told that bis election would nol
mean a. return to rapid transit ??'.!
Bui thai ?iiiisiii B will not be enough. The peo
pi? will remember the titter impracticability of Mr.
i past attitude. They will Judge Mr. ?Mitch?
el's Atuses by his failure to take a sensible view of
the Subway problem. If he had had his way th?'
dual plan would have beeu defeated. The city
would be building h much Btnaller system than it
has been able to undertake umler the wise plan
patiently worked out by Mr. WIUcos and Mr. Mc
AUSSry, Many neighborhoods which ?re n?>w as?
sured Of rapid transit would have beeu compelled
to go without It. In place of the extensive Blngie
fare which will result from the construction of the
dual system, the double fare would have prevailed
generally. For example, the people of Brooklyn
would be compelled t?> pay two fare? t?> reacb the
traffic centre? of Manhattan under Mr. lUtcbel'a
The CSthsBOS' Committee should consider very
carefully these sources of weakness In Mr Ifltcbel
before making hira its candidate. Indeed, bifl prom?
ise not to disturb the subway plans that bare been
adopted leaves him 1n a dubious light He used the
most violent language In denouncing these plans.
Yet If be ll made Mayor ho pledges himself to ?I'?
ll?.tl.Ins to undo the betrayal of the city and to pro
ted it from being completely despoiled!
And Mr. Mitchel, if nominated, is likely to have
iht up against him his proposed arrangement
with t! ? N.vv Tort ?'entrai Railroad f>>r removing
enth avenue. In his latest stat?
. -?-lares himself for the recovery by the
?ity of th? perpetual franchises that have been
granted In the past Vet as chairman of the Hoard
t?mate committee he proposed to (?rant per
pernal rights to 'he railroads on the Immensely ral?
Hudson Hiver waterfront and without pay
?.. the city. Much may be ssid for his plan,
?. but be would be pul upon the defensive
with regard to it throughout the campaign.
Mr. Mitch?>i I- not without ability ?s a campaigner,
and there hi ? certain appeal in his personality ami
in part?; of his record, but. whatever paper organisa
?iay be marshalled in his behalf, he Is n
weaker candidato than Mr. ifcAneuy and a mucb
weaker candidate than Mr. Whitman.
Arms for Both or Neither?
The intimation is ??riven that our government may
reverse its policy concerning the shipment of anus
and ammunition to Mexico, and instead of forbid
dtog gUCfl traffic with either faction may authorise
it with both. Tho idea seems to be that thus the
contending parties would be enabled to Bght to ?
finish more promptly, nnd that they would thus
make a more enduring settlement.
That might he the case. But many will view
with extreme repugnance a proposal to supply mu
nitJona to two factions, both of which have been
guilty of murder and which are waging a war of
destruction and desolation. Plainly put, the pur
POM of sti'-h a policy would be to enable the bel?
llferentS to kill each other off and to establish peace
by making a solitude.
There is another grave objection. It would be
f?etting the precedent of supplying munitions ?>f war
to unrecognized belligerents. This country has rec?
ognized neither HuertA nor Carranza. If It coun?
tenances the selling of arrne to them, how will it
hereafter be able consistently to refuse the same
favor to any Insurgents who may crop up in that or
any other country?
On the ground of humanity, and nlso on that of
cunslis-tenr-y und a desire to avoid future embarrass?
ment, the policy of selling arms to neither seems
preferable to that of selling them to both.
The Mounting Municipal Payroll.
It must be a little Btaggerlng to the geengt
cttisen to bars figur??s presented t?> him, as the
Bureau of Mnntdpai Besseret has just done, si
I an Increase Of ?f20l<KMM)00 \u the ?'ity's payroll
lu i re. of course, this is g rich city. Of
?umso. Its peo] I.- rather ??ride themselves on the
expenditures, and lump all thai
in with the general Americanism that nothing big
can be d? ne without ?i big cost S*et eren th?? rich?
, bare to count ihe cost sometimes, and Investi
on of department payrolls suggests that it is
high time for <-ost counting and systematic i-??s.;
The political Job and the political Job holder
are said t<> COSt the taxpayers more than graft and
la the ?Ity's contracts. Any business man
who found two or three departments of his fac?
tory turning OUt annually n greater volume of work
at a stable or even a re?ln?'e?l cost, while other de?
partments were incurring greatly increased ex
penses, would begin reorganization at once. What
ha? been done to ? notable ?-xtotit by Um borough
administrations in Manhattan and The Hyoux gnd
Hiehmomi fag the line of Increasing sffldency and
lOWeilag cost should be extended t?. tie? other city
bureaus. A good beginning lias been made through
salary (standardization Invest ?gallon by the Con
troOer and ether officials of the Board ?.f Estimate
?alary and w?.rk standardization for th<> vnrlous
de<partments should be so preached In the coming
municipal eampaiga that the new administration
would have to got a dollar's WOltb of work for
each dollar of the payroll, as wooM say concern
Bciiinp its products sgainst keen competition and"
-h keeping its costs at rock bottom.
The Astor House Site for the Pottoffice.
The suggestion of the Astot House sito for the
new downtown postofflce which is now taken op by
th?' Merchants' Association Is worthy of thoughtful
There is Indisputably need of a new postofflce, or,
rather, a new federal building for postofflce courts,
?'to. The present building was never satiafat-tory
end is now quite obsolete.
Tii.? new building mus? not be on the old site.
which, Ind.I, merer should bare been used for that
purpose and which should be restored to the City
Hall Park. l>m it may be advantageous to bare it
in that Immediste neighbor!?? d.
The Astor House site Is the nearest to the old on*"
of all Ui.it ar.> svallable. it is srell situated i" re?
lation to lines of travel and transportation, an<l It
j would afford gdmirable opportunity for architectural
j scbievement.
There arc many who would like to so?? the oi?i
? Astor House retained and rehabilitated ns a hotel.
? Rut if that Is not to be, the historic site maj well
j l?o utilised for a federal building worthy of the
nam<B. though it should not be adopted without care?
ful consideration of tin? plan to make mich a building
j part of ?h" civic centre that is forming to the north
? about the ??ito of the new county courthouse.
Trappini the Wild Auto.
TV "State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles In New
Jersey, who has charge of the licensing of automo
labile drivers and the general Inspection and regula
! tlon of such traffic, makes the extraordinary request
, of the police of all municipalities that they shall
[ establish "speed traps" for the detection and capture
| of law-breakers.
Hitherto such devices have been decried as "n?>t
I cricket." Doubtless they wen? lawful, and aimed lit
dis rangement of lawless speeding. Bui even the
courts regarded them With disfavor, as I mean
method of doing a good thine.
The recommendation of them, now, by the bl?hest
authority in the state. Indicates how great is the
abuse of the highways and how argent the need of
j abating it. even through reeourae to extreme meas
I tires.
The Panama Canal?a Noble Monument
as It Stands.
The mer?' thougbl of "beautifying" the Panama.
Canal Is enough to send shivers down one's back.
Luckily, the nation's Commission of Pine Arts seems
to realise the danger of such a project Only a feu
monuments are proposed, and of the canal it-.-if
this la said: "Like the Pyramids, !t Is Impressive
because of its scale and simplicity. Anything done
merely to beautify would have been sn Imperl
in a work of thai chara? ter."
Truth to tell, there la more real beauty In Ihe
engineering works at Panama than In much
led "architecture" which adorns Europe and
the states, it baa been all too often the notion of
thr modern architect that he mus? eonoesl the
structural facts of his building by plastering orna
mentation all over its exterior. Thus he delih?
wastes the big efff't that the plain engii.r, with
hla eye single to utility, triumphantly achievi
1 Luckily, American architecture la now bead! i
.-tit direction and. Incidentally, * leading the
world thanks largely to the Inspiration of the sky
scraper, that crl?ps to heaven f"r broad, sound treat
trient. A backward step nr Panama i1? unthinkable
snd Impossible.
The "King of the Weather."
The new chief of the Weather Bureau is the
right man in the right place Professor Marvl
been connected with tbla branch of the government
service from the time it was a military bureau un?
der the War Department. II?- has won recognition
through administrative ability and scientific work,
Involuting many of the Instrumenta now used for
meteorological oh ervatlon and contributing ma?
terially to the growth of meteorological knowledge
it 1-. gratifying to learn that under the new chief
more attention will be given to making the bureau's
reporta "f practical value t>> a?-rlcultiire. That Is
the bureau's most important function, and it was
lost sight of to some extent during th** Incumbency
of Professor Marvin's predecessor, it i- far from
desirable thai the bureau should engage In such
?-?de Issues ?is predicting "McKinley weather" for an
Inauguration and then see Washington swepl by a
iiHzy.nrd. Professor Moore's spectacular experiences
With "flarebacks" on various critical political occa?
sions emphasize the impolicy of trying to put too
much "human interest" into weather predictions,
It is not necessary for the head of the bureau to
figure as ? sort of moving picture Weather King,
enthroned In his palace on Mount Weather, There
will probably be less splurge snd more practicality
In fbrecast work under Professor Marvin's admin?
lst ration.
The Strain of Savagery.
They used to tell a story of a (Vntra! American
dictator Who had his own brother, Who was his
political rival, chained t<? a post In the compound
I adjoining his house, and kept him there for weeks.
? 1 ?i hen?, of course, we beard Of If, shuddered -ml
thanked <?"<l that we wire not as other men, even
, as thoae savage ''outrai American
Vi't the other day we beard of people out In Pfew
Jersey who had kept a demented brother chained to
a p?ist for many years, and still inter, jn^t over the
river in Hoboken, of a well-to-do man and his fash?
ionable daughter who kept another daughter and a
I son hound wilh ropos in a ?lark and dirty room for
a year and a half, In Indeaeribable squalor.
a certain strain of savagery crops out now and
then, in all lands and among all peoples, admonish
! lnc even the beet of ns against too cocksure cen
Meet the Charges Fully.
The gccusatlon that Governor Bulser expended In
his campaign for election sums of money for which
he rendered no sw.rn SCCOunting, thus violating ?M
r-tat.-'s taws, has m>t been proved, The Prawley
legislative committee has put <?n the re.oni evidence
regarding a $2,600 che k supposed to have been con?
tributed by Jacob H. Schill and a 1600 cheek coo
tributad by Abrhm I. Blkus. The committee has
not established any motive for the concealment Ol
these Items, which were not listed in the Bulser
accounting. It is perfectly possible that some ex?
planation can be made Which will set the whole
matter Straight
Governor Bulser must meet this charge, though,
absolutely and completely. It Is too Serious to laugh
??"?'..? or to try to throw out of court as another
Murphy plot. The question of the legal right of the
committee to take evidence on this siibjct even is
DOt material now. for the committee has made the
matter public, and Quibbling over a technl' iillty will
not meet the iss-u,? thus created. Governor Bulger Is
??? oft? er, acting under <>ath t?> uphold the laws
and serve the people, He ''an Well afford to waive
all formalities nnd technicalities for himself ami
all those who gseisted him in his campaign, so thai
the fullest Information regarding these checks and
any other matters the legislative committee may
bring up may go on the record. Indeed, for his own
, bonor and the state's, be may not do less.
The new weather man certainly nade a warm
start yesterday.
The Hon. W J. Bryan has resumed his lectures,
which wore unfortunately Interrupted for a day or
so by business In Washing;ti>n.
Castro is inconsiderate H* should have waited
until Huerta "Is settled.
Nine months for arson Is letting a militant off
??nr Latin, we confess, Is the brand old man
Vergi! described as "exceedingly punk"- puncus In
excelso. 'n cblldhood'a happy hour we snul bed
Latin. We dreaded meeting the Roman divinities,
every man Jack of whom (and every girl Qill, for
that matter) nil] be .tailed when ?-aught.
i ? somehow are nave not forgotten "fer die," the
physician's phrase for "thrice daily." l.u? l;y are
haven't, since thereby hangs a Joke.
it appeara thai a pltienl 'as 'orrlfled a London
'orsplttle by bouncing out of bed. '??pping Into 'la
trousers end miking for the wii?is of 'Ami
\\ ben captured > explined: "I looks on th?
s card and sees me death warrant Ter die.'
I.of' lutiiin- " I nay?. 'Fly, 'BrbSTtf "
? ? ?
We met this truthful yarn whll?; perusing-^ piece
on the decay of Knglish by the new Poet La
v. ho Is not only a handsome old chap and a ?reaver
of delicate verses, but a jolly fine arag into th? bar?
gain. Thinks 'Erbert'S point was well taken, as the
imtient pronounced "t?-r di<-" after the manner now
prevalent In Belgravls and afayfalr
We weep for the decay <?f Fngiish. though we
cannot own up to much surprise. Long have Britons
adhered I? ab of ?Parliament, and ?
shed the 'ablt, now the 'OttSS 1? boverrun with tbose
" 'ot nj -'??t ?i- ?i tons of .-"il."
? ? ?
And Bnesklng of ti.inrs medlcsl, they tell us a
?I?.?-!?!- famine is impending over yonder, and we
ik how soon it will reacb ih?-?- shores.
short' . ? Can'l you hear thai blood?
curdling / i 7 /.' ir li the do tors cut
: heir on n Ihr? I
-?-?? ? therapy a
big ti rltb a rapa? lous pa s. a hat do
- |a< kknlfe
? ? ? tinker an li I wl
Joyo ta
magazines ami fn e schnitzen!
? ' ?
? ? - -
How we n Phe poee
? ! confidence t y t-o. mlng I ?
..... . x
I hie perplexlf
Hear him now: "Maybe it's I stasis
maybi II or parai ; ivins, or i ? ?
But d? n't > on worry, m> boj
he aut
? ? ?
? .h, v?-s-. %?,-,, know what you are Baying, foil
.-.' : the m? d al
recrulti? ? rush to the fr? ? I ?
kill thei ? ofl
Bounds logical, but you forgtt the automobile, and
what raw recru Ule can afford on? Tl
hla d"..in nt the very outset. Your raw recrultie
down oppoelte the Bee ?inn end wall
aomel ody to rl I ? ?
ed watching, at test s case! Oh, k -
But, ??'? en us the tj ro la n schli 1
romea the dread honk! honk! <?f the victim's family
physician, who not only extracta the fish bone, bul
, ? 1 outfit of ring all
y from an Invaluable broken sr h to s highly
remunerative ;
? ? ?
ever at the District At' ti- 1 off! e the? inform
us that ?President Wilson's future son in tew has
been msde Piral Lord of the Abandonment Burea ?
nice Kirl. too! We truel
thai when the newi res bea Washington the Presi?
d? ni will take the proper course and give him
? ? ?
l'.< tient h Mr. Ptegg*a ?I? ver cartoon It pa!?!. "It's
risky to want thingi you wanted to vote," and the
lone ?lam" in the picture found i ? r-? If in dreadful
company al the polls Bowery bad men, tough
darkles, barroom bruteen, ?nil plenty more aa un?
. 01 t;? nial
We have DUSSled about that nil the week, and
conclude Brother Flagg ahould wave again. Neat
time give us s poor, lone, terrified mate, wriggling
toward the voting booth amid msraads who hav?
fitted themselves f.?r cttisenehlp by ten thousand
awful battles at the bargain counter.
? ? 0
That charming foreigner In "Tin? Metropolitan"
for August belauds American architecture for Itaab
B of MtU IddteS," and thinks this ?speaks well for
the restraint be beholds everywhere In America: and
bo H d?.. a
Comtes the ur bttect/s client and savs: "Hello, old
chap] 1 have acquired Nos, 4fi2 t?>^ Blank avenue.
Bket? h me a bous? Something swell! Plenty of
loggias and turrets? (,r,d gargoyles und arpeggios and
1 : illd bar fan? y!"
Bui the tirst drawing Is never satisfactory, "?Oee
whiss!" cries the client "Where era the Bhow*
for m> girls7 Where Is the open-fa. a ban?
quel ball? An?i didn't 1 tell you to build the draw?
?ni' room entirely of plate gia;'?, and leave spaos up
top f'T Bessie's studio?"
"Thought you wanted some kind of mansion,"
Bays th? architect, "but I sret your Idea now. You
want a greenhouse "
Then beging war When peace ssti in it is ?ine t.?
no mere craven. Ignoble Ksthetlc snllghtenment on
the client's part, if hi agrees to wails, it is from
tv ; and If he relinquishes twiddles, it In be
catiee be finds they will cost so much that, while
doubtless he can retain his present sqnsUlron of
automobiles, he will have to abandon all hop.? of
breeding them. it 1.. 11
liven for Europe, New York sets the fashions Km -
swsy Lisbon is getting the bomb habit. Charleston
N? ? s ,ii,'l ? '..urler.
candidate for re-election te the aflea of Mayor,
yttdga Qaynor aroold be compeUed t?. accept the support
Of some of the New York newspapers he has ho Indig?
nantly rebuked Washington star.
There was a tin- In ? tall biiibtlng in New York two
go, when tba Btandplpea were found te be dogged
\t 1 teat on Batarday, th?- same rondltl .ns arere found to
??xi.-t That look? like inexcusable negligence on th.? part
of all concera d the owner a, the municipal authorities
Bl ? UM underwriter?.? Buffalo BsptSSSL
Will give a child two weeks of fresh air and good food in the country.
He Fits the Office and Is Widely
To i- r The Tri a?
? idgtnamt, Mr M'
ibla man, who
... yes of ? '
: ,.n why be
to put s new
lake 1 t sa
, ? Hon, ?a hlch ???
can 'i- mor?
.1 h.i VA' |l
? >ii tli- ? : Mr U'i II
? ? '.i Mr \\ ."
? . i ? ? | . ::
f'-r I
? .' rs ?ill
I ; ?. ir.
Tl a snd ' duty of s Mi
is the enfoi am? nl of Is? snd ord? :. thai
tman'a . sn i
.: ? nut given
si do in that <n.lion, :
):*. r ' ? Is known
I, ?.'. hila Mi Mc '?
has i ? ? ind is unki
to many Even if ??n things else
. ; it this should ra>. alvfl area!
t Tammsi
? ?
No US Madison avenue, New York,
jut-. ?
How the Fashions of the Day Strike
an Observer In London.
To ths Editor of Til* Trillin??
sir: I neve written to ? London
paper In pralss <'f en srtlcls, "An <'rnv
of I 1 i punirlo'.1 that ths
term la moat sp?ropos ths wall-dressed
woman Is obsoleta To ses the sro
? !-.- 11 ni, i shod women
In hotels snd ether public places, many
drinking snd smoking elgarettss, Is
Tiiis reflects ths opinion of ail women
who srs opposed to the preeenl wlda
ro? freakish sad im
mod? i adornment, viewed With
disgust i v raen snd rldleuled by their
squall ? ? - tus slstsra
.hui -Ins from s bal I read In ths p
condltl.; In New fork are equally sa
! d? plorahle
Bavoj Hotel, Londi n, July IS, ISIS.
We Do Nothing for Mexico, Yet We
Keep 01? Other Nations.
To ths Editor ?if The Tribuns
Sli Ths United States snd Mexico
remind one of ths dog In th" mangsr.
Th.? dog COUld not it ths hay himself.
nor ?would hs let ths coa ?o os sat it
Tin ' COUntl v ?rill i nt, or Cannot, ssttls
things in Mexico ? id it will sol sllow
other ti.itiuiiH t.. Interfors
American cttlsens srs being murdered
in Mexico svery weak <>nr preasent sd*
ministration Is far tOO easy with Mex
Ico. What Is ths ns.- of talking nhont
peace when thers i no pssrsT Mexi
cana won't srbltrats snythlaav in fael
I hey ?re t,.o ignorant, low and hrutal
to understand the msaalag or Juatlee,
truth or honesty. They nrs uaabls to
govern themselves Whsnever ? man
gets inn. power thers h? haa several
in. n nominell. Vpr this has baten the
'government "f MtSXJeo for flrty year*
or mors
Th.- PtSStdsSSl ff Ihr United St;?t*H
Btys In- Is getng to InvsetlgatS the mat?
ter. Th-- Secretary of state, at f 12,000
|ii fear, must aro lerturintr tr> ke?p ou
? >"s, snd talk sbou
?. etc. ? iiiie fit f!'e sans?
Mexico is throwing mud on th.
: United States, In f?o-t. ?pittim- in ou:
' ?. murdering o Itlseas ever?,
nee It gel '? launh in it:
end say, "Welt ?'?at ?re yen
I trolnx to rio abOUt it '? "
Mow, tl.i ?? way to settle things it
In for the United States to UUM
enough men thers to settle the matter
ms Bght, then t.Kht
back snd let England, German.
? l 1'ran.*- settle the trouble
NSW York. July II, lltl
A Prediction and a Warning to th<
"Catholic" Party.
To ths Editor of The Tribune
un- Ton? hing the vexatious scheme ol
ti ?? ? ' ttl "'.'?" party ' I -' ? Its nami
! on the Church, : t that If it shall
? ilish its ???
t" the Church will cloaely follow
; Many of the m. n
? ? ? ? ? kjority ol
j th? strongest snd wssithteet of out
I churchss throughout ths country, sad
New fork, In
eluding the fifteen rhur? .after
mentioned, will ell eave ( ie i
or. If th- ? rill wll
ths Missionary Boclet) of the Church
their cuatomarj pwunlary contributions,
with the result that ths missionary worh
? the Church, foreign snd domeetlc, will
ilsh Hii'i aoon have to bs
i our mil
home. I know ? mper
snd disposition of Prota tanta In Ses
York sad Hi?- North general!} toward ths
le." and, bows i
fsellni mus be considered, it is cms
lof deep distrust snd ?version. I am sure
liiiat those wl ? that prejudice
[would never tolerate that sroH as s pert
of th.-ii CTiurch'a rani.? h letter re
relved within the last few days from one
of ths worthiesl snd most prominent of
our New fork City clergy ararrants m\
prediction ol ths com a which many of
? ths best men of ths Church In New York
srould take if the name of the Church
ahould, in sny combination, i>? meds to
contain the word "Catholic."
The preeeat Rnancl ? condition of our
Domestic snd foreign Missionary Boa ??<
as reported bj Qsorgs Gordon I
urer, in "Ths Churchmen" for March
age .in. snd referred to editorially in
"The Southern Churchman," April (, ? sg ?
tows the exti aordln irj decra ise on
Ifari b 1, . in the ra -
contributions to ths the Mis*
i lonsi | Bodet) of the Church, upon
which "Ths Southern Churchman" oi>
aervea "No mora pathetic ESaster s|
and message can corns before the Church
tii.m Mr King's letter of Msrch 14 un the
I status of tiie missionary treasury. I'm
the tirst time our nobls treasurer's hope
sr.-tns to waver, snd it Is ? triumph of
faith that it does h.it waver : i s greater
i siihinit thai tills decrease can reason*
ably be attributed ont) to ths deliberate
imrpoae of our rich men to await the
action of ths General (Convention on tiie
question Of a Changs "f the name of the
?'inn. h before giving any more money to
it is to h* feared that, to our Church's
deep humiliation end ths ssrlous hurt of
the mass of Christian unity, It the name
of .mi- Church stioui.i be changed, the
conf?rtanos now In encouraging progress
between tiie l'ienhy teilen. Methodist end
other churches with our own on the suh
Jeet of t'hristian unity Will CCaSC from
ull further negotiations with our ChUTCh
on th? groun i that no further conference
?ouiii reasonably be held to sny good end
with .. church whoss condition prooanted
an sxasspls of discord snd dlaualty wholly
at rartance with the spirit and purposs
whnh hiul brought that conference to?
Unless the "Catholic" party Is wlllini
for the mere sake of parly prsattgS and
at all hazi.rrla to sssfe for success, let I
An Open Forum for
Public Debate.
it be w-.-r-?d by the ronaliliratlBBi
above presented gucceea arouM be or?;
? f the .ostliest and most destructtva tri?
umphs ever won by human pers' I
?me of religion.
No lueatton of coneclcnc?
the ?.-hr?;.-e <>r chang. of a ohur<-h's nam?;
It Is only a question of expediency or
formal pro; riet
n'.ANcis '? CANTINA
Morton. Va.. Jul] -?
A Reader Feels the Veteran Deserves
Praise Along with the Youngsters.
To tbe Editor . ' The I II ana
t?ir: I have been for a ?Tg time an
admirer <vf | - ting page, particu?
larly ? is of tennis matches I
fed, however, that you have rot mea?
ured out the f.iir roe? I I pratea to th*
rs r?f the ! team In your
editorial of to*dajr?
If asara M nd William? de
sen-e the h? tor th*lr
sterling Kchtevi to m?.
however, very unfa r I t entirely ret?
rork of Mr. H ickett in the
doubles match in which
eiaafUl The press st.it? nier.'.
fad that McLoughlln I 'h." it
? fair to infer tin l Hacket:
held up his end .?: newt
i bi er accounts unta ? I thai
members! of the I In? -it1
? as much ss poa ?i? f?ct
that our team won the n: itch '.:. ?pttfl t\
these teCtlca s- ''"t *
large measure <vf prate? for Mr H i'kitt'l
I think that both loyslty and .lust'.re le
mand that your colunma " -lude
Bnch appreetettea of "'? ^
?? \v M v. Ml
New York. .til?.
'What queer things tr> ??'"
titii.? tn the vacation season!" uHteB ?
Kurgast from Nauheim "l?Vtt night Mr
blank came to US with a picture SUt fr*?
s < I ai ms h ^h^
knows win-, these people erst The 'people'
on the stature arare .?;? alderly an>i *
young man. aach holding a cigar, and be
them an old.-r'.-. S?d S >our.f
woman. The men wore eonvenUosal ?w
dreSB, the old.-r woman S*orO S BBSte. &u*
anil and th?? girl s whit.? Bhlrtwslst.,Urii
skirt and tlat hit w.th a ?rblM Plv?m?
around the edge The only ons at onr
party arho would venture s I asm **'d;
"I'h.- foung man Is an actor, th? Kirl ?
typewriter or telephone slrl OB her vaca
ti..,i. th?> woman Is a fighting suffrage"*
ami the Older man Is a i lei tn.m brewer
Poor guess The persona arare ?s?euss
Manuel and his Intended srlfa the Pfln
?ess Vlctorte of HonenaaUem, We ajafl?
and her father "
"/..-?I Wombat is the mo?t popular Mayor
Plunkvllle ever elected."
"\\ hat i,.is rte done now?"
"Kqulpped Lovers' l.ane with the V^y
est lighting facilities vv.? ?VI t hn?l m
Loulavtlle Courter-Journai
Tin-: LATER Hit AND.
(Male -iirfrHKi?'.?. weerteg a Me? but?0""
nr. piedi id ??. off? :? their iMta l" ears t0."
lie? thai n.?e?l them ?Xewi It'-m I
A gentleman true has Just com? Into vie*.
And he wears as a label a button of blu?
With politeness replete he will offer W?
With a bow to each lady he sees on her
It's an excellent plan, and this true K?n'
Is entltle?l to get all the glory he can.
Though I hate to detract, some like g?n*
tlemen act
Without earing a button to publish th?
Teacher of Hygiene Why must we ?'?
wa>s he ?-.ireful t?? k6 ?p ?air homes clean
ami neat? .
Little CHrl JlecaUBS company may w?l*
In ut any moment. ?Judge.

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