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Promoters Secure Control of
418 Miles of Lines in
Divorce of Transportation In
tcrests Thought Likely?
Guarantees Not Trans
ferred to New Regiinc.
Boaton, July II. Bandcraon A Pnrtar,
of New York. .. trollejr promotlon and
..:..? iim^ flrm, have purchased, tho
v,,. ,m . ? trolli i owned
? ? \cu Bagland Inveatmenl and Be
my. Tha announcement
noada hara today.
it is undnratood locally thal the \ew
? lilroad lia-^ nu;i run !??? d tha dl?
vidanda on the, atock of tha company.
this sale is lookad upon by many
?he intial stej? la the plan of the
New Haven to dlvorco its trolley lines.
Tha roads Iniluded ln tha *alo aro
the, Bpringaald Btreel Ratlway, tha
Worceatar Conaolldated Btraal Rallway,
-\iilioril. AHlabaro and Woonaockat
Btraat Rallway, tha Attleboro Branch
Rallroad Ooaapany, tha lnteratate <'on
?oltdatad street Rallway Company aad
two leased lines of the Worceater, tho
IWorceatar and Wabatar and tho Wal atar
aad Dudlay Btraat Rallway Companlaa
Involves 418 Milea of Linea.
The companies operato 418 milea of
street railway.
The New Kncland Investment and Se
[curlty Company is a roluntary aaaocla*
tion formed in ISOti to take over tiie
[NeW Haven's Massachusetts trol'evs. It
|th>W COntrola tiie greater part Of the
?afTreet rallway mlleace In Central and
Waatarn aaaaaachuaatta, outalda of the
Barkahlre street Railway, which was
BolrJ to rhe New Havn in !r':" by auth
orlty of th* Maaaachnaatta Legialatura
i Th? parchaae was eonaumated
[through the acqulaltlon of the antire
eomraaa stock of the New England In
veatment and Becurity Company of
! 1100.000. which alone has \otIns power.
?The I4.000.ooo preferred stock of the
'Investment Company la owned by the
; publld and dlvldanda of^ ptr cent on
: tha laaue are miaranteevi by the New
Haven Rallroad. Whlch also guarantees
$'"". per share ln the event of llquida
The New England Investment Com?
pany also has ontatandlng an laaue of
$1."..ooo,ooo notes guarantead, ptinclpal
and Intereat, by the New Haven.
Tha company ls a voluntary aaaoeia,'
tion formed back ln 1101 at the time
public complaint was direrted against
Ight ownarahlp of trolley lines ly
ataam railioads.
How the Company Was Formed.
The New Haven tranaferred tr, the
holdlng company tho Sprlngfield and
Worcaatar propertles, the Central Mass
arhuaatta Electric Company and other
mlnor lines. The bankera at that time
.'ii;>ted to effect the sale. of the en
tlre authorized lasue of 110.000.000 pre?
ferred but never aucceeded ln dlstribut
ore than 14.000 000.
Ownarahlp of tho common has always
. rather nebulous. but lt has been
the taclt understondlng that this con
trolllng 1100,000 of common was held
l | certaln truetees not antagonlstlc to
the New Haven Rallroad.
It ls aald that thla sale waa planned
before Mr. Mellen realgned the presl
dency of tho road and does not neces
r-arlly mean tho dlslntegratlon of the
New Haven trolley eystem.
Worcester. Mtsa., July 81.?Colonel A
George BuUcck, of 'Worcester, one of the
board of truateea of tho New England
Rallways and Investment Company, aald
,to-day: "As to tho aaery that the Naar
IHaven la to bo released from the Intereat
guarantees on tho preferred stock, they
cannot bo released. That atatement la ab
aurd on tho faca of It."
New Haven, July 31?Sanderson &
Porter, who bought tho controlllng Inter
ast ln th* Mausachuaetts trolley propertles,
.have constructed linea ln this state, bulld
lng tho llno from Merlden to Southlnglon
andf Leke Compunce, ln llfl. Thla road
waa later aold to the Connectlcut Rallway
<and Llghtina Company, whlch ls now a
tpart of the New Haven company's trolley
ayetem ln th'.s atate, known as tho Con
cectlcut Company.
It la atated that tho recent aetlon of the
;New. Haven company ln leaalng Its Eaat
,ern Oonnectlcut trolleya to the Shore T,ine
'Electric Rallway Company?tho riant
aya*env?and the aale of Its intereat ln the
Waaiachuaetts trolley propertles, already
mentloned, doea not neceaaarlly mean any
fu"the.- aegregatlon or disposal of linea In
th'.a at?te.
The Boaton dlepatch atating the detalla
of the aalo of tho control of tho New
England In-.estment and Securlty Com?
pany waa conflrmed here by Sanderson
& Porte-, the buyers, whose offlces are
at No. 60 William street. According to
Beton Porter, a member of the flrm. the
terms of the aale, however, do not re
lease th.? New Haven from Its guarantea
of the 4 per cent dlvidend on tho 14,000,
000 pref. rred atock of tho Securlty Com?
pany, no ? 1s the New Haven released
from payig the interest on Its $15,000,
000 notea.
Tha traneactlon," aald Mr. Porter,
"was not carried on wlth the New Havrn
but wlth cctaln lndivldual etockh.-ilders.
whose ldentlty wa do not feel at llberty
to dlvulge. We have been end.avoriiig
for fome time to obtaln control of tha
electric tranaportatlon linea ln Woreaal r,
Fpringfleld and their envlronments. Tha
rto, k was not bought li bulk, but amall
blocka havo bean acquircd from time t..
time, ao that now we, hold vtrttially all
the common atock outstanding. whlch
gives tia (our dlrectora, as agalnst three
for th? prefened atock."
$200 a Shara Reported Price.
Mr Portir refuaed to naraa the
whlch waa paid for tho atock of the trol?
ley Mnee, but lt waa ;eporte<l to ba around
Miirh meana that BBBMleraon \- Por
ter wero fon-ed to pa/ double its par
value. The etc k waa, purchnsed for an
lnveatmcnt, he atal/d. and lt la tho inlen
tion of tho new owtiera to operate tha
propertles, not for d'.ents, but for thetn
aelvea alone.
Heretofore tiie engineeiing flrm of
Sanderaon *k Forter has eoaflaed its peb
llo utlllty oreratlons < hiefly to the Pacl*
flc Coaat, and Ita entranco into tiie Nem
England fleld may mean that this la
only the beglnning of further negotia
tlone w'th the ^.'ew Ravaa for other ai
Ita trolley linea
Charlea 8. Mellen. who wlll not retlre
The Cleveland elm trce in front ol theSrVWte House. which was uproote.l.
Ruins of Saul Building, where two persons were killed and aeveral
aa prealdent of the New Haren ua! - P
tember 1. cor.flnr..
"Ti.e Btatement l t 8ai
ter have purthastd th*- New Eaglaad lh*
veatmer.t p.:il Security Company, i
understand to be correct I cannol glra
you the detai.s, aa I atn not Intereated
ln the tranaaetJoa i auppoee they
purchased for Investment. n? the-.- are
trolley promotoi . >l con
atructors. b< ?<? was a :
"Whether thc.r pnrrha.es are limlteil
solely to the commor> atock or whether
they have gone further and exqulrod an
lr.terest ln the preferred, i an not a<i
vlsed. The comtnon atock was moeh
more eariiy obtalned, for :t araa amallei
ln amount and 1 ? I
Cohalan's Accuser Said to Have
Oone to Pennsylvania.
John A. Connolly, who brought tbe
ebargaa agalnat Juatlea Daniel r. <-ohn
lan, has dlaappeared rrern Mew Tork, and
aeveiai of his credltora f.ro ansloua to
learn where he ls. Thev belleve ha
Pennsylvania. It ls gald <'onnolly left th..
atate, ImmedlaW-ly after tlie Cobalan
hearlnir ln AlhanV- For moro than a
w-eck Deputy Bherlfl Oorraan haa been
lookltuc f.ir hlm to aerve an eiecutlon ob?
talned by tho West Blde Jtank on a Judg
ment for $.160 on a note made ln 1910.
The deputy nheriff baa been anable to
flnd Connolly, and be wlll return the e.y
mtlon unaatlafled. Than an eiTort win ba
nijwlo toobtaln servire on Connolly ln Btip
plementary proeeedlnga to determine ins
ablllty to pay the JudKtnent.
Tho aalary duo t.> CoanoUy from tho
Preee Publlahlng company has already
been irarnlshoed by another rrrdltor, and
I'ther JudgmentB. aggregatlng more than
$3,ooo, aro entatandlng agalnat hlm. it
was sai.i yeaterday Connolly promlaed a
few mnntha oro tr> aettle tbe Iu?Sgmen1
held by tho Weet Blde Bank aa so..,, as
ho shouid reeehre aiiy money. Ha aald h ?
was "i.roUc" at the time, bul it appeara
he, had already rerelved JVOO under hla
contract with tho Presi Publlahlng '???m
Horse Throws Harry Bugbee-Says
Waldorf Is Home.
a*i in'nry to a horeebach rlder in <>n
trai Park last erenlng dereloped a aerlea
of myaterlea that aro betng taveattgated
by the pollea a man who sald he waa
Uarry Bugbee, thlrty-threa years old, a
arrlter, of tt"' Waddorf?Aetorla, waa tiding
near 10th atreel on tha brldlo path. n<>
was thrown when hla borae becante
fi Igbti i.?'ii al an automoblla
Pngbea was ptcked "i> by Bergeant Rlca,
a raounted pollceman, end taken to tbe
];.iusoy.it Hoapltal Ha waa eul end
bmlaod aboot tha face and body. When
j.. Carlyla atarted to tieut hlm he be>
oam i unei nectoue.
Tbe polli ?? aaJd tl >?? tooa tha borae to
the Central Park RkUng Academy atablea
At the ecadi my ll waa aald no i i h
araa broughl thera Al the Wai
dorf-Astotia it u;is aald tbal Harry Bug?
bee waa nol regbni ?? I then
Tony Detao, tha chaulfeur who ran down
ami gulod B man and 9 tr.nntli-old Chlld
m The Brona whlle radng wltb anothei
ehauffeur Wedneaday night, was beM
yeaterday In tW,ooo ball i|r> a chargi of
bomlcMa by .'iinni'T M'-al; . Jos'-.-li
0*bulllvan, thi ather cheuffeur, waa beM
ln IJ.500 aa an aeceaaory.
Havoc of Washington Tornado
Apparcnt on Every Sicle..
eapltai awoke thla to And
i ... i ba
al reeta were ati ireea
and large brai
lation, the I
tt lol waa atrewn wltl brokei
nd other wi evi
the n
? wlnd, raln and
rm whlch 11 t of
< lolumbia > ? st- rday i.
ad al more than
eat In tha
and moal of the publl ? bulldlnga auf
fered. ? inly two dwi ? ,:? -
ted thal moi? than
? ludlng many ln tha parka,
y.bi?? Injured, aev< ral 1 la i ? Ing
deatroyi d
Blara than 8,611 t. :? pl onaa ln t
aera out of a rvlci untll thi morning,
tba wlnd and watar pla ing havoc wlth
tha arlraa Tba rallroada were aingularly
fortunata, a^ trafBc aaa not Interrupted
ta any great extent Thi damaga ta
tha - Ung Btock la reportad aa alight
The winte Houae grounda were llttarad
wlth fallen branchea and uprootad traaa
Tha waod from tha damagod traaa at
tha v. hlta Houaa wlll b< given to tha
Lata raporta state that thara were
niHiiy narrow aacapaa an tha Potomai
Rlvar. At tha bathlng beach about Bof
woman and chlldren wara taken un?
awaraa bj tha tornado. Tha life guarda
workad for n. arly balf an haur gettlng
ti..- bathera out of tba water and la
placaa of aafety.
a i ai t of tha glaaa roof ?t tha
Qeorge Waahlngton Unlvaraity Hoapltal
caved In and a Bcora of madlcal studt-nts
had a narrow eai
Will Not Take Court of Appcals
Juatlca Maitin J. Keogh, of tii*? Bupranaa
I'oi.rt, on tha 'v,. ..; hia dapartura tor
Kuropa, haa announced thal ba artil not
accept th>. nomination aa Juatlca of the
Courl of Appaala, for whlch iie Ii.ih baan
BUggeatad by Colonel Reoaavall Ha haa
taken tha aama atand as wban ba ra*
fuaed io aiiow iuh nama to ba pn
u .i candldata for Qovernor of New York
and as a candldata for l nlted Btab
Juatlca K'ogii raturned Wadneaday
from a ahort vacation lo attend to aome
ofBdal bualneaa ln an Intervlaw at his
cbamber, ln Now Rochelle, yaatarday ho
aald bla work aaa so conjjenlal and tha
bar of tha departmenl had alwaya traatod
hlm with auch conatderatlon thal ha
would nol thlnk of alvlng up bla praaenl
work among hia old frlcnda (Or anj othar
Inapector Donald Qrant waa ratirad yea?
terda] at aia own requeet from tha Pollce
Dopartment on a aXM panaton. n?
m rvad aa i .ii mnnu r '? oy in tha * 'lvii
B/ar aad bacama a pollcvman in \t>i>>
ii- hai baan prealdent n tha Inapoctora'
and Captaina1 aaauclBUon ataca ii-. f..r
matlon and alwaya baa taken a llvaly in
tlon Ha la marrlad
uml h\.fi at No. : i Park \Ve*t,
Brookij n.
Inspects Home Regiment, and
Is Hailed as Next Governor.
Three Battalions Take Part in
Rear and Advance Guard
len: |
. : .. |?i Bea Olrt K .1 , July H.
?Governor KleMar Inapected to-day the
,.niii. of the Ith Infantry. "f Jereey Clty.
ii.- addreaai -i evt i f ? '?"??'< ?'? " '' Ihe r#B*"
mi nl an I ? \; n iwed bla I ? ? ln and
hla admlratlon for tha boj ? of hla home
reglmenl IncMentally, he tooh o
t,, t? 11 the men thal be favored longer
. ncampmenta for I I ? Bvery corav
. gUa . . as. the ii'xt
. .
?? . . ? i thi
? i.ifT. who ;? algned tl ??
? r- \ \. ? ?? h i
pj f more 1 an twenty*
Hvayeare.il a ;
. , ? | genera letr the reeenl
.. . ? : . . retlremenl law, Bl Ihe
... - that
? te tbe boys
..f Compaaj D aa I i
? in of thelr rompan) e I an thi f
. Unnvn B8 1 8 VfaBhll -l'"' ,;
Btd Liberty Hall fot tbalr armory
ed tha company for ita
t .,,.,,. iraacaand ? irlag Ita ?????
hare. i hlgh eompllmenl waa paM
t.< ihe membara of Company af, wl
-., m L'nlon H I Tl a Unlon H
. ! t, y . t.. tbe Jereey Clty
r,,r thelr drilling, owtag to the
of BUltable atmory farllltlea at
? battallona were out to-day
mi the Urai manoruvre of the areek. ln
U ,. entJre n gln* ? I i ambtaett In
further ? etlon of the rr-ar guai I
.nd advance guard worh of the praced
Ing daya tha retgmenl was .pnt Into
I armlea of grc.a thdoretli al
b t n n gt h
Major Henry Leohrrann, jr. command
Red I aa peeltlon Jual
aaat "f thetown of AUenwood. Ha than
I hla men to di* latrenchmenta
an'i tbrow ij? > breaetworka ln antlclpa*
tioii of an attaek, whlch he waa haformed
by his acouta waa to ba made to-day.
The Blue army, undei .maad of
Major vYIIllam Roberteon, Jr. marched
aga nat tbe fortlficatlona, and after three
boura of hard Bghtlng managed la get
,i di Isi'.n over the Red defenders.
Two remarkable glfta were reeelved In
camp to-day. They eame for <"<>ionei
Artbur Bteele and Lleutenanl Colonel
a/lcaera, and thelr frlenda ?ay that there
is a vciicd auggeatlon in them. Colonel
Bteele'a ^;ft was a cul ^lass punch bowl
and that of Ueutenant Colonel Vlekera a
.ni glaaa water pltcher. They were ?*nt
by ib- mambera >.f tha Beptember Orand
Jury of hHJ in honor of the reeenl pro>
motlona <if tbe reciplenta
To-morrow wlll be Qovernor'a Day an.l
more than ala handrod vtattora are e\
pected t<> aal luncheon with Qcwernor
i-1.-id. r ln celebraton of tho day, There
wlll be two ib ruaand 9icuralonlata hen.
from Jereey i 'n>,
About l.f>00 Workers Out and '2,000
More May Quit To-day.
After r*a**gl**| Bre f>.r more than I week.
the atrik^ of the ragplckera and etln
aortera hagan yeaterday Ib elght ahops
Many of theae ahope, aapeclally in the
Eaal Pid-. an- ln haaereenta The atrlka
was deelared at aa all-alghl meeting of
th- unlon.
Ti.e sttlkr-rs i|< tr.and n flfty-fotir-hotir
worklng week, II i>t-r cent Increaee ln
wagee, Banltary and better it??i?***?! Bhopa
rnd recognltlon of Ihe unlon. The leai-ts
aay tbal th- strlk-rs were WOrklBg from
alxty-flva t'i aeventy-flve houra a week
in many raa.-a. an.l were pald from $7 to
H | Week, WlthOUt i.vrrtlmr. About flf
teen hundred a .tkers are out, and unlon
leadera aaj thal two tltouaauad more are
. \ i,. it.ii to ? ui t to-day.
\ -.*ordii)?7 tO tho Mrlke I otnmlttee, the
employera are forming an aaaoctarJon to
flgbt thc- atrlke.
Manhanuuet Maneb, a Turk, baagod
blmeelf In a cell In Harlem prlaoa aarly
reeterday morntng with a rope that he
ni,ui- by breddaag "trlpa torn from a
gbaet ii" araa awaltlng asamlnatlon on
b ' barga of having atta kci a iilne-year
old filrl. Man-.. was B luborer, 49 yeara
old, and llved at No M Kast 137th street.
Borough President Blocks Ap
proval of Contract Betvveen
P. S. C. and Interborough.
Tiie approval of the contract betwean
tha Publlc Ben I ? i 'ommlaalon and tha
Interborough Rapid Tranalt Compaay for
? , , . ? a of the Btelnway Tunnal for
ttmporary operatlon was blocked ln tha
i: ...; of Batln ???? ? -?? rday. Borough
dent Mi Aneny objected to the ap
.,n the ground
that it amounted to i ? tha aui>
waj aettlement, and that It ahould ba ap
proved only aftei ' naldei itioax.
Mayor Oaynor and Controllar Prendargaal
took aldca wlth Mr. M< Aneny.
when tha motlon for tha Btelnway T
..... i oard Borough
Prealdenl Connolly moved that the rote
ba taken Immedlately.
??Wall a mlnute." said Mr McAneny.
"Chalrman McCall has raquaatad that tl i
matti ? ba n fai ri l to hlm and the i
i I, ?;. aelf, to n port al
? ? ? DJ "
"That will mean ? dela) of a month,"
aald Mr. Connolly.
? fea, ? aald Mi Mi ti it 11
a a modlflcatlon of tha contract, and
Mi ? onnoll) - that lf Mr. M
. , ?...,. .1 ? de>
? i. fore Ihe i.I rm I the autli
? delegated to them to api
tha conl i l Controllar Prandergaal ob
i. ?. i to tba di b_powera,
' ;?.???;.. Bible.
Mr. Connollj t;nn 1? ?
Bgcal ? ' na ,,r
tter at tba
Mr M< Aw :?.??? remlnded
the board and tha paoeia of Queena, of
v hom thi re waa i large .: pree>
. rit, thal if tha Inti rl.Bgh had eami '? I
a .iii tha tei ms of 11 I i onti a I
th- re would b? no dela |
Controller Prendergaal agraed, and ?he
raaolutloa ta approve tha chanffa '.n thc
orlglnal i oatract went ?
Dlacuaalng th? matter after the maat
Ing, Mi M ?ni ? v ild tha raal point al
? was the eatabltahlng ?f any 11
? ? for the bm ?' il (>f 'nc aubway
The board Invited the Juaticea of tha
Brooklyn Buprema Courl lo raconaldar
their cbolca of the plte for the new cou-t
houae ?t Court Uvtngaton, CUnton and
State BtrerM.
Italian "Vice Ring" Round Up
Expected to Clear "Mysteries."
After a conference yeaterday wlth Dep*
my Pollca Commlaaioner Doughorty
Deacon Murphy. of Dlatrlet Attorney
Whltman'a bomlclde bureau, said in> ba*
lleved oaa murder a waah mtghl ba
charged to tho Italian "vlca rlng," many
of whoaa memhera w< ra aald to be airiong
th? forty Itallana Brreated laal Baturday.
Murphy ga\e up | day Of Him vacatlOH 10
dlacuaa tha caaa wlth Dougberty.
of the forty arraatad for pollcy seiiins;
thlrty-nlno wero held for tha grand Jury.
Murphy bolleved that, \\tth the informa
tlon ali. ady in the liands of the DOlice nnd
whal mlght ba laarned fr..m ttn> prlaon
ara, it wlll ho poaalble t>> aolvo ball a
ilo/.-tt "murder m\ st, i lea."
Onj of tho priaonera, Murphy aald, was
hei.d of tha "rlng," and Murphy beliavad
hlm ilractly raapoaalUa tor at leaat ono
nurdar, n- latlad ttlbuta, it la Bald, upon
avary Italian arho contemplated eatab
llahlng an lllegal raaort of any cbaraeter.
i-or montha ha has baan a power ln Har
irin'a "Llttla Italy," and bla endaavora
through tha aatahllaluxant of lottary oi
neaa and by anllatlng kacal "gunman" to
Inatall hlmaelf on tha lowar Baal Blda ai?
said to ba raaponalble for many bomba
and BhOOtlngB,
Brooklyn & North River Company
Wins Franchise.
Tha loflg lagal Bghl batwaen tha Man*
hattan Brtdga "thrae-cant" bna and tho
Brooklyn tk North Rlvar company was
aattltd yaattrday b) tiie grant of a fran
chiaa to tha North Rlvar company by the
Board or Batlmata. The Brooklyn &
North Rlvar Company waa formed by an
arrangement batwaen tho New Tork Rall
waya Company, tba Thlrd Avenue Rall?
way Company, tha i; R. T, and tha
Conej laland .v. Brooklyn Company for
tha opcratioo of cara from tiui North
Rlvar by Canal atreet acroaa the Man
hattan Bridge along the Flatbuah avenue
rxt< nalon tO Kulton street.
Tranafera to and from this line wlll i>e
exchangeabla arlth all tha four larga
Btraat car companlea which aaalalail in
its rorraatlon .\s ? matter >>f faat, piac
tlcally tha aame aarvtca aa tha naw com?
pany afforda his baan operatad under an
agraemenl of tbe companlea by tha un.. of
tne Hnaa thoj already poeeeeaed ln Man*
hattan and Brooklyn and throuch a tem
porary permlt laaued by tha Brktge i'e
partnient. j
Bureau of License Chief Raises
Public Stand Signs Over
Town at Midnight.
They Xeep City's Men Away
from Many Places, but
Cheaper Rates Are in
Effect Nevertheless.
Tbe new eity ordnarc* In relation to
ha- k stands begaa Ita oaVctal llfe at "? ??
mlnute af'ev midnlglit thla morninK, when
Jaines O. Wallace. rhlef of tho Bureau
of IrUmtmf, with John Drenner, his
depoty, Btarted from th- vTeet 19th atreel
poftee atatioa arlth a truckload of stand
Ing algna upon whlcb were ptiBtad:
"Public Cab Btand," with an additional
line telllng th- number of tealcaba and
borae drawa rehlclea permlttad at eacii
? onvoyinc: the truck in an automobile.
Mr. VFallace and Mr. Drenner first
whltied down to Unlon Bojuare, where
they plaead a algn on ihe. aouthwest aMe.
A amlal crowd of Mlera made a drcle
aboul th- new algn and roteed their
oplnlona quletly. Hut thr-re was no otber
p/tlh th- Mg truck brinuini? up the rear,
Wallar- and Drenner thon went to Madi
son Square Park, Bd atreel and Firoad
wey, Heraid Bquare, Flfth avenue and
!J1 str?t. and th-n as far Ug as 7_d
Btreet, dropplng green ead yeUow palnted
algna as they went,
Only three hotela were aiatted by the
siRit bearera, however, becauaa of th.- ln
junctlona obtalned by a majorlty of the
leadlng hotela and n itauranl i agalnal
tbe operatlon of ihe new ha..k atand ordl
nanea m applled to tbem. Th- hotel cab
stands .it a/hlch algna were plaoad were
th- Imperlal, the Hi ald Bquare and
Brooklyn To Be Tagrjed, Too.
Many aMe atreeta wera deeorated with
: ? . a reeemble aomewhal the
ad by th- traffic police.
;-. :i . od ' 'oney laland alao will be
dotted with the green and yellow sism-.
but i? 11 I
t.ian s will ROl i .- tagged until Ihe
Injunctlon are elther vacated or upheM
.\t the nd of the Plaaa,
iath atreel aad Flfth avenue, one of the
algna v\a^ aet down by vVallaee'a as>i-t
n had ii"' ? - ? i there mon? than
:.\ ?? mlnuti before Jam< s ICa
a-.d ...b driver, drove up In his h.
? ..?. .(?.-: | iapared for buatni - Ki ady,
w.,u' i grin, announced hlmeelf
for all cuatomi ra, and aaM he
wanted to get "ln on th- ^ro-mi ftoor."
Tbe entin performance of daaignatlng
ii - ; nd ? waa K'me. throunh
?>. itho il Inddi nt and no troubte waa
? ! by th- police, who had anth i
pated moleatatlon from certaln dlagruntled
...: -
Mai k A. I 'ad* . retary of
hotel aeeot latlon, when told that
, , . . tlie hot. 1 ITM fl
wltb ba.i f.-iitn in waltin guntll the u-t
momenl before gettlng Injunctlone, aaM
lleve th- Ma.M.r hai l
i .- itatement, or, If he dM, dM not mean
the hotela Mr. Cadwell aaJd th- i
? , iae they had t.j
wall untll laey auew whal hotali ^m
?e itanda brf-.r- laklng
gny actlon.
Repeated efforta were mai- to dlecover
Ui . adwell aaM, without buc
.md flnally the hotel men hat to BOOk In
Thelr piinclpal ohject in so
g, he aeaerted, waa to prevent publli*
% aboul th?* antranee of
tbe hotela, .-rackins "Jokea" wltbout re
gard to proximity of woman and otber
Injunctiona Halt Plans.
Tha hotel nien and tbe blg taalC*B
companlea won the Urat ekirmish in the
battle over th- back atand ordlnance
Whlch went Into effeot after mMnlght
!.i>t night Tha weapona were injurn
Jamee O. vVallaca, jr, Chlef of
the Bureau of i.lecnses, was mucb dis
turbed yeaterday when the Injiutctlona
Itept comlng into hla oftVe. as the aotab
Uabment of public hack stands ln front
of th- hotels was tO be one of tho
featurea of the new reglme. The
abulitlon of the prUate Btamls ln front
of hotela an.l clubo was the Chlef aini
<>f the Mayor nnd the taxlcab refonnets
ln tho Board of Aldermen, lt was sald.
The hotel men decMed to tcst tha
vahdity of the new ordtaaaatce In tho
courta, nnd Tuaeday an Lnjuactlon was
aerved un tho Mayor. I'oiice Commle
Blonar, and head of tho Hureau of
Ltcenaaa, which u was thought wouid
boM up tho entlre ordinan.*- Tlie (,'or
poration Counael then applled for an
order modlfylng th- hotel men s InJUUC
tion, whleh was graated. it dM not
Mom until yeaterday atternoon that the
nea ordlnance wouM be so generally
fought i.y ? the prlvate atand ownera
The Injunctiot'.s liegBII pouring m. how
ever, and before nlKhtfall the :-tr>ots |q
iiont of every hotel. or club ln th- tight
bad to he atrtcken from Wallace'a iist
uf public atanda.
The yiii-ry of th- taxlcab companlea
and th- hotel ownera, it waa aald laat
night, nngiit be ahortllved, as the caaa
is oii for a hearlng hefor,- Juatice (luy
tn the Bupreme Court to-day.
Physician Saves Girl Who Quarrellcd
with Stepmother.
Ilelen Cummlna, a BChOOl gtrl, seven
teen yeara old, trted to coanmli auicide by
drinklng halr dye in her home at No, io
Palbjade avenue, Yonkera, yeaterday,
Keighbora aenl for an ambulance to st.
s Hoapltal. The gfarl Is lll the Boa
l lal .md probabl] will recoa/er.
Dr. O'Connor pumped th<- dye out of her
Btomai h, Bhe admltted ahe had at
ten pted to take her llfe foltowtng a auar
rel witii her Btepmother,
400 Worlrers March Out of Newark
Factory. Few Kriowing of Blaze.
\i a Rre yeaterday eJteraoon at No. ;.2
Columbla street, Newark. N. .1., a'four
t.tn\ faetory, occupted hv many coacatna
tn tho Jeweiry trade. the ttro drlll noni*
w.i- BOUndad and four hundred workers.
many .f them women and Klrls. marehed
out quletly, the buildlng beitiK emptled ln
one and oi;-half mitiutes.
8*ew knew there waa a Bre untll they
reaehed the Btreet
The blaie started in th- jowelry fa.-tory
of m Aleaandar aad was eause.i by a
workman ipnitinK aotne wa.te whlle look
lag for a rlng that he had drnpped on
the floor. The .lania.e was Bttght. I
Commi88ioner Orders Syst
Trials in Factories. "
Flre drll's after ?a prr!.cribffi ^
now muit be held at !ea*t onte a
ln every factory in New Tork. bj
quence of an order that Pk*e r
Bloner Johnson issued yeaterday
Guerln and a aquad of men from th?
reau of Flre Preventlon have been
ppecting the factories [rj the city
the tire at Binghamton. in uh'.rt, ,,
tlve men and women lo?t their livtt
The order provides that an emplojw
be dtwlgnatrd to send in tl,e aitI>
caae of flre; that the emptoyea ih*
formed into s.|uads i nder a rnonHaa
wlll take them from t;.<. bulldtaa,
that monltora ahall be deaignai i to.
charge of auxlliary hre uyDi^iicei .
the aid of aojuada.
lt la ai?o raqulrad that aii porta.*!*,
, les ahall be remOVad from the ?!?;&
employea shall form couplea arlth a
I anna, rhat Buarda i-haii be atatlaaa
tl a bi ? d a 'i bottom of ? .1. h n akl
ataira to praaarve order, and that loj
shall be dealgnatad tO eean h Ur.
v. bo may have falnted or falien.
Peruvian Gunmen Practise
Tournaraent at Coney Islan;
The nine riflemeii chosen out of K),fc
rupraacnt Paru al tha Intenuuieaat 1
BhOOting touinamcnt, to be held BtQ
l'.'try. i.'hi... durlng Augual and g?p;,
L? 1. beKan their arai tlce here raajji
by ahoOtlng tha chutea ai Coney U
The ssharpshooters BTTived y-sttriUy
tha I'nited Fruit Ilner Banta Marta. |
v . re m.t b. Colonel J. P. Kwiii?, *
11 ..11 of tba tournament'a n
mittee, who said tiie BbOOl 0 lld t* i
out doubt tba xreatcst the world hace
Every dvUlaad country arould btl
by a ttam. the coloi
Peruvian daaaajatlon waa hniti
Colonel K. IriOEola, of Caj
While tba veaael waa al Ban Ktepa
flve daya ago. tha P?
tne nlnaty-aecond annlvei ujtr ofual
ptndence of their country ?:th a ?>
itaM, followed bj a dan aon the dect
Albert W. Bryan, aecretari of the a^
i. .in Legatlon at Llma, ?h.. rebaaal
loaattd tha - '? ic*" repaMB
talk waa Hapl
. of the Cornell Medical 8dJ
Mr. i'-i an ia hare ai the * .iranw-.il
Pi ? ildent tVllaon, n i o *vM
witn hlm on Bauth ' 'OdioJ
Operation of Two Centre StrJ
Tracks May Begin Monday|
colonel Tlmotby I WUIIama, preai
Of the New V, rk Munlcll il Ua'.Iwty:
poratlon, sent a lettei
1'uhiic Bervlce Commlaalon
hody that probably two i icka B
Cantre atrei irt of tiie BreaBa
Fourth avenue line, wouM be rei |
day for
aolidatad Cd
Willlama cal>d attention to tha ne:a
of thi
tion bafora 4 bajj
Tha ' a Ba
tcr to-day, :'?
lutlon declarlng the .... atrad
ready fo;' operation a
weaterl) tr ?
? ii determli
wiil bfgln, but it probably will . o or./
Tho world of men who
they had tho nerve to wear
cool linen suits to butf
ought to mcct our icati
weight batistes."
In quiet grays they'ltI
auswer to "how to bi i
without beinff conspicuot*
You may be surprisaU
by aetual weighing, coilj
trousers together weigi
than our Lightest linen.
IVear well, too. andi
their shape splendidly.
Not at all expenswt ?
sueh airv comfort.
Coat and trousers, V
/?. | Bariefe, '<?' ?' t ?? "
eheer, Kmp fabrfo .?" |
taditw, bai a klgh prod* ??' 1*8 ?"
sorf of u oi I
RotJF.RS Peet CoiirJtf
Three Broadway Storei
at at
Warrcn St. 13th St. J**
eltinge "-m,*:??.;'.?:? rSjg
h. r. KKtTit'M i.'.Must ''r'2Birfl
IH Alt n WH. M.til? KIHB. ? f*g>
L-Mkl,, ?.-..:!.. ar.l * ^l^^t
ROOF--- :M' &,:ST^
astor:: >/^ VanooVA*
B*v*ea8tTbe Pbeta Play, *

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