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algned noleU to attempl to atart b
break In the afcAm nj ra
McAneny Lofces StrengtH.
!.: 0 M. Waller, on< of hla aupport
left th<- i . . . ? baltot
and dld not return. Mc K\ ipport
dwlndled "I l,n
tir.tii <>i. the aeventh ballol hla orhrtnal
If had gone doa n to I
Th*- third ballol r- aulted aa fo ?
afrtcl ?: 84; Whlti. an, 29; IfcAm ny, 25.
< m thc fourth Wbltm ? two
votes at Ihc exp< na< of M Anei
hlm 31 and McAnenj 28. M ???
i hla ?"??
The Bfth ballol ahowed no change for
llltchel, but Whltman galn d tw<
votes fn>m McAneny, pivinp him 33 -
M A:.- ??? s L'l
On thc alxtl Mltchel gained two
maklng hla ahowing '?''< eotea Whit
Ti-- anth ballol n aurted In the
?, oaat in th
motion ?'?'? eph M Ip Mc?
Aneny k n i m< ni for U n
oinut< ? . I ? l for?
confer. the McAneny men up
ireaa in 11 i M Ani - i] porl
t lnt< icua on
;. ?
. i a bunch to eitnei t thc
ther two cand
. laims by Mltch. 1 and
Thc Pi "gi aaiven. under the leader
ahlp I W . lam u Hotcbklaa, whu waa
handllng th M '? hel boom, d<
. uii 9 of the 20 McAneny
? Mli h< 1 -1
W'hitman m- n
ilmlng thal
: MC
Eighth Ballot Futile.
After th? i i'.- f .
An, nj m. ?
termined to atick to the Borough Pi
th ballot, whlch waa taken aft
f reaulted In the loaa of
I ? from Mltchell'a total, whlch
?":."? Whitinan 32 and M -
. ount "ii the .-ichth
il th.' nmth began to ahow the
?s of the Mc \ ? ? ?
"a ? ? ..' An men i
?' called upon Chairman Hapi
ft . \; i. om Whltman to
? . l on '??? a< cond ballot and hia
|i to Whlti
Mr Hapgood declared that it waa his
fcntei ??????
us there waa any poaaibillty of i
ng hlm, becauae i ?
Whltman ?ns th^ lost man to beal
tVUliam H. Willlama, a ?
: announced that Whltman wai
t \\ m mati
. Mltch< l man. chargcd t
i mbera of th? commlttee with ;
iine togeth. r aa party men
ttood it waa a non-partl- j
I Wiiliam |
I., ; ?? . preaent, and laughed at the j
.. whlch w
; . : ? artlly b) :i!1
T. Bannard lnalated that Whit- |
worth at leaat
more than either McAnenj or Mll ?
in a Bghl againat Tammany.
Joaaph m. Prlce, the McAneny floor
leader. Jolned his proteati to thoae ?-f
the Mltchel men, that a man micht not
ehnnjfe his \>.tc- until the next rollcalL
Prederv R. Couderl declared that
the commlttee dld not want to handle
gaattera In .- i'h a way that
lloni ' upon th< commit
?? ? tlona, and he eecoi '
Il Mr for B new roll
/ call.
< halrman HapRo..d called upon Xa
than Bmyth, I ? M retary, to r<
the roll. and Sm :h read H. inving the
r.s'i;* w.th th>- changea. ThU roughi
Mltchel and Whltman to ?< tle, with
4-". votes each. two votea Btlll har.eitf,
McAneny, hut before Mr. Hapi
could announre the vote th*- two Mc?
Aneny aupportera Jumped to Mltchel,
Bmyth belng the hut, glv
lng Mitohei a majority of two
Joseph M. Prlce then moved that the
p.omination of Mitrhel ??<? made unani
"Mltchell Ticket" Is Named.
? exi moved that the ''ommit
Xcf. proceed to ronsider the rest f.f the
ti. ket. After a brlef dlacuaalon the
afrr. - Inatructed to cael one
hniiot for the ticket roported bj the
axecutlvc commltb l ? "Mltchel
ticket " This carrted McAneny for
prealdenl of the Board of Aldermen
and Whitman for Dlatiicl Attorney.
The balloting, whlch ??s ? deadloch
for eipir ba gan at 10 40
o'clock last nirht. and it waa not nntH
Hfter 1' l 'his- mornlng that the
nlnth .:t ??' lelve ballol wi ? m?
The meeting P<U down to buelncea
with a ruah when Chairman Hapi
rapped for ordCC at 8 <>-? luck. Immt
diattly after the rolkall the report of
the aaecuttve conunlttee waa preaent' d
This report conteJned a aurprlae In
that it preaented three -ntire siates.
with the informatlon at thc and of the
report that I tlve commlttee
ayood, aa between each two aeta of
Whitman. 16, \s Mltch* 1. 13.
Whltman, 20, ra McAneny, 9
McAneny, IS, va Mltchel, 14.
The s'i " by ea tutlve
con.. ? ? 'h?' ,i,k' t car
rylng Whltman for Mayoi and Mltchel
for Dlatrtct Attorney had n
whlle the aame number waa caat foi
the ticket havlng Mltchel for Mayor
and Whitman for Dlatrlct Attorney.
The th ket h??;. ? " recelvcd
7 vo'.
The alat( ? pn m nt< d ??
For Mayor. Charlea B Whltman; Con
troller, WilHam A. Prendergaat; i
dent of thc Aldermen, Oeorge M -
Ant-ny, Prealdent Borough of Man
hattan. John J. Hopper; Prealdent Bor
oiigh of Brooklyn, Raymond V. U
aoll; Prealdenl orougfl of Tht Broux,
Cyrua C. Mlller; Prealdent Borough of
Quecna. Roberl W. Hlgble;
Borough of Blchmond, WlUlam il
Wlklcox, and Dlatrlct Attorney, Nen*
Yo?k County, John Purro) Mltchel
For Mayor, John Purrojr Mltchel;
Controiler, Wllham a. Prendergaat; '
? 1
j President ol th- Aldermen. Qeorge Mr
Anen\ , Borough Prealdenl of Manhat
.<- If. M..rks. Borough Preel
dent ol Brooklyn, Lewla H Pounda;
Boroui . Prealdt nl ol Thc Bronx, Cyrua
C. Mlller; Borough Pr< eldcnt <?f Qui i ?
:; w. ii. . Prealdent
Ci ? ? . Wb?
N( a fork County,
i harlei B W
For Mayor, Qeorge McAnen; . Con?
? . william a Pn ? i- rgaal. Praal
dent ol ? I of Aldermen, Marcua
M. Marka; B enl ol Man
Frank L Polk; Borough Preal
:,, Lewii 11 Pounda;
ent ol " ? ? Brona. Cyrua
C, Mlller; Borough Prealdent of Queena,
:- W, Higbii Bon v i". ildenl
of Rl< hmond, Oeorgi Cn mwell; Dla
tf ; ittornej ol Near Tork County,
rlea 9 Whitman
Bannard Takes a Hand.
The flrW eall after the preaantatlon
i m , itii. . ommlttee'a raport
wns for ? iid< atlon ol c.uii tickel
, tlrety, bul (Kto T. Bannard
;:nm, diati *: al thc ? ommlttee
vote ftral on ? "n fnr the noml
natlon for Mayor.
The platform eommlttee'a report, In
? i al thla polnt, waa lald over
ndldatea had been Belected,
illa lor "Queatlon" oa
nnard'a motlon it aeemed llkely
ballotlng would be atarted
William M Ivlna objeoted to the
rt, however, aaylng tna; he dld not
thal "even Mr Murphy arould
? cuch a matti r In thal
incr," and add^na that if there ?as
? - Idei atlon hc thoughl he
retlra from the meetlng.
rd M. Basaett, ??; ? ;>k;n* for
m Ai ? ?? lared lhal thc Borough
* i the kind ol candldnte
who arould "arear beat" and arho
"would keep groarlng all the time."
ii. .-) ok< of McAneny'a record m \he
; i <>f Batlmate, his aubway recerd,
'and the manncr in arhlcb he had ear?
rled through the hard taak of atraet
Hcnry Moakoarlta, arho had been aa
makc the Mitchel apee< b, ;md
who la a pronounced Progreealve, aald
he felt it his duty to play "fujion polt
" and in that attltude he an
?? wouid rontlnui to arork for
the aucceaa of thc tlcket, whoever araa
"Mll he] la an avallable randldata.1
He | ? Democrat nol an eau
gni i -?:)??- rat, bul .i tr ic blue j
and an Bntl-Tammany
Democrat," aald Moakoarlta. "Hlaaub-i
i ?. good. It hai bean:
? d thi I a*e, who hav e , bangc i
from McAneny to Mitchel, did so at the
nearapaer. I ?aj arei
almply taken cognlsance ol anj
whl i. hap] ena to bi n pre
; by a newapaper. '
He hpokc ol Mltchel'a re ord In ?
matt.i>, when he araa acting Mayor,
an 1 i ..-: ttlng that i ollce i orruptlon
and ei onomj arould he
th. lasuea, declared thal Mitchel arould
i.. rftlmaon, foi Whitman,
malntalned the ardlnal lssue to l ??
COIialdered was to aee to it there WBJ
? e for a relapea to a Tammany
go\ > rnn i nl in this eitj
Whitm^n's Record on Bench.
He apokc of Whl nan a conatructlvc
record ai a magiatrate, In the aatab*
llshment of the night court and of hia
tervl adtvlser to Mayor Low.
Then, turnlng to 'he pollce karae, he
pa.d he had pcrhapa galned a perepe
tivc on thal becauae ol hia reatdenci in
[Waahlngton, and thereforc being out
I ,].. Df Xear Y"rk at the time that waa
Mr. Btlmeon declared the RepuMican
organlaatlon In this clty had been
atandlng for yaara for the pollcy ol
Between the first and pernnd hfillots
Mr. Ivlna apok< brlefly, urging the)
clalma i f Whitman. He mentloned the
? amea ol J iatl< a Vli tor J. Dowltng
?i ? Roberl Dowllng aa poaalble oppon
ents .n the Tammany tirkct.
Work as Commissioner of Ac
counts Brought Him to
Public Attention.
john Purroy Mitchel. who ???? appotnt
-ci CollCCtor of the Port by Preaident Wll
aon lact HiTinR, !a thirty-three yaara eM
He || .-i fTandSOIl Of .lohn Mitchel, the
Irtah patliot who was hanlMied to Aua
tralia In 1141 for dery utterancea In Ma
Vouni iieinnd movemcnt nearepaper Uka
?n( Wllaon, Collcctor Mltehera an?
aera Beoteb-Irlah and hia fore
henra were Presbyterlan mtnlatera H!a
craa a siater of Henry iv Purrey,
tha antl^Tammanj leader ol The Brona
Mr Mitchel wa.? born In Fordham July
. ?? rcd Bl John'a Conegc
when he waa twelve yaara oM. Al Cotum
Wa Collea*. where he was atodrlng in
. ? record a? a dabatar. Hia
first of?* ? ara u aaaletanl Corporatlan
? . foi arhlch he was named by WIU
i.im H. Elnaon, who ?ks a trlend ol Henry
i> Purro)
? Mayor McClellan hecan hu In
tl the offtcs ol Borougfe Praa
i.lrins Mr. Klll^on recominended >ouna
Mitchel to the Mayor to act u? Commla*
tloner of Accounta On Aprll --'. 1MI
. \..n Sr..ii reetgned and john Pur
hppolnted Commlaaloner
i mta to contlnue th- eaamlnatlon
.? Borough Prealdenl Ahearn. who was
.. i ji ..m oA<.-. Thc i. naoval
ol Loula Halfcn Hor.cu.-i. Prealdi nl ol
?[?\u. ic folloi cd, and Borough
Prealdenl Bermel ol Queena reatgaed
\i Mitchel waa twewty-eaveo \eara old
at the time. in tha two ycara thut fol
lo^ed tr>v ConuntaBlonei ol Accounta ln?
. ? | ,-..i the Kire Department, the
Water and Pollce departmenta, the Clty
Record and Taa departmenta, and hia
reputaUon as a aucceasful InveaUgatot
la laaa, crhen he araa betng .-.-uaht as
on caadklate for Prealdent of Um
n.,ani ol Aldermen, Mr Mitchel almoBI
aarmony bj announdng that he
would noi go oa tl" tkket unil he knew
\\ ho was named for District Attorne) ap;a;n.
who tiie nomineei foi Boroug P
wf-r-- to Ix
aubmil th< Ilat for Mi M rcl ? Indorai
ment befon
w?re nol Belected
r >-inncr th? I ? ^': Mlt<
Mayor Oayi
Mayor aaa
lUt.v- Hall Mi M t. hel i
Ihe Bi ard of Al l< : m< i
??Well i ? ? ':
? '?- ? ?
luai a young mai Bul I alwayi
>??- a young man .
to be gettlng alo
Boon after Mr. Mll the al
? . innou
? ? ??
iughi to be ah ih<
f . v ii So '-' ? ? '
ran to Invei ilgati
\. . ? ? ? I
uhlch he ??' a Bl<
\\ hi n Mayor U
iv the I ullel of .
ihlpboard al Hoboker
Mr Mltchel b* un< a. tlng Mayo ; ?
attoai ??? ta aei M
... ? ?
mattei i a an 11 n< Ina Mi
I10W4 ? > r, moved cautlou
? . Mayor'a
rv ?r) 'ti'tic ! ? ?; : ..,.-.
Mayor Oaynor begai ?? well. m
r >? epwelle, Long lelai I ihat h<
thc pollcc altuatlon When Mayor Ua)
nor returned to <>m- e Poll
?tonei Bakei waa remo' ed ai
stoner Cropeey waa Relerted '? th?
> . ? ? ? h i m.
Throughoul the
lnstlnR ' PB, Mr Mltchel
nlnne In I to thc dufc
tyatem that w*1.?tcd
Me fa\orfd th? trl-bOTOUgh pll BB
aft?r thc dual ""?'I >"
made a de< Ided atand .
tion of the contracl ' > ?u?? be main
talned thal the bankei b' i i ortti
. | ( of thc bond i ??e fll
Tlils. thr.iijtt'i CBC<
no-ild fal! on thi I ''? '-" ???
clared thal the pTcfercntlal peymenti
R'inranteed tr> the [nterhoi
Trancit Company 130 per ani ol ta<
? . , ? ? aubwa ?? prorlta foi Hftj thre<
years. Thc compouaded Intereel
bC malntalried wouM prodUCi *??".'?".
BOO aurplua in 'hc Blnklng fund
Durlng the foeloa nominatlna anteei
Mr. Mltchel f- II i alled ipoi to > iplati
his attltodc on the aubway queatton n?
de larcd thal h< waa nol In t.i"f .-f up
aettlng the preaent contraeta and arouw
do notMnR to that *ffe< t II t. arere cleet.
e.i Mayor The letter parl of Mr Mlt
rhei's admlnlatraU< ippotnt.
ment to thc Collectorahlp araa ilven ..
to thc programmi ol 'pon d? rolopment.
In thla .Mr. Ultchi i dlh?< rcd ? Ith Doc>
Commlaaioner Tomklna Mayoi ?
and thc Board ol Batlmate u| hi
Mltchel and Commlaaioner Tomklna re
slRneri His plan was to have an ? ? ited
frelghl rallwai aloni thc lower Weal
side waterfr.mt and open up tha margt'
nai way to al| rallroadi b) meana of an
elaborate aysteni foi handllng freigbl bj
Mr. Mltchel was marrlcd In aj
to Mlaa Allec D. Chlld, daughtei ol
Praaklln D Chlld, of Ko I Iteai Md
Nabbed While Bathing in
Rockefellcr's Pond.
Bj To!*jrr?ph to Th* Trit m*
Cleveland, July 81 -KiKht boya
ranRlna; in n^e from four to fourteefl
>ears. were draggad into the clty Hall
In Cleveland Helghta to-day to fac<
ihe iharpe Of bathlng m John I?.
Rockefeller'a pond. it la thc flneei kind
of ii awlmmlng h"ie. bul Mr. Bocke
fellOT has Issued an Bdlct barrlOJ
bathera from it.-: piai id deptha
a doaen youngetera gatbered at thc
pond tO-day, Btlipped off th?ir duns
and dlved in They did B -? I ith-r
aboul hathlng aulti
Beveral women diiving tbelr auto
mobllea to town paaaed on the road a
Bhort d!stan? B fr<>m th- pond and made
complaint. a ahort tlme latfr pollce
men awooped down on the bathera
Pour were h.-id and four wer.- freed.
jiidse Ray, hi th? Crlmlaal Brancfe of
tn?- i iHted Itatea Dtatrtot Couii >e-t?r
iia> aentanaed Adan Koch and Bugenc s.
Rebtneon, arho wm convtcted f uetng
the inalls 14 .1,-iiaad in BClling ItOCh Of
the Amerlcan TannlrK Company Hoeh
nv.ist psy n flne of BJJBfl ,md ga t<> prls .11
f..r two yeara Roblnaon'a flax waa $7,soo
and his Jail Bentl n- I foui .
< nntliineil fr<.rr (lr?t fmgt.
? . ? t the home governi
ime h-i\
1 l.lted
mmltti 'i
ol dipl"
. . . . Bome
gh authnrlty thal
Icr all 1
formal I mpreea their
. ?
rt ? ?'??? \\h>.
... ? -? In
. . ? thlng ol i
. i' ? ii. ii
. ommll
It is ? 1
d<5ire :
? i| . m Congreaa
? . . rlth th
. . ' ?
n of H
ihe Pn ? ' ? n they
Blcl him" w-.rh
? ?
tih mllitary-i ' whoae
Ii ..- u ua, .ne tilu ly to . v
. ,t i riaali I I
nnd the ofrlci the alerl
' n Waahington, or n m
!.???'. ? ? ? - them from
their reglmeni wrltten to th
War Departmcnt expraaalng their
readini ? ? Ii ?-1 ? r! lo th< Ir re |
rommanda Cro i Itement
. i icmbei ol the com
? ? | ;?? i onnel ol thc arm\, na\ y
and marlm rorpa becauae ol their he
i;. f thal there wlll bc extenalve mlll
tai npen tlona Bueh omcera fully
tha *. ilouaneaa of the con
dltlona and that iro.i|.s
mnst bc aeni arroea the border Into
> ime mcml ei i of the
? m ' ??"? 'i miII
? i\al affali ? bavc bet n In
m Itb th# ? Itli lah ol the
War nn<! Nnv] departmenta Bepre
aentatlvc Hay, cbalrman >.f tho Hnuae
Mllitari Committee, ha? Introduced a
bill provldlng for ralalng a rolunteer
Th- iignlfr ance of this b< I la
llj ovrrlooked, even in Waahlng
il it ic knoa n thal it 1 la been
i.i. -< nt< rl ? Mh the Wea thal it arlll ba
hroucrlit before tbe Houae at 'he earll
eel poaalble momenl d'irinK thcpreaenl
provldi d the Democrattc i au
ciik >uii conarnt to it- eonatderatlon ?'
?. em< rgi ncy meaaure, " hi. h wlll nec
,i, pand on thc Informatlon pos
aaa ? A b] the U
v. iy littlc )? ii bei n glven out al the
Whlte Houae, the Wai or Kavy Depart?
mcnt or th< CapltoL hui it U ai ? rei
ihat moal ol tho* In authorlty are *n
tertalnlng the graveal apprahenalon re
gardlng ih< outcoma ol the Mextcan
dtuatloil. Thqi.f 'he niilitary-nav.il
s.-i.. i ? who have ,-;ui.!ie.i the aituatlon
expreaa themeelvea randidl) aa al a
loae to underatand what alfcctlve m aa
uraa may ba taken to medlate, ..i aItb
arhorh auch negotlatlona w<-ui.i bc con
'i i ??;. apprebend th u medla
ti. ii w in nol amounl to more thari ?
I rubterfuge and, at beet, wlll
itrvc onl) t.. poatpone the neceaalt)
for lntci venti.m.
Arm) omcera who ha^n been In Mex
tbat the racognltlon ol the
Hucrta governmeni lurnlahca the only
poaalbillty .>f avoldlng Interventton, and
gnltlon may not brlng
aboul th< atabiltty of fovemment In
.?[. slco i ii' \vhi< h l? caaentlal II inter
ventlon la to bc permanentlj uvohled
Moal offlcera famillai wlth the condl
tions in Meslco do ri..t heettate to aay
thal Inten ntlon l? Inevltable and that
it Is only i queetion ol time when It
wlll bavc to be undertaken,
RfGHT 10 K m
Dcmccrats Amend Currenc\
Bill to Provide for an Ad
visory Board of Twelve.
Chairman Glass Happy Over
Committee Action, but An
noyod by Mr. Ea#le*s Bittcr
Attack on Measurc.
iim ' i ii i ?. I
(Vaehlngton July II.?Aa foreeaatrd In
The Trlbuna yeaterday, thc Democrata of
the Houac rnmmltti ? wrote Into thc cur
rencj bill to-day an importanl araend
ment, rreattng ?<? advlaory board of
on ? lelon to thc
banking Intereeta Membera of I
. ? ? ? board wlll not rote, bul thi ra iy
make augxeationa to thc Federei Reaen
Board ll li ,l mned thal the b ink< >
board ihall contial ol twelve membera
?>an ed Ii ? mai ie i? a
? m
Chairman (llaai waB ,ri hlgh aptrlt?ovei
the adoptlon ol th. amendment, bul hla
aard of a
Btatemenl ilven oui bj Mr Ifagle, thc
: t Democral ol thc Houac commlttee
lainal tha bUI, d< nounc
? ire aa "fun i illy I ed
Ii ? ii denum latl n of lha
of ihe Olaaa meaeun from
Kteei dlffi reni pha > . Mi Bagli
prlnclple, and there le no dlfferen* >? in
thc objecta oughl to be eceotnpllahed.
between th< Aldrlch bill receatly pro
Um Monetary Commiaalon, upon
a hand, and lha aald Olaaa bill,
band Tha obJ< ct of
ea< h." to permlt the
i mka of ti ? rountrj to avall themMlvea
of theli ? for loaalng purpoai ? and
ti, t>* ^ laranteed agdlnal loea by the
? - oi . ; .,!? ? :? latlon
?hip oi prlvata partnerehlp with th*
ao erni enl
Like the Aldrich Plan.
the aald G ? urc ihall ba
? nnbodytng Ita axlatlng
: . nl il prln plea, Mi I ig
th ,. .| || wll ? I i llrc OBly a slmple
? - anc lati i tim* provld
I r tl ? - -i ibUehment of one
or I rad '? inh . thc
. Ing aoch cen
tral bank Itaelf the
eurrenc '" changa
of aa ?'. i Masa hin into
itanca of the sai-1 Aldrlch
. th tha Aldrlch meaeura and
, ,fs bill rr.ake thc BBeeta of the
I . ? .
? Mr. t.dgie a loag erttl
?-i-'m is that the Olaaa al Ii an ai el
? ? thc f. ?!? ?
ernment a'.'ite has th?- power to la
that it cannot delegatc it?
thal ?' i el aal and fra ' i| m
.... ' ? nlti -i Btatee" to
t- fund tt ? -' i 'i ? ?nl '? for I per
Ii : thal th* powera of the
? ? 't'r than
.... ill the I ?
? The ii of th- fc I reeen i
board ayatem." Mi Kagle aald, "dependa
in its inftnite ramtflcatlona upon th* ar.
I | man i l ??-? n u Prealdent,
,, ,, arlty ?f
the maeoea ccording to hla ?!? | ? I
forei !cht and wls
dom thi ?' atructed of
.. ? aaattj < BTcm tir< an ollgarchy of bound
ilth f.r. -i Into < ontrolling thc
' ? ler to protect
proper Intereate, as weii aiso ns
i . | .. :. tl ? ? ian< lal d< itlaj of th.- na
PuralC to Mr. Eagle.
M i Bagli Bald ba c >uld not
i mim ?;,? n ould ' ambark
upon aui h pei
prlae." whei ' ' icdcd noe
I , .- |de , Rl lenl In
tabli indcr t.-i ma
idltlona to effect thc moi emci l
,,f , .,,,.? unai i di alopi enta In i nm
merce, at <i tha al i i condltlona
-whlch ma> bc done by prtnclplee so an
ctent, *af,' and democratlc lal each man
i,,-,. knoa a ti n haa b ien done, ma)
underatand lha aywtem aet up and may
i.-ivi. no adventage ovc anj othei man
arhlcti wlll confer-ev.r\ ncedod
?..,.-? wlthoul entalllng anv of the nunv
herless CUrOCa propoacd bj th* Olaaa
Mll '
L'nder the Oenetltutton, aaeerted Mr.
Bagla it ?..* nelther a. dut) nor wn* it
propei foi thc governmenl to eatabliah
BU< ., ;, patei naliatli attitudc aa propoecd
In the .I'lmiiiistrntion bill Ha demed
that thc Olaaa naeaeure waa aound anU
workable, and declared tl
wrltten tha meaaurc wouM "crudfy thc
. ountl | hnnks "
i thlnk tha Olaaa bill is fundamentally
bad Mr Bagla added "1 ?'" aot new
ootnl oul thc apeclfl* provlekma thal are
bad, becauac they eeutd bc eured bj
amendment, bul I arlll eonelder th< pui
ooac and effect of thc Wll ?** % whola"
Gets a Year for Calling Police
man "Bummy Ryan."
I Hv TMesrapti '" Tl i Pi Ibuaa I
Patereon, N J.. ini\ 31. After Defec
tivi ' ? -i taln John Trai :? and t N tei tlvc
Rergeanl idolph Keppler ha.i teetlfled be?
fore Bi ordei .lani.s i-. Carroll In pollcc
.cur' thla mornlng thal they had attend
f,i ;iii open alr mectlng of thc Bodaliat
t.utv on Baturday near thc Cltj Hall end
t.a.i heard Patrtch Qulnlan reter to Patrol
Bergeanl Charlea Ryan as "Bummy'
Ryan Cltj tttornej Randall h E^ewla,
who proeacutad th.^ eompbilni agalnet th*
ii \\. \v orater reeted his caac Hean
I Mareiii. who reprcaantcd Qulnlan, put tn
I no defence, and moved for thc diamlaeel
[of thc complalnl upon thc ground thal n.>
offen a had been proved under thc db>
j orderly m t.
n. ooi i. i arroll denied the motton
! and aummonlng Qulnlan to thc bar aald:
"1 fiinl you K'illt> "f indng loud nnd of
I fenalva uuiguage and aentenca you to .m.
In tlM count) jaii." Thla la thc
lanaxlmum aentenee, and Qulnlan waa -\i
on. * removed t" tha coontj Jail. Hla onlj
commenl \\as. "Tbei sot my halr end i
K?)t thell Ro.it '?
Quininn referred t" hli halr, whlch had
been cropped el atata prlaon, at Trenton.
where ha araa sent se\erai we.-ks age m
bagtfl a sentenie of from tWO to seven
and upon uhii-h conrlctlon he ts
now out on |f,9dd baU. COUnael stat.-d
that th^ lateal eonvktloa would nin> t?
appealed, and that B Wrll Bf lertlor.-ul
WOUM he loiirht fiom Justlce .7am.n I-.
Minturn. of the Bupromc Cburt, at once. '
George M. Dyott, After Quick Flight from
Brighton to Asbury Park, Risks Life in
Midst of Crowd on Beach.
'ru Telegi ? ph t" Tha Trlhaaa |
Aabur) f'ark, n. J, July 81. -At thi
riak of his oaro Ufe, George M. Dyotl
an avlator, aaved acorea of apectaton
arho ran acroaa the lundmg atagewhea
hia monoplane gllded down to Bradlej
Jlrn.h at tiie end of hll twenty-. lght
milc fllghl from ihe Brlghton B l< I
racetrack late thla afternoon. Ai
Dyotl waa about to allghl th. re a aa ?>
ruah of apectatora toward the machlne.
To BVOld hltting them the a\iator
lurned the aeroplane'a noee aharplj
upward, oarci.. miaalng one of the men
! >ir. '.'ti'. in Ironl of hlm waa ?< tele
Kraph pole. There was no time to
ovold hltting it. and th* avlator t::rned
thc head <.f hia machlne into the cand.
it struck heavlly, lurned a complete
aomeraault, and ea II did ao Dyotl waa
flung out, Juat miaalng tiie pole. He
got up quickly, unlnjured but the r id
der and one piane of the machlne arere
' .-nia.shed.
He aald thal aa aoon aa he repalred
the damaged planc he would contlnue
his trlp to Waahlngton, whlch he ex
pected to make In aomethlng better
than four huurs.
More than flfteen th'usand rifsons
? Dyott'l landins: and che.red hlm
( ontlnurd from flr?t png-e.
atatement of clectlon expeneea to the
Becretary of state. h> could not be
: wltb i tolatlng the law. aaylng
thal thc law doea aol reejulre the glv
iiik of the namaa of eontrlbutora. He
?aid that he had faref'.il- read 0%OT
both the rorrupt practlcce law md
Section 77H of th>- Penal Code ralatlve
to *he tilinK of election expenses. &U
i latter provldee, among other th:np-..
. that "Bvery candldate who is roted for
; Ht an> publlc election hcid wlthln
latate ahall, wlthln ten daya after sk< h
. lei ::on. fi'.e. aa horeinafter provtdcd,
an Itemlaad atatement ahowlng in le
tall all the raow i ? ontrlbuted pr ex
pended by hlm dlrei tl or Indlrectlj.
bj hlmaelf or tr.rough any o'her per
M,n, ;n aid of hm elei tlon. Buch atate?
ment ahall gi^e the namea of tl
ou* pereona who recdved an- n money,
? ba ape Mllc nature of ea< h Item and the
purpoae for whlcb it waa txpended or
Al the conclualon of the bearlng ol
the Frawley committee to-day, whl h
waa devoted to blghway contj
ihalrman Krawle announccd that thc
next meetlng of the committee wiii bc
held on Wedneada) mornlng al 10:30
o'clock in N'.w Tork Clty. Eugene
i.rimb Blcharda, eounael for the om?
mlttee, aald that the inveattgatloa into
the Oovernor'a campalgn expenaaa mrlll
I- conttnued al thal time. and tl
aak. tlon of New fork u the pla
the meetinK araa fof the i onveutence of
i laraja number of "flnaw lera
Bnancial Inatltutiona whom we ahall
|want to call aa wltneaaea. Bome of
e dlBtlngulahed gentiemen have
I e. n In EurO| " he paid. "hut they are
expected back, and i thlnk that nexl
week we ahall be able to K'-t m>me <?f
them before 'he . ommlttee."
.\lth"uah theie 1h no fund avallabla
for paylng the eommlttee'a expei ?
the preaen! time. becauae Qovernor
Bulaer vetoed an Item ol fMO.OOO in
the annual aupply bill, aa approprta
tion ol ITOtOOO can be drawn upon af?
ter f> tober I. *n item for that amount
havina been provlded for In the annual
approprlatlon bill
To Wait in Sarecky Caae.
Mr Rlcharda .-aid thal In ragard to
Bareck:. who refuaad to teatlly yeater
day, and agalnet whom proceedlnga to
have hlm arreeted for contompl are to
l>c hrought, he thOUghl the committee
ahould wait untll Attornay Oeneral
Carmod) had rendered hia oplnlon .is
to the powera of the committee, rt
queated bj tiu> (lovernor.
??i bavc no nueatlon, however," he
.said, "aboul ihe powera of this com?
mittee to Inveatlgate ihis matter orany
other matter ihat la connected arlth
theae queatlona whlch are aubmltted by
the Qovernor hlmaelf lo th. extraor*
dlnar) acaalon <>f the Legtalature and
whlch are jjermane to the very quce
ti.ms whlcb be called the- Leglelature
toK'ther to coii?id. r."
Mr. Rlcharda eapreaaed the oplnlon
that after gettlng the oplnlon Of the
Attomey Qeneral th.- Qovernor mlght
think it not ontj wIbc bul poaatbly the
proper thin* "to permit ihe openlng of
the dOOf to see what la oehuid il. '
? in prepartng the papeta tn takin*
atepa agalnel Barecky," be aald, "Ihad
lalan to took al the record in the
caae of Inveetlgatlon commltteaa and
? thc appllcatlon madc to punbib for eon
templ Mr. Barnea, of Albany, whom
'thc Qovernor, through his eounael, Mr.
Tavior, aeta up a.s the atandard In his
?tatemeni wltb regard to the refusal of
? wltneaa to teetlfy. For tha purpi a
of maklng aure of the procedure whlch
waa taken in thal caae, i vletted the
Ofhce Ol the clerk ol tlM COUTI Ol A.p*
pc.iis reaterday to took al the orlgtnal
record in the Court of Appeais, and I
found rathar t>. mj aatoniahmenl that
the whole of the Barnea record was
and had been alnct Julj ;; in pooacaalon
of Mr. Taylor, eounael to the Qovern .?.
and had hecn aenl down there on Jul
.'{. the \ery day of the l>eK!innr.R Of
this ..ommlttee, al the roqueal of Mr.
j Taylor, from the Oovernor'a offtca. I
j thlnk in the . a.ae of BUbpotnaa laOUCd
i for booka, papers and documenta, llvc
daya* notlct btlng requlred, ai Wadnaa
da\ of n. Kt WOCk II exaitly thc daya,
that thal would he proper."
Th? committee intends to aubpoBna
the Bav. 0. R. Mlller, who chargedthai
three Tammany Senators in 1010, one
of whaea ia now a aaambee of the Frawt
ley committee, demanded a btiba of
for hu courage In rlaMng his nf* to
a-.oid the crowd. Thla is aald to he th?
iirst Inddent of Itl kind in Amerlca.
Beveral French avlatnra have been in
hjred In keeplng their mechlnea from
rnnninx into crowds, whbh. out of tha
<ontro| of the pollce, aurged aeross the
ora' path
i ine of the better known of theec ac
cldenta la that ahlch overtook Lkra
tenant Paucomprd, baad of the mllitary
aviation centre al Juviay, in Auguet,
Flndlng hii power InaufBclaBt to carry
i him above the crowd whi.h encircled
thc hald, he landed, and as his nurhine
waa aboul to plough its way into th?
apei tatora, he turned it sharply to one
?Idl The Impetua fl'ing it upon one of
the planee, whlch was cruahed, and
th.- young officer was hurle.i to the
ground. Leeg fortunate than Dyott, he
[waa plcked up unconacloua, with a
tniph and two ribs broken
Dyotl l.ft Brlghton Beach at S:M p.
m. and landed at 6:28 p. m. He made
th>- trlp at an av> rage BPOCd of '">3 miles
Bn honr and at an average height of
;,,.xm? feet Hla machlne is a Dyott, of
own deetgn and manufarture. It
la a monoplane, eajulpped with a 50
horeepower motor and tapable of mak
ing 75 mii.-.s an hnur.
$10,000 to kil! a bill nffe<:ting mercan
tiie collectlon agecaelaa.
"1 ani Inveatlgating that matter to
see what th. re is to it," aald Mr. Rich
ards. "I belleve that those thlnga
should b? laveetlgated if they come
Highway Contract Annulled.
cancellation by John K, '.'arllilo,
Btatc Hlghway Ctonunkndoner, of a con
tracl alth thc Itandard Hitulithic Tav
< mpany, of New York, for the con
?ion of a htgheray hetwe*n Smlth
? ? .ind Porl Jefferson, in S'Jff"lk
?v, was the BUbJect of ln"'*tlxation
by th* Frawley legtalatlva committee to
day. Thc contract, whlch cailed for the
Uon of elerea miles of hlghway,
coat of |8 '? '?' as s:*ne ) ir>. ooto
0 irdon H.>e!. then Buper
lenl f Highwaya
Kiehard W. Turner, prealdent of -h?
company, t.-stifled that a'.thoug* the
tloni ealled for a cetnentatio-iB
gravd baee, be bad agreed * I bad arrlt
ten Mr. Reel that the eompany womd
.... ., . on f. te b b ? " leelrad, aithout
additlonal cost to the itate, althoagh
voui m tr.* company
Ithan ihe'gravel
npany rr*:
md dld e ma i
| trablc i arork. Th.* contract
was ? " Mr Ti ?
uM K.-- ? unc to 1 a'??? -o aec Comntta
... -.??? for a hear
He sa' 1 Mr
refua ? icuaa thi ? itl r,
derTarlng r". exec.t- l
? ,-?:.-?? Preeeed f
rner, "Oammtaal
ca^iis - rel laed to fo li ,r deta - ? i
that H a i- ( r '"-, '?<?' Intereeti '
?tate, end tl it we had our remedj
| j trd Of ? .a.rr l ' Mr Turaa l ?- I
t tntentloi aueh i ctaim has
,"t to th-1 board
irltlg Mr. Tnrner's testimony !t deve!
oj>?d that Joaeph Currsn. now employed
as a highwaya ll ll tor under John A.
Henneeey, ?:,ii formerly employed by th*
.- : a:d Bltullthlc Company as r ac
M ? ] rnc Mld hc had d!s.-harg*d
.-1. who had brought BUlt agamst th*
111 tor "proepc
a Itneea t^stified that Car?
r.n had made a propoaltlon I i Thomaa J
Oerhardt the company's stiperlntendent
wh*r*hy th* matt-r could he settled wlthtn
twenty-fOUr houra Turrer sald he tol4
Oerhardt tO have nothlng rnore to do with
' ''irr.i;\
Says Frawley Committee Has
No Right to Follow Up
Present Inquiry.
Marehall. counsel for I^>u;a
s, . r. . \\\\o formerly was se^retary to
Oovernoc Bubter, Kave out a ataterr.int
I ist r.iKht denylng tho rlght of thi
P/rawley commlttee to enter at all upon
thc prceent lilieetlgltlon The Rtaterr.ent
m^ in i>art:
"its (thc coramlttee'a) powere, as are
thoec of the lagleletaia, are iimtted by
onatltutlon. That :nstrutn*nt ge>
- ::. BxpUelt teraaa lArtt.-i* iv, gec
tlon 4i that the Ooramor ?haii hav?
power to convene the Legislature on ex
traordinarj ocoaaleaaB. and that al ^x_
traordlnarv aaaxdone no subjeet shaii be
acted upon excapt auch aa the Oovernor
mu> recommend f>>r eonslderatlon.
"The regulai acaaton of the Lcarfataturc
termlnated prlor by Jvna i. i9is. it ?ai
tirened for an extiaordlnary lesston
by th>- Oovernor, wh.. reeomraended
?peclflc BUbJecta for Ita .-onsideratlon.
The inqulalUon whlch thui commlttee haa
?oughl to s.-t in motlon la n.-? indudad
Withln anj Of its reeomiuended 8Ut>>
That the power of legteletTVO eom
mttteea is strlrtlv llmited. and that the/
rannol create for themaelvea a jori**!!.
tion ?iu.h is not grounded upon tiie <-on
II tutletl and the lawa, is evtden.-ed bO
\ a kmg llne of dedalona, culmhaatbig ta
the dedeton rendered by the ?o-irt of
, \ ? cala 'ti January, n>H whlch, under
! siinii.< . ? bb, denk d an apptV ??
! to punish Wiiiiam Bernee, ji., f"r
contempi for deduung to answer q *
tlona put to hlm b> a leglalatlve cogf
. ,t ll bc belteved from the il?'
nuendoea of the commlttee'i counael thal
1 .,:,, peiaonall) i^oncerned In tnis matt?r.
l . i.rfutly stat.- thal .lanng the eam
palgn of 1912 I dld nol contrlbute a slngie
... ior oi on I i h il: ol -"'>' candldatc
for ofllec except those of the Republtran
.., u io .m cn i navc the honor to
through the duly con
itltuted natlonal atate, county and as
?emblj Dlatrlct commlttttea.
Committee of Progressives Urges
Justice to Enter the Race.
A eonuatttee of Piegreaelvaa .-aiied on
juatJec Baaauel leabury, of the Supreme
Court, In hla ehembera yeeterday ?n<
I urgtd hmi to bAoi hla aame to *<?> befon
|the Fualon L'ommtttea >f Bf, In bapeethal
he mlaht be th* .ompromls.- , eadMatO for
Mayor u thc coxekag aauatdpal -leotion.
i Juiti.e leabury told the commlttee that
1 ha had nol tlven the matter auhVieat
ItheugM le awarrant hla givmg a defimte

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