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Survives Own Wound Until
Police Break In Several
Days After Crime.
Man Who Shot Wife and Chil?
dren Feared They Might Be
"Trampled On in the
Struggle of Life."
? >n.? of tlie must gruesome mur?ler
cases in the htatory ol Qreatei New
York era* unearthed yesterday in ?i
three story brick tenement lions.? at No
Cfi Wyckoflf ntreet, Brooklyn, when th??
police broke into the first .floor
ment an?! found the bodies of ? mother
und four children riddled with bulleta
and th?? father still alive Kinn on the
floor unconscious with a magasin? ??
volver in Ms hand and s bullet hole
throuch his hea'l
The : ?mily had b
?lavs. Henry Lake, th.? franstet]
who committed the crime, probably did
not j?h"<.t himself until a few ?i.ivs later
How h?? hml i?.?f.ti able t?> lire so tone
after ?voun?lina himself is a mystery.
if? ?Up.i early yesterday afternoon in
the i.ontc Island College Hospital
In a letter which Lake left for the
('"r..nfr. he eaplaii ? i ?iuo
tations from Schopenhauer, Emerson.
Fenera and Bait US Hi also gav?
tions as t?i th?? disposal of his effects
and requested that the : n.u.'s ehould be
" am tlrcl of Hrlng." the letter r? .id
? My wife is slowly dying, our f.?\ir chil?
dren are small an?! delicate, and si
pet trampled on In the struggle <?f life.
It Is best f'ir them f.> return to u
bcIous dust with th? !r parents "
It Is not known wh? I | took
place, although from the ci:
in the case snd ' :'ion of the dcail
bodies, th?? ?If., an?! ?till.lien are thought
to have met th.lr death son,., ttrrv
"Wednogday nicht. Lake was last eel oi
Friday and is thought to havi shot him?
self on that di
Non?? of the neighbor.? sus| ?
anything unusual had occurred In th"
Lake home until yesterday when oi.I
the tenants in the house knock*-?! on the
door of ?he ?.pnrunent and got I
.ponse He informed the police and Pa?
trolman Gardiner, of the Butler street
station, hriik? In.
Near th? enti i e ol I ?? i irti ? nt he
found Lake lying on the floor, clutch!
S revolver in his hand. A UtSgSSlni g
th?- Boor near the uti?
man <?n a bed in the same room I
old 'A altei. l.-ik??'.? >oungi
chilli He was shot through the bead
another f???l in the kitchen lay Hora
? ? -.-i huddled upon i
tl?.or in th? ? . Btella, lift*
y?Mf>ri old Both were ?hot through t
Mi ? i, .i,- .....i i ?orothy, I
te. ii-v. .n old daught? i. la) side by si
in bed in th? hall bedroom. 1 : ?
had been shot through the head, Any
? ? '.vf.'nuls would h.?v.- been sufllcle
to cause death Bin the fathei had et
dently determined to run no rial? ?>f fe
ure, foi h? had aleo I red eevei
;? !.. the bodl ?
The mother and children, with the ??
ceptlon of .Stella, had apparently bet
killed as th? i si? |.f The police thougl
? the little ni' i might have aa i ? ? ?
end tried '?? e** ..?... but had beei
k Into a ? "
i.? r
Lak? i sd !?? en emploi ed sa i chef ?.
Bristol. Restaurant, al No I Wllloughl
sti eet, i..' ? ente? years He vv:
Is ;,. ? w !i then as .
ai i s ss a tat oi it. a itfi the man i
plo ? ? ? m .?. com t "t I
vvi.i?. reading ind fund oi Information hl
? workmen called him "the schon
ter." il., else hsd Ih? i? i tstlon (
being ? home loving man, with .? dee
i.ffei ti?.n for his family.
Last \\, .in.siin-. evening the mai g?
of the restaurant paid l*ake two week?
sal iry In adven ??? for hli snnusl vacatlor
wh'cii ?n-. t.? begin the following daj
Lake said he expected to spend i fei
days wltl i sister. Mr? Blanche D
Mar. In . 1 :.k.. and l*? ft
taurant In ft II it I* thought ths
: ' ?hab?) ?hot the members of hi
family thai
The reports of I ? n sny shoti Bred b;
? ? ? - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? heard bj sny ??f th?
ira Tl H ">iav be account? d fo
by th? fscl that the wife snd childrei
were probably killed by the ??
magasin? ; ? rolver
Facade Offered to Historic
Bodies, "but Goes Begging.
w tahlngton, A ig U The faead? of th?
??hi United Btatei Assay Olli ?? in New
V? rk. the oldeet building in Wall street,
is so..n to be lorn down to make room foi
a new structure, it had beei
Treasury Department officials that th?>
facade n ght '? made part of ?
' ' - was fivun'l to he ?rn
prsctlcable. Efforts have been n
give the old front to sume hlstori SSSO
but tu one haa come forward with
? ?
The n?'W building, which is to
the greatest vaults In the country, will
,o-t <????"????. of which PB.M0 will repre
.?! ..- ? ? ? ' -, mita
Investigated Advertisements Guaranteed by The Tribune.
Fee Charged for Investigation Arranged in Advance.
TO illustrate the instinct of "salesmanship" which was
the inspiration of Mr. William C. freeman's "Advert?s
ing Talk" in Saturday's New-York Tribune, a story is
told of two newsboys who were holidaying at Bronx Park.
The day had been a strenuous one, and they were both
tired but happy as they made for the subway exit.
In passing through a wooded section they came upon a
Wild-Woolly-West scene which was being enacted before a
moving picture machine.
The villain, with ' a rope around his neck, was being
hustled, none too gently, towards a convenient tree, his follow
ers were strewn around in attitudes suggesting death. I he
heroine reclined gracefully in the arms of the? hero, his smoking
revolver, the startling sound of which had alarmed the newsies,
now menaced the ground.
It was instinct more than fear that drew the involuntary
cry from one of the boys:
"Come on, Jimmy; cheese it! Der'll be a wuxtra out on
dis sure!"
Many salesmen have this same instinct in other lines of
business. They probably have demonstrated its possession to
an unappreciative employer. They may wish to get into an at?
mosphere where recognition will find suitable reward.
Real salesmanship is a rare possession. You who read
this may or may not possess it. But you undoubtedly do possess
some strengths which could be described in an advertisement
under "The Tribunal."
The appearance of the advertisement under this classifica?
tion would mean that The Tribune had investigated your
claims, and that this paper guaranteed your personal and busi?
ness integrity to its readers.
Does any man or woman seeking work doubt for a mo?
ment that they will find it if their need is teild in a convincing
way under "The tribunal."
SALESMAN?More than ten years' experience in automobile line.
Fair dealing has inspired a large following. Wants to connect
with reliable supply house or automobile manufacturer where am?
bition, backed by initiative and hard work, will find reward. Adver?
tiser is thirty-five years old, single, lives with parents. Might be in?
duced to invest capital in a business when experience would dem?
onstrate its possible expansion. 100 New-York I ribune.
$8.40 will be the cost of the above sized advertisement.
GPfTCL MAN?hxperienced bookkeeper, twenty-six years old,
possessing tact and ability, would change present employment
for good outside position or as confidential assistant. Would like
place where organization ability could be quickly demonstrated and
where a smoothly working office force could be left to their own re?
sources, with periodical supervision of the organizer. Believe I pos?
sess selling ability. Am considered a convincing talker. Believe I am
adaptable and know I can work hard. 102 New-York Tribune.
$9.60 will be the cost of the above sized advertisement.
FARMER??AND GARDENER wants position, or will take a farm
to work on shares; thirty-eight years old; married; trained agri?
culturist in model farming; expert in stock raising and chickens; un?
derstands farm and garden work, machinery, &c; manager farms in
Germany for 6 years; 9 years here. 1 03 New-York Tribune.
$6.00 will be the cost of the above sized advertisement.
One Death Occurs and Several
More Expected to Result:
Sleepers Take to Roofs.
Temperature Only Reaches 91,
but Humid Air Reaches Top
Point of 80 at Night, After
Relief Seems Sure.
?.. , ,]. at! nd n i ": ? "'
j :. ral of which ma
salt fnta]iv, sttend? d ye tei heat
wa\??. snd st ml Inigl t th?
had ' llml ? I the | nt II
:ti the mid for? ?
John Qaffney.
? ? .'.i:, TI Ird i ?
nue. f, ?i ?,n the street and wi
to Lin oln Hospital, whei
night ? .h? r i>? rsoi s wei rd to
their horn? - and lo p?tale from
streets and pbv ? -
arh? re lbs heat had i ome them
None of l
rlous under ord ni '
i?..mr? nt humldlt;
d? i? .i mai ? ? ' '
hours ?
\i ???, r.i i. ... maslmum I? nil ?
was Bl, i polnl a hich th? m? -
reached at 2 p. m Its loa I i "int
72 at i i m. It v ? ? th?"
temperatun t the e was
mena? Ing, but In I I
Idlty, '?? hlch
m. It had il vv ithin
the next hour had dro| pad to 71
?..'?. til 2 | m.,
when ?' '? Its mlnli
Prom that tlmi
continued B) l p. m 11 : i
? red It? m.irk of 7" snd st 8 p m I :
reached Nil round s h polnl it l?<?*. -
ered for the rei
mill? that 1 vn for the
liIKTit vv I'll a | '
turned oui h gain snd pi ?
spend th?
oi doorsteps, Ij Ing In a sit for i
? might be ??? I road.
The vv sthei
predict cooler weather. Tile weather,
it is snrv ? III be fair and * n
remain so to mot ; ???.? a 1th mod?
n< i'ii and noi ? : is.
One Republican, One Democrat
and Three Moose on List.
Th? fusioi.itlv? ? ? noml ?
r 1111 ? . |
at : o'i i", k this moi n ns II th? n ?-t.ut
<?<! ??? take up the lirons sil lation .
and -t was undei. ?.i an efl
made to change the I ? m.h
had been na med 'i ? The
):. pu ? .?? rganii itlon in The i
has sei ed notice ?in the fuslonist? thai
it will not indorse th? t< ? It lands
? could nol i>?. i? .u i.? .i whit ,t.
wer? le of i m
Ing a H- publli ai sat racti I n J
K ???? ??? Its, -h..11 man '.I the '?
l'oui ' nltl In place of Tl
W. Whittle, who bi . to the mlnoi l
ia. '...n in the ?ni ? thai borou
Th? i i , ? Its3 that Jai ub
Sic: . ltdate i"i ? '?wi.' ? . ' ? i k,
will :.?? ta ken ol I e way for s man
mor? ... ? eptable t.. the Republicans.
The Brooklyn For
Sui rogate Hei.-,-v i?gglnl ?? i ?? n ?? si
for Sheriff, John T Raffen (Ri
? arii. f.r ' ''i inty "|(
i Republl? en); foi R? fist? i ?. -? i .
u (Progn ? . foi oroneit, in Thum
ton M. Dexter ?I'rogn i and I
< '. \\ a_t i i ' I 'I "?.'i eSl ?'? ? .
-? ? o
Stockholder Sues for $200,000
Paid by Lithograph Co.
a not.f spp?. ram t died In the Bu
preme Court Jfeeterdaj bj W
? d the lilil??- .?I a -nil to
.., |]oo,000 from Allan a i: sn, ?on
of Thomas Fortune Ryan; Jam? i m lint
ion, a stock broker; Frederick w La
Prentg, pn ild? nl ol the Am? rl< sn I
t;. Company; Theodore Cocheu, Jr.,
president ol the Americsi Audit Com?
psny, an?i lbs officers of the United
Stan's Uthographtni Company. The suit
is brought by I i
the United States Lithograph Compan)
and tin- individual defendants named
it i? ?"iii.i ded bj the plaintiff that the
law which holds directors liable for th?
sets of a corpora*.? ? ,i ,, ,,,,,,, .,.,..? >??,,
director? shall not relj solel? on ui<? re
pott of an audit company m paying dlvi?
dfnds it Is sllsged that the dividend
v.i.s j.aid to create a market for the
?Mitchel Indorsee! After Yout
ful President Escapea
i ? i Pi
? ? Mr wi
ind Mr M l
. ?
n i*xi<
? i ?
? .
? ? -
Rosevillc Directors to Mci
Shortage and Reorganize.
Bank Examiner Says $246.00
Deposits Were Reported,
Instead of $400,000.
II ? ?
? ? . ? ? ... i
no. will tu : and th?. ?I ?
? . ? . . hi- I?. ? .ri
-..??? . s1, -?la.- ? ' ? ' '
that an at ilret n
i.,.],-. ; . 'i ?Smith, ti
?? ? ? : eeretar torn
? ?
? i ;il ?.
? ? the I
, ? I ?if (1.000 f(
Infeirmallon resulting In :
.\ t .? i,., .iInn which lasted intl
? ? ? !??: in? '1. M it
d F M?- i:\??'. i?? pre ? Id? M Th
!? .'.-?I to h?
" . . ?
? i?.in man. will, with I >, I dwat
I'. ? l..i k.
r>ai I men l ? ." in \
ncm ? umpl iin( ??..ill ?? .i
. ,i? , ? ? ? t ein Juri
i Bmlth made i I I to the BUti
? !?.?] till' lit i
i.-. ,| thai ?"? thai date ? hen i h
I . \S. I ?? I?, . \ ? ...
Bmlth i? i ? ? Ihe ? i ?
I-. m oni m Invnluntai
? ?. . i iinal Su, '
and 'I ? ' ? nd Motoi S lies i 'eempan
of a hlch ii- n .< - the re
put? ?! ?os nor, by the B( inelard ? ill i _in
the ?. , ? , : Tli ?? and Rub ?
'i ha .in- ? toi n I ?? few mulati d l ? an
? lion ; i ? act .'i ? Rdward i ?
', Dunn and ? .* i;?.\\land Muni...', nd the ?
. ? ? , , .?? i . .
me?t what? i>.- ?l s
: it i in- ? ii'i ??f id? ? caminal "?i no i
, orap ? >? ?i h ? ape 11 from the
i ' '? md Ina'iran? i ?? pan
m?-m Thej all ?? plan i" pur< ha* I
?sloe k ni any share holdei. .?< i pi s to
ii\?-?l i |.??m ti..- basis ??t Ihi assets i. ,
Ised m he n the prt ?se ni h nh dlflli ultl i
fe1/? Hll.lll I,|. Ii,-,I nut
Th? flral di finite atati mi nl to come
from !'.?? i,.nil. ? \.i m,i ? r. mot h-~m?,i
lerda) b] Deputj Banking and Insurance
Commissioner i. i: V'redenburgh, who Ii
in ? haute ??f the Institution Th n ?
b i? ( ?and Indican d I bal ?orne, one, pre
sblj Bmlth, had doe tored enti Im Ii
Hi?, teme ral le dge ? ? ol the bank Mi
\ r.-il- nburgh stated Ti ? prool ? ??
depo iltors' ledgers ?shows ;? liatHllt) larga
iv m excess uf tii.it liability a* sho * n
In the- Kiin-ral ladgai "
As k??-nl\ Interacted in Bmlth- ftb
tenee and his Rnanctal affaira ;is any.
body ara mon and women Identified with
th.- propoaed formation of 11m Bethesda
Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Th.;. era anxious i?. locate smith ?so thai
tr??-\ may learn ?thai has became ?>f sub
scrlptkms tint' were mtrueted "? Mm as
Iren eurer end ?a in? h wen t?> ba ?i?>\??t'-,i
to the -vOnteiriKtion ot ;i rlnir? h for Hi?
II? W rr?risre?gHtlon.
There la a much more optimistic sentl
? rotins
'i t.. thlrtj !??? ? illati lei l? sd?
? V
f,.i president of S
etwe? n
y H. Currai rid Mar?
.1. Mai r
... for a I
ii'.ik up ? t in the
? ;
of ,, ... : ? drum.
? ?
. ? . . .
A rtter 1 " '? '? "'
.. r In
Once i el tlfled Its ealst?
f the I
eta of the
: .... ... .,?.
n the fa? t
? .. ? ...
I wort I at vv hi? tl
ried II t: ? l"."k H? ?
e of th? Lank
? ? .
? | i i* recent
? |
? The
tfforl ty In
effort I 'mil in tins
?ho wen) what
? ? ?
. ? .
ng hin
nt I
? ?
| . f the ess?
Parent! Recover from Monks
Youth Stolen by Gypsies.
u ??? ? town, S. V . Aug 1*? Word
rea? hed her? to?daj that Fi ? d
I -I'" r.t v -four v ? ? ,r - old wh.i
? ?? ? ? igo, has I red to
1 ? ? ? ? Mi snd Mi John I -
... iu, of Rissonville, N v, who hed long
i ? ?.. d i im .? dead
? ?ti 11, tot?? r M iv>'.. ? i
? .: ? ? ? " me to
m? ? l ins fatl. ? Ige ol tu.- v ||?
That was I ? i the
boj In Blssonv Ule,
A boul a u.. k ago s v oung man ds
s. 11. ii fii.tn s band of | the
< 'anadian a lids and took refuge
: the monks of ? ik.i. whose Isolated mon
fort tuii.s fr'?tn Montreal
H.ild n m'mi" r not I his
: '..i pi ??'. .. i - to !?? otntng s member
of the band except that he had
called l-"r? d and that his former home
n North? in N' vv Y ?n k.
Th? ;.i ????-? n. ' of the vv a nderer wai i s
ported i" Ihs monks lo the Montreal
police, and an inint of the young man
recognised ins picture In s newspaper
The parents were notified snd went t"
Montreal, where thej positively Identl?
? . . Bro . ? i iiv a birthmark. He ??
t.. mis* detained bj the poli? s as s v> it
"in?, cf the l:' psies who
ire und? i .n!?? it, ? liai?,'? .I will, kidnap
! Separation Granted - Perjury
Charged by Justice.
lu tl< " Rlsnchard decided ? ? lei I ?
fiat Mrs |..,,, Melbourne Chariot was
entitled to s separation from Atphons? i
Chariot, former I ) president ??f the Char?
loi Mines snd Bmelters Company, The
wife su..i| un the grounds ??f cruelty ;?n?l
The Justice said that the evidence ?riv-fi
on th?? trial of the i is* vv.,? so contra?
dictory that he could n"t determine how
much alim?n) i" sward to Mrs Chariot,
and he asked counsel for plaintiff snd da?
fendanl lo make furthei srgumenl on this
point, Chsrtoi i? now In Ludloa street
i,ni becauee he failed to pay his srlfe MO
sllmonj pending the trial <?f tji?. suit.
Justice Blanchard ssld hs iras convinced
that psrjtu. was cootatitted st th.? trial.
Rs r..fu?.?.<? to tin?! In his deilMun that
Chariot Shsndonsd his wife.
FOOD. MO tu, mo,
Magistrate Tells of Law Wh
He Holds Inspector Dwyer
and Others for Raiding.
Then, He Asserts. New Yorke
May Stay in Healy's, or
Any Restaurant, and
Eat and Drink..
Inspector ?Dwyer end three policemen
his -tuff, wild were erreeted on warrai
charging simple assault, resulting fn
the methoda alleged to have been at
!?>? the police In enforcing Mayor Qayno
i o'clock cl?aeing order at Healy*a re
taurant, were held in ISO bail each
Magistrate Deuel, In the Weal ?s!i
court yesterday afternoon. Th?? ?hare
againel Poll *emen John i-' Hoffman a
l.?.m? Riodman were dlemiesed on rr
ilon or .;. Roben Rubin, aaslstant D
trie! Attorney, who, aith t M. Mint?
represented Dlatrtet Attorney u'hitm
;ii the he ?rin*.
Magtatrate Deuel in ? statement fit
the bench ?aid:
?| i . _-iv<?? t" every r>ii?ln?
man operating under a liquor tax c*
? ti?? i iL-iit t<i p??li liquors and fo?
ni? i?? i ?-? ?-lo -k a. m on weekdays, an
with no lai ? " ary. it
? ? ;,; to i ippoee that th?? ?iiii??r e
have a r? v ??i i ' !?? tirn?* otter 1 ?icio
to dlapoae of his meal nithoul (?ropardl
ins; hi- ten ? to poll??? nightsticks
rtlflcate holder to Imprlsoi mirt ai
th.- forfeiture of ni* n ?
In and unmistakable intent
ibdlvlslon In queetlon Is that i
1 o'clock mav
can led "y.t aruj ? ompleted, pre i
proprietor fulfils hla part before th
hour; thai at i ?.'ci?.? k the door shall I
' lo k??1 . thereafter in
arvl thn?e insii
? ? rea onable oppo
. . ?? wl .it
? irehased
i - ... 0r j,. ?;..,] pnwi?
? omplainant, ? ?'lee, jm
utloni r '
Tells of Whitman Conference.
Magistrate Deuel outline II
?,r i m Policen an John B Bher
? : ? . - elation to the
? it He rafei sd to dleturl
? the realgar ? ??? ? -
? .-.
? it I the District Attorney e
N'.-w v??rk ? 'o?nl y to i thai
? Healy's reata iran? ihe niith
i\ morning, preceding I
anca ??? warrant In thia <
?Terence with me and b] ? iy h??ari
? ?? ? ? ? which was In tyi
? t r Curt?a
? ttement shows that th?* cas?
th.? policemen were \
were eve sd The opli
f( ?re the ma
me ? and before
? the strenci
' <>r it i will have Magistrats Deuel cal ?
en the oma u
f??r trial "
Of tl ? 'i held Nelson .i Mei
rill n me ? ? a Magi<
i '. ? .i Tha com? lali
M'A ?? la ??f So !
tl ? . . ?
Sufficiently Identified.
m ? latan) rporatio
? ' -
thai Merrill shoui.i Y
i he ?ra
..,,., , r , .T
riant and : 'imh?-r. erhlc
it 1 ? :- larters, a
? ?
? i Merrill,
an'l ? , ?. sd
; ??
\ Hyer and P itrl?
led i-li'illir ? -tlon m
taken bj nd the macis
trate Albe rt Orau : n ? West llStl
? tgalna
i ! ? ? * - . ? Dwye
' it.un.?
niet Hoffm
Rodmai .i une i A He bron, of N',? ?
'.'. .1 ?- ?-. ? -.,; |
? ? ollcemei
: him "'It of the r?
tor Dwyer and P
' B iU.ti were he *.'i S iturd I) in 11,00.
ball ? ?i
Bht by tie
Elevator Operator Killed, but
Saved Affed Man.
tuent\ -one ) aai- old,
loal hii
pwvi ntlng David Hal rave
?i from plunging into
? ? ? the ? 'ommerclal Building ,- Mo
716 to ! ' I r.|wa i Roener, a ho ha?1
? || t.l ClOS4
the door opening t?> th.- fifth il?>??r, when
Hall attempted t" ????t oui
The car had aira id) l I - ?!. and
Roener lumped toward Hall and gava
him .? strong shove, but lost his balan?a
as he did so Roener. bod) waa u*?edged
m the ele i ator shaft and ins ?
n panic among the women In the building
a- Hall ?.is pushed fiom the open shaft
Monea Qarfinkle, an occupant <>f ihe
building, arho atood near tha ?? ?.-?i man,
grabbed him b) the arm .itui sa\?'.| hun
from falling into the shaft
Coroner Fails to Name Slayer
of Wealthy Lumberman.
i ?ninth. Minn. Au| II Murder by
persona unknown was the verdict re?
turned lo-da) b) tha Coroner*g Jury
I which inveatigated tha death of John
Me Alpin?-. Duluth'a wealths lumberman,
found .-hut t?? death In tha baaemenl of
his magnificent home early last Friday
morning Tha next official >???'iv t?> take
ni? the murder myetery probabl) win i?,
tha grand Jury win. h meets in Beptem*
McAlpine's body ?as found by hie
I si?p?.?n ha??- McAlplna n ? .tin i< McAl*
;?lin- lias testified that he did not see the
revolver? win? h waa later found ,e abort
?listan??? from the body, when he first
Went Into the lasement.
Others In the house were? the slain
mans wife. Mrs hale McAlpine. an?i
Miss Margaret Bergan, the mahl, ah of
them declare?! they heard no shot tired.
Bichloride Victim Spurns Anti?
dote Until Job Is Promised.
Elisabeth Heath, eighteen years aft,
who ?ame to Htm York from San
Francisco and failed to get work hero
attempted to commit suicide in Stay?
vesant Park Ian? night by swatlowis?
two bichloride of mercury tableta
Georire Tlnketanan, of No. 288 Eaut
_lst Street, saw her take the tablets
and called two poHcemen, who went
with her to the lyin^'-ln. hospital, ne_r
by, where f?h?> received treatment.
Tin- young woman refused te take
any of the whit?.s of SggS Which Th.
do? tors g?-t for her until a promise had
been mad?- that work would bs found
for her. She said She had learned a
f/iri couldn't be k??o?i in New York if
she was poor, and that rather than be
bad she had swallowed th?? tablets.
?|M was taken to BelleVUS Hospital
i prisoner, in her left hand the polic*
men found s crumpled piece of peptrea
which ??he had written, "Before it was
bad, But then I COIlld waik. Now I
< ant even took for work ??
Heat Supposed to Have Caused Lad's
Loss of Memory.
A red-haired boy about fruit-to*"? yean
old, hafless an?I eOatlS-O, Who hid lrijt
the powei of speech, s .- re? :<--d fro-,
a crowd r,f lads who were tormenttsa
him, by Patrolman roule, at the Alex?
tatton. last nicht at
Southern boulevard and i"?vih street. Th?
boy could not tell what his name was nor
wh*?re he lived, and his mlrd seemed *o
be i total blank
it Boldlnl, ?if Un ota Hospital fhn_ght
ti.,t the boy's sphssts was caused by th?
heat At the hospital th?* boy lb
m?vmb?*i'ei| that his name was Isldor
Kusner. and that he lived St Brons Park.
Ke was transferred to p? ;?,.? ?.?. HessskA
Whiz! And off go tha
.206 of 'em.
Four-in-handi of fancy silks
of widest variety *???'* most
excellent quality.
:w?H regular $1.00 value.
028 " 1.50 value
55c. now.
?i ?t
th??m hav?. "wafer?thta" bands th?t avis
1er I
Have you a bargain ii_nirei>
We've bargains to tit any
Summer mixture suits for
j men of all builds from <V2 to
54 elicst.
I $15, $20 and $25 now.
Rogem PER Company,
Three Broadway Stcrc?
at at at
' Warten St. 13th St. 34th St
? Ill' IZ
troy's best PRODUCT
i.i <? rnui?i'c i ? '
M< l UnAn I ,? iv M?ti we
lull I \l< Mir. 1?> SI..Ml MM IHM?'.
??I \ I ? I Kl? II \KI? il X I III
\. ? M tel? ? I? TH! i>??l I lilW?
In? hiitmic J M Barrio, - : ?
"The II? iii.nl.t. <.e? Whnt II?.? M?nl. .
?.r.n.l ??|??-nt Ho .'-'? *?l. ? \\r ??'?en. ?_*?
' ... I .
;tt M? I! H ,? E**~}J
I tli: SILVER WEDDING \ ???*
y. ?f n
IVK e* My lient -
EvenlnsI? ; ''!
,.i,:? 2 '.<>
ELTINGE ,. M.set.ai
With UM i <??vi. m M*__ ___*?
New Features Daily
Fun Every Minute
roof^,,.,:;m" ,
ICTflR Everyday. ta?*i Bub .. VM **:?JJ
Ail un ,,,,, Ki-ii,.-pr.. tinijo VADlSf
I H V..I..S? The Pfcoto Pley. 1TT .e
Id AIL.s Bl win o?kl?n?l A Co. X?*""
Ply Mts ft-MC I--??' & Ca, 10 other?.

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