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morrow came from h:gh authority to?
night. Tin- underatandlng In adminis?
tration quarters is that air. i.ind has
practically completed his preliminary
I egotiations with the Huerta govern
me-nt. and as a cons?quence the ten
.-iiin here,la greatly ao entuat? d.
Wilson Thinking of Publicity.
? i? ut Wilson haa tak?n fear per
si.iis Into his conflejenee regarding his
proposa la t<> Huerta. II developed to?
da;., however, that he is considering
th?- advisability of making public all
th? details .?f the aegottatlona at an
il.it- . possibl) .?s earl) as to?
morrow, ii was also whispered m ad?
ministration circle* 'hat ?there was. a
possibility of th?' embargo .?n arms 1?? -
Ing lifted by this government if the
Huerta regime resisted ?President Wil?
son, efforts t<? restore peai ? ?
The administration'. ?,?? si ? i?lans may
he Mocked hv the? Constltutionalis'.s.
Re be ' leaders ha\? lei it be known that
resent the fact that they have
noi been ofllcially spproached about
-il? nt Wllson'a peace plans, and In?
timate that before they sgree to any
propositions they must be shown the
?-.. 11 i ? consideration as bus been given
t.. the Huerta ?government.
?Representatlvea ??f the Constitution?
ahsts in Washington Bay th.it the Car?
ranza faction will oppose any plan In?
volving th>- possibility of Hmrta be?
comlni - late for Presldenl of
Mexico t" suice.-d himself This an?
nouncement followed advicea from
Mexico City that it was rumored liiere
that Huerta WSB planning to retire.
While no official communication haa
l?. .n eatabllshed between th? Wwh
Ington governmenl snd the Constitu?
tionalist?1 itativsB of the latu-r
have convoye?, to tha administration
through unofficial rhanni is th.- f.*< t
that the Carransa for??'? would be
d t?- have the United States lift the
embsrgo on arms These representa?
tlvea boast tnut tha Conatltutlona
would restore- peace within sixty daya
if allowed the advantages now enjo>?!
i y tha Huerta governnuat,
Want Hale Recalled.
Pressure is being brought to bear on
ti.? administration to Influence tin i
turn of Wllllsm ?Bayard Hale, a per
.-.; friend "f President Wilson, toi
? United States. Much resentment
- been shown by the Meal an ?presa
?mil Huerta follower? at the presen e
of Mr. Hale in .?l? aleo, and there \s a
ne in certsin quartera here ?that ha
la actually embarrassing the negotu
? ? inducted by Mr. Lind. It is not
regarded, however, as remotely t??
Blbla tint Presldenl Wilson will taha
action, as he- has persistently In?
led that -f. Hal- has no official
Mi h of the difficulty confronting the
a?.ministration arises from tlif- finan? lal
- mi?, which Huerti
been led in ins efforta to raise m
Janus Bpeyer, a supporter of Presi?
dent Wilson, who was made financial
! of the I'nited States sbrosd a
11 timo apo. Is said t?-> have ad?
venced the rroney by which Huerta
able to pay his army and main?
himself soon after the overthrow
Modero, it is believed that tin
? of interest on the Speyer loan was
-?? large sa the Becurlty Hutu
could gira al thi- time na.-' ?atender.
Huerta obtained money iat?r from
?French bankers. f.?r which he- ple-ip.- I
the entire i latoma revenue of Mexico
Part ??f this money w?s used t ? pS) off
th.- Bpeyer loan. Even if th? Preal
dent were inclined to n ???:..?.*} Hu.-rt; .
either before or after an election, it
would be disadvantageous to this gov
ernment by ao doing t?? valldste ihi
rta pledges, which give the Fren? h
Itera priority of claim on the cus?
toms revenues ol Mexico and leave n?
.rent source of income from which
th<- e-laims of American citizens, which
aggregate many millions of dollars,
could be paid.
Those Who Know of His Note
Realize the Gravity of the
Situation It Creates.
P Cable te Th? Trtbr-ae. i
Metxlco City, Aug. 19 'Tuesday).?
The general public here has not yet
"?een informed as to the contents <>f
-Mexico's answer to the American note
delivered i?\ John Lind, i ut tha demor
ahsatlon of business her?- to-day
?howe-d the g?neral belief that scuta
International exchangea were pending.
The fSW persons here- a ?a are ot Hie
.'??ntents of the note realize fully the
gravity of the situation. It is pointed
out that if Mexico had confined herself
!?> de? linins: American mediation her
position would nave been sound at the
bar of international law, but that this
? annol be said for her peremptory
demanel for a declaration of the in?
tention of the part of the United State?
to recognize the Huerta government.
Overshadows ?Ail Other Topics
in the Capital, with Exchange
Rates Demoralized.
h- ' '.,; :?? to The Trlbsss,]
Mexico City, Aug. 1?.- The business
situation here overshadows all other
topics to-day. Kxchange rates an dS
moralized. having gone up to more
than ?_'??'?. and even at that figure- ;he
BUpply of drafts is scarce
Kl Independent?" published to-diy
??mi-apology to Dr. Hale, ITe-si
denl Wilsons personal friend here,
saying that adversa reports concerning
him emanated from enemies of the doc?
te?r in the American colony.
Ths government asserts that the
military* situation i?; improving en?l
that rebel attac-1:-? are being every?
where- ripulsed with heavy loss to tha
? nemy.
l'olici- Lieutenant < 'harles Schl?nden, of
i BtSgg stieet station, Wtlllamsburg.
e;s|ebrstsd last iilnht the twentieth an?
rasry of his admission to the police
?.?i-. At his home. No |M Miller Mv?
nus, he was Bsreaadsd by a doubla 'iu?r
? i of the Jllon Society of Hrc.oklvn, of
WrtM) he is a member More than a hun
msmbsra of the society attended the
mm m glyni
Rules Sulzer Was Suspend
When Senate Was Inform?e
of Impeachment.
Extraordinary Session or N
?Executive Claimant to
Disregard Legal
'I ram a tU? ? orr'i?p.Mi,1?nt of The Trlbur
Albany. Aug. II -Attorney General C
mody. in a formal opinion given to
Set r.'tary of St.it?. Mitch. 11 May, i
clarad to-daj ti?.it the Impeachment
Qovernor Suizer by the Assembly ??
? --.u m every step; th.it th.
could he nu question raised ss to i
rieht oi the Assembl) lo act. even wl
convened In extra session. The Alton
General ruled thai the suspension fn
office of the Impeached Governor bei
when the act of Impeachment was co
plated that u-. when the Assembly r
informed the Senate of its action.
The opinion of the Attorney Gener
?hull || backed Mp b) millier..il.?- ?l
?a? i.o surpris? i" ? Ith? 1 the i
; Qlynn camps here, as it had Ih
kr-.wn tint th? ?\ttorney General's ofll
?ai .;! wort on the data lo support 11
position for the last f? w daya
Qovernor Bulser "as apprised of t
gist of the .?pinion before it WA*, in,i
pub!.?, and |n answer t<> queries SI
that he would di.-r? caul it. ??s he h
done "ith regard t?, the unofficial opi
Ions ol other si.it,- Department headi
Mr. Qlynn ?lid not want to comm
upon th. ? 'armodj ruling His fri? n
said it would look loo mu< i; Ilk?
Holds Intent Plfcin.
Th? printed opinion, which is to be m
broadcast ovei the state by th? anti-St
zer f. roes vii forth, in part. ;?s folio*
? \\h- ? thi lovernoi ? Imp? ach? d I
?:.? \ssetnt.)y all of In I " ? '? ' '? ?'
. ,1 until he has been a
: or the Impeechmenl proc? edln
?d by the court of Impeachmei
in the mean time the Lieutenant Go
eraos aeti ss Governor. This is the pis
intent of the constitution. Any other COI
sti m lion would nullify Its expn
with reference to the authority of tl
ri\ t,. initi?t?- Impeachment pr
..... ,: -
"Tt is my opinion thai if the A?s. mb
was nol assembled, either In estraord
: ...? or re> ilar session, it might
it?, if snd proceed to the discharge ??' ?
ponera In this regard Otherwise I ? I
ernor of the stab could prevent th? m
eut Of himself ar,,l his friends :
utiice for crimes, however great, after tl
adjournment of th? ret ' - on "f ,r
?tur?? by the simule pr. ?
omitting ft ?all the Legislatur? in set
"The meaning of th?? word fmpeacl
ment' is well defined," thS .?pinion 1?
?? - "both in its popular and Its legt
mesnlng. it unquesttonsblj mean? ti
pre??-ntation of the _liarK<\ It is no ui-e
in the Constitution Itself, which provtd?
In Section II of Article n. Th? AsoemM
.?hall have the power of impeachment h
a vote . ority of ,i\\ the mem bei
Practically ?imilir provisions h?\r her
Incorporated In all the constltuUoni i
the states for mor? than | century, th
Attorney General contends, ami this Ia
i.??. been m nt <- ??? statute. H
. of David Butler. ? ho wa
impi-aclifii in itTl a? Governor of St
tira.-ka. the duties of Governor Immedl
ately devolving upon the next In lin?? o
succession, under a constitution with But)
stantlally Identical provisions
Function Judicial.
Tiie Attorney General, In dismissing th
contention that the Assembly was srltl
. ? authority to Institut,. lmpca<rim??n
? ? tin?? at an ezti ?.Ilnai ?? ?
bj reason ?.f the constitutional llmltatloi
of consideration at such ? session torn*!
terp specifically recommended by th
Governor, flnda that this argument i
clearl) Pared upon ;> misapprehension <<
th?- nature of the functions "I th? '.
bly when adopting ami presenting thi
article.. Thin is in no sense a legislativ?
function; it is Judicial.'"
? 'ontlnuing, the opinion point.? out thi
"the power of th? Ai embly to presm
snides ol Impeechmenl Is In no mann,
connected with its powers a> one ol ih?
bodies ef the legislature I? Is the pre
?-?ntmg branch of the court for the tria
of Impeachments It occupies ?he sam?
relative position to that rou.'t as th?
grand Jury to ths Supreme Court an?,
county courte"
Attention Is ?alWl to the fa. t thai
th?- Constitution does not speciflcall]
provide for th?- assemblage of th?. Court
of .ppeala ths Supreme Court and
other courts, "but lurlodlctlon is ?rant
? ?1 them. an?l thell Composition ?le
Th?- Attornej General remarks, ther?
fore, that if this lack of deflnlteness ir;
th?* <'.institution applies to the Assem
? ?an nrlth Squal force be arcned
that the Court of Appeals, the Supreme
COUti and the other courts i ia not ex
srcisi their functions because the con?
stitution is silent in regard to the
method ,,t convening these tribunal??''
'That it is not neceasen thai ths
Senate be In regular session in order
t?> try an impeechmenl In conjunction
with ?.ther members of the court." ssys
th?- opinion, "has been ISI OgllllSlI since
ti... serlloat timos "
Peril of Dictstorship.
Kor these reasons the Att.iine?. ?General
concludes that the Assembly would be
entirely within it.? rights to Initiate Im?
peachment proceedlnga even though It
might ha??- to assemble itsel: i?,r thqt
purpoei Othsrwlos, "tt no Impeaching
bod) can be assembled, no action what?
over . .m be taken against the Governor,
and ample time might even be a?-< orded
to an Unscrupulous and ambitious incum?
bent of the office to entirely overthrow
our form oi government and assum?
power? f.f dictatorship during the time
afforded, between adjournment of one
session of the legislature an?l the assem?
blage ?,f the next. If he cannot be reached
by impeachment.
"It would be a monstrous proposition
Indeed to assert that ?luring a very large
portion of the year there is In our organic
law no ad?quat? pf*?<. lalon to protect the
state from acts of nongovernment, mal?
feasance and ??irruption on th? part of
its officers, no matter how vicious such
a? ts might be.
' Th?- fact that there is no statute di
reiting the method of convening the
Aessmbl) caUnOl ?l??pri\e it of the juris?
diction whi? h the organic law vested In
Won't Interfere in Governor?
ship Row Unless Republican
Government Is Involved.
?Refers to Supreme Bench De?
cision That Federal Courts
Follow State Court Find?
ings in Such Cases.
IT'rem Th? Tribune Huraau 1
W.-ishinirton. Aue. IS.-The Presldent
r'.'cie it clear to-clay that he had no inten
' tioii ?if Interfering In the New York Oov
ernOfShtp situation, en th.- ?rrounel thit
the federsl authorities could step In only
when the maintenant e of a republican
' form of government whs Involved. It was
' .i| p.irent that the riesid? nt had (riven
th? subject some consideration, for he
quoted a ?Suprema "'curt decision, ren?
dered in January. 1R4?*. affecting th.- State
of Rhode Island, as BOpportlltf his view.
'1 hi.-, decision, which was written by
| ?'hlef Justice Taney, h"ld that It was the
I duty of the feelers! pov.Tnmcnt to mam
? tain a republican form of government as
Isusrsnteed i>\ the Constitution. Kho?ie
Islsnd had been operating u|? to 1S41 un?
der an Obsolet? ?h?rtet whkh provided
that lanci owners only coulel vr?i?- At .e
' (???mention in IM] a ? onstltutlon was
edopted ftvtna the right of suffra*-? to ail
Samuel IV. Kins WSB the charter can.11
iil.it-- for C?overiior and Thomas W. Dorr
' tie- suffrage candidats, following the
I ? ?. r. |. 11.,,. ?f this constitution. ;'nth
Claimed to have heen elected, hut Klnfc
refused to rec??cnize the ?aliel;A OI lnr
' i ?institution. Dotr and Kinsr were both In?
aURUrated, and after the forni?-i had tried
to seise the state arsenal King pro?
? latmed 'initial law. Falline: to re?-eive
?federal support ?Dorr fl?d. hut was rapt
' in.ii and ?entenced t?? iif?- Imprisonment
for high ti? :
Attitude of Federal Courts.
Mart In Luther, WhOSC house hud heen
entered bj the followers of I*?>i r. Drought
? i?, determine the Btstui <?f the bot
erntnent of the state The syllshus of ths
decision points oui thsl the fwlersl courts
adopt and folio* decisions Of -t.it' ' "U'-ls
erhere que sttom i en i n the i onstltu?
tlon si d laws of the ?tat? are Ine-srred
TI is -, llsb is In the ? ?asa Martin Lu?
ther M. ?Bordan followB
"At the i ? i ie?'! "f the Ame rl< sn Re
lion HI ode Island did not, life th? otl ? r
-t;(t? b, adopt s ne? coi Btttutlon, bul ? on?
tinue 'i th( ??" m of goerernmeni ? l
\ished bj th.- cb irter of ?:.?:?- Il sisl
,lt. rations tete of ths
laegtslsture, aa arsi.i la adapt
it ',. thi ir condition ai di u in?
ri. -,. ndi ni -?? ?i- Bul i?r? mod?? of ?pre ?
Ing STSS i'iolni. ?I out by wh? h arnend
? I
?in i?i: ;, portion of the people held
m< etlnKS an.I formed .i M ?hull
resulted In th? elsetion of ? i onvsntlon
to form .i new constitution, to r?. sub
, mitte?! tc? the people for their adoption or
? ectlon This convi ad a
?tltutton, dire t??i t \?>t? to be taken
Upon It. ?!??> I.ire I a't? rWSI . thai ll
been adopted and ratified bj a majorit)
?>i tin- p? op!? of the ststi Is
paramount Isw in?) constitu? on of R
"Under it election? ?rets held foi G
rrnor, members ot the i,?n lai ? ? I
I other officers, who BSSsmMcd toaotbei h
May, '?"-' ?' ! proceeded le e ?ganlae ihr
rn aenrernment
"Hut the charter government ltd not
;?? ?i uesr. m Ines? provlslons On th??
| eontrarr, it ;,? s?d ?trlnj-.-nt laws, snd
flnslly passed an act seclsring the itate
: und?BT martial law.
Charter Government Uph?ld.
"in May, IM I, .? new ? onstltutlon, ? hi h
had heen framed bj a >?enventlon ?alle.I
i ?r.f-r.ther by the ? ha: t?-r gsvernme nt ? ???
1 i.'.t?. ope ration, and i ?tin ..>i e\er
j sin? e.
''Tii>- courts of Rhode Man) ha?*? de
? i'l??l In favor Of th? VSlldlty of llor*"? har
? ter gorei ? - '. snd th< ? ourta "f tha
1 l'nlted itste i sdopl snd follow tl ?? de
cisiona of the -t^t? courts In questions
i ?? hi?h ? on?ei n merely the conatitutloa and
laws ??i the state
"The question whether or not ,i m?
! iorit?. of those person.? entitled to suf
? fraie* vote<l to adopt a constitution ? an
; not be ?settled Is a Jurttctsl proceeding
"Tha ronatltuUon o| ti?? United Mates
; has trested the BUbJeet as poJMIcsl In ll
nature ?end placed the power ?>f remanir.
Ing ? Btste srov.-rnmcnt In the- handle of
?"onRress. Inder the e?lstln.; l?rl?lation
of Congress, the excretae of this powsr
t.- ? ourta w<?uid he entirely inconaistent
with thsl li Btslatlon
"The President of the i nlted Btste? la
vesteu with certsin power t?. an a? t ??f
Cenar?as, and m this case he esaretsed
thsl powei b) recugnlalna the charter
govei nui' nt
" MthOUgh no BtSt? COUld establish a
pei mane ut militari ?government, yet it
msy us?- 11.. mllltsr) ?power t?? put ?i??wn
an armed Inaurrectlon, t?.?? Btrong to be
? ohtr?>ii?"i t.v tin .t.ii authority Tha
statt- must determine for itself what de?
gree of f.?r?.. the criais demsnda
"\ftei martial law was dscJared an
: officer mlgbl Iswfullj arresl an) one wii?.
. he had n esonsble ?grounda t.? bell???? wan
\ enga??;.-<i In the Insurrection, o. order a
house to be terclbl) entered. Hut no
mere force can ?be us.-.i than is i,... --..,, .
j to ?accomplish the object; and if the power
? is ?-x?r.'lse.| foi the purp??ae ..f oppr, g
?don. or any Injury wllfullv dons to per?
son or property, the party l>\ whom, e>r
by whos?' order, it is committed would
undoubted!] be snswsrabl? "
There is nothing now pending before
th?- federal goeernmsnl which would in?
volve the recognition of either of the
ClSlmSntS In New York.
Man, Scantily Clad, Found
Kneeling Before Altar.
aroused t>> moans in the Brosdwsy
Taherna.le. v.th street and ?Brosdwsy,
Wllllsm Pesrn, the Boston, cariv thin
mornlnK dlsoorarsd Rudolph Smith,
thirty year.? .?Id, of No. *?:.' West ?'.ih
street. BCSStll) attireil. kneeling at tin
altar. Smith was taken to BellsVUf lio.v
i'itai for ohssrration
A general alaim hail been sont out
Monday m?ht by rei.u. st of bis nurse,
who r. ported to the poli,-, of the West
47th str.'.-l st ition tl,.,t Smith h.t?| ,hi,|.,i
her about M v.-n o < lo.-k Two da\s ,-\ko
he had been pickeil up at ,V>th street and
Ninth avenue an.l tak?-n to Hip \\>?t 47th
street poli? h BtattOn foi a?'tinif queerly.
William Moselv, wh?, t,H,d he wu? the
man's nvom mate, told th,. poli?-, that
flmlth had been artine? stranReh for th
last troth snd h??l pesn in tue care of a
physician for several daga,
Frawley Evidence and a Great
Deal More To Be Used,
He Asserts.
Incidentally, the Governor Is
Charged with Sending- Her
"Confession" Direct
to Assembly.
"If you knew what I know, von would
reallre that fuller hasn't got a ehan???? "
?leclared Assemblyman Aaron J. Itevy.
head of the board of managers of the
Impeachment proceedings against Mr.
Sul.er, I'.mmentlng here \esterday on
I further evi?eon that he says will ?"in.
j out on the trial of the ?ase
Assemblyman Levy yestrr?Uy sent the
following t? legrani to ea?'h member of ihe
boa i'?l :
"A meeting of the li.ianl of managers
appointed to cendud the hnpsnehmenl
! pro. e. dings against William Sul.er, OOV?
I erimr, will bs held at my OfTl.-e. Kooni 0S,
Capitol, Albany. Tues?lav. Ang.st it, at
I noon It is important that you attend
Mr Levy said that at this meeting the
i question would be taken up m to whether
! the board should retain spsciel eounesl
: undoubtedly Bufens Umh Rlcherds,
? . ...,insel go the Krawley lnve.?t Igatlng coin
I mitte-?, will b.? one of the lawyers, bul hS
feels that as the wirk i?f th.? From ?
I commutes is n?-?t Rnished bs cannol ?
sum? tb? entire burden "f the Impeai ll?
menl work.
PUrthCr pans will be mad?- for the
procedure of the impeachment ?rial. "Un?
Iquestionably." said Mr. Levy, "eJl
[evidence against Suizer gathered by tbe
P*raw|?y oommlttee will he us ?! ind then
i \ ill be a Meat leal more."
"Senator Palmer originally did nol -
out the story that Mrs Sttlser had signed
those ?-he.'ks and speculated In th? name
?.i her husbknd," saiii Assemblyma ? Lc I
It ?am?? direct from th? Copitol 111
Sul/.er sent .ludge Lynn t?. the Hour ..:
the Assemblj t" make that statement I
I do nol believe thai Mi Bulsei ????.' ortgl?
j noted it"
In that OOnneOtton a BtOTy has been
|currant thai Oovernoi leiser In s ? '?*?
; Hm,, ? '. . ? - sd prepared tbe fl
Ida] nigh) before Impeachment threa I ?
I tion "a Mr ? s,...???!. end lh*l n ? mbera
|<it his counsel threatened to ??
mart mad? : I
in the opinion ..f Asoetnt lyman Levy
m Ita will I
?a.i,,.?? ,,t tie impeachment iris ? ?
desire on th?" part Of th?
.,i th. ? . Hure to lart n pro?
readings .?gainst Mi lutosr, but if they
de? Id? that ll I deul
with the era
Th? ? reel nig i ummlttee
ture i
punlshn (lit fm . ontetr.pt -?( I ? S ?
reeky, Mr Bulser*s eonAdentlal ?ierk.
? H . . ?? rho ws
Bulsei ? slleg? tent In ths ?'? I
?? ? : They v
ft. Gan f the
ilal . rej orts
rere made l ? tain
members of tie it ? lo rote for tu- I
Impeachment of me governor
Graft Trail Will Run Into B.inks
and Out Again, Says Sulzcr
In /estigator.
.Iban] \ . |l '? ? ass
?,f corruption and graft not only In the
? ' '.,? ?? ? ? n m
,? '.,t. del ..rtiii? nti. sre ? ? ? ?.?in**?i In
a formal statement Issued to night from
th? executive chambei bj John A Hen
-: ? epai Mn. nt.ii m., itlgator
it? i| by ' ;???. ?i not Bulsei
Ti., trnii m gi_ft. Mr ii? nn? ?
clares "will run from ths Contra i
Office into th? banks and oui again The
in, ia, la? Dcpartn ? '
leave, when es posed, ? tr.,?. ,,f sham?
i ?,?n, ??f th. m? n noe "? ; ?
mg lor the nf,- of the Governor."
"When the storv ?ii ihe canal bj
ia told," the statement continues, "the
highway thefts won'l look so big \\'h?n
Ih? Mali i.i-.?'ti'.n Department i?- fully
Inveetlgated the people srlll stand sghs i
In contemplation ol the men selected to
?n?.??? th? m pur? el? ' lions.
"in my ? ommii ~i"n from Oovernoi Bui?
ker i n i ? _,,?? mt?, th, departments
' iiame.l lust , n, mil t?, CUl th<- BUI I
i hav? leaked the money t?. sink t ???
l role, hut as I begnti the ui.rk ti.,
t?m' SOOn lOOh n?,tl?' A ' iiliiplet?. de?
lectivo service trailed me snd ssveral
volunteet worken I shell not noe r?
the Ol -ta, le-, but S III sa\ thai the
B rafters never g<? t ? ? sleep .it the swll h
Leal something might be overlooked th?
shadowed im w:i?. and nt) daughten
"In mure than tori i?"it?ls ?\.iuuned in
twenty ?two counties ' Mr Henness) si
-i 11 - "a ?? |,,iiiiil <.nl\ three thai ?M
' muster and only one trust li clean all the
| a a v "
1 ||i Henness) predicts that "th? g','"!
roads "f thi date built In the last four
years will need within twenty-four
months .?t least j?,.???i.??>? for repairs
? The men pul upon in.- r?.ii?is by th?
Democratic state administration lasi
? u ' the statemenl continues, "were
more than tw? ?thirds ?i K d hv Th..? .
I-" Bmlth (o, Tammany; bj John M lie?
?'.y. by ntspatrlck, ol Buffalo, and bs
Kelley, of B] raeusc Boms <>f them were
i'.iri" rs, sum.' .,r them wars liquor deal
?is. some ?.f tii? m hail nn known rocs
"The i? uiaiiid, i ?.?., re appointed by
members >.f the stal.mmlttee in theli
reapetUve districts Tb? | were ward
heelers pure an.l simple These men
named t" watch contractors were largeh
nominated In the first plaie? b) the eon
tractors mtei.?t.,i Borne of these fel
loe rarelj sae th? roads, but , h? ei full)
signed vouch? rs .?.,., j month upon which
i ill.? were paid They certified to the ar.
rival ?if mat. rial th?! n.v.r was <le|i\
ered "
-?- I
Thiiks His 2.000 Deputies Are Likely
to Catch Him.
Sheriff Haiburcer asked the newspapers
last night t?, ii,,uf> his 2.1*%) special ,?;,.,,
ut> sheriffs t?. be on Ike lookout for
T.I?! Shetiff haul that while he did not
aspect Thaw t?, ? ?im.- within his Jurlsdl? -
tlnn. this was a tltin of ih,. fugt When bis
special deputies are scattered all over the
Country On vacation, ami it was Just m
likely as not that on? of these might ?oin..
aero?,, the fugitive or learn of bis where?
abouts In such a contingency th,. orders
nf the Sheriff to his subordinates ,,re t,,
notify at once the lo.al authorities where
Ihe ?li.tov.ry lu mudo.
Continued from Unit r*"S?*.
Frawley had made no serret of th?* fact
that he had called, He indi?ated, how?
ever, that when the time came for him
to speak up in pubUc ho would an?
nounce #tne nene of every man who
"tried to bargain for Tammany."
Governor Bulger's lawyers, it ih un?
deretOOd, arc making every possible ef?
fort to dissuade him from ev? n enter?
taininp tho idea of taking the stump
and niakinK a speaking tour of the
state, but the Governor is reported to
have told them that he has no chance
in this Legislature, und that his ?inly
chance li to go before Ihe people direct
Sutler's friends pointed out to him
to-day, when h?- Indicated his intention
??f taking this story to the people of
the state through g platform tour, that
Tammany would ridicule it <?s s direct
contradiction of previous statements
that have been allowed to go undented.
II.- was told that Tammany had
Belted first upon thfl point that the
Tammany men who had ?"ailed upon
him made the explanation that they
were calling al Sulzor's behest, and
that it was the Governor, and not Tam?
many, that was "hogging for mercy."
it, addition, the Governor iras in
formed thai tvhile it ??..is i>;?rt of his
legitimate attack end defence t" ceet
all possible suspicion upon and Impugn
th?' motives of Tammany, he should
concentrate ins efforts on th" probten
..f putting forth an actual refutation
of the iharpe that ho had taken hi?
campaign contribution checks to Wall
Tn? Governor is conalderlng all ther-e
points, as w-eii ,i?? his lawyore' hoe?
tillt\ toward anv puhli?- spcakint* tour
j,;,.-,, hut he i.? Itevi s nom 'hat some
.- .. h "appeal t?> th.- people" is bis best
Holds Session by Himself.
Suiz? r scored in Ihe Governorship
w h? n he w?m ah' ad
with i meeting of the Trustees of
Public Building! al I o'clock thi? vf
ternoon, even though there gras no
Lieutenant < ;? vei nor ? r Bpeek? r "f
the Ass? mil?, preeent. Those two offi?
cials with the Governor make up the]
Board of Trustees of Public Buildings,I
of w hi. i: ? ry t" 'if i lo* ern ir
is .-<. r? tary
? ?f course, Chi ?t. : ? ? Platt, the Oov?
? im.! vas present? and Bul?
sei advl , ,| that the Becretary could
i?P? n l'Ki It g Quorum of 'he
: directed i'Utt to silt
Th? bids were broughl in 5j repro?
of ?!;?? differenl contracting
companies who were Interested and it
u as n? tli ?-?I that th?
ciu? d t?, the certlfl? .1
througl ?? the I rief i roceed?
W . don ; ...
??'?????.,.' ?? 11 king around
between two 'Governora,' " ?me ??f the
? lalned afterward, "and
satisfied if thej '11 ?
'? , . them In the hands ? f th?. Btate
Archlte? t. T ?el one ->f him."
Glj nn i < rformed an of?li tel act
:il ? \ ?.n ?,n tl., ii i '.,
. . ,.,i ? Ktradli oi pa*
? '.i? f < f Poll? ?? I -an" Klvnn
? f PtttsQeld, Ma.?-, wh.. brought a
It ion from i?,...nu.r l-*o.?-s f,,r ?me
v :? .?!. Pool alls Earl Le Pontaln,
w.?tited in Plttefleld on a charge ?.f
? ny.
?, nn Ilk? red when he '..?-?,{?.n
? bai ? ; ? , ? ? i\ ?? daily
audience with the newgpaper
it i o'clock this afternoon.
? i t.. m?. t th-- repot t? f- al
thel time, bul since bis Impee? hraent
he has discontinued th? i ustom. Glynn
tooh it ?;,? t.. day, and while he did not
bo? m lo ? njoj it to an;, great extent
the h d.. u oni wi e ih.it it would be .?.
l*erfoi mai
the 'meeting" of the
Trustees ol Publt? Buildings in the x
.Ive chamber Glynn met the re?
porters in t|.,? Lieutenant Governor's
Glynn Seeks Advice.
? i took up with iieput?, Attorney
'?euer..: Keltogg ih- math r of the
meeting of the Board ?>r Trustes _f
Publie Buildings " said Mr. Glynn,
and he .i?i\i-?.?i me that the bids for
the Capitol reconstruction work court]
i??- opened bj the secretary of Um
board without the neceeeity oi a
quorum meeting. Th? scretary is the
? nan ?,f unopened bids, end Mr,
Kellogg idvised me that when opened
the bids must be turned over to ihe
Plat? Ai - mt-, i i?, be tabul?t?, d "
West Virginia Deputies Le.ave
Prisoner Behind Them.
Disgusted witn helm psssrii from one
official to anothei wlthoul getting an)
nearei the end "f theii mission, the tero
deputy ?herifts from West Virginie who
cams t.. Haw roth to ??.t Jemen Malley
have goo?- home Mallov who is want.-?!
m the Southern st.u?. on a charge ?'f lar
ceny, w.is remanded yesterday to the
Harlem prison r..r thirty days to await
Wsel Virginie i a? lion.
Th? prisoner wn? arraigned for th?
tenth um?, in the KeAetn Court reel
?lay before Maglatrate House Malloys
identlt) had been gusetloned in court by
his counsel, bul si yeeterdey*s hearing
n.,- prisoner admitted thai he was the
m.m wanted In Wagi s Irginls snd that
i - was in thai stete at the time the crime
Assured on this point. Magistrate House
instructed th? deputies to epply to the
warden of the <"it\ Prison f"i Malloy.
rhen it developed that the ?w?. under
sheriffs, David Bartlss and i' B Hard?
i.ei. had I? ft New York gtaturday night.
Detective Qualne, of the ISeei i"ith strc.-t
m;?iioii. told the ? .?nit that th.? two den
before leevlng the clti had made
several Uncomplimentary remarks on th.?
evsslvenesa ?it Htm tork ??tti<-i?,Ih arid on
the situation al Albany thai Uni brought
about such conditions.
.Ma.iison, wi?.. Auk It Th?? Gov?
ernors' Conference, to be held in ?"oiorsdol
Springs, Col., on August .?'?. win reoog?|
ni_e Governor Buteer >.f New York. w?
ecrdlng t.? Ullm Riley, ssnretaij of ibal
conf?rent*? Mr. Riley sai.i to-?iiU that
an Invitation bad bOCH sent to Governor
Buteer and none to Lieutenant Governor
Prison Superintendent Sends
Telegrams to Both Claim?
ants of Governorship.
Extradition of Woman Who
Escaped from Matteawan
Said to Furnish Precedent
in Present Affair.
[From a PtafT CAenomomOSUA nt The Tribune J
Albany, Aug. ll.?Oovernor suizer and
sating Covernor <,iynti both received re?
ports to-day from John B. Rlli-y, Super?
intendent of Prisons, and ?Dr. Raymond
F. C. Kleb, the- head of Matteawan. on
the Thaw ease Ettlsp dlptomstlcally ad
dressed his tslegrsma to ssch man In
practically the same lancuBK?*. and dodjred
commlttlrig himself by calling either one
"Qovnrnor," "Hon. William Sulze-."
"Hon. Martin H. Oljmn"?that wss ?the
way Rlley ?fot BTOUnd the tr ?ublesome
epieSti??n. and he ?galnsd the? blue ribbon
for "artful dOOkfltg."
"Superintendent Kieh reporta that At?
ten?lant Harnutn opened gate in yard
when' Thaw was SllOWSd '" eSSrCtaS at
7 if, this mornln?,'." Hileys telejrram re.id.
? Two automobUea wer.' waiting. ?Ssrnuna
va- Imnssdlstslg srrsstsd. All towns m
Western Connsctleut notified. Five hun
dred dollsra r<?war<l ??ff.-red f?>r capture?.
Hums detectives emplojred. Dougherty
r'?rifled Automobile!? tra<-ed fifteen mil??
t??war?l Conneretleul line. Thaw In privat.
conference with ???unsel Frl.lay. hy order
of Judge renk? "
Mr Rllsy ?ame to hi? office here to?
day, conferred with ?Miser and later went
to SfSttSSWen t?. link?? a personal Investi?
gation. He made r brief statenvnt, out
? p !?ls vicves as fo|l??v?s
Thoss Will, If 1'CisMhle. be brought
bark to Matteawan. The men engage :
??i th.neptrso to effect his escsp?
will, if possible, be located snd prose
. uted
"A thorough Investigation ?s being
an?! i? is bel|p'..-?l their i?|ent?tv
.an be establlshsd. Whether the tiuar?!.
Bsrnum, WSS i" the plOl I am ui;a:
while? the-?- have been mai
from Msttsawan, this is the only
? r-...- in which ?" Inn ,-?
fi.,1 t.? ?acape through th.? gste Bar
nure'a ?ase will ha thoroughly h
? ..| Ths? ? ?old n"' hsve
occurred ex? opt through hi? eennlvsnca
? lesaneaa,
"OOVemOr Sul/.e-r phoned me? real
dav rrKardin>: th.? matter and to-.iav.
?nally, requested that a thorough
?.nve?' ggA r- Of the? Whole BBSttST 1)0
m ide "
Mr Rile) 'B r? pen Is ? ?? ? ? B -:2, r
and ?acting Governor Qlynn ? ?
V'; sppeal srsa t.iken i?v the Attor
? ?.-i.? ral from the ore! r
e. TompMns psrmltttng Thsw to
?jes his counsel, and Dr ?aeak. the then
retendent of Matte ?? ?
I?...;??. ,; -i u ndv|s.?d hy that
official that the taki'ier ??f the appeal MM
? ?non .,f the order There
. t ft - - so appUcstloi wss made ?* parte
b\ the att?.rii\- f??r Th.iw t?. .!??
.t? r.ks. pi' - -- . tie e .?f th.- A; ; ?
i ",\: irtm? nt. who granted
.?i order to show csuse wby th>% .?r?ier of
? Tompklna ihould not be operative
;? ding the appeal, and In the- .?rd.?r to
?hoe cause made? a direction to the eitert
thai uiit:! th< wss hoard and de -
-.. ?i the order permitting sccesa and
private conferences by Thaw ?with hla ?*
lorneya ahould b? operativ?-.
"The sppesl fr??ni Justice Tompklns's
order and the motion to permit SCCCSS
pending the determination Of the appeal
wen both hesrd ?t th.- June term of the
AppsllaU Division, ?oesnd department,
and have noi yet I sen de kled
"The effect Of the grantllUC of Ihn order
b) Justice Tompklna ami tha subs?quent
order of Ju?ti?-. Jenas msklng that ordsr
operative while the appeal fr?>m it re?
mslned undetermined, and the subs?quent
"mission to d.?!l. the case, h.n. kI\?mi
Thaws sttorneya aa opportunity to visit
i Im ? ? provld>Bd In th.- ordsi '
Th. Attorney denersls oftce took n?>
Btepa to- la, lo?.ktng toward losal artion
to extradlt.- Thaw from Whatever state
he Is SPPrehended tn. and confined Its
activities entirely t?> the msttsr .?f Tha? ?
pnvliiK" of private conferences with his
Iss ysra
in h statement Leaned from the Attor
nej Qenoral'a office sttentJon was ea ?
to the fii.-t that Thaws Uwyers were per?
mit?.-.1 bj a oourt order, from whim the
state had appealed, to ,-onfer with him m
private one day a we.-k for two hours.
Records of the State Hospital t'ommls
si.ui dis?i??>,e.i t.? da) that Matteswaa baa
furnished a precetdeml few th- .-?.tradition
"f ana ol iped Inmates, In ths
. um of Misa Ottilia Schneider, who es
? aped from the institution on N'ovemb. r
39, toil, and was brought hack from
Sharon. ?Penn., on estisdtttoa papers,
le.pitsttlone?! by i.overnor Ml
Ooveraor gulssi ? instructions ot direc?
tions to ?tupsrtntendenl Hiic> were not
msd? public, bul n was lesrned that
Rile) i h:ist\ departure after hla t?i?
with Sul/.-r was OCCSStOnsd by the fact
that the iio\irn??r Intlmstsd t?? him that
Thaw must be- foun.l and brought hack.
Snd that am corruption of th?> offtCtala or
servants of the institution must be mi
Penn. Law Permits Thaw To Be
Returned, He Asserts.
[ llv Te-li-Ki.-erb le? Th? Tribune 1
Harrlsbtirg. Penn. Aug. A?Prset?
? lent Judge < ?corse Kunkel, of the Dau?
I'hln County court, is of the opinion
that extradition of Harry K. Thaw
from ?Pennsylvania, if hs conies her.?,
will be a simple matter. Kunkel ?takes
the view lhal Thaw, ?reaarvjleaa of ?c
.|iiittnl of White's murder, was un?ler
tin- Jurisdiction of tho court while m
Matteawan, and. having escaped from
that Jurisdiction, can be returned to
N? w York In the custody of an ofnV, r
?>f th?- court.
'Thaw was COOUttlttOd by the ?-our?,"
Juilgo Kunkel salil, "and is In the
hands Of the court until he Is legally
dtsnalsaed from ?tha Institution. ?Cvsn
though the statutes of N\.w York may
s.-em to deny this, n court surely has
the- right to go anywhere and get per?
sons under Its control."
Karllcr in the? day, before Judge
Kunkel raised this point, officials 0f the
State Department said they douhte.l If
.?tradition <?f Thaw was possible. Th.?
?juestlon of extradition of a luna-ic
seems never to have reached a IVnn
t?yl\unui (Jovernor.
m,m\k m
Alienist, Against Whom Mad?
man Holds Grudge, Doesn't
Fear Vengeance.
Fhysician Does Not Believe
Wife W?l Prove Strong
Enough Lure to Bring
Thaw Back at Once.
Dr. Austin Flint, the alien -t Srfcese ?x
animation ?.f Man;. Thaws mental cae>
dition had great weisht in inducing Ju?.
tice Dowtlng to commit the ?layer of
Stanford White, yesterdey ..,?
Thaw's attitude of mind and the physical
methods he Blight employ to larry 014
this attltu.le. ROW that he I?, a free m._
after heinj* under restraint for fhe years.
He does not fear the vengeencs Thaw u
said to h::ve planned.
"1 am the one against, arhom Thaw
?holds the greatest resentment," seM Dr.
Hint. "I have cood grounds for arrlvlnf
at such a conclusion. He heiieves that it
was very largely due to the res ?| my
flndinK*? thai he has spent yeers In re.
straint i wh? authoritatively ll f- rm*i
when I took th?- stand during the last ?x.
aminaticn at Whit- Plains thai Thaw
expressed hims? if u mu .111*4
to hehold me looklne ??> well.
"He has stated that he was simp
Ins: for me to die .1 natural death That
Implied enouch.
"A? to Thaw's p.issibie movement ?
that h<- is free, 1 have reason to Infer thst
he win first k'o to Pittsburgh an.1 then to
Ehirope before he arrives at any pii.i for
Wreaking his resentment for wr.it _??
wo'iid consider wrongs. He I* crafty
ei OUgh to wait for a time, possibly ;t\af
ininsr that later, wlu n thi til
come old. he may dare to venture Ian
New York.
"He will undoubtedly, -it to no tirn(Ji
make this venture, unless m tr.? m??a.i
time he starts t?i drink. This*. ?v -
tably lead him Into su? h resort ?? ha?
been in th?; babil of Visiting The o'U?
C me misht very likelv I- with
some ruflten, pesefM] ?.rti;?n who
knen of hie can iriory
la the fame of killintr Harr'. K '
'?on the other he 1 not suW?
clently restrained by guards Horn drink
teg, lu might attempt to earn out the
vengeance tie ?,,-j
and then return to America
at munjer are lid h> ? - -
,. H iilt SU' h as ma.;- I -*-.
laboring und? r th?- I a Th?
paranoiac does not kin in tl
Ii? ?? :z> upon the y ?C ?ur?
roumlliiKs. My Stud) ? ? t
Stanford W
he could have tra ked '?' .?hot
him down wit,..out a ; the w\j
B ane murderer, if we tru , in
expression, acts, artist did lato
. . 1 ? . uminat-o r ibbe rs?
:?.?:? I a I "Alt
of Thaw's act, if It ev?
H'.r ?... ii ? . ? n, i - ? -ino
and moal minds rally
Insan- In this state and Bfl irrssponi -
anywhere he will nar?ii> ran the
He is ? sly to he a
vented if his ,..-?.,.- I l s
? a/her? ?
?afet\. I have heerd ol
g institu?
mitin."? ???? .!-.?:? . but I
tie .-'.. n more
Th?- principal - -
would act in such
~ be
? med
t? th.? .?s? ;.;:n from ?
There is n?. a 1
on ti.- score - ?
prove a stroti?: ?
be? n .-o'? 1.? done ?? ll ' n0
safet) tor her II, ':
sin h .1 men and s
this. Pi tigs ms
s?. h a rharacl
now . ??
reedy t., undertake
and they ?
I ? .11 would 1
? ?
tlngenry, with the hlstoi
back Ol iU< h ?:'.: att? ? ;??
rhaw, t
at an ? '
1- 1 ???:.. r m ? '
who was in the 1 b va
? ? \\ lite c ? ?
said test night < ' ''"'
goroua is 1 '
?\ few drinks (Ire his brain ' - 1 ? r>r
m i. DonaM, "se Ih il tu? *tret
Of himself If free he will invert to his
former moral penrersioni H? ?? be?
B potential lunatic, and has r
ire times whes
his insanity !? not SO .il'l BI
him a constan! menace to publ peers
aud aafel of the sympl ' h'?
mated) 1? his desire for notoriei ' "
?a-elf in ,
The only wey l ' ??
has taken refuse In BlWtl * ,0
have him errested on e cherg -mit/
and then have him s. 11? N'eO
York a?? an und? 1 - ?t
the verdicts brought In In u. h caen
sho-.iid be changed from not i Iltj 01
the ground of in?.n'" h?1?
.1- su "?. 1 - trou Id make
extradition poesible \ proposition to
this effect Is pending ? Am
soetetton But at m> rite. If Thaw is ?
lunette in N',?w York hs la a I inatlc out
Of it. and should 1?, _| I M
Letter Tells How England
Treated Dunne.
. Bj , '..'.. m '!" .
London. Aug. 10. A letter from M?f*
?nils Tullihardlne throws b llttls ii??**
OB tho secret btetor) ??f flying W tW
Country. Th?? letter ??cals sith '???
Dunne gsropteno. which, being tain*?*
and autoiuati.?ally gtahle, Is unte** 'B
de-dgn and has been taken up with th?
uttnont enthusiasm by PtenCb <%pn*
This machtM was nt the dispos?' ?
the British War Ottlce, practlcelljr?
its preieeni form, as long an?> M van
before even the Wright brot*?-f
achieved fame
Dunne was in the employ of th0 ^'*r
Ottlce and s?iught encouregemenl I
Um ievelopmenl of his machina ?
needed an engin?' of ."x? horeepoW?*! w
th?* War Ofl.ce would onl) provide?*
of SO horeepower. His requests i(*
more power met with the reply ????*'
aeroplanes r???|uired such terri bl> ?
pensive engine* there could he no f"1"
f??r them Bubaequently th.? 'Xrtr ^
llos decided that aeroplanes ?vere
no us? and Dunne was dismiA?-*?f(-*

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