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Bart Dunn, Tammany Leader,
Among Those Accused by
Rockland Grand Jury.
So Widespread, Says Present?
ment, as to Threaten State
Policy of Highway
?r- -? s Stafl I ari*?-PWI<e?l pf The Tribune ?
Sew City, N. V.. Aug. IS.?Governor
?nded another blow on Tam?
many Hell to-day wlMU th<* extraordi?
n?r- grand jury whi? h has been tn
c 'he road si'andals in Ho? k
land County brought In six indlct
?-? against a Tammany leader
and five against corporations, on a
charge of consplracv to defraud. The
grand Jury also hand?d up a present?
ment condemning the old administra
? UM Btatfl Departm*nt of High
ws a
?rr.<'nts were found against:
| rt Dunn, a Tammany leader and
nt of the T-'inbar Company.
W. W, Whyard. president of the
??.on Company, of Nyack.
.lo?,?:.;: J. Fogarty, construction su?
rr.t in the State Department
of Highways.
Jam? ? isoyd. an inspector in the Btate
Department of Highways.
The Krna Construction Companv.
The D,:r.bar Company, a Manhattan
Found Extensive Frauds.
The indictments were found after the
grand Jury had listened to evidence ad?
duced through the Instrumentality rt
John a Hennessv. Governor Bulser*s
si investigator into the work-,ps
? the various bureaus of the Highway
rtment. The grand Jury s .-o
spent lays in examining some of tie
Si it? n ads in Kockland County, and
i that gross frauds, involving
mar." thousands of dollars, had been
? 'r.?ted ".:pon the state.
Justice Isaac N Karper. of the .->u
?urt. under whc?s?> instructions
the extraordinary grand Jury had been
-:r.K. said that he would give the
Indicted m*'n until to-morrow to appear
? re him for pleading. Failure to
make appearance, he said, would re
r. his issuing ben'h ?warrant-.
On motion of Thomas Gagan. Di?tr!ct
Attorney of Rockland County. Justi?'.
par ? ont, ?ued the term of the
UT, giving it a recess until
? her IT. when it may find new m?.?
crowing out the present Investiga?
?o take up Its attention.
When the grand jury began its In?
? gation on July 14 it was predicted
in some Quarters that an indictment
would be handed down against Sera
tor George A. Blauvelt. who fought
r. ird against Gov-f-rnor Pulzer's dirert
primaries bill. Blauvelfs son, who was
itirt when th?. grand Jury repotted,
rema - -
' They tried to get father, but his
eiste was clean."
First Cost Doubled.
AS stretch of road that the gT?"id
Jury examintd ran from Sloatsburg to
remapo, three an?i one-half miles. The
original cost of this road, nine ytara
>. | 129.000. Hin? e that tim. I ?
has paid 153.000 or almost double
? th? ' .ad, to Bart I I
The grand jurors had nt- tions of the
m up. and it is said the)
?red that It was not laid acording
" atior.s. Similar r?sults were
Inod, It is said, by examining th"
work dor;<- by the Etna Company.
Th? prcpf rtment Bled, whi? h ? harg?-d
r. in.in'. Instances work whi'h ? r
"ractlng firms w?-re paid to <;o
was never a<complished, read in part:
'The officials under whom said High?
way Department was condu? ted at Al
aedad largely upon th?- tho?
or> that said Hignwav Department
rather a quasj-polltical organ'__
than s greal buainaea aupported by
the ? nd OfM rated under .
?rnm?ntal j>owers.
' Th? high? r the official in said De
osent of Highway! th?. leas he a -
kii*-w as t?. arhether th?* m?>ney
paid for the construction and mam
tenan??- of said roads was l?eing ? x
d :n eccordance with the eon?
meta. One of th?- loweot gra?le of cm
tmUe's-r :n said I?epartment of Highways
was the foreman of laborers, yet und?r
the pernicious condition existing the
man of laborers was the only em?
ploye or official ui on whom, according
t'. the evidence b? fore us, the respon.s,
rested of protecting the people
:n causing the mon?.y voted and appr -
prlated for that purpose properly ?
expended for the maintenance of state
roads In this county.
Reign of Favoritism.
' .^aid Highway Department waa
more prone i?nt in the dispensation of
favors In the form of contracts to con?
tra? tors having political influence- than
it was In requiring integrity in the > ho?
cution of 8u?h contracts. Incoape?
tency prevailed therein wh're ability
was most ne, ?ssary.
A typical illustration of the ?neffl
Cient and Improper manner in which
.aid Highway Department was oper?
ated is as .ollows: Contracts were for?
mally entered Into between contractors
and the State of New York for the
performance of work upon state roa?ls
and the payment ?if large hums ot
money therefor whi?h were termed sup?
plemental contracta, meaning contracts
??ntered into after the original contra, t
had been mad?- These supplement il
1 ontractfl in many Instances were made,
entered Into and Mgned on or about
the day that the payment under tne
?am? was nade, and long aft. r ? ?
time when the work performed, or, is
is the fa? t, more often pretended to in
performed, by the contractors hid
As a result of the above obnoxious
conditions in the Highway Department.
Senator Tillman, Fearing the Experiment Is Going To Be
Tried, Foresees the Doom of the Republic
as Its Sure Result.
Mashington. Aug Id -Senator Tillman,
shoeing MHM of the old Um? vigor that
"?? ? him the sobriquet of ? Pit hfork
B n," pitched Into woman suffrag?- In s
Sfnate speech today.
II Is a beautiful dream," said the
Bouth Carolina ???nato-, "that femab- suf?
frage win purifj pol?tica The vital and
imi??.rtant thing for Us to consider is the
?ffecl on women themselves Wa had
better sndUTS the evils of corrupt]..n In
politics and debauchery in our govern*
m? nt. rather than bring about h condi?
tion which will mar the beauty and dim
the lustre of the glorio?.?s womanhood to
Which we have been accustomed all our
"We can better afford to have de?
graded and corrupt politics than degraded
' and b,,?i women To ha\. both in ever
l degree, ns wa? the ?ase in
Rome, would mak?- the w.?rid so unspeak?
I abl) horrible, as well as so corrupt thai
men and ?remen both would disap
ttom the fa? ? ??f the ?arth and rlvil?
? Isatlon would be blotted out lik? it was In
| the ?lark SgM after the fall of R
"1 am r?(i thorough!] 1 ert t" the
belief that \ou ? i?..:-.<>? touch ru? h wtth
? being d. tiled, that I shudder to think
'of the consequences to th? w<
of \:neri?a should suffrage bscome uni
? sal, taking in both *exei and all
Yet th?? experiment is going to be
. I f.ar." '
ts and frauds exister] to an extent
I thai if c reorganisation <>f the same1
did not take place, and an honest and
?"? ? - - item tor th?- protection <>f j
Um expenditure of the people's money I
wen not naugurated th? polk*] ??f the
?State of New York to construct and
maintain state roads wxild be
thwarted from its commendable p'.r
and .restituted to subserve venal
? ? s
Shortage Brings Crisis Near?
Departments Warned.
[Bj C ibl? le Th? Tribal
London. Aug. 19.?The shortage of
gold in Germany is rapidly aasumlng
the ;.1 of a < rials The g?>?
? eminent Is steadily engaged ? ,, incn ?s
ing gold r?serv?e, la readlneaa, it is1
said, for possible war or an ec nomic
: crisis.
The imperial and Prussian adminis
I tratlons, and notably those "f the
I .-? .fficfc department, hav?- been in
1 vited to rt-tain all the g"ld they re-'
I calve %nd pay out only paper money.
Government Troops Recapture
Coro After Fierce Battle.
Cura...10, Aug is ' lot the town in
the state ?>f Falcon where followers oi
?ier.era! Cipriani ?? the former die?
? tor Of Venezuela. stru?~k their first biOW
srthrow President Garnies,
.tired !?;. government trOOgS aft
battl? a? ordli ? to advices brought j
? h?-r_ to-day The revolutionary
.- ? ral Laaai o i lonas les si ?
? frblna are sa'.d t?. have 1. k ?
I The report that th?- Gomes government ?
had reached an and? I g With the!
? 1 at Coro for th? letent n of mem?
i t.ers of eX'Presldent Caetr? .? family is
! Caracas, Aus '"? - Notwithstanding new
: uprisings .it -. ar,?.'is points in Venesusian
t has 1 ? ? ? ? ? coi sldered 1 ?
exp?ditions from the army
?.f Pr?t lent Q M now en amped ?it
M urs 1] I ' < m.
Qoneral Torres 1 astre 1 n
? .:al Cipriano ?'astro, and his f?i!low
.aptured at Macuro, have
u ? ? .it- . In the fort at Pu?
Despite Denials, Army's Ad?
vance Seems Evident.
London. Au* il t1 ? tii latloa betweea
B ? ?rana and Turk- j 11 !?? oming Cfitl? al
I Prince Bald ffalim, the Turkish '.tan?l
1 \'izier. admits that th.- Turhs have 1
pied DemotI<*s twenty*llv? miles soul
A Irianople, and otl . ? points on
the right bank <?f th<- Ifaritsa River, bul
? splaini tr. 'v for th?
protection of the raileray, which runs
. along the right bank ol lbs stream
Bald Mall?n denies thai the Turks have
a cupied Dedeaghatch, the t?rminus of
railroad ??n it.? Oulf of Bnos, ??r thai
they ar< advancing ??t. Qumuljlna, abouti
twenty-five miles to the northwest
Th?- Port? learl has not the slightest
Intention to abandon Adrlanople, where
? ? Bey has gW.en troops, end wber?
: imbei soi n a I . be Increaa?
4....... Despite officia] denials it app<
to., probabl that the Turks ar.- pro?
j?.'-tiriK. If tii?-- hav? not already begun,
I the a . gainai Mulgarla.
j Th? gnvs King i !on?
I stamme a tremendous ovation on his re
I turn to the ? .?1 tt.il to-day
Chicago Socialist Caught?
Wounds Austrian Official.
Vienna, Aug IS.?An attempt to sssss
slnats Baron l_.er.eca, the new R_>ai
Commissioner of Croatia, was made at
? to-day, bit he eaeaped with a
? flesh wound In the arm His is
? t. a youth named Btefan Drejeje,
who said he recently ?am? fr??m Am?.- ?.
eras arrested
Drejejo told the police authorities that
he ltv.-d some time in the nelghborhoo?l
of Chicago, wi:?r<- he was connected with
a Socialistic organisation He returne-1
Is Agrsm with the intention, he con
fsssed, a.. Hiding to ihe ponce, of ?t
lemptlng the life of Baroo Skeriecz's
prede ?
?Ambassador Offers America's
Regret for Wilson Blunder.
London, Aug 1? ?Walter HlMS I'age.
the t'nlted States Ambassador to the
Court of st James's, called at th? British
? Perelsa OAec this afternoon and saw
the Foreign Secretary. Sir Kdward
c;rey, to whom be tendered the regret
Of the American government for 'he re
I cent attach niade on the BHtlah foreign
' iffl? e by Henry l.aiie Wilson, t'nlted
! States Ambassador to MoatOB
The Incident Is now regarded as
Senator Tlilman paid the demand of
women f??r suffrage was growing too
fast to be Stopped by "old fop'es." like
himself, and that it was apparent the
iii-n of the country would give them what
thrv demanded, even though it be to
their ultimate Injury,
"I believe woman will improve pol?tica."
sa'd the Senator, "but ultimateh pol?tica
will destroy her as we know h.-r and
love her. and when our go.?d women arp
no longer 10 be found and we have lost
the breed, the doom of the republic is
near "
Senator Tillman made a VlgOTOUa at?
tack on the divorce evil and referre?! to
the DlggS-CamlnettJ 'white slave'' ?ases
in Csllfornle
"If the e'alifnrnia men had our cao
toma," h- deKlsred, "DlgCa and ?'anilnetti
wo'il?! not be alive now, be. aus.- the\
would have Ijeen shot like d??cs and the
fathers ot the u\r\s they ha'e ruined
would be scqultted almost without the
Jury lea\ing the box. The unwritten I aw?
ls the best law to protect women's rlrtue
that I have heard Of The more I think
about the Dlggs-Csmlnettl esse the more
Outraged I ?grow at the state of morals
and society which not only permits such
crimes t ei ?ursgea them."
The danger from woman suffrage, said
Senator Tilintan, was increased by the
"cowsrdlcc of public men everywhere "
Birthday Speech Intended to
Smooth Over Treaty Clash.
' Bj ' ?'?'"? tS Tl-e Trl? ....
?London, Aug 19 Th.? Qsrnian Km
peror t ?ok SdvsntSg? of FTanls
Joseph's eight-.-third birthday ysstST
dav to undo some of the mlschisf
ca'ised by the Austro-ijerman press
polemics during the last few dav-.. His
speech nt the birthday banquet at
Mf?ml":rg was even m??re ?.-rdial than
is hii rule ?on i isiona He ?is
evidently anxious to effsce the impri
sion ?aused bv the divergence "f Gor?
men and Austrian pollc) over the ques?
tion of the revision of the Bucharest
treats during the pocond ?Balkan wsr
snd th* ensuing peace negotlstlons. it
became elesr That the two 111 trie - '1 1
not see eve to eve on Balkan matter?.
Austria w,,s snxioua noi f?. ?n.- Bui?
?gsrla tor. grestli weakeai I nor to see
Ben ia and I ii ? ? ? me l wer
ful. When the treat-, was concl
wished it t . i- re* Ine d
era, with the object of procuring
for Bulgsris a better outlet n\
.t.g'.iv. snd -i greater share of Ma -
donia. In this she was ? I - . rted
by Oermsny, and i
in Vienne by articles la the Oermso
press srgulng strongly agsli M pro?
pose d re ? lek?i and mocklni ' the ils
ntmenta ? f Austrian dlpletm
? ? ? o "r three ?la ? a it
had beei recognised thsl trie tone of
-??me of tl ras not -
to strengthen the .triple .. ' ince, si l
efforts have been made I interact
ti e 111 ? Bfscl bj Km; ? ror Wllllsm
English Editor Says Future
Newspaper Will Be Novel
Leondon, Aug 18 Th? ef feel ira
ff yesterd i apt ? ? dings <?f the annual
conference Of the Institute of Journal?
ists at Y"rk was ?the presidentlsl sd
dresa of Robert Donald, editor ..f "Tha
Daily Chronicle," wh" painted a strik?
ing plctun of the ne arspapt r of the fut
? | that if hl wer, to at?
tempt to forecast the future, he w?.?iirl
s.? the newspapers would be fewer,
tha? the te nd< n< i towsrd ? omi inal i
would Incresse, snd that colosaal ? Ircu?
latmns wild continue to ?grow.
"The newapaper of tha futur?," aald
Mr ?Donald? '"will not contain ksi read?
Ing matter, but th< ; _* wll be -aii
er. the methods Of dlatJibutiOB Will I"
qui'ker und the circulation will cover
greater .reas. Airships and a?r?
planea will be used for the m??st <hs
tant ?entres, electric trains and motor
planes, running on apeclsl tracks, will
also be used in ail the chief ?entres of
"The papers will be distributed by
electric ot pneumatic tui.es, morning
and . ' Ing nee ; ipers will be merged
an?! editions will come OUI almost ? very
hour ?T the dav and night.
"The ri'-.vs will he Collected by wire
?cs?- telephones, and the reporter Will
always here a ?portable telephone with
him with which he can communl
with bis paper Without the trouble of
g??mg to th<- telephone station. The
wireless telephone message ?rill he de?
livered t?? th.- sut? edit?,r printed Ifi the
column, '?r will be made known SI the
people's recreation hulls with cinema?
tograph .md gramophone or with some*
other more agreeable Instrument ??f
mechanical speech. All the news of the
?I, ' will be given hot fr??m Its BOUTCS
The people may become too lazy to
read, snd 'he nesra may be laid on to
house or office Just a.s gas ari'l water
are now."
Newspapers Against U. S. Pro?
tectorate Suppressed.
Managua, NttrsrSgUS, A'.g IR Martial
law la being rigidly enfor? ed in Mlesrs?
K'la and the I?iaz administration ha- M
tsbllshed a ?Strict censorship over all crit?
ic lam
The st"rm releed l?v the proposed canal
convention between the United Stale? and
Nicaragua, Implying that a protectorate
WOUM he- SSmbUahed, was not felt h? re,
principally because the govirnment sup?
pressed newspepera ?'??at dared to publish
extracta from the Costa Bless press.
The SrOpOSSd trSSty between the I'nited
States and Ni? aragua. as <iiafted l?y the
g, retnn "t st.,1- prevtdad hi ?addition
to pranllng exclusive ?anal rights and a
new naval bsae la exchange for $.->,,cflo.ej?)
m ko!!, thsl the United states be ?girts
-??/??eptng control over Nl'-araguan affairs
and the power to rep?late her foreign re?
lation.?, and finances. The draft was re?
jected i>n August 2 bv the Senate e'ommlt
tee on Foreign Relations.
Santo "Domingo. Aug 1? -Walter W.
Vick, of Burlington. N ?f., who succeeds
?William V. Pulllam as receiver ?eneral of
the customs of the Dominican Republic,
to-day assumed official ? ontrol of hla
office He wa? cordially received by Pro
elatoaal President Jos? B. \ aidez.
Glad to Have English Militant
Stay in Paris, Says Amer?
ican Suffragist.
Women Abroad Will Get Vote
Only When Another Assumes
Premiership, in Opinion of
Returned Traveller.
Mrs 'ame Chapman Cat! an.) Misal
Mat'. Oarrett Hay, who returned rester?
daj from Europe, will not encourage
Mrs Emmeitne Pankhurat to make s
s:,i:ila r \ i., ,?_-.
la fa t. instead of welcoming th<- Eng?
lish militant t" this country, the A- ??
??an Isadsn are Inclined tO bops that
? "?atter ?.i Interna tii
???iiirt. ? . ' ., ,-,,,|,|
- t.. admit her
"W< ai?- bist as -lad t" have h? r stav
In l'an- as th?- . , . !, , ,. ner
ko there," s.ud Ifi
"Mrs Pankhuret - motives are all right,
but her polie: Is n?.? helpful It has . ?T
not -
among sulTragists, wiv. understand h*-r
relatl? ?? position to the s ei ent, ,
but among the i wl ? ? not
thought about it and are ; i sd in .
adv.ni. ??
"Ton thmk it v?,.. ?a bu, t the ? anse here *
if yOU we ? . lying iiei j
"Weil i shall n..t gire hei a reception."
?>tt. tirmly.
It de^el..1.? CStt'S
"f Mr.? I'.ink* setl da
is fully squalled b) her contempt f"r the '
British government s polie] t..?A,?r?l tl
nieth' ;
"There has not bee0 a grain of sen?.- \n ?'
th?- government ? i I
?Tl Is 'cat .-?? i 111 Is ?? ??
foole?.f thing they ? .mid I If
you forget th?- * - behind it '
it is i ?? ? i ? funnj it :.- sgainat the .
ew In England tp cm ? i if i
the wome:
' ? r . - . .
h?-l'i in pal t i. ponsibl?
1 ! ? ,- . ? ted ags ns: trie f?.i -
ble !.. ?rat. 1
Then I i I rt ? ...
.. thine wi.
is ,-m unwritten laa I I I ? ? shall be ,
n? framing _;> oi ? lit .lar ,
et that is ,
? ?
' ' '
? , ? ting to n??t
aie uu"
"But what could ' ' .
Let '? le if th? srant t re? '
" ; , srn?
g t ' ' I, if t ef used l
eat. res) '
... . ?
they s
Sed It I ?
?? .
ind ?
??ut it.. beat. I
that | g before I
[Un|ty. | ? . ?
ben th? uni ? ? : aid? ?.
g I ??.. ::..ill ?
there w? plenl oi
? ,
? i
? ? ? ? , ?? .
It I ; ? ? n
but th? i ted < for
Si V? '..:.'.?
the i the espial atlon
?? it the militants are
peopl? them?
. o: who f?ur that the)
may t ? ; ? une time, <?i ? mak?
" .nts
t the tyrai I tl ernm? ?it.
The millt-tit.. to". . litS
through Their mem?
tip is for ' ' . ? ople
.?u . ;;._ i '? ? I ? ...t- d
an.? in. their ' ?
"Hoe will it .. ? nl] when the
counti ? ' f ths | rea? nt Prime
er, s ho ?? ? ., '? for worn
pure obal bore is a
in lji.i It? ya suit rag? liament The
' 'ahn .-t lias a BO-JOI It] ,.'?.:?.?. Igh,
He threat? ;.*. to
... rign i; th? ? past th? g? MIL The,
part) has .. big i ? ? i to pul
through The) do not ? '-'???? lei AaquJth
resign before the Home Ruis bill and
th. Welsh Disestabliahmenl bill are
Tt.<- victory ? ??.rne onlj w hen
Aaqulth is i? moi ed Then ? ts ? ran
oi making ? peer out of hita .??? ?m t?> e,et
him out oi the way 1! Lloyd Georgs or
Bit Edward Ore) be ? ? Prim* Minister
ths women would get the vot?-'
Mrs Cat! ssJd tii,it a t.ev. school foi
suffrage workers would opea on Beptam?
bei 14 for a two week i course Tneie
prill be -i morning *?? ?Ion at ths New
York State Woman BuiTragS As?- ICiatiOB.
No. IM Madison ??? ?? an afternoon
:, at ?h?- w omen s iftragi party
headquarters. Ko M Es t Mth street, and
evening arork at street maetinga There
win be classes a> argument, organisation,
Oratory, repertes and tact Tuition ?will
be free.
| . men Will he adn.ltt?'?l if they want
to tome le this m h?".i .Suffrag.sta bs*>
.... , ia eo sdtK it
Brooklyn Committee Favors Renomi?
nation of Register in Kings.
The Brooklyn Profn inuttes oi
twenty-eight selected last night candi?
,).,.. ? for tWO Ot? SS ThSSS were K?l
r ii!>.uKh!in. Regiatei of Kimc?,
? u ...?-? ' ? nom favored,
and L>r. Lester D. Volk foi i "oner.
m? ? UM '?' ' ? h**. Fmt? M
a m Wsdnssdsr when the eommlttes
PffH . ;. . any report that may be
?i .,,;,' by the rifts ene* municipal eocasslt?
t?e and t?? recelvi ;>? one from
whatever SOUTCS other than Tammany
politice] bodies_
? ggTAB-JBHED I0_1 I
R. Simpson & Co.
143 West 42d St., tie_r Broadway.
Broidwav, corner 67th St.
Loans to Any Amount on
Pledge of Personal Property.
we have a i?r?' seeettmeai ef Ma?
mond IllngK. Dian"n?l Pias he. ?' pry.?
which ?in ????'?':. '??"fai rar?
But Committee to Designate
City Ticket Is Expected to
Indorse Fusion Slate.
Koenig, However, at Meeting
of Executive Body, Makes
Strong Plea for Harmony
?Hapgood Confident.
II a is ui.'.-rta'n last nicht BJ tri Just
rhst win happen when the Republican
?ontmlttee to des?gnete a city tickst meets
o-night at the Murray Hill Lyceum The
seentment which apians from the way
n w l.?c-, ;h?. Uepnh-Pnn organlz.vnn was
re,-.,] i y th.- fusion committee still
and soin.- "f the county leaders
re in favor ..f adjourning the meet I
i ' Mondey Samuel p Koeujjr. presl
? the New- York ?County C?ommlttes,
ak.-s the stand, however, that 'he K?
?ubllcsn organlsstlon la in dut) hound
" ???? Sheed an?) SCCSPt the f'ision city
Icket Mis rlew "f th.? sietter :r
icrepted to-day by the- other county
i ??!? ra
'?.?r: ?he Kings County
rader, yesterday afternoon favored ad
ournmenl ?Last night, however, he
? a much m ?re ;,a if! ? re In I
Kit ?t./ ?'.. Brons leader, iv opposed
o the fusion ticket all the wsy throush,
? - prohahle he ?rlH follow- the lesd
?f Ko.-nig and Livingston to-day These
? i lets, also the (Queens and Richmond
will meet again thla morning
Lereneon iea?ier of the 2d Dis?
riet, .'i' a meeting of 'he executiee er>m
nl'tee of New York County ) esterday
iftern^on. sp??ke bitterly nhout the fu
ion t:>
Straight Ticket Urged.
not ? "lared, "why an
.- ... .?-n? ?-i?:! m ?v>? eroti s for
fob i: ? ? . ai enrollment of
? ? permit a lot f|f ;?"
fon ?? a ticket down Its
? ? tend for a ati ?xlu
i? pul II?-.?n ti' k.-t
? the *?ii,r<- ajrmpsthlsed w-tth
: hit did n??t talk s?, of.enlv Mr.
nasdS a stror./z pl.-a for ha
? ' --H- ? ? He asid what the
? this <ut\ w-i?h*d to accompHSh
defeat of Tammanv. and that
m ay thla ? ?.. i t?e brought
? ?? , ? rough th..' a of th?>
tickst by ail the anti-Tammany
? ? - The ( ourtty ?ea 1er a?-know;edj;ed
? ' r?',is?n to be disap
... ? . '. ? ? ,
? work
thi v ? ould f??r th?- fusion ' It/
This sreech aided in calming the ,? ?.
? r ;??'!?. ,-1 | ,
-nm>-nt "f tl ?jnstlns com
iittee t . ? ? ? The !
?n stion . ? ,;?? and
ettled at another me. ting of the
Ire ?committes thla " il | o'clock <
ti ot the
? at ?he meetlns, hut that
? ? further t
?? ? : ? if the i :
? ? ? ?ik-natlna 1
?? ? a era sn ?held |
? ? ??' irrsy m fter the j,
.- .-f the ? .? ? will he j ?
1910 and Now
If in 1910 yon had purchased
almost any one of a selected list
of gilt-edged stocks or bonds and
wished to realize on your Invest?
ment to-day, you would have to
suffer a material loss.
On the other hand, had you
bought a guaranteed mortgage
coming due this year, you would
be certain to get your money
back without losing a dollar of
principal or interest.
rVe* investor hat ever lost a dallar
?ot^^^RJ<F_A?E CUAKANTE? ^
Capital fi Surplus. $9,000,000
17? B'wey,K.I. 175 aerasen 8t,BT?yn.
&30 Faltes ML, Jamaica.
adjourn???! until to-morrow- night, when
mty deslgnsting ?'nmmittee is to
meet The leaders still have a faint
hope that the fusion committee will read
Just the Judicial and county slate s?> as
to give th?- Repubttcsne the it-presenta?
tion they desire
It developed at the meeting Of the exec
utlve ceemmlttee that many e?f th.- Pro?
freeetve Issdsra had already made over?
tures to the Republic-ins to fuse r,n the
Assembly and aldaraasnlc rsndldstse
Howerer, the Piogreselvsa wish t<? name
the Assembly camlidateg and are willing
to give the Reput?!!? ans nothing bettor
than an Indorsement for aldermen.
Marshall Makea Aqreement.
r>r. Frederick C. Marshall, leader of the
10th I'istrlit. sal-1 he bad already ma?le
an agreement to aupport ?Laos Bieecker,
to he the Pregreeelre candidate
for the Assembly. In return f?T a Pro
? Indorsement for Frank Imsta!,
who will probably he nam-d by the Re
publl an- for the Hoard of Aldermen.
Other leaders said they ha?l considered
similar arrangements
Alexan 1er BrOUgh, leader of the 13th
DistrPt, denouncsd such methods and of?
fered a resolution prohibiting them This
question also was put over for determina?
tion until to-day.
Francis W. Hlrd said yesterday the
ttty ?ommlttee of the Progressives would
g to ?schedule at Terrace
harden to-night and name the city tl? ket
adopted by the fusion conference.
d, ? halrnian of the
?' - ommlttee, i * Ight he had
BO doubt 1 it that the Republican organi?
sation would accept the city ticket as
iiiopted by the fusion ?ommlttee. When .
be w.? - told there had heen some talk of
stampeding the city committee for Whit
BUM f'?r SfSyor Mr, HspgOOd said:
Just before Mr Whitman left for i
[tretton W.is on Ssturdsy he authorised
me ? ' Btste for him la the t i osltlre
lerms whenever I thought the <>
invited it thsl be would not give any eon?
n ? it? rer to su>-h a sugges?
tion, no matter what the csrcumatsneea
r.ight be He ?Mid that he had accepted
the n'?minatlon f? r a particular position,
i-l thsl be would tight to the end on
:hat Une.
?!v who talks about the possl
?' nominating Mr Whitman for
Mayor as not undi --fand the District
Vtorr-.ey s chara ?? r He la not the kind :
IS to promise his adherence and
hen run as kj on snj pretest wheterer,
i |. r?onaiiy believe the EtepubUcsns
,-. our ticket I think the]
? .- le among th.-m beltevo that :
n selecting <->ur nomination?, we have done
?;?t -i? BBUCh to meet tb.-ir views as was |
? ' w uth our standard an?! with
?? ? m to be fa'r to sll parties ' ,
Will Dodge Independents Until
He Knows Murphy's Plans.
Democrats Fear Mayor Might
Run on Ticket with Anti
Tammany Candidates.
Mayor Oaynor did not go to the ("lty
Hail yesterday to reeetvs the visit of ths
Mayor Oaynor Fusion and Nominating
League ar?d kindred organizations that are
preparing: to pla-e him In nomination for
Mayor on an Independent ticket. No ex?
planation was offered other than that the
Mayor rreferr?*?l to remain In the seclu?
sion of his summer home on a hoi day.
To those familiar with the situation it
was ?dear, however, that the Mayor did
not want to commit himself on the sub
Je?-t of his caratHecy until he had some
more definite understanding with Tam?
many. It is said that l'ire Commissioner
.Johnson, who has taken up the duties of
managing th ? Qejmor boom, was tol?l at
Tammany Hall that a ?ierlslon had been
re.-i'-hed not to renomlnate the Mayor At
the same time. It is said. Commissioner
Johnson conveyed word to ?'harles F.
Murphy that the Mayor would run Inde?
pendently anyway In ?ase he was not
made the regular nominee of the organi?
There Is re-AHon to believe that there was'
a gr?-at deal of bluffing in both state?
ments The situation so far as Tammany'
Is concerned Is Just this. They do not
want to renominate Oaynor unless they
have to T>o they have to? That la th?
BOesttOB that Ig agitating Mr. Murphy.
It has not basa SSttlsd and Is not likely
to be until the last minute Mr Murphy
does not have to have a solution of th?
problem until 8 p. at Saturday, when theJ
City designating committee Is to meet la
Terrees Garden.
If by any chance the Republicans?
should not take the city ticket named by*.
the fusion committee, or even If the feeH
lng agaln?t It should seem to be so strond
as seriously to Imperil Its BOCOSSS at the?
polls, Murphy would promptly and cheer?*
fully turn Mr QajmOT down. la that case
his candidate would be Justice Victor J?
I lowllng.
However if the fusion situation im?
prove?, m the cour??? of the week and the
Republican organization gives evidence
D_ supporting both the city and the count/
tickets ? nsmsd by the fasten manag?T
Mr. Murphy may go back to his original
intention .?f renomlnating Mayor Gaynor.
Frankly, the Tammany leadt-rs are wor
rled '>r the leeling against them that
ha.? I sen ?tlrreo up because of the Sulzer
I rope? hment. They realize that there are
thoueanda oi i ?-"pie in town wh" are
ready and anxious to hit a Tammany
i.?-ad wherever they can see it Howling,
running for Mayor, would be B Tammany
head, and th?- avalanche of brtchs that
arouid go his way might overwhelm him
As far as Mayor Oaynor is concerne?!,
he does nm ?rant to come out openlj with
his attitude until he discovers what Tarn?
many has in mind. He has told R. Ross
Appleton, head of th?- Oaynor committ i.
that he need make no farther plans to
"notify" him until he (Oaynor) send- for
h m if Oaynor should be tuned loara
by Tammany and should run indepen I?
|y it might be true, as th? Tammany men
lay, that he would dra* more heavily
from Mltchel than from Dowliag Hit If
lis doea as is quits likely, put on his in
? dent ticket fusion candidates for
the Board ?if Kst.: its
\n?l add entl-Tammany candid tee foi the
local ticket? In the various counties he
Muuid d? l? at the regular Demo? ratlc nom?
II,ees for those offices That Would be a
blow that Tammany could 111 afor.l to
lake. _
"I cam almost SEE the ch?ofren playing em the sand.
I'm glu? you are having auch a good time, "
Picture Their Pleasures
-By Telephone!
A FAMILIAR, smiling voice giving you the news up to
the very minute of talking, a mental picture of your
' family in far-away vacation land, and a personal,
newsy chat over your T?l?phone, bring you "almost
there,'* even while you are busy with affairs in the city.
The Telephone, by keeping you in close, personal
touch with those from whom you are separated, helps
make your work lighter and more enjoyable. It takes away
some of the dread of separation. It shortens your day's
work by helping to keep you cheerful.
Some busin-ess men make a practice of calling their
families every day while they are away on vacation. Isn't
this a worth-while practice for you to adopt?
Lift the receiver?hear the voice?get the ^-?b?^
picture. You are there ? by Telephone! /?r^n\$

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