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iVrto_)tirk Cribunr.
TV-MIIAY, hVQl Ft I?. ??I?
0?n?d and published daily by The- Tribune AMOCletion
? N-?.' v?.rk corporation! <?,:>i?*n If. Re?d. PreeWeatj too?
R.mlln, .ia.n-s M. larreti, Treasurer. ^.?i?_r._b.
?rlbUM Uiul-ir.g, No. IM S? N*** tawh?
fel BncMPTIOM R Mail, postage I'aid. outside ot
? In .??? i Nee York. ? . fM
I'-ily and *_un?lay. 1 1110$ T.% Dally only, ?"? months. *?<
telly si . 4.23 DSU) only, 1 year . o ? "J
L>.ily _? ...,.., or ?/, 8 moStbJ- I -j?
I>_.ly only. 1 BSOetfe..'-i. s uiisy only. 1 >-a:. - m
roamoN rat? "~j i ?>N_fI.1_& RfJ2*
?"'ne riwiuri. I1.H One nv.i.th.* ??.?
One ?.r. l8.S0|?ine >t_r. ? ?- <* ??"'
Sla BMnths . .to; ??ne month. ?>J
f?ne yea? . ?i.HIOrie year . ??_-????? ??**?
?">n?? month. 1.n'_ Ope nvnth. -*l
One }??.-. IXMiOM year. ami
1 itered at the F"stcffice at Net? York a? P*?-ond Class Mall
The Tri!, ine will guarantee the Integrity of its ad?
vertisers t.. Its readers and expects in return that
its advertiser?- will guard against misleading claims
and statements.
The Tribune and Governor Sulzer.
The Tribune has received ? number of letters from
Its renden finding fault with Its iittitu?i?? toward
Governor Bolier, YYi? iiiink they have bam written
under h miaconceptioii.
Tba Tribune, unlike "The World..rhe Post ' and
moat of tbe "tiler N"ew Tork paper?, baa not found
Mr. Sulzer guilty. It ili.l n<?t. as th?\v have done,
condemn him unbeard as sonn as Murphy's agents
producad allegad erldenc? of misconduct against
him. it called for his Impeachment wben this evi?
deuce seemed t" warrant Impeachment merely as ?
means of tenting the issue, of thrashing out the
whole matter in public, so that the people could
make up their minds whether the Governor was
guilty or whether the pol?tica] blackmailers who
wer?? att:i< kinK him were manufacturing a case
against him.
The Trihune appreciate? fully the evil character of
Governor Suiter's opponents and it understands the
animus that inspires them. Rut it heileres that pub
He opinion Is competent to pet a just verdict out Of
a eonrt in which judges of the Court of Appeals will
wield an exemplary Influence find In which a two
thirds majority must be had to secure conviction.
As for the argument that the state should keep in
office a ?Jiiverimr who is guilty of criminal offence?
just because he is against Tammany, Tbe Tribune
has do sympathy with it. So good can come from
lowering the public standard? of what is decent and
honorable in public Ufo In fighting "??rruption we
will get nowhere i?y winking Ht corruption In office.
And when w?. say this we do not mean to prejudge
th?? case ?if Governor Sulzer or lie taken as privately
believing him guilty. ? m the contrary, we bave B
perfectly open mind In regard to him. We sincerely
hope for the sake of the credit <>f the state and for
his own s;iko that he will he able to prove himself
innocotit. But if he cannot do s?? t?? the satisfaction
"f honest and fair minded people generally, then we
say that be should be remove?! The Governor'?
chair is no place for a peraonally corrupt man.
As for bis opposition t?> Murphy. The Tribune
applauded it :i> soon as it became definite ;in?i heart?
ily supported him In it. If he clear? himself 'I h?
Tribune will take pleasure in continuing t?> support
bim in it. And hi no way can be deal such a blow
to Tammany a? by clearing himself.
But if he fails ??, clear blmaelf we do not sec that
the i? 111 i -Tammany cause will be irreparably ?lam
aged.as some of our readers appear to think, by Mi
removal. If is bigger than any one man It existed
before Mr. Butser cam? Into office if will go on
after be Is out of office, if be Is to be removed 90
mi with renewed for??* because Of Ihe revelatbm of
Tammanyism th.-it this scandal is bringing forth.
When trill the st-itc trust Murphy b> sel?'?-t another
Governor. When ha? Tammany appeared more
hateful than II doe? now. with the present laying
bare of its motive? in Impeaching ? Governor, not
beeause he is corrupt, but because be stands in the
way of its graft?
An escaped Lunatic at Large.
It I? perfectly true, t? all the lecal expert? hasten
to declare, that Thaw cannot be extradited as an
escaped lunatic, though he may be. nevertheless,
upon a Crimina] charge connected with his escape.
But what state or what nation will (are to harbor
him? New York State has not confined him to
punish him, but to protect itself fron one who in -i
moment of lunatic frenzy shot and kl!l???l a man and
who was sure to have recurrences of his mania.
What community will want this homicida] degen?
erate in its midst? Reetralnt in an asylum may
have put him into good health, but now that he is
free he win return to the perverted practice? of
debuuebery, hi? nerves aril] be shattered :in?i his
reason will give way. Any stale or country ?rill
leave him free ,if its peril.
Our own country will not admit insane immi?
grants. Are foreign countries hospitahlo to them
when their Insanity is as notorious as Thaw's!
And will any stab? bo m, foolhardy as to allow
him to remain at large within lis borden witIk.iit
first compelling him t?-? prove his sanity. Much is
made of the instance of Mr. Cbaloner, who escaped
from an asylum in this star?? and now realdes In
Virginia. Hut Mr. (haloner first, we think, had to
_et 1 Judgment from a court in Virginia that he
was sane. And. moreover, he liad not shown fh.it
he was dangerOM to society by committing a honii
Money Needed to Save Children from
the Heat.
The heat of yestenlay was oppressive enough t?i
those arho were most fortunately situated Thin
Clothing, iced drinks, electric fans and all other
devices were Inauflciem wholly to overcome ih??
torrid raging of ihe dog slur. But what must it
have been yesterday ami on Sunday and other re
??ent day? to those who have nona <?f these tinn_r?~'
That is ;i thought which must .-iris.? In every reflec?
tive mind
it is to i>o hoped that that thought ?ill be coupled
with remembrance of an ??nv-ient agency for giving
eamfort and health to those arho need It moat in
thee? trying daya. W? need not rehearse the storj
of the Tribune Freak Air Fund and <?f its mission
in ?ending thousand. Into the country fur fort night
vacations Just whan they need them rnoet it is ?ii
?ork as usual this year, it ha? s,.|,t thouaanis out
into the green lii'lds anil fresh air. and it i? rend] I ?
send many more. It has places prepared for them
and ail arrangeaient? made for them.
Kut it must have the eo-opamtloa of the public in
the provision 'if funds for the purpose. Much has
already h???'ii given, but much more la needed, end
aeedad right away, it should !>?? remembered that
of contribution? to this fund not a cent goes f??r
salaries, rent ?>r oth?-r administrative expenses,
Kvery cent goi's directly f?ir the benefit of the needy.
That is why the Fund is able to show BO prrrnt r<?
Milts, and that is a consideration which jrreatly
commends Um Fund t?. those who with their bene
mctiona t<- do the- greatest poastbla amount <?f good
The Protracted Disputation Over Pie.
\.. one would hurry gteteamen engaged in it"'
?sacred ritual of their calling. Bo we accost tin- ?greal
m.ui ? oncerned in the- rnaiofl movwnent sod at pres?
ent banging ??vor the pie counter, in a aplrtl pf ex
treme delicacy.
ai th.- present rate? of disputation, 'iK "tain't i
won't plsjr, five m?' that, and you're another, ere
calculate that it will be in the rieighooriiood o\
Christmastide, 1914, before our fusi-.u atatesmen ??:">
get their pi?* divided. And by that timo, nnforta
iiate'ly. the next November election will have, come
ami gone.
our ?point is this: P\g is frent Hut before it ?an
i?.- a? bteTed tliere must ?'?'mi- an election and a ?u?'
cessfui election at that Vou cannot eat jrour pie
and have it. too. what is more, you cannot eat your
! pie at all unless yi?u Bret ?.'ft it.
Beware !
Beware "f him who, baring formed his opinion,
goes about "lnveatigating'1 m .?nier t?. document it!
'.Mr. Edward Bok, analysing one Inindrad letters
! in.m 1918 graduates "f several women's <?iii.'-'cs.
j Buda th.'in abocklnglj? ?spelled and incoherent. The
record is not much better in tin- case of tba??coUege
men put to Mr. K?>ks test. "Out of one hundred
coltege _r i r-1 -. si)? il.Iltor ot "The Ladles1 Home
Journal," "only one-fourth write aa well aa an Bng
llah nursery governess, ?uni one-Bfth write untidily,
' illegibly and crudely.'1
it i- a bad ?bowing. Hut before abating Mr. Bok'a
doubt? a> t.? th.' value of college training ire ?boukJ
want t?. read that batch "f lettera foe ourselves.
II.iw many e.f them, one wonders, were concocted
by groupa <>f merrily Irresponsible maideos, anxious
t.? s... just how tar they could ?go in "stringing" the
Philadelphia ?*eiit..r without giving ?tbemaelvea aa aj ?
A young Harvard graduate tells us bow th.? learned
and self-revering Hugo MOnaterberg ("Monet r bug.*1
car?lesa ondergraduatea pronoun??? sv? was tri?'kr-d in
lus psycbologica] tests of aopbomorea in "Phil, a."
ni?.?M which be later baaed a magasine article be
llttling Un' value .'f testimony in court cases. The
?so-called American aenae of humor la often a per
verted genius, an.] we love best t>. boss the gull?
that fly high.
Solidifying the Farmer.
?menla the beautiful, ?menla the? home <>f more
literary farmer? than any other apot in Dutcbeea
County, i* out t?? make th?' life of th.- farmer htos
aom HI?1' th.? rose-, S?. ?she has a fleM ?lay. at which
real farinera in i>u_-_ic- appear and sit around
eagerly chewing their cud? and waiting to !*? ?re?
The recent tie'd day ?seems f?. have bean fairly
Jolly, with ?'olh dancing, tue of war contests and the
Boa Moses F.. Clapp aa ?'iii'-f ipouter. Hut it was
n??t too Jolly, or, at any rate, we do not see bow it
could have ?been excessively gsy while Professor*
Joel Ellas Kpingsrn was in charge t?? utter strings
<>f aroids like these:
?"iintrv life? has never been proper!) organised.
There hsa been the unorgsnised Indlvtdusltsm of
thr American farm? r through ?? centur: ??; more ?*
thin, mesgre, barren life, with few rewsrdi and
fewer ao. ;;?i attractions, snd, h isl of all. with that
*?" iai eolldsrity vvht? i? joins sll m? n aim ?/?omen m
a common hope and a common purpose, Why
sheniid n??i Amsti?can ???niitrv life be democratlcslly
orgsnlsed loo, In the real ?sense ??i democrscy, t"r
t'" tust tinte m human hiatory? And ?in should
not til.? freedom tii;?t cornea fr<-?m plsy, end tl
social aolldarit] that comee ft??m playing together,
as \se fitul if <?n this fleM ?lay, lesd 111 t"Srth?r t'>
this common goal?
Personally, if we were a farmer ami anybodj
talked that way t<> us. pre should hurry him into the
family automobile, ride him out to the Dearest Irrl
?gation ditch and roll him in th.- mud Bortal ^"!
darity, ineie-^ei : H'here ha-- ?menla been" Heeren
knows that farming life*- waa thin and meagre once.
Hut that was before the telephone ami the BUtomo
l?ii-r? arnl rural free delivery got in their tin?- work.
Nowaday? the old-fashioned, meagre, Isolated, un?
organised fanner is precioua hard t<> And. Most "f
the? spcimi'iis still living doubtlesa played ?logetber
at tin? great Amenta Held day.
A Battle That Preluded Peace.
Tin' published forecast of the Perry centennisl
c?l?bration suggests the grateful rdBectloa that this
anniversarj ??f a battle win be made at.??ion ot
commemorating and confirming peace. This fe-nture
.?f it win he* displayed and emphasised by the* par
tlcipatlon ;n it of a distinguish.-.1 Canadian states?
man, ?erbose address win in' bracketed with that .?f
: th.- Presldenl of the United States
That this sh??ui?i i?e? s?, is eminently fitting. The
battle of ?Lake Erie may properly he considered t?.
have marked the culmination <?f th?- War ??r 1811!
Tinr-re. were some a?rions operations after that in
eluding some <>f a moal regrettable nature. But
after Perry's victory th.' end was in sight, ami the
? iiaia.-t'T <?t that end was assured, it was tbe Hot
tyaburg <?f that air,
This centenary will therefore be in fact tbe prel?
ude t" tin- greater celebration of a year later which
win mark tin- completion <?f H century <?f nnbroken
?peace, it win be profitable t?. ?be reminded of tin
fart that that last war between Anglo-Saxon na
tlons, while it was marked on ?both sides with splen?
did berolam, was also th.icsston of conduct which
both sidos .'an re-memlu-r only with Bbame; that it
was a war which neither side wanted an.I in w hi? h
r?e?iflie-r side secured what It was lighting for; ami
that in brief it was one of the strong!. Indictment?,
of war ami ? ? rw of the must ?tonvincing argument?
for the? wiser prlnciplea which have? ovor sin?.- pre?
vailed in Anglo-Americaa relations.
The French Colonial Army.
As the birth rate in ?franca decreaaea the French
i colonial army becomes more ami more important
; Th?' Fien? li War Oflsce must in the- future |o.?k to It,
' rather than to lengthier service, t.. aupply tin- de
1 ?Bciencies in tin- French forcea T.? those who bave
watched the action of tbaaa troopa, their endorance
and energy, it seems that the trust France pbice?
in them win not i... rnlsplacad. They Bomber t:..'hmi
to-day, ami the number is ?.lowly ami tteadlly in
?naaalng. Thay have been trained, in llotocco ami
the Congo, againet tribee who eive ami take no
quarter, for in the African warfare of to-day sur*
render is but nu Invitation to torture
slowly ami patiently, by their berolam and the
?brilliant leadership of their Preach officers, Fran?.?
has I ?nil t herself an empire. By th ir gallantry the
tricolor floats <>n the aborOI "f four of the world's
great Oceans, The concentration of the- French fleet
in the Mediterranean insures their speedy paaaage,
in case of BufOpean Avar, to the Mill of action.
Tin- cheers ?>f the crowd that watched them at
[ Longchamps last .Inly 14 voiced the grim realir.a
I tton that in a European war not France alone, hut
| the French Fmpire. born of forty years of constant
I sacrifice and ofTort, would march forth for the na
!tion\s defence. In the belief of some comp?tent
critics the liormati military increase? are due
neither b> the menace of Kut-sin nor to the weak?
ness of Austria, but rather to the "black peril"
whi?-li Frame has formed from her African poe*
! ?esaiona
Diplomatic issue?? may OOBM and go, hut the
Chautauqus lecture? must ko on undisturbed.
The Citixena Union wants the ahiermen abolished
Th. aldermen said it about the Cltiaena Union first.
Ho? would ?i strong-arm or a night-stick do a? a
symbol f??r the Mayor'? campaign!1
The sad lot ?if Mrs. Evelyn N? shit (Thaw i. thrust
into the limelight by circumatancea beyond her con?
trol at the precie? moment when she was seeking
to forget the i?ast, will bring tears nf eympath) to
the driest eyes
With a trail of stiff necks to Its credit, the hobble
skirt n?>w emerge? **? a r?ai menace to life ami Umb
in ihe broken collarbone tala from i>nox, Mass.
"What is that which it is'"" cries mir dear Al
pbonse, sa Pierre i?"?ks ur? smsieil from his "Jour?
nal des Debata." "Revolution.''
"Tea my gross rabbit Of love!" rx'laims Pierre,
upsetting his hier?- blonde and astonishing th?' entire
sidewalk, "it Is s revolution In American ???njugai
life. Madame Bulaer*a devotion would be affecting
anywhere, bul In New fork it la sublime."
Alphonse snatches the paper, and r?a?is aloud.
"Hitherto we have thought the American huabend
a mer?, money-maker and check-signer, whoas wife
rained dollars in Europe an?i wan almost unable to
M] "hat Ins profession area, We must now re?
nounce this prejudice "
Well, well! Mow those foreigner? d?? i?*ap to eon
Cluslon? first ene way, then another whereas what
do we Americans know about American life" Why,
darn it, we can't even understand Smith nexl door
"r Brown in the flat above us or Jones around the
corner, so d? .*ious la human natural Tea, and so
various! Hanged if we underataiyl our own private
? : a?- for generalising, oh. the folly!
? ? ?
H? n i our sweet res ns lencas toward the Eu?
roi ? ans .m?l our r- lu? tan? S to say a hat sort of ?hap''
they are. w. suspend Judgment thus
The English a humorless race. Nothing short of
a surgical operation can gel a kthe through an
Englishman's head Examplea: LewM Carroll, the
librettist Gilbert, and thai p""r. dull-witted felloe
w. w. Jacobs ?" say nothing of our prosy friend
Um i .iri of Paa lu? ??' '
Th?. FVcnch ll'i'i'. 1? fii oloua ami immoral
Witn? Pa I or, t" t.il\<- a modem ins'ance, the
wild, consclencelesa fay devil who sent us ??Th?
Simple i ?
[( illans IaH7v No ?.?her n.iti"n I ?a SU y a p*?
hatred of activity. Give th?*m ? pick and ?
shovel end a lit*", of unlnt? rr ipt? I digging, ?ni they
sah but lltth of th? world
. ? ?
'i !i? latest of Brother Bok's conniption 'it? bas
brought on bj th.ii<_' girls' spelling. No
wonder! Bad signing hurts s girls matrimonial
prospect i Ton know < ?: ? ?? Herford's Quesl
?h?r?* reproduced a th i daah t.. denot? the pause
foi rhetor!? ai effecti w t 'i" men mart*) Lillian
? II " ' Th? ansa er is Kor s ?pi IL
? ? ?
il.??-..! we trust our felloe rltisena aiH over?
i? ' k spelling ai i continue the ?.> - prs tie? of
lag . ollege giria, it la I
will i ? siria and, . ? on? r or ion their
wild ??'' Bettet oonei Wretched thi man who
mari'- ni snd-white Puse! ? il onlj to have
?r take t.. I been Browning, Ntttsach?*, Bercaon,
h iptmnnn, Banalem hh?i th?- Indo-Amerlcaa Pue?
?? - s?.lar Bloleg later on.
? ? ?
"American B< ?'?! of Commissioner! for Foreign
Missions." sri'I lbs King of the Bongo Islands, die?
I t" Miss Mcfl. I"?ar Sirs The last
, lent me ??-re old,
ami Btrlnfrj ITnless t?"* nest i"?id Is mote
ible i shall be oi-lineii t . ordei m?- mission
nn?-1 eleea hi i ?
Other tlm? othei ist ma Fan missionaries ara
sent fricasseed, th??uKh it is risky being a
nan ? \ ? n no" The Kurds Shot MM last
v.?k. Sorry, though the commotion has t?rou?_ht
out remarks from th? Rev Dr. Hart?n, who baa
beet a missionar* himself, snd In a rech?n ver>
nervous because of Kurds. Th?*rebj hanga a tale.
? ? ?
a pecullarl' aarcaatlc K?ir?i dropped in ?me gun
da: while the Doctor was holding f.irth Knlvea
Jangling, daggera gleaming, pistole swinj-tn*, th<?
living arsenal swaggered up the stale
The congregation quaked No one stirred, with
a mightv llngle ihe band? sat down in a front pew.
"Now. by Jtminy!" said the Doctor's Inner con?
sness, "it's up i ? ? you. Convert! him or ?lie."
\v? suppose that the brimstone In that sermon
could be imelled s mile away, fee it took i??ss than
fifteen minutes to bring the Kurd t<? his knees.
blubbering for mercy, and a line, zealous convert
he became n??t onlj returned for the evening s?t
Vlce, but (etched along th?? ruins Ol an Armenian
h< rctic
As It turned out, the ruins were airead"' won over
t?i Ihe Orthodox Opinion. "<?h'" said the ?mor fellow,
"It was most simple. When this Christian kl"kc?|
m?, m th?- stomach and knocked me down and
.pimped on me. I began t?i believe, but ".?.hen h?s bit
m? in the neck ami bung on, shaking me iik? a rat,
I knew for certain that his must he the true re
ligio? "
? ? ?
The September bulletin from our patient on the
cover of "McClure'a" hi lea? favorable. The young
lad] baa ?lipped back, though through no fault of
oura ??'? did not preacribe the drug? whoa? use
shows only too plaints In thoas <ir?'ar\ eyes. Nor
\?.as it w?' who skewed her chin violently to the
Thi? is worrisome. At s glan?e, we seem to 'Uhk
ik.se Pott's disease of the Jaw, though possiiily the
tint mere!) suffered what is kn'iwn in the argot of
th?- atelier? a? "a paste in th?. goh."
However, sh<- appears to poaseas ronaldarahl?
latent vitality. Observing her ruby-red lips faame
Ink as h?r necktie), we predict she win pull through
yet R, L H.
A N?v\ Vork poll? ?-man Just ?"mpleted forty OOntlnOOM
y-nis of service on the force. The gmmj In?nine lax law
win no doubt ?ut him heavily.? -Washington iierai.i
if th?? anti Tammanj people la Mew fork are goins
to bring out three or four candidates for Mayor Hud spin
up on them, Tammany, with its eoaapact organisation,
COUM alni'.st vntiire to nominate Leader Murphy and
fe??| ?ure of taking the tr!?k. 1'lilUdelphla PrSM
The "guhway hermit" has been caught hy ths New
V'.rK poll? ? He had heen flitting atmiit the suhway for
in?i!,ihs, defying capture. If all the hermits In Ni-w
Votk neie arrested the jails couldn't hold them.??
Roi luster t'nl'in snd Advertiser.
Secretary McAdeo snjs he poatttvsly ?ill not b? a
candidate for the mayoralty of New York City. Evi?
dently Mr. McAdeo hss a keen appr???latlon of the dlf
ferenes between Hn appointive and an ?lectlae office.?
Philadelphia Inquirer.
*% ? >3
i +'? ?*- - V- ,i fft ""*4jSgntAujri y ^J
Public Debate.
"Every Honest Man Should Suppor
William S?ber."
To the* K-lit>>r of The Trlbu
\ i.?itslstui.ipoeed of '
su srella, Ft ? ? ? Smiths, ?
? ?
end muel
? "
.-. r. v<e Qovernoi ? I 11 le Sen
Vi.rk, vhe w rlshtlni rour bettlet
I eral ' t polltl
. ,<i i H.it. v. from B ? Murpb]
? -
v -, v ?.'.- ? ? ; - ". ? it)
A Fair Tn.i! for the Governor,
'i " tin? K?iit^r ??' * une
- - t u, .' . like to knoe ?h? Qev<
e siren a fair trial
i'\ a J11 r ? of honest buetnesa men II au 11
? .t a it ?>r dlahi ? lana ?h?? aw
m. I.?! ' ? ? ai ' Hall
OB >IH IE ? vv? ?ij-es? >N
Brook!; n, Aug If,
"Dishonorable and Illegal."
To me WAltor of 1*1 ? Tribuna
sir The impeachment of Governor Bui?
???? ha.? exhibited ;? ' ? :'? ? Bl rSOrdlnSrl
spectacle that baa nol been noticed in
viiijr columns, which, perhaps, msj be
re In the Q. i r*8 favor,
\n Impeachme i I ? nal
Assembly, and th;?t bod) becomee the
I kindred t ? > t ' ? a t of l ?
plaintiff In an ordinary action al law
"The Assembly pisparas Its chsraoa aaslnei
the accused officer end he presante hie
answer t?? them, and the laenaa thua
?raised uro to be tri???i end disposed of i?> a
e?surt eonalaUna "( the membere ?>f the
st,,te Banste o? . majority of th?*ni snd
ih>. j.iii^rie of the Court of Appeal! er a
msjoi m <?f them
By :.n Law, both humas and divine o.<
party ha* a rlahl to ?it sa etther Judge
"i Juror to deckle and dlepoee of the case
in which he> i? Intereated; t?> do as would
make the ?administration of Juatlea ? ?le*
guett?e H"?i audadoua farce
"The movement against the Qovsraor it
one In which ti??' ?Senate snd the Assembly
I united m presscutlnB? Those two bodies,
I In mutusl cooperation, appointed :? j"int
ceenrnlttae, and Jsrssa J. Frasrtey w9
? made ? halrmsn; thsl i ommlttee made via*
oroua and Industrtoua InvMtlasttons, snd
as tii?. |nin? repressntatlvee of the two
housea instituted tin* procieedlnga In that
transaction, ths Bsnate la equslt) with the
! tsoontbty ?* ?party llttaant proseeuttna the
Oovernor, sad it h?.s. i?> iti own delib?
erate act, ousted Itself from Jurladlctlon
t?? determine and ? ii^r.i.^r- ??r the Issuaa
thsl have been ralead.
The <'?"? >-tniir Iihk not n. more wilful
.?mi msllcloua enemj on esrth eager t?? do
Mm any Injurv In hi? poWOf than Mr.
l-'r.ivvley appear? tu he, ?nil If lie Ott -
eente himself to hit a? a member nf the
Court of Impeschmsnl it win be in?ie-e?i
>ii;n:k'' if he in not challenged. Fug Bin*
I iiar resaona the whole Banale, or, at least,
those members thai votad tu unite m ti?.
movement against tii?* Oovernor, might
trail be ? hsllengsd
The Impeachment la almolutely an?l i??n
Cluslvsly Invalid. The positive an?! con
etuatea terms of thee utate constitution
an?; "At extraordinary BeeStOOS no MbJsSt
hh.ill hi* acted on except stun as the
Oovernor Hhall recommend for considera?
tion " That prohibition protect? the Qov?
ernor, and the proceedlnga that have heen
Instituted are an anda? loua attenipt to
trample hi? rlphts Into the dust.
Hi? right? are, aa ?acred as anybody's,
and no well disponed ninl law-ahtding citi?
zen will attempt t?> deprive him of them.
I voted agniUSl him, and hope to ?ee him
dfsplsred by n different man I? the near
ratura by fair und legitimate m*an?. hut
,. . . ItsbOOOl BBlS ?n'l :ll?g.?l
Intrigue aa the mi? thai has i?een recentl)
rM ... p? w y i: BALDWIN.
Lib* it;.. N I . Auk It, itll
The Mental Calibre of Editors.
To fie !..i i .1 ?.f The Ti
sir i turned fro? 1 h ? Kew York
? . '- . ? . The
Trthurie. and n< W 1 tur:-| fffOCI It I '
?Aith th? sama feellna aft?*?* i tiding Its
? ? guisar sdltorlala
The next r??f"rm SftST Tammany should
he the eompelllng of editora t?> sign their
n to their edttoriala and to publish
pictures so thai we maj serutlnise
their faces end thUS re?d their chara I " -
? n?i their mental calibre, as ana la able
to _o st S glance on that of MeCS a and
? ??f the othera ?>f hi* Ilk recently
published In Th.? Tribune
New fork, Aug. i?, lili
Barnes Would Have Furnished Votes?
1T" the Editor of The Tribuaa
bii . as ? reader of The Tribune i Jo
not approve "f your attitu?ie toward Gev?
srnor Bui ?
Your pai tii-ainhip hefngs your perapi?
.? ity, i have been toM bj ? prominent
memher of TfUmnauy Hall that if Murphy
didn't have enough votes p? imp?-?? b
Barnes arould have furnished them
New fork, Aug. I?, HIS.
And Rejected by a Suffragist for a
Higher Authority.
To the Editor of The Tribune
Bin It was n?'t the Intention of >"ur
render to enter upon a dissertation OB
all the ?VpOBtlea in referen?"e t?> SUf?
fragO, but SlnCS one of your rorrespoti'l
snts has demanded it we me* remark
that St Peter vvas called not because he
?a? .i saint already, but bsceues he
?i? capable of becoealng one He de?
sired ??? WHlk (HI the water, and hank
II. CUt off the <?ur of the servant of the
High Priest, snd on the same nicht ?|e
iii-d the Lord ihren time |{>? ,,lso Slept
on his watch thrice before his denial.
lie. like Bl Paul, was afterward ? ?>n
veite?| hiiI was Intrueted with the office
Of opening the door of faith to the Jews
and to th* ?lentiles -Which is the mean?
ing i.f the two haya.
Hut when It came tune to a?lmlt < 'nr
nellue, the centurion, to th?> church, it
required a vision three times repent?
ed to convince Peter of his duty, lie
was the most prejudiced of the twelve
\| "Ml. s and for that verv reason was
selected for this office. It was not until
he .saw the evidence of supernatural P??s
'session In the family of Cornelius that
his IsalOUS pride broke down and he
baptised them
Now. w cannot take the example ami
teaching of fallible man in place <*f that
?if Christ, vv ho was horn of a Virgin,
who Instructed Mary ami Martha. M
weh ?s ills ?lis'ipics, who renversai with
?he Samaritan woman and did not shrink
from the outcast claaa, convicting their
accusers of the wrung, and who appeared
first after His resurrection to the women
booauea they were first at the tomb.
As for g| Peter, all we know ?if his
female relations Is that hla .wlf.?'s
mother lay sick of a fever. I? not that
rather pitiful'.' (if course, the question
of woman auffraga had not appeared In
that day any mora than the question of
freeing tha flavas; but If In Christ there
Is neither male nor female, that settles
It. Ha distinctly said; "I have yet many
H ago ?o sa* ?into von i- it ya eaadtj
hear tl.erii r..?w ' \{..-s true that tl
even still'
The disciple is not sbo ? his
bul If any nommai Chi prefers It
??1 ? 'hri-?t, let him '?- I ?
the man Peter looked
?? without f* asal and of ?.*.!?
rstloit, .?n?l would na?. t, ?lesa
?haven man ?,:th the enme horroraafa
? ?I womsn
it ??5 true th.it woman ha
? I" than men. hut thsl ll
th? .?m? thing a? rr M L B.
v\ estfleld, N v . Ana -^ i??13.
So Long as He Is There the Middle
Will Continue.
T?? the Btftor of The Trll *
.?n the President an?l the f*' ''*
ment for Information as ta '?
William Bayard iiaie :?? Mai
it onlv t'nie... ? . - ~>.\ry ?If
there ?? t?> t??? a clearing up ? f th* M?&1?
can muddle.
Many Americana hsv< ataersil
1"ii= h.-fore this why lest W
Mexico, what are ms powers and why
he was Riven S c??pv ,?f the BtSte thy
partm.nt ,?e?-ret code a moet Importaat
document, that ahould under no 'ireiaa*
?Kancea he placed In the bends of a
wh.i has taken BO oath of ? IB 9, Wl 1 hit
b ease Lai reaponatbllltj.
Mexicans have marvelled at tl lag
of * man to their eoustry woo assumed a
superior, ?pstronlalna air to e proud, tete
Mt'.ve j.c.pie an?i ?>t. the first ds) of Ml
arrival expressed himself full) and CSS'
?ls.lv as Is how Mexl.-.i should he run
When the , at Is let ?>ut ??f the l?a^ it ?'111
be M aurprtae t?i msnj t.i learn that
William Bayard Haie, the Prraldent's psr*
?sons! representative, la ?the d. s ex ma
chins of the muddle?! Mexlcsn >.nation?
and thai ins Mssssd reports I ?'? csuaal
the rnlaunderatandlnss snd strained re
lettona between two frtendl) ?sovernmesa?
In order t" believe this It Is not t.?*?-'??"
?ai-y t?> recall the personal hietory al
ilale'a career in Ardm.?re. Pe nn . I Sal
reara ago. t?? which Senator Penreee fa*
ferred. nur the unfortunste incident ?if *
later dStS, when "Mc lure- M.i?.i,'in<i"
pubHshsd an Hl'eg.d n.i- Intervlee with
the Emparer of Osnnsny
it is mor.? ?vitally bearing ?m the r <??
ent affair to recall that lest war H??l#
?wrote for "The Worlds Work" a lerM
of srttdea m eonnstrtton with ?iecrretaif
! Knox's visit to rentrai American repub?
lic*. In which articles he showed alt?*
luck of sympathy with or understaneiln**
Of the l.atm-Ameriean races.
I These articles found then- ???: to Ctn*
tral America ami aroused consideruali
, resentment there, undoing much that *?*
the object of Benetor Knox's vi>it Wsl
1 this the kind of man t.. ?send t" M**-*'*0
| to 'check up" on the Mexican soviet*
ment and the aide an?l experienced A?'
IbSSSSdor Wilson? Was Hie fact ???*'
iJlale his written in the mefssinei lui*
?sume btographlaa and appro ?ation* ?
i President Wilson sufficient resson forj?
j trusting him with so niu.h Irrespone*"
.power" He went down tl.er?. with l'rt"
I conceived Ideas, and it is uuite ->r>iO
| that he ?11.1 not let any evidence at*'0*
! ins preoonoepttonj bother him *" ***
Perhaps this Is why tha President ??
I talned him. even to the extent of i******
him confidential adviser ?if John U"4
I The President's preconceptions and M
i orles on Mexico are precisely the as"*
ja? William P-ayard Hales, and ne?**
! seems minded to change tlietn in ?**
light of evidence. International law ?
common sense. ?Perhaps John Und nw
se? a light and sav-i the day.
Richmond Hill, U>ng Island, Au_. ?

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