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Thoroughbred Racing ? Lawn Tennis at
Newport S> Polo J> Other Sports
Schoolboys Forge to Front and
Force Veterans of the Game
to Play Their Best.
Seventy-seven Results Chalked
Up on Board on First Day?
Lamed Defaults His Match,
as Critics Expected.
? ?sit Onrsepeudiiit of The Tribune l
Newport. R. I , Auf IS.?Youngs:? ?
came to the fore when the all-comers'
|gwn tenis ? hampionshlp tournaiu? ? t
S ? D th? ''asinf? indosurs began here
y. A. Draw, a eut
haired cherul'ic boy of sixtcm. of li
M tattOnally spectacular
tllfornla, ;t ?as the ? .
I who attracted the attention of
lbs ci n'as Maui k s B. M< -
I/O ;r ? r.. ? ? of ths I'av ?s < up
ma rute? we\\ and he was tl ?
onlv member of the victorious American
who had tvie opportunity to show hi?
i, fer H. Noms Williams, M, and
bnaon, each advaa id
default Mcl.oughlin took his time an?'
groat 4 Tort de?? atad 1
] .... g_j
The star .natch of the day. which held
; COUli f??r its ha; t
| rOVOd to he rather an in
,ind tame affair Nathaniel W
i ti Massachusetts State titi* holder.
? tr, Joosph R. <'.?r; ?
?i< :orm?r Pennsylvania Stat" ?ham?
ple yielded up his pla?-?
in .. -?! mati-h at f. 2, A??, ?> I.
Nile? ?vas Interaatlnf H?
. ? ? ? mad to part? ctkm. The
dm ? ? sa V through tlie o; ;
. " ' plenty of length and pace, hi.?:
h- compelled the atentloi I ? faliery
graced th" BOW grandstands, be?
- ... unto that (??
.the former national
- uttemptlng to corn'
N le? bas nevei w**rn the crown
and purple of the courts, bul there was s
-.lity about his pla> w t.-, n
Indlcat? I tint it would Pear a mor? ??
leal than Carpenter was abls to
? new championship court, by in?
way, met with unqualified praise. Tt IS
commodious, with ample room at tn?
- - and run backs, and it is completely
Isd by a wall, as the famous
?entre court, at Wimbledon, so that the
: ssi i of rael lonabl? spectau
the stands no longtr svrve to dlSCOm ? I
the players Anyway, ths peacock pa
was not in ev iden-e to-day. for the
attendance, which was of gOOdly propoi**
was chiefly ? ??nfined t<i th?? real
la?i t? ?mis love:.-. Who took great ?JeliRht |
I vvatching their favorites ::i action.
AltofOther, Bob Wrenn, as the refere"'
? I tournament, mad?- something of a :
1 for progress. The first round of ;
twenty mat'hes was completely <i?are?i,
sla bra? hats left open la ths
md of sixty?four contsats i??
actly ?.?v?": -.??ven results were chained
B ihe beard, of Which twenty were
All this was tn-complish.-d de-j
?pite a aavsn ginning
? ? , mornlna thai delayad j
- ?
I put ? ' th? lull ni i
arrived it had baea
it ' .i aspirant ?
?-. ? .- w*- to push th? o'.'ier players
hard before the finish of the tournament
iths of between si?- ,
eighteen ?-ears of age. who -
:. g : . s? is ? aaUy th?
t has ?-ver assembled here,
;t Is by no means cot ill tied to tn*
Besides lb? ?lever ! ?i > v.
? ?.. "biit.v ' <?f the lot. there are
-..an. the Pawling school
?hampion; William L McKlm, Winn?
the : ??????? title; Wlll
iam l-i'.air. the ???'umbla Interser?
j . tu... Of LhS Merion
Havertord, renn.; a. t..
jr.. of the UniToraitj ?>f Penn
s. snis f< resa. and J. O, Brown, jr . tas
r.ho<> l?.and IntS SCholaaUc title hold?r.
Th? ; lyers from tn? Padflc CToaat?Billy
i Clarence J. OrHBa ?nd John i:.
?'r,v ? ?1 out the list Last but Of
swans least was Watson M, Wasn
? the young Harvard player and ro*
rer- arlnaar of the metropolitan iham
It fell to Plllv Johnston, whose rlctorhM
|WOOd and In N?w York Ptat? have
i<ed him as of the first rank, to ellmi
I H.air Tie Utter, however, .lev-'
? ? f ?pee?l and .'? ha'-khand
M f"ii?-l the dashing efforts
of the ' sllfornlan 'n |ol up to the net.
It f.rmsr-ed one of the beat ? omp?titions
' ?-? M W ad i-nd was SCOTSd at
*?8. ?V 2 ?v? .. in his first round, in which
Johnston had racelVSd a default, Blair
def?at?l I B Phelley at ??i. ?>-t, I??.
Of the regulars. Gustave K. Tou? hard,
S Howard Voshell, Krederl? k C. Inman.
a *s?';. | Dabctay and WllUaaa J. ?"lothier
*? dnsd their reputations as to form.
TN default of William A I?arned. the
formar national champion, came as ex
- tad, end there was hardly a ripple of
rlaS a*han ths withdrawal was posted
or, the brack?:.
Bob Wrenn announced to night that
Williams and Touchard will hold the
main court to-morrow morning, and that
McLoughlln and Bundy ?ill defend th?
doubles ? hamplonshtp against fltrachan
and Orlfrln on Wednesday. The cham?
pions pvaettasd st doubles against Will
lams and fieorge Peal.odv Gardner, Jr.,
for th? lat? afternoon gallery, and work?d
th-ougb three furiously played sets.
There will be u meeting of the execu?
tive committee to-morrow night, at wht? h
importsnt details in conn?vtl?in with the
r>*vlB cup mat? hes of next year will h?
dis?"usse<l, as well as prospective legisla?
tion and laws for the game.
summaries follow
AU romer? national ? r_inpl?-n?hlr - . ?
?Ami roun.i- rtob?rio?i UrlswoM d?feei?4
' harte? ?.c*. t?T, i? t g?t; '??or? Rur???*
?efe_t?-<1 J W. '"aPert. r? o t> __ ( 1. Wil
i Jehaotao defeated Qectgi t a-i*?
defau.t. William H sir d?l?a??*d I B *.h?ll?%,
* 4. *i 4, S fl. ' Y. lap??-??. Oete*i?<\
?"hsrlss R tronar?!, t.y default; C, < v,l_et
1 _n?! entam?t ieeept f'wieht. ??. i ? _,
b?I g. C T".'i!??n ?1?f???e<l Huron K*rl von
?-?J-in??. *, 2 :?. se, t ? ?, 4 b. d?f?uli? .
H H'^ard \osholl d?f?atfd Harold Mart,
bars 'i?'.-,i ?,??r.?--. p TmKsnard ?
??? ? W?'!*r Roberta S '-'. n 0, e,
Kerrts WIIHama -d ?i?r?_i?1 n ch.um.v
??*. ?? .- lefsnlt; < 'Parles M gull, jr ?le
N ??'. Kira Oeuld. t 2 ? S ? !, f H
nar'rn ?r , d?f?et?"1 H Wallis Merrill?? K _,
* 2 tS - 'r-'ierl'l? <? Inrnsn ?l?f??'?'l I
M ss, S -4, 10?S, Jl?S; r??derli ? '
?'????'I t?t?nle\ f?os?r? 7 B, ?V g I
*-2. 6?7, 7 f? A f. Kennedy, 'r <1ef?st??1
J*'Ph l. P.Agg* -, f, t L I e,. ? g; John
J? ?'r-'P.n 1ef?s???1 F T rreviinghvjvsen.
'? *? ?. S .'( Thomas ? Bundv ?1?f?stei?
* n K?-nr,?<1% e ), ?*? 1 ?P g'. f'.?r'.n H'.r't
'?s Uranei d?r*?f??l Un.lt H H?-..?!??, a 2.
?x ? J. I'?sn M??.??} detenitA, )t a Joi.n
Baby Speed Demon Captures
Cup on Lake Michigan.
Chicago, Auk. II The Bsby Breed
?Damon, owned by Coramodere J Stuart
Mgckton, ??f th?' Atlantic Yacht ?'lub,
Ifrvirerl conspicuously in the opening
hampior.-hip reg.-.tta Of the Associated
facht and I'owor BOSl ?'luhs of America
iere to-day h- sinning the cup f?*>r the
:wenty-foot ?la??? Her time for the sir
Spa Of two mile? ta* h whs 17:F>1 1-"?, five
'oionds faster than the cireRon Kid.
ehl i; flnlahed aecond, an?i is i-f? seconds
?etter than the Hazel Tl. which BnlshSd
third and last.
The water was a bit too < hoppv to set
the best out of the ??oats, the Hazel IT.
arhi'-h bad pretty much her own way of
t at Toledo in particular flr,j.n~ the
?oinc dlatsateful. The Kitty Hawk. Jr.
?f Canton, rthi?>. which did the tw, re
Tilles in B'Ji WSJ eliminated in the first
rial by Bsby Hellsnce, pj|M The lat?
ter, however, ?n? not -cady when the
Itartlng gun for the finals was sounder)
t ? ?? apeedy Bsraacle, a Chlcsgo crsft, ol
a-hich mu. h bad been expected, w-as un?
ible to turn over her wheel at the ap?
pointed moment and the Haz'l IT maele
Ihe trial hf.it alone In 2! ill l-B.
All Prepared for Opening Race
of Atlantic Club Regatta.
Il is expected that more than tfZty
? ??at- will ^ali in the opening reicntta Of
Ih. annual rSCC week of the A'la: I
fsehl Club to-,lay The atart and the
Snlsh will be at Sea Gate and the warn
anal Will b? set a' : ?" "' loi k.
| ? that have COPM from
- ?? ; Bound are five of the I '
.,-? that made ?wh a aenaetlon
n Larchmonl These little fettes? Iihv
I noVSlty of the vt-rir and arc
?!? te -i to make lota of spoit.nK Motory
it ?-ea '.ate. Thev fly th.- burgee of the
? . Fschl Club, an orgsnlsstlon thst
ilso hsi asnl A W Knspp'a Leon, C, P.
i curlew, ?'. ?; Ideyer'a Hover,
Bk) lark and the i!"<io. which
to A c Andreas. Tbsea beata
Ht. all It, the Mrd class
Nme atsi ata ah ire at Si a Qst<
In the fleet is .1 Aile) s Twinkle <; V
*ory> Little Dipper, \ 1' f'"r' ? s* ?
Faraway, C. E. Devenpprt'a Knot. C R.
- Sept une, W K I? Emareon a Tau?
i W s Ms? Intosh. Oemtni ami
Big Dipper Two of ?h* first division of
the handicap els? ?vill "ail each day
Thev are R ,', Budd I AleWt and the Hu
hills, th? ?property ol ?H. J I ?
Committee Fails to Pick De?
fenders on Second Day.
IfsrblShead, Mas? Aug Ik T1-.. em
mitt? of ,ye Beetern Vaiht Club which
?t the tesm of three American
lOndei Vachta tO meet t? e Herman trio
m the International match n?xt month
?as no neerei Its objee I to-night than on
last BstUrdSy The six -a?ht? whi'h sur?
vived Saturday's elimination? ar? Sil 001 -
tenders for the honor of making th? t? ?>??
iu.lv fine rac>- was sailed to-day. al?
though another w?- attempted Tl
ornlng wsa little mor?
a drifting ntStCb, in which Charle? Y: a:.
l?sma M was sdmlttedly th? moal
fort?nete ble boat Harpoon drifting serosa
th? line a winner This pave the liar"1"1'
lv.r. v.'. tori's in fh?- r ;.??.? a ??d? ?all??!.
? ih p Curtil ' ivitig
le>toriea snd th? Bprlg, owned bj
I 1. Saltonstal! having two to It? CM
There- was even lese wind In tue aft?:
noon, and when the boats were hslfwa
to the weatb'r mark thev were ailed
bsch by the committee, which ?nded rac?
II g foi the da; ?
Hen H I > i. \v : : z. a member of the crew
r?f the challenger Wlttelabaeh X srrleed
h?:? 10?da) H< watch? ?i the day ? ra?
ing from the committee i?e?nt
Tbe lumman follow?
!.;?: ? ;
tlwn'HA. ? f Adorno, 2-1 .1 ?'U .
Lewell . |:SM
?-i?tll! . 1
I ten . i V' M ?
K. If. Mean i ??? *
P. ?Turtle i 12 ??i
Three ten-round bout? will be the st?
traction a? the Atlant!? Garden athlattc
1 lub tO-nlghl In the main eontSSl >imni. '
Lambert. th<- hard-hitting lightweight.
Will face Jimmy Fasane, the U ? st Side l
man. In the a? mi-final Mike Cisne] COS?
? ; th? it.ii'an bsntsmwslghl ebsin?
plon, will take on "Kid* Qoodatsn. a local
he eif.enlng mate h will be h?tw*<-n
"Young" Olougkery an?i niII? Meyers,
ol The Hronx.
' Pattiing" Levinsky will flgin -.aider hi?
i nient at the Atlantic Ath?
letic Aaaociation of Hammel s station.
Itoikawa.v ?Beech He las foi-aken the
title of Barne) Williams In iiIh match
with ' Hallor" White, with whom he )s
scheduled to battle- i?n tounds in the main
beul Tn a s)?e, lal ten-round eontea?.
"Pinkey" Hums the lOtWpound ?hamnion.
will faee Jlmmv 0'N?*ill, a bov wh?. Will
force the title holder to the .limit.
? ? a I ft I; Ciarme? .1 (Irlffin de
? - H Went? | \ d..f_ul>
.ind ' W ?'ole defeated VV A
>'?- defsul? Wurn'd BwalB 'lefaa'e-1
C I, F-Yalley. i. I, C, | n i \\ |. M i? i.
?r .??Mated Haro'i It il? ckett i <|ef_u't.
'.?- It?- Wlghtm?n defeated K. II lU'pfiol by
ly inard i<?eK.rii?n det's'ed Allein
'? ?> 4. ft .1 ? 3. fanning l'"?dl<k rf?
feuteri i? d Morgan, ? ,1 ?? f, no vv 9
Burden defi-atel Leonard Thottiu ti 0 ft 2.
?i 1; A I> 'lanipiin <lefe?t?d L Oi-.ldmejr
I ... ?Kfnilt. i;?'?rte PeaNv1\ (Jardner )r , ie
f?n'M I?r l?>!n(f Ta.yloe is\ ?Wn'ilt. >>???,
P'ieMon ?lofeateij n VI N Oamhtli: by rf?
fault. H. ?? KacMnaetV ?1?f*ate<l <M,.r:^n I.
'Iillrfa. ft 4 I I, A .'1, \ Nathaniel W Nil?-?
? ?.e'enteo JOWpIl Ft <arr>enl?r H 2. ? S. H I
Will tara L, MiKim dettmesd, s M Veea,
?S | a .'( 7 .'.. ?"iar.lner Heals rf?f?at?,l A H
DstUM 'S?O, ? 2. i b; Alfred r? Mammetf
defisalad C v Bschensn, ? .*>, I S, ?? |?
r e latine-. d?jf?_t?d P A Valle, 0 0,
K | a C, Rnwiatiii Eeran?, Jr . ?lefeat.-?! Rl?h
aiS St?-v?ri?, a 9 * 4 H ^. Alfred CM_MD
?1?feat??i1 A W Merrlam. I> defa'.il' A ?
.f'.hnaen ?Tefeat??! ?".??-?rge M. rtuahmore. * il
a I a 0. W, D, h?nv-on flef?aie?1 Stewart
a e'U?hman ft I, S?t? ft l Wstaaa M
V.a?hb.irn defeated r> ?' .Tn#eph?. S?t. S?1,
ft?.'I, C S nittlnr d?feat?d I" I' Harvey,
a ,", t I a I; ? C. I~? defeated r. il
l'Uon ? i a I, a 4 ; J s Csmeraa )r
defeated F"red II Harn? ""? Srfaultj William
M .lohr.stori defeated William Hlalr. ft ,'i ? I
?'? .' <; ? ?,ike? ?"?lier ?lefeated <; P3 Up?coin,
? 'h il) I llnoarl V ?hell d?f*atr-?J F. ?'
wllaoi C 2 7 B I '??erg? H QrOM
defeat?. ?; L i*??? ? 9, a 2. .1 a,\
I ] !. Il Uh|lvl d'feated M H K?-r
r.fi. han a 1 a f?. e; n r: w ?4??iur? ?!?
fenied Wllllatu Lean. D " ? I ? '? KOti
M n?!-r d?f?at?d F.daar W l?">nard. h- -d?
fault; Rowland Hazard defeated A I. ^nd?.
?. I a ?; 11 :i I <? Brf??n ir ?lefe?led FO
M Measle? h\ d?fa?jlt. Ptanlev Heinahaw rf* I
tot ?' '. J h H Taylor, ? 2. ???- ? 2 ?.
?' ?"'.nlln defeat?! B F' l'""n. Jr ? - ?, . II
:i c, g 4 7 I .1 U M-vi'i? defeated I/nili |
I I?r?\fi,?. By default Walla? F. .lolm?on I
lefaated y-**. HcKean, to default. H?nrv \\
Slo'un? ?l?feated I*?r?.n.? ?uril? 2d. a .1
H 2. H 3 FA f>r?w ?lef'atel P I I ale?
?' 1 a 4 ft e, W I' Rr<?wn?'l detriltd Y
(???rinn hr default. Mauri? e I M?'
~e,jghlln defeated Am'?? Tin-hott. ft 2 ft ".
H 2. Hnffman \|rker?nn defeated TAIIlism 1>
?koarsa a 2 ? 2. ft 3 Hie*isrd H F'?imer
?!?feat?d .! r> flrati: a 1. ?? I, ft -' '' '
Felton defeated Thomie Imnlap. * 0. ? S
a I; .li.?eph .1 Artnatron? defeated J *
B.ll. ?T . 7 ?j ? 3. a 4; Itibert l*ro\ de
f?at?'i A f: r?teraon. ft 1 t?X, 9 \: ? B
H Ymaermtsl defeated Kdwin T Torrey. ft *.
* I .. t (Mora? M .'hui'-h defeated Wen
.Ml S. Kuhn, ft 4. ft 2 ? I William J.
??I-,? hi?- def?at?d Ba?U v\ aaner. 6 2. O-O,
et 8; Walt?r l. Paie defe?'ed H. I. never.
S?S. S? 1, S?i- F W faul defeated *i. "?
Peak. Jr , hv aefault, I?r Wlllum Ro??n
baum defeated V. B. Krumbhaar. ft ? 1 <*>,
7 :,. F i? \Vn?>d??ard ?lefeated William A.
l.an,?d. hv defa-jlt H C ?iwen ?iefeated
Bwlng stin? a a. a 3 a ?. I 2. i(i 1?'
.I?rrv H. Weher defeated Franel? Roeh? iV-*.
r. ? h i a :i <; W Thllllp? defeated F
n Pasrson, 7 :,. a I 9-4 t t, ; ?^. Oossnt
Bur?-??? de'eat?d R'.herton e;rl?weld. ft 4 a 1.
a 0; Front U. Watroua defeated R J Snm
m?r. ft 4. ft 1. a 1.
Defeat Perroquets in First
Contest for Westchester Cups
en Field at Newport.
F. H. Prince, Jr., and Lieutenant
W. W. West Both Hit by
Mallets and Play Is Tern- *
porarily Delayed.
[ By TW'Rraph to Th? TrfbtUM. 1
Newport, R i . (.un. i& Th? polo sea?
son at th? WeU her?- r Club opened
n.:?? afternoon with .? match between the
Sandpiper? and th? Perroqueta the same
hem* the t:,rst n ?he serlei f"r the West?
ehester ? ?; 1 < Bandpipers non .?it':'
eifhl !.s:.? ;.',i .1 period? I i ol I
?" _'?, 'Pu- onesided result however,
??oes not tell the truc ?tory of the game.
tot pla? front the start to the en?l v> -
fast -a:.') furioua At imes It vvh? d?'iri-l
edl) r<? igh. Rushes for the 1 ? lte?l
In frequent mix-ups ;tn?l th? clashes of
mallets ended In one "t the players, F. n
Prince, jr. being struck twice Lieuten?
ant w W W ?st, arho was playing back
on the Bandpipers, v?._? also im Back
time it ?au? neoesarj to stop the n
for .?? while to sllow the men to re? ei
from th- blow? ir, w., flrsl period roung
Brilr ' was Obliged !" lav ?iff foi .v
ute.?. He was again hurt in the f" ??
period and West w a - injured tempoi i
m the firth.
The plaj a-as bard n every in
?. ond snd third it v?,,
-1 no ros i i" Ina med? In the?
rloda In th?? fourth and ?
there v?a- mon open ? ork don? I
La Montagne ?i? in fine form, and
and Btoddi rd did most of th? sg foi
the Sand] ?hile 1 H Prin? ? s: .
and i', m Brim . Jr., srer?
for n ? Pe? roo ?' ?'
The game ??reu a big CXOWd fr??m the
? immei colony, ind Sarragai
was r< pr. ?ented 1 ? large delegstlo In
the crowd from New| ' srer? III
Mr? Ufred Q \ ;?? lerUII and his London
k . h i, Mr. snd Mi? Mil bel Hen
Til-- line-up follous
m n sr
i \v D, Rtrslgtii III '? " ? nee. Ji . ?
:? ? .. - . ? 2-P. II. Pi s. st.. S
n i. F v \ i_>? . ?
P.; ? la??.' vv " Back -P. A. O
VV>. I
i; Tetel It
?Stie ?2i. s ? - -
Karne-I SOS i
is?, r. ii. i ? ?
?. . . . . -
tVilltsn? Oroi '
Word wa? received from Lot I ?
last Btgl ' '1st th? ' Il ?"?'?
? io,? and .,"' Rivera eel i"r Laboi Daj
has been poeti ? * ?
River?? was taker. ?|ek arhll? 111 ?
asked thai the battl? be est bs k s week
giV? Pirn time to r? : * ,-?
< TOM at MM e agre? ,?
Bine? th? llghl between Withe RRchle
and Freddie Welsh ha.? sis?, been i ?'
poned ? n ? at an h n to th?
ter, Tom McCari endeavoring i
s map-i. bet*? rosa and th? cl amp on
to bs fought In his anna al Vernon on
?Labor Daj '"r.??? bas signified his ?
Ingnes? t.. meet th? champ row!
rests w Itb Rib hi?. I
Jockey Club Stewards Confirm
Sentence of Watson and Reid.
!Br..ni a staff ? ?-?rr'npond' r?.t r.( T'.- Tflbaa? 1
Saratoga, Ang Ml?Ths stewards of the
Jockey ?'luh to-day confirmed the report
of th? stewards of the Westchester Hac?
ine .SSOClatioa In the matter of the sus?
pension .?f .T??hri Wilson, a Jockey, and
?? ? ?= Raid, a farmer jockey. Both voung
men wire ruled off the turf for "corrupt
practices." Wilson made a puhli?' con
that he had a?'?ept?d a hribe ot
n.M. t?. pull th. f'lly lielft In the ROSS
dak Btal.es at Bahnenl Bark The hrlhe
was given hy a person known as "I>ollar
John." an Bas, M? character in th?
parlance of the Ksst Sid*? he "double
croased" "Dollar John," whose regular
nain-. Is John Lancer, and won with
I" 1ft
II. went to the stewards with his eon?
feealon, it is said, when "I'ollar John"
demanded th.? return of the $1.0?R) on pain
. sinp Mm. Wilson, it Is aUsgad?
. ., if neral ? OltfSSalon in whl?h he ?d
mftted that he had pulled Worktne Bad
sn?i otbei horaea p.eid, it Is eharged,
SCted as the liitermedlarv between "I'ol
lai .I<hn and Wilson.
A ?ranting has he??n s?r,t out to all
track ?hick rtfifgnlsi the jockey Club's
suthorit) that "Dollai John" Id psraona
? ?? grata, ami the request is mads that
???? n? kepi away from the race? "Dal?
lar John" wat- active at llelmont Park.
Roban Mendelsohn, whose name was eon?
i.? lad with Um s.andal <>r !*lnnllv. ?. not
mentlonod by the stewards In their re?
port to-day. th<- mf.r.p, being that he is
guiltless Of complicity In the affair,
No Hits or Runs Off Dahlgren,
"Rube" Schauers Mate.
or, w s. Aug IS, In a KOrthem
League gam? hare yesterday, Cj Dabi?
of Superior, blanhad Qrand Forks
srlthout a hll i?ahlgren was
with the i',n?innati Reds tin? sp'ine snd
r. ...v.?! sn unconditional relies? aft?r
?line trip, m w hi? h li? wan wild.
? ' nat.e. tli??r. w :, s
emblancs of a hit and ?.e sralked
? ? 1 our ?iraii'l Forks play
? r i ? a lied first, MM on a muff of ar?
Alechine Wins Tournament
Played at Scheveningen.
n i?s.a hpI ! ran. e eairled off th?
chief b ?'.<? International chess
? < nt h?t'.<?. ' rtesn plavcrs
wi.'.h ?as heui a? Bchevenlngea, in the
The first prize w?nt to
.led n< of Moscou mho m_?i?
i r? ?if i''7. an 1 th? second to D
lei ..' Par?a wh?. followed with
11 Alerhtn?. who is oniv twenty-twe
i .| not lose a ?Kin? until the
final round, whan Janawskl d?feated
Th? English 1 ' es, was the
?? to d?feat Janowski w | -, sleo
Irew gal . . ,n*t I u "11a- 1 and
? ? between v.. hin.
and *t .??? 11 ' ''raw
The score I '
Wen if,*i P:a??r Wee Itr?
* . ? 11?. P., MI?P?S ?
Jai ?-.?.I 11 2 I tuiiir.d. ?. " 1
l 4 '.?? .? ???*, :?,
I _??? I ! ?v-i Lomee. I '
'..??'- ? ?j , ?- ... ? s
Ftreyei " . '-,-?'? ? 11
K'?'??? ' ? ? ' sa rar ?sel fl r
' ?? ? r log II R luis B Richard?
son h formet Broan football v.,?. who a?
or.?? im? w rt> chosen ell?Ameri_s Quarter?
'A alt- r ' amp, d "I I ? t? to-day of
mis He ?a? in hii thlrtyelghth
??a- A wife and two ?!:.di?n survive.
Full Summary of Racing
at Saratoga Springs Track
v '. ia,
m.-r RACK a? Ina f-? tw? > ? i MOO ? et an furi?-rr? atari pee
?Irh in*, pla-? ????i- VV Inn- ? ' V unk?. ?ni?e?v ? ?Im? ! 1.13 : ?>?n?r. An
?-i? Ml t? ?inei v
Hora? .F .w ai . '? H
An tit. ? " '?: ' I
v?i... SitOl! H * 7" ?
T:??? Mu? Ii 10 - ' ' ' 4 . '
\ ratai Uli 6 i
rtoben Olivet 7 iffi : ? k * i
K'.ifii??* * ti" i 2? : I e'
. ?: 4 e- .v 4-- 7'
ram al ii 11 a i > k
Itf IV.
t M T na?t
? ??
v? ?s.
' , ?I.
ir- H?M1n?
,e>p?n Hlfh I_?l
: ?
7 l
? |
7 ft
1 2
7 .'?
? |
? I
Ani'lme, fonm? ail 'Ce pace
tila B?r from a lai (??itinln?
M - ' ?s < ?" * ' lad ??" aaaihf beit. and cloaeJ
Il...?? M -.- '? : ? I '" ? ?'
t?., mu??
r Tlm?-. i
BCCOND RA?r*B --.?-. h*te, Pen Ihre? ??r ??:: m?|,|en? IBM add?d AI??..
atari F" : ni ? , ???.?. (VI nn? t- f. I BlUedala Mahnte
I :," ? >" i ? ?t Tramer. J I. ?
H ira?
P W St
'I--. I
il 13'. 2
Isa Ftr
1? Y
4 4 I
| -
Fin I Jockay.
i ? ralie
2 *i II?' I
4 Allen
Mltel "i
IOmiI n*
? .:
i'?p.n H!c I_?>
"2 * I U .'?
ir. a .?.
aft *> ?? s i
Il .??> j?
ft 2 7 2 7 .
a l" i
i% 99 '-??
I.'-- :? ?
|.eumea <
lu- port ..... 2 1<7
Hum! lt? ...17 188
j 3 mit_ _
Hand? ill Around | ? ???t??d to win a"?- f?, s ?.'i tr.e
? flr?t ??art IM>Panianl e"-?* bail h-Bdlad llh'tnt? I???' h
La poert f'H ai IM fourth an I Humilia ai Ihe I'll. ?_
THIRD fia'T: AL-man-, HANDICAP; f??r tir? r?er ?lila; H.OT g?tante?! Ita ?feriases
atare i-,'?! Woa ?an, . plan ?ai ? Winner, ?h ? . y, , ?-?marl BweM Attee Time,
1 || n?n?r. E It I trad le-. Ii?m?r. , llnmnvi, 1
? ,. Bellet raeed ?ameiv f??r
I? rldet at the ??? ond Jump.
? ? Choir
Ian \nierl?an
Tiin'-li !<"" ?
? I -. ? '.?? n n ?
Poi ?it? Hleu
? ? . ?n ! ? ip
?In S.',niii?l
'I rij'i Mark
\r w |m ?
V 117
u 122
1 I I o
7 111
2 11"
4 l??7
.'. II
I 111
? .
?- .
H I?
M 2'
41 a ??
4 >
I Jykey.
Lof tu?
Bj m?i
I .?? %rm
I ?a? ?
|J M?-T?art.
|(?p*n. Hl?h I_?t.
13 .1
11 I
M li
ft 2
1 2
2 ft ]
.". I
3 I
BrifdUr'? Choi? eajlly he.t. lad plant* left at the end. <?a!n?r had no SHSSS Pan
Am?ri'?n ran hla I-e?? ?See an?! cloned r*?ilut ely In the laat furl?.-?
p-iilRTM Ft?' K aalllSS; IhfSl I ??r ?'d andu?,ward ?ent lernen rider?. MOO added S?? en
?urinn?. Bun |.i tVoi ea?lly. piara erlrina >? inner. rl-, <? . by feui-ar? .r,?r,
M?. Time 127 4.'?. <>v.n?r. ' J '..?.'nn ?r-elner. .1 T Mavberrj
Virile -
Waer Uele?
Flvlna Yankee
P W st
? ? .
'? 142 ,
1 14" 2
2 157 I
ft IV. ft
:. lie 4
. s
I? I?
I? I
2 ? I ?'
m a*
Btr rin I
ft* r 1
:\ 1 2'
2- 4'
4 ft?
i? r.
Mi .i raer
v. Wiiet.
Mr.n lei
Mi n T
Mr Alien
Mr .'???I'l
I,-'? -Bettln?.- -
|upen. Hlfh. Laat. fl Id
7 2
i i
hi? ?ar Wat??- We.le?
K!>in? Vankee ran
Vlrli? ?na nuih tl?? baal and. nutrun t? the ?tre??-h rinsed
. \nted r?enlr*t'T f?wnplln?eni hun? on ?en after forrtnit all the pa??
awai ?even furlor.jr? afier nni?hing.
F1KTH I'.A-'i. Ilan-li ?! tOT OK ??'?. |aM ?d !??! O-M re"? HSft POUT. WSS eSSlf
r,l"e., ?am- W:nn.-i Ir r?, > ?Ta tarer ew SanUara Mme. 1 ..?S ? ft Cwn-r. g ?
Cowdln Tra?ne'. (,e?^?e l.enn
hv annanoa
Hedge .
Ra? n??at .
Hunll'en ???_ _^_
Rwannanoa. ?iff mnntn?. made a ?h?-?? et Ver r??mpan>.
bett Hamlll'-n had ll?tl? rhonre with ihe ?t? rt
Heder* ?aa
ea?llv aerond
Bellln?; fir thre.
BIXT'l BATK _______________
Wr.n ea/ll-. ?la?*? dru In? Wlrner Pr r
1 ?i 2 ft Oeeer, H Mor?e! Tralnar. R
|p/.p?ie. I^?trade
Bia- ActfOM
At?lin .
ear ell? and up-?H |fW?l added On? mile ?tart ?nd
i?>- r<ark?S4?e la< ? etbltel n?'?? "'"?*?
g. WalUtn?
w-re.e.- i?d ratad i-nind th? par? to eh? ?trateh. eame away ?a?i:> wh?n
lmmZ uw tSonroea greed a Ma W '-1'" A? traaa qnlt badly.
Picks Up 117 Pounds and Races
Away from Punch Bowl
and Gainer.
John Tucker Rides Him Home
in Front After Running Water
Welles Under and Out
sprinting Compliment.
1 Bj To|<?erm.h te Th?? Trlbei
Saratoga, N v.. Aue. Ig. Bradley**
Cholea, bearing the *iiks <?r Kdward R.
Bradley anrl running ;i Pit hP. ? the
form h? showed last week In his maiden
race, took the Albany Handicap, one of
ths beat <>r the Saratoga Asno? lotion's
hummer spSCialS fOf two fSaT-OldS, flu?
afternoon from a Brsl . lass Held With
117 pounds in the saddle, the son "f
? 'iriMfl AV.d Bwdet AllCC easily ?Irfe.-itfl
the Bastara staks srinasrs <;;iiner and
Punch Bowl, not to mention Pan Amer?
ican, Ha'pennj and two or three others;
??overlns; three-quarter* in 1:1 ?, flat, rat
tllng Roo?i time for s two-ysar-old
He whs llk.'d I y muet of th? frSQUSOt?
ers f.f the ?lui.house and had an mu?'h
of ? call as either Gainer or Punch
Row I. w ho were .supposed to he the ,-on
tenders His race ?an impreeeive Tak?
ing the trark In th" flint sixteenth, ?f
tei a sood hieak. he held command ta
ttie finish ill spite nf the [.einistcn t Of?
torts of ??.iin.T nml Punch Howl to Ret
to him
i ty't Choice swerved a hit In the
homestretch r??jt bs war i leai si .1 did aoi
Interfere with snythlag Gainer which
aras conceding three pounde to him,
' ??: ? > ? ither ?lid V in?-h Mow 1,
win. h srore ?? I ".i for the first time
Punch Bowl really finished third by half
;i length, although the judges of the
?? mort? sn show money.
Th?? vveath?-r WSS oppressively hot for
Baratogs and tbe ira? k waa ug fast as
lightning Th'e attendance tell off a
lit. Not more than ihr?-? thousand per?
ein th< grounda sn Indifferent
??how iiiK tl. ? .??< .????
Th?? MPariy Hand ."-. ? * ?? cht was
a eeillna race at three-quartei I
mile for platers <>f th?- thr?? and up
division, which drew a Held of SlS, and
IB vv hi- h _?-ntletnen riders "r
The .?tarter? irsrc AugUel
Belmonl - Belamour, nith H ?? ? Tu? i r
?.?<).li?- Bob? : t Miller .? Water
Welles Tommj Wright up; Jamea But?
ler's Compllmenl J. : . riding,
Moltke, ii'i'i'ii Of Mi Csaaidy; Plying
'?;? \ ? ? ?! Virile,
on ** hlch Mr j, Tu? kei had ths i
Richard T Wilson's Plying Tankec had
II i.? ore ths start snd hs ran ons
of his bad racee, for i ng well
up with the ii*?.- h? dropped out
running when tk team? brisk
,?r..t brought up nexl ?
? .1 n aero the
then to the tui n for horn?
? ir. Which was giving Mg weight to
everything n h.' race passed ?t up. and
Water Welles and Virti? ck i
v\ ster B ? ?? ????? i
sewed up a furlong ftorn the finish, but
.. k< '? ' .pp. ?I \ :r:;. o H t., win in
i Compliment brought up third His
rider, Jimmy But!? I <? I I .is fit as
w-re t1. ? gentlemen rideri He h.id
l?eet, hard al w.irk in an oAce They liad
? . ?' -
Blliott ' owdln's Bwannanoa, which
failed to beat prite In s hand
last w ., . ok t?i-day In
an overnight race over the sam? distan'??
and rodeen ? d her i sp itatloi Bui
? '-..t ..n the boreee named to ??? aver
Light o' M' Life, Plying Pntry?
Cliff K<iK'. Mission and two or three oth
? r- - ral ??'!. and nothing was left with
?ufltcienl sp? sd I go slong ??* II
rose mare the Aral half According?
... ?>.?? lumped awaj Inl ? i big lead an i
si fui ncs at such speed that her
Sluggish opponents were si.i on their
h??,?)-. Bhe w..ii with s lot to spars ?n
tin flat, and HedRe, lightly weighted,
heat Barnegal for th?. pia?-?-.
?wannanos i la the stable ?f Major
Thomas Clay McDowell, of Lexington,
snd Mr McDowell tried hard to rut his
?.wn mar?, Htar ActrOSS, a ???Iltnic plat"r
bj sinr Bul . ?.ver in th? last, another
i da?h of a mile, fli.t .-?tnr A tress ?as n. r
I vous and fldsrety In the paddock and sh"
! did not ti-n si well as lbs milcht ha.?'
i Aft? r loading the batter part of three?
i guarters of a mile shi jrieMed to Working
i_i'i, which came home the easieet of win
n?.is, with Inspector Lsatrads m the place
Inspector Leetrade, a slow P??ninner, cam'*
; f r..m h long ?v ??.? t.i? a
i Anytime, of Um stable of Andrew Mil*
1er and Trioiniis MOMthnn, WOO tin fust
trac?, a three-quarter gaah for ?ro-year?
old*, because Mr, Wilsons Naiad, which
likes to hav.i thS rail to lbs r.Kfit, r.m oui
all the way. If Robert ? ?liver had not
b?en outMde of N?ilad la the 1ash op the
bmkstielrk the <?_den fliiy would have
fon?? to the ?nitaide ti-nc^ In tic. turn. AS
If wan, Robert ??liver k? pt h? r In ami
N.ilad clos??l rapidly through the horn? -
BtrOti h. to he beaten a hea?l on the post
FIRST HACK.?-Pell?n? fer ?l.r?e ?ar-oll? an I
upward. 1-00 added SU furl?,liga.
Lads i.nhtninf ii? Brier ''??h. U|
J.j? Knight 111 ?PetehW .110
?i?e??itn .lUIOeneste .KM
llr.bnoh .114 "Honey Be?.104
v ' 1U l .ni ta IM
H_?-iiM? BACE. gteepiechaee hsndlesp; fer
d ,- . ?ar-i.i'i? sad ?award; IMS added About
two mil?? an?l a half
?iuii ?'ilion UM N.????__ .tl.?
.shannon Klv?r.Ill Usai? Plat.i.t,
, .i ., .? ,.. 14* Garth .130
Dissenter ..IM
Meo tilglble;
Hinonlal? .1?..'
THino KACn. Pendillons; tat twa-yeai-eMe;
MM edded. Fu? ?n.i a ti^if furteage
V?nder?rtft. 117|?p<-sr ll?-ad. PK?
. ?v n Mr,?-?in. II? lUm I.10,
snMiin? . I 111 Seel us . IM
Surprising. I"".? ?'Ilff PleM. 110
??lUg.n lot?. Armament .190
Stromlxill . 109.
Fiii'RTH ItACg -.-?vftANA?' HANDICAP; for
tin.?? ????r-old?. 1700 added "n? mils.
Ro, 1 Mem 111? Klilni Kalrv. Hi
Cock ?v rh? Walk 13 ??mprir? . PI9
Itsnchaira Ht Sight Stick ''VI
FIFTH BACI ?s?lllng, for two ><?ar ?Mi, I???
?edded ill furlong?
Yankee Tre?1. 110lFn??r R?y. 10-?
I ndaun?*?! .IU?i ?Vnlaurl . 10ft
An>tltn? . t?V> Delft .t?6
ThA fr.hln. HS I Saleo .MS
?'hrlntnphlna . IO.'oHinall .I0J
Olrl B?n . I Of. Ilu.la * F?rnth?r ]Ol
[.IP ? inn? M *H?.iirt P,eA\ ft
SIXTH HACH ? For mal?l?n two year-"lrt?, |4<M
.li.ri Fire and a half furlongs.
Surprising .. Ia* TmnM .101
Wat.r l?vl.IOS Huniliutlon .IOS
J Nolan .1 <_ I ?ombra.IM
Br*-ml?v . 1C4 El Bind. 1?V?
E! Mshll . 10* Fror,tl?r . 10ft
Hsart Beat.IM Monnston? .1<*
?a rr-?n'i.-? SHeerstwe nt five pounds eiglmed.
Weath?r r.?ar, Ira-k fait.
Off for Block Island Sound to
Engage in Man?uvres.
Newport, Auk. IS?The eleven battle?
ships of the Atlantic fleet saile?1 to-day
for Block Islaml Sound, where they will
engage In man?uvre?
FTiday the fleet will proceed t?i Hamp?
ton Hoads, and. after putting aahore the
midshipmen who have l.een cruising with
the ships, will continue to Guantanamo
Hay, Cuba? for target and torpedo prac?
Claeinaatt Auc; H -The Chicago Na?
tional League dub was to-day fined I.VjO
by the National Baseball Commission for
farming player? to Louisville, of tue
American Association, under side agree?
ments not sanctioned. William Orayson,
jr., former president of the Louisville
?l'if?, vvho is not now amenable to baae
ball law, is debarred from connection
with any national agreement ?'lub until
he ha" been reinstated by the commis?
lunrlaa, .*> ;:t. eur.??t. 8 54. nvxin rlao?. S.M.
BMOH I UK?, 17.
A.M. P.M
Sandv Hook . t> ??? '?''?"?
Governor'? i?iand .f> h_ i? 42
H-ii Oat? 11 22 11..12
'the Melllir Otav, l?p?Tf?l a? Ug tn I "? OOSt
: H-.'l< at .'? a 111 >??t?rJav. !? ?ape- ?? 1
k thl? foraieoew
The Kalaer Wilhelm II, report?'! a? ,'?P0 ml!??
I eaut Of Band] H"?,k nt * a m -. 1 .-:?rdav, la ex
I pacte?! lo d'.-k thi? afternoon
TIM llrem?n report??! a? MB mil?? ?a?f of
'?' ? ai i",,,ii ? eeterdaj? I? 'v; ?- ted to
dm k W ,-dni ?'la v for? r.?v?r
I li?. PrMldml i'.rant. repert??! a? W mil??
?.i>! at lend) Hook ?t 7 a n peetartar, l? ?x
la -1'? k U e?]r.??]a)- forenoon.
Ve??el Tcrt. Un?.
?-Kaiv-r vviih 11. Bremen. An? 12 .n ?? _
I *H?lllS Otaer . . .? 'iin?flan?an?1. A'lK F> I an Am
I .?alamar-* .. HaatbUI K. A III ."? .Hain-Ati
? - V IK II P P. Ft
Manola .Port Ltaoa am 11 0 Fruit
? . . tua ii .Wars
I ' ? ' laraeatan, Aus II 11 Pa
f - ivanr.ah Sa'.a'inah. Au? 1?! ... Is*
. . Jackaonvllla, Aug. IS
aKi'NK-i'Av, si oua
lewtbaeiptas, au? II Sfgtar
'President Oraai itambur?. au? I...Hamb am
HSen -. auk I.Pran? h
Firemen.Br< t.,?n. A .c I V ? 1 I
Triton .. .... Hamburg, Aug ? .llamb An
Kl Nnrt?. OalviMteM), Au? 14 So Va
Ko? ?ne.Km Orleans, Au? H St?i?i;:
Vaata .iabtoa, auk i.i ? ? ?? ?Std Oil
l.enape.faekeonv lile. Au? 17
a?1e|pht?.. San ; ..an. A;? IH P.< 1 T?
. Halifax. An? Ih . Hrd ? o?.
?Santa Marta Kit? on, \ ir II Vn Prall
Vni?-rl?-*n Utt?M An? t? .Phoenix
?;.???-,?? Aug I - 1
Sam cri?an? 4?i? 1a s<> Pael
lile, Aug II ' ". > I
?Kin?* n-.all.
." I'AV
Ma I \ ?????1
v??.?ei. For. Una riaaaa tolla.
? . ?r-1 P '?? * ',i 12 '?> tn
? Crlatohol P R R 11 *>>*?*?. ?..??:? m
F <W ir? ? ri" nenVH. Hi ne? a m
. _ ani. Hol-A- 10 00 a m
-. - 12.?a
'?runa H A 1" "?'? m
Kllvia Ha ana, Ira ? nan :
r n .i? ?. ?a- ?? ? ? ?
'..,.,.... -
? ? p m 1 ne, a m
'?"ran, e. Havra Fror, - T ?" a m 10:00a m
Zulla ; 1:10 am 12:011
1:00 a m 11:00 a m
' imal? ? Y Print 8 :in a ni 12 ??? m
1 r 1. ? ?
?Sant la? " 1 ??>,- m
TU' f'SI'AV AUOl Wt 21
?.m?-rika. Hsmburs, H-A , 1 ?r> a m 11 on a .
? Ha ana, u ?1 i !?? ??? a m : nop m
Ha? II, H v 1 ??? p m 4 on p m
? -, ? :.??.-?: '?' -? . 12 00 m
? , ? - - : '? 1 f?i p m
? ? n' s?? .???-? -?
Kl \aile. tialveaton. ho l'ac
?Ma ? fei M? iratsa a eleee g H 9 ta te asy.
?a S T
DeatiMtleui ani ?t?a'r?r ? "I'M.
... 11 ?? : -?-?Ule?
? ? -., M? Au? 21
, ? . . .... - ? - . .
s.-. '-.??, i .., - Au? 21
Hawaii, Sau-.oan I?lan???. Ne?, .'?-a
ralla, ex? ?pt We?t IV la
San FT arlara) Ventura Au? 2!
re i ? Tvn.i and Ptllll| pin?
Vancouver and \l~torla.
D Cl Fmpre?? t?f In lia A .k 22
n.,? 1 il rie laa F"' ? I? a) '?'
Asa 22
.r* ! n ?'? ? -.i .in-l ?"hl-ia ??p??-la:: ? '
droiaed ?niv? m a Taromaj M?xi, o
............. Au? 2%
' 11 -
?Ma, emeept STeat ota Van
?torta, H ?'? Nla?ara. Au? 29
Hawaii lapaa 1 oraa China and
?lande 1 laa Fran
I cl.'-o? Chin?? .
Hawaii Cram ?n't Philippin? Islands
?via Sen Fran ivoi U 8 Transport.
Tshlfl, Marquesas. <'?iok Inland? snd
Sew ?stand, an?; enperlallv ?d ?
sddre?sed fot Australia fvla _*n
Francisco) Maniki .
Port of New York, Monday, August
18, 1913.
<'?arr?r l^rd Antrim ?Pr?. Valparaiso Jun?
5. ''aidera 7. T_P.il B, Ar tomganra M, <'orer.sl
?_s\ Hontevtdee ?"??_ U it LacM Aagaet * end
Boltimor* IA ro weasel, tmvai * <"?, with
ni?.- Arrived si the Pro- ?t M p "'?
?t?arn?r BOCOtly, New < ?rifan?, to the Stand
anl '(?li i-o. with mdse Passed In Quarantine
aril .'.:,
St?sin..| Cosaancbe, Jackson'Hie and i'harles
ton. Pj.*s?d in ?j'jaiaiitin*? :?t 11:31 a m
st<-an.<-r Prosrsou 'Nun. rtenfitesoa August t
? ' Hipe II to tb? Manen St Une, with
Migar. Vrri "! St the Mr SI S 10 a ni.
Stseani ?..'nan ? MMvtlle Aurust t'
and ?*hsrlesr,.n 10. to the CljrdO At On, with
poooon ?ii snd r- . i la .-?ani^ Hook
tl 11 M p. m
St.drn??r V'i?llar- ?a. Tamp.cn August f>. Ha.
vana 12 and Hessen IV to th? Hew Yoik and
Cabe Hell Si ?... with ?u*. j .??.?eng??, mauls,
and n,d?o Arrive?! at tli? Har a' I M ? m
Steamer ObMens? iNor>, Pon Antonio Au
SOal 18, io the ?'ur.eo Imporilnc ?'.,. ?nil 14
1 .?? n?.-rs and f'...t Arrived at the Par at
.". ..':n a m
lies mer Minnewaska (Br), Landes l ?aM I
to the Atlant:.- Troaapo w I h HM eeMa
paKgeng'iB an! n. lea A rived at the Bar a:
?; 'Jt> a m
Steamer ??-razo?. Pi,r. e- and Hassan Aug'iSr
1" Me j SS a IS 11 and f?an Juan IS, ?o th.- HeOI
York at..! Port?! FUro S?, r*n. with IBS posai n
... - ?Mill sad ml?,- Arrive?! at the Har at
J.3?a m
sr. .n..r Bermudiea iI.d, Horarada a?htj?'.
Id to I I', outf-rhrldce A <"". with SSI ra?
neoger?, molla and Oteas, Arrlv??l at the Bsr
al 'I M a m
-??...mer Putn?y Bridge fBrj P?>-?"elona '
.3 and Seville A'ir?" 2 o. th* -'.an?, Ss f.ln?.
with itkW Arrived at the Bar at IO:S0 p m,
?I,,?,?.-,.? Val Palpo fjtel), r.enna My ?"?. I??g
h?rn 14. N'apl?* 1? and MoSBtaa 22. W) RrapoOO
Rpence A- Young, ?vith iih>h. Arrived at th?
DOT .it :?. ."!?> p m. 17*n
- tamer K I Qalvtatae August u ?
tl?. southern Podge CO, with mds?. Passed In
Q i? ? intlm si .". 2V a m.
S?-am?r Creole, Hew nr.un? Augi;?f 1". to
iii? .-'o!.th?-t n FadSc CO witn ; ,i??.< ',g?rs and
?lid.??. Poos? I In QusrsnttlM a: f. (..'? a m.
st??an?r Chcssneeke, Bsltimore, to the Nsw
York ?':! Baltimore Trans, o'tatl'.n Co, w-lfh
tndse, Passed in quarantine at ??.lj a at,
T'ie I"hn 'I ?'handpr. ???wing dl?m?n?l?d
i nlted Btstee frigsto Bont?s snd or.? barg?
: ^?-".i in Quarantine st I M i rn
Steamer Am?rl?a ilral?. <;?noa August 4.
Palermo 5 and Naples I, to Hartfleld. K?ilsrt A
< o, wirh 17' ,-ah;n and 1 111 srterag?. pa???r"
geri and m -?? for He? York. 3I ?.bin and ?500
stoeraSM ia'??nger?> and nr;?.? for Phlladel
phle Arrived at til? Bar a? 5?0 p m.
St?am?r H'-:ilg ?"?lav ?liar.? ? |.?nhag?n Au
? ? 7, '"nn.tlar.la ? snd Cnrtstlansand 9. ?o
Funch. I".I ? A Ce, wi'h M -Tat, 143 s??-ond
? lass and 4*1 ?te??rag??. ooaasagMS sad mds*.
Arrlv?d at th? Rar at <P-0 p m
Hand.. Ho..k. N .1. Aug 1?, I M p m-'A'ln I
light breeze; cloudy; hazy off shore;
? moot h ??a.
Pt?sm?r? i'ra'fnm ?0?r>. Tampleo; Kim
(Nor), N?w ??rlran?, <-;i?n.o? iHo, Norfolk.
Monroe, Norfolk and Newport News; Manna
Hats. Balttn
.St-smer Auntrlan Prln?-? iBr?. Fantes.
.\ew?!.wsng. Aug 1."??W'al.hia iRri, N*w York
.,i,i Norfolk ?-a Pon Notai, ?
*-._ i7 IS ? N?* v. art
Bouthampton, Aug 1??Magdalena ?Br?, New
a KinuMon . n, e?
?.^??k m, v .g 17?Caiedoale (Br), n?w York
i Is M -
.-?.nr.ipo'. \ g l? Invoeeljrdo ?Un, KowTotb
n Aden. etc. fer Hlo?;o
Dunkirk, Aug 1.'? Csrollno ?Fn, New York for
i(nv r?
Li-Pon. .V.g :;. Herrn ?Nr.. N??. York for
am, Aug 17- Woetei Dutch), How
tas Id K ,- ? ' - . ', "n:??. and ?'o
s for Riifiton and How York
Ha re? 11 leo. Aus ' inn* (Ft
York ?la Hoi M
A ._ l* U || p ni Kaiser ?Wilhelm
oss ..;?-.. Hen ' x tor ?
Qlbi liter, Aug li?H
A s I?, t a in Ce.!??- ?A .
Hen v. rk
??h?rhourg, Aug IS, ?S p HI?Kail ?With?
d^r <p ? . 1er New York
Madeira | n (Brt, Nee
? - '7 Kenturl Bi
?. go (I ? '
? g P'. '\.-?i smo iBr?, '?????
? . ' Kioto (Br), Hew 1
? I ,?? Aug IS -H?lr?dal? ? Hr ?. N<
MentevUJeo, Aug l??Pants P.osalia <Br' New
\ rk SI
ehlnery drfoctivo).
M LmcM A-ig ''?Poros Tomdiuoatk fBr)
(from Hew Caledonia), How York and Phiu
Selpl ?
Pf Vincent C V, Aug lfi?Qu??n Margar?? 'Pri
(from N?n Torfc), ImrPan. ??
' - Aug 17?IrtJOUOti (Br), N?w York
?n, Aug l*- ? Torfc
? ????r. Aug 17?llaiakanl tBrl, "? I --k
lilbroltar, v-.ig 17. 7 p ?a liOfsM IBrj 'from
Naples?, Now York
Bertadoa Vug li??'lenient ?Bri ifrorr. Pars.
N>?\ r? r*
Swansea. Aug 1*--. 'hi. ago ri?.- iBr? .from
Hi loti , Neo rorfc
p?--r. \ g IS?AU ? (AnoU ?fr'.m Trl??t?,
N?w York
Ha? re. AUS W??^hiCSao (FT), New- York
. \ .?? ' " ; -Pr.r.z l-V.i-drleh KM
h??lm (Oer N > York.
.-? Michaels A??- 17?Trent ?Br? ?f?-om loath
? too ? Nos Y -k ?la riaroad"?. ???
Azore?. Aug I??.Ian Van Naenau fDutefc) HeW
i".di?-s and Venezuela for
Ho? r- ? -dam.
I>lzard. Aur 1*? I-o'htan 'Bn, N?w- York fer
??rduT.. Rnoollo ?nu??". Hew ^.?rk for
Rottordsni en.| Uhau, ?;?.n?s?" IBr?, N?wr
rorfc for l^n.'.^n
Gibraltar Aug ls? V?n?zia iFr1. N?w York for
Ans SO
Aug 81
Pert la
KM? a.Ei? Ut\ i;?S__AT?.J>? I |\
TAKE*. AT 8 O'COv.?. LAST *_!JBT.
LgA sur tDKTltt.?
-, . AteXST 19.?13?
t**:?v*.AT?c?Y* NO*?
t> peow??? M-fcgrf '??M '?*?? IH-MHH ?^fcM ea_t '???II a?'??- e> pmsg\ on pmnaam tsmn*9*Mb,l**mm? I
lUTielal Re?nrd and t?irr?_?t. Wa?hin?ton
Vjk IS?Th? weather ?a? R.-nerally fSIr Mov.
thfeegbOUt tu th- country ex.-.pf the
' II? d!*trl? m b?twen the Mi?nt?Mppt River
! nn?i the Aiianti' cas at. eheie Mesl thunder
?how er? iveurre.l In th.? Ohio Valley anJ th?
i mi dl? Aiianti?- ?lates
Th? temperature? have fallen in th* upper
MUalaaippI and Ohio vaUtya, th? 'ake region
the Interior .?f tit? n?>rth Atlanti?- ?t?te?.
. ?... weather I? ?till moderately warm in
| all ill"?? dlatrleta, ex. ept in the teflon of Lake
I Superior The temperatura? wer? ?en?rally
I high In the middle and ?.?uthern plain? ?ta?- -
tun th? weather la aotnewhat cooler In th?
plateau r?Kl'?n
Thet? ?III he l?*?-al thiin<ler?hnw?r? ?-n Idea?
da) In fh? mid'IU- Atlantle ?tat?? the iihlo.
, ihe uppe: *.fl??l??'lppl ?nd the |o?er Mi?aouri
vallar? rmnaMv oontleutng ??n Wadneedoy in
Hie la?' two named v alley? The w?atl?r ?. ||
I.? jjenerallv fair in th? n ?rtheastern diatrlit,
the Rocky Mountain region an?l over the ?outh
,-rn half i f tha ?ountrv.
1 The temperature veil! h? aoni'What lower
! Tu??daj In the north and middle Atlanti
' ?taie? 'and will he generally m??.lerat* on
I We'needay In ?II the E??tern dUtrl? ts Th?
weather will ? ontlnu?- ?era In th? Houlhwe?!
?<rr. ??? tion?. and th? t?mp?rature? will rue
? ?li.wlv In the north ?entrai ?laie? durin? Tue?
! da' und Wedne?day
Th? wind? alon? the north Atlantle ?-oaat will
i be HM?lanil< we?t. middle Atlantle coa?t, ll?ht
i modarati ?outh: ?outh A'lanti,- roa?t, n?nt
?' to miV.erat? n??ith?a?t to ea?l, eait Uulf ?-??a?!
ll?ht varlal?le. weat Oulf ?-nul. moderat?
ii.,r'hea?f. on the lower lake?, moderate north
ea?', and <?n th? upper l?ke?, moderate north
SSM t'> ?outheaat.
I oree a? t for ??neelal Loealltle?.?For EeM?}
ern New Vork. fair and ?omewhat re>oler to
I day; to-morrow, fair; moderate north to
Inortheact wind?
For New i;n?land, fair and rooler to day. to
?Morrow, fair, with moderate north to north
e??l win'U
For Rasrern Penr-svivar.la snd New Je-??-,
fsl? and ? ?">r to day; to morrow, fair, sm ? -
*ra'? ii'.r'h to northeast wind?
got 1>?-I?'.?ar?, Maryland and tr?? Pn?-- ?
of ? Mumble? unsettled and peal i
?row,..? a?.d footer to da\ . to SIOfTOW. fair,
moderst* ?mum? winds | nortneeei
For Virginia, lo-al thu:id?r shouers to
? to morrow, fair, wlrh BMdsrstO math t?, w.st
i?lr at
y..- V\ ?.?t Vi-clnia, l?--al show?-? to ?
| etui cooler In ths *a??*rri portion, to m .- < ?.
prnbobl) f.vr.
For arooters P?nn?>h*nl* and \\>?rern N?W
' Yoik. fair and ?oo>r ?.. da? r? ?sorrow, fair,
'with rno.|?r;t'? SOrthOOel vun Ik.
! Humidity.
s a m.75 | 1 p. m. .11 ? r m.10
Official observations tak. n by tnited Stateo
weather bureaus at S p. ni ye?t?rdsy foBaS
?it? Temperittur?. W*ith?r.
Albanv . M ?dear
I AtlantP? ?In- . 74 ?lou?P
I Rosr?>n . 7? ?V...
Buffulo . I? ? l.?udy
i'hl.ago . 77 i-loudv
No? ?irleano . N fleer
St Les? . M ? p.udy
Washington . ... M ?loudy
I,ncol Offlelel Kreord. Th* follow Ins offi?
cial r??-.,r?1 from t!i? V\??th?r Bur*?u shows the
? hang?-? in th? temperature fer th* las? twenty?
four hours. In comparison with th* correspond?
ing date ? f last year:
lilt 1911 HM HU
1 a. m. ?w 751 I p. m.M **
? a m.M 't 9 p m . 74
la m . ?W 7? Il p. m . '% 71
13 m.7* ? Il p. m. 7? -
I p. m.12 Ml
Hlg'.est t?rnp*ranir? y?it*rda>. **1 d*gr*?s ?at
7 p m i. ;.??.?*t. 72. average. ?2. ??? ?i*s? for
corr-spon.'mg dat? las? >ear. 7,, average for
corresponding date Iss? thlrty-thr?? year*. 72
(.?val Forecast. -Fair snd s?'inewhst c-ol?*r
> to-ds\ . to-morrow fair, mod? rata norta t?
northeast winds

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