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Marsha Warrington Called Him
"Piker" for Not Wanting
to Go, He Testifies.
Also Heard of Death Threat? j
Wife Aids Him, Despite
Confession of Infidelity
at Own Home.
San l'rancisi o. A.?4. H Mrs Maury II
PICK*, sitting in the courtroom where her
husband eras on trial as s "whits slaver "
beard him testify to-day that he had
be??n guilty of infidelity to Per in com*
paay with Marsha Warrington in th?*ir
own apartments Twenty minutes later
Mr? Digas took the witness stand '" tes?
tify in her husband's l??'ha:f.
With her evidence the defence end the!
government rested, and the government
benaa it?? arguments to the Jury? '?>
Stipulation Of JudgN Van Pleet, ?-a? h sl?i?. i
hat? two ho'irp and twenty mii'.u'
which to sum up, and the ? -as?? Will be Ul
the Jury's hands late tO-mOCTOW.
Thr?*e WltnesSSS held th.- stand i.
Maury I. 1 Uggn ..? CU| ??'?1 the B
part of the afternoon with his BCCOUnl
of ??vent?, that led to Ms flight to Refl I
with Miss Warrington, aOOOmpanled h>
Drew ?'aminettl and l/ola N
nettl would be ptoaSOUtsd, the Kovern
rnent announ?-.??! t"-day. when the jury
had t: ?.It? up 1rs inin.l about InKes. ai.d
regrardless <?f whether it found him In*
nocent or ?sruilty or disagreed.
Wive? Aid Defence.
The other two witnesses were Mrs
famhmttl and Mra Digna Th.? ?nbstance
of their testimony was of the dee]
nws. errat:?-, nervous behavior and wor
riment that characterleed their huabands
for ttv? week precdinc their tlicht.
DtgSS'a lawyers did not attempt to have
him deny that he bought the tickets for
Reno, paid for tie Tullir?an berths and
was intimate with Marsha. Warrington in
Nevada All the stress was laid OH what
he had lnt?-t..i??d to do. No attempt was
fad?- to assail the reputation of th?
before they met Dlggs tnd <\tmir?ttl.
t'ndcr the rulings of .ludge Van Fleet
evidence of that nature was immat.-rial.
Iugg?? testified to the proceedings In his
horn? during the absence of his wife when
lx?U Norria ?aminettl and Marsha War
ringrtou visited then-, ills nnfslthfulnsw
to his wife at that time, he swore, WSJ at
the suggestion of Miss AVarrinirtoti, whom
he plctur??d as gloatinp over her triumph
over the absent wife.
Mis? Warrlnpton and Miss .W.rrls have
sworn they lift home aiiainst their de?
sire and only when marriage ha/1 b?.
premised them 1 ?i_r_rs, however, swore
Marsha W.irringion was tht? otie who hoi
Insisted that they ?'?ope. As ea:.
January "'. he teesMed, she said t.? him.
"Von are a pik??r We girls have framed
this and you fellows have jrot to go along
wllh us."
OS March ..'" t.stifled the defendant,
"I remember talking about my aftalr
with Miss Warrington. I've got to go
away from here,' I told her 'Thin?,
getting too hot for me.' She didn't want
m<? to go. I told her that I had to?that
I had a future., a family, a business t?i
protect, and that I was g"ing to l.o? An
?relcs f?>r a while a'id ts'.vo public opinion
a chance to die down
"About a week before we went to Reno
Dtepenhrook. my Inndlerd, 'old me that
the janitor of the boll I 'he poUoo
SSSJ on the beat hi I ? ned to him
about my taking girl luce.
Father at His Heels.
i ?sot my machine." continu?*! DfgqgSa
"and rode around In it all day. calling
at O'Brien's wiloori from time to time.
'That father of yours is a terror,' O'Brien
told me. "He's running around here like
a n.anlac. "It's plans lik?- this that ruin
young asea," eays he. "I'll have you
Closed If 1* take?? the last c. nt I've got," '
"1 went into hiding What o Brian told
me, on top of what 1 Uepenbrook had sail,
scared mo. i toil O'Brien I'd i??.ari my
father was looking for me with a police*
man, and he said that was true Later
I learned from my uncle that my father
wu gone, and I came out of hiding. Misa
?Warrington and Miss Norria had visited
at my hotel.
"On March 8 I met ?"amln??tti and .Mar
ahall Dlg__. my und??, with Miss Norria
an?! we talked things over Miss NorriS
suggested that I leave town. I explained
the difficulty of doing that. Business
men had placed several hundred thousand
dollars in contracts In my hands
"My uncle said that ? should go home
to my wife and quit running around, and i
leave other women alone. Miss Norns
insisted that I'd bent leave town. My
uncl?? told me my wife knew about my
"On the Widnesday ruu'ht before ire
start??d for Reno my uncle called Upon
m<* t?i go home. As I was entering the i
house I met Csmlnettl leaving. He
wouldn't speak to me.
Wigging for Caminetti
"I had ?lunar and went downtown
again. Cam then told me what my wife l
had said to hiss: 'ToU'Ve been a snake i
to me for foui yearn,' he said she told
him 'Now I'm going to fhow you whit
a real serpent is. I'm g? ing to cause you
untold trouble.1
"Cam said she had called him to the
hous?. by the ttbphon? He SSid he WAS
bo scared when he want In thai he nul
before a door when bs saw h?i coming
until he aras sur.- ~h. didn't have
"That same night I saw O'Brien, too. He
told m.? thai h?? d beard through Marsh*
Watrlngton's uncle that hei father had
ssJd bed heard sbs was going aith a
married man; that he was BUSpiciOUS of
me, sad that he'd swore thai U he ever
found us tog? mi? i i., d kill us both."
- o
Walks Unrecognized Through
Washington Streets.
1 !?>< :? Th? Till um Bun a" I
Washington, Aug. 19. Unrecognised
b] many of the pedestrians with whom
h?- rubbed elbows. Pr?sident Wilson
took .n hour's stroll through the down?
town bualnem section of the ?-apn.il
to-night The President, accompanied
b) two Beeret 8? n Ice men, i
along Pennsylvania avenue and I'
street, twirling i cane as he gazed in
shop windows snd at bulletin boards,
Mr. Wilson si.I for b moment or
two before i bulletin giving the base?
ball scores for the day. Immediately
to the left was a morning bulletin
which declared thai the United States
and Meal o were "on s war tooting."
The President, who has denied the ex?
istence of su? h a crisis, evidently read
with Impatience this Jingo Informa?
tion. !!?? mov? ?1 '.n promptl], aft?
taking in in d? t.ni the basi ball resulta
Th?- President returned to the Whil
House about I?) o'? lo1 k.
M'Adoo to Distribute $50,000,
000 Early Next Week.
u aslungton, ?Vug. Th? ?.
which Secretary McAdoo has authorized
to fa? ? movement of crops In
South, v\ est and Bouthwi ? ?
distributed early next week to the bat
which the Becretary of the Treat ir> has
i ted
The names of these banks will be made
simaltaneously with the dlsti -
button of the loan. BO that the Treasury
officials will b.. relieved of embarrass?
ment, it Is reasonably certain that the
banks not Included In th? B
list will . liter vigorous prot? si
will avail ' ? ' for the money aill
have been distributed
It ii i that the Tr? isui De?
partment will maki i to-morro?
form of at curitiei I hat -k?-l
from the banks In return for th?
House Bill Would Abolish
Watchman System.
Washington, Aug reatlon of
a federal tore, to be known a
. . ? rsede at New ?orh and
other porta th? i enl ? in - a itch? ;
men is among reforms designed to pro?
?? ?? ncy of the customs service !
proposed in a bin Introduced to-daj bj
Representative Harrison, of New York
The measure would provide for s deputy
surveyor in ?hur?;? at New York arlth
three acting deputy surveyors, three
tenant-?, eighteen roundsmen and ? I
of guarden ?
Columbia Professor Finds Their
Caps Floating.
W< stmore \ t . tug IJ Th
men are believed to iiav. lost their lives
n Lake Willoughfay when their I
sized to-'lav They were Dans Tripp end
Monte Trlpp, ??r Orleans, snd Clayton
? ? gar. Of Harrison.
No one could be fo ind a
ddenl The first known a'.??ut II was
when Professoi A T Hawhes, of i -
tumble i m erslty, wl o a a? : on
the h?te, saw thr.- floating ??ri the
? These were Idenl fled as I ?? loni
to the young men wh ? had gone o it sell?
lag. No trace of their 1 ei or of the
boat s i?? fo ?mi. m..i t ie offl
there Is no doubt thai the party were
Irowned In 1 feel ta
Car Runs Into Trolley Trestle,
Throwing Man Out.
John Hopklna of No. H Central ave?
nue, Tonkera on bis way to Manhattan
Beach last night throujr.li Thompson ave?
nu? , Long Island < ity, ?lrove his auto
ii ?.'.:;?? Into a trolley trestle Hli sheet
stiuck the steering wheel with such force
tnat h?- a as dazed.
William Crotty, of No Ml Hughes eve*
ni?. Tb.e Hronx, who was riding with
Hopklna was thrown Into the str??t. His
lift arm and leg were broken and h<- was
Injured Internally. Both m?.n were taken
to St John's Hospital, in Long Inland
Bdgar A. Manning and .1 Metcalfe
i.iv?. leased for s term of rears
Ko n; Weel B7th street for the Men-all.
ISstate to the K. E, Hani? i < 'ompany,
dressmakers Th?- tenant has b. en ?0?
cated f r many -ears in West 4?.tli
By William C, Freeman.
Editor Appleget, of Newspapcrdom, before getting into the New
York whirl was a country newspaper man, who wrote editorials, read
proofs, wrote news items as any reporter would do, wrote and solicited
advertisements and collected bills, and I don't know but that he ran a
press as well.
That kind of experience in a country town gives a man a pretty
human view of things; it makes him think on broad lines, and it qualifies
him to be a good judge.
He came in to see me not long ago and said:
"There are some things in the world that are always identified as be?
ing the finest ever. I don't think of The New-York Tribune just as a
newspaper. Its name conveys more than that. One cannot help associat?
ing it with names like America, or the Stars and Stripes, or Old Hundred,
or the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, or the Gettys?
burg Speech of Lincoln, etc. These are names one never forgets. They
are always associated with our best thoughts. The New-York Tribune is
a journalistic 'trade mark' the patent of which has never expired and
never will expire. It will run on forever.
"You have something to sell to advertisers which will identify their
names with all the other names that are associated with The New-York
Tribune in the minds of its readers and even in the minds of all other
people, even though they do "riot always read it. But they know about it.
They respect it. One never hears a reflection on The New-York Tribune.
"The New-York Tribune is able to help any business house that
wants to do right by the public. Its own good reputation will be a guar?
antee of the good reputation of its advertisers. Advertisers will be bene?
fited becsuse all of the traditions around The New-York Tribune give
it a etanding that must reflect on them in the most favorable way."
Senator Chamberlain May End
Deadlock in Army Promotions.
Tha Trillin?. Bureau i
BgtOl gUgUSt 11
Althougl .?'?? ting lit)
-, ?
? un of War to adl II to ? i
merit .....??
the Ii
will not
? ? . ..' ? ' .:
Thomaa F Davis ol ti.
. . .
retii ti. P.
will make in- M
tment to the gra I ?
- of Mr
? ? ? n<- win mi n In
cordai ? ntly,
-?.-.? . ? the -gi ?un i
tl at ll ? lilltary Off
like the army nothlne but merit ahoukl
),.. ?mi !'!? re d h n el and
that n of the ai?
poli ting ihe efllcli
of the forci b t 0 ?n- 1
total militar;
iranlzation '? era of
?green, and especial have
the power to confirm or reject militai
i ominal lona i i I it Bubet tnt ?
weight ahoukl their recom- |
tude of tl i
? ?i.. ? ? ? ? .,t the oppoaltli n to
Mr Garrison era? the !.?i Senator John
ended for i
Hi?? two exiatlm.i ( 'otonet R ?I
? : I 1. B illard "! tin Wth It fantry, ai I
Colon? i v. Illlam T R antly ap?
points chief of engineer? Representa
tivi l*nderw?ood ?leo tooh a determined
f-'.-i'i'i egalnet thi policy of the Secretary?
nn?i .?-'? did Be nator William?, of .NT:
alppi The death ?f Mr. JohnatSfl hae r>
aulted In making Senator Chamberlain, of
i?. chairman of the Milit?rs Affalis
Committee He aharea the ?iewa ??f hi?
predecessor, but ir dlepoeed t?? ba leea
Ive In his llpht.
Senator Chamberlain is understo?-,.! to
f?.-i thai there baa been sufficient delay
ir? th,. confirmation of CMonela Davta an?i
Wlaeer ?to < - ?? 11 for a dentosstrstlos ..f i
Senatorial dtopleaaure, ??t,?l w.w probably I
? on i favorable report on their noea
Inatlona in ihe near futura However, if
Beeret? rj Qsrriaon followa bla determina?
tion ?n filling the recency eauaed by the!
retiren nt of Qenersl Menu, there mv- ?
?' :?? further and more emphatte evl-j
?'. nee of hostility.
ORDKRS I88UKD. The- "ollowtsg arsO
;i:.'i navy ordere bave been leeued:
Ml M V
Colonel HENRT i DAVIS eeeel artillery?
|0 prop? !??'?? ?? \ m i-' tfi.
Lieutenant folonel DAVID C shanks, in?
spectai general, from areatera dippartmant
n? ..(?)? ?? inape? tor general, STSahlaftea
MHt?,r PRA.VCIfi ?. <*. l-UBK, medical
? ' ? r i ? - from cavalry dlvletem, Fort lern
Heeatew, le M dlvlatoa Texaa City, t<>
command Field If*-?>^i.11jit V?. :i. \i?-? M.j..r
JOHN \. MURTAOH, madtcal corps, t?>
Fort m? IM'.?i.
Captain DAVID H. BIDDLE, cavalry, t?>
cavalry camp of InatrtKtlon, w incti^nt.-r.
\ .i \iiK'i?t LT?. for lift?-, n .la-,?, th.-nBS
Captais WILLIAM H PAINS, cavalry, ?from
reerv Uni m i lee Fort McDowell, aaelgned
2d ?'..? airy,
pirsi Lieutenant HT'OH O VOORH1M ?l?n.
nil aurgeon, lb army ami navy g?-n??rHi h???
i! i BprlBSe
Fir?t Lieutenant HBRBBRT \ SMITH,
modi a] r? ?. o?- eorpa tram i'ort P?arter,
S< pi. mbei 'I to ii??ni?>.
n- JOS KIKI'I.. leM ?rttl
i? r> aaslaned t?. 4th Plaid Artillery, s.??
I? ml?? r 11.
?Second Lieutenant! HERBERT S CLARK
BON and ?il mm.I's i; HELMICK n? Id
..??IV. aaslgned 'id Plaid Artillery, ,.,
???. aeli ? >.'fiinir October B f'?r Phil.
IPplRl I.
Ia.t absence Captain PAUL tf, BBCK,
I'tii Infantry, t.M'.n ?Ih\? Piral Lieu ten
? ?*H '.v.i.i's i? DALT ti-M artlll? rv.
from Beptember .*. In December 13 P"ir?,t
Infantry, nrt??? n daya ae relief from pr??
? Bl ?liltle?.
Lleutenani Commands n W OSTBRHAVB
? i ? m ? ?? ,, Naval kcadenny
Lleutenani L F WELCH, detached tba Alert
eomn in i the F '?'.
i.' ? i. ?m ijunlesj grade} B F ?'tvi-, ?i?
ta bed ti?- < 2. ???. .n.. ti?.ti Hi?, k ] and la
end wiirn <-oi.iiiii??!?,!,. .1
Lieutenant Hunker grade) W. ft MUNROK
?detached the K.I. connection f?ttins oui ihr
H i .-?n?! in command ?hen commlasloned
Lleutenani Command?? R. s KETKS an?l
I.I-ut.nuiit? ?tui'l'.r grade) H W ROTNTON
n-,1 u H CeiTHRAN snd Paaaed A-.i>t?int
:-?.?;- un W, \ I.I.? ?IIDORN, . ominlaalnne i
'?"??'"?ii ?' ?' ORIBVK da
? . i . thi ?Hi?l raaha. the North ? mi?>liri?t
i ? i Assistant Burgeon B. il n OLD, ?l??
t. bed ih? North rarallne; 'ii<- Nrbraaka.
Actlfia Asedatani Hurgeon .1 W. METER, nu.ul
r?. rutting ?iii r n, i >en? ? r
\??l't.inr Civil Engineer CARROLL PAUL,
navy yard, Philadelphia.
- !? t BE ' ' ' ih? Nor
... i.? \u ? ? h.i.
' ?
following ni??'. ? menti ??f
have eei ?? .
\ up:
? see i I
? ?
\. .
.-, >
? ?
I . th? Uli
- Ul '
IT?The ! '
? . ?.?
> ??
i intl ?
? I
r trmn Arm
' In?.
Chinese Northern Forro to R?'
enter Capital of fiang-Si
?r, Aug. lt.?1
nod Nan ?'hai I ?>f tie
Province of Kin- ?
of th?
Northern for?-? a
Aft? r ? feebt?] flgl ?
evacuated Waag-Chla-tu in boats
? . - haste to ? ? from the city ?
large number Of them wer?- dr. ..
Peking, Aug '?* The Oerman firm dI
.-. ?.. loni estai
Hong Kong, has ofl to the 0
t y ? ? ', ? i ? ivtnc? i ? eras lea
the Ministry of Communications to-ds
the .-uni of I ???" In ? sch?m ? i"
? ?i Tun?
. eastward to Po-Seh, s '
the Weal River, |usl ' boundai ?.
of the sdjolnlng Provlnoe of Kwai
lltion to furnishing ail the raHwa*
material CarlowUs i Co.. who represent
the Krupp Cotapaaj, will oht dn ?
monopoly for twenty yean on all
ment contracts for arms an?i ammunition,
for all minim* and other machinery, and
ai?o win locales satenslve mining conces?
*?ioim al?n?* the railroad
Th?*. typhoon wlibli sir a-k the BOUthern
Chinase coast ?m londay Interrupted
telegraphic communication with Canton
which last wash was tin? scene of serious
fighting between govern men! troops snd
the rebela and thai Chinese city still
cannot be communicated with, secordlng
t?? nn announce men! made In New Tort
?'.? by the Commercial Cable Com*
Man Accused by Co-workers'
Parents Pleads Guilty.
Arthur Pergen, twenty?three rears oi?i.
a plano tuner, of No "'?'? Bast IMth street,
The itronx, eras held la IMtt hall fot
triai by Magistrats Behals In the Mor*
rlsanla court yesterday on ? chargn of
having cocaine In his possession, Hs
pleaded guilty to th.? dim,.
According to Detective CaptManco, of
the Alexander nv?-n?i<? station, who made
th?? arr? -at, numerous eOB-PlatntS Were
mads t?? the poUce by parents of boys
and young men employed in the factor)
where Bergen worked, at No ttl Baal
: :.'?i street, thai cocaine wan being <iis
trlbuted In the placa An Investigation
was made, which resulted In the arrest
<f Bsrgea ?>n Thursday last la front of
the factory
? i
Men and Companies Indicted
Have Cases Postponed.
New City, x Y . .Vu? It, -R.it I I.Jttn
of New York city, w. w. up?,.,,,?, ?,f
Nyaeh, loaeph J. Pogarty, James
Boyd, th.? Aetna CoBtraotlng Com?
pany and the Dunhar Contracting Com?
pany, Indicted ysoterday by a special
grand jury m iioi'kiaiid County for con?
spiracy to defraud la county highway
Donetructkm, appeared tbrpugh th.ir re*
spectres counsel before Justice TOmpklna
of the ?Supreme Court, here to-?lay and
ssked thai pleas )>?? poatponed until
laturday morning al II o'cloeh Th?
court granted the i bqw t
i>utm is maaagei of the Dunhar Con*
tractlng Company and Whyard Is bsad
of the Aetna Contracting Company? l-'n
garty ami Boyd were superintendents
employed by the stat?. Highway Depart?
incut under Governor Dix
Head of Senate Banking Com?
mittee Declines to Support
Some of Its Features.
Growing Disposition in Senate
to Postpone Consideration of
Administration Plan
Until Winter.
[Wem Tha Ti Hume Bnreeu.]
\Va?hinKton, Aug. l'.'.-More brOBBrora
loomed UP in the i-ourse of the adminis?
tration currency MU to-day, when the?
Democratic members ol the Benste Bank
ling und Currency Committee met to lay
. te? comply wiiii the csueui mandate
to paaa aome kind of ieglBlalloa at the?
preeent aeeelon of Congrem
Recalcitrancy appeared In th?? m??st un
expected quarter. Benatot Owen, ? hair
man fit' the oommittee, who bsa hereto
tore ?stood hy the ?Vllaon flleea Mr/1 don
i'ii!. declsred there sere aome fes turna
??f th?- meaeure which he oould no! ap?
prove n?- objected apeclflcail) to the
provkriou compelling astlonsl hanks t?>
take Hiorii in the regional reserve hanks.
.?n ih?> ground thai the government was
without authorit) t.? enforce it.
There ia a atrong dlapoeltloo among the
Democratic membera of the committee?,
.?ii?i In the ?Senate, to poetpone considera?
tion of tha administration currency bill
for the !??? enl .? r.? i I ? paaa a temporary
urs. Benator Owen pointed out to
iiav that he had Introdui ad a I 111 of taren
? ? ? Ik'?? Will? ll
w.?iii?i sou?- tin? problem by giving the
Beeret i of the Treaeury author!!) tola?
tea on iomnier?-lal securl
tv A Mil Introdui ?-i bj Benator Lee
I the way f??i the eetabliahment ??f
voluntary currency aaaorletlona la also
under eonekleratlon.
if the Preetdent agreea to the peaaage
of a temporary meaeure, there is iittin
M thai the senate win act promptly
In paaatng ? bill of 'his character. ie*v
lag the proponed admlnletratlon measure
to be lered .it the regular aeeetos of
Congreea Tha prediction erae rr. ??ri>? tlat
Democretir members of the. n_nk
? ing nmi Currency Committee that the
bill non under eoneideratlon by the House
i anno! be 11 thla ai Bason? The
White n?..- however, ia Lnaletenl that
, it aball.
.-? : itor Owen approached the currency
.. . ? t ;,. h- Liking RepUbUcen
membera of thi nlttee a?
? ? ? ? ...ia
? Ii r tha BUbjee I from a
?n point of rtew. it le Mr
f the? ' '? ? have thr u
? their differ? ? ? .?t i arrived at some
???rt n n to i bal ahould i a
and how the deelred reeulta ? an beet
? ompllahed, t?> ?wk the Ftopubllcsn
. met: | ? i th the i >emocratB In
? ? . aura
? Hitchcock, ?-f (febraeka, i? also
Beltlon to the pssesge
? tratlon eui t an y I III at the
; ?? ?. md Ben itora I fOortnnn
and it?? i al osnember of the commltteoi
im? much "f tha sun- mind. With the Be?
'.. tloo ol Be nstor ? ran n. it la ? ? i tala I il
the 1 .B tint dlffl
t to I .;.ltte? Int??
? ;f the Houee i aeaea i-'.t* mea?
I'.. ; ntal Eagle, of Texas. ir;?ur
' the H'.iik,. eommltte.". In
a Bubetltute for the
? ?i' y MU a measure
| to pro* le ICO ? ' i nit? d st.it.-s notes,
t?. ' ?? deposited by tha United Btstea with
? ?? ?? me under eer?
tatn atlpulated eondltlona
East and West Think Alike, De?
clares Vanderlip.
Prcdei h i Parnaworth? aeeretary of
the ?mor? an Bankers' Aaonctstkm, etnted
terday that al the eomtng conference
of baakera In Chicago t.? dlecuaa the ad?
mlnletratlon cuiren?'v mu there would ?>>
?? ???? tatlvM, In addition to th? mem?
bera ??i ti??- eurrei i commission ??f the
it.?ti, of the ,7 .Mt;ii?? bsskMS1 asso
datl?one and tha Wl eleartng house neee
clatlona In tha countrj The- convention
will begin on l'rl?la> In the I* Bella
Tho New York Stute Hunkers' Associa?
tion win be represented nt the Chicago
convention by its president it. EL Its?
main, head of the Temtpklns County N?
tlonsl Hank, of IthSCS, und .1 H IVrkiti-?,
? '? preetdenl of the Beaonlelloii and tha
Nations! Commerelsl Bank, Albany.
Membera ?it the eurrency rennmieeion of
tha American Rankers' Association, of
which a Barton Hepburn la chairman?
bava already exprueeed themaatvee in
n?? ??? columna ai willing to eupport tha
Uwen-Olaaa meaeure if tha aponeora era
willing to modify tha powera ?granted t?
the membera ol the federal reeerve board
More dlreci repr?sentation nrtll be tin
itynote ?.i the convention, and will be par?
ticularly emphaaiaed in the principal ad
? red i?> Mr Hepburn.
Prank v Vanderlip, preelde?nt ?.f th?.'
National City Mank. predi?otrd Ihe confer?
ence would ahow tint the bankera of th?
w ?_i and South t??.k practically the aama
vi? w "f it.iiiren.y lull a? the baakera
ol ti.? I..I.-I
"They .ill recognlae thai the propoe?*d
ayetem has many excellent featurea
which inn i"> heartily Indorsed." Bald Mr
Vanderlip? "but, ? ti tbe other band, the
view preval?a aulte lenerally, i ?believe,
thai the hill has aome Brava detecta,
which ought to be ?remedied. Moot ol ua
feel thai there ahould l?- one central bank,
i ml thai tbe rentrai hank should Issue
n> obligatlonn, end nol the government
it is true? nevertheless that the Mil dees
i?acognlae ?the value of centralised power,
end that is .i n?????] point in its favor."
Escapes from Ward's Island,
but Loses Life in River.
The ex.mini" ?n ?Harry k. Thaw's es?
cape from the esylitm ?it Malleeweii w?s
sppsrentl) the atlmului that net lated
l.ilw.uil i\. Sntheiliinil, a ma? of forty
lour, lo aera pa leaf slowing from the
Manhattan Btate Hoepltal fe>r th? insane,
??n Ward'a Island Buoh is the opinion of
i>r. William Mil.on, Bupertntendent of
lli.- ,is\ linn.
Buthetisad'a bod) was picked up in
the EsM River iSSl muht. Sutherland.
wh<? d?aor?bed himself as a writer and
publleber, was committed recently to
Beilevue for obeervatlon and then sent
i.? tu?- Manhattan Btate Hospital, u.
".i- allowed the lih?-rty of ainokttiK in
the evening on the lawn <<t the east build?
lag, Last ?.?mim he was missed, and
sonn afterward an unclothed nun was
Been Bwlmmlng in the river, with a bundle
of < iniius tied to ills bead.
Thsre an- no boata at Ward'a i.-i.nvi,
and all thai oould bo done was tu teie.
j'lione to tha harbor polios
Administration Schedule Goes
Through by Larger Margin
than Expected.
Progress on Tariff Bill Re?
sumed with More Speed?
Some Cotton Rates
[from Th? Trlh-ino Bureau 1
Washington, Aun; 1'*. By a larder mar
fir, than had hepn expected hy the Dem?
ocrats thcmsMveis, the Senate approved
l to-day the Hiigar schHule of the tariff
'hill as drafted hy the House ar.?l revised
! hy the Finance Committee. The teat was
| made on the amendment offend by Ben*
? ator Brlstow, which was rejected by a
vote of 31 to t$, Senators Work. Sterling.
I.lppltt an?l Piilndexter being absent and
A motion made by Senator Morris t?
eut out the provision for free irngar at
th?? end of three years was also re- i
: jeeted. Senator Qalltnger proposed to
? strike out it similar provision with r?f
? erence to maple sugar. The amendment
; was defeated by s rots of 35 to 39
\n amendment to sboltf-h Immediately
I the Dutch standard color left for suear
wan adopted. Under its provisions, the
Dutch standard, against which a consist
<?nt fight has been waged, sime IMS, v?in
he abolished as soon as the tariff be?
comes law, Instead of next March It
has been held that the Dutch standard
was a strong discrimination In the Inter?
est of sugar rehncrs.
Senator Bristow's amendment would
have established a gradual reduction in,
duty from the present tariff of 11 90 a
hundred pounds, until in six y?'srs the
tariff would have been $1 27!. 1'nder the
Cubi-n treaty, this would have established
a 97-ccnt tariff on Cuban SOgsr, which
constitute? the hulk of the Imports Into
the United State..
The proposal to put all cane and raw
sugar on the free lint in 1916. h??htn?.
which President Wilson had mustered ths
Democratic majority after a long and per?
sistent efffirt, came mpiaiely before the
S? nat?? on a moti?>n by Senator Norris,
Republican, to strike out that feature nf
the bill. This was d? feated by a vlv*.
voce vote, and Senator Norris made no
?lemand for a rollcall
- With the sugar schedule out of th?. way,
peegreas on the bill was mueh more rapto.
The Wines and spirit?? eetie?iuie was ?Jls
poo? ?I ??f promOfly with the exception of
the paragraph relating to the purposed
tax on brandies us?*?l in the fortltl? _tlnn
of sweet sinea at the request <>f sena?
tor Stmm'ins. chairman of th?? Flnanc?
Committee, this para-raph wes parsed
ver. There ?re Indications that the Dem?
ocrats themselves are ?livided on this
question and the paragraph may be modi
fled In committed before It Is taken uj>
by the P?nate. A portion of the ? .?rtnn
schedule had been Hgr?ed upon when th?
Senate adjourned.
Hughes ft Whltby have sold tr<- brisk
store and office building at !:??
av.-nu? and Willow street, Ifontclatr, ts
the Fidelity aii'l Insurance Coral of
Oriental Rugs
Anticipating the proposed
reductions in the Tariff?we
have decided to place on sale '
during the month of August, our
most complete stock of Oriental
Rugs at
averaging from 25% to 60%
AH Sizes and Weaves
An early selection is advised
Geo.C. Flint Co.
43-47WeST23?St. t'$j;??
tir Tur ?-rrs*-\A ??__?.<!
24-28 WE ST 24 v OT.
r___g_____ ____.
From Chicago daily at 10.15 p. m.
over a new line through a new
country that teems with scenic
treats and enRineei ing wonders.
Three majestic mountain ranges?The Rockies? Bitter
Root?Cascade??are pierced at points where nature's grandeur
is most magnificent
Montana Canyon ? the "shadowy" St. Joe River ? Lake
Chatcolef?pine rimmed Lake Keechelus ? Mount Rainier?are
I few of the wonder spots of the newest and shortii-t line ? the
Milwaukee & St. Paul
" The Columbian," lOOthef all-steel train, le.ives Chicago
?O.IO .1 m. duly, md win, "The Olympian," provide-, un
equalled double d.tily lerv?ct to Seattle J'ul TaCOfM.
Low round-trip faro* in effect daily to September. 1913.
?**c\ire a cay of "IIia trail Uf Tit? ViUVUpi M '
o;i?i full tn/eeatotien at g.tdrtt, tele ?
G. L COBB, General A.cnt tassenger Department,
1200 Broadway, NEW YORK. N. Y?
SEO B. HAYNF.S. GVn.ru/ Passenger Agent. CHICAGO \
"Oren Air
to Everywhere"
Fifth Avenue
Coach Company
TRANG?R. there .ire many sights
'Twixt downtown and Harlem
'Twixt the morn and late o* nights.
Take a 'bus-ride and sec ?ill thJt's
worth the seeing.

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