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Tried in Vain, Lobby Witness
Says, to Get Its Aid Against
?loan Shark" Bill.
Gave $500 for the Democratic
Campaign, Thinking "It
Would Be a Good Thing"
for Their Cause."
The Tribune Bureau 1
Washington, \uc II Th? ?rain hope of
?i pa* non ken I Tammany
would corr?? to th?ir ai?! and obtain
a "fair hearing" mi the House when the ?
? h" i.?.i ?.?,?-. pending in the KM
; rtured to the House lobby
committee to-daj I y
Horning, who ha.? three brass
? ? .? doorway ?>f his ?hop.
Mr Horning, a ho ?
raemenl of H
the pawnbroker?
lean al .?-k" bill, j
v -?!.'?..:? ?. ?. 11 >? tpoke
of i Hall, which teemed to I
K? ?*:.-. l contid? i
? | - ' ?ti ??? He mad? 11
he said, to g< i Tam*
? - Hal Into th? fight, making two
New York for I t put
Th? -aid the House District
"?? ha?-! not given the pawnbrok?
ers a fair ?1??al after the "loan shark"
bill mas introdii'????!. In 1911.
Asked ahout liis visit to N"< w York,
?p >-i e- once met Repreo? i tattve Me*
nermot? according to pi*evtoua. testimony,
Bernini i irprli d the committee by ray
"I need to go to New York fl
? ?o *e. niv trie: d Mr Moei ef
en I.ane. about th?? 'loan ?hark' bill.
I wa- s. what < oui. MOM
took me d? ? ?-??;! m in, whose name
T 'org't, who was connected with Tam?
many Hall. We ?aw htm in a big huilil
"huh re<-e:r.Yi\es ? ? ; -ii.al
; j-s- | .- -,
Wanted Tammany Help.
"Mr. Moei raid Me could help b) reach?
? Tammany members in the House
ard getting us a hearing on the hill T'.e
sal ; le couldn't hrme Tamn
Hall into anything like that, and the
i ? nded
"T.ater I saw J< 1 ?, McDermott, a cousin
whom i kni? '
"What ?lid you raped John M
to ?oV i'hairman ?'.airett asked.
I asked him if he knew anybody who
said Mr Horning. "1 '
v. ?Tied to know if he knew any Tam?
many men who could obtain us a fair
nK in Washing!
"*Wa ????"??.?? ? ? ? any parti
"No: Mr. McD? In't know ?
?ulil do."
Th? uitn??- denied ? h? ?-tatemetit tf!
T il Mi M .lohn Me
Derroott'a atom Repreeeatattr? McDer?
mott had tried to reach Repn
(:?.therm, i. of the H ?use District ? am?
over the telephone.
I remember no euch eonvi
-ai.i Horning. " !'.? McDer*
M '-i- Michael
there. I happ? el the ? ion
man and McMI N'ew York
aad asked them to com? on down t.. I
? rmott's efl tk street."
McJflcha? ? ? ? Join McDer?
? ?.?. eg ' ' nnecti .i arlth ? br< ?
?.on, but th?. lobby coma
ited him.
Loaned Money to McDermott.
... Repr?sentai
mott had '?? ' md rais? d
? m?e Washington paa -
Horning, Heldenheimer and Bu nal
aht the "loan shark" bOl, Horning '
-?. tl ? negal ? H? aald how- i
?hat he had frequently loaned :
t M< Dei mot! moi ? ~ wll
? ?
r.nw ow...? him J "
?. ?. ?. frtendlj." the wit
Hornlni icarrd up the disposition]
. O-eall? ''' fund. II?
went I Hem B. Dark
?ok? i? be?
fore President Taft Th.- Arm of Tucker,
? ? MacFarlai ?? ? ? I
ontrlbuted to th? tic < am
f'ind and tin? <? ? -
? and Bull!? ai shred about *
. :n. Th?- real went for in? 1
The three last named men. Horning
w.-. te se. members of Oongreee."
? I?- this ht hull Horn ta J.
SchUltdS whose nain?- has figured In
H with the AnU-Trus! Leaf
Mr. Stafford.
"I think he is the same." Horning ;?n
"What was he t?. do for the eegn :
"He ?aid he knew a M of n ember! and
?ouid present the eaac of th? pawnbrokers
to his ao: , We were trying to
g??t the pawnbrok? rs exempted from the
'loan shark' bill, for are OOUldu't do busi?
ness on leas than :: per ?ent "
When ask??d why he used a part of the
"loan shark" bill fun?! t?? contribute to
the DSMMterattc campaign Horning BaM
he thought it would be "a good thing to
the ? ampalgn."
Isaa" Heldenhelmer, another pawnbr'ik
er. who wa.s < r oss-examlned to-day, sai?l
the campaign contribution war made ?,n
the theory that It would be well "t" get
on friendly lenn? with th? Congressmen"
The contribution, he aald, was made to
the -Jlstrlrt national commltteeman last
Democrats Designate Justice to
Succeed Himself.
Saratoga, N. Y.. Aug. (ft Henry V.
Horst, of Amsterdam Was dsdgntled t'>
seeeaed himself as ??greens i ?eoti Jue*
r re in the. 4th Judicial IMstrlot. ?otnpris
ing eleven oonntlea m Northern New
York, at a meeting ?>r the DwnOOTSAle
Jod?ete! Committee, held here to-day.
Kingston, S. Y . Aug 19 - Henry K. De
Wttt, ?>f Kingston, was to-d.?v deglgnsted |
an candidate for the Republican non
Hen for member of the Assimbly In ?M
_M Instriet of ('?nter OOUttty, ami Abr.nn
1' Keferre, at New Palta, In tlM M I')?
'i he county eommlttM ... !'??
tri? t Attorney William I? ("WntHgham,
. lenvllle, for mmiliisthie for that
oftlre. Mr. <*uniilngham laJit year Ml
l-epubUeaa candidate for Ht;iie Control?
for, and ha* aerved two terms as lnstri? t
Murphy Pondering as 1
Whether He Dare Refuse
Mayor Renomination.
Magistrate Announces His Dc
sire To Be Candidate for
District Attorney on
Democratic Ticket.
Pi - dii ;-. t; ? ?; ? ? !"i mi nta nt the mee
hiK of the R< ? bllci n city deelgnatli
committee, the Democratic politic
area dormant yeaterday. Charlea l
Murpi ? knote \\ hi ther I
dar?? refuse Mayor Qaynoi s i
ntll he hn?! had i nee to aise u
the opposition to the fusion tick?
t?\ the Republican organisation Muy?
r. too. waa all
id ii"i tu.i '? mind.
? ? .1 t?? p? -. ?:?.w ?i tr? bua
jiess with the district leaders to-day n
waa ut Tammanj Hall yestenday, '? ?
when ' . ., ttckel wi r
asked he r<--p'i. ?]
- i???" bl
In the - a oil
Hall He had a talk a l H
halrman, ai i lews, of th
executte tt< i of thi G
Uni '?? ?>-? ?? Hi siso talks
for aome Utne with l-'ire
n, a ho ?? ?ampalgr
Confers With McKay.
'.t ter ?? ? " anference ? it1
? tfi Kay, fol
?oevin?T which he cav? out a statement de
rendlni on the ?losins o
Heel) ''*-? ?-- ?I ? a "1
111? nttitu 1? on thil ? atte - I ,l lone mor
than anythll | tfl ?Jive Tammany ai
for turning him down, and
anxious to
Murphy nevei ttted si eyelash whei
? ??! aboul t'.
that Qaynoi eliminate
: a m man] alati
? '
'???I "
He was then told thai
we re d< rlni all ?jre
tlveneaa that Juatli ? Dowlini
ceive the not
ive see
papera aevei itely," wae tl
ply In
"Ii it true thai Kings C la line?
M.i'. ..r"""' Mui :
1 know," waa < Id?
not live In K?hk? County. Ton will have
to ash the leaders thi re "
\\ hen Mr cam?? OUI of th?
" . I.?- could 01
mmtttei wa
Mayoi endenl
I ? - He said Ja
? ?1 on the ?"X
satlon and intend??! to take an act
In the Oaynor mov?sme nl
Mi Appift.in would t ??t -a-, when hli
ition wou
lohi *?i H
ihe leej ?
the 1 .... to-mor
roa Whenever II - the Mayor Intends
nomination clear It : ? _#]y ne
win |m nlghl
Murphy Messenger at City Hall.
B ora e eitel 1 enl
Hall when Phlll F Doi
tenser ??f
Muri ? appear. it the ? txce to the
Maj or'a office
that he had ? . ?
Mayor and he? .-. \i.
Murpbj lie almpl] wanted lo see Com?
? ? him
City Hall.
Ve t? re* Federation i ?Brooklyn or?
ganisation, which claim? to I
membera, ami of which ?Dr ?; |
of N.? Ml Decatur
snno . ? nlghl it had de
te ? Ith the <;.-iynor p*_el( ? Lea
? Hainor and a
for him rlghl up t?. hi? ? ? i ?
i ?r. ? 'lark had ? . ?? ?. i, m
,'?< ?........
Haglstrate Joseph E. ? orrtgan sn
lasl night he would be a i
te for the for D ?trie I \*
New > or* ? ? . Tam?
many ticket, and thai Thomaa <; Rush,
Brth ,\?-??mhiy
i t would present 1 ime ext Bat?
urday night, when the regular Demo
? t?. make up their city and county
i lefore ne wsi ted magisti sti I
Mayoi Mi ' 'leiian. Maeiatrat* Con
waa ar, Assistant District Attornej undei
William Travers Jerome Prior to i
??:,? m b] i'iHtti' t At? ... ?. .;. ron ? be
was e profeeeor of criminal law in Ford
Magistrate Corrigan be Inenl
in the- newepspera a reai ago t" sues of
his controversy with Mayoi Qaynor over
dice situation Tha di ?puta between
the magistrate and the Mayor wai bitter
at times, and theli pronounced differences
reg&rdlns the Poll? ? I tepai i
menl were widely i mphaslsexl
Polltlclana wi itlng leal night
. resull In case Mayor
Gaynor la renomlnated by Tammany Hall
and Magistrate i orrigan Ii put on the
same ticket ?or ?Dtstrs l Attorney.
Wisconsin Senator Silent on Story
That He Will if* Seek Re-election.
Aahlaad. *> la., *ug ,!' ^:u?' ???Pbei
?on win n.it t ? a sndldat? for the United
states s?'iiati- f? succeed bbssolf, accord?
ing t?. dispatches received hers lo-dsy
from Med?aos Benator Btephea on la re?
ported to i?a-? declared his Intention to
r? tli? to privat?? life
Martnette, Wit TTuT M losstor Ste
? ?, wlU neither afin i nor deny the
starj from Aahlaad that he s/lll net ba a
candidat, to aucoeod blrsse If
So Dry That Campers Are Warned
to Be Careful About Fires.
Alhany, Aug. It, A" unusually jerg* [
number ??f small Bree |n the woods
thrsughoul the Btate hsve bsan rapsrts*
t?i tha Btate Conservation Department
The foresta ere so drj ',l"t "" s''i"T"
Intendenl of Poreets has issued a warn?
ing urglni eampera t?. i?ut out all esmP
tir?-? ti.??s?- taring roadi adjacent t?. the
WOSda, !??? say.?, BhOSM exerrl.s.- ?are in
throwing away lighted cinara _mJ cigar?
_, _k_ ????
t?? sare ?nele Tom,
No, Indeed! No
Second Avenue Leader Joy?
ously Welcomed Home
from Europe by Followers.
Row? n we ? nailed te the door of
No Ml East 14th str... t yseterday, and, in
a litt? room h? vomi the portal, were
more Bowers stacks of them, in fact.
No. Little Eva had not fallen from ?
strtngplece into the East Rivet and
drowned while trj In
hei Mach kut. n
i..i-t m, etreet is the addrese of one
Blmon Steingut popularly known as the.
"Mayoi ?.f Second Avenu?'." and yeoter?
day dtelngui returned from Europe. The
How? ' - .? ?? i?. welcome him bon ?
? the purpose of .-> small
bul ardent band of frlei It ??? the
"Mayor" who journeyed fr.?m the depths
fil ond avenue all the way to Ho*
bok? h t?? itand on ti ? North <;? rman
Uoyd Line piei and shout a welcome t?.
? - Kala* r w llhelm
11 not ed Into hi r berth.
When Bteinaul aei f.>..t <>n the pier his
frlendi iui round? ?i him.
' The pr? ent ' The presents! Wh< re
- outed Jo ?. Madlnskl, who
lughl on t ? Maj or."
o 8telngut wen! abi .
broushl ach sifts foi II of his coo
. but the] wen lost In transit
' then feara at rest il?
Party Follows Fusion City
Ticket on Nominations.
Nearly 2.000 Delegates from
All Five Boroughs Attend
Bull Moose Convention.
" ? ? - ? ? ? ?
\ y : . ? : ? r.
Mo. ? roi Pn si?
? : I of Aldei men by the
of the Prow?
? Ighi .ii T< rra< ? Garden
The iioiiin il ? ? ? : .?d with ?
? through
rly two tl
rom I .. filled the '
m '?? th? non i sting si ?? cbee
-;..?,.?''.. ? '
Ing the t? i nded
the keynote of < ngi
His ? ... pesslve
In the city i t inerltal
that It sl
the allied 1
battle for th?
:. \\ OOdtf H Of !.
; ted when I
to take the |
? ?
? Wa i .? ?. ! ist had s epl? ?? -i.d ese
of disinterested pul ? ? s the s
lion to
Ilion In which
an un-urs .
Whitman In all o H deliberal
these ?
? .
-? and patriot.
win? h ? hra? t?>... the ns
urt y. "
s*ran< ? ?' ? of
Mi Mltchel to th?
not? '? "
? ?
? :. t i ? ? ' er of oui
a th<
oi rupl politics ? ?? i" -
lleve him to be a thoroui
. with Proi
of city gov?
. him t?? b* hoi ? M
abi? We bettev?
itrong and popu si ? and date H
..?u old m experience He
% and
'i he non ' ?
ol Th? I'ron?. Will ol
? . M Ml ?? H
ling of the i
?. ked i
Controller PrenUergaat wse iiomlnate?!
?? ?
Ignation by
?i,. ommltt? a.
Lie Passed in Meeting to Select
County Candidates.
A) t meeting lai I n ght whs h eras
ma? bed a Ith dli order and In which the
ii. was posent, the W< etcl ? ?t. i
? ommlttes n ide It
of candidates to go before the
primarli i Bept.' - Judge
William P Platt ol White Plains, a
Democrat, waj designated at the candi?
date to suoceed himself Michael J,
Tlerney, of New Rochelle, anothei Demo?
crat ? tcted '"? diet rid attorne) ,
John .1 Aekerman, ? Progreeehre, for
eount clerk; V Everlt Macy, ?.f Oeein
Ing, a I I I ilhropist, for
supetinu ndent of the i.r, and Jamen
Young, "i North i sstle, f.>r coroner.
.lohn a. Goodwin, s candidate last year
r..? Senator on the Piogiosalf? ticket
charged the nommaUni committee of
Progn dree arlth selling out the ??hitv
t?, til?- Democrats at ? conference arlth
Michael J Walah, acting state ?'on
trailer and Dernocratte iea?i?.r of th?*
county, i" Uli Knickerbocker note i ,\u
gist t
Merrill E. Gateo, the county secretary,
replied to Goodwin and said last fall he
,?mi bis party had supported Goodwin
f.?] the Senat? Goodarln shouted: "Tou
ii?-. >ou eadl You'll get yours la H
minute!" The msotmg was nna uproar.
_n?i Chairman Walter Johnson ha?i much
troui le m restoring order.
Every Place of Business in
North Anson Destroyed.
North Aneen, Me., Aug. 19. Beery piae*
of tas?nees In North Aaaon and seven
Swelling bou?es were ?lestroyed by Are to
ia>. The ios?, eras ?M mated at iiionno.
about thirty buildings were burned.
The tii<- star t??l from an exploded lamp
ii tl?.?- kitchen el thS ll??tel Somerset
Tti.-i .? w.n tOW gii?.st?, and all got Mrt
rtthout a?'? kdent
Th? burned buOdlngs Includs th? Peat?
itti'<?, UM M.is.in? Hl"?k, the Hotel Som?
erset, th.? rlark i:io?k, the Hunker Ulock
iiid .Un. utixuller sUULturci
smiled, then told <*>?* B huir?? stronir box
Piled with valuable and useful arthdea
' . e of i h. tu on their
erne 10 New ITort al thai minute in the
bold of eni tbe r ste unship.
Between thelt rhoulf of lies and pata
ader'B I ??? ?? t- ?? constituent!
;i; point m It? ?? on the spot to
.?i honor
??f BteinguL John Hlmmelman? "Msyor
of ii:h atre ? appointed a com
mitt? ? ?>n arrangementa
?aid Steingut, "I have had
... i: rope i-i Bei .n i had
? ?. -1 i n i_r Polli a '
alone r Wsldo Hi stayed Bl ti
place i did, th?- Hotel Adlon. When i
found oui i?- w. - thi f i ? ? ni up my
card. He thought I waa ?? i aloonkeeper
when h? .- va thi Ht* ati ?'? Bddn
when ha found out i was 'Mayor ??: ?lee?
?????i avenue ' he n ? rei
? I|.. said hi Was . id t?. s. e me
ami was s??ny we were nol going '" ?be
n Berlin I . ? ? ei long? ' ? He le
After regaling hla friends with more
expei lene a -. st- Ingul : ni ?h admitted ha
w.i- a trifle disappointed with the Con
Unent. He had ?zone the re, he -
, ollw t i l< -???? i '? hi?? ?* t- se yean
., j . father, Jacob Btelngut hut
)??? found th. t the matter waa pending m
?..,.- courte he s
coiled .;???? ?side fi em that, I
? l enjoyed him- ?
I ontinu'il from first page.
in? ??ffvia'iy In advance of ex-Governor
Llnd'a arrival that unh - be brought rec?
ognition <?! Mi al ? 1 ?? rould be pen
fr?ta I ei I Minister of
Porelgn Affairs to i the personal
repr? tentative ? t vYllsoi
er rece witl m Mm
?t it
was - ?
' rf Ex
?? ? ..
"fh ? ? ? k for Mr. I
and this off?
.' ? ir
? '
: ?
? ?
Will Indorse Wilson's Course.
?V i among
M?.ir?! !
% I
? ?
' ' r ?
bioa formally I ? '
nlati tlon'a
? ' te 1 f there s
ht plan, and la
und? nitood to have
? i h? ? ? action I
? . ,
. ? tha
?i ? ? , erits of
? ? : ree
? ' ? ' ' ? rs I
f the atration'e Mes
lion of
?... ? . ?
nln* wi If furl
. . .
lawa, n itlon I
?i ?.i?? i
Mil. .... . g? I
the I
. I
So Osborne Regards His Attack
on Governor Sulzer.
! Hy T.-l' fTSI h to Th? Tribut:-- 1
Auburn, N. Y., Aup. 19.-Thomas Mott
Osborne, In ? ?''ut statement defending
the Bourse of Governor t?ulzer. attacked
Tammany to-night with his eustomart
"Murphy cot ri? h out of potrtfce," said
Mr. Oa orne, and th.? question. 'How did
Murphy get rkhf that Jerome used to Bra
al bin BO persistently has never been an?
swer. ?I in ?governor Dix he found s will?
ing agent for his purpose, but In William
Bulaer he found, t?> ins amassment, aa
bone it man.
"Murphy is ?o stupid and ifrnorant that
this feeling is perfectly boneet s.? what
is more natural than that Murphy should
?grasp al the moot affective weapon si
hand and gel rid of Bulser once and for
ail? lie must save his organisation, for
tin- Governor has airead) struck Moersl
prett) near home, and there is no know
? une body a aal ami th? '
whole r??tt?ti machine fly ?n t ? ?
"it is the instinct oi self-preservation I
that is driving Murphy on, and it is nigh
? in?- instin?'! should srouse the
people of ?Vew Vork state Governor Bul?
ser la being attacked now not because e>f
bis alle ted faull - ecsuas he Is pi
? ? | the suit. A little refle lion will
i he i ommon at ?. a of his pr,
? .'?OIL.
"if the Governor wa~ to be suspended
during Impeae hmenl procefcdinga all that
e.ould be necesaarj would ba for s ma
f the ?aeembl I larl Impeach?
.my ti ivial thlni
!.?.. Senate acquitted him <?n that, then
ther e hargc could ba preferred, and so
on_ In other words, a mere majority of
I .. isee\ co ild prevent a < iovernor
from ? \? i laing bla dutlea ? manlfeel
?, Itlon tl , t |fl bad law and j
Republican Executive Commit?
tee Seeks Compromise.
Faction of Party Feels That
Allotment of Plums Is Not
Buch strong opposition developed against
the fusion county ticket for New York
COunty at the meeting of the Republican
executive committee yesterday afterno?m
that It was d.-cl?|ed to adjourn the Judi?
cial^, count.?.' and horough designating
committee meetings until Monday.
ret named was to have h??en held
hist night and the latter two to-night.
It was dedded to hold the meetings at
I ' ?'. p. m. on Monday in the order ?if
Judiciary, county and borough, respect?
Abraham Gruber, chairman of the judl
darj committee ??is empowered to act
rman of th?. committee of Bvs to
??onf?r with the other fusion orgnn'.za
regard t?> a possible change in
t ind ooonty slates.
The RepuI ans are dissatisfied because
Benjamin N. Cardoso w.is name?) for the
Supreme Court Instead of William u.
(Vadhams, their candidate w'a.ihams
?ii the ticket for Judge of
? ? Which left in the cold
Istdor We see i ??gel who ??is the Repub*
?? for one "f the nominations
??.r rjh ,?
Certain ?1 istrl r leider?- of the New York
' ?? ? dve organisation said last night
they would attempt to hre.ilx the fusion
jponty slat.- at a meeting of the executive
committee called for this afternoon. They
are disgruntled at the way in which Frote*
Cfs W. Bird, the ?bairn?,m, hag handled
th.. Mt nation, and want to haw- the or?
ganization name a ??.parate ti'-ket.
The malcontents In the organization
Wl i.ted to have a Progressive riame.l for
t-heiiff. They also wanted one nomination
for the ?'ourt of General leeo?eaa, Justice
Jacob J. ix-st'-r, of th?.- Municipal ? ourt,
1.? Ing their candidate for the nomination.
They are not satisfied with the naming of
William C. Ransom for the ?'ity Court, as
they ?say he has not taken an active
enough part in th?? ?ocal organisation,
When these tp.'-n lroach?d their griev?
ance to Chairman Bird he was Inclined to
treat It with little consideration. He r?
fused to call a meeting of the executive
committee, hut enough member? Joined in
a ?ail for a special meeting, w-hlrh will be
held"at ? Progressiv?? headquarters, in
Washington square, this afternoon.
Mr. Bird made light of the entire mat?
ter and said the fusion county ticket
would bo put through at the meeting of
th?- county designating committee to?
In The Bronx the Progressives and th
Independence league, will without doubt
stand by the fusion local ticket How?
ever, it seemed ctrtair. last night that the
Republicans would reject it If they couM
form an acceptable alliance with th? in?
dependent Democrats.
Several independent movements a'?.
i. ?... organised. l*he Business and Pro?
na! Men's League will meet t?> 11:1111a
tilt Independent ti?k?-t at Burland's Casino,
West Chester, near Prospect avenue, to
nlght James Reilly 1? chairman of the
movement and William J. F. ?"?Nein se<?
retary. Others Interested ?re Heorge
Henry Payne, Edward Point?., wuiiam
?"ani'-rori an?l Alderman James J. M'il
h? nrn.
Portsmouth. N. H, Aug. 1<>.?Whitney
Kipp, an electrical engineer, of New
York City, who was spending his vacation
with his wife and child her?, was caught
by the heavy surf and drowned whll?
bathing at Bye North Beach to-day.
Mrs. Kipp Is a daughter of W. Scott
Smith, of Waahlngton.
W? invite attention to a
all of which are of that dependable character which we
demand as a fundamental essential in our merchandise.
The great variety of weave?, the wide range of sizes, and the
Unusually Low Prices
combine to make this event of special importance to those interested
in Oriental Rugs.
We extend a cordial invitation to inspect these rugs before making
a purchase elsewhere.
I is'toTS lo the City should see our Sete Bui''ding and our large stock of
Floor Coverings and rurniturt
?lli?lilllllllB'??'*..: * "...
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Ask Barley Farmers
who buys the cream of their Barley crops and they will tell
you Anheuser-3usch?the brewers and agers of
Nature's Noblest Beverage
The exclusive use of Saazer Hops, its mildness
and low percentage of alcohol make it the
favorite Everywhere. . J
Bottled only at the home plint in St.Loud
Anheuser-Dusch Breweiy-StJxnris
Fiaili? Sipplied br i.?oc?r? aid ltt?il?r?
Its Sovereignty Has Senr
Been ChaiUnged

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