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Lawn Tennis at Newport & Yachting ?> Motorboating
*? Trotting ??* Other Sports
Youthful Lawn Tennis Players
Wage Brilliant Warfare on
Courts at Newport.
Davis Cup Star Forced to the
Limit Through Five Matches
and Strong Stand at
Net Turns the Tide.
- a atad Ostros* tmdetn et Th* Ti
Nr-A-po-t. R T. Aug. Ii.?Prints nt'v
played eaatchea msrked th?- sonond dav
ef th?* lawn tennis championship sinnlos.
The field was reduced to thirty-five sur?
? c t, when th" competitions
ended or. the ttirf co?. rt? of thr? ?
r. Kerrto Wllhataa, 2d. <>f the victorious
?!:. h?*lrl the ciinmplonsliln
t ;rf In what vvai>. 1 v
men* ' l?? moal Impart? i I
decided so far. He fat? its F
hard, holder of the Middle Ptnt???
title, who was an aspirant for a pi.?
the haternatlonal quartet. Th?? wl
Touchard extended Williams to the limit
of five I
?' ? I I '
The eonteel waa fillet] with dra_aattc
feature?, and through it?? lattr gai
held a big gallery Bpellbound. Touchard
BBdOVSred a twist to hi? shots Into ths
left hand corner of Willlams's ourt that
mad? II al-BOaO an Impossibility to play
th* ball ores the net. As n eonaequenc?,
? arr.* piled up SS outs and F, neta, to
?: end h\ respectively, for his craft] o-, -
ths tide Of battle go-.ng- against
him. tVllilaiaa made I,is attack et the
?el It was In? only hope By uor._?*r
| steady playing. In which he wrested
th? offensiv?, fr..m Touchnrd by sheer
? arar Of his game, the young lnt< n-'
?:.?? lead after he was two
sets hol.ind It was a marvellous display
of ?_r" To what extent ht- played an
I -ne nay be Judged from the
fa<?t that on the final tally Touchard ha.i
wo:?, more garn<s and points than the
man who defeated him. Touehard's tot;?l
--.mes was 36 to .3. and on points l?S?r?
to M
I players this s?'HS-in have shown
such en average of winning strokes OB
WflHaaaa He counted 72 winning aces
IB V.s losing shots, while Touchard had
47 winning aces to <tf losing shots.
Both of the players ran afoul of the s?r
aa adtntalaterad by P. A Vaiic,
the English critic. Valle had no mercy
on sithet of them, and several time??,
Touchard d?plny. d his teaap? r to the
rv. once Viciously smashing the ball
11 WllUama la his abandonment to une r
as 'he two came up to th?- n?-t
WllllamB earned his Victory and I
? n i Um prataa thai waa shower? I
B him a; the end. Touchard almost
tore his backhand to tatters as i ?
I ?Mng and harnn.
the aplnnlriir ba U Baverai Urnes T< ichard
ian.es afte' W.l'iams bad I'd him ;-t
%,. a?.,. M lama by using the shut th.it was
a'.m'ist oertala to bring t: ? of an
? or net from the o? posit?- ?ourt.
? ?vas not DBtll the fourth Bel that
?ams mastered the strante fill
? n then he
- his j :ay ai th<- net, making use of
- vtctooa chop hlmw I T hard ?
mad as a hatt-r when in? OOUld n??t g'-t
hall squarely on his racquet, and
-'?. rails of foot fault? ?lid nut help
matter?. At the clSM WttttaSQS worked
his own service bo that he ran out with
tw<i ,ove gaaaefl So Impressed waa Will?
iams with Tout-haul's ??orner shot that he
tried It out with Mcl_nughlln lmmedlatelv
? ? ? doua ft ths matfhi and tha nation?
al champion omv got tha ball ??ver for a
fair retara once in hve ?imes. Williams
has the hardest row to ho?? through the
tournament, for he BBoetS B. Howard
Vr;?.htll to-morrow and William M John?
ston, the young ? ailfornlan. who has per?
formed so ably, on Thursday
Tha point score of the matr:h follows:
F'r tU
BJ ? .1 18 4 5 2 4 4 tV-27 8
Touo..<?r- .4 4 S 1 7 4 1 ? R?83 t
A'*? Ptaeas nuts Kate faults
uns . o if n n 6
ar?J . 0 S T 4 2
Pre (ie
artuis-Bs.i 4 4 2 ? i 4 t i ???4 a
ar_ .4 22414044 4?31 4
Asaa Places, outs Nets faults
.vtil!_ma . 1 11 Rio a
Toeehe?d . o 12 l- ? 0
Pt? i-.s.
wiutasaa ....? i i 4 2 * 3?.
SN .6 4 4 1 4 ? 6?31 ?
Aces Pia-??. Out?. Nets faults.
Wii,iams . 0 . 13 0
.-* . o _ a 2 a
Pu Qa
Wnneaaa ? 454P2.421 B?tl I
? ?irr] _0 7 2 I 4 3 3 4 4 8?3?"> 4
Ar?? Pia??? Ovtfl Net? faal'?
ama . 1 IT 11 1
Tour-hard . 1 11 12 in I
Pt* Or
"re 4 4 4 4 0 0 4 f? : 0 4 4?3* 7
Touchard...? 11*4423340 ft-34 I
A'-?? Placea ?"?Ut? Net? fault*
Williams . 2 14 12 :
rd . 1 T? 11 11 t
Pts On
?me .i"
?r* .II
Ar*? Place?. Out?. N?t? fault?
??VIlllBm? . 4 ** _} f.7 ?
Tou-harfl . 2 45 61 3' J
On the whole the regulars and young?
sters divided the honor? of the day
svsa?y. laha s IM n aha a. the ?
i v,ast mat ??' i Beehsnan, tti*
Pawling school captain, P.. C. IjRw. thl
young Pennsylvania!!, and Wataaa M
Washb irn, the youthful ?Mtropotttaii
?hamploti, survived th?-? ordeals on thf
A I?r?'vv, the \ ?Hingest player W_M
haa ever sought the all-OOBiers' croWB
Biet his Waterloo, bul he "died" flghtlni
??; ??-n-llrily. Tha little Hixt?-?-n-y.-ar-old bO)
in-t \\'. D. Hrowtiell, a Pr?ividen(;e playat
Wha towered ? Rrmri two f? et over the Rt
I>OU'.b lad. But I?rrv. mniie Ma paastef
BholB and hit nan! nt.d fast until he vva?
bad at 2 ?d, I 2. 7-9. I 2, ?5-1.
Th* former nati?inal ChaUBBploU, Wllllan
J. Pimtricr. who i? attia?.tinK eaaaMarabh
atti-iitu.i, beuaaaa "' fma aadflarai <x??i
lenr-? of hts w??rk, h?ld his plac?- hy ?t?>
Seating Qaawa f?\ Church, ti.?. Prlncetoi
l.'itfirolleglat?- ? l.stii, ?'?ti. Th?- artue v\a;
*?0, 3-y,, f, H. ?S ;j The ii?-t wh
? i atrfgaajhaM Chorok i??i?i?e?) an?
Sefleyed well from bla sid? of the ("urt
r?ut wh?the? h<- vvan pulling th?; ball OUI
of the elouda lar a aaaaai ar riiggmn n
? ?.-.' ,i araaalaai driv?
CiouUr wuo uit .am?; Ft*uh*\ft luaourca
ful player. llcLcughlln had bttle to do.
snd he seeompitahed it in finish??! style,
footing H?.ffnian Nickeraon at b-3 e; i
?? |
i^et?- m the afternoon MeLoughlta ann
Bundy met Mies and Dsbnej hi a prac
.traten I
champloaahip contest which win hold ti,.'
court to-morrow morning The na?
tional champions were m Ane form, ann
they are likely t?. give the challengers,
John s ?traehaa and dsrenos J. Qritnn,
th?- match of the-lr rouag eareera
During the afternoon ?Bob Wrens made
the draw for the national Interocholaetlc
rhamplonshlp from amnni; the- v.inr
the tournaments held ondei th.- auspices
"f the various gee. SU ..?une
playera reeponded. The number includes
William I.. McKIm, repreeentlng ?Prince?
ton'; e; c, Caner, winner at Harvard
Krank Hopkins, winner at Yale; .lerrv H
Weber, Unhreraity "f Chicago; Itewarl
A Cuehman, winner at Cornell, and
William Watr. winner at ''olumhla. This
dtvisle.n of the gll-comcrg' nil] begin t?i
A secret siKsion of the executive rom
SBtttee of the United Stabs National
Lawn Teni?S Association ?'as held to
? ui whleb proepectlve ? ?ianp?*s in
? ? ?gaaae and details ?if th?'
- Cup matches f??r next >?ar erer?
i discussed
? followa
All-com?i i' nal agi??
??eror.ii raandl t: N.?r-?s S '- i d?' !
j feat?d Queta? ? t r?u ? ? ? e I ?
?; i - ' ?reatad F
?? ?rtek <'.
6 ?. 0?2. I ?
? ? | in ?, e i. Tii'-nni?
? .? raaer,
,i . : . ? ??
' " ' lit.
. . v I Hai
a -, <>.,-,:? Wlghman
ltd W. E. Hu; ?? ? I
\:\g F'"
? .-. ?. -,' ? |
? ?'. s ;?. i-hamplin. 8?2. B? 4
I H. C. Owen,
i ?. llar- ? \ M ? klnney d? ?
feated l'au.
Nathaniel W - ted William T.. M
I ?i . Qardner B
fe?ted Alfred D. Hanraett. 8?I S?9, g? t
s Dabaer ,ie??.. . ? We
I; Ro\vl?n?i Evan? Ir
Q. w. Phlllli s ?. ? ? : ' H ?
>' . v.i. ?efe W. V
. B?
?S ?-.?-f? ?lu;
Ih::? M
1 ? : . ? '. .
?' | t :i Rowland Hfi7.Ar !
-d Kan H ?Bebt ''? default; J s
. ? t H '.'. ? F. C
g 0?4 ?-. ; Wallae? r. j..hi.?on
W. V. - ?'
- ?..-..? . - - i M '.
? lea tad H I
a :t. Richard H Palaiei defeated ?* ? ,
Ion, ?4?4. fl ? ". S *'?
,!???? ?? ? ? i. : :
M V. air - il l'en
dergast. 7??".. 4??*. 1?1. 9?t: William J.
?r defeat
a?:t. c- r Wall ???'?
F w Paul ? I ? 9 9 Di "
iam R???enbaum d?-f-;?'-d Y ?
6?2. S?1. ??2.
New York Yacht Club Owners
to Sail for Cups at Newport.
? ?leg? iph 1 ? ? ? ot%]
NOW] ? R I.? Aug 19 There will be
a ??.?erial serles of raOOS fot ''??? NOW
York Y ruht Club rinn? of "fifties " off thl?
pert on the last thr. I tl ? W?seS
1 under the direction of the Newport Yacht
! Racing Association H 0 Havel
K. K Print!? and C '. F R iaa?
, committee of the association In chara?.
to-day issued the ? ......
The Mew T?or_ Tscht Club eourees and
. fifty-1 ? tor reg RnA
' tht-re will be trophies for all of the raoe?,
?the number of these Miry:-?; with tne
i numbe! of starters.
? Blackton's Demon Wins An
1 other Championship on Lakes.
? ego Au? II :-.tlon for
steney ??f Commodora J Stuart
Bla?kton's Rnhy Bpoed I "-mon WOB Btt?
hami-d to-day, when she piled the Amer?
ican 2?.-f"ot motor boot charnpionahli
top '?f the lb-foot chsmpkmsslp,
srday at ti ? ?nal orea! meet in this
harbor. Th? Baby*a time for th? twewvs
t?.-drt\ \? ru- alightl) better than
?dav's -i::-" ai comparsa" witn
In the trials the Hydro-Mullet, a 26
footer, failed to finish the first lap. The
: Baby Reiianoe falfed to cet a ?tart, a-, i
BSad l*ly found herself ?o far he
hlnd OS the third lap that she abandoned
i the OOOteet The Harnacle and the
Hazel l! eilso foiled f? Mart, leaving the
I Van Flerek to run the third trial h?Ht
?alone. The laet named played In lurk,
?not only havln* ro opposition la the
trial heat, hut wlnninK second monev In
the flr.al by the breakdown of two boats
I well aheh?) of her.
Four boa's?the Oregon Kid, the Klt'T
Hawk V. the Von Hlerck and the Hubv
Sp?-?-d Demon?met in the finals The
* ?r? gOBI h'iat made the fast?-?t lnp, as sh??
dl'l yesterday, and !r. the same time??
Ig} gsd had a lead Of several BOOOndg
over the Habv .<!?<?] l??:?i??n, when she
? out with e-ncin?- ?trouble SftST tnak
? | eight fast miles Th.- k'??v Hawh v
made the- flraf lap In 2 "?l and als?, ?retire ?.
leaving the raw Is fh? M-foot Vss Blereh
the Baby Bpoed Iiemon. The !nrii?-r
?raft wa? nearly two miles behind t'e
winner at the- finish, hi-r t:me being
Plan on Foot to Put
Davis Cup in Discard
Europeans Want New Trophy to
Overshadow the Old.
Foreigners Hope to Establish
Service Regulations Devised
to Wreck American Game.
1 rmm a Staff t".'rT*sp?-.n<1*nt of Th? Trlt? ?n* 1
.Newport, R I . Aug. 19?According to
a statement credltM \o an offl lal of the
I'nlted States National Lewa Tennis As
Boctatlon it Is possible that Fi.r??penns
offer b world's championship cup
that will supplant the 1>,-ivIf cup. It is
stated thai Henrj W .-lorum. vteo-preal?
deal ?>f the national association, when at
s? otharaptco, Long island, last week. -.??
aahed as to the authenticity of the nUBOf
that ih- r?gulatir.ns of the l'avis Clip
would !.. chancad so as t?? put that
trophy, sri long rrprenentmg th?. world's
chnmp|i?n?hlp at the gum?-, up<?n a play?
ing through basis Instead of maddng one
Of the nations WOrt through to the chai?
leng? round, ss IfcLoughltn and th? other
Americans had to ?lo in the re? ently de*
r Ided M : ' u
in replying Blocum stated that he ?a? ,
Saltonstall Yacht Proves Her
Superiority in Trial Races
for Sonders.
Itarblem Aug " iftar the
Bpi g, ????? ? ? fin L Baltoneta?l and
sd by It D<
trial rae<s to-day. the Mastern fa? hi
| " ?ele??te?l her an the first ? * ?
?defenders of the President Wllaoa and
Govei : tips agalnat the challeng?
ing Qerman son lers Th?- oommlttes i I
eliminated fr<?-- f'irther competition the
Than ' iet- tac?.? to-ila
In* about s;i the arlad conditions th?vt
be mal With 'n a race The morning
: . ? . :. '
a lad and I ??.?-. v chop, all the :
f the afi
waa In a i
ail the sot fall a ? ti ??
tiiir.i r.-i?-?* aras started in a tiKht bn
wbtcfa beeanM a ? ?rift aft*r the wlndwai ?
mark ?Hi turned
la r ? ? . races tl ?
her great ly la s br?eos The
moi ??'?: g i I est test the
ers bave yel
up tha v.lad, with t , .
? ? ?. ? ' ame
in t ? s gulei
? ad at the first
mark after a ta rw ? aeat
i<-k. howev? :, a Baal to srtnda
was ; all tha other 1
?prig tahlni tha .?a'i an?i boMlag II to|
the f)nl."h
Tl ' .lunced Its cha
t ? Ipi|| . :*? Um ai ad ra ? - i
she did not satei ths tl rd contest la
this rue?- ths Ellen, shoarlng her strong
?Ipriit weather ability, drift?-.I .?
:-..-. the <
r . .w .
? | , ?i
\nct.l time
? ' ' .-; 11" '??
?- ?? Tern .... 1 I .
Cima . l-aa*4?Oust . i K I
?t -ir 1 0*1 BO 1??-n . 1:02 R?
! ? I 01 M M irfoon .... 1 "3 '"?
? Ina . 1 ?. I.r
Elisa . 2 2] id ""?? .. 2 4P ?
T?n ... :?:..... Harpoon I'l?* r><*t flnl?h
'?Imtt.f:U M
A. A. U. Officials Find Hammer
Half a Pound Too Light.
The phenomenal throw of 1?*? feet B??,
lnci:?.s with the i?;-pound hammer for a
new world h rcord by Pat Ryan, f,f th?
Irish-Am? : I' an Athletic Club, at th?
Beoentric Firemen's aaeet last fionday,
erlll not h?- accepted by the Amateur
Athletic Union. The hammer whs tSQtsd
at the office of Jame? .; Bulllvan, presl
if the iiietrop-'lltan a*s
yeaterday, and it waa found t<< i?e under
i? ? regulation weight
The iron ball alone proved to he onlv
l.'.'j pounds, 'iti'l with the arldltlon of the
handle one-*n mrtei of a pound ii?.;ivt??r
Therefore, the old rerord of T?7 f?-?-t
4 inches, marie by M?<>rath In <ir-toh<-r,
UU, will stand.
Crack Swimmers on Edge
for Two Title Contests
Quarter-Mile Race on Card
for To-day, and Half-Mile
Will Be Decided on
i?,, swimming meets will be held th.? I
week whh-h hrrerS of aquatic sports ha?e,
. tooking forward to with k?'?n antid-,
patlon The first, to tak" piare In ' McSgO
to-day, Will feature the rpiarf-r-mll?. race
for the national title of the Amateur Ath
Unloa; the aeons* st Tmrsrs atend.
.m Bsturday, win dsdde hnth the halt
,. and fancy dtvtng 'hampion-hips ?t
the Metropolitan district.
Keen Interest Is brtn* taken in the
rn?es BSSSOSB 1*0*7 will afford the ftr-l op?
portunity of vertfytog ths rep rl curt
oerukng the wonderful ?speed nmveUnyed re?
cently In open wat.r by Perry MoOllw
vraj and a. C n-ithel. of the IlMaoJa
Athieti? Club, and Ntebola? Nertch, ?t
the Kow Y'.rk Athletic ?'i'1"
If OSS may bsMSTB t'??s. i? ports all
three swimmer? are movli.K fast enough
to ?hatter every estdoor raeorde end as
regulation .ourses have been Insist? d upon
b- the authoritl." In all rhampioli-ehip
is will ne c?jii'lu?ive.
Af.alr.st the two Westerners an excep
fiiiHiiy Mron* neid win Mart. Including
Hairy Hebner, the MB*yard bolder;
Chauncej Heath, the tea-aalle champion i
William Vosburfth. Joe MorrK William
Merriam and othsi star*; r,pp?>?,ed to n#>
,j,1, will be, amini? elKht or ni??t.
irr.nts. I'.u'l GoodUf?I and Jamen Keilly,
who may be eounted apoa ta mak?- tha
prt,.. m??". all t'"- mwy.
The vi?tt to <'?ilif'irnla of it Hawaiian
SWlmmtng team hea?le?1 hy I?uke Kahan
am"k i, th?- Olympic champion, haH
brought to Bghl a? ase remarkably goad
. it por fui inora of arhaaa vary little was
knew i, l-U'lv Laager. Of H'-dondo Ileach,
gaVS the duke the rare of hin life In H
three quarter mile swim at Los Angelen,
leading him until the very last, and only
losing bi a few feet after u dooporate
finish The time was 1? minutes 22 aer
oi ds At tha same meet mibs DoOj Ulnga
created a m a recced for women, and
<'!lff Howes ?lid some fanry divin*; that
would have placed him in the running In
almost any -onipanv
Kahunamoku has been alaughtarlag the
fr^e ?trie sprinting standards and has
done fine w.irk in the nistances. but his
?.??,???.. ?f wh.m I.ukela Kaurlko Is
the bast. h?ra ?* ?'?'??* ?? l? axpatiauoa
not aware of any ?uch project. He had
reared, however, he said, that the time
Iih?I arrived when, as the cup had orne
>ack Into the possession of the nation
that originally offered the trophy that
the newly Instituted International federa?
tion of lawn tennl? player?, to whl'h the
English, ?Presch, Oermiins, Belgians and
'?thera have BSbOCrfbod, Would ?.ffi-r a
trophy thnt would h<- emblematic of the
World's championship th?-y ?eek to estah
llsh. Sloe-um ?aid that he believed that
this was about to be done, and no. wlth
nut challenges f:om foreign tiatlons. the
Davis cup woulel bec?ome only a matter of
Fr??m nni'the-r ?.?urce it was learnet
that the failure <?f the Americans to Join
the newly Instituted federstlOB ha.? BSQSSd
prim?' jealousy In Earsps The BuropSSHl
are seeking to standardize the rule? for
the punie A BOW servi?-?- rule is likely
to be adopted i propelling the ?et ?Its le
be made from a position with both feet
UPOn the ground Buch a rule would
iv re ? k the game ns plav.?d hv MeLougnlln
and other leading Americans either dras?
tic rules bava bees drafted into the code
nf the federation, especially the one de?
nning th?- amateur statua ??f a player
which the Americans r-fused to ad"pt at
the annual meeting last February
It Is predicted here that, unless the
Am? ricane join with th? federation, the
Iiavis imp in likely to languish for want
i)f chnl'.eng-i?
Vardon and Ray Will Be Busy
Until Christmas if They Play
All Their Matches.
'.? has been lOOUOd 1ST
the oopTBldBOCB of IM ward Rny an?!
Ha: rv '. ? ? ? rts i otne fr??m
SttJe Bf the West a:.noun leg that the
two famous Englishmen will be seen hi
i nlttes If it should
? ? aad Vardon apt
ail ??f the se at which they are mjver
? ?. ? ?re Is little doubl about their hav
.",t!l the tl- ?.?.
?no? r... ever, as they eapect t??
? - , thai
- p ? the Westers ? Isba are das fot _
: tment
VsT-SS arrlxe.i he TO
? t?, be ?(,::?e gtMBt BO ??! I
t there
1? no doubt in the mlinl?
that g to re
. ? these un1
visit the link? ??f the , Height?.
'ioif ???b aad era expected to ??
ant .?t ' ?akmoiit.
The rera I I agtlsh
rlll h?, at Bhasrnee, and wi
Immediately aftenrard ;
blMtl.? - MOORS dl?trlct.
doings of Vardon and Raj la
thai ! ord Northcliff?. the spon?
sor for the profsoolonals. a hoi
? eher ???k or tarn I th?- game)
tl ? ? ? r?-?ifere Practically even
h ?.? . lid " to Obtain the s.-rvlres of
the . ante led tripe srs
.an? an- a:*? ?
Jol n Ftei.i. jr. secrnterj of tl
States Oolf As?- .??? ? eallg stteattos to
.? ' the nal tonal Basa?
tear ? bamplenehlp tournament will
with i.in?. ' ? ? nth street on
Moi.'lay, August ? at ?i o*e ... k. and that
I. t ? ' '. red after that date.
Manaban of th? Inwood country Club
pleted -???? ? ? ? imsni
III the final round Of 'las? A K H Stem
? lemai I - up gad i to eta).
!n th? BOnoOtStlSB Dr. J Wi-.in-r
best 1 Irwine by I up. W. W, Stra-ser
besj a Kioto i up m th>- Bsoond set, and
A. Kiel ??> ?nrrie'l t?, ih.? tw-.-mi<-th bole
in the e-oiis??iation ?iivisioii before h?- oosld
lasts R Hoyasen Is < ?a?s C, V.
:.,.v.!?i? defeated D Oppenheim 2 up
ftpd ; t-. play, an?l lu the ????nsolation of
thai '-t - lailSBt l?e?t M Flhher by u 3
and 2 margin In th? handicap T. H OBI
nuui waa the BSt winner, with a curd Of
lii2?33--T9. whll?. the? lowest gross BCOTO
?m 1,. H Htorn's H4
ReportB of a remarkable record ma'le by
e'harles J. ?Smith, the professional of the?
Auti'inohil? and Golf Club, como fr?>iei
Tan.im Fla He eOVOTSd the nliu--hol.ii
?ins?-, some 2.6W yards In length. In 2."
'i as ei?itan? e? of the.? holes are as foil..* ?
i*. 13-?. Ik:. 0, ng in. :>7s. Ht, Total,
I . The boles were naads as f.?iiow?:
4 4 I 3 2 a 2 ? 2 %
At UM fifth hoi?-, H >ar?jM Ling, he
topped h'.s drive, but with B spoos fur his
?econd Bhoi holed the ball for a 2.
Surprise Leopards. Capturing
Match for Westchester Cups.
[Bf T? legvapll <" The Trthun? 1
Nserport, it- i ? Aug. V.?The feat so
eompllohed by th?. Philadelphia e'ountry
Club this afternoon In playing the
Leopards off their feet and winning the
second mat'-h for the W?_tefieotof ciub
IpS was .??.in? tiling that ? unie as a dis?
till? t surpris.-. The BOorS wga 16 to 11.
Th?- I.eopant? hud to OVerOOSM a handi?
cap of A pulnls. and BtSrted In to elo this
sarly Thev Bsoeeoded in the thir?i period,
el ti,? does of wbteh the boobs wa? a tie
at 7.
However, after this the game was the
youngsters' property, They plsysd rin??
around th?- veteran leopards and SSSTSi
In the laM gVO periods eight goals, or
? 1 i ible th?' nuaabef made by their op?
ponents. The chief factor In this wa?
K?l M??rgan, Jr , who, although not figur?
ing In the scoring hi much as Belrnont,
was, nevertheless, the shining star of
th? Omul 11 I'lub's name P, H. I\ Ban
dolpb, ir., also came- to the front In the
bitt.-r half ??f the game
C P. Rea.lleston and J. B. Thomas
played a dashing game. Beadleston es?
pecially doing pretty work In carrying the
TheSllne-up follow?.
rilll.AI'EI.P'A '' C I._np.,Rr.s
ll'eai? R'eag
I I C Rethbnne 2 If. ? P Ran
? ? p ?i teimnmt % ?*niph. jr
1 M Steven?nn 7 2?F?1 Morgan. Jr. 2
Berk?J. B Thema? 1!? Miirnn Hrlmont 8
n??k f'aul I? Mill?. 3
T'.'ai . . 17, Teal .U
Philadelphia i.?.ntiy Club Kan.ed ???1?
Kewgaa Hein.?nit i?), i ? p [taael-lph, jr ill
Rd. Mor?an, ir. ?2i, Paul l>. Mill?. Re
? an ' ,-' ii -<r? Net ?or?., ||
LsssaiS? Sara?e1 ga?a J ? them?* ML
?' P Bere~lewtaa i4l .1 C. futth.in? e??. Mal
?-?'?nil St?T?asee tl). Referee?Arthar F.
Plenty of Wind for Yachts on
Opening Day of "At?
lantic" Week.
Has It Nip and Tuck with Com?
modore Blackton's Vir?
ginia, and Wins on
Last Leg.
"Knee Week" of the AtautiC Va. ht Club
opened vest?-relay und?*r must favor? Ha
conditions, forty?throa yachts Bailing a
fast rare in a fr?-sh hre??*?? that was
northeaat at the ?tart and sootheaat at
th?? finish. While this shifting "f tha
wind deprived most of the yachts of a
test ?.f their ability in windward \v.-k,
1 all the wind they wanted ->n
the reachea and runt?, reeultlng in 6ome
close and *???!flni? finishes, especially '.'i
th?. "Q" rlaaa, where i'eter \v. Roues's
Arria defeated Commodore J Stuart
Bttaekton's Virginia by tha amall margin
of 11 seconds. These, and fmir <?'h>-rs.
covered a 17-mile cours?,
with a strong brasas over their port
quarters the six <'lnss "y" BlOOOa Urere
-??nt away at l_H ?? < ;?iek. the first of the
sixteen classes that Oiled is they
down the Main Ship ?'iiarmel t?>
their tiri-'t turn t?. I Spit buoy?
the arlnd canted t. the eastward, makin?*
It a cl?ise r?H' h for th?ta most >?f the
way The Virginia ai ?i the Arvla '? ?
vvnrk of It from tha ?-tar?, th- Ar
lni?T by Ism than a minute at the llrst
stark, whlls O. Davls's tiles waa
up with both "f then
To th.- next niki. ,- ! Bhoal hf-'ht
:t waa a run almost load before it. ?mu
npiiiii.-ik.-i? w? und by
some. Lulling aro .rk they had
r?-ii. h on a i theest-hi
th?. ? o it's?,? In 2 h'.'irs It IB '? - I
? nda, but t!. rar tha long
ma a ? by j. h llahlatadt'a
r tlm?> eras
2 hours '.<> i. ,. hut -'??'
:?. time all
b] a j ! ?:? m ? Ron! .
?? i ha t ? ? m? ??f the
1 i spli ?.;...- i. the i ? la fr pi
Bouthweat r?i?it. ? f two other
. ?
? Itb No rails
kmi'iiK them Th?
12.8 n.'.les and t: ? mllsa Th.?
?: roiinJ
. . ...
- ?
.. ? ? , . a-ST.'M
i za ?
The fitats I Ught "f It 11 ?
? ? ns out to A
I ?:. then bai k to ? ?
y. They and l
Butterflies -of which five ntarted had ttu,
of rd work la the race,
v\. i. Hopk :.?-?? lefbated
h??r r.e ? . I '..-. i '? 's
champion star Little Dipper
? . -?
R ? ? m and I ? ? "??? '?'?''<-?
Alona: and I 'i Ma lau
waa one of lh< Ihre Butterfllea, and aha
- 'i n? v sailed a ?-?x-miie course,
lave a mees
gtai ar to the sa la^t
niKiit To-morrou alght there urtU bo a
\auri?!'. ? artalai
The summaries foii??w
_B| Q?6T 01 Rd?
17 Ml
Ar? l.i. P. W t.. ?? ? 0* l* - >? "H
Btackton . *. IM m 2 14 U
y . . . 4 ??! B'? 3 U 60
? ?h-il t, ..4:00:41 2:1A:4I
- a ? -. .. ,.-. _ch .4 ???'...?-"' 2:1? 2o
H ?, ii,?r??. t... Dias
iias'Mi'ai' ci_um murr division -
: : ? ?? . t? :,i;i.i>
Okee, J a Hshlets?t.... t-AAM 2 io 2-,
?,??-. Il H E?udd 4 (M OS 3:11 OB
, v J. l.i.-m . 4 "?' "1 il 1- "1
? urraru. lime -RohillS, 2 u? ?si Okee,
I o i '?'. Alert I io-.'jr,
.-. ri usf., it UlUta,
Jay. t.* Sn-.ivHir- and c?.r ' . 4 P? 2S 2 2? 28
AmealtS IV, A F. Ktx.ntBtn. ? 2* ?'. 2 31 40
?OintPE, 12.1 MILES,
Triton, W. Kant Hai: .. 4 :m "t 2 ?*. o\
W w? R 11, Manny , ? 81 '<? 2 BB M
Tarse, v.. h m.? klaSasB * I - -
-l . OPa I.AS-? I! I 1 vl... I ?>. COURSE,
il 1 MILES
-;? M li 4 i? n 2 4? 4.1
11.un' .?S. W H. V. th .'. 08 33 -,
12 :: MILE*
M tt I" II <'amp ?w MS* nfJU 4 %?> 12 2 4fi 11
. jru , i.r c i. ttklnso ?? ? 4 :?? 11 u ?' Il
? n Baltes! DM net finis?-.
START, 141 (Oi.'l'.sE. ?2..1 Mli.i:
Wost Zot. Maybe*? . 4?88 t: 1:48:41
Corlee . y :..'.._-_ .4 _ I
. i. m. . ... 4 ... ao
Bkylark, J Dayton .4:6HCia a
!....,n. A W V r._ 4 :?? Il 1
..-i.... Dr c i. ?? ine s.... 4 ? !
F:ntlet. ! - !?. on .'? OOJU 2 55:21
B U II ?..'-'
Date, A '" tadrews BrM 11 - ' ? ??
?;. | -, i r w i. B?salas .... 4:M H I 18 "
. 4:27:24 2:11 24
ri;ir I-.I--.V?.??, A H. Pry . 4 27 M 2 IT 31
Twinkle, J <\ All*\ ? Vi 2:1.:-S
rsvui B Bh "i 4 :'? :.?! 2 I? ?W
P'g Dipper, Jame, w ? d ? r: 10 2 22 18
voua, le) r tel amm ? 4 M ?2 .
F.?.l. HVV KVii, KA'Ml'TH -STAKT.
l'nke A'.ruiK. F ISSlSS.4 L'T "7 2 12 ..7
Skvli.ik. It Ftiila\ .... 4 .?? 2fl 2:1? J?
s.uw Psbe r L Dartsad t m>.:.j m;. ,;-j
IttTTF.ItF'JI.? -TAKT. 2:20 -COURgB, C
MI! i:
faldsga. Q T M.i-vv'11 ?? * H H 8:10:14
? ?ven k- 4 4* ?4 . . ??.
r.mper.'r. H. H. ?Tark. 4 ?*? :4 2 -? IB
Arladna. W. TWler . 4 51 M 8:81:11
T Arrliihl 4 1.1. ft 2 S3 U
Bantamweights art I be the attraction ?t
the St Null?.his Athletic Club tO-Utght In
Ian round l'<>ut_. Hlx of the heat small
men who want a chan?e al the champion,
Johnny OouloW, Will hold the stai?e. in
the flint pout "K ? )." ITnaiB and Harry
Hill will meet f?ir what promises to he S
hard hattle. The little fetlOWa are l.oth
:,hl.? tuxers and ro???! hitter?.
in another hout "Battling" Roddy, fresh
fr'itn his excellent Showing ajfalr,.?.t
Charley \te iinux. the French champion,
and "Kid" William.-, i- t.? t:?k?. ?>n Arthur
Wmona The winner of this bool may
m.?? t ? ??sillon,
Ml'key I>unr, who has not heen ?le
fe.?t..?i sin?'?- be t"??!?. up ti.e gama ace?a
time ego, will face "Dutch" Hranst. The
latter is eonatdorod ??n?? ef the liest nun
tnrnerl out l?y Brooklyn since the day* of
Terr] MoQovcrn.
'Ten Thousand Spectators See
Some of the Best Racing Ever
Held in Orange County.
Makes Half Mile in Fast Time,
but Stumbles on Second Lap
?Eighteen Heats Required
to Decide Three Contests.
[From a Staff Correspondent of The Tribun? |
?:. X. Y., Au*. IB.-It took eighteen
heats to deride thr??- racOS Bt th? open
liiK of the ?Kht harness BBOOttag at the
; historio trahie her?? this afternoon, hut
! the most wondt.-rfnl peart of the whole
thlr.jr was that the crowd, ten thousand
j strong:, stayed to the finish. Bp 12 o'clock
Ovary seat In the huga jrrandstanel had
I been Bold, and as the boxe? w?-re reserved
nix months ago th? only thing for the
??tith'ifiaeits to do was to take up their
! in the Infield. They erare rewarded.
however? by wltni.-sslni? raring euch as
Dover ha? been BOOB before even in
Oranere County? the- home of the Ameri?
can trotter.
T'hlan, C. K. <* Billing?'* ch?mpton.
started to lower hie world's record of
1*60%, mad? on the Ooshen track, and
nut for a flll(/ht accld.-nt he- would un?
doubtedly have beaten that mark by a
i-afe nururln.- "Do. " Tar.m-r sat behind
the brown llyer. and wh?:n he drove him
the first quart, r In I Mi and the half In
4 tl ?? erowd w.-nt m.i.l with delight
Just ai T'l.'.an pOOOOd the Jtidffe6' stand,
und was snllin?? away Into his e-econd lap
he wn? seen to stumble, !ur? h forward
and then go up in the air. The noble
beast recovered, and flnishe?d hi? mile in
tad It was not until Mill?, the
?tarter, _;in?.unced fr?:m the stand that
I'hlan had stepped on a quarter b???it that
r? realised I '?.t how much
B I ? ? to contend with. Mr. Rllllnirs hur
rll ! ?? the ?t-eble and later announced
that he would allow I'hlan to start airain
on Thursday
:.. th? secretary, area not railed
-. ; n ?-> (twaril ar.y of his loo prtz?? -.vhl?h
go t.? the dr!v?r who win? in
Trotters '.:?-.. - opened the
programme, aad be ?? ? as though
lid BVOr !" able to put two
?? to his credit. The first went to
?ward, the BSOflTld to Harry J. S.,
th?, third to Boo Sotoek, and then Raffles.
arblch had been Ijlng low, came to the
front und claimed the fourth and f.ftn.
? sixth heat Radios wag travelling
In fourth ?jl-ce, gad ev?ry OOO ??ud be
was dono for, b -' be ? ?"?>' ?tob?
ter?ugea as had naoBeeaka?
la ti ?j ? . th be mad" up twelve
- and won by a tsafe margin
The seven-heat raOB w.ia not finished
until nearly 7 o'c'?> k. and then it went
: are I hl h had finished eighth and
Bint h in the first three, hetitt? The ld??_l
. _ ohOOtnot mare by Lord Direct.
began to show what she OOUld do in
urth beata when she cama up a
as ond to John H n?.. a bap John
R ??-?itry Btal!!?jn which looke.l like a
I rs Winner after the third hea? The
Led] WOO the tilth heat In 2.0ft\. the
In 2:21 and I - th in 2.11
To-day'? programme promis?-.? to be
quite BO good as yeBtOlday's. There are
. and a threc-year-olj trot,
I and a IM pace, all 1. 000
Dlreetum I. the world's chani
balf-mlla pa. er. arlll start In th?
. ?
Th?? summaries follow:
? 2 21 '".ass -CUBA HOBO
Leo A, b a., by J? tb W/?lab
HiraT.oi ? , 1 ;br
. '. t 3 2 3
Kslavu, c?, ir , by Kavalll?
Murray) .2 2 3 3 ?
tas, s. by Todd
3 8 4 4 4
2 161*. 2 1.1*?. I 13f4. 2 UV. 2.18V?.
?n:"I*Tl.N'i 2 12 fliigg iingg $2.?A?V
Raft!??. I..K ? , by HroMrn
< Id? , leu.-g????? 6 4 s i t t
?ip.?? ?'ray l?aiMi (Phil
livsi i a s a -j
l!..r:> J K.. Mk ?., bf Ad?
miral ri???' Dor i? Me is
:??-.. . I 1 t 2*8 4
?. a] i ?a b
f?-r tC.HTTls. _).. 8 ? 1 4 4 B
b T, i.Thit'fo-' . 9 6 6 ? ro
Darby Bojr. b ? i-feCOfthp?. 4 a 8 S ro
l?ajor ?y?Ht**gtS?. b- a.
?? ... 7 7 4 T m
| E P ML, b g. (Hol!.?n?i?"-k'' 8 8 ? fl ro
??lay. br. m (Ooodei. 9 9 ?3 8 ro
- :.. 2 11% 2 ?14, : \9% I i*V I 14%.
PAcmra :'* ?"laps piese. 12.000
The I-irn' '.a-lv. eh. m . ty
I.r,r ' Yr\r\r.ess
I --Kl (Mae .? 8 ? 9 3 1 1 1
John It. Mal. b. ? . t y John
I' e'en'.rv ? 14llnk_
K ?? orth !< . l?r h . by
pttmaa . i t t 7 4 8 2
Susie m . t lie ta., b] ???at
MttlJUi ?Hv:n1??rltr.l .2284348
La ' ? : ' b '? irwbj .3 4 7 8 ro
Tlmoltrn, <-h ? ?Rarlngl *i 7 8 Ir?.
?!n?.?n. i la ? (Poet). I I 0 '' is
nil?) ..... 4 d g gra
P . b in. (PhllllM). 5 h 8 O ro
Marietta, Ml* ?_ Hal
>nt???ckl . ?li?
Tine. 2 11 ?4. 111%, t?llH. 2 10H. 2-Ofitl.
I:5i 2 ltl
Takes Grand Circuit Trot in
Straight Heats.
Saiem. If, H. A'lff. 19?All three event?
-two of them ??.?>?*> stakes?at the first
_a**B Onu.! Clroall m.-etlng at Roek
tnKham I'ark t?)-day were for the c.im
'.ers ,,:i the hilf-mile circuits, and
they furnished ?ome good ra?-lriH-, OB*
pedaQy tn the 2:10 pace, which required
rive heat.*
The summary follows;
TOOTTnra?2 24 r?T.APS- pt'RSE. U.oon?
THMU IN nvr..
T'eter Hltni. b. g.'hv Rlnamore (Iju
?elll . 1 1 1
Ainir.'v Qrajr, ir. m iCaresetar).. ? 2 3
Jloii Ton. hr b. rM?ll|g?M). 2 .'? t
Tlie Slason. br. s. il'mi . .'? 3 3
Itoyal Rail, br. c. I Nay).. . 3 7 ft
. b. ni i<"'ierrt??. 4 4 7
i*i?y, b. h. '??Hrlenl. H 8 8
Carnation, b. ? (Fox). I I I
?rtste, l, g 'K\aii?.. 7 8 8
\lbratlon. ?e h. _. ?l!ivn?:i . ?II?.
Y'.un? Mack. b. K- ' ?Ufby I. ilia
> Boj b. h I .iilii?! . dis.
Tbaa 2 i"'.. - i3'i. 214.
PAcmo- 2 ?r rjLAgg ?pumn, $2.000-.
T.e?v Terklns. b. g.. by Platte. Jr.
?.Milan 1. 1 1 ;
Anil Friction, ch. a e Smith i. 3 2 2
Lareatln?. hlk. m. (Dors),. . 2 4 j
Plow Doy. b. g. ? Blood i. 4 8 6
Je? K.. b. g. (Melnn?on> .5 6 4
Enoch W., ro g ? Muierlil*.-?. 8 8 8
Ii?.n?i?ll?>n Boy. b. ?. "'.r?.-?!?. 8 7 7
Betty Peen, ch m iSlayi??ni.7 _|a
Time. 2.10V 2:10?.. '.':12"\,.
PA.'IN'l-2. ?O i'I.ASS ? l'fRSK. $1,000?
Ti'RFr: |M FivK
Afl'l F . h. h . l?v Judge John
Hugh.? ?li.irei . 2 1 2 1 1
Prod \V r. g. i Smith i .. .42128
_gns n. t. m, (Magridgal .. i ? I 4 4
Bin?es? b. h ? V*n H?ut?n>. 3 3 4 8 2
e'??lln D., ??r. h. i?'??. ? ?'? 4 8 ro.
Tin.?, 2.il. 2.0?%. 2.06%. 2.11 W. '?.19%.
MlMATOItB ai__\nac.
?-unri?e, 614; ?unset. ?V*>2; moon rl?e., | 80;
moon'a age, 11
Hill! WATER.
fsady Hook.p *> teta
? rnofi laland .10 I
Hell Cata .11 50 11 3S
The PreeMaM '?ran?, report?, as 306 mllas
???t of s_: . i et 8 a ?r. sesaaedar, i? ex?
te. \rt to ?lo.-it thi? for?,n?x>n.
!'ii? Bremen, rep rted as 193 mllos ?ait of
Ratvly Hook a: 12 20 p ? yeettr'lay. la ?t-^e te?
to dock this forenoon
?'??eel Port. Una.
?Olympic.Southampton. Aug 13 W Mar
?I'reatdent Grant II.uni lira. Aug 9?...Han
?Vlriitnl?.Havre. Au*. .PrSOSh
Bremen...Bremen. Aug 0.M ?? L
Triton.Hamburg, Auir ?1. Hainb-Atn,
El Norte.<_aive?t<?n, Aus 14 ...S. Pao
Eo ene.Nee Orieeoa Asa lS??Std on
Tests.Sabine, Aug 18.8t?l Oil
Lanape.Jarkaonvill??. Aus If...Clyde
'Philadelphia.. ...an Juan, Aus 16. ..Red D
?Fiorizoi.Hallfax, Aus IB ? --R"?" ,v""*-*
?Santa Matta.Kingeton, .ug 18__'n I*rult
American.Antwerp. Aug B.Phoenix.
In?1ra .Glaegow, Aug S.
.vritii:-??.Horn Orleans, An? IB..Bo Pac
Huron.IStlBsiBl I lile. Aus IS....Clyde
Friday, AUOOtT 22.
Cedria.Liverpool, Am 14. wrntt? Star
Italia.Palern-.. Aug H .Italian,
Irtaho .Hu.I. Aun '.i .
Mexico. H>ivat.a, Aue 16 .Weed
? * of M /ntgortiery.Ha- annah. .v:g IB..Bavai
El Alba.OelTwtoa, Aas IB
San Jlircoa . . rialveaton, Au? 11.....Mallorjr
?Bring? mail.
Man Tessel
TeSBSJ, S*?. Lin*, c?o?*? aal.?.
Mauritania. Liverpool, COB 9 3<i p m t ??
Fran?-.. Hum F-.-. . fum lOi.iam
Zulla. I.n Oeerrs, RDW8 . S*? a m 12 t?1 m
lian. H-rmuda (ju*b. 9 ?VI a m 11:'?',? na
Za-sra. lemelea, ? Pratt. e:i"i_ UrOOm
Cnmua. New'?rleana, c?, I*ac - U <?? m
santu_o, Oalveeaoa, Man.? I-aapaa
A-MTlkS, Hamburg. HA . 7 30 a m ll;!Vta n.
Enoaranaa. Ha-.ar.a. Ward lOOu a ru l.OJtpm
P Sigla-rain!. H.?-. ?!. H A . 1:00 p m 4'OOptr.
Celtle, LAvorj ter . - 12 ??" m
L*nap*>. Jacksonville, Clfde,
'? of Savannah. 1er, Sa- . .. - ? p m
Kl Vall?. Oalveaton. S?, Pan - I ??' p m
M Paul. aniiihaeaaeoa. Ara., fl.ioam yi-fistn
Burines e, He la? I n Pi I U 00 ni
Maraca i ? i-.ii D 18 BOan
P Willem I. Haytt, RDWI.ll BOare l.-OOpai
Vlgllaaela Nssea . . ??m BiOBpsa
Port An-onlo. J?mala.-1. ??O m
dose M. T.
Destination ai. 1 "/ea--:?r ?. BB 1' M
Japan, Mn.i -via S?a?rl?.
Tokobesas Msra . Aus 21
Hawaii. IS f'-'?a
San FYan-:?--?. P Iberia Aus 21
H.a.a. BsPMrfiB li.an.is. Ne?
land ai; ' ? x ; t W?rt .?. (a
Bes Pran I* i I Teat ira . Aus 21
Japan. '.'or?-_. China sad I .
Island? fvt? ' . r
Ii c>- ?uipiese of India Aus ta?
Hawaii (rie Bas Prou rises) u'i'.hei
ralsa A.g 2?
IlMH, 'oroa and Chin* ?>! ?-?.la..?-' ad
?' . ..?.i?Mexico
Mara . au? ta
Hawaii, Pt'l I'lani* N
A'.^i-rilla, . x-?T- .VV?t -la Ven
? ?? -iv.-r and V'ic-.or!?. B O? Nlng.ra. Ans ?
Hawaii. Japan
PI Uli pli ? i?. vr . . Sea
ei-CO)?China Aue 8?
?via ? Aug SI
Tahiti, M. - I? ar.d
Sem '.'-..
addressed ' a 'via fan
Francisco)- Msnuk. Sept LB
Port of New York, Tuesday, August
19, 1913.
lissai it Salan Wllhelsi ;: (Ose), Bremen.
urg ]3. to
< ?elrlchg a. ? ? r ? : ?? ? .-. *. -aMn
-.- . ? * (.-.??ra,.' ? lee
I ut 'he Par it !" IS a m
i., to the United FYeil . *..- :-.... \j-t.v-. _
St the H??r at 11 i m
8t-.??r. '-???.'-_. ? ne] . Sav%Br-..ih Aag-Kt
:'',, to ' ? W ^* '?'. with p?:??^:if??r>a anil
. . Hm at i am.
^t*s:v.?r Lenapc - avilie August '.-i a i
i*harl??jion 17. t.. UM Clyde H? Oa, with pae
? and rajs-.. Pa.?a*3.1 In wuarar.Un? at
Steamer F.ve.-.n. Ja'-kaonr?.!)?. to Jam?? BB
niw?!! A CO, with croas tk?a PeSSSd in ?juar
antln? a' 1-2B \ r?j
Steamer Trym iN'.r), Oirdena? Aug_?t H. M
t!i- .\! ir?s.?n ?j Lin?, with su<(_r. Arrlv..? ?.t
th? P-- at !2 20 ?? in
M .: er I'anama. Colon Aaifiat in. to th?
1 . BUBS Railroad Sa OS, with l?>e paa?en??ra
and inrta?? AJlived at the Har at 4.M a BV,
St?-an;?r Em;; I. H ?sa ? ".?ri, Polt I,lrr,?i
kng urt "? ?los 12. Ktnyst ?n
14 and Sfuitlasj 13, to tha Hamburg- A :n*?rt.
can Un??. ?? :'.i ?11 pai???r.~era malla and
?? ? --? .- ? ?? '? . -n.
Bteamer Hatate ?Not'. Sea at U
and Csiberioa _2 wit_
augar. Arri-.-t ?.r 'h* D.ir m? ft 2" a m.
Iteesser Warttjrm ? 1er), Bavmmah vvs-as:
ie. to Punch, n ye * r*o, mtth ladss, in
??r.l flnlah loading f.ir A'.:?tni!la.
l.uft Quar:iiit!r,? _| 7 I :
8t??am??r Sixa.:a It:'. Port Limon .'.uguat
i: Celen 12 and Klngator. 14. to tha Ctntad
Pru!'. ?'?>. with l! pssseaaSTB and n:di-.. Ar?
rived at t;..- Bar ? I M * m
?Steamer BeratOfS. Havana Autraat 18. to
the New Yoric tad Ceba Mai: Pa Co, w'.t\
?_.,?! passa more r-ail? and rrclsa. Arrivad a:
the Par at 7 t iu
ateamw NfarM?ns ."? Perth Amhoy Paaaal
In ?.? in'antln? Bl 10 h hi
Stean-?- Sc1 ine, Brunswlok Paaaed ta
t>iiar?titl'ie at 1:81 P m.
Kte_: . St ' I MB, O.- rr?towr. and T*;".!m*ng
ton I'aaaed In QeaiaatlM at llR p i-.
?'iMmr P*in?*eee 'r. Newport N- - *. \
No?-?,.'it. to ft-? ?'..d I?o?n:nton ?? CO, wi'h paa
aer.^ara and indie. Pa?.?I In Qv;arai.t!na at
2 i: p m
Steam?-r Southport ?T!r?, Hnrt-aloa Aug?i*l
10. t?> Ooorge v RetHesee, tn ballast. Ar?
rive, at ths Par at 7 IB p m.
S'ean.nr BrSBMB Oer), Hr-rr'n Auruat *
and pouingnc gad Beathamptoa 10. to Oel?
rlcha A Co. m'th passsegecs -md mdi?. Ka?t
of Plr? Island :?t 1" IS [> m
Steamer Manhattan ? I?r ? vntwerp A-r?!?".
e, to S.inri.-ra n * Sot: with mdaa Paaaed
H..U ..: ' M ;. m.
ates mer ? m a,, Mohtle ?igust 12, t?.
lfl ami Ko] ^v et IS I the Ma'iory 8? Co.
with r?"-?enger? ar.r] - M ? Boath nf tha
Klahlaixla a? H 1.1 p m
Hook, N J. A p ?, ??1 p m?Win.
.-a-- f'esh br^eea; partly ri lady; ro'.gh ae_.
ateasaan Bl Dla, ?la've-ton Ponce. Ne-?
Or'.nnn*. Fal-mea'! (Rr), A:r:er?i: r
hlne; PoI?!?n: fDutch), ? '. Roniwbae,
Krl?'.rl ?1 ?1er r,n????? (Oar), Pieiner..
Br>, Antwerp: Carpathia .?, ? . :-i>.
Klngaton (Vori, Pert Ai
?? n RM* Jaekaon-zftle; reffersoo, **!orfoth
an?? Keavpeet Newa; Clt? ?f at T>? :ia, "?
rannah; Aittntnce, rvi?' '-.-.-ixgo, oai
v??'ni .'?'ling (Den) Q-aatana
Bteemer? t merles (Itel), P^?lartelphta:
Pawnee. Philadelphia.
Bre-r.an. Aug 19. 1 P r.?l.aiaer Wilhelm der
? 11,er). New lork
Trlt-at*. AUS IB?lese Is 'Hr.. New T^-k
.?.'.^ '..?--Sei See V ?<
Bergen. ?ug 14?Kristtsntafjord 'Nor>. New
V rk
Gen.?a. Aug lt??Verona (l'ali, Naw Tork ?ta
Cadiz, A'ig !??? Manuel ChtVB '8i?an1, New Tork
' ? ,.
1^ ? : 11. Aug IB? Mlnn?-ern''? fJBr), N?"? York
Dorer, Aug 1?. f.:? a in? '/?-?Inr, 1 flSsIS), KOW
York for Antwort {Ujnd rr" eeded)
Par.- ?r.der, Aug is? I ? 1 ...; (Br| New York via
Port Natal. Aug '.??--E-.glUih Monaroli ?Prl.
New York for O? u
Palermo. Aug 11?Argentina (Aue*.) ifrom
Trieste). New York
Qeaea, auh U*?Mea4ees ?Hab New York
urg, Aug 17 7 4i p r.;?Kalaertn Augue'e
Vl.iorla lOert irr !ii Ha:iil.urg an.l S .u?h
amptoni. N??w. York
Uahon. A - I p in--Madonna ?Fr> ?from
Naplea?. Pi sad New York, 15th. 1
Monglbello iltu,,. New York.
Rio .1b Janeiro. Aug 1?? Sw.-dlah Prin a O?r)
ifrom laatos), Nee York
Alliii.te. Aug IS, : p m?Lulgt (Pan (fren
N' ir?.ei:ie... New P? rk
Tr)e?<i?, Aug 14--<?ertv iAu*rt), New Tork
1, Aug 1"?Duman ?P-ri. New ?i,-i k
Jluelva. Aug lt>??"aprera, (Itali. New York
?llhriltar, Aug 17, ? p *n??Harbarosaa tOert,
Mee York.
Singapore. Aug 14?Kgramont Caatle ?Pri ifrorn
Yokohama, ate), BeeBn and New Y>rk.
Tarim, Aug 18?Huruga il<r>, N>w Tork for
M mlla
Otbralter, Aug 1?? Rauonfela (Oer). ?r'alcut?a
an.l ?.lorn*??? tor Poaion an-1 New Tork
Sagrca, Auk IS?Thamtaiotlea (?Jrki. Naw Tork
tor Sapl?.?
Uaard Aoa IS Psilsr (Un. New York for
? -.?.an ?iio.aiiiit tlt.l?, Naw
. -. ?. lur .?-...a

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