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lt, bo .1 ua rooelve the
r. npecl to arhlch II ?s entltled."
-n,,,, you approvfl ol Whltmana
nctlona in tba clennelng of tbi
i will ataud moal heartlly by ev?
thlng thal Whltmnn hna done. i hopi
lha, hewlll be the nexl Diatrlcl Attor
,, io ba with me II i ????' el< ted
H* li abovi partl Hnea and there M
,?, reaaon a/hj ha -hould aol accept
th- Demticratlc nomination
He haa ahown by hia uncompro
misiDg Mand and abeolut* peraonal ln
, ,,,.,, ,?. ,, the man for the pl
There are men Ib tha Democratl partj
who arould maki I.I - " ' ' ' v"
,..,, , . .- i am trongl; ln f?voi ol
no, ,,.,; | ontlnuation in
, h remark
Wt euiro he Dlstrict At
nfflce and the Pottce Depart
t of politl ' ? ':'
> ., nrtmi nl i d tl ? P ibll. ?
Departmenl haa been
litii s ii haa '"? n fl i.'"? '?"?--? "
, ,...' <... nl ' "'? ?'"' ?**?*-**
s. -,?? h. i 'ommuMlom r o P.' I? r- ?
., thal he Bhould be
rreap. - of polltlca. All l
nak w.ii be eflli k w > and honeaty,
'.,,?! |f the CommlBaionei meaaurefl up
,,, ,,,<-? atandarda he arlll be aaked no
? onli and gtven *** order" Th""
la no reaaon arhy auch ? man cannoi
i . found
I**, iiccall araa told of Whltmaa fl
nutemenl tha. he had dlfflcults wlth
hla pollce probtema becauae of Inch ol
help from the Mayor'a omee.
?i should wanl to ho oonvlnced.M he
?that tho man auapectad reall)
-,va<- a nrit-ie tak* r: bul when 1 kn*w It.
that man would be romovod Immodt
atoly Thon- M ne i-enaon arhy Buch a
man should axlal ln the deimrtment,
?nd if Whitman said ho ahould ba r.
moved it would gO B long UUJ tOWWtA
ronvinting me "
Mayor'a Exciaa PoWcv Commended.
??T? vo,; approvo of liavnors moth.,,1
r.f handhnK Sundav exdae and nol alkwr
Im* th** pottce to aarter flfldoooa.
-1 thjnk that is on*- Of thfl MWor-a
roii,it8 arhkrh H ***** -mt,i*n-iabio l
have m*eral vtawa ln regard to ha.
thrsr problen.s. You BBUat romemb*r N< a
Tork M a BflBBmapoMtna elty of vast popu
UtMta hv p.oph- of dlffan nt bellefa Bul
Ht tbe same tlme i arm nol **anetloa any
violatlon of the law. and I don't ti.n.k aa
infraction would be allowo.i to . x.st
mo for any tlme
??Th.- poMoB, bearever, nre nol *?
btters of the law. That la tbe bualOfM
of the <ourt?. if tho law is onpopulai ll
ran he repealed I think ? r* f* rondutt.
would he a fair fliay of aettllng tha aateiaa
vn.i then v.iu bbubI reallae thal
?Aca ol Mayor la too U? and tbe re
- nMblllUea nre too areat, for tho cbiel
t y to be -ii-o. tini* hi- attaeka
Mt Btnall ..nimi.otiHM thlnga Thera
. impartant work for hlm."
What aboul t'.e fltofl pi-oblein.
I, v, the Wagnei inoralti
.,,,,.. Oaynor iretoad, ?
., it. p ni Hi?- rifcht ?l!..-eti..li
? ich mmflMbtaa mlgbi havi
\ i.odv of dtlaena of hu-h
... ? .. toward hai dllna tbe
1 havo not had tinifl tO
iu. problem deapty, hut l do n..t believe
- ?
Wlll v.,.1 auppoii t1 r- Cutrran reporl
i i i Bven'l Been ll bul i am ready lo
I *i\ r.oomin.'tid iti.m BU|**aorted
bj ih?- < vi. ?
h rt th* *? i moeratli .an.h.iate paaaad
lo >? itel th* Bearchliahta from tbe flret
ai t ?-ni of Uonfl lalanfll rellfl t
i ii .1 the Bky
? Mir m..at importanl thine." he
?hI.1 Btliklng hla flst auainst a tal>" .
? . ? eealty for ratrenehment. Wa must
Immediately cUl down the r\w n\ ngance
in pui.iir* irorka if ?> roatlnue this u.h.i
policy of buyina everythlng in ?*-?>t-rt*t ii.r
? . aoofi will be i.ankr.ii't
Tax Rates Almost Confiacatory.
"The naBBBeinenta alreadj ara coloaaal,
nnd the tax rates a;*- t.ui d-nsotne almost
f. thr polnl of boinK .onflscatoi y
1 ronaidor ttir Krrat Ibbi a Of thr .am
j alirn
If 1 am eleoted 1 t<ha'.l do all ln tny
pow rr to put A siop to the pur.-lia.se Of
needless clty property. Th*-ro is too mUCB.
flliftree Wf.rk. Paik propi riy is n.-e.l
lessly dourIh. The bulldinxs eractad at.
|oa crBpflanatVfl Our reul entat.- lannot
stand it This Ibbub evory real eatatfl
man and prnp?-rty owner .-onslders para
niount. And I think thr tax :,itr .-an be
rrdiioed thr firat y.-ar. even if Wfl BOVfl 1"
fnd other t-.a\s of thI-Ihk rflrVfl
"Tammany OflMPOflientfl BaflBfl Ifl iriink a
Tammany adnilniBtratloti means f.it ron
traots. But how can that be ' Every ron
traot is Ko\ern?*<l hy law*. whl* h BeavMfl
that th? bids bfl sealed. ..|i?-dk1 in publlr
? nd the blils trad In drtail. What latl
lude 1> aTiven*
"One preat t.rr.blem for thfl nrxt MayoT
is that of aubaraya if i hoid thr orn.-e i
shaii aaa that tii*- aubaray airrerinoiit-. n1
irady mado .ro obser\*-d in every d.-t...'
The etty niust show Its K'">.\ falth, Thfl
<ity is r.ot In fl posltion to build BUbWfl -
nnd It I*' r.ecesaarv that those to whom
the rontrarts ar.* jrlv?-n ahall l>r H?ai--tr.l
by thr adminlstratlon in t-verv \\?v [...s
alhle to oomplete the oonsti u* tion
This. i preeume, win be tti** niaiti laaua
with Mitch*-! lt ls ahsolutelv linpOBBlhlf
fflf Ihe eltf IB it? present fliian. lal cir
eumstan. -1 to UOdflBTtakfl munieipa!
oarnarahlp, and II ahouM nol ba et
r-red by a sane man untll the ertj has a
I Inhora of tnnnoy.
? i rion't km.w what the raault wlll he
.( Ma^-or Oamnr troes In for re-elrnii.n
lt ma> prove to he a douhle-i-difed sword
I ? a' an) rate, i shaii ..ot ask Qttv*
? rnor I ilaer for ?.ii<i>..it Ho ts suffirient
h haraaaed nrlthoul addlng lo hi?
Golf H.s Principal D.varaion.
M || .'a"- principal dlveraion si
?? BmptOI - gOlf At the rom--.
Shinneoo.k. tl.r Ititornaliotial Oolf Club
" or the Metdatene Chlb he [ilavs thlrty-slx
finr* ftorty ''??, balafl la an afteraoou Joim
rtrew, nrhe livaa eloaa by, la sotnetime?
,..1 oppoiiont as a** .lusti? ?? gflabury, Jus
ii,, r;u> .-Hiii Juatlcfl Davla ThJa after*
noon, whii. photoajraphara tooh ptctuiai
ol the eanrlldate hl? faaally, ami Jaatlcea
?jnabury and Ottry, who a*ere waitinv' m
McCall araa mon* Intereated bi beainntna
his (-amr than ui ti.r arerti of thfl .amera
* m thfl por. I. arafl a i
rrol tbe pe! of .Miss i 'onal m. ?? M<
.aii. o..r of h.s daugbtera \s tha group
poaad the h:r<i ragflad bM faathen nnd
r,i at tha atraagerfl
Wol!. wi-il! W'dt ilo win Itntik of
that'' '
Wiiiiam J gbepard. ?* rag mleaman,
.imrtred w.th havlng Bbflalaad mara than
BM.BM fi um Mn ii-..*.." Mai Haggte. ef
;2 "Ar*.t TTtb st.-.t. bi ffldea mpre*
BentaHana, aaa heM for eaamlnatloi
terdaj M Un JefJarnon Market ?.ourt.
Tells The Tribune the Fugitive Should Have Had
His Sanity Tested at the Earliest
Possible Moment.
The Tribune recelved ".v! nlghl from
John Armstrong t'halon' r the folaOW
ing dtepatch. dated al Richmond
ralatlve te hla own escap. from s Nea
Vork Mylum, and llariv K TbBW'S
standing as an es. apt d 1 in.ti'
I' yo\l don'l '..rf i" pa) f"i the
followlng, s.-nd me the blll and 1 wlll,
bul l ani hard up sin' e Judge ' llegert h
,, turn 'i to i slsa mj slloa an. i
"i have Just Bt "n the i**dlto*rial in
?/our papt r ol Augual 10. Ib whl h you
" 'Mm h la BBBdt ol the inatan ?
Mr. ChaJoner, who escaned from an
aaylum m this atate and now reaidea
iu Vlrglnia. But Mr Chalonei I
we think bad to aet a ludgment from
i , ourt in Vlrglnia thal be ?
i>efore i reellj irafned mj llbertj by
ea splna from Btoomlngdele, Thanks.
glvlna Eve, I90a
"Vi.u tu* i>t rfectly ? one' I I, 08
September -". 1901, ?PP< ?r"i l,: '
lottesviUe, Va., the bome --f Thom-ia
Jefferson, at lha bead of an armi of
? ri and pro.Ilnga were Imm. -
ately Instltuted by a nelghboi i
Albemarle Couat) Clrcull Couii to 18
certaln whether or i"? b oommlttea
should be appolnted to looa aftei m>
person and propertj. on the gf inda
?SendlOut Story of How He Res
cued Lawyer from Matteawan.
llarrv K. Thaw has alread] Btarte.
p ibU. lt] ' ampalgn In Vt rmonl lo turn
aeatlmenl ln i.is favor ln bla nght ;o
kssp from betaf returned io tha Mattaa
ajran ASylura, at**eofdtng to a dlapatrti rt
(nv.d last i.iarht from PltUbUTgb.
a news bureau ln tbat cltj had re?
. . h d, the foUoarlna tek gian*
from Thaw.
?? 'Rutland Herald Rutland, VI haa
Bve buadred woni ator) b mi ol mj
rtacua o? oi.i Vermonl lawyer 'rom Mai
leawan m '.km tiiiouarh Nea vork
Has Perfected Two Inventions
Since Last Vacation.
11. raaa 1 ba Tl Ib iaa i'"' <? apa iS? ai
Wrai Orange, N. J., aua :i Tbe
a. Batleea telned bla arlfe, twe aoaa and
alaught'-r near BOBtOS to-d.f t" bagl- a
i,t.,i;i'. automobile i" u through Nea
fCnaiend. TWa wlll ba bla rirst racattoa
sitic*. ha carne baeh fr',m Burope two
years mr<> The party wlll go througb tba
Barrkahlrea and IVhlte Mountalaa and
?top foi B few <la\s Bl l-ak. ?uUapt ?
Sliic- his last va.all.'ii Mr. BdlBOa liuj
parfeeted bla Bteraga batten snd <ii~k
pkagBMgraph reoord. Tba rata ud. ha bav
lievea, ua one of bbl grajatesl Inve
milk'may 'cost more
Jersey Dairymen Expect Higher
Prices Because of Drouth.
Daliya-BB ln Eaau aad Morrla eoun*
tie?. \ J., Bay tbera wlll probably be an
In7*rcaae ir. niik prleea nexl wtntai on ae
eount oi ii" aslreaaa drj weathar wbicb
i.as prawalled thla Buaaaasr.
i',w fannera In tbe aection rnentlonedj
,,n u, foddei raejutred f<>i theli
cattle, but ruf.st of them cut ??.ii of tbe
hay requlred aini much of tba corn anl
,,,.,t rropa used sa fodda*i Oaing '<> thi ,
eontlnuad Aroutk, tba eelryaiea aay. for
rom heva been reduced more than J
Captain Simone Will Take Invention
to South America.
? aptaln Blmenaa, ol thf Pramch navy,
wim baa biveated ? power boal ealled ihe
"Sllder," airi\e?i hera yeeterdaj from
riavre by the i'*i?n<ii iiilm La Lorralni
on hia wav to rletl Central and South
Amerl'an . ountrlea. wheie he will explolt
hia devlr.'
iiis baal ii" aaM waa an Improreeaenl
on the hydroplana and. notwilhstaii.linK
its power t" naahe lhlrty?twe toota,
could earrj l.ak) pounda ol fraaghl and
eight pasaangara Tb< "sHdei " he -ani,
would ba ol eaueh value for mmi and
BXprOSa seivl.e ln r".rta whete veasela. of
ordlnar) draft cofald nol aavlaata
I thal i w.;s .1 dangeroufl ? i ap* d ?
i s.ii.i ;iini'. of laarj Bra' adi iei d >
i f..r th*) numbfl i-.1 .ui ;.. llva I nltad
I Btatea Benator, tw>> dlatrici attorneya,
.... ii in oflli a n Vlrgtnla and ? i-eo >.t
Now v..rk <v ? B ipn ii e ?',, n 1 j Mflge.
Thfl oth* flldi arere amau
terrorstrli ken at thi
nnd crutnpled up and to?.k lo I ?
tg*i i ? i .1, ? ? -? Imon ? .?'.
atand and rroea * saminatioi
i roae* utuig ludgi. arhli h, bt ni i
ceaafull) auatalned b) me, the othei
alda n.a.i. : i. ? *? an
. ourt, aftei w ai .1 . onfidln .il
fi h nd that lh< i ? naon thi | too
part in ihe pi.rdingji
thi kn< a* th
... a ti I.
Thal s n hei ? Thaa >?? ai bad
.-..!. ii- 'ired in nol ha Ing hli ?
it-. teatfl .i al lh. eai ll< al poaalb i mo
in* nt.
" You and i dlaagn e ? boul Th i \ i
sanil). I knoa ?? i holdlng hli
i!..\k .md i holdlng hlm aana evi
he ahol Btanford Whttfl Ti
rn*- i? broad ? nough to alloa .. .iif
fei> ii..' of oplnion, i I? ? ? prot id< u
ii.*- . ...in .s rx rmltted to
'LONDON a strike centre
Campaign for Supprcssion of
the Non-Unionist Under Way.
.ii. ? .,i.;* m Thi mti itn<
London, Aug -.'.. The re. irrenca ol
lahoi iiriit.-i m man) tormi Ia bi
dfl b ed b tha f* t thal hall dosfl n
-1 rikea ara n^ ln pi ogrei ... London.
> Thounndfl of men ar* alread af*
t*?? tad, and thera are threeta ol atlll
fui thei ' rouble. ln atmoai >
un- demand la tor Incraaaed a-age
though tbe queatlon of irada union r.-. -
ognition Bgurea promlnentl) ln s..in.
dlaputfl a,
ITiii- bulldlng trade la iba ona moal
affected. \i an* momenl LUl,tiUU labor
I era In the metropoUa ma* adopt a
I ? down toola" policy, and theli actlon
.\..iiid involva anotbei l*jO,UtMj nkllled
Labon ra an aaking f.u ;i . odfl ol
rulea, an Inrraaaa <>i aragaa and ihe
aa_ia treatmenl aa thai meted oul to
aklllad arorkman.
The- ranovaUon of Bucklngham Pal?
nea, ii is iiini.i-ii.ini. is ia ui, dangar ad
belng delayed bj the atrlke, aa tbe men
hava .1" ?-?! let am >? Bgalnal iba i on
tractor arho has the arork ln hand.
The maatera regard the campalgn an
Iba beglnnlng >.t nn organlaed movea
menl f*.i the auppreaalon >>i the non*
First Avenue's 'Ruler' Tumbles
Off Pier?Fat Men Save Him.
Flral avenue cama near laeing a
Mfl ". tmlt rdfl al" M..i lon, tha
aforeaald "Mayor, ' arlth ? doaen othei
fat mon. was pi .n-ti.- iiii* on th.- r.-. r. .. 11. .r,
pler at i:.ist id atreel foi the rai man'i
race thal .-.n oomt ott ? ? n Thoradaj al
thfl annual outlag >.i tha ' i'... gtaadard |
Bearera ..i tba E?aa1 sm. Mortou, who
e-elgha 175 pounda, wom rebaaralna for all
ha araa aorth (tb* Btakea arlll b? UM)
arben Franh Daatll, nrelghlng BM pounda
(he ? taa "Mayoi ol Avenufl B). and
Oeorgfl Koanig, Bt pounda, <>t No. LfJ
?aal Ith fltreet, K-.t thalr iei-s tangted ap
... '. t -., ....] hfl .. i ?? nl thfl :lr11-1. Un*-.
Tha "Mayor" of Flral avanua was hard
behind Daatll tahen h*- f,-n. 111m brakefl
falled and ha trlppad over hastn nnd
plungad head ftrM .,n* n?. ,.n,i ,,f t|,,. virl
into thr Baal River
Corp.ilern *? BBVad ms lif. . bul BB M.u
ton. H.r, "Mayor" of Plrat a-renUa, aavei
had any Intrntion of trying f..i th. i\o
i? Immlng prtaa, ll took tha eomMnad
efforts of thfl "MVfl .-'ta.idiii .1 H-ar.-iH."
arnted ?ni. boal booka and ...in <.f m-.
niia repe, ta gel h44 Ri avoMopofa onto
Ihe plei agaln Thay tefi Mortoa'a |1M
aratea al th*- bott<nn ..r thi rhrar. u'hr-n
he dlsrovered his loflfl hfl *.iid hr Wiis m.II
in tli?* ra*e.
Wife of Tammany Candidate
for Mayor Prefers Home to
Husband's Honors.
Without Bei.g an Anti" She
Believes Public Life Belongs
to Man- -??Ed" Will Fight
Hard, She Says.
|.l Hl?
ll raw , BaaB.aaadaai -' T ' I
Kasthsmptoa N f. aug 2t "Vhst
rw.r mmi i? th< resull of tha eomlna
munlrlpal campalan. tbera -? oll? '*"? "'
ii , andldate who la not Bra d with amM
tion at th.- proapccl "f beina tbe wlfo of
Nea v..ri,> Btajroi a*. la Mra Bdward
i; McCall, whoae husbead has recaHared
tbe Tamman* raommatlon for Mayor.
?Whether ? " nol i am ba ba the wlfe
,.r th.' Mayor," ahe *oy?. ' I ahall .<!
waya be rnore proud ot beina 'i'*- wlfe of
i:.r M. Call "
mi the beach beloa East Hampton Mra
McCall Itaa astsbllahed a aummer home,
ui'irii rhe raakea -., rcfttge for her hua
hand after hia day sr weei <" atruggllng
arlth Public lenrtce Commlealon con
t;.i (a
" 'IM' i in Bleep here.' ahe ?a\- "'The
aound ??.' tha aurf quleta hlm I confeea
i ,i,, ii..1 hk.' it much, b it ii doeen'l niat
I.'i lf ht- im aatipll.'l "
ir th.> puaslbla McCall rnuniclpal houae
ktaarpina !* ls I'*' BlOdelled in any ?,i^'
iim,i 'I..- hausekeeplna "f "Bd" McCall -
wif.. there wiir. not i-- ih. disturbenca*
_.id turmoil ... Ho last foui yesra There
ia hii ?t4Tt04?phere "f repooa and deelra t"
ru.ik' thlnga ' "iiifin tat.if Bven while
ih.. photographera tavda* wera bealegtna
the Tammanj i andldati Mi i M< ''a1' i,"'i
hi i two daughtera f"r pi. tur. i mi ?
.'aii \...^ iii.s<? ?areparlna a luncb
t i,i nea apapa i nien e ho h id i om.
lei \ iev. hai husbai d
Expacted Return to Banch.
'i'll t. ii Mm. Bbe aald ' tbat 'Kd' and
i . : that ba would return le Ihe Su
prema Courl bench aK...i Instead sl lha
.hii. ni.. When i pul h.s gown
-? ,, , amplMM aftai ha I ad taken thi
i halranaashlp of tb* J
i -.,i.i to hlm, ' ' Bd i r"'
thla oul foi ou agsln ? lha
it WH- auggested tbsl rnentlon bad beei
prtadi of h. i hui! and i i oaatl ?
.',,! rjov. ne Ila ba ha n be in Al
ban] tw" yeara t'---i? Bew,*' II w..b sald.
? ,, ,. | ??,,! bai r- ou
-. . ? i aaa l bna ??
n ., n aboul j "in. i i .-. i. aad Tan
. ? ? ii. .. h rnon
than aaawa t" re. f ? whlla "? rouraa
i am deepl) ?
? ln hla
,; he haa
w< 'l"i. t lalb
? ?
? a ?? Ke*a thal ba h;.a
| va. 111 Hlll I'n
' '
riKlit Me .,!*.. a
| ... I ! . ;. ? ? H'ell
... '
t cannot
aaled te aaa
i ,,,. i .'...? ., troaa Inti reet
' . . - rlub aca
I ...luiit I :i ?
, ? i ? rm n aoina oul and mak
? ? ' ?
? ?
Prefert Home To
. ... ni.|
. ; nroma a i ada an. araenl bul i
. ..I nol help thlnkta '?? ''? <
ot In th ??' ' '? ?
.... i.t - home
baa aiadi ?< ??? aa ol llfa
i ,,i ihe h"tnr> t,i be ona where love and
. ontentn ? found II must i.na
??.. i arha at ii. .,i? prarvsll. 'lhat la
? . i ? . ? ? . i te
ii ake r... %ii M< Call "."i oui ? hlMrin
urnl I kn"W tht ? ai< bap|i
i n, nol K",'.< i" taki ?!, actlra perl Ib
n.. husband'a ramualg" II wouldn'l do
., tha atlgbtaet Ml of aood foi ma to
lake th. -t um aa tha I i all tt I would
nol knnw how ... loaka ? apeech If i 1.1'd.
and irn n"i aoiriLT to I.\ H i.,?. rei I caa
dO i, BBJ OthOI wa-. 1 Wlll bUl I ' inn-.t
' ??, . . test ? ? rt m my part
to help hlm N" 1 -'?"? - Mi McCall ? lll
have to 'i" tba rampa kiiuik f". thi. fam
ID ??
i hera aa ia oaa f."i le va hl. h
. a ii i onfeised
?I thmk i bava ;. wonderful
,,( iw.ilaa " ahe aald. "II la
lai.-? bul i tblna \>11 .
onl weakneea ln tht hobb)
? . ? ?
al >'
t ,,o.
Tl.it m in'
Man Held for Theft of Black
Animals Worth $18,000 Each.
Pertlaad Ma tna M Lemuel Caugh
iin. fumioilj "f r*Xrttuna i eee r I I.,
vaaa arr.-xi,.1 here to-niKi.i, caarged aith
beina concarned In Ibe theft .f raluable
hreetliiiK fOSCO iciii a i.uiii at Hun.m.r -
Bide, la thal laland Tna arreat waa aaada
at thr- requaet "f Charlea nia'k. .it*
Prlnce Bdward laland, whe eama here
vaith b warranl
aca**ordina te Black, lha prleaaer ia i.e
lieead te ha..' been senndeied with a
Bjang <>f BMM Whe hav.- he. n BtBallna
foaea from the kslaad farma foi aoma
liiii.' Tha apetdnc i barga agalasl him ia
that of ateallna two blaa*k foaee. bbM te
ba worth Ji"?" 88>ch. Moat of the loxea
?tolen have hcfii r e. ovei ed, hut the hlack
palr la atlll miaaing.
Caughlln waa commltted to ihe polica
ata tion.
Mineola Police Captain Maken Dis
covery?Filled with Nitroglycerine.
Mineola, i .t>r.tr laland, Aug. M n bomb
heilevad ie ba loaded with BUflinlaal nitro
?jlMfilne 1" HOW down n hlock of houaea
wns found early thla moinitiK elOSB to the
iMi.ni antranea to the inrsi Natlonal Baah
,,f Mineola bj PoUa*rt Captain Apptoby
ii. axuarded lt untll ba wenl off duty and
ih. n t""k d t" tha offlce ?.f Police Juatlea
Muhitiv where it waa aaak.'<i ls water to
r.-iider n harmleas. To-lay it wlll ba
axamlned bi nperta
The iii.n.i. whb aboul ien lach-s teng
and hnd a fourifen-ln.h fune an.l a eon
eUB?lon Bag. aatteOtrlt wlrlnK ran ihrouah
a tuhlna* into the bonih j.ioper. lt waa
wrapped wai. twe tMekaaaaafl of plala
wrappiiia! paper. tin oiif of ihtue was
written "11 W. II .-.trnt N V ." the
nHnif and this addrOBB ImMUK beea BtBl
ofT Inaitlf fhf paprr \. BB a wiapplriir of
hemp rnr>r. whl.h hHd heen'nHlled to thi>
bomb in plsoae IS make It necure.
FACING biiteii strife:
Host of Candidates for Gov
ernor Will Take Part in
Primary Battle.
jKatzenbach Making Vigorous
Campaign to Defeat Fielder
?Colby-Osborne Con
flict Stirs Moose.
|l r-MIt ?* .-'?!." ?Vurr'-pnr 'rr>- Ol Bfl ,|1''1"' I
Trenton, N. J., Aug. II "Vben ox
Goeentrar Bdarard C. Btefcm formaiiy fltea
hli petition ?s .* candldata for 'he Re*
publlcan nomination for Oovernor hera
UHmorroa thera wlll have befljua ? con*
ti i for thal OflBBce that pr-ornlaea to hethe
nio-t Intereatlng and at tho same tlme thfl
most atrenooua Mnca thfl rotera of Mew
jeraey began nomlnatlna eaaalldetae at
thr open piimarlea
while the mera fad thal tha open prl*
mai li ? win be ueed foi the Brol tlmfl la
?electtag candldatflfl for Oorernor haa
,, ,i. k-i.o.i publlc Interest, there la an a.i
liitionai riifor imparled to tbe contast
'. i mt Prealdenl MTIlaon haa ? eantHdate
arhona ba aranta as hla Bawieeaaoi ln tha
i ;..? crnor'fl chalr, and has placed hta aaal
of apptroval on Jamea F Fielder, nrbo has
,..-. n actlna <;..\<in..r Mnca Mi tVlleon
v .nt t.i thfl Whltfl House.
ii ifl ,,.i often Hiiit tho Prealdenl of tha
I'nited Btatea takea a hand m a conteat
h hla own atatfl to the eatenl of putting
hia i > K on a partlcular ? andtdaU .ind
then uaea hta l.I oillcefl to make ihe
[.ith ..f thal candldata aa free from eb*
i. ; > . :i ,. , .? it,l. But I'resldrnt M/ll*
mui i,.is .i..n<* tin.- II*- has pubtlcly Bfl
?1 ii,..! M. Kieloai is lus cboica,
with the conaequanl reault that ea?Ma>yor
(Vlttpenn ??( Jeraej Cltj gracefully too*
iinl and droppad *.ut <>( th.* runnlng
Mi Flfl Idei noa fltanda b< f.."- thfl ott -
..' Now Jeraej a- tha man that tha I'r.si
-i.ni aranta ;*?? i.i*1 wcobbboi at Trenton.
?ad hfCBnaa >>' thla fad the oomlng pn
marlea nnd electlon In N'.-**- Jeraey ha\.>
taken on .* national Bavor, and they aill
irltboul doubl be \v..t.ii..i arlth Intaraal bi
tera of evei atata ... tha I atoo
Kat ?enbacli Workinq Hard.
Mi r.. id? < i not, boari rar, i..< ? ?>
aralkovei at *?? '>emoi rati. prtmaiiea '
.. - k ,. . nba h of Trenton, arho
Ms yeara at a Ithln S.444 rotaa al
belng <;..v. rti..i, i** agaln ?. candldata Hfl
.- oundlM'tlng a i|Ula4 hut vlgorou* mn.
paian, arhkh la belng aided ln ?< .>'8
... | tn thi rai hfl of t..
VVilaon Democrati AJt?JUgh ax-Ualtad
? ,- - Benatoi Bmlth, tha cbieftala .-f tha
vTllson i ??..-. rata, tu>.*< n..t .s i .-t
? hla . holce, !? la taken for
fi .mt. ?! i>-. thoae a aa ara ln his
? thi i ha la fo* Kata-eabach, so thHt
ih.. ronteal on thr Democratic sido win
.-.s.-if iato th.- ..id ggai of th*
u .is..:. i htmofl ran agaiaat the .'im
.-untll Den
Whlla tt..- actlvltiefl "i tha Kataanbacal
men I ? ? ed upon arlth aisld- i
nbh -.?;... m bj tba frlenda >.f Mi Fielder
? . ? ?? itng ..f optlmtam .n th
neighborhood "f t1.-* winv Houa. regard*
i ^ i.i..-- ? . In f..- ? If th.-te
- . ???ijiit ii .s underatood tha rr*-.*.
... nt aould *>.? arrangfl i..** affalra ;.-. t->
atata aad make .< f.?
'i * behalf, bul no
ed to ba neceaaary,
? . nl I Imi
Mi Katsenba h haa nol h?attated :?? :?*t
tha paopla "f Now Jeraey know that he
la tba anil-Wllaon candldata, f*>t- ln onr
-. ni **t utteraacea ha haa attacked th**
Prealdenl on th.- arouad thal ba his aio
. . t. .1 thi ?? - ? ? pi Ima. ? Iaa '??? pul on ihe
tha' ..*? p| a. ti. all\ fm . ad
Mi uiuprnn out of the prlmar) ??
b* Hiii Mi Fielder arould have prac*
tlralli tha un.te.i Bueporl <<t tu,- Pre?i
dent'fl fliendfl Thfl Wilaon nten avr-t
hfl BCted "alltliii his tlKhts aa th.- |i.<m>.
leadei of th. natlon la dolaa aa
h?- ui'. aad I...' bM purpaaa waa t-. ptr
\.nt th.- "Jim" Bmlth Democrata fraea
bai k Ini.ntrol
Hoarever BOt all ..f ihe Prafl dflnt'4
frlenda have llned up behind Mi Fielder,
.um '.<r thlfl reaaon thr frlenda ot Mi
nba. h .?? a iT.-n. tlni buc. ? u f.-r
t i-.t leadei Mi Kataenbach com. ?* irom
th.> Praaldent'a on-n count) ..f Marcer
a...] neerly even promlaanl Demeeral
i . .- ,k behind hlm ln Hudaon tbara i.a?
been an unmlatakable trand ot thr \\iti
penn man toarard Mr Kataenbech, and
thfl aama la true Ib many othei countlea
.ii t!??- atata
Four Republican Candidatea.
Whlle ih- < onteet ln th? i?. ma ..tn
prtmartea aill bt betareea Mi 1'i.idei and
ir Katsenbaoh only, thr Bghi f..r tr.**
K.-puhll.iin uunilnatl.'ii has attra. u-,| n.u
leaa than foiii . andldatee, arhleh lalookad
upon nfl a hop.-ful mIkii by th.- P>PuB
i..iii leadera lhal li aill aaoa .om. back
lllto Ita u? ::.
i:\-i;..\.in..1 siuk.-s is parhapa tba b.-at
Imi."aii of the Republteaa candktatea u.
cauaa of his Bervtea a? Btata Bseeutlvi, .*
faa yeara ..k" Hta abflltj aa a eampalgn
.-r aad his knoarledga >.f polltlcal aubjecta
are anQUfl-slloiu'd. and. flrhllfl bfl has an
fx< i-iii-.ii ? hanea >.f captuiing the nomina?
tion, tha oaiihr** ..f tin- other thraa ian.it
ilatrs ls an. h Ihhl Mr. rttokra has a stlff
flghl on hM hand-.
it rn uppai.iit from th.- dlaauaakma ai
read) heard thal tba candldacy of s.-na
tor Carlton B. Pleree, of Union <'ounty.
has mad. a d*? P Impi isslon upon main
of tha thlnklng people al th.- stat.* Sonii
tnr Pleree, unllka most ot tha other >an
.liilHt.H Iih-.hI rti.l.-avori'd to COVei th.
entln- il.-l.l Bl polltl.-al an.l .. onoml.
i|.u*st|ons tn his appeal to the Hepul.ll.an
t/otera for thfl aoralnatlon for Qoeeraor,
im tin oontrary, he has connned hlmaalf
i? iiv. fundamental proMema noai .-on
frontlng the i.ple, lha Bolutton ..f arhleh
wotii*i Indaed furntah planty of vorh far
the aoeupanl <.f the Governors ehalr, Ua
thr prtmary i.aiiot Hrnator piaraa arlll
have OPPflfldta his natn*. slx wordM whloh
rnran volumrs to thr peoplo of hflM J01 -
They aret "AboHah kir.Io oiossinns;
anuallaa taa Baaaaainenta." *knd when the
tbOUgbtfUl RepUbllfl-iins K" into tlu- bootliM
on Prtmary Daj and read this 4legaa
Benator i'Ii-ko's frtenda pr***iiet a surpiis
Ing vote for hlm
Kx-Ju.ig*- Hoheit Oarey, of Jeraej Clty,
i? also a candldato for th.- RataBUbttflaa
nomination for Uovornor, and his canUi
daoy la attra<-tlna more than ordinary In?
terest, hr. ausi- he was onr of the orlginal
l'roKressivos ln New Jorsey, and hla plat?
form Cflklta f,,r a i.unltini; of illl iR.tUins
,,f the paii>- I'ormrr i'.>iiK'ros--inan
I'harlrs N l-'owlrr is another I'roKressivo
?who Ib serkln? the Uepubll.an nomina
llnn for OeVM ""'
The conteet among the i*ro8iM*"ve*i *laa
JAaim I'. KlKI.DKK
eOpyi'lBbt .\m?ri. an Tra-a. Asam-latlon.<
developed lato a Mtter t\nht between ex
Benator Everetl L? Calby and Edmuad L.
Ooborae, i"" aa Prtmary Da: neern tne
IU . M 0f Mr. Colbj beooaaea more and
mor* assured. Mr. Colby la r*onductmg
bla campalgn wltk i dlgnlty wbicb haa
aad a tellfaia arffect, Ib atrong contraat te
thal of Mr. Casbararna who, under the anpll
,,i Oeorge L rUcord and laaaea 0 Blau
. ? i,a- made rltuperaUea and aiadk
- ? atoeh Ib trade
There aill ba howarer, three -and ma>
i... m.andtdatea before th** peeata on
,,,.., Uo, |,, tnij rrom the present mud
,110,1 r-ondltton or thlnga the opportunity
roi i!t|...hii...n aucceea la -rrowlni brigbt*
er agery ?B)
Stand May Lead to Their Re
jection by Committee of In
dependence League.
ln .< telegram from WUMam B. Hi ?
to ti,- Indapanden. i Laagua clU i ???
mittee, tha newspapei proprleter who or
.,.,) ,(,;,, |... , ,n, ad he would
,,,.t s.;,; on Oeorge M. gnenj 'or Presl
dftit ol tha Board of tldenrna n, nor IVill
lam A Prendergast for Contre ? *
tho igh tbera la i a mentloa "?" the
of Jol n Purraj MWchel ln Hears. ? tele
pxram the Inferenca from the abeei i et
hla name In the denunaclalorj arira
thal Hearst aill nol ref taa to I a< ?
Ifh iel
: v . aad i'it adergast
fullj .-- falsa aa Qej ? m oi 13 '? ea
,?., mera cowardly." Mr. Hearst m ?
??I co ild i."? ettpport ';..*? ."?>. aad I
nol sipi"i! McAnen) or l^nalergast, for
ti,.. . ton tbat thi ?? bb. iired
? ,,i, i ? promlsea to protara I the peoota
,.. ti,,. pomaaalnn of thelr publlc property,
. i then aii three of them Bbandoned
ih.'ir aoieinii pledgea snd Burreadared
Themaelvea and thfl pubUc iBtsrBBtS tO
priviloga aeeklni snd fraaehlea ataal*
Ing < prpara|lena.
? if the Indopendenare party, which sb
Bolutel) elected McAnen) and Prender.
naai eountenanca <in*. betrayal ef um
i ? ipiaa and i public tr - aai aa
:. paNttral rlnM and becomea an ac?-es
ai-r' after rhe I . I
"II tba Inatepamdamca League bacoanea
nn a. omi'ii'' in n.is treacbery and raa
_lltj maral) for tha brlba ?>' < few of
H M if n abaadai ? n? prtneiploe sf pub
hi aramersblp and tndoreaa public ptun*
dorera meretj '"r a Bhara ef the plunder,
k be. omt'a ro h.'ttfr than the Pregreo
Blva party, whk*h operateeaa tha iniiti- tl
ornneh of Morgan I Co, On ..;??? I >-?
I'.lSIS '
Tha Independenea Lesgue i I) <*ommit
toa on Baturday nlghl indoraed the nomi
natton of John Purroy Mlt. bei for Ma*.or.
hut adjeuraed to-n.arht without laklag up
tho reel of the t,.>itui clt) tickel Va hile
Mi. iir.ir.ti waa rarel .1 to atate in hia
tologram thal be dld not preauaie le dle*
tata 'he part) poUe) for hla followers, it
is believed hla denunciatlon of McAneny
nnd Prendergast aill for.'.- tha Henrat
men to BOleCI OthOT iiomlnees fer f'on
ttoller snd tldermanlc Prestdsm
Waa Kneeling When Thief Took
Handbag-Ushers' Chase Vain.
\ ahal'i |i\ .reeeed man atoi.' h han.l
.?!!? from a knoellas WoaBBB ln ihe mldule
.,t st Beraard'a Catbolla Church iaat
: k!,' .ind t-..i|'..i ..it. .i .' iae to Btghth
,iv. ii .. Tha entlro camgregatlon waa
kneellni a'hlle Kethei Delanej dotleanred
the hentdti tMii. Whefl lha man. ? ln>-e
? ?.<-. bandaged and who was earry.
ink h tern akull oap, atappad Ib tbraogh
tba in..in di.ni ami r/alked sp the .fntre
akda ad tho chureh. Ho timu a aeal be*
hlnd M.s .) .) . ii Diin.ii aad Mra Mhi
larel Flne both "f n<> ? Jano Btreet,
Tha man kn.u r..i a motnenl and then
aroeo, with th.- hand <ontali\inn" the skuli
.in iiiii'i.ii un.it! :.is ooat, walfced io tba
back of the hurch ,i"tl etepped out into
14th Btreet \\ h.'n Mi* O'Connell nroee
aha notlced tlmi hor leathei bandbag,
ontalnlna a i:..:.i wat. ii and |.; ln caah
wiim mlsalna Bhe ioid the ushers, who
hurrted t.< th.' atreari ami aaa ihe man
tuttinu Bomothlna int.. ius i t.at pockst,
They Wenl tift'-r him. and tha man i.in.
diHtaii. inn hir, pursuera
Prosecutor of C. S. Mellen Raps
"Lobbyists" and Withdraws.
i n? T, laagrapb te Tha ! rtbaee |
Hartford, Conn., Aug, .'a iu u staie
ment Rlveii OUl to-.lay Stat,- Senator
Stllea IttdSOn, the Falrflrld .'.Hinty PrOBS
.?utor. who has nianslauRhtrr In.llctmcnta
)it'ii.iinK agalnai Preeldeat Chaitaa s.
MeUen aad ather ofllolalB af tha New
Haven RaUraadi a-.ts at reat aii BBaaeala*
tion WhethOl Bff not hr anottld withdiaw
from the .'.mt.'.st for I'nlt.d Btatea S.-na
tor hy deelaiina aaaphatleally that ne
ls not to he eonaldered a candidate
Mnd th.- "rorrupt leechea nnd lobbyteta
of tbe itepubii.an party" pea*aatttad the
dbreet prhnary blll to paas the i!un Houae,
SfiiMior .ludatin djis, bo mlghl haVa re?
malned in the Held if hlH .andlda.y would
not bave Impeired the rhanoaa of hia
friend, Unlted Btatea Termter aTraah Bl
Senator .lu.lson piaiir a meeiuiK in Nev
Maven in the near future of "promlnent
Kepuhlieans who hnve no aelflsh endH to
aerve, for the purpoBe of ouatln?r the
pnlltlcal hurkaters from the place ot
power they hold over the proatrate form
of the Ropubliean party, whatehj they
have a.'iimulated wealth that U a atench
ln the noatrlla (,f honeat men."
Whitman To Be Indorsed, De
spite Refusal to Bargain
with Wigwam Leaders.
Former Republican Leader of
15th Charges Mitchel with
"Cheap Deception" -Marsh
Quite Moose Committee.
Wlth its dt) ticket pn ked. Tammaaj,
hejjan yesterda*j to lay Ita plana for th.*
rleaisnation <.f itf= county ticket. aet for
tu-ni'irrow at Trrrare OerdOB. 0- Oal'
BfM poinl wt re the Tainm;?i J
willlnK I" admit ye.aterday that diseua
Blaja was over, and that waa on the in
doraement t.f <*harlea S. Whitman f"r
District Attorney.
deorRr t'ordon Baitle, who ?*? Tain
many*a candidate n.ainst Mi VVhitman
four years ai;ii. and who wap i.nder r,,n
slderaiion for the aame run this year.
wuh heiiiK rnentloned yeaterday aa a like
]y nominee for the Supreme .'ourt hencii.
and JuHti.e BartOS | VVeatka, appotntfi
hy Oovernor Sul/e.v ia htins; puahed an
Hattle's runiilntr mare
Aaron J l.evy, th** Aaaembly leader.
wh.. ia not S'.intr back to the I,*Bi8latui<>.
aspirea 10 the hench. and has xirtual'.v
recelved th- premlBB Of *>ne of the nilnor
JUdlClary nondnattonB lt ib likely LS8|
v. ii! he rewarded wrtb a IfUaldpal Court
Try to Kaep Whitman Off Stump.
lt waa lenorteal raaterday that Tam?
many made two attempta tu put througn
aomethlnn in the way of a bargain wiu
I'latiict Attorney Whitman. hut after
friiiina, la bath atteaapta doctdad to ir.
tJorea hia .andidao M tho oniy method
of .'.vi'iinK a loalng nght on tha ia?u??
be .ipriaintr U ordlag te tba atanr,
\|r Whitman wa" aaked rtrat II he wouirj
mva a promiae nol to take the atump .n
the fui Uhueaalng ayanpaifa
, Thr. Liatrht Attorney. II la BBM, bM
the inqutrei ba iseuld make bo piumia*
of an> ktad hut ka rPite of lhal atate
I mont B later nnd somewhat smoothar at
I tompt was madO by another tian ?.?ktnr
j him to at least refrain from connea.n.
' Tammam ln his eBBiaalgBtng with <'ay
Lo,.*, poiiea rsoord, 9** Hi WHtsaaa
pjaee tba aame ***"" *" *?****' *** lhtt
ended Taaua?au: 'a woolna
n/llllam 11 Hotcbl ' " *??
chairman ol the Piogteaateoa and tna
moal actlve of the men of tbat ? J
the wo-k of rh- Cltlaona Muni Ipa i
mittee arben tbat body aomtnated MttcMi
l. on trecord aa ha-rlng aai ' ????
tM fl,si.'-, nomtnatkmi aon rnade, that
. . ? Mstvaa trould baaro ao o leedaa
II Whitman aeeepted a Tammaar *>
.. ?,t roa Watrlct Attsrnei
. n1tiu espreeeed tht- rtea 8 .
u lend when the paaalblllt) of lammaaj
uking aucb aettOB w..a Brai Bpetanat
Tnfca aaa ist litet the ruslon Boaalaa
tioi.a had bOOB made.
? Th. Progresslvea s **** ?*J
Whitman wouM Baaka ae proi
a?"h an indomment" Hutehkha
ti n ?..!',?. and '?? weuld be *M
?-..-!? ? Diati
tbe ??'.' ''?"' " ,u" h '
made all the aurer Whitmena .
?.,, _-,...?. ror Itself there. and ?
,...sv... would i" .-attlanad that I
w.vii.i rvt he mflueneed Ib bbj ara bra
Tanimiiiv Indofsenieat."
Ubert H Otttnger. formi
lajaderofthelMhaUuaaabii I
pubttc yeeterde, i tn - '
. ;., indoratai Oay*
aorfi ? indlda. foi ?? "J *
Jirtuj itng *e caadMeey of
mtchel . _4i?___i
Ottlnger baaea hU opoosttion to
?.?, of tba Board of rUdemen, prerthjl
ochmP seeeptkm wuh referonc biaa
?uUt,.r .., tha Ken VTork C**?o?"
on ,ue VVeetnld. He declarad U ?
.eport u? tba Ceatrala
right. ro the rallroad Wbicb the 9*
I-'aranre-d t? the dty. ?'? r.ferred
,',. Miaek blll, Inatfedaead ln he "J
Loaielature. by the ta-r.na ef which w
BBBld Of KBilm.te waa n*?***
contraet wltb the New rarl Central ? t
,.,,?,, ? the W,at Mda iracKaae. jna
Baid the Weot Bad gsaoeaatiea isah ??
Hlll Up W llll Hlll hrl
M.tcHol Quoat.onad by Asaoeiat.on.
"Mi Mltchel ai '*'*!
1 nnd Aaaeocietloi and *? **?*"*
'about .he Polloek WIU" Otttiiger wreU la
Meyoi Oaynor. ' Ha atated thal ka aaa
Inot fanultar wlth th- 88188011 BBd "*?
I ?,ver r,ad tt Senator I'oll.'ck WBBjJ
Itod bj a Bpaelal eoanmlttee at the wm
End AssaTKiatloa and lo Buotoal as bvnm
auted tbat tha roiio.k bUI naa draftea
.,,,,1 written ln Mi blltchel'a ofaco ar.d
thereupon aent to lanator Miock
OtUnger added thal the Weat I
aoclatlofl nor.rie.i the Cltlaena Municjei
Commltt.f Ita oppoaition to MltekeJ,
,a,?i retated tho Braenada fw lhal aef-an.
tion whni, incladad, In addtttea to m
1 , i. stion of the Nea Vork .'entral a track
., ?. ri.htr*. .. deaum latlou of what SBB
termed "alitchera Bockthsac ttudiarlBB
aad adroeai 1 '
Th- lettei te Oaynoi
llayoi b ..""inidi-.huunt.- in mferoaea ia
tha BUbWay contracis BBd endcd with a
| demin.'latiou of the paitiaan work ol
the nagiaaalra pBlUlBJana ao lha tmtw*
committee Ottlngor Inelooad ?? eeaj i!
tha lftter eondemnlna Mltchera caiidlda?l
sent to the fnsion OOflBBBltteo by lha bTbsi
Knd Ausoctatlon. which wh> Blfaod b>
Chariea 1. Cralf
Benjamla C. Marsh. formerl) ae.rrur>
| ot' the cotn?e?tion comnussion. aBBBUBOja
hia raalgnatlen from the county .omm.i
tee Of the rrOKr.a.sive part? yeBtOrdai
with tha pubUoatloa of? letter te count*
Chalrraaa Franela W. ihrd,
llgrSh ?aa OB the platform oinnut''**
of the riogiaaalTB party, and baaaa m
reainnation on the BTOUnd that the PBBB
in thla dty IB afraid to pul l'? P"**j
meata on "aoclal justice' <nro ir*actleaB'
regarda Marah'a two apoclflc remedies
franchlsa and land taxes. Marsh 'r*atj*
a BBBBBBhBl similar .atlr last fall. when M
Bbaaa BOrl for Straus for tioyernor at ?
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Bretk tariff f\hihit in UnlOfl S.juar*.
hia letter of resiRnation Marflt raWaSI
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man tO vote for the atate ???*"?*?
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I'rojrreBhive party aa a party waa I" ?? j
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flnd thla not to be the caae.
"Our platform for thla municipo"
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aa a member of the platform ?01"'"'" ?
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people of thia city that 0T0 have ,nf f
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