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Nrto JM* iHribunr.
MONDAY, Ali.lNi 7i. 1913.
Otraed and publiahed d-oly hv Tbe Tribune Aaaoclatlon.
. s Y.,rw eorporationi Oaalea kt Ba4d, Praaddaat; OeaaM
BaaUta. aaetatary; Jaaaea IL Baurett Imeaarar. Addtf-a.
Tribune lSuildlng, No IM Nasaau Pttoet. New Vork.
m BBrCniPTION i: \ l B8. By HaM. ."OBtaga Pald outa.dr of
Qraalar Nara. Vork ??? oo
I'.iiy ami Baaday, 1 aao4 '??? pa? l eaalr, ? month?.*??
, Sy and sunday. 8 moa. ??? Daily only, l >?f ..,"" fg
Laail and ? ?"?*? \ ?n hs' ?w
Daul only, 1 rnoath.&0, Sunday only, t >>.ai. ?**?
fni'l-l' IM BAT-38 I .'ANAl'IAN RATES
,'aVi.v Vn.'ViM'AT: I 1.AI.-V ANDBUXPAT*
Ona month. *? ?'-"? Ona niamtti.*?'"
Oaa ye-i .IBJOOae yaar ......._??? ?*>?
un. jwr. BHICee >^rvnA v' oV1 y''
Ona month . l.e? a**aaa mamUi. M
l,na ><ar. 12.'JC,Oiie yrar. '^
L.-.ttrod at the I'ostcfflca at New Tork ?p !=econd Claai Mail
Tiie Tribune will puarantee tbe Intfffrity nf Its ad*
ra io it& readers ami expeets Iti return that
Ita adreitleera *a.h guard again.t wlalaadtnf ciaima
aad statementa.
Murphy Undisguised.
Tbe laaue of Tammany or auti-Tammany is dear
ih,s year. Votu yeara ago Mnrpiiy's enndidatB),
Jndge Qmjtyqj, had aa anti-Taniniany record, ami
manj people fell thal he aronld eontlnne to ba inde
pendenl ln oflten. Ponr yeara befoae thal tho fear
ef Hearal ?as greater uiih many thaa tha batred
i.f Tammany. And four years cerHer stni there
was an irrosjstii.i*? mi.-tion toward Tammanj aftei
an impopolar fualon admlniatratlon.
Tbis jrear Mui-phy weara no maak. His ttekel is
sn orpinizati'.n ti.-kot from top to bottom, hoirin
?ninj: with tho hOBS'8 Intlmate advisor. Coiniiiissi.inei'
IfcCall. and endtBg arlth that Tammany hack, Con
igieeaiaan Gooldea, of Thg Bronx. Tammany la fal
Jor tho "stiiff." lt rcjeetod Oaynor meroly l.e. au-t
he ariiri not hand orer eaoogh t<> sntisfy tho "b"y
Cjust as it ls tryinr* to < nish Sul/.or hoeause ho stoo.1
between it nnd aoaae eoatraet cntft. it is not sai
Isfied to win eleotions nnd jret little out of them.
[fl tha McCall tleket thoro 1s n plain noti.e Of
Whal to exraect No Oaynor administrallon arlth
nothins tnora thaa "kind worda" aad aome amall
Jobfl for tho ..r.ani/.alion. No Sul/.or mliiiini-draip'ii.
tvhl^h COUld BOt o\on bo bla.'kmaibd into a-oiupleto
?arrka of tho boaa. Bol a good oad-faabJonad Tam
niany admini^tration. in wlii.h BO stop will ho takon
without tho boss's approval.
And lf tho pooplo ele.t tho prosonl Murphy ttckei
thal is all tho.v havo a riffht to oxpoet. lt is frankly
ii Tammany ti.'ket. tha BBOBl br.'i/.only Tammany
tiokot thal has bo. n put up m many yeara. If tho
pooplo olo.'t it 1t will bo bacanae they approvo Tam?
many Bfld wanl ? Murphy admini'-tration. Out and
out Murphy inon arlll be Ip BO doubi wlii.h inastor
to ?;orvo in oflka, anHkc auch naen as Qaynor an.l
Sul/.or. with somo ro|?utation for indoi.ondonoo. who
feel thal they nro etocted in spito of hfnrphy, aoi
becanae of Maa, Thera has been no "paiialering t<?
Iho hottor olomont" in 1 ho ndhring '>f this ti.'kot.
and there wlll ba nona ln tbe adnrfirfatintlofl if it is
If llayor Gaynor should niako up his mind b> run
ho shoukl not be permi'tod to oonfuso tho issuo. Ho
. .'uini.t repreacnl anti-TammanylBin to any rltrht
thitikinr; mind. Tho molivo of his .?an.lida.y. liko
tho motivo of miioh <'f his administration. will Im>
iim'I'.. peraona] aplte. Up tiii tho last m.-mont be
W_g dii'keiin- f.'t- n BO-L-UltlOfl from Murphy.
Whon it araa nol ratcerred ho donoumod the Mnrphy
.?rowrl as "vpoliators." Yet hohims.'lf was tho ajxilo
clst for theae ??spoiintoiv four yaara ago, and agaia
in all tho j.roliminary movos that lad up tO tho final
dofoat arbaa Murphy chose M'Call. Mr. Oaynor
stands for nothin? ox.opt piilo that ..vorroaohod
Judge Parker the Prosecutor.
in ratatnlng Jadge Parker as counsel la tha Bnlaar
impeachment proeaedlnga tha A^^ombiy board of
manafrors put its baal foot forward. Judga I'arker
poRsessos tho advantasos of an imposinc mien, an
?'xcoiiont titio and ooit-paaclmMa reBpectablllty.
Hesldes that his praBaifO as the autlmr <.f that Im
mortal proncunooment, "Tho Demoor.itio party has
no roactiona-ios?all Demoorats aro progWBBlTaa.w
ls bound to bo of aid at this time. whon tho ery is
raised that Sul/.or is being sa< riii.'o.l to T.uiiiiiany
and '"the interests."
It ia true that Mr. Bryaa at Baltimore i.pposed
Jud*?e Parkar as the roproscntative of the toMJ re
aotlonaries arhoBB existon.'o ho deniod. Bul if the
aataaaaad jurist di.i raiareaant ICaaara. Ifnrphy,
Bolmont et al. eren Mr. Bryaa had no gennlne roa
son to be dissati=fiod with tho rosults of his lahora.
If he lahora for tho Aaaemhty proaacntora arlth tho
same whota hearto.l /.oal and ability, and aehieros
gg CDBTieelag reaalta, Jadge Parker's omployment
will pri.vo of -rrcat otHoura?oniont tb all tnio pro
irresslTos. r.f whom tho Uovernor considera hlmaelf
The Raid on the Diplomatic Corps.
Ihe Tribune'a Waahlngton .orrespondent preeeot
id yeeterdey a gtajthle view ..f tha haToc beinj;
arrooghl h? the dipiomati.- aeialta by the W-ueoat.
Bryaa poltey of aatag tho Mgher poeta t'> pay off
]..iiiii' ai debta. Teaare ia tho poata of ministor and
ambassiidor is not now p_*otected oithor by law or
by aaacative order, bol ?aader the tire pracedlag
a(!ininistrati"ns the precedenl was gradnalry befag
. stabiish.'.i "f praaaottag maa from the gradea "f
BBCtaaary of aaabaaay or legation t.? tha raak of
aartagra Bnd thaa carrylag to a i * ? j-c i * -s* 1 conclnalon the
partlaily BCCOpted prin?'ii>lf thal diph.inals. n?s a rulo.
should poaaeaa tho traiaing and e_i>erleBce irhicfa la
other taroors are obtalaed by begianlng al the bni
to_a of the ledder Bad gradttally climUag np.
The WHaoa-Bryag policy of onatiag thoae arho
BBfra aeeepted the goreraiaeBt'a aaggeatloa t<> make
I profaBBdlOfl <'f iliplotiNH'y nnd havo woik.-d their
way up to the hlgher gradea la favor of outaldera
rbooea nierely through potttteal ladvence is ? ra*
\4>isi"n io the bratal apoltomanahlp <>f twenty ?.r
thirty years ago. There aatghl havo heen Uttle canaa
for.?riti.i-iii if PiaaldeBl Wlhaoa had aawetydecUaed
to iinpiovo on tha good exaaaple ael by PraBMeata
Kit.i.-fvoH an.l Tall lf he lia.l .onliiiu.'.l in oflre
tboee wh<> had rtaaa i>y merM .iti.i dlaplaeed only
thaee arha had aeea Belected .m i poUtlcal basia
from privato iif?*. Thal voaid havo been littio
Bgaongh to i>\|io,t from I leadei arhoae profaaa lona
of regaid i?r the bwH uratem here been as aardBp
bjg as Mr. Wilsoii's.
Bol artth b itilhltaancaa rhlcfa eren Joelah Qoincy
tiiii.'.i to sh..w when be leoted tba foraiga aenrlca
in 1800 tha preaeal B^aaJaletratioa ims dther re
Biored or onirked far renaoral fortj out of tbe
forly tWO ati'l.a-sa.I.r*- and ministri's w hoin ft fotllld
Iu offl.e and haa laclodod la tha lhal of dbaalBaala
every diplomat wbo had oarncd protnotion hr nrr
vhe in the se.rotarial gndea.
It is proper flOOOgb to s?'ii*l repn-scntativr- Ameri
ciins t*. a few of the blfhetd poeto atfwoad, for i-aaltj
rfl.pn'Sfl'ntative Aineri.-ans ni'iy ho "f nWCg AUtlt.fi
there than prof*a?toni1 diplomat- woold be. ? ??|
in thfl inain the work of the fui'i'tan s.-rvho .an
hc li,-t done hy those who are bTOOffal "P in it. ?n<l
eiiliehteni'(lM'"h?y will ..ventnally insist on creater
lixily of toniire in all the diplnnialic gndea.
Mr. Wilson has unl'ortnnat.ly done his worst tO
postpon- thal better day. He has ilnaed daHber
nielv flffllnsl satiity ami p*i**ogreflfl in ?'"*'?'"- ??"'
aerrlcfl orer to Mr. Hiyan io he apMttd u partj
Kuincd hy Prospcrity.
Miii-pliv s Cflfle ?ati he siimmod Op Ifl tbfl cpitapb
BO oonimon in TX'htiial prnveyaids. "Ho rouldu'l
siai.il prusprritv.- TOO miirli sip-.-oks bflfl {ron.- ta
bbj bead. .inst as Croker foi iietiant ind lai flnd
reil Into the orrnr nol 'only of ??'worklBi for bta
pocket aii tbe ttwm" bol of gotag on tbe flrttaeaa
Btand and adtniitinr- ii. Murphy has r*otne tO ?."ii
t.iiiptu'.us of the pobHc wblcb has aDowed blm to
bare bla own way In ihe cKy and gren emoura-.'cd
iiiin to more ap to Albany and to try to run tbe
Th.* nomlnntion of Mr. McCall for Mayor thh
year, arben Tammanj is betag hard pttohed oa arary
Slde, is 00 a par with rn.ki-r's iioininatioii of Van
Wy.-k. The latler Wflfl saved hy a divisi-m of the
?mll Tammany forCflM, hnl tbe poil ibOWOd Tammany
Iu ,i niiiioiiiy of oeer 10,0011, and the Vaa W*#e* id
ministration led to Beth Ura/'i rtetorj roar T**n
Inter gnd Croker'a ezpntrlation.
Murphy began wltb grnal cautlon. Hta rapa "'
the fusion candklatei for Controllor and Prealdenl
of the Board of AMermen ln 1001 >Vi,'-; ?' maaterly
stroke. and he handi.-d the dangeroufl Hcarst reroll
in I way lo mivc his own skin and Tainmany's. He
ifala domfounded the fn-ionists i.y ibductlng
Oflynor In 1900, and be "pnl orer" Dli and Bnlaer
?s candldatei for Gorernor In 1910 gnd 1912. vn
bg nerer iri.-d untll now to ron ? i-ecogataed ehadow
of himself for a big ofB-t-.*. Tammany mlghl as well
have deaignated Ifnrphy for tbe Mayoraltj ?** >????
??ii arlfldom, thon ari fled to brottob beaata!'' Tbe
--real bogfl who now raably rballangea pnWk oi.ii.ion
mlgfri well anry hi< own dl?*r?*lc_ ln tbe daya
wben be was gn bumWe naeniber of Ihe lamented
trinmviraU once dealgnated by MBlg CWeT Dnrerj
as "Joke, Sport and Two-Spot."
Alas! The Dutch Standard.
Somethlng liko coo?ternatlon wlll, are flre rore,
-triko tho oountry with tho aiiiioiiiiivnii'iit thal uiid't*
th.- new tariff law tbe Dutch standard will be Bbol
isli.-.l. .Inst wli.il thal standard is f.*vv know. lf
mnlnde m of the Bchleewlg-Holsteln qneatfcm, ofl
Whlch I great slatrsman ..ii*-t' sai*l tluii only l><* and
another man In aii tiio world tmdentood It, and tba
other man was ihad. Bol porhap*- I few Diore tbflfl
that imdi?r-tand. or think they linder-tand, tbe
Dntcb Standard.
Think. bowever, of tbe i?"*s to tariff dehatfla and
to all tiis.-ussioiis of thfl ragar Indnatry from the
di.-appearance Of thal iiiitiieinorial latidmark: I'-.r |
hlthertO tho wbole tariff has turned upon sucar. and
tbe wholo Bflggf l.iisin*-s has tiiriiod upon tbfl Dutch
Standard. OntOTfl havo doHalnn-d. adTOCatefl bflTfl
?rgued, e-sayists bare writton. poaU bare siin-* nnd
miisi.- ball artists bare warbled topteal flonp on
tbfl Dntcb Standard.
Qoodby, old friend! "Whal >bookl i do," ei
claiincd a ptotM Mother ln Ifltael, ?'what -hoiild I d->
without my total deprarlty!*? WThal flhall we do
wltbonl our Diit.li Btandard!
The Clearcr Vision of a Distrcsscd
Afflic-tion hrinirs a mnn cloger to tho realltlefl of
life. How mneh neanr tbe truth. tberefore, IK
Mayor Caviior's enil.ilti'reil ri-Ilt**'fi.>ns as bfl l.iiiiip
down tha laal ?tepa <>f Mnrphye italrcaae thaa wai
his attitude of patroniring toteranca toward Tam?
many when bfl was its i-andidato for M:iv..r f-uir
yeari .'m->! Tammany was tin-n a ??tiriion' or i
"iii.?knaiiif.'* Ifr. Gaynor carcmonio?dy tmterod tbo
Tlgar'i lair iu litii itraH and beatowed i few
friendly pats on tbe poof faoped animal nith * a 11 the
bonbomle of an oxptont toteraatad ln thlnga new
and Plranso. His ?-ompass|on for Hi*' mlfljodged
leadei* of Uiis "nirknamc" polillcal OTgantflatJon eg*
taaded ao far ihat after his election lw poMlcly ad
vL-cd people to cheer np Marphj by flaylng a feu
"kind words" fdtbar f<u* him or to bll (bce.
Now Um poae of coodeflceoalon is dropped in
st.-a*i of settinf* an exainpi*- in tiio waj of flbower*
inj* "kind words'' on Brother Muiphy and liis ro
laiiKMs the Mayor draws a pirtun* of llu'iu as he Inis
COOM lo know tliini after four years of moro <?r \t-?
doae association ThflfTfl is no less rharity luil mip li
mora joattofl in this later apjiraisi'ini'iit .
I have not turned them fthe rej.tpayetnl and tflZ
payero) over to the ?pollntloa of an> orgnnhifld band
who madi- thnt their pur-uit in llfe, and whOflfl BflflUg |
nnd flleek fausfli nnd Bgurea are atandlng svlden e
that they wax rnh and fat l.y lUchlng, I-:. thlfl CUn
nlng way and that, tlu tflXflfl pald Into thfl tr.-.i.siuy
i.y th.ir industiioui and rflapeotahlfl netghhori
(Jreal are tbfl BaCfl Of adreraity, and gl-aataat ai.ig
them is thfl Bore edjootmeflflt <>f the ?oflarer'd rlalon
to fnndamental imiiiK.
Rulintf Out the American Scrvicc.
It is raported, wa bopa lacorractl7, that thfl Inter
natl*inal Lawn T<*iinis Ass.x-iation inPnila |o fldopl
rules makiiij: tlie Ameri an gerilca Impoggibla. kt
f*-**rdlng to theae mlos tba flerrer must ki-cji botb
ffl'<*t on tho gronud durlng deUeery. Bateh ? rajquire
liifl'nt wiuild not only ro'i tbfl ferve of niueh of its
apoed ami bfeak, bat ghw fleriomily bandlcap tin
Bflnrer In reacblng the n*'t; ii wonld, la brtof, make
the Ameiiiau name, wblcb is fmindod on gggra**
slveness, Impogfllhlfl,
Wt* havo BO sympatliy witli tbfl fa*ilo aad rathor
Icheap asscrtion. which will certainly bfl dlfBCtad Bl
.iur riva!-. that ihe Knelish, niidlnir 1ho Auiorican
aerve dittidilt. th-liheratcly s?.| nhuut gflttlng rid of
it. NoflM of tbe foralgBafi agalnal whom wa bave
coijipeled have glran any cvidences of sik-Ii BBITOW
ni'ss. Tho oppnsition l<> thfl "??xpr.-ss sorvi.-o," hs it
iias been called, is iias?'*i on tha tbeory, wUeh is
held iii this ciuintiy :is well as aliroad. tliat it BBI> j
I'ows tba game radaegfl it ta ? conatant itnigglaj
f..r the net, Ifl Wblcb physlcal iiuhknoss ls nmre
Important than beadwork, ipaad than Bccaracy. r*#r
such a itrnggle, say this.' contendera, ihaia is ralg*
tiv**iy linio adrantaga In dereloplng tba tinisiied
fonil wlii'li makes U'linis Ihe prcltiest of flapbloof
Thg aaawer ta theaa r-ontaatlona, wta think, ihonld
go daapar than tha mtbor .yni. ai oboorratloa that
tennlfl is noi playod for tba ipactaton nor for any
idfl'iil <iiiisiderati?.iis cniu ornii)': gracfl or atyle, our
?naWflflff sinuiiii i>e, ratber, that tha game vviii uoi be
made broader or more diverse l.y BBOlaahrag one of
its most direrae forms. tho mion-ss of whi< h has ia
,,art Bl lo.ist beeil due to its novelty. Nor will tho
intorest in tonni* ineroase whon the frame is tinr
rowod to ii .biii.ito and ??onservative form; ou tha
rontrarv. tho superlor intorest whirh tho Rauie
?iruuses t'.day is duo. in larBo part, to tho <lash of
ditfereiit siylos of play. oa.-h of whi.-li represeiits
?listinr*t natlonal ehar;i.'t.Ti**tl.* We vonturo to sny
that WildiBg BBd M.I.ou.hlin and Williau.s and
Parke offered rnore Itrteraatiag amtehea thaa ua.t
the piayera of tbe same MdoaaHtlaa an.l simiiar
?.','inios lont.'ii.lo.l.
Tbe ^o...i of tennis ddea n<>i require tba aboiition
..f tho Ainori'-an aame. II d.-maiids of "ur rivuls
thal they dovelop gBBMB of thelr owu.
The Qaynor fjtragwrra want to nae a shovei a.i
their hallol BmbleBB. Wouldn't a CUrfeW bell be
more ptetareaqtM an.l more appropriate'.'
Tbf frnm.rs ..f tbe Tammany platform COTgOt to
add thal rlea nader ihe oontrol of a aaparata oom
mlasloa aronld remaln as ri-h b revenua aradaeer as
Gentle Allce Btone Blackirall ha* pul on her pink
Buaboanel Bfld'gana iM.tani/.irirr ainasng tbe Bowera of
rhetorie, ami it B a captivating aoaagay ahe brings
Prom b patrlot'a addiaaa on the pxbool h.iar.i bai
|o| for women: "If WO make this . xperlment the
r;.. e arlll be blast. .1 by AJflBtghty Ood."
Kr.nii leiliarkB on th. fOUndtnC Of Vassar: "The
uterc fact that ii is eatled 'a eoflege f?>r women" i?
enough. Ko reflned Cbriatlan nMther artH send her
Prom .< proteal agalnel women on achool board.":
"Thla tbreatena ihe home. threatena the BBaeredneaa
of ihe marriage tle, threatena the Church an.l undcr
mines the foundationa "f our greal republic."
And nnally thln ahy bloeaom from a apeeeh on th-*
bill t" give wiv.s ;i rlght tO their own earnlngs:
"Theee unaexed women aronld c-verthrow tbe di\in<-i
Ina and eataMbdi on its ralaa a apectea af lagnllaed
i lei ."
i?;.int\ flowera, aii bai woroen'a place bi In the
h'niie, nnd are arlsh **<titi" Allce erould Btay tbera
Bhe la nol to be trnsted anraong tba Bowera of rhet
orlc, Too plalnly ahe alnaa to pull them np by tbe
P/hereaa thej are precloue; an.l so. bv jinuro: in
the genlui thal prodnced them. Oettlng Bcarcer
e\eTy day, too. We must beep <"ir eya oa the few
aurvlving gemuaea. Alreadj we bava hial Harry.
? ? ?
Put dn ri'.t deapalr. Kratiti. effnrl?- are belng
D,,.|.. to recover tbat bloaaomlng bnd of hope, and
w<- run onl) applaud bla retort, "Who'fl looni nowT*'
? ? ?
At thi I't.mt ur BVOid BB abrupt tran?-itinn bv |aj.
troducing our tlmely friend, ihe giraffo Are you
Btunned bj the aatrance of wowian, hwecked Incred
uloua by tbe legal marvela ra**veeJed In the Herrs
hunt ? Then i.Wer tba gtraffe Ttane w.. or f...
II |..,??? ni an BngUsh paper when "our diacrlml
natlng aiaceetora*' <i" :m. ti tn bellera In thal "lm?
probable beaaV' Whal waa II ThoaBaa Hood called
iffe? "Tbe gm -.i anti ? llma-x,
S,. \' '.?? loftj nt tbe fr.mt.
St. <i\?. indling .'.t the tatt"
aa noble .t tribute, abaoet aa Ihe rtni.uk v.-> once
oa/erheard "Oo ah, bla dlnner nauot eema down wltb
B tlnimp "
? ? ?
And whiie wb ara delvtng among Ihe antlquitiee,
behold thla .riitnb of "ti.f"ti for the Kon BmokeraV
League! Old man Beneonl ka dlacouralng of th.
rii.ii tbe WI ' '1
"Born. there are who take so much of II lh_l
thelr aenaea whtri from thla cruel pei fuma, ?<'"i thej
f;.;i down RaJ aa though stmk deed, i do nol be
lleve thal devila coold belcb forth .. more pene
tratlng Btent h,"
Oh, eiicouraglng! This \a.. tn 1665, and |u l
b<ra Ibe weed baa been eurbed in tha brlef portoJ
? .I . then.
? ? ?
fi bretbren, there hi?> r_ng1tahmen whe <annot
.. ;i foke, even when II la offered them m hii Ita
nagran<*y Por laatance, bb lordeblp of Btratbcona
??it ui high ttrae," arrltea be, nalvely, "th.it the Bplrtt
of i ,ti waa Introdu. ed Into furnltnre."
? ? ?
Ah' here comea Brother Dell iencbanting treatlaa
''Women ..s w..rbi Bulldera." \v.- open ;.? random.
Oracioos! Chapter on Mra, Pankhurst.
yuite a ahock, eonetder ber re< ord among tha
adiflcea, tbougb -the kmgar we reflect, tbe leea we
denaur. Whal wornaa of our era has done ntore f..r
tbe bulldinc trade*! Al tins rat.?, ni.i Bngland wlll
bardly know heraelf.
? ? *
Or America, either! Here, too, we face the .?_.?>.
tion, Bball tbe nniverea be rebullt? it began aith
..,, ajtepg Manj b company la rebolldlng Ita i ara to
provide luw atepa for bobbted ladlea, And wbenour
Braadway bellea Bnd thenaeelvea X-rayed by an a.i
\eitit-'i." aaarchlbjbt, bear how they acream foi -i
new BaToadway wuh aaarchllgbta lefi oat!
a e e
aii rerj proper, no doubt, but there ara blata of
B dlfferent BOlfltion, So Bflbtlol "I sini|)ly am not
golng to aiiow theaa coatumeal" roara the Chief of
Police In Aitiiboi", ataaa. "Whal I want in ttm
town is ih.it w.'iti.n ahall dreaa Hke human betnga."
Draetlc! Berolotleaaryl -fet, reloctanl te ra*
bmid ita new Btatlon, tho Pannayhranla Rallroad
thiaateaa t" puMtah daa riptleea of -.ri\ lady who
catcbea a tamMe aa ita premiaee. it arill dellaeata
her nkirt ami ber h.els nnd?oh, the hrutalit) I -h? r
Bince thla hlooil-. ur.lling announ. ement we havn
Boarched in rala for aaeh report*. f~bj?? we can
? ? ?
whi'h leada up te aa aarfaUy joiiy eeaalderatlon.
Who la ii thal acarea u? with thi..?.o abacktag elothea,
nine Umea onl of leal Tba aweet ronng tinnK.' a
bnd ..f tbe laal centuiTi avenl .No, belored; la at
laaal un aeaaea siu- hmka ui*-e nixty. Ht-ntf a atiii
joiii.r obaaaVatten.
Madain, you think you are Bflhlbtttng >our pretty
feet an.l >niir daiiity tiolaaphllHpay ankles. fnateBd,
? nn are chaUenglflg us to detect allrer thraada
among tbe gold, and, though it grleaaa aa to nteatlon
ib. in. wrinkies. Brge:
Now la the tlme lo wear out vnur .dd nhoe?4.
K l? Ha
rrom LeaUaTa
in tba prepoesd hteeme tax we bava ? .lear eaae of
daaa ptglelaaion tt\ piadng the aaanaptlon at M.aae
it W'Ul'l crOBte a BaaaH daaa of people nnt tn reeelva
fn'.'n?. froan Ibe gorernment bul bbob arhooj arould b*
plaeed ;. burden tbat eughl u. i>. borae by all J"hn H.
Bolllday, f'nii"ler <if "The Indlanapollri N'cwa" and for
yeara tba leadlng tarlfl reform Bdrooata of ladlaaa,
considrr.s the blgb .\'inptlon a BMB?aTa l" tha .niintry
end the begtonlng of daaa loRi/iiatinn arotaa than pro
t.'i'tinn. As lonK .is w are tO have mich leRlailatlon. lt
would bava been wetJ t<. bava aaodelled tha federal law
after tho wiecoanoa Blata law, with its nkaaaptlaa <>f |IM
for a slnnle man BBd II. 101 for a marrlctl man.
l'i"'in Tba Pblladdphla Inejulrer.
a innn by tba Banaa al Maeb has been BppelBte- to a
|ifivtnia.?4tei>lii|> ln IIIIiioIm, whirh ?trikea us as evl>len<-e
that the fauuly Ir. i. ally beginning to Inluiit the ca.th.
A Largcr Park Would Hold More
To thfl i dltor oi Tha Tribune.
nir in | | of even date i no*
tl ..i nn arttcle w.th the hflflvd l 'Wlll
Halve Aator Houa. " ln pai 1
II i.u-i s hi il I take tba ra ? ? a w
? um ..t.i ffld< ii b lldlng and poet
? . torn down and the Irl*
,r i ..t betarefl n Btroada ijr, I'???
i; md what tfl i oa Mail fltrai I nrou d
t to 1
I || -. en
? I bfl lUtl ..ii I utllll
i .? ?ii.. ?;m' t" -?. the um Ightly oid
-.-. .?i "
i hav. ?? ? ii ..1*1 prlntfl ahowlng hoa the
looked i ? for* the f.-?l**rHi birttd ng
. . ? .i i: mi ' Indead hnaa ba. n
\,, v i. autll il, i admit, in thoaa daj -.
?ith tl ? int:- bulldtngfl ?ui
;;,,)., ' ;;? l... ? V\;tll thfl *k | *? I .' BaWfl III
Ihat ridnltj. i i an onli ?-???. tf tha dty
ahould reclnlm thal land and i**y oul tba
thnt n ? ...Li t- ti.** raflUag ptacfl
,,r ? t aui h ? i ?> ? ? noa inhnbll lt.
as nu and nlght,
i - ill) .ipi't-.-. -tata thfl f.ft thal are haa ?
n.it auffl* k nt parka ln the dty, bul tl I -
i ,u tlcular - iild t.ot I a *ri*ren eeer
for ? louni ? ef p- raooj
arho ii"* ini- st most of out pai kt
i lovfl o ir > Itj. an.l f. tl proud to ba ?
n ,.( tt* >. to ni.. the only clty on
earth arhere tba walfare of n* Inbabl*
tani i. in evldence.
i am aatlafled thal .t vory larga por
tioti howavar, do not ronllaa what is be?
lng done for thera ..t no Btrnnll *.?st, and
to BlTfl fluch tiioi** flpacfl doflfl not hy any
-neana rneal arlth mv approval, an.l i *dn*
cereiy intfli Tha Tribuna ooaean ia thlfl
i'iiI?**<m thfl fadfltral nnthatrltlej can ?<*
qulra lha Aator i loi.??? flntlrn, some oth.-r
mii.i Intrger Irni t flheuld i"* aelected, er
rabulld the old poetefflcfl ta h'.u thfl re*
quli.-m. nt*< of th?- tlme.
Nrw Tork, AtlR. 8, IMl 1
Some Commrnts on Public Oftkuls
and Public Morais.
Te tho Edltor of Th** Trihunfl
Sir AN thfl bflfldfl "f PUhlie ofrUe**
?Ineflrfl cltlsanal Thla is ? quaaUon 1
havfl oftan r<Ulartad on. la vn-w of preeflnt
day evrnts, hii.I 1 would likt* t<. know who
. .in k'.vi- uii Irapartlal am n >?'
w Ih-ii H man is alaeted to ? pubtk* otlic..
ii** knowa whal tbfl anlnrj la and arhnl
ara tin- dutiafl an.l reaponaibilltiea of tha
..iti. .- .iii.l in Mfl aptltlfl tbfl posltlon he
gtvea .*u flafluiamre to lha peoplfl that ho
win perforra tba dutlefl honeatly, Irra*
?pactlva of any other con-iidflratlon. Tai
wa iin.i in federal, atata and clti floaarn
iiti-nt nifii when olflotfld to onaca forgol
ting tiu.s*- fuaranteea an.i itartlng oul In
?anreh of ambltlon an.l tlu- aoeumulatlflo
of 'lollKru.
When Mr. Ilryati Wflfl niaili* gflCtrfltflry
>.f sitatf hfl kn**w what thfl rflflflOnfltbttl*
tlaa and thfl ineofM were, t.ut he is hard*
ly inatallfld when ha tdla tin- p> opta thai
tin- afllarj |s iiiaii*.|uati-, and ti** ?.>.* on
a tour throogh tii>' oountrj ?iv ink loct*
ui. s an a liusln.-r's **ntflr*p**tflfl<
W li> ii Mr. Hul/.i-i- was *-l*.t.-.l ilov.-inor
ol thfl Btfltfl Of Nivv VuiK hfl also kli.-w
Whal hfl vv.is AfllflCtfld for aiul what WflTfl
tba i iiioiuini nts hfl ahouiii raoflhra, >??!
a?3<oordlng t<? th.- reeenl re*relntionfl <>f thfl
I'ravvliy InTflfltlgatlng I omniil tflfl hfl Mfl*
barkad on Wall snr.-t trannnfltloafl from
ehfleka belonglng to th<> alectlon fun*i of
hla poiitii-ai party.
Th*- pollefl enptntafl and poUea ofRoora
who iia Bfllfletfld lo flnforflfl law, ptrotflflt
the puhlla an.l kr* p dOWfl < riine know
Hi*. i'H> meiit the| ??r?> to rflflfllVfl, yet Wfl
flml many <if them are not OMtflOt until
they accept hrlb.-s from i-riinlnaln. enrirli
thflflflflflleflfl and hflflflflflfl i***1 flfltalfl own
<*ih, neg-lect the poople's bUflhflflflfl, tlirow*
duty to tiie wiihib. and, ln bw t. bfleflana
ai.iois Hii.I abettora In crlme, Inatead of
Mi|i|'i ra-iiiiK It.
\\ hrn th?* Vf-iy ffljdgjflfl of our OBflflrtfl ain
-le. ted to give iMBflfll dfloifllonfl and pul
grnft .ind ao forth. Ifl
,.,.- tha'. pat u ?
eifare of the peopla by glving
? ,i.. I-,.,,,i t.. pleaaa tb.' bIbbb ef
tt.,.,,- | upportera Thej are Bed
down bj polltlcal oblla-atkma, and there
nopa of ever atamplng out
. winio thej bave to eull tbe whbna
ot dlatrlcl ? " '?
Ti,P .........,,, m daactlng ludgea bj poHttcal
parties la ..? tl ? root of the defeeta bi
idmlnli tri.ti.in of Juet* ?? Bad " la no
intry aad dty ara
overrun bj aaaa>, gaunblera nraardi
? .u.i "whlle Btaven "
ii || ?,, aoi ?!' i too thal tbe rary k,'. ?
.,? .i->lurns aie unf.i.thfiil. a"-I'l
;,;,,! i,; !,?,-. .1 mad, r,' b aaurdi
arnoni tha people.
lt i- laughab ? 10 ? BBfVe t';e .-oir...7
opera eiuusted now and then k>) Mayur
^ thla tii.it and tiie
other, hia lettei wrltlng fada, i f-adver
tiaing tactka aad poalng for pbotufra
What is waatlng is a nonr*polltleal dtl
tion in every state and toa n
tbroUghOUl th.- lOUntry, who bave no BBO
to gdnd but Um aoetalt aaoral and lndua
tii.il wtlfnra. uf thaa aa hole Ropublte, and
who wiii b'ti.i m> te llght the b*f*pa*rcrltea
"f botb l-mmanytam and Rarpabllcantom.
Thera la aleo waatlag a tbtod poUtkal
party to balance tha power of tbe other
two parties ln CoograBB, the same as tha
Natlonaltet party balancea the power uf
IVhlga and TOrica In tbe Brltiah bdea
Bea York, Aug. -'-'. WI
Is It "Unplayablc." as Our Reader
To tha Edttor of Tbe Tribune
sn: in con.ti"ti with tb?> ehorua of
crlttcUtn arouoed aorae weeka ago by the
p '.bli.-atn.il ln "The LoadatM Times" of
"Angto \in- ti. ."? i' letter d!aa*_aatag tha
Davbi Pup rnatchea, iw<> paragrapba ia
\niir laaue of thla rnornlng would appear
t.t be of Interaat: Plret, the dlacua lon
b\ ihe Unlted .stat.s Batbrnal Lawn
Tennta Aaaoclatlon of "pfoepactlard
changea la t!.e rulaa "f tbe k,uh.'," aad
s. ,-,iii.| tbe MlppOKltlotl that tll>? IltiW
Internatlonal federatlon ef lawn tennta
piayera "iu alter ibe Bervtea mia in ench
...i "aa aill wrecb tbe game as ptaj i
i,\ i. ading Am in .in.-."
i-'iom iii.se paragrapba it wauld app-*.ir
iiiai "Anglo Aiiiartcan." aonctaaaoaaarere
aubatantlallj eotToet aJtbongb tbe <*?*
preaalen of ins vt??ws mi_ht bave been
uoid.d willi glOBlOl r.'K.ird t<> the raental.
tlvenaaa of the jTuaerleea Barwaaaaer pab?
Aii.i ently the great atreragth >'f the
Aimrlcan gBBM UOB ln the fa.t that Mr.
McLOOgbllfl ati.l uthirs bav.' deVt l.ip.-.l BB
abeolutety unnlayabte aeivtce, and uaieaa
the naill.' is t.t ."t*isl!?t sob-h t'f Hll',
ful ajajlTlCOa riud fault*.. ibe rulea of the
gama im:-at ba alterod te eUaakaate thla
"laglttmate tnck."
i believe tbat tbe devolopBaaal ?f at?
unplayable aervice ooeurred ln eorapara*
tiMiy oarlj dajra ..f tbe gama. ami tbat
tb.- dUBcutty **? ia thaa mel by HiighMv
rabdng tb.- hebjbt <>f ibe net. is it not
poaalbla to believe that ihe new- rahl aney
b.- friimtd lo make tbe K.tme bvtt.-r and
more Intereating, and n.>t Cor the apoctno
purpoaa "f "wieeklag the Aaiatnuaa
nam. ?" '.* H B WAI b,
Bew Tork, Aug IB 1013.
To UM BdltOT ot Tbe Tribune.
Slr: Have the BUrBOB if. orded U| tbe tliir.l
chapter <>f Qaneela been repeeledl i?
tbera ne longer anaalty between the ser
pani ami tbe aeed ef the weeaanl i>,,.s
the aarth no longer bring forth thorrm
and tblatleel lf man baa eeased to eat'n
iiirt broad i.y the Bweel of his brow, few
Of ua are aware of the fa.t. I'ertalnly
the llrst part of the eursa on woman ban
not heen remove.l an yet. Why. then, ahall
WB BBBBBM that tht- BOOOBd part haa? "M.
I. H" natur.dly pr.-f.rs the Klohlsth- to
the Jehovlrstle a. .-oi.nt of the er-atlon of
human betaaa, lut is one realty paore
aiithoritatl\.. than Ihe other?
?}K(?r.;k h. BOBKWOO&
New York. Aug. 11. 1913.
An Open Forum (or
Public Dcbate.
Sfcra Based on Sentiment. Not Fact
Writer Thinks.
1 To thfl K.litot of Tlo* Trilvine
' gir: Wflfln't thnt dreadful about Un.
| Rupp mnklng a yuffragett.* flpaa h *?h?
: sh?- ouu-i't to harfl bfltfl cooklng hT hu*
! band .*> auppar? it woui-i ha*.** beea al
rlght if thfl buflhnnd had heen leaflag
, around | afllOOn Whllfl the Wlffl WM flflfl>
? | : rf Ium to COflflfl home to his supptr.
I Thla Ifl to lommon. But tba reaarja. that
' bfra Rui p ama making a tpeeeh at that
j time wm hfl*H*aiiOfl she wom not aOowfldti
lf ibfl vv.ri- p.*rm:tted to vote it
. tak** oni) .i few natnatafl anefl a
Whllfl flhfl Wflfl OUl maik-tnuT. to
i ?? .. u u taoaid not Interfflifl flrhn h*
ni.ti. i ooa hundredth part as much ai
U ? hoUiJnyon Btoettoa Day doeaflrKhta
1'oor old Mr. Tillman, who ' shuddera at
woman lllflflgfl"! 'No doubt he shuu
ii.i" ni flboHtlon of alnvcry and th*
I Union. lf he would take the troublfl to
r.MM'ii h'.iiH.stly or lnvcr-tigate a littlfl b?
Would know beyond any flfljeflhlW. of doubt
that ha raald nol so mto a coniaflahafll
WOfUflfl an.l ptfl k out those who aie per*
mitti-.l to vote fr-.m thOflfl WhO ave not.
!...!? ...uid he ileeafer any dinTareflflfl?
thfl . hfliaotflt of any woman b> reaaonflrf
hfl : bfl - i to vote.
Womflfl baaa roted in eburehM wd
olubs for all time. have voted tn town
aleettona ln many toarni for many jairi
and ln some states for aome jears, tai
none of thoaa dieadful thinss whtol tomt
paopla pratand to antu-ipat** ever hav*
! -ii \ ? nad
This war ?rtll contlnue untll every p?r
son of legal age and sound mind who bai
rmough publlfl flfdrit to want a flflkajj
his or her goreraataat wiii haveit wu
' this state hfl BflSl to lllinols or next W
?outh 'aroitna.'
Are there not a great many women ta
th:a clty who would Uke to vote in tba
ru-\t rloction in thls citv ? Who h*? ?
?nornl rlght to prevant lt! if the woma.
could comblne wlth thfl deeeaf men*!
..ull ,;.-t aecent dty olll
New York, Aug. 22. Wi
Bewnrfl Of beinir 'nt brown s? ? *"rrV
its daagaeoafl, aeoordlng t.> "The amaW
ca| rra-'tltloner," whl. h warns tgtit*
j tan and sunburn. Says thi? nicdical ?
! thortt) : "There can be no doubt but tra
?. to a brain a18**""
.. nic bareheaded ifl tM ?
wh.-u toiinng "
-, .-an'i underaund why that man t*1
more popuiar with the lild,cs1I.,.rin-ra. ??*
?Look al hlm. He has ?... .nanne tf ,
la eonr-afl and rulgar and a* oomm
raUroad roundhouee. u?toniobi*?-''
T know: bul he ha* Hn autoni"
Chicago H.-.oMi-iU'tai.i
Two gueatfl mlaaad th*- flr.t ^'^J^
dinner whlch had bean *******/**
li. thelr hono,. Ilandbagfl ???'
,,, thalr honor. Ilandbagfl ' tll>
?aarcbed, .li.stant ho.uo calim on' ntrty
pho-t-a for InformaUon, much iM*7
had l.n .-xpeiid.d all b-^wfl ^ 41B.
tha irunk eontalning the ?'^JalI)-a
ner ralment could noi be found ? ??,
lockamlth from the town four nu*?- ^
,, m, b) automoblle, wa- I*"*! ? l ? wt.
and in Iflflfl than a mlnuM ^ ,aj
tlirilMl hack. -.10.-werk. 'oa***??
-Dea.1 -may." ?akl IN *********
thini; wasn't lo.-kod at all."
-I .shall n.v.r take myvaca.iuninJ
anain" M
"Whv not'"' . ? _? jn y.r*\
-Becauae ihe fellowa who ao in ^jj
think l oughl to have.h*-*'n^a ?*
monej to be abla o lrnd? tn,,re-a.
ihei ?.t i-a-w." -Dctn.it lYfltrn

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