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V? LXXni-.N* 24.390. ****-J?k_aJgSai^S_*? Ni:\V-YOUIv. TUESDAY. AUGUST 26. IIH.'I-II I'.U.KS.
* *
!>!>!/ I* /_*VI** /tPYT lotltyofNoar Vork. .I?*raa>y< Ita and Hoboka'a.
Pursuer Expects Fugitive To Be
Thrust Across Border and
Thus Defeat All Plans
of His Lawyers.
His Client Will Be in Canada
When Snow Falls, He Says?
Prisoner Quarrels with
Jailers?Tells of Mad
house Rescue.
rfvata ? BtaB Rarreapa-aaeaaat of The Tritn.n? :
?.*>? bat., Auu. _S^-*WlUlam
Travcra ,i(rom?. under appolnUnenl v >)
? pt > ' leneraJ Carmody of K< *
York put; Attorney
. eaenl thi atate in the
way to get Harry k.
b to Matteawan, arrived In
gherbrooke thla fternoon. When the
methoda u hlch Than a atl >r
nmyt wlll empl ) to block court appeala
fln'l other plana foi d portatlon al
idlan oHI< lala And hlm llabla 10
s tioi tllned to Mr Je?
?That ka varj ingeniou
thorltlea clap the
bandcuffa in hlm and ahove bim 1
thf border as suvn as they reach a
: whal hi ha golng to ?i" aboul
Hl ; ,\ru of habeaa
corpua dota nol Ite when hi? arreat la
<.rd'- b peopli and
"Do you know wheth. 1 ? immlgra
tiog ? d to aend him
bai k to Verm ?k< ?? "?*?
.,, you think that maana ba wlll go
bai k t" Matteawan" *
? 1 kn'Av n. thinp ??!' what actlon they
ed. ? i ara here
- ti, the facta ln tha
4a?f and I t BB fl handy man en the
'.'an he be ? xtrudited tci N<w "S "rk
from Yirmont if ht- is sent there?"
Aa: crune la eatradltabla from one.
atati In th.- Unlted siates to another,"
he aald. ' it la up to ihe Oa>varn<>r >:
thi s-.ate ta which h?* is s.-ni whetbi-r
he Bhall be handed ov.r to New York.
The law ia plaln. The 1 polnt 1
declded by lha Qovornttt *9 a/hather ihe
Identity r.f the peraoa under .-.rr. .st
whoaa oatradltloa la aaki mta*\
aa th_: of the perana wh" carann-j
t... iliagatl ..rinie In the atate a
for hla return.
Stone Outlmes New Plan.
"There la no arguaaent aa to facta
j-rei-fnted, altnplj brlefa BOttlng forth
the ciirae alleged and that the min
Under arr?s-t la IhB man aranted, a -
tompanied by prooffl thal he bv
Thnws lawyera wlll probably ila
fa danylng the allegatlon, bul ba
.st him will not be tried
there, Hla Identlt) la tha maln thm*.
Tha Governoi ma) then aci a.- ba aaea
a nea naathod '??.?? whi<h to I
Tha-.. was outlined tc
day ; ? Wllllam A. Stone. former I
of Pennaylvanla, who is her<
a member of hla wunaeL if thla plan
? it wlll atta,k tba
Btltul ( the Iznmlgratton lawg
r which Thaw s deportatlon la ?x
pected ta bi ordered. it arUl aiso
rnatlonal laaue "ri th'
right? grant' 1 by the treaty ti.-twe. n
the Unlted Btatea ar.d .'anada to tha
? either country in the couria
of tha other.
Has tha conatltutlonallty "f the
Canadlan mimigratH-n laws e..r been
ighly teated?" ha was aaked.
"Not that 1 know "t," -Mr. BtOSM re
' I kri"W ef ri" leaditig '-asa. or
nta on tha matter."
r?o you think Thaw will Le sent
Bt Bl .m . arly date?" ne
was ark'd.
Well, ?. ?!?'!, you had I? c-11,-r
* oniinued on third |>-a?<*. oi-vrnth rolumn.
This Morning's Sews.
BOll in Fualon Polltlcal ''amp ... 1
?Igar Stora- Bandlta Ht Work AKriin.. 1
Tammany run.'.- Siatr. a
ad b] Klnga lieraocrata.... a
Polltlclana Awail Gaynor'a Mova a
'?rn ln Bl ho"ls for l OO.noo. 5
fcnrgtv.riB in H'-nlth and Mapplne I 7
,? indlcted as Morse Polaoner 9
Bo-om f'T SuUfr. 14
n'onun Bequeathi J i.OBO to Secrataryld
Lind .n i.?..-, -,??? Mexico. 1
frlteon'a Mexican MeaaaBe Ready..., l
Th?w I'ku as lerome Arrlvea. l
Two I'faii In Buicide 1'act. 1
of Phlltpplnea Blavea ? 3
' I'arniei-.-?? Currency Plan Adopted . 4
MeAdoo f"?pir.s l*urrency Promlaea 4
Mulhall on ll ? Rampaga. 4
Tanff crea Llai Ratlned. 4
i ..-. ' ..naTtfSh ... 6
Btevena Newpori Heateaa 7
BVOlt 1 'i-flant "f " ?l'l Pai iv II
Lawyera iiait al Murphy Proba.14
Barl ''r?v t?i v Hoa lo Curb Truata 3
"Jack" Joknaon Baya He'a Mew Prench 3
Amhaaaador l_aaaea Lonalon Houae 7
kCJSCE lala A ?? OU 8.
Newa for \\ oiner. . 5
I'-IHorlal . d
aty . 7
'?l,Hiiar\ . 7
Theetrlral.7 and 9
Kf'irti.. 8 and 9
I'inan'ial and Markets... 10, 11 and 13
Raal Batate . M
Iteather . ia
Kl.ipplng . 13
Arnxv ajid Navy.13
Wife Would Discard Husband
Who Posed as Hero.
Mrs Klt anor A. MrManue, who mar
rled .inni's McManua nine daya auo,
filf-d a nuit in the Suprem<- Court >is
terday askmg an annulraenl of tha
marrlage. Bhe alleged that she mar?
rled MrManus under the bellcf that he
waa a flreman with a record for brav
ery, She dMcoverad, she said, thal the
Plre Departmenl had never baard of
her husband. but that the i-oii.-e had.
Mra. McManua la a Bten-ographa-r.
She said that when sh>- met h'-r hus?
band and asked about a slight !tmp
that he had h.- told her he fell Off a
:a.iiitr al a flre. To carry out the ai
legad daception, McManua wora a biue,
shirt ami a badge of the Flre Depaurt
After she marrled her hero Mrs. Me
Manua learned thal ha had madf >io
provlaion for thelr h"me. she wenl
back to her own houa-B ami began BB
Inveatlgation. Bhe leanwd, she nl
leged, that tho limp thal hi r husband
ha,l wa> cauaed b, a sin.t tired at hlm
b) a pollcanuan, who was actlng ,n
bi t defenca
Police Sergeant Rescues Father
and Son in Hudson.
Srrgeant M;, ha.! J. Mulhall, "f
Harbor A Bquad, reearued a man and
hia s"n from drownlng In th*> North
i: ver yeaterda) afternoon The man.
Thnma.a Roaa, forty-turo yeara old,
who ii\e<i pi Nn. 278 Motl str.'.'t, waa
al Work at ri.-r I, Hudaon River. Hla
a ? j.,s.'j h, wi nt io the pler to go
home wlth his fatharr, and while a
ing. feii off the en.i "f the pler Into
the w
tlthi igb th. father could not awim
i ?? Jumped ifte) ' and manaced
to rea.h him The frelghtor .' w
Collina waa ; laaing il the tlmi .-it'.'i
handa threw rupea to
Roaa b ? the tide an ?? nd thi
boy away.
Bi rgeanl Mu oul in a launcli
wuh another pollceman Aa the)
near the man and bO) tha Bl rge.int
without taklng off his coat, plungtd
mto the watei and reached tht-m in a
few Btrokea. Paaaengera on u Coney
laland ateamboal ctoae bv watched the
reecue and ? heered ihe aergeant
Sergeant Mulhall hBB rcacued fifteen
peraona from drownlng ein<*e Novam?
ber, 1896
Throng Cheers Conviction of
Mary Phagan's Slayer.
Atlanta. A ig 29 Le. M. l-'r.tnk waa
found guilty late t. da) of the murder
Iaat April of Mary Phagan, f,.ur- ?
yeara old, an employe of the local fa
t'T.v of the Kattonal PasacU Company,
of ?iii'ii Fr.-.nk waa Buperlntendent
As the na-wn fl--ha?d lo tli< , i.hacI
urthouee thera was loud
rrlng. Mounted poUcamen rotin
' ihroiigii the throng. bul the demonetra
; tion contlnued.
As he atepped Into the atreel Bolld
tor ii'igb Doraey, wb" conducted the
proeecution, waa llfted to the ahouldera
of Beveral men ami carrled more than ???
hundred feel through the ahoutlng
throng. .1 idga Roan waa alao cheered
Mar* i" 4 * ,v- f'""''1 ??*
| th baeemeal of the fai tor) on tha
' mornir.g of Aprll 27. Jamea Con ?
negro sw ? -p* I '"' bad Bto. '1
? i outatde the fa. tor) i Hla e whlla
Pranh waa alone wlth the Phagan Kiri
an'' later helped Prank carry the body
. aseni'nt.
Boy Badly Wound9 Laborer
Who Was Attacking Her.
ln a da>eperate attempt te v'<w bla
mother from beina heaten ro death Jo?
aeph Perrl. Bfteen yeara old, ahol Thomaa
Murphy, a youna mborer, m tbe broa l
nnd left arm early Iaat evenlna, around
ing hlm ao badly that he la not Blpectaad
lo nve He i- Ib Bellevue and Perrl la
under erreat al thr- ChlMren'a Boclety.
The Penia llee on tl e tea hoor of a
tenemanl rioaae et Vn. TN ieeond avenue
and Murph) had an apartment oppaaalle,
. ha llved Wltb hin wlfe ur.'I two
ehlldren. Beveral tlmea, acarxM-dlna '"
I Parrl, Murphy bad bai ome Intoal
rated and bad attacked bla mother. bai
police had not been notlfled owing ta
Murphy'a rmmieea t" do better
Perrl WhO !<- an errand boy, rfa, hfd
home early Iaat nlaht nnd -.tartr-d up
m- 1*8 10 hla apartment When hnlf wa
. , ,j , ,|. B, and as h* I amt- ln
BlBhl Of lha top landlne ht- mn his
moth'-r ai-ramhle ta her feel and nin Into
lha apartment arlth Murphy after her
A* be entered, ibe bay aaya Murphy
atruch hla mother, kr.o, king her down
?II,r? ha s.lx.l baW b\ th- hair and
dragged her toward tha hallwaj
Joaeph ran to a tr mk, grahha-d a l^ada-d
revolver and atarted for Murphv. who
turned on hlm, Perrl flred tarlee and
Murphy dropped Ambulance auraaona
aj/ho took Murphy lo Bellerua raturned
nnd attended Mr- Perrl who waa bi a
atate ef coluipea Welghbera have <-or
roborated the boj/a atajry
???-a -
Senator Wetmore Requested to
Stop Illegal Casino Sale.
i \\- Teleerrapr. "? Th" THbuae |
N>av,"rt. It I. Am*. ?-'?'.. -For tnanv
durlng the natlonal lawn tonnlf
? emeol at the Wewporl Caalna 11 haa
been poaalble lo buy llquor "n thr- plaaaa
of th?> dreasmg room bullding.
William H Tobiri. a number of Ihr U
eenea Commlaaaon of the clty, te^aU) en
tared a formal eomplalnt to the Chlef ot
Pollra and Mayor Ma.-i^"d agalnsl
nelllrig li.-iior illegalh. The Mavor ha?*?
Wrlttea to the preeident of the (aelno,
BenatOI <? P Wetmore. asklng hlm to
ntop the unlawful trafTV
Panama. Attg % **ontrarv 1o r-xpeota
tlone. the btowlng Bp of thr (Jamhoi
dlke. whirh WOUM ram".' tho Iaat 0?>
Btru. tion to the navigalion of the Pana?
ma i ..rai bv llgh. dra't Vatflaela, waia .v>
'aril'-d out to-da\ The destruttion or
thr d,kp na- ix.va, h.-en r?>t for ta*>ptern
lw- ?
Fusion Candidate for Mayor
Refusesto Accept Nomination
Tendered by the Indepen
dence Organization.
Says It Would Not Be Honor
able for Him to Accede When
Editor and His Associates
Turned Down Prender
gast and McAneny.
John Puito* Illl )i*i. in ;i Icttar flflRl
laal nlghl tn Wiiii.-im .r. Taylor, chair?
man of the Independence Lcague Clty
r*.mniitt< *?. m ocnfullj reftifled ? iwrnl
natlon f<*>r Mayor trom thr teagtM un*
Iftfla 11 imi'.is.ii Controller Prflndar*
aaal and Prealdenl McAneny, hta col*
leagucfl on Ihe fualon ?= i j. t??
Ha ur**-*i thalr get eptance bj thfl
league, in Bpltc ol thfl declaratlon by
Willlam Randolph Hearal thal lh? or?
ganlxatlon xx.mlil be r.-.r-.int lo lt*
prlnclplcfl in bo doing, bj r***fl4*?n of
ih** Btand of Ihe I'ontrollflr >nd Mc
An- nx nv Bllb ' ..' I
lt arai ronaldfltred by politlrlant* to br
th? < nl) fltflnd thal Mr Mltcl el - ould
rablj laka. Hoa ty tr, 11 araa won
der***! xx hfltht r "i nol thla latral n
arould nol reaull In mrirfli lurmoll In thi
rurdon amr If lh? k ag ??? fll
turned doa n Pn nd< rgaal and lf< Am n
.,. ; mh. hel refuaad the nomination. 11
araa auggeated thal Mr Hearal mlghl
run Independently for M?y< i
has done tarlce I ?' ?
Th.- attltude of Mr. Mlti hel araa m ?d?
i ublic flhoi tl) ?>'???? n. dnlghi ?ftfl r he
hnd ronfflfTfld fll 'i ? fl Ith hta pol
fldt taai >.
Mitchel to Laagufl.
Mr. Mitchi l'fl Ittt.-r folloa i
"On Baturdai roui roounittea did me
th** hooor if- make me tti** off;
i.... nf th** Indepandance Leagu? for ihe
off.ee of Mayor ln Ita primary etactlon. '"
be hflld "'. akiptflmbflr M "foot -oiumit
u-r did not hoarflvar, deelgnalfl Mr. Mi
Anem f*.r thfl offlee af Prealdenl ef the
Boai l of Aldfl m Mr I**teti4ergaat
for thfl Offlee <'i ' 'oiitioll-r.
"afuch ..h i .'i'i ra* latu the hoi or con*
ferr.-'l bj n Ittee lo it" flkflfllgna*
tion *.f me flfl Itfl ? ai dldate foi M i
much -..s i valua and ?**i-..iii< the
port of tt.?* Independence Leagvte In mi
eanvaaa for that om. t. it arlll t.** flbtio *
to you thal I .'.'.I'I n.'t honnral.l. ..< ? ?'
nomination uaae* a n- k**t arhlch dflnlea
nomlnfltlon t<. rai tara aflaeclatea '.ioi.
th** fufllon rlt) t ?
"Thfl ii..!*-i ? ndi n.. \a ague, arhl. I
Btood foi boneal gfl*/ernn?anl In lb
and Im nad 11 f.italfllenl aaray
from Tar man] Hall an-i Ita i on i| I
trol and epttW 11 ?
th<> ftral '?. taki a *-t< p li thi dlia tion <>t
...n.? Btofi aad dtorupttoii
Murphy, Not Subwaya, the laaue.
? ?[-. r tasuflof 1 eoi Ipal im
paign doea nol ' irn ui on tbi
dem? rltfl of 1 ...
, ontra ti ' '
,.,, d< f- .t >.f M irphy nnd
Tamman) Hall and the eat
tha .lt;. hall of honeel and afflelenl gov*
ernment aa an .11--n In th* l iT
foi in
"Every one knoarti ; ? ' aith
regard to aubaa; ? i ??? a.- no i etti i aat
laflad thaa ?>?? lh< rm mbera o!
|MgU, ?, ni ?? ? ten of th? . ontrai Ifl
-,,, th( .; ara tion of th? dual ?ul ?
f..si.i*i Thnt queatlon, hoararflr. ta a
thlng of th? paal Th* caritractfl bairfl
baaa fldoptad The) ><rr blndlng legal
abllgatlona of th** ? it-. contractad bj
rlt) \ote ..f thfl t oartl <<( eatlmat.
The) parforee m;.iK nui the path flloni
whlch rapld tranall davelopmanl mual
procead In thla dt) foi al laaal thfl i -*'
i.n \ eara Th< >r adoptlon 1a an ac< om
pllahed fai t; nol an i.*su<
Tbe only Bubera) laaue of lo-dai ta
the expedltloufl enforcemflnl ol tbfl ron*
tm<*tp ln tti** Interests of th<* paoplfl Of
th.. elt) aa iiKi.::.*-' theli conatanl nMMll*
... -j ni ti.* Inten flta of thfl tranelt
. ompanlflfl
"Alread) b diflpoflltlon haa beei ri
by the Tammany candidate for Ma di I
abrogfltfl tht termi of thflflfl i ontrai 11 and
r*\ia** them In the latareetfl of the tra
, ..... ? . i bfi McAi eny'B tlmel)
;,r..r? -1 agal ?? thli attemplecl i-.?>tim* <.f
lha ?-11> fi uatratfld thal c ?n
??lt is t> ba bornfl In mind thal ?v. modt
a-fatioi i of '?'?-?? ? ot ";" tfl, i" bfl ' fllkl,
muSl ba approvfld bj th* Board of I I
rnate ?No "lie *?*?*? ,!n"n* ,,ia' ?l"' "'"
t. >raatfl *.t Btakfl in the atri.t enforcemeni
of thflflfl contraetfl xxiH bi n.f*-r ln the
handa of ati McAneny and Mr Prandar
?,?-.?? t flfl ln H "*?'' "? Tamw iny H?l
Urge? Duty of Organization.
? Tf, rfljfld Mr MrAneny anrl Mr I'ren
(). rgaal "i"'" ""'" "?('"r<J '" ?*d*ocatlng
theaa contraata nrouM ba t? lunlah them
f. r one acl ln whlch )<->ur Jiidginaal an.l
my judKtnent xxa? *.|.i)o.--e<J lo thelri*. flnd
t.i dlaragard thalr raeorda on aii ather
mattarfl bafarfl ti.<* h..**i*i of Katimat*- and
in thelr rrsp.- t.x** d<-i>ixtmeatfl
Th.. r-.'.ris of ti"- fualon Biambarfl > t
the Board "t EfltloMUe wmtraatad arlth
thfl racord of the laraaent Tammany Hall
Mayor confltltutfl ih- baata "f the appeal
to bfl BUdfl t.- Um i.pU m thta campaign
f,,i a cofltinuance of flflaetant bufltneaa
--overnmanl and "><- flfltfliifllon ?.f >hal
kin.i "f gaaarnflflflnt Ifl Ua dflpartaBaotfl
under th** coatrol "f Ihe Mayoi aad for
thfl eaclllfllOfl of Tammanx Mail. Itfl ptrfld
atory Intflrflfltfl a'"1 ' ontra.-t-Jol.bera. fnun
tbfl Clty ?*..\-'"iir.**nt f..r the flflfll [fl n
I * ?rs
??t<. iirnv indor?meni lo Mr. MflAnflny
anri Mr I'rnM.-.KiiM Cflfl Oul) tflfld to all
Tammany ln i?? ***** "? ***** ,,s nwn
,,..mlr.e?*a Surely Ihe Indepfl-VflatJCfl
I aflgoe whl.h has alwaxa fouajht Tam
rnany Hall -*p<l **> " ******** ?'"?'? wl"
n-x.r defllra i" ??"1 "r i,,,,?, T,,"'"-,n-'
Mail by opr.?aliiK thfl m"1 nomlnat??<1 b\
all Othflf foHlnn fllflflnflfltfl JiK-fllniit Tam
-Oany Mail for th**-,-* Oflflflfll
"Wlth all 'he Mnflfllity an-l -arnfatriega
that 1 poeaeaa 1 urgfl UBflfll >ou the duty
. rmtlnue-J 4M aecond pa?f?. thlrfl column.
(jt>* uMt*i4v-coa _ uaaBajaaBaa ?
Svveethcarts Who Were to Wed
in the Fall Belicved to Have
Entered Into Smcide Pact.
Ho, u.ii.'i m. . A | 28 a power
> | ' itjrj-iy a< award, a I -
md .1 young
grlra ?: - ? madi Han ' I ? i.
? ? ..
... rl W. Perry
ind Ml ? ? graduatea
,.? ?! . Roa kland ii ? ?
and membei f ta
promlna nt faml '? ? ' ' : ?
? thi boal oi on th. pei na
to l
of tl . t thi tion of tba
hodlea and Ihe eni of
thlng :??'? ': ' ? '"
atrong n on r the b. Ilef th l
two deatha aii
pa. t.
a :> ..? !? md
Pen | lt w aa ? ?Idi nl thal thla
?. ., ? t ,.,i i-?. ti ;. ? i both
w bt n Mr Dyer aighted tl e driftlng
hoat n.-.T Ba lalanda tl la morning he
,ua*hl it '..'1 broken from n>
mo i ? \- i t ,;?' ? near h.
the foi ma of t wo peraoi n the boa.
both appai rntl) ?!? ? ;? ' "?? ? i ;" P?
I tion ? ? ? |?allld and blo -'. ? tain- d
i* . ,i tii.it the iwo -? ? re dk ad
H.. towed the bo.it Into Ra> iv.a:i I
where the i" - ? r < ? r t?i and pOl i a ithoi I
?I i
The couple lefi thla port al IO-30
o'cloeb yeaterda mornlna wlth the
appareni Inti ntlon ol iklnt ? I
pi< .'.s'lf irlp in the out< r hai bor, and
thelr famlllea n ei ? espertlng Ihelr r.
tui ti fl r the nooml.t' BM Bl
There wera two wounda oa tha a i
ii, d\. . im- bullel had enten d her
heaii lha other had penetrated hor
lemple. The retrol. >'r waa h. Id ao clo-aa
ta Mlee Bpeer thal her clothing ?????.-a
. t had Hti'i her fleah burned. Either
hiiiiet wound would have proven fatal
After Bhootlna hla companion, Perry
evldenth plared ihe mussle of the
plStol in bls month and pulled the tng
ger. Deatb raaulied Inatantly.
i-/..i- aaa the aon of Benjamln C.
Pern, a bualneaa man nf thla clty, He
was promlnent ln interarholaatir atti
letirs and araa COnnected Wlth Ilie
Malne Naval R<aai n ?
Mlaa spt.u waa ihe daughter of Mm
allce Bpear, a w Idoa.
Pern end Mlaa Bpear had been ln
tlmata frlenala durlns thelr arhool days,
and among thelr elaaamatea it \?.as
genarally underatiiod thal thej were t"
he m.irt i.-.t this fall
Stephen Bonsal, Jr., and Four
Others Have Narrow Escape.
Watertown, M. T.. Aug 29, Stephen
Hon-ai. Jr., aon ?>f the war i-oriaapiind
ent. of New Vork, had fl BJUTOW .r...u.e
from drownlng al Alagandria Ba) thia
morning, when a hydrophina owned by
l.. H. \'iia?. of Chleago, araa capelaed at
Oawegatch, V*llaa*a Bummer boaaa.
Vtlaa, hiH bruthtt Jack tha aviator;
iton.-ai. Maa Ragarty, of Kansas Clty,
and Bwlng PtaaTerty, of Plttaburgb,
w.-rt in tba boat when lt waa i-ai?s:_ed.
and all were thrown into the wat'-r. the
boal sinking in fofty feet of water.
All eacapl Bonaal could a*rwta, and be
waa bfi'i abova tha aurfaca by Ja<*k
Vilaa uptll a **M arrived and rcs'-ne.l
the j^arty.
Hold Up Clerk at 75th Street
and Columbus Avenue
and Rifle Till.
w iti...a- taking the troublfl flaen Ifl
? im*. ? ri I watl ob cufl*
t ?? . ? i terruptcd Ihem ai their
.... held up ?> loni i k?rk
ln tl I'nited Cll Bton t No tti
t'olumbut. avenue, earl) lail evenlng,
-. r. nnd
after l? laun i\ gli Ini I l as to
ondui t folli w Ing thelr departura,
i .\ ,.,| the tei " ? Into a
. ? ii.-.l Bquada ol de*
? : frnm Hflfldq
? ? ni from the lo al i ollea,
falle ll up the trall of th**
] i nbbfl '
Rtrlpped of all 1 i imatlr f**itiir**s
..f tl ? | ? ; .;.i:' .r last
winter, nnd a*hli '.. rnded arlth the .,.: t
? \. :. . : Ihrflfl mi n. laro of \x-h m
..... ? ... .. ,,r, ri, , |
ln Plng Blng. laal nlght'n hold up xv.is
have en
? rounti red, 'I'!.* fltoi r I .-..r
I i. r <<f Wtgi T.'.rii Btreet and ..n-- *.f ihe
i ? ? natri nlied in the uptoarn dtatrli :.
| Th.- place \. ..*. deaerted hoarflver, ?? ?? l ..
! alngl* - I' rk Jol i. i'. He* noldfl fl - ;n
? harge ta hen II e rm n fll i- ir< '1
The flral lo enter w.iik>.l the length
? re i.r.ii Btoppad m ai I' ? ? >-'.
regtatei \ ornp inloa, arho i lungfld in
.,ft* . ppt ?! Bboul half 'x.ix- *>f
the long malri **ountei ;.n.t the thir.i
halted al the door The man n*ar th.*
rash regtater nrdered ? hoi of clgflr
. ? -, ? .1 \{r noldfl iurm d to gel Ihem.
,\s he turned aboul n a*a? to Mn.i tho
man nearer the door leanlng acroafl the
i-nunter wlth ? rflvolvei ln fus hnnd.
Reynolda droppcd thfl rlgar?tt?fl flnd
t.i i er-, Btlll nrhlta thfl ri bht r ne ir
the . Aah reflfltatet arflnl behind thfl
rounter and began exitmi-tini*; th<* mon
Bmall changa tncludcd overlooklng
?nl) ta n nl< keta In th? procaafl Aa he
puflbed th< empt) draarar bach In place
, rtifltomer bruebed by lh? man at
th*? door and .nt.-i-.i lo make ? pur*
;, i,, , \ nod to Reynoldfl wrafl enough
I to Inaure flllem .-. flnd ' h? < lerk fll -
tended t*< the newcomer-fl tvants Ifl
BUCh i f.i -hlon thal ll*- ar.iiisi'il RO flltfl
[ ?:. ? i ? 111
Wlth the dlaapi e?**anee of the trlfl
i;. . oid ra nen ? i el urned. Hfl .i".i^> d
.ni t.f the fltore, running Into thfl armi
of w llllam Dfltanej. ? prlvate vrati h
man, to nrhora he rraaped the n?wa
Dfllane) blea tus arhtstle and rapped
(,,r hfllp. brlnglng Patrolman FVIt
houae, of ihe Weal fflflth atreal Btatlon,
and thfl thr*"- Btfllted ..n the run
through T.'.th str.-* t. Houaeholdflra .>n
fronl fltoopfl dlracted them on toward
Central Park, ln tahlch dlraetlon tha
three men had k1""- a careful asarih
brougnt ii" reflulf.
Englishman and German Vic
tims of Colima Outlaws.
| |l. Cablfl tn Thfl Trlhun** 1
Maslflfl Clty, Aug. ?.'.'..?Arthur LflUgh*
lon, nn Bangltah dvll englnaar, thlrty-flrfl
raara oid, an.l Brtc van Thaden, a c,er
inan. nlnotaen yeara Bld. bave b.-.-n mur*
dared by outtttara In th*- Btata of Celtma
They arera engagad tn tha . .x.-axation of
an irrlaatloo canaL
l_UKhton xxii4 ii son-ln-law of Zella
Nuttall a xx.ll known Ani**rl.*aii flTCh*
reologlBl in Bpttfl of fllarmlflt rumorfl,
fin> dty contlnuefl quiet ano* ordarly,
though aaflltlng xxith kren Inter.-at ?le
velopmenta In th** International drama.
ln a glaas of waW-r i ouuleraot im|>uriliea.
A-*' *
WilsorTs Special Representative Says Fare?
well to Mexico's Foreign Minister, and
Will Start Home To-day.
President Ready to Tell Legislators What He Has Done
in the Mexican Situation and the Attitude He
Will Maintain in View of Huerta's Re
fusal to Accept Suggestions.
Ps Cabte m Th"? Trlhun*. 1
Mexico City. Aug. 25.?John Lind. President Wilson's personal
representative here, will leave for Vera Cruz to-morrow morning,
! and will probably sail for the United States on Thursday.
The negotiations initiated by Mr. Lind have failed of their
i object.
Mr. Lind called on Federico Gamboa, Minister of Foreign
! Relations. this afternoon to take leave.
The retiring American said he would not return to the United
j States on a warship. but expected to sail on Thursday on the
i Ward liner Morro Castle.
Mr Lind refused to discuss developments of the international
situation and would not say whether he had been ordered by Presi?
dent Wilson to return.
It is understood that W. Bayard Hale. who has been here
some time as a special agent for the State Department. will leave
with Mr Lind, or follow him soon to the United States.
Minister Gamboa did not take an alarming view of the departure
of Mr. Lind. He sard to-night that negotiations on Mr. Lind's pro
posals had not been broken off._
I Kr'.m 'i ha Trll ?aa Baraaa 1
WaablrMfton, Aug. II. ? Praatdent
WUb | read bla Mexican meeaage to
tDc Foreign Retotlona carammltteea ol
tb, two houaea ol Camgreaa this aven
The measage adm.ta frankly tbe fall*
ura of the rmsa.on of e*-Governor
Lind. but maWes no apecific recommen
dations and offers no solution of the
Thr- Prealdent expresped Ihe view 10
,,.., il(lvl.,r,. ? owaver. that the public
.^.ninn created bv ? tftn* BtBtem?trt
Of the facta WOttld prove suffl.'ietit 10
U]: Huerta to lenna His meaaage
.... a! ,,??,, icngtb ihe noutrallty
.., .utraesta thal be/reafter the>
,,. rtrfetly enforeed wltb reepe-t to
,?lth factlona ll U f*?rther top""2*
?, drmw from ti,.* meeaage any infar
thcrthan thal Atwrtcana ahould
atvmrt from Mexteo and leave the eom
baunt. to ttght it out for a~*"?
Tle Prealdent expecta thal Mr. Und
? ,.,.,,, hlmaelf ln rea^lneaa to meel
.. . from Huerta, although -?? ??
,,??,h:?h^ Hrrm.,1. Hnthe Clt,
' \fPxl(.,- even on Mexican eoll
..-,.., the formal raplj of PJ
^ luerta. which toalff* lay ...m
Huerta'. Mlntoter o^ra^Af
?ra Th. repl) leaddreaaed lo ih
rjoimd'ntl.1 Ma* ' ? " '*?,?
..varalofthe leglaletorB aa a maeUrr
,,..,,. ,.f dipiomatlc uvnguage. Ona
.?,arpri ? ??> ba thr- "ableat
Benator declar.'.i n i
.tate paper be had read lor >-?"
Tho .rr.-.'t of thla documenl was ro
?trthina thal the -rutfeaUoai araa made
totha Prealdenl by two.of thoae praa
,,,t thal Ita publlcatlon mlghl Haw tha
,.ff0l-, of Btrena^hanliwi Huerta'.-. poet
,,un ,B th- popular mind, Inatead of th.*
Proposals Made by Lind.
Th(. propoaaia Bubmltted bj Mr. Und
praceded bj the aaaertlon lhat lha
,??.,,.,, states had B frlendly interest
in Mexico and waa prepared to do Ita
utmoat lo BBBlat ln brlnglna ebout
,,.??.. and order?wera that aa ar
miatlee be declarad; thal ao alecUon ha
held ln accordance wlth tha provWone
0f the Mexiean ConJtltuUon. and that
Huerta ahould oot be b candldata for
lh? preaideno Under iheaa condltlona
tha Unlted Btatea would exert Ita ta
Huence lo the utmoat lo aaBlat ta lha
MUbliahmenl of a conatltutlonal pw
rrntn.nt on a i" nnanenl baala
,;. I.. rai Hui rta, replylng to ihe aug
gaetlona "f an armlatlce, aaka on what
ground the Unlted Btatea can ta Juattca
demand th.' dlBcontlnuance olall opar
atlona agalnsl outlawa and bandlta,
and, tadaed, meeta every other propo
ftitlon wlth argumanta dinlcult to
,i nawer.
Jual after the confetrence was !-r>n
ciuded a meaaage araa re. eive.l from
Mr. Und, tha contenta of arhlch '>?r<*
not dlaclOOad, aJthOUffh when lt betfan
t" eOBfta in Ofer the State Department
wm the hope waa held oul thal Ita
purpoii would be made publle it was
plaln, howeear, lhal ih<' maaaaage araa
,,f a dlacouraglng natura, and tt was
later aaaarted thal oothlng would ta
tarfere wlth the Presi.ient's dellTerlnf
his meaaage to-iawrow.
Th-- lapraaantatlraa "f the Benata
committee preaenl wen- Messrs Bacon,
. Iiaumnn; Slon.-. Shively, I'lark.-, ..f
Arkansas. n'l'ortnan. W'illiams, Toi.ie
r?'ne. Swansmi, Smith. ?f Arl/ona,
UxLaa, McCumbar and Borah. Mara
l.ers of the Houae committee preaenl
?ere Meean. Flaod, chairaaan; CUttre,
I.inthl.'uni, Difenderfer, Stedman, 'ar
n>,.ii. Walker. Coopar and Tempie.
DaCllBtanr liryan waa also there.
Unleflfl thera nre too many nltera
tlona, th**- t.-xt of the message flrtll b**
yrnt to thfl ?'ov.rr.ment Printing Offlcfl
al ftn eariy hoor ln the morninK, and
It ?rtll ho read tn the taro housrs In
.ioint leflalon at such hour as may bfl
flxcd ln the rflflOlutioa prnvidlng for the
meetlng, ahldl flrlU be Introduced the
first thing after th** taro Iwoaflfl a>
sf-mbl** to-m.irroxx.
Legialators Diaappointed.
While to-nights conferenee was
j mnrked by entire harmor.y and expres
: sions of purpOflfl loyally to swpport tho
AdminMration. those who heard Tr- -
: [dfl nt tFUaoii'fl racaflgflTfl flrfltai dtsap
; polnted. many of '.h?-m pronouncing it
' neith.-r ? gr> fll fltatfl paper nor a force
Iful preeenUttoa ?? the .-ase of the
Unlted Btfltea, There arflj also flOBM
Idiflappolntment beeause the adflfttols*
; tratlon had no pottcy to offer and no
re.-ommendations to make, and that
th.* situatlon "as. at Itaflflt, left *r
wherc II flrflfl when Mr. Lmd
XX as BOnt tO Mexico.
Whil- the (Jnltfld States max stop
Bhlpmentfl Of arms to the Huerta for<-ea.
lt Ifl pointed oul that. other natlons
havlng r*>cogni**<->l thfl Huerta regime.
n>. difBculty xviil be expctiflROfld in
pf*fl)curlng them els.xvhere, unlflflfl an
flgraamant among tbe natlona eould
be reaehed t.. prevent any of them
aupplytng the demand.
It ia deelared by those who have
heard the President's IDflflflflVgfl and
Hufltta'fl reply that the sflfl >iu*'8tlon
arhlch flrlll ba tafl on all Upa after the
ir.--.-ag.* Ifl read to the Congreus to
morn.xx nnd ls made pubtte, flrUI bfl
? What next'.'" To that question there
la no aflurwer. No pollcy of thfl ad
mlntatratlon clearly points to tha next
stej. tO bfl taken.
it is declfli-fld that under no rireom*
Btancea arlll tha PrtflldeRt flflflamt to
grmed Interventlon. and no otlvr
courflfl Ifl flVflR fluggflgtfld so that no
, ?,. |B poaflB?Itrn of tba facta .an fora*
?ea flny hopa of a flaHtlemflnt of Mea**
leo'fl dllBeultlflfli and a compoctRg of Um
revolutlon untaaa it .an i>e brooght
aboul by the complfltfl military BUCCflflg
of Huerta and his etTflCtlva vAnqulah
Ing of hta flnemlefl fln <"it-??:?*.? arhlch
la rapugmant a!.k<- to tha adminlstra?
tlon and to manx of thoaa ^b<> took
parl In tha wmfflTfl-nce tontght.
OfBclalfl of the gdmlnlfltratlflf) as
aumed fln flttltudfl to-day artilch im
I lled that '.cneral Huerta had Just
ahout txxeuty-four hours in xxhi.h to
preeent aomfl daflnltfl propoaal whlch
would reeuM In ? contlnuatlon of the
negotlfltlonfl xxith Mr. Llnd In Mflgloo
Clty. II ?***? further lndlcated that
there xx as erounti for fl belief tha' some
su.-h think? xx.'iihl happen
Wilaon'a Measaga Friendly.
Thfl alternatixe of Huerta's a.-suming
n satisfa.toiy attltu.le '.s the Presl
dctflt'fl dfl lix.ratue ..f his mflflflflgfl to
Cuugicaa t'l-motroxv. The adinmistra
ti**n has heen playing the President s
mflflaagfl prfltty hard, beii.-ving. *PP?*?
ently. thal thfl linpending presentatlon
?.f th** Mexican matter to ("ongress
xxoiiM have | BfllutRTy flffflCt upon
HUflffta, xx ho has, through some ohan
n.-l. bflflfi kept mfornied of xvhat haa
bean g.-tng <.n In Wfaflhlngtofli. At the
?aaifl time it has heen deflnitelx and
authoritatlvely stated that the Presl
dent'fl rnflflflflaffl Ifl com-hed la kindly
lorrns, and emphasises the sin>*ere
friendflhlp flrhleh the T'nited States
holdfl for tbe Mexican people
That the President suggests drastlc
a< tion in his me.-sage Is d<*nied The
adminlstratlon hellexes, however, that
the tnornl flffflCt of President Wllson'fl
sa.ing 10 th*> xxhole xvorld that Huerta
is an undeslrable wlll have a great
moral flffflCt on the Mexican executlve.
The situation to-day is that Huerta'fl

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