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Congress Accepts Worcester's
Report, Outlined in The Trib?
une, as Direct Proof.
Senate Expected to Take Action
Despite the Statement of
the Secretary of War
Made in May Last.
Bfl T'ur'-au 1
Woi ?" ' Ifl Bl?In the fac? of
:y of War thal
la any evl i elther la the War
rtmenl *.r the Butraau of Ineular Af?
fairs. "baarlng dlractrjr or Indlrectly up n
charge thal human
try exlata at thta tlme in the Phlllpplne
Al the flradlca
tion ? ? x'ii wlll be preaanted to
? for Bpeflstal conald
?l durlng the fortbeomtng B*aaal nt
It ls apparont that CongTflflB has ,o*
q-r.red kn.owledge ot the situation at flrst
hand In aplte of the dflflJala of the f-'ec
retary <~f War. and th*> apparent att
of the adminlstratlon to vuppraaa the
farts. Informatlon has heen oMalned that
aiavery doea astat in tha Phlllpp
Th*. report of Dean C. Worceater, flee
retaxx* of the Inte*-t->r for th*- PhlHpplnea,
whlch was out!in**d ln The Tribune thls
r.g. is acoepted as proof nf ihe
charg*- if the War Departmenl ts i
out the lnf'rmatlon lt ls apparrnt that
the Senate ls cognleant of conditions in
tha lslands. and that Dr. W?j*t-*C*eater, abo
ls an authorlty on the sub.iert
munlcnted wlth membors of t'ongr- bi
In vlew of th? report of Dr. W?fl*4**eatflr
Benator I-orah wlll --.robably Intr.-du'-*- a
:tion asklngr the War Departm.>***t
far further Informatlon. \Vhether tl
forthcomir.g or not. an effort probably arlll
be made to enaot leglslation maklng It
a felony for offlciala of the Phlllpplne
g<-.vernment to fall to enforoe Iflgtalfltl in
flgatafll slavery, and it is DOflfllble that
more ?Mllng-tllt leglsiation wlll follow lf
the Phlllpplne Assemhly doflfl not act.
Senatora Suapact Secretary.
There ia a ausplrlon ln the Senate that
the Secretary of Vx'ar, or offlolals under
hlm. have not been entlrely frank In dis
closlng conditions in the I'hilip; lries re
lat'.ng to elavery- Ir. reply to the rflQUaet
of the Senate, Secretary Garrison said.
ln a communlcatlon dated May 7;
'There ls not ln this department, to the
knowledge of the Secretary thflTflOf, or
of the head of the burc-au having charj*e
of Insular affairs, a record of any facts
hearing. dire.-tly or lndfrectly, upon the
truth of the charge, publlcly made, that
human slav?ry exists at thls tlme In the
Phlllpplne Islands, and that human
|fl are loi.pht and sold in au^-h isl
fll chattels.
The only informatlon conc-erning this
matter of which there ls any record ln
thla department. or the branch of lt hav
Ihg to 9,o wlth insular affairs, Is the fol
"In a hearing before th? Committee on
Tnsular Affairs of the House of Repre
sentatives on Wednesday, rvbruary 1 **?.
UM, Mr. Taft then Secretary of War.
" T h'ave no douht that slavery con
tlnues in part of the Moro Provin^**-. nnd
that there is aome slavery ln aome of
tbfl <"hristian Filiplno provinces thnt lie
near to the mountain trihes. This latter
ar* are trying hard to ellmlnate. I had a
report from a ronstahulary rffi'er from
PlUflUCfl Of IflBBflfllla saylng that it
was not the general rUfltrrm. hut that It
riot 'incommon for hill trihe parentfl
t*. bring thelr children into a Fllipino vil
a chlld tn a w.-althy man
in the rlllflga. who wonld i:hc hlrn
servant. That is contrary to law, and we
dlraoted proaacutlon in <
? to our a'ttentlon ' "
Forbea'a Criticism RecaMed.
It is recalled thal > neral
:?ed the I" for Bm
? tl-alavei > leglalatlon
ted hy the Phillpplne rommisslon.
ll la Quflflon, dfllflgfltfl from thfl Phil
prOtOfltfld agait.st ?'o.ernor
Forbes'a speech. At that time, lt is said,
xvere docLments in the baada of the
War Department ln which flpfldflfl charg?-s
ef the exlstence of slavery la th?* islandfl
were set forth.
It ls polnted out that Dr. WorOflfltflT, in
his annual report to the Givernor of the
fllled attention to the
ra of the Philip* mbl* to en
A'-t, lagifllfltlnn protilbitlng Blavarjr< invoi
untarj Banlliafle. p^******>* -,e ?*
humar rt he said:
* d, tfl mjr flmflaament,
?ii*-:*- wafl BO lav; ln thfl
thfl flfljfl of human
? d with ihe nflf aaalty
of provldlng legal rflflfladj fflf flzifltlng
rflgarda alavflry, i drafted
Bg act."
i, thi draft sl an act impos
fltMj * >-??? tenca of from six rnoiitris to llve
ai.rj a One of trom 100 to
This gropOflfld laxv \xas *rfljflfltfld by the
mtrty, and ti.<* Becratfltry of
the :? kdfl the foiloxxiiik* report:
...ng or tht- purehaae ol chll*
.lan trlbea
.??nnioji. On niy Iflfll fllflll
j **. . of Ltautananl Oov*
... brtgbt llttle negrito glrl.
Blflvi .. who bad : l to a
? .... by <?'?' par< Bta, who
rtog, f<>r a oflvaa of palay (un
...rth about 'S paaflfl I-leu
.'. Oovarnflt VUlaaaor, on learnlng ol
took her away from ber pur
th<- ground that as sh?- had
?d him for tWfl and a half y?-ai8 ahe
. pald B?fl foi bar eofll This
Lnfai *? ta carri.-u on under the
txilht. ogthflcb Ifflfli of th*
"ir ..tions thus t.ro..J|*ht abotll
ar.- had thone due to tbfl pflOfllflgfli in
. V?ry numerous fami'.l*-*- i".:
? wlld tiibflfl, but also *.r thfl mora
IgBoranl Chrlatlan paaplflfl. an I ? Id bj
laaa tai theofl Ifllaada,
ara wotrm ' ;*!: f"r '''?' '
Aasembly Failed to Act.
,,f the War Dflpartmaal
taken th? * '? ? thal tb.
,. ara suftii-i*-n' to prohlblt
thh praetlflfl *>f alav?rjr *>r paonagfl, and
:bf propoaad Mll wafl not paaaad by tha
mbly. a a.-cond Mfl of
???l araa flkan rajflctad
At thfl tlflM lt was a^s<?rt?.?d in iOOO*
: to i.*- oftuiai thal alavflrj daf
^xiM Ifl Um phlllpplnaa an.l thal II waa
3ot .onrtn.-d to the non-' 'l.rlstian BTOV*
n-eh. .,r thfl xx nd inen'K t*-rrltor\ In n
Iiessage t- the \\ at I'epartni'lit lli NM
1 whi- loportflaf that tha arlffl of an Kng
Iflhflaaa ttving on the outflklrta of ktanlla
aaa offered a negrito child,. who vx _?
trought to her home for aaJe as a po.ny
Or a rato BBO aaould have ba-*m brorjgrii_
At about the rame time taa-o negritor were
kidr-apiuM in the Provlnce af Batanan.
bavtog Prat belr.g made drunk wlth rtno
ar.tT1 then ti<?d and taken to the PTOVtaca
Of rampanir.4. and wera afterwards BOld
in the Province of Itantingas. UlUmattiy
hoth of them escvaped.
It aa-a.t asserted that. although there
was no apparaal legal lanetlon for alaarary
OT jH*onar-<. neither ootlid he prevaWBtad
uri<7ier ,-xistnig !,i? The east of the
i'nited Btatea agalnat TbOBBBB Caba*iag
'^ I'olrit.-d to as an illustration ln this
east it was BbOWn that OB8 Buyag houpht
nn ipor"!'. ? : i lambaj i for thn e
pit's. iwenty-flve beita, two meaaur. i i I
rtee an.l a cloak worth two plga The
Chlld w.-y.??'. ...-itrht trom htr mothai
clalmad, for tbe purpoaa of beeplng her
at homa her fath. r tiavinc diaad Al the
end of threa yaan bei mother presum
ably !.;ivinp .ii, ii. thi glrl ?a^ takena*.way
by one Buaeblo and another Ia:"r i te
named fogyog, who had furnlahed ,. part
of the purchaaa prlc. I i eblo and h'a
took ber t ? Quiai l- un and aold I ? r
i t,., , 'abanaa foi 100 i
The lower court found that alth tugh
there \.as no law deflnlng alaverj or Ba
! tna; a lenl for tt. ? . a-ma In
, the Inbuman practtoc, Cabanag waa
'guilty of "detamclon lUegaL" Upon bi
t> the Bupremi Court he waa icqultted,
the ci urt flndlng that th. condltloi
a matter for the conalderatlon of tbe
Laeglalature, but not for actlon by tn.
crimlnal courta
"Not even tho abhorrent bp< rlea or
traffl ? :
irl found. "Justlnee a aeu
rizt'd by la..
School Teacher Took Child.
Another raaa eltad for the conakJa*ratlon
? the authoritlea of th.- War Dei
ment -? i tl kl of an aleven-year-old
Buktdnon |??' wl waa carriard away
from Korthern Mlndanao to Bohol I j B
her, who bad b. rged
To the great Joy ef her parenta Bl
? red to thi m, bul when the pan i l
wprc i-al!''<l to tha arltneae atand Ihey
were Induced to Bwear thal their dauah
ter had been taken fmm them arlth thelr
full blTrOWledBc ar
Thi m wer. ughl to lh.
tentlon of tha Pl - ami n and
th*. Bugaeatlon was made al thal l
that the ' 'ongn f th. Cnltad Btati
should take a'-tlnn if th<> Phllippine Ae
B.-it bly fall. d to a rl
Des; facta, Be retary Oarrt
Bon, In hla reaponae to tbe Benata reao?
lution, f i.e! to Bnd any e*riden?*e t1 ??
alavery axtati I ln tha latanda, excapt for
the raferenca by Preaidenl Tuft. \vh<. de?
clared that the law ahould he atrtotly en
Philippine Governor General
Answers Critics.
Mar.lla, Aua 9V I amaron T""rhes.
Oovernor Gteneral of the phlllpplnea ainee
Novamber, UOB, aenl h.is i n to
Waehington to-da] Tt ls effertlve Bep
ternhnr 1, jual B weak from to-day, when
Mr. Forbea wlll leave hara dlroctly for
the I'nited Btatea
lt was only yeaterday, Mr r ? ? eajaa,
that he wai tpient
of Francls Burton HarTtaon, of New
York. as the new ] <"",,.rernor
nis friepdi ? ? ?-.-.. rV,,,i
more rti ? after ao long
a aenrloa
The retlrina; OoreniOT Qameral puh
ln powerfji tenna a reply to attacka by
Representative Jonas, of Vlrglnia. who.
ln presslng for the paaaagB Of a MU gi*"
Ing "lndependence" to the Phlllpp nea,
urged the removal of Oivernor Oanaral
Forhea The refJrtng head of the Inaular
j government answre Mr Jonanr*a Bl I
I ment polnt hy polnt. anl declarea I
the Vlrglnlan Kepresentativ
pei eiiada Ammliane. who lead i ? ???? i :
ln industrlal entarprtaei ?? l ihey ar
lnOOa_pateat to Bian .-rnmental
? tarprtaa, and thj.inol advaaea
hla cRua ?" . nd unwarranted
aaaault upon thi.I :. ibm ' I ? oun
try's repreaentatl*. ea "
Policy to Accord Filipinos Self
Control in a Few Years.
WaaMngton, Aug tl Whatavar i*>
??. Unlted Btati i aitb ?? api et to
. landa la to be a
the i ? ? ? ?? rta of the people of tbe
airnlpelago and nol I i what murht ba
r*onatrued aa aelflsfa purpoaea of tha A i
can government.
That Is the vlew I'r.-sl'lent Wilson an'l
l-'ranris Burton Harrtaon, th.- new i
ernor Oetieral, take of tha questh-n of
Pblllpplne indep. ndem?<-. aawordlng to ln
formatlofl to-daj ..t the Whlta Barauaa
The Preaidenl bellevea the Unlted
Btatea In the profoaindeal acnae li
truatee of tr.'- Phlllpplnea, and to carry
oul Ita trnste.-shi|. aiaelj l keynote
of policy of bla admtalatral
it was Indtcatad at lha Whlta House
that while no propoaal for Inmaodlate ln
depei ? heing now ronaldere I ;?
policy of actlvi i eparation foi ri intina
den ? v ithin a f< a, yeara vaiii ba
the L'nited Btati -
Case Decided Against Woman
Who Sued Her Brokers.
juettee Whltaker declded yeaterday that
h broker cannot ba heid iiahie by a
imer for loaa Bustalaed by raaaon of
a tlp oa tha aaariMt glttoo '-?>' tha broker
This .l.-'ision was frlvan in n suit
broual t by Mrs. ttutu Noyaa \\>u,i,-, wife
of Arthur P Helnaa brother of V. Aa
a*uatufl n.-inze. agalnat B. '?' Hutten I
Co., aaambera of the Btoeh Ba.
Bbi su.d througb lha Medteon Real Prop
,-rt> and Batacuriti Company, which aba
Mrs Helnaa aakad 116.000 damasaa
. ahe alleged the defendanta toM bar
... that they bad an Inaide tlp thal
i nlted Btatea Bteaal oonveBwn ?as going
op, nnd thal ahe eooM make a aood profli
hv buylna ? Ktl" boughl P5.000
worth of th.- sto<-k through the broki ?
! firm, bul the atot B dM not ao up. and
Helnaa k st hei laanavy,
Mrs n. inze sufi to get baeh ban laonay,
m%myiTM tbat th. ? tementa of ihe brok
, Tg mad- f, aud ,1-- tly. HuttOB 1
Co demurred on the ground that the
,,,,. ptetut ael forth ne tmmn ot actloo
,. whiuke: Buatalned I ia demurrar.
Madman Seriously Wounda W.
J. Alcock, Oonsular Agent.
Huelva, Bpata, A'-y '-? * blle worklna
. k to-day thi ? eona ilai
aaant at Hu.iva. Wllllam J. Alcock, waa
.. ,i u, tba baeh by a a-iaataien Mi
Alcock'8 assatlaiit was 8 Bpanlard natn-'i
H.jariino. WhO apparenlly ls stifferinK
from the delualun that Amerieaaa bava
etoi.-n patenta nf aa hnparUat tavantlafl
helonglng to hlm
The conaular aganl was aanrerly are*and
8d, but wlll recover. Uejarano waa nent
to jail.
Earl Grey Makes a Striking
Speech at International
Alliance Opening.
Speaker Also Says Principle of
Community of Interest Will
Surcly Reduce Cost
of Living.
CHfl i.'"*.. Vir BJ ' "-oppratton as the
I.rsIs "f th*- Idea] state i.f tl* future xvaa
(th*- keynote of the addt-efla ..* Baii ?
f rmer Qovernoi Oeneral -.f Canada, nt
tin- opening of the Congretai of the ln*
ternatlonal Co-opcratlve Ullanca bar? lo*
day .peratton would put a barri r
against Ihe tyrann* of the tmsts. he said.
and would thfl warring foroafl of
labor and capltal
Six hUl Bgfltl WflTfl Bfflflflnt,
??;?? twenty million mflmbetra of
c *opfl ratlve aocletlfl ? ln ?rn rh .? ai
ropa, and Earl Orey"fl vlewa enundated
xxith much fervor, wera flrarmly ?p
He declared thal the appllcaUon of the
,. ,m\.. principle to the Induatrtal
||fi oi Qreai Britaln, the i irilted Btatea,
France Qervoony, Danmarh and ireiand
I araa proved bj the oubaUtutlofl of or*
?ed dlatrlbutlon for unorganiz-d
?? ibution, . o- ?;- nath ? b lylng for ln
? dlvlduaJ buylng, < o-operal ?? Iraw povta*
tton and marketlng for Indlvldual aelllng,
:,. ,1 thi co iperatlvfl use ..f imwi r f?r in?
dlvldual uae of Biaehlnar] The waal '
both prod i< ? ind <? -nsuni-r i ould
, therebj be mi.iffactlvely
ler ? "St, tbufl Bflcurtng to tha con
. r a r< du* tion in tha coet of Bi i I
and a graatflr command nol only of ihe
bul th.mforta nnd i ?"
? ' ? ,1 tO thfl prodUfl flf a
! BUbatantlfll Increaae tn the ainounl of
. allahla for dartrlbutlon,
' xxi.i. h mi anl Bn Itacriai ? d fund Itom
arl ba diawn th.- Iilgh
yxtgt i for the undt rpatd flrora>
Canadian Soldier Who Trod on
U. S Emblem Reinstated.
. ?.-.;? ? TB* Tribune |
Otl .. 28 ITo.liiwtng .ii
veatlgatlon, Canada'a atli aflll
tia ha I thfl actlon of tha "
ng the '.'".th Pufliller
Baakaloon, who dlamlaaed Bugler HUl
f..r trampllng thi Bl u md Bti
under hla f*-1 on July 31
it waa i n t! ? mll tatry
paradfl thal two women ; ? reg
Imenl ln an autom nd one >.f
tht m aravfl d ? flmall Unlti Bag
... j,, th- - Bd Hill
br. ke from th< ranl
tora u ii- ?? ? I '
feel i_ti ? ??? ?;?* ?
apologlae and waa
Bmlth, hta > mon a '
Colonal Hugl ? the position
that thfl Id not h
Daunted ln th. ta ? ol the -wtdJflrfl. and
thai ? *l"
difltin ? i niitionui ambtam.
Hawker, Circling Britain, Cov
ers 495 Miles in 558 Minutes.
i . . . ?. ?
London, Aug I.?
nlnel Bi ? m ? ? * '? ' ?'? ' Th s
far flurpaafllng all ; n
vlou '
, ounti y, "'' '? aat. rday b* H
(j Hawker In the aeeond att?mpl to
xxin "Th.* Dally Mail" prl7e .if *.
for ihfl l.fo-O-mllc drcull of Oreal
Britaln. In an all-Brltlflh ?mtei-pten?,
wlthln .*->?? ? Btj -two hotira
Hawker lefl Boathampton al i 10 a.
rn and BnaJlj deacended al BeadnaU, a
, ,n.,,.n the Sortbuml
BOUth ..f Merxxb-k-on
. i, al 7 io p m. H? mad* flarllfli
deflCflntfl fll llamsgat*-. Yarniouth.
-n and BeeJiam Harb-.r.
Although bla *?*tuai fl.v'-ng Ume ema
558 mlnutflfl, bfl has, flatt-eordliig to thfl
rulM of th? contflat taken np 628 mln
utea Bylng tUm Thlfl >* owing to tha
,., | . D| ... .? Beaham Harbor for watar
for hlfl englne, Beah?m nol belng ona
oi the Royal \.-ro Club controla
Hawker*! Brltlflh englne behavfld
aplendldly throughoul th? Blght, tha
maln objeel of whlch is. to flm ? uragfl
levelopment of Brltlflh - BgllMfl for
aii I raft.
Hlfl avflraga flpead waa more than
*,.,- thrflfl mllflfl mi hour. Hfl has stlll
1,100 mllflfl to go, and to win tha prlsa
h*- maal arrlvfl back In Bouthampton
by 9*30 ? m Thurada) -that la, wlthln
fleventy-two boura of the start and Bl
lowlng for a Btopplng tlma of thlrty
mlnutcfl ut each of ti.*' elftil ?iit**oto.
'i'i,,. remalnlng controbi a-*- at Aber
deen, Cromarty, Oban, Dublln and
falmouth. Two mora auch Blghta to
day 'i"'i to-morii.w win iflfl hlm saarly
Missing Children Strayed in
Closet of Vacant House.
[It.- Telegraaa le Tl a 1 rltaaafl |
Phlladelphla, Aug fl Hungry nnd
ireak, bul eonfldflnl tfl Ihfl laat tkal "fl big
pollceman" would oome to g.-i th.-m, Loula
,,i oiga Mehhim. eaeb th...-<- yaara
Old, WbO xx-.uiiler.il fri.m th.elr homea yea
terday, arar? found this aftei-ao-oa by pe
Ucemen In a vacaal house, No. | Poobom
They had s[..-nt the nlght ln B big
ciothea clflael and Wflra not hnif a Mock|
away frflflfl tbf\r flflflflflfl Maaawhlk*
frlenda Bfllghboia. parh gu.irds and pa*
trohnen wera baathag th*- wooda thnt Um
Um Dviaaahl i>fin nnd Craaheta creaki Ii
waa faarad the ehlldren atthar had baaa
kjdnappad or wara Biwflrned
Liouui Quay is thfl aoa of L H. Quay,
,,f Moimt Holly, N, ?!? BBd Olgfl M.i'hlor
li um daughtar af i' i Mfllehlor, a buyer
for a n* w v"rk akflflaaahrf" Brm Tha boy
?ms beflti Btaylng tor flflflathfl at the bomfl
ot 11. grandtother, L B Quay, v... MSt
nei-mantown av?nufl, nnd litn*- "Iga hna
,?.,.,, maklng her h-m* wlth her aunt.
Mlaa Mary Nlchota, No. 63-6 aarawantowa
aVThe' .hihiren had atarte<I off tflgflthflr
ln Blck flowerfl Th*-x are too young tO
i\ti huxv thex got Into th. vacant houae.
Nelth.-r ls anv xvorse from the experience.
Dusky Pugilist as Spectator
Excites Demonstration as
He Tries to Speak.
Says He Has Applied to Become
French Citizen?His Music
Hall Engagements Have
Been "Postponcd."
IBy Caate to Th? Tribaaa.]
London. Aug. 26. Kollowing a atonn
Of \-erhal and BrTfttl rfl protOStS. "Jack"
Johnaon, th.- American negro pugtllet
' has- dei-idt-d, after all. not to appear at
the EuatOfl and South London M
.Halls lo-nlght, and Henry Toaer, the
1 i.king agenl for theaa Utentraa, guva
| out an efBetel notke that "tha angage
I ment haw h.-rn i"istponed." Tozer said
1 the syndi.ati' OWOlng the halis h:id a
declded talk nvir tnatters with John
POn, who "desired to deal thorouglll]
wlth eritlclania made, and, with this
ol'jeit. arranglng c-r'ain IntBTVlewB
and taklng other nuasur.s, to meet the
allegatlona "
The Bcheme has a rortaln amaa k of tbe
Clever press agent who wants to BWlng
publlc .sentiment in favor of the nejri,,.
JohriHon ls giving otit ull sort* ,.f
swaggering int?r\ ;ews to tha Ottoct
that "he dld nothlng w rong, hut onl]
playad the man"; an.l "all l wanr is
hiatlca" For Inatanee, he says "the
campalgn againal me lor. has t.n
manufactured In America, t" try to
prevenl me from gettlng engagementi
OVBT here. Keinemtier. the chargea
hrought aarainst tne hi re trurnp. d up.
and .ould not. If true. !>?*? ragBTwad BB
an offen. e in Bngland."
He aaya, in relatton t.- thf Belle
Si-hreiher eaae, "i only Iried t<> help i
poor gin with money ami a rallroad
tl r;.-- "
Ha now wants to meet before re
port.tb, th- mlnlater arho oppoaaa hla
appeeomnce, and t" <iis<-us.s with him
the cnaraw ter of tha hla- k Bgl
Excltrna acenaa inarked tht- cloaa of
ih" gral parrformana?<? last nlghl at thf
Enaton Mualc Hall when Johnaon madi
? ipi - .ir.in' .- in ,i boa after the
tall of Ihe riinain. wlth Cohen, mana?
ger of thf theatre. When Johnaon ap
|,.- ired, n e au ii- ? ready pre
?,. i Ing to leave bul
layad thi ir di partun I t-m <>f
broki ? ut bul tha aa were
t gusti
: ' ? ? ? ? .7 a he h ? ? r,r .,:. ? . :-. ?? ?
? || ' ?: tri.'l to
i ? .ik. but the i ' beei -i.e: bi d
? . | . .-.
being li- ard Cohi atti mpti u to
bul the Bttdlanca re
ln Lha bm ??? tlnta ..'t< mpta were
la to .har the theatra, This beina
.:np. BBthh ..ft* r an interval
Cohen "as aeen t" apaah to Johnaon,
ar 1 ng bla hand t.. the pa ..
ph, lefi tha boa Tl ? ence, atlll
wtldly, ti.,- p. i out of Ihe
i th* atn
! Blmllai ln atlone of I
bi ! ovaj Johnaon ? pro
>? ?? , ; ; ? .i.-irve at the th. atr<v
. Itrea during the perform*
li,-th .Mai.iie s. -.tt and Bath
. a bo bad proteated ' >hn
S'.n's ajpi-araiu .-, m-t Wlth boattte re
? .a mada another appi araa i at
md pertorman e, axrtvlng half
way through tha pe*ograamme, which
dld BOt In.-lU'l.- t'.rr.s :\ Mther Maldi
Beotl or Beth TBtta After each turn
;.. roaa and bowed lo tt,.- acawmpanl
of < beerlng Al tha end ..f the
perforniari'.-. after th.- manager of the
hall cadled for threa cheera for him.
J ? ? *. r, s - ? r i Btatad that he BXpeCtOd tO ful
111 his eontracl after a fOW <la\.s' in?
Johnaon, aa*^ot*dlng to his own atate
m.-nt laHt night. is no longer a cttlsen
of the I'nited States. Ha sald. "Last
Thurada) i wenl to ti^.- ehlef of the
Partfl puli''? and tOOh "Ut my tirst
papera for natu_*allaatlon as a eitizcn
of tha ln-ii, li Republic 1 own prop?
erty In Paria, and espect to vota at
the electlona thera in the faii."
Hearings in Railroad Case Be
gin September 8.
The arbltraflon board of slx arbleb Wlll
paaa <?n lha demanda of thf tralnmen and
eonductora, it ?n* Btatad last niarht in
Waahlngton hy Judge Martia a. Knapp.
of tjie Commerce .'ourt, ls aow BOmpletad
Thf membare <>f the board ara aa foiiowa:
Yor th?- raliroads -A. 11 Smith. BBBBor
rma-paaaBdam of the New Cerh Oantral,
and W- W. Att.-rbury. vl, -.?-prvsldf nt ? f
tln- ivr.nsylvanla.
1'ur thf tralnm. n BBd ."iiductors LU
dua E. Bheppard. rloa-praeldeat ?f the
iu,ler of Rallway ConduetOTS, and Dan
i.-i i. Caaa, editor ?r "The Rallway
Ti alnman
Kor tha puhllr- Seth LaOW nnd John II.
l'lril'-y. presl-lerit 'f the i olIeRe of ihe
Clty of NOW Vork.
A. cordliir, lt. Judge Kaaap the two last
named were s.le.'ti-d ln aceordanOB with
Ihe law by the flr.-t named four repi'B
senting the rallroada and tha tralnmen
and roiiiiu.-t'iis. reepectl*/elj il" addad
thal the tirst meetlng of the board would
he liel.l in NeW Yoik on Soptrmber 8.
When the four aiMtratora adjournt-d
thelr last met-lng in this clty they had
agreed ea the Btath arWtrator adthla tha
tmi.. limlt <f fifteeli daya, hut had rmt
board then whether he 4a.iuld ae.-ept. The
arbltratora must render thelr award arlth
ln forty-flve days after tlM date when
tba beaurhatg bagtaa
Taiis, Aug Ba?Tha Praaah Aero Club
conimitt.o t"-day d.cld.-'l to make BO
iinanga la tbe arrangaaaaaita kt the In
ternatloiial AvUtion Cap ra.es at Uh.-ims
Beat month. In spite of the atrom; Bgpaal
tion "f many aetlve memhers. The <!.
, Ision. lt ls thought. wlll Involve the
rtslarnatlon of Louls Blr?riot. who tht.;.t
rned t<> wlthdraw from membership lf
the club p-ral?ted In utilUlnjr. the Hh.-ims
ti.riKlrome. which la the ? property of
Armand PuperdusBln. who waa arrested
r.rently for alleged fraudulent practlcea.
Princess Indira, Despite Father,
Marrirs in London.
? t - i ?
i...n.i n," Aug. .!"?.-?Prlnceaa Indira,
thal ?*:;... ned young daughter
of the ri. h Indian potentata, tha
Qaekwar of Baroda, man-ted the man
. ? ..\x ti chotct. Princfl .1 '
? the Maharajah "f Cooi h-Behar,
, ite pan ntal obJ< i tlonfl on
nd reltgloufl leaeo-ne.
Th" prlm ? ...... ngage
? ?? hur
?? ;. to Engl ' excltfl d
nterflfli of the romam ? ?
? .. . xx,ui ????? elved Into the Bi
? | ?;.. al th? Bucklngham Palace Hoti;
? Mi moi nlng In thi pi ? I ? few
and a ahori I ter mett
oung Mah irajah al the Paddlng
" . ? re a cit il can -
q ? WOi ? ? ' r:
.mony was gone through
arlth at I I red by ? flffld*
li.ng i.r-.ikf.ist and raceptloa at thfl
London home of the Ifaranee of Cooi h?
mother of thfl brtd?ajroo?B.
- ? -
Walk-Out Threatened To-day
Might Affect Postoffice.
London, Aug 20 A aciiona dflvfllop
ni>-iit t ."day ln * onne"
tlofl xxith thfl Btlikfl >>f thfl I.ondon
palnti ra declared on Baturday, at som<
of tha government butldlnga at whlch
palntlng wai In progrefla Non-unlon
m< ri were employad ?nd al the a.i
mlralty ? number of governmfltit em
; .. . ;:.-.? H .ar;-. a-It work in
-. mpath) X- Ith ihfl demand of the
palntera. Oalj union men flre to ba
? is of th*- palnterfl' union aay
that 10.000 are on strike. A majorlty
nf thfl flmploy?rfli on Um other hun.i.
aay they have nol been IncflrmvfliUfl-oei L
it is admltted by the men that only
one-thlrd th* palnterfl ln i.ondon be
long to un
Th** electrlcal fltterfl at th*- Admiral
ty have already Btruck work, nnd if
the declfllon reachfld at Um meetlng
?.?flfltflrday be carrled oul the electrlcal
workera In varloua govflrnm-ml depart*
menta, includlng th- Po ???"? -\ aill be
on ati Ike to-day.
Aocordlng to the men'a statement,
tiiis would in.-.tn thal lha wholfl poataJ
Bervtcfl would !"? dlflorgaalfled Po?t*
, thc.> offlclala, howflVflr, deny thal the
If-ervicA arould bfl Bffected, even If the
j rn. n am* out
Treaty Now a Fact?Turks
Continue to Advance.
London. Aug II The pflBCfl treaty
wafl ratlflfld at Baeharaal rafltflrday
Thfl Turks i mtiiiu*' to Bdvanoa lato
Thracfl aad bave now occupted Oumal
Jlna and flfflfltflBlfl. BCOOtrdlng tfl Sotln
u*lx lcea.
I...ndon, Aug 25. ?A sp.*< lal dlspateh
fi. ni roiiHtantinopie to day aaya that aa
th* result of dlreet BflgOtlflllflfllfl between
Turkfl] an.l Bulgarta tha lattar Min
qolflhflfl ber dalm to thfl fortr? of
Adrlanople ln r* turn for compensatlon
alafla here.
British Trade Coramissioner
Makes Indirect Attack.
London, Aug 25-The Brltlah Trade
Commlssloiur for New Zealand ln a re?
port to tbfl gOTammflOt BttOWa how the
L'nltfld Btataa ba*-**a*ltfl by th*- prflftan
tial U? lllfll Bt flOflOfldfld to 1'anadian gOOdfl
by NflW Zealand
He poflfltfl out that 1 anadian manufact
ur.s r. .-> inhle Amerirau, Ifl that thfl] BJTfl
OhflflPf. lighter and l.-ss durable than
Brltlflh, and the BPflBfllflnoe of ('anadian
gooda ln N> w Zealand has broken down
the prejudice which fortneily exlsted
against Amerlcan manufactures lle flddfl
that these xxould now probably be still
Imported direct from the Unlted Btfltflfl
?ven if the prefirential dutles were OOflV
London Hears Prince Arthur
Will Take Father's Place.
[By < '?.'?I'- ie i ae Trtbane.]
London, Aug. 28L?*The Daily
Graphlc" -laims to be in a position to
Btati vlrtually tlmt Prlnce Arthur of
t'onnaught wlll BUCceed his father as
Governor Oeneral of Canada when the
Duhe of Connaught rollnauhmea the..p
pointment toward the close of next
year. The duhe'a tenura of ofTce
ehould axpire i.txt m"nth, hut has been
eztendi d another year.
in an offlcial announcatment of the
BXtel I by the Colonlal Of
fi' t. in June, II was stated that tho
- hoped to be well enough tc
accompany him "ti hla return t-. Can?
ada, hut it is not r.r' .iti that ahe arill
be able to do ao Bb lucheaa
dei l'h maki the Jouroey to
. will act aa
r hi r father in Canada.
Prince Williara of Wied Re?
ported as Ohosen.
Bucbaraat Aug 2S--It la reported here
that the Ktirop?*an powera have Belected
Prince Wllllam Predertch n.-rmann Otto
fbartea of Wie.l. c?rmany, the head of
1 famlly, for the Alhanian throne.
iff i" a nephea of Caiiueu Byhra, the
Queen i ( Rumanla He is forty-one years
".! .i- i araa marrled to Princesa Pauiine
"f W Irtemberg la UM
With Pistol Forces Chauffeur
to Lead Frightened Pony.
'Bj t. laajrapk t,, Tba Mbaaa :
ti. N. C. Aug '22, ? John Arm
Btrong ' lialoner offers North c.uol.na his
met bod "f Btopplaa "aoercheraj" the "un
ed platfl 'haloner has been hero
preparing for the I^><is!ature, which ho la
golng to ineniialallae Ha wants it to re
taln Its Inaanlty stat utes. Ho wants a
laa agalnat the autotsta Ho la agamst
what li.' calla the "road hoR."
Chalonar in Aibomar.t) C*ouaty on Bat
urday stopped u blg automobile when
Chaloner'a pony harame ternfled. He
lavelled his platol at tha chauffeur and
foreed hlm to lead the horse by the m<i
ehitie. Chalonat said that in his home
OOUBty there would be no more breaehea
of the road law.
A part "f his business here has been to
Intereat frh iada ka hla hehalf man whai
. la bim paaaport t.? New vork to
take up his estate UtlgBtlOn again. He
has called upon Qovernor Ulease for pro
tactlon In Cbarlaarton, hut H'.e.ise iirwred
th? appeaJ Ilt- baa oSeaad South Oaro
lina a portlon of h.s fortune
Head of Matteawan Goes to Assist in
Thaw Case.
[By Tflt-ur.iph t" Tba TriLurif ]
riaaoon. N V. Aug 2i? I>r. R. F. ?
Kieb Bupertntendenl of Matteawan Btate
Hoapltal for tbe Crimlnal lnsane. re
eelved a recjuest from Deputy Attorney
Oeneral Kennedy thia afternoon to g.> to
Sherbrooke, Canada. to assist m tha af
forta tO get HaiT] K. Thaw deported into
New Vork Stato.
"I don't know why l have been asked
to b<> to Canada," I>r. Kieb sald. "I
have had a reu.uest from the Deputy At?
torney (ieneral, but 1 don't know of what
partieular ust- I can he to the state ln
gettlnjt Thaw d-portcd. I expert to get
back here to-moirow. as the business of
the hospital is ver\ pressing and cannot
aff'ud to wait lor Thaw."
Ottawa La-*yer, Here from London,
Tells of Laws.
a. J. Ruaaell Bnoar, K. .'. of ottawa.
who attended the Internatlonal L?ga,i
Conferaaaoa tn London, returned >esterday
by the Minnetonka. He Is on his way" tB
Canada to prepare for the reception of
ViaCOUnt Haldune, who ls a passenner on
tbe Dusitania. tlue here on Thursday.
Mr. Snow expie.-s.-il much int-t -st iti
the flixht of Harry K. Tliaw Into Canada,
and said he was oonfldent that the g-jv
ernnifiit would deport hlm.
"(inr lmmlgratlon laws are much more
atrlet than thoaa of the I'nited Btatea,"
he sald. "They are good laws here. but,
there la too much red tape about them.
'In Canada there Is practi.ally no red
tape, nnd there ls no doubt whatever that
Thaw wlll be taken over the border n.to
Vermont by the Canadlan authorltiee." i
rontlnned from flrst poge.
aend for your mittena and heavy over
coat. You wlll be here when the firat
snow falls."
Tells of Madhouse Rescue.
Following hie plan for the eystera
atk- publicity campaign under hla owu
direction. as he announced yesterday.
Thaw- iBstied the following formal
j statement to-day:
"The one re.ison I don't want to 50
| to Vermont ls my wish to return home.
In Vermont we know that there ara
l good Amerieane. and that not on my
account. but Just from uprightness,
they won't allow any trickery to be
used against any one.
"In Matteawan I saw a good deal of
| an old Vermont lawyer, Arthur Aus
I tln. Mr. Austin may have suffered
j from n mentaI dlsease some years ngo,
but after I90H he was Bane. ytt w.ia
j being kept apparently for life. He nad
I been found wandenng ln a deserted
I home when BOU OOBBPOa mentls and a
j (MM hnlcal charge was lodged agaiiut
"In 1911 Mr. Austin. who had aireadv
been sane for three years. was still in
the most hideous madhouse, with ap?
parently r.o hope. In 11* 11 a friend-ind
I started ln and BXpoaad abuses too
palnful to <nter Into. Thf result waa
BUCa essful. and the supfcrintendent and
his flrst assistant left the hospltal
under gravw charg.-s laid before Colonel
?S-ott. Then that rara avia ln N'tjw
York. a trustworthy superlntendent,
was found in the person of Dr. May.
I >r. May has slncc hecome a member*-of
the State Board of Lunacy, and Ith?
hest one since Pr. Pllgrim.
"During these exposures we tjook
out sane patlenfs by wrlts. and though
my lnfluence was too small to help
myself, lt was great enough to help
othera. Mr. Austin was one, and. de
Bpite the reslstance of the flrst asadst
ant. Mr. Austin was freed. For aev
eral months I gave hlm employnaent
until early this year ho went out
Weat to the home of his Bon.
"No grand Jury can be got. aaaaaaj by
packing. that would lndict me on tho
trumped-up charge now whlspered
about, and no self-respectlng one oCthe:
states would assist the fixers ofrthla
flctltious charge."
Thaw was ln an lrrttable mooicl to
day. When Peter Bourquet, a hotel
waiter, brought hlm his lunch, Peter
noticed two towels lylng on the floor.
He thought about the rlght thlna*eto do
would be to plck them up. But *when
he dld this Thaw Rngrily told him to
leave things as he found them.
Guarda Evelyn'a Picture.
A moment later Governor La Force,,
the prlson Jaller, entared. He, too, |
sought to be of service by removlng a
paper that was spread out on the table
to make way for eettlng forth the pris
oner's meal. The paper contalned on
He outspread upturned page a large
pnrtralt of Evelyn Nesblt Thaw. At
the rustling of the paper Thaw turned
eharply on La Force.
"Don't touch that." he eatd aharply.
"You have no business to touch lt. It
means a great deal to me."
The helght of hts dlspleasure came
when he dlscovered he had b*en
brought roast beef lnstead of the chtck
en he had ordered. The same hotel la
serving at his expense meals to Roger
Thompson. When lt waa explalned the
chlcken had gone to Thompson he grew
more indlgnant.
"If you don't brlng lt to me," he
sald, "I'll go for lt." refuslng to eat
untll the mistake had been corrected.
Thompson ls the man who helped
Thaw escape, came to Canada wlth
hlm and is now under arrest on a
charge of aidlng an undeslraMe allen to
enter bv stealth. He has threatened to
tell all he knows uniess he ls protected.
He sent a telegram to his mother ln
N"\v York to-day, telllng her not to
worry, as everythlng would come out
all rlght.
When Thaw la released cn We.lnea
day on the charge of belng a fugltlve
from Justice. on which he ls now held.
as lt ls admltted by all concerned ha
will be. the pkin la to arrest hlm at ,
once under the lmmigration lawa.
A hearing will be held at Coatlcook
on Thursday or Frlday by a board of
inqulry. This will be a secret hearing
and the question is expected to be de
cided wlthln forty-eight hours. Rapid
actlon on the decision then reached Ib
looked for.
More Rumors of Gunmait
J. Parkinson. chief of the Canadlan
S,., r.rt Service, ac-ompanied by two
agents. arrived hara to-day from Ot?
tawa. Th. ir pUTpoaa was glvon as be?
lng to see .hat the laws take their
eouraa without lnterference. There
came fraah r.. iors that a gang of gun
men were known to be at Norton
Mills. Yt., ready to aeslst Thaw ln <-a.-e
Jegal means failed.
Dr. L. G. Hume. who examinrs Thaw
daily. said to-day he found him nor
mal. although yesterday ha waa not.
He hus expresstd the opinlon that he
was sane. but to-day he said he felt
that lt would take tlme for hlm l?>
reach a flnal conclusion.
Mr. Jerome came to Canada by auto
mohile. followlng much the same courae
that lt la supposed Thaw took ln h,a
flight, stopping at aaveral of tha piacea
where lt is known Thaa* Btopped. Mr.
Jerome said this waa nurcij a coln.'i
dence, as he was not cnv.rsant with
Thaw's route. He \a..s a--. ompan.ed
by John L. Lanyon. a former N ?w
York police captain. who helped Jerome
prapara the tirst caaa agalnat Thaw.
States Canadian Lawyers Urge
Offlcials to Return Fugitive.
Ottawa. Ont. Aug 21? The State ot
New York has retained two BBOre lana
dian lawyers to aid In Its fight for poa
aeaaion of Harry K. Thaw. They are T.
t'haae .'asgtain. K. C, ?f Montreal, and
R. A. Pringle. K C of this city. Both
'so notlfled the Canadlan .vneinment to
Mr. Pringle urged the Immigration ei,i
ctals to return Thaw tr, New Vork and
not pul hlm nvev the border lato Vermont
or New HampBhire. The offlcial* arera

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