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^rtn_3ork tXrUmnf.
M BBDAY, Al ?.l*T 16. 1913.
OWaai and publiahed daily *fjnmWm^*^^
* 9tn Yor. " !L.frt&J_tiw Uddreaa
Hamlla. B. retary; Jamea M. ..larrett. J re?_7u"r* *
?Tribune BuUdlns, No- HH Haaaaa auaafc New .^ru.
*rt7B8rCRII?TION RAT_?-By Mail. Poatage Pald. outr.de ef
Oreatar New Tork. .____ ?a.oo
t>ally and Bunda*/, I ' na:ly en y ? rnonth?-? ?;? ? ; ,^
cally ai ', ' ?,..,'? . i BB
l>-lly a. ? on\yj " ? .' _.??
DAI I tta ? lUNDAT: DAILY AND *"??* V jaj
OBO BtaMlUl. J1..., One moiilh.*^M
on. ya>_i ? i" ?" ,,, * 'amjii
HDAt ONL1 : ' AI1'* ?NI^* so
O.te ye., 8.1?|One ye:r .... ?;????:_ : **'
I.All.Y ONLT: sl NDA-i OM.l.
One month. l.g Ona r,-i.tti. 5
0r.? ycai. l-.L'tt.one year.
?atered at the Postofflce at New York ae Beoeai CH-M Hall
The Tribune will guarantee the lntegrity of Its ad
vettl.MTs to Ita readers and expects in return that
Ka advertleera arlll guard agalnst mlsleadlng claims
and stata-menta
The District Attorney and a Tam?
many Indorsement.
Bverj'botiy but tbo fusion eominlttee la abla to
appre.-iate tha stri-n-rth ol Diatrict Attorney Whlt
man. M-JoaaN Murphy wanta bim opon his ticket
Anl ('ommi*su>ner McCall. Murphy's candidate,
wanta Um, too. Tlte sun." an admlrer of Ifayot
l.aynor, would like to bring about a ree<.n?-l!latl<>n
batwoea Mayor Gaynor nnd Mr. whitman, ao thal
tht> Mayor aleo could bava bim opon bla ti.ket.
No party ls willing to out.r tba ra.-e with the
Diatrict Attorsej nuudng agalnat it.
This unanimous desire for him as a candidat.' is
tottertng to him. it beapaaba the poiitieians' esti
mate of hia strength. It ls not flatteiing to the
fusion committee. who failed to pereeivo that
etrength and rojected him as candidate fur Mayor lu
favor of a much weaker man, partly to please Mr.
Hearst, who now repudiates BBOBt of the fusion
city ticket.
iSo far as the Committee of 107 is concerned Mr.
Whitman is certainly free to take the Taminaiiy
nomlnatlon. The Diatrict Attorney is uudcr DO
obligations to that committee. He has done already
?11 that the enmniittee can ask of him in the way of
saving its ill onceived piaus from utter ship
?wreck. And if the comniittee siu.-ervly wants Mr.
Whitman to be Diatrict Attorney it ought to iae
glnd to see one of its candidates asstirod of alec*
tion. The publlc certainly would be glad to be as
Bured of tbe District Attorney's electlon.
But ls it necessary for Mr. Whitman to take a
nominatinn from Murphy to ba sure of BOOtbar
term? The eagerncss of Murphy and Judge McCall
te get him on their ticket is proof enough of his
extraordlnary hold upon tba dty. They evidently
fear lest ho wlll pmve strong enough not only to
be n-.-lctcil. but to pull tlirongh the rest of the
fusion ticket with him. And no act of the -Mstrid
Attorney'a could so lianraaa the pubUc and so in?
crease his already great str.-ngth BB fl refusal tO
allow his name to be used by Tamniany Hall.
Mr. Whitman had fl splendid opportunity to BbOW
his chani-ter and capacity (ot lea.ler-diip when the
fusion commtttea brought tba anti-Tammany move?
ment near to destruction. He made the most of lt.
He wlU have an equally splendid opportunity if Mur?
phy offers him fl Tammany nominatinn. Murphy
will put hlm on the Tammany ticket only for the
raurpoaa Of taklng the odge off the anti-Tammany
issu.v Mr. Whitman is not the kind of man to help
Murphv take tba edga off the auti-Tammany laaue.
A Mexican Message for Information Only.
It is not yet certaln whether the President will
deliver his Mexi.-an message. lt is snid that he will
not do so if before the hour sot for lt t'eneral Huerta
a<*cede? to a satlsfactory degree to the friendly sug
gestions which have been made to hlm. In that
view we may hope that the BTMBaaga will not be read.
But if it is read because of Oiieral Huerta's re
calcitrancy we must hope that lt will be for infor?
mation only. It would be lamentable to have the
President make of lt a counsel of despair. turning
over to Ongress a problem with which he was not
bimself able to deal. It would be almost as bad to
have the message serve as a pretext for au un
bridled outburst of town meetiug debatea In Con
gress. which could have no other etfect than to make
the problem more dlflicult to solve.
We must also hope that the President's dlsclosures
of Ms Mexican policy to European nations are simi
larly made for information only. Of course, Kuro
pean approvul of his policy and intimatlons of that
fact to Mexico would be weleome. But it would be
intolerable to have them the objOCt <?f the r.-pre
aantatlons. lt ls legitimate tO lei Kuropean govern
ments know what we are doing in Mexico, but not
to mal.o an api>c:il io them to help in* or to UBB their
Infiuence with Mexleo ln our behalf. This country
ls quite empetent to deal wlth Mexico without
European aid.
If, then, the message ls deliveied to-day, we must
hopo that ir wtU be a convincing exposition of a
sane and ratlonal policy, which will give Oaccaakni
for no Oogajnaal mai <>r dii?lomatic coiitn.versy, hut
which will caiise C.n'rress and the nation to align
themselves, silently but resolutely and unanlmotisly,
ln BUUport of t'le adminlstration; and. above all,
which wlll make that support perfectly obvious tO
Ihe Mexi.-nn covernment. DMded couhanbl here
1P0u!.l be dLcastr)us. Tl:e assurance that this wlmie
nation knows W uit its President is dolng and stip
?>orts him iu it ought tO t?e impr.^sive. e\en to a
Mexican dictator.
A Sad Case of Truth Told Too Late.
Mayor Gaynor's feelinug ought 10 be soothed by
Mr. McCall's tatarfJBtlng revelation that Gaynor. not
M'( all, was Mt.rphy's flnt <'hoi<e for head of the
rity ti.'ket. lt niil be <-omfortiii>; to His Honor to
kimw Uiat the bOOl'l heart still beal true f<> Ihe
randidate of lf*r[>, who after elex-tion publl.ly rec
(tmin.'n.le.l B poUCf <>f "kind wor.ls" t<. the master
mind an.l ma>t< r haml which had thrust him into
the Mayoralty.
Kind beartfl are more than coi'onets. and kind
words are BOHM in.es a sul.stitute tor erdan <m tba
iii,. counter. Murphy must have bOBg toudu'd to
the marrow by the iin.xp^ted gratitude .liselosni
in the "kind w u.ls" letter. If Mr. McCall under
stooil hlm arig.i. ba IWbI n"t r.nly arllttng but
aazloua to do lawlneaa for anotbet four long years
on a flowers of apaajcb bas!*..
It was ni'.st iinfnrtunate tbat Muridiy's Inrn-ist
wlhh was not l ..iiimiiiileated to the Mayor before
the latter laBOOd his Ktatemeut eongratulatiii-,' him
?elf on not bBTiOg tWDBd tba reuti?ayers and tax
payere over "to tb? s].oi!atlon of any ..rganl/.eil band
who made ttuil thelr i.ursuit ln life and whose
smug aud oivvk 9m**t and ligures are standing evi
ilen.-r* tlmt tliey flU rich BBd fat DJ nJchlBf, bf
this etnudng way or that. Om taxaa pald Wo tbo
in-Msiii-y by their industrioiis ami respctable neij*h
in rtip.t eaaa Mr. QayBor oonM bare weoejtlaed
Om wortb of loyal MendaMp by Bflinlnattag eoea
arell known ii.-rtniit fn.in tbfl j-alU-ry Of "tbfl Bimig
gnd Bleek." He wooM not bare wtohad to do ln*
|_rtlce to I fotthful a.lmirer. Wow reparattoii in the
form of an wceptlng elanei wlll bi moro or leaa
flwkw?nL Mr. McCalTa stamment bai tbepnthetlc
fntility of wnrils spnken too late
Work and the Lazy.
II is ovi.lent that lOIDitillng BKH* DOWIwtul than
pr.>u_g wlll hav.* tn in- brought bito plaj to iiadl*
cati lazincss frnm human Oature. After a powerful
Bermon ggalnel thls tmit a Brooklyn cleru-yman of
f,.r.-.l a |ob 1? any wmkle-s individual who would
take it. Tbfga w?e no taken. l'erhaps the method
,.f a Delaware Jndge iu dealing with thi Btmi prob?
lem mai prow ****** aocceaefuL Ballng that Iaa*
n.-ss is a .Tiini-. aivordim* to BlflckfltOOfl, hc held a
man undr-r l.all for trial oa hls wlfe's Cbflrgfl tbat
ln> xvnnltl not WOrk.
V?>t even that does not Rwni likoly to prove if
fisctlVfl in every case. If convi.tcd. tho Indivldt.al
may bire to labor wbfle ln priaon, bnt prison torms
dn nol ahvavs prodOCi iBitlng roform. Bi is likoly
to sli.le back bltO hls old habit of IcttinK somelmdy
ols<> dn it. Tho lennlnily laay man is Incapeble
of belng refnrm.Ml. Hi may hav,- spells nf WO*,
;,s he has perinds of lllness, btlt work nev.T be
comefl cbronk with him. Perbapo Ita Jnal ea weU
OtbeTWiflfl then* xvotild bo no lmrriblo flXaJBplefl tO
makfl tbi iWeeifrlg workers f**ol vlrtuou-?.
Rcckless Fusion Kconomy.
BflCh daj tho fusion ttcket'fl supiHirters are pro
dueins freab il Id^nce to shoxv wbj tfftaj loynl Tam?
many man should vote igaifJgl MeearS. Mlfebel,
Prendefgaal and McAneny. The lateat counl Bgalna*
them is that they saved th*< cMjr. niouey iu large
?ramfl bv tho tnethods of purchasim; supplies estab
liflhfld by them. They pivvented sonn* poor people
in the hospital B.-rvice frnm enjoyin- melons at ?
flacb nnd out of-season straxvherrlos at 75 COOta a
box. They eompelled contractors irilUag eoni to the
clty to fnrnish'ooal tbat wonld burn and gtTi OOl
heat. They fmind fault wlth the oatfl furnished for
the horst-s that pull the city's wafODa.
Tbeae members of ihe lb.ard of Kstimnte whom
the fuslonists want tO seat in that. bmly ggaln BCtU*
fllly bebaved as if tlu- money they were sp.ndin.*
was their own instead of the taxpayeri*'. They had
nn rczard whatever for th.- feelinirs nf ptXtt COH
traetors who only want to make a pmtit 0U1 of the
dty. They acted just as if they tbOOgbl every 00?
tnirtnr xx'as a meinber of Tammany an.l bad
??Charley" Murphy for a silent partner. rm'tunately.
the Tammany I.epislature was gbli to put a itop to
their rei'kless BflVlllf nf tbfl publlc funds by re
fnalog tn paag their bUl for a rcntral pur. Iiasim:
bureau. and co saved many a enntractnr frnm fOlng
out of brslness. Hut lt is nbvimis that tbi dtj
must noj be pul IntO their rerklcss hands ggaln, OT
Itj debt wonld be dflwnaglng aoaao Ona day Brary
?pod Tammany man must roti agalnfll tbem and
for Tammany bandltng of the awiaatrinfo
I.ean Days for the Tariff Dcbaters.
The Senatfl- gjOl thmuch the free list y.-sterday, and
only the incmiie tax and aduilnistnitiv.* flflCtlOBfl of
the T'nd.*rxvn.K| tarlff bill remaln to be ennsid.-red.
A roti on the hill in its entirety may COfM LMXt
week. It mlgbt just as well have come n month or
?di xv.-i-ks gfo. Thi Bioata has baan daxxdiin'; along
undar th** ballndnation that the country xxas bang**
tog breathless on its (lellberatlonH, Wbercaa pablli
lnt?.r.'*-t in tlu' debiti on the tarlfT bill ha-^ been rm*
tiroix awamped by nal tirst paga bappe-Uifo like
the Sul/.cr "inii*eat*bnn nt." the Thaxv et4<\'tpe. tbi
rows oxer the .urreiiey bill and the "confessioiis' of
Colonel Mulhall.
It was not S4i when (he McKinley, Wiismi 'Jornian
and Ta.xne tariff hllls wi-re ln th.-ir la**t ttage*.
Then the country f**lt that bl? stakes ln a polltleal
as well as an ecoDO?iC M-nse were beiii<* tongbt for.
There is an almost patbetk lack of public concern
over the T'nderwood Mll. If any cnnsiderahle g|fl>
ment in the cnuntry bi-lievcd that th*' pandtng hill
WOnld upset industry {,'enerally and force matertal
reduclions ln Wflfloa, that belief would be manlfe-ted
In a viirorouw protaat at Waahlngton. Bnt lrnxv many
people bave faki-n the tmuble tn get excited over the
pflOdlng dowuxvard revisioii?
It seenis fairly safe tn assurne from the jirevalcnr
apathy lhal the bfl] will have comparatively llttle
effeet ln reduclni* the cost of liviiu*. A -'.mk! niativ
of the dutios arbieb it piupoeeo raaoorlng bara heen
only "mental dulios,'' and axeept here nnd then*
in tha angar industry, for .?xample?the remnval OT
redn<-linn of piotflCtlon will not be likoly t*i }?? ltll
to any greal extcnt by elther the pefldtaBW or thfl
cniisuiner. In rnatiy lints of pn^luclinn the tariff
has ceiaed to be the controlllu-; fflctor ln cpIh and
Jirnfits, and a dim rtJCOgnltlon <>f that ffld has taken
Ihe llfo out of the fleree coutroversies xvhbh once
ragod ovit tariff leKislation.
It has b**4*n a poof si-ason fjsf the tariff contm
versialists in Ooogreaa tba pnnresL in the memory
of WaabingtOD'a oldest inhabitant
" Profoundest Sense" in the Philippines.
The reported policy of the rresldcnt toxxard tlie
Philippines would be more coiivlnt*in? if it did uot
so j:reiifly savor of th<> astonndlni' discovery that
two and two make four. !le is said ln hold that this
i-niinliy is "in the profoundest seiin*" the trustee of
those isiandrt and is txmnd to adniiniRter them fjfaf
thi welfare of thelr people. Hut who of IiIk prede- I
oanon ever for a mnmenf falled to tako and lo
iiiaintain that identical vii-xv'; 'I here has never been
tbe ?Hghtaal qnaatloa that the lsiauds xvere batag ad
niiiiistiTed for thfl |OOd ?'f their [M*<iple or thnt nmre
has l.fl-en done for the i.dvanceiiii'nt of their interests
ln .me year of our rule thuu had been done in a
centiiry before. Iiuleed, much of the complaint made
bg tha adroeatia ef. aenttllng has bi-fn thal we were
doing too nracb fot thi hdanda at too graat agpangg
t*. nuiselves and that we ought to abandon them ao
as to get rld of the burden. No a*-.d*'inle phrases
alM.nt trnataaahlp *in the profnundesf Kense" can
alter tha lad. rn'offnizetl by the world, that for
fifteen yeara we have been Hdmmisterin*- such a
trnstefl-Hhip wlth an unselil.-hness. a sincerity and .1
?jfjcooao nnanrpaaaed ln human annais. in thnt re
sj?ec*t I'ri'siilciit Wilson cannot improvc u|?on the rec?
ord <if his predeiressors.
It is to I*? doubtefll lf he can come wlthin a loni*
ili-taiico of e<|uallln)? lt, siuce he purjioses to vest
the .-M'.-ulinii of that tnistecship chietiy in h shallnw
and inexpert Tammany ixilltician. who is reported
tn have baan aoleeted and nrgad for the plaeo by
the repi-esenintife of those who have been dotng
Uieir utinost to ggjibauaao our gorarnaMttt in ita
work for Uie islandj* and to get it to scuttle out in*
HM1 ?
/j^*ttJh**\pA J^?<**?
ci.iitinently and let the illlptnofl "stexv In thelr own
N..r Ifl robetanttal good te ba axpected fmiu o fonr
yeara* eampalgn ef "iwndimr every anergy to prepara
for iiiiiependcii.c." wblcb aavon <.f nn nndergrado*
ate'a deaperata eoaebfng and eronunlng te paaa bla
I exariiinatlnti. The tru** poUCf ls imt t<> trump Dp
[ Bomi anperflclal oanbtaaea <>f ai.iiity to go throngb
'ihe m.itli.iis of s..lf-j:..vi-niiiieiit, flO g| tn flnd a pre*
1 texl for -s.-t11:i_* the Islamls fldlifl at BOtBi urtiti.lally
?elected date; bnt rather t?. ttevelop aol merely Ib
i Mial] rnllng eaate bnl In ihe irhole Ptltptne people
,in iDlilUfflJBfa. h el?k spirit, | fanilliarity xxith
L'nvernnietit nnd a BUbfltanUal pm-p.-i lty in blief, a
clvlli/atlnti-? thnt aill muke tliein Ut f<>r getf-gOT*
ernment wbetber aa an Ajnerkan colony or as an
ind.'i eadenl itate Thal (a the pollcy wblcb baa tim**
tar been pursn.-.i if Preflldenl n/llaon departa Iron
' lt xxith bla Tanunanj iralned and Tagalog*cboeen
governor general tne o-otcoine xxiii be regarded *-xith
grave apprebenstona *.f calamlty.
"N<> g u/ling" ,-ind "Nn Tnngning" WlB bfl the
leadlng Inacrlptlonfl <<u Um Oaynor i.?.4Kti** banner,
Bverybody wlll niflh thfl Mayor back vxitii hlfl fish
biK f"r bluflflah,
f.(\'\ Tbfl duiix*- i.- on Diflhlng Nni
man h.is led oS bltlghlllg, bttt in huge aplrlt.-*' -xxith
pTfltty "Ilarp.-r'a Wflflkly" on his arm. Mn.. i
prtcfllflfli tn*- baa i..-. ii trampted (Oaynor'a for one;
Bulaer'g, ior gaether), and already theri are jeera,
frotn thfl walMewer* Banpte Jeei
"Mr. Itapgood Ifl hlgb-headed and oplnlonated* he
wotihi nol hflflltata **. niotnont t*? i.eoep1 a poflltloaaa
general manager <>t th.- unlverea, Hi le ? .super
muckr.ik* r. Wt rcgrc-l that bfl Wifl BflH pffleflnl at
the creatlon "
NOW, Wfl haxe numeroim fri. ihIh among the j?.-rs,
flnd hate axx-fully to spank one, t'Ut dladptttM must
bfl inuintaiiiid I'.rethr-n, we can fnrgixe duider In
b j. ? i alao anlpplneae, aad, mort nr lesg, foily.
What arfl reeent, thla tim*-, is the garbUag ot a
*ilaaaafl epigram. Tbfl Jflar flhould read: "If tbere
?was a va'-nie y ln Ihfl Trlnlty. Nornian Hapgood
wonld npi-ly for lt. '
a ? ?
w.-ii, maybe, and then agaln not, ProbaMy thfl
latter, co no tnorc- of thlfl. RaUlf lil Bl eaat an
cje on Nennaa'l d.in.ing Take that Mfl Tango
at! p of his called "Bniliifll?eneea and Loafl." I'rctty
risky! Staits o(T morally n*niiid, to bfl tsure, yet
xxlndn up with a Sh*-lley f|iiotntlon favorlng thfl go*
pfl| propounded at one tlme ln the "I'hllLstlne" nnd?
if ynn bappoa to nnnmbfr tbfl "Oatlook."
i ir i?onslder Nnniiiin's niluring DlggB-4 'anilnettl
I'lldc "Ii may or may not bu wlse for tho govt-rn
iii.ii t to uiid'-i lakfl to rflflfulatfl all thfl box matterfl In
the iniivcrsf. The daagflT Of B alatute like the Mann
net Ifl tliat, in mlxmg up a cnMl bUBUMBi xxith thfl
nidinary coni .-rn.s of private indlvldual;'. lt may
bring nbont a rea* tion."
Bxoept f..r the mnflk and tbfl gayety and the rol
lieklag ^ hIr 1 of glflfl, xve coold llnd lt Iti onr heart
tfl name a Hapgood who has come hlamed near put?
ting both f?r't ln it. Bttt who exports morals at a
daaeo in theaa dajnf Brflrjrthlng goea
B ' fl ?
OOflfli Nornian wlll recover ln? l>alan<e, once he
g*"tn ngfld to the excltement out yonder on the floor.
ntherwt.se, won't he eateb th.- dlngbatfl from bln falr
contiibntor who wrttaa, **Hew Men i^nk to Weeaen.**
Chlrpeahe: **Whjr doea he do lt ae vtoientiy? if any
xxnmaii nt a ilub i uiiventlon flhould carry on like that
idie would be n-nioved and trt:at?.-4l for byaterlcs."
? ? ?
t'nfortunatr-ly, the Journali-stlc passlon for truth
compalfl BA to explaln that the lady rofOOl merely to
the wondroiis type wo call th** Solon. tfltting ln the
CaUfernla Leglabitnra. ?he han watehed Mom
tliCBe months. Hhe bns heard tlniii cpout.
Arnazed at flrst and a trlfle dlaanflfltad, she eame
lnter to pereeive that the hpnutlng wa?. "ln part,
eopy for the newapaperfl. but chlefly the natural un
eonaldaWed talk ef tho mlHihlevoua, Irreaponaible,
namoral boy that glUflleOB ln every normal mnn und
mu?t blow off."
Now, inn't that a nl< e, pliimp, mothcriy polnt of
xlew? Yet wc doubt lf the Solona will like It. Pretty
tough, after denounclng the "screamlng -dsterhood"
for yeara, to have them cuddle down ln the balla of
government?ao fliuletly, bo Indulgently?and laugh In
thelr sleevefl! R. L. H.
Cut Off Supply of Funds by Law,
Says Rcadcr.
i Mltor ef Th.
lovf rort Bu - is domli
by .1 polltleal organlaatloB prlmarllj ?
i plander
r the ]
? ? ?;i "f
ti,i_ . n mlghl ' foi
actlvttlM thal BBore Cri |ui ntly .
Inpriaonment aad i
eapenae of a l
...-:? i il ll<
. ? . . araated and aouandi n I
publl. . ? ? nducti ? umei
no prudi nt maa arould permtl Ib the
i ? hiH pr',
and ' aham.
N..t an ?? ? ' arlthlB tha
tti:t ol thi peopli " ? l -helra No
,.i,,. )? um loat that it la beneath the
.,-,,1 nene ao high that I n iptlag ln
? ?1 It!
.,,, Ti, .. .tion la able to
BialntalB organlaal all aharea
in tba proflta ol puhl tra tta and Ib
ti..- -.,i,:;. ? ? i thoae pul 11 ' - who
? :,,!, for fhvora re
?? i
|?-. tr'.v or .li'. '-rt fr.nn ttM treasury
,,? fai imany that golden i tream arhlch
Sowa li t" lt ' i'.,t ?harlng ln
publlc conlra. ta an.l ln ti"1 aalariea and
| pa-rqul ilte of Ita ban. bmen who hold of*
n, .? gnt .., 11 | oon thal organiaatlon ? lll
i., powerlaaa t" influeace and debaucfa
tin- poUtlca of thi
Lei lan declare thal publlc funda, ap
proprlated a ? oi othai i
payment lo thoae b bo laboi or perfortn
j.,., \,,,. in . om ii u llon of publlc arorka
j and to whom publlc conti l
ltd, or who aarva la the departmenta of
[government, or who hold ofBee, ahall nol
I ba ahan d arlth anj pei ob or aaaoelatlon
[of peraona, axcepl Ib actual payment Ib
oi.iiii.n7 courae ol buatnei . and tbat all
[paraatma ao raralvlng aalarlaa or payment
rrom the pul Ila funda ahall be prol
?-tl uri'it r propaar and adaaqwta panalty
114.IH eontiibutlng, dlrectly or it dli
Ijr, to tha Bupport of anv polltleal a
aoclatlea An.l in ur<i.-r to dotermlne
rlolattona of lha law, lei it be provlded
lhat lha grand furlea la aacb aad avery
county in the Btate Bhall bava tba rlght,
and they ahall ba dlrectedi annually te
requlra that avery payee of publlc funda
reoeived la payment for laboi or aer*
vleea parformad, or ai aalarlaa for aer
rleoa m publlc eAca nithlB aaeh county,
ahall eetabliafa under oath arhether or
nnt payment or contrtbutlon baa been
mada dlrectly or Indln ctly, by auch
payee of publlc funda ba any polltleal
aaaoelatlon altnla thi atate durlng tha
raar Immedlalaly precedlng tha data ol
Bueh Inveetlgatloa
Hew Vork, Auk- 13, IHI.
"Proffessor" Muennterberg Believes
Honor, Not Humor, Dictated Papera.
To tha BdltOT Of The Tribune.
sir. in fllaBwaalni Mr. Bok'a recent
analyala of the le.tter.s .,r Htuiicnta in
Tha Trll.une of AUgUal 13 you turn to B
Burprlalag attach agalaai my aspert
menta with atudente la my leeture
i oui aaa. roa agy In your adltorlal bcad*
ad 'Hfwur.'!": "A young Harvard grad
imtf lella un bow tho learned and aalf*
reverlng Hugo Ifuenoterberg was trktked
iu his pe*r*ehologlea] test of aophomorea
upon whii'h na l.iter iiHHa-.i b magaalna
artl.-le bellttltng the value of teatlmotiy
ln court caseH. The ao-called Amerl, an
sfii.M. of liuinor ls often a pcrverteil
ganlua, ami w.- lova i?-nt to boai the
irulla that ily blgb "
Aa that BBBgBBtaa artl.'lc, reprinted ln
my hook. "on the WltnehH Htand." la
fitiu often potated ta hy laaryerej ami ua
ulinllar axperiinenta un.lerlle bIbO later
articles of rnine. for inatame, the
"PaycholoKy of tho Jur>man," la thla
montb'a "Century," i am _nxii.ua te
I polnt OUl tha followinar: The expcrl
I menta to arhlch your Harvard graduata
refera were made in a elaaa of about four
hundred Harvard atualenta, aii ongaged
Ila atadylng paryehdtogy. Before wa be
gaa aitb theaa eapaeiujenta 1 aald te
j them thal aucb teeta aalght ba a tesap*
tatwa r..r aome te ahow their avit and
by KtviriK anraatng inawi re
lnste.-.-i or aehohuiy cotreel ona* or le
ictJcal Jokea I added that lt
would be ea^v te preveut tbat by BBter
nai maana, bai that It aoeaaa to me bet
ter t" rely on thelr ?enne of honor end
tO beg only th..s?- tO t.tke purt tn tl-.e
aiparlaaanta arhe are artlllag to pled_e
? :.,. perfeci boneaty of thelr peaara;
,.\,.r- BO-called loha arould ha\e ah
.,. , ter Of a fraud unworthy of ?
atudenl of philosophy. All this araa
told them before, tbe experimenta utarl
...i. When they were completed, at the
end of the hour, I appoaled ome more
to thelr aenaa of honor ami arged them
I lo hand la the'
papera with tha reply in eaae that they
bad rlelded In the laaat to any other
Impulae but tbat tu be|p the ectaaiUge
i; your Harvard graduata arltneae
boasta noe* that ba haa Beverthalaaa
i i.-,i in bandlng ln a pejx r whloh
llctated i y the dealra te Irlcb bm t
can bardly achaourloalge that tt apeakti
only for a. "aenaa Of humor.'' an.l 1 ani
Incllned to balleve ti??.t bla act of dle
honeaty must bava beea eo aa>oaptlonal
th.it I hava atlll the rlght to cooetder
: tbe repllea of tha claaa aa a arhota aa
tworthy and reHabl* And, Bnally,
. mi- Bok'a axperlenee: I n eelved
durlng tha laal weeh two lettera from
unlveralt) atudenta who both addraeaed
Proffeaaor." Of courae, i ae*
bnowledge thal the -tt." too, may hava
||.i, only a trlch and the difuharge ot
"perverted genlua."
.'iifton, Maaa., Aug. M, lltl.
Sulzer Didn't Prove Innocence, Saya
To tht- BdltOT Of tha Tiihiire.
Sir: Why aluuld iiianv pe. ple have pity
for Civcrn.ir Sulzer? He could not prove
his lnnoc.net- from the charge* tbat
Aaron J la vy bTOUght forth, so he fle
aarved to be Impeaehed.
Irord kmiws how much graftlng arBB
oonducted by tha precedhag Damocratlc
Qtoverncara <>f thla atafa.
At-v-rne, N. Y.. AtifT. 8, 1513.
Good Record and Se liority His Quali
To tha BdltOT of The Tribune.
Sir Wlll you BllOW BM to Bfga tho wls
-loin of tha choaoa of wniiam B. Warraaw
as Chlef Judge of tba court of Appeala?
<m the ratlremeal of Judge CuUam. Judge
Wgrnar wOl ba tha aaolee alaatad Judg.-,
and ha Btandfl high la tba aattaurttoa of
hla f.-llow Juilges. the bar and the people.
Throughoul hui oareer Mr. Waraat haa ex
bibtted aii the tratta ef a blgh-aalndad
juiiat. an.l hia ie< ord la eharacterUed by
dtgnlty, Impartlallty ami greal laaaaahtt,
Mr. Wi-rner has been on the U-nch near?
ly thirty years, an.l durlng that perlod he
has gained the reapect of all who have
roine bofora him.
ln tbOBB daya, when loyal. upright Judgca
nre regarded wlth more than ordinary
prl.le. It behoovea the el.-ctors to place In
the Court of Appeala a chlef whoae
problty and learnlng are recognUed.
I triiHt that both the Kepubll.an and
1 ..-mncratlc commltteea wlll cunblne to
place this Judge ln nomlnatlon. and I have
nn dotibt that the electora wlll demon
ritrate thelr oplnlon of the man who ls
the natunil and Id.-al aeleetlon for the po
hltlon of Chlef Judge of the Court of Ap?
peala. At the conventlon to meet on Sep?
tember 23 Judge Weiner's el.-ction ahould
bc made, sure. Jl'l>ICIAL.
New York, Aug. 23, 1813.
An Open Forum for
Public Debate.
The Way Some Anti-Suffragists
Would Cleanse Politics.
To the K.iitor of the Tribune.
Hr: OFhat Paul ratght have thought of
?-oinari -roflTragfl efltrtalaly oottm aaflaaM*
rini. flfl -nrprflflflfld by a Trthaafl r?-ad*r tn
Laat Batotrday'a laaoa u hat is flMffl
-"?arit is the c.>n?ld -ratlon of thfl <1 IflfltlOfl
..f its prctaaat .lay a_advaataaaa Jamtw
K. Morton. Jr.. se.*nii4 to have an exalted
i.lea of our polttlCfl wh.-n cUlinlng a
"dflgradlBg *-:?*?<*< tion" of wonu-n hP
thHr exi*!ti*-ion th.refroni, whlch la not
Bharad by all aympathlaafla ot f.-maie
| BM Of the femlniri.- advo
catflfl flf tha "?taaafl** etaha a dflfltrfl M
antar potltlcfl for thi *nirp? ol purlly*
tag lt aad raaatag its stan.tarda. Their
| oppon-Mits. on th other hand. believe thflt
vi,.v, r-flflrjeo xx..rk -an he best BCCflflB*
pllBhed hy Wfl?flfl lf th.*y retnain outfllJe
the ****agialrfl thantaa.***?
New York. Am:. ~. 1J*1J?
' Ncgro Says Federal Departments Are
Like Slavery.
i TO Um Bdltor of Th.* Trlhune.
?fl Thfl r.tt.mpt of the Wilson admbl
Mtratlfla ta radaca tbe aflgra to aarrdflai
I an.l to s.-t Bg .1 white man'*; governrrten*
' in a republl.-an form fll p..vernn*ent l?
groaing naorfl r*"o'",''I|>''*'' pri('h UAf' ****
, polli v Oflf the adminlstratlon relattve M
tha Bflgregation of negroes in tl-* varlou*.
| tfldflral dapavrtflaflata t*. brtaglag ahflatflfla*
? i fur the iifgro llttle bflttflfl than
f.fty years ago. xvh.-n the tWO Bfl. thflflfl ef
A li-* n.untry were flghting f<>r the aM
throw ef tbat damnahle Institutlon o
Blavflry. rtflflldanl fnimm bM eMaitfla
dloatfld that he bflUflVfll in the theor.
??this is i xxhite mnn'a coantry, t0 ?o ruled
flflflOlataly by xx-hite men." The base t:tte:
.ui.es ot thfl Vardamaii tjrpfl are not flflll
hurtlng the flflgrO, but are befliinliiaT to r
act upon the xxhite in.in. lt ls now tlme
th.it thfl bflttflfl tlflBMOt of thfl xxhite race
BhOVld !'?*>.' ami as??rt lls.-lf MB.iln-.t tha
.i.li..'.ii-heiy of the ideals of thls COtflntTf
hy tbat DOrdfl nf Southern sensatioiialiflta.
As | nflgrfl x>'>" belW-ves that the vflflx.
Banaan fll<mant la not ?a*i***flflfltvfl td thia
eountry. T appeal to the hlgher eleniTt
of thfl white r.-ue.
New Tflffc, Aflg, ta, IQll
I'rom tSerinaity x*omet. thla storv about *
novflllat and aa ailtor. The adltor ha<l
ordered a fltory of ? oertaln Iflflgth, aM
the nov.llst had written several hun.lr-l
?Tflrda too many. ln order to make thfl
Btory nt thfl wpopt tba last few par**
trapha were ondensed Into a slngle sen
j teiu-e. Thls l? the way It read: "V<-">
| Uerken took a flflaaU Blaaa of whlskey. hlfl
hat. hls depai ture, no nottee of htfl pu**
; suers. a revolver out of hls poeket, and,
Baatty, hla llfe."
! Fhe- Just think of it: thfl pltchflr on flfl*
I ball team gets more BMMg than our mm*
i Ister dnes. .,?,..
Rfl?Tflfl, but the pltchflr haa a betur
dellvery. BOfltOfl Traisirtpt.
A coi'i'.-?i>..i.dent of "The London chron
hlo" expresses hla surpriae that flo few ot
tho old hutisoin cabs are left. ln vlew of
the bit that there are atill many *******.
who. for sentlineiital reasons, wi.ul*'
ehooae one In preference to a tflfl*
"Thori la uo deoM tbat la many eaeM
they are the more eeononil.al nuthod flj
travelllng. ln Central London. at least,
aaya "The Chronlole," "for In the .*on
stunt hlvJicka ln the trafflc the taximeter
absorba twopences at a great rate. Atu
then there are the Americiui vlsitom to M
coiuldered. to whom a rlde ln one of thfl
old heaflflOflfl i? x>"e *>f the *hl"**9 t0
done. lt flflflflBi not linpoualble that w*
may Uve to aee a partial rtvtval ot BU
gondola of London."
Mr. Kaagg ll ",H.V b'' true* ** >oU **3r'
you were too younR to marry n>*'. h
Mrs. KnaBK-Don't trv to aW?tP"
blamo-you were too old for ine.-*-iuca?w

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