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Giants Win in Ninth ?* Yankees Lose to Cleveland
& Superbas Beaten by Cubs & Polo ?? Chess
Shut Out by Ames for Eight
Innings, Leaders Rally and
Win in Ninth.
Army of Pinch Hitters Recruit
ed by McGraw Before Otis
Crandall Comes Along
with Telling Blow.
Th*? tlme honored jlnx of T.fon
("Kalamlty") Amea stni browaaa about
Its old pflfltttrefl When the blond halred
Ohlo boy bid fareerel] to the Polo Grounds
bafota haaiing hare for cin.innatl he
loohed f.'rxxard xxith considerable pleaa?
ura to thfl fad ti n hi nalghl go on and
win ? fexv ball gamea, bul he haa had a
awahflrnlng Meetlng the Olant* under
i itxagai b Blufl yeaterday after
pltched a Bne game -xith th.- usual
result. He araa beaten by hir* old -, .il*
with the score of 2 t" 1.
Amofl'a doarnfall araa brought about ln
the nlnth frame At that tlme his team
enjoyed a lead of one run, whllfl New
. had fallad to acora. Baen the
"fana*" ararfl half hoplng that Ame* wouM
Win, but lt waa not to be. Charley Her?
aog opened fire in the flnal InninK xxith a
?slnsde that boU***ced off the plteher's foot
n*i McOraw becan his campalgn '?r vii
tory. He sent I'oyle in lo bat for Fred
Merkle. and Larry mad-* good wlth a
larrupinsr slngle to right field whlch
plaoad Heraog on third base Marsana
wa- andar Mnway-fl long fly when lt
flnally feU ta earth, bul 11 wafl eflay for
Haraoa to erooe tha plate after the eapt?
ure. Simdirrass then wai ked. an.l afc
O.r.ixx- called upon more reserves. Bendlng
C*hlef Mflyeia to hit for Wilson. The
Mlflfllon xxarrt.T flrflfl pfl?ed, tilllng the
haflflflli xxith Crandall conilng up to bat.
Oth* itnich the Bnal blow, a sincle to
antia B*M whlch nant Doyk ca*?ortlng
OTer the plate aith th* wlnnlng run.
Jn elghl innings the Giants were ablfl
to piuch only 'ivp hlta ?ff Ames. Elghl
x. xv York man bit the dust on Btrthea
]>eon's arerflt vlctim xva* Tilly Shafer.
who tore great Imles in the Uni***tatlng
atmoapher* three tlmefl un two occa
sions thfl (Mantfl had men on bases and
xx.;.- bl position to do thlngs. but they
could not dellver ? hit that xvould hav
acored a bevy of runs In thfl third fram*
Ame* pflflflfltl BnodflTraaa and McL*ean after
Murray bad tripi.d xuth txx,. out
Demara* then fatmed. In th* seventh.
with two on. McCormleh flled oul and
Snodcrass wafl doubled off aecond.
ai Demara* atartad th- game for the
Giants. and for B*ven innings h* pltched
graal ball He retlrad In tne luchy frame
Man;.' McCormtcM t.. hit into ,i
dounle play for hlm. which he might haxe
done himaelf. Whlle on the nwund I'em
? ? allowed only four hits. and hfl laflUfld
?wjal llbV ln tbi' third inn?
lng. bowflTflr. the Rhtnalandara |ol to*
gtthei lor tWO Binglea, and xxith thfl aid
of Kleteher 'fl ?rrflff siored thelr lone run.
-andall. xx ho tinished the game.
ked ror txxo btnglflfl ln his two
Ti-:- wer* two man out ln the third
ftram* xvi ? I ? aatonlabed the crowd
and BUXprlflfld himself by lac.ng a hit to
, . Hfl got to BOCOOd when
Fletelier'a crror save Bescher a life.
I flMttMOt, Johnny Bfltflfl, the
k Mflubanvtilfl glaaa blower, ptchled ? nlfty
Ij Blm ; that brouaht Amei,
/ bomfl
i;, org* Bu of hits ln
* in left fleld. and he pi. ked Joe
Tlaaar fot hta *flpaclfll vi.-tim. Twk* th*
Khineiand manager amaahfld the bail
Mui-i. on thfl no* ent 11 aechlng
Into left field. blllcd for the fcnc*, only
t,, i ? - turn xxith the crach of the
lat and, racing at top apflfld, gflthflr tti**
ln in identallj Burna *rot bla dally
hit. a txxo-hagK-i Murray waa alao ajulta
bajay, Kathfl ring ln flaa fllca Fot thfl
Reds. Jo* Tmker had his hands full. The
men on the lln** mad* merry at Um ???
Pt-nse of Johnny Kling. and made off
wlth fo ir Btolea baae* on hlm, Bnodgraaa
dg txx.., whllfl Kletcher and
got one each
The BCOI* fOllOWfl
-rfOV TORK i'I.N. INNA'l!
ul.rh;'.H r dl. ' '
R.jrna II Ifll I ? fll lVaclttl II 4 I o 1 0 0
vha*. . !???-. I ? I Hfltti a. rl.... Ifll 100
Flfltcher, aa 4 01 1 3 i. I aai **'< ? - '*
Herxoa. lb.. II1 Ifll '*??"'? - ?n
Ml. Mll lb Ifll S 00
. .. r, aa . fl 0 I ? 4 0
M rf Ifll IflO Dodfli Iflfl 130
f 2 0 1 10 0. Kllni- ? . Iflfl 110
I I 0 0' Anita. p.... - 1 1 0 00
XXllvon c.
?X!,.*. -
Dfl n ??
f M ? "orml. .
Crandall, p.. 1*1
lotaia... Ifll I na 1 Totala ..Jtlflia >?
?? ti nintr- Innlna IB
Md ? ". Innlaa iBatten for WUr-on
ln ninth Innlna IHatU-d loi Dfl*mari
arlaalnfl run
waa ao rtt.
Uow \ >.jk . " n ? " n ? 0 o l?J
aaaU. o o l o o 0 o o o-i
?w ? .. h.ts?Tink'-r. thirna. Thr..
nn -.? By?Murray, BtoUn baata
_.-n. , Fletehar. DoyU Lafl
r .,.-. A ' ll, I Doubla
piav TlBkflM Bnd Ka-an KirM I am- on hall
f.ff : marflre, 1; err Amea. 4 Btruch out?By
? ?.n ? \-. - ? Hit by pltcbfli?By
lofl Hlta?Ofl Ii.'ina-^.-. 4 In .
lnn;. | . In 1 innlnaa. L'mpirea
? i? ;
Plan of Powers Supported by
Organized Baseball.
ChlcagO Au-,' tl A new leauue. hav
lnK the aanctlon of organlaad baaaball.
and to be the waapon xxith arhlch organlaad
ball xxill atta.k the PfldflTflJ liflflgaa, tfl
planned by John PflWflia, deposed presi?
dent of the ] ederal orKanizatlf.n Hfl
left barfl lfist rnxht for a trip throuch
ten dties to flnllfl! flUPPOrl for the new
Pow?r* clalma the Buppori of certain
elementa in thfl National and Amerlcan
leasiiev, and ln Hptte of thfl catlflflflfl ot
his plans this raar, he flXPflCtfl to he th*
head of a third BBflJaf taflgU* M* hflfl
I een in f-'t. l.ouis. xxher- h?- *-lal:Bflfl aup
port; has panvaflflfld Chicago and now
goea to Indi'inapolls. ClflVflland. I'itts
burt-h, Baltlmora, Naw Vork. Montraal,
Toronto nnd BuCfllo "> ooafai with
thoflfl Intflrcatad Ifl ? ?ri'r"1 >""*?"??
aeheme. the detalls Of xxhi-h he is not
ye. nt Itberty to make pablle, he said
It in raportad that the l->deral LflOgUfl
haa eut into the re**eipt? <>f ttaMrteafl
a;toot-lati'in team* al lUa?a Clty and
Indlanapollfl, and thal Powera may re
ceixe aid from some flflaoclatlfla eluba
aIutomobiles for rent.
B AN'I- 7 l'Av'Sl N'fllKn J'?' kar-l i*..irma car.
bovir. day of monih. Tel. Klxaralda 1603.
Baseball Race
in Big Leagues
(Intlnnatl st New York.
(hl<a?o nt Brooklyn.
*t i aala at r..ii?'teiphT?.
IMIUltnrgli al Boaton.
Rl.si its or OAJOW IBgfBBIaAT.
New \ork. S| I'lnelnnnll. I.
I ImnC". B| Brooklyn. 4.
Boston. 1: l'ltl?b.irath. 6.
rhllailelplila. :': Bt. LaBBBi B,
W.UT.C. ?v!,,,|,
New- Ynrk.81 U .??!? BTooklyn Bl ?- rSBl
1'hJln .Bfl 44 .eaaiBaalaM M 'j .?2
riltal.'Kh .?' 7.4 ..YI4lln.lnnall.fi ^4 .888
< hb ag<? fi:i BB ."?:** Bl. LaalB BJ '" ??*"?'
N'ew Vork nt I levelan.l.
I'liiliidel|>lila .it Bt. lo.ilv
|lii?ton al lletrolt.
WaaaUaataa ?? Chlcaea.
(leaelnn.l. Bl N'ew *?ork, '-'.
1'llllH.lelplilH. .'<: Sl. loula. n
lletrelt. ?: Boaton. B.
I hli-agn. .">; aViiahlnarlon, -.
\Mr.KH \N 1 r.Alil ? STAMMNI.
\\. I . IM'.' " ' * (
Phlla. ' ,7B ..*? .??*" Boaton... Bl ? .481
I leaelnnrl.,1 4f? .502 Betrnll >- .<* ??-"
*4l a-h'lcin..r.li 81 ..Vil ?*!. l.oula. 4K ,. .<?*
Ihitaco. ?:. 7.8 ..'.;? Nf" iork.10 ... ***
.. \MKS TO-l>\*i.
Neaaark nt U?. heater.
.leraea < 11? nl Toronto.
Baltimore ?t Buffiilo.
I'roalalrna e nl Montreal.
Koehrater. :'; Newark. 2.
Nentark. C; I'na lieatar. 2.
Toronto. B| .leraea (Ila. 4.
Buffalo. :>; Baltimore. I.
Montreal. ?<; Vn-a Ment e, 8.
sr wdini, or TBAna
W. I- V t *? ??? r.i.
Newark. 81 18 .?"?'<'; Montrenl "O Pl .!??
Fnrheater 11 5? .5A2 Toronto Ml ?* rMB
Baltimore.K-, .;? ..-.:.> prm l.len'e 88 11 .881
Buffalo (44 ?t :.12 .ler'a (Ila. 47. *l ...*>,
Newark, However, Comes Back
in Second and Defeats
Rochester Handily.
i.. ;. aajrrai h lo Tha Ttibiiaa. i
Rocbaatar, Auflt II Rocheater and
Newark Bplll earOB ln a doabla-h. oler al
Baaaball Part here this aftarraoon A
crowd of ?..""" peraona aew Altchlaon
lose his head in the last lnnimr of IB8
Brai aame and the home team came
through with a vi'toiy by a BCOn "'
;: tn I.
in thal Innlna the Newark iwlrler,
who. with M.-< 'arty. wlll report to Brook?
lyn t" morn.w, passe.l thr."- batatnan.
\Yhen be paaaed Paddoch, WUllama foi
lowed with a three-baaaer Oela took
the relav aa Paddoch acored, and threw
it over W. Zlmmerman'a head, Willlama
acorlng. Qulnn atrueh onl and Mclllllan
waiked. Martlti aleo walhed, and Altchl?
aon thr. w the ball to tirst t., catch Mar
tin off the bag. The ball went into the
Meacbera and the aame wns ?\er.
tn the aa ond game Ihe Indlai
ply toye.l with the Rocheater team wln?
nlng by a Bcore of k to - They outhlt
and OUtneJded the lo.al team, and at DO
time wa.s Bargar In the Bllahteai dangei
Qulnn and Bchmldt played Ihelr last
game In a Rocbaater unlform. They re?
port to tbe Boaton Bravaa lo-aaorrow.
The acore followe:
R0CBB8TBR. I newark
ahrh (.oaa Bbra io aa
I McMIlTi. Ib 31" 1 3 8|N'"rthen. rf.. 4 0*. 3 0 0
Marttn, aa . 188 4 3 0 .iaffnif-r. aa IM 1
, Smith. lf. 40 1 2 0 0 W. /ImTi. If. III 1 0 9
BlfnfiKma.ni 188 o 4 1 Bwaclna. Ib. 8 0*11 01
Conroy. Ib. 300 11 0 o Meyera el a I o ti o 0
Paddoch if no i io K Zlra'a. Ib. aoi l 30
I'rl.M. if .4012 Olitiru. ?>. .. 401 3 40
Willlama. e 4 1 l ?; io Hlaalna.. aoi s 18
QUlnn. P.... 301 0 11| AllT.lM.a. p 30 1 o 3 1
Total* ....27 3 4 7, 14 4 Totata.. .. sa v s-jotii 3
? re Btlt ?hrn wlnninn run war. I I?"
?-: .I 0 0 n 0 0 0 0 8-3
Neararh .0 0 0 l 0 l o o 0-J
Taata-baaa Ml Baaltli *laWa>a-baaa hR?Wlll
? ?... hlUa-McMlllan, rtalaloeli. Doubla
- Martln ??? C?mr ) Oaaaler lo Hia'? na
i: Zlmmarman to HutKin.t lo Oela w K
rrman Oaaalarr lo c?tz tn Bava Ina Flral
b_M oa rrrora- Wocheatar, I; N>a\ari<. : nrai
? ?. ob baUaa-Ofl guinn. I: "ff Altxhlaam. 8.
un on haM*aa-nocha*ater, 18; Newara, *. i m
pirea?<r?a-en? ari'1 Nallln. Tlme?I 4?
sr.'"M> OAMB.
at, r li pn a ' -''''r'1 l'? **
i Lalton rf. f. 0 1 4 0 0 M MIllaB, ft 4 I 1
?r. M tt I 1 41 J Mi.rti., aa soo i Tto
\V Zlmn.lf M ! I "0 Bmlth, lf 4 114 00
via, ina.lli 3 1 111 1 01 Slmniimt. :i. 401 I ,0
m, ? a>ra ? r " < 1 N BchmMt, lt- , a o o n o i
Northeri r( on n 1 oo Paddock. cf. aoi n on
i: Zlm'n.lb 3 0 i 1 r, o Prleat, rf 31 1 o oo
Ofti b 18 1 1 88 Jarklltarh, e III ? 11
MrC'arty ho 1 '.' on i, Martln, c 188 n 3 0
Bararer d i o u i o o ?Willlama... 100 o oo
? ii-ff !? .. BBB 1 IB
? ,y ... 100 0 00
, Tota'.a . 881 Totain. BltBITlll
?Batted fof D. Martln in rlRhth Innlnar tBal
' ta) tor ll'.ff In ninth InnlnK
Newart.o i o l o on 3 i-?
Rocheatar .o o o o o o o 1 1-:
Hltaa-OB D Mnnln. I ln s Innlnk-n TwO
,,;,,, bltaa?Daltm, W, Klmmarnnan. Oarta, Bao
9m , Ina, lf. rara. Y ZImmerman.
, baae-Marm DoubU play-?warliia to
I Bar aer Flral baaa oa criure Roenenter, i,
i Noarark i rTral baaa bb t.aiiK?r>rr D. Mar
tln, |; ofl namar. 3 ftrn.k ^t-By D Mar?
tln 2- by iioff. l by Bareer. I i^ft '? ?'?<" ??
-Hiirntalpr, 7: N>?;.rk. 6. I'mi'lr'-a? Nallln
! aii'l Owana Tlme? 1 ig._
Thompson Weakens and To?
ronto Tallies Three Runs.
; Bi 1**?1aTaB*n*>| a to Tbe Trlbtua. I
j Toronto, Auir;. 2f,.? Toron'o won the flrst
pame af the series wltb the J. rsey Clty
' Bkeetera, whe hacadeataHy loet thelr
j alghteenth atraight a-ame, bere to-day b>
a Keore of I te I
i A ninth inninc inlly Bf threa rur a
torned lha tahlei on tbe Skeeters.
' Thompaon, whe had been iiit.hin^ ataadtly
for ihe \!sitois, ii.-.v i p. and W Bradlc ?
and Hoily u-d off with alnglea Than
Coakley, who relleved Thompaon, paaaed
two men. loixlna lri ene run. and Amby
Me "onnell aanl a acorchlng alnale to left,
aendina Holly and Brown over wlth tbe
vainnlnc tallier'
| The r.ore lollows.
TORONTO .ikkskv C1TT
ai. r h on u a aai. r h po a a
i M ."nrll 7MI : 0 4 0 |>, h' n lf.. 7 1 I ? o 1
1 .''allahan.lf 4 1 : 2 00| llu.a 11, . 711 I IB
' *-Tfiult* 'f -0 11 0 0!U>ll? it 3 0 1 n fi n
, Krt.v. rf , 48 8 1 8BlPartall. lh ( ? t :? 8 o
Hn-'iifvir. 4 0 lll oo K<w.)iii.r '.'!.. '.-no ; r. 1
: wivniev.Sbii 2 1 10 Bhaw. cl .aoi i io
I Holly M 3 1 1 4 1 1 .'ourl'i. aa. 4 11 4 0 0
I Broarn. . I 1 I I '-' 1 H1?Ir. c 3 oo 210
Haaaraa, t1 - ft n " -'" Thrrmra'n.p " 1 1 1 f. 0
rjaar. p. 00 0 0 li Ooaktar, p.. 000 0 00
1 ?nraham.. 1 0 n 0 on
tPli k 000000
1 tO'Haira. 0011 ?
Tntala .30*. II 21 '.'.? 3 T-lal'..K 4 6 *24 16 2
?IlKitt'l tna Hearnt- ln the aexenth Inninr
tHHtte.; ra*f ''.aw ln th nlnih lnnln? iriHn fnr
ftcn ln .ht nlnih Innlnj INone out aahrn aaln
nlnn run -.vai BOafOd.
'loionl-i .1 0 1 0 0 o 0 0 3 .'?
J.I4...N city . - oooiooio?i
TBo baea MtB gerBea BairMia ini"
Baehan. Buaa Weiia. Kofhi'r '*-?. Thaaaaaaa,
hchulta Ui,\\\ BtoWn baaaa McCooaell .--trutk
onl I4v lltarnr. .'; t,\ Thoui|M,n. 1 llaats 'tn
li.a 1 :?-??Off HaanM, li off Thompaon. 3; on* .... -
le>. 2 I-?ft on l.aaea?Jcra*. I 11 \. 3 Tortmlo,
fc 'rmplrea?Haya and Carpenier. TlBBB IM.
Find Superbas Much More to
Their Liking than Inhabi
tants of Polo Grounds.
Humphreys and Alien Start
Game, but Both Are Forced to
Retire, Lavcnder and Ying
ling Finishing the Work.
The ?'ln. ago Cubfl . roflflfld tlie river yflfl*
terdfl) and entercd tin- boepltabt* do*
maina of thfl Buperbaa whar* n ra*1 cura
.... prorlded, wblcb xwis mor- than w?l?
oomc after th- Btorro* tlme* .t th* Polo
Orounda :.i-' uooh Tbe trlbe, under tne
abb . a.f Johnnj LCvara toob baaii
on*. mor* ?nd romi i d off ?1th rhe Brel
gam* of th*- Bertcfl bj .1 wcora of I to 1
Bllpebod playing on the defence and head*
i we runnlni bj Broohlj b ioa ed the
game into th? handa flf tha mwrrj Wflflt*
fc*vera aenl Berl Humphrej . l te former
Clnclnnatl tarlrlar, to tl.- mound, i"it the
Buperbaa found hlm aaa) ptehlng and
for.. d th- i 'iu. ago man ig?r to t vkt hlm
ont at the flnd ol th.- fourth Innlng, by
xvhlch time tlu hoti- te.im liad bfll
four runs on iiv- luts. among whl. h were
. ,,nd t xx . dOUblfl ? l?.\. '
tered th- fraca* In th? Aftb Btanaa and
held th. Buperbaa well in ehe* b, alloarlng
oni) (ouraaifl tapaand Bhutting themoul
For Broohlyn Frank Alien Btarted th.
name. and xx.is led e'te. tive flgalnat UW
rlflttora They chaaed him to the club
boufl* In th? thini Innlng, when th? flial
two men up ...nn?t.d for |ong hlta,
Leach'a trlpl* ?nd Baera'a double pavlng
the ara* to a pali "i 1 uni fc_rl 1
t.M.k Allen'fl place, ruxtl had ll nol b*e*an
tor thfl Brrarfl behind hlm he wouhl bare
held th** Cubfl Bflfe Hfl waa round for
four hlta two "t -.x hlcta were bun
tha a v. nth foi the wlnnlng 1 un ? nn of
them \x.is .1 ti. to rlght, whlch Moran
ahould ii ix- caughl ind 1 nd< d the 1
ringllng-fl Btrenglb waa i"efl**ognlaed by
the 1 h!' an" play* ra whi ? ,m tha
plate ni the tblrd Innlng H?
Bral ball thal waa offered hlm i>> Hum*
phr* | s t.. the 1 Ighl field f. ih i i-.i ..
double .Ait.-r mi ? '??.-1 a ordei ? ? ?
to paaa th* ta ? rboae batting prow<
has placed hlm ..t the top ol lh< Natn.ti.il
Laague hltt< 1 , ao I arl K"t fra* trane*
ptirtatlon iwt* -
Tommy L*a< b and Johnny i.x.
tha 1 hlef fa< tora ln the H ipi rb .
Between them they made foui h I
Ullli d aa many runa Both l
thelr poaltlonfl ln thfl flfl Id ln thi
th.it haa madfl thera faraou Bchulta, .."
th- other hand, wa* gullt) ol an erroi
arhlch eventua ? ilta d Ln lh*
lyna acorlng thr*. runa In th. fourth
The rlghl lh Ider ? l W ? ? ' l n> *??'
away from hlm. On the mlahap Wheat
pulled up at a<
ii.-ii.i- Moran bad an ofl da], and
? ?
baaflball befon ln tha thli 1 Im
aratchad l fly by Pbfllflfl drou rlghl ln
ri-Afil . 4 hla t*. l for .. im. wlth txx.. Baan
on tha hafltr The ball couM ha. 1
caught ln the ? faahlon and .1 run
. ut off. hut toatfl ad t.x*. rn- n tall
Moran repaatad th* fltunt
j,.,,. in tbfl Bfl ?? nth, Iflttlng ka thi ? ?
nlng run.
Th* Cubfl ? wafl through arlth a I
talllaa ln tha opening frame Leach xx,,-.
paflflflrt. and BVflrfl Bflflt him bomfl xx b*n
hfl doubled to risht Th<- aianager raced
hoflflflon i-'ish. r a erroi on Bali
The Buperbaa Uad II ap ln ?'"
Morai Ingled and tooh . ? on 1 ''*'
ahaw'B out. adflranced to the lai Btatloa
on Collina'* out and walhi I iom< on
w hflflt'fl tiiph
?11. i;.uinj . 0 mted txxo raore In tha
third Btanaa on .. trlpla, .. 0
Bingli In th* fourth thi horn* laara
* orad lhr< - lln 1 ?- ? 0IH1 - loob lh* Ini?
tial -.- k when I.- waa hit, and ?
third aftei Bcbulti mlaaed M baat ??* fl)
Th- foi m< 1 Newarh - lai 1 bi ? d home
?vh4 n Daubert dled Even to I
do iM< d, .- tarlng Wh* at, and lalllad hlm
aelf 011 MUler* alni ? ln th* **v*nth lh*
Cubfl won out when, flftar i>\o were
down, Lavender doubled and raced I.?
when Moran made bla ?** ond Mbo* ?" on
Lea< h - bit
The ? "i - foltoa 1
al.r ri po a? I o aa
\, ?, .?,. ? r "..? : 00, Horaa 't
Evera. 4 . : f 4 ?|i 11
K, hulti ,rl 101 ! fll O .111.*. 1
pbelen lb. ? 0 l i 00 vvhtet, 11
Kali r. lb. Iflfl ll 11 I '?'
\x llllama, lf 4 tt I " ?> -?? H
l!i! larflll, aa 4 li 1 I t.0 II I
Ai her, 1
H'phrl* a, p 2 "0
Ua .1. ler, p 2 11
.. 1 I I I 1
4.. I I .. 1
3 10 I 00
4 . . | n 0
10 1 11 0 0
4 11 1 10
Mfl 4 3 1
. ngi. , 1 ?? a at
1 1 ii Mllli 1 -I" 1 4 . 1
0 j u .xx 1 la .... 1 ! 11 1 '1 11
. .Mi ? *?! .. . . li 0 0 0 0 0
ru. i 0 10
Totala ....34 *.'- H II ll Tefl da Bll -? Ifl
?Batted ''?' ''? Ftttttt |n nlnth irimna tBat*
t,..i fur adlllei ln dIb h lanlaa IRaa for W.
Flacber ln nlnth Innlna
CBlc.ro .I I - " " 0 1 J ?"*?
brooklyn .1 |e?flflflflg-l
i^. rt .rn baa?a-* Il a?o 4. Brooklya, I
haa- hlta?Evara L*a ? 1 dei nmlih, 'i Ini
?1 ir.. 1? blia?l*ai 1. >x Itflat. r*lral ta.n
rrrora -' hk-aflo, 1. Bi**olilyB, 1 Btalan
<ai<-r Colllm l' ibla plaura?Flahflr, ? 11
-.nd Daul ert; Humphrti ar< II.
Bvara and 8?il?M Flrat baa* on balla?Ofl AHen,
i ..rr i...m:i.i. 1. 3 BU11 k out?Uy xii. n I;
i,v Humi hli* a, ". by YIokIIuk. - bj Laven ler,
UD , | ? .---!:, tlumphrlea. 1 (Collina);
b'y rtnflltn*. 1 (Archerj Wlld pltch?lavflaaai
Hlta?Of Aii.n.
?,.lirl?*a. 5 In 4 liuilni*a,
lnnliia-a. ..rt I ja tOOt r.
?Hr-nnun flfl i Baaofl
B*IRgT RACT li".' Bdded; tot ata K ? ? Ihtflfl
waia ol aad npavard Bla rurlonaa.
,;r,,v punal ' ' Mlaa Bruab. .],<i
siitrix . tU Mohawh 'ial.if'-.
ftpotllflhi . Ifl* Ann TIU). Hfl
MarBi rum '' Kuurpa .j*
Xobla Orand l*? L. ' Ilfl .t(U
?inrrn S.1I11
BEt*OXl) rai 1. Belllna; Utt aOitdi tor Btrat
tai 1 :? on 1 tipward < mt ml ??
WorklnB I-"' '?? l;"'i*1 M* ' 0*.13
?Kaliiika . I** lot- Deltml..",-|
Mentor . i"'- IM nel ''".?ifl.1'"
Tm . io4 Unpreflflloa . s*
THIRD tiaci" Mltag; far twa*r*ar*aMa ^-''x
){h, . 113 r.|,| |t,., .10.
Kii.r-B. ir''' Huda'a Brother.. Mfl
itn>ri*-ad . Mfl 'flarflaafllBfl
11.000 BaMflfl: '"' '!;r" -.xeai-olda OW ?.' ;
ri ree.alatefl ntha mllea
T*n Polnl '?' 11 iflkln ."3
.-,,, k <>' lha xxiila. 19 Mrin Btli 1. Wl
l'rln' >? Bflfl* ' ? ; ' . >???-? ' .100
? rm itx.'i:- MM aflflofl; i*.r tin.--..?
mal-lan lllllca ixnl ael.llnKa. lh- aad a liair
Hitrvral Qaaefl . I?" W'M Kii'inn 104
l^.lv K?rn. lox Hill Ktreflm
joam lna '?'* Utt ? C ivanagh.ttn
Applaudrr . "?* I .??-..> H'H
Dornbra . in* Athletl* mrl.\?*
Misii I'rifhi.I? Paaclnatlnfl .ira
riblod . .10*i *< alk* r..- .10*
A<idl?. M. IM Aao r..n .ioa
liumlllutlon 1"- 1'irai i -barry. 104
B1XTH RACE .----iiiiik. MM aflflad; for thr**e
r*Bar**al_ Om aiih
Prufroaal. i (MlOrow*-* .l'*o
UltTa Jui lUr IM *Brooktt< Id
Afttrglofli ? Mll
all.-.xxan. ?* nf n
:Hliri? t
IIAM II \l I . I'el*. fl.ronnda, .1:.10 IV XI. (ilanta
\ a. .'In.-lnuatl.?X*lv.
Yankees Find the Naps
a Tough Proposition
Cieveland Has Little Trouble in
Beating New York Again.
Spitball Pitcher Will Be Out of
Game for Three Weeks
with Severe Injury.
I Bi Tcloaraph to Thr- Trtbaae.]
Claaeland, Aug. ? - lt araa B more or
kea half bearted realatance that the
fanheea made agataat tho aaeaultaof the
N.it'sl er.- thla .-iftrrnoon. U'hll'- the Naps
mahed oul Into ll e lead. Blammlna Ueawrge
MeConnell all around the yard, the Jfan
keaa aUyed mod >dy Ib tbe ?rear. Tha
;.. .,r>- \.;is t; t>> -'.
Mi-fopii.'ii araa far from .-. pusala te
ti,,. Koraaal Cltj Bluggara HU ofTerlnga
w.r" maaaaged for a round total of ten
hlta In Bomewhal more then Bla bintnga.
l--,,,,,, ? cieveland aUndpolnt, aeerythlna
loveij m. ? 'onnell had lha mlafort
... n ii . the nn.i.ib- hnaer on his
; itchlna hai d broheB by a llna drlve ofl
th- i.I Uebotd m the MviiUi Innlna
.,,?, ... . ?.:.,! te ?oll it artn i" threa
-.a...ks itefoee ha arlll be able to ael Into
tha game again 9\ hen the angular lad
from the Bnnny Bouth l-ft. Flaher took
i,i, pia .. and a u :*-!.-?<? -J for Ihn ?? hlta
,-mii "i. run
Tlm raakeea met arrth llttle succaaa m
aolvlng tha eur/ea ol Bla Itng. wh.. waa
?., th< ar for tha Napa Ha BlUrwed
a '..id.-lv dlatiihUI ad s.it.'t "f bliirtl'S and
?aw thal it wm boI onltl tha name was
pached away thal lha ranheea aoi to
ng ti rma arlth the home i'i?i>- '-'"f
? innlnga ba beld Ihaaa la lha heilow
Of hla band. nnaliv. howver, Bfl
i,?,s.n.i up i" the eatcnl of thraa hlta In
tl.e oarrenth Innlna, which aromo homa a
ran In the ninth a paaa, ? ptlfeeasd baaa
. . .i. M-,,r."i the aa.nnd aad laal
i iu for ti.pp ?. Ithm
t . n. Idli ?;. lah. n by and large, w ia
,,* a inperloi grada, but the haane team
more arlde awake Tba I
aeveral '
....... m ? .. wai
. nd rui HartaeU ,
.... tba only ? rror for ti..- Ifanh-1
Phillics Back Pitcher with Finc
Support ? Camnitz and
Byrne Missing.
Phiiadcii -ug -?' ,:iv' ?' -v" ln:
iui h Bne form and had i ? h aaeellent
Irom I.-'I'eM -?nd 8
m..?.-... t). ii Bi Le da araa Bhat <mt by \
..... a Boara af
? K't b runner paat
i It.-a
. - . ,k ln i*'?
Innlnga and oB leyei la oai
, i,,,, i amalts, whe ?< re
? , . i i , pbllai Blphla -i Iti hurgh laal
...,,, laportad t,. Dootn t..-<:?>. aa
-..!. nor waa any wora) raeolved froaa
Thi ? rwa
Mai ' J n"
J! 2 1!
i > .
, 0 00
-i : ? IUMI
.;'-!? _ I ' -
nt Loula MIMIM
?u, baaa bl< Hll Ia>bran4, Doolaa. Throar
,.,,.. . nii-"rf I'-.... : la 1
,.....' lt, : ' ?
M WTay, Ki..." - M ,.??
Ueck.ath i rft oi -' l",-'*- ???
.? .rr nn- y.
J . .r.- Philadelphla, i Biruck
" -
Orth im.' 9
Win in the Ninth, After Driving
Robinson from the Box.
Boaton, Aag. II Beeton*a eletory
ovar Plttaburgh to-alay by a aeora of I
I,, fi rollOWed one of the most BSettlag
th-innlna Bnlebea oeen at tba Na
' tit,n.-,i Laai -I- grounda here thla aaaaon
Tbe last Intilnn epenod Wltb th**.
Bravea thraa runa ln the lead Two errora
i, Bmlth oni by llcDonald' and Blnglea
i ii'ian and Carey, ? '.. h of v. hoaa later
, a, allowad tha Plratea to aeore
four tlmea nnd gave lha rlaltora a on*
run lead
Wlth one our ln Boaton'a half of tha
ninth, ?. sinaii" by Myers, u douhla hy
Lord and a alngla By Devllfl <ir..\e Roi>
I lnson. who had n-lieved < ? Toole, from
! the box UcQulllan "".ent t? the idt.'her'a
?lab without wannlng up and paaaed
Heaa Slnn bll tha Brai ball pit.-hed to
him t" lefi for a sinKie, scorinaT afyera
wlth tiie wlnnlng run
Tha m or.- followa:
BOBTON i i'iTTsnriu;n
.il. r h 00 .t '? al.rh t.o *a
Mh'mIIi-.., ..') | 3 IBlDoUa. Bb.... 4 1 I 2 21
M ? - ll I .' lll 11 CHay. If. ... ;. 1 | | 0 ii
rllr.ll 7 0 1 1 1 0, \ 1.x Ib .400 140
S-.-f. ii. ..':, 10 0 0 0 0,\\a_lirr. Ba.. 40 1 3 & 0
M'i?.i,i.i.i 711 2 1 I : i Mlller, li, . aooi: 10
ilnfl'.tl, rt :. ? 1 I 88 ? l!a?n. rf . 8 V 2 I 00
/inn. , r . II a l '"' Mltch. IL, cl . i i 3 ?o
timlth 3i, I o <i i 3'7 Hlmon. e. 30 1 l 3 0
Whaling, c 8 1 l 7 I 8 Olbaon. e oooooo
l ii itaon ji 4 o i i oo,i, r, ol.. i> loo o ! o
11 1 8 8 81 IHyall . I o n o o (?
tlx-vlln I 0 I 0 0 ii 'luiil, i .... A I 4 0 On
jh,?, oooooo rtoblnaon. p. ooo o oo
MiQulnaa, p ooo o oo
Totala....ll 7 1ft 21 14 4, T'.ula.3'. fi;.;:il7 1
?Battaad for Ooaaartly ln ninth InnliiR tHatlrrl
McDonald la ninth Innlna: tlliille.l for
' Orlflllh In nlnih Innlna lllutt.'l f"r Slni"n ln
ninth iiii.ina: 'Iihii?,| f',r .?T,,i,i.. ln ninth
lni.lt.8 11 'ne out vvhrn BJnntBg iuh waa a, ,r> I
Deaioa . o ,i o : o o : i 3?/
-ah. 0 | 0 0 1 1 0 0 4 |
TTTB tTBBI hlia-Mlt.hrll U hulinar. M?ran
\llie. I^ir.l Hlta?.'IT "T"ole, II In a InnlnKa.
,,ff it.,t,iiiMin. 3 in l-l Innlna "fr M,ynlllan 1
' in ninth itinnK Bacrlflco hii- Coanollr,
smith BaarriAea fl'- Kmlth st lan baaaaa-t
1 I' .lan ft), <'?ta> lt.iiit.lr |,la>a Manitu ll|a
' nn.l M>ar?. Hnilth, MeDoaaM an,| Mvaia.
Waanarr, oa aad MINar Lefi aa baaea?
l II iaurgh. (,. Boaton, 10 plrn haae nn hall.?
, >rr Dlckaon, 4. ,,rr n'r,.,.!. 4 <,rr McQnlllaa,
I llrnt l.asrt aa err-ra?I'liiaLiiiati, 3 Struck
oatt B) ni, u?',n. 4 m OfToola, '. t'minre??
Hlnlrr anj llyron. Tlme? 2 1.1.
Nt-w Havan, 2. Brldgaport, 0.
I'tttsfleld. 0. Merlden. 2.
Hartford, h, Si<rlngfleld. 1.
ees. but hlfl filip arafl pa-rdooahl? and **as
lofll in thfl Ughl d elghl oth?r eh?nc*fl that
were wflll h.tndled. Old Wapoleofl LaJoIe
Btama to Improvfl arttli aca The veteran
Frenohman had no fewer than ten i han.es
to look after and hc sna|.*>?'*l up mn- of
them. Inddentally, he tore off thr-e hits
In as many trlpa to the plate.
Tha Nana pii**<J up ?* Mlaalng lead ln
the Bfleond inniiiK U-kju uwt ln colllfllon
wlth B idt.hed ball. and he fltOM BfletKfld
whm John,'on t.-ok thrafl awinga on the
atmoanhflra Terry Tiirnar. another rat>
, ran of the oid ??mu.-dai-era* row." drove fl
rfnglng ifenglfl to oantra rtcid, acorlng
Larrj Ha toob BflK?nd on thfl throu to
the plate, and racad horn* when Uraney
aenUy nrgad the baJI ootward f"r thr-e
baaaa (Jraiiey ln turn raglflterad when
Uteve O'Xeltl lncre?aed bla ?a*r?ga aith a
a-allon to th* outftald. Blanding fan.I
glortoualy, and aft-r Uebotd waa paflflfld
,??,.,??.?, drofrped ? nuk.- ??"???'?*-' ??>
Bhotl centra thal Cooh mlajudged. <'f
,, un. ..'nmh flnd Uetrntd acorfld Chap*
tnma atoto ihlrd l?aaa Uul Joe Jaeaaoa
ira* ? aii. <i oul on atrlhea
-? tbe i-ex.nth Innlng Nea rorh
counted on* ru.. on Bucceaatv* alnglea bj
Coog ,,... and HartaalL ln Ihe..tb
another mn raaulted from ? Pfl?a to J aid;
wi.il. who bottfld for riflhflr, Bllm a
Btaal of B04*ond and ? bll bv Malael
Hngiw by l_Joifl, ONetll ?nd H?rt?flU?
bol m* tallled a run for th* N?pa in the
?|do p ore folloa
ab i hpea.
UlboM. ?i 3 1 l i ?? Malael. ?b
Chap n. aa i" - - 1:' '"^ ,'/ ?
jockoon.fi 4<. 1 1 ? ? Creo. lf.
b. j; I 1 ?1 Hartaell, tb
inhna'n lb ? '> o 11 *o Zeld-r, afl
?!?,, er Ha 3 1 1 ? ?? Kniflht. lb.
Uraney. lf t\ 2 ? 60 \x ilior. rf
shrh jio aa
:. 13 1 3
4 111
.40 2
.1 0 1
3 0 0 | . 0
4 0 0 a 2 0
4 n i | 0 0
4 0 0
1 10
iwoti.'i ? oiojj?o
To..iia .:. atin ull r< iahi -?- "?:i ??'? *
?li.,n.d f-r Klah-r Ifl nlnth blBlafl
_n<* . n B 0 0
o o i a*
-s.w Tel*.. 0 0 0 0 o o u 1 1??
' Two-taaaa hlta 'acki ?, Cha-jwjan T?**ae*
I. blt-Orann "olen
4, ,. CoMw-ll Doul ? P '?'- '?*?'? ' ? ' '
,'.,h*. thapman Uj -te e;
.-..rr iiett nnell, io ln I - 1 lanlnaa
t in l 1-3 Inn nea i Irafl I aa* ? " '??' '?" ,
Blandl?;i! "offatcfl-onn-ll I Hli byi '
Mrfl'onnell (U
, M<-4'onnell. t. I ?. Blai * ' ' '
? -
I;!,)' . Now York I ' ?!??-**? O Loughlla
liiiiu--: M. _
Fall on Leverenz'in One Inning.
Whie Plank Pitchcs
Shut-Out Ball.
M L* Ua Auk- a Tl ? Phllad.
AUdfltlcfl w?Tfl abb ta bll Lav?rflni ln
oni-/ ona Innlng, but ihis wa.*. anoiigh. the
leagua leadei tallytng thr? runa >>n Baa
Bnd an - rror Plaah, aa uaual, had
th,. | b 1 i t ifllfl-d flfl i it th?
Broa - . out, fanntng ? .-?? '''''
a. or. a .
ln tho fourth Innini* Baker aingled an i
. , i ,,. tt ? '? Mi I
H..K..- acor* d n hen w alal
lon fuml I. i lon* ? nough lo ??< i l?
\\ -.bii ? . reach third I: looke l aa
though Walah xxn?. out bul Egan rulcd
hlm -. ? ,
Oeorge Btovall dtaputad lb*j declMon ?'"l
xxh*. hanlahed. Co*/lngt?m. a racrult, takinic
11, .. ?, - .it flral baaa A .acrlnce By hj
B?rrj aenl W alah I orn* alth the aecoi d
run s. h ini tl ? n doul '?-' to ? entre, and
, ored on Planh hit for one I i ?
l followa
pHIIaADKLPHl x !*?' IB
i xi-iri hv.rf ifll 1
. ' ' ?
r, 1 1 o t o willlama, rf. 3 o o i oo
ii ao * o i : i
M S 0 I: Btovall. 1
. .Inctrm.lb 3 0 1
Walah, t
o o
II 1 1JI 101 I II
Ifll ii i ii x.* a I
i. . ?? m -, 111 '.
?il Alleator. 1 " l 0
r-.-H.a u i i -?' <' fatalfl '
?Batled fee Ia arflfla to Blath i-mna
i . , lelpfcla r, o n n . .1 o o o j
; Sl LOHII ,???????????
Two-I aaa I .i - I ma Bai r" .? hlu M
, Innla xx alah ?-;..' rltl a rl. liai
i..i?- xx llllami i -'?? fflrm Lefl on uoa I
Iphla 10 i- Iral baao n I ..na
? it i.i \- ???io. I off Ptanh ii ?
.-Hj i,\p:i na iPtank) B) Plank.
ii; by Laverena, 3 L'mplraa I ?*ri-. -? and
I !.-,*.*- Vln.i? I I" _
'Senators Have Row with Um
pire When Chicago Leads.
Chicago, Aug. ::.. <'hi.aa;o hunched hit**
off Qroom to-.iax- and .i-f-.ited Waahlng?
ton by ? Bflsoia flf ?'. to -, thereby eaen*
Ing up gamee for th* year at nlne each
The w iut.- Boa t?ok tne laad on Bi rger**
honier ln tbfl hrst Innlng, an.l rllnchfld
thfl gamfl on Mnglcfl i>\ iio.ii- aad Chap
? ? i:, aa erroi by Pofltcr on CoUlnfl*
groundar, Bchallt*i out and Ruaaflll'a Cln*
dnnatl baati hit
inirinK thla inniiiK tha umptra gave ? dfl*
-is!i.n ia favor of Colttna at thMt baflfl and
tha Wflflhlngton playera aurrounded hlm.
, Ha ordered Captaln McBrlde off 11?.- n-id.
I McBrlde would not go and ri.uk Qrlfflth,
who alao bflcaroe rexed, refuee to retreat
I Th- xisitinK manager italhcd aboul xxith
I his playera al hla beela untll Connollj
motloned the pollceman who xxa.i .tittin**;
: on the vlattorr bencb.
At the --iKnt of th- patrolman the
Waahlngton man alowly began thelr ra*
traat to tba piayan* coop, A tow momenta
later McOreavy ordered the *iialtora' traln
I. i off the bencb on ncoount <>r ramarka
I from tbat dlrectlon Lord wa* bll on tho
. knee hy on* of Hughefl'fl .-.xxtft onca aad
, had to i-tlre fi oni tlie gamfl.
I The icor. followa
ab rli pe a?- ab r h p* a <?
-xX-.aN-r. aa. | 1 0 4 4 0 Mwll, r. rf . t 0 : I 0 0
3 11 2 10; Ii.M.r. Bb.. 4 1 | ii 3 l
3 00 1 |*| MtlHii cf... 4 0 o I 0 0
0 10 0 OOl liHii.Ill, II... 4 0 ': 9 2 0
ooo o oo, m 'aaa ,Sb,aa ** : ? 11
4 00 9 *J Oj flmiika. If 3 0 0 I I n
. 4 13 i oo, McBrMe, aa 1 o o o oo
iliapp. II. If 3 1 I I 0 0 l4*;.i.rt-. 21,. 3 0 14 10
.'..llliia, rf.. 3 00 I 0 B llmrv. .-.... JI 1 7 .1 0
Bchalk. 0... 302 2 I fll I'rixiiii, p... 2 0 ft 1 0 0
Itnaarll. p . 30 1 2 2 0 twiiliania.. 1 0 o o o n
I Huahee, p.. oo o o 30
, tfluhflefar 1 o 1 0 00
Tfltalfl....M ti 2: 16 0, Totala.34 2 1! 21 Ifl 1
?Kun for Iy.nl in -dftlitri Inn.na:. tHattnl fnr
CriM.iii In BOVOflBth InniiiK tlLi'l.-l fur llUKheo
ln nlmh Innlng.
rhl.n-.n . t 2 0 0 0 o 0 2 x?'.
WhbIi1iikK.I1. 00000 100 12
i r-o-heaa bit?go-flw Tbrtfl he? Mt Bebalk
! Homo r'ni Borflor, iiitt?mr Ortean, *i ln 6
I li.iiliiKa. elT MuBlii.a, 2 ln I Iniilnna Bfli rlfl.-i
| hlta Bhankfl, i'<n*-r. Btoton baw Henry.
j ln.iilil.. t>U\a H.ikm tO Weaxrr tfl Chaflfl!
1 i* oi io chaafl to xx'*-iivrr. t^rt -n baaaa
! Waahlnflton, "?; Chiraga 1. Hli hy ajtebar -
Hy l'lma.-ll (Henryi. h. Hugliea i\Xoa\i-r.
| Lordi Siruek oul By Itusa-U. 1. by QlXMMa,
I f>: by Hunlira. 1 1 'mplrea?('iiiinolly an.l Mo
I'lme 1:50.
ra rai i lb
| lx.,.1. 31...
i ?Koua. h
l'...l..n. 31.
< baao, lb
ii.m1i.. et
Brockton, *>; Worcflfltflr, i (Bnt).
\\ onester, 12; Hroekton, 4 (aecond).
Lawranca, !>; New Badford, 5.
Portland. lfi: I.ynn, 2.
LoWflU, 12. Fall Hlver, L
Action Comes of Death of 'Bull'
Young in Vernon Arena.
Loa Angelea, Aub. 2S.-The Leacb Qroaa
Jobnny Dundee bout, scheduled for Sep?
tember l al the Vernon Arena, was post
poned indefinitely to-nischt In daferen.e to
trm death of John "Uuir Toong. The
action was taken at the suKRestion of
<'ross hlmaelf on the grotinrl that it would
bc best "to wait a whlle."
I-'intbir Inveatlgatlon of the rausa of
TOUng*8 death aia B r.-sult of injurles re
<-ei\pil in t\o- Vornott Arena with Jess
Willard probably will awall the verdict of
tba .oroner's jury. Agltatlofl contlnuea
for learai actlon to prevent priaenghta at
Vernon BB Well as <-lriewhere in the state.
?? o-~???
Defeat Richmond County Crick
eters by a Wide Margin.
in a poetponed champlonahlp c*ricket
match In the aaaoelatlon aertea played al
\\'< st .v, w BrlghtOfl \.sterday the Wew
York Veterana defeated tha Richmond
Cout) 'bvi'ii by IU runa, arlth i arleheta
t? apare
Rlchmotld County batted flrst and was
ahb- to ocore only M runs agalnat the
bowllng ,,f !?? Y Kr-Uy and L ' 'om.'.'-li".
? be f'Tint-r takinaf ."i wtcheta for -?'? r'iris,
arhlle Comacbo tooh t for M. Al batting
a B Durranl waa high tcore man of the
game, he Bcayrtng 13 before belng caught,
wbiie s Deane aleo played to advantaga
f'.r ','< L f? Breta waa nol <.'it. IB when
atumpa were drawn, tha Veterana' aeore
beina H* for '. wlehets.
I ,,.,- ^. ,,r" full"'. s
.' ttitnporm i k-ii. . 5
Y i Halea b Oonwcho '1
n Turvlllo. c i'. .ni', b < . l*t
c, n Monkhouaa, c Durrant, t> KaHr. 7
'i fnr: uia. i h ar, h Kelly. 4
y. <> Cl tltcnaer, e Btauidfaat, b Kartlf. , '.'
L W. PlOUghton, ruti "ilt .?? 10
ll n r..-". t, Comaxrho. I
Kv. Oraenlda*. b k'eily. a
a. Byna*. b '?'imaih". IJ
,i i. Wobatar, aoi eul. I
Katras ... . '
Tetal ,.Bl
B Paaana o and b VFebatar. tt
B. n mandfaat, c and i- Turvilla. ?
\. Hooklnim b TurarllU. "
! '. ?r, ' Bt, 'ir'itnn. -
<; w Harman, b Webster. 2"
\ . : . ? ,i.' >'. ?? ? ? ;?? fii.lK?. tI
i. B Bn ta, not ,...t.*?'
l.'xtras . J
Torni "*. wlckarta). l"!
R J I -ilv. W J. Mopt'n. J. B. Hr. t- BBB
i' r i%. ||) d I nol
II ? k- K.i:\. .*. '"r 2-t .'"?'?. ho. 1
; .? ? ir 48; O Tun la, - ' r l ??
18; Oraaenlalga. ' f"r s
With .i wlehH to apare and havlng a
: la of ?? runa tha eleven of tha
?Amerl.an .Ticket <'lnb rm-t and
defeated Ihi team of tbe v.rnon Crlchet
Club al Van Cortlandt Parb yearterday.
The wlnnera tallled H runs for the loa
;. wtcketa agalnat Ihelr opponenta1 t"t.il
"7' . I runs.
;. .J Sf.'-.k, arrih B, ?as high a
for tha AriKlo-Am.-ri. ans. whlle B. Haft.
?:. ii \v\ss and R. Ingfc law, i ich 11,
added double Rguree An esaraptlonal Nt
of bowllng waa accoinpHahed byT. Baber,
,,f the Anglo-Amerlcana, wbe took ?!
?rl< k. ta without havlng a alngta
off hia dellvery. n Kaj played a patteat
Innlnga f?>r 17 for t; ba Ing
ti;.- onlj "I.- to gel Into doubh llgurea for
tha Vernona
Steals Home with Tieing Run
and Checks Red Sox.
Detrolt, A m -'? Tj i tobb tw* a kllled ?>
pooelbla Boaton rletory bere to-day and
Detrolt won tbe aecond name ..f tti?*
aertea by a s> <>r.> ot 6 to 5. in tba Bftb
linilnaT I'obb st"!e home valth the ttebag
run end in the alghtb, aft. r capturtng
rlooper*a By, mada -. magnlneonl return
I(1 the plate, peerentlng Janvrln from
| oi) the OUl
The acora foUowa
ah r h i " I I ahr h pi-a*
Hu?h. a- BB 8 1 18 M"0[?r. rf II I 4HI)
11 i so Mundy, Ib... IB 1 I BB
, wford rf a | ! I t 0 Bp. akarr ' IB 1 lll
cf... II 1 I 18 Lataala. II I 1 188
' ]: 2 : oo ,;.,, incr, ?>, II i 4 i o
? ib : o o v: oo y. rhe* Sb .41 i l 0 o
18 4 1 aa IB I 111
Mor'rty Ib 40 t i -.-? K'aiakar, c, II 0 4 11
,, n o o on Laaonard, p, | i n ., o
v .. . ? j 10 18 64 Ikadl. nt, p... 3 4 i o l o
| "Kncla. io ,i ooo
| i -i.lv. ,. oo o 004
I .arrlaan, c. 0 0 I '.' I 0
Tetala ..B811 STllll Totala.. 3'. :? n :t ?l
?iiit-,-: f.,r Nunamakw ln iixth innimr
t .o o o 71,3 o o 0 x?A
:, . 4 " " l1 0 0 0 0 0-4
Twa baaa i Janvrln. t ? .. | . Mo
...... i.ito ? ??* Lak. 4 In a Innlna: ntt
Wllleti 7 in I' Innlnga; oft L?onard, I ln iH
iiiiiiiii;?. "tr Bulleni I ln ns laalnga BaerlBce
iiita? Mundy, Vaaeh, Cartrlaan Ktolcn baai?
l^.u., ? \ ii , t*t i. Vaach ' i
,,..;?!.? -'in.Kf li,.iil,:,- ; Vi'. ?I '!?', !.? 81 inn
l^.ft ,,?! baaia Poatow. I; i'etr"it. I Tlrat baaa
,,., balla?Off i.nard, ! "fr wnieit. I rf
ilit iv pttchar?By tt.-n.t.r. 1
Btrw ^ OUt- Bj I.cm.ir,!. I; h\' Wlltett.
? Dj l'., !;.?:.t. 1 Wlll i'it.-l--Hfl'.'-it. I m
rerguaen aad Baraaa Tlaae 9M,
The Crea cenl Athletic Club, ebaraptone
Of tbe Amateur Has.-t'.ill liOBglie, wiil I'lay
tha Chlneaa team f Hawall IJnlearatty at
Bay Rldge tius aita*rnoon. it arlll ba tha
last appaaranca of tha vlaltora ln thla
vlctnlty. Tha gama wlll be eailed at -i^o
\t Mo'itn .il R.H.B.
Montreal. ... I 1 M I I M i-l I I
Proa Idence,.. 0 <? 0 I I I I ? B <i i 1
Hattrries M?.;ia\r.or and Huriis. Slino
ami Onalow.
.\t Buffalo n.n.K.
Buffalo. ? ? t ? 1 ? ? 1 a?t il I
Baltimore... ? ? t 1 ? ? ? i ??I f 1
Battertea M.iins nnd Oowdy; CottroO
ami l?can.
MU. 10 H?
Former Third Baseman of the
Giants Released to Rocheste"
by Boston Braves.
New Indian Pitcher of Phillici
Said To Be Richest Player in
Baseball?Will Probably
Becorae an Outfielder.
Arthur Devlin, considered the beat tl 1
baeeman ln tba gamewnam bp araaguariu
Ing tbo far station for McQraw at t*?e
Polo Orounde, has heard rhe call to na
minors and wlll follow the tral' of I y
Se\moiir and Mlbe Donlin. Nottea of hla
releaae to the Rocheater team af the
Internatlonal League was serve.i oa h.m
by the Boaton Brarea yaalerday. rigu
aft^r tha game aith Pltlaburgh, wh n
Arthnr had dtetingalahed hltr.self hy r-o 1
i Ing up to the bat BJ a plr.ch hltter In ia
I ninth Inning and popplng a w?ll pfcy d
drlve f> right tl.'ld which brought ln ? a
run that t'.cl tba BOOfe.
Devlin was Wttn tbe 'Jlants ln 1!*% wb n
they won the world's chamt'lon?hlp t d i
played arlth N'ew Torb raajatarly for ae'.-n
?.? -,.i -, t,eiiic releaaad t" Boetoa tn ?
aprlng ol BU. Ha has reen ahte to fl |
[aa well as evr lurmg the past r-eag
; bai his hlttliitr. has fal!?:i off so bai' '
I that Stalllngs MU had llttle use for h |
< v .-it as a BUbeUtUtB.
i'. n TbacvPa tho Cherokee Indl -?
pitcher iwcentJy Btgned by the Phiiitea, ? i
! said to le tb" rfchaat player ln basebiul. j
||f not better ott BnaJbetalltf than some t*
the . lub ownera themHelvea. When Beu ?
ba omea Of Bga m-xt April he aill rece'
ririn to i?' aeraa of oil laada ln "kiahoi
wht.-ii tha fnlte.i Pr.ites K"vernment
holdlng '.n trust ft.r him. Tiie laeeaaa Ba
Iwlll derlve from thla Bean*ce amounta to I
[about ISB.OCi B l*ear, a-- <>rding to n-porta.
; Ben Blao haa a BMBI bank account laid
Tha PhllUea ara eoonttng ob hia
,i.-iiV4: - i rine aaaortment of baaebal
.... . , .,,i, | i.iniii haa hlm ln
|tow aad il ;~ aald thal the InaSlaa haa
Irun ata yarda in M aeconda ln a baaebal
unlform at the t-ark ln Philadelphla,
erhtla - owi I tn '? ferm wlth the rat.
lt is doubtful whether be JearHopa into
u Doota bopea t" turn hl?
I and battlng to ac nunt by rnahlaf
! an iutiit-1 ler oul of bim.
Howard Camnlta has heen in Pltn>
'horgh for th.- Iaat few daye maklag
1 pranwrattona t.. take np his ataode ln
PbUadelpbla. He accepta the trade ln
1 good apliil
.,ii i ualaeaa. you bnow, to
? he aald yeaterday. Oaa
! must cxpeet it. I ?i BOt dlacou
juat i llttle brobam i
>tea I pever worked for .. man Bjera
fair than ''lark.-. and ha\e been too '.ong
In baaahall aoi lo bnow that I'ooln la
the same kind of a manager
Cia-raace a/alber, the star eataeldee at
? aaa Clty club of tha ?? " **
has been traated tO
Browna for Mach I
Compton, tha itllelder, and
Brlef, the utlllty inrieider. Walker will
j.itii the Browna at om-e.
Hed" Donohoe, a star pitcher ln the
1.1:7 leaguea a dozen yearB &go. dled at
his home ln Philadelphla yeaBaralay. He
was wltb the I'hlllles from lll to
Itei, Wbea he entered the Al tt
League and played ai?cc8BBl*rely ?
.1. reland and Petrolt.
?? irtjr, the Newark eatcher, and
Pfeffer, a pitcher from Qrand '"-' ???
reported to tbe Broohlya Buperl i* ref*
terda |
Jlmmy Oallahan, BMuaager ef I
eago Whlta Baa, haa baaa Bdeflntteaf
tnded I I Ban John-"'. - - * -u
,-, altercatlen wuh McOi i '??
| umplra In the name between the White
! Box and Atbletlea en Baturda) Heinlo
1 Zlmmerman, the thhfd baseman of the
cut-. his nlso heen set down for mla
? demeanor an Batorabty, bla Bl - b de
rldlng Rlgler at tha Peeo <*"?> -'"^ ha%'*
Ing been mel aith BUJriieneloa He wlll
not appear in the aertea ..t BreaMd
PBber, a pitcher of the Daa MrtnaB
dub of the Weatern Lamgea, haa baaa
purcbaaed by tba Whlta Boa. Ha B *9
righl hander ar.d wlll report la the
ai Paletta, tba star right flelder of tbe
Providence clah of tbe InterMttogal
League, and Onalaw, the brat l -^r,n*n
,,f tba aame clOb, have been BOld to bo
Detrolt Tlgere Tho wlll report to-day
Aibaiiv, |; NVtlhee-Barre, 1.
Blngiiamton, T; Byracuee, ? (flraW
Blnghamton, I; Byracuae, 0 (? aaa.
Scranton, .'.. Troy, 1
L'ttca, i. Kimlra. 0.
Columbus, 12; ln.banapo'.K I.
Mllwaubea, I; Bt- Paul.0
??? e
Allentown, 4: Wllmlngton, 3 (flrat).
Wllmlngton, v Allentown, 4 tsccorvi,.
Atlantlc Clty, li Trenton. 0 (flrat)-^
Atlantlc iMty. I; Trenton, 2 iaecoBBB>
york, i; Harrlahurg,
Keg. U, S I'm. Off.
America's Finest Rye

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