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y* LXX1H N? 24,:,.):., "^/1^j^'_E3--~: NEW-YORK, THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1913.?14 PAGES.
* * * nnr/m /\\*r* /'I^ VT ln ritr ofNa-ar York.Jf raey < RJ and Hob'>-?a.
:olonel Says Ticket of Com?
mittee of 107 Is the Only
Anti-Tammany One
in Field.
Whitman Criticised by Infer
ence in Statement That No
Candidate Except for Judge
ship Should Accept Any
Oulsic'e Indorsement
Cotonel Roooevelt came OUl last nipht
ln BUPPOll of tho rntire fusion ticket.
"Then Ib but one antl>Tammany ticket
in tlio held," he said. "and that is Vte
fusion ticket. it is a ticket that ahould
re the Btipporl of all cltlaena arho
-. - aee the Clty of Ne** York. not
tnly cleanaed of corm* ti,>n. bul .Hm,
edmlnlatered in auch fashi.m th.it tha
a/jovernrnent shall br an effocthe Inatru
mpnt f?>r sceuring Industrial and BO< ial
fair plaj an.i Juatlce for al! ..ur people."
Th- . "loncl critlciaee Dlatrlcl AttOT
Whitman hy Inferena o when he
Baj'fl tiiat DO fusion candidate. exci pt
tho*< running for Judgeehlpe, should
pl a place on any other ti>-ket that
I not inelude all thr- fusion eandl
datt*a Hi also polnta th** way to ?'on
IrolleT Prenderaael and rroelfltnl Mc
Aneny to refuae an indorsement on the
Qaynor ticket
\s eoon aa he beard thal the ?ia>nor
f_ndidaey had been launched. Mr. Hap*
gopd v Im was in conference with
Joaeph M Price and Borough 1'resident
McAneny, al the Century Clun, got
nel Kr,,,c, tetlt -<n the wire at Oyntei
an.i urged him t<> make a statr
?mnt ur once. It was dii tati d by tha.
Colonel and made publlc by Mr Hap
good. The onginal pian was that the
aevell indorsement should he made
puhlic to-day.
The colonel sa> s:
Inaurea Good Govarnment.
The Fusion f r.mmlttee of 1i>7 had
nominated a very strong th'krt on u
admlrahle platform. It ftvea a chence
for a elean. non-rartisan government
|Binat the forces of Tammany H.ill.
There is hut one anti-Tammany ticket
in the fleld. and that is t^he fuelon
ticket. It is a ticket which should re
ceWe. the support of all oitizons wh >
wish tO BOB the City pf N'w York
not only cleanaed of corruption, hut
aUo edmlnlatered n auch faahioo that
th'e government shall l>e an Mfecttv.
Inetrumenl for aei uring industrial and
,; fair play and Justi. e for all -. ir
"The platform is as emphataally in
tha* interest of the rlght thinklng husl
noss man as :t is in th* Interest of the
rlght th!nking wggeworker. Mr. Mltchel
huf. ln a straightforward and high*
minded fashion declined to ao-'pt the
indoraemfnt of any party unless that
party ai6o indoraea aii h>a colleai
t"trethfr. I sincerely hope that ln their
turn they will shov. the aame high
ninded indifferen,?? to all notions of
r-*TB*i**nal aggrandlaement and the same
loyalty to clean government and Indus?
trial betterment.
Taat of Loyalty Sat.
"In mv judRrm^nt. no fusion candi
CatB can BaCCCpt a position on inv other
tTket that does not Inelude the other
fusion ' andidates and be conoidered to
Yn\e remalned loyal to the fusion
movement and to the effr.rt.i of the
comhlned decent eitizenship of the
'ommunit; to overthrow Tammany
Hall. In what I say I am not think
rng of the condition for the Judgeshlps.
ta which a totally different set of- run
ditiona applies.
"The Issue ls to keep special privileRia
in jta most corrupt and sinister form
from control of the clty government.
To this end it ls necessary that all
parties to fusion, and hellevers ln fu?
sion candidates for municipal ami
tjr offlces. shall stand loyally to?
gether in the flght for the complete
fusion programme and the complete fu?
sion tlckeL"
This Mornings News.
'".^ r.or Wnrnea Fualon I.eaders. 1
Rooseveit Out for 1'usion. 1
Whitman Oeta BtUwell "Plat" i.etter. 4
Mayor tr, Hun, Says "Get Touether'.. 8
fUetz Nomlnatlon. Frawley's IMum... 5
Youth snd Aga Cnlte at I.ake. 7
Ashury Park (.reetx Bahles. 9
Hanafnrd Head* Nortiiern I'aciflr.11
Imperator Brings 3,193 I'assenjrers. . .14
Bunny-HuK Morals Split I'lul-.14
r>or>tors Vlctima Of Flower Sw Indle. . . 14
C.rand Jury Proba fOT lOB ?'ream Men. 14
FVesident Keads Mexican Meeaage... 1
Bir.t ir fourt as Thaw Wins. 1
leaafa VYlleon Thrown from Harae..-. l
Htaerta Warnad to Protael Amerirans. a
' ?rgresa I.eaders Stand hy Wilson.... 2
Huerta * Itejecllon of V S. Proposals. 3
Huerta ftaeenia WHeeai'a guggaattona 3
Baaeretary l>_niels I>eftes Kxpert*. 3
La l iiiMte Aeealls I'epublkanw. 4
Absrntees l>elay I'urrency Bill. 4
Leglelature Hecogni7.es (Jlynn. 4
?Men ef Wealth to Try i"amlnetti.14
l.ondon Fress on Wllson's Message 2
Hawker Falls In $26,000 Kllght. 7
Weatbaaff.- - - *
l-'ditorial . ?
?ty . 7
"lutuary . ?
^!>orts.a and B
!*'hlpplna. ?
litianelal and Markets_10, 11 and 13
Heal K-tate.18
New? for Women.19
Army ojad. Na\ y.13
Effect of Mayor's Entry Into
Campaign Topic of Conver
sation at Various Con
ferences During Day.
Accepts Tamr.: iny Ind rsement,
Much to Disappointment of
Many-Rooscvelt Advises
Prendergast to Shun
Gaynor Ticket
Ex-President Roosevelt issued a
statement last night. through Nor
man Hapgood. calling on all citi
zens who are opposed to Tammany
Hall to umte and vote for each and
every candidate on the fusion ticket.
Headquarters for the re-elect'On
of Mayor Gaynor xvere opened at the
Hotel Breslin by Fire Commtssioner
Jeseph Johnson last mqht.
The Mayor wrote to R. Ross Ap?
pleton. chairman of the Gaynor
League. expressinq the hope that all
the independent organizations favor
ing his candidacy would come to
gflther under one emblom?the
Former Conqressman William S.
Bennet. Republican. announced he
would start a movement to induce
Republicans to write in the name of
Mayor Gaynor on the Republican
primary ballot.
Collector Mitchel, fusion nommee
for Mayor. went to Washington to
present his report on the reorqaniza
tion of the Custom House. He may
seek the advice of the President on
certain quastions concernmg hi?
Distnct Attorney Whitman an?
nounced ha had decided to accept
the Tammany designation for Dn*
trict Attorney.
Pre?sure was brought to bear on
President McAneny not to accept
an mdorsement on the Gaynor
ticket. should it be offered._
i-r-oalon leadera werfl trying to llgtt*Tt
out last nlght Juflt arhal ??tct thfl ln*
Idrpcndcm cand.dfl.-i of Mayor Oaynor
flar r.rleition *AM*4m4 havo Ofl tbfllr
tMtm Tho fa-aton Btiutilon VM -*'11
further complteattd by thfl annown-,
nent ot former ( 'W5'"1"1"
r. B?mel thal h. arould iW 8 i
in,.nt 10 perauadfl his falloai Republl '
e.?, to cut CoHflctoi John Purroy
Mitchel at the prlmartflfl and errttfl ln
th*. name ol Mayor Oaynor.
Whlle th* futton l*?dflrfl .cknowi
edged that bo fnr a. any uivi-.??.tand-<
,Bg xxith them araa concerned Difltrlct
Attorney Whitman Wflfl I'-rf.-'l." frt- I
tn accflpt thr- Tammany nomination ror
thfl office noar hald by hlm, thr> ? i* J
preMfld themflfllvfli n fearlng that It^
mlght Injiir*** thr- fusion tlckflt.
Th* j-n-at quefltion thnt remaini to
be Bcttlfld 18 arhflthflr Controller Pren
dergftflt an.l Borough t***r?aident M<
Aneny flhould ? '? tn Indorflement
on thfl Oaynor ticket, ln cate it Bjiould
bfl offered to therr. Both fen ?re gel
Ung advlc? .rn both fltdea of th? quee*
Whitman Accepts Indorsflment.
Diatrlcl Attorney Whitman Iflfli ?? '
authorixed the lollowlng BUtement:
? 1 have decided to aooflpt th*- Indot-ae*
n-.i-nt ol thfl Deincoratlc orgflLniaatlon
of Nea v..rk County ol my candldao
Cor Dtotiii' Attorni >?"
|Ir. Whitman Bflld bo arould mako
a form.'.l st Uomont glvlng tho roa-'-m,
for his dflCifllon Wlthln ? day or txx...
Tho i>istri'*t Attornaj rflCfllvfld many
Iflttcrn yeatflrday urlng Waa to accapt
thfl Tammany <iosiKnati.ui. Th?r?
xx.r* -aome in oppoflltlon, but thay did
not Bflem to larry arfllghl *-vith hlm.
Among those xvho tfllkfld nith ibe
District Attorney xxas Nornian Hap?
good. chairman of thfl fusion gonoral
commlttee. H? later madfl thla atat**
"As far as the commlttee "f 101 I"
concerned, Mr. -WhitmAn is flboolutflly
free to takfl arhal iiidor.**?-moiit h*
iilBflflflfl. tl thal ?;is th*- uiifkrstandii.K
whon ho accoptod thfl platt Of I'istrict
Attorney *.n our tlckflt.
?'Tho quostion of frofdoiii, hOWCTflT,
m, of courfle, fljultfl aeparate from the
quettlon of advlsal.il ty. Tho Impor?
tant thiiiK for him to dflcidfl noxv is
whether it xxin help tho city for him
to so oti thfl Tammany tn k< t and thus
take flome of the edgfl uff tho polioe
issuo; and also xxhtthor it xxill holp
his futuro career to tak-- tiio <>!*for
courflfl mther thAn tho darlng one."
Thfl gtneral oplnion 1 xpresfled tt a
conferenee of fusion leadera at head*
.?iiartors xxas that Whitman had madfl
thfl greateat mlttgkt ot hit llfe.
1 m< "f thfl fflCtOTfl in thfl s-itur.tion
xxas th*' throat *if Tammany that lf
Mr. Whitman ?purned the ptace on
tiioir tnkot they arould name Aflaifltfl.nl
Idhtrixt Attorney Krank Mo.su, one of
tho ihirf antxistiints in tho work of
ptosoi-uting tho polho . anos. It wa*
alRO intimatod that tho Gaynor ti< ket
would alao lakfl Mr. Moaa
Mr. Mn? bat bflflm III the Yormont
woods, i>ut jrflfltflrday ka got ir. teuch
\xlth former Aflfletnbljman Kranols K.
Lalmhflflr, hi* uwt partner, and au
ih.-rlzed hlm to irsuo thfl folloxvin*,'
"Undtr no rln'umstan* os could ' be
proxaUfld upon to U-.-ome a oandldit**
? oni imi?>-J nn flflh P-af*. flflflflflfll rol ????"?
^ AMtBlCAN r-'litiiAiiM
Demcnstration of A,)proval Fol
lows as Canadian Judge
Bars U. S. Lawyers.
Writ Is Dismisscd and Jerome
Hastens to Quebec to Try
Some New Plan to Get
lYrmo a
Bherbrobke, Que.. A g 27 8.n>?
pleti ly did Thaw'a laa yera baflli i ?
efforl to-day nf the ? ombln
ih>- crown proeecutora and tha uttor*
ne*>a from Nea VTorh to brtng 'he pr >
4- Inet l<aiii t-> :i d' rlnlta ?>?
?ue that Wllllam Travera Jei
rial Deputy Attorney Oeneral, *nd
Pranklifl K nned*. Depul Attorney
Oeneral, accompanted bj B, W. Jacoba,
thelr i fenad el, d lahi 'i ewa ?'
to gu, bec t.. night ta ??. Ihi > Itoi i ?
General'a departmenl to quaah aum?
nwrtl) tba Ca ilt) i ommltmenl 11 ?'
iujfiti\. t: om lual ? ? "ii n hli h Th ia la
noa i''!. in ordi i' i" ' lear ,li" "?
.j. portatlon proci edlnge.
won mada ii-.' * aeai? by tha t il?
iiiK of ...u ?? Olobenaky, allowina*
Thaw i" diac?.ntlnua tha babeaa Caxrpua
pro - ? lingi bj whli h he aoughl tt- ' a
releaaed from th- commltment which
hoth sidib edmitti . Baa ao fau
could n"t poaalbl; be held under it.
,\s mattera atand to-nlght Thaw up*
parent ly may remaln In uistouy aa
long aa h?- pleaeea, Thera is no n ?>
Ibe lawyera agalnal him can flgurc oul
,,r brlnglng hlm Into '"'hy " nuk<?
it aqually Impoaaibla '" pt."' agalnal
hlm under the Immlgration lawa eith-r
as an undeslrabla allen or for eatertiuj
Canada bj atealth.
This vlctory for Thaa waa galned
amid rlol ?: troom 9 ? io 1 and b)
;: in.irs uf legal anarla that waa aald
bj aii the ?'anadian laa y< ra prcai nl to
bc without precedent in the bUtorj of
Canada. Juatlce Olobanaky, I
,,>.M-r U d on the i - n-ii that ' it waa a
most diagraceful rfcene," and lhat in
his long experience before tha har and
on tha bench be i ud never witnaaead
? .s11, ii an ", curram a." Ha cloaed b
threatening the arnst ..f wboever
ahould attempt lo iepc.it it.
Court Bara U. S. Lawyera.
There wera other featurea of the
,uurt proceedlnga that mada them re?
markable. Al every turn, from Brat
to last. ther- wi re Tb?? rkrtartee. In
the flral pla-.. the JUfltlCe CUrtl) mad.
,i1(. uinouni i mi nt lhal the American
lawyera bad no Btandlng In bla court
whataoavar. Then there waa ihe novel
Bituation of tha defence wlthdrawlng
the wrtl of babeaa casrpua by which it
sought befora to bave Thaw dle*
i-harged from what It aaaarted was a
nalpably fali e charge, and of tbe proa
ecutlon attempting to forca it t< gu un
wlth the wrtl and obtaln his diacbarga
Tht rlOtOUl d< llionslr.itn.il f..r Thaw
cenaured by the Juatlce came at the
morning aeaaion .?"d In approval of his
rulinga adverae lo tha Amerlcar fur es.
I'ontiary to lhe expectatton of noth
Bldaa, Thaw was brought into court.
When Juatlce Otobarnakj reai bed Bber
brooke he sent I summary order to
Oovernor Lat ataaea, of the jail, order
ing him to brtng Tfcaw to court.
Tln eourtrooea was Jammed to th?
doors and windows long before tn?
hour for opcning Kvr-ry pooalbla ln:h
was CTOWded Wlth people that swarin.-d
into th> Joi" boxesv Bowed into tho
apgaa laaarvad l^r th- lawyea-a, hud
toatlBurd on fnurih p?f?*. aalmlh i-oluma.
Daughter of Lucius Tuttlc, For?
mer Railroad Head. Elopcs.
i ? . ? ?
Boston, a i*. 27, *Nairi of tho rdope*
? .-. i,... nth ago ol Mra Eflli Puttlfl
ti i- of Lu< i ?
form* i i " ? Id.' t of thi B
a Malne R ? lb her fflthert
. h.uifr. ii. i.., id u Broarn, I ? imi
la Enragcd by thfl m ir
i | '. .
? flren n u r.. i oa 1 ? ? 33
laal -n Trflmoni Tcmph bj th R
< ortland Myi rfl, ?nd bo qulfl *
xx. dd n| , I u.iH-.l thal nol e*tt t thfl
m..: t mtimate frli nd of Ute 1 itl a
'?rally knen of li untll tfl
Mr. T'-'t:.' uf UM*) 1 ; Ofl tiVfll) l* _fl*
- thfl" m.iit' i t ? day, .-tt'. -rn
lion of iht i.. j. I ..... li Im angry.
Polo Player Sustains Broken
, Shouldcr in Match in West.
* i ,.-..i,,.].. gpring i lufl 27 r"v
: htll K. ? ne \* fll ' itijur. d xxh-1
i-i.r ing polo iii Ihe touinamenl of Ihe
Cheyenn. Mountain C< intr* l 'lub her?*
? ? ? on. B> arflfl throa n dur?
lng tht gami .""i I la hortBi roil< -i >?? ?r
on hlm. Hla rlghl ahould* r xx.i
I rok. n an.l hfl arfla badl) bruiflfl d.
K< ? nfl xx^s p|. ing No. ?'? in th?
, i. .,,,.. M.. mtflin ('ountry <lub to;nn
losi ti"- i'? nvei Pralrl< Dcga ll
i ura - the first aertoua mlshap for tl ?
, |., |,.;,, fltar flinoi : ollai t>. im
broki n Jual | n l tlw Inti r
natioi a* i ?? ln June.
,J , 1.. . n? xx ;is thrOU ti txx : ??
I nnd illghtli ti.it i hi re, bul ?
lo . ontlnue In tho tournami nt
Don Is Hero of Surf Rescue, but
Doesn't Say a Word.
Don, "tbfl lalklng dflflj.'' araa lh? h< ro
of ., t.v. ua from thfl i irt tl Coney lal?
and Ifltl evi mn; .
john ? fondrli fl, fl aralti r, took thfl
dog \*. ith hlm for b ixxnn. wii> n ftbout
a hundred yardfl oul Condrlca uot Into
dlfficulty Bnd h1h'';*o,i for hi Ip. Don
reallxed tbfll Bometblng araa errong
i.tid raughl hold et thfl Bhoulder of ihe
! man'i bathlng buII arlth hta t- - tb. But
Candricfl araa bo I adly frlghtened that
[he threw hltarma tboul thi dog'a ajfck,
..,. * both ir< ra la dangi r of drown*
i.ihxin Cody, .i mo mted poll i man,
,,?i.. hl i horM Into '' fl aater and trled
to makfl th* rflscue. .fus-t aa ho caught
hold of CJondrica'a hand .-i huge rotler
knoekfld hlm from bit borae. A t*u
Mcondfl later thre? Hfcguarda arrlvad
~tth ;i boal tnd pulled Condrlca
aboard. PoMc?man, hortfl flnd dog
sxvam aahore. Condrlca xxas taken to
Uk cone) Itland Hotpltal, flrhera Dr.
i-rinimiin rfl/vivfld him. Don frtflked
ahout just flfl if nothlng had happ<?d.
Detectives Arrest Driver on
Charge of Stealing Auto.
Adoiph Meharfl, a ihaufffl-ur, arho iflfl
Ktw forfc in i car -xhi.'h the pollc? my
belonga to Dr. Emll Mullflr, ? trflflli flgo.
xvriM BITafltfld Iflflt fllghl by tho DOllCfl flf
| Manuuronack. Wi ? terlt, *** ? Bhflrgfl of
..i nui laiei ii'
Ann? Murphy, alghtflan yflara oi.i. un-i
Kati.- Ryan, alatean r?ara flf No lat
Eaat UM atraai, are ii**t?-i n? taltaaaaaa
Thfly hava bflan rafxntfld mlflfllng Btnee
th** msht Kflhaia, in eompany xxith JaattM
Murray. Um i Uuffeur of Dr Muller'fl
car, Iflfl '"* Ceney Man1 ?**. a "Jty rtde.''
aocoinp-iiii*'! hy thfl two ghifl, Murray is
be big Boughl by tho potlee on b .harao
i,r grand larcany, aMuetlea and vioiation
or tha Monn flat
ttxcfl-cdtng to th** dfltflctivcfl xx ii? ma
xx-.rkiii-* >ii thfl caae, a letter flenl bv
Murray waa |aUreapted ? te* ?'?<??? flgt.
ln Whifh hfl ho.i-.Nd th.it ho would n"t ho
laiiBht. II" ttM h** would noon h"*- ha.-k
in Ne**' Vork. ?
Presidenfs Daughter Thrown
from Horse. Insensible for
Half an Hour.
Mr. Sayrc Was Ahead. and
Didn't Know of Accident
Till Riderless Mount
Passed Him.
i White 1 Junction. vt., Aug. -".?
.\s Dr Charla Vi. Worthen, of white
' River Junction waa on hia way to
? Plainfleld, N. H., late
?? \. aterda) aftei ne upon a
I i ni um i naefo u bj the
!. ?? i
she proved to ba Mlaa Ja*aaata Wllaon,
m i: i- , ui ? Idlng wlth her Bancafa,
; Francla B Ba n. had bea n thrown
from her I
Mr. Bayn had been rlding a httie
.! and wham t.;.. rldarleaa horse
|ol Mi:- Wilson ? .itr..- paal him ha no
- . ; fof thi flral tlmi lhal aomething
v.... amiss.
i?r. Worthen epplled remedlea, and.
aft. r aboul half im hour, Miss Wilson
i. galn< 'i .?-' l< isw
i..,t. r ahi a sa taki ii to the homa of
i ? i. ? . k Smith, m arbj, and wnrd
v ng ti U phom -I to the < 'ot n Bh real
? v.
? n h. N. if.. Aug. 27. M Har
lakenden, tha Wllaon'a aummer home
hen-. it wea aald to-night that Ml*e
i .i. sale Wilson had n i elvi .1 no .-? rlo ia
Injury, epparently, from the fall from
her h.>rs., though ahe waa atlll auffer
Ing aomea ha! from i ontui lona.
Artillcry to Laredo, Cavalry to
Ban Antonlo, T. \. Aug tt. <"?ne
troop of tha Id i 'o\alrj and a battery
of the 3d Pleld Artlllery wera
to the border to-nlght, upon ordera
from tha War Departmenl al Waah?
lngton Ta o i" ? Ial tralna wi re mada
up on two ii.oiiv notli >?.
i The artillerymen weraaenl to Laredo,
Tea., ami tha cavalrymen lo Browna
Attention waa called to lha faci that
: opposlte Laredo thi ra ls a Mexican
Federal garriaon, ind aa roaa the border
' rrom Brownavllla lh< Con tltutlonalurta
; hold forth.
Im addition) aboul one thduaand man
ar>- in raadlneaa to leave \J\pt\ Bam
Houston. ':.iiiio.nl., bai e promlaed to
bave equlpmeni aa hand to aa**a**ommo
tiatt flve hundred men and horses in
tinrty -sta hour
Shovels to Stop Sept. 15?
Water To Be Let in Oct. 5.
Panama, Aug. '_'T. All ateam ahoval
operatlonfl In Culebra <'ut proper wlll
be dlacontlnued on Beptembaar L5. By
October ?"'? when water wlll be a<i
mitted, all ea*,ulpma*rnt, Includlng thirty
f-ix miles of tra.-k, must Ue out of tha
nlne-mile channel between iiamboa
dike and the p.-dro Miguel lm ks
nn August 1 there r> niained to he
remo\fd '.''.''?.'.Hai cublc \.ml> mside the
theoratlcal canal priam, and the steam
chovei operatlona between that date
and September 15, it is eettmatad wlll
reduce the amount t.? BBaVlOB rarda.
This |a exduslve Of all fdide excavation
ami Incllnee.
When noii pr> to thf rountrv, take AN
G0STURA BITTERS, an e.uiuiaite tonic.
President Tells Congress of Failure of Mission
to Mexico and Adopts Hands
Off Policy.
Exportation of Arms to Either Faction To Be Prohibit^rJ
?Latest Report Received in Washington from
Mr. Lind Described as One of the Most
Encouraging He Has Sent.
President Wilson delivered to Congress yesterday his message
on the Mexican situation. Admitting frankly the failure of the
special mission of John Lind to find a solution of the troubles, the
President declared for a hands-off policy until there was a change
in conditions.
The President's plan indudes the removal of all Americans
from the southern republic. and a strict embargo is to be put on
the delivery of arms and munitions of war to either the federals
or the rebels.
If any Americans prefer to remain in Mexico. the United States
will hold the Mexican government strictly accountable for their
treatment and for their property.
A message was received at the State Department last night
from Mr. Lind in Vera Cruz. It was described as being one of the
most encouraging reports he had yet sent to Washington.
It is reported that Mr. Lind may return to Mexico City from
Vera Cruz. and that negotiations with the Huerta government may
be resumed. with a good prospect of a satisfactory result.
Mr. Wilson issued last night a formal warning to all Ameri?
cans to leave Mexico at once. At the same time he ordered that all
Mexican omcials. civil and military. be notified that they would be
held responsible for any injury done to Americans or their property.
The President's message to Congress received warm praise
from both Republlcan and Democratic leaders in Senate and House.
His course was commended on all sides, and he was assured ot
the solid support of the national legislature in his deahngs with
General Huerta and the Mexicans.
A special sitting of the Mexican Congress was called in Mexico
City, and all the correspondence relative to the Lind mission was
laid before it. . ,
The general public in Mexico was kept in ignorance of the
character of President Wilsons message to the American Congress.
Federal omcials refused to comment on it.
[B> <"ab;<* N> T1x? Trlbun** 1 i
Mexico City. Aug. U7--A spccial ex-|
r-utixe BCflalon of Congrcss flrtt hc.d
thi. aftarnoon at whlch Hktittar Oam
boa read aii thfl noto? -rtceatlj tu
changai betwflen Mexico and the
L'nlted BUtflfl rolat.ve to the Lind
When Beftor Oambofl retornfld to the
Poreigr. Rflmtlonfl i" *i'?',mM** he
found the Amorixanihar^dAffairOfl.
Mr. O'Shaughneaaj*. waiUng for him.
Mr. o-haughneflfly wafl .mmcdiately
tacfllvcd and the confereacfl lastc-J a
, onfliderflblfl tlma.
_H the recent dlplomatlc notes t*e
tween the two fl-o-rernfltentg trill b*
publtehfld in the offi.'ial gazette and the
dall- preta,
Thmk Wilflon Miflinformad.
I dcep imi-re^ion has been madal
hore b) President Wilflon'! meflflagtw
Thfl general aflntlment among Mcxi-j
cant Ind foreignera la that Mr. Wlltmt,
whllfl anlmated by gmtJ IrHentlont,
,ack? w underaundlng ot the Bltua
tion here. Tho pr-utteaMtty of an ?r
mtat|ce, f..r oxamplc is seriously douot
, ,1 f i?y W p* ***** of '** fi?-callc'1
rebeifl are bandlta, It is daclared. xvho
haxe found roxolution a prontable bua>
n'i'"?d,do Navarro, who was kUtod the
other daj by federal- ln the Btata of
Ban Lulfl Potofll, trat a ?maii vllUgej
-?!.imaater a/hen be took op Brma,
;;irnlI1K so peaca > month. and hy bM
...predations bfl lu-cumulated a forluns
0f 30a000 r-Wtot. Bueh men, lt la
cialmed. wlll not hc toduced by an ar
ml,M., ,., lay dOWn arms. MtM
,,nl> i? reduced by wnataat and lena*
tioua armed attack*
Preflldenl Wltoon'a demand for a tair
and free Preflldentlal elfl*Hlon lt char
actcrtted as rather unpractk-al under
DreBent circunwtancea. Bfla*stlont la
M,x,,, nflVflf bava bflfln taken very te*
rioutly elther by rmUonalt or foreign
er, but la tbe prosont dlttnrbtd con*
dltiona t genulne eleotoral eonteai lt
held to b? ainmst ImpoaalbU. Attdt
trom the obataclflfl Inddental to the
Btata of tb? country, lt lt polnted out
that the chlflf dirtieiilty would he the
present apathy of the better elaatet,
xx ho have heen thoroughly dlsilluslonod
0f Demoeratie drcams, and want noth
lllg ex.'opt pea.o.
It xxas not until night that any
great number of the Mexican people
vv,re AWflTfl of tho . hara.ter of Prosi
a(nt wiison's mttttga Nonfl of thfl
afternoon papers pubUthfld any of lt.
ihe only a.-.-ount of the proeeodings ln
thr- American <"*ongrcss reaching the
i-tty thlflUgb nflivatfl telegrams and
Hlfl?gflfl to the government.
Huerta L?aves Palace.
Heneral Huerta aaa not at the Na?
tional Palace this afternoon. and at
hls home lt was said that he had gon?*
to Popola, a suburh, where he ia super
Intendlng tho erectlon of a dwelllni*.
President Wllson's announcetnent of
his pollcy had apparently not been of
?-.iifrU'ient importanxo to eauso the jti
visional President to forcgo what nas
been almost a daily hablt, and a nim
i ontluu-d on third page, .Utl* roluma.
i rrom Tl-a Tr.bun* Bjreau 1
Washington, Aug. i:7.-!n a calm.
dispassionate and dignified message.
President Wilson laid the Mcvuan sit
liatloa l-eforo CatadXaMB to-day. In a
(lt ar and rcsonant VOlce the Presi?
dent read his message to the two
houscs assemMed in joint scssion and
before an audicn-e arhlch packed.tha
The BrTavltj of the situation ead the
importance of the aubject woi. re
i',-. ted in tiie fa i s and denranor of
ihe Prsasdant'a audjtora. After the
tirst epplauae whi'ii greeted his ap
pearanca there ua& prafi ???ui sHaaaaa
during the twenty mitniUs re-iuircd
for the reading of the meaaage. Tho
Prealdent dui not read the reply of
Beflor Qaaaboa to ex-Oovernor Ltad,
which he appender] to his nit-:sag?-.
An avoaral of the alaceraat frlend?
Bhip for Mexico and a disaM.wal ol
the slightcst purpose to do aught whkh
u.iuld niilitatc ag.i.rst the independent
autonotU) of that nation; the declara
t.t.n that. despite the UBCqulVOCal
reje-tion of the propoaala pf the i'nited
states, Which the President attributcd
largely tti Mexi.au misunderstanding
of sentiment hara, this country can
do nothing except await a further
opportunity to offer frlendly counaada;
lhe aaaertlon that condltkma in Maitaa
la\c grown steadily uorse: a leltera
tton "f Prealdent Taffa adi kt to Anier
:,ans to leave Mext.<>. and a d>-- li.ration
tiiat tln- Unttad Btatea arlll pay tba f
i>. naea of iheaa arho need eaanatanca;
aeknow ledgment of the g.iod offlceu
of aevaral foreign nationa la Baaarfac
i bearlag for Mr. Lind and considera
tion of his propoaala; an oxpression of
convfcttov. thal tht' Bituation artN soon
change for the better, and the an
nouncement that hercaftcr the Presi
di-nt arlll not permlt the ahlpment of
arms and ammunltlon to either the
Huerta or the revoiutionist forces con
stitute the chlef featurea of the Presi
dent's nu ssage.
G-mboa's Reply Abie.
The repl> of Sefior Oamboa, Huerta's
minister of Foreign Affairs. whhh ec
corupanied the message, elkited ad
nuration as an exi ecdingly abie state
paper. One of its most striking feat
ures was the categorical assenlon
that conditions in MaXiOO were growinf
better and that the Huerta admims
tration i ontrolled cighteen out of
twent> -Sf\. n statt s. three terrltoriea
and one federal district. which is in
dlrect contradiction to the \iew enter?
talned b) the Prealdent
Mr. Wilson emhodied ln liis message
tha lnstru- tions tO Mr. Und, which he
BUbmltted to the Huerta government
and whhh have been already outlined
in The Tribune. They demaml, in
1. An immediate arnnsttce.
'-'. Security for an early general
.*?. Huerta's consent not to b?? a can?
didate for the Presideney.
4. An agreement by all partlea to
abide by the results of the elovtion.
President Huerta. through SerV>r
Gamboa. rejects these deniands "ln the
most categorical and derinite manner"
Reply ing to the tirst proposal, Sefior
Gamboa submits that it is Imposslbie

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