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? . 1-1
to ent. r mt . an armiatiV e with bngatids
and rebela, ying: "l know of no
i 'i intry in the world. thf United Stata-s
imludid. which may hava- ever dared
enter into agreement or to propoaa an I
armistice to Indlvlduala who. pprhapa
on accounl if phyatological accident,
oaa he found all ever the world beyond j
the pa'e of dnine und human Ihw. |
... It in an a icepted doctrlne that
no anv.istn B mn be comertcd with i
Thr- demand for an early general j
electlon PtaVaj Gamboa pronounces "the I
most evtdent proof and the moal an
eatuivocal conceaaion" that tha govern-j
ment of thi United Btate conatdera
the Huerta governmeni ' kgaiiy and
soUdl) conetltuted, .md that it is exer
. isiiig. like all those of its claaa, acta
of bih n Inaportance as t<> Indlcate the
perfect clvll operation of a sovereuu
The deraahd that Huerta ^haii not ba
a candldati \o the propoaed electlon
Beflor Qamboa pronouncei "etrauge
and nmrarranted/' and sa.^s there is i
rlah that it mlghl be conatruad "aa?a|
matter of paraonal dtallka," and thal
'this polnl can onl] be declded by
Mexican publk opinion when it may he
aipreaai d a* tht polle."
The demand that all parties agree in
advance to accept the results af '??
electlon Beflor Qamboa pronounces iu
tiie, daciaxing lhat even In the montj
experlenced i*ountiiea it wooid he folly
to make BUCb a pledge. because "UO one
,ari f rctast or f01*08X0 the crrors :iml
e*cceaaea arhlch moa are likeiy to corn*
mn. eapei lally i nder tba InAueace of
pohtical pasaion."
Huerta's Ti*.le to Office.
Mlnleter Qamboa arguea tba conotf
tuiionaiity of Kuerta'a tenure as Preai
dent, .jting the Mexican Conatltutlbn
to ahow thHt ll araa WhOUy arlthln Ita
provialone, both Madero and Buar< /.
ha Ing realgned, tr..- Huerta, aa Minis?
ter of Foreign Affalra, to aaauma
?"nargr of lhe government. He adia,
moreover, "tha polnl at laaue is ex
clusively one r>t conatitutionai law, in '
whi'ii no foreign netion, no matter
how poarerful and reepectable, ahould
RMdiata iti tle least."
Beflor Gamboa concludoa With the
aaaartlon thal ll is onl) because of
the hijrh eateem In Which Mexico holda
the United Btatea ;.nd barauas of the
. lerttan of thelr gor.d offtce-s bj for- Ign
nationa that th<- Huerta adminlatra
tion conaented to rt-ceive Mr. Llnd and
tf give BBBiOUa considoration tO his
?>1'r.)ir.sH IS.
Replylng lo Mr. Lind s aaeertlon that
tha Unlted Btatea arlll ba giad to re
4.t-i\c any suggestion of other means
of settiing Mexlco'a d;fncuitie.?. the
minister auggaata that tha Mexican
Ambassador tr. ihe United Btatea
slnrild be recened and that a new
American Aml>aaaad<>r should ba eenl
t.. Mexico.
Th>- general Impraasion made by
President Wllson'a message was that
il was an aMa and dianihed Btate
paper. Among memhers of Congreaa
who ha\e had experience in foreign
affalra the instn*ctk*ma*to Mr. i.ind
were regaarded as lamentably weak
and as foreafloomlng his mission to
failure. it was Baaertcd b* some of the
ablbal of theaa inen that the demand
that Huerta refrain from belng a i an
(iidate for electlon araa a gra\e .-rroiv
To some rhe COneervatlve tone of
fcK the Prealdent and hla abetention from
?lhiiything even auggeeting intervention
Vcsrai ;? .- rellef. it was ..ommended
practlcally all.
Tha' negotlatlona lnoking to eon
? erteri r. Don by the treat powera ta
8 an unbarg) on the slnpnu-nt of
arms and ammunltlon to Mexico will
be undertaken ImmediatOly is generally
Becretar*. Br* an taM thla aiiernoon
that the drtails for carrying OUl the
two thlnga the President had d-.ided
t. do eatabliah abaolutely nmtrai
Ity and get Americans out of Mexjco?
had nr.t beOn worked out. He added
that he would have to ha\e a confer
ema aith "h" Prealdent conceralng
these things.
Urges Amencana to Lesve.
Si??ps wer* laken by Mr. Wilson
tn-night t" nrge Americans t.. leava
Mexico aad the Presidfnt aill soon.
probably to-morrow, laaue a procloma
tien Indlcating his purpoae to pro
hibit the ahlpmenl of arm? from
the Unlted Btati to either slde. All
Unlted Btatea eglctole, Inchidlng those
ef thr> army and navy, of the cuatoan
ser\ it e anti of the Department of
Justice, will be adviaed of tha new
ordera and will be Inatructad to aaa
that they are carried out to th<- letter.
As pointed out in this morning''
Tribune. the beat <stimate of '.he
Americans remaining Bl Mexico fix-*s
the number at fewer than t'n thni
aand. Mexico ;s divided into **a>naular
dlatiicta, with an American conaul cr
conaular areni In aach, Baeh conaul
has, under previous inetrue-Uons, ,n
formed hlmaelf ol tba wbaraabouta of
aii Amartcana in hia diatrict, and th?re
ls on nle ln tam lonsulate lists of all
American propertlea, ahowlng tbe folttt
and ownerahl]
? The state Department wlll send io
ever) conaul in Mexico the u-xt of th>
praaideafa ma*aaoage to Cae_graaa an.i
will Instruct eaeh offlcial to aay tn all
Americans that thev are urged hy t'le
government of tba i'nited States to
get out of ,Mcxi??. lt any American is
unable to pay his own way ihi** gov
einme-nt wlll do it for him. furnlsh'.ig
hlm tr'itisp'.rtation not only OUl of
Mexico. but tt. hi>< homa In tne Unlted
stat's. wherever ihut may bd. Thi_
h-s ulnuii.' baen done in many eaae*.
t'ons.iis arera lastructed by the >
Departmenl aeva?ral waaba ngt> to ren
der finannai aaadstaaoa to Amerl mis
who dealred to !<??. Mexico ami wei ?
without futidj*. Maay Aaaarlcana took
ad^antaae r,f the offer. The Stut. | .
partment reeently patd oul *1.jm8i r..r
tln ramoval of -i single group. of .\m-r
Icana. This money came from the << -
partsnent's regular eniargencp ar "ae?
cret" fund This fund is running low,
and it Ib Mr. Bryan'a intention to ntga
that Congress spee.]i|\ appropriate the
$100,000 for whi. h he asked BeveTftl
waeka ?go.
It is belle\etl lhat there are matu
Americans In Mexico who wlll rafuee
to leaa'e their property, and from !>...
?ip at th<? Capltol it would not be ru<
prising If ohjectlona were- made in tio
House or tiie senate to the movement
to inducr- Americans to leave. lt ie
Lflflltldered llkely that many will hold
ihat they hava a right to live in Mex?
ico and are entitled t<> the prot.-t tion
of their noxernment. Preatdtnt Wil?
son. indeed, mad? ii chmr in his nv*s
sage that Ihe Anurieant who remaitv*.!
in Mezlcb wouid bt given tvtry poeel.
bM : i ttflfl tion.
Whlle ofltciflla of tbfl fldminlttratlonI
scout the idea that it xvill flivflr be ne. -
flflaary to uflt force la ItexJeo, ll ifl]
agreed tiiat If all, <?r nearlx all, of thfl
Amerieans get <?ut of the danger r.oni-.s
thfl President will havo far great. r
freedem of action in the flVent that
. onditions become so Intolerable tnal
interventlon bj force of *rma la '.'oo
only aolutlon. Thera aro man- xxin
believe thal thM tim* arlll coenfl Booner
or later.
Benor Oamboa't reply to the Amerl?
can propoatM lt generally regarded ?*
a most excellenl pretflntation of hla
*ase. His factfl, hoarevflT. flre dlflputcd
).> thfl admlnlfltratlon, and hla ?tat?* i
mr-nt. as a flrhole, Ifl nol flccflpted Bfl in
accurate portrayal of the situatlon. it <
is held. for examplfl, that Ihe H-ieriii
government doe? not begln lo control
tht amounl of terrltory **>rii< h Befior
Oamboa . 'ainis and that it has no*
arhere noar the sh.imki floMtera he aaya
it has.
Scflor Oamboa'fl contentlon thal Ihe
Unlted States flSked xxhat xxn* ImpOfl
flihlfl when it BUggflfltfld an armi-ti.e
xxith the rebelfl and bandltfl Ifl conflid*
ered a forclbl. polnt, i".i it is under*
BtOOd thal Mr. Und xxas tri ing to -:? I
Huerta lo agrre to th* points men-j
ttoned iis a condition precedenl t" Mr.
Lind'i golng io the other factlona md
g*Mtins- them fllflo to Bgrefl.
Th? rebela teem io haxe found ;'
means f getting arms n Mexico, A
dlapatch to the st.it* Departmenl aaja
that the main rehel for. -*.**. i Oflimand1 I
bx Oeneral Urbtna, haxe compelled tn.
imeiican Bmtltln1 ahd Rflflnln* Com?
pany al Vfl lat-.iina to m?nufflcturi can*
non -n thelr Bbopfl.
General Carranaa, tha rebel leader,
lefl Durai.gO yflflterdfl* foT BonOTfl to
tonf'T xxiih **e%*eiutlonar] leadflra thera
He is flxpected lo return to Durango
The joint resolutioti of Congreaa of
March 14. 1912, ga'-e th?- Prealdenl
power to proiiii.it the Bhlpmi nl of ai <>-*
to ih.- Mexican federala if h..- aaar Ht.
The governmenl of Madero In Mexico
i.'itx xxas then recognlaed. it araa n? -
tifltti.r. under the reaolutlon, ty obtuin
permltfl from th<- President of
Lnitcl Btfltflfl for the shipment of a',n
or ammunition into . .exlco, ik> mati
to xxhi<h snio th-x xx pr. conalgned Tnu
last ndministration fldopted thfl pollcj
of refufllhg permlti to Iho rebelfl, iiut
gixing them ta Ihfl federala, and this
practlce haa hem contlnued to date.
aii *-fl?*tucflta from tiio Huertfl govern?
ment for permlta have been granted,
nnd RTtdt Qjuantitlea of arins and am?
munition haxe heen flflnt from thil
country. The pteflldeni now -w iii aira
pl* refraia from grantlng furlh. i per?
mlta if MextCO flhould ask for th? .ii,
xxhioh in virw of tho puhii.- announci -
ment n*w hcing mad', la not r< gard. .J
as llkely.
The futllity of the Unlted Btal -
placing an emhargo on arms f>.r tne
federala nniess other govflrnmi
tako similar flCtkMl is gflaTfllly adrnit
*<??>]. and if i.? hellexcd i ertain ihat potfti
titep.s will he taken to pi-ocurfl ih?
operation of all thfl xxorld ln th. mat?
ter. whii. the formatlon of a concorl
of nations for thlfl purpoflfl arould le
mo?t unusual?unrflTCccdented, accord
Ing lo o e International authority thfl
administiatioii has been 80 mucb Bll*
couragad bj th* morai Bupoori
Blr. tdy rflctlved from other nations of
Europe and Latlfl Ameri-.i that .iffl
t-ials heliovc somethimj; COUld ho done.
That there ii-ih.x bfl dtfficultiflfl, how*
over, is ii'imitti-'i. Mflfli of th?- natlona
uf Kurop'' xxith nif*r*M- in MflXI'rO
ha\e recoflgalxed the provMlonal a-ox
flrnmenl of Otneral Huerta, ami it .*
hold thflt ui,'. ifla thflflfl nations tflku
vpeclal actlon thert moal be, tccordlng
to international ihxx nnd practlce, ab
Bolutfl frflfldom of toniiri'ic beta ,:"u
Can Get Armi in Europe.
I nd?r present l irrurnstsnees th* re u*
nothlng to prereni Mexlco'a gettm*'
arins from Euxofie, nn; number bf
Latln-Amerlcan countiiea or .lapar,.
Hueru recentl] bi ighi 75,000 hnea In
japan. II la polnted out ihat to r<u>-r
now into an agif-iment xxith tn.
rnited states tfl proklMl ai*ma golng
to MtXloo Int iiiiimns of tho xxorld
d bi obllged io flflfluma aa ua*
frlendly attitudt toward a governmenl
wblcb they had aliaady i*tcofl*ntxod,
II lms long heen It-OtortOUfl tliat th*i.
has betn a great ileai of smuagling of
arms and ammunition RCTOflfl thfl hor
der, vrhleb *t so axtanded tiiat h |g
rJifficuil 10 ettabllflh a lompletel-, ef.
fectlve patrel. Tbere ara ft\o regi
mentt of cevair* Btrttched oul from
I'rownsville, Tex., in San Hlego. Ca|,
Theae are th? 14th, *tt\ 19th, Mb and
5th regifatntfl mui number bete/4 n
l'.,"HM? and 1,000 troopflra Tin* number
is imufficlcni to carrj tul th?* pp-i
denta Inttntloa "to aaa ta it that
Bjfllthtr slde recelVfl anx a.ssistan'-*
from this **id> of thfl border." It wiii
bt aaeaatary to send another Urge
forcfl for pajtrol duty. The 3d Cavalry,
fit San Antonio. and tho 10th, 11th unJ
If.th rcgiments. not*,- at mancruvieB at
IVinchrster, Va., are available for tn-a
Eafe-rctng stri.*t neutrallty arlll m^n
flrflflil not ont] for ih<- army Imt .|.u
for the na.y. xxhi< h **ill haxe to xxatih
Mflxkaa i-.-ns for lllcfljfll Bhlpmtnta
rh*- fljfli rot flaervtce aad the Depart*
metit of JuatlCfl \x ill also huxo mii.h
work to dfl in all parts of tho Unltfld
staN fl, xvat* iiing fm shipments of arms
nnd ammunition
p?t-rty eioak and Bull flflaautflcturflrt
hax.. BBOtfld fTflm thlfl <*it> to lowi-r Mont
U"m?ry sti-.ft. JflTflfly I it>, xxitliln the
last fear mflatha n**i estnte ateti ny
tw-enty more riinm flt tlmt ilasis xxill alao
huxe .lei Bty ? I'y fa* torles.
The lndut'inent ls the loxx rent of lofts
thal tin.. ffltleflrfld Ihe oixenina of the
ijrove and Htadtrton slieet tiinn. I sia
li'.n flnd the ii,*.x in1; of m.in.x BtflTfli and
?hopfl froin loxxrr Montgomery ftiert an.l
Nearark flvenue. iwai it. to site*, m .. t cf
Qrov? Btreet.
""he foitx <iomu and buII flhopfl flmplay
:.i?''i iiaiKi*.. Roarly aii af a*aom haxe
iiMi\e*l tfl IflTflfly Clty from .Vex? Vork
ard Hrooklxn
Admitting Failure of Lind's Mission, President
Tells Congress He Stands Now for Strict Neu
trality Toward Mexican Factions.
Waahlngton, Aug. 27.?Tbe fall taxl
Of President Wils..n s message was as
foilow b:
"Oentlemen of the Congreaa II la
clearly my duty to lej before you, very
fully and without resen ation. the facta
coacarnlfig our preaenl mmtlotia wltb
tha Republic of Mexico Th- depior
able poature of affalra ln Mexico I
need not descrlbe, bul i daam ll mj
duty t<. apaah rarj fraably of whal
tlns fovernmenl has done and -hnuld
>(-ek to ti.. in fulflhnent of ita
obllgatlon tt. Mexico heraalf. aa a frli d
and nelghbor, and to American citlaaaa
whoat llvea ard rltal Intoraata are daiiv
...ffr.-teri l^ th- dlatreaalng condltlona
which now ohtain beyond our aouthern
"Thoae conditions touch o* very
nearly. Not merel: becauae they he
;(t n?r verj doora. That. of i ouraa,
makes ua more vlvldly and mon
..t.'ititl l on* lOUB of them. sn.: BVI I.'
inetlnci of nalghborty Interesl and svm
natby la arpueed ?tid ojulckened bj
them; but that la onlj one elemenl ln
ihe detarmlnatton of our dutj o\t
are Kiad t.. .aii ouraolvea tha frh nds ..f
Mexico. and ara shnii. i hope. have
mam an ea ? asi..n In happlei tlmea ea
well aa ln thesa <iavs <<f trouble an.i
ronfualon, to ahoa thal our frlendahlp
|g R.*nnine Bltd dlalnteitBted, capabrB
,,f Mcriflce and i vori ?> rn roui man
ifestation. The pea< e, proeper ?
contentmeni of Mexico mean mon
much more to ut than merel: an i n
larited fleld foi our commerce and
enterrniae. Th?i maan an enlarge
menl of the Beld ol mlf-governmanl
,.tI1,j the i' allaatlon of the hopea an.i
rifhts ? ?. ?? nation wuh wheee ??? il
Beplratlons. ao long auppreeeed and dhv
appolnted, we dei pl: a: mpath Ba
"We ahall ytt prove to the Mexican
pe.ple that we know how to serve
them without first thinkmq bow we
ahall serve ourselvei.
??Bul wr ara nol the onl; frh nds ol
M, s .,, The ah de world d< i
,...,.. and progreee; and lha wholi
v orid is Inti - nevai befon
Mexii o liea si lasi when all th
looks on Centi il tmi i
lo bi lou< bed I ? the greal routi -
the e/erld h trade and Intaw
nlng free from o< ? an lo o
isthniiis. The fulure haa mueb in
store for Mexli o as for all thi
of Central Aiw ri< a bul Ihi - Bt glfi;
,;,,, , ome to her only If ah<
and fne to r,?? el>? them and i ?
them honorabl
? \nv rl< -I in ? N"''
north aivi aouth and ipon bol
tinenta ipon the di nenl
of Mi Bl< o; and that de-.. ,
be sound and lai' ng ?nlj ,f '? '" ,l'"
prod i ? of a Benulm fn edami
,..,,1 ordi red | ? i nment foundi d -i nn
i8.v. i ml) ao can H be p<"h- ? I
frultful of the beneflti of pea ? Mei
I... htth a greei nnd an Ib
before her f oi ? ? and
attaln fhi patl ol how it
ti.'iiai g'< ernmenl i
"The preient eireuraBtaneea of thej
republ.c. I deeply reqret to say. do not
seem te promne even the foundatione
ot such a pea^e. We have wa.ted manv
moith?. montha full ef aartl and an.
iety. for the conri.tiona the''* to im
prove. and they have not imaroved.
Thev hava qrowi worae. rather.
?The territoi) In some ten I ? on
troiieei b ihi provlaional autl
m Mexi< o i lt] baa gron n amalli i ? '"'
laif.r. 'ihe proapeci of tha p.i-iti -i
tion t.f th<.ntrj. t \en bj anna, h 11
?eemi d to a'"'1- more and more remote;
and Ita parlflcatlon bj lhe authoritla*a
at the , i,,,iini ls ea identl; lmp<
bj ,-tnv other meana than ferve. Difh
. u|tie ? more and mora anti l
-,. ha ? lalm to i onatltuta tha i< gitimaie
777,a. rnmenl of thi republh. Thi
ha < nol made gaod thi li ? lalm m fa< t.
Thelr aW**eeaaaa In lhe Beld hava
prov.-'i oni- ti aapaierj. tVar and dis
order devaatatlea and confuelon, sasem
t.. threaten lo N oma tne eettled
fortune of the dlatrai t< d ? oui ti ,
? .\ fi iendi a ? i ould a aii no longi r
for a aolutlon w in> h even e/ei k se< rn- <i
further away, i; araa our dutj al
leaal lo ?oluntei r our *,"-?i oflli ea
offer t-. aaalai If wa mlghl In aiTa tlng
?oma arrangemanl which would bring
reltef and peace and set up a univer
saii'. acknowladged polltleal authority
"Accordlngly, i tooh thi libert: of
eending lha iion John Lind, formerl]
Oovernoi of Mlnnaaota. aa m personal]
apokeaman aad repreacntatlve, lo lha
City of Mexico, with tbe followlng lh
r. t rucl lona
" 'Praaa very aarnaatl) upon tha at
tentlon of thoaa arho ara now txti
t iriioK authoritv tn wleMlag Influanca
ln Mexico the followlnd ccmaldeiaUona
and ad\ h ??
"'The government of the United
States doea not feel at hberty sny
longer to stand inactively by while i
it becomea daily more and more evi
dent that no real progrets is bemq
made towarda the eatabliihmerat of a
government at the C'ty of Mexico
which the country will obey and '
"'The governmeni of the L'nited
Btatea doea aoi Btand ln tha aame caas |
aith tba other greal governmenta of tha .
world ln raapSi t t.f what is happf nlnvT, j
nr wIihi la Itkely to bappen, ia Mex-I
Uo. We offOT our gOOd offl. aa not j
Only bet ause r.f our genulne d**sire tt)
play the part of B friend, but alSO be- i
cauaa Va are expected by the powers
r,f the world tn XCl as MOXiOO'a neare.-t
?? 'Wa wleh to act In these . ireuni- |
ntan.es in the .-pirit r.f th.- MOBt ear- I
ih st and disinterceted fiiendahtp. it
la our purpoaa la wbataver we do or
piopose in this perple,xing and ilis
iressing Bituation nol onl) to pay ihe,
j most sirupuions regard tO me sox
lerflignty and IndefianflJarict of Maxleo?
thal \xe take as a matter of COUrflfl
' to arhlch xx.- are bound hy Bvery ohMga
tlofl of right and bonor -bul aiso te
' jrix-e every poafllhM exidot*. o that we
ad in ihe interest of Mexi. o alone.
'and hol in tlie inN-rest of any flCnOII
or body of persons who may hav*
I personal or property . laims In Mexkn
1 -fl/hictl Ihty maj feel thal they haxe fhe
: riKht to preaa
i ?? We are se.-kmc io .ownsei Mexl o
i for her oarn good nmi ln 'he intetreet
of her oarn pflace, and noi for any
nthot purpeoe whatever. Thfl lovem*
meni of the unlted states arould daam
itself dlieredlted if it had any s'-Iflsli
oi ulterlor purpose in tranflflCtlOnfl
nhere th*- pflace, happtneea and proa
perity of n whole people are inxolxed.
lt is n.-tina as its fiiflndflhlp for MflX*
j, o. not ss nnx selflsh Interest. dlCtfltea
" 'Tlie present flttUatlOfl ln MflXteo is
tncompatlbM with tho rulfilmenl Bf ln*
ternational ohllga'*:>na "i tho paii ..f
Mexico, flrltb th? clvtltaed dfl*ek*nment
..f MexICO hflTflfltf and with tlie main
jt-nan.f tfltfltablfl polltleal and ? ?>
j ni'ini* condltlona in Central Amer*
; lea. lt is upon no .?nmiiiufi oecasion.
therefore, that th-- Unlted statr? .f
fera her rounael and tafllfltance. aii
Ameri.,. irlti oul for a BettlemenL
"'A lahjfactory flflttlement ??emfl to
4 to he conrlitioned on:
"'(nl Immfldmtfl cersation of fightmq
th'-oiighout Mexico, ? dflfinite armiflticfl
tolflmnly flntered mto and scrupulouily
I obierved.
"?.bi Sflcurity q-ven for an eariy flnd
free fllection in which all will agree to
takfl r-n*!
"?/ci T!i8 conflflnt of General Huft*
to bind himflelf not to bfl a canHidatfl
for fllection at Pr?sidflnt of tht repub
lic fll th'S fllflction.
?'id) Thfl agrflement of all parties to
abiHe bv the results of the elaction and
r.o-op?ratfl in the mott loyal way m or
gsni-ing and suppcrtinq tba nflw ad
i mni*trat'on.
got i rnm< nl ol thfl L*nll d
I. | . i ray parl in
ienl or In Itfl i tlTJ mg out
hoi 01
? i il) xxith un.? national rtgl '? II
! ,.'. rjgi b Itself to n - .
i xx., |, .-.i ? and pn ?r i ? latdal thi
adminlatratlon eh-neen flnd tai up In
w. y . the ondl
| ull tlT* e\ Itng ' H
mto ment of
the l t. ? d Statea ian ? on itlvfl ? I
..- r fltten ng to . ipt thfl i" '
I, X ,-! . \. ? lt] of Mfl x
... declining the ofr ? m ti Brlendahip
thua off. rfld. I 'an M gtvi rtv
.,/.,] -gorM ? BfltlflfflCtory r'-ason f..r
r good ottit ? v
"'lf Mexi-o can sugqeit any better
'way m which to ?how our fnandflhip.
Bflf*vfl the people of Mea.ro and m??t
our mternalion il ohliqation?. w? *r?
mora than willing to conndor the BUg*
Iflflt i ? n.'
Jbei.ie.ves huerta had
recn grossly misled.
I Mr l.lnd executed hla dfllleatfl ?
lif] uit mttaion with Mngular tact,
..-, .... ,| good !udgment, and madfl
rlear to thfl -* l rltlea ?t thr i ?,.. nf
*.t. rico i???' onlj ih? purpaflfl of
x ifllt, but niso ihfl Bplril In xxin h l
i, ..I t ??< *i iindi i taki n, Bul tha pru
mltt. -i ?? * n rejfl. t- d ln
a note th" f'lll teu rf xx hh h I take
Hhei i ->f la Ing before i an.
? i ani i< i io h.-ii, -.- thal they arer?
?i.\ partly be* h'i-* i .* authorltl. *
hi Mei ' htd bean grotflly ml -
| informed and mtolfld urmi txxo v,
Thfl i did no' r< .-iii/.. ihe -inr;' <>f ? he
| Amei :? .ui I- nptfl ln thla matti r. th. ir
? it 11 .Ineflfl ?> nd ?' Aal?? r ii ?
inrmlnation thal s*>me j >t aolutitti bt
l found f"t ihe Mexd an dilll ultli *>
th?-x did ii"' believe lhal th< p-raaent
adminlatratlon i-noke, through *x.r.
| Llnd, for th.- peoplfl ef thfl UnKi ?!
"The effart of thil unfortunate mix
un^e.-standirq on their part is to leave
them Sincjularly isolatod and without
f'-ieneifl who can effflctually aid them.
So Inn i as tha on .uniier* tflndioq con
tinnes we can only await the timo of
! their awakemng to a raahzation of tho
flfliufll facifl. We cannot thrmt our
' good offiie* upon them.
'iii. aitualmn mu i '?" gltfln h ht*
[ tic more time to xxoru Itaelf out in the
ne\x c|-r*cumfltanc*efl, and i bellcvfl thu
4,iiI^ a llttle vxhile xxill he nocpssarv,
for tha ehcumfltancea are new, The
rejcetlon of our frlendahlp makea tbem
nea and xxiii Inevltahl* brlng its own
fllteratlona in thfl arhoM aapacl of ?*?
n Th* flctual Bltuatlon af thfl au*
thotitlea at Mealco Clty arlll preeeatiy
ba revealed,
"Meanarhile, \xhat is n otu* duty to
do*? Clflarly, exerythlng that flTfl dn
must bfl loot.d in patlflncfl and don.
arlth calm and dMntereated dellbera*
tion. Impatlanca oa our pan arould
be childtoh and treuk" bc fraughl arltu
flverj risk of flrronf and folly. \\ .
can afford to AXflrclfM thfl aelf-refltratnl
of ;i r.iilly |*roa! lliition wllix'll real*
i" i iti .. atrength an.l m otttt to mis.
use lt, I' '.x.is our duty to offflt onr
uetixe ahixistatue. Ii ls HjOIV our duty
to ahoa xx imt true neutrallty arlll *io
io enablfl Ihfl paopM of Mflsieo i<> s> t
their iilT.nrs In ordflT iigaln Hnd xx.m
f.u . fiit'ihir opportunity to off?-r jvt
fiiendly oounaela
"The door i> not closed agamflt tha
rflsumption, eithar upon thfl Initiativs
of Memco or upon our own, of the ef
fort to brmg order out of the confuaion
by frisndly co-opflrativ? action ahould
fortunate oecasion offar.
' While wo xvalt Ihe roiitest nf ihe
rixal forees will nndniihtcdly for a lit
iie arbUfl bfl tterpar than ever, tust
becauflfl it aill bfl plala that an and
musi i" made of ihe flxlattng vltuatl >n.
aad thal terj promptly; nnd xxnii iiie
Inrrflaaad actltlty af th?> cantendlng
factloat will i onie, it is 10 bt feiii.d,
Increaaad danger ta the non-<oini.ut
ants in Mexico as well as to those a<*
tuail: in the fleld of battla, The poat
tion of OUtaWarB is always partlcularlv
trying and full of hazard where there
is t ivil strife ami a whole country ls
"We should earnestly urge all Amer
icans to leave Mexico at once, and
ahould assist them to qet away in every
way possihle?r.ot because we would
mean to slacken in tho leaat our efforta
to safeguard their lives and their in
ter-sts. but because it is imperative
thst they should take no unnecessary
risks when it is physically possible for
them to leave the country.
??We ahould lft rv?r> ""^ wh0 a3*
numes to exerHec authority ln anv part
Of Mexno know in the most unequivo
cal way that v.o shall vfartlantly watch
the fortunes of those Americans who
cannot gel away, and shall hold those
leeponjlhla for tbatr sufferings aad
loaaaa Ut ? deflnite reekonlng. That
? an be, and Wlll be. niade ul8ln ll***
4/ond lha poaalbllity of a miaundr
"1'tir the rent I dcem it my duty to
axardai the authority caarfarrad "P""
me by the law of Man h M. 1M*. to
goe to it that nelther uide to the atru<
tle now golng on In Mexleo raoalvea
any aaartatance from this atda lha
bcrdar. i shaii follow tha baal prac*
tlce Of nations in the matter of nn
tiahty hy forblddlng the exportatiou
of arms or munilions of war ot <iny
kind from the i'nited States to any
part of the tepubllfl of Mexl-o a pol*
ley BUggaatad by several interesti.iK
precadaata and certainly dhtated 1 -
manj raaalfeal c^oa-ddaTjratkma 4)f prac
tlcal expedlen.v. We .annot. in tha
r'.iviimstan.es. be the purtisans of
either party 10 the . i.ntost that x\ow
diatracta Mtxteo, nr eonatttuta our
aelvai tba \irtuai umpire batwaen
?] am bappy to aaj that sr-v-rai of
th*- Kfe.it governmenta of tha aorld
have glven thla govarameat their gen
aroua moral aupport In urglnf upon tha
,,,,,, lan.ma! aut horitles a t lhe Citj ? f
Mexico the a^ceptuiice of our proffer. d
s,??i offlcaa ln lha BpUil in which they
irere made. Wi bava not actod la thla
matter under the ordinary pms
of interiiaiioiiai obllgatlon. ah lha
world ? \u.. ta ua mi Buch < IrcunwUncea
io * t ;.- ifexteo'a iioaraal hrlead and
.- i\ laer. Thla la our laamemp*
n.,: ,. latlon toe ard tai t. Thera la n??
where any atiiuua question lhat -? ??
i>,. moral righl in the .as.- .,r
? ?.? are a? tlng In th- mt. re~r ->f
? >.. ttll nn '.' -md ?>f gOOd Ko'-ert.
n.iu*. BOt for the promotloB uf aome
ht-irtsii intereet ??: ?? ir oan.
? if further mottve wi ra neceaaary
than our oa k-oori will toward a
i. publlt and our own deep cona ern to
ordei pre*. all ln Ilentrul
\m.|.... thla ...n.-tnt "i manblnd t?>
temptlng. thla attll
i.t the great natlone of lha world tow
. ma attempt ln d-air.g
with . ? i.I'1" ?? "'"' ,;"" *?
? i make ua fi ? i ibe mora aotemnly
nd to go to the utmoat li ngth of
patli n e and foi I- arance ln 'his ;
ful and anxioua bualneaa Tha ateady
, - moral for e will ba
imyo braob the barrtara ed prl I ?
and pr.Judne down. nnd we ahall tri
?. Mi i Ico'a frienda aooher t! in
^. ... ,i.i trlumpb aa ber ? nemlea and
i mui N mora handaomi Ij, wlth how
i hlgher and fln*' aatlafactloii
, . an.i of honor!
All Offlcials in Mexico. Federal
and Rebel, Told They Will
Bc Held to Account.
- rr naraasu 1
w,. hii gton. *??!* -? '^,", Huerta
... n Mexico i ity. the mlll
i ,,m. lala of lhal parl of
? trolled bj the ie.i, rala and
thf it Bdera ol ihr i. polllou ? Conetltu
tlonallatfl ara ba Ing warned te?-ntght hy
tha governmeni of the Unlted Btatea
thal thej o lll bi heM itiietly ao ount*
abie for anv Injun to American llvaa
or American property. Telegrama ara
bavinjt Waahlngton for every par| of
Mexli n from th-* capital lo tha further*
m ? i.,. ra Thej eairj nol only the
? erntng to M-Ni-.hi oflletala, Paderal
.;h,! i, i. i. but al o urgenl edi lai lo
;in? 10 'iu" Mexli ?>.
rh.- teli grami ??'e golng lo the
American Embaaarj ln Mextoo Clt) and
t,, american conaulai offli ara, a ho ara
Ir.atructed to tell Amartcana thitt it la
ad\ i-.ah>l?? tor 111?-1n lo leave. Americans
aill be Informed thal thla governmeni
will assist them In every poaMble wav, j
an.i tha conaula are Inatructed to carry j
..ni thla promlee. Where paracuntary ??
tiBtance la needed, Waahlngton win
i: ..\ ide the funda
srnpM of tba navj aad poaalblf 61
the ann> tian.-pnrt aervice wlll be sent
to Mexican porta to brlng home Amer
lt ans who deslre tO leava MaxlOO. The
governmeni wlll leavi nothlng undana
tt. ae.-usl as many Americans as pos
sibie to gbl oul of tha dangir aonea
lt waa learned tn-nivht thal no sleps
hava >'t been taken toward procurlng
Intornatlonal co-oparatloa In ihe mat
t,r of maklng it Impoaalbia for the
Huerta governmeni to proctiM arms,
hut it ih expected that tha gdvarn
m.-nt aill make advancea to foreign
powera, althOUgh it was state.l i..-nl|**ht
lhal th.- Praaldant'a maieage Implted, if
foreign governmenta resd it arlght, a
requi il for moral auppmi in thla
matti r.
The telegraphlc insiructlons to the
American lOmbaaay and the rotisuls
Wera drawn up by the Secretary nf
Slate this aft.rnooii, anel sent to the
Prealdent, afbo read them over and
mada aame changes.
lt is Btatad to-nlght that there in B
movement on foot for lhe arjoption hy
th. House Committee on rorelia Af
fatra of ,, reaolution appiwrtag tln.
f*realdent'a addreaa ami oomhaendlng
the eodraa ba has followad. li '? con
sielentl certaln that the introdiictlon of
thip raaolutldn aiB he fattowed t>> much
debate on the floor.
Senators and Representatives
of Both Parties Indorse
President's Attitude.
Spirit and Tone of Mr. Wilson's
Statement Regarded as Ad
mirable and Reflective of
Aational Thought.
I From The Trlhune Borea-i 1
W.-ishington. A'ig. ?7.-A Renflr.il sp ru
of comm**ndatlon and approxal of the at
tlMde tak?n bx- the Pr*a\d*nt Ifl hlfl Bflflfl*
Bflgfl flll thfl MflfliCaa sltuation prexuilod
in the SmHfo. tUeuMtcattfl as well aa
Dflfnocrata. hofl*r?wer,*mueb as they Mlght
haxe dlflflgrflfld ln mlnor IflflpflCtfl xxith thfl
rom followed by thfl adminl-.trati.in.
wort apparently unanlm-njs In tndoi-.-in**
the ptaftd taken by Prflfltdflal Wilson. and
thflffl is no quettlon that h<> will haxe tbfl
loyal snpport *.f all IflnatflTfl wlthout re
Baril to thelr polltleal afiillat lOM
"Tht fOnerfll Bpltil and t*?ne of ihe rru'fl
titvr nre ndmiiabl- ' Mld Senfltor Roet.
an?l thfl aame srntlment xxas expre?sed bt*
teneter O'Oormafl and ether meinb?rn of
tha K'irej-.p Rciatlona Cammlttfla
Tii?* gmeroufl corntnendatlon of the Proe*
Ident'i mflflflflge, bowever, doefl aet flppflar
to Bttflnd i" ?i e caurtfl foiiou**d by .n*
Hdininiatratlon In eartrylng flttt tht poli."
of pnriflr medl-tlen Thero ls a ?ub
(?urrent of .rittoism dlrected sr>Hinst :b*
ng flf ihfl Infltructlonfl ta Mr. I.ind.
tiio Prflflldflnt'B . ontldentisl ai<ent.
u'1'ho.n <*x.*aption. membflra or the sjen
atr dl?pprotre thfl idea nf Int-rx-?ntl<?n
llld stand hv the Fresllent in hl> tUrbflflfl
|a BflTflll an npporlnnllx- for the pa< itic
BOlUttofl nf t'ie problflm. The sontlm?nt
In f.-i'.o- of llfiinar thfl enihargo on irnu,
xxhirii waa flttflflflflj in tb* Senate ttro
?e?k? a?o. h?s fliflfl flpparantt) rlflfdfld
to ?xhat la h<*liex*d t" bfl fliflflf counsel.
Hopfl for a Changfl Soon
Tti** hoaa u**- ? Bpi(flflfld UB-day by c?r
'flin rnfltnbflra ?f the Fur.-l.Tn Relailon*
fommlttee that rireunifltancefl flrouM soon
ntlse xxhich xxould eruble tho President
to BUbmll a f'.rther plan xxhieh xxoiil*)
r".\*. Bccflptflblfl lo thfl tontriiding fac
tleni i Mestea.
"ll ls an ox'.rllrn. m* ?*aa*e .all |en*
Btor l.'idfl*- of Mai.-aehuiettfl. ranalnu
mlaerity member uf th*- Commlttafl on
i" n ai Relfltiena "Ita BUbstaadve
declaratlon fs thal forbMdlag the Bhlp*
mflni x.f iirmh to Meatce I am ln bearty
agreement xxith that. Tlu t"nit.*.j st.* *.
could not pul Itself In tlie position flf
add lna to thi ?laugbter in MflxJca
"Oaly 'ao COUr?fl were open to ')i?*
Preetdenl ?Intervflntlon or n.>n-interve'i
fi**>n and I am rure tlia' thfl Bfl ntlment
ot ihe country xxould not tole'ate ln;-r
vention. The Preflldenl * Bollcy la tiiat
ef waltlna '.i. ? - ? ita and l fflfli tiiat h<
?ii ild noix- purflUfl no Olhor
"Wlth rflflpeci ta lha augg?Hou of ihe
Preaidenl thal AiMricaiii ahould leaxe
MexlOO, tho aame van made hy Taft It
Is one whieh onh th? President OfluM
?-.? ln Bflflay flf those inatters th?
PreaMenl mii>*i he the judg-e. I beliexe
oth. r poarerfl are tin \r*a de*.tr<-*.j-, th.*:i
ih.* Unltfld .*3t.ite* that shlpmont of .irnis
Bhflll t" Btopped, ani I BhflfllM flxp"i
i icm te Intlfltata the aama to uie.r aub
ttpttt '
"ii u a apieii'iid meaaage." aald Iflaa*
IOf i .'?>?? niHii ti ivfle ts thfl flflber
i**bt ?! ihe rtatioa. it la n?>t alngutflr
ita thfl fr-iidont haa tin*
iniit-d BUflpOtrl of the <"onifre**s ef the
L'nltsd Btataa. Th? Republlcen wmhera
of fhe Panttfl xie xxith thelr Demoeratlc
eollflflgUflfl ln BUfltfllnlng the a'tirm of the
l -. .line. in International relatlena p?r
hlp Btapfl at thfl border. The tin
prflflfltVfl uttcrame af the PreMdent to-.iav
is thr vi.ii??? *>f the Amerb an people.
"If th-re is ahythlnf Hke ar-ttution irt
faxer of latervflntlfltB." BflM Bflnflter
Kem. "thlfl rneoaflgfl taeuM eht i? it Iflflf
Umenl ln faver of liftma the flmbargfl .>n
arma hus been freatl) r\ai*?erHt.,i'
"Thfl mflflflagi t?-flnpflratfl and well
xxoide*!.'1 aa'-i ?onator thlvalj it jiut<
ni rlghl alih lh. Kovarnntentfl of the
a/orid. Ne matter xxiiai maj follaar, thia
^iinx* i *xe ii ,x aahaliflted all pflacefal
tn* fh"d*< Thfl bflM fesiute e-t* ihe mfsme
t.* thfl Bnnflunetniflni to Cflntrfll ani leutb
Amerkan repubUca that this country haa
n,x dflfllia for 1.11-iiorlnl atflrandlz-ment."
Oislikfls Rameval Idts
"1 lympathlBA h.-artllx- ixith liie Pi-?i
r*"H - effort*- t.) prflflflflTfl pefl'v " f*ai_
gflnator-aafflll. "Thfl onix rrrittetem i have
t.x nink* Im of thnt p.m ,<t the ine.saafl* m
vxnuli bfl lirgflfl Aiiierl. ans to leaxe Mex
|. o. I Y\u\f alxx.ixM bflflU ot th.xt s.-h.*oI
whlch, in dealing xxith any ct-titiafld na
tton, bfllMfflfl that the rnited Ital *
Bhould alaraya Inalat upon the prop.-r pro
|i i-tn-.il of hei eiti'ri". xxlthlii that nation's
boidei-. The Preaid.-nt s?*em? to in.ll
?ate thflt Mflslcfl Ifl hol ? cixillzed natlon.
He appflflra to ba optimtati.* about cendl"
tl. iim In M.xi.o. hut there i* nothlag ir?
lus mflflflflgfl 10 Mipport tliis lielirt."
s. nst'.r bheppard rflf*ar4?d the tntaaaga
as ptrecttcftlly a recognition of the bet*1
llfflreflC) of th>* lex-olutlonlst-.. ? hl.-h flrflfl
eoiitemplflted Ifl B reMolutlon he leerptlx'
SepHtms Itona, VN'iiliams. .tonee and
Bthera ?ii flxartattfll ampbath* approxal of
tba rnflflaaga
?flatlment In the iious* w?? iflaeraliy
favorabtfl to the President a Foit.-y. Mr
WllflOa raofllvfld a flenulne ovatlon afl ho
eonotUded the inessai-e. whteh wafl all the
more noti.eable on aei.iunt flf the rathflr
peifunctorx receiition flCOOTdfld hls tarlff
hi i.i .Miri'eticy rno.ssages.
Without r.flard to pohtlcs, House inflni
bflfa, n? a rgte, flppravtd ?f the Prest
dflnt'fl eouraa Mr. Mann, the minontx
leader. Is un<l?i stoo.1 lo disflpproxe tha
i?.-t that the inessflfle irta.de no speellle
iflofliamflndfltiflnfl but he dei ided to Issua
no sutein.-nt Ml Mann also doubts tha
im.priet.x flf Ihe Prflt-ldent's flfltlofl
Bppflflllni personully befoia Conjr??s at
thi.i Jun.ture. hut there was flfl open crlt
iriHiii ol Ihe .-idnilnNti'.'tlon's lOiirse.
Uflprcflontatixe Cflfljpflr, a Republican
member af ihe l-ataaffl Affairs fl'oinmit
tee, said: "I hope the Preflldenl ? proplnl
eies as to earlx- peace wlll be realiaed.
hut It will not bo peaee xvlth the su> .-?>.??
of the Huerta noxernment. U certainly
ougnt not to be.'*
Wflnta Ne Livflt Sacnficfld.
P.epiesentatlve LmdDarfjh. Progresaive,
Bald: "The n-.ttmne meetfl with my ap*
proxal, and I agree wlth Mr. Wilson's
pOflUfljr, 1 do nut think the Amerlean
people want to ?end thelr young mfln
into MtttOt to haxfl thelr llvaa flaerlficod
without raaata " ^
fl'halrman Flood of the Foreign Affairs
i"ummltte*. flflflflrtfld that tha President
delixertd "an admlrable mfl?etffl, whlch
I believe **lll meet with unheraal ap-'
Mr. Harrison. of Miseissippi. msjoritv
member of the comniltt*,e, ealled th** mei
aajre "a great peace document and the
best atate paper of recent years."
"It seems to me." said SpeaWer Ctarb,
"that tliis Mexlean situation presents a
case where sllence on the part of most
folk is golden. lt is ticklish and grave
"The President s addrees to Ceageeoa
on the subjeet ih admirable?lofty in con
teption. felldtous ln diction. Iu t'ne very
nature of thlngi h* knows more about
a situation whieh change' BVery da> ?
almoat every hour-than the lest of ua,
and speaks with fuller knowledge. Tha
most praotlcal 3uggastlon that he made
was that Americans should < ome out of
Mexko aa rnpidly and as noon as postu
"The Times," of London, Finds
President's Statement Irrele
vant and Bewildering.
: b> GaMe ?? Th? Tnbun?.i
l.ondon, Aug. 28.-1'resldent Wilsnn'a
mossasre la not reganlcd by newspapera
here as likely to provlde a solutlon for
the Mexican problem. "The Times," Iq
an edltorlal, summarlzes the message,
and then says:
"All this is wholly admirable in tona,
and wartby of President Wilson's repu
tailon as a man of cautioug and pa-incj
a.-tion. but it has th*> drawhaek of
heing somewhat irrelevant to what Ig,
after all, tro*. main point at Issue. Thi
world. indeed. will r?ad wlth a rertairf
amount of baa llderment the Presldent'B
statement that 'if Mextco ran sugg?"'tj
any better way in which the l'nlf?i
Stat?>s caa fthow its frlendsliip aa arej
more than willing to t onslder the sua*?
"lt is dinVuIt to re.xiat th< snspi.-ion
that in empbaaiaing its per>ona; oh*
Jections to President Hu-rta the Amer?
ican Kovernnirnt i.? jeopardi/.mg ita
baal i iiHn.-e .,r aaaiotlng tiie -ountrv off
whivh he i?. the ,-ffectlve ruler."
"Not only Mexico, hut all fnrenrn
realdenta In M*>xieo and ever\ covorn*
m.-nt wboaa naUoaaala aaaaaeea interosta
in th' country hav alread- pointed
OUl the better way which Presid?nt
Wllaon nsks to have indt'.ited. lt ig -,
slmnle and effr>, tive aa/ay and < onsi'-ts
in AmericB - folloumg the example
alread' ?*-t l.v other powers ami reeug.
nirlnsr Huerta "
"Th. Dallj Mail" e.iitr>ri.ii |g eat
I *'8omathlng Pfen ln Mptomacy.H it
, in i?
"lt i? rie(i, from thatemeeaage which
| Preanjcnt W" 11 s?? 11 read to Congreaa
:what the fniie-i states goveramenl
'most naeda la a i-di<>. Thi L'nbed
ntatca gpvernment, om :nfer . b ala*
Uereh laboiing under the impreest
I that lt has the demoa rati. i ona :? B ?' ? '
Irnankind ln Its katpfng aad "ould i.e
|falthleea to its tr ist if n recaygniaed
aaj Maxteaa ruler ahe could nol pro*
duep a ? ertlftcata of electlon ft an b re
lurning ofnV ''.
? Kut the nieaaage exagi
\ii.us wanl of logfc, and Ita onlj poa
alble ? laim to n aa m la that It
. ir.nr t-. hii ultlaaatum, and of '' - '*
hase no kind or sort ef a hi"t. fi
n,.t Vr> BhtMl Wi'?,.n thi BpajelrB "f
"The Morning Peel Ba] I "Whal
guarantee i an Pr-sident Wllaoa ha'-O
if ? man of uablemlabed moral cbar
a.-ter were aOBBa ted b? the s-'-test
constMution.il aaetheda to BU tba offl.*
of rtcaldini ot y.rw o that bb
would ailow him to retga ia peaea aa I
if the cle-tlon did not mUbthdl peace
betwaon tba aoatlli fai "n,1v "" l " *'l
.-ttaus w.cjld be lUWbta 10 ? - -'?'? fron*
the raapenolblllt) of Interventli
,, itora ord- r far li, **? Prawid* nl oXom
?oa danjanr- ahe la nrepared to
i,.,rt tha dul) alaetad Preaidenl '? | '
the means in her power, sh- aid DO
hound to take bla alde agalaai a'. par
Um wha "?'"! ta irrartbroa hlm. i? *
ome she ac. epted this daty, *** '
would be m fa.t. if not in name. an
Amerl.-an pBWtat t-'iate."
-Tn.* Dallj npraaaT atone, of thuf]
morning'.- papera, looba oa l*taaldenl
Wlbwn'a meoaaga la the Hgbf af an
glttmatam. li -1-*' ?
' pre.-'lde-nt Wilsons urgent rarniaff*
t,, Amarlcaa clUawaa rafMaal in m^*
Ico to leave that emantrs lituaaadlata
i. proof eitaough of tha aartoutaiaM '
tha situation Bw h waralnga ara aet
Bpokoa attJaaa there is laamadl i
danger ot war li la plaln tbat Waaa*
Ington means business MOSaM must
alther cUmh dowa or nghi lf iba daaa
tha formor aba admlta la Bffaei lha
Buwralnty of the uaKad Btatea; If tba
latter, aba m-y Iaat bar ladapaiadeaca
attogether, and modern Mexico aaaj ga
tna. was ol the othx r half of oM M**m
tea, which was aaaexed ajr the Ualted
Staies ifter the war slxt\ je.irs ago.'
-,;reat Rrltain has large interest*
snd much to lose by arar, but it la dlfaV
ciilt tO uiKiorstan.l how Brttlah B*
pathy .ould be otherwis. bostowfd
than on Lhe fnlted Btatea."
?The Daily Nvws" aaya that ll aaii
the K.uropcan powers do nel st.fTen
Huerta 0 bacb. President Wllson's 9**'
Icy Wlll prove as judiclous gfl W 1S
prudent .
The Daily 4'hionicle" sa>s.
outlook ls that the unpioinising jeUsB
of Waablngteo haa gbalalaaad and p i -
haps daatroyed what aaimad th.- beei
Chance of gettlng again in Mexico at
?n earlv date law and order and M
aaaurance of sUble business conditions.
There ls not a llttle danger that lluer-a
and the insurgen.s. each wlth .,?talcd
rcsourccs. ma> go on a kind of staU
mate confltct under conditions of ttV
,,-ea.ing tmtitmf. Prealdent WlMaa
ha9 no intention of a-tively interveu
jng. and there averybudy wlll agiaa hd
I. well adviaed, but hla proeent PoHO
seem. more likely to lnvolve M than
avert lt ln the long run.
?ln . few raara," aeys The DtW
Kxpress." in another connectfon. I. a
rnla-e of rea. e at the Hague w.ll M
remembered only as a great ****^\
of unintemled ..miKIsiu, o c?ia?rSS?
?Carneglea folly.' "

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