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Minister Gamboa Insists That
American President Is Mis
led in His Assertions
Regarding Republic.
Huerta's Title to Office and
Recognition Defended ana His
Withdrawal Not To Be Dis
cussed?Counter Pro
posals Submitted.
?iVaflhlngton, \"x 17, Mlntater Oarn*
- replj to th>- Amerlcan pi-oposais
submitted through John I.ind was dated
Auguel lf, flddtrflflflfld to Mr. I.ind and was
.,*? fl.ll.iXXX.
Sir: * ?n the Cth InflfU, pursuaat to
t- !*-praphio Instruotions from his goxern
n-.int. tiio chargt d'flffairefl ad lnternn of
the I'nited States of Atiix-rioa xerhally ln
i Manual Qana Aldape, then ln
?ffl of the I*epartment of Foreign Af
..f your espflflctfld anival m this re
; ubllc with a mlssion of peace. As fortu
I nelther then nor to-day has there
1 ;i state "f war between the -L'nltfd
>utes of Amerlca and the I'nited Mexl
can States. my goxernment was very mueh
surajrlflfld tO leara thal your mlssion near
Hald bfl rflffllTfld to as one of peace.
?'Thls brought forth the essentlal .-ondl
xxhi.h my govi rnment x-entured to
dfltmand in Its unnumbend note of th ?
ut ai]dr**ss.'U to tho at*or>?td ehaigd
d'affalree: Thal if you d<*> not see flt to
properly cstaMish your offl.ial . haraeter'
? Bojoom could not ba plflaatag tfl us
arcordlng tn the meanlng whlch dlplo
matle Uflflgfl g'ves to this word
Tortunatoly. from the first intervlew I
had the pleasuro to haxe xxith poa your
?haraeter as i-ontidentlal agent of your
Roxernment was fully estahllshed. Inaa
much as the letter you had the Ulndnesn
to show me. tbOUgh Impersonally ad
-,-d. was sign<*d by the Prcslxlent of
rjnitfld Btatflfl, for whom we entertnln
thfl highest respeet
"It ts not essentlal at thls time. Mr.
i -orifldeatlfll Agent. that I should reeall tho
x> hole of our first conxersati-n I wlll
Bay, bOflJrever, 'hat T found you to be a
xxrd informed man and nnlmnted by the
sincerest aiahtfl that the unfortunate ten
i-inn of th** present relatlons between your
c'.xernment and mlne should reach a
?irompt and satisfa<*tnry aolutlon.
?'PurlniT our semnd Intervlew. whlch.
like the first one of the 14th Inst.. was
held at my prlvate (word omittedl. you
Hl aft-r all lntent, hoaflflt anl frank
eschaitgfl of oplnion concernlng the attl
? :.i*-s of our respcetlve governmenta,
whlch did not lead ua to any deeislon. to
dflltver to me the note oontalning the ln
structions fltofl s1fn?ed by the President
of the Unltfld Stat.s
?Tnily authorized by th*- President of
th** nepublle, pursuant fo the unanim" :s
Soaal Of the I'abtnet. whlch was OBB*
: for thfl purpOflfl, I hav the honor
.ke a detalled reply to such lnstruc
"The government flf Mexico has pald
*lue attentlon to tho ad\l.*e anl oor.slder
? ?d by the government of
Ihfl United States: has done this on flC
? ,,f three principal reaflfliai: Wrflt
Hflfl, ns Btatfld h'-fore. MflXtCfl enter
? ? . iifheat raflpad tor tn" pereea*
ality of Hlfl i;.\''*ll*n. f Wr.odrow Wilson;
? :, bflCaUflfl certain Kuropean and
Amerlcan governmer.ts. wlth whirh Mflfl*
Itleatflfl thi eleaei r**iations of in
t'tnatlona! annty. having in a most dell
?reaVflCtfUl way. highly gratlfylng to
? made us*- of thelr Rood offln-s to the
i | that Mflxlee "should flecord you a
hflflUlng, Inasmueh as you were th*- bflarsr
pnaatfl mlflflloa from tha President o'
Unlted Stat.-s. and, third. because
0 ?raa aiixious, not so mueh to Jus
||B attitude hefore the Inhahltants of
I republic in the present em-rger.cy. the
? majotrlty "f whom. and by m-ans
ni imrosin*- and orderly mantfestattons.
have -dgnffled thelr adhrsion an'i ap
rrovai, as to dflfltonatratfl in every traj
the jur-tlce of its causo.
"The imputation containfld in the
t.rst paragraph of your mfltructiona
that no progreflfl has been made toward
eitabliahing in tho capital of Mexico
-. qovflrnment that may enjoy the re?
speet and obodience of the Mexican
people i? unfounded.
"In rontradlct.on with thelr gross 1m
jutatlon. which ls not supported by any
nofl prlndpfllly bflCaUflfl there are none.
gordfl me pleafloia to rflfer, Mr. Con
?t.-.l Agent, to the followlng toctfl,
v blch abound Ifl *\ lder.< e and whlch to 'i
ertflifl CXtenl must be known to ; ou by
| ..'.si rx atlon.
Tho Mexican Repub'.ic. Mr. < onfldentlal
Agent, Ifl forme*l by twonty-sev.n states,
umtories and one federal dlstrlct,
ln which the supreme power of the
b.ic has Its seat Of these txxenty
x m Btatea alghtean of them. thfl three
? -r.to.ies. and the federal dlfltrict 'mak
| a total txventx-two polltleal entlties)
mder the absolute control of the
MM lOTfl -rrim.-nt. which. aside frotn
- ? flbOTfl, cxerelses its authority oxer
almost every port ln the republic. and
conatqaantly aaer the euatom housea
. re.n establlflhed. Its aouthern fron
|fl op. n aad at peace. Moreover. my
gOVtarantent has an army of Mi.000 men In
? . fi.].] with Bfl Othflfl purpose than to
Inaurfl <-oT..|.l. tc peace ln the rapul tte,
tlie only national asplratlon an*1 solemti
I romlae flf tho present Provlslonal Preal
The above is sufflcient to exclude any
| that my K<)><riiment ls worthy of
the respeet and obedlenee of the Mexican
. thfl latter's consWleration
hflfl been gatofld at the cost of the great
*at Bacrttkfl and In splte of the mo?t
- N Influcncefl.
M- BflrtrertUnant fails Ifl undcrstand
xx iiat the government of the Unltfld
.Sutes of Aineri*-a means by aaying that
lt Oois not flnd lUelf in the sarnc case
xxith referenee to the other nations of
the earth loncerning what ls liuppenlng
and Ih llkely to happen in Mexico. The
".iiditions of Mflfl-tOO at the. present
time ar<- unfortunately nelther doubtful
nor seerft; it la affllcted wlth an ln
ternal strif*: whl* h l.us been raglng al?
most thr*/. years. and whlch I <an only
elassify in thflflfl MflNM as a fundamental
inistake with refflranefl ta -?.hHt mlght
bappflfl hfl M'Xl.o nelther you, Mr. i'on
bdfl ntal Agent. nor I. nor any one e.lse,
can piogiiostliat. . bflOflUflfl no assertlon
Is poaalblfl on iiicidents wlth ti have not
o. urnu
?'Va Ihe other hand. my govcniiii'-ut
freatly appreciates the good offlces ten
dered to lt b> the government of the
I'nited fUates of Ainerica. ln the present
circumstances: it recoanlzes that they
are insplred by the noble deslre to act
as a friend. as w-4-11 as by the wlshes of
all the other governments, which ex
pect the I'n.tes States to act as Mexlco's
nearest friend.
"But if such good offices are to be
of the character of thoae now tenderaid
to us we ahould have to decline them
in the moat categorical and definite
"IlUUUnuch as the government of tho
1'nites Btgtaa is willing to act in the
moat disintcrested frit-ndshlp, it will be
dlftii u!t for It to flnd a more propltious
OPPOItUnlty than tha following: If t
should only watch that no materlal and
monetary asslstaiu a is glven to rebels
w ho flnd rcfuge. conspire and provida
themaelvea wlth arms and food on the
other sidi of the border; lf It should de?
mand from its minor and local authorl
n.s tiie Btrtctoet obaervanoa of the neu
trality laws. 1 assure you, Mr. <'onfl
dentai Agent, thal the complete paelfl<*a
tion of this republic WOUM be accomp
Hshed wtthln.s relativaly short time.
"i Intentlonally abetatn from replyrng
to thr allusiori that It Im the PUTPOM of
| ? I'nited States of Ainerica t.. BhOW
tiie greateel ratepect for the sosrerelanty
and Independenca of Mexico, because
Mr. I ouiitlt ntlal A>;ent, there are mat
ters which not even from the atand
polnl of the Idea '.tseif could ba glven
an answer ln writing
"His Bxcellenc) Mr. Wllaan la labor
in^ iM-.der a serlous dejuslon winn bn de
clarrs that the present sttUXtlon of Mex?
ico is Ineoaipatll la with the compllanca
of her inta-rnatlonal ohllgations. wlth the
development of Its o\\ n civlllzat'or. and
with the reejutred matatananee of eertaJn
polltleal and econnnilcai eotidltlons toler
j abie ln e'entral Amerl. a. Strongly baek
Ing that there ls a mlstake. beasaUOB tO
this date m> charaee has been made l.y any
| foreign governmeni aca**uebig us of tba
above lack r.f corapllance; we are punrt
uall>' meetlmr all of < ar cretllts. wa ara
stiii matatalnlng dlploreatk mtaateoa cord
lally accepted In almost all the countrlcs
Of 'he world. and wa contlnue to be In
I vited to h11 kintls of internatlonal con
1 Kresses ami ct.nft-ra-nces.
"Wlth retard to our Interior develop
' ment. the follown; proo' la a>ufflcl?-nt. to
! wlt, a contra^-t has Ju.^t been signeil wlth
j Belgian capltallsts which means to Mex
j ico the COnstrUCtlon e.f something like
i.,0|VI0 kilometres of railwav.
"In concluslon. we fall to see the evil
results. which are prejndict.il only to our
s-eive-s, felt ln Central Arnerlca by our
present doment!c war. In one thlng I do
agree with you, Mr. Confidential Agent.
and It ls that the whole of Arnerlca is
elamorlng for a prompt solutlon of our
dlsturb.inces, this befalg a very natural
sentiment '.f lt ls borne In mind that a
country whleh was prosperous only yes
terday has been sud.lenly raused to suf
fer great internal rnlsfortune.
"Coneequently, Mexico csnnot for one
moment take into conaideration the
four conditiona which Mia Excellency
Mr. Wilson has been pleaaed to propoae
through your honorable snd worthy
"I must give you the reasons for it:
An Immedlatc s.is;.< nslon of th>- stniggh
I ln Mexico, a defintte armlsttce 'solemnly
i constructed and scrupulously observed'
is not posslble. as to do this lt would le
mceasan that the-e .hould be aotne one
capable of proposlng it aithool causing
a profound oftence to clvlllzation, to the
many banelits. who under this or that
pretext Bfe maraudlnaT toward the aouth
and commltting the most outrage.vjs dap
redatlons; and I know of no count'y in
th? world, the Unlted States Inclutied.
which may have- ever dared to enter Into
aer.'-ment or to prope-se an armlstlce to
IndlvMoabi who, perhape, on ecceunt --f a
physlologi cal accldarnt nn be found all
0 er the world beyend the pale of tln
eJlvine and homan laws
"Bandita, Mr. Confidential Agent. are
not admitted to armietice: the first
j action againa* them ia one of correc
, tion, and when thie, unfortunately,
; fails, their lives must be severed for
the aake of the bioloqical and turid*
j mental principle that then uaeful
; sprouta anould grow and fructify.
"Wlth referen e to the rebela who atyla
| themselves 'Coiistitutioiiallata.,' one of the
, reprcsentatives of whom hai beea glven
] an ear by memhers of the Unlted Btati
Senate.. what could the-rc be mor.. gr.itl
fying to ls than lf. cor.vlnced of tl.e prec
ipite to which we are being draggeei by
the rcsentment of their defeat. ln a BtrO
mrnt of reactlon they would dt-pos- thelr
laiuor and add thelr ^trength to ours. so
that all tosether WB woulo undertake the
great and urgent task of natlonal recon
"Unfortunately. they do nol a\ail thtm
aelves of the am.ie.sty law anacted by the
provisioti'il Kovtmment Imniedlately after
its inauguration, but, on the contrary.
well known rebela huldlng electlve DOOl
I Uons in tho capital of the republic or
1 protUablc cmployment left thf OOUnttl
i without inoit-vta-.ion. notaitiMtgndlng tha
1 informat.on whicii the gbvawament bad
[that tln: were going to foretam lanata to
work at*airist its ,nt. i?.-.tn man/ of whom
have taken upon theinselvt-s the unfoit
unate task of e-xposlng the inystcri.s and
! inllriiiities from which we are BUlfaaing,
i the .same BX any other human congrega
' tions.
"Were we to aaree wlth them to the
'armlstice sugKested. we would, Ipso facto,
recaragalae their belllKeiency, and this Is
somethlng which cannot be done for many
reatons WblCn ? BAlMBt escape the par
spicacity of the government of the L'nite-d
states of Arnerlca, v bb h to this day, and
publldy, at leasi, has (iBBBBfl them as
rebels. just tiie- .sam- as we have. And It
ls an accepted dectiina tbat no araalstli e
Can be conceitt-d wlth rebels.
Tht- as-uraiue asked of my govern?
ment that it ahould promptly convene
fie-e electlons ls the most evtdent proof
and the most unee-ulvocal conceshion that
the gayvernmenl of the I'nited States cii
I elelers lt legallv and soli.lly ronstltuted.
and that lt .8 e.ierclslng, like all thoae of
ita elass. acts of such importance aa to
Indlcata the perfect dvtl operation of a
aorarelgn nation.
"Inasmuch us our !a?i alrcady pro
vlue such aesurance. there- is no fear that
tho latter may not be obaerved during
the tomlng ele-e tions, and, whlle the pr.-s
tnt govcrnm?nt is of a provlaional char?
acter. It wlll cedo its place to the definite
l-overnment which niay be elected by the
"The request that General Victoriano
Huerta should agree not to appear as
a candidate for the Presidency of j
i the republic in the eoming elections .
csnnot be taken into conaideration. be
oauee. aside from its strsngs snd un- |
warrsnted character, there is s risk I
that the eame might be inlerpreted ae
1 matter of personal dielike. Thia point;
can only be decided by Mexican publio
opinion when it may be expreased at
the poll*. j
? Tiie platadge that all partlea ahouhl ,
gAgrm b.-for. hand to the leaulta of the |
the tion aj*.d to OO.eperatB l" the most
/ti ? f a/a-rtONAu
loyal manner to support and organizi- thfl
new adinliilstration ls *BBtnethlng tfl hfl
tacMly BUPPOflfld flfld dfl slreri. and Ihfll
the .'XperletK-,* of xxhat thts intornal strlf>*
nv-ans to flfl In losa of llfe and the d*.
?tructlon of property arlll cauaa all <-on-,
tendlng poUtfcal ractJoria t.> abaae by Um
results. t.ut it xxould bfl I xt'-mpo-a-??
to make any assertlon in thls resp.et,
even by thfl moal eaperlencad eountrtaa
in civii mattera, Inaflmueh ;.s no ..n>- eaa
forflcast or f'Tesce the * rrors and fl?*
cessej arhlch men ara llkely to eonitnlt.
Bflpectally under tin Influenc. .-f polltleal
"Wt hflfltfl ii t-. fllgnjfy ?4'1"n
to the Unlted Btati
they agr-e from to-dfl) to l*?**?*OgnlSfl tlie
futur u hi.'n flTfl, thfl M< x;- afl p
may eleet to rule our dflfltlnlfli Ofl tht
other hand. xxe freetl) deplore thfl lajafl*
ent tenslon in our l-elflUona xxith xi.urj
co.int-> - t.-nsion arhleh bflfl been pro
dUCfld xxlthont MflXtCO havlng afforded tbfl
?llghtflfll cauaa therefor
"The legality of the qovernment of
General Huerta cannot be duputed.
"Arttck s5 of our polltleal confltltutlon
?? if at th< beglnnlna at ? conatltu-J
tlonal term nelther the Pr-sldt-nt nor thfl .
Vlofl Ti?Idfliit ilflctflrt preaenl th.
or If th.- fllfl 'tion had t.ot bflflfl n ii> Id I
th-, rf.viits thfltaof -I" lared by tne :tr?t !
of Heceml'.r. nex erlh-l* flfl, th<
erhflflfl t-nii iias expir.d xxill ce-ee m 8 *
functions. flnd thfl ?? raUry tai Keretgn
Affaln ahall Immadlatet) Uh? eharga oi
the exccutlve power Ifl thfl oapacity "I
Pre. laioi al Pn Btdent, and ll "?"* -ho-i'd
be no Se.-reury f...' Koretgll AfT-iiis OT if
he should b.- liuapa. itat.d. ti,.- Ptrefli
.hall devolve or ani et the other
B.cretari*-.. pursuant to tlie ..rd. r ptO
vi.l.i bv ti.e law aaflabliflhlna thalr num*
t?.r Ihe a,,, ,*? 11 r, a -ed 1 Ifl Bhflll bfl f"l
lowed when, ln "?? ?.' '?'?? ?*"*"lu,?
or tamaorary abflence of tb* Preridflnt
the Vlea-Prflflldent laiis to flppear. arhen
on leave. ef flbflence from his poat if he
ahould he dtflcharglng hla dutlafl, and
u,.,i, ln th.urfle '?' hlfl term thi abao
lat? abaence of both mnettonariflfl flflouia
"Now, then. the fa< ts flrhlch 0 ? .rrcd
ete the reUoartng: The i-eetgnaUoti of
1-T.n. lace I. Madera, eanflUtuttonfll Prafl*
d*nt and Joad Mnrlfl Plao Buarefl, ean*
?UtuUonal vi.-e-Pr. sidei.t,of the repuMlc
Thcflfl rfljaifl^mtlotu havlng been accepted,
Pedtro Uflenraln, Mmtstar far Foreign
Affair*. took .*har?*e by operaUoa flf Iaa
of tbfl x.i'Hi.t flxecuUvfl poarer, .vppalnt
lag as he iiad the power to do, OflW fll
Vletcrlana iiu.rta to tbfl toal of Mlnlflter
of th?- Interior.
"Ah Mr I.ascurnin BOOfl aft* i xx,, rd ,
?flfllgnfld, and as hlfl reslKiialion xxas Im-1
rnediateiy aceeptad by < ongrflM. ?J.-.er,i
Vl..t*.rlano Huerta took chfllgfl flf thfl)
, x*. utix-e poarer, also by flfl-tmUon tf law,,
xxith tha pro'-isloiial civiraeter and UBdflT
th? ...nstitutionai Dfl-flomlflfl aliaady com
;ii...i xxith to lisu.- a call tet si..-< ial elac
-As will be flflfln, the point of issue ifl
?xcluflively one of constitutional law, m
which no foraign nation, no mattflr how
powerful and reapectable it may bt,
should mediatfl in the lea?t.
Moreover, my govei -nmenl flflfflddflrfl
that at thfl rresent time the MoegattlOfl !
of the government et President Huerta
by that uf thfl I'nited Statt-fl of Am<-ri-ta
ls not toncarned. bwflmUCh as facta xxin. li
fllifll on thelr own flCCOUnt ar*- not. and
cannot be. auscptlble of recogiiltioii. Tbfl
only thing arhlch is belng dl* iiflflfld la n
?uapanafon of reiations aa abnormal and
wlthout r.-ason-abnurmul bflCflUflfl the
Ambaaeador af tbe Unlted states of
Amerlca. in hls high diplomat*.- liiveati
ture and appcarlrig as dflgfl of the tor. Ign
dlplematk earpfl a. credited to the K?\
oramflnt af Um republic oongraUUatfld
Qflncral HUflrta upon hla elexatlun to the
pi.sld.n'J. lontinued tfl * orrespond xxith
thls department by means of dlplomat.e
notes. and on hls departur.* left the tlrst
Beeretary of the embassy of the Unltfld
States of Am'-rica as charge ,1'afTaires ad
lnu-rlm, and ti..* latter COOtlaUflfl here ln
the free exerolse of his lunctlo.is; and
without r?-ason. because, I rflpent, xx, have
MH given thfl sllghtest pretext.
?The confldentlal aK-nt may bflliflVfl
that solely bexause of the slneere flfltflflm
in xxhich the peoole and the tfov.rn.nent
of the I'nited States flf Amerlca are held
by the people and government of Mexico,
and because of the coiiblderatlon whlch lt
hua for all frlendly nations (and aflge*
clally ln this case for those whlch have
offered their good offlcesl. my guv.-nimeiit
conseiited te take Into conslderatlon and
to answer as brlefly as the matter per
rr.its the representatlons of whlch you are
the b* arer Dtheixvl.se. it would have re
)?-, t.-d them ln medlately. be.-ause of thelr
hunillUtlng and unusual eharacter. hardly
admlssihle oven in a treaty of pea* e atter
a rictory, Inasmuch as lu a likfl- case any
nation which In lha leaal reepacta itsdf
WOllk do IlkeWis.
"it is bacauaa my governmeni has ?
IMenca In that when the justice of >,s
eauoe ta lecoiaddertd wtth aerenlty and
from < lofty point t.f vlew b) Ibe preaeat
nl of the Unlted gtaiea of Arner?
lca, whoae sense of laorallty and upright
rtesa are beyond question, that b- will
wlthdraw frmn his attitude and wlll rnn
trlbute t" lhe renewal of still Brmer baaea
for tha r.-iati.it." of alnoera fHeiradahlp and
4,-ot.d underatandlng fordbly Impoeed on
ua throughout th.lui ? ? - bj our iea>
graphlcai neamaa somelblng which notm
..f us change, even though wa aouM a
b) our mutual lnt< n sts and b] oar
!mmon aenaa of
proeperlty, wi far, ..' d i alturi ln regard
io wlii.h we i ' -'- to ackaiowtadga
thal V"'i .11 a ani i.,i>'.> al aad of ua
? w ni, -. -, ... to ti..- rlnal parl nl
th*. ii ? ? ol Preeldent v*. lleon,
-,. ic.ii i i. ^ to Ii ? I ida b. rewlfb, and
,?. ir Ifeslco ? an anggeat any
it tter wa) In which i friend
i.ip. serve the people of Mexico and
Uenal obllgatlona ?* are
.t. than willmj; t-> conslder 'he MlggeO
tion.' that fln.il purt . mus-s nn- to pTO
;?.-,. ii,. followlng aquall) decoroue ar
. ? . nt
"1. That our ambaasador be received
m Waah.ngton.
"2. That the United States of Ameri
ca aend ua a new amb-ssador without
previous conditions.
\i .i ., thla threati nlng and dtotraea
- ?? ? ? ? arlll hai - reaehed a happy
?:i. mention w lll not be made of
? .. iaes ? hli h mlghl rarrj ua, if the
tension ; ? ' kltOWl wh.it
IncaJculabta aatremltlaa f"r two peopla s
. ava the un bUgatloa to
i ontiaui i ? Ing frlea la, prui Idi <i, of
eouraa, thal thla frtamdshlp ka baaed upon
mutual reepect, whleh is ladlapanaabla
between Iwo soverelgn entltlea wbolly
aqoal befora laa and |uata i
"ln concluslon, pertnll me, Mr. <'onfl
dential Ageat, to reiterati te ou the aa*
?uraacea ol my perfeci cooslderatlon.
-,?.,,- for Foreign Affair- of tiie Ite
publlc "
Stowaways Fortify Themselves
Against Attack.
a/hea tha Royal Mail imer Oruba aaraa
m y?'stcrda: from (olon and the WeBt
Indles J g Rlgby, tha pirser. a.vii M. B.
Rudd, hla Boatatant, walked about the
deck DUrelng brulaed arms. the rt-sult of
a hard Bght with IWO I'anamana who
trled to get a fras i-i sagB lo New Vork.
As the OaTtlba wa.s abOUt tO w, lgh an
chor at Coion th.- pureer araa Infaraaad
thal two men bad locked tlvenaaalvaa tn
on.- Of tbe stat.ioi.uis ami h.i.J icfused t->
leave the ebti
Rlgby and Rudd knocked upon the do.>r
?nd demaaded 11?;?t ihe men ceaas out.
The OCanipantS of tha r.iotn replie.l thal
they arould aboot the lust maa who an
bOyad them
Rlgb) cllmbed UP OB the shouldere of
Rudd and, looklng Into the room thrnugh
tiie traneom, aaa t^o halfbreada atand*
nir,' aear tba door with drawn rarvotvara
Kigby then hurled hlmself against the
gOOr and jumpeil upon th.- mt n before
th.-;, COUM ni. Rudd follOWOd him and a
deaperate n^ht roUowed th.-ir eatraac*
Bl_ itewarda came to the raaeao af the
pureera, and tba men, bsutly beatan, wero
taken uahore and lOCked up ln a pollc-J
?tatlon at loion The purser and his as- j
?latnt weic badly bruiaad ui the en
? ? ?
Kentucky Marchesa Laraents
Her Choice of Foreigner.
DhafUatad wlth foreign noblemen,
tba Marchesa HogB San ('Irniano, for
merly Miss Vlrginia lloge, of Louls
vllle, Ky.. returncd yaatBnTdag from
Naples ln tha Cunard liner Ivernla to
seek In this country a separation from
lier husband. She had nothlng hut
harsh thlng- to aaj of the Kuropean
OObOlty and declared that tldellty to
home was not ln Its code of honor.
"The foreign nobleman." she said,
"has no conception of the American
standards of matrimony. and an Amer?
ican girl wlll flnd It hard to reconclle
herself to a husband who professes to
love her and maintaln another domiclle
at the same tlme.
"The- American husband may drink.
hut the Amerlean glrl can understand
this. The forelgner selelom drinks to
BlCiaaa. bat he cannot understand why
an American wife should protest when
ba apeaada half his tim?* ln the society
pf Other women. I am tired of it."
In Reply to Second Note Min?
ister Gamboa Resents the
Demand for Retirement.
Declares American President
Seems Not to Know That
Constitution Forbids Can
didacy of Huerta.
| Bj ' al-le to Thr Trihun-. |
Mexico Clty, Aug. 27. The moal im
portanl porttona of Iflnlater Gamboa'a
.se.-on.l note, whleh was ?ent tc. Mr.
Und yeaterday al Vera Crus, are those
la which lo- states that I'l.si.b-nt Hn
erta in prohlbtted bjr the- Mexican <"n
aUtutkn from belng a candldata for
the Praaldency al the forthcoming alec
tlonsv Tln note sayp:
?\\. entertalned tha beUef, in \ iew e.f
the extraonlinarv interest whkh tha
pfMldenl of the Unlted states ,,f
\m.rica has shown in our lnternal af
fair*. thal both ba nnd his government
would be appiiaed of tiu- precepta of
our constitution in -teetoral matters.
Unfortunately, we are compeUed ta
recogrdaa thal we were laborlng under
an error.
"ln effect, the amendment of Articles
fl and IM Ol the constitution, proTOUl
gated November 7, Itll, eontaln, among
Iother provtolone, the folowlng, viz.
that B Cablnel minister actlng BB pm
..isionai Preaidenl canitol be elected
either Presltbi.t or Vlce-President ft>r
nn eneulltg term. This pre.ept whhh
i permlt myeelf to tranacrlba for the
information of the governmeni of the
Unlted States ot Am.-rlca. inoapaH
tat"s the preaenl conatltutlonal ad in
tertm President fr-.m figurlnjr in the
forthcoming electtoM. and if !t had
been taken Into conaideration by his
racellency, Preaidenl WUea-an, before
iindertaklng to Impoaa on us the con?
dltlona In quaatlOtB, an.l whleh we can?
not admit, the present state of affalra
between us would have been obvlated
without detrlment f<> <>ur tiignity or to
the amour propre of tbe preaidenl of
the Unlted Btatea, 111 dngaged In this
trrnuiidless controvero>*.
?r.et it be underatood thal the atl
Intertm conatltutlonal President cannot
i,r elected either Presitient or Vlce
Preaidenl al tha alactlona eJready
called for October 26, becauae he is
forbldden hv our oarn laws. whkh nre
tha Bole arbiters of our deattnke, but
never becauaa e>f tba tadlcatlon, how?
ever frlendly or dladnteraated, of tho
Pr.sident of the Pnitetl States or of
any ..ther ruler, however pnwerful or
bowarer weak. aii being aqually re
?paetabla ln our estlmation."
"Altow me tO Bay that. us far. al any
rate, the President of th* l'nlte.1 States
la tha only peraon who has apokan of
the candldatura of the nd mterlm '<>"?
?UtuuonaJ Preaidenl .it the foTthcom
??* ekctlOM. Neith.-r the solemn dOC
laraUona of the said high runrttoitan
nor the sniallest of his a.ts. all of
which hava been dlre.-ted to brlnging
.,,.,?? complete paclfkatkn of tha re?
public Whkh ls the supreme national
aeptratlon. and whkh Ik- is re-...lvc! to
aehieve al all wata, warranta the sus
.,,,?,., ,,,,, aueh are blB purp-ses or
?-,. i. matter ef notorlety that thera
a. ,,... .?-?" I" ?ha country a
riagla newepapei a etnafe club. a
rtngl.r,o,..u..ti or B Blngk gTOUP
i,f private peratma thal bava
launched auch candldatutre on the tapts
or dlacuaaloo. What. then Is the ajoimd
tor the gratultoua suaaktoa of tna
Preatdenl ef tha Unltad Btatea and for
,,i, demand that the conetltutknal ad
Intarlo President. m rlea Of BUCh aue
.. ahall ...ntra.-t oMtaatlona never
Impoeed ur to the present on tbe g**nr>
ernmeni of any Bovarelgn nattonr
II artii i,e obeerved tbat ln reallty ma
lata, Qamboa m the foregatng rani
rjraph whlle malntalnlng htexkoa dig
n.tv glvea tl.e nao aseurances wMek
tbe american g??a/err*aieel bad regueat
,.,. thal Huerta arlll not be ? candldata
at the forthronilng electlon* and that the
eicctlons wlll be held In October.
Kin of Ice Company Head to
Figure in Divorce Case.
Mra Clara P/llbeba imltb. wboea bue
,,?,?, cbarlea B Bmlth. an art auetkneer,
H?ed h.-r f..r divorce aad nai.I Jamea R.
Gthnora presldnet of the tfhepperd Knapp
.'ompany. as i o.espondent retallat'd yee
terday aith a suit for divorce agalnat
gmlth The husband also BUOd CHImorO
'for aVrOoo damaaaa for me a>lleged aJbma
tion of bla wif. s affectlons. Mrs Smith
named ln her s,n, Mra MaW *T*****>
vira of lawirlaton r. L f>"^'"^
?,,,e of Hra tVeeley ht Oler, of uuh
mont wboaa baaband ta tbe preeMeat of
the Knlck.rbocker lee <'ompany.
Mrs gmlth says in her suit that her
buaband and Mra. P>nchon oecupled an
apartment at Na ? Waal Ifdth atreet
,, iw.-cn May and Aunuet aM ?ubea
i'laenlV'.'tbe-pbilntlff aWe. they. occu
^ehonbcai?^ the^r^S ?f bta wUe
S_ ' S Ith .tBy? for i.nporlltng th
?5SU!"af bta 8ttvcn.yoar-old daughter.
E^V7waa a ruld on the bui.galuw. an.l
Ur Pynchon charged that bta Uaugi.u-r
waa held a prtsoner ln the place occupled
r.tt h s wlf. and Smith. The Case WgM
UmlUcd Dorothy was too Iiystt-rlcal to
S:fy agalnat her mother Wittieaees
_f.i.l that tbey knew Mr*. Pynchon as
Mrs. Smith and that Smith ejulled htr hla
WSmlth began his suit for divorce last
IfZvHe saW thal 'da wife left hlm four
Vaaara ago and thal OUmore, who waa
much Intereeted ln her. gave her a place
with hi* carpi-t firm._
Dead Man One of Two Lost When
the Wyckoff Went Down.
The erew of a wrecklng tug, enseged
la?t night ln ralslng the ateam llghter
WyekOlf, whirh sank off UbSaTty Island
Mareh IS, f?und the body of one of the
two m?n reported mlsalng at the tlme of
the accldent
Ther.- waa no means of idcntlfying the
body Whkh waa taken to the MaahatUn
Mt,r|-ue by Patrolman Major, ot Harbor
A SQUad.
\h SXCePt tWO Of the erew were res
eued When tha Wyckoff was atruck and
aunk iv the ?teem.trawler Heroln*. The
twe m'iHHlng men are Albert lleyer, a
flreman, and James Jones. a cook.
(nntinaed from flmt p?ge.
llar routine ohara.terized all the d<
partmonts of tho government.
Mexixo's COUntflT polley has been well
understood for sexoral days, and ofli
clals Joln tn declflling that the attitudo
of the Unlted States will cause no
vhan-jo In tho Btand Mexico has taken.
For daya rumorfl bavfl beea curront
that t'erierul Huerta would resign * r
that be arould al leasl aecede to enougn
Of Washlngton's demands to lead to u
contlnuatlon of thfl nflgotlatkma A
Cabinet minister said this afternoon
that Huerta was determined not to i]Ult
offlee. and that the stimmotilng to the
eapital of Ofll oral Troviiio had nothinj*
to do with a changfl in tho Preslden.y.
Huerta .ij.pears to beliexe that the
paclflcattOU of tho oountry can yet bfl
aeeomplisho.1 by him. As a proof of
tha proKrcss already madfl in this * 1 i ?
rcctlnn the Department of War refers
tn tho l*eportfl "f federal vlotorles in
various parts. *.f the republic, and chir
aeterlzes the st..ri<-s ..f r-b.-l BUOttflaM
as ffljflehoodn Thfl adminlstratlon
jioints to th** aueceaaful repairing -f
...fl main Iiii" of tbe Nati.mal Railway,
and eapreflflflfl the hope that servi.o
win i?e reaumed aithln a few days.
ThM would havo been accomplished to
day, lt is said, had it not been for the
CUttlag of tho line yest**rday between
San l.uis Potosi and Saltlllo and the
bloaing up of a military train by .1
robal mlne.
Plans to Rane Monay.
Tho Minister of Klnatuo professes
falth in the liappy OUtCOflM of the
i.egotiatlonn with London or Kuropean
bankera in an effort to obtaln >20,000,
ihmi, but it is atacad fl*tntratt*" that
flVflO should this loan fall there re
mnlns as a last resort the po-isibllity
of raising money in Mexico through
IntTflflflfld taxes p'lid in advance. Thls
plan has b**en seriously discussed.
In an> Cflflfl, ih.- Mexican government
bellaVflfl that it can get the nmney ln
some manner to < arry Its campaign to
-i eonelufltan. and is incllned to r.gard
President \Vll?*>n's poliey in a ilght not
?iltogether unfavorable, slnee it will
result In the cuttlng ofl of supplles to
tho rabflla- a thing in whi<*h th?- MflX
Ican government has alxvays insisted
the Unttfld BtatOfl has heen lax.
Bo far us thfl protectlon of foreigners
is .op. orn-d. Mexico takes the position
that she wlll do all in her power to
jruarant'-o this. Tho refusal of the
Unlted States to pormlt arms and am?
munition to roa.h tho Mfl-XtCflU govern
ment through American sour*es will
imt. bo so sorious a bflndlOP to ('eneral
Huerta. as h>- has already begun tho
purchflflfl of BUpnllflfl from Japan. and
has long been reclvltig consignments
from Uermany nnd Bftfldn.
Daughter Says Moore's Use of
Fork Shows Mental 111.
|I-r->m The Trlbun-'s Cflriaflpfl-alflfllt]
htaekciBtaek, x. J. Aug. ::.--Henry
.;. Moore, xxho haa aron publlclty as an
aUtnony Jumper and M under $30,000
bail not to IflOVfl tho state pending a
settlement of his xxife's sult to ro.over
IS2.000, is flgaln in the Haekensack
Hospital. tl* xxas roloasod from jail
elghl dajrt -'.go and xxas tal<en to Mont
.lalr. He ls BUffering from a mental
and phyalcal break.ioxvn, and xxas
brought here at the suggestlon of the
llllnols Burety CompanT. ?* New Tork,
xvho are on his bond.
His daughter has made appllcatlon
for a i-ommission to lnqulre into hls
mental condition.
Moore, xxho ls slxty-three years old.
has an lliceme ?>f $3,000 a nmtith. The
daughter says n "Mrs. Helmont" has an
undue Influcncfl over him, and that he
la addlctfld fo drugs and tries to eat
sonp arlth a fork.
An ordor rcstraining him from slgn
Ing checks xxas Issued.
Woman Killed and Three Hurt
When Auto Hits Pole.
OflMWVfl. K. >'.. Aug. IT.?Miss Aima
Wollf. of N-wark. tt. V.. wa.- ki'led a!
moai Initaatly ln fln antoifloblM aeeid*-nt
on the Canndalgua Tumplaa, on.* raUa
weat of hrr*- this aftflrnoon.
The x-ar in xxhi.h Miflfl Wollf -xas itdmg
xxas ownul ind driv.-n I.y Mrs. O. E.
Srhumann. of Newark. Tlie eutomobllo
ran into a telephon** pole and was demol
Irhed. The other pa rflengera *<-ro the
Mlsses Madellne I.ake, Kmma Lake and
Nellle Olmstead. of N'.-w.irk, aii of xxliona
w**re reniox.-d to a hospital.
Stover CaUs Thera Menelik, Darfur,
Berber. Tona and Juba.
Throe hundred persons saw the nam
Intr "f rtve Uon eubs at the menagerie ln
Ce-itral I'ark yesterday afternoon Park
roinmissloner Stover. xxho named the
cubs. made a short speech. in which ho
remarked that the many names that had
been sent to him ln reply to a request
publlshed in the newspapers had not
proved very helpful, and that he had
flnally deeided to give the cubs Afrlcan
names afl the most appropriate.
Three of the cubfl are males, and are
named for three klngs, Mcnellk. Darfur
and Berber. The two females are to be
known afl Tona and Juba. after Afrlean
livers. _
Flour Dealers Take Action for Bene
flt of Their Creditors.
Willlam llflf mann & fo.. [aa, deaiem
ln bulbs, llower*. und plants at No. 30
Church atreet. asalgned yesterday for
the beneflt of creditors to Theodore M.
C'rlsp. of No s0 Broadway. The offloers
are Anna M. M. Hagemann, president;
W. n Schullze. secretary. The company
xxas incorporated in 1909.
Paul Kaae, former president of the
eompany. coinmltted sulclde AuKtist 19.
ln hls pockets were found letters and
cards givln* dlre. tlons for the diaposal
of hls body. ?>n one .ard he had xxrit
ten: "My name ia Paul Kose. Very or
dlnary ca?e." '
Effort to Give Civilians Work
Likely to Impair Efficiency
of Fleet.
Proposed Also to Install Com
plete Facilities for Shipbuild?
ing at Some Place on Atlantic
Coast Other than N. Y.
(I'roni The Tribune BurcdU. 1
Washington. Aug. "JT.?The Secretary
of the Navy in his first annual re?
port will urgo legislative sanctlon of
a poliey ho haa already adopted ln flo
far as he la empowerod and whlch
lnvolv.'s a reversal of the poliov of th?s
last adminlntration lookit g to the in
creaafld 'anVlettcy of the tieet atloat."
To the **nd that civillan employe8 of
naxy yards may enjoy increased em?
ployment Secretary Daniels has al*
ready issued Instruotions that all re
palrs whlch can be postponed shall be
deferred untll the ahlp reaehes tha
navy jard, lnstead of being made by
the offle.-rs and orexv while afloat.
In adoptlng thls poliey Mr. Daniels
is reje.-ting tho advice of practically all
his expert advlsers, who are convtnceoi
that ln time of war the efficiency of tha
fleet might largely depend on the ex?
perience of the personnel to rapldly
repair the datnage of battle without
running to a naxy yard. Under tho
edvtce of those exp*.*rts, the personnel
of the Amerlcan navy haa requlred a
facility ln making auch repaira enjoyed
by the personnel of no other navy ln
tho world.
Secretary Daniels also confemplatea
recommending tho installatlon, at aoma
navy yard other than at New York, fa?
cilities for complete shipbuilding, thla
step also being in opposltion to tha
?\dvlce of the naval experts. He would
provide the means of bulldlng a battle
ehip at such a yard in order that
there may be two plants on the Atlantlo
coaat, and possibly one on the raclfio
coast, where shipbuilding aa well aa
renovatlon and overhaullng may ba
It has been held that the facllitlee ot
Now York in thls partlcular were.
Bufficient, especially as some consldera
tion mlght profltably be given to tha
shipbuilding plants in order that they
might have a share of the government
work and bo be encouraged to maln
tain adequate ehips and retain expert
The proposltion probably wlll meet*
with approval of tho House and Senata
Naval Commlttees, only so far aa lt
favorably affects navy yards ln tha
distriets of Representatlves and Bena
tors on those commltteea. Naval offl
cers belleva that ehlpbulldlng should
bc done by contract, both because lt
is ? far more economlcal method ofi
constructing vessels, and because lt lai
an encouragement of the maintenance
of prlvate plants. whlch must largely
ho depended on ln tlme of war for,
repairing ships damaged ln battle and
for new and rapid constructlon.
The naval ofhYers inslst that much
of tho overhauling and renovatlon on,
board shlp should be done by the ahip'a.
force. thereby saving time and coat andi
Increaslng the efficiency of the offlcara
and crews to cope wlth emergenciea.
Thfl efficiency in this respeet of tbai
battleship fleet on Its clrcumnaxigatlng
cruise was a source of admlratlon and
amazement to the i.aval experU of
other nations.
Bids for Supplying Battleship
from Three Oompanies
' From 1 he Trlbun* Bureao 1
Washington, Aug. 27.?The Secretary flf"
the Naxy has dlscovered a world-wlda
armor plate trust. and he la golng to
hreak It up. or, at leaat, the Amerlcan
sectlon of It. lf he can.
When he opened bdls for armor plate.
bronze. speclal treatrnent steel and hol
low forginKS for Hattleshlp 39, whlch
is no**,' under way, he dlscovered that tha
MIdvale. Carnegie and Bethlehem Ste#l
eompanles all submitted Identical blda
down to the last .letall. which ls pre
elsely what they havo been doing for a
good many years and whi^h comprlses a
practics whlch Secretary Daniels conaid
ers wrong. and which ho purposea to
break up.
Mr. Daniels will see the representatlves
of the threo companies thls week. He Ifl.
aa an offlelal fltatement ?ay?. "deslroua of
|< arnlng from each by what prooess of
mental telepathy they arrlxod at the
identical flRures in thelr blds."
When asked this afternoon lf lt would
br pussible for thls government to go
abroad for armor plate, Mr. Daniels flald
that the law permltted lt. but that ther*.
BflflBflfld tfl be an understanding among
aimor plate makers every where about in
xadlng ea. h other's terrltory. So he does
not lx-ok for r.lief there. The aolutlon of
ti,e problem, Mr. Daniels tlnnks. la the
construetion by the government of an
! armor plate faetory of Its own. Thls he
has already recommended tfl I'ongreas.
I'.ut such actlon would not help Battle?
ship 33. whlch wlll need her armor In a
x.-ar, at the outslde. whlle it would take
two years to bultd an armor plate plant.
Ihe three x oteran companies had one
eompetltor in to-day's blddlng. lt was
the CflJrflflfl* Meel Company. of Pittsburgh.
vxhleh bi.l for stxty-one tons of speclal
itt.atment steel plates. The bid was an
even JH'O lower a ton than the oth. r
tluc ??..miMi'H'S- At the rate of the bids
aubmlttfld by Carnegie. Bethlehem and
IfJdvalfl the materlal bid on to-day wouid
Cflfll more than $4,000,000. Th.. Mdfl of
the three companies were Identical on all
six classes of materlal
The Now Vork Produec 1'xchange haa
started a I-ampalgn of protest against the
propoaed im|?ositton into the pending t.*
iff bill of one-tenth of one per cent a
pound duty on bananaa. A spe< ial eoin
mltte*- eonslsllng of C W Me* 'uteht-n,
flJeorge A. Zabrlskie. lt. A. Claybrook.
Kdwatd I*'. fclgney ami II My. r Bogcit
has charge of the campaii'n. The eom?
mlttee has sent a mcmonal to Uulied
,-i.iir Senator Huot.

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