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Shows Well in Winning Six
Furlong Race, Beating
a Fast Field.
Takes Measure of Donald Mac
Donald in Fast Time?Dr.
Duenner Wins at Sara?
toga Meeting.
[?fvr.iii a 84eB CBftaaapenalenB of The Tribune.]
Paratega Bprlnga N. y.. Aug.
fbrnm, aon of Voter and Harpsu-hord,
proved bis worthine-ss to start in the Fu
turity by ednnlng th.* '.ast race in a galtap
here this atteriioon. The distance araa
Ibfac quarttrt Ol a mile. and under a I
burden of IM pounds h<> took the track ln j
the flrst furlong, and, after Btandtng B ,
drive xxith ClifT Fleld ta the upper turn.
came on to an easy vlctory. He ro\e-, .1
the IblOa I|ll8ll888 In 1:l.->, ovor a tr,. k
that was still a trifle slow. and probably
could have gone a blt faster lf be had
had to run his best the last fattong.
Foruin is a good looker and b\-l
headed. but does not seem to poss?ss the
brllllant dash of early speed which be
long* to his stable companion, rennant.
and lf there was no Pennant the Whltney
entry would hardly he fnvorlto for the
big two-year-old race to be run on Kat
urday. Porum's opponents were nlne ln
number, and again he was the much
talked of hoice.
Armament and Scrappcr beat hlm away
from tha gatc and CUff Field mado bim
run hard ln the lpper turn. But after
fliff Field chueked it. abreast of the last
uxteenth pole. he experlenced no dlffl
culty ln whlpplng Armament, whkh came
again, and Miss Cavanagh.
The probable starters l'i the Futurity
with the Whltney to'.ts. Forum and Pen
nant, are August Relmont's Stromboli
and Tef> r.dum. J. X. Camden's lirlt.u
hum. E. R. Bradley's Black Toney. Rob
ert Paxies's Southern Mald, John W,
Schorr's Yandergrift and King McDowell
?al R T. Wilson s Xortherner.
Ca.*"uarina hurt a leg ln training yes
terday and is out of lt. Southern Maid. as
though to demonstrate that she ls rea-ly.
BMpped Bn furlongs in a fraction better
than 1*8. this morning before the going
h:id flried out murh.
The races to-df y were we'.l atten**' 1,
tbe 5take declded being the Amsterdnm
'. a da; h of one mile, for two
\ear-olds and ox er, and Riehard .'ar
inan's Klla Bryscn, running to her best!
tom, took the measure of her old !
tricmy of Belrnoit Park. Donald Mat- |
Donald, without difflculty.
She got her mile ln 1 '.29 3-;.. after hav?
lng led every Jurrp of the way, and, wlth
I'l-naid. aha defeated Planuna, Oolonel
Blach lord. Joe Diebold and EUng
ling. It must ba aald ln Donald Ma'
..;?.- defenc-e, boarener, that he bad
not raced for -more than three weeks, and
retumlng to the scale*. A lame
horse will not extend hlmself. The Am?
sterdnm goes bact pome years, and num
i >e Rterha Right Royal, Qrapp-ta,
Purslane. Mary Iavis and Xlmbus among
it* wlnners.
Alex Smith ('ochran*-'? post Boy. an
Racing at Saratc
irish faaeer, arhlch cost tbe Tarrytowe
Bportamaa aomethlng like |i8,080 last ain
ler, celebrated bis tirst appearanca on
aa Ameriran racetrack with colors up bx
defeetlng Belle and Bnntaklllen in .1
ateeplechaaa of two mib-s, which dtatam?*?
he eoeered in 4:84.
Post Boy had been BChOOted many tlmea
in publlc under tbe dlre.-tion of .'bai lea
r. Pettereon, and his Jumping had not
Impreaoed the exacting aharpa. He ap
peared ta i? too alon for tha American
fleld, b fauit aacrlbed to hla training for
poel and rall fencea and stone walls tn
Irelaad, hut there was nothlng aton about
hla fen.-ipg this afternoon.
In lightly?bis burden was 181 pounda
?he b. lped Bnntaklllen, xvho was better
ridden thia afternoon than he was tha
last time out. and, after besting tb.it
veteraa from Baltimore, eaally withstood
thi ' hall.-nge of B.llo. Tbe talent mar
velled at the tantancy of the handtcapper.
As 11 general thlni W. s Voeburg asks
utitried 'lejipeis" to pa. k 141 pounda the
first tlme.
Samuel Ross. of WllmltiKton, won his
first raee of the meeting wlth old Dr,
Imenner. Tbe DoctOf was In a mile
for platera of the three-and-up bridgadc,.
un-'er the suhstantlal burden of -\M
pounds, and there were those -who thought
that Stentor mlght beitt hlm. But Dr.
Puenner led from the start, wlnnlnr by
many lengtha, and tha beei stentor could
get was show money, I.ad of Langdon ln
terposing his bulk between hitn nnd tho
wnn. r.
latreoe, baarlng the popuiar Jacket of
John Sanford. repeated in tbe handl
< at> at th>.. -oiiHrters of a mile. Mie
caetiy outraa Bprmgtooard, Knights ldffer
Hewthorne, Btar -laamtM aad i**..ehares,
th.> last two named g.-Uing place and
show nion. y. Her tlme. 1 :11 4-8, was tb >
best of the dav. lslrose. n daughter of
Isidor and Ro. k ll"s? and a balf-sist.r
to the Canadian Derby winner of other
daya. F->rt HuntOT, 's th.- smarteat horse
if any gg? thi Sanfoids have shown thii
Satnu,l Hildreth scored hla tirst vlctory
for Atieust Belmont when Yjolet Ray
?',feated r. fleld of two-> .??ir-'.'ld sprintets
at Bra and n half furlongs Bhe was
ln front all the wm*. Delft brfnglng up
second, Anytimc third.
The special raee between Cork o' tbe
Walk and Rock Vlew. announced f'>r
Labor Day, if- off. Ban Hildreth Informed
Mr. Belmont this afternoon that it would
bo imposstbie to get Ti.., k Vb w ready.
Thonias McDowell lost bp death from
catarrhal fev.r to-day a DtagUhM three
year-old, eal.ed lioCorMa, Wbicb was
owned by W. 1.. Vn*i"ra. k. n. of Wlnnipeg.
Mt.'orkl.* w;>s a hlghly trled colt, and
McDowell rabd hun wlth the best
Empress Undefeated in the
Show Ring in America.
Ftaaa J. HeOborn'a Bmaeaae, probably
the flneet Boeton terrler eeer ahoam in
Ainerica, died -.n Augual 87 after an
nineM of a few daya Her death was
. aused by meningitls.
Th>* Bmpraau created a furor at the
recent specialty shoxv of the Boston Ter
rier Club at th. Hotel McAlptn, where
she won tbe Bpeetal for the Iw-st of the
bfOOd. defeatlng Mrs. Pallen's Sensation
The Bmpreaa waa wlthln one point of her
ChamptaneMp and never had been de?
Tbe Auto Bolo AaaoclatloB of Arnerlca
win hold a tourhmeal at the Oarden
grounda, beglnning to-morrow and 0OI
tin.ilng on Be] '? I ? ar 1. * and fi. All the
gamea wlll ba gorerned l?y the aet ol
rulea reoeatly drawa 1 p bj Baafl <;rant.
the lnt-rnational authority on horse polo.
Full Summary of Racing
at Saratoga Springs Track
F7RRT KACK?SeUtTtg: for two-vear-old flllle?; *i'<ft a-Med Phre nnd ona-helf f
?S'art irxvt Wen ridden out, plac-e drlvlng. Wlnner. br. f. h\ Bo-A * ..!????
Tlme. 1481-8. Owner. Auf-us' He'mont. Trali.er, <= IV Hl.d
VlaHet Ray..
Delft .
ChanamM .
Aunt Va.nle
B1;1ct Way.
Baaa tt io loa
Y W -*
fl 1(? ."?
p ioal 4
? i.n ?
4 107 'J
a ino io
1 '"1 3
? 84 8
4 *a
I %
|Open High Last.
Avtdtty T.eairill.
Mft -wea baet; off ba-.iv. abo wea peaketed en tha n" all tt.r--.iigt-, the itreteb. vtoia
R?y iboveal good bpee-i. btn araa eotag ber beat al lhe e-ri Aajr-Uaae run i ?r .k i
8F<"nvri 'tA'T. BTBBnjKHABa WAKDICAP; fer threa m u oMi e upwwd; BM
??V->1 A?-nut 'wo miles. Start r'"^ ^'<n e*M\\y. plac* rtrtdar, out Wlnner, b. s_. BJ
Time, 4:24 uwner, Al a\*.h--er Bmlth OoehraUM. Iraln'-'.l T.-ir. r,er
I ?**lnB -
lVi Btr. fln ' yawJWT J_ap?a HlgV t.aet
gte gtl ]? !?? l?a IAllen .
.?:?'', a'" 3" 2- 9* Kermath
PH 1% F '-4 ?',:* a1* riowaer . 14
4 4 4 14 l'-ttti JO
p^-.ltr ! Bryanl 7
Pr*. fS-,.
' aji82 .*?
T+\\a . .' aj'j4? 1
?TflnlaWVen . .1 BIlBfi 2
r\n\*hd Ta.,v? I 81188 1
RorV Ahhar . I 1 142 I
1 2
.1 .-.
?Po.t 7:. ., . . weiKht-a. raeed rtifrtlllen Into aatalaeton la en- tera af tke
mm*a ... rir,. ,-n.v eaall-. nt th. er t Ko3? All t? belted arnun-l the Inn. vlog o! tha
elubhixia*-* llver-o-.l UM flrst 'um ef tB4 fleld.
,,.rl (,r,e mile Str.rtcoo'l W?l *??kI1v. Blaee r-nrn--. XX, tniie., Cb WI.. bv Juvem.l
rfeaa. Tim?. 1:888-0. ^?*r an-1 trataer, B W n?"n?'1 _
? -
Txma d MaeTVM <*l MW
< 0|r.i>: I rvr.y 1 * '..
J<,? I >?>V?:r) . ' ?
Bf-tglli c ' 1'lfti
riawn a 4 111
? 2 10C
St. ^ ?. str lin. _ Je ' <??
I %
4'" 3'
8'H i
?S ??
8? 8*
7 T
.1 MT's.-.t
Mnrtlti ,...
Hutwell ..."
Tin\ )an . . . ..
XXV. r,l.
Bvrne .
>.? . .
',? ? B.t.lnr
. -|.r n 1'lrt, 1-nat
rt "f. :? i ??
.; .*, 2
? V 1
i -? 1 :
Wla Rn-nrn, a*. e?*?i'v l.oat anrl n.ra'e a ****** her eenir-an-.
i.r.i nt tha othen Cm\ono\ Cook fl.il^tirrj ^!;h gpet) eouinR,*
li'inulft Ma' Ii .n.-il'l wai
l'it. t'ln-e *u
- . r
8t*4. J??mln-?
r .
*'r.r, r.r
Knla-hta fllffer
HaiirMcaa: tor nii agea; *.v*i ad4e<1
ie Wlnner, h. t. hv laMor k<*< 8
Trelner, ff. I. >t; "
S!t fjrlorea llnrl
rtone. Tlme, 112 4
,..! xx*.,11 art*.
? iwpet, Murrl
Ol^n Ulcb I.??t P
v. : r. ;
7 ?'?
1 2
,f"ti? >.a' furloi.c. uh.-re le ?a? buini'-.l outof It t,y laOOOt
ftrrn M. (lir fou- >enr..!'N B84 u; .war.r 8a * f; atMed
Wr? .-,.||i i.iK.e *nui?. XX inii?*r. cb a, ''* ? l'i ire .- ?f M< ll-.-urne
Trelner, xx BtbbBb, _
I m, nHle BlBfl K'?' I.
It .walr Tlme. 1:401 S
la. Dnenn-M*
: . 1
:i> 'i<
I ? ' | r
1* l.llwetl
I' M..*i,l,e .
??' T MrT'r"'
4? .(?,>
.'?? XmbrfHr* .
?'. IDe-aajH
I- t'.ric
!rM.? n Hlak. !.??t
lt .*?
8 f.
s .*.
1 2
1 I
I'r Dtiennei we- mueb lh* beei nrvl meM a rnava ot bta mmt.nnv I-aarl # TahaJlB ran
f-.x-tu p^r?l?? p-armeManB hra raa?eel?i 8808 ?.! . i six mmrmm s,n'', Jj
.,ui pla.e Brlvlng Wtnnei ri r.. b Voifi Itarpek-herd. nwa umi
?* M T* Whltnei Tralner. Jiamn-a BoWB, _
Arni_ii,?nt . . .
"i*- ("avanaurh
? leni
'' 81 friawi
r* xv h
! 2 l'H. 8
'. lixt 1
.', Ki.-, 7
li. UMi 4
1 1<? 2
4 i<e ?*
t ion r,
r, nat; '..
.... kr-r
1 " !?.,..? '. :><
Oien Ulrli t_
pt. .t.i
i <?in[i|>.|! .
Mnr-ln _
ll.V". .
\t<?, iv .
i M T nrt
1 2
I Kt pei
y"er |j?W
ro: in, |,ft .ill.ri all IbroaiBh 'he luat fm i.iia: to arlB. Armament rar
'? " 9MA BBletaaaaj reulute.j*. MIm Cavanai-h eloeet ?>? Mg ??i' INm a t'?'J aaa?BBaSJ
:? I
1 '2
7 .'.
ArmMn.ent ran hla tmat
>ga & Football & Yachting
Army and Navy Fail to
Come to Terms on Game
Football Classic Will Mot Be
Played This Fall.
West Point Authorities Declare
That Franklin Field Is In
adequate to Demands.
V.'est Polnt. Aug. tt, "fflrlal announce?
ment was mntle by the Army Athletlc
? 'ouncll thla afternoon that there would
he no Army-Navy football game thla fall.
The Army will j.lay the Carlisle Indfan
gehool, instead of the Navy. ut Weat
i'oli't on November ?
'The Army Athletlc Council ngrets to
atftt.-," reads the announcement, "that
after rnaklii*- every effort lt han t"-*en
unabie t*> agree with th.- Naval athletlc
Counctl upon tha lecatfon fot thi*. >tar*>
football naiMt- between the Military aad
Naval academlea. Whlle the army coun
dl gratcfuliy ap|>r.-> :at*-s the fdet that
tho Univ.rHity of Paaaa)Iraala baa ea*
tanded itself to tha Umtt in prorldlng ao
'?..i!iiii...iatii>!is, the demaada made upon
the Army Athletlc Cuuiixil have astiuiiied
propoftlona thnt mahe tha playing of the
name iifHin Pranhlln Flald Uupoaalbla
from an Army polnt of vlcw.
? In tha aeen b f"r a location -ahere
the game WouM ai-snm. the aspect of a
truly national BVent, the Army BUggeiUed
Strong Sentiment Expressed
for Mediation of Differences
on Football Contest.
i By Ttlcaraph to Tbfl TriVu. ? |
Atinapx.li.s, Aug ?L?Naval ..:? ?
are loath t.> t.. Have thi ? ,,:"ta
i that th.> athletlc authorltiea nt Wt st Polnl
hav*- dec: led to torogJO :..r--..i . ff.rt- !??
reach an agreaineal aa t- t ? playing "f
t ?? annual football game batwea
leams of t!.- two <-? rvh-e aeboola No au.-li
atatement baa beea re elved her<
th*-re is etrong h*.;"* that ? am l
>-et bo done lo na\. thfl gamfl v i on*
i. ip [x aplrit i" indleated b) the atata
inents ..f I'T il ..iti. -r . m i tf*Ot*i|
?. mada to hav. ih.- gam. played oa
November tt, ta a-rn.>;?.>d ll h i.t here
ttiat If tha noi ; lajad ti..?
li. may be di-- ontl for goo , '
has alwayi bet-n aome, aeatlment aKn.n-t
of 1 ..th
i... ;?? nanl Command. r ^ P P?lrtlel-J
aad Ueutenanl Rogei '.. lai whoarera
appil*it>-d t**> r*tirr*rr.t the Naval AcadeaBJ
;n tb>- naajatlatloaa, at* i,.,tii ,,n |eav? ;.t
pre.-. t,t, hut I.;- .?? ? >? ' l '?'? Plteh, ln
irge ..r eihtetl ?*. alated thal th< *
ragarded ti e >iate ol N rvi rnb
a- :*.-.-'i for ? gairn betwaan Ua twe
a. Bdemlei Ueutenanl Doui ' Haw
ard, haad ? oacl. eapreooBd ? almllar
ii. .aid thal he aaw no raaaon wl
ggtt ? tn. '.i < ool i nol ba n aehed foi I
y. ur's punif. '
Both Um Arm* ami Navj ebjeet lo the
aanall nomher of aaata allotted them ra
i ranhlla I ?? W, Phlladi Iphla, bul 11 i
Navy boMa that it la ftiM tlie mo't avall
abie location. Thfl Army waata tha |
ln New Vork nr to Hlt<*riiat?* between
Weat Polnl and Annapolla it la fall
thiu Near Vork la to.. tar from Annapoll
and thal Hm hon tt ot tha taro Inatltui
eould noi propi a< oomm rd itn
crowd that WOUld att. nd,
tVaahlngton, Aug ! Dn plta the an*
, ouncemenl from Weat Polnl thai I ?
Army football laam thla year wouM play
th*- Carllalfl Indiana Inatead of Annapolla
,,., November tt, An ? and Kavy man
. | ., i ihe opteloa lo-.i.iv that
?ome meana \*-t xx.,ui.i ba found >>f brlng
log |h( aervtoe team lagether oa tha
-rrldlron thh fall
Artangemeata for tha gama are In the
handa ol tha athletlc aaaoctatlaa eom
mltteea repreaentteg thi two branchea <>t
thi a.-rvic. nona oi whom are ln thla
, ity, but ll waa aald Influi nea doul
i ba broogbt to baar whlch migbt
raeuH in a aettlemenl ol theti dlffatraneea
retarj Danlala aald he did aot know
whether ba had uic say tn the mattei
,?? not and thal untll b? bad found oul
jiint what w..s his relatien ta thr- athletti
,? . ,. QUld make no ."niiii? nl.
_i-e -
American Player Not in Best
Form in Tourney.
F. J. Ifarahall, Unlted Matea ehamaten,
v.-.s baataa by O. i>uran. of Prague, In
in. Rrai round ot the qaadraagnlar ehaai
meateta1 tournainanl al tha Pragn
Chaaa Club yaoterdaj morning. Duraa,
vith tha whlti ptaaaa la ? aaaaa'a Rambit
deelined, **"" th. c;,mo ???'trr thlrtv****
rnovaa, HarehaU faiiing to ?h..w inywhai
near hls boat fOCBB
Ifarahall'a alaventb owva was a blun*
der, cistim; a paurn, Larl he aleeted to
?.ixe up hla quaan for a ro..k and 1 knlght
Tbctreafter tha Unlted gtataa i*hamp4on
ma.ie aoma aart et raalatanra, bat tha outa
,,,??. Wil- practicallj a hnaguaa eoadu*
Tha gaoaa batweea Jaffe i.n>i Chajea
waa Int.r.stliiK. th** form.-r pla.xii.K the
QQM-I'a pawn gama OB the el.-v.-nth
movfl JaaT( ama a anwa, bul taro movaa
later bla oapaaanl bn.ught aa coaanllca*
ttooa arlth tha aaerMea of ? knlght for
two pnwna Jatta waa aear ? flaatteg net
but parrifl-d . l.-verly and rscaped Chajad
wn a p"**" f'.'' th<* thiry-a.-'?""i raere,
Whlch 'ittfe recovered on th<- forty-fotirtb.
The eiding raojulrad eareful play oa both
fljtdaa, end after tifty-.-ight moveu a draa
whk record'd
nnhar.i Warburg *?;??? ehoaaa as ref
rrl ,,f tha tournament, an.l a time Hanii
?f thlrty ******* '"* *he "r*t ,wo *mn
?nd Bfteen movaa aa hour tiVreafter was
_traad upon.
Th- f-llowlng 1- the palring for tbe
,(malnlng lUBBflo:
goeond n.u.id, Jaffe va. Duraa, Cftajaa
.- MaiFhall; tblrd rouml. I'uras xs
Chajaa Maiaaall va laifai fourth round,
Merahall va Daama. i-hajes va jaffe;
Mth round, ******* '? Ji,ff-- **ht***h**n**>
btaajaa, aad aixth reuad, rhagea ra Du-1
fgg\ .laff*- r* Harahall, .
owing M the npproa.h of the hollday |
lha aeeead raaaal ?ral poalfiBil untu
p.-xt Wadaaaday
the Polo Grounds. ln New York. Thla
propt.sltlon did not meet wlth the ?p
proval of the Navy authorltiea, however.
' The Army authorltlen. feelltiK that mme
tl.e game COUld not be glven thla natlonal
aape.t anywhere elae, preferred that it
be retunie.i to where it was orlKlnally
played, upon home grounda
"It was oniy after the Naxal authori
tlea failed to agree to play upon the Folo
Orounda, al Waal Petol or Aanapolta
that the army eounell foun?l ltself 8008
pellOd to turn to the only other govarn
, ment limtltutlon for ? game that would
prore a iitt;nB eUmna to the Army'8 Ceotc
! hall BOheduta. The Army'B oppOnettt In
thla year's champ'onnhlp gama will be
, the team 6*888 the Carlisle Indian
Bi hool Tha game will he played at
j West Folut on Novemler ??"
! The Pasuuyt-vanlu aatberltlea this >ear
offfred mch hUU* 11.500 scata. a total of
. . of the B-a-eBB availal.le at l'ranklln
Fi. ,,l HeretOfOre each Bide has reeelxed
ttjttt, The athletic authorltiea of the
Barreratti d< elnred lhal they could not
gtre more seats than had been offered
beeauea they mual take care el their
coatraet oMLfattona, **hich pro-etde lhal
' everv member of Pennsylvanla'a athletic
?g-ooetation hat. a rttrht to pnrahnaa tuk
0tg for Pranaltn fi.ui. arhtah la eee>
, trolle.l hy th< atliletle amuiciation.
Penneytvanla derrred no flnaneiai beae
J Bt frorn tlM sale of her nhare of tl.ketn.
the proeeeda golag to tbe Army and
1 nhw reii.-f funda, after deduetlas the
.-x;.. :.*-? 8 "f the Katne.
( ..Mlnued from Tlraat pa?r.
"Lencth '?" load nrater Une, 76 feet
"Kiir. .-iitter.
"Tho t'ii?-tom House meaanrement
W|U lolloxx ara BOOB ii" tbe 888081 CM
bu meaaured for regtatratlon.
"I shall he mUCh obllffed II >"U Bill
cabla th.* ie -iii of thla ehallenge.
"Honorary Becretary, l'>">ui Ulater
Ya. hl I'lul'.'
75-foot Offers Refuted.
Before the recelpl of thla .?iiaikngn
two other ehallengea were .-ent te the
x ? club. The Brai araa
. .. . .ti March ?'? and "a* deellaed on
March 18. Tbe aet ond ehalli nge of this
gerh i ? atna on Man h -''? Thla xx..
cllned "ti March 24.
ti.. oi.j.. ti' n to both ol theaa chal
? ra thal the ehallenger nishid
UM N. a Vork Va' ht ?*lut, ta agreo t<y
bn xxith g ya. ht tiot 8XC.Ung
:. x-eritx-rixe f.-et on th.* load weterllne
Thla lhe defendlm club refuaed abeo
lutel) to do, and ;t \--h-- nol untll i b
DIM ..t.dltl.'t.al eiiallenjre WU8 a**nt t'.it
th. ddered ? t
it waa Ihen lhal an A-nertca'a Cnp
committee, as la olher yeare, waa ap?
polnted to coodud tba negottatl. aa,
, wh* h Bnally reeuKed in tba ? ept?
t :,n . of tha ehallenfe.
Th.- datea aai lee 'he racea, whleh
nr.* to ba tbe beat three out of flx.. ,*.r.
aa , lt.il in tiie ? hall-iik-e. The < ondl
tlnns ijuallfy the da'.e*. bowevar, by
aayin? tbal "tbe ?ml r;" ? ?M,"lU ?'"
i Thuraday, Beptember 1<?. 1011,
unleea the Bbamroch IV ahould be de
talned bj atreaa oi areather ot other
oauae, la which oaaa three hreeka ahall
he glven h.r f?r Bttlng OUl aft-r h**r
arrival; bul the first race ahall nol ba
Btarted later than Beptember IT, 1814,
and tba racea ahall ba aalled r.n Tbura
daya, Baturdajra ami Tunadaya nntil
Nothlng i.-i anld ln lhe condltlona
about towlng tba Bbamroch iv acroaa
tbe Atlatitlr. as was done in tbe CBS8 <t
sir Thomaa Upton'a other challengera,
?o it la preeumed thera xxiii he no oi.
JOCtlon ou th.it .s'..re lix Ibe New "lork
iael.t < 'lul..
Th' deed ot flfl fH>? thal veaaela ae
I laeted to competa for the i up mual pro
leeed under aall, on their own bottoma,
! to thi i "rt whera the eentaal ls to tak?
place, Bol na tbat vxas walved before
under Ibe "mutual cotment** clauee, it
evid. ntiy has been walved again.
Ti i wlll ?'. th.* fourteentb raca for
tbe Amerlea'a Cup- the "Blue Rlbbon
of tbe Baaa" aad Ibe fourth tim.* thal
: s^ir Thomaa Ldpton baa trled to"iift"it.
.-?ir Tbonma Upton doubtleea aill he
Igratlfled tbal the New Torh FacbtClub
baa cow eded nrhal be haa most de
lalred over elnoa hla ehaltoftiga of lfco?
was dOCllned, and that ls Ita eonsent to
mce nnder tbe axaatini ajratem of
meaaur-emont, tlme allowanoa and rao
ing rulea aometblnB that u bnd nl
iraya decHned to J.. untii it re.-.-ivod a
forti.ai challengi
Tima Limit Extended.
There are few Importaml rhnnajag ln
tt.ndltiona frorn thona that gov
,-rne.l il..* last ra<e, in whkh tln* Sham
rock Hi "hd thp Ha-liame m?t, In |90a
-ih, coursea are af ihe aame tangtb- -
thirty mllea and of the mme charne
tor lo wlndward.or leeward and re
tutn, and BQUlhUaral triangles alter
n.it. i. Tbe time umit of a raoa has
baaa eatended fr..m tive to gla honra on
aceouui of lha anaallar alna of the
va. hts.
The dauaa whfc* B?ra that "neltber
ya.ht ahall Ht any tlme durlng the
racea deparl by more than on.--.iuart.-r
ol i per oentnm from the load wmter
Une length ln iBuneeabm ?? detar
mlned at tbe tirst otftciui meaanrement,
provlded, hoxxever. that the load water
llne lenKth <?f the challenglng veaael
8hi.ll never, ln any eaae. ex. eed th-?
sev,nty-flve feet BPOCMoi la th? chal
lenge." denoteB BOW I losely the BM8W
ur-i: ? nt rule wlll he enforetd in these
ra> ?*s.
Bpeaktag Bf the acceptan.e of the
cballenga la>t niglit. a member of the
N?*xx York Yacht l'lub aald:
?All this talk a.f the .lul) meeting
Sir Thomaa xxith a larger boat than
the on>* h* hrlnBB over ls tommyn.t. The
<lub nex'T had nny Bu.h Intentlon, al
tluugh the club was not otliged to tell
& Lawn T
thls to the challen-rer; so all hls fears
were without cau?<>. When the yachts
meet at the startln? line ln thelr first
race you wlll lind that they will be
practKally alike aa t<> rating."
Shamrock IV Soon Ready.
The Shamrfick IV. the keel of whlch. lt
Ifl ?Hld, v ill be lald wlthln a month, has
baan deaagaad i.y Chariao K. Nichoison, of
Oaagart Kni-'la.'id. and wlll be built In hla
yard. NtcbOtaoa has turned out several
fast yachts in the last three years. Sir
Thomas's yacht wlll be commanded by
W, P. Hurton, said to be one of the best
amateur skipp.rs ln Hritish watcrs. Str
Thomas probably will brlriK to New York
aa a trial boat hls present Shamrock,
with whlch ht- has been racing succeas
fully in Hritish waters.
It is well undcrstood h*-re that at least
four yachts of 75 f**ct WntorltM tOflgth
will be built by Indtvtduala ami synll
catao to enter tha allmtnatioa races to
ba hold next summ?*r for the honor of
(i'-fendlni- tlu- cup. Two yachts, lt ls un
deratood, Wlll bo built hy th*- Herreshoffs
-one from Gardner'fl desltcn, one from
t'lelow's. I'osslbly another may come
from the board of Theodore D. Wl 11s.
lioston also may enter th.- field. Th*r<>
is no doubt that ln a short tlme th
names of theaa who wlll furnish the capi?
tal to build will lt- mad.- publlc. lt is
said the syndlcat.- will ba hoadad by Cor
nelluo Vandarhtlt, furiuai wmmoditra of
tha Naw Vork Taeht Club,
Acceptance by Cable.
The toDOWloaJ eaMa m.ssag<- waa re
civeu on July ii* i.y locrotary Cuiiuarh
from the Royal Ilster Yacht Club:
"Sir Thomaa I.Ipton ls ptaOBad to not*
th: t )o-.i agrao to the laoreaeed Uma
llmit. Me assumes that th*- rcference to
vi.ur rlnht to build a <*>-t'oot d-'?fen.1. r doea
not Imply that this ls the lnt.ntion <>f
jour club, paitlCUlaiiy ln the fa*e >.f Sir
Tbomaa*a <>ff**r of May 15 t" build a W>
oot chailenger. a oontaal batwaea yachts
of aneojual "\/o would i?' wastefui uwi
bighly unsatisfax tory.
"Sir Thomas undfl rstands and appre
clates tbfl grounds un whlch tha Nt/W
Vork Taeht ?*iut? deatraa to heap allva tne
rlght to defend wlth a yacht of j-reattT
length than a Chailenger, but he Is con
trlnoed that a rlght nu oppoaet to th** baat
Intaroata of this Importanl international
ev*nt wlll not b*. axerdaed by your club.
and ln this Him beli.-f he has to-day ru
thorlood u*- t.< altfn unoonditlonally tho
agreernent whleh har* been recalvad. and
I,. .ks forward wlth beea pleaauro to a
contest in geptember, ini, between yachts
ti. .t xx iu be fairij matched.
"The eondltlona, duly atgnad i x- tba
eommlttaa, hav,- been poatad by Btoaiaor
Carmania, oalllng to-day."
To thls tti- N**xv rorll Va.' bl ''lub re
| 1. tt..-, under date of July
:;. iflt, ;n whlch it- rommlttea stated, ta
siibstanc**. that Blr Thomaa had no rlgl i
to aaaum. thal the elub would not build
a 90-foot yacht to meet hi:. TJ.-toot.-r, an.i
that lt COUld only a^c.-pt the Blglted
oondltiona. whleh bad baan returned to
lt, wtth tho dtatlncl underatandlng that.
..^ algncd th< >. iLudy all th. Bgree*
? aeen tba
r xx., ?
Clause Fully Appraciatad.
This was f.dlowcd -XuKUflt 12 by the IOI*
loeriag .!?:. DMaaagi to thfl Haw Vork
Va. ht -
"Vour Ltter of 31st ult r<cdved. Wo
-u'v our oahlfl July IS ha* gtrea rl >
t>. mloiiiiiloiglanaifH
"The coinJitions propoaod by yur oiub
wera r-r-cepted ani .i^-ricd by th>. Uoyai
Ulater tachl Club ?*??* -tti a full appreda
tii.n ot clauaa >"?! now amphaaiae, n.'ntif
ly. 'All t!;.- .a" Bd und*-: -t;ui>l
irgs between the tWO dubO are ?et forth
In tho forogotng anumeratlon of -ondi
tions.' '"
Aftei the *0. Bi| t Ol thls BJM -
maaling ol lha Amertea'a >'up Cooualtteo
?x.m i .,.:? i al wh b tha folloartag 11 ?
ti. Ti." Wfl re -Igned:
Condttlona to govern the racea for tha
Amertca'a i ap, ut.der th.* challanga of
tho Rayal I later Tachl Club, on behalf
of Sir Thomas J. I IptOtt, dated April ",
19KI, as agreed upon by thfl <.>nimlttees of
thfl New >..rk Tachl Club and RoyaJ
? ? lub
Number of ra- ? I
Th.- match t.. b? deddad by the best
tl.it of gva ra. ea,
t "niirsfs:
gtaitlng from Ami.'" " < haniiH l.Ight
I'irst ra.e -T? arlndward or laeward and
.*??,.,nd ra**e-K*iUlIateral trlangle.
Third i,i'? simiiar to grat raee.
V'icirth ra.-* Slmllar BO se<*?nd race.
Flfth ra* < glmllar to Brai ra. ???
Thfl Btarting Una ar,.l <->nipas.s bearlngfl
to bo announood aa aarly as practicabie
i,?d tho tug beartng th-* marka to be
atartad tan mlnutea prlor to the prcp.ir.v
tory algnal
in avarj eaaa the eaoraa from the Btart?
ing Im*- to be lald to wln.lwar.i. lf p?s
sii.i.-, from Ambroaa Channal ughtship.
Another Course Poafliblfl.
ln caa.x a cotirs*. as r.-.|Uir?>d by the
...t.lltlotis, cannot bo lald out from Am
bra.M ihannei Lightship. tha ragattt
eommlttat may prorld bobbo other suit
nMo starting polnt, and ln this eaaa. the
preparatory algnal wtU ba glren about
haif aa hour later than tho time named
t.-r Btarting from th- Hghtanlp.
Longth of eourtoa Tha eouraoo shaii be
aa ii*-arly aa posslble. thlrty nautlcal
mllea In i? ngth
Start?The starimg slgnal shall be given,
as neariy a.? praetleabla, at 11 I m. and
ihls time shall not bfl Bhongad except aa
l-'lrst By the regatta cotnmltt.-e. as de-|
acrlbOd tn the procadlag paragraph. for
ehanging tho startini,' polnt.
Ncond HT th* lagatta committee. ln
case of fog.
Thii.l By th*- regatta cmmlttee, lf, in j
th. Ir .ipinloii, the BpacO around the start?
ing line is n..t BuAdently oloar at the
tim. aj.polnt- d for the Btart
Fourth ln eaaa both yachts consent to j
a poatponoOBOnt, ta whlch case the re
Katta cnimitt.-e shall det-rmin*.. the tlme
nf thO start.
Klfth-ln cuse of reriouo accident to
.ith.-r rooaol as borotaaftor prorldod
HO race shall DO start-d later than six
bctura b?*fore Bunaot
glgnala The p**eparatory signai shall
h.- gtVOe tlft.en mliiutes before the start
lag algnal, an.i a warntng siKnai five min
ui,s ..f.,re the Btarting algnal. Iti case
of n change in the tlme ot sturtlni1 th>:
Baaaa algnahi shaii be used.
Starting Arrangemantfl.
At tha Btarting slgnal a yacht may
cross th*- line. The c\act tlni*> at whhh
elther yacht flmt crossea the line after the
starting slgnal durlnj*; the suceedlng two
mlnutea t<> b?* taken aa her atart. and the
end of that partod as the start of the
yaebl crosslng after Ita explratlon.
Tlme Mmit ? lf ln any race nelther
yacht goes ovir the course wlthln six
baaaa. aacluatra of thaa Bllearanea, such
race shall not count. and must be ie
galectlna th** Dafaader of the <*up.?
Tho chailenger shall b^ Informed at least
OnO w -k l.pf..re th? tiiat race what v.-ssel
|fl to dffend the < up.
New York Va-ht CtUb Rulea to Uovern.
mis & Boxing
?The ayatem of measurement, time al
lewaaoa and raclne rules of the Xew York
yacht l'lub, as the aame now exist, shall
Rovern lhe racea, except In an far as the
same may be lnronsist.nt wlth the pro
ibaona Bf this aKreement.
The rlauses of aald rules BpOCHtad In
Bcbedule "A." hereto annexed, shall not
Dates of Race*?The flrst ra00 shall be
salled on Thursday. Septemher 10, 1914.
Dnleaa lhe Shamrock IV should be de
| tal ned by stress of weat her or other ca'ise.
i ln which case three weeks shall be given
her for fltting out after her arrival, bui
the flrst ra.*e shall not ba started later
! than Septemher 17, 1814, and the races
shall be salled on Thursdays. Saturdays
and Tuesdays untll completed.
Postponements.?'f, In the opinion of
ti*- n^atta committee, the weather shall
at the time Bppolated for the start of
any race be or threaten to he of Biich
s.vere character as not to afford a rea?
sonable opportunity of fiilrly tistinr! tho
speed of the two vess-ls. the race may
ho postpotied, ln the dlscretlon of the re?
gatta committee, unless either conte^t'.nt
shall lnslst upon Its teltiK started.
Het.ated Haces. ?An unflnlshed ra< e of
on* kind shall ba repeated untll Batabed
Accidents.?iii In ca*-e a serlous acel
denl ocrurs to altl er vessel prior to the
pn peratory rlgnal, Bhe shaii have bb h
tlme, not excecdini' in any event (OUT
weeks, a-. the . omniittces representlni?
the txso cluhs shall ilet.-rmlr..- to be rea?
sonable, to efffect repalrs hefore beinta; re
'?ulr. d to nart; or, If auch accldent occur
durliiK a race, befOTB heing requlred to
.start ln the next mee; hut no such al
loweaea of time to repalr -ajhall permit of
any raee betag aalled after October H,
Disqualification Award.
(2) If either xessel he dtaqualifled ln any
race. such race shall be BWarded to the
other v.-ss.-i. whether lhe Bball complete
the oOUma xxithln the time Hmlt or not.
(3) If through the fault of either v.-sael
the other be destroyed or S" mar d as
to be taenpaMe of repalr, and Ibe latter
iban be free (rom toult, tho match ahall
Le awarded to her.
Repn *?*? i.tativ. B Ka> h cluh shall. by Its
Committee, name B representative who
preaenl at aii meaaurementa and
shall h.- '.n boerd th.> resael eantoetlag
on.hehalf of the other club d-irlng all
Manual Power- Mati'.al power only shall
ba used for xxorklntf the eeBBpettng vi-s
Meeauremeni ln order te aatahttBh the
load traterltne plane tl a conpetins yachta
shall i.e meeaured nith aii wetghta, dead
and attre, ob board (the erew -tmldahlpe)
which they Intend to earry duriner a roea
and the load waterBne tboreby determlned
shall he the beela Bf the established Igud
araterllna plana Waete or water tank-. if
<arrled. must be filled with water at the
tlme of BBeeaurement
The restrbtions of the New York TOt ht
Club rul.s a- to floors. bulkheads. xvater
tanaa and galley Bzturea and Btttnga to
.\ ed.
\,,t leea tl an aet - ',ire the first
race bntti reoeeta shaii ba docked for tha
'?onvenl, n?*e ef the nieBBIirer, to enable
hlm to take whaterer m.-asurements h?
may deem i
They shall remaln ln dock untll his
work is ooiapletod.
Nelther yaehl .<-haiI at any time durtni?
the races depart l.y more than one-mi.ir
ter of 1 ; - r ? QtUtn from tha load water
:.:.. '. agth ta Inuni ralon, a.*- deCermlnod
Bl the first offlcial meaeurement; pro
rlded, however, that tv,- load xa-.iteriine
lencth of the ehellengtng reeeel shall
n-nver ln any rn?" BITBOd the seventy-rtve
teoA npecitled in the cballenge.
I? either yacht ln any way increase her
spar meiisurements. as oftVlally taken,
she must obtata a. r* no-asiir, nv-nt by spe?
cial appalntmenl before the next ra.e, or,
falllng this, must report the alteratlon to
Um meaeurer at the cluhheuea b>* io
o'cloch i m. of the day before tta race
followlng such alteratlon, and must ar
ramro with him for romeeeureuient, atid,
if requlred, ba in the Frie Basta by 7
O'ekx k a. m. of the day of s.ii.l r.ire.
and ther.- remaln untll S o'rioeh a. ni , if
iry for purposes Of Inspection of
marks an.i remeaaurement
Ballast and Dead WoigHt.
lf alther yacht Bball take ln or remove
oi dead arelgbl ahe must notif>
? | 4- ut er and he at his dispositlon for
j atpei th'ii of marks or r-iiicasureiiatit, B8
a. ,\ - ii. acribed.
a meaaaraiment tak- n, as provided
ni?.vt- or under tiie raelng rulee, shaii bo
finui and nol be rabjeet to proteet by
, ithcr party.
In the event of the tneasurer belng un
able to obtalB a measureiiient xxhich ha
rooatdera aocurate before k race, a re
? aaaurecnent shaii ba taken as soon a-i
peealble uft.-r the ra.-e.
Marklag tha t.. \v. U->Dtot_Bet marks
shall be place-l at tbe L> W. L. at the'
how and as far uft as posslble on each
\ . SS.'l
Beepe of Agreasaeal AB the agrec
tiients and underatandlnga betareen the
two cluhs nr- srt forth iti the forcffohig
eii'itn.-ratlon of conditions.
Th.se conditions were algned in AtiKUst
on bahalf of the Nexv York Yacht Club hy
B majority of the Anieri.ca's .'up commit
t.*e, of xxhich Dallaa H. Pratl la chairman,
atnl un behalf of tho Etojml I'lster Yacht
<lub by a majority of that clubs conimit
t.e, ol xxhii h'l.ord Bhafteebury is chair?
The NaW Vork Yacht Cluh cointnlttee on
the Ameri'-a's Cup la made np of Iiallas
Bl Pratt. Lewta Ceaa Ladyard, B. i? Mor*
gaa, Oornellna Vanderbilt, Henry *?\ai
ters, . . Oliver Iselln. C l/ed>ard Hlalr,
tleorg.- V. Haker. Jr.. J. P. MorgBB, Ar
thur Curttaa James. \v. B, Duaeaa and
<;. A. t'ormack.
Th-' Hojul I'lster Yacht riub's commit?
tee OB the Amerlca's .'up ehallenge con
gtnto ot Lord Bbafteebnry, aoeaaMdore;
loionei Bhammn Crawf-ord, aleo commo
alore; J. C. Leppar, rear oommodore; Her
bert BrOWn, K. K. r.itl.rsoti. K. B> Work
tnan and il I* li-arrett.
Qnataae K- Tbnrhard. the mlddle states
lawn tennis champion, has l? en roundlmj
ti|. a number of the leadlng players of this
clty to compete ln the lnvltatlon tourna
u,.nt whleh wlll begin to-morrow on the
coui-js of th. HOByweed OoM l'lub, Deal.
N. J- ?>nl> BMB'a singles and doubles will
be declded.
The tournament committee ls eomposed
of Wllllam K. Anderson, Maurhe Brill,
Harry ('ontent Nelson W, .ireenhut, Kd
niond A. (^uggenheim. Isi.iah Honlgman,
riederlfh LaertaBhat, V'rank L sla/.enger.
IJlwin C Vog,*l and MoerOO R, Pothschlld.
Sunriaa, 6:2*4; aunset. 6 40; BM0B rlies. 2:14;
n.n s are. 27.
s.in<1v Moelc . .1 *J1 .V30
(.overnor'a laland . BlSB IX .'.7
llrll .late . 1w9 1:41
The Lusltanla, repurted aa 508 mllea east of
Sandy Boah at noon yeaterday, ia * xpected ta
do<k thla forenoon
Th. ''a:*-.Ifliiua. i*port**d as 1.120 mllea eaat
of Sandy Hook at ,vm a m yesterday, la ?l
paetfld to l'.ik Sunday forenoon.
Th* Ararontfna, ro*>or-od as W> rr.lles eaflt of
Sandy Hook at noon yeaterday, ta expected to
dock thls forenoon.
Yeasol I'urt. Un*
?I.utltanla.Uxcrpoi, Aug 23.fl'unard
?Haltlc.i.Uverpnol, Aufl a.W gtar
?Mont-r-y.Havana. Au*/ 2*.BfarO
?Mara albo.Ia I'ua.ra, Aua tl?Bed L*
rutmna.Nlgfl, Aug 22 .Maaaae
uey.I'aroplci). \ug 1!?.Wai 1
M.nglhollo.LiaN-n. Auk l*. ?
?i .n'lna.Alalerr. Auir lf*.\uatrun
Iroqaota.Ht.ie.d*. Aug- ta .... Btaa OH
'-(.man. ie.JackaoOTllle, *.'j*r 2.'... ''I* ?*
Madeoaa. Usbon. Aua ll.I'flir*
Toranto.Huii. Aua ?.oyajaaa
l>"raet.r'lnsirnw. Aua '.b ...
El Sialo.f*alx**ston. Aug :1 I lae
Clty of Sux annah.Savannah, Aua 2t> sa^aiinah
aATTJRDAT, Arorsr 30
?I'rln*. Maurltf . Ilaytl. Aiiu 2<'..R 1? W I
"Iaa ProvflMi ? . Havr*-. Aug Bt . Ktrfla i
?!"-.lln.;, ' a .. .-'outhampton. Aug 23 Uner
"''"Ioi ..CrtatotNM, Auc 21 . . Pa'i.t
t'ulorado.Galxeaton. Aua 21. .Mail i/
?''..o Waahlngton. Hremon. Au? 2-1 B Q II' 1
?Byron.Buenoa Ayrefl, Aug >> l. * II
raledonlfl.(tteegow, Aug ""! \
Meadoaa.,. Genofl \>ii? || .. .. Ita) ia
(3Ucaga<Cltj .Sh'hi.xm. Au* 10. Brlatol Cliy
?Bnnps mail.
Mail ?*?
Yoaaol. For Mn*. fltaflflfl. aa.la
Bl iv.-iia. gouthaotptna, Am. laBam loooam
l '..inmewl'ne. har! adoa,ROWU .00 p m 1.00 p ni
Orajaaa, lea Jaaa,-...? u.oom
M?tanaaa,aaaMaaaaM.Waril ? i-i.tnm
Impflralflf, HaiT'b-inr. ? A.. ."I :>l n m (.Orlain
!' !?' "Vllhelm, lir-mon. xci, BiBOam lO-OBera*
Wh -? *? i" a -ii 13 <?. m
rwmu.lt.m. Bermnda, Qtieb :?:>?? a m iPonaita
camiiKiK-x. Tamplco, ward.B*OOa m i2:<iom
'?oirnn. S.-in .T'-an. Nl.tPrt **?*>*> an. 12:<*?>m
lllo, 'amalcfl, r p Ofl I 00 a m ISsOO m
1Ivi.ii., Havana, ward.. .1?i-?ifl>am 1 '-. p m
Prlni Joaehlm, lan, H-A..tl:in-?a m I*4K)pm
iTlatobal. Pan . .11:30 nm :: 00 iIBB
i Koaarch R de Jan, ? l ."?? i> fll .-l.-opm,
M n.nka. london. Atl Tr...- V.oOanr,
Kii:*...?, N*.irl?a. I> Y-lo,-. - llr.Klain
Aru-ontlna. Trloatr-, Auat....-? 3:<a)pm
i**Jlfornia, Olat-gow, An.-hor- Vi'lflm
Va lerland, Ar.tv.-r:. Ri-d St- lrcooan.
Cbl ar-o, Haxre, Pr.-nch_- .100 -.. tn
Vlrrlnte, Harr*. Freneh - .-):*?> pm
B Jannlo li'icmnn, Mallory- 1 :*i<> p m.
Proteus. Np* Orleana. IV. p - - 12:.?-.m
Cltjr ?*f Bfl-i nah Bav, Bar.. ? 1-00aaa
lA-napo. .Iks-nxlile. Clydfl. -? l^t'i
lavmynaaa K w.rt. MaHory ? l:<iopni
Kl Snl. 'lalxeat'.n, So Par..- 3:"0pir.
lt Onadfl, Bruar?'k, Sf'tary - 3:oOpn>
Kane ritx. Urlatol. H .'Ity. - -?*
Cloae NY.
I.astlnatlon an'i tteitmrr >T:30 P.M.
ll.ix.a.i. '?' .-, 1 ?;.tn8s, N**xv Z^alanl and
A .atraila, *?x. rpt *A e*t (\la Van
coufl-ar and Vx-tona. V CI Maifara To .'ay
Ili-.xall iapcfl corea. Chlna and
Phlllppln* lalaadfl <xla San Kran
..I CMaa . Aua K>
lUxxail. QtMUM and Phlllpplna lulanda
... I" s lr?nfport. Aua 31
.Tapan. i-or'-a, fl'hlna. PhlllpptBCfl ivla
Tan<*?n*ri) giniai? ? Aala ? Sept a
ii ? JapMb Oflrfla. i*hina, Phiiip
.xiu. San .'nin.lBcoi?Man
churla a*ap4 a
H.,x-. .,?. Satnoa. .N>*v Z*-alan.l. Aua
rxcopt Weat <x!a San Fran
,1-.... BiMMflaa . sept l*
Tahitl, Bfarquflaaa, Cook isi.ind* and
New Zflfllan I. an*, eaprclaliy ad
,ir,.jsf.i for Ai*t-alia .xla I B
1: u ;**o| ?Manuk: . t'* pt lg
Port of New York, Thursday, August
28, 1913.
Ri .i.,?.- Tiiiniui (Hr), i>u<tflae iaataat 22.
'i.i-i>. 24 nMirlfl-ttetoflrti I' K L M, and
.. |o ,x i: fljun-rt.rldae & CO,
Ifll -jaflflinnrfl ind aadaa ArrlveJ a; tiin.
kl 1 p m
. irflflf Barua Narta (Bn. 1 art*nena A*J*ruat
10, Pvarto ''oiom'. 1 k .- * - - u Ma ?. 10, Coloa
^1 aj.u Klnaato.-i tt, to the Unltfld Krv:>
xxitii fl** pajflwnaera, malla anj imla*. Arrlvad
at the bar at 2.S0 r> ni.
Bteamiu: 0 kJel iBr), CardUf Auguat 14. 10
Bai >: <\ > 0, la balla-t Ar;1x^,l at ih*i Har
at ll a ri
l? (Uer), G . .?t lt.
Naplcfl 18 atl Ulbraltar Is. '? ? -** Ce,
wtth tti nr*t. .**t> aaeaad .-a-in aad 1.20J
ia [era and nulae Arrlx.-xi at thfl
'.' 1" a III.
Bteanxtr :? - Oflrl :x;.am ataawl '-'".
10 DetrU '1 \\.u;> :?. flrttfe eradfl M, -vrrlxed
al tl? li.ir at 1:10 p m
M**am-r tralL-lna IBr), Kr-fl-cafltlfl Auauat 11.
ler a OB, ln tiallast. Arrl-.ed at thfl
it A I
..i-r Tutnurl iCeban), ('ardrnaa Auruit
? ad calbartco B, w Ha Rflflfl rurt* a t-ub*
Mai! sa Ce, *?ith aogar, Aniirad at the Uar
a' I a aa. ... .. ,.
? ? ? ni-.er Btaphano inn. st Jaba'a a '.
LiM II, aad Ha tffla, N -. \'-** 2*;, ta uo-*
rlng 4 fl'o xx rh n pflflflaaaara, malla anl
nadfla. Arrlxnl at th Bar Bl 5 am.
Steam<-r J.-a.-ph J fttw iXor) ' ort Antoni.
Aueuat tt, to t'-.e i*u***o Impoflrtlnf ?.'o. wita
rruii. Arrtflrcd at tl r Bar at 1:09 a m
| | ... r .: .a.- tUatt, HKAt dfll "loro AflgOOl
thi I": ;*''. Frult ? *o. wi'h frult Ar
r;.*> I at thfl Bar at 12 I<1 a Bl.
? Mr>. Gbanl Auguat B aad
Portland 14, t<> Da%*1d T WarAon, \?ith cr**o
?olo \ntv*"i a' UM Har al 10:10 l> in
titeamer MaJeflUc I '*- I inpton ard
.r irg A uruafl 2? a"l Qufl*****t***?ra 21, to
Wbtta btar Uafl, a lh IN Oni and .-ti2
. . abin aad .?' ate*-raue pasw-ng-er.-. m.il'a
an ! mdae. Arrlxe.l at tbfl Har at 7.39 a ni
.-t. ? i Brtghi > Br), rienf iaaoa 4
gttMi ;.. to thfl U7?e4 ladlO Sa Co. xxith lUgl*.
Xn thfl Har at 7 a tn
taamar B?cinu.Uan (Br), Bennuda Au?u?t
-aj ,,. \ i; outarbrtdea *v ''.*. aitb Mt pa*
. . and m Iaa Arrlx-eJ at the Har
Bl 7 a m
gtaamcr >einino>. Kan 1 >onilnao Cltx- A'iR-i*t
to Mfl rta M Bachflfl an.l Samar.a 21. Pntrto
1 ,. , Kontfll frlfltl anl Turk-. talan I BJ l?
?hr t*lydo Sa Nn. xx'.th IN pas?o:ia*-r!i. maiflfl
anl md?e .\n lv**d, flt tho Bar at S.4.'. a ?
,- ?>r lflM*no>*Kflt. gtoektoa, to th. i-reae
?n Papor <n. Wlth i-ajor: Vflflflfll to *,
- xjt.aA, |n Quarantln-i a' .1 a m.
Btmiiier M imufl. Nen Prlflfln< Auciat 2.1, to
the Kouthern fa-i"'- > *". arlth I asa-nsara anl
ni ... I',..*'. ln Quarantlr.e a' ? 2" a nv
Stfl-fl-utMT Kea Vo-lt Clty fBr., W-ioUn A;j
i-artor?t. tr. Jamea Arlml *.- Co.
xxith ir.'..-"-. At-rtthered outalde Ihfl Har ai fc:--*
Btaatnar Taiafla4fl>en Kevporl No*".--? an' Rer->
folh ... th" di Pomlnlon S? *-*?.,-*!"'/**?;
a. ngoia and nidae Beport-d o(T Hlchlanda BB
8.10 ? m ? -
si.amor Vr.no R|.-n. Tlaltlmo?. to the **.??*?
Tork anl Baltlraara TTanflpoctatl??-i Co, wlt**.
i r??d ln yiarantlno at ti.Z'i a m.
?amer Ha*?>1ltnr. N?wport Nflflra and Nor?
folk to tho "Ild Ponilnlon Sa . n wlth p?l
a.tiiiera anl mdflfl Paaaad ln Quarantinfl at
"'s-oanv*r Palllnirton (Br?, "'alharlon Auruat,
tt to tho V'inaon S* l.ln*. wlMi augflr. Ar
r|*r*-J nt tho Har fll 1*00 P m
<.?lllrr i*aniaguex H-.ih.ui.. Tampl'-o Anriflt
.- to tbfl New Tatra and ' uba.
Mail N Co, wlth ni.'ac Arrlxed at tha Bar at
T-ffO | ?. ? __ .
Baady il****'.. N '. Aic 2*>, ft:.''- n m- wln*l
aaatb, flaadaaala brr-jaa: etflar; h?ht ata.
Plear.iora Bremon ('*.or., Bromon: NflnorlJ
,Prt Mon'ovl'oo: El Mflflrtfl. t'.a'voatnn; .'edrl**
l*Br>, t.'.xor* ...<i: Ital'a IBr*. Naploa. Me-tlen,
Havana: iiaymnn |(*\iban?. Havana: l>*H-n.
Wllmlnaton: oakwood iBrt. Uvatpiflfll; A M -
mnnnl.-i i..on. Inagua: Ci-rrlrr. Il.ixaua: Paxx
nw. l h ?> lolphia. Apache, ChartflflMfll anl
' i? ka.'t vlllo- Ptrlncflflfl Anne. Norfolk an.l Nea -
port Newa: I'ranlum iBr), Rotterdam: lleillf
nn.x- (Dani, i*u|i?ai?a?n: >-|.x r.f st l^>uia. Ra
vannah; ?'oxa IBrl, Perth Amboy.
Knratau. Aug 27 Afahan Prln.-a tUrl. Nea
York xla A 1-n *-|i-gnr-.r.. ot.
Manchaatar. Aaa 27 Faaeal tBtX Now *,o>v
Tokohama Auk W 'mbn. .'...-r) N.*w I or*?
via Bln-raport, Honc Kona, Jte
Durban A-ig UB- Stolnturm (Oet). Now Tork
ria r*ar>*. Town for Dataflrta
Kaplflfl Aug 2? *t 10 p m?ivitalla rltall. Now
*.?:,: ant D?Iflia: 1? a m. Pnnr.r.a trr-i r
i<-.<r>. Nflflfl V'.rk
SMrr.. xuxr !? -honf.'a n'..-r>. OalCttttfl fOT
Poatoii and N'r-w York
llollo. Aug ?--*? Kl,,tn illrl. Now York \ ia A'1-n.
. '"l<*m! o fltc.
Haxro. Aug 2.*.-<'aro|liie iFr). New YorV vta
Iii lst.>l. Aus* M Kx. to- ritx 'Hn. Now Tork.
Vlgo Aua t*?lat '."l <Hr>. New York
BantOfl, Aug 2.1 Thoapla (Br), Now Vork
Barliadoa. Aug W Btflflflaa iHn (from Para).
N,xx Ynrk. 27 .irogory iHr) (from N*w
York and Norfolk), Para.
.Shanghal. Aug 10 Kaaaaa 'Hri (fr..m \oko
hamai, Boiton and RflW Yor1'.
Bhleldl Aug 27?**l(Tor,1 .Brl. New York. Bt
i jul hard iBri Now York.
Ouoonaoxxn. Auc 2H. 1:?W P m-Oceanlc (Brl
.from Southampton anl Ch.-rt.ourgi. N*?
I.ix.rivool, Aug 2?-Adrlatl(* (Brl. N*? Tork:
.anadian (Br). Boaton.
Trleflte, *>ug aa-Martha Waahlnaton (Auat),
New Ynrk.
Hlo de Janelro. Aua 2*- (lakfleld <Br), Phlla?
delphla: 27. Vandyr-k (Br) (from Santoa).
New York
(*norl ourg. Aufl 57. l? P m?KrenprlnieMln Ce
,-llio lii.n N>-w York.
Bromon. Aug 2>. 1 P tn Crotatr KurfurM
itior. Noxx York
Naploa, Aug 27. 11 p m Verona (IUl). Naw
York and Phlladolphla.
BeVty, Aug 2*. -Frlodrlrh der Groaia (Q?r),
Nexv York for Bretneo.

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