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VOL LXXIII..N? 24.40.5.
I ruettlwl to-day. To-morrow. fair.
MiMlprntr Minthi4 #>t to 11H wlndv
? ?Tint/ir4 ?*'?VL"' i'<WT la Oaf ?>f Mew Tork. Jeraey Clty *nd Hobeaaa.
* I'KK. ?j ()>h ( h> l ELSEWHERE TtTO CENT8.
Final Vote cn the Administra
tion Measure To Be Taken
Before Close of To
day's Session.
But Free Sugar and Wool and
the Basic Policy of the
Wilson Bill Will Re
main Without Any
-rw.? zte T*"V;n? Burtail '\
Waablaarton, sept. 7.?Weapy and
after Ita taa* of revamrin-*; and
redraf*:n*c thr four tho isand and moro
- vvhicn ro to makr up the tariff
t thr r-enate wiU to-morrow enter
thr last legrlelattve day which tt
^ .tr to the taak, lt may he
:k.*ht before thr roll is rallrd f..r
VOte. It may br aftrr mid- .
? | ? but If thr purpo.^e of thf l>rmo- !
and RepubUcan lr.-u'.crs is ad- I
to the logislative day arill fO "n
-.-?reff or adjournmer.t until
_4i | ii] -,:= aenl to conference 'for the
adj'. aa between
the two houses.
Aithough I e Senate tcchnicallv wiU
rerr.a:n in session bec.vise <>f the obe
Of the majority to thf demand
of the President for :mmediate , :r
r^r.v k-gislatioi.. Senators will go thrir
ways for a time, some to attond to af
fairs , t home. others to ratch a
tjlmpee of tho seashorc or the moun
talna and still others to rest wherevrr
it may be conven ent before thr long
grind over < urrency legislation is be
g ;n. Praetieally only those who wiU
sent tho Srnate !n the conference
on the tariff bill and those who have
in hand the shaping rf a currrnry
ir.-TM.re will remain in Washington.
The suppositlon that the Srnate
v - ..1 keeo its hands off the tariff bill
ar.-i approve it in the shape in whi.'h
it was drafted by the Waya and Means
B*Jtt44 of the Ho'ise and approved
by the Pres .ent has proved wrong.
Differ aa to Revenue.
Ofl the questlon of the amount of
re -en-e that arill be raised by the
meaaUN the majonty kaders of the
two houses differ. ICc-flbeie of the
e Finar.ce Commlttee insist that
they have reduced the averap--. ad V4?
:: rate and at the same time rro
] for an lnoreat-e of ravei
amounting approximatelv to $20,000,-*
??? Members of thr Ways and Means
.'ommittee are inclined to believe that
the Senate has rurtaUrd revenue,
urr.pering with the bill.
The free list ha?. been enlarj-ed by
thr upprr house. the Income tax has
beeil modifted by the addition of a
tlofl allowances and thr Incres
-ates on "4W0114II IncOflBee." But
by th'- tax on wine Bpllita, the tax <?f
f'f-:?ath of a cent a pound on ban
the higher tax on large inon..-s
a: i the tax on cotton f';t ;rf.-- II la BB
.*f-d that approximatrly 4J0.000.000
wlll have been addrr] to the House
Contrary to predif'Tions and PT4ce
dents. the Senate has ln the , iain rr.
dirf-d the duties flxrd by thr H<- B4S
Wool an.i rotton rates have been ex
tenMvely -.odifted, with a general ten
to make rrductions rather than
..-. rea*rs. Th>- free trade procllvltles
. f the Be*uate are beet reflected, how
( *r, in Ihe free list, tf. whi.-'.i many
tloaa ha%r been made. Demoi ratlc
have been actuated in mak
ir.g th'-se changes by two motives?the
daslre f" P4nallae trilfltfl and to reduce
the C04l of living.
Thr first n.otive is exemplified in tho
fref- l^nrg of caatlTOn plpe*. iron aad
for bonds and bank
flOtea and powder, all of which [rod
(f.nt.nued on tliirfl pafc-e, aeienth rol.imn.
This Morning's News.
M->re of afoman'a Torso Kound. 1
v hitrr.an on Oaynor Ticket Ia Pian , l
Mlaa Calverl In Armatrong Dlvorce.. l
Hol(1-ui. Man I .rmanfi.^ BmlU. 1
"Lyncb Murphy'" Crj el lleetlnc ? ?? a
ii''','i.-'.c.i aad li nm ? Ir I ?uel 7
???. A.r Hioit4 ser Btylea. 7
^v ! llave-ne.e; OiOt nt Home.... 7
rnn.es ChlM ea Broedsray.ia
] B2 lpf.o.12
Benate at 3 rarlfl Taah. *
J P lleri in Mtacked 2
? ? To-daj . 3
Wllaoa 111 la-j n Mi tU., Outioeh 2
. 2
atl.iK the PUlptaoa . 3
omen vV'be Hlaaed Wllaon **
Newporl alecca f.f Yacbta. 7
P.-iriam.-i ('ar.-?l Bxcavatloaa I-'inishefl 2
Maxll a. s < a.. | I'.iris 2
Tokio Howls for W.tr altk China.... 3
. ? ' ??".,' 7
. 4 ; .,.) 5
rlal . 6
. 7
. 7
!'? i. 8
' lal aad Markets io aad n
Milpatng. ii
Weather .ii
Parents of Harlem Child Ask
Police Aid in Search.
Fran.-is p. Ampudla, a draftamaii at
No 71 Wail itreei and livlnjr at No
aOlJ St. Nicholaa gvenUfl, niflhcd into
tho I.onox avenue police station short
ly after 1 o'clock this mornmK. a. -
companled by his wife, and aaked thf
li^utenant tn send rwl a general alarm
for his elevan^montha-old daughter,
Ciro. who has been mlBBlng aince !?
o'clock yeaterday morning.
Mr. Ampudla said tho Infanl was
t.okm out in a go*carl a1 that time hy
Clarg Rynn. thr nurso. who said Bhfl
WOUld ba back aboul noon. As the
hours a-ent by with no ajgn of the
nurae and xho baby, tho Ampudiaa be
?an to grow uneaay, untll by 11 o'clock
last nipht thoy bopan a hurriod soanh
Of all the parks in HarUm, without
reault. They then communlcated with
the polj.r.
Thr> Rvan woman had only been In
tho employ of the Ampudla famllj for
a month.
Electricity Runs Down Wire,
Killing Boy.
Cllnton Maaa., Bept. 7 Michael
Francta Joyce, aeventeen yrars oid. a
Weatern Unlon meeaenger boy, ? >
? .th thla afternoon ???
?? lie Attached to ? klte ho
? | came Into contacl nitn a 1iv< ,
high tenalon wlra.
It a-ai ettimated that 8,000 volta ^ont
Into the boy'a body
Car in Collision While Driving
with Andrew Robeson.
'? Trihun* 1
Newport, R i. sopt. 7 Mi><= Laura
P Bwan, daughter of Mrs. Eliaha 11
? ? Kewpon Hoapltal auffering
from injuriea auatalned in an automo
Hio accident to-day, Miss Bwan waa
ridinK with Andrea Robaaon, ? ' B< a?
ton. in Kay atreet nnd they were
thrown oul whrn thoir machlne a*aa
atruck 1>V ? marhino belonRinjr to C.
Warburton, of Fall River, al Ftiendahlp
lt is not thoucht that Miss Bwan has
hr-r-n aerloualy Ir.irt, thoujrh tho extent
of her injunos wlll not bo known urtil
to-morrow Mr. Robeson was unin
jurod. Hia car was badly damagi I
Shipload of Beef at Prices Be?
low Western Figures.
Tho flrst onnsiK'iment of Arjrentlne
boof will arrlve here Thuraday nv>r: -
ing ln tho <old Btorapo oompartments
of thr- Lamport A Hoit llner Vgndyek,
the Vflflael which r.n OctobflT 4 will tak'
Colonel Rooaerelt to Brazil. Tho cariro,
which 4'onsists of 1,000 quartors, is
equltralent to ton caiiogdfl ..f rat*rlger<
flted beef ordlnarlly ahlpped from tho
Weatern paokinK houaea
a few Birtal] conaignmantfl ha\e i-omo
hore vl.T LiVOrpOOl, bUt tho meat on I
tho Vandyck is the flrst shipmont to
romo d.roi t from Buenoa Ayroa it
waa pul gbogrd tho Vgndyek on Au
gUfll --'. -'.nd may be put on Bflle a daj ,
aftr.r ita arrival hera Tho beef aaa|
3en1 horo by tho River Plata Y
?i. ,t . . mpgn ai aui h a prtca that
aftor tho duty and froijrht have
pald it can be aold hfrr for leaa than
tmerlcan atlll pivo the
rtera i proflt
if tho preaent tariff bill la paaaad
pi-vir./ar miogt froo antry, much greater
Importationa ?>f Argentine boof may bo
oxpr-' ted.
Crew of Sinking Steamer in
Battle with Angry Passengers.
While tho steamer N'owark wga re
ttjrnlnR th Porth Amboy from Rock
i ? niaht with 450 paaaengera
Ihe crea dlacoverad that tho veaael had
Bprung a loak. Tho water was rapidlv
rising, and in a short tirno thr lowar
parl of thr boilirs wgfl beinjr. floodfld,
affectlng tho simih and leaeenlnf, the
apai d of thfl boat
taptain Ross orderad tho Newark
bagdad for tho pler at tho Munlclpal
Perry ?iir>, at Btgpleton, Btflten (aland,
The Bteamer made tho pior in aafety,
at a very low iate of apeed, and then
for tho flrst timo the passonRois, who
v oro momhors of a waitf-rs' asso. iatlon
[?orth Amboy, wero told of thfl
troublo and ordored to hurry off a< BOOfl
as poaaible, aince tho crafl mipht sink
31 an;. tnoment.
Thr- waitara, arho had spont all thelr
money ot Rockawgy, decJded to remain
on tho boat, Thay demanded that thov
ho takon to Amboy. This tho captain
! n"t risk doinit Than thay
ti d i flght, and for tho noxt h-.lt
Ihe crew had thoir hands ftlll
pu Mng people i ff tho boat. Rid of tho
pflflflM ngera, thr boal was bailod OUl and
k. i t flfloat
Women as Well as Men in
7V4-Mile Contest.
I [.. i ,,..-r ia Tba T'ii-.
Parii Bopt. 7.?A Bwlmmlns mgtch
took plnw m tho Belnfl to-day from
,.?. ponl NaUonal at Bercy to tho
Poni Mirabrau, gi '*" nraotern end of
the city. gdiaUncaof 11 kllomgtreg and
700 metreo (gboul onvan and orte-ouar
tor mllea) Billington ir^de tho befll
, ?,, of tho aeveral women who took
parl ln ta.""?" *?? A,1Z* lw",t
am i.wtined man. a*M?; ">?-??
vlrt old rell from tha pUtform ol l*
,,??, ofa Bouth-boond aubwa t^tn-He
au taken M " ^^T'^f^SoS
rha H83daen llrtgt Hoapltal 0f Dr.< are..
vi hei-e he dl'd.
Leading Actress in Playwright's
"The Deep Purple" and Other
Dramas Named as the
Decree to Wife. with $15,000
a Year AJimony, Bares Re
markable Contract to
Make Young Woman
Rich and Famous.
w.th the grantlng ol a decree of
divorce by Juatlce Weeki to Mrs Rella
Abell Armatrong from Paul Armstrong,
ihe playwright, the name ..f thr ...
reapondenl la revealed for the flrat tim.-.
she ia Miss Catheiini Calvert, leading
| woman In "The Deep Purple," ' A Ro?
man.r of thr Underworld" .'in.i "The
l..-' ape," all written b) Armatrong
Mr?. Armatrong's aut! a*aa tried he
for* .1. Hanspden Dougherty, as ref
leree, for ahich ree_aon th.- testtmony
was tealed and even the name of thr
r-orespondenl was kepi aecrel The
I referee found thr defendam puiit-- of
I improper ronduci a*ith Mlaa Calvert,
and hia actlon ?as conflrmed b J -
Iii r Weeki
Armatrong ? .-.<! Miaa Calvert eacb
made . ? Igon ua defem e ..f thr . hargee,
bul Mr Dougherty decided thal they
M ? ' > gUilt) Of Rlia ? ri thr
ateamer C. W. Moro on a trip io Al?
bany. at th.' Tatea Houae In Syracuae
ami in Armatrong'a apartmenl In Wi al
57th street.
Th?- referee recommended the pay?
I ment ol $15,000 a year allmoni to Mra
\ Armatrong, .;nd this thr courl elao ap
proi ed. .1 ?..-*??? i loff r<
i an r.rdrr directing Armatrong lo pa
I about $1,500 m arreara of ellmon)
I awarded pendlng thr outcome of ihe
[ault lle waa then Bald to be !n Call
fornla M i Cal eri - ??.'!? rrtlted to
appear at an earl date in this city in
one of Armstrr.riK'B playi Hei r.xl.t
name ls < laastdy.
After list.-111111,* tf. the teatlmony ol
aeveral erltneasea produced by the de
fendant ar.d coreapondenl lo dlapi
thr . i,ir4-f- made b Mra. Armatrong
the referee > ? . .tret thal he
was rompeiied tn uphold the ehargea
made hv the wlfe Mr Dougherl . in
his report to ihe (f.urt. said
"A depiorabte aapi I ? iaa la
that Jt InvolveS a youagj woman a|.|..r
ently at the outset nf a professmnal
career. Hut thr conclualons I have
draun arr rrirtually forced b] tha tes
timonv and documentary evMence
Hero and Benefactor.
'The contrflr. lelori thnt .
;nt:m;.te relatlons *rer? Innocenl that
Mr. Armatrong waa a aon of hero and
benefactor who hid c.-en Miss < alvert
her start ln the tl.ratri al irorld the
evidence does nol lustify me ln n ?
Mrs. ArmStrong*B alk gatloni i oncern
inp h<-r huaband and the Bctreas eov
ered the period from Januar* . IMI, un?
til thr filinp; of the ault. She ma.j. fur?
ther allegatlona in regard t., r.- ;
band'i conduct aith other a*omen
w i...se namea were noi m?
Thi r^irif ipal witness agalnel thr
playwrighl waa Raoul Anelnelli, who
---i<. diacharged as rhauffeur for Mr
Armstronp. nn thr romplalnl of M
Calvert. The referee aaid he waa much
Impreaaed with thr chauffeur's teatl?
The Armstrongf- were marr.rd in lMO
in i^.ndnn Thej have three daugh
tera, thr oldeet <-f ?hom is thirtern
yeara oid The dlvoree decree glves
th<- custodj of the children to thelf
Armatrong la forty-three years oid
and Miss <'alvert ifl twentytWO. She
has been on thr stage 4ppro*Ull*4tely
four yeara. first appeatiag In "Brown
of Harvard." Bh< played m vaudevllle
for a time, and then 4PP44T4d in Arm
Btrong*2 Pl?y. "T,u' "oe1' p,irl)lf'-"
Her Bral mafltlng aith ihe playwrighl
wa.s in 1908 at Maxine Elltott'a Th. a
tre Mlaa Cali ert, when before the ref?
eree sai-i Armetrong advlaed her that
ahe was too young to plai and ahouid
return to h'r bome in Baltimore and
remaln there until he found ? good parl
tot hf-r when he would send fOT her.
He l^er gave her the parl in Thr
Deep Purple" whlch she played WO
times in Now Tork.
Becomes Her Teacher.
xrar the cloaa of "The Deep Purple"
engagement, Miss C4lv4rl aaid. ahe en
t.red into an -ral agreemmt with Mr
Armatrong al ber apartmenl ln tha
Greal Northern Hotel She quoted him
"?MIm Calv4rt, 1 have watcbad your
work ln Thr i>eep Purple.1 and 1 think
with proper trainlng and taachlng you
have the maklng of a very succeaaful
actreaa Bul you have much to leam
You lal me teach you the thlngs youi
dnnt kflOW. II VOU WlU ni >ne trarh
you hoa f aralk. boW tO Kestieulate.
how to improve your mlnd. If you wlll
read thr booka I *anl you to read. II
?U1 pi,y only in tbe playa I want
you to plaj ln. <'in" "nlv ,hP ^,r,s '
aanl you to play: if you will d.. exa.tiy
anati aanl you to do tor thrns.yeeira.
I aill K.i..ran.ee fOU S3.000 for the first
-.rar 14 004 the sr. ond year and 14.044
,.... Hut \>.u must d-i a> I
lll three \rar- r,ui .
mv fOT three \eais '
llisj i'alvert waa aaked on the stand
,.,',,,, Bhe reptted te the pmPnsm.,n.
Bhe mld , ,
Thal waa the b.KKest epporlualti ol
,nv ,ife, and H made me very bappy,
?' nmee. tblrd . nlumn
(ontloued 00 1*4ond P**'- ,u
Bandits Postpone Taking Loot
Untii Clerk Obeys Order to
Look Cheerful.
v . , . ? ? - ?'? rh In a
t'nit. gai aton ?' " ' ' -' Blxtl
, ? , ing man
t nlghi
,.r.,i man rntered U "vf"' ?*?
Bouaala A a Inrga r. v-.'vor m Me
aita*a faca and orderad him to pul hla
: i gahtnd his i.i' k.
The clerk waatad no time In doing
as inatni ted, bul this dl I nol aai
Ithe man hehlnd tha ?un Ha did nol
like the ? xpr- .-"lon on lloacowlta'a fgce
? rtdcd thi * to
"put a |
.- , .; reme effon M '?' rnan
flged to ? ' '? '"'"'
II . e the man
,. vr.ivor du ? nd tho
npened the i
( . ... |1 1!"". int..
? young
? -, had ili t entered tr,
, . . ,ut. wan
? ,,. t., ffJVC " ? ??' ?'"? ? '
- !..,-. - ? ? ? ffOOd '
u rtei lh< lerl fell
had i tart. ho ran frt i
mto and ffgvo tho tlgrm, Tho pollco
of thei i * Had atreel I l I
.. ? ...... i irreate
had been made up to mldnlgh! laal
T i la thr Becond tima " nhin a ,
. ,ha.| a L'nited Clgar atora haa
-..,.,.? rebbed Mondaj nighl thfl atora
at Sttn atreel ind Uxington gvenue i
araa entered bv two men, arho held up
ihe clerk ?t the polnl of a rwolm and ;
?ccaped alth IIM No arreata have
bei ii made In 'hat i aae. ^ ,
Ko -vs- Bixth avenue is near ?r'?>*h \
atreet, ln a qulei oectton, with nwny
privgtt bouflao near by. NotJatag was,
further from lloacowlte'fl mlnd than al
bold-up when a mild looklnf irougf
man Bfluntered ln end ordared i pgck
of cigarettea At MogcowiU turand to
mi the peckage from a ahalf a aecond
Ii;,tr? ,,?irr ,. i Btockler than tha flrst. j
..nni. in
w hat did you order, kid"" ho aaked
,,,- tho alender rgung toMom, nnd wh.-n
tho latter told blm the aacond man re
marked ' w.-ll. I'm going to ord.r
the roil
thla verbal introductlOB t
ho !
man producod his ravolver and fncad
the unsuspecting IflOaCOWitX PeWOnO
were paaalng up nnd down Bl?th nva
BUf a, thfl time. many of them glnnc
ing in tho store but not aeelng an,
thing Buapldoua. At ttnt MogcnwIU
ragarded th? naan'n remarka 9fl a J?ke
Mld laugbad. bat when tbe .oid mua
zle of the cfiin was fOTCgd againsl his
rhM! and h? saw tho look of d.-termi
natlon ln the hold-up man's ove ho
reallaed ho was I o rictim ol ? boM
Having taken all the Cflflh ln the,
egah drgWW tho man walked from be-1
hmd the counter and jolned hto eom
p.nlon. who otood near tho doorway.
Turning to lloacowltJ he flourlehed the;
revolver and ad*rlaad him not to maUe|
,n outcry untll they had g<"-ne a i OUple
of |,|o<ks. Then both men aaunterod
Bonchalantly out into tho street.
_- m-~~
Th,. bfldJ of Albert L l-emereat. Jr..
Who waa drowned Wednesday at l?*
Bagch. waa waagfld ug ni Mo^nwe.
1w#1y, railea ta the iraetward >esterda>.
O.raaraal waa the ao.. of Alberl L Dam
tr#.t of Ueaia, H. J. 4 ? aatrwitar, *ho
a,- been building cattagaa at i-ong
Ua.h .. is -ippo-i ^ *zjstz
MI waa aeized with .-rampa ah.le ln
aw.mmlng on Wednesday on aaoe*aut flf
,oing into tha water Juat after aating.
Atlantic Water To Be Let Into
Channel from Gatun Lake
on October 5.
ma Bi pt. 7 The dr ea i - <
tion of 'i .-? , anal hai I ??? n ? mpl< *? L
thf ateam Bhovel working In I
brn Pul havlng removed thr :.. ? ro k
?..-*. r .?.?.
r exC4V4tion Of the nn..: will
*B| lated bj drrdglnK
Waahlngtori iepl I.-*Completieei ?fdry
I exravai n tiie Panama eeter
? 4a*r2 ihead .?? -? ?? ?
mra llx ror
? ,*, -?? , -Jmoei to ihe I ?
?? lurlng
thr next four ?? ? | stes
,- : nthf r ? ojuii m- ni and ma
terla nrludlni I
road ' i - from thi nlne-mlle rha
In i
I -.' - ? . i
to t.irniTicr water
...... r the
... mitlng o(
d'kr Th.- water aill b. Inl
ihrough f'.'ir 22 Ineh pl|
? ?
. riod hardlj arill BUfllce te
thlrd the ? e .
44ti: he irt ln to act aa a ? uahlon
... fx\ loel. n arhen thi
deatroyi d
? ? '? ' -"? I "' rv ?
.'..... i :?! ng and I -
wlll br going m .it the bottom ot thr
? ]., taenlna "P rock and rarth for
thr rlrrrlc.4. thal "onn Wlll B* rlaWlW
thro.lCh the ua.rr On AUB ? *
; remalned to he taken out nf
thr ?theorettcal canal prtam." ind alnca
.... ...... reduced
I mt te approzln si ' ?" ???
yarda whlch la lefl for the dredifes. Plx
nt the Bhevels win hr reulned, however,
for the w..rk ol removlng material trom
t and a i al bai ?? i ' ilebrs tn
the d m^r from slldea
The .]. t. ictlon of Oamboa alka arill
leave nni. ?ne bucb abetructloti elong thr
ranal rOUte -the d:ke over f/hlCh the
railroad rressei at Oatun locka, and
which cen he raawved al any time, The
laal hnrrlrr nn thr Paelflc side. the Mlra
florea dlkr. waa dynamlted lual a waeb
ago turnlng Paelflc ttda tratar Wte *-.
.-h.-innri 2,490 feet long, W feel wlde and
ii feet deep
Dredgea arr now navtgatlng this . han
nel. and on the Atlanti- side a hit; BU -
tion dredfie steamed on QatUB Lake up
to a point near the OambOB dike ten daya
aj;... BBaall vaasale probabiy arill be nhle
... aa thr<ui?h the canal from end tn
end hv October le. and the waterway
should be ready fnr Shlpping proper rarly
in De'-ember.
Beecham, Despite Haramer
stein Failure, Plans It.
| Rv .'at.le io The Tnt'iine |
London, Bept aV? IJlans on a more
ambilious BCale than anything so far
attempted arr being prepared to give
London the beneflt of grand opera at
Cheap prices The srheme ortginateJ
ln thr fertilr hrain of Thomas Beecham
and is heinj? ba.-ked bv sevaral wealtby
mefl Who are prepared to .sp?;nd a vast
sum in putting up a building.
. Na ir Hammerstein si>ent a fortune
ere. ting the London Opera .iouse, and
this doubtleea WOUld have been ac
quired by the newly formed syndhate
but for the fact that it ia too small. It
paata oniv 2,4m"? people. it is proposed
to build an opera house with a B44tlng
capaclty .f 4.WO, thus hringing into
exiatence the larget-t house of enter
tainment in London. with the ex< e
tion f>f thr Albert Hall.
Tl.e rost of such a building will con
eiderably exceed |1.00l?.'?""?. but it la :o
be an opera house at music hall pricea
?1. e , alxpence to five shillings.
Was Floating in Baxter's Basin,
Weehawken. Three Miles
from First Discovery.
A aecond plece of thfl torso of the
vi une: woman found floaring ln the
Hudson River Frl l?y at Woodcllff was
diacovered yeeterday afternoop among
. ned boai hulla and aunken
bargea in what la knoam as tho "ships'
grave*>*ard.M tn Baxter*a Wrecfcing Corn
baflln ai Weehawken, H. J..
at.,..it three milea aouth of Woodcllff
and throv-. hundred yards north of tho
: ??? | ' ir?> and HudflOn?COg| d... ks The
bundle in ?hich tho part <>f the torso
Ihv was areighted down by a heAvy
<'"iint\ Phyalrtan Dt fjenr^e w
King and hla aaa a1 int Pr a r Hark
Ing, ire eertain ti'.e portlon of the hod\
f.--tind belonga to the torao, It meas
ured about f 'urteen inehes. and when
jla.ed no\t to tho other part found on
Priday meaaurea about twenty-aeren
Covering tho find was a uhite plljow
Bllp, "ii arhlch was ombroiderod the
inltial ' A ' <>\or this was tho real
ostato aectlon of "Tho N>w York
Tim^" if August 31, 191.1. and a heavy
dlalnfectani paper used to protect
ilothing from moths. Tho nowspapor
and pUlOW 9llp Wflffl smearod with
biood. Tho allp corraapondad ?irh the
lat:. arhlch contained tho part of the
Tho plllow Ollp, toirother with the
chemiae, i riginnlly found, waa taken
hv detactivea from tho County Pmse
cutor's oftl. e. to bo examined by man
ufa.-turers ln Hoboken. Neuark and
other New Jeraej t'.wns in the hope
of finding a clua
The bundle contalnlng tho portion of
the woman'a body was first sern by tWO
watchmen. Sullivar. and Hamilton, em
rl, y. .1 by the Krio Railroad. which has
a dock naarby. Little attention was
pald t,. it untii later in tho day. when
two boya playlng on tho sunken nar&os
flshed out the mysterlous packagfl with
sti<ks When tho 4-ontents were re
vealed th" lads' .nes brought Joseph
hagman. a paperhanger. and Michael
Prennan. a paintcr. both llving at No.
;,ii4 West .";3d stroet. Manhattan, who
vore iTabbing in the basln.
The polii-e were informed. and the
part of the body was taken to Volks
undertaklng establishment. at N'o. KVd
W'ashingron avenue. Hoboken. Dr.
King and his assistant examined it.
A bun4-h of loose, dark brown hair was
hanging to the body. whiih it ls hoped,
may aid in giving a ejflrgr as to the
ioentity of the woman.
A inotitre for the .rirne. it is thought
bv DOth ->rs. King and Hasklng, has
heen disiovered. An exammation
showed that 'he woman had undergono
an oi>eration. Tho theory has heen ad
vam'ed that she either died while
under the anaesthetic or from the ef
fects of the operation. An autopsy will
( outmiird on aocnrl paflr, thlrd roluma.
"Shovel" Slate, He Intimates,
Will Also Include McAneny to
Head Aldermen and Pren
dergast for Controller.
Campaign Manager Says Mitch
el's Pouting and Stamping Are
Not Going to Keep Mayor's
Forces from Trying to
Save Estimate Board.
Committee on Vacancies, It Is Said,
Will Make a Second Offer to the
Collector?Fusion Managers
May Let Candidates Ac?
cept Outside Help.
Joeeph Johnson, the Gaynor eam- ,
paign manager, indicated last night
that the Gaynor nominators would run
below the Mayor's name the following
For Controller?William A. Prender
gast. ,
For President of the Board of Al?
dermen?-George McAneny.
For District Attorney?Charles S.
Johnson did not make any definite
announcement to this effert, but ln
parts of twn statements which he ts
Buad intimations to that effeot were
put between the linee. The Whitman
part of this matter came in a state
ment in which Johnson denied that
there was any likelihood of putting
Michael J. Drummond on the Gaynor
ticket f?r Cont oller, in the course of
whlch the Mayor's campaign manager
"But. except in the case of Mr. Whit?
man. T do not find any sentiment :n
the Gaynor Fusion and Nominating
I.eague for taking any leading eandi?
dates from the Tammany ticket."
The indication as to Prendergast aiid
McAneny aas found in a Johnson
atatement which denounced Mitchel for
hie declaratlon that the Gaynor candi?
dacy was a Tammanv "decoy," and
which concluded with this paragraph:
"The whole trouble with 'he \n\injt
man (Mitchel) is that he has aticer
tained that the Kepublicans hav left
him in a bodv, as they have a right to
leave one who cannot make gred his
WOrtf; that all his pouting and stamp
ing are not going to keep the Gaynor
forces from doing. in the matter of .. ,r
ticket. that which wiii at least save the
Poard of Estimate from the elutcbea 4
Murphy and Foley."
With these practica] a..noun.ementa
from the Gaynor manajjers that Preti
dergast and McAneny were to be taken
in on the Mayor's ticket, it develop-d
yestcrday that IfltOChel wiii in all
probability have another offer made to
him to head the Independenee League
The exeeutive committee of the com
n.i-'.e ,.f ia; \\ aaa reported. will
Dieel t'.-night for the chief purpose of
adoptina; a reaolutlon, w-ht.-h la said t->
have been drawn by Mltchel*? friends.
Betttnsj forth that the Committee of
107 will be Klad to see any of its oan
didataa accept help from any souree
While this tmIi free McAneny and
I renderffast. as well 44 Whitman, from
any re?i ..1 fancled oniigati.-.n m stand
or fall toj?ether. it is designed. ... oord
ing to the story cin ulated yesterday,
chiefly for the purpose of giving
Mitchel an opportunity to retreat from
the indepondent poattlOB he first took
with regard to the Hearst nnmination.
On the other hand, and supplement
injt this story. lt wa? said that the In
dependenoe League committe,. on va?
cancies would proceed lmmediately to
a second selection of Mitchel aa tha
Mayoralt) iandidate of the leasrue. with
an Baaurance from Mitchel himself that
its BOCOnd prr.ffer of a nommation
would not be refused, in view of the
de\ elopments affecting the other fusi.m
nominees sin. e.
The laasjuers have until Tuesday
night to name a man for the he.ad of
their ticket. but even if they were not
prepared to put Ifttchei'S name on at
that time they have been advised that
the Board of Klections . ould have paa*
ters, with Mitchel s name. stuck 011
the head ..f the primary ballot at any
time up to primary day.
? 1
Drives Woman to Her Home in
His Auto After Church.
[BJj* Tr>(traph tr T(-a Tr;b .n* I
Cleveland, Sept. ?.? John D. Roeke
feller, at the Euclid Avenue Baptlst
Church to-day. tenderly escorted Mrs.
James Adams. a < ripple, who walk*
with crutches. to his automobile, as
slsted her to enter the car and after
ward drove her to her home.
Mrs. Rockefeller attended church to?
day for the first time during her sum?
mer sojourn ln Cleveland The Rev.
Dr. William W, Bustard, the pastor,
preached his first sermon since return
ir.R from his vacation. He talked on
"The Childhood of Jesus."
"Dr. Bustard is a great preacher,"
deeiared Mr. Rockefeller, as he shook
hands with members of tha congre

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