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y*-LXXIH .X" 24,40-1. T^^?^~_,^_;_;._. XEiV-YORK. TIKSDAY. SEPTEMBKK 9. 1913.-16 PAGES. ? ' PRICE ONE CEXT ""?tgggggSgf^
Long Day and Night Session
Held and Final Vote on
the Measure Ordered
for To-day.
Kentuckian Raises a Hubbub
witha ' SpreadEagle" Speech
__La Follette's Wool Amend
ments Lost?Democratic
Margin of Two.
. reau 1
Waahlnfton, Bept 8.?The Senate
ggreed at 11 t3 O'clock this evening to
te_ r . n the tariff hill to-mor**
r0w afternoon at 4 o'clock, aad then
adjourr.* 3 to meet at 9 O'clock to-mor?
row rnc'.-ning.
Tyal.. . bata on the bill thla
eranlnf Senator Ollle James -rucceeded
| the Senate into a ppecta.-le
whlei lellfhted the crowdad ?ralleriea
flr(_ __? the oider Berietora, mak
m? , . . ??.-, i eafle" ?tump
ipeecb whlch wm loudl: applaude
d*e ?".'
Itnal r Warren appealed tn the v<rr
p,^.. n| m ' rhe rule afalnal
iaanonatratl M ln the galleries Mr
fcaraha I replied that if the S-natrr
(rem tvyoinlni wnuid aho** him the
?Rjel,, ?. woul. ? ? ? '? erhereiipon
jjr Warren rotorted thal II that was
the |tutude of the Vlce-Preaidenl he
tpould withdra** hla Buvgeafdon.
Benai ? Ranadell mad.' a aeeioua
I the adoptlon of his
jme; itrlklng out thal clauee In
Um tai fl bill arhlch prenrldea ttial after
. - Bhall be ad
ted frei of duty. Mr. 'Ranadall
. both becauac of thr Injui-y
? folloa tn the docni
ucer* from the pf-OTleion ln
? ? e fround that the
c_. - |ga_i -. - eoaentlalr* in ii"<*
? ? ? nocratle pretr-nMons that tho
party atood f<T a tariff for revenue. It
ply to Mr. Ransde.l that Pen
lamea made hla "srread eagls"
Margln o* Two Votee.
On the Kansdell sugar duty amend
? whlch constltuted tho real teot
if ? ne Democratlc strength, the voU
88 against to 18 for, the Wllson
larttf | rogramme thus wlnnlng by tho
"narrow marg'.n of tero votes.
Af.tr thla vote waa taken Senator
lia . n aroee and, epeaklng with much
laference, took lsau? with tho vice
Preeldent on the aubject of applausc
!r. '.he gallerlea, asaertlng that every
parllamer.tary body had a right to
Bonduct Ita proceedlngB without lnter
ference of that i-haracter and that it
waa a tlme-honored custom of tho
leaeta to prohlblt demonstratlor.B by
?ho Bpactatora.
The Vlce-Preeident, without rlslng.
replied that he regarded ^ho cenatura
lulte aa reaponalble for the dlsorder
Bi thoae ln tho Kiillerles. However, lf
the Henato wlahcd order matntalned
and v.uuld do Ita part he would utop
applauao. but ho eximcted Senutora to
atai.d by h'.m lf ho ordered the fallertee
:.:.?: :r. ihe evenJnt Benatot Nor"
rie'a runeadaaent a.iding un lnhvritance
Iaa to the tnrlff bill waa loat by a vote
ut ij Ui S7. Honatore Pago nnd Bttrrphen*
t .n being the only regular Ropublloana
la vdIc for lt. The vote of tho latter
came aa u. dccldcd aurprlae. qb tho Wla
-.onBlr. Hcnutor la regnrdod aa tho rlch
aal Ou.;. ln the Benate.
Flnal OnalaugHte Made.
Adherlng to Ita purpose to cxhauat
flobnte on the tariff bill and to remaln
!r. eeeelon until the flnal vote, the Hen
at.) convened a*. lo o'clock to llaten to
tr.e flnal <_na!aughts of Indlvidual niem
aator Nonii beajaa tha Biege t.y
oferlng ae an amendment to the ln
co*r.c tax aectlon a provtadon for an In
herltance tax rar.glng from o ptr cent
<onttnued on fiiurth p??e, aerond rolumn.
This Mornings Sews
Blr Dlamembered arlth Body Waraa. Ij
"Kld--;. ; ? blld Returne ln State.. Ij
N?vv Heven Traln Kllle - Autoieta I
Peelonlata Free to Roa arlta (Joynor. 1
ind Bued for Beparation 4 j
May.r u?] Hea.i Tbroe Ticketa.. ?
Realty Frauda and Probe ?
??Umi Oraa 'ipen.s with Hang.8
? r??h Air l Inance r lenxied . 9 !
Polkt to Stop Plaj "i" U arrant.s. . . .18 j
ffMfH ... ~, hool Arnri) . 18 ,
Ma.n-. Rf;,ur,]KHns Weel OoagreaaiBaa I
ieaata ln Flnal Taiifl Btruggle. I
W'rlt ro . . p B .l/..i Tri.il. ?
la Furilon Caue Arguad. a
?Mecabe nn* i:a. k at Heoneooy . a
JtroriM Yrecr\ ..r Oambling Charge 3!
I rtr.adur,-. 'ind Thaw ITOaful.. 3
B-Mrta'e Ar.it.jde a Puaala *?
^ryen HarrJ tor IMplornatK tn .-.. 4
Bta Ha <> Beeka ianotloe for BondV M
. V. niild Make Mfparation 3
Boaitnlcan He\oit s-?rioui. 3
Lor.j Halda..-- Pralaee Aaaoiiea. 3
fclfton lartor In <'ariada 8
A'rr.*- end KaVy. i
Thaatrlrai .8 and 9
for Women ? . ? 7
-..,1 . 8
. 9
. . r > . 9
.10 ar.d 11
ina ....11
ind Marketn . 13, 13 and 14
? tati . 14
H '.iiner. 1*
Makes Two Little Graves and
Jumps Into Lake Michigan.
?"hlcago. Sept. 8 -Mrs Waltcr R.
Bmlth, wife r.f i wealthj atock brok<*r
ln Lakf FOTflflt, a suburh. .ommitted
outcide, In Lake Michigan to-day by
tying a heavy watght around ner ne. k
and .lumping from a pler.
Jum before endlng her lifo sho made
two little gravflfl in t)i<- san.l of the
lake aliora aml decorated ea-h with
aprlga of flowers. An hour later the
body waa washed aahore, the atonc
having become looeened from the rope,
Mrs Bmltri had heen hnme a!l dgy
untii fl few mlnutea befori vlsltlng the
lake Bfltvantl .'-air'. >he had aeemed
unuaualli chaary and happy, and had
spent mni-h nt the mornina: (dnging and
playlng tho piano
afra smitr- waa wealthj in hor own
namo nnd was orr of the Icading sn
woman <>f Lake r-re.-t she waa
a daughter of Hlram R. McCullough
vtce> prealdenl .f the Chtcago \- N'orth
Rallwaj Company Mra.
Bmlth father-in* law is Byroo i^
Bmlth, prrsuletit "f the N'. rthr-rn Trust
< ompan; and lioaely related t.< many
larsrf linanclal Inten itl
Gives $74,000 to Syracuse In
stitutions on Birthday.
Byr? uat \ v . Bapt R.?Afl a hirth
arlfl Ifra Ruaaell s.ik<. distrtbiited
|74 -?" amonc Inatltutlona In
Syrn.-use. her Rirlh^-od homfl.
Byracuflo University receivad ?r.4.*"?*>'"*
. .v;iii.iii fnr tho .Toseph Blocum Agn
rultnral Collegfl nnd $4,000 for tho
Yo-:ns Women'fl Chrlfltlflll AflflOclfltlon
Th- B ractifli Home Aflfloctatlon irot
?10,000 tho Plral Preebyterian Church
?:,i?mi Onondaga Orphanfl' Home, $10
("wai foung Woman'a Chrlfltlan A?O'
>". >?a. nn,i the ToUAg Men's
Chrlfltlan Aaaociattoti $5,000.
"n her last bfrrthday, Mra Sajto >rn<
a generoua oum ,o the Agrlcultural
College of BjrracuM Unlverraity. which
I ? r father*i nami. founditur a
profeaaorshlp and ten racholarphlpa n?
S'jiaai nH<-h. Her tdfts to SyracUBfl
fnivecalty aggragate 1270,000
!.n"ionoe Poirh. I/ong Islar.d. Bept
B._Mra Ruaeell saire spom hrr etghty
flfth birthday to-day quletly tn her
COttage at this place. A maid said
Mr*. >hbo was in s?rx>d honlth. bul had
? i no i lodtoro
Truck Runs Down Woman
Kindergarten Instructor.
Margaret McLean, a kindergarten ln
BtrUi *r'r fll tho Hr.mo for thr Frlend
v?e -n r.ast 100th atreel waa knock -i
down and run over by a heavj auto
truck on Amstordam avnue yeeterday
afternoon and UkeYl tn th*' Kntcker
bocker i lepital with o fractured lef!
? i.r blade. two broken rlbo and
many cutn ard bruteea. Her condition
ll aerloua Tho tru.'k driver wlll face
a charge of reckleaa drirlng m th<
Harlem eourl thfs morning.
Patrolman Ooldmaii, who flerved the
tummona on tha drirer, Charlea
Wertheim. eeya th truck waa coming
aouth on th<- avenue al high Bpeed, and
raached the corner of 134th atreel Juat
u Mlaa McLean bi ' otartad acroaa.
t >? 1'iit machinfl did not rodtn o
Bpeed, according to tha policeman, but
Btward mt.. i:;4th atreet,
ktiocklng th* woman down. Thi- for*
ward and rear wheela paaaed ovar h-r
ahouldera and cheat, and both broken
ribfl ware drlven into her lefl rung.
Wertheim received ? iiubidooi Instead
of being arreated
Wife of Ship Surgeon Has Sa
loonkeeper Held.
Max Bpeer, a aalooakeepar, of No
68S Knickarbocker avenue, Brooklyra,
wao arraignod yeeterday bafora Megto
trat.- Walah, in the Oatao avanu? police
court, oa the charge of Infrlnglng thfl
Itquor law. Mra. Katharine Barth, of
No. 281 Cornella rrtreet, oarved him
arith 0 formal notlcfl on July 13 that ho
Bhould abstain frorr. aalling Wquor
thereafter to ber huaband, a retired
Bhir Burgeon, with a penalon of $1300a
Bafora giving DOtlcfl Mra. Barth nnd
a detective traii her haabaad and
leam his hablta. He repOTted that Dr.
Barth vtelted the Oa^oon threfl times
? day, and each tim* dr.4nk half a
doaen glaaaea of whlakey. Mrs Barth
w. nt with th- detective to aerve the
nOtiCfl on tho saloonkoeper.
Spe.r took lt as a great Joke. M did
hia ciofltomera As the notlce had no
effect Mrs. Barth had Bpeer arr4 6t. 1.
Haglotrati Walah parolad him for ex
aminatlon on S4-ptember 1.1.
Hospital Doctor Denies Man
Lost Money There.
An Inveatlgatlon la boinp carried on ron
ecrnlna a charge made hy Alfred Dena
litz of No ' i-,,rk !"r'"', "ewark, that
Srwaa robbed of Hfl tn the raoalvlng
rr,on. of the Clty Hospital when he Wflfl
broughl thera Baturday nlgbl for rraat
m,.nt after ?oeiag atmck by oa MtoiaobUa
SlnallU IdenUfted a man al the hospi
fl i.i.no a. tho ana who t,.,.k hia
' ni,. , h(. m;in bfl aceuaed bad oet been
,;:;;;; ^ tr?ek b> >* ^^:
?.rriSK ?r?as
taken t-> the hospnai ?"
aIld fn-ated Ifl a recatvlnfl rea?a
itMflaan have floo. oa aUiaa "J^
tbey bave failad u> obtain from the com
,..,.,?, eartflia denoandi (,r.1(nri. Ht
TnV ?2JTZi Vor?*oTZ?
Paria Uvarpool, N*w 'orK
piacea to atand bj tbaai
Committee After Bitter Wran*
gle Takes Stand Its Nomi
nees May Accept Any
Saxe Selected to Fight Plan to
Write Gaynor's Name on
Republican Primary Bai
lots?Koenig Reiter
ates His Loyalty.
Fu.-inn candldatea arr perfectly frre
i" tak? am Indoraementa ihej may
see nt This is thr attit'idi t.ikrn bj
the fusion exeeutive committee after 1
Btormj three hour aaoaion ?? terday
i afternoon ll la ivt at all( pleaelnaj to
the frlenda of John Purro) Mitchel aa
Indlvated bj the commenl ol Arthur H.
\\.....i?=. sr retary of th- pro**iaional
committee kwklng oul for his Inter
eeta. However If the other fueion can?
dldatea f><r th. Board of Eatimati lak<
? Oaynor Indoraemenl aa la altogether
hk. ;?. Mr. MltdM i maj h" oma th-'
. andldate .>f the Ind* pendenca Ia ?'-.":*>
for Mayor after all.
This leaves the MttWtlOfl Ifl I BlUCh
confuaed atate, wltli an apparenl lacli
r.f hannony among ti"- leadera In tha
fualon movoment Maj or Oa
to hold the ke* to Ihi Bltuatioa Mlt*
i hel d">te nol want t.. go bach on the
I Independenca Leagui tlckel unleea th<
othera take Oa: noi Indoraemi nta
Th. otherfueton candldatea can make
r-. publlc declaratton of their attitud-t
toward a Oaynor Indoraemenl 'inni n
is off. r.-rl thi ni lt is n?>t hk- I t"> De
deflnltely <>nvr.-d until Mayor '.a>i.'ir
r.i.irns from EurOOC. ln the DM >'i
time thr- Bltuatlon "'" remaln In a
.stat. . f um . rtalnty
No Bar to Nam.ng MitcHel.
Soiik held yeeterdaj thal 11 Mitchel
were to *M back "i> the Independenci
l.eague tlckel he would hav. t- do -??
br.fr.rr- tho -.rimanes. Th-v contended
nf could not be aubatituted latei if
hla name appeared ia thi
dldate "f any other pan
,,?<_.? .,f thi ilection law. h ?
. ,,... leem lo n ? enl anj bar to
jnamlng Mltchel to OU a ?/?can.
,,.. th- decllnation ??' -""10 dummj
whom 'H* part* ?"?d1*- ?'"' ' ' ' ' '
. andtdate :.t the prhnarlaa
Th- reaolutlou of the fueion ? omaaH
tea, whlch waa paaaed to onawei +
qucstton raiaed bj John J Hopper. a
member of th- commlttee on
of the independenca L-eejue, .. ida
?Rfcoolved, That the chaJrman ol 'he
. 4.,, uuve commlttee repli to Mr. Hop
,?.r that, aithough we applaud Mr
Mltchel'B poeltlon, we hav. never un*
dertaken lo dlred candldatea In lha
,.?_,?, rflodpraementaand donol uish
to do so noa.
In reply to your ipe Iflc oueetlon.
ti.mmlttee looka upon Mr. Mitchel
ln the preeent ein umatancea aa par
fectly free to take the Independence
. . dMlgnatlon II ha thlnl
Before th' meetlng Norman Hapgood,
chalrman of tha general ? ..min..-..
.ald n waa elear thal anj candidate
ptlBl another nomlnaOon would
have H underal.I thal M dW nol i k*ae
h)s mouth. and that he Intetaded to
.uppori enerfot??*lly the whole ticket.
' ne letter of Mr. Hopper, whlch ra
n-rttten Frtday, mM
??i have been waiting ?? *?* (-"",r
th.ng definlte from tha fuglon nottin." I
for tha Board of Eatlmate, and eepe
,,..iiv from Mr. McAneny. aa to their
lctlon ln regard to fotag on other
ticketi m Mr. Mltchel'a loyaUy to
McAneny and Prendergaal b? refu ed
th(. oomlnatJon of the Indeitondence
i eatrui I underatand now that the
fu.-ioi. memben of ihe Board of Batt
mate hnve pteced th- matter of other
nomlnattona for Indoraementa Ifl Mr.
McAneny'* benia
Ought to Take Defin.te Stand.
?This niorningH papOTB BUte that
Mr McAneny Intenda to lean for
Europe on Wedneodnj next. i do not
think lt ls fair to leave Ihla matter ln
the air like tbJfl. taking advantage of
Mltchel'a loyalty. I hope your corn
nUttoo wttl Imdat oa Mr. McAiwny dj
Cartei inunedlntel) and puWWj
irhether he intenda to take any other
nomtnationa or not U be declurai ba
?lll take no other nomlnatl.'.i.as Mltcta
,, hia done, well an.i goud. but if be
_.___? hi wUl tukr- other nomtnationa,
nr if i,e wlll not de. h.r, himaelf, then.
m juaUce to Mitchel. your .ommitte..
0Ughl lo publicly announce that every
on, on the fu-.on ti. ket is froe and
that your commlttee aanctloni tnklng
mdorsement.H whOTOm they ?an he
The Independenca i-eag"*' eomnut*
tf(. on vacandee wiU mret Monday
next and'will rrobably eall IU city
commlttee together later in th. waak.
,I)d i would Hke to have your eommit
tee declare Itm-lf to the ahovr effect
before McAneny gOffl away. BO that
Mltchel wlll he tm before our com?
mittee. of whlch 1 am ? member.
mcet?." _.
Joaefah M. Pnce. .hair.-an of tha
fualon exeeutive commlttee, to whon
the abovo Utter wa? addrcused. made
no further reply lUt nlght than to ic
knnwledge the roOfltpt of the communi
catlon and **???? ln* reaolutlon paeeed.
Tanewepaiwr men Mr. PHco, aild He
thought the reaur.t of Mr. Ho,,p.r that
tlle .ommlttee inaist. upo.i Mr. M -
(oellnued- M* page. thlrd r-i-im,.
JOHN \ fi.ri Ri
AfJdison T. Millar. New York
Artist. and Wife Struck?
Car Demolished.
... ,.. . . Tl ? | ?
Bo ,th Norwfllk, Conn., Bept. I *?'
riison t. Millar, an arttet of Wo. 12*.
VYeel 23d atreet, Ha* Terh City, *nd
? . . st, w. r. Inflfantl! kllk i ???
daughtei Mlaa Doroth; Millar. waa ae
rtoual: lf nol fatally, mjur. .1 md Mlflfl
jaaala Outhrie probaM] iraa fatall !n
frored thla afternoon when 1 ?w'
?fort Men Horto A Hartford Railroad
train atruck Mr. Millar' automoblle al
.1 gradi ? r'>.-suik* ln thla pla ???
Millar. arl r" lat- ;,n'' N,r''
Millar w or. inaUntly killed, tho latti fi
boijv being carried on ihe pilot of the
train while Mr. Millar arai throara
ftrt fo< t nt" a l...nk Tho au
? ? aafl rJemollflhtHl, one plece
penetrating the amokefltack of the ;o,-o
motl*. ?-.
Thfl train wa Ihe fflfll Plttflfield El"
pr<ss. d>i' ln Norwalk fll 1:28 p. m. \
The r < m ? f t ? ao IdK nt, Um rfew
Canaaa Road ? . . ? ? . daager
oiih graOt l rhlek tln ra
ea In th. laal flve
When n?.-ar Hedman .41 " ln ll
tomoblle, waa killed al thli croflaing
? . 1 ,n, thfl Publlc Utilitlei ' .-1111111.
Bton of tii. itati rxdered .. fiagmaa ata?
How Mi. Miii.*r camfl lo
firi- ? upon thi en ~m* la a m
? <.r the fiagman, Charlea 1 \Vllll*ama,.
ara al th? ? roaalng, wa^ li 1
white Hag. n La thoughi thal Mr Mil?
lar mlflunderfltood thfl Inteni ol ? ?
vht. Hag and did n.lacken I
...... ,1 of bla ? ar.
Mr. Millar Btudtfld art undor Willlan
m , ??,., m , md although ? ? ompara*
n.. i- ? oung man waa a ? II known, hia
>(.,-. 1.111. belm OrienUl wrk
? tr. 111 Warri ? I >hio,
., ,., ..,,- Bgo, and l< cated ln Bllvai -
. , r, h. bo .ni' promlaflni Ifl
., . fi-oup r.f artlsta in thal i'1' ' '""J
,,?;? reo ntl] e*ng -"' ???',!"1 Ifnal
honora al the annual exhlbtttoa ?t 'he
cokrny, held ai tha Modte ot Boloa
Mr. Millar was rot.,rnlnc from Nor?
walk lo his honv a' thfl tun< of th.
ai. ident. The trnm waa held aberoj
. ? .,,,,! ,,i?i Mrs. Mlllar'a bodj wafl
,,... reanoved from tbe plkH untll M.-di
cal Eaamlner B H HiAtlngton ar
rived. Mtafl Millar. who la Bfteen
? Mn 0id, and m.ss Oothrli. who 18
eighteen, wen removed lo the hoapitaL
Mla Outhrie, who waa =' *f*#olghbef
and friend ol thr Mlllara, haa .1 fraet
ured akull and oth.r aertoua Injorlee,
th.- doctora flnnouneing bo nlghl that
Bh< haa practk allj no ? banci of re
., . Mlaa Millar em aped morfl fort
uraatel] and S..H1. hopa is h. Id out In
ber > flflfl.
Gained Fresh Vigor and Avoir
dupois on His Vacation.
,rr..-ii r*B? IrOmaa Cotraapam *"' I
Weal Orange, N. j.. Bept y Thomas
a Ediaon, who has returned fiwn ?
motor trip through New Bngland, Mad
to-day be had gatoed In bath ? 'K"r Hn,]
avcdrdupota. H? ?aid he *** gia-l ta
get back to work
wh.n told of reporta ot bla 111 heaith
that were heard here during hla ab
Bflnce Mr. EdlflOn laiighcd
Worker's Haste to Get Out of
Factory Ends Fatally.
pn reirKrar" ?-" t*1" Tr"'""" '
Burllngtoa, N J . aVajH I Palllag from
the Mxtn floor laaatkflg of tha Phllad.li'hla.
Watch Caaa plant m PJieratde, an ba
jolned tbe rush of f-llow en)|.l<>y ** toward
tbe exlt at noon to-day. Hrrnian Wfllfltflr.
DlBfltflfla J'.ar, old. of Delawa.e avenue,
RtvanOae, ?***, kiiied la rdgbl et a thou?
sand men and women eniplo>ed In the
plant. ln thelr baate to get ojt .mplovea
have made a pracOe. of rildlng down the
braa.. banlflter rall. and lt hl th-iught that
Mlnieter wa* doing this
A a.ore of women lalnted BB 11 ??'I ?"
ihe yoath plunge bj them. his hea.lMr.k
hag tbe atflga He landed ln the afflwd at
the maln entranc* on the QratOaor.
Victory of Their Candidate, in
the Third District. by 553
Pluraiity. a National
Triumph for Party.
Vote of Lawrence, Progressivc,
Shows Falling Off of 50 Per
Cent from That Received
by rtoosevelt--Wilson
Stays Up for News.
111 \, . ?, ii ? - < mbwM
Portland m- s. pt H John a i>
t?rg Bpeaker <?'. * u Ho iae and Kepi;i'
ii. an. of Ellaworth, waa choaen to tui
the VflCanC) in the '?><} t'ongress Difltrlt r
to-da] by a pluraiity o' .'.".:; .?? i r Mayor
WllUam a Pattangall. Democrat, "f
Watervllle, with Edward M lAwrence,
of l.'n. . Progreaalvfl, ? roor thlrd tn
th? race,
n- retums* in this Bpeclal election
from all bul ? amall Iflland plantatlon
*.,-. Petera, 15.106; Pattangall, 14. ?>."?.'?.
an-i Laa en< e ?> Is"
Th? vote for Prefridenl m Movember
araa: tVlli on (t> "> i, M ,;?,'-,? Booae
? . !t . I'rr-K i 13 -?'''. T ?tt , R?p i. T.l..'.* I
The Prugreealvi 8'otfl ahowed a fall-I
ing >.ff of ebrail M per i * ;'* from what ,
Colonel Roo ? ? II r*" ? i'-'"1 ,n N"' "'"
i? r . in ii,. ..tii. r hand, the Peteie I
...t^ vrai 1"S per .-mt rrreater man tbe j
? t. v,hile the Pattangall an<i j
Wilaon ? ote Bhowed little variatloa
After receivlng congratulatloiifl aii |
around early ln th< evflnUaf, when th.
largi Demorratlc vou In Kennebec
? fMgan t boa -ip. Mayor Pat?
tangall paaaed Ihrmifh th? BtrTowful
expeiience 4.f bflailng frrrn thfl aouth;
th?ri thi vote wai otronglj against
blm Petera earrylng overy rounty.
i . riectlon, made neceaaarj bv th*
?leath .-f Porreel Goodwln, tha K?*-pub
liran repreeentathri from thal dietri" 1.
vvh* foughl out mi national political
r th? moment. with apeakera of
natoohal promlnence otumplng thr- di?
trict for the Republlcanr, Progreaalvfl
?nd Democratli eandldatea Thevotera
raaponded lo tho appaal In larger num
bero than voted at th? iast Presldentlfll
,, ?ith fair eai ? .nd the fact
lhal th* fall harveet has nol yel begun
,.-.;._- th. i ? anagi i ln
? nt ti
\ idltloti .i Intflrefll In thfl ? nteai waa
.! from '"iiitda *l" atatfl be- j
, ,., . nf the fflci thal the dtatrict arith ^
,h.r. flxcflptton "f \va8bitiKt..n County,
.uided bv laal year'a L?eflrlalatur<
, , repri m nti d for many years
... i,-.,.. ?; Blalne, afti rward Becre- i
t.irv Of Bl it. ui-.i.r I'r. Id? nl I ',;irtteld
md Harrlflon
Republieans Jubdant.
Republtcan leadera wera lubilantover
th.tr Bucceea In view of the earaeal
Rghl vv-age.l bv the natlotnl admmis
iratli - to eapture the dlatrii t
i regard the reaull of the election
as ? aignal triumph not only for lha
Rapubl in prtndplca of protectlon bul
tlaw for lh< raea llberal Republtean
ism." aaid Mr. Petera "1 balieve ?? to
bo entlrely pcealbki to harmontae end
unit? the ?nti-Democratl atrength.
Thr- diffrr.n.es between the Progrea*
Mvea and regulflr Rcpubllcam in not
fundamental bul more o diffarence nf
opinion Bfl tO how th same prlndpleo
nhnnld b. admlnistered."
Colonel Krederl. k Hfllfl, Republlcao
r.atlonal I -<.mmit t-.-man from MatBfl.
"To-day*! election la a great vletorj
f.,r tbe nea Ri publlcaniam. Th. Ri -
publlcan party haa ohown lhal II la
-a Innlng b%ck its own Ttw votara of
the M Maina Congreaa Distri-1 hv a
vote ..f 9,000 or more have repudlated
the tanff Mll ii"1* before Congreaa and
the tdmlniatratton of Prealdenl Wilflon
i bellevfl tbe reaull ?iii have .. marked
afFeet on th.- country nt largt
Heviiies Bpeaker Clark, Becretary
Bryan and Se.-n-tary RadfleM, sent
here for the Deiiiiu-rats. thfl ReOUbllCflnfl
smt Repreflentativeo Kahn, ot Califor
nia; Qardner, of MaaaarhuarittB To**rn
er, of Iowa. and Ander-.-ii, of Minne
aota, whlta thfl PiogTooaivea sent victor
Murdock, .lame. A t.a'rtleld and A J.
Bevflridge, of Indlana
Treaoh.ry, Saya Pattangall.
Mr Pattangall, the Davaocratlo fan
didate, gavfl OUl th.- followlng utate
tm-nt to-night: .
"ifom the returns which 1 have re?
ceived T should Ju.lpe that John A.
Petera araa ele led tr. Congra? from
this district by a pluraiity of ii'*' to i?N>
in a total vote of about .'..I,'***'. The re
suit abouM n<>t bo conetrued as a re
b.ike tr, the national udministratlon. It
lt wholly to be attrlbuted to DflBBO
cratlc treachery. Because certaln men
failed of BUCC? in the prlmarlea
they dellberately sacriflced the partv
in this election.
"The Democracy of Maine is loyal to
Prefltdenl Wilaon, and wlll present a
unlted front in the next four years'
campalgn. Personally. l want to thank
the 19,009 Democratlc voters uho ?up
ported me at the polls, and to thank
as V4*|H the S4tate and national Democ?
racy for the part each took in the cam?
palgn. We all mad4- the best rlght we
-.ti re ceaablfl of making and, whih' tbe
result is dlaapfjototlng, vve are not dtfl
courageri and only teniporarlly de
feattd. '
Halbert P fiardner. member of the
< nntlaueii oa aertmd pagr, thlrd rolumn.
Haby Bllaalng over nlght, but rer-overed.
Inventor's Son. Who Had Been
Missing Since Sunday,
Mrs. Man Johnaon BtOOd on the
fronl itepa of the apartmenl house at
Nn. 206 ,^r. Nt.hi.las BVenUC aho.it .=?
n'.-ior-k yeaterda: etternoon. Mrs .lohn
boh ".me., from the Bmerald lalo,
4vo.rr. the: grow large heafta ?.*,'i am?
pie fmmei
Mer kindi'- ryee were faatened on thr,
romer around whlch F. P. Ampudla
had dlaappeared aome Bfteen mlnutea
before to hring ba<*k homr- hla eleven
m'.nths-old son, Cfro, who hnd been
mteetng alnce 9 - '? loch on ?he preced
Ing morning, when hi? nurae, Mrs.
Clara Ryan, took him o.;t for an alr
Ing. Mr. Ampudla Ifl a Bpanlard and
an Inventor
"Sure, he'e found." ?announced Mrs
Johnaon to an elderly Fr> nchman. who
came OUt from thr- rlark interior in a
cheffl cap and his flhlrtflleevee 'Thr
janttor of ? place nt Fifth avenue
and VMh str<"t aaw him down ln a
reiiar ann came here with a new?v
paper, with hla ptcture in it. Mr. Am
pudla ?raa aittlng up there with his
heavd in hla hands. poor man' I Ha\<4
to him, Vou gO dOWO and get yo.ir
baby, or ni kii. ye
"He'fl rlot-n th. re now with the patrol
a-agon. The woman'a hnvjng ? >ne
ridi Bomewherea, I hope. Why did
ahi do lt? Too m.ich German distnr'n
an.-i" tn her. I'm thlnking. No. she's
not Oerman herseif Bhe*a from tha
country ln Ireland. bad ceee to her.
bul ; never heard of an Irish woman
dolng th. like of that before tn my
Htm -never! Ah, there they come."
And aure enough Ihey <-ame. Around
th.- corner from 121at street half a
hundred ehlldren and not a few grown
fotkfl folkrwed a flhorl <!ark man wheel
Ing ? wtcker go-cart The ehlldren
were laughlng and chearlng Tho
man'a faci wore i tlrod bul thorough?
ly happy. look (,niy the bab) In the
ifo-.-art Beemed nor to underatand what
.,11 the ex< Itemenl waa about. He ap
peared verv aleepy and ? iitti* acared.
I \4ant to thank tho prOBB of New
York for Ihe ro overy of iny aon." ladd
Mr. Ampudla to Th.- Trlbune report?
er. "if |t had n?t been f<>r its prompt
eaaletance, I would not have mv bnby
While all this was going on Mrs
Clara Ryan waa being arralgned in th.
Lenoa avenua poliee atation on a
charge of intoxlcatlon an.i dlaorderly
conduct. <\* the detectlvee of the pra
,.,,,,'t Bcoured ine i Ity for her. after the
parenta amva the alarm al I o'cloca
yeaterdaj morning, -*t'p wna enjoylng
th,. cup lhal eheera n th" rooma of one
Blrch, Janttor of Ihe building at Ho.
i;;m. Fifth avenue, accordlng to the po?
Blrch ... ? "1'ies dlngy quarters in the
baaemant Mrs. Ryan arrlved th.-re
uith tl r Child ahOUl 10 o'clock on Bun
daj morning. <1"' i'oli'f' mM> am* was
?till th?r.- when Patrolman Oakee'a at?
tentlon waa attracted to the place by a
commotloe al 2 o'cloek yecterdny af
ternoon Htt BuaplclonB being aroueed
p? the preoence of the well dreaned
baby he aaked the woman if it was
hera and ahe replied Ifi Ite amrmattve.
The patrolman telephoned his Btatlon
houae of the .'pisode. however, and
Sergeant Quinn started for the zoena
about th.' ihna that Mr. Ampudla -et
d.it from his own houaa A few dire<*t
queatlooa from the Borgeant draw a
.onfession from the woman, and Ciro
4A.is ready for his father when the lut
taT arrlvad. The boy was umnjured,
the father said, but had collecte.l COfl**
siderablf dirt during his nlght in tho
, i iiar rodaaa
First Believed Young Mushroom
Oatherers Had Eloped.
Salem. ObJO, Sept I ?The body of Irla
Lee elRhteen. a high *.<-riool girl, waa
fourid ln a grove north of hert- tUls morn?
ing ulth a bullet hole through her head
A few hours lay-r the hody of Oscar
_;ray elghteen. waa found fb a field mar
b4. The boy had shot hlmaelf.
f|1P two left their homea on Saturday
to gather niushrooms, and when they dld
not return home ln the evenlng it was
?oapacted that they had eloped. Veater
day Grav's father dlscovered that 1.1a re
vorror "*an mlaalng. and a general seareh
for the boy and girl wa.b in.-tltuted
Man Milliner, in Two Strange
Letters, Asserts Beautifully
Formed Slain Woman
Was His Daughter.
Wrote to German Ambasgador
Accusing Physician, and to
Police About New York Cos
tumer?Birth Marks May
Identify the Victim.
Embroidered Cloth in Which Tono
Wa? Wrapped Io Traced to a
Manhattan Deale-r?Whitman
Goeo to Aid of New Jer
so7 Authoritieo.
The beautifully formed young woman
whose torso. ln two parts, was found
on tha New Jfleaay shore, oppoalte
110th "treet. waa dtsmember.d while
tho blood stlll flowed warm in h.r
v cins.
tiiih was reveeled by the autopsy
performed at Volk'fl Morgue, Hoboken,
yagtardgy, nnd Dr <'?eorg.^ W. King.
the County Physician. who was in
charge, asserted that the sla\er irai
r pe fam-.liar with the human anatomy
and skilled in the use of surgva! In?
I'eter Sternemnn, I Oflllflff ?f ch<?ap
milllnery. who arrotfl to the poHcfl a
stramre and partly lncoherent lattfl*
snvjnc bo beheved the t.laln girl wai
bla da'ighter BUfl, moved from Brook
i |yn tr, Jgmalca thwraday He ?a> not
at home iast ntght a hen a reporter far
Tbe Tribune .alled. at No. 113 Glob.
atreet -.hrre he reated o room fromi
Mrs Mathilda Weiss.
When Sterneman went there Thura
day he br.vijrht twe boxe? and several
piflCCfl Of fumiture. Includlng a bed
Btead and B pin<> table According tr>
Mrs. Weiss, these two plflCflfl he patntol
browa. When the lablo waa examined
last night some dark brown staina
showed on the underside of the table
In one of the two boxe-. which were
padlocK-d. arflTO found raaflBfl fafl*gheoa
? latifTened with copper w;re aouiewhat
similar to the milliner s wtre ustd in
tying up thfl torso. only ll wao hla <
instt-ad of white
New Carpent.r's Saw.
In another boa arer fouad l new
carpenter l tt* aad ' ? irpenter s
chls.l. with ita odge BVghtl-j di nti I <*
lf it had come ln OOBtacI with very
hard wood or a Btlll harder rmbetaoCfl
I ln the aamfl boa wrao rouad ;i miss of
[dark bfOWn papflT, Bgavy and glazed
' on one side. and a penknif-. with a
three-in.h blflde, with dark Otalafl on it.
Mrs. Weiss said tha' when Sterne?
man came tO her hOUafl Thursday
morning he said
? I bave Just moved from Myrtlfl ave?
nue. M.v enemies are after mt lt
'?,,,,- on? comea here, ^>v rhaO I doa't
Itve h- n
Wh.-it Sterneman road thfl ne.va
papera telling of the nnding of the
torso he said tO Mrs W. ?
That Ifl my daughter."
Mrs Weiss lald Bterneman sunday
morning wgalied oge of his coatg, his
u,,t, rt pair of trouscrs. an outer ahirt
aad an underahirt, and a l uriap bag.
Tha burlap bag he gave her to dry
The rest he huns out himself.
Kor some unaccountabta reaaoa, he
alao washe.i Bomfl of bM atock of whttt
feathera yfleterday moralag. ond theflfl
hfl hung on a chalr tO drv
Tbe police were lOOklBg fOT Sterne?
man last night, bul wgta unablo te rrnd
An add. d el.-ment of myotery in the
caaa w.is the dla overy that 'the r ri
who, in the eourae "t nature. would
hava been a rfliather in thr.- 0C four
montha, geve premature birth to a
child two or three days before (hfl waa
Nothing found bi Dr King or by Dr.
Tlmothy d. Lehane, Cearoner'fl Phyai
i-lan Of NflW York COUOty. whu assist
ad la the autopey. mdi-'ated that an ll
legal operation waa performed.
The murderer i.sed no poison or
atraaathetlc before i?ginmr.g the drtad
ful task of dkUM mli. rint-nt. The stotn
ach ohowed no tracea of peteoa, ??d
had chloroform been uead th. lungB
would have reveabo It
Delib.rat. Murd.r, Saya Doctor.
The woman was lit.rally bgcked to
death," said Dr. King. MH ?**? ?
i.rutai. dellberaU narder Peraagfl the
slayer cut her thmat flrst. and before
llfe was eattOCt bflgQB cutting up h.r
body. All the physu al syinptoms
nhowed that th. body waa cut .ip while
still warm and while the blood coureed
through the veins.
"Death vvas du. to hemorrhag..
caused hy the oeverance of the femoral
artery. the abdomlnal aorta and th?
carotld and brachlal artertes "
Th.re vvas no blood in the tissues
or veins If the murderer had waited
untll the girl was dead two or thr.a
minutes before st irtlng to dismember
the body there would have been blood
found in the veins and tlssues, it wai
The police. while having little to work
on, are lnclined to the theory that the
girl was murdered ln either Manhattan
or The Bronx. There are two clrcum
stancea which give rlse to this belief.

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