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- %
One is the bit of gneiss ro( k with which ?
the lower part of the tnrsr.. found at ,
Shadypid" was weighted. This stor.e |
is peculiar to the geologral formation
of Manhattan and The Bronx, and it
doe* not occur in New Jersey, the
authoritles aay.
The other fact is the current that
wlnds down from the mouth of Spuyten
Duyvil Creek. swinging in a slightly
deflned rurve tr. thr- shores of Bhady
Blde and Ciiffsld* These two New 4ler- j
*?ey village* are almost directly opposite
110th street.
Speaklng of the rurrent. Captaln i
Leonard Marry, of the North pergen
pOllee, rftid to a reporter for The Trib?
une yesterday:
"Teets made in the past nnd opser- j
vations of years show thnt any buov
ent body dropprr. Into Spuyten Duyvil
Creek. nt in th* Hudson hnmediatelj j
below that point. wlll h* washed ashore .
at BhadyeWa or I'liffslde. This la be
rause of the current that has its origin
at Spuyten Duyrll Cr?Ok and whlch ,
nosses the Hudson, hrimtfng up I
against the BhOrofl of the two villageP." ;
Whitman and Faurot Aid.
lo ronvin. ed yeeterday were the New
Jersey authoritles that the crime was
eeenmltted ob thla side <.f the r?\-r
that they asked the poliee and Dletrlct
Att.-rney Whitman to issist ln unrav
elling the case.
District Attorney Whitman sent on
af his assistants, DeecOfl Murphy. to
New Jersey yesterday afternoon. Mr.
M irphy, with County PrOOeCUtor Hud
?pOth of Bergen County. was pr
at the autopay al Volk'a morgua
Inspector Kaun>t. Of the New York QjO
t*cti\e bureau, aantgned i^n dotootlvea
to the caaa. Some of these were put 10
work tn run down ends BUggeated bj
th.* lettera of Bternemnn, and otheral
wer* s.-nt to make a c.tnvass of Ihe
pleaaure craft on either sld" of the
Hudaon, Ifl the bellef that the girl]
mlghl have met her death 011 Ofl* of
these hout
Pteldae gterneman'fl letter the po?
llce have the foilowlng tangible clOWfl
to work on
The hirthmnrkF Ofl the rig'nt ahoul
The pillowalip with the crudely f*r.i
breadered "A." used to arap up pan oi
the torso.
Th. tlcklng of the pillowalip, whlrn
had been emptled of its feathara bafonr.
?...iic used by th-* murderer to wrap up
the second part of the torso.
Pieces ot a heavy dark brown paper,
: tO wrap Up part* <>f the ior.".
Seller of Pillowalip Found.
One important dlecovery mad.- by the
poh. I- yeeterday was the findlng of iha
dealer In this City who handled the i il
lowaltpe. This information thr* p
talned from the RoWnaon-Roder
Company, of Newark, and ihe work of
the pollce was made tasi.r bj th
that onl] OOJ New York retailer 'lan
dled the pnrttc ilai aorl <-i" pillowalip
such as was used l.y the murderer.
Thla retailer, whooa name th'- .,.,..
wlthheld. pur. haaad or.ly a dOflon Of
the ptllowelipa Thr* pollei believe lt
will be an aoe) matter to run down thv*
seveiai purchaaera.
Thifl nnd on tha part of the pollce
vas rcgardedof thehlgheot bnportnnee.
a.? u m..y lead lo tlw arreot of tke
murderer. It wa-- said al PollCO Head
(uartera laal mght that the pollce wore
going over the booka of the New Yoik
bo iK.n.iie.i the pillow siips m
aa -.ii< rt to trace the pun baat
Thier- detei tlvee wan aenl oul I
hunt for Peter Bternoman, who lefl
his home in Jamaica eaxl) yeeterday
morning, His rambling letter to Cap*
ta.n Hhyes, of the Hoboken pollce,
4- aa turnr-d ovei to Aaatatanl Wai
Attorney Murphy. of Mr. Wbltman'a
staif, by County Pn.r-ecutor 11.. ; 1
<~>ne man mentioned by Stern<_-m,.n
in the letter as a friend of hia daugh?
ter id a phyeicmn. The pollce Bearched
for him last lught. Sterneman in his
letter flOBtrlbed thla man as ..r.e "who
wo ild do an> thlni foi B
Bjt whiie th-- pollce do nol atl
too grrr^r bnportance l ? the letter, be
cauae of Ita Incoherency, thi ? ??? ?
that it furnish-s leada thal muat bi
run down. and the moal pi< m:.-nig of
these Ifl the one referring to the >oung
Another latter ef Btanieman'a now
in the hands of the pohce waa aenl by
him to the Oermati Ambaaaador at
Washimrton and nferr^d to Mernard
DietS4h. a dotectiv* of th.e Kast 51at
airfeet station, by tne ambassadoj.
Third Avenue Sortumer Sought.
in this letter st rneman wrote that
his daughter. in |f*10, w?.s employed by
a isoatumer "n Thlid avenue. not far
from the Qrand Central TormlnaL For
ohvious reasons the name and ad
are not pnnti .1. Detectlvo Dtetach went
f. aee thi- man laal nlght, but laarned
that he had nol l.'i-n at h.s place I f
bnotneee alnce PTtday morning. Itwaa
4 oVI . k Of that day lhat the
part of th'' girls torso was found at
Shad- side.
Dtetach aald Bternemaa in his inter
acCUflOd the cOBtumOT of havmg mi
trented hit daughter. From another
source the detei tlve letrned that tl.e
im. r and hlfl wtfo hud not llved
tr.gethir for two yeara
Th? detecttvea of thti dtj nlae made
an effort to see If uny af the young
women reported mlssing rdnce AugUflt
.'!1. on whi.h 'lay. r.r the day follow
lng. the poUce believe the girl was mur
der?-d. may be the -daln girl.
Hajo Jegatj poUce apenl the better
part of th? da gr.ippllng in the Hud?
aon Rtvor m the nelghborhnod ?.f
HaadyaMe and Cliffside in the Jiope ol
findlng the head. If lha head waa
weighted with *o< k. as was ihe lower
part ol the toreo, and r.is.1 Into the
ri\er. II probabiy wlll retnala In thr
rlver's lx d
Niece of Tarrrtnany Candidate
for Mayor a Novitiate.
LBy T*ii graph ta 1 bi 1 r .......
Albany. sJr-pt I Mlaa Mora M<
ni**re of Bdwavd MeCall, Tammany
f ?? Ha oi of Nee* Ifcrk, entered tha
Convent of the lacrod Hoart al Kenwoed,
to-.'a^ ghi came ta Albani Mooaapeiilid
bv a rrlallva, and hai entraiwe Inw her
? non
ui urrivlng ii Ihi conv. nl ?h< Jolned
j, i |aaa of flf 1 ' ? uung frtrli
?lao took tli? \ot Thi - \' nlng pm yv\ -
?oen tollowed, and Mi.-? IfcC'allfound her
?i lt in tu. M..it.r.? "t coavvni Hfe. Aftar
. golr.g il ? re.|uln ?l sludli a .. no
?.?.il.ite ehe wlll become a alater m alv.ut ?
0 ti a
papt o' body waj rourvD
President Likely to Urge "Sevcn
Sisters" Idea at Regular
Session of Congress.
? 1 -
Waehlngti -? I ? The it- kJaat I *
srme dflcMed, nol to aay radiral, rlewa ol
the ne-d of ant ' bul doea
r.ol purpoaa to idvai
? ?., ida b cloae otudjr of th< aubjecl
arepared to eutttn. an e?teneiv? pro*
grami ' end cur
lagialatioii ofl h:s banda.
it la undaratood that the prlnciple of
lanl arilflon - klflfl about tbe antl*
tn b1 laa a needed bj preai
contalned m t|e famoui "aevei
the leijisiation anacted bv th. Nea Jeraey
ature arhlle ba araa Oovernor, bul
his mind is atlll open to auggeetiona ?
fc-r. he tnakef anj announcemi ?? f bla
antl-truat programme he wlll confer wltb
thi atton >?>' Oeaeral and ? ?
No lecrel la made of the fact thal Prea
Idenl Wilaon bollevea gfi. rg<
of amending the Bbormafl anti-tr
ln aeveral reepecta to meet near condl?
tlona Attomcy Oeneral Mcfteyi
diso known to favoi hangea to m ?
? .?::.- tlra and to pei mll tb? proa
ecution of ceii llona which
eannol noi be aucceaafully :-:4 bed.
Pflnd ng 1 ' nea ... ra, or
tarj amepdment* to tha B
man law, the D.gartmenl of Jual ?
arabably auapend the "trv I
duatry to a conaMerabla extent,
lt araa empbaticallj ' ?
Ihera wlll ?? ? I lona and dl taolution
i . ? . Btai cea demand Tha ln?
n of th.- Attorn.-v Oeneral, neweve
t.oi-i tn abeyani - aeveral doubtl il;
tll the rew legifllatlon ll '. iflOfld
Supposed Visitor from Sky
Prove^to Be Copper Slag.
lon R, 1
i ? ?
meteor" of gugual 8 argi removed l
ja> from tho reelm of natural phi
by i .4.. young men, ahe ooi feaei i to lh?
0 that thi ; poai d ? ? ?? I
f rl: n a -
mttc nnd a quantlty of copj ?
Th,- "meteor," wrhicb a*ea reported lo
? River, ??? ? -
accompanled by h bllndlng llght and a
deafenlng - reeh. A di oi two later two
? ? .?? . . ?. a beavj
. d t>> be
the tall. n "meti <>r " The lurtw rmeii ; il
i on ? \i Ibltloi ?? ta d look
and did a prontable buetnt
Brown ogl l prei
the "meteor" to t.<- nothlm
ilag, vvhi :b wai te i- found ln quantltlea
in the r.-ar of a nearby bbi
> ahlbitiOfl and
bflgan an inveetigation, arhtch reei
th. confeaalon of two young men thal
? had takon the
flvnamlte -'.nd expluded lt behind G
I?.;nnd to rr..-ii. a .-. nsation ln the town
Wright Executor: Ask Court to Solve
Legal Tanglc.
? lon foi ni j111- i i'i ? ifltion of th.
? i Hood Wrlght al o died
? a ? |hl In thi Buprena. ('oui * - ?'
l: Wrtght, hlfl
arldow, and John afarkle, .xecntora and
trUBtl - - I BH r! ;. ? ? I P Mo -
L-an <\ Co., arho hoM ai aaalgnman! of
I. . j. Davle, and
lha Publli Library, "?*? bli ii abaorbed thi
Waahlngton Melghta Fra Library, ?
di ? >,. w 11. hl will
? -. ? ii .! ? reral mlll
on dollara, v*h dlvMed Into threi equal
partfl On. weal le Mr Wrlght :n truat,
in-i .ii di ll * ? th? beni II
named The other two t.nns wera left ln
truat for Mlaa BUaabeth J Wrlght a
.; ? M. .,1 ?..,,.... .1. it ti il<o,'??> was to ba
aald i" the Wflflhlngton Helghta Free
th? remglndi r b Infl h< Id for
Ihi i Hood Wrlght now tha Kni<*ker
aecker, Hoapltal
Th< eaeaaaon aeal ln tructtdaa aa to
rvkether tiie tJOMoa la pajrablc to the
New York PubUc l.ib-ar., ln. thfl
tVaehlngton Hei bu Ibrarj baa i eeeed
10 . XI: t.
Bakcrs Aid Board of Healtb in
Physical Examinatlons.
Ofgceri r.f tiie uavkeis uniona, it la aald,
ate in (4vmr>athy with the [Beard of
Health'i action in roejulrlng tbe bakera te
phj aii .ii examlnation befon tha
ahyflldflna r,f tbe beard i nder tius rula
>4ii..vit bfteen theueend hakem are beino
Ixamlnad aa te th.n phyaical condition
\*4. a'l ai? ;n aCCOrd with this ?< tlon
Bfl the part of the Board of Healtb*" OUO
iniuii leadet aald. "Ia thfl p;4st diaeaaa
aga beea aprefld bj pereona vvith tuber
HBBaaia arorkaflfl aJongilbi of othern ln tb?
Bflkaflhopa Peraoni auff.ring from other
nfectleui dl eaaei abich while Infectioua
aight noi ba deadly, iiav.- worked akla bj
a.i. with f-ouii.j |? oi i. i I..1.1 thfl preo
nt rub:- r.f thfl Bflard "f Haflltb no |.<r
i.in BUrTerlng fiom anji kind Of Infe. tious
ln.**jia> ..aui work ln B l-ak- bh. j. "
fnntlniierl from flr?t page.
Progreaalvi National Commlttee of
Malne, s-ii'i to-nlght:
'The returns Indicate the electlon
..? John A. ivturs !n the r;d District.
We had no money. Lack of funda
hampered the Procresslve W*OI*klng OT
ganiaatlon and prevented prop<*r puh
li.it;.. It is e.ident that the vr.ters <>f
the 8d Dletrld ;.rr- abeolutety opnoai I
i.. thr polidee of the Democratlc party."
Waahlngton, Bept 8.?Returna from
the Mair.e Congreaalonal electlon wore
awalted h'-r. irltb extraordlnary inter?
est b: the leadera r,f all partiea The
Democrata, who had sent Becretary
Bryan; Bpeaker Champ 'Mark and other
notahla campalgnen Into Malne to aid
Pattangall, were keenl* dleappointed
when newa came thal ttieir man was
Presi.ii nt *VilaOfl waited for thr- re
? irna until late in the night.
Augbata, Me., Bept s r-yied Btatea
s. nator Burletgh, apeaklng of the "?>!
Diatricl ? lectton to-dny, aaW
'The reaull of the electlon, won :n
the face of tremendoua odda, ia moal
gratlfying. it is an Inapiratlon to the
RepubUcan party. its Influence arill be
natlon wide, Viewed as an eapreaalon
of the votera In Jamea <;. Blaiae'a old
diatricl npon the pendlng Democratlc
bill, ii la r.f greal algnlflcance. The
campalgn arafl condueted upon the
tariff laeua While Mr. Petera'a plu
ralltj 44.i- k ai than 1,000, yel II ahouid (
?.e noied thal lha entlre anti-Demo- |
, r.ui \ote on *the larlfl laaue waa
ai...ut 21,000, in a total eote of leea
than 88.000,"
-? ?
Ahvays Prepared, Penrose Tells
Army and Navy Union.
Phlladi 'i ? ' le* ath na- i
tlonal encampmenl of the Army ar.<i Nnvr ;
1 r.|.>n began hl - '?? ?? I Bl Al I '
-,.4.. lald thal thi ountr. aaa aia i
'11 may 1.. tha* ? II
44ai :. tl ' t the n ? ?? na
tor Peni ?...-? luatl
Hn.i the purpoaei of o ir Republl do nol
.,i.i-.'... luatif) mch preparednaal Our
eaourcea ara Imnm graatei than
u othi i nnii.'ii. or o:
and at thi eall to ai rm a mililon
men \S"..!.| lO-l ' ?'? -
go t.. the fronl ln
The gi Rufl ??.!
l .044 na aa nal ind ?? ai d the
piejaantatlofi of repor i of oflicei ind
commltti tool i| rnoat of the llina <-f
lo da) * - ? -s-1 'n
Eugene L Didier Victim of a
Bicycle Accident.
i r. . ". .: ? ? ? ?
Pmitltnore, Be, I * Kugee I D
... of t4\o Mograpblea of Rdgar \iinp
i', . ,r-. pi-omlnenl a* an hJatorlan died
4 ft e M r I
- - ? . .
.. .ient
.,.; .. ? i . fined io bla
? ?
? mi ? rn m
|,i Itlmori i" ? - laM
I'olleg, 11
It i |. '
V. I
1 i nn. r of <
ind "The J
ll l/.:n< I
Farniers Put Out 794,008 Bales ifl Ef
fort to Beat thi Boll Weenl.
\\ eal ? -?: ? ataol
dtoa evei rrtaned la lha
... raa reported
? araa
' thi K.r.4?th of
.; i ... ii put OUI from the Kinr.ei W-.
throughoul tl* Bouth Thr. beav) .
? .? . ? .. i ?re the reaull ol
an earlj maturteg ol ti.. ermp unri aa
effort b) farmara te aanl ihe boll aeevll,
in tl.r- oplalon of Ceaaue Bureau ofBciala
Theae fleurea cornpan V4.in 7. .:?.... balea
to St ;.r. mb?l 1. Ttl.Wl I
111 balei In Mt Round b ilea
.; .., the epoti numbered IJSi
compared aith T.tW for laat reai *ae
balai Included &X eompared w.th
tn fur laal ..h.
\n 'tat>-.< reported an increaaed glnning
t<.r the period oeei 11j' rear'i totala fi "
thi.r time. eaoapl Teaaa and Nortii Caro
llpa Laal ? bj to ?-'? ?t< mber i Iheri h id
. ... d 5i I-1 ? ent of the i ntlre
, nn thi quantlty a aa *- pt t ? ? ai
Stops ns Owner II Gronnti Untirtr
Freight Train.
.\ arell ara aed man. aboul twenU even
,-ean old, waa killed in Yonken laat i ighi
b_y being run ovei a frelgbl tram on
th- ll.i.l ...i River .livl-i"!. ot the N.w
v.irk Central Railroad ?' 'he varketre-t
tte araa riding ...i tba traln and
;, || .,.,-, ? , i ,n | oth li ii arera cul off.
H;s ?vatrA wai found lo i>a\r Btopped ai
1*8 .. eloi k
The man had ? eardoaae eoatatnlng
iarr|> bcating the nnme of NkImiIhs K
Purttn. There wa* "0 addreea. Tha card
eaae aral h boui ralr fpven bj thi E ereai
Eeairavlag Company, of I tica, N. f Tha
man wore * Panama t.at In arhlch v.ne
the name oi the dealar, M TaJfet, of
,?:?*? t Orange, N ?'
Miirtin 1'iiv. forty *.>.um etd, a moulder,
ef No. 1471 Beacb avenue. The Bronx,
died from loekjaai ln i-'ordham Hoepttal
laal nlghl Ton daya aje i.e trtpped oa a
na.i, which ptaroed in*- nime. Beratahtai
bla fooi Ha bad the wouad eauterlaed
at the Hoepltal ol tha Iratnaculati Con
nptlon. ii. Jamaica, ^n<\ hud forgntten
all aboul it when h<- waa tak?-n 4\itii
? ii.Mp palne in lha ier yaaterda*/ after
aoon \ri ambulam ?? wai ralled ani he
?a.s burrled t" lha boapltal.
Aaron A Pelnberg, lawyar, of No lll
^roadwa hai been daalgiialed ai the
Republlcsn indldate for naember of the
AaeemMy honi lha llal Dfatrtel He
lakei tbe pit> . ..f In\m Kuta, who re
fuaad ii.. '.ipinii deetgnatlen Mr. Pefn
b,tg is a brother of Di i:i.ni i. Paln
L.*ra. fuhlon mndidate ^or Coroner.
Justice Rudd, Back from Eu*
rope! Acts on Petition of Rens
selaer County Moose.
Impeachment of Governor Un
constitutional Because Ses
sion Was Extraordinary,
the Allegation.
[ By Teleirraph to Thfl Tribune.1
Troy, H. V . Sept S.?Justlr-e William P
H-idd, of tbe Supreme COUTt tn > hamber?i
at Albaay, tate thla afternoon iraatfld -i
arrtl uf rrohibition reatralnlng tbe Courl
<<t Appe.-ils and the Btatfl Bflnatfl, BtttJnf
,:s a innrt of Impe;,. hment. from pro
?-?dln. with tbe trtfll nf f.'overnor Will?
iam Suliser untll an alternatlve wrft.
w hi.-h will enme up before luettce Chee>
t.r Bflturday, ia dktrpooed of.
\. tlon for tbe ?e.-rlt ot prohlhlflon wa";
tutfld hy Attorney?i Janflflfl Kan.'ll
Krrderirk E Drap. r, jr . of Trov. .,-i
behalf of Samuel A Kovvler. of T'ena^e
Iflflf In *helr petition to Jufltlcfl Hudd it
?.-t fnrth thiit the a'tlon of tbe
LegMtature in Impeachtng tbe Qovarnor
waa unronstl'ullonal. a1-- :t vvh? done ?' .1
apedal ae>-?ion of th.- Legtalatur.
lt vvas Bei up aNo ln tiie raeelBtJOB that
t?.- Impeachment trial areuM call for an
unuaually heavy axpandlture of tha |
Hc money, and should b>- preronted, ?* M
KOUld b.- imlewful, ln view of tr-..- IllegaJ
itepa takea by th. As?..mhiv
in flranttnfl ti..- nrrlt Justice Rudd ?
no commetit >taiin^r only that he had
Just returned frr.ni Kurope and flfltda
from nea ? mra nl araa unae
? ?. d arith lha i :i ?? He made the
arrtt returnable Beturday v\i-en lt will
ii argued before Juetlce Cheeti u I
durin? to-dej .ird to-morroa ? ? lee of
It i-l.i s .-r-i. r v. III >.. -? r. --.I Upon
membi ? of thi Courl - t v- r< ila n i th.
foity-i Infl S'ate ,?..r ? ? th.
, ...nt- 'i bj I ? v
Mi Powler the petltlonei la i pn n
n.nl member of th. R.na ? tunty
Progreialv. party and tttoraei r.4rreii
ro?;a'>- tttOttte] Draper bafl been noml
tice of the < Ity Courl ef
Troy by l
Denl Harrl Blow to Domocratic
Marhine in Pnmaries.
n . - ., ? a Ti
? ? ? Bept I The n I ? 'r.n..
.... ,
frv-.inv bv th.- Wilaon r.- .
, ? denl Du n aerai ? ? thi
.?"I .l Baltlmore
.ity Thera ware few .?...-. _? ? .?
iir,,r,s on tha !? Blalatr* ?
and ln near.v avi argflnl* I
i.lt.r.n ? . . ?
en a t oi r m be re of
f thi '. itun
membera of the DenK Ri teConven*
.?? .' tha
mi ' ? ?
Ne-?,^pi4pera Bupporttitfl tha Democratlo
' .. i : - - ttflt flfljl | ?
? in of tbe Btatfl .
I ? ?'i k'.ini/ ? ?
Tbe returm 'how that tha
??- ? ? mventien, ..
. ? ??> n ..' \ Mi.d.er ..-4
Tll- I 4 . . ? ?
I , .
. ? ? .- ? i i ? r
Raynei Blalr leaa %
..-i tha
it. bul n. pul
1 .r. flfl .Ir.et | bn Hfl i. .< P
? 1W
Ti.e t-Kht m i i ? ? ? ? " raa very I
' o ?|| |
i horn .;'.' ..??:?
n a
ln thi
p i , ?
V'oeipert I
? . late foi 'he nonalnfltieo,
h 11 ii- uppoattloa
ii r Btatfl Control ler the nemtneo bo>
; ?? rnoerath ;.m< raori Harrli gton; ><? p ? ?
:.. ,,n I lilver Motfll THrlt
,nti. BMchlna i >? mo ra i a ? d 4
triumph in 11 ???< "Bob" Padgetl
;.t.i m, t Wfljra ? Mt-r Hemenaai of J..bn
llahon, fOr m-iiii..r? ot th>- .-.tat. <-..m
mitieo Rawley, another machtn. man,
t"r ih.- 1 ..ii-.mftte,.. ?ra?defeated WlHIam
Currun atggafaatJon eandldata for Btata
Bai atoi Ih Um Ia) Dtatricl aron
Withdrawn by Rcsident Whose Tree
Was Cut by Schcnectady Mayoi.
Bcben? ta-!;. K. v . Bepl ? afa: or
Gaergi '< Luaa erai h- iv..i A.m a not< e
thla ,ift. 1 noon lhal tt ? ordi 1 I -
arbj he ahould not b- punlahfld Ior
contempl ol courl an eithdrawa Tbe
notlc* aa draern bj counael for iienmn
Powloarlca, in fronl <>f arhoea property
Mayoi Liunn 1 "' ,|"" " ?> tn ? ? ''* n a*aa
proti < t * < i b .ii' inrm t'.r.n t:i.ir,ied t-y
Count] ludk'e Nav MM
john i1 Millar, 1 auara I !?-. Poa iov* i< /,.
,,;,i |o nlghl "TMi does not m.-.in thal
driope 1 ii"- matter bul it 1 Im
p|i im. ana thal aa 'lo not Int- nd that uny
tm. can hava an aaeaea to r.v thal P U
lica Bgura bi II Thafa win ba aaather
?how-cflUfla order aacerad, arhlck 1 hop-'
i<, v,;tv- raturnaMa before Buprema 1 oun
\.m Klrk on llenda 0> 1 'u?a
l.er II '
Tailor Rcscuod by Wife and Is a
PriBoner in Hospital.
i.-,, 1 w Ernel ?* tatlor, forty-oioe
year. old. and the owner of No **74 Ma
nlgfl atreet rhe Breaa, a Beaj otery
Bpartmenl houae uhere h? bVflfl, at
temptad Buidda la bM home MM nlghl
durlna the t. miwrary nh.rme of btfl Otito,
by hantfinn ahaeelf attk ? aeH to the
Hi- w.iH found tn a BOmi-COnadOUO <"on
dltiofl by his wife on her retura, and
aft.r eUtfJng him down .ihe .rtlled f?r
.1 tU-rnarrl I'ohen. of No Ml Huat'l I'olnt
av?nu. Pr i'ohen. aft> r revlvlnjf hlrn.
telephoned to the Morrlaanla station and
tbe iii.in was taken to I^-ban..n U014p1t.1l
a prlaener. i'ls v^tr *aM th.- poHc? thal
ab. kn< a of ne reeeen why ber h'eaaand
BbOUM att.-mpt to . n.l bls llfe llovv
rv.-r aceerdiag to th- poii. e 1 . n. -;
troubleo aii.-d Krnst to baeflgM -I- poa?
.1. ut
Hi Bpeculeted "' rral c.tat. 111 tlu*
liuni'H Point Beatlen. aad bad recently
iompluin-d of tbe dulne.>s ln the real
After Hearing Argument on Both
Sides Justice Hasbrouck Al
lows Counsel Two Days.
Contend8 Assembly Was With?
out Right of Impeachmcnt?
Opinion of Court of Appeala
Hoped For Before Sept. 18.
fn.4 T.-lrs-raph to Thi ??Tlht.rK |
Kingstr.n, N Y . Aug fi.-The wrlt of
habnofl ?'? rpua in bebalf of joseph <;.
Robin, thr convleted banker. wns nr^uerl
b.f..ee ,ini*ti-e Haabrouek, of the Bupreme
Court al Special Term this afternoon
Justice Haabrouek reearved deetelon and
gava rfcinpel two day? In whlch to lile
brlefa Robln waa preaenl it. Ihe euetody
. i n-i offtoer.
Th? Mcoteodlng nro?<e nV>r th-> refu b!
of Werden Hayea, of the BiackweU'B lal- '
aad penltentlary, to reeognlae th.- par-1
.I...1 franted to Robln by Oovernor Buiaeri
and tbe main contentJon, of ... waa
as tO th'- itatUfl "f flulzer -rfnoa ln- m
The queetloBfl **ere. ir?t. whether ti.e
ANKt-mhiv, as . ne of th- two braachea
nf the state Leglalature, i.a.j a righl t..
a t as tn Impeaehlng body :.' an bx
traordlnar* ?*r*aatoa .aiieri hy th.- Oov*
ernor fi.r another puri<>*-"-. and, BOOOOd,
....betber ti,.. Bltng of anlelee of Impea h
ment b* the I aiblj aeta as a theck
upon ibr dnvorn"'-? Bxerciae of .?v**--ii
ti4.. functlona
Contendlna for the negatlve poettton ln
both queatlona end li favor of Rol
Oovernor Bulier, were OeneraJ Benjamln
F Traey, Vyilham **) Beanet, Bamnal
Ball Tl..... ? ??? M..r.-' RThll
Prank D Iraland, attorney for Robln, nnd
i.\ nn .i. ai nold. i ippoaad to them
a.. bibald it. Wataon, Con oratl n
? n.w \ ork; John T Norton, n
: aral; -lonn k i "larh v laLit- |
? Diati ? Mtorney, aad Benatoi Edgarl
T i raeketl of Baratoga
? i o itlon of EMatrlet attornev *Vhit
of New v..rk. who waa preaenl b it
did noi lpa< ? irgutnent, an.i
tati l ? Mi ' larka, who
th< ? I"--.?!?!.?>. aaa St to par- j
i triet Att bad no
m The Dtetriel Attorney '
,.,.] j ?, .:-.m. ndod i lemeney.
in m t all ratloni 'n Robin'a petl
tion i,' aaked I. a* i l - ibmll eorra
ii rhe Diatricl Attor*
-?,.?. u utiva - ? " '
? :n-'i tVataon ab*
. . . ? gardli tha ? >n-. ;<*
Irawn ?y Rob
the enl ? n itl
..... r . ipon tha
| ? ...Inn
4 ,., .4., ..'li.r-r,:; |fl
thi Court,
and thi '
?? .. .' ? -.1 ?
"-rlink* 10
ipon thi
? of the Impeecn
?? ? *
. aa the 1
rna *in ?
. ?
I ?? Leglalature of IfIS adjourned Ina II .
. , both ' r <n '
ther In eztf i
aettng of tl '.*???
Igl ? ''
? i ? the Al ? ?
.i hlng >?<*iy. ? b
... laaen a .id not
CmIIs lt Revokit.on.iry.
.. .. .; >tv own
? .
. ? . rjovai aor m m aatraordlnai ?
I for a rpoetal pui poae onlj
. . | .,. tad 1 ' ' ?'?"ll "'
tbal ? . ?
,,,.!,,! m< ? anj when at nj time a*/- n
Hall. if >o-i plaaaa and by
, . . thrrdi vote Impeach tha i.aovernor
..r aii of ti.e jurixes iii tha atate and thla
i pvarthroa ihe governmenl ll
it would '?" ravolutionarj " dapi
m. ?! of the wir-1 im
. ,.t wi 1.1. la ?nl) a eharge, like
u.i.'i.i Ti..-re muat be a vaeaa* y
ot tho onVe before the Ueutenant nov
ernor can a< t. ael there is no such va
. am v n.i\4
? iy rhi-n. ..r-.\ giffarancfl batweaaainaat*
? ???.. \ ?ambl) tu ? '"v'' ?????
Inquired Juatii i Haabrouek
? There la ? rery broad dUtlnetloa
?I . ? .. pui h thinK .. ? a meetink* of j
? ,. . ,. ,|.i M- hi. integral part
..i in.- Laerialatura The Oovei nor I aa i ?>
powei I.. convene the *4aeambl) aloni
end tu. I ? ? innot conver.
? waa 'he am?. r
f .;. neral Traey
Ti..- | .' ted under oower h:i'n
..nsiiiijii.ii. bm a bich la Inveated
'.., ir ,,!,In ln r.-i: . I ?' BeBOlon
and ? ". he employed only then n-> mem?
ber "f th.- laeeraM) bad non..- thal tha
aubjacl ot Impeachmenl waa le come be
fi).,' it prlor tu thal tneetlng Many mem
?4 .-I .? abaenl
?Whai rlgi' h ? Robln lo ajnaatton
whethai th.- aeeembl) waa lagally m *e-.
...i, ,., not i' inten upti <\ the . o... i.
'-Beaauaa <>f tba uueetlon raleed u? t..
the vaiuitt4 of ti..- pardoe
Error of Extra Sestion.
Thal 'he Oovernor leeae hi* power
when bnpenched, <;.neiai Trac) con?
tlnued, lo a oonclualon drawn by Interenca
fiiim tiie cooatltutloa The true Interpre
t,.ti<ni i.r Impaachmenl bi it completod ael
? h..ri,*e. trtel i*iifi eonvictton and lm?
paaehmenl k lynonymouB with convle
tion The Qovernoi when Injpaaehad la
merris gecuaed, hut Boee nol le. - hla
power .i.)tii convleted, be argued The
aueel n whether he can he Impeached for
h. ti perfornied whon not in efgee- Oest
erai Traey aald, he <i.<i nol eonaldar bn*
porlnr.l ln Ihe pfaaattl f"'"?'?''? iding
Mr arnold follOWOd on the name llnee
and aald he would Ma a brli ( Mr B.m
net next addreaeed tha court in hehaif of
the relfitnr ln his eN|.erteni e ln the Ijtg
lelature thlw Wai th" nr.*<t llni", he aald,
thal any ..ther mihject iva:< taken up at
any extnionllnai y ?<i*slon of the l.etvln
l.it.ire racepl th.it for whlch lt waa huu
clally falled
Corporation i ouneel P7ataon openeri the
. BOB fur th>- Oppoeltlon, ex|.ressln?j aur
priM.. thal th? qUBQtlOII was hrounrht to
thi;- .-<.nrt He flPOkB of the vallrllly of
the impeiii hni< nt. attjd aske'l "Must the
Oovernor then call .. Bpoetnl session in
order ln ad upon the linpi uchnitnt ..f
hlmaelft it la arepoeteroua 'ihe ianguagi
of th.- oonetltutloa la rery plaln
I tanl Diatricl Attorney Clarke apoka
on bel.ulf of that ofllce tn eppnaltlon to
the wrlt. He waa, then foliowed by
Deputy Attorney Oeneral Norton. who
BUfltflInfld the* opinion of ru> chief in an
elaborate arnument to the effect that the
Impeaehment prevented the Governor
from doinR any offlclal art untll his status
wa? determlned by the trial. Hfl BlMged
that the Governor hitd no right to llmit
the powan of the Afsembly
Robin's Oounsel Says It Is Be?
hind Impeachment Oase.
CharleB tVltltney. Bpecial 4-0 msel to Jo
? Keph G. Robln, said, upon his return from
' KinKPton last night that a l^'"don for
I Robln was no part of the plan for de
I fendlnjr Governor BuMer.
"The appll ???ition arflfl made aeveral
montbp flgO," he flddfld, "and the Gov?
ernor Mprflflflfld his opinion as early a?
Julv that Robln vvas rntltled to a pardon.
I Wfl wre ftad to flCCCpl thr- pardon even
' though lt Invelved tha neeeeMty of prov
jtng tbe Oevernor'fl rlght te ureue lt he
lltevtng that the Iropeaehmeal ww ?>ni'1
for arant of lurladlctton
"Tbe dOCtrtnea innOUnCfld by the Depu?
ty Attotn-v Qeaeral, Senator Brackett
at.d the I'orpoiatlon CoUBfld w.-re BO radl
cal aa to be lltr..; short nf r.voluttonary.
it wn~ declared by Benator Brackett of
counael for the defence, In open court
that Bflventy-ela membera r.f tha Aaaam
bl;.. that belnj one more than a majorlty,
,,:.. i -. one nnd In dlfferenl pl* ? 1
Blgn artlclea of impeachment of enj atata
offlclal, and that the presentatl?n of auch
a documeni to tha Benate wouM gateaaat*
leally Buapend tha offlclal ao aoeuaad untll
. - icqultul b> an Inpeachmenl court
;.i. 1 'i na t ? rvlll of tha people, as ea*
d ,,, ,, ,. , .,, ,,., m , ,, .1.1 bfl tnwart
ed and tbe itati looted bj tha .reation of
obllgatlona arhlch arouM be a burden aaoa
the t .xi . . - ? an to come. ThM
- irprlaing aano incemenl reveela tbe pur*
poaa of tha ao-called Impeachmenl aad
uncovera tha meel darlng coaaptracy for
control of patroaage known ho the bMtory
of tbe itati "
Will Begin His Lanci Campaign
at Bedford Oetober 11.
London, Bept I David L4oyd fw-orpre.
CbancgUer of thfl Bb bequt f to
j ,,i;i....:.. ? -... ni ".ii inaugurata hia
treal iand cami i t a mei tlng at Bad
I ird on Octobei 11 Tl i ommltti i whh o
ChanCelloi | lo atudy the
QUflBtton I ? ' l'1'1 '*?
l -.4 tn be lai I i I Bed?
ford n eetlni
it la undei itood l il thla arlll recotn
rnend chtef. optlofl of Bmall hold
ultivated bj th* I iplera,
thla tenai rJeenjgrded
b !.?? it wlll alao prepoaa re
forma la tha condition of agrtcultural la?
boren few< r I ?. holl?
and the iMtltUtloa of aragl -. boards.
it is beUared, boa i ? ? t the < ibtnet
i? ?tin far from agreed oe the detatla of
? ? l pollcy According lo the Llbergl
im;,. ?? rernmaat bi aalag all Itfl
on Prarl t la -*iiik untii
raver, that dissoiuuun
llj of that
Tr:. - wo i..[ b? . ??!"! ?? thi
Irlah I'arilaiu. nt littlng, for
a aaia ? .?
.? i between the Home Ruli bill reeelvlng
I .. aaaai I In Juna, ?' I and I
in i.r the Parllament at Hubiin. ?
Prevcnt White Ohildren Start
ing Work Till Police Arrive.
i:..-. . la ng Islai ? Baaf I Flft
e . chlldren, after marchlng two by
inre L-- ? ? itreete of i
v ?? h'.Kh
Bndll e idmit
t irv . ition of tha aehool
provlded for i truetaae. 1 hey
? ? Wfl ?:-, ". .:?? ;. the prinripal.
awaiiimt them arith iiai*- a doaan *
ateblea '(?? waa aarned of th.- Uapendlng
troul tiiy mmm i ad tha
i..\- -i authoritlea Th. prac
: for m'.rc
then an hour prevented th.- whlto
dren from beglantai ti.eir work.
Tm*- 1 rf.i hf.-n gTOWtng if.
Roflljm t-.r BOBM tlBM among the neKro4?.
of thi Begregatlo chil*
. ? ... rtbe |n
?truction of a negro I ?.- bv i Thi
ingatera b*
ibllc >.-hooi atti ndi I
by th> w . ? r.f w horn
.thy tam:: ?
Lflfll Bprtnil 'a ben the j.leas of the
tl ollnir for tlvtr .-billren ln
ti .. w?,|..- school arere r.f ujflcd by thfl dl
tri.-t truateee, the negroea gppea '
tbe Btatfl Department of BducaHoe The
tter h atlll pondlng b.tore tbat body
Prlnctpal Multer naid he was obeylng
tr. ordera nf the aehool truat?a In ia*
fuainfl adn Ittam to thi chlldren. Pr.
Jam- i fl i ooi. - ? ? BChool auperla*
tendeat oald the proteet arouM b. aa?
avalltng, aa the reooro of tha district
i id refuaed to aboltah tha negro aehool
English Judge Makes Important
London, Bept l Th poinl whether thfl
fathei llty of menalaughter foUoW"
tha d< ath of hla child II be retlea
soiei. on thfl aervlcea of a Chrlatlan d . ?
ancfl practltionei during a lerioua lUaoeo
arflfl declded ln the aftirmativi- bv JuetiCfl
Rowlatl In the Central Criaainal Court
1..II-. Though the ..... afflfl actually
tri< -I th< def< ndanl ara icqultti >i be*
...... thi ? hei io "? aa n -i pi on -i
a vardb i of manalaughter was returned
on augusl :' i.i-I bj a coroner'a tury
egalnflt Benjamln lewell whoea ae?en?
year aid laughter died from diphtiu-na
arhlle andergotng Chrlatlan Bclanoa treat*
m>-iit JflWflU io-.i,4v plflfldfld IMt Kllllt.V,
dflclartng ha vva.^ nol aarera thal tha .-luiii
w;^, Mifferinn from diphtberla
JufltJca Rowlatl dlrected tbe Jury t" afl'
ijuit Jewetl on tha ground of InaufBcli nl
4-vi.i. ii .-. i ut. turnlng on the dafendant
bi fldmtrnlflhtd blm to be taora earaful In
th.- future, aajrlng
"if the cflflo iiini baaa proved i eertalni)
wouid hav>- pflflotd ? bflgvj mntonce,
Chrlfltlan Bctenci oi ao Chitetlfln Hcb
i nea."
Registration Promisea Best
Year in History of Seminary.
i n<.n- tfa ? ? D bb C rrefl aa laal i
south Oraage, n J. Bept. s? Thfl tirst
day of r4-KlHtratlon of students at Seton
Mnll COtUega ladlcated to-d.y that next
t.nn thfl iBfltltUUOB will hav. Ihe lai Kest
number of otadeatfl u ita hietory Th.
day ua.s maikt-il ly thfl ordtnation as
daacona >>f ten atudeata abe bogaa 4m
Thuradey thelr fourth raar al the Simi
mn-v of tbe immacuiateConceptlon. Ki?ht
thlrd year aemtoariano received mlnor
ordei .
Tba college beanna tbe yaer vvitu a new
uh.mlatrj and uliyalcfl taboratory, under
the dlrectlon of the Rei Joba C. Ilc
Clary, vlci prealdenl of tho college II i?
expected thal Bayley Hall wlll be ilnlhlied
by ? bti. tmaa
Senate Clerk and Albany Demo
cratic Boss Says Hennessy
Is "Only Half-Witted." ?
Governor Confirms Report That
Murphy Will Be One of Prln
cipal Witnesscs Called
in His Behalf.
rth* retegrapfe ? - aM.]
Albany. Sept. L?"Poltttcally Hemtaeaj
l.? onlv 1-n.lf-wltted. and, as ln r'j^h .-asea
be'a the only man in public life tn tha
>t.-ite who dooen't know tha.
Patrlck B. XcCsbe, clerk of tha Sanate
?nd Ihe Democratte hoSS ?* Albany
' ounty, thuH replied to the threat of John
\ Henneeay, Oovernor Bulier'i apeeiaj
lrive#.rltr:ltor, to Indlct i.lm.
when ahown rhe atatement Mr. Hen.
neeay cairi it waan't .vorthy of hie rom.
ment He rlecla.'ed hat he had alr*ady
eotwulted with DiMrlrt Attorney Sanford
ciii.ceriilr.R th? IfeCabe ca-ie, but nelthur
be nor the DlPtri.r Attorney would gtv?
any Inkltng uh to *.? hat they "had on" Mo
. 'abe
"When thr. raSe ts flnaUy preaented to
me.'? sai,] Mr Bahford, "i than, in turn.
pre?ent It to the jrrand Jur:*. whlch slts la
alr. Henneaaj. dedired he weali take
eara of MoOnbe whea he raurned frora.
Buffalo, for whlch ? itv be left jVlbaay to
mjrht to preaenl to the grand Jtarj* thera
the caaea agalnat Wlmam h Fitzpatricit.
th?? Brle Couaty Detcocratle bosa, &nd
Jamee J I.'annon. an employe ln the Buf
falo orlice of tt.e gtate Bsdea Depart?
Oovernor Bulaer ceoflrmed to-day tha
rrpoit that <i;.t::>s 1'. Ifurphf would be
one ot tba prinelpal wlti -edinhu
behalf, ar.d denl-d that he had any Inten
tinn of reatgatag before tha lmpear-hment
court convenee Th" Tammany ho??, it
is axpocted, im'iI t.e a.?ked conoernlag hia
allegel part m hrlncnn-* about the Ira.
peachment 11
Oovernot Ba Ber -.?-? - b. is not seeking*
of the trlal, whlla hla frir-r.'.a de
clare that he hn.< been i ' :* all
ek nn and is eongdent of tho nltlmate re
I >. n lf the Tammany COBtrOllad Bea>.
a.e Bhould eODVlot h1m, they *a\. ba wlll
be vlndi-ated by the people. They are
staking their r.opes on tl.e |ttdgea of the
CoUTt of AppealH. who they ?xpe. t &t the
Impeaehmont tiiai, a/ill voto before the
? r.v '
.'Should *h.e Jidges exonerat* the Oov?
ernor, the Senate would not daro to r>,->
otherwiee, ' *a1d one Pulz??r
The tieht between ACtlng OOVI?
Glynn an.i J.jrlKe Lynn J. nxnold, OtM ef
??? armect of the g . ? ocatee, ll
growing ln Mtternes.i her-- ? - Tba
weapons they are liemg a - :*.<*?
tlve m
'The Knlekerboi
fon eftrtooaa *? 1
artlc aa rkUculing ????r.d danoiinclng Arr
.md averj moroing the latter Blla Ita . -
torlal columns with fnvectlv?*. agalBBti
J idgej Arno'.d, through I'r.der Bherhl
bad ai '-'l oa bhe Acting Oov*
...>? the suramons for a ault for
1100,000. Three other saits had Bll
been itaHad against Otyna by Judge \:.
nold or bla newegaper, aeeklng, ir. ? ,th*
i.., lyvei ? ? " The ompl li * ;*i
BOne ot th*. canes hat. fOt bOOB BBBaBF
known, hut lt tn eaid that two of the
charges are Of 'ne <"..;..--.n pap?r
? r,.* of Amold.
Another rortOOn VfptaVtmi ;n "Thii
ea-Unlon'' to-nlght Qtynn haa threal.,
to reta'.iati.- 1 | brhal I PBf
crimlnal iihei agalnat MTbe
I ocker Prai i
Tl ?? Ne t v.-rk. Wt I ? Benbaj
te ,ue PubMl
? -nlaetoa foi '? ">
lon Ita fran ihlae on Ini - ">
('la.-.ons Foint and ThrOg'a N
. . ? .'.:??: until
the corn
m wlll -.'nnt tl
The Ui rtarte
tloa ?!. The Bronx. It i ?
? te ..?;, tha ciafl rtl sl r-enrice
ilni h bi : ? '
Its Superiority
This simple Dalton kevboard
2 4 4=; 7 9
13 0 6 8
is why Sargent & Co. (Hard*
ware Manufacturersigave us, as
part pavmcnt for a Dalton. a
S-kSO.OO Electric Drive Adding
Machinc as good as new.be
cauM it had an old style kev?
board like this:
Watch ear " Ads" or BVttt M\Jtt*?
gotns ia oJ tt\la mectwtti. * ' ?
tht abova for $152.00.
Ask for Dalton Booklet on foi
low ing subjects:
"Monthlr SUtemenU"
"Checkin? Invoic**
"C.lculatinf Waie*#
"Fi?urii4l Diti-ounl*
"19,000 Uj-ra" ?
"Fifty Va*?iorD*\lon
220 BROADWAY.Phooe Crllanilt 363^

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